The Future of War Looks Like Hollywood: “Terminator-Like Machines to Fight in Battlefields”

by | Aug 26, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 60 comments



For those who always saw James Cameron’s blockbuster Terminator 2 as somehow eerily inevitable, recent trends in the development of warfare are proving them correct.

How will the nature of warfare change with the advent of autonomous robots that can make their own decisions to kill? In short, it could change everything, though it is unclear if it will lead to a final stand by a human army against the rise of AI.

Think tanks that advise military planning and policies are now warning that the dawn of autonomous, killer robots – in real life – is upon us, and could be wielded by the enemy to create an unstoppable force.

As RT reports:

The future of war will involve autonomous robots instead of humans, according to Air Force General and Vice Chair of the Joint of Chiefs of Staff Paul Selva, who warned enemies could build “Terminator”-like machines to fight in battlefields.

Speaking at the think-tank Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, Selva said the technology could be developed in 10 years – and that the world’s biggest military should punish anyone who pursues such weapons.

“This is about an entirely robotic system, completely autonomous, [that is] not dependent on the human decision,” Selva said. “We’re told by the technologists that we’re a decade or so away from that capability.”

“I’m talking about a wholly-robotic system that decides whether or not, at the point of decision, it’s going to do lethal ops.”

Robots are being used now by police (as in Dallas) and the military to enter dangerous areas, carry equipment and weaponry and other tasks, and will become better, stronger, faster and smarter with each passing year.

The usefulness and potential dangers of technology are saturating the operations of the U.S. military and other world powers as they plan for, or engage in war.

It is an unavoidable issue, and one that will have to be addressed and decided upon very soon.

But who will make those decisions, and what if they ignore the risks of Terminators taking out people?

The Pentagon is trying to reassure the public that it will always keep human operators in the loop, while dealing with its own concerns that a China or another foreign power will take things further than the U.S. has dared to go.

This, of course, is the feedback notion that justifies such high levels of military spending, and the pursuit of such dangerous technologies.

As Motherboard reported back in 2014:

Pentagon officials are worried that the US military is losing its edge compared to competitors like China, and are willing to explore almost anything to stay on top—including creating watered-down versions of the Terminator.

Due to technological revolutions outside its control, the Department of Defense (DoD) anticipates the dawn of a bold new era of automated war within just 15 years. By then, they believe, wars could be fought entirely using intelligent robotic systems armed with advanced weapons.

Some of the dark implications for the future of technology, war and social control are outlined in a DoD sponsored paper titled: “Policy Challenges of Accelerating Technological Change: Security Policy and Strategy Implications of Parallel Scientific Revolutions”:

The 72-page d​ocument throws detailed light on the far-reaching implications of the Pentagon’s plan to monopolize imminent “transformational advances” in biotechnology, robotics and artificial intelligence, information technology, nanotechnology, and energy.

Worse, the sophisticated levels of communications, data monitoring and cloud storage mean that Skynet may also literally become a reality, and is something that both China and the United States have been pursuing.

Predator drones have already changed the face of war, with their controversial use to target radical extremists in various war torn countries in the Middle East and Africa. These systems are already capable of autonomous life-or-death decision making, and their use may become acceptable.

The future might be unrecognizable, and the battlefield may soon become a place where humans don’t stand a chance.

John Connor, anyone?

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    1. Sarah Connor

      Oh crap.

    2. Stephen

      Take it just a bit further. The war after that will be fought with horses and spears. When The Bible talks of horses in the battle of Armageddon, it isn’t a symbolic image of some mechanized equipment. It is a horse.

    3. Tom Thatcher

      Beware the Hildabot…

    4. Captain Crunch

      The terminator is real. It is true AI.

      Kill them in foundries!!!!!

      • hammerhead

        Naw , i,m sure theres a smartphone app for killer robots .

        • WhoWTFKnows...

          All of this gadgetry, is just force multipliers, that do not question tyrannical authority. The dopes that operate the toggle switches in AZ that drop in-discretionary drone Bombs in Afghanistan on kids are playing a video game. Put these same schleps on the actual battle field ground, and they will crap their panties. Its a pretty cowardly act if you ask me.

