DARPA Creepiest Programs For Human Control: “How Dark Will Our Future Be?”

by | May 12, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 64 comments

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    How Dark Will Our Future Be?

    There’s every reason to suspect that the powers-that-be are writing us out of it.

    There are more dark projects and secret research grants than anyone can keep track of, but this list is a good start – and an indicator of how serious they are about control.

    From robots to artificial intelligence and software to read your mind, the Pentagon and its Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have ways of reducing the population to little more than automatons and prisoners in a high-tech worldwide control grid.

    Via Truthstream Media:

    Dystopic Hollywood nightmares have nothing on real life military research projects.

    In addition to the many robots DARPA has created to mimic human walking, throw cinder blocks, run on four legs at cheetah speed, climb trees, grasp objects, kill targets and more, DARPA has announced projects including mapping the human brain, trying to create a physical, thinking brain for robots, computers that can think for themselves, tracking rat brains over the Internet, real-life Avatar projects, autonomous robots, electronic tattoos and pills swallowed to authenticate online access instead of passwords, mapping the neuroscience of the “fight or flight response,” tracking heart beats and other long distance biometrics, quantifying and track “love” and emotive responses, mind controlling squids…. and much much more.

    Truthstream Media provides a long, creepy list of semi-secret projects the military is pursuing under DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency)

    And there’s plenty more where that comes from…

    The most recent Davos conference featured a panel of neuroscientists, criminal justice experts and DARPA representatives who have achieved literal mind-reading technology that could “confess” your guilt or your non-compliance to authorities… and this creepy capability is just in its infancy.

    Imagine what they will be capable of in just a few more years.

    There seems to be no end in sight for DARPA or the applications of technology to control human life on this planet. Their endless taxpayer funds are aimed right back at the people.

    Can anyone honestly say things are headed in a good direction?

    It is high time you prepare for all contingencies, including the ability to live and sustain yourself and your family off grid, and outside of the track-and-control system they are finalizing and implementing across the grid.

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      1. Hmmm….,taxpayer funded,we can among other things put a stop to that!Things go bad they also will run out of food/have security turn on em ect.Things hold together better small personal emps and other devices and their plans appear on net,eh!

        • You ever see a D8 hightrack running flat out and run over a bunch of cars?

          • Yeah. ever see what a d10 will do to…. well anything in its path.

            • Do they have robot CAT dozers!? I run a D10 and am well aware of what it will destroy…

            • Never mind. Just saw a video of an autonomous D10. Wow

            • Ever seen a D10 get vaporized by a RAIL gun. Makes a big stink too.

          • Ever see what a RAIL gun does to a D10. Really stinks too.

      2. Davos always makes me think of the daleks. Connections? Actually I think there are a lot of connections between Hollywood, the media, and what is about to happen. I can’t tell you how many times I am looking at television or watching a movie and heard or seen something that makes me go BING! It’s almost like they are seeding these ideas.

        • Wasn’t Davos the name of the leader of the Daleks at one time? I think he was a human torso mounted to a Dalek chassis. Then again, I am not much of a Whovian so my knowledge of the subject may be lacking.

          • You are correct. 🙂 Davros was the humanoid designer off the daleks on Dr. Who.

          • It was Davros who created the Daleks.

        • Yeah, THAT’s the word I was trying to dredge up, “seeding”! Thanks!

      3. As a gamer I am familiar with the phrase, “user interface” or, UI. A “universal user interface” or, plug in (ironic since many games have player-developed plug-ins, too).

        The Liaden Universe series explores the idea of a secret police force that implants technology into operatives in order to make them super spies. The series has been around for a number of years. In fact, some of those operative are given the name, agent(s) of change. Recently I have heard this phrase in the news. Change agents, or agents of change are used to manipulate people, to change their point of view, to manufacture agreement (or disagreement). Science fiction is often used as a way to disperse ideas prior to those ideas being accepted by the masses. This is when science fiction becomes science fact.

      4. “How Dark Will Our Future Be?”

        Darker than you or i can imagine.

        The debt and entitlements the usa owes on will come calling eventually and a lot of costly people will have to go away lightening up entitlements.

        i can just imagine that some robot gains access to your house if you are over 60 or unemployed and injects you with something lethal that makes it look like a heart attack and the country just lightened its medical load by one more.

        the smart people became totally independent years ago, if you are not now; you just go to ride it out.

