What’s Jade Helm For? Military Train Convoys Spotted “Stretching As Far As Eye Can See”

by | Aug 13, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 122 comments

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    This article was written by and originally published at Intellihub.com, always on the watch for martial law and encroachments upon Americans.

    Editor’s Comment: Jade Helm 15 went live several weeks ago. It is perhaps the largest scale military exercise ever conducted on American soil, spanning across the Southwest, and reportedly, into many other states as well. It drew massive attention on the Internet and suspicion that went as high as Texas’ governor, who vowed to have Texas State Guard troops watch out for potential abuses. And yet, there has been a complete blackout on what exactly has taken place during this exercise. Headquartered in Bastrop, Texas, a stone’s throw away from the capital in Austin, the exercise launched with a ban on press and virtually no information about what was actually taking place.

    Citizen journalists and staunch defenders of the republic have done their best to keep watch, too, but with little to tell the world. What we do know, is there continues to be a massive build up of military infrastructure and training. Videos and witnesses reveal the transport of large volumes of vehicles and equipment… dreading that the war could one day be against Americans, rather than overseas enemies. Let us hope and pray otherwise. But honestly, what are they gearing up for?

    Jade Helm: Woodland military train convoys seen in four states stretching as far as the eye can see

    by Intellihub

    Since the start of the controversial massive realistic training exercise known as Jade Helm, news on what is actually happening within the exercise has become almost non-existent.

    This is in marked contrast to all the information that was being released on a daily basis by the alternative media in the lead up to the exercise when one couldn’t go half a day without a new military convoy sighting or announcement of another urban military training drill.

    Now, almost a month into Jade Helm we are starting to see another pick up in the amount of woodland military equipment being shipped across the country, with military train convoys spotted in at least three states in the last week.

    A massive military convoy with over 100 vehicles, including at least fifty Strykers was recently spotted moving southbound through Spartanburg, South Carolina. Note that the vehicles are in woodland camouflage which destroys the notion that they are for use in the Middle East.

    The above sighting in South Carolina came just days after three different videos of military train convoys were released on the exact same day.

    A large convoy of APC’s was spotted heading east on I-84 near Ogden, Utah, apparently headed towards Cheyenne, WY.

    A similar convoy, this one filmed in Idaho was also uploaded on August 7th.

    Finally, another convoy of military equipment was seen on August 7th, this time in Eugene, Oregon.

    Due to what can be described as a media blackout on official Jade Helm activity, it is impossible to know whether or not these sightings are connected to the controversial training exercise but one can imagine that they have to be for something important, perhaps even connected to what many believe is going to happen in September.

    What do you think?

    Are we seeing a massive preparation for some sort of martial law scenario or economic collapse in America? Is this connected to all the conspiracy theories surrounding September 2015?


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      1. Your hard earned tax dollars!!!

        • In 60 days, there will be no such thing as a legally grandfathered
          civilian-owned magazine capable of holding more than 10 rounds in Los


          City Attorney Mike Feuer, who drafted the law at the request of the
          Council, contends that it is virtually lawsuit-proof.

          “We have considered the possibility that the second revised draft
          ordinance might be challenged on the grounds that it is preempted by
          State law or violates the Second Amendment of the United States
          Constitution,” Feuer told the Council in a memo prior to their vote. “We
          believe the second draft ordinance is legally defensible on both grounds.”

          Read more:

          • California is funny like that.

            In Texas cities have zero authority to pass laws like this. Texas cities can’t create their own taxes, their own gun restrictions, anything that is not specifically allowed by the state legislature, which is very little.

            The Texas legislature only meets for 6 months out of every two years so the legislature is not pressured to pass bullshit laws every time something flares up in the news.

            The more I read about Commifornia the more I appreciate living in Texas.

            • Don’t forget that here in the people’s republic of Cal you can’t find real BBQ. That is the solution. Get real BBQ in East and West coast and all will be good. At least if SHTF most people will have there own wood burning method to cook. Now cook what I can’t help you. Yes I lost my mind.

            • Nevada is the same way, State laws supersede all those stupid individual county/city laws. Clark County (Las Vegas) had to stop registering firearms after 40 years of forcing the citizens to do so, and have to destroy the records as of January 2015.

          • Illegal aliens in Los Angeles will still be armed killing Americans. Not just living in sanctuary cities but holding high public official positions(Huntington Park).

            City Attorney Mike Feuer as well as every other official needs to be arrested for harboring criminals and being accessory’s and accomplices for the crimes of the illegals they aide and abet.

            • REMEMBER…THE MOVIE THE PURGE ??? at the end of the movie the purge 2 …you found out that gubers that held office were involved in the slaying of innocents they personally wanted gone .

          • I doubt the gangs in LA get the 10 round memo and keep using their 30 rounder mags. The innocent will obey and be slaghtered as expected. The author of the law policy needs to get the shit beat out of him for starters. Hell change his tune when SHTF.

