Civil Unrest Looms As Protesters Attack Police: “Firestorm Erupts All Across the Country”

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    This article was written by Michael Snyder and originally published at his Economic Collapse blog.

    Editor’s Comment: There is the very real sense that more is coming.

    The Dallas sniper attack on police was a prelude to what appears to be the promise of an entire summer of clashes, riots, protest, anger, rage and unparalleled controversy over police abuse and the presidential elections. Will the authorities stand down and let the violence spill over, as they did in Ferguson and Baltimore, in order to impose martial law and total control in the wake of the crisis?

    It is difficult to say, but the Republican and Democratic convention are raising the national profile on the potential for spreading riots and fierce opposition to the police state guarding the status quo. Moreover, the mounting pressure of a collapsing economy is only making problems of racial tension, stagnation and growing underemployment all the more immediate and terrible. Keep a close watch, particularly on the months leading up to the election, and Obama’s last days in office.

    War On The Streets Of America: Protesters Attack Police Officers In Major Cities All Over The Nation

    by Michael Snyder

    This is what a nation looks like when it starts melting down from within.  A series of very disturbing incidents of police brutality against young black males has caused a firestorm to erupt all across the country.  You would have thought that the massacre of police in Dallas would have caused everyone to step back and reflect on what is really causing this cycle of violence, but instead the nationwide protests have gotten even bigger and more intense.  Over the weekend, protesters attacked police with rocks, bricks, bottles, fireworks, chunks of concrete, Molotov cocktails and rebar from a construction site.  In return, police fired pepper spray, smoke bombs and tear gas at protesters.  As I write this, more than 200 protesters have been arrested over the weekend so far, and authorities are bracing for what the coming night will bring.

    For so long, I have been specifically warning that this kind of civil unrest was coming, but I truly wish that it would have turned out that I was wrong.  As a nation, we need to learn to love one another no matter what we look like or where we are from, but instead a cycle of violence has begun that is going to be very hard to break.

    On Saturday night, there was horrible violence against police in St. Paul, Minnesota.  That is where my father was originally from, and I remember visiting my grandmother in St. Paul many times.  Back in those days, I never would have imagined that someday we would see this kind of violence against law enforcement officers in the city…

    At least five officers were injured by protesters — one hit with a glass bottle and another by fireworks, according to St. Paul police. One was hit on the head with a large piece of concrete, possibly dropped from a bridge, according to police.

    Another officer had been hit in the head with a rock, though it is unclear the extent of the injuries. Police say a Molotov cocktail was thrown at officers.

    Law enforcement used crowd-control measures, including smoke and fired marking rounds similar to paintball rounds, said police spokesman Steve Linders.

    According to another report, protesters “were dropping 10lb concrete blocks on officers’ heads, throwing bricks at their heads and genitals, and lobbing Molotov cocktails.”

    One of the officers that had a concrete block dropped on his head had his spine fractured.

    There is absolutely no excuse for attacking police officers in this manner.

    None whatsoever.

    I want to share with you a series of tweets that were sent out by the St. Paul police during the attacks

    Person with laser sight pointing it at officers. Fireworks being fired at officers by protesters. #I94closed”

    Officer injured by fireworks thrown by protesters. #I94closed”

    Protesters now arming themselves with rebar from construction site. #I94closed”

    Protesters on overpasses throwing objects at officers, dumping liquid on officers. #I94closed”

    Officer injured after being hit with a glass bottle thrown by protesters. #I94closed

    Aggressors now throwing rebar from construction zone at officers. Rocks continue to fly at officers. #I94closed”

    Another officer has been injured by aggressors throwing objects. Three injured so far. #I94closed”

    Bricks now being thrown at officers, along with more rocks and bottles. #I94closed”

    An officer has been hit in the head with a rock. Unclear the extent of injuries. #I94closed”

    Another officer hit in the head with a large piece of concrete, possibly dropped from bridge. #I94closed”

    Molotov cocktail thrown at officers. Unclear if anyone injured. #I94closed”

    As I have warned before, “a spirit of violence and civil unrest is rising in America“, and it wasn’t just in St. Paul that we saw these kinds of various dangerous attacks on police officers.

    -In Baton Rouge, a police officer “had several of his teeth knocked out” after being hit by a projectile thrown by protesters.  But it could have been a lot worse.  According to the Daily Mail, law enforcement authorities confiscated “three rifles, three shotguns and two pistols” from the rioters.

    -In Phoenix, protesters launched rocks and projectiles at police and many of them reportedly shouted “We should shoot you!

    -In San Antonio, someone fired “multiple gunshots” at the San Antonio Police headquarters building on Saturday night…

    Multiple gunshots were fired at the San Antonio Police headquarters building Saturday night, and police are seeking a suspect who was seen running from the area, SAPD Chief William McManus said.

    The shots were fired just before 10 p.m. Saturday. There were no reports of injuries, but bullet marks were found on the exterior wall of the building, McManus said. Shell casings were discovered in a nearby alley.

    The mainstream media would have us believe that the shooter in Dallas was a lone nut that acted alone, and that his behavior was not part of a larger trend.  But they completely ignored another mass shooting motivated by hate that occurred just hours before the shootings in Dallas…

    Hours before a black Army veteran shot 12 officers at a Black Lives Matter protest in Dallas, another former Army soldier was accused of shooting indiscriminately at passing cars and police on a Tennessee highway.

    And like the Dallas sniper, Lakeem Keon Scott said he was motivated to act in response to police violence against African-Americans, authorities said Friday.

    One woman died and three others, including a police officer, were wounded Thursday morning in the Tennessee rampage, one of several spasms of violence across the country this week amid boiling tensions over policing and race.

    And the incident in Dallas could have turned out to be far worse.  According to authorities in Dallas, Micah Johnson was found to have had bomb making materials in his home and “was planning a larger attack”

    The gunman who killed five cops in Dallas was planning a larger attack but launched his assault early because the protest was too good an opportunity to miss, a police source said.

    Veteran Micah Johnson went on the rampage with an AR-15 assault rifle and handgun on Thursday night, but left explosive material at home.

    A law enforcement source told WFAA that Johnson was ‘planning something bigger’ but cut preparations short because he knew scores of police officers would man the Black Lives Matter protest.

    At times like this, we desperately need strong leaders to step forward and calm everyone down.  Unfortunately, the great leaders of the past are long gone, and they have been replaced by politicians that are trying to figure out how they can best use this unrest for their own political advantage.

    Instead of hating one another, we need to start loving one another.  Without love, our nation is going to die.

    I wish that everyone in the country could be made to understand this, but unfortunately most Americans have chosen a different path, and now we will suffer the consequences.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.

    Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. The current social discontent taken place in America is merely a distraction from the upcoming currency crisis (or GLOBAL RESET) caused primordially by China’s Renminbi ascension as a reserve currency, starting officially on 10/01/2016.

        “People as uninformed and as gullible as Americans have no future. Americans are a dead people that history is about to run over.”
        Dr. Paul Craig Roberts – Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy during the Reagan Administration.

        • exactly, note the fbi spread false rumors to rile up the louisiana police. Similarly the big distraction is the neocon push to start ww3 in eastern europe, the mother of all distractions

        • You are a ray of happy sunshine.
          Just like this happy web site. Always good and happy news.
          Talk about mind control. FUD. “The end is coming. Sky is falling.”

          But Dallas, Texas is now safe.
          The Grand NWO Globalist, Anti-American, Anti-Family, Anti-Constitution, Pro Communist Comrad, The Supreme Leader, Obummer has graced Dallas Texas with his magnificence. Aren’t we lucky in Dallas! Weeeee. Yea. yea. Rah rah.

