Obama Breaks Promise to Put Boots On The Ground in Syria: “We Must Declare War On War”

by | Oct 31, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 128 comments

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    This article was written by Steve Watson and originally published at Infowars.com.

    Editor’s Comment: The excuses for war just keep coming. Give a man a Nobel prize, and he may make excuses for dragging out the end to wars and conflicts he didn’t start. He might delay the withdrawal of troops, or the formal declaration. He may send drones to feel like he hasn’t got soldiers in a war; from a distance, he may feel like a little collateral damage is for the greater good. He may hang around to encourage groups and leaders in the region to win support for their agenda. But after a while, war becomes the only eventuality.

    Sooner or later, you can’t call it anything but war, and the U.S. empire and Emperor Obama have nothing else to hang their hats on. The dollar is failing, and only the force of the petrodollar maintains the Pax Americana abroad. The economy is crumbling, and misleaders want nothing more than to focus on external problems that can be blamed on enemies. The empire is naked, and the continuation of war under all conditions is the only thing holding the big lie together.

    This is a president who actually explained his foreign policy of bungled aggression, support for terrorists and undue meddling everywhere by stating: “We must declare war on war, so the outcome will be peace upon peace.”

    After Promising No Boots On The Ground In Syria, Obama Deploys Boots On The Ground

    by Steve Watson

    US officials have confirmed today that special forces soldiers will be deployed on the ground in Syria, despite the fact that Obama promised he wouldn’t deploys ‘boots on the ground’.

    A senior administration official told the BBC that there will be “fewer than 50” forces deployed in the region to “train, advise and assist” vetted opposition forces.

    According to the official, this does not mark a change US strategy, but rather an “intensification” of the campaign in Syria.

    White House press secretary Josh Earnest also said that the decision was made by Obama in order to provide additional support for Syrian rebels fighting against the government there.

    “There are now moderate opposition forces that are 45 miles (72km) outside Raqqa,” Earnest said. “The president is prepared to intensify the elements that have shown promise.”

    He said: “This is an intensification of a strategy he discussed a year ago.”

    Something else Obama discussed previously was his decision to not “pursue an open ended action like Iraq or Afghanistan.” He also promised not to send in ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria or pursue an open ended air campaign.

    Turns out that was all BULLSHIT… again.


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      1. I am not suprised, lies are a constant…

        • War on war is like fucking for virginity.

        • If his lips are moving….

          • What scares me is what he does without moving his lips…

            • Sure the heck isn’t reading without moving them.

              • The Constitution is based on British Common Law, Vatican’s Code of Canon Law and Admiralty Law (influenced the latter by the Ordinamenta et Consuetudo Maris). As a matter of jurisprudence, this historical document adheres to the doctrine that Admiralty Law prevails over Common Law and goes in accordance with Canon Law — THE LAW OF THE SEA DICTATES ALL ASPECTS RELATED TO GOVERNMENTAL AFFAIRS, MAKING THE LAW OF THE LAND IRRELEVANT AND DEPENDANT ON THE ADMIRALTY, AND THESE SET OF RULES EMANATE FROM A HIGHLY AND WELL-DEFINED HIERARCHICAL STRUCTURE.

                According to the U.S. Constitution, all individuals born (and naturalized) within the territories in which THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA (an established corporation) exerts an effective jurisdiction, are cataloged as less than human beings (even lower animals are vested with natural and legal rights); these people automatically lose their quality of natural persons either by birth or naturalization; instead, they become Financial Instruments until the day they cease to exist – real or virtual documents representing a legal agreement involving some sort of monetary value.

                Ironically, Americans still believe in the paradigm that they are “free,” when the reality is the opposite and the charter implicitly defines them as subservients: Article I, Section 2, 3rd Clause, first sentence (the legal scope of The Three-Fifths Compromise went beyond the issue of slavery and the Thirteenth Amendment only nullified such ancient practice per se, must not its ulterior purpose).

                Financial Instruments (US Citizens) cannot abrogate the charter (the Constitution); however they are exchangeable or can be treated as common stock for citizenship purposes.

                • Hugo:

                  In that case, I am definitely not one of those crazy constitutionalists.

                • You’re an idiot.

            • Pepe, I ‘m surprised he doesn’t go to the golf course more. No surprise here. He and every other politician remind me of Pinnochio. The nose never stops growing. BTW, sorry I couldn’t meet you sat. Would’ve been an honor. I was tied up at the BOL helping my cousin with a few things. Just got home from GA a few hours ago. I’m coming back to GA a week before Christmas if everything goes right. Maybe have another shot at a meeting. Take care.

        • I suspect our specops guys are being used as human shields to protect ISIS–or “ISIL”, as Dear Leader likes to call them.

