US Ground Troops In Syria Is “Illegal, Big Mistake”, Russia Warns Obama Of “Unpredictable Consequences”

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    This article was written by Tyler Durden and originally published at Zero Hedge.

    Editor’s Comment: Things continue to escalate at an alarming rate. Though tensions with Russia remain under diplomatic channels for now, they are dangerously close to all out war.

    Where will Syria, and the fate of the United States, go from here?

    US Ground Troops In Syria Is “Illegal, Big Mistake”, Russia Warns Obama Of “Unpredictable Consequences”

    by Tyler Durden

    On Tuesday, Defense Secretary Ash Carter told the Senate Armed Services Committee that the US would no longer hesitate to engage in “direct action on the ground” in Iraq and Syria. 

    The change in rhetoric (and apparent shift in strategy) comes just days after the US seemingly prepared the public for what might be coming by releasing helmet cam footage of what Washington says was a raid on an ISIS prison by Delta Force (accompanied by the Peshmerga). 70 prisoners were allegedly freed although not before the US suffered its first combat death in Iraq since 2011.

    The timing of the video is suspect, to say the least. It came just days after Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford visited Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi in an effort to dissuade Baghdad from requesting Russian airstrikes on ISIS targets. In short, it appears as though Washington is trying to simultaneously,  i) prove to Mid-East governments that the US can still be effective in the fight against terrorism even as questions remain about ulterior motives and even as Russia racks up gains in Syria, ii) prepare the public for the possibility that America is about to put boots on the ground in Iraq and Syria. Here’s more from WSJ on Washington’s new “strategy”:

     The White House is seriously considering deploying a small squadron of Apache attack helicopters to Iraq as part of a package of new assistance programs to counter Islamic State, according to U.S. officials.


    The move could ultimately require the deployment of hundreds more U.S. service members to Iraq. Among other proposals, U.S. officials said some in the military recommend openly deploying a small number of forces on the ground in Syria, embedded among moderate rebels or Kurdish forces there, for the first time.


    Pressure is mounting on the regime to change course. Recent Russian intervention in Syria on the side of the regime, and the threat of Moscow intervening in Iraq next, has spurred the U.S. to step up its role, defense officials acknowledge.


    Pentagon officials have recommended to the White House that the U.S. deploy as many as eight Apache helicopters and their crews to Iraq. The helicopters, known for their targeting prowess, could work in conjunction with as many as two dozen ground spotters who would embed with local ground forces to call in strikes against Islamic State targets.


    Another proposal, which is less likely, would insert small numbers of combat advisers on the front lines with Iraqi forces and possibly with moderate rebels inside Syria. Pentagon officials are also likely to enhance Iraqi intelligence capabilities, possibly through a group on the ground that would serve as a single point of coordination between the U.S. and Iraq, a senior military official said.


    Last week, the defense chief said Americans should expect more raids like the joint U.S.-Kurdish operation that took place in the town of Hawija, Iraq, in which 70 prisoners were freed and an American was killed in action, the first since 2011. The U.S. also recently dropped 50 tons of ammunition to an umbrella group of moderate rebel forces inside Syria now known as the Syria-Arab Coalition, or SAC, as part of a renewed effort to strengthen local forces.


    Pentagon and White House officials indicated the deployment of Apache helicopters was being given the most serious consideration, and therefore the most likely step. 


    U.S. officials say momentum is building within the administration to ramp up those efforts even more, capitalizing on the strength of Kurdish and other Iraqi forces.


    “I believe we will have an opportunity to reinforce Iraqi success in the days ahead,” Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joe Dunford told Senate lawmakers at a hearing on Tuesday.

    Alright, so let’s see if we can untangle this. Washington intends to send in the Apaches to bolster Iraqi forces both Peshmerga and otherwise. Or at least that’s what it sounds like. The Pentagon is also considering the placement of American ground troops with “moderate” rebels and with the YPG in Syria.

    As we’ve detailed extensively (and this isn’t exactly a secret), Iran effectively runs the Iraqi military via its various Shiite militia proxy armies. That’s not an exaggeration. As Reuters reported earlier this month, “the Fifth Iraqi Army Division now reports to the militias’ chain of command, not to the military’s, according to several U.S. and coalition military officials.” So when the Apaches and their crews aren’t supporting the Kurds, they’ll be openly supporting Iran-backed fighters.

    Ok, fine.

    Only that isn’t at all consistent with placing US ground troops with Syria’s “moderate rebels” like the Free Syrian Army because after all, they’re fighting the very same Iran-backed Shiite militias. So the US would be bolstering the militiamen in Iraq with Apache gunship support and then firing on those exact same militiamen across the border in Syria in support of the “moderate” rebels battling to oust the Assad regime.

    It’s beyond absurd.