        • Thats the thing, all they need to do is pull off a large scale attack on the grid in heavily populated areas and the people will do all the work for them. Nobody will ever find out the truth either

          • you are right.

            give it 2 weeks to a month with no electricity over most of the country and they’ll be making landfills of bodies that starved to death.

            • Seven weeks just as written . Would be all it takes?

            • No one, other than the infirm, infants or elderly, will die in 2 weeks to a month. Bobby Sands, the famed IRA protester, died at somewhere around 55 days or so

              • If they do it during the winter, anyone in a truly cold client will need to eat a LOT more to stay alive. The calories in the food will help to warm your body, provided you can get enough of it…

                • Ooops! Cold CLIMATE, that is…

            • It is a fact that prior to EVER war or even ‘skirmishes’ that The USA has ever been in, as well as other countries, the media has ALWAYS “portrayed what was awaiting dead-ahead” through Advertisements, movies, books written as though they’d already seen it all go down (post war), and I’m not telling anyone a thing they are not already aware of (if you’ve had your eyes open and are not brainwashed).
              Well then, given that damned movie (and perhaps another allegedly being planned), ‘some’ of the advertisements and ‘hints’ suddenly being ‘dropped’ by all major media (when for the past six months all they’ve talked about is politics they suddenly shift to “instilling fear into the hearts of all Americans” via every means of commo they have. Everyone is also aware that “these things” often contain exact dates and times, or (at least) TELL “viewers in the know, and not ‘We, the People”, exact “things” (too many to list) that are coming down the road and when they can expect to see them.

              I cannot give one reason as to why it would be done once again, since at least 70% of the populace is ‘brain-dead’ to these things, or dismiss it as ‘doom-porn’. Hitler used the same tactics via advertising …and it worked for him like a charm.

              Say Kula, ya really think “large-scale” EMP attack by our own nation? (Meaning, under a ‘false flag’ attack or something along that road)? One must consider that just by hacking it would be possible to “down” our grid for several months just by burning out a few very large transformers that we have no replacements for (and only China has the capacity to build).

              …just saying.

        • Chemical spraying drones . Hitting GPS coordinates. From the last census. It’s so easy.

        • Lena, that debt is literally impossible to pay and will be defaulted on at some point. On the robot, IF a robot can get into my place, there will be some 00 buckshot waiting for it.

          • Braveheart1776

            It will never be defaulted on as the US makes its own money and money has no intrinsic value.

            • Currently the world economy is collapsing at a greater rate than the increased supply of money. Commodities are dropping in price even though more money is created as defaulted loans literally destroyed money.

              • Kevin2, I’m missing something here. How can that be?

          • These ‘bots’ are bulletproofed in all their critical areas, and made of our hardest metals (and plated far better than any SWAT-man ever thought of carrying).

            However, we are FAR from having batteries to power such robots and so I’m gonna call BS on the robots (for the time being) …perhaps In The Year 2525? 🙂 (just listened to that a few minutes ago …fascinating as it is horrifying, especially when you compare ALL the parallels as compared to what they say and what is or has already taken place (and where it seems it’s headed). 2525 looks to dead on …but in no way are the present politicians going to wait that long. They’ll use whatever is at their disposal NOW and go from there.

            Okay, that brings us back to bullets. So, in case anyone missed my other post, THE AMMO COMPANIES IN AMERICA HAVE ALERTED US TO GET OUR AMMO NOW OR WE WILL LIKELY EXPERIENCE ANOTHER 2008-2009 period of waiting from 60-120 days, depending on what caliber you are awaiting them to make. Actually, at this time they are telling every FFL to stock up “high” (as you can’t sell it if the shelf is bare).

            So, if you can, go and grab another few boxes of ammo or casings, powder and primers.

            For any reloaders out there, day a’fore yesterday I was successful (after a week of floundering) in “necking down and then ‘turning'” a 30-06 into a .308. The measurements aren’t the same (yet tolerantly close enough to work safely), but they DO work (at least for one reload). Of course, it heavily ‘works’ the brass SO I would not be ‘hot’ on reloading one more than once …but in a pinch I’d be willing to take the chance if my only other choice was taking on lead ‘bodily’.

            *Of course, you are far better off having the RIGHT casings “hands down.” (Necking-down various casings to fit other calibers usually requires a metal-lathe as well as the usual reloader hardware to trim down where the brass gets too thick from being ‘necked down’ (compressed thus it thickens a tad).

