Prepper Mania: Retail Behemoth Costco Offers Survival Food Packages

by | Oct 6, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness | 62 comments

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    Throughout 2009 we reported on the growing preparedness trend. And while many in the “alternative news” community began preparing for the possibility of far-from-equilibrium events like man-made and natural disasters, most of the populace remained unaware.

    It seems that this is slowly changing, and large retail distributors are realizing that the market is much bigger than most anticipated.

    You know something’s not normal when retail giants like Costco start offering Preparedness product lines:


    The 1 Year Food Supply contains 84 dehydrated and freeze dried #10 cans, capable of providing the calories, proteins, carbs, and nutrients one would need in the event the SHTF – totaling over 5000 servings of food. (Click here for product details)

    The supply includes a variety of grains (rice, wheat, macaroni), vegetables, fruits, dairy, and non-meat proteins like beans and TVP (textured vegetable protein).

    At $799, we’d consider it a decent package to start with to provide a single person, or even a family, a short-term preparedness supply. Of note is that many of the foods, especially in the non-meat protein category, are dehydrated and can be purchased directly at Costco in bags, and then repacked into 5 or 6 gallon pails. Things like rice, beans, powdered milk and wheat can be purchased in larger bulk quantities, possibly for a cheaper price.

    Other companies like SHTFplan’s affiliate The Ready Store, a large emergency preparedness distributor, offers similar products with various packages designed for singles, couples, and families, with preparedness time frames ranging from 30 days to one year. While the Costco package provides the absolute necessities for survival (translation = bland), there are also freeze dried and dehydrated products out there (available at the aforementioned preparedness site) that are not so bland, allowing you to add actual meats (chicken, turkey, beef), as well as breakfasts (ham & eggs, bacon eggs & peppers, Granola, etc.), and complete lunch & dinner entrees to your larder.

    Ultimately, we envision the preparedness movement leading to more self sufficient practices, as opposed to just stocking up on freeze dried food. Just as we reported on the “prepper” trend in 2009, we forecast a “homesteading” trend to take hold in 2011 and 2012.

    Remember this: If you are buying freeze dried food expecting to survive a major collapse of society, and you are not taking any other steps to prepare, then chances are you will have a very difficult time making it. And most preppers – those who are serious about being ready for an emergency – understand this.

    Freeze dried and dehydrated foods, in our view, are a short term solution to deal with immediate needs. They are convenient, low maintenance and easily transportable, but once they run out, they’re gone.

    Long-term preparations in terms of food should include learning productive skills like composting, companion planting, micro farming, soil composition, and raising “micro” livestock.

    This homesteading trend is essentially, as Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition dubbed it, Simply Simplifying and embracing a self reliant lifestyle. One such example of simplifying is that a growing number of people will choose to not necessarily go to work, earn a paycheck and then exchange that paycheck for food at a grocery store. Rather, they will eliminate the middle man, and instead of exchanging their time and energy for dollars, they will exchange it directly for yield in their gardens and micro farms. And the yield will be much more than just food – the time and energy spent toiling on the microfarm or with microlivestock will generate knowledge, as well as improvement in many aspects of wellness like physical, emotional, spiritual, occupational and environmental well being.

    When the SHTF, having the skills to produce food on your own will be essential. The question one must ask is: when the just-add-water emergency rations run out, what will I do?

    If you don’t think things will be bad enough that you’ll need to learn these skills, why buy a one year supply of food in the first place? And subsequently, if you do think things will get bad enough that you’ll need to break into the one year supply of #10’s, then you had better be prepared for the long-haul, because something must have gone terribly wrong.

    Hat tip: Tess Pennington, Rick Blaine, and Zero Hedge contributed to the content of this article

    Disclosure: SHTFplan is affiliated with The Ready Store and may financially benefit from purchases made through their online store.


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      1. survivalist bubble?

      2. this stuff is a rip off..and TVP is Soy protein, and most likely GM at that.

        Go t your local Morman/Latter Day Saints Food Storage center for a lot of the same stuff. I bought 84 #10 cans there for under $300

      3. Sketch……….survivalist bubble?

        That’s funny……lol

      4. Comments….. I’ve seen it at COSTCO, and they also sold it during the Y2K scare.  I wouldn’t buy because it’s too high in carbohydrates for me.  I’m better off storing tuna, salmon and canned veggies, and sugar free fruit.  Knowing how to cook is a plus.

      5. Comments….. I’d like to add another comment:

        “When the SHTF, having the skills to produce food on your own will be essential. The question one must ask is: when the just-add-water emergency rations run out, what will I do?

