“We Came From Different Parts Of The Country”: Possible Voter Fraud In Alabama Senate Race Exposed

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 56 comments

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    The possibility that there was widespread voter fraud during the recent Alabama senate election between Doug Jones and Roy Moore has become very real after a Jones voter was caught on camera discussing how his supporters came from different parts of the country to vote for the Democrat.

    The clip, which has gone viral on Facebook, was captured by the local Fox affiliate shortly after the media had confirmed that Jones had pulled off the stunning upset.

    After being asked by a local reporter why he was excited to see Jones victory, the man responded with a comment that could easily be interpreted as proof that voter fraud did indeed happen.

    “Because we came here all the way from different parts of the country as part of our fellowship and all of us pitched in to vote and canvas together and we got our boy elected!” the Jones supporter stunningly revealed.

    While it remains unclear what the man specifically meant with his comments, one can imagine that he either meant that people were transported into the state to campaign for Jones or that out of state liberals actually voted for the anti-gun former prosecutor.

    Or perhaps both?

    Interestingly, Moore has so far refused to concede the election with the claim that military and provisional ballots had not yet been counted.

    “Roy Moore is continuing to refuse to concede the election, commenting, “In this race, we have not received the final count to include military and provisional ballots. This has been a very close race and we are awaiting certification by the secretary of state,” reported Paul Joseph Watson.

    “If Moore reduces Jones’ 1.5 percentage advantage to within 0.5% after the military ballots have been counted, this will trigger an automatic recount which will will be paid for by the state government.”

    The possibility that voter fraud did indeed happen during the senate race is very real, especially when you consider the fact that the entire establishment cheered Jones victory shortly after it was announced that he had won the Senate seat vacated by Republican Jeff Sessions.

    “Predictably, the same forces who have fought Donald Trump since the beginning are all cheering Jones stunning upset – From Hollywood to the deep state, all the way to Rhino Republicans, the establishment is clearly happy,” The Daily Sheeple reported.

    “All across the establishment, anti-Trump media, Jones victory is being hailed as a direct attack on the president when in reality he won an election by an extremely close margin against a candidate that the media spent a month calling a pedophile.”

    What do you think? Was there voter fraud in the Alabama Senate election or was Moore simply defeated due to the widespread sexual assault allegations, published by the mainstream media, against him?


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      1. Voter fraud in an election by democrats? Next you’ll be telling me the pope is Catholic with the same expected incredulity…..//

        • One scenario could be that he is referring to AL residents out of state who made an effort to come home from around the country just to vote in this election.

          They need to find out who this guy is, where he lives, then waterboard him to find out ” who exactly is your “fellowship” from all around the country?’………

          • Possible voter fraud?!? Of course there was voter fraud, a democrat “won” in a red state.

          • Yep.

          • Did you notice that the man in the video did NOT have a southern accent?

          • You don’t have to waterboard him, just threaten to take his weed and ebt card.

      2. Wow! Lying and cheating from the amoral left! What a shocker!

        Too bad these people are too ignorant to know that half of them will end up like Robespierre or Lavrentiy Beria. It is true: the revolution DOES always eat its own young, just as Jacques Mallet du Pan wrote 200 some years ago.

      3. I thought only dead people voted democrat.

        • of course voter fraud happened. but that crime wont be punished either.

        • I guess braindead falls into that category too lol.

          • Genius, if you’re talking about Gandhi I agree, LOL.

            • i was shot in the head so of course i am brain dead. still smarter than people who talk like selco. “things bad, people rotting everywhere.” batteries all dead, shoot pigeon for thanksgiving dinner. club squirrel to make toupee”

              • Gandhi, I’ve taken Selco’s course and it’s the real deal. He’s already been through a societal collapse and has a lot of valuable lessons to teach. Try it out, maybe you’ll learn something IF you want to survive. I know his English isn’t perfect but he still knows his business.

        • You’re half right – dead White people and all Black people
          (dead and alive).

          • Which proves that blacks are only as smart as dead whites.

      4. Why is this Jones supporter not in jail??? This is voter fraud plain and simple. The communist democratic party has gone to far… either start locking them up or prepare for civil war the people have had enough and are done with the treasonous media the lying politicians the crooked banks and a corrupt judicial system. Start by ending the UN-constitutional Federal Reserve. Then lock up the entire Rothschild family for crimes against humanity.

      5. That video verifies that Roy Moore has every right to demand a recount. And AL law also calls for a recount. It also verifies my suspicion about voter fraud taking place. Just goes to show the demorats can not win an election using honest methods. And there was a surge in black voters taking part? The usual black voter fraud also. No surprises there. For once someone has to thank a libturd for his stupidity.

        • I just bought another case of bullets BH.

          • Hope you didn’t have them shipped FED EX! You could deliver things faster on horseback than fed ex. If you need to have deliveries made before new years with fed ex you better do it NOW! USPS (fastest) UPS (medium speed but lots of damage) Horseback (pretty damm slow) FED EX ( the slowest humanly possible).

            • Genius, I always buy my ammo locally or whenever I go out of town, like to the BOL. I never buy ammo online.

              • Ya me too. Just use cash and no store membership stuff. I load all my own except 7.62×39. That post was a jab at fed ex for being so horribly slow all the time.

                • Genius, agreed about fed ex. And I ALWAYS use cash for ammo and other prepper items also.

              • You should make a stop at Larry’s if he’s close to your route. Usually has good prices on ammo.

            • I buy from individuals.

          • Menzo, I hear you, man. There’s another gun show in my area this weekend. I’m picking up some more ammo myself. Then another gun show in Jan. and another in Feb. I’ll have a hard time NOT going nuts at the gun shows, LOL.

