Law Enforcement Turn to NSA Surveillance Data to Track Crime: “It Was Only A Matter of Time”

by | Mar 14, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 76 comments

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    This article was written by Joshua Krause and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: Once the system has tilted towards concentrated and unaccountable power, the abuses and tyranny become inevitable. Americans stood down as the NSA on the 4th Amendment and stoked terror threats in order to justify its wholesale cataloging of the American people.

    From here, the data collection will only increase. The next wave of technology will do even more to read into our actions and behaviors, and the data on that will become part of the effort to track everything and create a dominion over the nation. Beware, things are going dark.

    It’s Official: NSA Data Will Soon be Used by Domestic Law Enforcement

    by Joshua Krause

    If you’re reading this, then I’m willing to bet that you’ve been called many different names throughout your life. If I were to hazard a guess, I would say they were names like kook, paranoid, conspiracy theorist, alarmist, insane, or gullible. And after this week, you can go by a new name: Vindicated.

    I’m of course talking about recent revelations from the NSA. Long before Edward Snowden came along, it was no secret that the NSA was spying on everyone without good cause. Anyone who believed that fact was called a conspiracy theorist, but their fears were eventually validated.

    These same people also understood that the NSA’s surveillance powers would never be used exclusively against terrorists and hostile governments. The power they have is just too tempting for any government. If various government agencies weren’t using the NSA’s surveillance apparatus to solve domestic crimes, it was only a matter of time before it was used for just that.

    And again, they called us conspiracy theorists for believing that. And again, we were right all long.

    A while back, we noted a report showing that the “sneak-and-peek” provision of the Patriot Act that was alleged to be used only in national security and terrorism investigations has overwhelmingly been used in narcotics cases. Now the New York Times reports that National Security Agency data will be shared with other intelligence agencies like the FBI without first applying any screens for privacy. The ACLU of Massachusetts blog Privacy SOS explains why this is important:

    What does this rule change mean for you? In short, domestic law enforcement officials now have access to huge troves of American communications, obtained without warrants, that they can use to put people in cages. FBI agents don’t need to have any “national security” related reason to plug your name, email address, phone number, or other “selector” into the NSA’s gargantuan data trove. They can simply poke around in your private information in the course of totally routine investigations. And if they find something that suggests, say, involvement in illegal drug activity, they can send that information to local or state police. That means information the NSA collects for purposes of so-called “national security” will be used by police to lock up ordinary Americans for routine crimes.

    Anybody who knows anything about how governments work, should not surprised. You can’t give them any kind of power, and expect them to use it responsibly. You can’t give them any stipulations. Eventually they’ll find a legal loophole to work around any limitations that have been placed on them.

    In other news, the Pentagon admitted this week that they’ve been deploying military drones over the United States for domestic surveillance purposes. Much like the NSA’s surveillance apparatus, we were assured that drones were for terrorists in faraway lands. Nothing so Orwellian would ever be used against ordinary American citizens at home. Yet here we are, with more to come.

    Perhaps you’re beginning to see a pattern. Everything our government uses against foreign enemies, eventually makes its way back home. Every war is an opportunity to try out new technologies, before turning around and using them against American citizens. It just goes to show, that war really is the health of the state.


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      1. Lots of official looking vans parked under lite posts installing some kind of hardware at the top. Some have obvious sensors on them, some have thick wires or hoses around them.

        No idea what they’re for but they’re showing up everywhere.

        • Based on what I just read, I’m screwed.

          • You and me both.

          • That makes three of us. Anybody need a bunk mate for the FEMA camp?

            How ’bout it SmokinOkie?

            • I’m your huckleberry 😛

          • If I am facing years in prison for anything I will go all the way and kill whomever tries to arrest me anyway. Hope it’s worth it to them. My hardware is always close and I practice daily. I will not go around unarmed at their mercy. My weapon and I will have a say in any outcome.

            • Caucasian, you just said exactly what I’m thinking. No FEMA camp for me, either.

              • Fuck them. I’m fed up with all this shit.

                • And everything you ever bought with a card will be on the list along with where you were and what date/time 🙂

                  • Sure Mr Genius, me and all the other hundred of millions of Guns that were bought with a credit card over the last 5 years. These number continue to grow month after month. These Fed Zog Chumps will have better luck building a high fence around themselves, than try to get us all or even a few. The Gators in the SWAP asked me today, “When is buffet table opening up?. I said “soon very soon my friends….Be patient.”


