“RF Jammed/Grid Down”: Prepare for Electronic Interference As Cyber World War Dawns

by | Dec 28, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 27 comments

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    The revival of the Cold War attitudes between the U.S. and Russia are just the beginning of the an expanding scene of digital vulnerabilities and shocks to the system that could shut down the grid, cut off grocery and supply lines or leave millions without power in the cold. With global tension, the pretext could come from anywhere.

    The coming era could be the age of electronic disruption, as ATMs, power grids, bank accounts, Internet servers and other important entities in society are intercepted, taken down, hacked or shut off by criminals and commandos in the ongoing cyberwar. Dissidents will be flagged and cut off from their accounts. Natural disasters will compound with these factors, testing the infrastructure and the integrity of the people themselves, who are in danger of devolving into civil unrest.

    With the possibility of outright war with Russia or another power, DARPA is seeking advances in disruptive technologies for this quickly evolving age of electronic warfare that will center around domain dominance in a battlefield that has many complex dimensions. Russia has strategically positioned itself to take advantage of this tactic of modern warfare, and Putin has invested considerable capitol into developing these technologies, which utilize RF frequency to achieve a wide-range of objectives.

    Now, President Obama is beefing up the cyberwarfare command, expanding its offensive engagements, and splitting its mission from more traditional NSA communication intercept activities.

    During his final weeks in office, he gave new powers and agency independence to the dual-hat Cybercom mission that was created in 2009 under the NSA. Weaponizing data is at the center of its activities, which are now due to take on a new role during a time of heightened tension with Russia, China and other potential rivals.

    via Washington Post:

    With weeks to go in his tenure, President Obama on Friday moved to end the controversial “dual-hat” arrangement under which the National Security Agency and the nation’s cyberwarfare command are headed by the same military officer.

    … U.S. Cyber Command, or Cybercom, needed its own leader to become a full-fledged fighting force…. Cybercom has since matured”

    Cybercom’s mission is, when ordered, to disrupt and destroy adversaries’ networks. It is also to defend the nation against incoming threats to critical systems and to protect the military’s computers from cyberattack.

    The NSA also has a defensive mission — to protect the government’s classified networks — but is better known for its role in conducting electronic spying on overseas targets to gather intelligence on adversaries and foreign governments.


    “The Congress . . . should not place unnecessary and bureaucratic administrative burdens and conditions on ending the dual-hat arrangement at a time when the speed and nature of cyber threats requires agility in making decisions about how best to organize and manage the nation’s cyber capabilities,” [Obama] wrote.

    One way or another, information warfare has dominated U.S. affairs over the past several years of Obama’s administration, where Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and Chelsea Manning figured prominently. The last election cycle saw claims of Russian hacking, however dubious, leaks from whistleblowing organizations, and a shadow government system with offline emails now partially exposed.

    Propaganda flows down from official channels, and swirls around on the forums of the Internet; cyberwarfare soldiers at the DoD and NSA are engaged in data collection, profiling, infiltration and disinfo trolling operations online with risk groups across the spectrum.

    And there will be much more where that came from.

    An award for a contract posted at FedBizOpps reveals that DARPA is actively seeking to manipulate new strategies in electronic warfare to regain dominance in a field that this grant itself admits: “military use of GPS [and other electronic communication devices] has evolved from strategic advantage to vulnerability.”

    In particular, as Russian and Chinese forces have become increasingly sophisticated, only state-of-the-art strategic technologies, tuned to precise frequency ranges are relevant. It is a highly sophisticated and secretive field. Part of the summary for DARPA’s grant states:

    DARPA is seeking innovative ideas and disruptive technologies that offer the potential for significant capability improvement across the Strategic Technology Office focus areas. This includes technology development related to Battle Management, Command and Control (BMC2), Communications and Networks, Electronic Warfare, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR), Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT), Maritime, and Foundational Strategic Technologies and Systems.

    Technologies and systems of particular interest would address challenges of operating in contested, denied, and/or austere environments.

    Proposed research should investigate approaches that enable revolutionary advances in science, devices, or systems.


    1.1.1 Battle Management, Command and Control (BMC2)

    Warfare is increasingly conducted by networks of platforms, weapons, sensors, and EW systems. The BMC2 of such networks poses complex algorithmic and software challenges, particularly with intermittent connectivity, limited data rates, and robustness against network disruption from electronic and physical attack. Of particular interest are BMC2 technologies and systems for mixtures of manned and unmanned systems. Efforts in this area should develop and incorporate realistic assumptions concerning allocation of functions between human operators and automated systems.