          • http://www.businessinsider.com/crude-oil-price-august-13-2015-8
            Here is real Hard evidence that the author a few articles back hasnt a clue what he wrote claiming high enegy costs are pushing the Global depression. Wrong O Oreo!!

            Crude oil just Dropped to $42 a barrel the lowest in 6 years and the stockpiling of oil is the largest in 80 years.

            He has no Fracking Idea what he says. I laugh at a lot of these fear porn tabloid articles.

            Other news, Jessy Ventura says he would join a Donald Trump Ticket. Since the tabloid new here seems to draw penty of flies. Chew on that new news.


        • Tip:

          We bareknuckle boxers will tell you that we would rather take 10 uppercuts to the jaw than 1 in “the mark” (solar plexus).

          Train yourself to instinctively make a first strike to the solar plexus.

          Forget about puching people in the face you will break your fucking hand.

          Train by punching concrete blocks to harden your hands.

          • Aw shucks Acid, what happened to your Kung Fu fighting?

          • Have to disagree Acid, One hard punch forward into the nose can drive the nose septum right into the brain and can cause brain injury after their eyes pop out and tears running down their face. A pencil clinched between your fingers and driven into the eye socket 6 inches can kill a person as well. The ear hole is another place to drive and object. Know your death target areas. All in self defense if course. Ha.

            • Truck key protruding between fingers can do a lot of damage to an eye.

        • Las Vegas

          Why the fuck would you build a resort in the middle of the desert wasteland?

          It is literally a bunch of casinos in the middle of the fucking desert.

          Why the fuck would you legalize prostitution?

          It all looks good on paper until theres a Mexican pimp on every corner harassing you trying to get you to buy his disgusting, diseased, HERPES-mouthed, nasty whore. The low grade street whores are old and lanky and the high-cash whores are young and actually are 9s and 10’s, albeit with herpes sores on their mouths.

          Meh. I guess the strip is actually pretty upscale. Nice buildings and shopping and shows. Las Vegas airfare and hotels are actually the cheapest in the country, so it’s your gateway to see the west.

          Why the fuck would you gamble at a casino? Dont you retards understand probability theory?

          • Why build it there? because they legalized it.

            Why legalize prostitution? Maybe they understand freedom better than you do. What’s your bitch? That you can only afford the low grade diseased whores or that the high grade ones wont have anything to do with you?

            why gamble at a casino? Maybe because it’s a cool way to blow $100 over a few hours with fun conversation and free drinks.

            If you don’t like it, you could always just stay at the trailer eating your TV dinners with your ugly wife instead.


          In SHTF idiots will continue to flush the toilets even though the pumping stations will be down, resulting in an overflow of contaminants and noxious fumes into your house.

          WW2 was the first war when more people died from wounds than poor sanitation. A simple cut can fucking kill you in SHTF.

          In the beginning of SHTF unfasten your crapper from the floor and seal the drain with wax and rubber.

          If you are on septic tank you may eventually have to pump it out with a mechanism you are in control of. And such things do get flooded sometimes when it rains.

          Do not fuck this prep up you will have to leave your BOL and it has the potential to kill you.

          • I’m not a plumber but I’m pretty sure the purpose of a trap is to keep the fumes from coming back up and even if the water is shut off and your filling the tank by hand the trap should still work. I’m not trying to be mean just a friendly thought.

          • LOL. Good grief. I cant stop laughing at you.

            • NunaBidness.

              Actually Acid Etch is right. Sewage intrusion could occur if the lifting/pumping station goes off line. Especially if you are in a low spot using city sewer lines.

              There are access ports in the sewer line usually underground. You plug the line there so it has not chance of flowing back up through all your drainage pipes.

              The people above you will keep flushing their shit right into your home.

              • Acid and Sling are both right. Same thing can happen during a flood it all backs up. However you can install a one way sewer pipe valve just before it attaches to the street main line. And of course within your property boundaries to avoid backups into your house, and it could come back up your bathtub drain as well as its all tied together. No doubt it can be a hell of a mess. Yeah you wake up and ready to take a shower and your neighbors shit fills your tub. Yeeeuccckkk.

              • To add to Acid Etch’s post.

                Locate your water line turn off valves at the street and house. Keeps from draining your water heater of a water source. Natural gas valves and lines if you have a break. Electrical box in your home. Keep you from having a major fire or blowing up your home.

              • Damn Skippy acid is right. I owned a building maintenance business for 25 yrs and when the sewer pressure is greater that the the trap pressure, guess what happens. The shit comes inside. I can’t recall how many times we had to clean out basements after a storm water surge backed up the sewers into basements. Now that is shit hitting the fan. Your correct slingshot, the only way to keep sewage out is to block the lines at the access points…Gotta wonder though, if there is no electricity to run the pumps, there won’t be any water to flush the toilets. You gotta believe there will be numb-nuts trying to though… cheers

          • Acid, you are correct. In one hurricane the rural areas could not flush. Straight up truth. My friend’s family somehow had enough water to fill their bowl. Many others do not. And that’s an area where it rains typically 20% of the days or more!