          As if Savages running amuck.
          Murdering Savages.
          Police being targeted by murdering thug Savages.
          And fellow dead cops, maybe someone you knew personally, is not enough of a Stress Event for working local Dallas Police. And half of downtown shut down for investigation. And Police conducting investigation into deaths of someone who may have been a friend.

          Now they have to deal with Security and additional Road Closures for all knowing Obummer.
          As if they needed that additional work load stress and spotlight.

          And the people of Dallas having to deal with all the above.
          People dreading getting pulled over by Police for a tail light and being murdered in cold blood by trigger happy psycho Police.

          And the regular working Police officer. just doing his job. Dreading having to deal with a potential murdering thug who may shoot him over a simple traffic stop. Then the Police knowing that no matter how the officer handles something. The all knowing media will critique, criticize, condemn anything he does. Especially if a billigerant, self entitled, un co-operative black savage is involved.

          What stress the Police are under. Insane.
          What a thankless No Win situation.

          Obummer should stay out of Texas. He and his kind are not welcome by most.
          Except murdering savages seeking something for nothing. And uncontrolled criminal activity being justified by “black lives matter” Thugs.

          Blue lives also matter.
          So do white lives matter. And the white citizen is being murdered by Police and Murdered, Robbed, and women raped, by blacks. Whites are in a No win situation.

          Look up these stories in recent Dallas Tx crimes: Facts.
          -Black Savage murdering a young WHITE woman who simply stopped at drug store on way to church.
          -Black Savage murdering a unknown to him, jogger just out for run. Black murdered the man with Machete for no reason. Then victims wife committed suicide shortly after losing her innocent WHITE husband.
          -Good Samaritan, WHITE former Marine, Murdered by Black Savage who had just shot his girlfriend. The Marine hesitated to shoot the black perp. The black did not hesitate. He just MURDERED.
          -Black Savage thugs. four of them, Beating two elderly WHITE women. Takes four black losers to beat up two old women.

          White Lives Matter.
          Blue Lives Matter.

          Savages are about to stir up more than they can handle. Average people have had enough.

          And if black lives mattered the Blacks would stop Murdering each other.
          Look up the Savage on Savage crime stats.
          Blacks would also stop Murdering their unborn out of wedlock children with Abortion. Abortion is MURDER.

          Black Babies Lives Matter. Stop killing them

          PS- Incoherent Rant quota exceeded. Signing Out. This ALL just sucks. Just a ray of sunshine am I.

        • Not sure why no one else has said this, or perhaps maybe just thinking it but not voicing it- Anyone notice how the blacks, black groups, BLACKS in general are promoting and fomenting violence against whites and cops, but not ONE Conservative WHITE group (aside from the usual suspects, KKK, skinheads, etc) have called for retaliatory violence against said groups??? WHITEY is supposed to be the great satan, yet we haven’t started raining bullets down on their parade….. yet.

          Just sayin’

        • PCR is right about a lot of matters and not so right about others. I agree some of what we are seeing before us are distractions but they all serve numerous purposes. The violence will escalate even further going into the conventions and racial animus will also escalate very deliberately. But it has all been known for some time now , so nothing new at all. Just remains to be seen if and how many jihadi attacks are allowed to happen inside CONTUS and how many people get killed so martial law can be installed ?

        • I’m white and yesterday I was talking to this little black guy about the recent events and we were both saying talking about all the horrible things cops have been doing against us, the people– basically, treating us like trash– Eventually, of course, we, the people are going to fight back… its inevitable… of course!

          I feel bad for the cops who were killed in Texas– if they actually were killed– you never know nowdays, the media lies so much… but the events were really sad if they actually occurred… however, if they don’t want shit happening to them, then maybe they shouldn’t act like judge, jury and executioner all in one!!

      2. Round up all the protestors and send them back to their motherland. I’m sure they’ll all be accepted there with open arms.

        • One can simultaneously support law enforcement and yet require them to have high standards in upholding the rule of law.

          This was a firing squad. That man posed no threat at that time from that distance. This type behavior with its aftermath of acceptance is what is fueling these protests.

            • Never mind

              • third times a charm

                h ttps://

                • Kevin2, anyone who so much as takes a swing at me does so at their own peril. Expect me to act in self-defense. Bank on it. And I don’t care about the motive, either.

                  • Unfortunately the video I tried to post didn’t come up. This one wasn’t it. Interesting though.

                  • ….NEWSFLASH !!!

                    Dr. David Duke announced today that he is seriously considering, preparing, to run for the United States Congress, “To keep Trump honest”.

                    • They are trying to get you to start up so you will be in prison when it starts. Bit your toung . Don’t let them get you . You will be needed . Look how many of us are in prison now . Keep your dumb ass mouth shut. Until the fun starts. Then it’s on.

                    • The Jew owned media wont let him get far. And the idiot bimbos will help.

            • And your point is?

        • I agree with you. Gather all non natives and send them back to where their’s ancester are from. Very smart (moronic) of you.

          • Guess I am headed to Ireland. That leaves 1st Americans… oops, back to Asia with them.

        • Last I read the story on the Dallas shooter had changed! Its being reported that he used an sks!I guess 10rnd fixed mag guns are now in the hot seat!

          • Buttcrusty

            First it is a AR15 then An AK-47. Now it is a SKS.

            Same as a semi-auto and a assault gun then a Machine gun

            Clips or a Magazine. “High Power” is another term misused.

            Now it is a SKS converted to take AK-47 style high capacity magazines that shoot AR-15, High Power Ammunition.

            Damn people reporting the news are stupid and misleading.

        • ….Says the supporter of the tyrannical Fed.Gov.

      3. whatever happens over there will happen in USA next. l blame this on world government.

        • Having worked in Detroit more than 40 years I have seen and heard it all. Robberies, murders, beatings and threats and more threats. What was on the Detroit stage is now the national stage. So why is this happening? The answer is not world government it is the American dream dying.

          To maintain a civil society and assimilate people into “one culture” you need a strong economic base. For the first 150 years America did this and we did an acceptable job of allowing everyone to build a family and follow a dream of prosperity for themselves and their kids. In the last 100 years we have destroyed that economic dream with socialist government. We now have tens of millions who sit idle each day without employment or hope. We have still more tens of millions trapped in minimum wage paying jobs with no hope of going anywhere.

          From the economic destruction ferments discord in the civil society. People begin to form “communities” to fight their plight and blame their wretched situation on other “communities”. I heard it 10 million times on the news driving to work “…. the black community blames the white community …”. But this is a superficial statement.

          What we are really seeing is the black community go tribal nationally. The socialist love this. This is what Soros is pouring millions into and the MSM is pushing. With the black community tribal, the socialist divide and conquer succeeds. As the black tribe (BLM) lashes out at the white tribe leaders (police) the socialist prepare to take over behind the curtain.

          That is what I saw the dems do in Detroit. Detroit got so tribal and brutal 70% of the white tribe left. The shouting never stopped 24 by 7 from the black tribe in Detroit. Many innocent people where slaughter in this tribal war the socialist started. The dems elected tribal leaders continuously (many who were out right crooks) because they promised to fight the white tribe.

          The only way to get out of this quagmire is to rid ourselves of the social thieves, put people back to work with a hope of higherwages doing anything constructive to give them a sense of purpose and rid ourselves to the tens of millions brought here to do cheap labor.

          • Rabbit one
            One problem with your hypothesis the that it is inconsistent with the numbers. Fact check your assertion on socialism and every number chart put out in the financial pages across the board proves that the money is stolen and moving up, not down. Oligarchy is proven, socialism is a right wing sound bite. Left wing pretends they believe in socialism, they vote for the oligarchs.
            Look at the money.

      4. TPTB psychopath/subhumans behind all of this love chaos and civil unrest. This drama that they feed off of is their disturbingly sick source of entertainment.

