School Threatens to Take Kids If Parents Are Late for Pickup

by | Jul 10, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 164 comments

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    Do you have kids? Do you have a job that you have to commute to? More importantly, do you have to drop your kids off at school every morning? I’m sure plenty of you are raising your hands right now. We all have busy schedules, and many of you face a daily race against time to get your kids to school, and to pick them up at the end of the day; and sometimes you’re either late or early. But how would you feel if a school threatened to take your kids away for being late?

    That’s what parents in Salem, Oregon are dealing with after the Swegle Elementary School told them that “Children must be picked up on time. If they are not picked up on time, we will call DHS [Department of Human Services] and you will then have to pick them up at court the next day,” and added that “Please do not drop your children off before [7:40 am]. There will not be any supervision. If children are dropped before 7:40 the staff will call the authorities.”

    So there’s no supervision, but someone will be there to call the cops. How sick is that? I know where I live the entire city turns into a giant traffic jam before school starts. I guess if you want to beat the traffic and get your kid to school early, you’re shit out of luck, and so is your kid. Check out what the horrified parents of these students had to say about this situation:

    On Thursday, Chelsea Eichenauer, whose 5-year-old son Mason will attend Swegle Elementary in the fall, posted the letter, dated June 24, on her Facebook page. She included the note: “Anyone else think this is crazy?! Way too extreme!”

    “My heart kind of skipped a beat a little bit, it’s pretty scary,” Eichenauer told KOIN News. “It would traumatize my little boy to death if he couldn’t come home one night.”

    Eichenauer didn’t respond to Yahoo Parenting’s request for comment.

    In response to Eichenauer’s Facebook post, fellow parents expressed concern. “If they would put your child through that scary of a situation (‘Oops, your bad mom is 3 minutes late. I’m taking you to the CRC center and you have to stay overnight with people you don’t know, kids you don’t know, and you can’t see your family until the morning’) think of what unimaginable things they could/would be doing to your child,” wrote one parent.

    Of course, now the principal of the school is backtracking on the policy, and I suspect, pretending that he had no idea about it. He sent a phone message to parents which said:

    “The school office staff sent the letter out without review and approval from the principal. The letter contained information on a variety of topics for next school year. It also included a statement about calling DHS if the parents were late picking the kids up. This was not the right message,” Remy said. “It should have said that parents should call the school if they will be late picking up their kids. If a parent calls and says they have car trouble or something, there is no problem. The school staff will supervise their child until someone picks them up. The scenario of calling DHS would only come into play in extreme cases, when the parents are not in contact with the school and the child has nowhere to go when the school staff need to go home to their own families in the evening.”

    You might notice that he makes no mention of what happens if parents drop their kids off a little early. Isn’t that equally insane and worth reconsidering? Oh well, I guess they’ll still “call the authorities” if parents show up 7:39.

    Contributed by Joshua Krause of The Daily Sheeple.

    Joshua Krause is a reporter, writer and researcher at The Daily Sheeple. He was born and raised in the Bay Area and is a freelance writer and author. You can follow Joshua’s reports at Facebook. Joshua’s website is Strange Danger .


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      1. What in the F is going on in Oregon? There have been so many crazy ass stories out of there lately.

        It’s so bad there now they make Cali look good. That’s BAD.

        The fourth box needs to be opened and quickly. That plus several miles of strong rope and tall trees (lamp posts for you city types).

        • I know someone who teaches in “the hood”. They get to school early enough to call parents and wake them up so they can get their kids to school for the free breakfast program. The parents actually complain about being awakened. These are families that live across the street from the school in their federally subsidized housing.

          • ““Children must be picked up on time. If they are not picked up on time, we will call DHS [Department of Human Services] and you will then have to pick them up at court the next day,””

            And that’s when mom and/or dad comes up over the principal’s desk and punches him in the face for terrorizing their child.

            • And if the parent misses Court, they can then pick them up at the local NFL Stadium FEMA Camp for retraining. Watch student kidnapping by the Government continue.

            • Better yet, don’t be a loser parent, get your kids out of the gov schools and home school or put them in Christian schools. I have been saying this for years. So why would anyone “in the know” let their kid be brainwashed in public education? Parents complain about the schools, yet won’t pull them out.

          • And have to drive across the street, puffing their cigarettes and hauling their oxygen tanks so they can breathe, to take their kids to school? They probably drive to the mailbox in front of the house also! Keep buying that Big Oil!

          • One day, they will take the wrong person’s children and the bodies will hit the floor.

            • Zero.. Men in the USA don not have the gonads to a damn thing.

              • T you are either a government stooge or a coward. Either way go fuck yourself.

            • Zero:

              Everyone hates government schools, especially the current and former students. I think that is one reason schools are targets for active killers.

              Of course, when they reap what they sow, the solution is to take your gun away.

              • They can’t even get yanks up in NY to comply with their gun registration scheme. LOL to taking our weapons.

        • They just keep pushing and pushing. They’ll kidnap your children if you’re late, and of course they’ll kidnap them and incarcerate you if you allow them to walk home by themselves too, all because it’s dangerous out there and some crazy person could kidnap them….IRONIC???? Are people beginning to finally have enough of this sh*t. With all this they’ve been pushing the last couple weeks with the flags, and pissing on confederate dead, and etc. etc., it’s like they are trying push us past our limit. I dread what we will have to do when it all comes to a head.

          • Richard,
            I dread it to, it’s all by design. Every little push they get away with allows them to push some more.

          • Limit? What limit? The limit of lines that can be written? They know that nobody will do anything so they keep on moving ahead with their agenda, sad to say but it’s the truth.

          • Richard, it won’t be very long before they reach someone’s red line and get something they don’t want.

            • Yep, like an enraged father with his battle rifle that he has practiced shooting for years.

            • Braveheart,
              AMEN to that you are correct and i think it will happen quite soon, the people have been pushed far enough and time to react is now!

              • Howdy, Apache54. I can feel SOMETHING coming and SOON.

                • Braveheart,
                  Hello, my friend! I also feel like something big is coming and soon just to much crap happening all over and none of it is good ! hang in there, i feel we are in for a long hard ride to ???

              • What you waiting on.

        • That’s what happens when psychopaths or sociopaths are in power. People with either one of these two very similar mental disorders are the only people who will abuse their power.

          The more a county/state/country has in law enforcement and high-ranking judicial and child-welfare systems as well as leadership roles/positions, the more dysfunctional and corrupt the county/state/country.