            I will gurandarntee you the utilities will not be restored for week(s) in rural areas (not top 100 cities)… this city probably is in top 1,000 in population and does have a large military installation beside it even.

            Even the trees across the roads were not removed for weeks unless the citizens did it themselves. Remember Katrina, something like over $110,000 was spent for every damaged house and almost all of that money disappeared to government contracts and never made it to the “intended” recipients.

            • It’s called a back flow preventer valve; it’s a ball and seat valve that prevents any sewage from coming into your building. It works here in Wisconsin. That being said, you may still not be able to flush, but you won’t have any shit coming unwantedly into your house.

          • seal with “wax and rubber”??? …. the hydrostatic pressure on an overflow situation can blow sewer lines ….

            you better learn a thing or two about closing off toilet flanges and drains before advising people ….

            • IW

              One other solution without plugging the line.

              Open the cap and let it flow over the ground.

          • LOL. Unless your house is higher than the others on the block. The poor schmuck at the lowest point will have the issue you allude to. I purposely don’t buy the lowest house on the block.

        • Everyone of those vehicles is made in China.

        • This Author from intellihub asks us what we think? I think you need to present some hard facts to complete a real story. Just slinging pieces of shit out here to see what flies you can attract to complete your fear porm is not reporting. You should change your name to intelli-dud. Thats what me thinks comrad.

        • The airport at Tucson saw the arrival of 3 U.S.Army dash 8 aircraft and a mobile trailer with satellite capability around July 14th. These aircraft are used for surveillance and intelligence. Originally they were parked outside the general aviation transit business “Million Air” and since were moved to a less visible area by a hangar that seems to have not been used for quite some time. For the most part they sit on the ground but I have seen one or two flights overhead from where I live.

          We are into this for a month now with a month to go. I’ve heard nothing from any news sources about the operation.

      2. Currency war that will lead into a ground war.The RAAF base near us has been very busy lately,and usually after 9pm,Blackhawks running blacked out,6 at a time.
        Scary times we live in,you can feel something coming,even here in Australia…our BOL to the inlaws farm is a 16hr drive,so what ever is coming,i want a good 24hr headstart

        • Yep here in the states too. I am seeing alot of c130s coming into our airport daily picking up people. Ive never seen this kinda of stuff before. I wonder where their all going? Maybe there really is something to this Sept thing and their doing a slow organized exit within a two month period instead of all at once thus arising ???

        • Aussie, I am totally on a tangent here but saw a meteorite flash through the sky for the first time in my life a little over a week ago. Now hearing about meteorites in Iran. Unexpected explosion in China. We gotta look at potential evidence.

          Perhaps the bigoov know we are headed into extreme meteorite area and relocating equipment accordingly. They claim they know days ahead of time on a town killer, weeks on a city killer; but, what if they know a year ahead of time on a country killer? Hubble has to be doing *something* out there in space and it sure isn’t scanning the surface of Mars!

          Maybe I’ve been here too long; but, when I see odd stuff popping up then I know something is causing them. I’m scientific like that. Turns out, few other people are.

      3. And if the country was invaded by a foreign army…well f@!$ing spent!.

        • You still don’t get it do you? It’s for you and me, from sea to shining sea. Patrick Henry knew when it was for them too.


          That speech should be required reading for every American, especially now. Those foreign invaders you’re talking about, yeah, they’re running the place. Your commie sensors are malfunctioning.

          Alas, I cast my pearls before swine and waste my time, yet again, on mind controlled sheep that can’t see the shepherd sharpening his knives. Enjoy your slop while it still flows into your trough.

      4. What do I think?

        We don’t know nothing about what is going on with Jade Helm.

        • We do know something. There are traitors at the very top levels of government. This hardware will be used against Americans. Anyone who thinks otherwise is a damn fool.

      5. I can explain the hoopla around September 23, 2015, it’s my 60th birthday. I’m not even making that up. I plan to be flyfishing and camping in Yellowstone National Park. All of this blather abut Jade Helm, what a load of crap.

        • Sounds like fun, happy birthday in advance! And yes, i agree, just a load of BS fear porn

          • Planes trains and more trains….so???

            All nonsense as everything feared and predicted so far for years has never ever come to fruition…

            Agreed Kula… fear porn ad nauseum…

            Try living your lives for once..


        • Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! catch a big one.

      6. Meh…. I don’t know much about this .gov operation. They all involve statist corporate employees…no different than local statist employees.

        These .gov pigs are all employees of a rogue corporate government that doesn’t care about life, liberty or pursuit of my happiness.

        “Just doin’ my job” is their excuse for violating your natural rights and they will defend that until you’re dead.

