Creepy CNN Asks: “Who Is Designated Presidential Successor” If Trump Is Killed At Inauguration?

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Alex Jones, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 101 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: The CIA puts out a stark warning that President-elect Trump should watch what he says; a man connected to Hillary Clinton is arrested after claiming is planning assassinate Trump at the inauguration, and CNN is discussing the chain of command for successors if Trump were killed during or before the inauguration. What the hell is going on here?

    Whether this is fake news, or a deliberate campaign, the creepy coincidences surrounding tomorrow’s inauguration are piling up. Let’s hope this is all way off base, because this country does not need its biggest crisis to date. The fact that this is being discussed at all tells the you risk that this country faces of instability – across a variety of factors. Something is bound to crack…

    5 Signs Something Might Be Going Down on Inauguration Day

    CNN: If Trump is Killed During Inauguration, Obama Appointee Would be President

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    CNN has been criticized for airing a report which revealed that an Obama appointee would become president if Donald Trump was killed during an attack on the inauguration tomorrow.

    Entitled Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office, the report admits that there is no specific threat targeting the inauguration, but goes on to speculate about “who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president….just as the transfer of power is underway”.

    An individual named the “designated presidential successor” will not attend the inauguration as a security precaution, “but it won’t be a Trump cabinet secretary….it will be an Obama appointee,” reports CNN.

    The report emphasizes that “a president from the prior administration” will take power if there is an attack due to the fact that none of Trump’s cabinet secretaries have been confirmed yet.

    According to CNN, the designated presidential successor is likely to be Tom Shannon, the Under Secretary For Political Affairs, and an Obama appointee.

    The report teases the potential for an attack on the inauguration by asserting it would create “chaos” and “high theater,” before airing clips from ABC’s Designated Survivor show in which Kiefer Sutherland plays an obscure cabinet secretary who is “unexpectedly thrust into the presidency after an attack at the capitol during a State of the Union address.”

    Given the huge number of death threats leveled at Trump – including one family friend of Hillary Clinton who was arrested after he threatened to assassinate Trump at the inauguration – is CNN irresponsible in drawing attention to this issue?

    Respondents to the video on YouTube, which was heavily thumbed down, slammed CNN for almost encouraging a violent attack against Trump.

    “Totally not suggesting anything here, huh CNN?” commented one.

    “So leftist terrorists know who they need to take out, so that dems can stay in power? This is irresponsible journalism,” added another.

    “I flagged this video as dangerous to the president elect, and that it might foment violence,” wrote another.

    The charges are not without precedent. After Thomas DiMassimo tried to rush the stage to violently confront Trump during an event in Ohio last year, CNN gave him a platform to denounce Trump as a “bully”.

    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at


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      1. Why,this is actually scenarios people should know what the system of govt. setup is in crisis,especially during transition.I really do not see msm itself being able to pull off a violent coup,that said,their owners might have the will and monies to try but why then have their little news puppets on block.

        Trump can take the oath of office from say a janitor in a closet in the lincoln memorial and would actually be legal and following constitution.

        • The last inauguration we’ve had was 12 years ago. That was W’s 2nd term inauguration in 2005.

          The last two, in 2009 and 2013, were iniggerations.

          • You racist price of shit

        • Warchild, no way the MSM could pull it off alone. That’s where the average libturds on the street come in but they will fail. The obols flunky could end up in “accident”.

        • Tell me one more time!!! How many days until the Jig Is Up! Trekker Out

        • IMAGINE if the same thing had been done when Obungler was elected!

          Truth is, as I have noted before, the left – per the Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press – MURDERED 100 freaking MILLION last century. Of course, this goes all the way back to the days of socialist Robespierre. It **is** the nature of the fascist amoral (which may ore may not include immoral) left. (By amoral, I mean they have no basis for ultimately saying anything is wrong – in fact, even one of their own, Camus, said “a finite point without an infinite reference point has no meaning.”