          I dated a lady who worked at the Special Forces Cent Comm in Tampa FL, MacDill AFB, and they had fistful of play money they would just throw at the Military industrial complex mafia, to design something new. No real need, just here is some free many go play with ideas for something we might need. Imagine how much of these $8-$9 Trillion dollars that the Pentagon cannot account for, could have been used to build up America’s infrastructure, or just buy oil on the open market and avoid wars. Or solar panels for every roof top in America. They spend Trillions of money we don’t have, on BS we don’t need, to put a few extra bucks in the pockets of the connected Fascist Military Industrial complex Mafia. Its utterly disgusting. This crap needs to end yesterday.

          Retired Generals whores who double dip, that then go to work for the Military mafia, to lobby for more useless gadgetry and airplanes, where they don’t even have a place to keep them.

          You see Military bases are like shelf space. The more shelf space they have, the more useless crap they put on the shelves. Thousands of axles for Humvees they never used just sitting and rotting. Airplanes and parts, stuffed in warehouses. This is why we need to shut down half of the US Military bases world wide and watch the fraud drop in perspective. Military bases are pig troughs of fraud and full of waste and plunder. Phony wars are no different, just an excuse to build more useless crap for profit for the few. Its all Greed by psychopaths.


          • Kevin2

            Here Here ^^^^^^^ Bravo

            Yep Eisenhower warned us Jan 17th 1961

          • Equorial

            I knew of a man (I believe he’s passed since I last saw him), that spent six years in the Navy and worked his way up to Chief shortly after signing up for an additional two years. He then set down and created a “job billet” for a GS-22 Worker that only he could possibly qualify for, got out of the military and joined up as a Civilian Worker “in his self-created billet” (The Base Recreation Department), which was the ONLY ‘base rec department’ that could manage getting enough bucks from Uncle Sam to pay for (back then), a room full of the hottest new game, PacMan and something on the first LaserDisc Driving Racer machine).

            His paycheck, of course, was six times that of what a Chief got paid to do the same job, plus he ‘wrote his own story’ so he got all the best benefits on retirement, just everything. (And not fair in the slightest yet nobody to stop folks like that).

            I’m sure it’s still the same, just different places and faces…

      • acid etch

        Fat people do not deserve love or attention.

        They should be made to live in shame.

        Im sick of fat women trying to talk to me.

        Fat women do not inspire erections.


        • Godsoldier

          Its ok to let one go down on ya just dont tell any one

        • Acid Burn

          Considering the fact that those fat women are the only women who would bother to talk to you, you should be happy for the female attention instead of bitching about it.

    5. zelmer

      I don’t see this as a ‘Terminator’ scenario but only as an augmentation to real soldiers either in the air (current drones) or on the ground. The cost of money and resources to build such devices will be out of reach in the near future for pretty much everyone. Not to mention trying to keep them repaired. This is not your Star Trek fantasy where you can just swap parts easily or direct power and energy at will. After a nuclear (already existing technology) exchange there will be nothing or nowhere to build it. War mongers will stick to technology that works like nuclear, chemical and biological. As Einstein said the next war after a WW III will be fought with sticks and stones.

    6. durangokidd

      If the US Military is concerned that adversaries could build Terminator type, autonomous killing robots, it’s because they CAN. 🙁

      • Equorial

        Isn’t it China that boasts of having an unmanned sub, surfaces and recharges using sunlight (if it’s safe to surface). Unconfirmed but certainly something they could easily do if they wished.

        I do NOT wish them to send one of THOSE into our Gulf of Mexico and ‘let fly’ who knows what?

        I would guess they are not yet in the water…

    7. nubria 123

      A well placed bottle of my homebrew will make look like Hilary in front of a strobe light.

      • WhoWTFKnows...

        All of this robot gadgetry runs off of frequencies. Unless it is preprogramed internally, then set free to run on its own. So all you need to do is figure out the frequency range on the spectrum that it runs on, and create a jammer to block the frequency.

