“Ugly On Display”: Media Blames Bernie Supporters for Upset Over Rigged Elections

by | May 23, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 21 comments

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    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at The Anti-Media.

    Editor’s Comment: The system has just become corrupt and broke at every level, and at this stage of the game, a vast portion of the populace know it full well. Politicians and media figures are serial, compulsive liars and lobbyists; the economy is rigged and designed to shaft the average American, and buying into the system is only making it worse.

    There is a great realignment going on, say what they will.

    Mad About Rigged Elections? Mainstream Media Says “You” Are The Problem

    by Claire Bernish

    Mainstream headlines constantly decry Bernie Sanders supporters for disrupting events in outrage, as if their protests and demonstrations somehow illustrate the devolution of the elections. But that focus by the corporate media utterly negates the consistent and continual reports of fraud and disenfranchisement fueling their ire.

    And it’s getting ridiculous.

    Newsweek, though far from alone, offered a prime example of the obfuscation of the election fraud and questionable campaign tactics by Hillary Clinton in its skewering of Sanders’ supporters.

    Get Control, Senator Sanders, or Get Out,” Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald titled his op-ed — which thoroughly blasts the Vermont senator — as if he were somehow responsible for both the electoral chaos and the actions of an irate voting public.

    “So, Senator Sanders,” Eichenwald writes [with emphasis added], “either get control of what is becoming your increasingly unhinged cult, or get out of the race. Whatever respect sane liberals had for you is rapidly dwindling, and the damage being inflicted on your reputation may be unfixable. If you can’t even manage the vicious thugs who act in your name, you can’t be trusted to run a convenience store, much less the country.”


    Because what Eichenwald obviates most readily in his attack is the inability to understand why those protests might be occurring in the first place. Judging by the timing of his article, it’s likely Eichenwald wrote it after chaos broke out at the Nevada Democratic Convention on Saturday — chaos that transpired after the party took it upon itself to ignore thousands who rightly believed Sanders delegates had been excluded unfairly from the caucus proceedings.

    Despite the call for a recount, party officials refused to follow necessary procedure and abruptly adjourned the convention, leaving thousands of voters in the lurch — and hotel security and local law enforcement to deal with the aftermath. When things seem suspicious, apparently Eichenwald feels voters should not only have no recourse, they should be happy about it.

    “Sanders has increasingly signaled that he is in this race for Sanders,” he continues, “and day after day shows himself to be a whining crybaby with little interest in a broader movement.”

    It would be nice if Eichenwald’s hit piece were as much a joke as it comes across, but clearly he’s missed the point — and the vast movement supporting not only Sanders, but electoral justice. Worse, he didn’t stop there:

    “Signs are emerging that the Sanders campaign is transmogrifying into the type of movement through which tyrants are born.

    “The ugly was on display” at the aforementioned Nevada convention, Eichenwald adds, “where Hillary Clinton won more delegates than Sanders.”

    No kidding. That would be precisely the issue that “cult” expressed fury about — Clinton managed to put yet another state under her belt under highly questionable circumstances. In fact, suspect happenings at nearly every primary and caucus so far oddly favor the former secretary of state — and Nevada stood as further testament to why voters are practically up in arms over what appears to be electoral favoritism.

    But Eichenwald wasn’t alone in overlooking those concerns — or in blatantly mischaracterizing both that bias and its consequential thwarting of the wishes of a hefty segment of the voting public.

    In the New York Times, Alan Rappeport also took the chance to strike at Sanders’ followers by citing Roberta Lange, Nevada State Democratic Party Chairwoman, who adjourned the convention early — earning the wrath of Nevada’s voters.

    “‘It’s been vile,’ said Ms. Lange, who riled Sanders supporters by refusing their requests for rule changes at the event in Las Vegas,” Rappeport notes, adding, “The vicious response comes as millions of new voters, many of whom felt excluded by establishment politicians, have flocked to the insurgent campaigns of Mr. Sanders and Mr. Trump.”