    And then of course there’s the whole Kurd/Turkey problem. The US is, i) fighting alongside the Peshmerga in Iraq and intends to support them going forward with Apache helicopters, ii) paradropping guns and ammo to the YPG in Syria (as part of a ridiculous ruse that involves the largely made-up SAC mentioned above by WSJ), and now iii) may even send in ground troops to fight with the YPG. But Turkey just bombed the YPG yesterday. Additionally, the US is flying sorties from Incirlik which sets up the insanely ridiculous possibility that if the US embeds troops with the Syrian Kurds, US jets could be taking off from the same base as Turkish warplanes only the US warplanes would be supporting the YPG while Turkish warplanes bomb them.

    So, yeah. This is should all go swimmingly.

    Finally, there’s the possibility that if the US puts boots on the ground in Syria in support of the “moderate” rebels, those troops will be killed by Russia and Iran (which Dunford said on Tuesday likely has “more than 1,000 [soldiers] on the ground in Iraq [and] something less than 2,000 in Syria”), and with that, we close with several comments from Chairman of the Russian Upper House committee for foreign affairs, Konstantin Kosachev (via RT) and a few images

    Commenting on the potential involvement of US ground troops against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, Kosachev once again highlighted that, when it comes to Syria, the US-led anti-ISIS campaign is already violating international law. Potential troops on the ground, Kosachev believes, will further violate international regulations

    “Any operations – air based operations, ground based operations – in Syria by American forces will be illegal,”Kosachev told RT, explaining that Washington has not been invited by Damascus to take part in military operation in a sovereign country.

    “They will get trapped, they will get involved in this ongoing conflict and the consequences will be absolutely unpredictable,” Kosachev said, addicting that sending US troops into Syria would be a “big mistake.”

    At the same time, Kosachev, stressed that Russia would not send ground troops into Syria.

    “No ground operation is possible [in Syria], because that would inevitably involve Russia in the ongoing war,” the politician told RT.


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      1. Ever wonder what exactly will set off WW3?

        • This kind of scenario has all the elements for WWWIII to commence. The Pentagon would be foolish to consider this deployment. These Troops will end up being cannon fodder, so the United States Government will have the excuse to say –

          “see, we told you Russia was bad – just look at what they did”.
          ….and the SHEEP in this country will drool and gobble up the set-up as have they’ve done in the past to support our Military once again.

          World Politics has become a dis-functional disease, and the US GOV. is leading the charge! Unfortunately, it will be people like you and I that will have to suffer from their psychopathic, chaotic, and erratic ways of Governance.

          Sick and tired of these Political Ruling Class of Assholes.
          Most, if not all of them need to be shot in the face ツ

          • What is “WWWIII”? A web site?

            Please clarify.

            • “Wally World War Three”

              • Can you figure out who runs the USA? Who owns the US government lock, stock, and barrel?

                First-Ever US Presidential Candidates’ Forum to be Held Abroad, in Israel

                N. Srdoc – Huffington Post

                US presidential candidates have been invited to participate in the first-ever US Presidential Candidates’ Forum held abroad [Nov. 3-4], focusing on foreign and defense policy issues. From Jerusalem, Israel, each presidential candidate will have an opportunity to present their views on U.S. foreign policy, US-Israel relations, threats affecting US allies in Europe and Asia, the instability in the Middle East, terrorism, and solutions to increase the economic well-being and security of Americans in the US and abroad.

                • Can YOU figure out what kind of insane douchebag haunts internet chatrooms at 2.00 Am instead of sleeping like NORMAL people?

                  • What time do YOU go to work and get home from work, “Christian”Man? What about weekends? What days and hours do YOU work?

                    • In what TIME ZONE do you live?

                    • Nice try moron. First, the time you post in is YOUR time zone, so YOU are up at 2.00 Am in YOUR time zone, see how that works idiot? This excuse is always used by losers as a last ditch effort to cloud the fact they have nothing to do with their lives. Second, you don’t work the graveyard shift so stop trying to bullshit your way out of it. The fact is you’ve been posting in the middle of the night when normal people are asleep, it’s all that simple.

                    • It’s the greatest threat global security has ever faced. EMP ATTACK!
                      All the weapons in the world won’t matter once this small army kick into gear!

                  • As expected you are wrong on all counts.

                    • Oh man, I can’t believe it! The asshole goes and does the EXACT same thing again, posting at 2.00 AM proving he has no life and a limp dick excuse as to why I’m ” wrong” on all counts. You should be a comedian boy!

                    • (1) Everyone outside of the Eastern time zone knows you are wrong.
                      (2) Nobody here needs or cares about your kosher “Christian” approval for what or when we do anything.
                      (3) If your intention is to draw attention away from my original post, in your honor, here it is again:

                      First-Ever US Presidential Candidates’ Forum to be Held Abroad, in Israel

                      (4) Your potty mouth, your interest in the status of my genitalia, and your talmudic personal attacks are highly suggestive that your are merely an imposter “Christian.”