        What will you do when you don’t have water to reconstitute your freeze dried food?  Also, what if you did buy the package deal for$800.00 and decided the stuff tastes like crap?  You’re stuck.  I think one is better off storing the food that they like and not take a chance with something that they have to grimace to get it down.  I’d rather look forward to eating a can of navy beans with canned ham added to it, than to eat something that tastes horrible.  It matters not if you run out of freeze dried food or regular canned food, either way you’re screwed.

      6. How do you like your goanna? Medium? Well done?
        You don’t really expect me to eat that?
        Yeah, its great. Yeah, try some of these yams, try the grubs and the sugar ants. Just bite the end off, they’re really sweet. Black fellas love ’em.
        What about you, aren’t you having any?
        …Well, you can live on it, but it taste like shit.

      7. The thing I like is the long shelf life. Canned goods are great but 2 or 3 year shelf life means you have to rotate. I do have my share of canned goods, and I actually enjoy going through it and rotating stuff. But I’m a doomer.

        I have thought the same thing,,, if things actually get so bad that I have to break into the #10 can,, something really really bad must have happened. I have the 1 year supply from emergency essentials, but that is for a family of 4. So maybe 6 months,, at the most.. Then I’m screwed.

      8. Goldenfox,
        I’m pretty sure that these guys smelled profit because of the prepping movement. Have you served in the navy? I remember a couple of times that we were given cans of cheese and hardtacks which were really good.
        My opinion is that we must be self reliant in terms of being able to produce.
        It’s good to have a “start-up kit” such as cans of meat, or protein bars etc. This will give you time to survive until your first products start to “show up”.
        Without production capacity, sometime soon the stored food will finish. And then?
        My plan includes a 3 month food stock, which will be loaded on my car, along with tools and weapons. Having persuaded my sister about being prepared, we will have another good inventory.
        All the family will move east, to grandpa’s village and stay there.
        I’m already cultivating my olive trees, and improvig the soil in a garden for veggies croping.
        All cars are always full of gasoline. My only concern is how to reach safely to our destination. It’s a three hour ride through cities, villages, and two highways.
        As i said, things in Europe will evolve rapidly. They are not going to save the “unity”.

      9. So, my wife and I open a #10 can of dried mushrooms and a #10 can of rice… now we have two large cans of stuff opened and a lot of eating to do.
        I just like the live simply to be ready for when the complexity breaks down. The remedy is the opposite of the cause. I think all in all we will like the simple life,  given the modern technology we have to help make it simpler.

      10. Comments…..The Costco Shelf Reliance THRIVE package is NOT adequate to feed one person for a year!  At least not for an adult of normal weight.

        Although the food is of relatively good quality (way too much sodium however) there is not nearly enough of it.  Total calories of the package divided by 365 days equals about 1,360 calories per day.  A grown adult needs nearly 2,000 calories per day to sustain health if they are getting moderate exercise.  You will probably need more in a SHTF situation.  IMO this package is only adequate for one person for 6 months.

        At Auschwitz prisoners doing light work were fed 1,300 calories per day.  Heavy laborers received 1,700 calories per day.  This diet permitted a prisoner to remain alive no more than three months, after which time symptoms of emaciation and “hunger disease” set in, followed rapidly by starvation and death.

      11. Comments….. The life skills part of survival is essential. Unless you have an endess supply of freeze dried whatever, and the water supply to fix it, eventually you have to grow your own food, if our problems last long enough.  I have a feeling the coming problems are going to be here for a while.  I believe that supply chains can easily break down, and there just simply won’t be any relief food for the masses. if a hurricance can cause massive logistical problems for a region, imagine what a nationwide economic disaster can cause.
            It will take a while for things to ‘shake out’.  Markets will have to be reestablished, and methods of payment devised.  just because the government wants to do something a certain way, doesn’t me it’s going to go that way.  I can easily see people saying screw the government , ignoring their directives, and taking care of matters their own way. I think the government will have too many irons in thefire to worry about things on local levels.  There are many scenerios to think about.
              I would encourage everyone to learn how to grow a garden, whether it be sprouting, or whatever.  just learn how to do it.  Also, stock up on seeds of all kinds.  when supply chains get broken, nothing but essentials are going to move across the country. seeds will be as valuable as any other kind of food product.
              good luck.

      12. TVP tastes like crap.  I’d rather eat beans.   If this costco junk was all you had, you had better have a barn full of toilet paper!  