      2. This is the Democrats, “No More Taxes” Moment. Hahahahahahahahaha!

        Who the fuck cares what that damn Ninny in the multi colored house does anymore.

        • True–the real question nobody asks is, ” why are we so hell bent on removing/killing Assad?
          This man is a caring leader compared to the factions we have left to takeover governments we recently destroyed in Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and our “allies” in Saudi Arabia or making treaties with in Iran….
          Assad allows freedom of worship of Jews, Christians and Muslims–even allows some western humanism and atheists…….he wins LEGAL elections by a much higher majority than O-bama.
          Many of us here understand why he is trying to kill Assad using Al quada/Al Nusra and ISIS butchers—but what is wrong with the brainless masses and compliant media—why doesn’t anyone ask him or the neocon war mongers, “Why is it so frickin imperative to remove Assad- even at the expense of millions of radical muzzie refugees flooding into the EU and US, and to have increased the growth of Jihadist armies ten fold? (not to mention arming terrorists which should be punishable by death)

          • Javelin:

            You are asking the right question.

            Far from being well versed in this area, I will answer to the best of my ability, hoping others will chime in to clarify.

            Assad is hated by Israel’s war mongering better than thee God loves me more adolescent spoiled brat sociopathic leaders because he (Assad) does not like them.

            Our US spineless Isreal idolaters, can’t fart if it doesn’t meet with the approval of the aforementioned Israel leadership.

            Please help me with this. Am I at least barking up the right tree, or what? Give me some input.

            • Nice try–but no. Israel and Assad’s family have lived in relative peace for almost 50 years. Assad, like Mumbarak in Egypt were content with the status quo.

              If you think Israel wanted open warfare with Iranian and Russian military involvement at their backdoor–well you don’t have any understanding of the region at all. And if the US backed fanatics had actually succeeded in destroying Syria, that would have left a power void to be filled by the Sunni militants and Kingdom nations ( Qatar, Sudi, UAE, Kuwait etc.)

              Hint– think “globally”.

              • I read somewhere that Saudi Arabia wants to run a natural gas pipeline across Syria, and Assad won’t play ball. The Prince currently running SA ordered the US to get rid of Assad–you might remember about two years ago when America was going to war against Assad if he crossed Brokeback Obama’s “Red Line”? Voter reaction killed Congress’ incentive to approve O’s new war,and the Prince threatened to “rethink the petro-dollar”. If the petro-dollar concept goes away–the principle by which all Saudi oil can only be purchased with US dollars, you’ll see a huge crash if the rest of the world no longer wants the dollar, either. They won’t need the dollar to buy oil, and since it’s backed by an EBT card, there’s little reason to have or accept US dollars in any international trade. Because of the Prince’s threat, and economic risks to the US, we started arming terrorists inside Syria to use as proxy warriors that would topple Assad to please SA. ISIS appears to be those proxy warriors. That’s why O doesn’t want Russia killing them, and he’s now using our own Special Forces as human shields, hoping Putin will stop bombing. If Russia kills our guys, O won’t care any more that he did about the Libyan Embassy. He’ll just go back to biting the pillow, and let Kerry explain it away to the fawning media. Maybe James Taylor can sing…

                • I think the name Syria was to be changed to Pipelineistan.

          • All wars are not only bankers wars, but let’s REALLY pin it down. ALL wars are due to the instigations of the ROTHSCHILDS. All the way back to Napoleon. A civil war General Albert Pike (a crypto Jew) created a war plan for the three world wars. I find that pretty telling in itself because back then, there was no such thing as a world war. The first two were to legitimize a Jewish state and create it. The third world war would be to pin Christians against Muslims so they would eliminate most of each other, then who remains will be slaves to the Jews controlling a new world order.

            9-11 happened for a few reasons. They new that it would take a “pearl harbor” toe event in order for the people to get behind another war such as the one needed to obtain their goals. Another reason was to create a stasi police state in the USSA and for people to agree to give up freedoms for security. The wars would also create chaos and anarchy in the ME, LAY waste to the land, depopulate much of it, and create a hatred for Muslims. One more purpose is since there’s only seven countries that do not have a Rothschilds controlled central bank. . Those countries are the seven ME countries that are also named in the seven countries in five years invasion plan…the Wolfowitz Doctrine. This is the very reason that the USSA creates, funds, trains, and supplies Isis. It’s their proxy army and the very reason you hear DC thumping their chest that Assad must go. Do you think there’s a coincidence? Hardly. Also notice the name of who designed the war plan. Yep, you got it.

            We all know that Saddam Hussein did not have WMD either. The real purpose for invading Iraq is because he had the largest army in the region and the true matter of the USSA, Israel was emphatically nervous if the threat that it posed to their security.