      5. Connecting the dots

        http: //www.breitbart dot com/big-government/2016/07/10/sonnie-johnson-progressivism/

      6. I like how every person says that “i predicted such n such” and I wish someone would get the type of weapons used correct and stop changing the story. No matter what – its time time to finish getting your shit together. Like I said —
        all I see in the future are turds on the horizon.

      7. I’m still watching for more information on the July 3, NY Central Park bombing.

        The fact the CP bomb was big enough to blow off someone’s foot (no M-80 could ever do that), and it exploded when stepped on is so freaking suspect.

        Police call it a home made fireworks experiment, really? Looks more like a landmine to me!

        If this was a jihadist making land mines, we are screwed, it took decades for the FBI to catch the Unibomber, and then only because his sister called the FBI. Don’t expect any relative of a Muslim to call the “infidel FBI” to turn in another Muslim in for Jihad! Unlike a suicide attacker, a jihadist with land mines can keep on attacking until caught.

        On a side note I saw a couple YouTubes on disarming land mines. There are literally billions around the world left over from wars. The guy in one was disarming one from the Vietnam war in Cambodia. The land mine disarmed laid in a field 50 plus years, and still worked just fine. Scary stuff.

        • WWI artillery shells are still killing farmers in France, 100 years later. Some areas of the original No Man’s Land are still entirely off limits to farming, just filled with dud shells that can cook off when jostled by a farm implement.

      8. GROW UP people keep Messing around the national Guard will Be Called in.if its not Civil Wars next. GREAT BIG free for All. Is What we will Get. (:

        • Sam civil war ,race war, ethnic cleansing is coming no matter what we do. the BLM think its a great big Free for All already. Callin in the national guard will not solve anything. When the national guard starts shooting they are going to get return fire.

          • Old Guy, whoever shoots at me will receive return fire. Doesn’t matter who they are.

            • keep dilly dallying around in Memphis and you will get the opportunity to shoot back. If the first round in the back doesn’t kill you.?

              • yea old guy, bravefart has stated twice in less than 20 posts how he is going to ventilate someone. Maybe he has been hitting the sauce again. The old fool will probably get ass raped by some darkies.

              • Old Guy, I’m headed back to GA this weekend. This trip could turn into the BUGOUT for me. If so, then I’ll be BUGGING IN at the BOL permanently. We’ll see.

            • yes brave fart as you said thousand times…you give them a dirt nap.

        • I knew an old timer at work years ago, who was in the National Guard during the 1967 Newark riots. Blacks literally burned half the city down, and murdered dozens. It took the better part of 30 years to rebuild the city.

          Yup, a couple hundred guardsman were facing off tens of thousands of rioters, and the Guardsman were never issued ammunition or bayonets. They held the line, he said he was never so scared. Had the rioters known they had no ammo, it might have ended quite differently.

          • They rebuilt Newark? It still looks like a war zone to me!

          • That old timer didnt happen to mention the tanks that were used, huh?

            • Yes there were armored carriers. The men inside those were probably feeling pretty safe, but they had no ammo issued either.

              The guy at work was a foot soldier, no one was letting him in the armored vehicles if shooting started. Remember this was 1967, there were aside from full auto weapons controls, no gun laws.

              • At Detroit Riots Nat Guard rolled Tanks up from Southfield Freeway, to, Joy Rd exit, had a few tanks exit and Park tanks there to keep eye out on that area,(my area)…Many More tanks rolled down Grand river ave across street from Red Wing hockey team stadium.

                Them tanks on grand river ave parked and waited for black rioter sniper fire..Once groud crew cops called in proper sniper location, whch was usually on some upper floor of office or warehouse buildings, Nat guard tanks fired Tank cannon rnds into floor one lower than sniper was located on!

                Or at times a couple floors beneath sniper location so snipers just fell into debrie pile and never fired another shot. Street kill bodies got tossed into sewers.

                This was probably due to official chief of cops and mayors orders were for cops to just Observe black rioters and theifs. Then to take Notes!

                Most cops seen sitting in squad cars with feet up on dash takeing notes or one cop Naps while other takes notes.

                And they were Not supposed to be shooting any poor black savage rioters and theifs is main reason so many dead bodies went into sewer systems…Less chance cops gets fired for disobeyed orders I rekon.

                Man if Todays riots had that happen!!…Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton along with 50-Million blacks in usa would blow every afrcian gasket they have over it.

                But perhaps 100 million whites cheering such actions would Out-Shout savages eh?

                In the Projects where I lived, most every negore dweller there had half dozen fridges for sale and many dryers and wash machines too for sale…Too many smaller appliances for kitchen to list here too…

                This is a Main major reason blacks riot so often…To get free stuff via theft in broad daylite when cops have both hands tied behind back and cannot do any arrests.

                It is all just an African savage black “Thang” as in..

                Aint No Thang budda Chicken Wang!

                Thats a major slogan most blacks learn while in various jails or prisons..Once one yells out from his cell, “No Thang!!..Another from a different cell sector Yells back…”Budda Chickin Wang!”

                This goes on ALL night long while the savages amuse themselves to sleep.

                Once daylite arrives in Jails or prisons, they switch gears to “Wahyufinnadoo”?

                Thats ebonic code for “What are You fixin to Do”?

                Also very popular ebonics statement is “HoDeeDO!”

                Ebonics for “Hold the Door”!

                Thats from them what Can read and write too!

                Fell free to “AX” Me to dicipher any other famous ebonics wordings that may have you stumped for all your lifetime so far! “lemmeAxYoaQuetshun” Them Guys..”WuzbeezYoBidnez”?

                • Crackaazz Muvvafuckah!

      9. We are witnessing the end of an experiment and that experiment has failed spectacularly. The idea, noble as it was, that the races could mix with equality and harmony together in a hyper individualistic and capitalistic society, just isn’t working. What works, and Japan shows this as do many other countries, is racial and cultural harmony. America, for the sake of the world, needs to be broken up, with a white/Asian/Latino part, and a black part that is self-governing. The independent black nation would then be free to make deals with Africa and link up with them.

        White America can then strike trade deals with Europe and Asia and continue to grow and achieve free of the enormous welfare and crime burden they have had to bear to date. The global cry is ‘sovereignty for all’ and that means white and Asian people as well as black. It will be a calmer world where people can eat their chitlins and listen to rap if they want to, but others can settle into delicious white wine, listen to some Wagner and eat schnitzel with sauteed potatoes and green beans. And nobody tells you to ‘check yo privilege!!!!!’.

        • The end of an experiment? Baaahhhhaaahhh

          The communists never give up, communism always fails, always. Then they repackage it, add new labels and give it another go.

          Today they call themselves “Progressives”. They took over the democrat party and reversed Red State vs. Blue State. Used to be Democrats were the Red States, but magically one election year, that looked too much like communism, so their cronies in the press made the switch happen. Red has a negative connotation after so many communist bloodbaths, so the communist/liberal/progressive press attached that label to conservatives. Oh, to control the press!

          When their newest efforts at Communism/ Socialism fail. They will just rename it, and do it all over again. They will continue trying until the US is reduced to burnt rubble.

        • The experiment is not flawed, and is simply preparing to be reclaimed per remedies deemed legal and necessary per our Constitution. We were founded as a nation of immigrants…legal immigrants who agreed to leave their past homelands and customs behind and to embrace the values and customs of this nation. What we have now compliments of a very treasonous government supporting foreign born ideologies declaring war on the American people through forced resettlements of illegal aliens and muslims who despise every America stands for. Breaking up this country into ethnic/race based populations is the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard…if people can’t get along then they need to get out…if they can’t abide by this nations laws then they are already illegal regardless of where they were born. Riddle me this Mr Wizard…who get’s what lands…You ever see what happens when governments try that crap? Look at Israel and the Gaza Strip…look at Iraq…holy crap is that stupid…nobody will settle for a little piece of everything…just like the global elites bringing all this crap over here. There is only one legal and appropriate way to settle this and if you don’t believe in it then I would pack up fast because it’s coming and fast.