          I believe in non-violence. But the 2nd Amendment was put in place for a reason, which led DEMOCRAT. V.P Hubert Humphrey to state “”The right of the citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, one more safeguard against the tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible.” –Vice President Hubert H. Humphrey (1911-1978)

          Extra Credit:
          “Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom; it is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.” –British Prime Minister William Pitt (1759-1806)

          “A new study shows that 60% of young Americans plan to buy firearms. The other 40% were confused, saying they thought they were free under Obamacare.” –Fred Thompson

          “The impersonal hand of government can never replace the helping hand of a neighbor.” – Hubert H. Humphrey

        • THIS is the fascist left:

          As I regularly note, the vile, filthy, evil, violent, ignorant fascist left MURDERED 100 MILLION people last century. And they have the temerity to say they are “for justice” and the “little people” (who, incidentally, all voted for Trump)

          “I know the campesinos (peasants) support us now. But when we come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated.”
          – Idiot campus hero Che Guevara. Ignorant students wearing his T-shirt around would, of course, follow the campesinos.

      2. sounds like CNN (Clinton news Network) is trying to put a seed into some stupid libtard and get Trump killed!! I think they should be called on the carpet for bringing this up at this time!! watch a bunch of F—–G scumbags!!! just imagine IF a Trump person had brought this up IF Clinton scumbag had won!! he would be in Jail!!

        • CNN – Clinton Fake News Network. Needs to loose their FCC Broadcast license for inciting hate and terrorism and a threat to Trump.

          Are you all aware, VP Pence said today, that they only spent 80% of the allotted budget for the Trump Transition Team and that they are returning back to the Transition Budget Office the other 20% of the unused money.

          Also Trump said that he would only accept $1 a year for a salary as President. He has to take at least $1 to make it a legal transaction. I believe the Pres Salary is $400,000 a year. Would you ever see a Commie Liberal do that? This is the kid of President Trump will be. In his budget and cutting much of the waste will save $10 Trillion over 10 years. That’s half the Nat Debt. Watch Trump Audit the Fed, declare the debt Fraud, and wipe the other half of the Nat Debt off the books.

          It is amazing to actually have a Brilliant President in office again who has a friggin clue.

          • It would be excellent if he actually cuts the deficit and turns to a positive balance sheet, that hasnt been the case in an awful long time,,,
            I would love to see pink slips going out on day 4, 20% ROF

      3. Maybe this is why all the Dems are boycotting the inauguration.

        • Na,
          They are boycotting cause they are a buncha boinkers with mud for brains

          • That was too nice,, sorry to all the good mud everywhere,,,
            They have SHIT for brains,
            Libtards that is

            • Libtard’s heads lacking brain matter, filled with dead air instead or perhaps solid bone. If anything happened to Trump people would lose hope, hunker down and brace themselves for the worst to happen. Most alt. news blogs would be useless then and go off line due to lack of support. Can Pence be trusted since he is CFR, who really knows. CFR membership may benefit Pence and other politicians which help them get re elected and funded.

        • The Author of this article is clueless. More FAKE News.

          Author said: The report emphasizes that “a president from the prior administration” will take power if there is an attack due to the fact that none of Trump’s cabinet secretaries have been confirmed yet.

          WRONG: If Trump is dead, then the VP Takes over, if not him, The Speaker of the House takes over, and that is Paul Ryan. And almost all of Trumps Cabinet nominees, have already been conformed as of Wednesday, to be in Place on Day 1 today Friday the 20th, so they can get off the ground, up and running.

          And it was already been said a week ago, last Friday, that the Commander of the DC National Guard was Retiring all on his own at 12 Noon, not influenced by any other sources. So why keep posting BS? That story is Fake and a complete Hoax to create Fear.

          So this is just another BS Story. Get your facts together first before posting this Crock of Crap.

          Sheep get fleeced.

        • Friday, 20 Jan 2017

          As of starting this post, 3 hours 20 minutes until the Anti American, Bilderberg puppet, NWO bankster country destroyer, OUT of office. Pretend Poser president, who did everything possible to weaken and destroy our country. For EIGHT very long years NOTHING and no one would stand up to Obama’s idiocy. To Obama’s TREASON.