            I find it interesting something missing from this article is the 50 million people killed by the Rothschilds killed with the Bolshevik revolution, and didn’t even dare mention that during WWII, the six million that died of starvation and in gas chambers were not Jews, but Christian Germans. Hitler only killed 237,000 Jews. We should be calling Hitler a hero but since ask of the lamestream media, Hollywood is Jew dominated and all the government’s are puppets of IS-REAL-HELL, even denying or refuting the facts about the works largest lie is a crime in many countries.

            Here is a damn good book. I suggest that each and every one of you read it and pass it to ALL of your friends and relatives. You can download it with this link and the author released it and you can read it online for free. He has since wrote an updated version to cover up to 2012 that you can purchase . The first version only covers up to 2006

            (DOWNLOAD) http://www.conspirazzi.com/e-b

            (READ ONLINE) http://www.thesynagogueofsatan

        • Personally I care what the ninny in office does when we are invading sovereign nations,first by proxy and lies and then ultimately going to end up in another damn war with thousands of men and women coming back as retarded dismembered vegetables shaking in a damn wheelchair. And it is absolutely not just Obama, all of these precious republicans are in on the con too you know. I liked the pictures above mocking the liberals for not protesting this war….Well where are our damn protestors?? I’ll tell you where, they are sitting at home watching fox news cheering on Lindsey graham when he and every other asshole says we need to get tough on isis. Gimme a friggin break people, Are we all so blinded by our hatred for muslims that we allow them to use muslim TERRORISTS as an excuse for perpetual war for 30 years?? And wake the hell up!! We are not there to fight this new boogeyman, known as “isis” We are only there to overthrow a secular ruler, Assad, and thereby destabilizing the shit out of the region just like the rest of the damn arab spring. PLEASE FOR GOD’S SAKE PEOPLE, WAKE UP!!!

          • Richard Hess:

            I like your post. Articulate and to the point.

          • Amen brother–changed my party affiliation 25 years ago with Bush I……haven’t regretted my independent/libertarian position since—McCain is a sick fuckin blood thirsty, demented, goiter-faced, rapid-eye-blinking, word slurping, troglodyte—Lindsay Graham has a special level of hell reserved and that quadruple chinned Mitch McConnel makes bile rise in my throat when I see his face or hear his fork-tongued voice. ..And I despise these liberal/socialist/progressives even more.

            We need a reset and return of the power to the citizens.

          • The blind hatred that we feel for Muslims has been a plan for 160 or so years. As I stated above, Albert Pike,who was a crypto Jew during the 1860’s wrote a war plan for the three world wars so there would be a Jew dominated world, the new world order. People wake up, we are being dipped into sending our kids into war to have them slaughtered for the Jews. The third world war would be to pin Christians against Jews to eliminate most of them and whoever us left would be a slave, physically to the Jews threat run the world. Let’s end our fabricated hate for our Muslim friends, educate them as well, and let the real hate fall where it should.

      3. The so called liberals are the so called children of satan.

        • You don’t even need to read the article to say: WHY WOULD ANYONE BELIEVE WHAT OBAMA SAYS? WHEN HAS HE EVER NOT BROKEN A PROMISE?

          • He made good on the promise to ‘fundamentally change’ America.

            • THAT he did.

          • He hasn’t broken his promise to bring about the destruction of America, and hand it over to the muzzies.

      4. Did you really think the lying S.O.B. was going to keep his word?

        If you did I have some sea front land in New Mexico I will sell you.


        • Agreed. No one should be surprised

        • Sarge, you can probably sell that land to the govt, 😛

        • He kept his word. The SF guys sent to Syria will wear loafers.

      5. Good. No boots are good boots.

        We need to bring the troops home. Stop fighting wars in the Middle East. Give peace a chance.

      6. Baby steps to get us in the fight. If guys wanna go I say let them. Obummer lied oh well this is one thing I’m glad he lied about these Isis guys need a beating they will never forget. He did the right thing this time IMO. Just lying is the bad part.

      7. Ask a Native American if they trust what any government official says? Now, I hope you can feel they’re pain. Unfortunately, it’s harder to empathize than to sympathize. Many fork tounged people out there!

        • The Native Americans had a lousy immigration policy.

          They got what they deserved for it.

        • Since you brought up Native American peoples, I have a little story to share.
          I have a sincere respect for the Native American Indians, especially the Eastern Band of Cherokee in N. Carolina. We have spent a lot of time there over the past six years, mostly to trout fish and camp.
          I have a “strong drawing power” over me, that keeps pulling me back to the region. I can’t explain it, other than to say that I knew my great (x 3) grandfather knew the area and the people well, and lived there much of his life, especially in the area that is now Great Smoky Mtns. National Park.
          There has been a mystery, actually two mysteries, one on my side of the family through him(great x 3 grandfather) and his travels and relationships, also as to where he is buried. No generations nor off shoots of my family had a clue as to his final resting place. The other mystery was unknown to me until about two years ago that involved a white elderly man, that is one of the few to own land within the Cherokee Land Boundary, aka the Qualla Boundary. Through a chance meeting, or more importantly, by the Hand of God, via trout fishing, we were brought together three years ago.