            • Rofl…

              • “Where will Syria, and the fate of the United States, go from here?”

                AND 3) Inferring that “The fate of the United States” is somehow tied to what happens Syria. All we have to do is for our leaders to tell their NWO handlers to go jump in the lake and get out of the middle east. The NOW needs that destabilization, not the U.S.

                YES, the globalist banksters will immediately retaliate by collapsing our economy, but that is when our Spec Op guys go do a raid on the Rothschilds compound and mitigate the target. Simultaneously hitting the associates will effectively stop the NWO snake from moving forward, for fear of their own lives — this just demonstrates that PEACE IS POSSIBLE THROUGH FEAR.

                Perhaps that would be our most meaningful “joint effort” with Russia. THEY KNOW who and where they are — and SO DO WE. World leaders just need to get sick of the NWO hands up their asses.

          • I think the opposite. The United States will not go to war with anybody.

            The only reason anybody is in Iraq or Syria is so Obama can pretend he is doing something. If he was serious, then two years ago he would have kicked ISIS’ ass. He has armed ISIS instead.

            Obama surrendered Libya to the terrorists.
            Obama surrendered Afghanistan to the Taliban.
            Obama surrendered Iraq to ISIS.
            Obama surrendered the NATO defense of Ukraine.
            Obama surrendered the control of the Mediterranean to Russia.
            Obama surrendered the missile defense shield in eastern Europe and Turkey.
            Obama has surrendered to Iran on the promulgation of a nuclear weapon.

            Yes, Russia will kill some US troops. The US will do nothing in response. Then the US will pull out.

            • “Obama surrendered Libya to the terrorists.”

              Obama handed Libya to terrorists using US Air Power to support groups allied with AQ. Make no mistake it wasn’t his idea but the master plan. Libya was trading oil in gold Dinars not US dollars.

              “Obama surrendered Iraq to ISIS.”

              ISIS is a creation of the US to justify bombing Syrian infrastructure.

              “Obama surrendered the NATO defense of Ukraine.”

              The Ukraine had a democratically elected government that the CIA/MI6 overthrew to cut some Russian gas sales to Europe. We have as much business there are Russia would have in Mexico. Oh the Ukraine was not part of NATO.

            • “The United States will not go to war with anybody.”

              And it shouldn’t unless attacked.

              What happened to using the military to defend The USA and not advance globalist business?

              • Kevin, your catching on man. The globalists own the US military and all the bullshit they do is to advance and steal and control countries for the globalists. But try and tell the troops that and they will deny it to death they are so god damned brainwashed. Support the troops! and never speak the truth or get them to think for themselves! They have been told over and over and over what thier masters think of them but they cannot get it. YES SIR, RIGHT AWAY SIR! fucking pathetic yes men. Want to know why the globalists have such power? Ask the yes man military that gave it to them! Just because some fat fuck in a suit says do this doesn’t give anyone justification and blame shift of theyre personal responsibility of right and wrong to the STATE. The owners of the dogs (military) look upon them as the lowest and stupidest form of life because they sell out their country and families for a bowl of stew. Got your dog tags fool? They are laughing in your face and your too stupid to see it.

                • That rant isn’t directed at you Kevin. It is directed at the zombie low IQ wanna be tough guys and go kill some brown fuckers for amerika and be a psudo hero (in their micro minds). Think your big and tough? If your so fucking tough why are you such a pussy you can’t even say the word NO? Oh ya you might get in trouble tough guy. Well then why don’t you kick the shit out of whoever tells you to do bullshit? Oh I’m sorry I thought you were tough and stood for the rights and people of this country. Good job soldier, Keep killing and selling us out for the empire can’t say no coward fuckers….

                  • change coward to stupid .

                  • Genius, I thought you were talking about trolls.

                • Kissinger referred to military people as stupid animals as I have read. Disrespectful as hell but the book, “War Is A Racket”, by Major General and two time MOH recipient Smedley Butler USMC spelled it out his thoughts very accurately. To sum up, he fought for Bankers and Wall Street.

                  The lack of thought goes further as parents are very proud to send their kids into harms way with zero knowledge why. Its just social conditioning. Mom probably knows all about Dancing With The Stars and who is in the lead, Pop, all the sports stuff. Vietnam was supposed to be a wake up. 911 lulled them back into conformity.

            • Where the F have you been the past 75 years? The USA has been at war for 64 years of the past 75 years. Peace time is never longer than three years in a row.

            • Sounds like a Brokeback Obama plan, all right…

            • Obama has been clear about his policy on many occasions. He has always stated he never wanted to defeat al Qaeda or ISIS. He believes you cannot defeat what exists in the minds of Muslims. He has instead sought to buy time and let events play out on the ground (especially to delay until he is out of office). The chaos and bloodshed is the consequence of this policy but this policy is very deliberate and is not a sign of weakness or incompetence.