                  • Well,that puts me on a long list of lists,on the upside,I have a lot of company!

                    • Sad things is, they’re COUNTING ON THAT!

                      “War really is the health of the state.” Yeah, no shit! And it’s the destruction of the society. These idiots get some new toys, and they’ve been told that We the People here in America are now open for use in target practice, as experimental animals, etc. It’s the Shadow Government people and Space Program and the underground workers and scientists they’ve been cultivating for at LEAST the past generation, maybe for two or even three who are considered the “genetically superior” (better educated) REAL humans. It’s been going on since about the end of WWII I guess, so since Eisenhower.

                      Well, y’know, I’ve always been careful not to speed, run stop signs or lights and that kind of thing because I can’t TOLERATE being manhandled like I’m some kind of retarded animal. So I just don’t give them an excuse. It’s getting to where they don’t NEED ONE, though. I’m a disabled vet, sure, but not quite dead yet! I’ve been a martial artist all my life, I taught forest and some other mycology and was a Mycological Society member for over a decade (my wife was also a member and taught it in the local college) and we were volunteer resources for local hospitals (the central part of the state) in cases of mushroom poisoning. Unrelated to that, if I pull the trigger I hit whatever I’m aiming at – period. I’m old, poor, I’m “the nice old guy on the corner who feeds the local cats” and takes ’em in to have their spark plugs pulled and all that, and the last time I got robbed, they (local meth addicts) were actually happy to see the cops when they showed up. Nobody commented about their minor injuries. Luckily (for them) they weren’t armed…

                      You know, the instant I saw all the “Hunger Games” crap and the rest of it, I KNEW. There was no doubt in my mind. Well, I saw what was coming a long time before that; the rest was just coloring in. Sometimes I HATE being right.

                      It’s gettin’ dark out, folks. Damn them all anyway.

            • I carry daily, on my hip and that includes when home as well, inside or outside. Always have – always will whether it’s deemed legal or not, The Constitution says it is …that’s good enough for me so screw THEIR ‘laws’ (designed only to disarm ‘more-and-more’ as more and more people are arming themselves than ever before in history). My, how ironic. The government arms up and stocks up on ammo, and so the people follow suit and are doing the very same …as if we are being ‘guided’ to do so. Hmm …I hates thinkin’.

        • Funny thing is, most people don’t even ever notice the cameras everywhere. I remember when you stopped at a light and there were no cameras–now there is one facing the stopped drivers in all 4 directions.
          I pointed these out to my wife once and she told me I was getting too paranoid–they were just “red light cameras.” The next time we rolled up to that light as it was changing, I purposely ran through–no flash of light, no tickets in the mail. I gave her some articles about fusion centers and the camera network/grid that has slowly been installed all over our country.
          She now believes me but says, “I can’t think about these things–it is too insane.” She fully trusts that I will know what to do for her and our family when the time comes–
          PS: Let’s not forget the computerized license plate readers on the police state’s dashboards. Instant info of who you are, your normal driving routes and patterns and warnings of any unusual or unscripted trips—getting frickin creepy.

          • I notice a lot of shit like this. Especially the camera’s and other equipment going up at intersections, stores and every-stinkin-place else.

            Today I saw a tiny blue led light shining out of a small tube behind a street light. It was pointing to about 4 or 5 cars back from the crosswalk. Never saw something like that before, I’m going to walk by and take a closer look next time I’m in the area.

            • All those cameras can be dispatched at night with a paintball gun or .22. Get busy in a neighborhood near you.


              • I remember a story a few years ago in england people were taking old tires and putting them over traffic cams and burning them lol.

                • Other places you will find Spy Cameras monitoring and recording License Plates, On and Off Ramps to Highways, Bridges in either direction, all Toll Booth areas, Rest areas on the sides of Highways, Red Light Intersections, On Roving Police Cars that drive through massive parking lots like Shopping Malls scanning Parked Cars License plates, Recreational Parks Parks and Preserves, Boat ramps, Airports, Parking Garages, Banks, ATM Machine areas, Some Gun Shows, Hotels, Public Parking Lots, like at the beach or sports games. Lots of places.

                  And a lot of that recorded data is fed into the DHS Fusion Centers as well as Cell phone GPS monitoring to see the patterns of your travels. Your cellphone is no different than an Parolee’s Black Ankle Bracelet, and they even get you to pay for the Cell phone monthly monitoring service. Brilliant!!! Then as you drive by these fake cell phone towers using the Police and FBI Stingray hack software, they suck all your data off your phone, including texts, emails, photos, contact lists, everything. They even have small private looking planes that fly over populated areas with this same Stingray cell phone hacking equipment monitors, to suck mass data off the populace and sporting events or concerts.