        Every problem has a solution.

        They already have the robot that will seek out human thermal outlines, and start shooting at that heat signature. So go build a bunch of dummies using heat signatures or heat from the sun and let them waste all their ammo on the dummies. Then wrap a chain around the robots ankles and hoist it into a tree.

        ~WWTI… The Iranians and Russians took the controls of a US drone and landed it safely into Iran for further study and dissection. And laughed about it.. Brilliant!!!

        • Equorial

          Lead ‘fouls’ electronics up very quickly. Usually they’ll need defragging too.

    8. Roscoe Rules'

      10-15 years…….those of us who have planned will be living in homemade quarters……

    9. Kevin2

      The future war will be mushroom clouds, the subsequent war will be 10 Million Years BC.

      • hammerhead

        K2 , I agree once again !
        After the mushroom clouds , its forty acres and a mule !
        But that will never happen , TPTB want control over a productive and captive , paying society .
        Dead people dont have tax dollars and are worthless.
        So , Back to Agenda 21 and global enslavement .

        • vocalpatriot

          tax dollars are merely a document of the perceived value of a product or service….tptb have no need of it if the sheeple do as they are told…so, control is power…money is useless..people would amount to slow, weak and unreliable machines.

        • vocalpatriot

          tax dollars are merely a document of the perceived value of a product or service….tptb have no need of it if the sheeple do as they are told…so, control is power…money is useless..people would amount to slow, weak and unreliable machines. if the elite truly had machines capable of such complex endeavors, they wouldn’t need to make war…they would have all they wanted…and they’d likely leave the rest of us alone…

        • Equorial

          Really? Seems to me that we’ll need decades of smart and younger people to rebuild “what we know” ..and when it is over, TPTB won’t be in charge of shit anymore, and they’ll nothing to enforce their wishes upon the people (even after all that nothing will have been gained except opportunity to kill a little bit more, to make it 100%).

          They’ll eradicate themselves, and at the end of the 3rd ‘go round’ we’ll be done with it and supposedly never have to war again. Dunno where all that comes from but it would be nice, even though we know it won’t happen in our days.

    10. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Captain crunch your correct, the AI terminator problems is real, I have been told about it.. they plan to use the satilites and robots to wipe out the rest of population on the surface..that’s why the fuckers have DUMBS..AI, artifical intelligence will finish us off for the rest of the time starring from 2017-2025. shows their real quota, they must kill 260,000 people in the US, to usher in the Technocrazy… read Between Two Ages by Zbigniew Brizinski..this piece is shit explains it in detail.. I highly recommend the book..

      It use to be easy to control a million people. Now it’s easy to kill a million..


      Your zionist extraordinaire.


      • abe

        God always has the last word. And people shall enter the caves of the rocks and the holes of the ground, from before the terror of the Lord and from the splendor of his majesty, when he rises to shake the earth. Isaiah 2:19 At that time, They will say to the mountains, Fall on us, and to the hills, Cover us. Luke 23:30

        • Anonymous

          Abe.. If God was so smart he’d have the first word and that would be the end of this BS. But. Go ahead and be an enabler to keep the dumbing down of the sheep afoot.


    11. B from CA

      Now they can kill us and blame the robot.

      ” He was a lone wolf row butt acting on artificial intelligence we could have never predicted.”


      • Gary

        The INCOMPETENT corrupt criminals in control of the USSA gobment WANTS WAR. Nuclear war. They Want to get all of us killed.

        Published: August 26, 2016
        ht tp://

        Leave the cities. Leave the USSA while you still can.
        Ground Zero or downwind of, is a TERRIBLE place to be.
        Save yourselves. Save your families. Leave USSA.

        The country is to far gone to save. Politician criminals will destroy EVERYTHING.

    12. WhoWTFKnows...

      Here is another reason the US Dollar and Economy will collapse in a year and a half. The advent of Blockchain – a new clearing house for foreign transactions bypassing US banking system, which also gives reason for them not parking their Foreign money in the US and our Economy.