          • I can just picture a homeland carved out somewhere in the south, it would require massive amounts of ‘foreign’ aid from the US, and rapidly become a third-world pesthole like Jamaica or Zimbabwe.

            I would bet that a high percentage of educated blacks would be trying to get out within a short time.

            • The “homeland” you referenced would be best located VERY far south–Antarctica. No white privilege for them to have to suffer, no racism, sexism or homophobia, no discrimination in the job or education market. It’s the perfect place!

        • NO. We do not separate in the same country. The only answer is segregation to another continent. Back to Mother Africa. If they stay in the United States they will still cry racism and still expect freebies. Nope. They need to go back home. Then they can cry racism against themselves by whites because there won’t be any whites around them.

      10. Chickens coming home to roost. Gandi was a british agent.
        Unfortunately, violence solves problems. Otherwise police
        wouldn’t resort to violence so readily.

        • “Gandi was a british agent.”

          Please explain this.

        • 3% of police contacts result in physical force. Every field of work has morons and a lot of good cops paid the price in Dallas. Doesn’t make sense that a small number of cops (who need to go to prison) caused all this. Saying “the police” is ignorant.

          • Tunkcuf

            I agree. The problem is good cops don’t police bad cops. The movie Serpico dramatized it. In Philadelphia the Narcotics Strike Squad in virtual entirety has been arrested and convicted twice for bribery, theft, narcotics dealing (confiscating dope, reporting less and selling the remainder to dealers). The Philadelphia Internal Affairs did not get them, the FBI / DEA did. These so called cops had very expensive homes in Stone Harbor NJ far above what their wages could afford. Cops socialize with cops, everyone knows, no one sees anything.

            Good cops look the other way protecting bad cops and are motivated by culture and necessity. The job of Internal Affairs is to maintain the respectability of the department not to catch bad cops. In many respects this phenomenon occurs anywhere there is power and money as the Catholic Church and Government protects itself too. Police are closest to the people, their flaws are seen, their excesses felt.

            The protestors are not immune to the above as every use of police lethal force against blacks is excessive in their eyes. Protestors throw bricks, lethal projectiles, at the police. Its the pot calling the kettle black sighting the Bill Of Rights conveniently omitting the “Peacefully Assemble” part in the First Amendment.

            Why is honesty of thought, reason and action such a rare commodity?

            “singing songs and carrying signs mostly say hooray for my side”

            • Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind.

              • Kevin2: The Catholic Church/Vatican’s Own Bank has been hyjacked by Rothschilds zio banksters as its “Managers” since about 1820’s era.

                Then when in 1940 or 50s era Bella Dodd,former high ranked soviet jewdeokommie bolshevik member, after switched to denounce kommies and become a christian, testifed to a usa congressional senate committee hearing.

                That testimony stated that it was a Pre-Planned act by russian soviet bolshies/kommies to locate and train up 4,000 Young adult male kommies to themselves apply for entry into the catholic seminary and then became Priests.

                Also all 4,000 were Known Homos!..homo is reason they were chosen to train and be priests so to royallt screw up, whatever the rothschild banksters were unable to wreck or ruin within vatican and church in general.

                That testomony by Bella Dodd is available to read at several wized up websites now. Also in us senate archives for public consumption/research.

                Plus of the aprox 266(?) Popes since apostle Peter, at least 22 or 23 were later revealed to have been actually Crypto-jews…aka Christian/catholic in Name Only.

                But very likely that several maybe many more popes were same imposter types is real reality.

                Once those antichrists saw how swell of a job early Popes and Catholics did in repelling Islamics in various wars throughout europe at several eras, and also how swell a job was done to stiffle and Halt jewish bankings and Usury/intrest that was always used as a Weapon against white and christian europeans…

                Them antichrists figured they had to invent a method to infiltrate and wreck the entire vatican and church structure before it became an official final solution for their too many scheems and swindles against white christianity and white europeans in general.

                Folks Must remember that unlike avg americans who think and plan usually only as far as next weekend at best…Them jewdeokommies and antichrists make plans far in advance!…Like Decades and even centuries in advance of actual implementation. Bella Doods testifying to 4,000 faggot Priest trainees proves this in spades.

              • Signs , everywhere signs. There are many signs and I speak of them often as well as the many illusions we all live under here in USSA today !

      11. The races will never get along and live in harmony. America never became a melting pot. it was a salad bowl. now after 7 plus years of Obama we again are a nation deeply divided. Fractured and broken and blaming our troubles on other people things & conditions. The white food stamping wigger land wales to my view are just as big of a problem as the black no goods are. I know of several white women who do nothing have multiple children sired by baby daddys. Who are fat & obese and are oxygen thief parasites. And their children will do the same. My wife shows me the crap they post on face book. And some of them we are kin to.

        • OG, I couldn’t agree more. Also, multiculturalism does not work. Never has. Never will. But, that ship has sailed and that’s water under the bridge, as they say.

      12. “Those who have been intoxicated with power… can
        never willingly abandon it.”

        — Edmund Burke

        “Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left.
        While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,
        they both march in the same direction.”
        — Paul Proctor

        • Mr. Burke also stated that “1,000 Hack at the Branches of that Tree of Evil, while One hacks at it’s Root’s!”

          And what are those Root’s one may ask?

          The Very Same Roots that EVERY Honest sincere proactive Alternate and Patriotic website like SHTF and Zerohedge etc et al Should Begin to attack and do articles on every chance they have!

          These Tree of pure Evil’s Root’s are where every such Patriot alternative website Should begin with when they feel frisky enough to really do a much needed service to America…

          Those Root’s of Evil are: ADL-SPLC-AJC-and aprox 300 More similar anti american, anti freedom, antigun, anti Whitey Org’s in the usa today.

          Many folks today are wakeing up fast and NOW is the time to Strike at those Root’s eh! Keep the Fire Burning Hot under the asses of those org’s kontrolers and officers etc.

          • I may have mistaken Edmond Burkes statement for one made by Henry Therou (sp?) perhaps?…but regardless which stated it, it Remains true today and even More so than when written first eh!…To Hack at the Roots has Never been as important as it is today.

          • And mine as well ,

            Because our world is now dominated by justification of subjective feelings, rather than discussion of objective facts, we cannot reach the solutions necessary, and the political maniacs use this as fuel for their fires !

      13. You reap; what you sow.

      14. Hey Snyder, when is your economic collapse prediction before the end of 2015 going to come true? Obviously never like all your other predictions. You can’t even nail the obvious. You’re a fear porn hack.

      15. Throwing bricks at someone’s head is attempted murder. Throwing concrete is also attempted murder. Breaking a man’s spine leaves him paralyzed, and is attempted murder. If he dies as a result of injuries, which he will even if twenty years later, it is murder. As far as I am concerned the penalty should be the same, but that is merely my personal opinion.

        These so called protests, in light of these events, should be deemed unlawful and everyone involved arrested.

        You let this escalate for one reason only; you have a hidden agenda. Thanks Barry. You treasonous lapdog for the ZioGlobalists. Your black people will be slaves under the people who have been blowing smoke in their ears and yours. Useful idiots. That goes for you,too, Barry.

        • B

          It is attempted murder. Cops need to have snipers setting behind the lines. If a protestor drops a brick on a cops head, throws a molotov, they get a bullet in the chest as compensation for their effort. IMHO

          • Redneck:

            There is no other way around it.