                  And to be a little safer from Big Brother, go into your cell phone settings, and turn off all your GPS and WiFi functions on your phone, if you can. Hell Apple now doesn’t even let you remove the battery in their phones, so you are guaranteed to being monitored 24/7/365. We already live in a Nazi Germany Police State. It is just subtle how they do it.

                  The FBI can break into any cell phone out there including all iPhones. And they have as many as 7 entry points into every phone out there. So don’t believe that BS Propaganda that the iphone is encrypted and the FBI can’t get in. NSA defector Snowden just confirmed that in an interview a few days ago saying it was BS. The FBI just wants from Apple a full 24/7 easier access garage door into the encryption, without a warrant to drive their BearCat Surveillance truck through, without you knowing or without your permission. Ever count the number of facial recognition cameras on you when you walk into a bank? Or at an ATM? Eyes Open!! Just another reason to get the Hell out of the Cities, like I did thankfully.


            • It’s just a drop in the bucket. There’s a LOT more than most people realize, and EVEN NOW the vast majority, even with all the gun sales and so on, are STILL sneering and calling us “conspiracy theorists”! Amazing.

          • Forgot to add, I carry my front license plate inside the cab of my truck. Have for years.

            Uh, the mounting brackets broke last week when I was at the desert and I don’t have a away of re-attaching it until parts come in the mail next week, Mr. Officer.

            Never had an issue with it. Thinking about putting together a cattle-guard custom bumper and grandfathering myself out of the requirement.

            • Billy, good on that. I never display my front license plate either and no one bothers me.

            • NC doesn’t have front license plates. That’s another advantage we have here.

              • Archivist …shhh! on the advantages! 🙂

                • Not to worry, I have no interest in going to North Carolina or anyplace East of the Mississippi. Life’s too slow out there and I’m afraid I’d rust due to lack of activity.

            • Texas is considering doing away with the front LP. Hope they do, not sure what it’s there for anyway.

        • Pigs, politicians, bankers and snitches. May they all burn.

          • Caucasian, their time is coming.

      2. I read somewhere that the cell phone towers are now something more, equipped with brain signal control technology.

        • Do a search on Gwen towers….

        • They’ve been ‘WAY more than that for a long time! Did you notice that cell phones were working just fine long before those towers were up? And now they’re practically building the damned things on top of each other! I’t pretty obvious they’re multiple-freq and hooked into sat systems and a LOT of other stuff. Anyone who lives NEAR one is having immune system problems, too. America is ALREADY mostly Winston Smith’s hometown… They’re even trying to make the damned things look like TREES fer the luvva Pete!

      3. Soon it will become the movie version of 1984 where everybody has the video in their homes that can’t be turned off and allows big brother to see you to allow for greater ” protection” for you. No kidding it was only a matter of time.

        • They certainly are trying their hardest. It’s why the Xbox One’s “always on” Kinect was such a big deal in the gamer circles. The gamers barely won against Microsoft on that round. Unfortunately the idea was seeded, so it will show up again in a year or two when there is less resistance to it.

      4. The govt abusing power… oh gee who saw that coming…

        • Well, it seems that only a small percentage of citizens actually believe/know that they are being watched and listened to. It has been goin on for years. The only difference now is that they don’t need snitches sitting outside with equipment.

          The equipment is now in place in our electronics, in our homes and vehicles, and on our streets and byways. The handhelds and internet, especially the social media, and prepper sites are totally under surveillance.

          People laughed at me in the early 2000’s when i said myspace and facebook would be an open book for goobermt mens, and snoops.

          • Any dopes still on Facebook deserves to be in a FEMA Camp.

            Just think the Gubberment will be so busy dealing with the hungry dopes and unprepared shleps that they won’t have time coming after armed patriots. Just put up all over town, Fliers on Telephone polls that the Police Department is handing out free food and Prepaid debit cards for expenses due to the collapse. To qualify you need to bring every family member to the local police station. Can you imagine??

            Plan great PsyOpps early like pre-printing up fliers to dupe the dopes.


      5. I never had a big brother guess we all do now need everyone’s opinion what’s healthier for you beer or pop/soda I’ll explain why I’m asking later

        • In moderation, beer without a doubt.

