Video: Liberal Mayor Literally Cries After Argument With City Councilwoman Who Refused To Acknowledge Her “White Privilege”

by | Dec 6, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 90 comments

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    In yet another astonishing example of unhinged liberalism, the mayor of New Brighton, Minnesota was recorded breaking down in tears after a councilwoman explained how her life history did not line up with the liberal claim that she had benefited from white privilege throughout her life.

    The video footage, taken during a city council meeting on October 3rd of this year, starts with liberal councilwoman Mary Burg lecturing her peers as to why they should feel guilty for being white.

    In her rambling speech, Burg seemingly suggested that the city council couldn’t even move forward with their job if they did not all accept that there life was easier for simply being white, regardless of actual life experiences.

    “Okay, we all have white privilege. We don’t know what it’s like to not have it because we do. We go everywhere and we’re just, we have that. We, we don’t know the difference.

    We don’t know what it’s like to not have it and I said we can’t do what, look at who’s up here. We can’t move forward as all being people of white privilege. We can’t, because we don’t know the difference of not having it.”

    Burg’s assertions were then challenged by councilwoman Gina Bauman, who calmly explained her life story, complete with immigrant parents and a history of working hard to get where she is now.

    “Because I’m white, you think I was privileged my whole life? Are you kidding?” Bauman countered. “I grew up in an Italian neighborhood. They came here, my grandfather came, they didn’t speak English, but they assimilated.”

    “I resent that you think that I had white privilege,” Bauman continued before also noting that every single American citizen has privilege simply for living in the United States. (Of course this is a horrifying thought to the new liberal mindset)

    “Everybody I work for, or with is usually from another country and they say to me, here’s what they say, is we as Americans don’t realize and it doesn’t matter what color we are as Americans, because I believe we are all Americans that are privileged to just live here.

    “So I don’t want to think that this body doesn’t feel that they can’t represent people because they’re white, and that again to me is just saying, ‘I’m different because of color.’ No. I might be different because of culture, because of tradition, but those are the things that I think I always ask when I, cause I work with these people.”

    “I ask about their country, I ask about their families, I ask how it is, how they feel about America. All of that. That’s how you get to know somebody. That’s how you get to understand where they come from, where their opinions come from. But I don’t think you can make such a broad brush and say that we’ve all been privileged or that we don’t understand because we’re white.”

    The argument is then taken to another level completely when Mayor Val Johnson jumps in with the outlandish claim that Bauman is automatically racist for not immediately conforming to the new liberal orthodoxy.

    “You are the exact reason we need this commission,” Johnson tells Bauman. “If you don’t understand white privilege then you are not representing those people. You’re not willing to listen to them and what you have just said is the most racist..”

    Johnson is then cut off by Bauman who replied, “Excuse me, don’t you ever, ever accuse me of that. You have no basis to say something like that in public and no basis to say something like that.”

    The liberal mayor then attempted to backtrack a bit while still calling Bauman’s own thoughts and personal history racist. Eventually the meeting got to the point that Johnson literally could not handle even being questioned about her beliefs, instead opting for anger and then tears.

    “You’re interrupting me! And by golly I’m running this meeting!” Johnson loudly claimed as she slammed her hand down onto the table.

    “You know what? We’re on camera and you’re accusing me of something pretty big here,” Bauman countered. “And it’s unacceptable because you have no case.”

    “You’re out of order!” Johnson replied, almost fuming at the mouth over her liberal orthodoxy being questioned.

    “Quit interrupting me. I’m gonna finish my statement. What I heard was a racist statement. What I heard was a racist statement. No you’re discrediting, I, Goddammit Gina, I’m passionate about this,” the mayor says before literally starting to cry. “I am so passionate about hearing the other sides of the story, and for you to disregard the fact that white privilege exists is beyond me.”

    Liberalism has become synonymous with insanity!

    Conservative commentator Mark Dice also published a video on the city council meeting that is well worth the watch. (and laugh)


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      1. white is best

        • Liberalism is a mental disease that needs to be eradicated completely and permanently before this entire country turns into a giant shithole.