      5. They lie.

        How come they still waterboard for confessions if they have mind reading technology?

        Most of this is waste and fraud masquerading as “science” to keep the gravy train going. Government never shrinks. They need bigger budgets every year.

        In the movie Ghostbusters there is a man being interviewed for a job on the ghostbusting team. He’s asked if he believes in UFOs, ESP, telepathy, spirit photography, the Loch Ness Monster, the theory of Atlantis, among others.

        He responds…”If there’s a steady paycheck in it, I’ll believe anything you say.”

        This is how government employees operate. They will say or do whatever they are told to for a job and a pension.

        • They don’t have it yet. They’re working on it. Your brain activity is a lot of electrical signals. Science is getting good at picking up faint signals.

          For example, a few years ago, when everyone was using CRT monitors, a government van could sit outside and read radio signals given off by your monitor and tell what was on your screen and what you were typing.

          Brain signals are many times fainter, but how many people spend much of their day with their cell phone or blue tooth gadget practically clamped to their brain?

          I think they may get there eventually.

      6. The most powerful tool of any oppressor is FEAR. When in this condition, ones analytical mind turns off and one goes into Fight or Flight. In chronic fear driven fight or flight (let’s just call it FFF) one’s adrenals become worn down and enter in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. So, don’t freak out because you think someone can read your mind. They can’t. What they can do is this. For many years researchers have worked with technologies that use the electricity of your body, your temperature, and your pulse (heart beat) to monitor your response to questions. This is the lie detector. Increasingly better devices have been created. But no one can know what your thoughts actually are. They are and probably for all time will be yours alone. Privacy does exist. But increasingly, people are giving up their privacy to Facebook, psychologists and other mind suckers, school counsellors, and strangers who pop into your life and infiltrate in order to control and stifle your goals. If your white daughter wants to hook up with a smart successful white guy who respects her, a plant sent to hurt you, could redirect her to a drug dealing bastard who will destroy her, and keep you down indirectly. Meantime they will redirect golden boy to themselves to use or to also destroy. So, there are real threats but they are more ordinary than these scary DARPA technologies. Vaccinating newborns scares me more than robots climbing trees.

        • Vaccinating newborns for hepatitis B . And these single mother bimbos do it? And these doctors and nurses do it ? How could they be so evil? Explane that bimbo?

        • I believe you’re right about the fear being generated by govt by making us believe their omniscient in their police state. If the NSA is recording all of our phone calls, why did they need to hack an iPhone? Encryption only affects digital data. Didn’t NSA need only to listen to the terrorists’ calls?

      7. I read on beforeitsnews (granted that site has some wild stories) that the Cern Hadron Collider is a big ripoff fake as to what it is told to be. They have not found any God particle and never intended to, that the place is actually a facility to spy on the entire world. There were also questions raised about the construction of the underground building of the facility, noting that no earth was noticed being removed during construction. Also noted was the overall secrecy of Switzerland where all of the financial controlling interests are located. This is said to be a worldwide swindle of trillions. The plan is for a much larger “collider” to be built.

        • This is true: it is where they develop the next generation surveillance technology.They have a next generation internet that is just wild: you can watch hundreds of films at once in livestream as an example.

          I flew over the facility and it is very real.

          The idea is for academics, the police etc. to be able to use hands-free controls to manipulate a transparent wall screen which can pull in data from vast quantum computers. As an example scenario, you have a dirt-bag Muslim who is on the run with an advanced attack plot. All you have is his name and general location. The wall screen lets you draw in more and more information until an exact location is found within minutes. A drone is dispatched and a frozen poison water dart is fired at the speed of light at the terrorist. The plot is foiled.

          • Frank:

            At the speed of light.?? Frankly, anybody that believes you is not too smart.

            Take a course in physics or just crack open a book about Albert Einstein. You will learn that nothing goes at the speed of light except light.

            • Replace the name dirtbag Muslem. With domestic terrorist . Preppers survivalist off grid anti social reality denialist. Won’t do what we say ist. And it’s you?

            • The universe is a hologram . That’s the latest theory. A cat in a dark box with a cocked pistol. Explanes the universe. This is their best guess? In other words they have know idea of what’s going on? Just get your grant and who cares? Biscuits and gravy. That’s all that matters? Start a dinosaur museum and get some extra cash. As long as you don’t expose a higher power that might stifle perversion. Can’t have that . Perverts are easier to control . Just give them what they want . And we can all make money.