          Anyways, there is some information about how the gov treated the Cherokee, in Wilma Mankiller’s story. The other stories began when President Thomas Jefferson promised not one inch of Cherokee land would be taken from them, and then reneged on that a few years later over a deal with the state of Georgia in an attempt to remove the Cherokee from that state, in exchange for their stake in the Louisiana Purchase. Also, the Cherokee helped General Andrew Jackson win a huge battle in 1812, and then when he became President, turned against them, and hence began the infamous “Trail of Tears” to internment camps and the death of thousands, approximately 7000, in their journey to Oklahoma.

          I have always had a special place in my heart for the Cherokee people, and now I know why, it is in my blood. This past week, we went to Cherokee, and as usual, we called our elderly friend and his wife to inform them we were on our way and wanted to see them. Through ancestral records, we knew a great uncle of mine was buried in an old cemetery that was in the community that the old man lives in, in Cherokee. During our visit, we got the elderly man to take us to that cemetery. We were shocked to find, not only my g-uncle’s grave site, which included that of his wife’s, but his grandfather’s gravesite where the people had taken up the crude rock, with chiseled birth and death dates, and had erected a solid white granite with engravings. Also was erected as a foot stone, a shrine to his life and compassion towards the Cherokee people, and acknowledging that he, my great x 3 grandfather, named Moses, was the first to ever be buried in that cemetery.

          Apparently, he had helped some of the Cherokee in the area, escape the round up of Indians, that began the Trail of Tears march, and possibly kept them hid. Through stories that had been handed down through the old man’s family, he knew his great grandmother was half Cherokee and that she was the original owner of the land that he is now holding, about a hundred acres. Other than that, nothing much was known as to who her parents were or how she came to the area.
          After returning from the visit to the cemetery, we went inside the elderly couple’s home and I got out my ancestral papers and began reading and calling out names of offspring. I said here is a mystery that the last known child born to Moses, was recorded as being born to his second wife, three years after their divorce and his remarrying to his third wife. I called her name and oddly her second middle name which was Pocohontas, and gave the “approximate” birth date which was recorded as 1860. The old man shouted with joy, “that is my great grandmother. OMG!, we are blood kin through Moses”.
          So, the biggest part of two, century old mysteries was solved last week. It all started by that “chance encounter” at a fishing hole three years ago.
          The Lord works in mysterious ways.

          • Passin, check out a book called “Thirteen Moons”. I think you’ll love it. Indian history, novel.

            • Thanks

            • Novel “Comes A Pale Horse” A good discussion of the Cherokee – Andrew Jackson – Justice John Marshall problem. Also the plains wars of the 1860s.

      8. Send his two nappy headed little bitches over there with their boots on and he will reverse that shit post haste.
        Politicians suck
        Buncha fuckin psychopaths

      9. Send all Democrats to fight ISIS, and watch the Democrats weasel out of it. Enough, friends of my family died in Iraq, and for what? Absolutely nothing. Everyone contact your pathetic Congressional delegations and say NO! Americans need not die for one single Muslim, not now, not ever. Those “pig eating assholes” hate America, why help the enemy?

      10. If I was young enough, I’d join the Army or Marines. I can’t think of a more enjoyable hobby than shooting ISIS or al qaeda.

        • Vic, try to shoot their creators and they’ll disappear.

        • Sadly, you’re mistaken! They’ve been doing war since they could aim a gun. You would be a target because you live in a country that hasn’t bred fighters. But keep up the big talk.

        • Well Vic ol buddy, Im sure you would be proud to kill the people your owners created to be your boogie man. Spoken like a true idiot with no knowledge or critical thinking ability. I wish you could join up and go fight them too lol.

          • Well “genius” ol asshole, you obviously believe all the conspiracy-theorist lies about islam, so it’s useless to expect any rational thought from you. I won’t try to educate you with reality, because you reject reality in favor of conspiracy-theory.
            I just have to shake my head at you and all those like you who live in Make-Believe Fantasy Land. Good luck with that ROFL

            • Hey Vic, Are you really that stupid? Yes You are. Join your ISIS brothers and get pay by your beloved CIA. Fucking Idiot.

              • Stolz, what’s stupid is thinking you’ve found some source of truth/knowledge on the internet that’s not availabe elsewhere. All you’re learning are the opinions of conspiracy-theorists who believe whatever they’re told by other conspiracy-theorists.
                Who’s the fucking idiot?