          They aren’t the smart, courageous, assertive types most think they are — they are stupid cowards who use bully tactics to inspire fear so they can damage and destroy.

        • Oregon has the most natural resources of anywhere in the US and they are wiping their a&^ with them.

          The place is liberal-drug-junkie heaven. It makes the 1960’s look positively sane.

          One day someone’s going to walk right in there and take all their sh*t. Wouldn’t surprise me if this someone spoke Chinese.

          • Only a small part of Oregon is that way. Most of Oregon is conservative and very respectable, but all of Oregon is unfortunately controlled by a small number of highly-concentrated liberal cesspools in Portland, Eugene, and Salem.

        • You took words right out of my mouth. Oregon must be one screwed up place.

          • The problem isn’t Oregon, it’s the Interstate 5 Freeway. Every metropolitan center along that freeway is a brainless mecca to liberal policies and politics. There must be some kind of additive that’s being put into gasoline, the original chem trail or something that makes people suicidal, sheep, fascist and as dumb as a flipping island.

        • Really??

          Oregon, between Salem and Portland (one man-one vote) has given us a two-for this year.

          Governor (elected for the 4th go round) resigns because of illegal activity and we get the Secretary of State who is bisexual as his replacement. First admitted bisexual governor in history.

          We are just exceptionally blessed, aren’t we? (sarc)

          • Apparently the tentacles of the leviathan leadership from the Californicate state, are far reaching, granny.

            Sad you got them living among you.

            At least you can separate from them in spirit.

          • Never did like Oregoonians. Sorry Granny, no offence. At least on the north side of the Colombia River, they’s not so many cross dressing bisexuals.

            I hate Salem. Note to FEMA ….. Please round everyone up in Salem!!! You have that town for free!!! No-one else wants it.

            • I’ve spent a lot of time in both Portland and Seattle, seems to be about a dead even tie, for insane politicians and a large segment of the population are brain-dead leftists.

              Seattle’s mayor just spent over $100,000 painting some street crossings in rainbow colors to commemorate the SCOTUS decision. The work was done overnight, with no public input, just appeared for the next morning commute.

              Of course, his being homosexual had nothing to do with the street painting, just like it had nothing to do with his travel to Israel to take part in a LGBT conference. He’s spending quite a lot of money on pushing LGBT themes and rights in a city that needs more money for everything else.

          • It should also be noted that the mayor of Portland and half of his staff was gay, and half of the circuit court judges are indeed gay, and so many lawyers in the area are gay that they have their own bar association.

            …yeah, we’re ‘blessed’ but only if we’re queer.

        • The kids shouldn’t HAVE to be to school that early, anyhow!! We didn’t have to be school that early! We had time to eat breakfast, unlike kids nowdays.

        • Time to replace the Fascist School Superindendent. And Im sure many parents have to be at work by 8AM. Then the kids are exposed to a day of NWO brainwashing by the liberal pee brain teaching staff.

      2. Parents, homeschool your children. Do not give government access to poison their minds and their bodies!

      3. The west coast is definitely the left coast. Liberalism is growing like a disease out there. Liberals LOVE tyranny and the unlimited expansion of government power.

        • The only way I can live in Oregon is to live far enough away from the other oregonians, that I don’t need to interact with any of them.

          I’d move from this god-forsaken state if I had the means.

          • Sixpack, you would be welcome in TN if you could make it here.

            • My Dad was born in Kentucky and lived for many years of his youth in Tennessee. It would be right down home for me. Thanks BH.

          • sixpack,
            i was born and raised in Oregon many years ago and even though i don’t live there now, i watched over the years as the liberals moved into and RUINED that state, i would have to live in mid eastern Oregon if i was to move back, i couldn’t stomach living around the rest of them libs!,

            • I grew up in Oregon, Washington and Cali and now if you are on the western side of the Cascades or the Sierras, you are in expensive, over zoned, tightly controlled Lib land. But go to the eastern sides and you find traditional values.
              Lately the libs have started fleeing the high cost and congestion that they created in the western sides. They go east and then complain it’s different than the west! And then they try to “fix” it. Up go the zone regs, the controls and the costs. Good grief!

              • I’ve been thinking about renting a small uhaul and following the Columbia river east, until the crazy shit fades away. I just might do just that, I can save up the money for the moving expenses…if I can figure out if I can still drive with my disabilities.

                Being disabled is a bitch.

      4. I know homeschooling for the last 9 years have been one of the best things we could have done. And I tell my wife often that she did a great job…

        Because she did!!!

        • I also have to say, we have many friends in the homeschooled group, and they all have the same mindset, which makes for a tight bond between all.
          Just had my youngest girl turn 16, where does time fly?
          Half of ’15 is done, this next half should be interesting.

          May you live in interesting times…..

          • Seems to be a slow night, maybe this will put a smile on your face, like we need it, huh???

            Home Home All The Day
            (To the tune of Home on the Range)

            VERSE 1

            Oh, give me the day, with no soccer to play, and no doctor’s appointments to meet,
            But let me stay home and take care of my own, and my life will be peaceful and sweet.


            Home, Home all the day,
            Where the children study and play,
            Where seldom is heard, the hurry up word,
            And the van’s in the carport all day!

            VERSE 2

            Oh give me a morn, where no shoes must be worn, for the kiddos have no place to be;
            and the Mom mustn’t meet; oh, that day would be sweet! And would be such a blessing to me!

            VERSE 3

            Oh give me the days when we all wear P.J.s and the studies don’t start until ten.
            Where we snuggle with books or we learn to be cooks and little voices beg “Do it again!”

            VERSE 4

            Oh give me a place with a smile on each face, where we finger-paint lions and bears.
            No one says “What a mess!” We just feel very blessed for the moment when everyone shares!

            VERSE 5

            Oh give me the hours where we study wildflowers and wonder at the sight of the bees.
            Where science is fun in the afternoon sun and our lunchroom is under the trees.

            VERSE 6

            Oh, give me a day with no packed lunches to make, and no tears and the stomach ache fake.
            Oh let me stay home, though it might take a loan, and the dishes and laundry can wait.

            • Love it

            • Eppe, that’s one of your best yet.

      5. Malcolm X said “Why would you let your enemy educate your children?”

      6. Hold on here. Where or what makes you think schools, especially teachers should show up early, and stay late to acomidate your lazy ass, whom can’t seem to manage the clock.