          Even his man wife, tried to starve our children in public school by the disgusting lunch program. Devoid of protein and calories that children need for proper brain development and good growth.

          An open porous border for Drug Cartels, potential Terrorist and Criminals of chaos. Obama ALLOWED this! Nothing, Not a damn thing was done. No one would stand up to the beast traitor. Obama should have been IMPEACHED for this TREASON.

          No more ring kissing anti American despots, of Cuban dictators, and apologizing for things done a hundred years ago.

          No more multimillion dollar vacations. No more multi million dollar golf outings.

          Question: Have we just jumped into the Fire? Have we been suckered? Time will tell.
          Trump talking of more military spending is worrisome. We need peace. Not war.

          Spend the money on space exploration. Mars colonization. Not weapons for killing people. USA and Russia should join forces to colonize Mars. Imagine the possibilities.

          2 hours 35 minutes. Then we will have an American sitting as president.
          Has been eight very long years.

          PS-Several revisions and distractions typing this. Dogs are barking growling. Shotgun and boots to greet visitors,
          “Hands out in the open. Who are you? What do you want?”

          • Yup,,
            590 with slugs or 00

            • Nailbanger, don’t give me any ideas, LOL.

          • Not all of the military budget goes into lead. More is needed for the cyber war efforts. Computer equipment is not cheap even purchased in gross lots. And even COTS equipment needs modification to suit military needs. Then add in the built-in obsolescence (thanks Microsoft and others) and a person can realize where money goes. Not all units get the best. Some places get whatever they can and make it work even if it’s ten years old. Many first world nations deal with the same money problem and have to face bad actors on the world scene who can pick up whatever the latest technology is at their local electronics seller.

            Have we been suckered? Even if/when things go wrong with this administration, we won’t know if it is because of the new policies or outside influences like Soros vowing to ruin Trump.

            Bottom line. Be prepared.

      4. Who designates your successor after the internet puts you out of business, CNN?


        • The Grim Reaper will pick CNN’s replacement.

          One of the only reasons some Dems are Boycotting the inaugural is so when they show the seating on TV they can say oh, ohhh….look at all the empty seats, how is Trump ever going to unite the Country. Its childish liberal commies… Its all a scam plot. However Trump is a master, and will fill the seats with other supporters. So keep an eye out for that.

        • The guy, anyone in alternative media can become a successor to CNN.

      5. Soros better charter a damn rocket to fricking Mars. ‘Cause if Trump is assassinated I’m pretty sure what happens immediately after that, just saying.

      6. If something happens ill be hunting for liberals, dont care, men women its, makes no diff, if they celebrate they die, easy to find them

        • Or maybe ill just make another bowl o popcorn and watch everybody else freak out, meh, sorta on the fence,, pffffttt’@#%=¥

      7. Dammit it Nail,that is the problem with this country,too many fence sitters!I expect you and all posters here to do your part if coup and kill some progressives,and yes,pay for the ammo/arrows/bolts whatever your choice of tool is.

        Plenty of time after you have bagged a fair limit to go home,make some popcorn and watch festivities in other time zones/schedules,now get out there and do your part you all if a coup!

        • ?ok cheif

          • And I thought my Cuz was violent. There is just so much hate in the world. Lets just make America great again!

            • Memphisidiotscousin, one thing that will help is getting rid of trolls like you.

              • Cuz your one of those people they wrote about. First they came for the J*ws and you weren’t a J*w and then they came for the Catholic and you weren’t a Catholic and then they came for the trolls and all you wanted to do was kill somebody. Next they might come for the night watchman, then what are you gonna do.

            • Yea,,, im workin on it, its on my to do list

        • Warchild, if anything goes wrong in DC tomorrow, rumor has it that some other cities will also blow up. I’ve been at the BOL since Sat. If Trump makes it without incident, then I’ll be heading home Sun. If not, then welcome to my NEW home.