            • Maybe he meant the speed of dark.

            • B from CA

              Velocity is a function of time and distance. If one can alter time then the velocity can exceed physical parameters. They’re going to get around that speed of light thing as those “little green men” that are so known to occasionally visit don’t live locally and therefore obviously solved that problem.

              • Their answer to that one is NOT that they have exceeded the speed of light (like The Enterprise’s Warp 5 ‘engines’ can do).

                Aliens are said to have the tech to “fold-the-fabric-of-space” so that a trip to Earth is but a few minutes (or less) to them.

                Einstein’s Theory of Relativity is ‘barely hanging on’ as it DOES SEEM quite possible that there are ‘particles’ within light that exceed what we call “light-speed” (about 186,000 miles-per-second isn’t it)? Or is that old knowledge that’s been proven inaccurate?.

        • Alijamo:

          Interesting post.

          • We think we know everything . But why is plunium with a seven day half life trapped in granet.? Why do cells stay together with no glue? And all the other questions science can not answer. We don’t know squat. But if you want a grant you better tow the line. Useless eaters? Dinosaurs the only way their bone could be preserved is with a great flood . That covered them with silt and petrified them. Like the flood of Noah. Million years old is the lie. Satans greatest weapon is the lie.

            • It is fact that every ancient culture (all over the earth) has a “great flood story” somewhere in their super-ancient histories. One problem with it is that there seem to be no geo-anomalies that are “proof-positive” that any flood occurred, but, if it did, wouldn’t Mt. Everest (and hundreds if not thousands of others, have been the first to show up again as opposed to Mt. Sanai? (sp?)
              It’s a no brainer isn’t it? Elevation WOULD certainly determine which land mass would first poke its head out of the ‘ebbing flood waters’.
              There’s a flip-side to everything. The Ancient Flood story, in MANY descriptions-of-old, describe it as a “deluge”, meaning that the water was coming OUT OF THE EARTH more so than it was raining down upon the earth. (Water coming out of everywhere …and we’ve recently learned that our inner earth is NOT all solid rock, but instead has a ‘bevy’ of unmapped, underground oceans …thus it’s possible that ALL water of the earth are indeed connected to each other, especially the seas and any lakes nestled into mountains. I am not suggesting there are superhighways connecting all waters, but “serious” cracks and fissures and quite likely caves (ancient lava-tubes?) that even a creature such as “Nessie” might traverse?

              Also, finding that there is water under-or-within the Outer Mantle of Earth has assisted science with reasoning out WHY we have such a solid “polarity” that moves …(which would not be possible with just lava and iron-deposits …add ‘briny’ water and presto, you’ve got magnetism galore)! (Add magnesium and you’ve got the largest magnesium battery in our solar system). Maybe THAT is what Tesla figured out how to ‘tap’?

      8. Any of these Einsteins ever read “That Hideous Strength” by CS Lewis?

        Maybe they ought to.

        Point is, as Lewis note elsewhere, a dog can be moderately “good” or “bad.” A reasonably intelligent man, much more so, either way. And an Einstein can push that spread one way or the other, to good or bad, to orders of magnitude even greater. When someone then tries to assume God-like powers, guess what?

        Yep, that’s right.

        Further, if there is a God (and there is), he will not allow His place to be usurped. We saw what happened when ancient Israel started worshiping idols made from human hands, and ***this is no different.**** I am not advocating a Luddite world. But these people are playing with things beyond their ken, and are utterly, utterly ignorant of human nature. And after all, humans will have made this technology. Isn’t it enough that we have already seen how “really smart humans” like Goldspan, Bernanke and the whole freaking Keynesian nutcases and their “masters of the universe” buddies on Wall Street. have destroyed the financial world with their “brilliance.” Is it not enough that “the best and the brightest” got us mired in Vietnam?

        No, it is not enough. These people are arrogant, ignorant, and doing the same thing ancient Israel did. And God will not be mocked. Nor will he share his weightiness (what the word “glory” or “doxa” in Greek) with an idol, be it Baal, Molech, Dagon…. or the latest gee-whiz high tech invention.

        Sadly, a lot of innocent people – babies, mentally retarded, people who are fighting this insanity tooth and nail will suffer when this is judged by a God who, as philosopher Francis Schaeffer wrote, “is there, and is not silent” (pick up Schaeffer’s books. Will do you good).