            • War may or may not be coming. However, something big is being prepped for. The repubs just voted to give Obama a blank check on spending and specifically military spending for the next 2 years. WTF. Something smells real bad out here fellas.

          • The problem is there is no Political Ruling Class,just stooges for the Financial Ruling Class!

            • The financial elite calls the shots for their political servants.That’s why many political decisions seem stupid,..they are not political decisions,they are financial decisions made by bankers & Crony capitalists who the public is not supposed to even be aware of!Viewed in a financial sense these decisions are often big money makers.

        • Eppe, a number of things can set it off. BTW, leaving for Ga in the morning. Once I get to the BOL, I’ll have a few things to do. I’ll know for sure on Fri. if I can make it to Blairsville. I’ll keep you posted.

          • I am right there with you as far as wanting to leave this shirt hole piss bucket country. I myself am looking at a few countries in S. America. You have to ask yourself why Assange and Snowden wants to go to Ecuador. I’ve been there several times and although it’s nit quite as developed as the USSA, it isn’t such a shit hole either. And not being as developed has a nice ring to it. Also something to consider, the Ecuadorian government gives the middle finger to this government. That is the most attractive draw for me.

            • I like it here. If we were healthy and younger we would be in a rural area and live out our remaining years. I have a higher standard of living than my ancestors from Italy and Poland as my father did and immigrant grandparents. Had a few heart attacks. Got some terrific medical care in the US.

              I don’t believe that there is a country on the earth where The People truly control their government. Money talks loudly everywhere. There is a lot of it here, thats good but its been massively accumulating in too few hands, hence corruption both illegal and if legal certainly unethical.

              Our problem is having a politically lazy and therefore a shockingly ignorant electorate.

        • DOES THE TPP



        • Every day…

          • What is Honolulu like? Do Hawaiians hate white people?

        • Even if the United Nations were to publicly remind the USGoobermint that what Russia is saying- is true, this will not prevent the zioturds from pulling off another 9/11, in order to set the Americans and Russians against each other.
          If that happens- every government of every other country on this earth- who does not speak up NOW- is COMPLICIT!

          • What is a Zioturd?
            Isit a shiot Kuickker like you?

        • “Ever wonder what exactly will set off WW3?”

          More than likely illegal/evil actions and invasions by our own country. I’ll tell you one thing, the United States will not go into a ww3 with good, or God on our side. Get the hell out of Syria!!! Impeach and imprison Lindsey graham and McCain and Obama and Hillary and every other evil son of a bitch that has created this inferno. We are being LIED to people! Use your damn heads for something more than to hang a hat. I’ll say it again, stop funding and organizing “isis” and GET THE HELL OUT OF SYRIA!!!!

        • I fucking love it! Fuck you, you fucking Fuck!

      2. Ash Carter is the perfect definition of a Washington Chicken Hawk. The United States should just cut its losses; and get out. Syria INVITED Russia to the dance. They ARE Allies. Besides; with our southern sieve of a border along Mexico; we SHOULD Station troops there. A bigger threat lies there than the ME; imo.

        • hear, hear

      3. A U.S. drone strike on an Army convoy blamed on a Russian air strike (false flag) will set WWIII in motion. This will more than likely set Obama up to declare Martial Law and stop all elections till further notice. What is going on in Syria stinks to high heavens. With the passing of this budget deal should show everyone that all our Government is walking in lock step to see that the U. S. A. comes to an end shortly.

        • Obama won’t stop elections as it blows the cover of fascism. The People need to believe that they actually have a say. TPTB own both horses in the two horse race. The show continues to placate the masses.

          • The MAN doesn’t care who you vote for as long as they get to nominate them.

            • EXACTLY…….

              • Yup, just a dog and pony show for the zombies. In fact think of it this way… By voting for the politicians you are consenting to give away your rights and freedom to have some asswipe rule over you. Who do you want to rule over you? Trump? Hillary? If you vote then you are consenting to have a ruler. Same with any local election. Elect who you want to be your dictator . And spend your life working yourself to death for pieces of paper. What a fucked up world we live in….

                • There is another side of this. The primaries, especially in the House Of Representatives are the Achilles Heel. A few thousand votes, maybe 2% of those eligible to vote can put in a grassroots person on the ballot. It was done in Delaware when Castle a RINO of the highest order did not win the primary after holding every office possible from Governor to Congressman to US Senate. Unfortunately it wasn’t replicated in the Democrat Party simultaneously.

                  House of Reps is doable. Senate possible in the lower population States, the Presidency, forgetaboutit. Two out of three puts a good amount of sand in TPTB / NWO / Globalist gears. The tools are there. Getting John & Jane Doe to focus on more than Food & Circus is vitally necessary.

