World Domination: UN Continues Fight To Disarm All Americans

by | Jun 25, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 63 comments

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    The United Nations is gearing up for round two in the fight to disarm the American public. Last month, the United Nations’ International Action Network on Small Arms (IANSA) held a week-long conference geared towards making gun control an international priority.

    Wanting world domination, the global elites are seeking to prevent Americans from being able to escape the slavery they have planned for everyone by enacting “global gun control.” According to Townhall‘s Beth Baumann, during RevCon3, the conference on the program of action on small arms and light weapons, the UN’s Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres had a message delivered on his behalf.  It reads, in part:

    Every year, over half a million people are killed violently around the world, mostly through small arms fire.

    Those pulling the trigger may be soldiers, border guards or police, using their weapons as a last resort, in accordance with the principles of necessity, proportionality and restraint. Some are private security guards or civilians, using a registered firearm for protection or in self-defence.

    But the huge majority of those who kill with small arms do not fit this description. They may be members of armed groups who are terrorizing people of a country or a whole region with killings and sexual abuse. They could be members of national security forces who are abusing their power. They might be terrorists aiming to destroy lives and sow fear; criminals holding up a grocery store; or gang members killing those who get in the way of a drug deal.

    Tragically, many of them are men using an illegally-acquired weapon against the women who are their partners. In some countries, more than 60 percent of killings of women are committed with firearms.

    Illicit small arms are also used against United Nations peacekeeping forces. In 2017, 56 peacekeepers died in violent attacks – the highest number in over two decades.

    Controlling and regulating small arms therefore requires action that goes well beyond national security institutions. It includes providing alternative livelihoods for former combatants, engaging with municipal governments and police, working with civil society, including grass-roots organizations and community violence reduction programmes, as well as local businesses.

    Small arms control is a prerequisite for stability and conflict prevention, which is critical to achieve the mutually reinforcing goals of sustaining peace and sustainable development.

    Only through sustainable development will we be able to build just, peaceful and inclusive societies and to achieve lasting peace.

    The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development is our agreed roadmap for building peaceful, resilient and prosperous societies on a healthy planet. Among the 17 Goals, there is a specific target to reduce arms flows, based on improving the tracing of weapons.

    The Agenda for Disarmament that I launched last month includes a renewed focus on controlling small arms. And it includes my commitment to establish a dedicated facility within the Peacebuilding Fund, to ensure solid financing for coordinated, integrated, sustained small arms control measures.

    When the UN says that over a half a million have been killed by guns worldwide, they conveniently leave out the number of people killed in wars and by governments pretending to act on the behalf of people (democide-death by your OWN government). The democide numbers are not even close when compared to private citizens acting on their own. As Baumann wrote: “The reason they have to use “grassroots organizations” they’re meaning gun control groups, like Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. They’re utilizing Americans to fulfill their desire to push gun control. Their reason? It looks better if Americans are demanding we abolish the Second Amendment instead of other countries trying to pressure us.”

    But just how many people were killed by their own governments (democide)?  Well, it’s hard to say because according to Glenn Floyd, the stats are deliberately concealed by State Coroners. The leading cause of non-natural death around the globe today, other than natural causes, is democide. It far outpaces private murderers and suicides.

    Governments always offer excuses for the murder, like overpopulation, political opposition, and economic concerns. But that doesn’t mean they’ve provided adequate justification to the immoral killings.  And now the global elites will seek to prevent those they seek to enslave any ability to fight back.


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      1. Gov’t has failed us miserably period! And U.N. is TRASH!! Wake up folks, the time is right around the corner – do you hear/see it yet? Be ready or else…sad times for you!

        • Come and take them motherfuckers!

          • So according to this study below American own 400 Million Guns. Probably half which were purchased under Obama Gun Sales Man of the decade.

            Americans Now Own 40% Of The World’s One Billion Guns
            06-25-2018 • ht tps://

            At the end of 2017, there were approximately 1 billion firearms in over 230 countries around the globe, 84.6 percent of which were held by civilians, 13.1 percent by state militaries, and 2.2 percent by law enforcement agencies – with Americans the dominant owners, according to a study released Monday.