        My wife is a 30 year teacher, she’s on the clock at 0800, yet daily at school pre 0700, to do her prep work, prepare for the children in her classroom. Everyday children are already there and playing on the playground WITHOUT supervision. Who/ what do you think if a child is hurt while on school ground property without supervision.

        30 years ago, we had our children to school on time, and picked them up at the specified time. The burden was on us, that burden is called parenthood. We excepted the rules and found solutions.

        Incidently we are in Oregon, my wife teaches a 2nd grade class, she arrives before 0700 and leaves well after 1700 daily, she come home and does grading and other school related stuff on our time.

        This is a classic case of your retards thinking public employees are their for your abuse. If you don’t agree with the rules, then get involved in the local school boards and cause effective change. Schools are about education, NOT your personal babysitter.

        Dirk Williams


          • YET AGAIN Braveheart threatens to murder a commenter on this site.
            What a pathetic coward.
            Go away please, we are weary of all your mean statements.

            • Ummm he never threatened to murder anyone

            • Knavefart, 1. I didn’t threaten to kill anyone. 2. someone else used my moniker to make that post. I NEVER made that post.

          • AGREED!!! the teachers are suppose to be working for US, not US doing for them!! just like all of forms of government they are assbackwards!!! again

            • It used to be the idea that parents and teachers were supposed to be working together for the benefit of the child…how things change.

              • That was before teachers unions became a dominant political force AND parents began using the school as a day care center while keeping a sharp eye out for the first opportunity to sue for money damages of some kind, there’s fault on both sides.

        • Dirk, your wife is either a horrible English teacher or you are simply dense.

        • Hi Dirk, maybe you wife has to put in some extra time to make up for that three month long vacation she gets every year.

        • My sister-in-law teaches in Salem. She’s liberals as all hell!! A Christian zealot, Friggin pro gay flag waving hypocrite. Considering teachers are meant to be all lovey dovey and we’re meant to be inspired by there honesty to leave our kids in there care, she’s a fine example of why we should home school. That woman’s nastier than a cut snake. I’ve met many of her fellow school teacher friends too. Theres not a one I’d leave my kid with. I don’t know if it’s because they from Oregon? Or they just come across as a Covent of Liberal Witches from hell!

          Oregon School Teachers will make great FEMA Camp guards!! Worthless POS!

      7. But..but..
        I thought that the schools had turned into multi-purpose “safe-zones”.

      8. we have the cure for this .. and the tools ..
        Just up to us to use them

        Home school your kids if you truly love them

        • the only way they are going to learn that they fucked up is when they have NO DAM JOBS, because there wont be any kids to teach

          • Enemy of the State – If that happens they will outlaw home-schooling.

        • They’ll just make home schooling illegal.

          You know I’m right.

          • Good luck corralling all those kids who are now dispersed and don’t want to be in the classroom. If the kids had a mind to, the teachers would be toast, more of them than there are staff.

      9. Richard Head, your are right, i believe that the limit is November 2015. I believe that this is the month that something will happen. The American people are facing humanitys last stand.

        And this is what they have planned, see link. The russian and chinese soldiers will handle the kids for us.

        Its the respond of the people that will make those tuff guy soldiers loose bladder control. Mess with peoples kids and see if they dont respond. This not natzi germany, where we just line up go onto the busses, end up the camps, your kids and daughters, off to service the soldiers. If this mistake is made is Texas, it will trigger and max entinction of all russian, chinese soldiers and traitors in the military, who make this wrong move. Good luck to you soldiers. You will learn a lesson you will never forget.

        Who the hell do these elitetist cabalist think they are?

        DHS-department of human services, is the same

        DHS-department of homeland security, period.

        Since the sandy hook false flag, the citizenry has purchased over 2.5,000,000,000 rounds off ammo off the shelves and bought over 100,000,000 more guns. You going to do what to who’s kids?

        The end is near. Welcome to the NWO. Don’t you love it.


        • Believe none of what you hear, and only half of what you see.

          As for Russians training against We, The People,

          “Я буду верить этому, когда я вижу это.”

      10. God bless Oregon! If people would stay out of debt and at least one of the parents stay home to raise the children and take care of the home then “Oregon” wouldn’t be the problem, would it? CPS having their children is the end result of career driven parents with suffocating debt. Honestly, what the hell do people expect! It is not the responsibility of government to give a damn about what side of town you live on and how much traffic you have to deal with during rush hour. It should not be the taxpayer’s burden because you had children before marriage. Could one person out there, just one, please, please grow up!

        • You ain’t telling the formidable Mormon population anything they don’t already know and/or practice.

          If you live in a predominately Mormon area, you will see that Mormons DO teach their children morality and personal restraint. You won’t find many Mormon children running the streets getting into trouble. You’ll rarely if ever, find one in jail. You might be hard-pressed to find one waving a rainbow flag.

          Where you WILL find Mormon children, is at school games and events. Hiking in the forests and trails. Gathered at barbeques and chasing the younger children across the grass of their church picnics. Many Mormons home school, because they don’t want “public morals” taught to their children.

          They don’t want their teenaged daughters unmarried and pregnant. They don’t want their unmarried sons fathering children.

          THE ONLY SAVING GRACE of where I live, is that I’m in the middle of a whole lot of Mormons and Christians, some of which might be preppers. We’ve exorcized the “gimme dat” that used to live here. Now, instead of garbage, we have little garden plots. Instead of brats running around busting things up, we have lawn chairs and barbeque grills.

          If I really have to stay here, at least it has become much more pleasant.

          But I still long for someplace…else.

      11. If you drop you kid off at 0730 and not at 0740hrs the staff will call the authorities???? That means that there is someone there. I know the unions don’t want their teachers going to work one minute early because they don’t get paid. No one wants to take responsibility for the kids.
        Tell me If you ask 10 people what time it is you will get at least 7 different answers. Question is Does anyone know really what time it is. (Song by Chicago in the 70’s)
        This thing is B.S.
        Hell I used to go to school early to work out in the Gym before class, and some times to go to the library to study for test.

        • Sgt. Dale.

          ” Does anyone really Care”

          More stress for Parents and children. There again it is all about the money and control.
          With education today, was it, “25 or 6 to 4”?