        • the liberal mayor has been told to stigmatize whites to attempt to keep them from prospering b/c they know we do which then throws the intent to make the best workers have to compete on an unfair basis. this is due to the fact that the trump administration has thrown a wrench in the plans of the liberals to keep you enslaved b/c you can be replaced by and equal , in their eyes, but uneducated and malicious immigrant – look at Ariens being brought up on charges by somali muslim workers whom want more than 2 10 minute periods to pray and now they want to stop the manufacturing line while they prey. the liberal mayors are known to have sold out to the federal money blackmail that insists that they hire so many of these and those even though they are not as productive as the person whom is a native citizen. it’s all about them having to answer to their constituents to attempt to soft pedal the NWO agenda 21 to keep the money flowing and this creep just caved under the pressure b/c she sold out but nobody is taking the bait and this puts her on the low rung of the liberal mayoral committee b/c she cannot shove this agenda down the throats of AMERICANS – she said she is passionate about this which means his is the part of the agenda that she has to force down their throats or she wont be able to continue to make her estate and bmw payments

          • freedomfighter says:

            She wasn’t told anything, she believes this insane bullshit story. This woman like many others are quite unhinged with the garbage they have been spoon fed by PRAVDA/MSM and the DEM deep state apparatus. There is a big difference in believing and doing.

            This is also how the DEMs and deep state were able to sucker the Antifa fools for a while ? Notice Antifa and BLM are all but gone from the scene as I told you all they would be a while back and the summer of rage fizzled big time ! Many of you buy into the garbage and hype as planned. I just get stronger and far more confident in my overall abilities and pass it on to others. Almost like a crystal ball or fountain of youth ! Way past time to pay attention and get your shit together. The war with the deep state is very real indeed.

            Or you can stay fat, dumb and wimpy, your choice ?

        • I was waiting for one of these two to throw in “Some of my best frienbds are black.


      2. Everyone should be treated on merit not race. If you are good enough to get that job or into school then good for you butyou should not get a position because the dominant race feels guilty for another.

        • i would not have a job then and neither would you.

          • Why not, gandhi? No job for you? Can’t you say “Do you want fries with that?”

      3. Sounds like snowflake’s melting when heat is applied

      4. Okay, okay, I admit it. I’m white, Caucasian, of French/Irish/German heritage. I’ve tracked my family back to when a great great….? x7 or so? greats grand-father was born at Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec, in 1786. His tombstone reads, “1st settler of St. Paul (Minnesota). He established trading routes back and forth to Canada, and ultimately was employed by the Hudson’s Bay Company. He then settled at LaPointe, located near Ft. Garry. Forced off his land by the harsh conditions and failing crops, he and his family, and his brother were among the Red River refugees who settled near Ft. Snelling. Yep, he was OMG!!! white. And gosh darn it, he was full of privilege in being one of the first whites to pioneer this nation. And guess what liberal A-holes? His descendents are still here. And just as damned privileged to keep trying, trading, working, and more OMG!!! producing new generations of children who are also very privileged to live here. So? You want to poke a finger at privilege? Go right ahead. I accept it. I’m quite proud to be privileged to be here, work here, live here and continue here. So stuff it.

        • BTW, Ft. Garry is near today’s Winnipeg, MN., just to help you track things.

        • ABSOLUTELY RIGHT ON!!!!!
          The mayor and any supporters should be stripped of their ‘power’ and ordered to Somalia where they will be raped and murdered. Through that process they might learn something about the people they want to bring in to the US but of course the lesson would die along with them. Pitiful

      5. The liberals have completely lost their damn minds. How can people be so stupid?

        • true, you could never have a meaningful discussion with someone who breaks down balling when not getting their way. just like idiots on this site or NRA members who totally ignore the first part of the second amendment. they always break down with the old “well could be worse like in other countries”. geeze just £-ing stupid.

          • Gandhi, watch your mouth about the good people on this site.

            • Braveheart1776

              There are plenty of dumb asses on this site and many others. Just because somebody claims to be conservative does NOT mean they are. As well just because somebody claims to be a prepper does not mean they are smart or in any way prepared for anything ?

              No doubt there are some good and smart people here, but certainly not all or even the majority. That is true all across the spectrum today, because most people are still mind fucked and do not realize any of it. Most on this site react instead of think because they are already conditioned to react. And for sure most are not even close to being capable of what they claim or purport or think they are capable of. I see it everyday first hand in training sessions and conversations on a very wide spectrum of people.

          • “well regulated” means well equipped and trained.
            get over yourself.

            • NEC_Wrangler, agree 100% you are preaching to the choir my man !