    Though he at least presented that aspect of the elections fairly, his description of what Lange actually did in Nevada misses the mark — that rules change had originally occurred prior to the convention, and Lange’s hasty and subjective decision on a contentious voice vote to permanently install the change arguably created the eruption of anger. But a number of Times staff have contributed sizeable amounts to Hillary’s campaign — and a Clinton family organization also donated $100,000 to the Times’ charitable organization the same year it endorsed her. Funny how bias thus peppers its reporting.

    But the media roasting of Sanders and his supporters also appeared in the Sacramento Bee — where the editorial board also called the senator to task for the Nevada incident in lieu of calling out the controversial elections. According to the Bee,

    “The episode had the reek of Trump rallies, where threats, insults, and sucker punches to defend the presumptive Republican nominee have been common. Yet looking back at the hundreds of Sanders supporters who descended on a Clinton rally in East Los Angeles earlier this month to intimidate her supporters, making one little girl cry, it now seems inevitable that the same kind of violent eruption would afflict those ‘feeling the Bern.’”


    While the protest in L.A. certainly rattled Clinton supporters, violence didn’t pepper the event. One Sanders supporter — sporting a Free Hugs tee-shirt, no less — even assisted Clinton-supporting families with teary-eyed children in tow navigate through the crowd. While reports that someone ripped apart a young girl’s pro-Hillary sign might be valid, it would stand as the exception to what amounted to a boisterous demonstration over justifiable grievances. And, again, this obfuscation forgets entirely the need for demonstrations, which Hillary Clinton — in repeated lies, controversial policy proposals, and a campaign replete with fraud complaints — has clearly helped create.

    Perhaps corporate, mainstream media — instead of targeting the symptom — should attempt to report its root cause.

    Perhaps enormous swaths of voters being dropped from the rolls in New York; Clinton’s inexplicably astronomical luck in coin tosses in Iowa; inexcusably untrained elections volunteers and their equally inexcusable tendency allowing Clinton supporters to participate in caucuses without first being registered; or any number of other examples from the mountain of ever-growing evidence the elections are, indeed, rigged, are infinitely more deserving of headlines than hit pieces against those protesting such affronts to the American electoral process.

    Or perhaps we should all just do as Eichenwald suggests — swallow our pride and our desire for a less corrupt and fairer system — and turn tail.

    Or not. Because this system is rigged — and the corporate media helps pull the strings. But as long as independent media reports what the mainstream refuses, and as long as fraud inundates the 2016 election, there will be protests — regardless of whether or not Newsweek and the Times and the rest of their ilk ever grasp accuracy in reporting.


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      1. Bernie talks of political revolution. Socialism I say we do it not because I agree with it but because things will get so bad that people will never forget what socialism did to them. This is why we have problems now. Obummer did a number on us with Bernie we will be finished. Whatever though I will play the game and win either way.

        • Asshat says:
          “Bernie talks of political revolution. Socialism I say we do it not because I agree with it but because things will get so bad that people will never forget what socialism did to them.”

          It doesn’t work that way. This is the mistake ‘Let It Burn’ makes.
          Lets use the hot button issue ‘entitlements’.
          First, public-private partnerships are the catalyst for both Wealth Effect and Wealth Redistribution.
          Second, public-private partners for ‘Wealth Effect’ are paid around 70%+ of the market. For a simple but not entirely accurate example, these partners aka Too Big To Fail are paid 15 Dollars of the 22 Dollar market that constitutes 7 Dollars in food stamps and cash respectively that in turn are accepted as charity/tax exemption. When you discuss cuts, you’re talking cutting the 7 Dollars in benefits or 30% and less of the market share. When those cuts inevitably occur, it is always the benefit side of the equation, and this is transferred to the other side aka 15 is increased to 17-20 Dollars of market share.
          Third, the Federal mandates for funds forces States to administer the jobs/works program operated by the county for enforcement. The principle different between the jobs/works program and prison labor is treatment. Non-compliance for example being required to work extra hours requires just cause for exemption, or your sanctioned incurring ineligibility between 1-6 months that at the fourth includes medical.
          How do I know these things? Cloward-Piven is based on Bismark’s ambitions and Bismarkian Policies that incurred the Wiemar Agreement in response to the Treaty of Versailles that led to Hyperinflation and the rise of Nazi Germany. Bismark’s ambitions and Bismarkian Policies gave rise to the political ideology Bismarkianism that uses Bismark’s ambition and Bismarkian policies as a blueprint.
          In the end, the purpose as Kissinger who admired Bismark and Richelieu is control of basic necessities and control of the pillars of civilization.
          Now, what did Richelieu do? He agreed with the King of France’s ambitions and pretty much violated every Protestant principle much like the Pope Francis today and went to war with the Holy Roman Empire also known as the Thirty Years War.
          Did religion cause the war? No, it was a tool used by ambitious figures pursuing expansionism kinda like today’s ‘American Exceptionalism’ is used to conduct offensive wars. These actions made Richelieu dubbed the World’s First ‘Prime Minister’ lacking the actual position/title.