      13. Mountian House is the way to go for the meats. I went to a pot luck party a while back and I made a #10 can of seafood chowder, everyone loved it,,, I never said a word 🙂 Me and my wife laughed the whole night.

        My thoughts on running out of food  stocks is that I hope the if TSHTF, we will go under martial law. Then some food will start to trickle back to the supermarkets. Then I will go in and get whatever the limit is. My food stock then could supplement me if things run short.

      14. all this dooms day prepper stuff is nutz. i remember in the 80’s when the same crap was hyped. relax and let president obama handle things, have faith, hope and charity like glenn says. watch glenn’s program every day -he will keep you posted on what to do. remember that he has an inside trac. good luck…god bless america…

        • In the 80s the Regan administration ran a war game called Able Archer. It spooked the USSR so much when a sensor malfunctioned in a missile silo they came so close to firing on the east coast of the US that it still scares me to hell and back. The only thing between us being toast was one stubborn young officer who refused to launch the missiles. It got him a dishonorable discharged.

          That alone is enough for me to prep for disaster. You just don’t know when it’s comming. In the north east, a few years ago, a large ice storm left people without power, some for more than 6 weeks. No gas, not supplies being trucked in until the roads were cleared. That is another reason to be prepared. 2012? I will prep, but don’t expect anything to happen.

      15. good story Mac.

        But learn to farm now? Who here is honestly doing that? Besides Andy. 1 in 50 it bet. Wooba doesn’t farm because farming is hard work for little return. Wooba works outdoors, sort of hard, and earns $50 an hour, roughly $1000 a week cash in hand. That’s well over a years supply of food made in a single week.

        Perhaps I will have to farm someday but not today. Farming is still not viable and survivalism, for the most part, still means buying cool stuff including drums and filling them with tasty foods on special. It’s all still fun fun fun.

        So far anyway.

      16. Comments…..@ mushroom
        now I know why you call yourself mushroom.  You’ve been in the dark too long , and fed too much bull. If you believe the idiots in Washington can handle what’s coming, go back to watching  Beck, and drink some more beltway Kool-Aid, then tell yourself–“it’s only a dream”.

      17. I would like to know why Mushroom even visits this post. I have a hard time figuaring him out.

        I think he tells everyone else not to worry ….all the while he is taking notes and stocking up…lol

      18. Curious, have they started selling them actually in the stores and online, or just online.  In store would validate the prepper movement in a big way.

      19. We farm a little…..raise some Dexter cows, couple pigs a year ( buy weaned piglets off a neighbor ), small flock of chickens, usually a heck of a garden ( laid off a bit this year due to some remodeling work on the kitchen ), fruit trees, catfish ponds. 

        My suggestion is if you don’t raise some of your food now, you get started, because it’s a heck of a learning curve, and do it while the grocery store is still around to cover your mistakes.  DON’T just stick some seeds away and think you’ll throw them in the ground and be in good shape……if nothing else, you’re gonna find out how much seed viability goes down after a year or two !

        We also store what I figure is about 4 years worth of food…stuff we home can, freeze, dry, root cellar,  then a lot of dry grains/beans, then a lot of Mt House stuff in #10 cans.

        Another suggestion along with learning to grow is learn to preserve.  We can all manner of veggies and meats….have 3 canners, and enough jars/lids to last many years.

        Refrigeration ?   That and electric lights are the difference between the last century or so, and ALL the previous ones.  So I set up enough solar power to keep us in power if the grid goes away, and in the mean time, provides a nice return by backfeeding the grid.  Our power bill this month is 4 bucks….and that’s because I was using my wood shop a bunch.  And getting ready to add another 2.4kw capacity.

        Fuel ?  I keep hundreds of gallons of gas, and more of diesel, preserved and rotated.  I figure I have enough diesel on hand to farm for 8-10 years….heck, even my garden tiller has a Lombardini air cooled diesel on it.  Got wood ?  We heat with it, can cook with it, also heat domestic water…. and I keep 3 years worth in the dry.
        Propane for cooking, water heating, backup heat ?  Just set 2 more 500 gallon tanks in, so now we have 3-4 years in reserve.

        Defense ?  Yep….without going into detail…it’s covered….not only firesticks, but as Conrad Hilton said: Location, Location, Location…..highly defensive in nature.