            • Nope. Wrong. “Well-regulated” means while called up for duty. “To keep and bear,” the first part, means NO EQUIPMENT WILL BE PROVIDED. Hence “keep and bear” in case of attack. The last part, “shall not be infringed” means keep your filthy hands off my machine guns, RPGs, land mines, cannon, tanks, warplanes, etc. NO infringement. And RIGHTS are not given by da gubbermint. They are inalienable.

          • I think you mean bawling. . .

        • that mayor needs to join antifa and knuckle her opposition.

        • If i lived in that city I would never pay city taxes again.

          • JS, I wouldn’t even live in MN or any other part of the north. Too cold for a Southern boy like me.


      7. Menzo, can’t fix libturds, lost cause.

      8. Awful display. Voters should be ashamed.

        • Press 9 for English, many voters are idiots and illegal aliens or supposed refugees. Nothing new in USA today

      9. Menzo, that libturd mayor is one ugly bitch. If someone got with her they’d catch something, LOL.

      10. Crazy stuff up in there in Al Franken’s state.

        • listened to Franken’s BS “I’ll quit someday in the future, maybe” speech today where he essentially called his accusers liars and went on a self-promotion spiel about how he’s always been a supporter of womens rights etc. No apology, no acceptance of responsibility, no nothing. Typical lib.

      11. I sure would like to get me some of that honky privilege.
        Maybe I can put on some Pimpercrombie & Bitch and head over to Starbucks.
        Minnesota snowflakes looking stupid as phuck.

        • Me too, we must be stupid not to realize our white privilege we are told we have had ?

          Just curious, was my time in RVN in 68/69 part of my white privilege, or many other events, or when I got fucked hard by my government working for them ? I did not get any free anything ever, except screwed ? Not whining, just stating a simple fact. That is part of why I am tuff as nails and serious as a heart attack, I know the score exactly and live it accordingly !

      12. Menzo, over at, “Young People Say Calling Them A “Snowflake” Damages Their Mental Health.” Give me a freakin break! Their minds have already been ruined by libturd brainwashing. Still an interesting article.

        • Ha ha ha ha ha, now thats funny!

          • You just can’t fix “phucked up in the head”. Well then again maybe a round to the head would ease her suffering.

          • You just can’t fix “phucked up in the head”. Well then again maybe a round to the head would ease her suffering.

        • I saw that BH. It made me laugh.

          • Menzo, I LMAO when I read it. Remember Election Day last year when Trump won? You would’ve thought the world had come to an end.

            • Yes there was great satisfaction in watching some that thought hillary could not lose.

              • Menzo, I confess that on occasion I’ll play some reruns of those videos of libturds having their meltdowns. That will ALWAYS be gratifying.

      13. that was great and embarrassing at the same time. people surrendering their areas and condemning the usa to a 3rd world existence rther than require those coming here adhere to the standards of 1st world citizenship that the country spent 200 years building.

        • Exactly

      14. What was wrong with the other counsel members just sitting there like their mother would send them to bed early if, they made any noise. What a bunch of idiots If they would believe everybody that’s white had it made. Haven’t they ever heard of “affirmative action” now that my friend is racist. Until the government recognizes all people as the same color and treat all people the same without special treatment for some and not others, we will have racism.

        • I noticed that as well, a bunch of pussy MOFOs ! Not one word and limp as a dull dick ! That is what most of America looks like today in most city councils and supposed leadership positions or decision makers. Limp worthless dicks, girlie men !

      15. Lena, like Michael Savage said, liberalism is a mental disease. Do you remember that old liberal phrase, “level the playing field”? What they really meant by that was lower the standards on everything so everyone could have “equal opportunity”. There’s really no such thing as equality. Never has been and never will be.

        • A level playing field means everyone is equal to the LOWEST denominator. Hence only the stupidest people agree with it lol.

          • Yes, lower the bar so everyone gets a trophy. How pathetic that is.

            • but it is the only way you would ever get a trophy?

              • Ok gandhi I’ll buy you a NRA membership as your trophy.

          • spot on, the lowest denominator is what the DEMs are all about !

        • Frank Chodorov: “Freedom is essentially a condition of inequality, not equality. It recognizes as a fact of nature the structural differences inherent in man – in temperament, character, and capacity – and it respects those differences. We are not alike and no law can make us so.”

          How long have “they” been wroking at modifying the American populace?