        • Warchild Dammit!

          you know the worst part of this type of hunting is ? normally when i go hunting and BAG some game, i take it home and have some great food!! well this type of hunting when you bag something it sure won’t be edible!! and it is most likely will cause damage to the soil where they lay. LOL!!

          • I am a firm believer in using all in hunting,sigh….,that said,see a lot of marination sauces/long slow cook stews ect.,try and make it palatable!I look at this as a “cook off” challenge,will post results later if this happens.

            That said,any not up to this,remember,like walking your dog you are responsible for clean up!Way out rural enuff critters will do the job and with so many they will not gorge and harm themselves!

      8. i don’t get it….SOMEone must still be WATCHING CNN, to know what’s said over there………

        • Now that’s funny
          I don’t care who you are , that’s halarious
          And spot on

          • thanks, enemy, but i was CRYING when i wrote it…..

        • Hey BCOD,,,
          Your gubernor just lost 1.5 BILLION dollars from the budget somehow,, must be that new commiefornia math,,,

          • whaaat?…..wait…..they don’t teach negative numbers here in kalipornia…. there’s no negativity ALLOWED in our skools……positive reinforcement!….we will just keep HOPING we got the money, and it ALLL WORKS OOOUUUTTTT!

            • I love all the libtard uber wealthy entertainment industry azzholes from places like kommiefornia,,,
              Like oprah for instance,,, with her mega compound up north of you, she has one here too, they create these corporate entities to shield their millions from taxation then spew off about fairness,,,,,

              • so true. i make sure MY kids know that when you GIVE to someone….you TAKE from another….what democRATS LIVE for.

                • Butt,make sure they know the difference between theft and voluntary charity/helping hand to a friend/neighbor.I get a lot more when giving voluntarily whether time/goods to a friend/just others in legit need then they get from me.

                  Some days I feel the only reason here is to help others,and you know,in big picture not too bad a place to be.

                  • Big picture,
                    We are all pretty lucky, BCOD, you, me, most others here,,,
                    Real lucky,
                    We come here and congregate to pass some time, vent, whatever, but out in the real world for us things are pretty good, dont let outside influence ruin it.
                    See the sunrise through the clouds rather than just seein clouds

      9. You know, CNN is perhaps one of THE most evil, filthy, disgusting organizations I have ever seen. How can their employees actually look at themselves in the mirror when they shave in the morning? And I’m just talking the women here!

      10. CNN = Ratings in Toilet – CNN discredits themselves every day – I have zero tolerance or respect for that news organization, and have not watched it for almost a year now. I turned off all the news channels when the election began. I go elsewhere for the Real news, not their Fake propaganda spewing.

      11. Come to find out the Boston Marathon Bombing was just a big smoke bomb, and the people all had bright red fake blood on them. Did you all know that? It was a false flag attack complete crisis actors. Watch this Video.

        Boston Marathon Smoke Bomb Staged False Flag Attack Hoax. All Smoking Gun Evidence in One Vid.

        • Blood outside the body is not that color

          next time you get your blood drawn look at it in the tube they put it in ..its Blueish red ..almost purple , and once in contact with ambient air it soon almost looks brown

          • plus , that would be a HAZMAT issue right away.. if one of those people were HIV positive ,, then the Blood Born Pathogen issue would be at an all time high and not treated as we saw in any of the Boston Hoax videos

      12. I never wanted anyone to assinate Obama and dont want it to happen to Trump either. It would be horrible for the country for this to happen to either one. I dislike Obama as much as any of you but killing a president is not the answer…having said that if something did happen too Trump before or after being inaugurated it could ignite this country into flames…and all bets are off after that

        • very true and i mirror your thoughts on this..
          If the left or some nut job or a CIA operative wanted to turn this country on its ear.. this would be goal post 1

      13. Nerves wearing a little thin tonight?

        In fifteen hours it will all be History. What kind?