        • Howdy, Sarge. I remember the Chicago group and they had some great music. On the subject matter, what if the parent had to be at their job before 7:40 am? What if the same parent had to stay late at work because of some BS, or had a breakdown on the way to school, or even involved in an accident? These “educators” [and I use that word tongue-in-cheek and with reluctance] just won’t consider anything else. If any of those libturds tried that with my kids, at least 1 of the libturds would be knocked out on the ground and my kids would be pulled out and homeschooled. I used to go to school early some days to study for a test in the library also back in the 70s. Sometimes that was the only opportunity I had for studying.

          • Braveheart,

            Just for reference, are these kids of yours the ones you’re referring to as the same ones you’ve said you never had to begin with?

            • Anon2, OK I need to rephrase that part of my post. I meant to say that IF I had any kids in a school and they were threatened by any teacher, etc. that person would pay a price for that action. Sorry for any misunderstanding I may have caused.

            • Stop nitpicking people’s posts. You’re one of those who track people and their past comments, aren’t you? JUST STOP IT. You are not a CIA analyst, and if you are, you should not be here posting anyway. This site has gone to hell because of people like you, scanning the archives, hoping to silence others by shaming them with their own words.

              WE DON’T NEED YOUR KIND. No prepper site does.

              I just have to wonder if you are really one of the administrators of this site, taking advantage of your easy access to the archives.

              Either way—YOU NEED TO STOP, or at least keep it to damn yourself. SHAME ON YOU.

              • Either way—YOU NEED TO STOP, or at least keep it to your own damn self.

                Sorry, bad editing.

              • Sixpack,

                It’s liars like you that stink up this site. You’re a closet Nazi and you know it. You pretend to be a good Christian but that’s all bullshit because of your hatred of anybody not like you. It’s not my fault your disabled and embittered, either learn to accept different views than your own or roll your damned wheelchair off one of those high Oregon cliffs.

          • In HS, I was at the School at 6:30 AM to Swim 3000 yards before school at 8AM and below zero outside temps. And another 7000 yards after school till 6:30 pm.. Inside pool temp good so you swam faster to keep warm. Ha. Our school system is raising a bunch if Clock punching slaves.

          • Braveheart, I am liking your comments. None of us can say that we have never been late or completely forgotten to do something out of our normal routine. This new oregon policy is nuts.i would like to offer this advise…like the law enforcement jobs, teachers, if you are burned out, get into another occupation. My step mother taught school for many years, elementary and secondary. Since it was a church school, classes were smaller so each teacher had two different grades to teach at the same time. Besides educating, she monitored her classes in the lunch room, taught PE class and was the recess monitor. Public school teachers should count their blessings. Few occupations are perfect.

            • LSB, good to hear from you again, and spot on advice.

      12. This is nothing new, it has been going on here in texas for many years, i know two ppl who actually had cps called for being late, hell they threatend my wife, i went up there and confronted them about it and even invited them to go ahead and call, and i will resist and fight them with everything i have in me, of course when you dont back down they back off, they tried to threaten me with a police visit for truency, i dared them to send cops to my house , of course no cops, when my daughter was in first grade the staff bullied her till she crawled under a table and peed herself, then called a big meating to control this non conformist child, i dominated the meeting and the next morning pulled her out for good, been homeschooling bout 6 years now and love it, and she learns much more, hell she has more learning materials than the schools do, has her own pc, tablet, telescopes, microscope, metal detector, binoculars, fiction and non fiction library, for science projects we have made vandergrraph generator, layden jars, bagdad batteries, telegraph, basic electric motors,periscopes, a crystal am radio and more, we go to museums,the observatory at the collage, the waether station, the post office etc etc, she knows the preamble,the bill of rights, she is learned in economics, politics, and social studies, she is 11 and knows who ppl like patrick henry, george washington, nickola tesla,harriet tubman, martin luthar king, chuck yeager, and many many more, she knows about mao, stallin, hitler…… Screw the communist schools, if you have the means, HOMESCHOOL.


        • Secret Squirrel, MEGA KUDOS TO YOU FOR HOMESCHOOLING YOU CHILD. Sounds like she’ll be just fine later on in life. If I’d been in your shoes, I would’ve been sending whoever bullied her to the damn hospital. I lost count of how many times I ever got forced into fights with bullies at school and got suspended for self-defense, but the ‘educators’ I had back in the day had NO problem taking up for the ones who attacked me. One time I had to deck a teacher who tried to choke me. It was only by intervention from some other people that I didn’t go to jail over that one. I even came close to popping a principal once but someone else stepped between us. These ‘educators’ have the wrong kind of attitudes toward our kids. Public schools DESERVE to be shut down.

          • Thanks for the kudos BH
            It is tough, ive been lucky and been able to remain self employed and able to supply enough income where my wife( thats right all you PC thugs i said wife)
            Is able to concentrate on school and being a homemaker and mother….
            Lol my dad says i live like the Engles in Little house on the prairie, lol i like my traditional lifesyle.


        • Spellchecker is your friend, USE IT!
          BTW, you might want to take a day (Or two,) to learn the nuances of grammatical mastery….

          • Thanks lost, but to be honest i dont give a rats ass what you grammer nazis think, i do all my posting from a tiny tablet, i pay more attention to the content that grammatical accuracy..this is an internet forum and my an attempt at a linguistics doctorate, get over yourself.


          • Lost,
            My fist attempt to reply vanised but it basicly said;
            You must feel like a real winner judging pots an grammatical accuracy vs actual content, i do all my posting on a tiny tablet and its a pain to always go back and fix every mistake, on the internet i care little about caps, punctuation, exact spelling, im not spending 30 min typing out a lingustics doctrate thesus, im trying to get my 2 cents outbthere before the conversation moves on, lol get over yourself.


        • You are a model for every parent with a child. I salute you squirrel!

          • I’ll bet it’s your best Nazi salute too!

      13. That is one school my children certainly would not be attending, just for its attitude and willingness to snitch and cause untold hardship on parents if nothing else.

      14. Time to draw a red line(not an Obama red line) and don’t move. If you let them they will control you and keep moving the line.

        • Too late for red lines, Jim.

          Too late to draw any lines for anything on a “more than personal level”.


          We the people, didn’t draw the line in 1973 when the elected officials made it legal to kill the un-birthed babies. forty-two years later, and 70 million….lives snuffed out by the hands of we the people.

