In An Anything Goes Scenario, Do You Have a Survival Plan?

by | Mar 28, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness, Gerald Celente | 22 comments

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    Gerald Celente with Chris Waltzek of Goldseek (March 2010) discuss the economy and the crash of 2010, terrorism, and the preparedness mentality (interview below):

    The message of this story is, during these volatile times, in an anything goes scenario, do you have a survival plan?

    Whether its economic survival, whether its a natural disaster, or whether it’s terrorism.

    Why A Survival Plan is a Good Idea

    Whether it’s natural or man-made, if the SHTF you better have a plan. Most families have about three days worth of food in their pantries, maybe a week if they stretch it. After that your bellies will be empty.

    The first thing to go in the onset of an emergency is the food and water.

    We’ve discussed basic emergency planning before, and if the examples from just the past three months aren’t enough, then there’s probably nothing we can suggest that will convince you to take responsibility for yourself and your family and stock a reserve supply of essentials.

    Emergencies and disasters don’t just happen on TV, in the news. They happen to real people just like you:

    Some Reserve Food Tips

    One of the issues that many people have about prepping is a lack of funds. While this is certainly an important consideration, preparing a ten to fourteen day supply of food should not do too much damage to your budget.

    For those first two weeks there is no need to go crazy with freeze dried goods or MRE’s, though these are excellent supplements to dry goods storage (especially the eggs & ham combo and some freeze dried meats). Simply make a list of dry goods that your family consumes regularly – our kids are big fans of mac & cheese, nuts, crackers and cereals. Incorporate this into your two week reserves along with things like rice, pinto beans, dehydrated milk, and canned meats (vienna sausages, chicken, tuna, salmon, ham).

    For food selection when preparing a reserve food supply, most of the foods should be those that your family eats regularly so that you can rotate it right into your existing food preparation. As you use up rice or beans, or soup cans and crackers, just add them to the next grocery list. Doing this makes your reserve food supply a one-time cost.

    And be sure to have water. This is even more important than food and you can stock 25 gallons for under $35 (Run down to the Home Depot and pick up five x 5 gallon spring water today and it’s one less thing to worry about).

    Finally, if you are storing dry goods that require cooking, consider preparation methods. Do you have a gas grill or charcoal grill? Stock up on some extra fuel today.

    Don’t have a grill? Consider a Rocket Stove for under $50. You can boil water in about 15 minutes with some twigs from the backyard or charcoal if you have it handy.

    It’s easy to create an SHTF Plan. Consider those items critical to survival first, and go from there. (Suggested Reading: Survival Priorities: The Rule of Three)

    For under $200 you can feel comfortable knowing that you do, in fact, have a survival plan, albeit a basic one.


    You’ll of course want to make preparations for evacuation routes along with evac checklists in the event of something like a hurricane, tsunami, earthquake or terror attack. Don’t underestimate the power of panic – when the SHTF everyone in your household, including you, will probably be stressed out. Having a checklist (they take maybe 10 minutes to put together) will make it easy for you to get all of your important belongings packed into the car and get your family out the door while the rest of the city is rushing grocery stores full of empty shelves.

    Finally, in regards to evacuations – remember the gas. If you don’t have reserve gas stored, or it is prohibitive because of cost or safety, then just keep your car(s) filled.

    In the case of gasoline, the tank is empty if it is on the halfway mark. So go tank up if you hit 50% on the fuel gauge — make it a habit. If there is an emergency and your primary vehicle is low on gas, consider emergency steps like siphoning from your secondary vehicle (anti-siphon technology in some cars may prevent this, in which case you can always pop a hole in the secondary vehicle’s gas tank and use that to fill the primary).

    The tips listed above are just a start and are the most basic considerations that should be made by those who have, up to this point, taken no steps to create a survival plan.

    Listen to Gerald Celente and Chris Waltzek:


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      1. This interview had some interesting comments from Mr. Celente. I chose not to include more excerpts as I wanted to focus on the preparation aspect in this particular post.

        I highly recommend that those who haven’t listened to the entire interview do so now.

        Celente spends a little time on the 2010 market crash forecasting that if the markets fall, commodities will likely go with it. This is forecasted as an effect of what Celente dubs the “Greatest Depression.”

        What’s most interesting in this particular interview  is his forecast for the US Dollar. Celente does NOT see hyperinflation in the dollar’s future at this time, but he suggests that an emergency that is used to shut the banks for a bank holiday could be used, and will likely be used, to devalue the dollar.

        He used FDR’s devaluation as an example.

        Give it a listen, it’s a good interview.



      2. Whether it is hyperinflation or devaluation, the result is the same. Loss in value of the dollar, loss in purchasing power for consumers, and loss of sovereignty for America when the house of cards collapses; whatever the trigger.

        Buy physical gold or silver. I got mine. Get yours.

