Urged by Obama, Illegal Immigrants Line Up to Vote Against Trump: “Donald Trump Never!”

by | Mar 10, 2016 | Aftermath, Alex Jones, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 40 comments

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    This article was written by Adan Salazar and originally published at Infowars.com.

    Editor’s Comment: The White House is busy with operations from the Obama Administration to undo as many laws and policies surrounding immigration as they can before Trump, or anyone else, takes office, in the hopes of forever changing the fabric of the United States.

    If they succeed in overrunning the country, it will mean competing for even the lowest level job with millions of displaced people, while technology pushes us onto a grid, and corporations exploit both sides of the border issue. In the next few months – you are witnessing voter fraud in action, as the GOP, the Democrats and Wall Street scramble to keep out the one guy talking about restoring American sovereignty, bringing back jobs and energizing the economy. With even talk about fencing off the border and building up American wages, the elite are absolutely freaking out. They want low wages, and high profits, and rather insist that it continue to cost American living standards and income.

    ‘I want to vote so Donald Trump won’t win’: Illegals Applying for Citizenship to Vote Against Trump

    by Adan Salazar

    Obama administration, Soros-linked NGOs behind push to naturalize illegals before November

    Illegal aliens, encouraged by the Obama administration, are registering for citizenship ahead of November’s presidential election in record numbers, with many vowing to vote against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump.“I want to vote so Donald Trump won’t win,” Hortensia Villegas, a legal Mexican immigrant, told The New York Times earlier this week after attending a naturalization workshop in Colorado. “He doesn’t like us,” she said, compelled to register after a decade of living in the country illegally.Villegas’ husband, Miguel Garfio, a US citizen born in Colorado, also told The Times he felt Trump’s rise in the polls has impelled illegals to seek citizenship.“A lot of people are opening their eyes because of all the negative stuff Donald Trump has brought,” Garfio claimed.

    Another Mexican immigrant interviewed at the workshop expressed familiar talking points regurgitated by the establishment media.

    “Donald Trump never! Never!” Minerva Guerrero Salazar, 40, expressed. “He has no conscience when he speaks of Latinos. And he is so rude. I don’t know what kind of education his mother gave him.”

    A union representative working as a naturalization operative told The Guardian they’re capitalizing on Trump’s perceived negative comments to propagandize Latinos into voting for anyone but Trump.

    “Our messaging will be very sharply tied to the political moment, urging immigrants and Latinos to respond to hate with political action and power,” an iAmerica Action union member said.

    The Times notes the Obama administration and various labor unions, in addition to non-governmental organizations such as the George Soros-linked National Partnership for New Americans, have been behind efforts motivating immigrants to seek naturalization, providing outreach programs across the country in hopes to register more than 1 million out of 8.8 million illegal immigrants before November.

    “People who are eligible are really feeling the urgency to get out there,” the deputy director of the National Partnership said to the Times, conveying the success of their collective efforts. “They are worried by the prospect that someone who is running for president has said hateful things.”

    The massive efforts have not been in vain.

    “Over all,” reports the Times, “naturalization applications increased by 11 percent in the 2015 fiscal year over the year before, and jumped 14 percent during the six months ending in January, according to federal figures. The pace is picking up by the week, advocates say, and they estimate applications could approach one million in 2016, about 200,000 more than the average in recent years.”

    In addition to enlisting Latino celebrities for endorsements in September, last week the White House announced it would contribute $10 million in federal grants to help immigrants navigate the naturalization process.

    “A majority of Latinos are Democrats, and some Republicans accuse the White House of leading a thinly veiled effort to expand the ranks of the president’s party,” according to the Times.

    The administration, however, argues it isn’t concerned with which political party the new citizens join.

    “I certainly don’t care what party they register with; I just want them to become citizens,” the director of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services, Leon Rodriguez, told the Times.

    Naturalization drives are currently underway in Colorado, Nevada and Florida, states where the Latino populations could sway the election outcome in November.

    Despite the media’s push to paint Trump as anti-Hispanic, the candidate won the Republican primary vote in Webb County, Texas, a region bordering Mexico along which the contested wall might potentially be built and inhabited by 95 percent Hispanic voters.

    Trump himself has claimed he “will do really well with Hispanics,” and a poll last month found that 38 percent of Latino Republicans would vote for him, versus 15 percent for Ted Cruz and eight percent support for Marco Rubio.

    This article was written by Adan Salazar and originally published at Infowars.com.


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      1. “Perceived” negative comments

        • Rebecca, I agree. I ‘perceive’ that illegal immigration is no good for our country so that makes us even. It burns me to no end that minority groups, including the illegals, can come in here and get on the social programs bandwagon, all at the expense of white people. There are white people out there who need help and can’t get anything. That has always been the federal policy toward white people. The feds don’t treat everyone the same.

        • Read Constitution we don’t live in a Democracy.
          Popular votes mean NOTHING!!!!
          These sites blow more smoke than MSM.