          Bertrand Russell,1953: “… Diet, injections, and injunctions will combine, from a very early age, to produce the sort of character and the sort of beliefs that the authorities consider desirable, and any serious criticism of the powers that be will become psychologically impossible…” (“The Impact of Science on Society”, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1953)

      16. lol… hehehe… HAHAAHA… LOL!!!! BWAAAAHAHAHA… hehe…


        This stuff cracks me up, it is too funny.
        These people are so… so… lol… they crack me up 😀

      17. It is nice to see some comic relief on this site, it is usually so depressing, so heavy

        • Watch Mark Steyn on Tucker Carlson for some real intellectual funny shit !

          A while back I was not a FOX fan. But since Oreilly and others have left the line up of T Carlson, Hannity, and Ingraham is excellent and are hitting on all cylinders in spades ! Brit Hume still needs to go as well as a few others like Juan Williams and the gay twit !

      18. That was a good one.

      19. The progressive left post abandoning labor has rallied around identity politics. This strategy worked in getting sufficient votes until labor started to increasingly realize that their traditional savor cast them aside. The progressive strategy has worn thin as the majority are tired of the “woe is me” argument of minorities and fed up with catering to freaks. The progressive left only allows input from those that agree with them. They politically moved to the final stages of their quest before securing the numbers needed to support them. They’re poor political businessmen.

      20. White privilege – my story:

        University: After I quit a football scholarship, I had to work my way thru eight years of university. One year I literally worked full time at night, went to school full time in the day (and of course worked summers). Gee… talk about a silver spoon in my mouth! My mother used to say they didn’t have enough money to help me, but made too much to get financial assistance. Assistance was for the minorities – I didn’t qualify. Another year, I lived in an unheated basement while at grad school in Canada, eating pretty much Kraft Dinner every day. Pretty privileged, right?

        As an adult, I used to apply to work in the Canadian govt on a regular basis, as I then lived in Ottawa. I had two grad degrees, teaching certification in three provinces (takes five years to get in Canada); I was not only a Novell CNE, but also a CNI (only a thousand in the world at the time), with extensive technical skills. I also scored on the 94th %tile in the gov’t entrance exam, had excellent references and a ten years work experience. I applied to perhaps thousands of jobs, and only ONCE got even an possible offer to maybe interview in rural Saskatchewan, where no one wanted to go… but I didn’t even get that. Too white, too male too English… y’know, just another illustration of my “privilege.”

        Earlier, I also applied to a community college, for a position where I had a grad degree in, a half dozen years experience, and as noted above, teaching certification. Again, job was given to someone with NO grad degree, with them paying for her to get her grad degree on their dime, costing who knows how many tens of thousands. In the US, I had an exact same situation at another community college, where grossly less qualified black woman was hired over me. In fact, the hiring manager basically sent a tacit letter of apology to me, as I think he was horribly embarrassed about what he had been forced to do.

        I never oppressed anyone. Yet I am supposed to pay for some injustices ***that never happened to the ones complaining*** (sorry, no one reading this was a slave in 1865), and paid for by one who never committed any injustice. If someone from 1865 who was truly a slave was around, perhaps an argument could be made for special dispensations. But the US has had affirmative action for DECADES, and only those who are incredibly LAZY have let the opportunities presented by this pass. Truth is, I have spent ALL my working career going to the end of the line as a white, English-speaking male. If there is anyone who has been unfairly oppressed, it is me, and I am owed reparations by the radical feminazis and racist blacks in this society. Truth is, the biggest predictor of social pathology – and poverty – in this society is THE LACK OF A FATHER around. Blacks want economic equality? Get out of the welfare state, and have an intact nuclear family. African American – and former welfare queen herself – Starr Parker has a LOT of good things to say about this exact point. Google her… she’s great.

        I don’t expect a free lunch, nor do I expect intellectual honesty from the fascist left, so I have made my own way despite my “handicaps.” I have had to change careers several times, but been able to do ok. But these PC frauds have made a permanent, articulate, and committed enemy – as are many of you here are. And we are not alone – fair thinking women like my wife, as well as a decent % of minorities I know, like reverse discrimination about as much as plain ol’ regular discrimination. We are a small group, but growing rapidly.

        The fascist left and PC types need to be afraid. Very afraid.

        • Truth is, the biggest predictor of social pathology – and poverty – in this society is THE LACK OF A FATHER around

          Sorry sir, but that is conservative clap-trap. The biggest predictor of social pathology is low IQ. I read the Bell Curve- the whole thing.