        Hey….but enough about this stuff… can’t get TOO wound up in it ( but there’s a whole lot of folks that ought to get a bit MORE wound up )….and Dancing with the Stars is on !!  ahahahahaaaaaa

      20. TnAndy….how do you store gas for extended periods of time without is going “bad”??

      21. PRI-G for gasoline, PRI-D for diesel.   Sealed 55 gallon drums, “cool” location….I’ve gotten 4 years on gasoline with no problems, but I try to rotate more often than that.  Diesel I suspect would be would be good WAY longer, but 4 years is the most I can personally attest to.

        Avoid “Stabil” brand….not good for more than a year or so.

      22. @TnAndy –

        where did you say you lived again? eastern TN near NC? hmmmm… some buddies of mine and myself may have to take a thousand cats, a thousand sparrows and some ghillie suits and wonder on down… after the SHTF of course. sounds like you have a place with lots of trees too…

        /There is no location 100% defensible – especially if in range of an M82.
        //apparently you’ve never read ‘The Art of War’.

      23. Beck certainly doesn’t think things are going to be ok and he NEVER once said “let obama  handle things” with out sarcasm.  mushroom is a mush -brain

      24. And apparently you’ve never seen my location.

        I don’t recall saying it was 100% anything…..any place is air accessible.

        But bring a D-9 Cat if you plan to access if I shut down my location….preferably one with operator armor…’ll be road building.

        But I also assume the defense will be needed for average foragers, the military will suck up into their bases and cover their own first, and the politicians second.

      25. i don’t think the military will have much need of politicians if it gets to that point – assuming there are any left.

      26. Mushroom, you are totally right, Obama has a great plan for sheeple like you.   Its called Fema camp.


      27. Ditto Wooba & TA with the stored diesel/propane/kero.  NG hook-up also with quick disconnect fittings.  Have thought about diesel polisher w pump.  Jack:  Gander MT has been selling for quite some time.  I would use for “go bag” only.  I do have canned butter/cheese from Wooba land to go along with own canned butter & olive oil for home front. 
        I smell 25 going on 30 for AG soon.  TA & Wooba check out this diesel toy:

      28. You spoiled yuppie boomers.
        The Costco offering is perfectly fine and at a damn good price.
        I ordered it after reading thru its description because I recognized it represented me… the spartan, and it saved me time to boot.  Laugh .. but come the SHTF…many of you all will be singing a different tune. That is, if you can afford an Internet connection to report it. 

      29. @ TnAndy – if you get a 110v / propane powered refrigerator from an RV, and just use the propane for refrigeration and partial duty cooking, you’ll have cold beer for YEARS with your 500 gal. tanks.

        Ex.: Dometic late 1970’s model with separate freezer compartment, considered a workhorse.  1,250 BTU/hr.  A 500 gal tank will run it for 4.2 years.  Just sand and repaint the tubes so they don’t rust and it will be working for another 30 years. 

      30. NOYB,

        On a typical solar day, we generate 14-16 kw/hrs now.  When I get the new panels installed, that will up to about 22-24.  Current refrigeration ( kitchen fridge + 3 freezers in garage ) consumes about 8kw/hrs/day.  Most likely in a SHTF situation, I’d cut down to the one small chest freezer + house fridge, cutting out use to 3kw/hrs/day… electrical generation isn’t a problem.

        I’d prefer to save the propane for cooking and heating water.  Can go on wood with either of those, but it sure is handy to just flip on the gas stove.

      31. Comments…..When tshf stuff like those cans will be given to people not to riot. IMO, skills come first, extra cans after. Also anarchy is always short-lived, humans need and like some order in their life. Police will make place for Homeland Sec. guys, riot police and army. With baby steps, new local economy will emerge. Where gun fights emerge, water and power shortages will be enforced. When Army is deployed, the end is near.
        ANY outcome becomes possible.

      32. It amazes me that anyone who’s this aware of what’s happening thinks they will be able to grow their own food. Has anyone here noticed the chemtrails? The toxic rain from the gulf? The aerial spraying of defoliants? The jackboots raiding organic farmers? The lawsuits where Monsanto has won when it  accused farmers of patent-violation when their frankengenes have contaminated real food crops? False hope. Real Hope – Jesus, not just for this short life, but eternity.

      33. Dehydro/freeze dry foods have their place but eat them for a week.  MRE’s have their place also but don’t care to eat them for more than 2 weeks at a time but they do have high carbs/protein & oils in a small package for high work load.  NASA/military/mountain climbers & currently a few miners in South America know this well.  TA:  Do you back feed grid or have a dump (such as heat water) with excess amps?

      34. Tom,

        We back feed the grid. ( but have battery backup for grid down situation )  TVA has a heck of a good infeed rate ( floats, 12 cents over retail, which is about 9 cents now ), so a 45-50% solar power system means virtually no bill.  Once my new panels are in place, they will be cutting me a check….a lovely role reversal !