          • “Beer is proof that God loves us”

            “Ben Franklin”

        • Alcohol slows the reflexes and pop is made with poison sweeteners. Neither for me.

          • For some cool ideas how to throw a wrench in their shit check out (I have to spell it or it won’t post) j a m m e R A L L D OT C O M :p

            • Seriously they have some bad ass stuff! If you can’t beat em’ JAM EM 🙂

              • Leave out the : p part lol

        • Beer is all natural and pop isnt but yet i see people use food stamps to buy cases of pop like 4 at a time but they dont allow them to buy beer but how about ingreadients can they buy them raw whats real funny is when they buy a bunch of diet pop along with a dozen candybars

          • You can make your own version of soda. I made my own ginger ale a few days ago. Melt equal parts of water to sugar to make a simple syrup. I grated frozen ginger and put it in a tea holder while the syrup was still hot. Added some fresh lemon juice and honey at the end. Chill. Mix with plain seltzer water and stir in syrup to taste.

            • I made some rootbeer the other day! 2 cups sugar, 2 cups water, 4 cups 100 proof shine, rootbeer extract to taste. Yummy lol 😛

              • I wonder what distilled coca cola would taste like hmmmm.

                • Or maybe doctor pepper shine lol.

                  • PO’d Patriot, try it and let me know ok! Thanks 😛

      6. This is nothing new. They have been doing this for years.

        The big cities use this for years. Small towns like I work in can’t get the INFO. The big cities are being run by the Fed. Guberment now.


        • So true: they have a system in London which scans everyone who enters and leaves the city every day. It works in real-time and parses data at a furious speed to track ins and outs. There has been a quantum leap in technology so might as well use it.

          • Frank Thoughts – What city are you talking about? The city of London or Greater London?

            Your ignorance, scare mongering and disinformation shines through like a pile of fresh manure in a cowshed.

            I’d like to borrow your brain as a template as I’m building the perfect idiot and you qualify for the non thinking part.

        • Sarge, there’s red-light cameras all over my city now; only been installed within the past year. And yes we have a fusion center, too. My city has been using the same thing since Katrina. Now small towns and rural sheriff’s depts. are being allowed in on the act. Big city depts. are all under fed control thanks to the DHS grants for military hardware, etc.

          • I have read that using IR led’s around your license plate will block cameras from reading it. I know they have hats with IR led’s on the brim that are supposed to block facial recognition.

            • Genius.. I bought some of this Block Clear Spray that claimed it would block photos of the license plate. I sprayed about 5 coats of the chemical on the plate and let it dry. It still clocked me on an automatic highway toll pass thru, as they sent me a tool fee. So that didn’t work.

              Reminds me of this funny story…

              A guy who would regularly blow tolls and never pay, was sent a total bill of like $200 for nonpayment, and included a photo of his license plate recording at the tool booth. He responded back by taking a photo of 2 $100 Bills and sent it to them. Which he thought was pretty clever.. A few weeks later, the Toll company sent him back a photo of handcuffs with another invoice. He paid up.


              • I see some people that have a smoked plexi cover on their plates. They must get away with it. Also you can put a giant trailer ball on your truck rear bumper to help hide it. Smear some mud on it or drive with your tailgate down, just a few ideas.

                • Genius,
                  Last year I was driving home through the mountains during a snowstorm and got ticketed for my plate being illegible due to snow.

                  • Reb I found a site where you can buy essences rum, whiskey etc. and they have spiced rum essence! You can add it to vodka or shine and it has good reviews. www. brewhaus .com Check it out 😉

                • RE: License plate covers – there used to be a remote switched automatic cover for your plates that you could turn on and off at will, blocking out your plates with a black cover (useful for traffic cams and toll booths) available on ebay…

        • Most of it is probably tied into the 66 Fusions centers around the US. Every state has a least 1 Fusion Center.
          Kali has the most with 6…..

      7. Having lived in a city plagued by vicious, wide-scale rioting and youth gangs, I would have to say this is a good thing. Anything that can be done to track scum in real-time is for the best. It will make things safer for the growing older population, help in protecting women and girls (and little boys) from horny Muslim men, and also generally make things safer for children.

        • I lived in that city. The cameras and all that technology didn’t do shit to slow down or prosecute crime.

          You know what DID do shit? Packing a fucking gun and shooting the dumb sumbitch that tries to take your stuff.

          Why do you think violent crime rates are ALWAYS higher in areas that restrict law-abiding people from carrying? Because they know they won’t get fucking shot in the face.