      ARTICLE: Four more mega-banks join the anti-dollar alliance
      ht tps://

      Read how the US fined France $9 Billion for doing business with Cuba, bypassing the US Banks in a transaction. Its strong armed Robbery on a Global scale. And at the same time Obama went to Cuba to watch a baseball game with the Castro Brothers. Hypocrisy!!! Foreign Nations are fed up with this US Banking Toll Booth system of extortion and moving on to block chain to settle transactions.

      This could be devastating to our economy.

      Hillary’s response Bomb them all into submission.


      • Kevin2

        Who WIF Knows


        Goodby reserve currency status. Goodby USA.

      • Kevin2

        Who WIF Knows


        Goodby reserve currency status. Goodby USA.

    13. moonlitemike

      The future of war, lol I wish.. War is a just an means to an end and to entertain the elite and keep us controlled and busy. In the end if they get their one world government and reduce the population why would wars continue, most likely they wouldn’t.
      So why all the robots, well my guess an army of enforcers…what better tool to dispose of billions of bodies.sure they will stage a few phony robot wars to make us feel better about them, then one day program upgrade and boom.. I hate to point out Sci. Fiction but some of the best, terminator, battlestar Galactica, Dr who etc. all clearly point to a bad outcome when we count so heavily on tech like, networking devices( smart anything), surveilence, robots , transhumanism, etc. I kinda view it as a warning, the plot lines can be compared to current times pretty close, lots of it symbolic, but the warnings are there.

    14. sam

      That’s it keep Mucking With Computers Un tell they Become Self Aware Super Stupid of You Super Geniuses

    15. stevor

      country 1 has robots fighting humans from country 2 so country 2 has to up their game. What can country 2 do? Maybe an EMP blast or maybe just a few nukes. So, the nuke war is on and everybody dies.

    16. Asshat

      If the gov has all this technology how come they cannot defeat Islamic savages. Why does the gov want us all unarmed. The savages have balls. all the cool tech toys to to gain a psychological advantage don’t stand up to motivated fighters who believe in their cause. Military don’t even have to fight the submissive hoards we have here. People will just lay down their guns and turn the republic over to the globalists gladly. Look if the gov wanted us all dead they can use bio weapons to kill off masses of people while leaving the buildings and bridges for the remaining survivor slaves. They could make a deadly flu strain than spreads in a lab then release it on society. No need for tanks soldiers guns. It would look like a just a deadly flu. People wouldn’t think it a bio attack. The robots would be special operators to kill dictators of rogue states. Forget robots for now they aren’t ready for service. If big pharma can develop drugs to counter diseases they can surly create the conditions to kill us all. If they can brainwash you to be a pacifist then they can brainwash you to fight for a cause. forget sci fi look at the things they do now.

    17. Houston/Cypress/Katy/Shtf

      Excuse my type I meant 260,000,000. 260k would nor satisfy the reptilians aka the annunaki.


      • Menzoberranzan

        I’ve ‘special’ built and old dozer with these things in mind, not to mention being able to destroy an MRAP, etc…

    18. NorseMan

      There is no AI sufficient to maneuver over a shell pocked battlefield – so the ‘drone wars’ will take place in the sky. You could easily put in enough AI to blow away anything that moves, but I still think it would be human controlled – if for no other reason than to gather Intel. It’s also a lot easier to spot your enemy if they are in the sky, and to flee higher if you are getting too much ground fire.

    19. rellik

      I think we are seeing not so much robot soldiers but more like autonomous hunter-killers searching the ocean for submarines, long duration stealth drones guarding an airspace, or perhaps orbiting smart LASERS to kill Hypersonic vehicles. In other words use robots strategically( like area denial), and save your people for more tactical uses( like controlling populations).
      Just a thought.

    20. TEST

      Great. Revenge of the Geeks, Part… ummm… well, I guess it will be the very last in the series, right?