        • Most likely nothing!
          That is DC, you cant sneeze without some security checking you out, me thinks the rabble rousers are going to learn what a dmackdown is if they csuse problems

      14. Meh,
        Sushi dinner, get a good nights sleep, get up and do it all again tomorrow,
        By the time i finally get on site tomorrow it will be much after noon in DC and it might as well be on mars, and whatever happens there is so far removed from dayly life,,,
        Who is John Galt.

      15. Obullshit is done at 12:01 Eastern time. If Trump & Pence isn’t still with us. Then the Speaker of the House is the next in line. That is Speaker Ryan.

        • Sarge, let’s all hope Trump and Pence make it in without incident. Paul Ryan is married to a dedicated communist. Ryan would be just as bad if not worse than the hildebitch or the shoeshine boy. God forbid, if something happens to Trump, then all bets are off and I’m already at what would become my new home.

        • Sgt.,
          You are so right. Problem is the folks at CNN come from that group who screamed get out of my safe space, if anyone tried to hand them a pocket copy of the constitution.

          It’s really easy for CNN to spew fake new with total deniability, on acount they are dumb as rocks.

          • Sarg say it ain’t so! Speaker Ryan?

          • CNN is the right flank for the fake news. Anything they say should be vetted.

            Someone else said they are probably trying to put ideas into some mental-defective’s mind. Want to bet they are targeting hollyweird types …. or maybe the dems? Hell, someone who believes an island can capsize will believe anything.

      16. After Trump gets sworn in, things will go back to everyday living. The great agitators, Obama and Hillary, will be out of the spotlight.
        We then go back to hearing Feinstein, Boxer, Schumer and Pelosi, the low grade squawkers in the Halls of Congress.

        Could something BIG happen tomorrow? Have to wait and see.

        • Just have to make spam n rice n eggs for breakfast and wait n see!!

          • Spam, eggs and grits. Good stuff.

            • Grits,,,
              AKA runny polenta

        • 100 days of resistance,,,,
          Thats what i just heard on the radio,,,
          We shall see,,, these people have shit for brains

          • Nailbanger, let the libturds attempt a coup and they won’t even LIVE for 100 more days.

        • I was offended by Chuck Sch umers speech on Jan 20th, talking about Civil War and slavery, I am ashamed and embarrassed this pompous jerk came from NY State. All of the are low life squarwkers , good adjective , and are shallow and self- centered.

      17. Sgt. you are right…Speaker Ryan

      18. CNN is losing power by the day. They will not survive four years of negative news coverage. There aren’t enough crazed liberals out there to keep the sponsorship rates up for long.

      19. Paul Ryan is a first class scumbag, about as welcome as a pain in the ass. He of the “grand bargain” to cut Social Security along with Obama. That sold out yes man, creepy Eddie Munster looking demon as president. This shit gets stinkier every day.

        • He is like the kid from school that was a goody two shoes hanging out with the debate club pricks,,,

      20. Where the hell did all these idiot weeney people come from? Geez, listening to NPR and the interviews some of these people sound like they think that they are going to be sent to pluto to work the mines,,,, WTF!!!
        Ohhh im so scared?? Have heard that from so many people, they must have some sorta mental deficiency,,, or pure stupid

      21. It’s time for the vile frauds at fake news CNN to start broadcasting from solitary confinement in prison as accessories to terrorism. I’m sure a tropical vacation for 10 – 20 in high security Guantanamo would work well. A FEMA camp in North Dakota might also work.

        These people are despicable.

      22. Death to all that is or was cnn

        Fūck off nîg.ger obama

        Take your tranny husband Michael with you and your disgusting degenerate scum vermin offspring with you too

        RIP Joan Rivers you glorious old bat

        Praise Kek

        • UR a serious dumb ass, aren’t you?

        • wrong about the offspring, those 2 homos obama and tranny husband Michael don’t have any. They are on loan and they look just like their real parents.

      23. Always trying to stir up shit.

        “Couldn’t get a cab”. Gee sounds like something “a poor black man” would say.