      7. Appears that some chess pieces are being positioned for “Checkmate”. Guess I’ll crack open another beer.

      8. I wouldnt mind one of those eight wheeled APCs and a 5 ton cargo truck to go with it,,,

        • All kinds of military hardware on auction here.

          ht tp://www.govplanet.com/jsp/s/search.ips?l2=USA-HI#sm=0&l2=

        • I saw an awax the other day. It flew over my house low. Never seen that one before. Then I saw three helicopters. I don’t think this has anything to do with Jade Helm or anything. Just never seen a awax that low or close.
          I have seen the black hawks before just not the awax. They were all headed North East. Towards D.C.

          Keep Prepping. Something is coming.

      9. The Federal communists are prepositioning military hardware throughout the country right in front of our faces. The gay marriage loving Federal government figures they can do what they want and no one is going to stop them.

        I suspect that the military will be used against Americans when the economy implodes and will also be used to round up those of us who are on their snatch and grab lists.

        Blood is going to flow in America soon. Hopefully a lot of it is going to be the blood of tyrants.

      10. We have nothing to fear, but fear itself. Yeah Right!!
        Or maybe they are all going down there to find Obamma’s golf balls.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

      11. Then why are they cutting back on the military,especially the army? However,Homeland Security seems to have an unusual amount of employees and armed at that.

      12. Woodland patern works great in Europe, and that’s probably where they are headed.
        You use trains to move vehicles to ships because it’s easier than draging the ship inland.
        There are more than enough real problems to worry about. Jade Helm is much to do about nothing.

        • The camouflage patterns were interesting. They weren’t just woodland pattern!!! I’m guessing most people don’t know that different countries use different patterns and different colors when they paint their vehicles. In the second video with a train of M113s there were more that just American paint jobs. I recognised paint jobs and patterns from FOUR different countries.

          None of the vehicles have had upgrades. Only two had turrets and ONE out of the 248 APCs had a particular marking.

          Those vehicles need a bit of work to be battle ready right away

      13. Those photos came off of Steve Quayles’ website. The pictures mean nothing, are nothing, never will be nothing, so get a life. Here is what is going on. All this hullabalou about JH15, impending Dow crash, and more, is a rouge to provide cover and concealment for the real gorilla in the room and that is a cyber/emp attack on the grid. After that we’re toast. Gridex 1 and 2 put our peckers in the wind and that is a fact. People, for the love of sanity the military has been moving equipment en mass by rail since the civil war. Damn, open your eyes and see what is going on. Emp/cyber attack is your problem, not a damn bunch of worn out equipment being photographed at an intersection by a soccer mom that can’t stay home and cook supper. Stop chasing nibiru and trains, please.

      14. It is not a coincidence that this is happening now. Right when we have “change” in America. Since no country or countries for that matter would be stupid enough to invade us, even with a reduced military right now. All of the former military people I have talked to know that something just isn’t adding up…

      15. The things that really bug me about Jade Helm are in theory not first letting locals know and freaking em out with sudden influx of hardware and that some say cops are training with them.I understand need to let local fuzz know whats going on so not a shootout ect.(has happened in past exercises)but if training them then a whole new ballgame.Tis the same as always,keep your eyes out for stranger then usual activity/live for today/prep for tomorrow,oh yah,and as a wise man says”The smalls add up!”.

      16. I don’t want to sound like a heckler, but I know from the Cold War, we used to “spread our equipment around” during times of uncertainty. Do I think we are moving towards a standoff with someone like Russia or China? You bet. I’d scatter all my equipment all over the US and hide it as best I could. JMHO.

      17. You don’t move all of this stuff for nothing. Would be nice to know what’s up!!

        • Dear Sgt dale,

          I’m SFC TJ, US Army and USAR, retired. and I agree I’d like to know also. But maybe, just maybe we don’t want to know as it could create panic and chaos. I do not have any faith or trust in John Kerry to represent us on any level, and it saddens me our leadership is actually considering a person for the presidency that cannot comply with comsec security. She should be in Leavenworth. But be that s it may, prepare for the worse, and if it’s just a bump in the road, know you were ready.

          Because everything in DC is Fubar, or as we used to say, Cluster “frack” (I’m keeping it clean)

          Always be “Good to go”

          • All I can say is if I had used my private email while working for the DOD, I would still be locked up. We were constantly being lectured and had to sigh ITAR non-disclosure agreements.

            • @JA S

              And NOTHING is going to happen to Hillary Clinton……NOTHING.

              Just as nothing happened to anyone after Benghazi (except for the Military who were fired because they tried to assist).

              And NOTHING happened to Lois Lerner….and NOTHING will happen.

              Just as NOTHING happened to those responsible for Fast and Furious. (BATFE gun running to Mexico)

              You see….the rules don’t apply to the elites. They are above the rules. And the political hacks in Congress will continue to do NOTHING.

              This is why we….the everyday common people….HATE them so badly.

              But they’ll never get it. Not until the ropes are around their necks and they are twisting in the wind.

          • J0Jo
            Thanks for your service.
            When you move this much stuff you are going to use it or blow it up. That is what the military does.

            Some of this stuff looks like some of the stuff used in Nam. But then again there was some new stuff in the group also.