      35. are oh so wrong on it being a good price, AGAIN go check out this,11677,1706-1,00.html

        Pay $800 + for 84 cans at costco or under $300 for 84 cans (plus a 50 lb bag of dried northern beans) from the Mormons…hmmmm, basic math here.

        The shelf life on the moron food is 30 years, probably the same as costco at least for the “whole” fooods (wheat, beans, etc).

      36. Request a check vice credit & frame the first one!  If they are late, surcharge them.  That ought to make you the talk at electric company.  I’ll bet they had to re-program software for you.
        I’m just happy my tax dollars are helping the white house promote pv’s.

      37. Tom,

        The way the deal works is a credit unless at the end of the year, the credit is enough to have a carryover….then they will cut you a check.

        There are only a handful of solar generators on the local system ( I think about 10 ), and I doubt they’ve had to cut a check yet, but I plan to be the first !

        I can assure you a permanent photographic record will be taken….ahahahaaa

      38. I’ve had the dehydro eggs from Gander Mountain stores.  About the same as as dehydro eggs on aircraft carrier after 7 days out at sea.  Takes 2-3 weeks to get used to taste/texture.  Long life milk also.  But you can freeze fresh milk.  Milk fat will freeze to container wall with butter color & 2 days to thaw in fridge.  Will help keep your fridge cold if you transfer out of freezer for those without generator.  I freak out our kids with expiration date but taste is same if fresh.  There is enough head space in plastic jug where it will not split when frozen.  Ensure jug is upright in freezer when freezing so bottom will be square & flat when thawing.    

        Do they have a smart meter on your pole TA?  The smart meters seem to be a little toooo smart but yet to read a story in “Home Power”.  I’m sure you track your input/output.  I only have the TriMetric TM-2020 with 12 volt water heater dump.  My destination is towards (floating) bigger home.

      39. Tom,

        Actually have two meters….the regular house meter, then a separate one that all the solar runs thru so they can measure it out separate, and credit me based on that.  The house meter is bi-directional, so if we are producing more than the house is consuming at any point, it flows back to the grid, and reverses the reading.  ( a situation I hope is a lot more common with these new panels ! ).

        As far as “smart”….both are radio transmitters….they can read them from about 1/4 mile and don’t actually have to come on my property, but there is no central control of them from the main office, which, as I understand smart meters, is the case.

        I have a TriMetric also.

        Can also use the Outback equipment to track, the charge controllers, for example, give me a daily power production reading, and retain the last 60 days worth.

      40. Prior to 2001 Argentina was a modern, first world country in south america.  After their very sudden collapse they found they live in a very different world. For an account of what one resident experienced go
        This man speaks about trying to survive the initial period of collapse and you might be surprised to hear  what he wishes he had to live day to day.  It is a sobering account of a very sudden change of life style and hopes and dreams.  And even though it is now 9 years later they have not climbed out of the collapse.  If you look at history it shows that when a strong nation collapses it tends to lose it’s middle class and there is a small ultra elite and a massive poor class that has little hope of moving up. Moral of the story prep, pray and vote. Better to reform/restore  this nation than to let it collapse.

      41. TA:  Do you have an elaborate wood/water heater? has a simple nice set up that is ideal for basement.  Wood stove heats basement & water which is gravity circulated and/or with low voltage pumps.  3/16 inch steel.   

      42. Comments…..Like the variety of comments.  All good.  But in case of an emergency the government goonies are taking care of first!  They don’t have to worry like us who have to fend for ourselves.  That’s the way it always goes.

        Most of the comments I assume are from property owners.  What about the thousands of people living in apartments,  condominiums or worse, the homeless?  The elderly?  They can’t do their own growing of food.

        Sure can get messy ha!

      43. OK. You all knew I was going to do this. So, here we go:

        A) Thinking about it is half way there. the people that will be the worst off are the ones that never bought an extra bean. If you bought an extra jar of peanut better with the intention of building a reserve because you’ve been thinking about it, you’re way better off than most. However, you need to build those reserves. I’m going heavy on beans and rice for staples. Also, corn and wheat. Then lots of canned goods.

        B) You *HAVE* to think about security. Every household should have package 1 or package 2. Package 1 is a cheap alternative. Certainly not the best but will probably get you by. All estimated prices are used.

