War: North Korea Fires Its Most POWERFUL Missile Ever Towards Japan As President Trump Promises To “Handle” The Situation

by | Nov 28, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 41 comments

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    In yet another apparent attempt at igniting a full-scale war, North Korea has conducted a test of what many believe to be the countries most powerful ICBM ever launched, with the missile landing off the coast of the United States close ally Japan.

    In response, South Korea conducted their own test-launch while leaders from the United States and Japan also condemned the renewed nuclear aggression.

    CNN reported:

    “North Korea fired an unidentified ballistic missile early this morning from Pyongsong, South Pyongan, to the east direction. South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff is analyzing more details of the missile with the US side,” said an official at South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said the South Korean military carried out a “precision missile strike drill” just minutes after North Korea’s missile launch.

    The precision missile strike matched the flight distance of the North Korean missile and landed in waters off the east coast of South Korea.

    South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff added that its counter drill tested a scenario of simultaneously hitting a target through the land, air and sea, but did not elaborate further.

    “South Korea apparently used this launch to prove it has the ability to hit the North’s mobile missile launchers or leadership targets,” according to Adam Mount, a senior fellow at the Federation of American Scientists who previously worked as a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress.

    “It is a measured and pointed response but also a reminder that the peninsula remains on hair trigger alert, he told CNN. “In this situation, provocations or even mistakes could quickly escalate out of control.”

    According to reports, the ICBM was the most powerful missile the rogue nuclear nation has ever fired, inching them ever closer to being able to strike the continental United States with a nuclear weapon.

    “The missile was reported to have flown for 50 minutes, on a very high trajectory reaching 4,500 km above the earth (more than ten times higher than the orbit of Nasa’s International Space Station) before coming down nearly 1,000 km from the launch site off the west coast of Japan,” reported The Guardian. “This would make it the most powerful of the three ICBM’s North Korea has tested so far.”

    CNN continued:

    Guam’s Homeland Security/Office of Civil Defense posted on Facebook that they were notified that North Korea “conducted a ballistic missile launch” but there is no immediate threat to them or the Marianas.

    The missile was launched from the west part of North Korea and is likely to have landed in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone after flying for about 50 minutes, according to Masaki Hikida, public relations officer from Japan’s Ministry of Defense.

    A 50-minute flight time would also suggest that this was a major ICBM test “possibly in operational settings” and should “disabuse US officials from thinking military displays, sanctions, or threats are deterring North Korean tests,” according to Mount.

    “Today’s test proves that Pyongyang still feels able to test at will,” he told CNN, adding it also shows the Trump administration “has to get serious about deterring an atmospheric nuclear test.”

    Make no mistake, this is now directly about whether the United States will attack a nation that is openly threatening it with nuclear weapons, that it now seemingly has, or remain neutral and appease the North Korean dictator as many liberals have called for over the past year.

    “David Wright, a physicist and missile expert at the Union of Concerned Scientists calculated that on a normal trajectory, rather than a high lofted one, the missile would have a range of 13,000 km, enough to reach Washington, the rest of the US west coast, Europe or Australia,” The Guardian continued.

    For his part, President Trump told reporters in the White House that his government would take care of “It” leading many to wonder what that exactly means and if we are about to go to war.

    “A missile was launched a little while ago from North Korea. I will only tell you that we will take care of it,” Trump said as he spoke to reporters in the Roosevelt Room of the White House just hours after the missile launch.

    “We have General Mattis in the room with us,” he continued. “And we’ve had a long discussion on it.”

    Although Trump also claimed that nothing had changed regarding strategy against North Korea one has to wonder how long this administration will allow this kind of aggression to continue?


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      1. I think it is time that we deal with the Fat, Gay clown over in the hell-hole known as NK. We cannot simply do nothing and sit back and allow that butter ball turkey to nuke our asses.

      2. North Korea may announce completion of nuke force next year
        ht tp://english.yonhapnews.co.kr/northkorea/2017/11/28/78/0401000000AEN20171128010651315F.html

        Obama administration knew about North Korea’s miniaturized nukes in 2013 – 8/9/17
        The “Washington Post story that the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) has determined North Korea is capable of constructing miniaturized nuclear weapons that could be used as warheads for missiles – possibly ICBMs – left out a crucial fact: DIA actually concluded this in 2013.

        The Post also failed to mention that the Obama administration tried to downplay and discredit this report at the time.”

        “It was clear what Obama officials were doing in 2013. The DIA report represented inconvenient facts that threatened President Obama’s North Korea “strategic patience” policy — a policy to do nothing about North Korea and kick this problem down the road to the next president.