            I agree its a Cluster!!!


          • Its mind boggling isnt it

        • What’s up, not one damn thing: Unless the grid goes down or the ptb finally succeed in starting a race war. I want no part of either…but it will be thrust upon all of us. Please, quit worrying about this JH15 stuff, it’s nothing, just like the Mayan noncalendar and Y2K.

      18. We get a lot of ethanol trains no coal. Never seen any military trains around here. Really how are you gonna get apcs over long distances your certainly not gonna drive a tracked vehicle 1500 miles. These war vehicles are only good for war period they have no other useful value even the trucks are fuel pigs drive crappy on the streets. People buy these trucks and never drive them they are unpractical a waste of$ I’d rather get a pickup truck if I didn’t already have one. Mil vehicles have a bullseye on them IMHO. Easy target really. Hit me and run away.

      19. Interesting that in recent posted pics,track equipment
        are Vietnam era, (APC) M-113’s, fielded first in 1962. The Army has been upgrading them.

        In the third pic behind the m-113’s is the M577A3 Command track
        for operational staff and also for hazardous material operation roles and uses as medic transport track it seems.

        Where ever the equipment is going, no doubt the troops are already there or on the way?

        Something is in the air

      20. Jade Helm is the distraction, the repositioning of equipment IS the plan.

        Been relocating some of my stuff too.

        Stay the course and be prepared to repel all boarders.

        Happy Birthday, Muddy.

        …i be jammin…..BA.

        jammin !!!

        • “Pledge Allegiance”

          We’re just the braces

          These selfish trials

          and fits
          Not so safe or scared

          or dumb is the rest
          Our unravelling has

          Enough of it here to

          Drown propped up and

          You stare at us pull

          you down
          You read the news
          You take the vows
          You blame the costs
          We play the chords
          Now the only course
          That traces an end
          To the violence
          Has left us without

          Chance to stand our


          … Stand up and …

          Get back in line and
          The time to start is
          Don’t let yourself

          play the
          There’s no way out

          Placatingly wound we

          Without purpose the

          game ends
          Promise me today
          So tomorrow’s a new

          All these sores

          Shutdown and loving it
          The greedy hands will

          But we stand ready to

          Yours’ is the blood
          Theirs’ the first
          The speed the greed
          The machines and the

          paper dolls
          We didn’t want this
          We didn’t need this
          We couldn’t see it

          But we’re to blame for


          … Stand up and …

          Get back in line and
          The time to start is
          Don’t let yourself

          play the
          There’s no way out

          Watch us coming
          While you drop away
          Bow your fucking heads
          And pray for us
          Cause it’s my time
          And it’s our side
          You can’t stop us any


          Bow your head
          Pray for us
          It’s our time
          It’s our side

          American Head Charge

          ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Weqdh0OsGk

          Be safe…..BA.

      21. jade helm is a smoke screen to put into place a military reinforced border zone and equipment in the southern ussa. a zone that reaches from mid commie kalifornia to Louisiana.

        a heavily illegal mexican/ latino infected zone.

        the zog ptb are practicing staging the troops and equipment for a reason.

        • The Military hides this hardware all over so their Military industrial Complex Mafia buddies can build more useless shit to pad their wallets. There is a list out there of missing DOD equipment including missing tanks, helicopters, planes, missils and list goes on and on. War is a cruel costly scam all to enrich the few. Pentagon missing $5 Trillion over the last several decades. I say shut the fuckers down with a full court press budget freeze and take inventory.

      22. I found it interesting that when they were reporting on the possible shots fired at Camp Shelby in Mississippi, they said that it was a National Guard training base, but was being used this summer for a large active military training exercise. Quoting an ABC report “The base is hosting about 4,600 active-duty soldiers, National Guard and reservists from Texas and Mississippi in a summer training exercise.” I don’t remember this area being on the list for Jade Helm, or anyone reporting on any activity in this area.

        • JAS,

          I’m right next to Camp Roberts. they move and store “stuff” there all the time. Many of the vehicles coming and going were just being repainted. Forest to desert, or vice versa. The amount of active duty training here and at Hunter Liggett has increased in the last 10 years. Hunter Liggett is slated to upgrade to an active duty base for a brigade next year, meaning somebody is closing down. Politicians make the decisions to get votes for elections under the guise of jobs created. They were just relocated, no new jobs. So it could be some of this going on. Political positioning.

          SFC TJ

      23. Relax folks…..Obozo is finally going to secure our borders that’s where all the military hardware is going…..OK I’m just kidding .

        • You’re right. He’s securing the border so no one can get OUT once the shooting starts.

      24. It is hard to say what is up. We seem to face threats from everywhere. You would think that with all the satelite survallence that it would be impossible to invade the US and not be dected.

        • Well, we are being invaded from the South by indigenous people from Mexico that the Mexican Government is trying to get rid of. And we can’t stop it, or fight it. So I don’t trust satellite imagery. So I’d say we are vulnerable to an attack.