      4. Nothing good can come of this. We need to get out. We are setting up our military to pay a very big price. Meanwhile, Russia is out surveying the under water data cables. Who is to say they are not laying explosives to take out the cables later if things go south. All they have to do is place explosives and leave. When things get hostile, the cables get taken out and they can say “we were no where in the area.”

      5. Rember all the critisisome bush had going into afgananastan then Iraq this president just does whatever he wants with no opposition.
        This POS president has sent more weapons to ass raping Muslims, gangs and other criminals all while saying we should not be able to possess firearms.
        He severely weakens our military at the same time doing his best to start ww3.
        I fear we will have to pay as a country because our government has essentially created Isis (while accidentally dropped arms, food, and med supplies to them) all while they are performing a genicied on Christians.
        We are screwed.

      6. Nothing like having obama for your commander and chief…

        • Yep, the sheeple wanted change. They didn’t care about what his background was nor what he really stood for. They followed the Nasty Pelosi playbook….”you got to elect him to see what is in him”.

          Well the hope and change he was pledging, was for the Muslim Brotherhood, from whom he takes his orders, and their evil counterparts Saudi kings and ISIL.

          When he says; “our work here is almost done”, he is making a reference to his work for bringing America to it’s knees, through illegal immigration, writing bogus EO’s/laws, and running up the debt to the point of no return from bankruptcy, plus the dividing of Americans over personal/biblical beliefs.

          They are already talking about Social Security becoming bankrupt next year. What will happen if the SS benefits stop, but the benefits paid to illegals, refugees or not, continue?

          A little Hispanic girl, was in the grocery store yesterday, and could not speak a word of english except …$200.00 dollars. She got a few items and then on her welfare card she got the checkout lady to make the necessary inputs and she collected her cash, and was out the door. The check out lady sees us regularly, and is always friendly and chatty. She says, “they come in here on a daily basis just like her”.

          Soon, the illegal hispanics will be sharing those benefits with the muzzies that are on their way here. The UN mandate guarantees they will get a huge monthly stipen, at taxpayer’s expense, due to their “refugee” status. Money that retirees can’t get, of which they paid for, but illegal heathens can get, WTF?

          The same deal goes for what is happening in Syria. It was in the plans a long time ago. They had it planned, and had the right man in place to carry it out. They will have the right person in place for the next phase, beginning in 2017.

          As far as Russia in Syria; I have wondered about something now for the past ten years, from my intense study on Ezekiel 38/39, the Gog/Magog war that is coming. The big question and marker, for the initial phase of which would be required for that Federation of armies to take place would mean such a huge movement of Iranians/other muzzie troops, in order for the initial coalition and training, that it would be obvious to the world.
          How could such a chain of events unfold and not be obvious to those that have eyes and ears tuned to such things?

          Well the answer has come and it is so “not” obvious to the world because the world is not thinking spiritually for such things to happen. But not in passin’s world. The day I heard Russia was making the move into Syria…voila’, “whoop, there it is!”. There’s your sign. I was so convinced that i made a prediction that Iranian troops would start moving into Syria, (as dk says, it’s in the archives) and guess what, they are.

          The coalition is forming right before our eyes, along with the training of iranian/russian troops together. The bond is forming and soon the stage will be set for the first, and one of the final big battles that will open the eyes of the spiritual blind sheeple, especially in America. When they see God in action, whereby He crushes that army with 100 plus lb. sheets/blocks of ice, then many of the mockers will say, it was Israel that done it. But, the wise, and well read, people will know, it was the Hand of God Almighty that did it.

          The timing is still not 100% clear, but it is becoming clearer.
          Many deaths, along with panic and fear will be read in the headlines before this Hamangog headline appears. But, be not deceived it will come as God has foretold it. I’m still sticking to my guns that it will occur in Alaska, as they come to take a spoil from USSAG, but leave open the possibility that it could coincide with an attempted attack against the land of Israel also, and not just the “house” of Israel/North America.
          Don’t confuse the house of Israel, with the House of Judah. They are two separate sticks as spoken of in Ezekiel.

          • passin

            Anyone of us who thinks what we got was change hasn’t been looking at the big picture. We got the same damn thing as we’ve been getting for years, just wrapped in a different box. Do you really think McCain would’ve not been working for the same interests as the sob in chief we have now? The only difference would’ve been the tactics. Obama has used lies and proxies, McCain would’ve have used lies and lives of American soldiers. It’s a big club and we ain’t in it. There is no hope and there will be no change.

            God help us and spare us of your wrath that so many of us know is coming and unfortunately well deserved

      7. Kind of hard to participate in the conversation when your reply is not posted for hours

      8. Historical facts:
        Napoleon was not French: He was born in Corsica
        Stalin was not Russian: He was Georgian
        Hitler was not German: He was Austrian
        Obama is not an American: He is Kenyan

        Does anyone see a pattern of national destruction when a foreigner is driving the bus? Just say’n.