        Talking about a jerk.

        If we’re going to fantasize, how about Obama as “The Jerk”. “I was born a poor black child…”.

        Then later he says:” A few hours before, I was the most powerful man in the world. Then I couldn’t even get a cab.”

        To think that these true despicables did not intend to rile up rage in a “disenfranchised minority”, is naive.

        ? the future is not ours to see


      24. If a winning Presidential candidate dies or becomes incapacitated between the counting of electoral votes in Congress and the inauguration, the Vice President elect will become President, according to Section 3 of the 20th Amendment.

        Usual CCN BS dumber than a box of rocks

      25. oh ,Just WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!IS EVERYONEW INSANE ON THIS DAY OF DAYS……..WTF IS HAPP-IN-IN OH MY F###########33 WTF IN HELL OVER HERE?????????????????

        • Why, wassup?

      26. I guess everybody in succeeding the president in case of death all die at the same time. I believe the Vice President is next in line, speaker of the house, president Protempore of the senate etc..

        Mud for brains would be an apt description.

      27. God bless white America…

      28. Saw some of the protestors at the Deploraball on YouTube tonight. My God they are empty headed kids just milling around. This group couldn’t hurt anything except mommy and daddy’s checking account. Hope that’s par for the course today

      29. fuk cnn and fuk the left wing liberal terrorist group

      30. We had the same discussion at the office, the VP should be sworn in at undisclosed location immediately after presidential swearing in. If for any reason the the President-elect is unable to be sworn in, the VP will be sworn in and become Pres.

        The question is, if VP is unable to sworn in, he becomes Pres? It can’t be cabinet succession, because they haven’t been confirmed. So, prolly, Pres of the Senate, or something like that.

      31. Again, where’s the poster named “yourdaddy” who said there will be no inauguration?
        4 hours to go mr. dad.
        You were told not to spill any details about it, just to warn us repeatedly.
        Where to now, Dad?

      32. Ketchup, he’s probably another loser who lives in mommy’s basement. I saw a video last night on the where there was some rioting in front of the National Press Club. Police used mace and pepper spray on the libturds. Let’s just hope this day goes without incidents.

      33. The media meat muppets continue to kick the beehive, via handlers whom are safe from being stung.

        Do not buy into it. See it for what it is. Fear is a powerful weapon, so long as you choose to allow it.

        Those of you whom are awake should know better, really.

        When something of a tragic significance does happen, this time will be different as we’ll know. It won’t be jaw dropping stares at the TV screen in utter disbelief. It will be vindication to take back what is rightfully ours.

        Many of us will die, there never was a guarantee. Like a recovering alcoholic must first accept that he has a problem, so must we accept that death is a process of life.

        There are huge gaps and untruths in our history, but enough remains to convince us just how capable modern man is at destroying himself.

        Before you can fight and defend others, you must first defeat the enemy from within. Find peace brothers.

        Surely we need to fight back in defense of ourselves and others, but the demons of doubt, depression and fear is how they will win without firing a single shot.

        This is why they constantly hammer us with outright lies and fake news. It’s never about the stories, it’s about how it makes you feel and breaks you down. It’s how they control the masses and it’s failing. They need a stronger dose and in doing so, risk their own lives. No doubt, they fear us as well.

      34. It gets me what happen to the days if a Democrats won the Democrats won .

        If the Republicans won the Republicans won.

        Everyone carried on.

        Now it all about killing.

        Man it seems our mentality has changed for the worse.

        It makes me want to vomit.

        I support you Mr Trump, and if NO ONE likes it TO BAD.