      16. Heads up everyone. I have an update from Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter’s protest in Memphis last night. They were allowed to block traffic on the I-40 bridge’s eastbound lanes for 5 hours last night. It turns out that our interim police chief SYMPATHIZES with these scum and at one point even MARCHED WITH THEM ARM IN ARM! There were some medical emergencies among those motorists trapped on the I-40 bridge but paramedics were allowed in to get those people out to local hospitals. Surprisingly there was no violence or arrests made. Again, OUR LOCAL CHIEF OF POLICE WAS MARCHING ARM-IN-ARM WITH SOME OF THOSE THUGS. LAST TIME I CHECKED, A CHIEF OF POLICE IS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT AT ALL. He’s only serving as interim chief until a permanent replacement can be found. Our last chief just retired in Feb. and was definitely a REAL police chief.

        • We are indeed living in strange times. Not too long ago some black Memphis cops where arrested for pimping out their own daughters. just because he is the interim police chief doesn’t makehim honest or even a good person. The tribal instinct apparently outweighed the thin blue line.

          • Old Guy, you hit the nail right on the head with that one. When I was growing up here back in the 60s, when it was still SEGREGATED, it was a totally different place. It was actually a good place to raise your family. the streets were clean and well-maintained. you could actually walk on the street both day and night without fear of being attacked. Even the schools in those days were decent. they actually taught a lot of useful things that people would need to make it through life later on. Crime was so low it was almost nonexistent. But once it became integrated…..well, you get the picture. It’s been going downhill ever since and will never recover. In a way I hope this next trip to GA will be the BUGOUT. man, am I sick of all this black crap going on.

        • His job is certainly not to take a political side. I assume they are attempting to cool them down. Their protest might remain peaceful with his presence.

          One has the right to peacefully assemble to redress grievances. Bricks and the like are lethal weapons being employed against law enforcement. If this continues, its only a matter of time before a Kent State 1970 incident occurs that will dramatically ramp things up.

          As Neal Young and Steven Stills said in the song, “No ones right when everybody’s wrong”. These has to be civilian oversight with every police use of lethal force. The “I felt threatened” is too low of a bar and is insufficient if evidence shows that you weren’t threatened. Cops protect cops therefore cops cannot investigate cops. Civilian review boards are vitally needed.

          • I like you Kevin, you make sense. Heres the thing.
            We already tried civilian review boards. They are always inevitably neutered.

            I like how, despite disagreeing with the rabble rousers, you nevertheless defend the right to peaceably assemble.

            I like how you point out the problem with accountability.

            The thing is accountability amounts to the “promise to investigate”. Thats it. Not punish. “Investigate.”
            Oh and maybe “more training” which never happens, or is followed by requests for bigger budgets that don’t end up going to training.

            No ones right when everybody’s wrong. Yeah, sure, but in the grand scheme of things, if you don’t mind me resorting to a very real case of hyperbole, where there good nazis among hitlers men? What about among the turks? Or among stalin or maos men?

            There are always good among the bad, and often the good outweighs the bad. But thats hard to see when it appears like nothing meaningful is being done about really nasty, upsetting, vile shit, like the face of a toddler being blown off by a police flashbang (and the officer being acquitted, despite negligence being the direct cause of the event).
            That incident, in and of its self, convinced me that police were a domestic enemy, a terrorist threat to be removed–regardless of the good people among their ranks.

            I may not have the means to do it, but I’m sure as shit gonna cheer on people who do remove the enemy.

            Theres no rule of law any more. Police actively worked to destroy trust. As a teen, I watched them break into my home, shove guns in my fathers face, and shove my pregnant mother into a wall–on a wrong address warrant.
            Once they realized their fuck up, after my mom was in lock up for a week (a whole week *without* being booked), they let her go with hardly a word, accept about ‘accidents that happen to people who create problems’, presumably to keep us silent and not sue.

            So I’ll say politely. Police are the enemy. Some of them are good guys. All of them should be shot dead.

            • Your statement at the end is wrong. Please don’t reference me in your writings.

              I know good cops and bad. Even bad cops are worthwhile when your being attacked by criminals. Those cops ran towards gunfire in Dallas. The problem is their gang mentality. Civilian review boards are vitally needed.

            • DMC

              “Police are the enemy. Some of them are good guys. All of them should be shot dead.” This is fukkin’ bullshit.

              This statement ranks you the same lines of the race baiting black leadership. Police are literally setting themselves up as bait to take the irrational ire of the blacks. If it wasn’t for the police, the blacks would be on your doorstep.

            • DMC:

              You can nit pick all sorts of BS. Blacks kill more of their own that white Cops kill blacks. Hell they abort more babies in a month than Cops killings. If you think for one minute that blacks start killing cops that is going to change things you are FRIGGING IDIOT! The only thing that will cause is more blacks in body bags.

              Your story is a frigging lie. This is a BS ledge that people make up. If not you give the year, ,Police Department, City, and case number. I’ll be waiting. I can bet a dollar to a doughnut that it is BS.

              Last line. What a stupid frigging remark!
              Coming from a cop. You be the first to make your move.
              If you want to, come for me. One thing. Make yourself right with God before you come. Because with in minutes of coming after me you will get to meet him.


              • After 40 plus years of driving truck and being harassed by revenue generating DOT and speed trap cops. Ive got no love for the LEOs. There are a small number of good LEOS and a small number of good blacks also. But when push comes to shove they all Cops and blacks alike side with their bad apple brethren. However to suggest that its acceptable they be shot down in cold blood by a coward like happened in Dallas makes my blood boil. A race war is likely. Its being orchestrated by those who support the NWO. One glaring fact If every black & brown skinned person disappeared from the face of the planet overnight. Tomorrow whitey would have a whole lot fewer problems. If the Reverse occurred and whitey disappeared the remaining would have a whole lot more problems.

              • Hey dale. Just like a fucking cop to claim its bs.
                Guess fucking what? Its not. I used to respect you sgt.
                Now I know your just another sack of shit defending thugs
                Who assault women and children.

                All you fuckers brought this misery on your poor corrupt fucking heads.

                And rednek, you call me a racebaiter and in the same breath say “they’d be on my doorstep if not for the police.” Like animals or something. Guess what, they have ghettos in europe too.

                You seem to be under the comfortable delusion that standing up for the good cops will protect you from the bad ones. Well good luck. The good cops didnt do shit when the bad cops abused and attacked my family.

                • DMC
                  “And rednek, you call me a racebaiter and in the same breath say “they’d be on my doorstep if not for the police.” Like animals or something. Guess what, they have ghettos in europe too.”

                  Actually I said you put yourself in the same basket as racebaiters. As far as stating the blacks will be at your door…poor choice of wording. Should have put criminal, rioters etc…. You can remove black and fill in the blank where blacks were and place your thug of choice.

                  Society can only survive when you have rules. Cops enforce the rules we as a society have imposed on ourselves. The blanket coverage attacking of cops is just plain stupid.

                  • “Society can only survive when you have rules.”
                    Society can also only survive if the law is applied uniformly and no one is above the law. The problem is cops only enforce the laws ‘for’ and on the citizenry, but absolve themselves of wrong doing on a regular an frequent enough basis that it has created a pattern or perception of wrong doing.

                    Honest people don’t need laws to remain honest. I’m sick of the double standard and so are a lot of people. And I’m sick of the pure doubt every officer I’ve talked to has when I talk about my own bad experience with cops.
                    Twice now I’ve got dales response in real life, casual conversations. I’ve seen cops actually blame a toddler for a police flashbang blowing the childs face off. Like how the fuck is that defensible?