        I am not a Luddite. But as Schaeffer noted, in the old days we had two boundaries – what we could do, and what we *should* do. Today, that latter boundary is removed. We will indeed reap the whirlwind for doing so.

        And just a note to those doing this. There actually *is* a Hell. And some of these people doing this stuff WILL end up there, just like Hitler. It’s all there in that old, dusty book gathering cobwebs on people’s shelves… called the Bible.

        • Hell is a concept first brought up by the ancient Hebrews/Jews. To them, back then, “hell” was nothing more than a place within the earth (named “Sheol or Sheole”), dimly lit with ’empty souls wandering aimlessly about for all eternity.’ No hellfire, no damnation, nothing of the sort. That came with time. The more time that passed, the more horrifying Hell became until reaching what it has become today (according to The Holy Bible) and LYING EVANGELISTS (you don’t think they are after bucks and fucks only? …think again, as it has already been proven they ALL are). I give you The Baker’s as our most prominent examples of lying “believers” (who in no way took one penny in the name of The Lord right)? :rolling-eyes:
          You can find this at most any library. There was no mention of a ‘devil’ or Satan in those days.
          The world was flat and it was largely accepted that God lived “under” the world, with his primary job being to ensure that “the darkness” (evil?) would not frig up anything. So, God ensured that “The Sun would rise again.” (later changed to “The Son would rise again …later as in thousands of years later).

          Now, zillions of moons later, Satan has gone from being non-existent to having become ALMOST as powerful as God and HAS THE POWER TO CREATE THINGS AND DO GREAT THINGS. So Satan went from non-existing to POWERFUL ENOUGH TO CHALLENGE GOD HIMSELF (over several centuries of religious ‘adaptations, rewrites, addition of NEW “canonical” books that were added, or taken from, The Bible. (Such as The Apocrypha that USED to be in every Catholic Bible has been dispensed with entirely). The KJV of 1911 is the last to have The Apocrypha ‘books’ within it. (The same Bible that King James purposely had all mention of reincarnation 100% erased/deleted, for his own, selfish reasons (to keep his kingdom intact and under his thumb, in short). So, reincarnation is a ‘real thing’ (biblically speaking).

          I am not saying there isn’t a hell or a satan, but just giving you the “true” history of how satan has “evolved” from non-existent to being nearly as powerful as God. This is the work of religion(s), and the use of religion to control the masses as it has evolved over thousands of years – – specifically the last 2500 or so.

          I believe in God. I do NOT believe that God “authored” a BOOK that is SO inundated with inaccuracies and self-conflictions that NO God could have possibly written it unless they were “on a binge” then said, “I WROTE WHAT?”.

          Same with President Lincoln after his two week binge. Once his head cleared he said, “I gave freedom to WHO”?

          Can we please get back to survival techniques. This is NOT a religion site, though I can understand how religion can work its way into the matters under discussion, which is why I toss in what I know to be ‘hard fact’ and thus non-arguable (takes the heat off me). 🙂 Everyone is free to believe as they wish, but of course. I only ask that I be allowed the same freedoms, since they ARE “GOD-GIVEN” are they not?

          • Equorial:

            “…which is why I toss in ‘hard fact’ and thus non-arguable…”

            Aahahahahahahahahahah….ahhhh, my stomach hurts…thanks for the funny.

          • Care to enlighten us on exactly where The Bible contradicts itself? I’m betting you can’t–you’re just repeating something from Zeitgeist…

      9. One thing I know about technology is it fails when you need it and it can be sabotaged. The gov is gonna do this and that but it cannot function right. Sure I’m not afraid of this crap they don’t know what they are doing. That’s why savages in pickup trucks have our leaders scared running. None of this is new news. They have been trying to get into our psyche with propaganda for some time now. Some people fall for it.

        • Asshat, bravo sir! That is what I call “hitting da nail on da head and driving her home in one strike.” Must be a damn good carpenter too aren’t you?

          NOBODY should “take fear” to a damn thing that the media (which is now widely known to be purely government-propaganda meant to deceive, misdirect and lie-their-asses-off) in their efforts to control-the-masses.

          Hillary’s “agenda” (if she makes it), is to use “fear” in every venue she can ‘tap’ …in HER efforts to kill The 2nd A. She will fail to do so just the same as everyone before her who has tried the very same.

