Martial Law Concern About Jade Helm Is “Racist… Because We Have a Black President”

by | Jul 6, 2015 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 192 comments

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    Desperate to rebrand conspiratorial concern about the coming Jade Helm training exercises – fears that it could be an attempt to bring martial law to ‘hostile’ Texas – the media is spinning its wheels to portray opponents of the military occupation as racists.

    Yes, concern about martial law and a military takeover under an emergency pretext is now racist… not because the issue clearly effects everyone, but just because there’s a black president… that’s a good one.

    Denial runs deep. Disturbing preparations for martial law and civil unrest have been ongoing for decades, and ramping up since 9/11, not since the election of Barack Obama. Yet, the system has been in damage control mode sense news of the training exercise spread on the web, and sounded the alarm about potential threats to liberty.

    They insist: No, Jade Helm isn’t a military takeover of Texas.

    The Washington Post talked to locals in Bastrop, Texas where Jade Helm will be headquartered – deliberately dragging racial tensions into a debate about centered around growing federal government power over states and the people that has been going on over the course of many presidents.

    “If it were any other president but Obama, it would not be an issue.”


    “The truth is, this stems a fair amount from the fact that we have a black president,” said Terry Orr, who was Bastrop’s mayor from 2008 to 2014. “People think the government is just not on the side of the white guy,” Orr said.


    Bastrop’s current mayor, Kenneth Kesselus [said] “The middle class is getting squeezed and they’ve got to take it out on somebody, and Obama is a great target.”


    The Jade Helm backlash has been a “red flag” that our county “still has a lot of things they need to come to terms with,” Jackson said, including the anger and disrespect being directed at the president.


    Another man was “shocked by what he views as racist undertones in much of the objection to Jade Helm.”

    This is the most ridiculous tactic yet tried to counter those troubled by the militarization of America and the hidden intentions of those who are in power.

    Though many were against these things when they surfaced under George W. Bush or Bill Clinton, it is apparently the sign of a “sick country” that has “deep troubled issues” about race… and… something about the Confederate flag… and racism, against military occupation.

    Yeah, right.

    Mastering the human domain indeed… with the age old tactic of divide and conquer.

    As Alex Thomas of Intellihub points out, it is a masterful misdirection from the real issues of military training in American cities… even as we’ve been shown how they could be used domestically during crises:

    To put this hit piece in perspective one has to sit back and remember what has actually gone on in the last three months.

    We are literally seeing dozens of urban military exercises with a strong domestic focus being conducted across the country in the lead up to Jade Helm and instead of investigating this fact, one of the biggest news outlets in the country has decided to instead imply that all the Americans worried about the training are racist.

    The concern about martial law has – again – been going on for decades amid eroding civil rights, declarations of emergency powers, increased disregard for the Constitution and Bill of Rights and systematic violations of Posse Comitatus, the 1870s-era law that bars the federal government from using military to police domestic America.

    This absurd article may fuel another false media narrative about race (in the attempt to downplay the scope of Jade Helm) but the issue is squarely about tyranny and dictatorship – not racism.

    Read more:

    Nearly Half of Americans Concerned Jade Helm Will “Impose Greater Control Over States”

    U.S. Military Grants Itself the Authority to Deploy Troops in American Cities Without Presidential or Local Approval

    Shocking Jade Helm Training Video: Children Used in Mock FEMA Camp Roundups

    Jade Helm Insider Admits: “Gestapo Tactics Will Be Used… Recruiting Informants, Infiltration Techniques, Commandeering Private Residences”

    They’re Waiting For A Provocative Incident: “Obama Is Trying To Force A Confrontation So That He Has A Pretext To Declare Martial Law”


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      1. Yeah, just like posting on this website is racist. Homeschooling, gun rights, charity, supporting our Constitutional rights, defending the weak/poor, loving thy neighbor, ALL RACIST. Guess what, American flag? That’s racist too. Jesus wasn’t racist though because he was really black. And he’s coming back to enslave the whites for all their crimes against humanity and because they’re Devils!

        Seriously, I’m ready to sell everything and leave the country. There is no hope left that I see. I concede to trying to fix stupid and evil. The honest alternative is that we’re all going to be called separatist/terrorist just like the Ukrainians, rounded up, and eliminated. Conspiracy theory? No. History repeating itself? Absolutely. Prepare accordingly, but don’t fool yourselves in to believing there’s hope. Just don’t.