                    Thats the thing with extremism. It starts somewhere. And though the public is increasingly polarized, this whole shit storm started as a response to increasing lack of police responsibility, tooth-and-nail fighting against regulation, and continuous sketchy situations involving broken body cameras, questionable ‘suicides’, the beatings of homeless people, and yes, in my personnel experience, watching my pregnant mother get shoved into a wall.

                    If I listed a couple documented links that WHERENT from the likes of copblock, but neutral sources, people like Dale would just respond with “you don’t know. You wheren’t there.” but if I linked about someone getting shot by the police he would just respond with “yeah they DEFINITELY DID IT.” like, really? You don’t see your shitty fucking double standard?

                    If I listed a hundred neutral links, showing a pattern of institutional corruption, a preponderance of the evidence, he would just pick the weakest link and discredit it. Or ignore it all, and claim again “you weren’t there”, or “you didn’t see what happened before the camera was rolling”, or ironically, if no video footage is present, would just trust the cops word out of hand..or a dozen other excuses to dismiss what hes seeing.

                    See its not that I don’t think there are good cops. Its that I think it doesn’t matter, and the overwhelming number of them will blindly defend their ‘brothers’, and remain silent in the face of blatant lawlessness.
                    And in that degree I’ve given police a *huge* degree of the benefit of the doubt, sympthaized, empathized, and interacted online. I saw it from their point of view for a LONG time, despite my own personnel grievances.

                    I could, in detail, explain how cops think about the public, the good, the bad, the ugly–how the mindset works, the medias bias against them, the paranoid culture, what the work does to them, but I won’t.

                    Heres the thing. I’m not special. I’m not anything but your average citizen, or a subset at least–a growing subset. We see these things that cops do, and can pick apart the bias in the media, can tell you for sure alton stirling was a piece of shit, that mr castille was an accident caused by a combination of bad timing and a cops overanxious cowardice. Thats understandable. Whats not understandable is being stopped 52 times, with over $6000 in fines, half of which were rightfully dismissed as bullshit. Thats the sort of activity that says ‘yeah this is harassment.’

                    Then theres cases where former cops, like my friend Chris out of florida, say “yeah I was harassed and gangstalked for exposing corruption”.

                    See I can see all of this from your point of view Dale, and rednek, and did for a long time. But like others in the public, I’ve moved past despair, moved past believing voting is an option, seen the evidence for my self that peaceful protest does nothing, recognized that online debate is just masturabation–and come to the horrifing and numbing conclusion that the only shit these people understand is violence. And while I am not a violent person, the transformation from someone that was a strong supporter of police and political leaders to someone who sees nothing but symbolic, empty efforts to “change, investigate, train, and respond”, has become so a rote, cliche byline that it means nothing to me, but thats what it is..empty promises.

                    I get it. Police are doing a hard job. They got families to feed. There is a stigma, and always rumors about someone driven out for rocking the boat, pressures to ‘get the job done’, and ‘bend the rules if it makes a difference’, and then you deal with the worst elements of society a hundred plus times a day, combine with PTSD-inducing levels of trained hypervigilence. Their men and women that want to do their job, have security, stability, go home to their family, lead ordinary lives–and they don’t want to risk this on a very real possibility that showing any variance from the thin blue line will lead to ostracism..when no one will stand with them. These are the cops that try to change it from within, by enforcing the laws sensibly, or the ones who just do the job and plan on changing it the best they can as they get promote–or the ones that go along to get along, because jobs are hard to come by, and they have a duty first and foremost to their family and a car payment, and a mortgage. They follow orders. And thats fucking terrifying.

                    I see all of this and I say, oh fuck that. What happened to decency, and humanity, and standing up in the face of systematic fucking evil? These shitstains wouldn’t be willing to volunteer to fight the nazis I bet. These are the sort of motherfuckers who defended a cop and worked with him after he got convicted for a goddamn pedofile.

                    I’ve reached the point where I don’t view police as people. I view them as a domestic enemy.

          • Thought you were mistaken about the song–I remembered as being from a Buffalo Springfield song. Then I researched BS, and found that Steve Stills and Neil Young were members… Walk down memory lane here:

          • They don’t have the right to obstruct the flow of commerce or prevent the flow of transportation…..That is against Federal Law…..

      17. My trip to Republican National Convention should be interesting….

        • “H”
          Stay safe and take lots of pictures.

          I had planned to go, but with my right hand surgery it took me out of the ball game.

          It is getting better I can type a little better today. Still can’t grip my 1911.

        • Wave so we can recognize you on CNN

      18. Heads up for a very long,very hot summer. Thank Obama for this and the AG Loretta Lynch. Anyone hear from Sgt Dale?

        • SS
          I’m here, but with the right hand having to be fixed, it is a little hard to type.

          This whole thing sucks. What we have is thugs that is back by the prez, and his minions. So they think that they can tear shit up, kill cops, and nothing will be done, and they are right. Could you just see the Dallas shooter being taken into custody, and the B.S. just to take him to trial!!!! I’m happy they took his ass out.

          What is going to happen is like Shitcago did in 1968. Quote from mayor Dayle. “If you see them with a Molotov cocktail you shoot to kill”. I’m afraid it is going to come to that. This will lead to Mayors and Gov. telling Washington Kiss their asses, they are going to take care of their Cities. This just might divide the nation.

          Don’t be surprised to see National Guard on the streets at the conventions. They will be needed. After the first Guardsman gets shot they will be armed with loaded mags. You ask for shit you get shit. I’ll bet it won’t be a tea party member that starts the shit!!!!

          Thanks for asking. Little hard to type, but it is getting better.


          • sgt dale

            its not going to happen !!

            not with this BS PC environment we now have
            far too many affirmative action chief of police out there
            willing to walk arm in arm with the idiots and whiggers of the US.
            only when they are run out of office as the incompetent fools that they are will we have police that can do the job they are hired for

            and civilian boards are useless they fill up with liberals and idiots that tie the hands of the police
            how the hell do you think we got too the place we are at now ?

            look at the crowds that are protesting low IQ blacks and whigger idiots holding signs crying for LOVE FOR ALL.

            yes as long as its a sick type of love and no i don’t mean sex i refer to the sick society that lets a 9 time convicted pimp walk after pimping out his pregnant sister for a ” few more dollas for new wheels for my ride ”

            and the white ass holes on the jury felt sorry for him. as one idiot said he is a young black business man trying to survive

            WHAT THE HELL ?? a young black business man ?

            the PC crowd is sure one sick bunch of idiots

            skittle shittin unicorn

          • Amen Sgt.

            In the 60’s though, we didn’t have a rouge president and his regime backing and financing open street violence against states, cities, and police.

      19. The weapon used was NOT an AR15. It was an AK74, they released pics of it. Please stop trying to vilify the AR platform. Enough bad press as it is.

      20. I remember when white people used to protest… hell they ended the Vietnam War… Then they got fat ( metaphorically and for some physically) They became the people they hated so much back then.
        They became mainstream … they became Bill and Hillary ..
        Make no mistake about it the leaders of the BLM movement will become mainstream too and some will become politicians … unless the whole thing comes tumbling down. They too will come to realize that more can be accomplished by infiltrating our school systems than marching in the streets.
        After 9/11 I went on line and creeped various security blogs just to see what the security world was saying about the twin towers.
        Some of these guys were Black Water type badasses some had gigs guarding Nukes and some were just your average Pinkerton.
        But they all used one word to describe why 9/11 occurred.
        We have become complacent.
        The liberal left has inflicted complacency upon this nation under the guise of racism .
        To which I reply had the people who taught the 9/11 hijackers to fly planes been racist the original twin towers would still be standing.