          The Constitution is FAR greater in power than anyone is giving it credit for. (It is all that has kept them from wiping their asses with us todate).

          So, what would be wrong with everyone remotely interested in keeping America and returning her to as it once was calling themselves Constitutionalists and then go about reinvoking the Constitutional “Ways and Rights”. Holding our “public servants” publically responsible, with AR-15s if necessary, for everything they have done against the country, and simply deal with it as described within The Constitution.

          I fail to see why few, if any, feel this would not work …unless it is “the work” that everyone is trying to avoid. After all, “work” IS a four-letter word.

          If we do not make a stand, we shall all be meeting up with Roy Finicum in the very near future …forever. Again, we CAN NOT WAIT until the bastards are pulling into our driveways before putting up a resistance to their damned agendas. Neither are we seeking to plan “the demise” of America (or we’d already have been arrested and put away by now).
          These bastards (and bitches) know precisely how corrupt they are and yes, they DO fear us, but not as long as we are apprehensive about the LEOs, SWAT TEAMS, etc. (Fear). As long as they can keep the majority ‘scared shitless’ of everything, the longer they give themselves to coordinate all aspects of their agendas. Well, that SUCKS!
          I relinquish the floor to the next poster…

      10. I think if they ever look in my brain, I might creep them out instead.

        Sometimes I think of nothing. Men can do that. Women can’t, and they can’t believe that we can.

        Sometimes I watch films in my head. Suppose the government peeps in and all they can see is old Popeye films?

        • I refer to it as vegging to my wife. She can’t grasp the concept that I can be in the moment, content in my thoughts, yet hyper-aware of everything around me.

          She has to have smart phones, books and all manner of distraction or she seems to go stir crazy.

          Likely this is the reason women stay in the village while men hunt, in every hunter gatherer society on planet earth.

          I’m incredibly and instinctively annoyed in every movie or TV show where they can’t STFU when danger is all around them.

          I watched a national geographic show about an American that lived for a few weeks among a group of aboriginal natives in South America. They took him hunting just once. He was astounded that they said literally nothing for the entire three day hunt. They were constantly telling him to STFU.

        • If you have the old Popeye films I’d love to get copies… oh yeah.

      11. You got to wear your alluminum foil hat to be ok

        • Aluminum amplifies brain activity like a super antena, that’s why the gov had the tin replaced with aluminum in tin foil. Tin is what blocks brain activity from being read.

      12. I believe that the future of this world isn’t bright. That’s why I don’t want to bring kids into this world. I can’t and won’t hold that on my chest. FYI I get that islamophobia is the new cool now a days but some of you guys really suck man. I come from an American Muslim family (I am by no means religious or practice in anyway) but it really bugs me to think that some of you would be fellow patriots in SHTF situations. Try using more specific terms for the bad guys like ISIS, terrorists, etc. ******please stop generalizing***** I would die for this country

        • Islam is not a religion. It’s not a race or nationality. It’s a school of thought or form of government. Anyone who believes in it is automatically an enemy of the United States.

          If you really would die for this country, then you aren’t Muslim and have nothing to worry about from us.

          • I don’t believe in religion period. Due to there being so many different kinds I don’t see how there can be one right one. I do however believe In good morals and good values and that’s all I need. If there is a heaven I think being a good person in general is good enough to get through.

            With that being said do I think ISIS and any Islamic extremists need to be blown off the face of this earth? YES. Do I think that any one who is against our country and poses a threat needs to be dealt with? YES. Do I agree with the fact that our borders need to be closed to foreign people of unknown intentions and backgrounds? YES

            But my point is that there are a handful of good American Muslims in this country who were born and raised here and have nothing but good intentions who are really reaping the backlash of these fucking animals (extremists). Its the extremists that need to be wiped out.

            If we were in a SHTF situation would it bother you that a fellow patriot named Ali would be shelling out lead for the same cause as you? And be on the same side as you? Cause I would be one of the most resourceful allies you would probably stumble across.

            And If you cut me I bleed red white and blue.

      13. One of the basics is defeating “Thermal Imaging”.

        Do you have the tools for your family to evade a psychotic government that is intent on droning you where you stand.

        Consider building suites like this.


        They can’t murder you if they can’t see you.

      14. People should learn how to defeat thermal imaging. A suit for every family member.

        ht tps://youtu.be/VnptcYpuHXs

      15. Matter of fact, how many here remember when ALL of the cartoons were deemed to be “too damned violent” for children and then were removed, in totality, from tv.