          • anyone around the globe, welcome 2 the lead 1st

          • fu*k the UN… just got a lapua… Need some practice with a blue target..

          • Menzoberranzan, i disagree with you, you never want to wait for your enemy to come and “take them”. It’s one thing if you know your enemy is coming to take your guns. That way you’d have time to prepare an ambush. It’s a completely different situation if they show up, and surprise you at 3 AM. It’s always a much better idea to control the flow of battle by going on the offensive. You see that way, you take the fight to them, you control the time, and place of the engagement. Plus, doing it this way, if you have any family you’ll keep them out of the line of fire.

            • Just a saying, man. When the time comes we will be the aggressor to end it quickly. They must start though.

              • BTW I’m not located at a place they can just come and kick in the doors. They’ll die many yards before that. And anyone that hasn’t added force multipliers and other items to their home defense is crazy.

        • We tax payers,through the US Government help fund the UNs Small Arms Treaty , that the UN is using to take away our guns. The president should have fully removed us from the Muslim org the UN.

      2. The United Nations must justify its existence. They’ve failed and continue to fail.

      3. U.N. please send along a ship load of body bags on your way to America. As I know a lot of people that can hit a blue helmet at over 800 meters, it will be great fun.

        • Lol they will never have the balls to come over here and try.

          • Agreed! They can go fuck themselves if they think I will ever put my guns in their hands without a fight.

        • Uh my eyes aren’t so good these days could you let a few get under 500 yds for us old folks?

          • P’noid: maybe u need cataract surgery like hubby had this month. Anyway, has an updated FEMA roundup/UN troop update: UN troops to exterminate, etc. So, folks check it out now, goes into detail. Most Americans are dumbed down and will go along w/roundups by U.S. troops, the UN guys will run the camps.

        • Just aim for the blue helmet, doesnt matter how much drop there is, use hollow points too, preferrably thin skinned hollow points, bigger wounds,

          • Hey Nailbanger, Thought you’d like to know.

            The first casualties of President Trump’s trade war are 60 workers at Mid-Continent Nail, America’s largest nail manufacturer. They lost their jobs on June 15th at a factory in a part of Missouri that voted overwhelmingly for Trump. The whole company could be out of business by Labor Day.

        • HOOO AH!

      4. So end the drug war already! WTF?

      5. Come to American an will show you real savage way!!! with blood eagle

      6. bring it btches

      7. Whenever and wherever the UN gets involved, death and destruction follow.

        Be ready.

        • Rebel.. How about the confederate party.

        • I’m not sure you guys have thought this through. In most cases, your posts are not in line with the Constitution. Nice that ppl care though!

      8. There will be a huge number of gun grabbers who won’t live to see their families and homes ever again. As Southernman pointed out, blue helmets with holes will be piling up. If they want to live they need to drop the idea of ‘disarmament’.

        • I think that when, not if, America descends into a Civil War, The UN will eventually move in and try and disarm Americans. The NWO needs an America on it’s knees to implement it’s New World Order Governance. That’s all that’s stopping it right now even.

          When SHTF, Food traded to snitches snitching out those with guns will likely be a powerful tool for the Leftists. 1-800-report-a-gun. Food and $5,000 in NWO bucks will do the trick with a hungry population.

          The Elites don’t seem to be fazed by massive personnel losses either, they have an endless supply of minions. Can you imagine Congolese UN troops in Virginia and North Carolina, “Restoring Order”, in say 2028? I can.

          I’m not saying it’s hopeless, I’ll be manning the ramparts and in the trenches with you, but I really think the Blue Helmets are our ultimate enemy.

          The “Deep State” in the USA is really a fifth column of the Globalist Blue Helmets, right in our very midst. The Deep State is the enactment arm of the NWO UN, and the FBI/CIA is the enforcement arm of the deep state, the Progressives and Rinos are NWO Operatives, and the MSM/CNN is the Propaganda arm.