    1.1.2 Communications and Networks

    The success of military operations depends on assured, secure, communications at every military echelon, from the continental U.S. to the forward-deployed warfighter. DARPA seeks system concepts and enabling technologies that will provide assured high-capacity mobile communication capabilities in space, air, ground, sea surface, and underwater environments. This will include systems with and without access to infrastructure. The goal is delivering relevant and timely information to the warfighter anytime and anywhere while denying the same capabilities to our adversaries. Approaches to this goal include developing new system concepts and technologies that: improve network availability; increase network capacity and scaling; enable tolerance to network degradation; mitigate extremely high levels of man-made and natural electromagnetic interference; defeat network and RF exploitation techniques; and counter denial of service techniques.

    DARPA is interested in approaches that leverage commercial infrastructure when it is available as well… These commercial leveraging approaches will need to consider the reliability, robustness, and security of commercial infrastructure, devices, and applications in a military environment. Also of interest are approaches and technologies for preventing or disrupting the adversary’s capability for assured communications.

    Of special interest are: approaches for greater spectrum efficiency in complex RF environments; new spectrum use technologies such as dynamic use of space/time, as well as access to new modalities, such as high frequency Radio Frequency (RF) and optical polarization; intra- and cross-modality (radar, communications, and sensing) spectrum access techniques; spatial reuse through higher frequency operations; interference avoidance and tolerance; and large-scale testing of complex RF environments.

    1.1.3 Electronic Warfare

    The proliferation of highly capable RF technology has created a new emphasis on positive control of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. Many adversaries are increasing their reliance on RF sensing and communications in order to provide significant improvements to their offensive and defensive systems. This includes short-range tactical communications, long-range C2 communications networks, networked defensive systems, and RF seekers. DARPA is looking for system approaches for active and passive EW techniques in order to counter these advanced networked and agile systems using technologies such as distributed systems, coherent systems, disposable systems providing asymmetric capabilities, and close-in remote sensing coupled with advanced jamming and spoofing.

    The EW capabilities that the U.S. military will encounter are also becoming much more sophisticated. Many advanced capabilities that were only available for use by the U.S. military are now available to be used against U.S. military systems. The commercial investments in RF materials, components, and subsystems are immense and the cost threshold to deploy high power, agile systems continues to drop.


    1.1.5 Position, Navigation, and Timing (PNT)

    The U.S. military has become increasingly dependent on the Global Positioning System (GPS) for accurate and precise position, navigation, and timing in a wide variety of operational environments. However, as U.S. military operations are increasingly being carried out in areas where GPS is denied, unreliable, or not accessible, military use of GPS has evolved from strategic advantage to vulnerability. GPS access can now be readily blocked by jamming or environmental conditions. Many environments in which our military operates (under heavy foliage, underground, underwater, in buildings, and in cities) have limited or even no access to GPS.

    As SHTF has reported before, every major branch of the armed services has been upgrading its technological capabilities as electronic warfare increasingly dominates the new age of warfare, where tensions are ever rising, and the threat of another world war has never been more apparent.

    Though the events have been little talked about, air traffic networks, government computer systems, train systems and other vital infrastructure have all been hacked in recent months. The responsible parties have been rarely identified, and could represent a foreign adversary, a terrorist cell, punk kids and hackers, or tests with the shadow government’s own cyberwarfare army.

    Here’s a look at Russian advances in the battlefield of tomorrow, today:

    Read more:

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      1. Interestingly mankind invents and uses fantastic technology only to employ it to push themselves backward. Human knowledge far surpasses maturity.

        • Yes. That’s why we are all screwed.

        • The Day my CC’s stop working, is the day I stop making payments to them. F-em! Just like Cars in an EMP. If they are permanently disabled are you going to keep making payments on them? Or call the loan company and tell them to get that POS out of your driveway, its blocking traffic?

          Everything on my property including all vehicles and trailers are paid for. Only debt is some non-secured CC debt. They can go pound sand. Sue me and 300 million other Americans who quit paying. Cause its game over. Banks will collapse, and also utility companies will collapse with no income, because nobody is paying their UT bills. It will be mass chaos.

          You can still buy an RF jammer on the internet, as well as GPS Jammers, Cell phone Jammer, Radio signal jammers, Drone jammers. Jam this!!