        Package 1:

        1 – 12 gauge break action shotgun. NEF or equivalent. (~$150.00)
        25 – Rnds of 1 1/4oz of #6 shot. (hunting and self defense) ($10.00)
        25 – Rnds of 1 1/4oz of #4 shot. (self defense 50yds+) ($15.00)
        25 – Rounds of 00 buckshot (deer etc) ($25.00)

        1 – 9mm/40S&W/45ACP/357mag/45Colt/44mag handgun. (

      44. In Russia, we have an old saying going back to Soviet era: An optimist studies English, a pessimist studies Chinese and a realist learns how to use a Kalshnikov rifle.
        What I am getting at is will you able to defend yourself and the food you’ve hoarded in your larder from armed burglars?

      45. Excellent overview. Another fine commentary and informative review.

        OK. You all knew I was going to do this. So, here we go:

        A) Thinking about it is half way there. the people that will be the worst off are the ones that never bought an extra bean. If you bought an extra jar of peanut better with the intention of building a reserve because you’ve been thinking about it, you’re way better off than most. However, you need to build those reserves. I’m going heavy on beans and rice for staples. Also, corn and wheat. Then lots of canned goods.

        B) You *HAVE* to think about security. Every household should have package 1 or package 2. Package 1 is a cheap alternative. Certainly not the best but will probably get you by. All estimated prices are used. Differing opinions exist on what gun and how much ammo. Thats fine. Use my recommendations if you have not clue. If you have a friend that has better ideas, use h(er)(im). Your skill level and willingness is a consideration too. But, regardless, you have to have SOMETHING. If you don’t want to spend a bunch of money, spend $250 and get the package 2 shotgun and ammo. That will do most of what you need and reliably. Once you get whatever, LEARN TO USE IT!!! Don’t just put in on the shelf. People who don’t know how to use their fire kit get cold and wet and miserable until they learn. People that don’t know how to use their firearms kill and maim themselves and others. Buy it. Learn to use it. Here are the packages:

        Package 1:

        1 – 12 gauge break action shotgun. NEF or equivalent. (~$150.00)
        25 – Rnds of 1 1/4oz of #6 shot. (hunting and self defense) ($10.00)
        25 – Rnds of 1 1/4oz of #4 shot. (self defense 50yds+) ($15.00)
        25 – Rounds of 00 buckshot (deer etc) ($25.00)

        1 – 9mm autoloading handgun. Hi-Point C9 (~$140)
        500 – Rnds of 9mm ammo – (~$150)

        1 – 22lr single shot. NEF Sportster SS1 (~$120)
        1000 – Rnds of 22lr bulk packs (~$40)

        Total cost: ~$650

        Package 2:

        1 – 12 gauge pump shotgun. Winchester 1300 / Rem 870 / Moss 88 or 500 (~$200)
        25 – Rnds of 1 1/4oz of #6 shot. (hunting and self defense) ($10.00)
        25 – Rnds of 1 1/4oz of #4 shot. (self defense 50yds+) ($15.00)
        25 – Rounds of 00 buckshot (deer etc) ($25.00)

        1 – 44 magnum handgun. Ruger Blackhawk (~$500)
        500 – Rnds of ammo. (~$250)

        1 – 22lr semi auto rifle. Ruger 10/11 (~$200)
        1000 – Rnds of ammo. (~$40)

        1 – Hi rate fire rifle. Ruger Mini-14 / AR15 / etc. ($500 – $1000 or more)
        500 – Rnds of ammo. ($180)

        Total Cost: $2000 – $2500 or more.

        (I hate touch pads. Mac, please delete that other incomplete post.)

      46. Tom,

        Right now, my water heater is propane.   The wood backup is a stainless steel tank ( that was a proto-type gas water heater….neighbor works in QC at water heater plant, and got me the tank ) that I had modified/pressure tested with a 5″ SS pipe “stack” up the center, like a gas water heater.   It has all the fittings for 3/4″ pipe thread, plus a couple other ports, one of which I have a big, dial type thermometer for so I can tell the internal temp, and a port for a T&P valve.  I don’t have it installed yet, nor a firebox built for under it….on the “to do” list, but won’t take long to fab up  ( I have a pretty good farm shop )  I would install it in the basement where I already have a wood stove flue to connect it in.
        Tank holds something like 50 gallons.

        Hey…..Net Ranger… forget package 2 ?

      47. Opps….posting at the same time..sorry.

      48. I keep a supply of freeze dried food on hand at all times (a few weeks worth)……here’s the ‘BUT’…..I live in hurricane country and try a small amount before buying in bulk.  During the year take some camping or use it when I don’t want to cook.  I can’t speak for the COSTCO product, I use a different source.  I don’t expect the $hit to ever hit the fan, I just don’t feel like wrestling a blue hair for the last can of Spam when a Cat 4 is bearing down on us.  Last big storm, my coworkers stood in line for military rations.  Not me and my family.

