YouTube Strips Politically Incorrect Videos of Revenue: “Controversial Subjects Like War, Tragedy”

by | Sep 1, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 44 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: This is chilling. More subtle than other forms of censorship, this Google/YouTube policy is stripping away the honest debate about some of the most important and controversial topics that are going on in our world. How can people not be allowed to discuss – or especially to criticize – the failed and flawed policies that are dragging us to war?

    How can it be OK for Secretaries of State and Presidents to fund ISIS and cut deals with human right violators, but not OK for YouTubers to criticize it? By cutting advertising, the mega-platform hopes that no one will dare to discuss these things, and make no mistake, it will be selectively enforced. While individuals are free to go elsewhere, this platform, like a handful of others, has dominated that vast majority of web traffic, and drive the audiences that one would hope to reach with a video. If critics and dissidents are exiled and shunned from here, where will they be free to redress their grievances and call out hypocrisy and lies?

    YouTube Declares War on Politically Incorrect Opinions

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    A new “advertiser friendly” policy introduced by YouTube will punish those who express politically incorrect opinions or dare to offend viewers by de-monetizing their content.

    The new rules have sparked an outcry from the YouTube community because they are so incredibly restrictive.

    YouTube will now retain the right to demonetize any videos that contain, “Controversial or sensitive subjects and events, including subjects related to war, political conflicts, natural disasters and tragedies, even if graphic imagery is not shown.”

    “Inappropriate language, including harassment, profanity and vulgar language,” is also being demonetized.

    YouTube’s new policy will completely disincentivize YouTubers from discussing politically incorrect topics or expressing controversial opinions because they know they will be punished for doing so. Many YouTubers make a living off their channel and will therefore be walking on eggshells to avoid the company’s stringent new rules.

    The new policy bears some hallmarks of the Communist Chinese government’s “social credit score system,” whereby Internet users are punished by private companies and their peers for expressing unpopular views on social media.

    The move is primarily designed to scare away YouTubers from making anti-establishment political content, but prominent YouTubers are already reporting that videos on everything from acne solutions to tips on combating depression are being demonetized because they are not “advertiser friendly”.

    “The channels that self-identify as vulnerable by these advertising guidelines seem to be news channels covering sensitive real-world topics,”reports Kotaku.

    Prominent YouTuber Philip DeFranco responded to the controversy by vowing, “I’m not going to censor myself,” despite the fact that dozens of his videos have already been demonetized.

    Google-owned YouTube is of course a private company and can enforce any rules it likes, but with the advent of such corporations becoming so large (more powerful than countries in some cases), in addition to them insisting on being treated as a public utility, the move is a massive stab in the back for the content creators who helped build the platform in the first place.

    As Matt Drudge warned about when he appeared on the Alex Jones Show nearly a year ago, creators allowing their content to be swallowed up by social media ghettos was always going to lead to this outcome.

    “I don’t know why they’ve been successful in pushing everybody into these little ghettos, these Facebooks, these Tweets, these Instagrams,” Drudge told Jones. “This is ghetto, this is corporate; they’re taking your energy and you’re getting nothing in return.”

    The video below sums up the impact the new rules will have on YouTube unless they are reversed.

    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at


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        • HCKS,

          I looked at the article, I chuckled when it said preppers are nutty for prepping for a meteor strike that is a 100 million to one odds.

          Several states share the Power Ball Lotter including mine. The odds of winning are 297 million to one. Yet on a regular basis, someone wins.

      1. It has not yet sunk into the heads of Sheeple that we are only several months away from total censorship of the web. I have cut back posting to a limited number of sites. At the rate the U.S. government is buying up and stopping social content though crony corporations like Google we have about 6 months to a year left of active uncensored posting left on the web.

        When Hillary enters office from the rigged election then they begin to clobbered the domain named servers saying “…the controls this site and it will return soon…” when your favorite sites are deleted. Then access to larger approved audited sites will connect who you are personally to your messages. Access will be no different than the Chinese and Russians get. Companies or individuals that do not comply will face stiff fines or jail time.

        First to go are gun sites;

        Then come the free government sponsored BS sites:

        And sites like ours will die quickly…

        • Any information that is useful to the citizens or contrary to gvmnt propaganda is already being censored or attacked, i.e. Dutchsinse, Tatoott, Trunews, News With Views, alternative radio channels, etc. etc. etc. And to discourage viewers even more, the usual search engines are now showing warnings that the sites are “not trusted”.