          • Nuttin like a good pnut butter and JAM sandwich 🙂 Look at this site for ideas…. jammer….all… . com

            • Take out the dots of course (it will not appear here if you type it all together, wonder why hmmm)

        • VERY sad that lots of the military devices COULD be used for the advancement of the world and NOT for WAR, BUT IF they cannot make a buck or destroy a country then it would be let loose to the public!! there is SO MUCH high tec stuff that could do allot of good, but it WILL NEVER be made public!!

      2. My guns will still run hell or high water.

        • Haha!!! LMFAO! That’s right. They will. Lock and load.

          • Imposter, you really need to stop.

        • When modern weapons are rendered useless, old school brute force will be employed using low-tech means.

          • AMEN FRED

      3. What better way to separate the wheat from the Tares and burn the Tares? The Tares must be burnt? Like it or not. Your best friend or family member. To save a Tare is to defeat the purpose of the tribulation. And isn’t that against Gods will? Anyone who says that God is all forgiving didn’t live in soddom and Gomorrah for sure? Isn’t it obvious? We have been warned to fill our lamps. But we don’t want the Tares to fill their lamps. So every thing is faith based. We don’t want the Tares to catch on. That’s why everything isn’t spelled out plain with a date? We don’t want the Tares to fill their lamps. And to curupt the new world. This will be the great culling of the children of Satan. Thank God.

      4. Yup menzo guns still blast no matter what. my shit is all low tech less moving parts means less likely to fail. Saws axes wood stoves candles. Books are always on the shelf the internet is on its way out.

        • The internet helps me buy books and candles, until it doesn’t, and then I will read those books by candlelight…

      5. Yep Guns and Ammo will work just fine in Grid down situations. Fishing poles, Cross Bows, Bicycles, Ham Radios, CB Radios, FM maybe will also work in Grid down. And my Silver stacks will work great in Grid down as well as all my canned foods. My solar system may work as well, not being grid tied is a wonderful thing. Have not had a single power outage in 22 months besides taking it down for enhancements or Minimal maintenance. Runs like a champ.

        • Zeus, Sounds like your doing good and are a resourceful and intelligent man. I have had an off grid place for 20 years and have learned a LOT about what works and what doesn’t. I have 2 certifications in solar (on and off grid) and trust me, you learn by experience the most. I wish I had the money I spent learning the ropes lol. Here are some pointers for people that are new to off grid:

          If you have to haul water be sure to have an underground tank (cistern) to store it in.
          Have backup pumps for the cistern and your cabin water system.
          Have a backup charge controller and inverter for your solar.
          If you are away for extended periods and have flooded lead acid batteries, set your controller for sealed or gel setting (conserves water).
          Use a good desulphator (batterylifesaver . com) to get the most out of your batteries.
          Use a top of pole mount for your panels and loosen the pipe clamp bolts to turn it to face the sun then tighten (3 times a day) and you will gain 35-40% more power.
          Have a generator backup (and an inverter/charger) to charge your batteries when there is no sun.
          Put some of the blue ice pack things in your freezer during the day and then place them in the top shelf of the refrigersator at night and turn the refrigerator off (keeps the fridge cold all night).
          Make all your lights DC power and your pumps DC power too so you will always have lights and water if the inverter fails.
          Install several 12V. DC outlets to plug in cell phones, radios, scanners, and a multitude of 12v devices.
          Use the proper size wire for DC, it takes a lot bigger wire and must be stranded wire (search DC wire loss charts).
          Never use romex for DC.
          Use only UL 7403 sunlight resistant wire for out door DC wiring.
          If you have a desulphator on your batteries, only equalize them 2 times a year (extends battery life).

          I can go on but I’m tired lol. Just a few real life tips for all of you…

      6. The technology used today supports at least 3/4 of the worlds population with increased food production and transport. Remove it and its not just famine but WWIII as nations without resources will be compelled to steal off others. The limited resources would be used to kill fellow man.

        Who is the animal and who is the human?

        • Well if you ever noticed, there are no knee grows on the Jetson’s. See tech aint so bad and the future looks good lol.

        • Good point. And good justification for learning at least the very basics of self-sufficiency. Grow a carrot, raise a chicken to give you an egg, dig a ditch, get home using a paper map and compass, communicate using any means besides a cell phone, make a fire without a lighter or matches. Hell, change a damned tire!

          The people today, the masses of mostly worthless eaters, they are not interested in “work”. They feel they are entitled to effortlessly luxurious sustainability on the shoulders of others and will fight viciously to make that clear if you try to impose on it.