          You see, conservatives hate genetics as much as liberals do.

          America was founded on White Nationalism, and to that we must return. [The Naturalization Act of 1790 says that the country is “open to free White persons. . .”]

          To h*ll with civic nationalism, and to h*ll with Brandon Smith.

          • Some of Mr. Smith’s writings on racism sound like run-of-the-mill Marxism. Be aware!

            Many writers here don’t seem to know about their own dumbing down. At 72, I have seen the collapse. The regressives [self-styled “progressives”] were in command since the nineteenth century.

            America’s great error was allowing government into education. Too trusting, too credulous, always giving “authority” the benefit of the doubt- being insufficiently suspicious. . .

            The average quality of the comments here. . .healing starts with contrast- read some good literature and learn to write, and think, on a higher level.

        • TEST, a very common story but you were not even close to what I endured and many others. I have never fully explained or told it all, just small pieces. People close to me know. All the more reason to suck it up and kick some ass !

      21. The woman was nuts and the other gave what for for being an idiot. Of course the woman then cried racism to cut off debate. this mayor is addicted to Kool aid. I can’t belie while this rant was going on the men just sat there saying nothing. No cojones in this bunch. White privilege my ass! Something else created by the left.

        • The men could probably hardly keep from laughing. They knew the bitch, probably hated her, and just let her make an ass of herself. Probably even hoping to see her stroke out.

          • DeplorableBitterClinger, there were no men that room, just pussies unwilling to utter even one word and out that insane bitch in her place !

      22. When TSHTF, what these snow flakes gonna do???

        They’ll be calling a timeout in a fire fight…

        When this happens they will discover nobody gives a sh*t about their high falutin sensibilities and they will be dead immediately…

        These people have been sooo nurtured even if armed they would present little if any threat…

        It’s the hardcore communist/socialists that will be dangerous…

        Along with the city dregs when encountered in force…

        Your neighbors too may prove to be quite lethal…

        It won’t be fun but you only have to play until bested…

      23. What is happening in the US is scary. This mentally deranged/unhinged thinking is starting to surface in Australia.

      24. I have a beautiful newborn child in my family, who happens to be white, I’ve seen black women go near insane talking about how beautiful this child is and pining to have a child as beautiful.

        My wife was the smartest woman I ever met. My children were smarter than I’ll ever be. My son keeps this nation very safe, that’s all I’ll say, my daughter is a wallstreet banker, that’s all I’ll say.

        White privilege, is a misnomer. It’s all about genetics.

        The best thing that ever happened to Europe was the Catholic Church that banned marriage between first cousins.

        I watch news reports of Middle Eastern Muslims and OMG they all look like brother and sister.

        Oh,sh!it, they are!,,,,,,,,,

        • Yeah but Allah is ok with that and more…….

      25. ‘Madame Mayor’…got ‘Commie privilege’?

        Allows to you to prejudge everyone based on whatever Bolshevik bull you fantasize about.

      26. New Brighten MN not New Prague MN

      27. White privldege, work hard at least 10hrs a day, never took a dime in welfare, pay my taxes to support these low lives. Take care of my children and grandchildren without state help. Lost jobs due to EEO policies to less qualified people, I am sick of it.

      28. MY goodness…

        I like to remind people that act like that, that my great grandparents had the privilege to get up at 4:30 am every day on their small dairy farm and slog thru cow poo to milk those girls-EVERY DAY.

        My grandparents had the privilege to get up every morning at 4:30 and run the dairy, then a grocery, then a restaurant, then a boarding house during their retirement. While grandpa held a down a part time plastering job.

        My parents had the privilege to get up every day and ran a music store (6 days a wk) to provide for their children.

        My hubby had the privilege to hold down multiple second jobs to supplement his 36yrs in the fire dept. After being a stay-at-home mom, I spent was privileged for 8yrs to be in restaurant management to build a retirement.

        This white family had privilege alright–to work hard and not be a burden to society.

        • My father was the son of Polish immigrants, he quit school in 9th grade to help support his 8 brothers and sisters during the depression. He then served 31/2 years in the pacific during world war 2. There was no welfare back than they worked to survive. I never heard the man complain about his life. Thank God he taught me those values, he was a great man. I have tried to pass this to my children and grandchildren . These values have been lost in this country.