      2. There are only a few on this site who are intelligent enough to see the Jewish control of the media, IT and therefore the country.

        Susan Wojcicki…….
        Mark Zuckerberg…..

        • Shaking my head.

          Control over the Internet is being given to the UN, the single largest unified voting block in the UN are its Islamic majority nations. First and foremost for them will be protecting and spreading Islam. Expect them to be the majority on any internet management committees.

          Wealthy Jews in the West are just walking into another oven. Just like jews did supporting the Nazi party in Germany in the early days.

        • Yeah, blame absolutely everything on the Jews. If it rains, it’s because of the Jews. Plenty of non-Jews involved as well.

      3. Google wants to be a common carrier and say they aren’t responsible for the content of the boxes, yet want to open and review the packages. They can’t have it both ways.

        • (((The juden))) have their widdle feelings hurt…? Just remember kids the hmfnic just handed over the internet to the un…the fun is just starting… PREPARE FOR WAR.

          • not so sure about the whole “juden” hate thing, (gen. 12:3 and all)….BUT…I am with you all…the constitution is second only to God and the American people!!

            • Vocal Patriot: to clear up your confusions about that Genesis Verse you noted. Read the new testement book of Galations. In it Paul Fully explains how that verse of Gen 12:3 was NOT refereing to jews. Nor to all jews. And the very word used of “seed” of abraham meant Jesus Christ and He alone. Paul also states that since the new covenant, 2000 yrs ago now, there is NO difference based upon DNA aka between a jew nor a greek aka a gentile etc.

              Yes I am well aware that a vast majority of todays usa pastors and churches tell folks the exact Opposite and that it means we are supposed to revere jewry as somebody super special and chozens etc. However once fully read and understood…Galatians per pauls writings fully proves this to be a total wrong apostate falshood.

              It is also the number one Main reason america is so messed up and so hyjacked by zios and jewry at every level today. Thanks to still so many duped souls that refuse to read galatians or reject what it states on jews and that word “seed” of abraham etc.

              I still cannot comprehend how they call selves christian while so rejecting the new testement? Paul in Galatians also explains that the New covenent has Replaced the old one totally and Only One covenant exists. Not Two at same time or one for jews and the new one for all other non jews, as also the same apostate pastors teach falsely of.

              Amazed that 60+ million usa christians can remain so duped when all it takes is 20 minits to read galatians and once and for all time now Know for certain how badly those pastors have promoted such falsehoods eh?

              All 60 Million cannot be That ignorant correct? And yet they are it seems. Maybe more of a vast Denial of biblical truths?

              • I wonder who could be convincing those 60+ million USA-based Christians that the (((chosen ones))) deserve to ride roughshod over the rest of society, with zero consequences? Oh, that’s right–this guy and his ilk:


      4. YouTube Strips Politically Incorrect Videos of Revenue: “Controversial Subjects Like War, Tragedy”

        CENSORSHIP has already been applied to many Internet Sites – A day will come – where it will become completely normal!

        Unfortunately ?

        • Stolz: Very correct and this fron last January, 2016 well proves whom so Demands internet Censorship!

          The Israeli Public Security Minister Gilad Erdan has unveiled plans to censor the Internet’s worldwide social media platforms with the building of an “international coalition” to counter criticism of Israel.

          According to Israel Times:

          Erdan’s plan calls for “developing legislation in conjunction with European countries,” most of which “are very interested in this idea.”

          The legislation would have common features, such as defining what constitutes incitement and what the responsibilities of social networks regarding it are, a spokesman for the minister told the Israeli-based newspaper.

          “Companies that do not comply will find themselves hauled into court, paying a penalty,” he added.

          According to the plan, the participating countries would be part of a “loose coalition that would keep an eye on content and where it was being posted, and members of the coalition would work to demand that the platforms remove the content that was posted in any of their countries at the request of members.”

          Rest of Article at/from…

          www dot incogman dot net/2016/01/nervy-israel-jews-demand-world-censorship/#more-125973

          Is it Ever Anybody else other than Them?…NO!