                • That’s easy Vic. You are.

                • Vic, if you really trust the corporate media talking heads that much; if you accept whatever they tell you without question and without reservation, then you’re in the wrong place. This site is full of people who have critical thinking skills and don’t trust the mainstream media at all. I’ll take the internet over TV news any day. Haven’t even had TV service for three years now. If you want propaganda, go back to TV. However, if you want the truth, stick around and you can learn something. The choice is yours.

            • You educate me on reality? HA HA HA HA, Get back to your shaun hannity! Back to your regularly scheduled programming and see how that works you mental midget lol.

              • shaun is a military midget, but he’s had martial arts training since he was 12 years old, or so he says. Maybe he’ll fight the muslims here in N.Y. all by his lonesome.

          • Unfortunately for many gullible believers who lack the capacity for critical thinking, it will be young men and women like vic who we will be seeing on the tv commercials in wheelchairs shaking and drooling with no arms and legs, being taken care of by their parents and being used as a tool to further muslim hatred and gin up funding for the military industrial complex. I hate to say it, but if the loss of lives and treasure failed to wake us up to the lies we were sold over a decade ago, and we still can’t stand up and say HELL NO!! Well then I’m afraid we are beyond hope as a society. What amazes me is the lack of protest. When back in the opening stages of Iraq, I remember everywhere I went it seemed like there would be a group of people on some street corner protesting. And back then I was a blind patriotic fool who failed to recognize the reality of what was going on. So many (me included) were caught up in our emotions and anger and our lust for revenge. F^^k em and everybody that looks like em!!! Right?? Yah look how well that worked out. But like I said how is it that now we are not seeing a broader protest movement, we don’t even have a good back story to help tune up the war drum. I guess I’ll have to make my own sign and go stand on a corner by myself somewhere.

            • Richard Head:

              You have to admire the effectiveness of the media in brainwashing, confusing, and driving the general public into apathy and complicity in their own suicidal drugged up demise.

              Yes, if you make a sign and protest that would be a start. If you make up thousands of posters and give them to the homeless, that would be even better. They are already on the street corner.

        • You do understand who al CIAda is don’t you or Isis? Israeli Secret Intelligence service?

        • Vic, you mean al CIAda or Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

      11. Hopefully, this will go nuclear in short order.

        We’ll teach Russia a lesson it won’t soon forget and regain our rightful place as leader of western civilization.

        It will be glorious.

        • What lesson is it we should be teaching Russia?? Do not honor your pacts by defending your long time allies against a foreign invading force, and an opposing army organized, trained and funded by those same foreign invaders. Or teach them that it is wrong to NOT meddle in other nations affairs without invitation. I am truly confused, what exactly is it that Russia has done wrong?? Or do you feel like I do, and are just ashamed of the fact that our own country has become the terrorists of the world and Russia seems to be the ones with right on their side. But instead of admitting it you would rather stick to the same cold war propaganda and just say stick it to Russia!!

        • Anonymous…. Indeed It will be glorious specially when the warhead goes right up to your ass.

          • A strange comment coming from you.

            You going lefty soft on us?

        • Is this sarcasm? Or are you insane!!

          • Anonymous:

            Is this sarcasm? Or are you insane!!

            • SARCASM

      12. The real tragedy…lost to/on most “sheep”..is where there’s a high probability that some of those SF-troopers will(are intended to be)…sacrificed/slaughtered for a judeo/satanic-agenda…via valid Russian airstrikes..to further advance the destruction/elimination, of the true ‘children of GOD’ & by extension, their/our civilization…by the offspring/descendants of satan!!!


        NOTE to tagged SF-guys:

        …dudes, here’s your chance to throw “sand-in-the-gears” of the jew-machine, once deployed…think ‘Robin Sage’ planning/ambushes/E & E, not far from “Tillery” & discussions of the validity of the (now defunct, but still very relevant) “SFU”…@ late-nite campfires afterwards!

        ..I hate to ask of you…but do it to save yourselves.

        …yeah, I know…’tis a tough decision.

        ..DON”T BECOME A MARTYR FOR ZOG & that criminal enterprise..know as greater israel..who issues your ‘marching orders’..

        ..you’re worth more to us…than you are to THEM!!!!

        • The kosher commissars sure kept your post in the Lubyanka prison for an unjustifiably loooong time. Kosher comments are more equal than others.

          • JQP and Hunter, Miracle happens. Many kosher comments won’t even make it. Glad some of yours did and survived the kosher commissars .

          • Thanks John….salute!

      13. his finger in the wind to see which way things are going has got to have windburn. He’s just another politician…nuthin special.

      14. Could Obama said, Boots from Syria on our ground.

        Kind of looks that way.