          • Son Of Patriot, you make some good points. But we all need to question just how many foreign troops total can the UN round up to try to subdue this country? Not one single member state will be willing to contribute their ENTIRE army for that purpose. Got to keep a certain number of troops at home in case THEIR OWN people get the same idea of rebellion we have. Can’t have that going on in other countries now, can we? So there will be LIMITS as to how many countries are willing to commit troops and how many each nation can spare. Sure they can occupy the cities for a time but the rural areas are where the real action will be and there’s no way they’ll ever subdue any rural areas in this land. It would also be interesting to see how many of those UN boys get ‘cold feet’, heh heh!

      9. The democrat elite support UN agenda 2030. If you read it all will become clear from the border to gun control. Make no mistake they want our rights and sovereignty.

      10. Google the history of UN peacekeeping operations. Not exactly a story of success. They get their asses beaten by insurgents just like anyone’s regular army does.

        • They’ll be defeated by American Patriots as well.

          • Menzo, you bet your ass they’ll get defeated.

      11. First comes demonization, then disarmament, then genocide.

      12. PERSIANS!!!!!!
        COME AND GET THEM!!!!
        – King lionitis-

      13. And the UN has “WHAT ” rights to change our Constitution.

        • NONE
          Further, i dont need an old piece of parchment nor a bunch of international azzholes to tell me what my rights are, and im pretty sure i wont be alone when the bullets start flying.
          You leftists and your UN goons listen up
          You can go fuck yourselves

          • NB i understand. that!! still the UN has no rights to tell patriotic americans what we can and can not have
            nuff said. dont invade MY space

          • Nailbanger, You hit that one right out of the park. Same with me.

          • AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • Yes. It goes without saying we will shoot a bunch of these damn UN scum, traitors, and hopefully some of the truly responsible assholes that have caused this.

          • The US corporation is already chipping away at gun rights in case your residing under a rock. Prepping us for the UN, Russia, China, Isis takeover. Yes this includes King Trump. Will we ever learn that the left and right are essentially two sides of the same coin? Both have been complicit in taking away liberties year after year after year after ?

      14. The number of civilians killed by common criminals pale in comparison to those murdered by their own governments in the 20th century with the numbers being a conservative estimate of 55 million to as high as 177 million. All the victims were disarmed by statute prior to the genocides. What can be stated without debate is that all governments that disarmed their civilian populations haven’t (to date) violently turned on them, but all that have committed mass murder upon elements within their civilian population first disarmed them. This fact is not debatable.

        h ttps://

      15. In fairness to the UN, we’ve been sticking our nose in the business of so many countries since the end of WWII. Now, they’re doing it to us!! Nevertheless, the nations of the UN should focus on conditions in their own countries.

      16. Self defense is a basic human right, so NO, all your false flags ain’t working to separate people from their self defense. All of our basic rights are under attack yet this government has miniscule approval rating besides the government approving of itself. Free speech on the cusp of being illegal publicly. The attempted wipeout of the public right to self defense. Non constitution zones within 100 miles of all coasts which cover two thirds of the US population. The goon squads can stop you and are doing just that and ask you are you an American citizen, a “fishing expedition” where dogs are walked around your vehicle told to be on the lookout for foreign language accents. Hey bozos, you can’t tell the difference between a Mexican, a Muslim and normal citizens? The all on assault is now.

        • Aljamo, that’s another one hit right out of the park.

      17. Yeah, since gun control has been working so well in places like Detroit and Chicago.

      18. The majority of states comprising the UN (I call them states because though they are political entities most of them are really nothing more than countries that in reality are held together by a boot on the neck of their people). Now those same “leaders” (who are actually thugs), want to finish disarming those of us in this world, who can still defend ourselves or fight tyranny. It is undisputed fact by far the greatest murderers and abusers of human rights in all of history throughout the entire world has been governments and TPTB, achieving hundreds of millions of deaths by regimes of mass cruelty headed by dictators and communists in the 20th century alone, FACT – PERIOD. These thugs in suits and ties don’t want the masses armed because they pose a threat the the existence of tyranny. It’s obvious TPTB in most states around the world couldn’t care less how their populations live, they know the disarmed people are helpless to oppose them. The thugs in suits and ties in the UN want Americans disarmed so people around the world will no longer see the contrast of an armed and therefore freer population versus an unarmed and captive population. Unfortunately, America is filled with traitors and quislings in every part of society, eager to betray their fellow citizens and neighbors to bring about an unarmed and hence caged nation; they despise our freedoms and individual rights, they say so. Most of officialdom despise the masses, viscerally so; they consider the people nothing more than managed disposable resources primarily for purposes of the state.
        The only way TPTB can attempt this is by destroying the Constitution in conjunction with mass force, or subtler means on the dumbed-down and propagandized portion of our population. However, ANY method to disarm the people is by every definition illegitimate because it violates the Constitution and human rights/natural law. Don’t give up your guns! Should our rights be extinguished in the future expect a quick slide to 3rd world status as most of the world is already. Regardless of color, here in the South is where most of the freest Americans live, that’s why we need to have our own country again.