          While it may be tempting to ‘Let It Burn’, the sad truth is you can’t preempt an Cashless Society under Authoritarian Governance and expect to control it.

          “…Signs are emerging that the Sanders campaign is transmogrifying into the type of movement through which tyrants are born…” (qtd)

          More to the point ignoring the other aspect, it’s effectively part of the blueprint. I’d expect an Reichtag styled event sometime to remove political dissidents namely Constitutionalists, Second Amendment Supporters, Preppers, Self-Sufficient Community advocates, Ron Paul supporters, anti-Federal Reserve supporters, Anti-Big Government as anti-government supporters, and etc as they make up the opposition to tyranny. Then, they’ll target those who they view as ‘undesirable’, and through control of food and labor already have the catalyst for removing ‘useless eaters’.
          Search Margaret Sanger, Neo-Malthusian movement, Eugenics movement, and Malthusian Movement.

          Then look at today’s primary issues:
          -Man-made climate change
          -Gun Control

          After reading their documents, are you truly surprised?

      2. They of course blame burnies,their selected queen is not having a cakewalk to nomination and burnies are exposing her bullshit in a daily way!I still wonder if donald and bernie are just puppets put out to appease the angry crowds of citizens,if so,tis backfiring on em to a large degree!

        The msm had no problem hiding their glee when folks in the republicant party got angry when primaries basically decided before votes,well,time to feel the burn!

        I will say folks feeling the burn should be warned,”You have VD dumbass!”See a doctor,can cause brain damage as Al Capone showed!

      3. I dont know whats worse…
        1.the rigged elections or
        2.the lemmings are just figuring this out

        • Yes, its obvious to me since Bush 2. Most democrats don’t want Hillary as the next president. I see Bernie bumper stickers but no Hillary. None. And I live In a Liberal City. the fact that Hillary is in it at all is a farce. Nobody likes her, yet she is the front runner. Today a woman in her seventies told me, “Hillary is a racist bitch!”
          I told her they all are and believing in the government is a waste of time.

      4. “Ugly On Display”: Media Blames Bernie Supporters for Upset Over Rigged Elections

        Enough of this Political Theater Bullshit!

        Because in the end … this is all it ends up being.

        AMERICA – it’s time to pay attention … and grow the hell up.
        We The People Of The United(cough, cough)States Of America have ZERO Representation – Stop supporting those … who are destroying yours and everybody else’s lives.

        TRUMP Supporters – you are being deceived!!!

        America will NEVER be GREAT AGAIN … AMERICA will NEVER be 1st … The mouth piece with a suite that resides in the White House will always be a Globalist Agenda Pursuer.
        According to US Government – We The People … are not even 2nd Class Citizens … we are nothing but SHIT at the bottom of the barrel! All the evidence of their behavior towards us proves this to be true.

        What are you going to do America … continue to VOTE & cross your fingers for some “hope & fk’n change”?

        Are you going to Stand Up & Piss on the Establishment or Sit Down and squat like a little pansy while you do your Tinkle while they feed you more SHIT?

        Fk ‘da Dumb Shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      5. I just love it when Socialists fight each other.

        • Diane D, I agree. That’s the only time I pay any attention to them.