        • There’s hope in Jesus Christ. Victory

          • Zero: There is hopey and changy in Jesus Christ. Stop being a slave to a cult. The only being thats going to help you, is your own self determination and ambition. Living your life with a superstition reduces your ability to think, adapt and distinguish between facts and fiction. Once youreduse the hondage if Religion, you will fund many more doora if opportunity open up for you. I too was suckered for many years by religion. What gives you life is the Sun and Mother Earth. Worship, cultivate and tend to that, and you will live a fulfilling life. Wishing hoping praying is for lazy people and a waste if valuable time.

            • I wish so badly I could give you a thumbs up x100.

            • I didn’t know they let leftist liberals on this blog post. Go and revel in your sin and “hope” you are right, because if you are wrong you will be burning in hell for eternity.

              • Communists were adamant historians, who borrowed from many, different systems of govt.

                So, you might remove the label, and call it pure statism.

                Pure statism radicalizes patsies, purges them as useful idiots, and says it normalized the situation.

                Overtly-atheistic systems of govt enshrine their dictators with worshipful reverence, parade war machines and soldiers down the street, and nobody protests.

                People are generally of the same race, in said countries.

              • Your all pagans. we where colonised by our own race. there 3000 years ahead of us in technology and spirituality. there called Creator Gods. Jesus was one of them. he was born by invetro fertelization. when he disapeared for 40 years , he went all over the world too spread his word. they are among us. waiting for the right time to take over and rid this planet of sinners and jihadist.

            • I feel sorry for you.

              • As your tag implies (ZERO) you seem to fit that designation. Don’t feel sorry for me, feel sorry for yourself. I’m just an observer.

            • Those nasty ol Christians say ,go the way you wish,just leave us alone. Very smart ,compassionate,open minded you say,you stupid people should be forced to believe like me because I’m smarter than you. Go get em smart guy .Cuddle that pile of dirt that is your mother. Man ,what brilliance.

          • Sorry for the late reply. I concur, but His judgement is coming against this nation for it’s many sins. Some of us may be spared, but it’s important to realize that Christianity has only ever truly grown through suffering and tribulation.

        • Well no way I’m packing up and leaving MY country to the traitors and tyrants. This is MY country and I’m staying for the fight no matter how bloody it gets.

          • Question: If you are a racist becaue you dislike BO because black: What are you if you dislike him because he’s an Ahole and dumb as a box of rocks?

            • Puppet does as puppet is told…

              • Why does no one talk about his “white” half ? He’s half cracker, just like me.

                • his white half is racist too

            • Question: If you are a racist because you dislike BO because black: What are you if you dislike him because he’s an Ahole and dumb as a box of rocks?

              Answer: Very astute

          • Howdy, Nobama. Braveheart also refuses to leave his country for the traitors and other scum. he’s also staying for the fight. he’ll be in the fight for the duration or until he gets killed.

            • Fire and fucking BLOOD
              the only thing in americas ‘future’
              Oceons upon oceonz of blood. Corpses that blot out the horizon.
              Ive concluded, with no effort on the part of any of us, that we wont have to slaughter any of the tyrants. The tyrantz will slaughter themselves..and everyone along with them. Genocidal bloodlust and apocalyptic greed.

          • Get this, $245 Billion claimed that the Greek Government owes was dumped on the Country and People to bail out the Banks in 2008 & 2010. And thus the same banks restructured the debt in a fashion that it can never be paid back. Greeks say the debt is illegal and invalid. Therefore not owed. I woukd be hanging bankers in Greece for the sport of it.

          • Jade Helm July 15 to Sept 15. Has anybody researched the total COST of this illegal military exercise? Troops dont move for free. I would like to see what major fascist US Corporations are profiting off of this JH exercise. This is just more fraud and fleecing if the US Tax Payer who will also be the victims, harassed, inconvenienced and induced with fear from an invasion of boots marching through their neighborhoods. The cost of moving people and cargo is tremendious. Just the cost of relocating 2500 military personel from one US Base to another is like $47 Million Dollars. Our military are the biggest money wasters out their and a large pig trough fir the MICM Mafia to feed off of. It would be nice if rhe Jade Helm exercise was to round up all the Jews in America and export them to Africa along with the Negroid Free Shit Army of freeloaders. Russia a black population of just 1 tenth or 1% black. So how did that 1800’s free labor slave program working for ya America? See how that comes back to bite us 10 fold centuries later. We need to eliminate the deadliest parasites first. Focus like a Trigicon laser beam.