          We the people, allowed the elected officials, to mandate homosexuality, and other sexual perversions, into every facet of our lives and uphold abominations unto our Creator, as to “we are not accepting homosexuality as sin”, so we make room for political correctness.

          Therefore, God has removed His protection from “we the people”, and “we the people” will suffer the consequences. Those consequences are beginning to flow from the elements of evil spirits as i write, and flow into the minds and lives, of the twisted, confused, and corrupted.

          Things will not get better before they get worse, much worse.
          We are past the point of no return. We are past the point of assembling together as the body of Christ, and removing evil from the land.

          Evil will prevail until it is kicked in the groin by the only King that has that Power. Until then, we are like sitting ducks in a barrel of water. The only protection is supernatural protection and that is only on a person to person basis. If one’s name is not written in the Lamb’s Book of Life, the path will not get easier, it will get rockier and steeper, and for some….impassable.

          Don’t believe it, make a carbon copy of your life as it sets right this very moment, write it down, your situation and your finances and your whole livelihood, including relationships.

          If your heart ain’t right, and we ain’t talking political correctness right, take a carbon copy look-see in six months and compare.

          If you are better off, and can contact me here, I will make a public apology, and you can call me a false profit.
          I have seen the future, and the future picture of America says I won’t have to worry about anyone coming back at me in six months on, say January 10th, 2016 and seeking an apology, or admission of false statements.

          The hour glass of time has been flipped over for the last time, and the grains of sand are flowing continually.

      15. Its all about bullying the students and parents into submition, if you stand up for yourself and know a bit about the law you usually will dominate the situation you are kind of ignored, those who show weakness are badgerewd into absalute submition…

        Like when i signed her out i gave them a letter stating she would be homeschooled and i will no longer accept any corospondence for the district, the lady gave me a form to fill out that was old and contained info that was no longer aplicable by law…the clause was actually about calling cps when someone pulls their kid from school, but texas specifcly outlawed that… So i say, im not required by law to fill out any further paperwork so no, she gets pissey and says ” somtimes you need to do things because you should, not because you have too” i laughed and said have a nice day.


        • It’s all about bringing PEOPLE into submission.

          Best way to do that? If you go after THEM… they’ll just resist. If you go after something defenseless that they care about… different story isn’t it?

        • Secret Squirrel, nobody has to let ‘educators’ or anyone else bully them. They would have only one time to try bullying me and my response would be racking the slide on my .380. That tactic works wonders. The schools don’t have any damned business telling anyone how to raise their kids considering the attitudes they have. They don’t have a leg to stand on.

          • Bh, although i do agree, and ask anyoneone who knows me i dont bully easy, in physical or mental duels, authorty figures to me are meaninless and i make great sport of making them look foolish, lol at any cost, but beings i have a commitment to protect and defend my family, that option is not available at the current time, but if they try to inject, implant or haul away, they better bring a lunch, they will be here awhile.


            • Squirrel, I understand where you’re coming from. I’ve been married once before so I’m not a stranger to commitment. If I had any kids I would still have an obligation to protect them from bullies, etc. I would also teach those kids how to stand up for themselves, etc.

        • Texas is a wonderful state to homeschool your kids in.

          • From what i can tell, one of, if not, the best.


      16. One more reason to homeschool, not that we needed one.

      17. Somehow “The Wall” by Pink Floyd is fits in well.

        • Sling, bad joke, told here before::::

          What does Dale Ernhardt and Pink Floyd have in common?

          The last big hit was ‘The Wall’…

          • eppe.

            Oh No. hahahaha!

          • EPPE:

      18. So glad that I grew up in a time where I could walk to and from school on my own, play outside and didn’t have to wear a helmet for everything I did. The good ol’ day’s, when a homo was a freak and not in control of everything like they are today.

        • Amen to that.

          • You mean ” Heil Hitler”, don’t you?

      19. Sorry guys, I am going to disagree with you on this one. I teach in a great public school system now, but a few years ago in an inner-city school – I can see why they have this policy and here is why. No one is going to call the cops at 3:31 – how about 4:30? 6:30? Past dark? With teachers and administrators calling the home and not getting answers. So the Principal drives a child home to find parents WATCHING THE f…… TELEVISION !!! They know full well someone is going to bring their child home. They are not working, they are too lazy to come and get them. What is the Principal supposed to do? Leave the child at school? Lawsuit ! And this was all the time. Like I said, I doubt anyone will call the Cops at 3:31; but they have to draw a line somewhere and after all – these kids are the responsibility of the Parents – they should make arrangements to pick up their kids at the appropriate time. And before 7:40. Contrary to what others have said about someone being there at 7:40 to call DHR – not really true. Usually the Administrators – but they are in their offices and solving problems. The doors are locked – what are they supposed to do? Let the children in and roam the halls un-supervised? Again – Lawsuit !! I have known cases when a Principal gets to the school and finds a child asleep on the doorstep. Asleep!! As in been there a long time sleeping – again – what are they supposed to do if this is a re-occurring thing? If not reported and something happens to the child and it is seen on a camera – again – a Lawsuit !!! Besides have you ever been to an inner city school with kids in the building before a teacher gets there? Some of these kids cannot be trusted 5 minutes in a structured classroom, much less roaming the halls. The school is not a baby sitting service and we have our own families. If it is your child, take responsibility!

        • without:
          I agree with you. Being a former board member of a 1200 to 1400 school you have hit the nail no the head. It is hard to believe some of the reasons that they could not pick up their kid(s).
          The biggest reason was they did not want to be bothered.
          My wife drives a school bus and she CAN NOT LEAVE A CHILD AT A EMPTY HOUSE.
          She has to radio in and bring the child back to school and her bus route runs 55 minutes long which is the maximum time a student can be on the bus in this state.
          .ST.S.F.P. N.Reb

          • Do you mean “empty house” as in, no one lives there, vacant, or simply no one is home at the moment?

        • Very good points from the other side of the fence, and agreed there are alot of awful parents out there, but why not inform offending parents, why send a message to everybody, its intimidation tactics. And reiterating i agree most parents suck, they were programed to suck, but how can you work in a school and not see the agenda, i mean seriously, a good school, good teachers, ehhh maybe a few, a good school, i just find it hard to believe, i attended school in the 70s 80s i remember…..but the fact remains the schools have an agenda, and your kids welfare has little to do with it.


          • “why not inform offending parents, why send a message to everybody”

            Because this nation has evolved into a GROUP PUNISHMENT ideology. You know, blame, then punish EVERYBODY for the wrongful actions on ONE PERSON.

