Poised for Collapse: How “Unrest Could Become Real Revolution” Inside America

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    This article was written by Jeremiah Johnson and originally published at ReadyNutrition.com.

    Editor’s Comment: There are many ways this could play out, but few could deny that any number of critical factors are coming to a head right her at home. If economic collapse is particularly harsh, things could easily spiral out of control. Civil unrest could become the norm, and things could reach a very desperate point.

    But depending upon what specific events take place, the police and military may not remain on the side of the federal government, but may support and defend the American people, and what could be a violence, bloody and drawn out struggle to rebuild what once was. What do you think will happen?

    5 Factors That Could Transform Civil Unrest Into a Full-Blown Revolution

    by Jeremiah Johnson

    As mentioned in Part I of this series, the U.S. is (even after the election) on the cusp of a revolution.  The potential for revolution exists in all countries at any given time.  We will first list some of the factors that cause an uprising to transform into an all-encompassing revolution.

    1. Economic Factors: This could take the form of an economic collapse and/or runaway inflation/devaluation of a nation’s currency, as well as chronic or acute unemployment, lowered manufacturing base accompanied by firings or closure of positions or plants.
    2. Warfare: can lead to a country’s dissolution either by insurgency or occupation, followed by an attempt to resist (revolt) either against a foreign oppressor or a country that has (in the manner of the Hessians in the Revolutionary war) “invited in” an occupying army.
    3. Religious/Theological: in the form either of persecution of a culture’s predominant religion or factions/schisms leading to confrontation of conflict between two different religious groups.
    4. Government Oppression: in the form of excessive taxation, taxation with either no representation (as when an executive branch secures a ruling outside of actual legislative bodies or processes) or misrepresentation (a tax is declared for one thing and ends up being “sequestered” for another. Other forms of oppressive acts from a “legitimate” established government include martial law declarations or unlimited police power in the hands of the State.
    5. Civil Unrest: due to any of the above factors, with the added problems of cultural or racial strife in the citizenry, with revolution as recourse, when the people suffer from the (genuine or perceived) blight of believing/knowing there is no legislative or demonstrative recourse in a peaceful vein. It can also parallel economic factors when the abolition of the middle class occurs with a great disparity of wealth between the rich and the poor.

    Revolutions usually are not an instantaneous occurrence, but rather have a slow buildup toward their culmination or climax.  When a population suffers for a long period of time without any hope of change in a democratic fashion and their basic needs as individuals and families are not being met, many times matters are taken into their own hands.  This is not necessarily a “right” or a “wrong” issue: it just is.  Revolution is endemic, so to speak, of the human race.

    Societies and nations come into being as a result of revolutions, and usually follow a cycle: an upswing, or rise, followed by a peak where the country or culture is at its zenith, and then a slow (sometimes sudden) decline, and then collapse.  For some extra reading, the work Collapse,” by Jared Diamond gives several examples of civilizations that have declined slowly or disappeared suddenly and swiftly that are really worth reading.

    The Founding Fathers of the United States were adamant when the nation was in its infancy that the Revolutionary War was intended to be a “one-time thing, not repeated” because (they so believed) the framework of our government was intended to be one of checks and balances.  These safeguards were meant to ensure that power does not accrue only into the hands of one branch (especially the executive branch) to prevent a dictatorship.

    They were not, however, able to envision a nation of 320 million people and the technological advances that enable almost a complete surveillance state to be set into place.  They also were (mostly) of English stock and forbears and did not foresee the ethnic, social, and cultural diversities and challenges that would arise with the influx of millions of immigrants in the 19th and 20th centuries.  In their wisdom, however, they placed the 2nd Amendment into the U.S. Constitution’s Bill of Rights: the purpose of this was not to enable hunting and marksmanship so much as it was to enable the people to have recourse to arms if a government ever became dictatorial or totalitarian.

    A government that is in the process of being overthrown always labels the rebels as “terrorists” or “criminals” because it is a process that overthrows the existing social and political order.  A government’s primary function is to perpetuate itself while quelling or preventing dissent or overthrow: survival of the entity and not the individual is the goal.  “Bloodless” revolutions never truly occur: a life will always be lost in the process somewhere.

    Revolution usually is (and should be) a last resort.  One of the greatest dangers in the overthrow of an existing government is that the revolutionaries will become the very thing they sought to overthrow: a dictatorship with no room for dissent in any way, shape, or form.  The most successful revolutions occur when the rebels muster up enough popular support that even when not supplied with men or materials, the populace (at bare minimum) stays neutral and gets out of the way of the rebels.

    In the U.S. we currently have a ton of demonstrations and protests regarding the presidential election (those just jumping on the bandwagon to be a part of a cause, although liberals at heart), paid disrupters/agents provocateur (on the Soros payroll to instigate, for example), and Clinton supporters.  These are not revolutionaries, although they view themselves as such.  They are not out to “overthrow” the government but to perpetuate the state of continuous “soft-socialism” we have been living under for the past 8 years.

    If a revolution occurs in the U.S. it will come as the result of clashes between the Right and the Left as the Left continues to jockey for position and attempt to discredit and reverse the election results, and the Right is just sort of standing around to see what happens. It may also come if the current administration refuses to end, either by a declaration of martial law or involvement in a new war that has catastrophic consequences that enable the executive branch to stay in power.  Only time will tell if one occurs in the U.S. as a result of these elections and any possible post-election chicanery, but make no mistake: the citizens are “keyed up” and we may just see it.  As Gary Franchi and his band so eloquently state it, “Revolution never comes with a warning,” and this is because it usually seethes on the back burner until the top blows off.


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    This article was written by Jeremiah Johnson and originally published at ReadyNutrition.com.