        Obama officials tried to downplay the DIA assessment to prevent it from being used to force the president to employ a more assertive North Korea policy.”
        ht tp://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/08/09/obama-administration-knew-about-north-koreas-miniaturized-nukes.html

        • money talks, bull $$hit walks

        • im Rickards‏

          Intel estimates are N. Korean missile fired today, if on a standard trajectory, (instead of “lofted” trajectory actually used) could hit New York City.

      3. blah,blah,blah. Do something. Enough talking.

      4. Obama threw us under the bus again!

        • After 8 years of being thrown under the bus we should expect no less.

        • it is trump’s fault for not wanting ol’ kimeroony to be launching his ballistic missiles at the Toyota plants?

        • That Muslim rag O’Banana had intentions of totally destroying this nation. They should HANG that vile rat along with his man-toy, Michael O’Banana. How does that thing get elected not once but TWICE? What complete empty headed nuts would vote those Muslim traitors into the White House for 8 years?

      5. How about those slapstick North Koreans???

        Nothing to see here, just move along….

        And don’t forget- bullets and beans, bullets and beans and maybe some duct tape…

        • holy sheeto, you stoppada launching missile over my nuclear fukashima disaster. me not love you long time no mo.

        • … and plastic sheeting.

      6. Hello all, internet restored yesterday…after more than 2 months.
        We survived Hurricane Maria and have a lot of property cleanup still do do. The house is fine thanks to cinder block and concrete construction. The wood and steel roof was a major concern but it held.
        Landslides everywhere, power poles, even concrete ones are down or snapped. Concrete poles, with high tensile steel rods inside, are broken in half. Not all, but some. Many houses, some of concrete, are damaged or destroyed.
        Still no power, cell phones work but go off service at times.
        We have done well with all our prepping beforehand and thanks to a lot of thoughtful information from you all. It has helped a lot. But when you live in a hurricane zone or a tornado area, whatever the weather threat you may face, being prepared is absolutely critical.
        Overall, the destruction is hard to take in at first.
        No one knows the exact wind speeds we had (all weather instruments were wiped out)but it’s possible that small tornadoes were added to the mix of winds, and we have heard reports of 150 to as much as 190 mph.
        Rainfall totals were reported in our area at between 30-40 inches in 48 hours.
        I hope the internet says up for us as I will try to condense my notes of the last 2 months and post some of them.

        • ketchup, glad to hear you and yours survived a major SHTF. Hang in there.

        • Good to hear you folks are ok Kondemand,,,
          Was sending you good vibes,
          Aloha and God bless!

      7. God bless ya’ll… you really did have the SHTF… we out here are seem to be headed to the same place sad to say…

      8. All Jim Jong Un and company’s threats are always CONDITIONAL: “We will do this IF America does that”. Try to find just one UNCONDITIONAL threat from North Korea. It doesn’t exist.

        In the last 100 years parts of the Korean peninsula have been occupied by: Japan(1905-45) Russia(1945-47), USA(1945-present), and China(condominium with Russia) – all the SAME nations that are now posturing around N.Korea’s borders right now! And the USA invaded N.K. during the Korean war (1950-1953) and destroyed 100% of N.K’s infrastructure, and 30% of its population.

        Therefore, N.Korea is PARANOID now for good reason.

        The central-bank owners STARTED orchestrating this demonization of N.Korea years ago, because N.Korea is one of the few nations left on earth without a privately-owned central bank. The central-bank owners do this all the time to hold-out nations, in order to get popular support, before they send in their foreign-legion (military of USA and other puppet-nations). Recent examples are Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and more.

        However NOWADAYS there is another reason for the central-bank owners demonization of N.Korea: Because their private-currency Ponzi-scheme debt-bubble is about to go bust, and they urgently need WW3 to cover it. And N.Korea is as good a place as any, to start the war. Out of the ashes of WW3 they plan a new world-currency to arise.

        So don’t blame it all on Trump, he just works there for them. Sold his soul to the company store.

      9. This was Obummer’s plan all along.

      10. What will it take to cross the line? Apparently, a direct hit on Japan or the US will be necessary before we do anything.

      11. Meanwhile back @ the ranch…. while we fiddly-fart around blustering led by an orange-skinned doofus and arguing about who tried to get into whose panties, whether our boys and girls are boys or girls, if over-paid athletes should respect the country’s symbols that represent the protection they receive to play a God-damned game for millions, while our children live like hive insects walking along on beautiful days noses down thumb-typing on idiotic sites saying OMG, my BFF did that?….. When will we all wake up and just stop for a second and realize that Christmas is a day of thanks for the birth of what many believe is the son of that God we invoke as I just did only to use as a curse? Yeah, we’re all that. Ever feel like just walking up to people and slapping the living sh*t out them and yelling “wake the ‘F’ up!!!”?