        • dang Slingshot…I think you hit the nail on the head!

      15. Never ending illegal war. To the detriment of most American’s. It only favors Israel and their agenda to rule the world with criminals inside America controlling the most vile creatures who hate mankind. Israel did 9-11, the truth is known, where is the outrage? Crickets! The WW3 hammer is on the way to the target. The internet will shut off free speech, that is the big secret in the “trade” deals. This federal government needs to be brought down. Get rid of the dual citizenship intruders and their agenda. I know, none of that will happen, just further decline and elimination of anything that is good.

        • I thought it was mostly Saudi’s on that plane: correct me if I’m wrong, and cite your sources.

          • You’re calling for facts, they don’t apply when Israel is involved.

            Easier to hate Jews than to look at the truth.

          • Methodical Illusion and Methodical Deception by Rebekah Roth. Look up interviews she has given.

            • Methodical illusion and deception from trolls.

      16. Friends the SMOKE and MIRROR’S that come out of All WORLD LEADER’S should never surprise anyone that has anything on the ball. Everything that is going on now is in the master plan of the elites that have the power over everything. Events will play out just like they want not what anyone else wants. It’s all camouflage to keep our eyes and mind off of what is happening behind the scenes and that is their take over of the entire world for the few. Folks it will go down the way they want. The two wild card’s Mother Nature (they are controlling a huge part of that now) and GOD (They will never control HIM). IMHO!!

      17. An unfolding disaster in the Middle East. Now a extreme Arab group(?) has taken responsibility for the downing of the Russian Charter Plane according to some sources at the time was at cruising attitude.

        Regardless this is going to get nasty. Seems the world is being drawn here. We don’t have much longer to do what needs to be done.

      18. The war is between the Pentagon (veterans), and the taxpayers. And the Pentagon just won another battle, this time the budget battle, at the expense of Social Security and Medicare recipients. So red, white, and selfish to steal from the people that paid all there lives to have just a little in retirement to purchase food, so others can wave the flag.

      19. The grand old duke of York
        He had ten thousand men
        He marched ’em up to the top of the hill
        Then he marched ’em down again.

        And when they were up, they were up
        And when they were down, they were down
        And when they were only half-ways up they were neither up nor down!

      20. The world is seeing the latest release of the Planet Apes. The lead ape is in the white house.

        • Stole, that lead ape is the African virus.

      21. Follow the link on the left side of the page, under the Daily Coin heading, “Obama and his secret CIA Family.”
        ht tp://thedailycoin.org/?p=49851
        Absolutely have no doubt of it’s truth, and it’s going to depress the hell out of you, if you ever loved the USA.
        This traitorous bastard needs to go down, somehow.
        But it’s probably too late anyway.

      22. Where is Cyndi Sheehan and the leftist press when you need them?

        I am for peace and non-violence everywhere and at all times. Let’s start with getting out of Syria

      23. Bathhouse Barry Hussien does what he’s told to do. Men that we don’t know walk into his office, have little talks with him, and walk out. Period.
        (Even Shrub knew he wasn’t REALLY running the show… this was the problem with the Kennedy boys- they just would not tow the line…)

        • They’re better off out of it imo.

          Pity though, things would have been a lot better with them at the helm.

          Guess they just weren’t corrupt enough eh.

        • alias you have nailed it!

      24. Exactly ‘who’ are our troops ‘supporting’ in SYRIA?

        God Bless and keep the ’50’ safe from all enemies – foreign or domestic.

      25. Once the US was great nation but over a few decades it has been trashed by the degenerates in Washington. The quality of leadership is so poor.

        • you get the government you deserve

      26. Of course barry is going to keep the war going. He is an agent of the NWO. Their goal is to continue to arm both sides of the conflict aide our enemies to keep the world in a cnstant state of war. It is all problem- reaction -solution toppling all the middle eastern countries and replacing the leaders of those sovereign nations with NWO thugs. While our men and women in the military are brainwashed to believe that they are fighting for freedom. It is all a lie. Obama is George Bush on steroids. Senseless wars to overthrow the entire middle east. It won’t be long and there will be a military draft in order to get as many fighting age Americans out of the USA while they the obama administration floods us with Muslim terrorists in the guise of calling them refugees while leaving us with wide open borders. The war on terror is a lie that is really a war on America and our Republic.

        • If a draft is implemented, I would support the Clinton solution. He avoided the draft and became the president of the United States of America. Better to be a live “coward”(practical realist), than a dead hero (unfortunate gullible victim).

          • Draft Dodgers.
            Anti Gunners
            Anti Military Vets.

            Never be in my group. No help either.