      19. The United Nations was created by Rockefeller (Rothschilds). Rockefeller owned the land and built the building.

        Without the power of money, and without the power and suppression of knowledge, Rockefeller and Rothschild, their frontmen like Bill Clinton (Rhodes Scholar (Rhodes is a front for Rothschild) would no longer commit murder.

        Mass murder (genocide) is preceded by disarming.

        The Armenian Genocide is rarely talked about. The people who perpetrated the Armenian Genocide own Newspapers, Radio, Television, Movie Factories, Publishing Houses, Universities. Is it any wonder we never hear or see anything about these victims.

        Nor do we see or hear about the holodomor.

        What is happening in South Africa? And, why is it happening?
        What is happening with the mass invasion of Europe? And, who is responsible? Who promotes open borders? Is it Rothschilds?

        Antonio Gutters (Gutierrez?) has a message for us.
        Do we have a message for Antonio?

        _ ????????_


        • So true, good post! The Rockefeller site was a slaughterhouse previously, so appropriate. Blood sacrifices were made on the site of the HQ of what has proven to be the greatest blood letter of all, the World Governments. The Irony of this was not lost on Rockefeller, who recently died after his 7th heart replacement wore out. Where did that scaly beast get all of those hearts? No ones saying. Some guy named Igor getting likely ‘Donors’ for his master Rocky.

          Merkel and Macron, both whose names start with “M” (Dial-M-For-Murder) support the flooding of Europe with Muslims, who are raping White women on an industrial scale. The flood also cause massive intermarriage of blond/brunette women with Muslim men. I’m not a racist, but this is social experimentation and a loss of the European cultures, to be replaced with a stone age culture.

          Our own invasion is also from south of the border, from Mexico, Central America. I’m not being racist here, Trump knocked it out of the park in stating that it’s a few thousand now, but in a few short months, it’ll be tens of millions, it will completely overrun us and will be an invasion.

          For those who doubt it, imagine another 100 million ‘immigrants’ in the USA, all within five years. We will be a nation of 450 million, with barrios of un-assimilated uneducated people, who will all gain the right to vote and vote overwhelmingly for Marxist ‘Progressives’. We will be a Marxist nation, with millions of recent immigrants to feed into the Marxist armies.

          I mean, forget about the fact that one third of the country can’t and won’t speak English, we will have full-blown Marxism with all of those people voting it in. Which is why the Progressives are so against the Wall being built.

          We are almost at the same point as the Europeans.

      20. White Hat Euro Faggots will make Great Target Practice in America! I’m actually looking forward to it! Come one, come all Motherfuckers!!!

      21. Blue helmet + cross hairs = nothing but red mist!

      22. The State of Montana could defeat the impotent UN girly ‘soldiers’. Molon Labe!

      23. And when they come here, don’t let one of them escape.

      24. Any person who reads the U.N. statment and accepts it is obviously a product of the merican education system. (That is the system in which professors do not teach students to use logic and deductive reasoning to solve problems but rather a system where the professors teach the student what they should believe) The UN statement gives no numbers or hard facts , no percentages, but rather uses unsubstantiated terms such as “great majority” (how many is that ) and no attribution for there sources or statements. IT IS TIME TO GET U.S. OUT OF THE UN. Nickey Haley has made a good start.

      25. When and If the UN (notice I said when) come for our guns. All American patriots should go to NY and burn down the UN building. Force the UN personnel to the ocean and tell them to swim.