      35. found this truthful comment about CNN on line, thought I’d share

        CNN: Cantankerous Nitwit Nutmunchers
        NOV 17, CNN plays video of assassination attempt on Ronald
        Reagan while talking about president-elect Donald Trump
        DEC 2, CNN jokes about Trump dying in a plane
        crash when they thought no one was listening.
        JAN 18, CNN Devotes entire segment to Trump assassination fantasy
        at inaugural, says OBAMA CAN APPOINT THE NEXT PRESIDENT.
        Is it just me, or is CNN sending subliminal messages out to the public?
        I wonder if this news organization has any political leanings? I can’t tell.
        CNN: Channel of Non-News. Surely this Cadre of Nutty Neurotics
        will enjoy ‘full’ access to the Trump Admin. I’m amazed that
        the Chicken Noodle Network keeps it’s literally hundreds
        of their California Neoliberal Nosepickers enthralled,
        while they mine big green Crusty Nostril Nuggets
        sitting on their crusty booger wiped couches,
        because they are Certainly Not News.
        In the 90s, The Commie News Network used to be Clinton News Network,
        now they’re Crap Not News because they just make schitt up, like the
        fake-news promoting Charlatan News-ish Nutballs they’ve become.
        I wonder what it will be like covering pressers from outside the
        building & across the street? They’re worse than when
        MSLSD had Keith Olberdouche vomiting his
        communist vitriol everyday.
        Donald Trump to Wolf Blitzkrieg, “YOU CNNSORED!!!”
        CNN’s liberal antics won’t change reality any
        time soon, unless their fantasy comes true,
        & they successfully convince someone
        to murder America’s new president.
        Keep it up CNN. The lefter you go, the further in the ratings abyss you go.
        Only the wise learn from their mistakes.

        • ……any questions?

          Leftist Anti American pro communist boot licker Media.
          Eight years they did NOTHING about the Traitor in office.
          Media LIED about polls and Trump not able to win. How about those polls?

          I will NEVER believe anything they say.
          Media and CNN are Unreliable Liars, with an Anti American, pro UN communist/NWO, anti US constitution agenda. Bilderberg puppets.

          Russia Today. RT Banned on Facebook, is MORE reliable than CNN. I have seen their reports of places I was at. They were pretty accurate.

          USA Media encourages wives to leave husbands and become loose women, “Sex and the City”. They glorify divorce as “normal”. Media Always portray men as dumb, weak. Media want my daughters to put on BDU to fight front lines, and they want my sons in dresses. OVER MY DEAD BODY.

          Media also encourage mixed racial relationships. There seems to be a HATRED against men being with women, being Christian, whites being with whites. Media Always making white people look like racist and bad people in general.
          I have ZERO guilt. I OWE no one anything. NO matter your skin tone.

          I have fought, bled and nearly died besides every race-religion-non religion of people. I can verify we ALL bleed the same red blood. Foreigners outside of USA are much more racist.

          Put a Three Mexican’s-a Honduran-a Guatamaulan on a crew and see what happens.

          Put a Korean, two Phillipineo’s, a Chineese in charge, then watch the fur fly. Out come the knives. They don’t fight. They kill each other. SO don’t dare anyone EVER school me about racism.

          White’s like German-Swedes-Norweigian are racist against each other.
          Go to Ireland and watch White Christians blow each other all to hell during “the troubles”.

          Piss on media. My cable taken out YEARS ago when they put porn channels on. Not allowed in my home. My wife is excitement enough. Yes she is that hot. And she plays piano at church. Makes great babies. And fine meals. Plus she puts up with my projects and foul mood because of wounds and pain. Let me see a porn queen do all that, then I might be impressed.

          I will NEVER forgive media.
          Most importantly I avoid any company that would advertise with them.
          I no longer go to ANY Hollywood movies. No $20 popcorn an $7 drinks for this family. The new places with “assigned” seats to track you and see who you are with.
          Besides the movies mostly Suck. I don’t support Communist anti Americans like Hollywood pukes. They don’t get my money. They also pissed me off.

          Liam Neeson gun in hand in every movie. Says Americans should have guns forcefully taken away.
          Matt Damon who made movies shooting, says Americans don’t need guns.
          Well, I don’t need their Movies. Piss on them.

          I HATE CNN.
          I HATE MSNBC communist.
          ……………any questions? Am I clear?