      21. False flag shootings, hoax shootings, and all the rest.
        Don’t fall for the race baiting folks….. The focus should be ON THEM…

        • Amen, Dusty, order out of chaos, seems like Snyder is one of them, pumping out the false narrative. Dallas on the 33rd parallel, its all a hoax..

      22. This site is a head shitf. Can’t post everything?
        This site draws nothing, but bunch morons who can’t even understand the simple concept of compassion. Race whatever, look in the mirror. There goes one rac-ist.

      23. Looks like Soros is finally starting to get the return on investment that meets his expectations. Thing to remember about Soros: he doesn’t put his money on the table unless he knows what the outcome will be well in advance. That alone should tell you what the likely outcome of BLM, aka the Soros Militia, is going to be. LEOs are in way over their head on this one. I see a major false flag event in the near future, one which will require a nation-wide, all-hands-on-deck, response by LEOs, where such response will be the set-up for them being wiped out and the stage being cleared for BLM.

      24. Maybe if we pay Al and Jesse enough ransom, they will calm down the brothers.

      25. I’m sorry, love is not the answer here. It’s past that point but violence is not the answer either.

        Action is the answer just not the actions currently being taken.

        At a point in the past, there could have been some negotiations with the citizens and police, it’s now past that point.

        The past year, ending with the final nail in the coffin of the rule of law by FBI director Comey, was the final chance they had to back off and apply justice blindly as it is supposed to be.

        They didn’t, so now they are suffering the consequences of their actions unfortunately.

        The only option the justice system currently has is to put things in complete reverse at the local level then work up to the federal level.

        Decommission the MRAPS, drones, and surveillance equipment.

        Stop all swat raids for non-violent offenders.

        Completely stop all raids to the wrong addresses. If you aren’t sure, don’t go.

        Immediately begin a policy of not firing until fired upon. If the military has to do it, so should the police. ANYONE breaking the policy is immediately discharged and charged with attempted murder, no questions asked.

        Do these things and you will begin to see changes in the public.

        I have no hope these things will happen though.

        Government will do what government always does…respond with more and greater force which will cause more and greater loss of life on both sides.

        The current government is doing exactly what John F. Kennedy warned against..”Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

        • Lordchamp,
          On the money. In the face of film documentation of misconduct, police doubled down. Police cannot win against the people of this country. If the feds empty over 700 military bases overseas that are merely protecting global megacorporations… not even then.

          • My family were all victims of a wrong address raid.
            My pregnant mother got knocked into a wall by an officer, and then locked up for a week without being booked.
            They threatened our lives if we said anything.

            They all have to go. Good and bad. Doesn’t matter. Their the enemy.

      26. And Job cried out to his Father in Heaven… Father! Why didn’t you rescue us from the banksters and their minions?
        His Father in Heaven replied My son, I sent you Occupy Wall Street and you called them dirty Queers because the banksters published a picture you didn’t like.
        And Job cried out to his Father in Heaven… Father! I made a mistake! But why didn’t you rescue us from the banksters and their minions?
        His Father in Heaven replied My son, I sent you Eve, a powerful ally, and instead of accepting her as your partner, you struck her down and raped her sisters and when you were done you called her a Feminazi for crying out her pain.
        And Job cried out to his Father in Heaven… Father! I replaced her with a foreign prostitute that stole my money and treated my children poorly… I made a mistake! But why didn’t you rescue us from the banksters and their minions?
        His Father in Heaven replied My son, you hated your black brothers who were treated poorly and jeered and said to kill them all, they were only savages and not human.
        And Job cried out to his Father in Heaven… I knew it! You are a Libtard!

        • Rebecca:

          Don’t do that. Biblical illiteracy is so high that many people will actually believe you are quoting Scripture 🙁


      27. Get your facts straight, Snyder!! He used an SKS, which fires the same bullet as an AK-47, but NOT the same as an AR-15! Typical sloppiness in writing by people who have no clue at all about guns. Sort of like that limp wrist girly man pantywaist who got PTSD from shooting a rifle!!
        Do some actual investigation for once and get some facts, not the conjectures and theories of other brain dead zombies who don’t know anything about guns or bullets.

      28. If you don’t like the cops now wait until you get a load of the new recruits…
        Its all down hill from here…

      29. Warming up for the political conventions Get people to accept marches and violence as normal. Cant see white folks acting like this they would be more inclined to draw a line and then defend it against all comers. Why do you think all the UN vehicles are moving around the country. UN peace keepers will be called in as nuetral forces to stop the civil unrest. We are wearing our uniforms already for the race war folks. They will only see your uniform that you wear now.

      30. Our multicultural society is the source of this unrest and violence, not the solution. It has enabled two groups of people to behave badly: for blacks, it is the n#ggers and their drugs, and low-life lifestyles of criminality and violence; for whites, it is the land whales and the welfare mommas.

        For peace, we need to restore the natural racial harmonies and to end the free ride for the members of our race groups who live off the labors of others. In a white society, the land whales will need to work or to be bred out of existence. I am sure the blacks, if they ran their own country, would also make short work of the n#ggers among them.

        There is peace when a man can be sovereign and look another man in the eyes as an equal. For blacks, that can never happen in the United Slave States of America. A New Black Nation needs to be established.

        • Frank has a two state solution.

          That’s worked well in the past.

          • Evidence and facts speak otherwise. Let’s go through some examples:

            1) Israel: One of the world’s leading military technology innovators. Also lots of hi-tech stuff with medicine and agriculture. A Jewish state.

            2) Apartheid South Africa: Africa’s most advanced and wealthiest state during the apartheid years. Also a world leader in military technology but also in many other fields: healthcare (first heart transplant), mining etc. Now has an economy grinding lower every year as the seed corn of apartheid wealth is eaten by the growing population of unemployed.

            3) Japan: Hi-tech wonderland, great food and culture, extremely beautiful and sexy women, a very advanced, 21st century economy and society – all done with no need for blacks or hispanics.

            4) South Korea: Split with the North and is now one of the most advanced countries in the world. Also did this without a need for Muslims, hispanics or low-wage blacks. Just bizarre how they pulled off this miracle but it seems to have to do with brains, saving and hard work.

            It goes on…

            • #1–not working so well, according to the palestinians.

              #2–worked at the expense of others under a ridged class system.

              #3–not seeing the immigration of Muslims, hispanics or low-wage blacks into Japan. We’ll look at that another time.

              #4–political isolation in the north. not relevant to our discussion.

              • grandee

                One may not like Jews but they have the greatest number of Nobel Peace Prizes for Science, Medicine and Mathematics. That is shocking if you look at their overall percentage of the world population. The Muslim people lost their library in Alexandria Egypt and technically never recovered. Obviously the capability is there but they’re just too damn busy fighting rather than building. Africa and Asia have been meddled with by outsiders as has Europe and Asia but despite massive resources, Africa has not indigenously advanced, to the contrary its regressed after black rule was established in former European / white colonies.

                Individually blacks can advance but evidence suggests that once in a majority their social interactions are counterproductive.

                • I think it is about culture: having a culture that can organize itself around gathering knowledge and then acting on it; being builders and not factional destroyers. What we see in these failing race groups is the absence of this.

                  Blacks have shown themselves quick to blame others for their failures; blaming that just does not wash when you see the same failures repeat over and over again no matter place or time. Muslims have shown to be self-absorbed in doctrinal disputes over Islam’s interpretation. They are willing to do unspeakable acts of barbarity to make their points (rape, boiling people alive, decapitation etc.). Enlightenment is needed in both these groups.

                • Didn’t say I didn’t like the Jews. Just making an observation of facts. Two state solutions don’t work.

                  • oops. said the J word. Moderation time out for me.

        • Been there and done that. Liberia.

      31. Looks to me that the blacks have the balls to take on the police state because they are the main target and are being executed the most in the streets.