      6. Sanders is the most honest candidate of the whole bunch and has been from the onset, imo. In this political climate, that counts for nothing. Clinton or Bush has worked so well for the never ending war establishment that she is the natural to maintain the status quo and likely will be the next criminal to succeed the obvious plant Oliar. Sanders did say early on that he would support the eventual nominee should it not be him, his support invigorated himself to push back harder against Clinton, though it could be all for show. Young people aren’t stupid, Sanders spoke their language. The support for Hitlery beyond her insider loyalty simply boggles the rational mind. Both nominees will continue the militarization death drive takedown of America and the world.

      7. How long do these clowns think that they can keep pulling this crap before there is BLOOD in the streets?

        It looks like some of the sheeple are waling up.

        • Given the incredible rise in firearm sales and another ammo shortage being forewarned of by the makers of ammo, I’d have to say you are right-on-the-nails-head and ‘driven home’.

          America HAS been awakened (enough to make the difference).

          What THEY want is NOT what they are going to receive nor get (at least no on my watch)… tough talk? Perhaps, but at least I’m sincere and not blowing hot air.

          • Bud, same here. I don’t blow hot air but I can damn sure put out some ‘hot lead’ if I’m forced into that.

      8. The media prefers to blame, rather than report….That is what you call propaganda, not news.

      9. The main stream media protect the establishment dialogue without fail and without truth. People read it and believe what they read, same as TV in hearing and seeing distraction with frivolous police blotter storied hype to support the police state expansion. The right to keep and bear arms in defense of freedom is directly tied to freedom of speech in that neither can exist without the other. Both protect each other. It is a package deal, neither to be infringed upon in a nation of free people.

      10. I am enjoying watching the people wake up to the D/R Corporate Machine. Nerve wracking but tptb are pretending they don’t know the lion is stirring.

        • Rebecca, it was the hildebeast herself who once said, “We’re in an information war and we are losing it.” That is still true for the turds even today.

      11. “Signs are emerging that the Sanders campaign is transmogrifying into the type of movement through which tyrants are born.”

        transmogrifying=transform, especially in a surprising or magical manner. To change or alter greatly and often with grotesque or humorous effect.

        grotesque. yeah, that’s it.

      12. I don’t blame Bernie’s supporters for being pissed off because what’s been going on here, right out of the gate, has been one outrageous example of election fraud after another.

        Start with all these free-swingers who call themselves super-delegates. They’re allowed to pledge their convention vote before a single ballot is cast, but retain the right to change their mind. I have a hard time believing that will be the case even when it becomes obvious that Trump will blow out Hitlary and her pretend husband Baby Balls in November.

        Now, let’s go to the primaries for a whole laundry list of fraud. Absurdly outsized numbers of ballots cast in Southern primaries. The official line is large numbers of black votes breaking for Hitlary. The unanswered question: how many of them were BLM activists voting multiple times in the same state or multiple times in different states, using multiple names and addresses in either instance? Bernie blowing Hitlary out big in a number of states, with the delegates being awarded not being anywhere near reflective of said blow-out wins. I believe it was Wyoming where Bernie won in a blowout, but thanks to the unpledged delegates miraculously declaring themselves for Hitlary, she came out of a state where she lost by almost 60% with one more delegate than Bernie.

        If this process were not rigged, the super delegate and unpledged delegate process would result in these delegates casting their convention votes to reflect who won their state. Instead, they’re telling everyone who cast a vote in the primary to go screw themselves. Instead, they’re going to go to the convention and whore themselves to an oligarch in return for a place in her oligarchy.

      13. Bernie is a former communist. Now he is a socialist. According to Marx since people will not willingly accept communism, start with liberalism, then move to socialism before initiating full blown communism.

        Nelson Mendella was an active communist as was Martin Luther King.

        Go to U-tube and watch “The Ethnic Origins of Communism”
        Also see “Bitter Harvest”. How communists robbed farmers of their wheat harvest and allowed millions of innocent men, women, and children to starve to death.

        So far at least 100 million killed for communism. Are we really any different than these victims?

        America is run by the children and grandchildren of the people who were responsible for leading us into war on the side of the communists. That is why we are in the middle of all this now.

      14. As long a we have lawmakers they will outlaw our freedom little by little. dont matter who is pres.

      15. I understand communism for he killer of mankind it is.

        Yet even more insidious than communism is Hillary, and her new world order.

        She is possibly worse than Obama, if that is possible.

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