    21. Jimbo

      What a country claims it will do and what really happens maybe quite different.
      Hitler tried to have a super tank made. It didn’t work out well.
      If something Was manufactured like a robot it would have weak areas.
      Getting too much money into any project with no returns on the investment may halt it’s production.

    22. Cyberrifles

      Do like the old Star Trek episode where computers decide how many would have died and then citizens go to the death chambers on their own. Spock even said that he understood. The man said, then you approve. Spock said he understood the logic but he did not approve.
      Love long and prosper!

    23. Cyberrifles

      Another Star Trek episode called The Changling. Nomad seeks out imperfection and destroys it and then finds out the creators are imperfect and goes after them.

    24. Cyberrifles

      Colossus: The Forbin Project. The two robotic sides decide they are the superior and go the creators.

    25. Mike in VA

      There is no possibility of taking humans out of war. Robots may be used to fight in the beginning. Then one side starts losing and then what.
      Maybe a one world government happens then it will be robots against those who fight the one world government. Just saying!

    26. Tbone Malone

      Jade Helm much? The unabomber tried to warn us that in the future, even our minds, will not be hidden from the machines. All hail the Borg!

    27. mg

      i have 3 lil’ letters in response to this report…

      e m p

      electro magnetic pulse

    28. Anonymous

      all of you are full of shit as a christmas turkey

    29. swinging richard

      Do you talk to these killing machines with radio signals? Can those signals be jammed?

    30. bob

      We could use some nice scrap metal and spare parts.

    31. Mr Smith

      Well the USA has to come up with a plan “B” since too many americans are whats known as Land Whales and something in the drinking water has turned the other half into queers, so many that they let them join the army and watch your back-side when attacking the enermy.

      Take away the can work, won’t work and greedy bankers puppets debt slaves and you have a shoratge of man power to fight a war but the proving grounds for these “Terminators” will be in killing blacks because they don’t want to play these games and become slaves to a system.

      A.I has removed man from being at the top of the food chain and Google is feeded every scrap of data it can get on you into these A.I system and we are running out of time to stop them

    32. GET DOWN


    33. Diane

      The NDAA literally gutted our Bill of Rights. If that was not cause for succession or revolt then what are we waiting for? That was 4-1/2 years ago. What has the ‘Liberty Movement’ accomplished since then? That is NOT a rhetorical question. Meanwhile look at the advances in drones, robot, surveillance, thermal imaging, biometrics, militarized police etc. made in the last 4-1/2 years to strengthen FedGov.

      The day is coming when we gray and balding patriots will be hiding underground in the mountains, clinging to useless guns, waiting for the right time to fight. Meanwhile drones/robots will be systematically seeking us out and destroying us, family by family.

      Say what you want about the Confederates, but at least they fought the evil Feds.

    34. aljamo

      Warmongering is the gift that keeps on giving to the elite. Tons of untraceable cash to be squandered with no end in sight. Trillions are mere pocket change to these merchants of destruction. This Department of War has ruined America from nuke polluted shining sea to oil damaged shining sea. The evil morons are in charge and killing everything is their game. I don’t believe that they would not blow up the entire life on this planet to save themselves.

    35. Sgt. Dale

      If they are talking about them you can bet that they have the 1St and 2nd generation of them already.

      MG said EMP. I would add A.P. 308 size up to 50 CAL.
      Stock up now while we still can.


      • moonlitemike

        Yes, its a known fact they have been working on humanoid robots since the 80s, they have had multiple agencies and universities working on em. Thus far their main problem with them has been how to power them without a tether, but recent advancements in battery tech I believe the have almost reached their goal. I read somewhere that the can run on internal power supplies for like 2 hours.

    36. WhoWTFKnows...

      More Economic Collapse coming. SEC hammers Fraudsters

      Widespread Corruption: 71 Cities, Counties, and States Were Just Charged with Fraud

      How widespread is the corruption in this country?

      Well just this week, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced that 71 cities, counties, schools, departments of transportation, and the entire states of Hawaii and Minnesota, have all been charged with fraud for violations in municipal bond offerings — misleading investors.