      3. Comments…..This guy likes to contradict himself, We don’t believe in hyperinflation, but devaluation. Isn’t  it the same thing. Dollar falls it buys less, leading to inflation the faster the fall the quicker the inflation.For someone who believes you won’t be able to access cash, yet he still has money in CD’s and IRA’s but he’s a big believer in holding physical, is that what you call double speak? He’s talking about preparing for the little bumps we might experience, but when SHTF you want to be prepared for the long haul, like years not weeks or months.My idea of preparation is complete self sufficiency, permanent access to a water source, ability to grow your own food, some gold and silver and lots of bullets and some good neighbors that share the same beliefs.

      4. I agree with Sam,
        Our society turned its back to production and we (many of us), live out of commerce and services.
        What i did, was to start digging my grandpa’s land again, bought books for agriculture, and now try to find a way to be self sufficient.
        If i manage this, my next step is to quit job, and move to the village.
        A long term plan may save your life. The two week plan is good, but in cases such as the earthquake or a devaluation. For big  social-economic changes, something permanent is needed.
        Take a look at Greece and Portugal. whatever they do, they cannot standup . Their system is down forever, and all this because from agricultural societies, they turned to services and tourism.

      5. Well said Sam.I’m ready to grow my food actualy is spring and I started.The bullets I have too.

      6. Food shortages will come about from many different catalysts. It can be abnormal weather patterns, war, terrorist attacks, economic crash etc. It wont take much in todays society to not only stop producing food, but to stop shipping it.

      7. Sam,

        Technically, hyperinflation and devaluation (and deflation) are not the same in the economist’s world, although you are right, they all have some very similar an very crappy effects on individuals.  I also don’t believe holding IRAs, cash, and gold are conflicting.  I see it more as diversification.  So if SHTF doesn’t happen, you’re not wiped out sitting on a bunch of gold.  Celente has money, planning is different, with more complex objectives, than if you’re just trying to plan for enough to eat for 6 months.  Yes, you store food, but you also worry about wealth preservation regardless of scenario as well. I suppose it’s a nice challenge to have to address.

      8. Comments….Tony, don’t forget the disappearnace of our biggest helper the bees. Manos moving back to the village life is a great idea, that’s where I got everything setup and ready for when SHTF. For those of you just sitting there and talking about it, get started time is running out.

      9. Comments…..Bleak-Just listen to the example he gives.People turned in their gold certificates, gold was $20 an ounce, after doing so gold was repriced at $35 an ounce, isn’t that called devaluation of the dollar causing inflation, when it comes to deflation for example the housing market, it’s only ajusting to it’s true value prior to throwing money at those people who couldn’t afford a house to begin with. In my opinion gold is the true guage of inflation it can smell the ink from printing press. If the gold market wasn’t manipulated, gold would be $2200-$2500. There is a lot of gold being sold that only exists on paper, those people will find out what their paper gold is worth when SHTF. The stock market relative to gold has lost 75% percent of it’s value since 2000. My idea of diversication, hard productive assets,my self sufficient abode, gold to preserve my hard work, good health, beautiful family, good friends and faith in the almighty.If SHTF doesn’t happen I would be very happy to be stuck with my gold, but it’s not a question of if but when.

      10. The interview is actually done by Chris Waltzek at Goldseek, not Eric King as the article states just above the YT video (in case anyone gets confused).

      11. Thanks Patrick — I made an update to the article. My bad on that.

      12. Excellent “starter” article for people that haven’t started prepping yet.

        One thing I would have mentioned that you did not: some sort of protection. It busts your $200 budget but a $150 break action 22 rifle and ammo or a $100 break action 12ga shotgun and ammo. Both are very useable. Not to go to seed on guns, but you need at least the minimum.

      13. While “Prepping” be sure to keep it simple . Depending on the situation , do you stay or GO ? if you stay is your place easyly defensable ?  If not can you make it that way when the time comes ? Can you depend on friends and neighbors for mutual protection ?  if you Go , where do you go ?  What do you take ? how far can you go on a tank of Gas if driving ? Alone or with a group ? Have you driven this route before ? What are the danger points ?  Towns, Citys , Bridges , Choke points ?  Alternate routes do you have any ?  Topographical  Maps are a must,  much more info than a road map .    I can go on and on but you get the idea , plan and plan again then then work and revise it . This is the simple stuff , it gets really involved after this !!!

      14. Mac , is there any way that guys like me can go back and edit our posts ?  I always seem to find somthing to correct like the above post !  If you can please delete the first one thanks  ABN71

      15. AB, the site should get a facelift soon and I will try to implement a way to let people “sign in” in some form or fashion to allow post editing. The original post was deleted.

        AB – you mentioned the topographical maps before — I have not yet acquired one for our area but I think that is a fantastic idea.

        NR – definitely on target with the defense. In a down-grid scenario, the lack of electricity increases the likelihood of violent crime and home invasion.  A 22 rifle or even a 22 handgun is better than nothing, and both, with 500 rounds of ammo, can be acquired for under $300.

        Personal security is certainly a top priority if the SHTF.

      16. I have about a 1 year supply of food for my wife & I,along with a well and gravity filtration and about 6 tanks of propane.
        The wildcard is that her relatives are clueless about any events that could arise,so now I may have about 2 months worth…
        Hopefully the streets will be blocked and her hungry tribe will be unable to migrate to our home!