        Those pretty blue helmets with all the holes in them will make great plant holders.


        • Only after they spend a few nights trying to police NYC at night.

      26. Resist Communist Socialist Democrats

      27. If these uckers want to disarm themselves, let them. But we don’t so leave US alone. We don’t try to disarm you just because you feign hating guns.

      28. Having not had time to read ALL of the comments, I state my info, FULLY aware that IT MIGHT be redundant…Here goes:

        #1] Since 1992 The U.N. has developed several “cover stories” for pushing they’re agenda of TOTAL DOMINATION & CONTROL. The MAIN 1st goal is “ARMS CONTROL” = “NO ARMS for the G.P, therefore, NO SWEAT for the CONTROLLERS”.

        #2] The TWO MAIN PROGRAMS they are insidiously & covertly developing, as a FULL PROGRAM of CONTROL & DOMINATION are:

        (A) Sustainable Development &
        (B) Sustainable Government.

        #3] For a SAFE SEARCH try: – duck duck – (It’s what I use exclusively when I want privacy)…

        #4] KNOWLEDGE is YOUR GREATEST advantage: SEARCH for the “EARTH SUMMIT…RIO De Janairo Brazil in 1992” In case you’re not able to, here it is:

        #5] STUDY to LEARN what they’re GENUINE U.N. AGENDA is…AND!

        SEARCH & STUDY the History of U.N. “peace keeping” programs throughout the World…BUT! PREPARE for a grisly shock:

        Murder, rape, extortion, theft, and “REGIME CHANGE”…along with false imprisonments of “resisters”…to name just a FEW of the “MODUS OPERENDI” of these [so called] “PEACE KEEPERS”!!!


        Give NO ONE your ability to defend yourself, your loved ones, AND, of course…YOUR NATION!

      29. I’m going to make some startling claims & you are welcome to laugh at them, but I claim them to be true. The Red Dragon was the alien presence on/inside this earth. The Bible refers to leader of this alien group as Satan; in modern times the Red Dragon is known as the greys. They are as much dragons as Russians are Bears or Americans are eagles. This was never a cohesive group, as each member displayed his own strong desires to be leader.

        If you remember a few years back, it seemed like the Tsunami of the New World Order had just about won & swept all world political structures; we, believers know this was all at the urging/direction of Satan, so that his son, Apollyon (Rev 9:11) could come out of the bottomless pit with the Red Dragon
        (Rev 17:8) to rule the earth as antichrist without proxies (men who pretended to run this planet for thousands of years.

        There was a coup d’etat in the Red Dragon kingdom. Satan was beheaded; new faction renamed themselves Blue Dragon & since Apollyon had no more rights of succession- was terminated as well. All worshipers who continue to worship Red Dragon, will be punished with same Schadenfreude but administered by Blue Dragon. NWO (being a Red Dragon pet project) has been terminated a few years ago by new faction)- only support against it shall be given. You have seen the rise of populisn, nationalism, as demanded by Blue Dragon.

        The NEW WORLD ORDER is DEAD; ANTICHRIST IS DEAD ; SATAN IS DEAD. LONG LIVE MAN! Now take down the house of fellators at the United Nations

        Go ahead & laugh now; while you are laughing, have a good laugh at that joke, Satan

      30. How does one get the drug lords, terrorist, gangsters, corrupt governments to surrender their guns without another world war? What about wildlife, if not for hunting fees and firearms, there would be such an explosion of wildlife it would be impossible to drive a car without colliding with them. After public outcry the army would go in and kill off all wildlife, wouldn’t that upset the world ecco system? If you came home after a hard day at the factory, and saw a crazy madman killing your children and raping your wife, would you have the right to shoot the rapist, or would you just have to watch?

      31. All of my silhouette targets have blue helmets painted on.

      32. Do not ever forget, that hunger will be used as a weapon. The U.N. could never field enough “peacekeepers” to have a squad on every streetcorner in America.But if they can drive (or herd) the majority of people into cities (containment) it will make their job easier.Any “holdouts” in rural areas, could be driven out with with wildfires or persistent chemical weapons.Crops could be destroyed with aerial spraying.

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