      25. What do I think Jade Helm is? It is one or more of the following:

        a- A very devious way for “something” to take out all of our military’s best collective forces under the guise of a false flag, or, maybe that is where part of the Asteroid will hit;

        b- A collective unit to administer Martial Law alongside foreign troops such as the English-speaking Russians already here;

        c- A collective force to administer “law and order” once false flags commence or once the Asteroid hits;

        d- A way to keep people calm when Planet X gets so close to our planet that it appears as a bright orange ball in the sky so close that you can’t see beyond it!

        If I were a Jade Helm “soldier”, even a top commander, I’d be very cautious as to what my government is TELLING me it is for, as opposed to what “they” know it ACTUALLY is about!

        Remember how in the second film of the Batman trilogy where Heath Ledger was the Batman how the Joker killed everyone who assisted him with the bank robbery heist? I sure hope and pray that that does not happen to our armed forces anywhere.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • I have faith that private stargazers would see any asteroid coming close to earth – once it enters range of our sunlight. I still think Jade Helm is a psychological exercise to see how our troops interact and deal with civilians in America. Why? Because the army needs to know what to tell (order) the soldiers to do, such that the soldiers actually do it. Thus we have ‘domestic terrorists’ instead of Patriots.

        • L Ranger…remember Seal Team 6 and what happened to them .

      26. So why So. Cal all the way to Florida. It makes sense when you consider this asteroid hitting in the gulf of Mexico, puerto rico will be gone, the whole shoreline could look like another Katrina. Civil unrest could happen from there. Read Steve Quayles last Q Alert. September is going to be a very busy month. Rex

        • One of the biggest asteroids that hit earth was in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. No doubt if it hit the Gulf of Mexico the lower half of FL would be wiped out since it is less than 30 meters above sea level. And why I moved north up to 45+ Ft in elevation from my 8 ft by the Gulf previously.

      27. Its not an invasion prep, It is not preparing to disarm Americans. They know better. I think they know there is something coming by way of terrorist attacks, and they are preparing to try to restore order after these things happen and our economy tanks.

        • Or could it be de mobilizing and de comissioning hardware that has been overseas and at bases being mothballed?

      28. Quote from “The Hunt for Red October”

        Adm. Painter: What’s his plan?
        Jack Ryan: His plan?
        Adm. Painter: Russians don’t take a dump, son, without a plan.

        They have a plan, we just don’t know what it is. Could be good for us or it could be bad for us. Knowing that the military exists to break things and blow stuff up, one could surmise that if Jade Helm ever goes live there will be damage, which will be bad for us.

        It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

      29. Kinda makes me wonder, I got out of the TXARNG in 90, right before I got out everything started changing, they upgraded our tanks to M60-A3s ,brought in a few Abrams, we got hummers, the older 2 door pickup models, m16s were upgraded to A2 s and suddenly everything was desert tan. I knew our focus was about to change. Once I got home I noticed they started moving lots of equipment via rail at 3 am, night after night this went on, I knew we were going to war.
        A few months later, Desert Storm.
        So it makes me wonder, is Jade Helm being used as a smoke screen and is all this woodland camo equipment being loaded on boats and planes to be stategicly placed in Europe and Asia. It seems to fit to me, not saying JH 15 is not a real drill, but is it cover to prep for a bigger conflict?


        • Yep.

          • Maybe we are are looking at this thing from a wide enough perspective, maybe while everyone is focused in on martial law and distracted with other stuff we are being maneuvered into another world war. Especially if the ultimate goal is total control under a world government,. They haven’t been able to get the guns, they haven’t been able to kill us off fast enough (not for lack of trying) martial law most likely won’t work for them, especially if they use foreign troops, even if the ecomomy craps out, its probably not enough.

            BUT…….. If they can use something that everyone will stand behind, like if the US or US allies or interests sustains some sort of preemptive attack, nuke, chemical, biological, even conventional, not a terrorist attack, like one from or sold as one from Russia, Iran, N. Korea, possibly China, an attack that would cause the 9/11 syndrome, you know the syndrome where everyone comes together to fight the new enemy, where if you question it you are ridiculed… I mean the story line is almost writing itself, its all the same old playbook as always, lol.


            • And a world war in this day and age will probably kill billions, with a capital b.


        • Unfriendly extraterrestrial visitors ??

      30. In September it is highly likely that many things will occur within minutes, hours, days, and at most, just a few weeks of each other. The fan won’t get “hit”, it will get taken out.


        Get right with God.



        Pray some more.

        Repeat often.

        Then ask, “Do I (or my community) have what we will need to be prepared?”

        Don’t put off bugging out to your BOL, if you have one. Bug out absolutely no later than Labor Day. Or your methods of travel, and the roads you take may be blocked or get blocked by either military and/or mother nature.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        • Like a thief in the night. In a moment, we will be changed. Something is going to happen. What that is no one knows. But know this, Jesus said when:
          15 “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’[a] spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand— 16 then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. 17 Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house. 18 Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak. 19 How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! 20 Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. 21 For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.