        Then, take a look at what they replaced it with for the kids to play with. War games in a ‘virtual world’. Killing without remorse. What is that damn game that when the women died they would moan as if having an orgasm and fall with their legs spread? (Was that really necessary)?

        Disney has been everything that nobody suspected of them from the get-go. Using subliminals, which were made legal so that the government could also use subliminal-suggestion upon the public (and we are bombarded with the shit every second of every day) We hear it, see it and even “sing along” with it (in certain songs).

        Godsoldier (neat name there): Aluminum or Mylar? 🙂

      16. Question: Anybody here able to tell me how I can insulate the living hell out of a standard ‘floor freezer’ so that it is capable of holding in coldness far longer than with its present insulation?

        Six-inches of foam all over the exterior was suggested. (French-fry freezer foam was also suggested – – which is what insulates my abode (walls AND ceilings are R-160 ‘give or take’) and as tight as they are built in Sweden (which are ‘airtight’).

        Just curious as too how long I can keep a freezer at -20 degrees without the compressor kicking in…

      17. License plate recognition software in Police cruisers, cameras tied to database, is CURRENTLY being used to TARGET patriotic American citizens.
        The camera reads your vehicles License Plate.
        Database does a sort.
        If you are on list then you are pulled over by Police.
        Police rush out of cruiser and are immediately in your face. They do not want you to get out a phone call out to friends or family. You are being disappeared..
        You are “Taken into custody” by Police under pretext of a made up warrant or trumped up charge.
        After you are Arrested you will NOT be allowed a phone call from jail. If you are offered phone all the lines are routed internal within jail facility.
        You will NOT be allowed Bail. You will be asked about health condition and financial assets such as social security, IRA, Retirement or pension checks by the Jailers.
        You will be fed food and drink with veterinary tranqualizers while in jail.
        After you are knocked out DRUGGED asleep the jailers take you into the back to “process” you for Organ Removal. That is correct. Your organs are removed and sold on the black market. You are now DEAD. Your vital organs are worth more than you can believe.
        Your assets are then rerouted so as the jailers can receive your social security and pension. Your vehicle is sold so as they also profit from that.

        Kangaroo court. With magistrate judges. The jailers. ALL are in on this scam. THEY ARE MURDERING AMERICANS.

        By the way, your identification is then passed out to foriegn nationals that they siphon through the jail system.

        ALL OF THIS IS REAL. ALL of this is going on today. How wide spread it is I’m unsure. But this is going on in Kansas and Texas for sure. Genocide and MURDER of Americans. Harvey County Regional Correctional Facility in Newton Kansas are MURDERING Americans.

        Now let’s see if this post is allowed.

        PS-Also happening in Chicago. No Phone call. No Bail. No contact with anyone. You are just DISAPPEARED by Government.

      18. Concentration camps were known about in WW2.
        America Government KNEW about camps and still REFUSED
        to allow escaped jews to get off of ships that came to USA.
        Those human beings were RETURNED to Germany and slaughtered.

        The general public were told about the camps and knew about them in Germany.
        But people did not want to believe the REALITY of the Death Camps.

        If you tell America People about Death Camps, pre positioned Guillotines for future FEMA relocation camps in America today. Americans do not want to believe REALITY.

        As a result they will be as sheep and go to their death.
        Still being “Proud Americans”. Because they can’t allow themselves to understand the criminal depravity of those currently in charge of USA.

        Just like the German people were “Proud Patriotic Germans.”
        Only 1 in 25 people escaped before the round ups in Germany.
        The other 24 died.
        Death from Famine and starvation because of the war EXCEEDED combat fatalities.

        There is a Fifth column of One World Vision Luciferians in control of the USA.
        They worship Lucifer and love death. Just like Nazi ideology.

        Arnold Shwartzenhager the movie actor and Govenor of California is seen wearing a Nazi Death Head belt buckle that was his Father’s. No shame or remorse.

        Tri Lateral commision. Council on Foreign Relations. Bilderberg Society. United Nations. Skull and Bones Society. All are Luciferian worshippers even if they don’t know or acknowledge it openly. They worship Lucifer!

        DARPA is using your own money to DESTROY and control YOU.

      19. Recommended reading:

        Daniel Suarez’s DAEMON and FREEDOM

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