      49. Its good to see some folks “get it” sad to see some just “dont”
        Being prepared doesnt mean building  a bunker(bless you if you do) it has alot to do with just plain common or horse sense!
        Those who feel they neednt prepare are fine …as long as they dont feel they can fall back on me when TSHTF because while I would help some people in a pinch; those types would get nothing but a kick in the backside(or buckshot) for being stoopid!
        I have been living this prepared life for several decades now and it feels good to know that Im good if they pull the plug in the morning,if not then having and rotating the stock will just keep on being a way of life. I dont buy much stuff but I do raise and can alot and the farm keeps me in fresh meat and milk and butter and so on….preserve alot and live day to day….cant go wrong. As someone has already said farming/gardening has a learning curve,someone may think they are educated and therefore smarter than a farmer,but you better know the average farmer is way smarter than most educated paper wavers and will probably be doing fine when most educated papered people (nothing wrong with a real education)are starved,in other words it isnt simple or super easy,but if you are smart and humble you can do it…point is dont wait till the crap splats in your face to get started,probably will be too late by then. Good luck!

      50. NEV.
        To the people outhere,  good luck with your preparation, but with what is coming.  Anyone will be lucky if they can make it alive.  after  1st. impact.  no telling what will happen.  there will be 3 impacts.  the whole earth is going to be reshaped.   Building another Arc  would be more like.   Even then, finding safe ground if you are not in the areas of impact.  you will not have the time to haul things around.    Nobody knows, the time nor the hour.
        nor the place until is too late.   with that said.   enjoy what you have now and live life, now.  there will not be many surviving.
        the talk, is silly.    But if you are one of the lucky few that survives,  clean water,  and can openers, and and seeds will be something that you might want to invest in, and not food or cans of it.   just do a back pack. with the essential needs and be ready.
        go to YouTube.   look at  2012. 

      51. OK. So, we’re saying this package ranges from “probably GM” to “tastes like dodo” to “too high in sodium” to “better have a barn full of toilet paper”.

        Tom: Great quote from Crocodile Dundee!

        Honestly, I don’ t think I’d just buy a couple of these packages and then stop prepping. I would use this as backup. Buy one or two of these and then continue your other preps as if you didn’t have them. Honestly, the taste doesn’t really matter. You’d be surprised what tastes good when your really hungry. I’ve only been that a couple times in my life.

        I follow Jack Spirko’s “Store What You Eat” plan. I know what canned goods I use. I just start buying more and put them into rotation. The only limitation is the size of the rotation can’t be longer than the shelf life, HOWEVER, most canned goods are labeled for “rough service” shelf life. In other words, not the steady temps of my basement corner storage racks. I’m guessing that the actual shelf life in an undisturbed, steady 60 degrees in the winter and 70 degrees in the summer storage situation might be as much as double. Anybody have any information on this? I know MREs have variable storage life and its published. I don’t know about standard canned goods.

        Over time I have managed to increase my food storage to some pretty big levels. I’m about to jump to a new level but I have to have more shelving. The thing is, not only will this help you cheat shortages, it will also help you cheat inflation.

      52. Net Ranger:

        I read somewhere that studies done on canned food said every 10 degree reduction in storage temperature about doubled the storage life….and the reverse with increased temps.

        I once had the opportunity to visit an Americold (company) storage “cave” near Carthage Missouri….it was a former limestone mine, and they had couple hundred acres of food storage there. They store govt commodity food and a lot of commercial food.

        Some areas were “cool” storage, using natural earth temps, others were freezer storage, where they used ammonia based chillers on the surface, and piped the refrigerant down to the cave.  Place was HUGE…..couple dozen truck portals, rail line into it, dozens of forklifts running around….amazing place……and they have dozens of them around the country  Google: Americold

      53. I’ve found that certain canned foods last longer than others.  I haven’t found a shelf life for SPAM yet! High sodium (not light) stores best on all foods.  Think home canning chemistry.  Dilute down in stews or place raw potatoes/onions which absorb sodium.  Think wooden ship sailor days. Dry pasta (all kinds), beans & grains have always been best for me, placed in freezer first or exposed to dry ice.  On prepackaged dehydro/freeze food.  Do they show you a picture of the food on package? 