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      1. Been waiting for a long, long time…let’s get this party started!

        Same shit, hopefully there will be a new day soon.


        • Wait 4 it… hold yor breath… all Tha doom gloom fear porn… I haven’t seen the antichristo yet. Aint seen wormwood yet.. we still got trials an tribulations of hell on this plane of earth. Tha likes of wich No 1 has seen. Givemeafreakinbreak. This is just the beginning of the pains that we will know and c an hear bout. Every one needs 2 know JesusGodHolySpirit. Read the bible kingjamesversion.. The way The Truth The Life will truly set u free.

      2. “Warfare: can lead to a country’s dissolution either by insurgency or occupation, followed by an attempt to resist (revolt) either against a foreign oppressor or a country that has (in the manner of the Hessians in the Revolutionary war) “invited in” an occupying army.”

        You mean like the US has done to a number of countries? The military ARE the insurgents. Braindead mind numbed robotic yes men…

        • How do you think the Founding Fathers would have delt with a Band of Thugs like Black Lives Matter?

          I would say Lynching’s would be common place. Or kneeling for the National Anthem, cause it hurts your fragile feelings. Get the hell out of here you friggin traitors.

        • Geri, you forgot the 6th factor. 6)N. Korea detonates an emp above the middle of the country.
          More fear porn from yours truly.

          • It would suck, but it would also be open season on all liberals. The south would be the deadliest place on the planet. Ther would not be a liberal within a thousanf miles, unless you count all the dead ones.

            • Mike, I don’t know if you’re new here but I was being sarcastic. You see, if you were to go through the archives you will find that all of Geri the johnsons articles are full of fear porn. He predicted many things, including the N Korean emp strike on the US. None of his articles even represent a hint of authenticity. He makes grandiose claims of soldiering that would make Rambo proud. It’s all a big lie. It’s no secret how much I despise this guy, I have a little experience in some of the things he claims he’s done, so I take his fraudulent spew quite personal. In any event, use your common sense when you read on some of these sites, even here. There’s some valuable information and there’s some bullshit. Draw your own conclusion.
              Stay quiet Be smart

        • And how many service members have you known?

          Damn, what a dip ship!

      3. The issue is nationhood vs globalism. Not so much left right other than the way the globalist uses liberal beliefs to their advantage. The right sees this and begins to resist the globalist movement. The left has problems. The situation we face is that the globalists responsible cannot be got rid of by any vote and thus dictate at their whim with no mandate from the people. Never mind the Constitution we may have to dig out the Magna Carta to keep our freedoms. Peaceful revolution is possible if you find the globalists supports and then knock them out. Then they will fall. This is the best reason to audit the FED. Then rebuild with truth and proof. Proof that maybe our Founders were right all along. Then use the Constitution as it should have been used all along while protecting it at all costs from abuse and the latest trend. The lesson we shouldn’t have had to learn.

      4. Ok
        Which side are you on? You will see it in the Bigger cities before it comes to the country side.

        I going to keep prepping, Just did end of the year inventory. Lots of Guns and Ammo, Two years of food for 4, purification for 500,000 gal. of water, Nigh vision with solar battery chargers. I’m ready let it come. If that is what God wants.

        • Sarge, I’m still stacking and keeping all my options open. the left may be down but not out. They don’t give up easily.

      5. The media have finally declared the parallels between now and just before the 1929 crash:

        “If the postelection stock market rally continues at its current pace it could be the largest stretching back to the gains scored in the wake of Herbert Hoover’s 1928 election victory.”

        ht tp://www.marketwatch.com/story/trump-rally-could-mark-biggest-postelection-stock-market-rise-since-hoover-2016-12-12

        We all know what happened after Hoover’s election. We got a Great Depression that was blamed on Hoover. But there are writings that say that it was a setup from the beginning, just as it may now be a setup for a crash in the next year or so.

        • The media is pre-planning it’s blame game. Trump is going to be responsible for everything that happens during the next four years, no matter what it is.

      6. Three percenter here.

      7. let it happen so real americans can clean up the filth and scum


      9. let it happen so real White americans can clean up the joos and negroes

      10. The sky is not falling. Predictions of how bad things could get don’t help me much. I prefer to remain optimistic. January 20th will bring in an opportunity for many people who need to have more opportunity.

        Whether black or white, I truly believe a Trump presidency will usher in greater opportunity. It is precisely because Trumps common sense approach is bound to help people out of poverty, free from wasteful criminal behavior, and a paternalistic approach that this dumbed down, feminized society desperately needs.

        Trump will just have to pull along the screaming crying babies into the light of a better day for all.


      11. WE ARE 2 minutes before midnight of a REVOLUTION against those that want to overthrow of our Constitution.

      12. Kudos to JJ for recommending Dr. Jared Diamond’s must read book “Collapse,” a study of 21 different societies who ran up against the limits to growth. Only three did not totally collapse. Recent discoveries on Greenland (covered in this book) are truly stunning in that they show full well few humans are able to adapt to a drastic change in circumstances. I also recommend Dr. Joseph Tainter’s “The Collapse of Complex Societies. His thesis is that societies grow until they can no longer maintain the much too large existing infrastructure. I believe his thesis applies to the US these days. And I must recommend Any Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged” and Strauss and Howe
        s “The Fourth Turning.” Both extremely prophetic. We are most certainly now in the middle of the Fourth Turning.

      13. There won’t be much of a revolution in America I think. The snowflakes and their tools have never done a good days work in their life’s and a revolt would mean a lots of work and they are not about to do hard work. They might burn down a lots of cities but that means no more food, shelter and power for their computers and video games. When they burn down the grocery stores their mamas will stop feeding them. The revolt will be over.

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