          Thank that Hoax of WWII Events that just keeps on Giveing and Giveing Free CASH “Fines” and “Reparations” to those self chozen few eh. What do some folk not Yet Get?

        • I’m not sure, which scares me more, losing the truth internet, the alt news sites, or having to become normal.
          I don’t know how to do that anymore
          While most are outside, enjoying the sun, I’m counting chemtrails!

          • Lol! I do that too! I also time them to see how long it takes them to disperse. That’s scary!

            • It is scary. I cannot go out, without, first looking at the sky. Ironically enough, the sky was clear, but come Tues, it will be nuts out there.
              I should walk around, with my tongue hanging out, like the rest of the neighborhood, and let the toxins enter more directly.Make it easier for them

        • This censorship concerns me greatly. Once the alt news sites, disappear, and they will, not a clue what I will do.
          I have no idea, how to be normal anymore, and not knowing the truth, will make me nuttier, than I already am .
          I’ll need a friggin’ support group, unfortunately, none are to be had in these parts of the the western, civilized world

        • I apologize, for the double post. Ironically enough, I lost internet connection, after posting the first time, so I didn’t think that it went through

        • The Alex Jones sites are being heavily “moderated”. People who comment on his sites are saying that others who post are either blocked or banned. This site delays comments due to moderation. Which is why I rarely come here. The policy concerning spam protection slows things down, inhibits debate, and ultimately leads to censorship.

          • If we did not moderate utilizing a system like AKISMET there would quite literally be 1000’s of comments promoting obscene products through our forum areas.

            I am hoping to enhance our existing system by allowing user logins (anonymous posting will still be available) and verified users will be able to post without moderation.

            The moderation is, unfortunately, a necessity. We are working on speeding up our moderation queues, however, to alleviate some of the delays.


        • Between google,Facebook and You Tube we are losing our first amendment rights let alone having the internet handed over to the UN. Get it back and leave the UN and let everyone be on it.

          • Jim
            GOOGLE is CIA.
            YouYube is now GOOGLE. Both CIA.

            ***Like Lenin said, “He didn’t mind people voting. As long as he controlled the counting of the votes.”

            Well GOOGLE controls the search engine. Technology and Dissent are controlled by dropping the Google/YouTube MANIPULATED search results.
            Dropping YouTube content, Dropping search result objectionable content.
            They Loose the web sites who are against the Narrative UN NWO Government wants stated.

            FaceBook is CIA.
            FaceBook-GOOGLE-YouTube are ALL government controlled.
            Same as the “mainStream” broadcasters are Government controlled.
            FCC can shut them down if they go “off message”/”off narrative”. So media stays “on message”.

            Obama gave away internet so that Dissent can be Silenced.
            That is what it is about. *****Silencing and controlling you.
            Even USSA “changed” Amerikka has so called freedom of speech.
            Tough to shut dissent on the internet down in USSA.

            But most countries in world Including UK, HEAVILY control speech and thought.
            Free speech NOT ALLOWED. Free Thought NOT ALLOWED. They will Arrest you.
            Internet under UN control allows plausible Deniability by US Politicians to US Constitution rights DENIED.

            *Control the Media. Control the Narrative. Control Dissent. Control speech and thought of the People.
            *Censor-Blacklist-Fire anyone that does not go along with false narrative.
            *Fluoride the water.
            *Nuerotoxin Spray the people and say it is for Zika for justification.
            *GMO poison the food.
            *Vaccines with cancer virus and Glyphosates. Vaccine the children-REQUIRE.

            ht tp://“Bombshell”_Glyphosate_–_Think_Monsanto’s_Roundup_–_Confirmed_In_Most_Vaccines/53924/0/38/38/Y/M.html

            ALL of these things and MUCH worse is HAPPENING NOW.
            This is your USSA. This is ONLY Beginning.
            Do you like your “change” now? Wait until the UN-NWO really gets rolling.

            The LIES must be repeated. Right?
            NOAA manipulating weather data.
            Dr. Drew being fired.
            Giving over internet to UN.

            Population MUST be kept “on message”. Blind-Silenced-Dumbed Down
            Keep the sheep quite and peaceful so the wolves can eat at will.

            Is this post going to be censored too?