            • Jesus H. Christ you old hag, do you have to give your personal opinion on EVERY Goddamned post? Get a life!

              • Honestly, i enjoy her posts, like so many others , what is the point of conversation and debate if people refrain from posting on subjects of interest, lol you sound as miserable with your self image as lost does…. Lol


      20. The truth:

        Shit like this will ONLY stop when the tards that are making these rules and threats up as they go start to no longer be found on the face of the Earth. After a few are gone, folks will wonder, after a few more are gone the seed will be planted.

        After quite a few rounds of these ‘relocations’ of idiots just may put it together that tyranny and justice are meeting and justice is winning.

        It would be wonderful to see…. but it won’t happen.

        • These ‘tards’ and ‘idiots’ as you call them have a mental disorder — the technical term is psychopath or sociopath… and, ‘sociopath’ doesn’t mean that they are anti-social, as they actually blend in quite well with society.

          People with either of these two (very similar) mental disorders (all combined they makeup 2/3 of the population) don’t look dangerous, but are actually the most dangerous people on the planet. Just spreading awareness.

      21. Oregon is without a doubt the most f*cked up State in the Union regarding child law.

        Bet you didn’t know that if your kid runs away from home in Oregon, and you go out, find them, and bring them back, you’re guilty of kidnapping. As their PARENT. Even if this isn’t a custody issue, ignoring that aspect entirely.

        Look it up if you don’t believe me.

        But at the same time, you have an obligation to provide for them and keep them safe…

        Simply put, there is no correct answer in this situation. Whatever you do, it’s illegal.

        Which pretty much makes having kids illegal to begin with.

        • It certainly makes it undesirable to have/raise kids in Oregon.

      22. Possible conditioning for the FEMA camps. Do what you’re told whether it makes sense or not. These schools need to have ALL funding withheld, you’re property taxes are funding these islomosocialist.

      23. This is what happens when ‘THE FOX IS IN CHARGE OF THE HEN HOUSE.’

        I wonder exactly what they are doing with the children while in their “protective custody”, aside from ignoring their tearful “I want my mommy and daddy – I want to go home” sobs and cries. Shameful. Just shameful.

        But this is what happens when sociopaths and psychopaths are allowed access to children and are given power over others because (guaranteed) THEY WILL abuse their power, that’s the only reason they even want power — again, it’s a case of ‘the fox in charge.’

        People with either of these two similar mental disorders have absolutely no business making decisions for anyone and overseeing others’ freedoms and rights. They are the problem, not the solution.

      24. I stopped trusting the Zog Amerika public school systems back in 1979 when they forced desegregation busing on us kids.

        After the introduction of ‘Commie Common Core’ to the national school system, I will never allow my kids to attend a marxist commie controlled public school.

        It’s either Private or Home Schooling!

        • I agree AM, but I think a big problem is that many parents have to work since it takes two incomes to make ends meet these days and there is no one home to home-school and also many parents can’t afford private schools. Plus, many parents lack the necessary skills to properly home-school their child/children.

          Sadly, but realistically, there’s no shortage of parents who aren’t dependent upon public schools. This is very unfortunate since many public schools are run by seemingly normal people who are actually abnormal (sociopaths) who don’t teach kids, they indoctrinate them.

          • CC
            Your comment does your screen name justice.


          • AquaMan.


      25. Something sounds fishy here. I was on the board of education for 6 years a small 1,200 to 1400 student pre-K thru 12 school.
        We had a policy that you drop your children of at 7:30 to 7;55 and school started at 8:00. School got out at 3;15 and you picked up your child or children from 3:15 to 4;00. Now If they were not picked up by 4:00, they were to have an emergency phone number to call to be picked up by a designated person on a list. They had to show I.D. to pickup the student.
        We really did not have any problems with that set up, but for a few families that thought we were to take care of THEIR CHILDERN, can you say free baby sitter. Not so It was THEIR child!!!! Their responsibility!!!! To take care of there own children. We are not talking a few minutes late we are talking hours.
        We had a bussing for the students so if their parent were unable to pick up their child. All they had to do was send a note to the school for that student to go to a family or friends house or if there was some reason they could not pick up their child they could call the school and have them ride the bus to a friends house. Of course there was a password they had to use to protect the child.
        Plus we had the union raising HE!! about having staff stay over to watch the children, even though we were paying overtime.
        So I hate to say this there is something missing in this story.
        Plus I believe that it is not the schools responsibility to baby sit your child, or tell us how to raise our children or what they are to eat, and so on. That is the parents JOB!!!
        They are in school to learn their 3r’s. Get out and go home to their family so they can get un-indoctrinated. And if they don’t have a family I feel sorry for them, but that is not my fault, your fault or the schools fault. That responsibility belongs to the sperm donor and the baby momma.
        That might sound tough , but until we get out of the mind set that we are owed everything in life or someone else has to take care of my problems. Thing will NEVER have a great country, this country will turn into another Greece.
        In todays schools who in their right mind wants their children there any longer than they have to be.
        That’s my 2 cents worth, and a buck fifty will buy you a cup of coffee at the local greasy spoon.
        S.T.S.F.P. N. Reb

        • Great post N Reb.

      26. Obama administration to unveil major new rules targeting segregation across U.S.

        Obama administration to unveil major new rules targeting segregation across U.S.

        JULY 8, 2015 — When the Fair Housing Act was passed in 1968, it barred the outright racial discrimination that was then routine. It also required the government to go one step further — to actively dismantle segregation and foster integration in its place — a mandate that for decades has been largely forgotten, neglected and unenforced.

        Now, on Wednesday, the Obama administration will announce long-awaited rules designed to repair the law’s unfulfilled promise and promote the kind of racially integrated neighborhoods that have long eluded deeply segregated cities like Chicago and Baltimore. The new rules, a top demand of civil-rights groups, will require cities and towns all over the country to scrutinize their housing patterns for racial bias and to publicly report, every three to five years, the results. Communities will also have to set goals, which will be tracked over time, for how they will further reduce segregation.

        “This is the most serious effort that HUD has ever undertaken to do that,” says Julian Castro, the secretary of the department of Housing and Urban Development, who will announce the new rules in Chicago on Wednesday. “I believe that it’s historic.”