      17. I wouldn’t count on that, Dave. It could be a fatal flaw in your plan.

        If you have a well, you must have some land. If the family is physically close enough to drop by, its time to bring them into the program. Its definitely time to have a “chat” or at least raise the subject, so conversations can begin. With your extra land, maybe they could secure and store their supplies at your place. Supplies that they have paid for and stored for their family, or for themselves.

        After some casual conversations in general, you could tell them what you anticipate, what your plans are, and what you expect from them if they want to participate with your plan, on your land. When the time comes, you will not be able to turn her family away. Then what?

        Chances are they are aware of your plan even if you have never discussed that with them. Sisters are pretty close. If your wife has one or two, they have probably had some discussions about it already.
        I think you need to “air” this with everybody throughly, in advance, as soon as possible, so when TSHTF everyone is on the same page.

        There is strength in numbers if everyone is prepped, or preparations have been made for everyone. If everyone is not prepped, you are only as strong as your weakest link. Start with your wife. Its her family.

        Got milk? Got milk for everybody?

      18. Actually a .22lr if someone is pumped (not on drugs just a rush of adrenaline) will likely do nothing without a head shot (good luck on that in a high stress situation, I bust out 30 push ups before I ever fire to get my heart rate up and I have issues with it).  My neighbor is in law enforcement and seen a guy take 6-7 .22 rounds from a pistol to the chest and ended up stabbing the gunman 4 times (killing the gunman) and he lived.

        Spend the money, your life is worth it.  Get something like a 9mm (still pretty weak) or a .40 (hits hard but allows quite a few rounds in a magazine compared to a .45).  Then get a .22lr conversion kit so you can practice with cheap ammo.  When you return home, configure the weapon back to its “native” size for home/personal defense.  I do this AT the range as I have a concealed carry permit and carry all the time.

        If you have food, gold/silver and water but no way to defend it, you likely won’t have it for long.

        Also people say you have “2-3 weeks to figure out the food situation if I get separated from my food stocks”.  This is false.  You may have a week to a week and a half before you have no energy to do much of anything.  After that even standing up will be a chore.

        Good luck

      19. Michael, good advice on all counts.

        The 22 is certainly not a 45 and stopping power is limited, so if one does go with a 22 make sure you have an extended clip… the more the merrier in that scenario.

        Perhaps a good round would provide more stopping power? 

        I’ve read that this Aqulia round and this CCI round might be solid if one was carrying a 22.

        I suppose if it’s a personal defense issue for just defending your own property, than rather than a 22 one might look at a Shotgun. those are relatively cheap and certainly have stopping power. The ammo will cost much more in the long run, though and taking it to the range isn’t as easy as a pistol.

        Regardless of what weapon one gets, at least have something! Sometimes a baseball bat isn’t enough.

      20. Thanks for the reply Mac, but I wouldn’t recommend a .22 for personal defense at all.  But having a conversion kit to make any gun you do want to a .22lr for practice shooting.  So you can shoot/practice for cheap but still have a hard hitting real gun after you get back from the rock pit (range?  people pay to go shoot? 🙂 ).

        I disagree with the family issue–there are friends I’d feed first…
        I moved 30 miles from family—they are ignorant and don’t have a clue.
        I sacrifice for supplies and food and ammo and guns………but they spend like there’s no tomorrow.
        Nope–there will be no family donations in this house.
        Am I right with God??
        Yepp_I’m fine with Him…like Glenn Beck said.
        It’s your responsibility to inform your friends and family–that’s all.
        Now it’s in their park—and the one neighbor I discussed this with(and now he knows about my biggg stash of food) said he would go to his church if shelves were empty………I told him he was part of the problem, not part of  the solution.
        Oh, yeah…and I told him to grow up!!

      22. Anonymous: I understand your position because I know that families tend to have a lot of “karma”. But sisters tend to be close and confidantes by nature, and tend to share their thoughts and feelings with each other. That has always been my experience. If his wife has sisters, its likely that her entire family already knows about his prepping. Or, she may be close to her mother in which case everyone also knows.

        If he doesn’t get this out in the open before the SHTF, he is going to find himself inundated by her family and without adequate supplies. I am willing to bet 100 dollars that her family already knows about his prepping even if it has never been mentioned.

        He might as well get it out in the open, establish the ground rules in advance, and be clear about them. Other wise there is going to be alot of hard feelings, and a potential wedge between him and his wife when he needs her cooperation most.

        His wife will not want to turn her family away then, but would be more willing to do so if the issue is on the table and the family refuses to prep now. Even if they refuse to prep now, it will probably be difficult on her emotionally when the shtf, even if she understands the reality, mentally. It would likely be a very hard choice for her to show them the door even if she understood that  if they were not part of the solution then they are part of the problem.

        Just my prespective, but then I don’t expect them to multiply the loaves and fishes enough for everyone to take up 12 baskets of fragments: do you? Time to get on board or go down the road.

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