      9. When I was 18 and 19 I was stationed at Minot AFB. The worlds 3rd largest nuclear power. I knew how to kill every Russian in major metropolitan areas. At the time I believed we should have done it.
        I read Patton, Sun Tzu, and Machiavelli. I now believe the biggest threat to America is Democrats. I’d rather live with Russian politics, than with American Democrats and their evil, which seems to run our country now. I’m not leaving, but I will enjoy the death the death of every Democrat, with a beer. I wish I could drink 40 million beers.

        • If Republicans are the savor you fail to understand the problem.

          Every possible political combination has been tried including a Democrat President, House and Senate and likewise a Republican President, House and Senate.

          Nothing of real substance changes. Wall Street steals, manufacturing is eviscerated and in the process hunks of the US Constitution are gutted or rendered moot.

          NAFTA, China Free Trade and the end of Glass-Steagall were Republican incentives but passed by lots of Democrats and signed into law by a Democrat President.

          There is very little difference between the two.

          • The republicans are what the democrats were in the 1960s. The democrats are now just socialists and Communists. There really is no longer any Republican Party.

            This gets me down…..Maybe I will vote for Lyndon Larouche.

            • BWAHAHAHAHA Lyndon Larouche a crazy motherfucker

              • War in Syria under these circumstances isn’t crazy?

            • I think he might be a little too old.

          • Where the difference lies is between good normal folks and the power hungry elitist trash that has managed to entrench themselves at the top of our systemic heap.
            Nothing will change until they are all dead and good honest men and women step up to the plate and become our next generation of leaders

        • What is sad is that I believe the Russian Times more than I believe our own media.

          • That is sad but true.

        • Let me know if you need any help drinking all those beers…

        • You forgot the word NEOCON of which DemocRATS can be one just like Republicans. Any politician who supports all this military adventurism all over the globe on our dime is a NEOCON and should be dealt with accordingly. And that should be by identifying, arresting and then trying them in a secret military tribunal as financial terrorists (how fitting, huh??) and then off to the slammer for a nice long stretch – how about for as long as these criminal psychopaths have been active in this country?? That’s just for the run-of-the-mill neocons. Their founders and idealogues should be publically executed for their ongoing crimes of which there are too many to list.

      10. I use to believe that you had to be really smart to get certain jobs. Like for instance. president of the USA. Or general . But now I realize that even if you are smart, you have to take orders from idiots.

        So somebody’s child is dead. Does anybody else care. These power hungry war mongers are animals. I am sick of this psychotic murder which is all that war is, mass murder.

        There is nothing in that desert that concerns America. We were lied to by Bush. I don’t believe a word out of the mouths of our lying Officials, not since Vietnam. Liars. All of them. Liars.

        • B from CA, It goes way back past vietnam. We have been lied to since the beginning and so has every govt. ever born. Govt. is the natural enemy of free men. You don’t have to be smart to be elected you just have to be CONNECTED. Pretty obvious to anyone with a brain cell. Damn I get sick when I hear the zombies talk about politics like trump is going to save us yada yada yada. Or any of the other arguements about how it is this asshole or this assholes fault. All the assholes take marching orders from upper middle management of the globalists. I’m almost embarassed to be human we are so pathetic uuhhhggggg….

        • Spot on friend…

      11. I believe that the individual that occupies that room in that house is placing us in grave danger on purpose.

        His mission: destroy America.

        Doing a good job regarding of the deceptive employment numbers.

        And I say, keep stacking, keep praying, going to need both.
        For not for long, our streets are going to look like those in Iraq

      12. ? Says are you the grammar police means ww3 we’ve been down this road before shtf is a place to share opinions ideas and philosophies. just because someone’s grammar is bad doesn’t mean they don’t have something worthwhile to contribute. Keep an open mind you might learn something.

      13. Lies and propaganda why believe and trust leaders they lie so fucking much and hitlery is the biggest liar to date everything she says is its republicans fault. Republicans say it’s demoncrats you will never solve problems playing the blame game and kicking the can down the road. We are finished folks.

      14. China just backed down in the Spratly’s and gave our war ships free reign.

        I imagine Russia will do the same in Syria.

        Hopefully we’ll find out soon and regain our rightful position of the world’s ruling power.

      15. What we really need to do us get the House of Rothschild out of our damn country. It has permitted every damn aspect of our society. This whole Muslim issue is a Zionist construct as was the whole Nazi/Jew issue to wage WWII. Read Albert Pike’s writings and he spells out out perfectly how the different world wars will be constructed. As long as we take the bait and hate the Muslim because we are Christians, we’re playing into the Zionist Jew hands. A very good, damning book is the “Synagogue of Satan”. You can read the whole book online or purchase a softcover book. I strongly suggest every one of you to read it….it will explain EVERYTHING.