        Officials insist that they want to work with and not punish communities where segregation exists. But the new reports will make it harder to conceal when communities consistently flout the law. And in the most flagrant cases, HUD holds out the possibility of withholding a portion of the billions of dollars of federal funding it hands out each year.

        “Housing discrimination is the unfinished business of civil rights,” says Sherrilyn Ifill, the president of the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund. “It goes right to the heart of our divide from one another. It goes right to the heart of whether you believe that African American people’s lives matter, that you respect them, that you believe they can be your neighbors, that you want them to play with your children.”

        Here’s the idiocy behind the idea.

        Version 1: Mostly white, middle-upper class neighborhood. Subsidized housing built in neighborhood. Property values drop, causing the people with money to bail. I mean, who want’s to invest in a home just to get turned upside down on your mortgage? If you don’t want to be living in government subsidized housing, you have to protect your investment. Ergo – “white flight”.
        Version 2: Mostly black inner-city population doughnut. Whites with money move in, buy up property, renovate property. Property values go up. Property taxes follow. Poor people are displaced and loose homes because they can’t pay the taxes on a falling down shack that just got evaluated at 200k. Poor (mostly blacks) are forced to find someplace they can afford.
        Sorry to say, the segregation is not by race, it is by income and its not going to change. Eventually all this pushing will cause the rich to find another country to call home.

        • ‘FORCED’ Integration is a Crime!

          * If you don’t take a stand NOW in your own communities to Stop Marxist Commie Forced Integration, you will suffer more latter on down the road from higher crime rates, violence and personal monetary losses.


        • GHETTO CHURCH FIGHT……….church folks Beat daughter’s Baby Daddy, BEFORE their meeting.

      27. I had no idea liberal, loony tune left wing, holier-than-thou, in your face insanity is contagious. Evidently it is.

      28. Everywhere there is lax enforcement of drug laws the gov tightens the noose. I’ve seen the parents picking up kids most of them are fucking totally wasted burn outs. They show up in there pajamas like they have been laying around all day. Free lunch bunch welfares. My kids don’t trust authority I’ve trained them well.

      29. Sounds like you hypocrites want them gubment to look after the spawn of irresponsible parents. You really are Obamaite commies.

      30. I either walked, rode the bus, or rode my bike to school, from first grade on, in southern CA, suburban Los Angeles, in several different school districts, during the 60’s and 70’s. I don’t get this article.
        What is the problem? Send the kid home when school is out, they know where dinner is. No kid shows up early if they are on their own power, they always find someplace to dick around till they need to be in class.
        There are too many Helicopter liberals dealing with our kids.

      31. The state has made it their responsibility to look out for kids because a lot of low income parents don’t do what they should. I don’t have these problems I provide for my kids medical and everything else. But that can all change someone that has a beef with you can make false accusations and call DCF causing the state and it’s social workers to open an investigation. It usually happens in public housing areas because the people have nothing better to do. Aqua man your right about income segregation but here’s the problem with this assessment . Some folks are educated and have skills which puts them in a higher income bracket. No way should a burger flipper make the same $ as a truck driver. The driver has far more responsibility and skills. Let’s face it anyone can be trained to run a grill. I’m not diminishing their value just sayin. The labor market pays better for higher skill. If people work at walmart and can’t make ends meet. They are supposed to get tired of it and get special training or college degrees. This is called self improvement is anyone that is smart gonna be happy stocking shelves for the rest of their life. It’s not hard to make it in life really. Put down the pipe go to the department of labor and training and seek training in an industry that needs workers it’s that simple. Problem is people are on drugs and don’t wanna stop to get a job when they are living on the dole. I partied when I was younger too but I out grew that and took responsibility. Everybody has to grow up sometime.

        • “go to the department of labor and training and seek training in an industry that needs workers”

          That, and my Dad’s mentoring, is what got me into the United Brotherhood of Carpenters. That was the best time of my life. I made good money at a job I absolutely loved. Signing up a an apprentice was easy in those days. Now, they run it like training to be a doctor, in a structured college classroom.

      32. A lot of pressure exists on the parents of the children sent to public schools. Mom and Dad likely both work just to meet the bills. The schools should have a paid person to watch over early arrivals as a courtesy to the parents. That’s a logical solution, however not in the present police state of America. This country is going for the jugular, squeezing the truth and life out of it’s citizens all in the desire of national and worldwide hegemony. It is as plain as the noses on our faces. The people have largely been thoroughly propagandized to accept their fate, though most don’t realize it. The plan to control every aspect of everything and everyone starts with eliminating all opposition to warmongering. Do you see any protests opposing never ending war in America? The battle for common sense barely is a whisper. Where are the antiwar Americans? Why is’nt every American not associated with perpetrating the madness speaking out? That is where this nation stands.

        • I think they are afraid to lose everything they have or get arrested and pay huge fines and lose job. We are slaves!!! We are conditioned and so afraid to lose our jobs or get a record and never get hired anywhere again. That is my best guess. because we will NEVER get the whole country together to change things ever. Too many anti-whites and other color people out there now. They will chip and add more chains to us and slowly drain people. Very sick. Things will change the day we all come together on things like in the old days. But I’m afraid the only thing now is our 2nd. Once they get that they get us all for good. There have been so many small gatherings and protests but they have done nothing and the media spins them to something other than its really about.

          The only that that will change things is a real revolution but that takes sacrifice and organization in todays world. The government has the media and will make the people always believe its something else than its really supposed to be. Its unreal. They only care about adding more fees and fines and fines and fees to collect revenue. That’s all they care about anymore. Hospitals are the same anymore. Its money and control on us. Until we come together as our team we will never win.

          • You will be revolting against your own consent! It’s all about consent! When we understand this, then things will change, not until.

      33. For those of you keeping score, Paris Hilton’s sister, Nicky, just married James Rothschild. He is the only son of Amschel Rothschild and thus the heir and a new PTB.

        • Good Choice…

          Nicky is the Good Clean Creative One of the Hilton Sister’s.

          Paris the Bad Dirty SexTape One is diseased for life, she caught Herpes from A-Rod’s well used virus carrying community bat as did most of the hollyjewood A-list starlets who have casually bedded him for sport over the years, including Madonna.

          Having Herpes is now a Badge of Honor for Hollyjewood A-list Prostituted Star’s!

        • Someone should’ve rubbed out the little rothschild cockroach, before he had a chance to multiply…

          • Sounds like somebody showing their Nazi leanings again now doesn’t it?