      2. What a mess…

      3. I will vote trump no matter how crass he is,
        Im sick of these establishment pricks who have run this country into the ground. Left right eft right, it doesnt matter, fact is they all need to go, anyone who has been in DC or any public office more than one term past has been there too long.

        • Notice how the media is posting fake “polls” of Hildabutt winning over Trump. This propaganda is aimed at discouraging Trump votes. I like Cruz’s Constitutional stand and the fact that he has argued at the supreme court 5 or 6 times, but I like Trump because he is telling the GOPe to go fuck themselves. WE are supposed to pick the candidates, not the establishment. The only way they will get this message, is when a non establishment “3rd” party candidate wins. Trump is really a third party candidate and I doubt that he can fuck up as bad as the current HNIC ….as he is white, and will be called on everything he does. Vote (if you bother because diebold probably picked Hildacunt) Trump for president and hope Cruz is picked for spj.

          • I certainly like Cruz better than Trump, but it looks like Trump will be the nominee, and Cruz the running mate.

            Only an idiot would pick Rubio as VP.

            • only a fing idiot would vote for anything running, america needs a different kind of people running things, all politicians have created the mess we have and americans are stupid enough to keep voting for them, im about as sick of voters as i am religious fanatics

        • Kula, same for me. This is about the globalists and “free trade folks” that want to exploit everyone and could care less about borders, citizenship, or national sovereignty.

        • Everyone seems to miss the point.
          Republicans have to run against both the Democrat
          opposition and the Media machine.
          In this election they also have to deal with the GOPe.
          I prefer Cruz, but I’m gambling that Trump go for the throat,
          will be more effective than the Gentleman Conservative.
          Trump for pres. Col. West or Carly for Vp, and Cruz for supreme court.

      4. “Illegal Immigrants Line Up to Vote”

        What is wrong with this whole picture?

        …vote, and get a free pass
        and receive benefits WE paid for
        and receive exemption from all immigration LAW (and potentially ALL our laws)…by bringing their own laws and courts with them…

        Key word here is – ILLEGAL

        • Illegal or not, the majority of minorities vote with their turd world mentality, even the Asians have shifted towards the liberals since Odrama.

          You can’t fix, nor fence, stupid. It is a rampant growing reality that we average American, pro Christian, citizens, are the minority. That includes a small population/percentage of all races, but predominately Caucasian.

          Time is getting ready to expire, and the masses are sucked into the black hole called worldliness/liberalism/globalism/ self indulgence; which is not the place to be when ole luciferian antichrist arrives.

          • its like a slow motion train wreck,,,
            Just so awful you cant help but watch it!

            • i can help watching it.

              there’s millions of books to read, lots of work i can bury myself in, the usa is still safe to travel in and you can always drink ’til passing out.

          • actually, we are still the majority; 100% whitey is 63% of the country still; but there are so many pathetic ones that obama gets elected twice and hillary will slip in once the country gets 6 months of ads of how he is a rich, evil, woman hating racist; just like romney went thru but worse.

            if whitey would band together to save the country, in 8 years the border would be closed, illegals would be out; all expired visas would be out and islam would be kicked out; but intead we’re on the road to third world status, not even 30 years from when the usa was literally the top of the world.

      5. Cry baby jeb, Cruz, marco and Kasich meeting together to get rid of Trump is just what they are being told to do by the GOP. They are really getting desperate now because Trump is getting more and more popular with the voters. This meeting will not change anything. All American voters must be very vigilante during the elections because obama is still bringing in illegals to vote in our election when they are not eligible. But then that has never been a consideration for him as he is not even an American citizen yet he sits in our White House pretending to be President. The establishment and backers are all getting very desperate to get rid of Trump because they cannot control or manipulate him. Trump will shake up DC and they don’t want their golden goose taken away from them. They already have too much power and we must fire all the career politicians who are not doing what we sent them to do.

      6. Warning. If you are going to the Trump rally in Chicago be careful. Mexicans I talk to say there is going to be violence at the rally. The Mexicans are going there to attack people. Travel in groups and be prepared to fight.

        • hillary and obama are about to really enjoy today is this happens and makes news.

        • Wait for the GOP convention in Cleveland, the left has big plans for ‘civil disobedience’, meaning violent leftists will be out in force. Of course, the media will call them ‘a diverse gathering of concerned Americans’ or some such drivel.

      7. America is going to hell in a hand basket under this lawless administration.

      8. The picture has been obvious for years with congress and the NOW:

        Liberals first fill the “wicked” white man’s nation America up with the Free Stuff Army immigrants. We now have 61 million immigrants in the U.S. I suspect it is really closer to 90 million.


        My brother, a steam heating contractor, told me he surveyed an old school in Detroit. He was surprised to find it filled with white kids!! Then as he went to check ancient steam registers in a classroom he saw all the farce Arabic alphabets hung along the walls he realized what was going on.

        Next you issue Immigrants driver’s licenses


        then you pass out welfare benefits to Immigramts;


        Then you hire the cheap labor to replace native born Americans:


        As I walked my dogs (retired) in my sub in Michigan last summer I saw three different lawn crews all speaking Spanish and then two crews doing home repair also speaking Spanish. Go figure?