      16. NOAA issues solar storm warning

        “The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) issued a minor solar radiation storm warning on Thursday morning following readings from a weather satellite in orbit around the Earth.

        The warning is expected to last from 12:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST, Thursday afternoon.

        Officials said that the warning is the result of a coronal mass ejection from the sun that happened around 10:19 p.m. EST on Wednesday as noted by radio signatures.”

        Drudge Report

      17. When will the soulless boot licking coward pussy Zombie trash in the fascist US military realize NWO psychopathic criminal monster filth are controlling the brain dead dumbed down chemically altered US military of programmed robot coward Zombie trash. If you are in the fascist US military you have to wake up NOW to the evil vile disgusting psychopathic fascist criminal monster filth you have sold your soul too, or your evil soul will be damned for eternity.

      18. The globalists own the American arms manufacturers, they own the US government and the banking system. Complete control established. Step out of line and watch the result. The American people are their subjects. They don’t really care about the guns because they will incinerate all if they deem the threat risks their control. Think Hiroshima on a global scale. They are all about murder. I don’t put it past them.

        • aljamo

          Nuclear weapons break too many things. My alarm goes off when I see “free”. “Where’s the catch”? Free Flu Shot at your Pharmacy. Sometime in the future a terrible outbreak of a deadly disease requiring both isolation (prison) and drum roll please, another vaccination.

          The sheep would line up in masse.

      19. Well Paul Ryan is the new speaker of the house. Same Boss wrapped in a different suit. Was hoping I’d see a long haired fellow come running out from the sidelines swinging a cat-o-nine-tails and shouting something about ‘Den of thieves’ and our founding fathers’ house.

      20. As if we weren’t there all along!!!!!

      21. F….K VLADAMIR PUTIN.

        F..k china, f…k russia.

        Putin and the russians are trying to convince the American people that the russians, chinese and other asian countries and western countries that they are fighting tyrany for the American people. Putin has over 25,000 russian spetnaz in America and with the cooperation of DHS, has deployed them in Houston, and alot of them are living in the Galleria of Houston, and this is disturbing.

        No matter what Putin says, i still dont trust him. I am not saying that i dont support his actions against the jihadist in Syria. I am just saying that we have ample evidence that russians are in America and for what reason. Are they here to fight the cabal with cooperation of “white hat forces” along with the MMV’S or are they here for something else. Or are they here and Putins public hearings and lectures are staged acting, like the current Media staged acting that is on TV every day. One thing is a certainly, if another russian spetnaz every approaches me, and every threatens me in public ever again, he is going pay a heavy price. That my friends is my promise. No russian will ever be able to threaten, scare any woman, or my female friend like that ever again, not will i comply once his damand is made, i didn’t comply and wont be complying with that son of a bitch in the future. This time, i will throw the first punch and kick the piss out of him, and beat the crap out of him to set example. I dont know who the f…k you russians think you are, threaning my female friend in public in front of me, of all people, thinking that i am some girl sitting in the f..k…g place. We dont use the drift technique in our martial arts. With SI Lat, we stand our ground and your break bones.

        And for the local cops reading my post. The hang out area for these russians, is the Cafe Euro on Westheimer Rd, by Fountainview. Thats were the ruskies like to hang out and act like they own the galleria, running around town, tracking anyone who post negative crap about them on facebook, then rolling up on you to confront you in person.

        Even parking lot security in the Galleria area has noticed this new trend. One of my friends is friends with a security guy and he has been noticing something unsual. They are all 5′ 10-11′, 26-30 yrs old, extremely muscular and lean, aggressive, rude and in top phycical condition and all them look almost identical and that security guard is ex military and says that they are soldiers.

        Putin is playing good guy while his soldiers are in my city trreatening women and people like me. And then the f…ks showed on me in public where one of my friends noticed one of them with a chinese women staring me down, and i my friend showed it to me and was really concerned about it. So this means that russians are in Houston tracking my cell phone signal. Keep it up you f…ks. Keep f…king with me.

        We know that we must clease the jihadist filt from the middle east, but lets be realistic and not think that Valadimir Putin is some kind of good guy to trust. This is simply not true. in fact f…k him. He and Xi jingping is busy calapseing our dollar, treatening to trigger a financial calapse to force civil war in America, and if this is allowed to happpen, we are going to literally end up in and shtf Extinction level event, so we must contain russia and china, to stop the financial calapse thats being formented by traitors working in russia’s and china’s interest to undermine the US.

        To make things worst, the chinese are now trying to buy up major oil wells in Texas.. so now the rat bastards are trying to take land and now we are hearing crap about how the BLM, yes the BLM is in Texas trying to take land for China again. Governor Abbot tells them that, that wont be happening here. The sh..t is about to get really hot, now they are in Texas trying to stur up sh….t. so there you go Putin, just shut the f..k up and quit trying to act like your somekind of good leader of the free world. You are just like the leadership in the US, just as bad, just as currupt. How did Ak 47’s ever end up in the hands of middle eastern nations? Your country is the f…ki…g supplier of these arms to nations like Iran, Syria, Lybia, and all arab nations., and this A FACT OF LIFE YOUR RUSSIAN ASSHOLE.