            • Slingshot:

              I support the Vets. I would fight myself as old as I am, but I don’t want to see any more casualties in this foreign fiasco. It has already destroyed lives. If no one goes, no one dies.
              Resisting evil is sometimes unpopular. So we disagree on this one, but I agree with much of what you say in your other posts. Thanks for responding.

              • B from Ca.

                Interesting enough that if the Draft was re-implemented to see how the younger generation and the older generation would handle it. If you think the country is divided now.
                I have watch people starve themselves to stay under the weight limit. People injure themselves and those who evaded the Induction Centers in the last draft.
                While the Rich and Well Connected got their school deferments the poor bastards went off to War.

            • Slingshot–Will you be worshiping the soldiers who roust your family from your home and proceed to take what they want? Be sure to offer them an “interview” with your preteen daughter.

              The soldier worship on this site amazes me.

              • Joe Biden

                The men and women of the Military who are now civilians deserve all the credit for their past service. They did what they had to do. Those serving now may have to make the decision whether to Honor the Constitution or harass the people of this country. Should they take this course, I may consider them Renegades and Traitors. And will be treated as such.

                I would take a ex military person over a pansy ass civilian any time.

                Just like the LEO’s Call a Hippie instead and if you have a major war or earthquake or flood or hurricane.
                call your neighbor or family to come get you.

                You like to degrade these people till you need them.

              • The troops are mercenaries. They die for the buck.

                “Wars” since Korea are a racket and as Eisenhower said, “beware of the military-industrial complex.”

                If you war mongers want a war, declare it constitutionally and then kill the enemy, all of them, none of this f ‘n around. Then come home and tend the fields, grow taters and such.


          • I can hardly wait to see the feminists soak their pantyliners when girls are drafted. You know, equality and all…

            I expect lots of young guys to ask “Why should I go if my sister doesn’t have to?”

            • Back in the good ol’ days you just just put on a pair of panties and a dress and tell them you were a transsexual to avoid getting drafted….Now they’d just promote you instantly to sergeant. I understand the need in desperate times for a draft, and the idea of ones duty to fulfill if selected. But these are not desperate times my friends, these are evil people doing evil things in evil times and we are being lied to. I would absolutely support any conscientious objectors to this war/lie with “isis”(assad)

              Like they say what if they had a war and nobody showed up???

      27. The constant waring is bankrupting our country.

        • …the plan has always been to collapse us financially, over run our borders, arm the invaders, declare the Constitution null and void, to begin the third world war and begin the rule of the antichrist…

          No surprises here, my family, 2 geese, four duck, chickens, horses and our dogs stand at the ready…

      28. A few decades? Try a century and a half. Lincoln was the biggest traitor. This country has been on a downhill roll since the mid 1850’s

        • When looked at from a gov vs. the people, perspective, it certainly has. The tyranny has been increasing exponentially since the early 1800’s, since the gov began it’s journey to eradicate the Native American Indians and take their lands and resources.

          The only thing that has changed is the color of the victim’s skin, which is predominately white.

      29. War is but mans fear of the end of life, no one gets out of this world alive. No One!
        Not the poor man nor the rich,not the beggar nor the elite, so knowing this man chooses to fight.
        When the only sensible thing should be to live life well, to the fullest in peace and harmony for
        The betterment of mankind until old and tired one slips off to eternity and a better place. War is
        Based in fear,resist war and fear, it is evil.

      30. So the troops already there have to be declared so Russia does not bomb them.. At least we know a close number now of green berets. More likely 500 but who’s counting?

      31. Sigh.

        • @Anon…..lv your theory….makes sense! take care,CC

      32. Join the Great Election Boycott of 2016. Boycott voting for U.S. politicians in the 2016 election. Vote only for referendums, initiatives and other direct democracy actions.
        Obama is the same as Bush is the same as Clinton is the same as Rubio is the same as all of them.
        This isn’t about Democrats only, the plan for Syria was a neocon plan, i.e., the republicans under Bush targeted Syria for their New American Century, Obama is just carrying on. Both major parties are corrupt and appendages of the ruling class.

      33. Our soldiers will be used as a shield in which to protect terrorists! Also, when Russia annihilates the special ops, Obama and the neocons and neolibs will have their justification for starting WW3! How will Russia know which troops are ours and which are ISIS?? (as if there’s any difference to begin with).
        Obama’s “boots on the ground” will be boots IN THE GROUND as our special ops forces will be killed. He’s running a pathetic and evil bluff in one hand, and a dangerous risk in the other hand.
        Obama and the warmongers must be dragged out of their offices and hung for treason!

        This amounts to an illegal invasion of a sovereign country by our out of control and psychotic leaders!