      5. Buy hard copy books. The convenience of not having to carry around books is leading to a dangerous future. Fahrenheit 451 is a great book. The degree at which paper burns. These facts which are Chemistry could be restricted. The popularity of e-books is alarming. Less people purchasing tangible copies, makes the price go up. Eventually these books, especially the old versions, are becoming more and more expensive. They will continue to rise in value like very old cars, until only the 1% will own them.

        Eventually, the only e-books allowed will be crap, shit, fucken kike approved dumbed down lies.


        • Your right !
          I buy old school history textbooks and math books .
          This stuff is important .
          And get the old ones , not the “rewritten” PC crap .

        • Good idea, B
          Another example- what is marriage? Union between man and woman
          How will textbooks define it now? Union between two adults?
          What about 20 years from now?
          Union between three adults?

        • I have several books, that I inherited from my Grandfather, mostly science, math and botany books. They are primary school books, grade three, and the education, taught in them, is of real value. I doubt that they teach, such depth, at universities anymore.

        • Suggestion:
          There is company called “Half Priced Books.” Located in Dallas Texas area.
          They have web site. Look them up.
          We go there twice a year and stock up for children’s home schooling.

          Also Amazon sells used books.
          I am Amazon’s best book customer.

          Knowledge is cheap to Acquire. College Text books go for $3.00
          Math-Science-Growing Food-Animal Husbandry-Repair of Equipment-Building/Construction, useful skills/trades.

          Build your Library ——————–While you can.
          Internet will likely be very controlled and shut down soon.
          Your TRAITOR Amerikan president gave away control of Internet to UN.
          Dark days ahead. Not only for sold out Amerikans but for humanity and world.
          Evil is NOW in control. Traitors Now run Amerika.
          The rich will have the robots kill the rest of us. Just matter of time.
          All technology is a snoop device for the TRAITOR government. Avoid it.

          Get Right with God.
          Get supplied and squared away.
          Leave Amerika while you can.
          Amerika Politicians are going to get Amerika Nuked. They want and will provoke war.

      6. Buy books. Get rich. The E-books can be erased. It’s harder to locate and destroy physical books. The value of books will skyrocket making them an excellent investment. Now and into the future.

        • Split your information into two groups.

          1. Information needed even if electricity, Internet and electricity die. Print out or buy books.

          2. Information that I only need if electricity is still is available. Save books, videos, and articles on archive quality DVD’s. Have a secure computer not connected to the Internet that can access it. So yeah don’t throw away that old Windows XP computer that’s sitting in the basement, that’s not good for much more than reading books on disk!

          Note: Recently I upgraded some computers to Windows 10, it is frightening how many back doors are built in. Without several hours of work locking down your Windows 10 PC, Microsoft, the government and most of the world have access to your computer and its data. Search on the term securing Windows 10, read all about it.

          • A good Linus OS with some added security and opsec can minimize to a degree govt. intrusion,and certainly run a lot quicker/smoother,fuck windows and apple,their dys are pretty much done.

            • Argh……!Linux,not Linus!

          • Thanks for the heads up. Remember, only wealthy people had libraries back in the day. Let’s be wealthy. I’ve kept my hubby’s college textbooks in math, science( from the early 60’s) almost all my kids’ homeschool books( especially reading, math, science and history( Christian curriculum) and my nursing school texts. It’s a lot, but if the internet gets scrambled, we can still function. This list we have doesn’t include homesteading books 😉

            • Clarification, we have LOTS of homesteading books. I need to proofread more.

      7. I hate Youtube now and will ignore that site in the future. Without political dissent it’s not worth watching, imo. If net dissent is heavily policed the streets are all that’s left as legal protest explodes. The truth will prevail.