      34. People who put their children in public schools should be ashamed of themselves.

      35. So if you dropped your child off early and no one was on duty at the time and the child got hurt, say on the playground or somewhere else on school property, guess who would get sued? the school by the parents. If the parents have not picked up their child and staff have to leave, They do have a life outside of school you know, and the student gets hurt on school grounds, who gets sued? The school by the parents. School officials do have the right to protect their interests. I’m not sure you all truly realize the mentality of the FREEBIE NATION. They do not have to follow the rules and they can do whatever they want and if you don’t like it, we will nail your ass to the wall! Besides,what responsible parent is going to let this happen to their child. These rules are intended for the A-holes that take advantage and then find fault with everyone except themselves.

      36. Home school. Every kid off their rolls means less money for them to run on. At some point, they have to return to sanity or shut down.

      37. RIP Omar Sharrif,the actor probably best known for Lawrence Of Arabia and Dr. Zhivago has died.He also played a small but good role in one of my favorite movies The 13th Warrior,may watch/stream for free on net tonight,a great actor.

        • ‘WARCHILD’- Any other random observations for us? Some more random minutia of your boring life, like maybe ‘I might clip my toenails tonight, they’ve been shredding the tips of my socks…’
          Or maybe ‘That Hormel I ate tonight is gonna rip me a new one, you know that chile burns twice don’t you?’
          Or how about a report on your HBC status? (Hemmeroids, Bunions, & Corns).

          Man, there’s a few tired old farts here that REALLY need to break down and get a life. Seriously.

          • Hanna,more to life then prepping,some times just enjoying it,at times with a good movie.I am actually not that old(52),still in construction ect. I just like to mark the passing of important folks in their fields,in this case acting.In many years on this site have contributed links/personal information in regards to prepping ect. and just outdoor life tips along with getting in many political/religious debates here,what have you contributed besides snide little comments?Hanna,you are just another troll douche,wonder if that is considered a “disparaging comment”!

            • Warchild, keep them coming! I enjoy your all of your comments.

              • Thank you Buck!As always,know folks still in some circles catching up on .22 and keep my eyes out,good prices on bricks on ammo week(real 500 round bricks!,not the wimpy 375 rounders!).I realise some won’t/can’t buy online,as for opsec buying online who cares,you on this site your on the list!
                OH! And just for our buddy Genius(where the hell is he?!)there is plenty of his fav,i.e. federal!

                • Argh!Ammoseek!My editor on vacation this week!

      38. Keep the gates locked until school opens, and just put up signs composed by a lawyer that say ‘not responsible…’ etc. Send a note to the baby-mommys that says so.
        sheesh, wtf is the big problem.

      39. Want to feel small and finite?
        Makes me wonder about how small we are in the whole scheme of things.
        Then our life span is just a blip on the timeline of the existance of the universe.
        Thinking of things like this just blows one’s mind, all this could NOT come from random chance.
        And to think we cannot get along on this 3rd rock from the Sun.
        Humanity is a scary thing.

        ht tp://

        Bless all here (we need it)….

      40. Lol. It just blows me away that anyone who has been involved in the education system in the past 30 years can even remotly defend the education system at this point, talk about denial right…


      41. I have not read the comments yet, and I think I might have a different outlook on it! But read it all before you boo me. If you bring you kids to school and drop them off, you should be there when they enter the school. They are not sacks of potatoes. And even if the staff is there, that does not mean they are there to babysit till school starts. Ever hear the saying “Not part of my job description? As far as being late, that can happen to anyone so how do they take custody of your kids? By what authority do they do these things? (which is always a good thing to ask) Well you have given your consent to Child Welfare taken your kids when you contracted with the STATE via the marriage license. Ever hear that marriage is a partnership? That’s a true statement no matter how you look at it! Just in most cases people don’t realize its a three way partnership. These type of things happen when you get a license to do what is already lawful. But stop crying it’s not a dead end learn how regain your self determination.

      42. Yep. You can’t dump kids off an hour early and pick them up after dinner. Babysitting for free is a problem for schools. I wouldn’t want to miss time with my family because of chronic poor parenting. What else would these people do? Leave at 7 pm with several kids standing in front told the school? Who else can they call? If I were late to get my kid, I wouldn’t expect hours of babysitting for free. These people have been warned and warned and warned. Wtf do you think? Schools out at 3 and they call DHS at 3:01? Keep it real folks.

      43. We used to walk to and from school. No problem with child molesters, kidnappers, or gangs. After school we walked home and did our homework. Cannot do those things today.

        • The days of the “neighborhoods school” which was in walking distance of most of the students is all but gone “swinging’. Because of coat and low student population, school systems have consolidated and many of the students now live miles away from assigned school. Also because of charter schools popping up all over the place, the parents may have chosen a charter school for their student that again is no where in the neighborhood. It is a brave new world out there, not for the faint of heart!

      44. They’ll also stage a false-flag disaster and then take children by the busloads to FEMA camps, telling them that their parents have been killed, and telling the same about the children to their parents–demoralizing both–and ship the parents to other FEMA camps. They’ll all then be herded as permanent and total slave labor for the elites, just like the elites have their slaves in Communist China to make their junk for them that’s “Made in China”.

      45. If I had kids, I would want somebody to take them! Anybody, just take them. Really, I wish somebody would take the crumb snatchers in the check out lines that cry their little eyes out for a piece of candy.

      46. In Colorado when CPS abducts and kidnaps kids from their parents the state greatly benifits from it.

        If you have school aged kids get them out of public education asap, if you’re in a school district with a school board that is run by democrat/communists/fascists.

      47. In Colorado when CPS abducts and kidnaps kids from their parents the state greatly benefits from it.

        If you have school aged children get them out and away from public education asap. That is if you live in a school district with a school board that is run by democrat/communists/fascists.

      48. A simple solution would be to create an internship position at these ‘public’ schools and assigned this task to them before and after school. This could be offered to a grade 12 or a second or third year college student who is pursuing Education, Early Childhood Education or something similar.

        The student earns credit for ‘work experience’ and the school teachers can concentrate on prepping for class, etc.
        I did an Accounting & Computers internship when I was in grade 12. Went to work for a large Defence contractor between 8:30am and 11:30am, and then went to afternoon classes.
        That effort opened so many doors for me. Many thanks go out to my Career Planning teacher in high school. God rest his soul.

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