      Between 2011 and 2014, the SEC found that these municipal issuers sold municipal bonds that contained “materially false statements or omissions about their compliance with continuing disclosure obligations”:

      “The diversity among the 71 entities in these actions demonstrates that continuing disclosure failures were a widespread and pervasive problem in the municipal bond market,” said Andrew Ceresney, Director of the SEC Enforcement Division.

      Foregoing trials, all 71 entities agreed to settle and update their policies and procedures, etc.

      The entities are listed below so you can play the fun game of seeing if there’s fraud near you. (Then again, this is probably just a token gesture. If we were really honest with ourselves, we’d probably find stuff a lot worse than this going on everywhere all across the nation. It’d probably just be easier to make a list of places where fraud isn’t being committed these days. It’d be a short list, most likely because there would be nothing on it.)


      City of Vestavia Hills

      Board of Education of Madison County


      Borough of North Slope


      Board of Trustees of Arkansas Tech University


      City of Alameda


      Boulder County

      Thompson School District No. R2-J

      Colorado Department of Transportation


      Lawrence & Memorial Corp. and Lawrence & Memorial Hospital

      Town of Fairfield


      Delaware Transportation Authority


      Fulton County


      State of Hawaii


      Idaho Housing and Finance Association


      Palatine Park District

      Community Unit School District Number 18 (Blue Ridge)

      Metropolitan Airport Authority of Peoria


      City of Gary

      Sanitary District of the City of Gary

      City of South Bend


      City of Cedar Rapids

      City of West Des Moines


      Unified School District No. 418 (McPherson County)

      City of Andover


      Kentucky Housing Corporation

      Electric and Water Plant Board of the City of Frankfort


      East Ouachita Parish School District


      Town of York


      Montgomery College

      Montgomery College Foundation


      City of Chelsea


      Berrien County


      State of Minnesota


      Lauderdale County


      Ascension Health Alliance

      Black Jack Fire Protection District of St. Louis County

      Blair Oaks R-II School District


      Montana Department of Transportation


      City of Alliance

      New Hampshire:

      Southern New Hampshire University

      New Jersey:

      Borough of Roselle Park

      Township of East Brunswick

      New Mexico:

      El Castillo Retirement Residences

      New York:

      Franklin County

      City of Ithaca

      Syracuse University

      Westchester County Health Care Corporation

      North Carolina:

      North Carolina Eastern Municipal Power Agency

      North Dakota:

      City of Devils Lake


      The Ohio State University


      City of Nichols Hills

      Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency

      Yukon Municipal Authority


      Adams County

      Collegium Charter School

      Hazleton Area School District

      Municipal Authority of the City of McKeesport

      South Carolina:

      City of Columbia

      Town of Hilton Head Island

      South Dakota:

      Tea Area School District 41-5


      City of Memphis


      Pecos County


      Heber Light & Power Company


      Casella Waste Systems


      Carilion Clinic


      City of Bainbridge Island

      Public Utility District No. 1 of Whatcom County

      West Virginia:

      County Commission of Ohio County


      City of Oconomowoc


      Wyoming Community Development Authority

      Delivered by The Daily Sheeple

      ~WWTI… Desperate people do desperate things.

    37. NorseMan

      I think we will see autonomous robots on ‘guard duty’. They never fall asleep, they can ‘learn’ the small area they are protecting, and they will have better sensors than humans. You move inside their ‘protect zone’ – and don’t have a ‘friendly transmitter’ then you get fired upon.

    38. Frank Thoughts

      I would agree with others: the automated weapons will/are being used but for specific environments: border watch, airborne overwatch, and first-mover combat. The first two are already happening, the last will happen. Essentially, you send in automatic firing platforms to clear streets ahead of troops. You also use inexpensive plastic drones to distract defences and soak up enemy fire before moving in.

      In Vietnam, we had automatic firing platforms that would light up the perimeter at FOBs at night. They were triggered by sensors and would engage any enemy trying to sneak up on the FOB. Imagine what they must have now?

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