        So I fully expect this to be the election where Trump does not become the party nominee, Trump forms a third party (which I will vote for) and Hillary wins the POTUS with 50 million illegal immigrant votes. Then within 2 years the civil strife begins as the POTUS becomes dictator and blood flows to “clean up” America…

      9. We just had a flea market burn down in Chicago yesterday. The majority of the vendors appear to be illegal Mexicans. They don’t have insurance so now they have legal representation to go after the Jew who owned the place . I wonder how many of these pieces of shit pay taxes ????? I’m not sure who I hate more the illegal scum or the Jew slum lord.

      10. Illegals VOTING?

        yeah we need a do over .. time to clean up this friken mess

        no wonder this blow hard is getting so much attention

        • Why do you think Courts are ruling laws requiring photo ID’s to vote is unconstitutional?

          • oh , I get it , trust me .. I get it

      11. Nasal Cruz is a cuban hybrid Canadian who I doubt even has the right to run for president. He can wave the Bible all he want’s, I don’t believe he’s a believer or a conservative at heart. He’s proven over and over that he will lie in order to win, crushing poor Ben Carson in Iowa for starters.

        Little Marco’s actions speak for themselves. Another foreigner acting and pretending to be something he’s not.

        Kasich is okay, but a weakling. He doesn’t have what it takes to make the changes that are needed.

        Little Jebbie is still trying to run things since he was the establishments pick for president. The Bush dynasty needs to dry up and blow away.

        Mitt Romney, the Mormon. His faith is a twisted joke filled with lies, and pretty much sums up his liberal ways.

        Trump is not a conservative, and is flawed in many ways. However, I’m sick of the republican establishment running the party into the ground with their choice of who should be the nominee. The audacity of them to say Trump is not a conservative when they tapped Bush, McCain and Romney (all anti-freedom liberals) as the parties nominees. They are no better then the democrats.

        If they stop Trump at the convention, no problem. I will vote third party or write in his name in November.

        The GOP in it’s current form needs to be destroyed and rebuilt by non-establishment business people.

        However, this election has already been lost due to the massive and continuing change in the US demographics.

        Hillary is going to win no matter what, and we will be looking back at the ‘good ‘ole days’ under the clown we have now starting in ’17.

        • It’s Over, you are misinformed about Cruz. He has been fighting for constitutional rights since his days as the Solicitor General of Texas. He also made many enemies in the Senate due to the fact that he stood up for conservative principles while the other senators caved on issue after issue. That embarrassed other senators. The media has led many folks astray with false flags and minor mistakes by campaign helpers because they also do not want a principled conservative. Vote as you wish, but know you are being led astray.

          • Misinformed? Perhaps, perhaps not.

            Infowars has a video report out there talking about Bush’s old buddy Cruz. Interesting how the establishment seems to be warming up to him quickly.

            Ted Cruz: NeoCon or Just a Con Man 3/11/16

      12. Build the wall, I’m third generation of the US,my grandfather came here ,and had to get sponsored.

      13. We have a legal “path” to citizenship. Americans with a brain know that people sneaking into our country have no right to vote here. For those citizens that don’t understand that, wake up.

      14. The illegals don’t realize the wall would benefit them. They won’t ever get a high paying job if more cheap labor keeps coming in behind them. 11 million illegals? BS. The politicians have been using the 11 million number for years now. As if no more illegals are coming in. 20 million. Try that on for size.

        • I’ve heard 30 million, too. No one believes the 11 million figure, it’s a deliberate understatement.

      15. To know what Trump knows and the government is covering up, search YouTube for the 8min “9/11 Shock” video, connect the dots and share it. Then call and write your US Senator and Congressman and ask them point-blank if they or their staffers have pledged loyalty to the foreign power
        behind the Middle East Oded Yinon Project.

        • ” war by deception” .. and thats exactly what they are doing

          and this admin is the biggest helper

      16. Student senator faces impeachment for conservative beliefs

        “There’s a witch hunt underway for conservatives at the University of Southern California – and Jacob Ellenhorn appears to be Public Enemy No. 1.

        Ellenhorn is a student senator at USC and president of the College Republicans. He is also an outspoken conservative.

        And that’s a big problem among his fellow student lawmakers at USC.

        Ellenhorn is facing possible impeachment – accused of all sorts of tawdry behavior – like publicly expressing his conservative opinions and (brace yourself) inviting high-profile conservative speakers to campus.”

        ht tp://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2016/03/09/student-senator-faces-impeachment-for-conservative-beliefs.html?intcmp=hplnws

      17. Illegal immigrants are what big business wants, they get what they want, illegal votes and cheap hard labor. I’d say 30 million of the illegals at least throughout the nation.

      18. Sad for sure, but I don’t see me voting for Hillary.

      19. Another way to cheat the system.

      20. Popular Votes mean NOTHING, but to give you the perception you had a say in election…NOT TRUE
        The Constitution CLEARLY lays out the election process for OUR Constitutional Republic…Not Democracy learn difference.

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