      54. Comments…..@ alina
           The deal with 2012 is almost old news.  I think most people into prep are already aware of the posibility of impacts.  I agree it can be earth ending, but for me, I choose to deal with a more down to earth problem that I’m sure is going to happen to one degree or another.
            Basically, we’re all screwed in one way or another, but i don’t have the luxury of a prepared bunker under a mountain out west just waiting for me.  So I have to deal with what I can here.  I think everyone that follows this web site already accepts the idea that we can only do so much. There is no sure fire safe, perfect place. if our misery is to be brought by mother nature, it will be a roll of the dice if you live.
             I just keep doing my food preps, my PM’s purchases, and rounding up whatever else I can think of after we are thrust into the 1800’s again.  I’m one that believes we are headed to a retro world. learn how they lived in the early 1800-1900 ‘s.  You’ll need every skill you can muster. Good luck, and don’t forget to put your tin foil hat on.

      55. That reminds me, more tin foil for grill.

      56. While history suggests that any monetary wipeout is usually fixed in 3 months, it is important to realize that history also points out that when there is trouble and growing your own food becomes important, the seeds and roots necessary to start a garden become widely unavailable for about 2 years.  Happened in 30’s, wars and other times and places.  Storage of seeds and potatoes is problematic.  Many will sprout after a few years in the freezer but many will not after just 2 or 3 years and can’t be frozen.  Potatoes are particularly important ; 1 man can feed 200 with hand tools, far more productive than corn or wheat, it is harder to steal, tax or transport, and has with the skin, most of the vitamins.  Since we do not know when trouble comes having enough potatoes on hand for that time becomes quite difficult.  One way, I guess is get big bags in the fall, do not eat it till spring (because you might have to plant them), get some dibs on potatoes in the ground, repeat each year.

      57. Many thanks to all commenting on this thread.
        One thing I found of tremendous value, when reading an article of 
        interest, has been reading the comments. On many occasions I’ve
        learned more from reading the comments than from the article itself.
        That is, “the comments” generated more questions in my mind
        ( which in essence is what “thinking” is all about ) than the original
        Now I imagine that many of you, in this forum, are familiar with torrents.
        You may search for and download a few torrents which will add tremendously
        to your knowledge / expectations and enrich your info about SHTF, or
        TEOTWAKI ( The end of the world as we know it )
        For starters search (on Isohunt)  for  ” William R Fortschen – One Second After” (e-book
        and/or audio
        ),  ” J Wesley Rawles – How to Survive TEOTWAKI” and/or
        simply put “Survival” as a search criteria. You’ll get several  books, audio books
        on the subject, with valuable info and “angles” you may realize you never considered
        or even thought about. Hope this will help some of you to better prepare for what, it
        seems, …. looms on the horizon.

      58. Comments…..better to have it and not need it then need it and not have it Preppers Montra…….

      59. Comments…..One needs to store and rotate first-aid and medical supplies.  Pharmacies will be raided/cleaned out/destroyed.  Do you have several years supply of necessary medicines, eg aspirin, ibuprofen, tylenol, blood pressure meds, hypo-glycemics, etc.  Look into organic meds, such as cinnamon to help control diabetes.  Get some minor surgical supplies Store whole grains- not flour, theybecome rancid.  Grind as you need. Needle and thread for repair of clothing, etc,

      60. Some observations on the Costco ‘year supply’: I expect that the average American adult will only survive for about 3 – 4 months if this is their only food supply. Defeciencies: Calories, fats and oils (the total lack in this area will be fatal in 3 – 4 months — 40 – 80 pounds is needed), grain products (this has only about 1/4th to 1/5th of what is needed for a year), sugar (the aproximately 15 pounds is about 85 pounds short of what is needed) The emphasis on expensive luxary items instead of basics makes this a very expensive and dangerous product. NOT RECOMENDED.

      61. Nice Share! If you don’t mind, I’ve gone ahead and bookmarked this post at Reddit so my friends can see it too. I simply used Prepper Mania: Retail Behemoth Costco Offers Survival Food Packages as the entry title in my bookmark, as I figured if it is good enough for you to title your blog post that, then you probably would like to see it bookmarked the same way.

        Although from my singing experience, it’s important to not put too much tension on the abdominal muscles. That is why I found breath control exercises are important.

        I’ve tried inhaling for several seconds and then exhale softly as not to put pressure on your back muscles. There’s a good singing lesson video that I want to share, it’s called “Singing Voice Perfection”.

        I found it on Google and I’ve improved my singing ability after watching their 10 mini singing video lesson.

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