        Molon labe China, come and take it.



        F….k Putin, f…..k russia, f….k china.

      22. What they did with the gas failed so then they created another problem so they could evoke Chapter 7 of the UN charter.

        Since they never saw Russia coming they now have another problem on their hands.

      23. Scott, what your saying is also true. Thats that economic cluster F…..k, that i have talked about before.

        The rat bastard elite triggered a war, sent in Jihadist to go take control of the oil wells and natural gas so that they can run it though Syria, to the EU, to cut off russians economy to make russia dependent on the dollar. Then again, its all these elites fightening each other all these factions, some good, some not so good. I say f…k em all. I am not choosing sides. Will this all being said, it does not negate the fact that a russian was up in my friking face in Houston, taking crap to me and my chick friend. If they keep having russians comeing up in the face of people like me who are generally nice to people, then i will suddenly develope and attitude of a hostile nature to combat the threat.

        Now they have it all planned, this must be what the romanian hacker Gusifer was talking about, how this November 2015 time frame event is coming in the form of some catostrophic event, via EMP, of nuclear, of financial, what ever BS they have planned to trigger the so called desired effect of the 90% kill off ratio, unward to the, post event of 35,000,000,000 total survivors, if that much by 2025.

        One Ups driver just told me 2 weeks ago in my area that he has been noticing some unusual? he said that survial food is being ordered like fly on sh..t all of a sudden, like they have never seen before and that he taught it was BS, until his customers started to tell him that they are getting ready for the big one, now he is prepping like no tommorrow, and decided that he is not talking any chances. But the agency ass clown trolls on here are trying to convince others that my garmmar is the deciding factor in my ligitimacy, and not to listen to my fake info, since i am supposedly some kid in a basement on mommy’s computer. No supid kid or 10 yr old can provide much less write the things and info that i am posting on here, and people will be getting ready, because literally thousands if not millions of visitors are on this site daily including me.

        Whether it’s Nibiru, ecomonic calpse, EMP, ww3, nuclear war, solar system or planatary calapse, pole shift or what ever the hell is coming, then we need to prepare. This time if i am caught out in the open without my car, and just the clothes on my back, then i will not be surviving at all. I have done the best i can, and if i survive it, i will always remember this site and its posters, and how they saved my sorry ass and helped me to fight the future and the fact that had survived.




        • GREAT! Now it’s NOVEMBER 2015 for the world to end! I love how the date always gets pushed into the future. Let’s see now, when November arrives, the big doomy gloomy will come in December, then after December ends, we’ll all die in January 2016! What happens when April gets here and still no sign of Niburu? What about next September when Niburu still hasn’t shown? What will Texas do with all the gold? Make 24k monster pick up trucks and gold plated 10 gallon hats? If there’s one sure bet going, it’s bet against your never ending cornucopia o’ doom, wonder how we can make a buck off your insanity?

      24. China sea, middle east and Russia; it’s getting hard to not make a move without lighting a match for WW3.

        If there’s not a major war within a year going on in the middle east or far east, i will be suprised; and the western world will have obama’s ineptness to thank for setting it on a tee.

      25. What gives the U.S. the moral authority to determine what weapons other nations can and cannot have for their own defense, or choose the rulers of sovereign nations?

        The ‘supreme crime’ of international law is the Crime of Aggression. America is the greatest international criminal in the world. How did America become so blood thirsty? What happened to the America that believed in the ‘Golden Rule’? (Matthew 7:12) America now has a generation that knows of nothing but perpetual war. America abandoned God. And we wonder why America is bleeding out?

      26. The warmongering Republican neocons actually make Putin look good. They don’t give a damn about the shedding of innocent blood. But God will.

      27. People that do not prep do not come to this website, much less post. So Mr security guard jerry. You are working for and agency. Go f….k yourself, you think that you are going normalize this websiter and tone it down, you wont be able to accomplish that by any means. Go back to butt slaming gay lover and eat sh..t



      28. So, I’m a ” butt slamming gay lover” because I tell people that you’re a useless doomporn troll? This is the reaction one can expect to get from an angry child in the 10 years old range,at least mentally if not otherwise. You’re also a coward,posting at the bottom of the heap when a man would have the guts to reply directly. So, what can we take away from this? That hcks is an insecure adolescent, afraid of the world at large, talks big because that’s all he’s got, as is too afraid and too stupid to engage in intelligent debate. If I left anything out, please have your mommy add whatever is missing, don’t worry, she’ll let you hide behind her skirt.

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