        • I don’t mean to be stick in the mud here….but….what if NOTHING happens in September?

          • There will be a LOT of frustrated people on this website, The Economic Collapse Blog, Q report, etc., etc., etc. I’m sure the “experts” out there will come up with a reason why the “Big Collapse” was supposed to happen in September, how the “elites” concoted a rabbit out of the hat workaround, and then we’ll get a new doomsday timeframe to all count down toward.

            • AZDESERT,

              Outstanding call there. It’s funny, if you take a look back at the history of articles here, day after day, each one proclaiming trumpets of doom from one source or another, the myriad of ways we’ll all perish from this if not that, going back YEARS. And yet somehow, everybody who ” knows” all this doom is certain to come upon us any day now ALWAYS manages to show up next week, next month, next year for more of the same. And always with new reasons of why it didn’t happen before when they had the doom vapors and why they ” know” that it ” has” to happen this time. And you’re right, then we start the same old game again with a brand new doomsday timetable for all the doom porn disciples to gather ’round and worship as the ” new” doomsday scenario.

          • View it like the Y2K bug or the Mayan calendar December 21, 2012 scare. Watching all the hoopla breaks up the monotony but usually nothing ever happens. Some people just love worrying about stuff while others love watching others worry.

            I don’t have the first clue but I do have lots of popcorn.

      31. the big one coming ???

        More than 5,000 earthquakes hit northwest Nevada

        ht tp://www.foxnews.com/us/2015/08/11/more-than-5000-earthquakes-hit-northwest-nevada/?intcmp=hpbt3

        did you know South Carolina is at major risk for a serious quake?

        • Yep, SC is one of the most earthquake prone spots east of the Mississip. And Charleston is due.

        • “there will be earthquakes in various places, these are the beginnings of sorrows”
          Yes this is an indication of what is to come. But in the end the earth will wobble like a drunkard. In the last 40 years there have been 4 major earthquakes that have produced massive tsunamis. With that amount of water moving so rabidly, scientist tell us the earth wobbled because of it. Fear not the small ones in Nevada, but the massive ones off the coastlines that will wobble the earth

        • Large earth quake coming to the North West, soon.
          All over the country people have been reporting strange sounds from the sky.

          On 08.11.15 a recording was made of what appears to be a trumpet blowing near Portland Oregon posted on THE EXTINCTION PROTOCOL.COM
          under the posting of the El-Nino dated 08.09.15

      32. Let’s get real folks they can never impose martial law even if they used every government employee in the ountry. Look at the train, how hard do you think it would be to stop the train and take the equipment or disable it before they knew what was going on?? They may be able to control a city or state but not the whole country.

        • They cant even control a city, cant wait till they try,,,

          • Right, the local police couldn’t control Ferguson or Baltimore. anyone who thinks these were isolated outbreaks needs a wake up call. The Democrats ran the cities and local governments in those places. This was escalated by them and these are trial runs. It’s funny and embarrassing how some Democrats have blamed others who not only had nothing to do with the riots, but lived hundreds or thousands of miles away. The local police used military equipment and tactics against the rioters and the press if you recall. Al Jazeera and ABC news crews were hit with tear gas. Dry runs. And why were the rioters allowed free run in Baltimore? The Mayor said to show tolerance. No, it was to see how far they would go without opposition. Another experiment. So now they know more about the inner city lab rats. Folks this is all a test. The WH knows exactly what it is doing. Read up on Saul Alinsky. This is the Democrat playbook.

          • Right, Kula, they would have a hell of a time dealing with random snipers. That would make it unsafe to be anywhere but the garrison. When everything is peaceful they leave and the collaborators pay.

      33. ok kids wanna see some pictures of some “non-preppers”
        you know
        the ones who point,laugh and make fun of you ?

        ht tp://www.reuters.com/news/picture/venezuela-shortages?articleId=USRTR4Z1FY

        you don’t wanna be one of these

        • they all look so weary of the waiting and waiting.

          you’re right. you don’t wanna be in those shoes.

          prep people prep.

        • As the US economy tanks, there was supposed to be a “self deportation” going on with our 20MM illegal aliens. Don’t see them voluntarily going back to what we see in the pics. A pretty hefty miscalculation from our leadership methinks.