      8. Having previously operated a reasonably popular (1 million hits, thousands of subs, and average view per video of 10,000)’alternative’ Youtube Channel (closed down and deleted Dec 2015), I can say with some authority that this is nothing new.
        In addition to ‘demonitising’ my videos, Youtube used all manner of ‘soft’ censorship on my channel too, ie from ensuring certain videos did not appear on page one of a google search (amazing how few people look beyond page one), to messing with the ‘similar channel’ links / suggestions. The last 2 points can be very effective in managing trafic to a site/channel and further reducing any potential ad revenue.
        Going back to the money issue raised in the article, cutting ad revenue is something I experienced from day one, as my early videos were, shall we say ‘somewhat contraversial’, so much so that several gained the attention of the so called authorities and I was advised to remove them. In the case of my now infamous ‘Jade Helm 15 is a psyop – code 33’ video, where I was the first person on youtube to reveal it was a Psyop and explained how you could tell these things by decoding/reading the messages contained in each exercise name, I wa warned to ‘cease and desist’ (but only after it had already been viewed 90,000 times, lol.
        Anyway, I was not in the slightest bit concerned about any of this as my videos were made without regard for myself, and especially without regard for making or loosing money.
        People who have no regard for making money, or who are prepared to actually loose money, will not be affected by the ad revenue issue highlighted in the article. They will carry on until they are censored directly by having thier videos pulled, silenced through channel suspension / deletion, or warned off by the heavy mob.
        Sadly, many people on youtube today are clearly in it for the money so this is a big issue to them. Indeed, there are many channels that are run as a serious business and have the income of serious business.
        I dont mean to run them down, nor suggest they have not got anything interesting to say, but they need to be aware that the more they have personally invested in a youtube channel, or rely upon it as their sole source of income, then the more vulnerable they are to economic control techniques and other ‘soft’ forms of censorship.
        To be honest, I always viewed Youtube as a temporary ‘anomaly’ in our highly controlled society. It was never going to last, well, at least not in its original free and open form. Use it and abuse it (ie post contraversial and non-politically correct stuff) whilst you can, were my thoughts, because even back then it was clear it wasnt going to last for ever.
        Just one more point, if you have not noticed, Youtube has already gone NSA/GCHQ just like Facebook did years ago. Everything you do/say and view on Youtube is monitored and recorded. Worse, hose people opting to moneytise thier videos have to provide Google with thier full name, home address, and bank account details, along with a raft of other personal info if they want thier dollar bills/pound notes. This is dangerous these days as just like facebook, the authorities use all this info to profile ‘dissadents’, trouble makers, and potential ‘domestic terrorists’.
        Oh, just one last point before I go, TBTB also use psyop techniques in the comment and message system to further profile people. It is amazing how many people get pulled into discussions/arguments (often contrived by professional .gov profilers). From thier response and other actions/inactions enormous psychological and personal data can be obtained.
        I will go now, but just remember, genuine ‘truth tellers’ and ‘watchmen’ will never be put off from making videos, writing articles, or speaking thier mind by soft censorship, and they will certainly never stop shouting from the rooftops just because youtube may not place adverts on thier videos.
        There is much more to life than money.

        • Excellent Points, AA
          Very good article by Paul McGuire
          “Technocratic Elite” are using technology like Social Bots that expose private information on any individual and specifically social media users for the purposes of tracking, control, or blackmail. Social Bots are used to destroy individuals and grassroots organizations that challenge the official politically correct dogma.

      9. The hacking world can and probably will start taking out sites/companies that fuck with freedom of speech.As privately owned boob tube can do as they wish,their will be replacements.

        Powers that want to be start taking out said sites replacement then you have a real cyber war,the hackers will win,pushed far enuff could really screw up the whole web,and if not freedom on web then who the fuck cares ect.powers that want to be.

      10. I was told not so long ago, by unenlightened and brain-washed family/friends, that a world like George Orwell’s 1984 couldn’t happen here….no matter how much I explained that it is already happening here. The last thing I told thing these fools was there will be no election.!!!!!

      11. When they made CB radio legal in the UK everyone just about stopped using them so if they try to make it illegal to have your say on the internet then the reverse will happen and more people will go out there way to have a say.

        Software developers are turning on windows for locking them out of windows and will lead the fight back with something like Tor but much better.

        Must go now, got some BitTorrent to seed, seed, seed

      12. I stopped watching TV decades ago because its so boring and I’m not really into bulls–, violence, lies, etc. If they start distorting the Internet so its just as useless and boring as TV, I will stop visiting the Internet as well… then when they have left us with no outlet for Truth, research, expressing outrage over the system, etc, people will resort to other more drastic actions– like joining the 100’s of thousands of insurgencies taking place all over the US (according to Dmitry Orlov website), which are declaring war on various segments of the establishment.

      13. I have NEVER commented in 5 years.

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