          • Don’t despair. Those values have not been lost. What we suffer from is too much attention to whiny assed little girly men who delight on getting press attention for their supposed “wrongs”. A lot of folks I know still have the work ethic and pass it on to their kids … I did.

      29. Is my white privilege , to get up every morning at the crack of dawn and work 10 solid hours 5 to 7 days a week 360 days a year or more …to support a bunch of lazy do nothing welfare rats?

        yeah fuck this racist shit !

        Suck my ass , dam bunch of liberal cry baby POS!

        hope i offended someone , that way i know im doing it right

      30. and another thing !

        there is a term that needs to be revived and used often…

        “Not be a burden to society”

        used to be something people took pride in being able to say.

        today? not so much.

      31. See how this whole thing has gone overboard!! Yes there was redlining and jim crow and there’s obviously the completely broken quota systems that deny access all the time. but whining and crying like this does nothing. That’s why all the men are just sitting there watching the show.. Folks need to grow up, treat each other fairly and move on.

      32. There’s a highly contagious disease that’s affecting millions in our country today and it goes by the name “Political Correctness “.A few of the known side effects from “pc” are:#1.A complete loss of Common Sense.#2.Denial.#3.Guilt/Shame for no apparent reason.#4.Racist towards their own race.#5.Hatred of their own country.Those are just a few of the known side effects of contracting “pc “.It’s becoming more difficult to keep from contracting this disgusting disease due to the fact it’s not only being spread to college kids by way of their college professors,but also as young as pre school .We also have MSM and Hollywood that are eaten slap up with this disease and are spreading it every chance they get.One way to prevent catching this disease is by STOP watching MSM,and anything to do with Hollywood and professional sports.Of course,there’s also a better known cure,and that is by having Common Sense to begin with and knowing right from wrong,and being able to understand and realize what these educated fools that don’t have a lick of common damn sense are trying to do to you,which is brainwash you.

        • ToeJoe, welcome and I couldn’t agree more. You’re in the right place. Again welcome.

      33. I have noticed that a lot of the “acknowledge your white privilege you racist” mouthfoamers seem to be in government or corporate jobs? Why is that? because they don’t have to work and struggle every day to make it?

      34. poor poor thing


      35. White privilege is all bullshit and it is nothing more than the cultural marxist agenda to sell racism in America.

        Those libtard maggots are sick animals folks

        Never ever comply with their gun control schemes.

        • Anonymous, DING DING DING DING DING! We have a winner!

      36. Never had a standard lowered because I am white. Never saw a hiring quota increased to hire more whites. Never got invited to an NAACP meeting. Never had Al or Jesse speak on my behalf.

      37. Like the boy who cried wolf the liberals have cried racist so much it no longer has any credence, they have moved to new levels of lies and deceptions. The good news is people no longer believe them, the bad news is like a wounded animal they are now more likely to turn violent! Be warned when around liberals they are soon going to be unstable.

      38. So when did the color of your skin replace character and hard work? Isn’t that the discrimination that Martin Luther King preached about – “that my children will be judged not by the color of their skin but by their character”?

        So this white “leader” is complaining she has a privilege. What is her agenda? What does she plan to do about it? Thankfully her rant was recorded and all the voters can see her character… what lies beneath that white skin.

      39. As a white person I refuse to be pigeon – holed as being “ white priveledged “ why should I feel guilty about being white when it was not something under my control. Why these libatards insist on constantly blaming us for the slave trade when none of us where born then. There negative attitude does nothing to further their cause. Instead of tearing down National Monuments why not build some of your own. Suggested subjects Rosa Parks, Mohammed Ali, Michael Jackson etc… I’m sure you could think of many more yourselves.

      40. I proud to be a White Redneck Cracker Racist. There isn’t anything wrong with supporting and giving preferential treatment to your own kind. To do other wise is being a race traitor. There is indeed a war going against the white race.

      41. Wow, you guys face some serious societal issue, particularly with crazy mayors like her.

        She needs treatment.

      42. I was at walmart today. most where fat and obese. buying worthless crap and junk food. and I am ashamed to state those culls where white skinned. Ugly fat women But they have those fat assed and pot gut children. So some dumbass is fucking them.

      43. I’ll bet that the city has homeless and starving people that would benefit from some energy expended by this group of “leaders” … maybe they need a lesson in priorities … take their white privileged, lazy butts out on the streets and do some good through hard labor; instead of sitting around whining like a bunch of girly men.

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