          • Heh…try asking something simple like which way is east. Been asking that question for many years. Rare is the person that know where the sun rises.

            It’s even hard to find another female that’s interested in making clothing (of any sort) without joining a sewing group. Most don’t even know what properly fitting clothing is or even how to sew on a button. It’s all off the rack for good or bad. To me, well-fitting, hard-wearing clothing is an essential. Can’t stand struggling with clothing when I am into a chore.

        • Who is the animal and who is the human?

          “Human beings aren’t the top of the food chain because we’re just so clever. We’re there because deep inside we are the most homicidal animal on the planet, and sometimes that animal isn’t buried all that deep.”

      7. With much respect to you, Mac, “POWER OUTAGE PROLONGED OR PERMANENT” needs to be the headline, not “Grid Down”.

        My friends, I believe they are strongly considering taking the Grid OUT, and that it will not go “down”, because the Grid going “Down” implies it is going to go back UP.

        With the Grid OUT they can declare Martial Law and commit all sorts of evil against Americans.

        Do you have a charger and rechargeable batteries for your flashlights and other devices?

        Do you have a solar rig of some sort to power the charger?

        Does your own EDC (everyday carry) INCLUDE a high end L.E.D. flashlight? What if your subway loses power? What if during your night out in town or in the city all lights go out?

        Knocking out our grid also allows the enemy (enemies) to invade but we know many of them are already here as foreign soldiers.

        Have you let your guard down thinking the evildoers will not try to interfere with Mr. Trump’s Inauguration?

        Watch your Prepatude and keep on preppin’.

        Most importantly of all, keep on Praying, as well as getting right with God every day.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

      8. When Gulf War one was brewing, I listened to short wave every night for just 15 minutes or so, while watching the news.

        I had several global news sources from all over the world locked in memory and cycled through them. The minute they all went dead, I knew the war was on. It was many hours before it was officially announced.

      9. When the high tech is knocked out, you have to go with low-tech.
        Effective composting generates heat which can be captured and used. It is also possible to construct solar ovens out of metallic foils, large pieces of cardboard and glue. These ovens are not as effective as commercially produced solar ovens but are cheap enough to produce in quantity. If you are getting water from streams, lakes, and other surface water; you are at the mercy of the weather on the temperature of that water. Using composting and cheap solar ovens allows you to heat water prior to using other methods that use fuels or firewood. Combining this with rocket stoves would stretch the good a community would get from available firewood. If the hospitals and 911 service are effectively knocked out, the front line against the outbreak of pandemics are safe water, lots of soap, and available latrines. If you live surrounded by neighbors, you might want to consider the best course of action if the utilities and 911 service go down.

      10. The question of your generation really is, how do we stop the bad guys, yet retain our historic freedoms?

        Sarge, you’ll be interested to note that one of the Boxing Day (Dec. 26th) mall riots was right here at Fox Valley Mall in Aurora (yeah, I currently live, like you, in the People’s Socialist Thugocracy of Illinois)

        And speaking of banning guns, with the hundred murdered by 128 wheelers and automobiles by the Islamofascists, will they be banning them next?

      11. Your going to be sitting at home one night and “poof”. the power goes out. No panic until everyone figures out that it ain’t coming back up. We’ve been hit w/ an EMP or cyber attack on the grid. Of course, no one will know what happened because all communications will be dowm (cell phones, land lines, TV, Sat, etc…) The SHTF in 24-48 hours. “The end came not with a bang, but with a whimper”. TS Elliot

      12. People are lazy and dependent on Technology and anything that makes their lives EASIER. I can see AFTER a Grid Down event needing a generator to power certain appliances ( refrigerators freezers, central heat and air fans and thermostats)..but honestly..if the grid is down and no one else has phones or TV Internet and satellite, WHY do you need to keep that technology running when its useless essentially if business cannot operate and the government is ALREADY taking over communications and public address? Aside from keeping walky talkies for close use, who are you going to communicate with when the government MONITORS all of it anyway (in this case the most secure communications is face to face or courier).

        If NOBODY has banking access (all electronic these days and with FED GOVs all destroying physical currencies and other normalized hand to hand money transactions, not to mention businesses will be inoperative without power) WHO and HOW do you transact business operations?

        You better be answering with thinking 1800s level. There is a level of rethinking GRID down situations the preppers better be thinking about, as they wont have time or need for TV and DVD entertainment and news as they will be fighting for their lives. Who will have time for the nonsense of “entertainment”.

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