        • Yup,,,

      12. Trump may cut a deal to allow China to “take over” NK. Then maybe share in the minerals and resources. Buckle yourselves in people,gonna be a rough ride

      13. Wow, N Korea just launched a ten year old Chinese missile.

        Quick, dig a bunker.

        • PTPO, no doubt China has been secretly helping NK all this time. The missile launchers I’ve seen in NK parade videos are Chinese. Watch some videos of Chinese military parades and you’ll see those same launchers.

        • Ummm, NO. They launched a new ICBM with help from their good friends the Iranians (who most likely have the same missiles and NUKES the NK’s do). As for the bunker, probably a good idea, especially if you live on the left coast….

      14. Just more fear porn. Grow up, people.

        • ignorant.

        • No shit.

      15. North Korea bought their rocket engines from the Ukraine. They are old Soviet surplus ones from their space program that were supposed to be scrapped.

      16. Snooorrrreeee…..

        More missiles, more inaction from DC,Zzzzzzz.

        Move along.

      17. Wouldn’t want to be in the Presidents shoes. If he does nothing, people will say he’s all talk and no action. If he responds with military action, he’ll be thrown under the bus for “starting” a war by the (R’s) in DC, AND by the left who hate him. I’m pretty sure plans have already been drawn up by the pentagon and are ready to be unleashed on the little despot. After all, you don’t send THREE carrier battle groups somewhere unless you plan to use them…..

      18. I made a prediction late last year, right after Trump won the election – that the (((rats))) who are behind the White Genocide agenda would finagle a way to drag the USA into another catastrophically destructive and massively expensive war, and then use that war as an excuse to not provide any funding for the Trump Wall and for enhanced border security measures while the wall was being constructed.

        They’ll say we can’t afford to pay for both and, use that old baloney line about how every dime needs to go to provide beans and bullets for our troops.

        Right on schedule, my prediction seems to be unfolding.

      19. You’ll have that when you blow up countries then spend billions to rebuild them.
        Everybody wants to get on the waiting list

      20. Every generation gets the wars they deserve. The WWII generation deserved WWII because of their behavior in causing the Great Depression. The WW1 generation deserved it because of their naive imperialism and war-worshipping. The degenerate 60s hippies deserved the Vietnam War.

        As for today’s punks, Millennials etc. They deserve a war with North Korea: a bloody, mountain war in North Korea; a bloody civil war on the streets of America.

        • Hey dipshit you and your ilk already sent me to Iraq and Afghanistan for bullshit reasons. Now I deserve a war in Korea? If you, your dad, or your grandpa wouldn’t have gotten involved in nation building back in 1945 we wouldn’t be here with Korea today. Americans didn’t deserve to be sent Korea in 1950. That was a slaughter. Even after “defeating” the North Koreans, we were not prepared nor willing to fight the 500,000 Chinese soldiers that poured across the North Korean/China border. In part because China at the time, had just successfully tested a nuclear bomb. Fast forward to today. What’s changed? Fortunately, most American presidents have not deemed it worthy to go to war with China, over North Korea. No offense to the South Korean people, but we shouldn’t have set you up for failure in 1945, and I know enough history to be able to make that statement. Rather than learn from the policy failures of Korea, we embarked on exporting it to Vietnam and surrounding countries, And while you can just say those hippies deserved it, I disagree. They didn’t deserve to be used and lied to for bullshit agendas. Our country has a problem with calling failures what they are. Instead we just throw the next generation of youth into the meat grinder and then bitch when it comes out ugly. Here’s the best part.Afghanistan will end very similar to the way that Vietnam ended. A negotiated peace settlement. The real question will be, how long will it take for the embassy in Kabul to be overrun, after that “peace deal” is agreed to. I can’t really think you believe the shit your spewin. I can tell you the fiends I’ve burrried and the buddies I have that are missing limbs aren’t punks. Just another generation of youth that was lied to. I guess we’re all punks though, we bought into the bullshit.

          • I’ve known a lot of millennial punks. Having said that, none of the millennials I worked with in Afghanistan were punks. None of them shirked their duty or hesitated when called upon.
            The only reply to a statement about every generation deserving a war, would be to point out to that idiot that stupidity often provides its own punishment.

      21. Good Times are surely heading our way my friends, sit back and enjoy the ride in the friendly skies…

      22. Bill Buffert retired career Army officer was absolutely correct when he said, “The only just war is one fought on your soil to defend your own soil.”

        I’ll bet that not one war-mongering commenter here and living on US soil failed to sleep last night for fear of being nuked by NK.

      23. Handle the situation, POTUS. Stop dicking around.

      24. the missle should have been shot down 10 seconds after it left the pad. only protecting ally japan. we didn’t know when it left earth just where it was going. shoot it down, ask questions later…….


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