        • What is happening in Venezuela is a dry run experiment for the United States. We, the US, contributed to Venezuela’s problems in order to wean Cuba off of Venezuela to “normalize” relations. It worked for a political party to gain status, the Democrats. But it is causing mass starvation and financial collapse in Venezuela. Make no mistake about it, the current WH administration has destabilized more of the world than any other president. And this destabilization will lead to a one world order. The current administration would like to try that here in the USA. Moving the military around could be part of the plan to “contain” major problems when they arise. The NWO needs to have a drastic reduction in population levels in order for it to implement it’s plans. So this may be the way it will go. Create chaos and inner city wars, allow diseases from illegals to spread, section off areas using troops to allow the natural process to be completed, then clean up. take away food and water from SoCal or the Bay area, and in 90 days you will have maybe 50% reduction in population levels. they will literally eat each other, kill each other and destroy each other over a bag of rice or a bottle of water. Prepping? You need not only food stores, you need water and seeds. And you need at least 10 people on your commune/compound/home as you will need 24×7 guard duty. And you need 1-2 acres to sustain 10 people. Everybody will have a job, and nobody can shirk a job. Everything you have will become valuable, even shoes strings. Nothing will be moving to any stores. My grand parents shared all about what happened before WW2 and during and in some cases during the war was worse than during the Depression. Every little piece of bailing wire was important, every piece of cloth for mending pants and shirts, every roll of thread, every jar with a lid. When you look around your homes, you realize you have what you need, you just never knew it before. Because we are all horders. So look at the Venezuela pictures again, and know that this is coming to the US soon, and it will be government orchestrated. Make everything you have count.

          • Venezuela’s problems are rooted in Hugo’s socialist push. He socialized industries in the country one at a time. Then we quit doing business with them. Now that we aren’t as dependent on foreign oil, we have to buy less and less foreign oil as our demand slows.

            As far as you saying our current admin is a destabilizing force in the world…couldn’t agree with you more.

      34. Do you have to register to comment?

      35. Whenever there is the SHTF situation, I hope the ARMY + COPS will be stationed around EVERY grocery store in the country. I hope they will arrest all those who don’t behave, put them in the Walmart jails as starters. If everybody does behave and works to keep the order of life, maybe the USA will survive. If everybody goes nutts, then we’ll have a civil war.

      36. Looks like one of two things to me…. Either rail loading a units vehicles for a training event or possibly sending equipment to depot maintenance.

      37. According to the MSM, there are 1600 troops taking part in Jade Helm. From the looks of the amount of vehicles being moved, each soldier will have about 6 vehicles to operate. Damn, these guys must be good.

      38. Put the Kenyan in the caboose.

      39. “What’s Jade Helm For?”

        Nothing good. Of that much you can be assured.

      40. Late to this but guys please remember what was done in ___. Air force was sent to Alaska in order to enable ____. This Jade Helm smells very similar. I’m am not usually one to expect the worst when ___ conspiring to do things; but, this seems unprecedented and, therefore, worthy of a high level of caution. Be Brave. Be Prepared.

      41. Has anyone thought to follow the trains to where they go and snoop to se what is possibly going on. So far it’s speculation about what’s going on with the hardware. You’d think we were smart enough to look where the trains are going. Maybe a ship is being loaded to take these somewhere else. Maybe we have nothing to be concerned about.

      42. Jo, good post. We don’t throw anything away b/c if we do, a day later I’ll find a use for it.
        One thing that bugs me about our modern media is that if the false flags start there isn’t a single news outlet that would have the guts to tell the truth about it..
        yeah, we’re screwed.

      43. Go ahead wave that fascist American flag boot lickers as the train rolls by carrying the instruments of your oppression and tyranny. Maybe the fascist boot licking filth of the world should line up and say the fascist American pledge to their Corporatist Fascist NWO slavemasters as the train rolls along. War has been declared on the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered fascist boot licking filth in the shithole of collapsing Murica, but the fascist boot licking trash do not care, because “bread and circuses” FOOTBALL is right around the corner for the soulless coward pussy boot licking Zombie trash.

        • Geeze dude. Give us a warning before you post that hellfire and brimstone SXXT. Give us a chance to put on our welding helmets to protect from arc flash. Try posting “XXX ya got five minutes” or somethin’ to give us a heads up.

      44. The railcars loaded with the 2ID vehicles were headed back to Joint Base Lewis McCord in Washington. They just finished a rotation at the National Training Center–Ft Irwin CA at the end of July. How do I know–I was there observing the rotation for my work. The rotations at the National Training Center are not part of any other exercise. They were scheduled for this rotaion years out. Over reaction on this one.

      45. I look at these videos with a dose of skepticism. While I believe that JH15 is definitely something to pay attention to, I don’t think we can tie every video of a train shipment of military hardware to it. The military moves equipment around all the time – are we just sensitive to that now that everyone is “JH15 aware”? Do we know where this equipment originated and where it is going? Nope.

        As to the hardware in those videos….most of that stuff looks like it needs a lot of work to make it operational. The Strykers Humvees are the only vehicles that I saw that were armament capable. And everything else was FMTVs, cargo trucks, and very old APCs. If the military was prepping for near term action, they would have to be using something that is currently fielded – MRAPs, Bradleys, Abrams, etc. The Army in particular has depots around the country used for long term storage; it would appear that’s where a lot of this stuff is headed.

      46. Every train should be seen by thousands of eyes. Get things organized and track the trains. Not every soldier or train crew is a mind less robot Many have brains and will talk. Find them this is too big to hide. how do you hide a long train6 of military vehicles in the US. You dont find them

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