          • Jesus fucking Christ, Mac. Moderation? For what? I’ve posted 3 times already and they all posted instantly. Now that I’m cussing it’s getting moderated?

            Fuck. Might have to quit coming here. Again.

          • I agree: cameras alone watched over by fat cops having a wank while looking at the screens, will not stop crime from happening. But, but, that’s all old technology/methodology. One company is seeking funding for something which will prevent all crime. It uses proprietary nano technology looped into sentient detection technology that monitors streetscapes and then offers an immediate response to any crime, from violent assaults to street robberies. The police have a role in the big stuff (long-term investigations etc.) but the day-to-day, minute-by-minute street safety is done by this system. It is also all legal and does not use anything lethal (unless warranted, ie: terrorists). It can be delivered in several modes, where the customer can dial up the force level/lethality depending on the legal environment. All the science and tech is either currently available or is proprietary/deep state stuff that might get released to the public in a couple decades.

            There is no reason any more for crime: it is just something that is allowed by liberals and human rights types. Just look at all the ‘rapefugees’: completely encouraged and allowed by the European governments. They could stop it tomorrow if they cared but they don’t.

        • Frank, it won’t protect anyone! It will be used to target the people they really want, US! They have had cameras in bad areas for decades yet I have never heard of a single criminal being caught by one.

        • “Anything that can be done . . .” allows tyranny. Even with live video, the police are still minutes away when seconds count.

        • Right. Until they decide you’re a criminal…

      8. Remember,all this shit can be toyed with on many levels,lets work that into the equation and each on our own figure what little we can do to fubar the system a bit.

        • Get one of those super powerful laser pointers and hit the cams with it, might fook it up? If nothing else it will fook up someones eyes if you were so inclined…

          • How ’bout an Airsoft (mmm, something like a .177 caliber). BB Guns and the better CO2 propelled stuff is (supposedly) very accurate. Dunno …never tried one out. A laser may well frig it up, like the bore-sight for a .308 but in a far higher power/frequency. Those things (the “guts”) are unknown to me. Dunno if they are CCTV type (cuz there are several ‘in color’ …the rest are greyscale or true black&white). What’s creepy is the ‘zoom’ feature is awesomely clear and unpixelated …I’d like to have THAT for my cameras (or perhaps on all my scopes …heyyyyyyy)!!! A ‘digital zoom scope’ that was ‘zeroed’ to other sensors within the rifle). Hot-dang… That’s similar to what Chris’s wife won the NRA ‘thingie’ with …awesome weapon there.

      9. Billy, if you live in a city those things you see going up on light poles are more then likely shotspotters. They help the cops find out where gun shots came from. We used the same thing over in the sand box to help the troops find out where the bad guys were shooting at us from. Another thing you need to remember about the civilian shotspotter system, since they are in fact a microphone, they can also listen to, and record everything anybody happens to be saying around them.

      10. I went to park my car in a downtown shopping area near a courthouse in a nearby town a few weeks ago. Since there was limited parking I parked in the courthouse parking lot section designated for downtown area shoppers. As I was about to get out of my car I noticed an unmarked patrol car slowly cruising by the rows of cars of those who were actually inside the courthouse (employees, lawyers, etc) aiming what looked like one of those speed radar guns (don’t know what this actual device is called) along the rear bumpers of every vehicle. I figured it provided/gathered information like overdue registration, outstanding tickets, arrest warrants, etc, aside from personal information like drunk driving arrests and suspended licenses to name a few.

      11. When this came up, I emailed Obama to complain about it. No luck on that one.

      12. I try to smile when I come to a light….keeps the feds happy!

        • I pick my nose when Im passing cameras lol.

        • put your driver side sun visor down when approaching red lights. It’s what we did years ago in Oregon..they need to ID the driver or they cannot send a ticket.
          Either that or give them the middle finger.
          Skynet is on the way.

      13. This is all crap, the spying police state is all about controlling the citizens with money, and keeping the poor in line to vote to keep their government dole checks coming.

        A prime example, every major city in America has one of those streets, where if you walk down it after dark you will on average, be raped, murdered or robbed within 15 minutes of setting foot on that street.

        Yet magically all this government tech changes none of the murder central neighborhoods or streets.

        The government has no interest in crime, their only interest is in controlling money, or controlling people with money, or continuing the voter slaverly of those with no money.

        The poor saps living in America’s war zone mega cities are cannon fodder, their deaths are mere statistics used to terrify the rest of the population into submission for government control freaks.

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