          -rant of day complete- I DESPISE USA MEDIA.

      36. And what do they plan to do next if they pull that stunt, round up the bikers by rolling our chi- com soldiers to shoot bikers, and then capture all the patriots, women and children. I have to fucking laugh at CNN…if soros and his elites do that, what will happen next will be very, very bad….the assassination of Donald Trump publically in the cabals mind set will scare off the people, put them in shock and force them to surrender, wrong that what they think will be the reactions. Instant civil revolutionary war will commense. This war will make any war look like a joke in comparison.. they are telling us that drones, the air force, B52, B2, fighters, helicopter gunships will be hitting white insurgents in businesses and neighbourhoods, I have to fucking laugh…this is a war I will fight in, it’s going to be one bloody ass fucking war. Neighbourhoods and neighbour versus neighbour, patriots versus civilians and liberals, all out intercontinental warfare all over and get this, as soon ass word gets out into Germany, and the EU, the German patriots and nationalist rise up suddenly, then the war erupts and becomes a global war. Putin then attack the US. China invades from the south of the border, Nato enters from hour West and north, jihadist enter from the south and into Easy Texas, good luck with the hilly billies, them sons of bitches are back words. They don’t even have teeth.. what I am outlining here may sound like it can’t happen but I am almost certain that if they do that to Trump, they will get the war of their dreams. Who knows, maybe I don’t know what i am talking about but I am almost certain after listening to economist V, 2017 is the year that they wipe the American people off the Map. 30,000 plus guillotines manufactored in China shipped into the US. If soldiers think that coming to my area to shoot me, kill people on my street, then gang rape my finance, you bet your ass I am going kill them on site. OVER MY DEAD FUCKING GAD DAMN Fucking BODY.


        Fucking try me.

        • HCKS
          Calm down. Don’t have a heart attack on celebration day.

          –Day of the Deplorables–

          It is a nice day in the neighborhood. The Sun is Shining bright.
          The temperature is nice in your Location.

          Break out the Grill. Make some burgers and Bratts.
          Drink Three beers then cut yourself of for two hours drink water, then three more beers. My Recipe for calm enjoyment.

          You Have Reason to Celebrate. You helped to change the current Timeline in which we reside.
          ” I’m leaving back to the home world now. President Donald J Trump can take it from here.” My work is done.
          Adults are back in charge.

          Come together, make burgers, drink beer. Future’s so bright I’m putting on shades.

      37. On the last day of Obama’s shift, True News USA blog was removed from the internet. Censored. Adios free speech. Go there and read the notice.

      38. I’m watching the Inauguration on the television and saw the Clintons. You have to give them some credit for showing up. That had to be hard to do. One of the news commentators talked about the inaccuracy of the telephone polls. He was the first person who said why they missed it so bad. He agreed with my assessment. With so many telemarketers and robocalls out there, people don’t answer phone calls whose numbers they don’t recognize or they’re using call blockers. Telephone polls are becoming increasingly inaccurate.

        • Billy Boy and Hildabeast both look like they were just fed heaping steaming hot schit sandwiches.

      39. Him,you have a link?True news,a conservative site it seems is up,just no listing I am finding for trunewsusa.


          • Hmmm…,seems blogspot has shut down and 7 days for owner to appeal,that said,as bing it’s shown search engine would never use that as a host,just saying…..

      40. I hope the chi coms get the drift, I can now go to work, and relax a little, but I am still putting you chi com soldiers on notice, try anything in our state and watch and see what happens.. you can start by stopping the construction on the reefs and island and if you attack Taiwan, expect a massive military piece of shit chi coms. We are coming for you sons of bitches. You ain’t writing the trade rules, fuck you chinks..


        Donald Trump is now president and so get use it.

      41. To CNN – Trump was NOT assinated – killed on Jan. 20th. I am sure all at CNN are tremendously disappointed.

      42. Why is the law supposed to be written in stone, if you think it’s a moral hazard.

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