          • good! thats how you weak bastards rule at the end of a gun barrel, but thats changing. everybody have weapons now; chinese, koreans, etc. the only difference is people of color will fight your ass hand to hand, man to man, not in a building using a computer to fire a drone or in a cheap made jet plane. when will you punks stand up and fight like men? your guns will not save you big, fat, beer belly, pizza eating, over weight americans.

        • Braveheart1776

          If enough controversy can occur to make it plausible that the vote is close democrats can pad the vote. The democrats, with full support of TPTB, padded the ballot box as much as they could and still lost. I suspect no legal redress with Roy Moore.

          • Kevin2, until Alabama’s Secretary of State certifies the election results, it’s not over. I say there’s enough indication of voter fraud to justify an investigation.

            • We’ll see. The glass is always half empty with me. I just can’t imagine the system actually legally working as designed. I’de love to be surprised.

        • DemoRATS are lying, cheating vile scum period! Wake up America. WTF is wrong with so many of you people out there? I guess you are too busy playing with your smart phone and ordering all your stuff for the holidays. No worries, only the state of the nation we are all talking about here…

      6. Democrats always cheat in the vote.

        Moore was not the best choice, but even
        the most vile Republican is better
        than any Democrat, but too many
        hurtbutt Republicans didn’t bother
        to vote.

        GOPe torpedoed Moore from the start.

        • Rellik, the RINOs are always in bed with the libturds on one thing or another. Moore reminds me more of Ron Paul and he was also torpedoed by the GOP.

          • Libturds…hah, no wonder things stink like an overused outhouse.

      7. The article asks, “Was there voter fraud in the AL Senate election?” NOT ONLY YES BUT HELL YES.

          • Genius, no surprises there.

      8. Surprise surprise!! Tell us something we didn’t already know?

      9. very clear image of this jerk,should be easy to i.d. and charge with voter fraud if found to be from out of state.

      10. Investigate,investigate investigate!

      11. I read earlier today that one town in Alabama had more votes for Jones than the total population of the town. That means double voting and out of town voters.

        • Dems operating SOP. Seems like we’ve heard this same type of voting rate in other elections in the not too distant past.

      12. Sleepy Jeff Sessions will get right on it, I am sure.

      13. I’m reminded of a quote from another famous Southerner…

        “Well surprise, surprise, surprise!!

        -Gomer Pyle

      14. Archivist, those dead voters strike again!

      15. Only Hillary knows for sure.

      16. And Soros was paying to sign up felons in jails and prisons. With such a small margin. the cheating made a difference in Jones’ win.

      17. This is the same kind of voter fraud Trump faced in his election. The deep state run amuck.

        I’d so relish a full investigation.

        President Donald J. Trump really is the last hope of America. More comes out daily about the ruthless Marxist deep state. What was silly conspiracy theories just two years ago is becoming obvious in our faces fact.

        We are on a cliff edge. This is insane. As a prepper I planned for my family, not for a nation, or a lone president standing for us all against the worst Marxist scum on the planet, the US congress globalists.

        What I have seen in the last two years is utterly mind blowing, most of America is blind to it, or in total denial.

        Thanks Mac for the eye openers you have provided.

        • Here here!

      18. There are rumors out of Birmingham alone that over 9K dead people voted for Jones.
        Alabama voters must show a photo ID that matches up with the name in the registered voters book with your local address in it. They check your ID, your name and address and mark through it in the book to show that you have voted. If people voted who were claiming to be dead people, they also had to have a fake ID made up with the deceased person’s name and address and the voters photo on it.
        The state checked registered voters in 2016 by sending postcards to your address that had to be returned to reinstate that information was still correct. We also still use paper ballots for most of the votes, so it is harder to manipulate than computer voting.
        There are also reports of “poll workers” who visited nursing homes prior to the voting and “helped ” residence fill out their absentee ballots, volunteering to make sure they were properly mailed in. Yeah right! This state is too poor to provide such a service. These people were outsiders with an agenda.
        Somethings I found odd were 1. Huge posters that told how to vote for a write in candidate, at my polling place. 2. After checking the amounts for the write in votes, I couldn’t find any for Luther Strange. He does have some genuine support in the state and it seems like some people would vote for him as a write in.
        Do I think the vote was manipulated? Hell YES!
        I don’t know ANYONE who claims to have voted for Jones!
        Until we have an honest, real vote count in this country we won’t be able to vote to those without integrity out of office.

      19. Busloads of out of state “voters” were filmed coming into Alabama to illehgally vote, and Soros put ads up all over the Net asking blacks fom nearby states to cross into Alabama to also commit fraud. Stolen election? You betchya!

      20. The Left should all be burned at the stake! Everything they stand for is wrong and corrupt and vile!

      21. In these latter days I don’t see any difference between Republicans and Democrats. One party rule pretending to be opposing sides. They are both despicable criminals.

      22. The question is, how much longer will the obvious illegal voting for Democratic party candidates be tolerated?

      23. let’s face it folks, Judge Moore couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag with the entire GOP helping.
        They helped him lose this election in a red state to a lib…’nuff said.
        The GOP is like the Eskimoes buying ice from the libs…

      24. should there be a recount? probably, though here is one way in which a lost election can be a blessing in disguise.

        thirty-plus years ago, i ran for class president. lost by five votes. days later, i learned from one of the vote counters that the (old school style) copier had cut my name off the bottom of about 1/5 of the ballots.

        thought about seeking a redo of the election with properly made ballots though decided it wasn’t worth the bother.

        years later, i learned that the class president has to organize class reunions.

        WOW! talk about dodging bullets. whether five or fifty years after graduation, the last thing in the world i need in my present life is to have to organize class reunions from multiple time zones away.

        i would indeed like to know who *really* won this election, though sometimes these things can be blessings in disguise.

      25. Mr. Moore is the winner.

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