      34. Yep they robbed the Indians and now it’s the white mans turn to be destroyed I saw it coming for years but if you stand up for yourself as a white male you are racist. White pride is hate of all other races nowadays what bullshit. if you keep scapegoating a group of people and pounding it into people’s heads that they are the ones who victimized everyone you will succeed in destroying them eventually. Fuck the media they are scum.

      35. Well if and thats a big if that Russia finds that the CIA or MOSSAD is behind the shoting down of it’s airliner using ISIS or anyone else then things could get hot very fast.

        Russia will not try to get any political gains from what could well just be an accident and unlike the USA they don’t pretend to have any answers the next day like happened on 9/11, we know who done it, lets get him.

        You cannot trust a word coming out of Obama’s mouth because he’s not in control of what he says and for that you will have to ask his banker paymasters who are on the run and having to make it up as they go along.

        Israel will not be allowed to make a land grab in Syria using ISIS as an excuse and if, again a big if they are behind this russian airline falling out of hte skys like they were gehind the US-Liberty and 9/11 then i would not want to be living in zionist central, Israel for all the tea in china.

      36. The Nigga lied again? Nothing new. He truly is a Piece of Sh!t.

      37. Of course the fascist boot licking coward pussy robot brain dead dumbed down filth in the US Military will wave their evil vile disgusting shit stain American flag, and the brain dead Zombie robots will do whatever evil deeds the criminal psychopathic Corporatist fascist puppetmaster scum of the earth controlling the collapsing fascist American shithole tell them to do.

        • Ron Aherns

          After that remark I do hope you are NOT an American.

      38. The hidden story is the weapons builders and Pentagon have again got their way in the budget dealings. They are scheduled to receive hundreds of billions to upgrade to next generation bombers at near 100 million each over the next few years. The insanity knows no end.

      39. “If you want Peace, Prepare for War”.

        We all like to mention this phrase often. The facts are even when we have prepared for war by a posturing of strength, we end up in a war. War is War on any level. Call it a riot, a feud or a standoff with the Federals. It’s the same.
        I have grown disillusioned with our country. I look to other nations as the template we will become after an internal strife that “No One” will escape.
        Why my life has gone down this road of awareness instead of Ignorance is Bliss, confounds me. There are too many
        issues and any one of them can cause a domino effect and unforeseen consequences will appear.
        The hardest stereotype a prepper can overcome is the conspiracy theory. There are extremist in every group or organization but the demonization of the prepper is very substantial. Is it a rebuttal to our criticism of Normal Bias? I have no more desire to warn people. People will do what they will do. Yet the shear amount of danger does not register in there minds.
        How do people stay oblivious when there is a $20 trillion dollar national debt. Over $4 quadrillion in Derivatives. The Banking system moves to have a “Bail In” and enacts laws to steal our money.
        Our Country has embarked on a reckless Foreign Policy.
        The insurgence of Illegal Aliens and the Invitation of Middle East refugees that may contain Terrorist. The amount of people on Government assistance and the employment and inflation stats are massaged to meet This Administration’s approval. Then parroted by a News Media that has no investigative truth but only propaganda that surpasses the Soviet Union. Why ask, How can Treason Flourish in our land.

        • Well, it is flourishing because we have a society on all sorts of meds and narcotics, chemical latent processed crap foods, a society full of manchildren who are more concerned about boobs, beer, and football. Constant divisive propaganda in news papers, magazines, TV and radio. The dumbing down of children in public schools indoctrinating them to be foolish moraless homosexual communists.

          • Yes Jet, he only thing left for somebody like you who’s so perfect yet imprisoned on an imperfect world is to kill yourself and take yourself out of our misery, the sooner the better I may say also.

      40. You people really are stupid. You have criticized Obama for not acting forcefully enough against ISIS. Now, when he applies uses more force, you criticize him. You people are not guided by intelligence, but sheer stupidity. The even sadder fact is your own self-awareness is so deficient, you are blind to your own stupidity and bigotry.

      41. What a nutcase.

      42. Ebola isn’t just in africa. Its the whole continent.

      43. If one American dies , just one, and ISIS puts up a disgusting video, see Clarion Project, for latest horrific video, then I say every male Muslim in America is a free target of death. To hell with our pathetic politicians putting American boots in harms way, these are American men and women, not expendable and not targets for death. Watch the video, and imagine the victims being American servicemen or servicewomen, or being one of your relatives, neighbors, or member of your community. I hate this Muslim President of the USA, his lackeys, and all his leftists supporters. Not one American, not one dies!

        • You might as well stop ranting about who/what/when you’re going to do something. You’re not. The only thing you’ll do is post keyboard bluster that nobody cares about, get a life.

          • Yah know, you’re absolutely right, why waste my time, energy, and be all pissed off. My life is great, I don’t need this keyboard blustering, cause like you said, nobody cares, so see yah all, and have a nice day.

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