        Maybe the greedy white debt slaves want to kiss masser’s bottom and side with the owner of the farm in the hopes that masser will thrown him a bone.

        I am not your left wing fachist and don’t want more slaves let into the farm but i cannot blame blame blacks for kicking back when pig police shoot at will and it’s not just the blacks they are killing so maybe we need to grow some balls and take over the farm with them.

        • The reason why the cops have more negative encounters with blacks is simple. blacks have a genetic propensity to break the law. The old saying give them an inch and they will take a mile does have quite a bit of truth to it. Im not a big fan of cops. The Leos by and large are mostly in the revenue generating business. Black males are about 6 % of the population and over 50% of the prison population. and90% in prison are their because of crimes they perpetuated on other blacks. more Blacks kill other blacks than whites &cops kill of all races combined in total. If Black lives matter Why do they kill each other?

        • your shittting me right? Whites are killed at almost 2x the times as blacks are . By the police.
          Cog dis much? whatever lol Continue feeding yourself with a MSM that has an agenda .

      32. Its been a long time since this much social unrest. 1968 comes to mind. I keep hearing Soros’s is funding the BLM Movement. Paying to stir up trouble? Seems like he ought to be called on the matter.

        • Soros funding BLM is not rumor, it’s fact. The quoted figure on his “investment” in Ferguson was $33m. He’s not putting his money into this to be a trouble maker. He’s doing so to conquer this country.

          As I said in an earlier post, the man NEVER puts his money on the table unless he knows what the outcome will be well in advance. That ties into a related point on Soros: watch what moves he makes with his money, then remember the reason why he almost never gets it wrong in that department. Look at Brexit: Soros’ holdings were 37% gold prior to the vote, netting him a pant-load even after you factor in his cover bet on the “remain” horse. Further, look at his short position on DeutscheBank: he has a short position of .5% of all outstanding DBK shares. I’d venture to say that’s going to net him another pant-load when DBK blows up and goes to zero. Over the long run, money moves like that go a long way toward a deep war chest for outfits like BLM.

          What could Soros have in mind by bankrolling BLM? A regime along the lines of the Duvalier regimes in Haiti, only on American soil. I see LEOs being baited into a trap here, and when that trap is sprung, the outcome for many of them is going to be quite dire. The real purpose of Soros bankrolling BLM is for them to become the second coming of the Tontons Macoutes, where they will fill in the void once the trap is sprung on LEOs.

      33. When blm block a highway they need to be arrested or become bls black lives splatter.

      34. Off topic however I raise pot belly pigs and eat them. I on purpose made a pet out of a runt pig named it pork chop. now I plan to take it along on a leash as a repellant to keep certain ethnic folks at bay. I will wear a T shirt with a picture of a pork chop that says Pork It whuts for dinner

      35. The Utube has censored the vids. Very little current video. Most are two months old and longer. They do not want the truth to get out. There should be at least ONE current video a day with all that is out there.

        The politicians hide the truth on one hand and the news media withholds it.

      36. Don’t fall for the hype. These are not spontaneous protests. These are funded by George Soros. There is a method to the madness. The attacks on the upcoming republican convention will be disturbing. They want the visual, the optics. Then the widespread attacks on all white people everywhere will be the opening of the next stage. All planned.

        • You hit the nail on the head!

      37. When Any white guy goes bad every tv news diggs as deep as possible 24/7 to locate dammaging info and plenty of folks that knew him to tell tv viewers how raysist and evl whitey guy was.

        But NEVER Yet has same TV News persons and reporters ever asked question on BLM such as “Where do that Many protesters Stay and sleep while awaiting tomorrows continued events?…Whom Pays for that even when BLM events last a full week or more?…How Many Tens of Millions dollars get spent for each event? Who are the planners and leaders of BLM and where do Their marching orders arrive from or thru? Who Pays to Feed so Many thousands?”

        And folks here can likely think up several More critical good questions that every american Has a right to know of.

        But this wont happen ever as long as every tv news station remians hyjacked and under ownership and kontrols of current Six individuals and their corps.

        Maybe them folks worldwide that have been doing their Boycott of every Israel company stock on NASDAQ etc needs to Now Include massive global boycotts of every major msm TV news station and all products advertized thru said TV stations eh.

        That groups main leaders, one of them anyways is David Gilmour of Pink Floyd rock band…Many more rock stars are involved in it too…Its called something like “Divestment and Boycott of Israel made goods” or close to that title name.

        Reason for that is due to a systematic Aparthide agenda israel does against palestinians, Many of whom are christian and Not muslims!

      38. “I never would have imagined that someday we would see this kind of violence against law enforcement officers,,,” Because, until the age of freely-available personal video recording, these atrocities by government’s police against the people were dismissed as “hearsay”. They’re still dismissed as “government can do no wrong” but, the people (the powers-that-be hope it is only, and are trying to steer it to be only, the black people) aren’t accepting that anymore.

        • Are not accepting what? all those folks who are chimping out very few have enough intellect to even know what their protesting. All they know its a Free for All. Its nothing more than tribal instinct from low IQ pavement apes. The ones who are articulate are mesegenated crossbreeds. They are being used by the NWO to bring about the destruction of the USA. The objective is to foster race war, ethnic cleansing, civil war and martial Law. And guess who isn’t falling for it? Those hard working smart folks from south of the border. You think those latinos are dumb. Go to one of their car show events. The mechanicals, body work and paint is truly amazing. No matter what the type work no white or black craftsmen can hold them a light to run by. And their ladies are stunning also. Face the reality the Black and white races are both headed for extinction.

      39. If we have Real Unrest first thing We Should do is Drag All those Assholes out of The White house that Started the crap up Hang Them. First then Move on to the house and Senate. After that The Civil War. WILL clean up The Rest

      40. “You would have thought that the massacre of police in Dallas would have caused everyone to step back and reflect on what is really causing this cycle of violence,,,” Only five cops? How many of the people have government’s cops killed over the years? How many of the people–foreign and domestic–have the elite government’s wars killed over the thousands of years?

        With every one of even only “Three Percent” (if that “Three Percent” aren’t only the white supremacists who think government’s wonderful–that is, “IF it keeps the blacks suppressed”) of the people encircling and annihilating every 5 of government’s forces, the people actually have the upper hand. “Three Percent” of the people (about 9 million) against even a million or more cops and military. Even with government’s nuclear, biological, chemical, sonic, optical (including laser) and psychological (which will increasingly include holographic) warfare, against which the people can, if they use their smarts, have countermeasures–the people’s option of only being killed by police and military anyway leaves the people with nothing left to lose and liberty to gain in their onslaught against government’s police and military.

        • You and the janitor been smoking pot???

      41. I saw no mention of Dallas’ reaction to the shooting of police by a lone gunman. In Dallas, faith leaders immediately stepped up and held healing public services – in public spaces as well as churches. Multiple days. There were vigils. and when one group of protesters were confronted by anti-protesters, the Dallas cop in the middle got them to talking to one another – ending in hugs all ’round. The message is love, healing and action – not violence – but considered action, with everyone being heard. We are fortunate to have such profoundly open and thoughtful leaders. Hopefully, we can lead the nation in how we can address the problems of racial disparity in law enforcement interactions.

      42. The police should be authorized to shoot anyone attempting to do them bodily harm in the feet and/or legs. Then as they drag themselves to a hospital for treatment have them arrested.

      43. Settle down folks’s . This is a sin issue, not a skin issue?
        The self gratification types are catering to the flesh , the current human body and it’s impulsive drives rules those who’ll not accept rules imposed to govern fleshly behavior and will accept nor see the need for human control.
        Liberty( As in the Constitution) is meant for a just and moral people and is wholly unsuited to govern any other kind of people

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