        • Check out Switzerland if you’re going ExPat. Or Belize. I’ve looked into both and both are nice countries to move to.

          • Watch out for FATCA when you do.

          • No other country is safe either.
            They are having other countries watch expats and are keeping a record. They will be rounded up there too. A little birdie told me that.
            Meanwhile, reds are already here as well as the others. They are just waiting.

        • Have you ever been in to a black person’s home and seen the black jesus on the wall?

          I think it is funny because Jesus was not even white. Jesus was olive skinned Arab.

          • Olive-skinned Arabs – although Semitic – are basically white, John. Arabs and other olive-skinned peoples aren’t brown, yellow, or black; they’re Caucasian.
            I’m Caucasian; I have light reddish-blond hair and sky blue eyes.They say blue-eyed blonds worldwide are a minority within a minority; and, yes, I’m one of them.
            And, yes, Obongo is a mulatto; he’s half Caucasian.

        • Claiming we have a “Black” president is racist. He’s mulatto… momma was pure white.

        • If good men do nothing Evil will prevail. Don’t run, give it a try first and do our best.

        • If good men do nothing Evil will prevail. Don’t run, give it a try first and do our best.

          • Evil is already winning. I know they won’t win the war, but for the continuity of our greater ideals and morality I believe it best we keep ourselves separate and hidden. At least until a day comes when we can return and establish this nation as it was meant to be.

        • WhiteWolf, I don’t care what you do for yourself; that is your choice and your own affair. Other people are staying here and fighting because this country is the only home we have and no other country out there will welcome any Americans with open arms. We are blamed for all of the world’s problems. Good luck with finding a country that will welcome you.

        • You are an idiot.. If I were you, I would leave too.

        • ?? Someone who actually understands what is happening in the cesspool US Fascist State of Terrorists!! Pack & Leave? Check actual statistics;; 8.5 million people in 5 years have left this cesspool and 74% have renounced their citizenship. That is Federal Stats, and there are 1-2 Independent Stats that say the same???

        • how to advise against martial law to people with kids. I can’t i’m single. you really need to pray to god, with sincerity for the answer to that one. he will answer you by telling you to get out of america while there is still time. thats the answer he just gave me. it is the same as he has given me to give to every american tourist I met over the last 10 years or more

      2. I’m so very tired to keep hearing the mainstream media say EVERYTHING is racists!
        I’m NOT racist, I just can’t stand Obummer, or Any DC politician because they have sold out our once great country!
        Jade Helm imo, is in case we go the way of Greece this fall, then TPTB have the military ready to take on the citizens. Just my two cents.

        • I ain’t racist, I hate everyone equally…

          • I’m a white, God fearing, American male.

            I’m racist by birth and circumstance.

            It’s not my fault! I didn’t ask to be born racist, err, white!

            Now where is my free shit!?

            • Howdy, Townsaver. The MSM and all other ‘progressives’ can kiss my white ass.

              • And in other news, 50 oppressed black yutes beat a racist white man half to death in Cincinati, Ohio.
                No doubt he had it coming.
                I mean, he’s white, right?

                • Yep, dont you just love the BS

              • The ones that are so quick to pull the race card are the most racist there are. Sharpton, Jackson, Obola, Holder,…

                • Nobama, Hear about Eric Holder skipping on over to his new job and a big bank? They are all in to bed with eachother. Power and influence corruption. The revolving door swings again, just like clockwork.

            • I agree TOWNY , Its my “white privilage” that allows me to live like a king on 22k a year .
              I feel SOOOO ashamed to be white and wealthy.

              • Up here in the “no human” Agenda 21 zone in Michigan , there arent alotta black folks .
                The ones here are like minded and have been here for generations.
                I see down in Grand Rapids they are building more miniature apartment buildings as well as to the west in Muskegon.
                So whats the Jade Helm plan? Are we all movin somewhere?
                The big urban areas continue to promote bike paths and bus lanes to the point ya cant drive a car downtown without being a sideshow, just sayin, all this BS is goin someplace….
                Now i see the EPA wants to protect a turtle that they claim may be endangered and it only lives in wetlands , HMMM , around here , thats every backyard.
                Racism is a two way street , we are being USED by the greedy wannabe dictator to divide and conquer us.
                Do not fall for it !

                • Howdy, Hammerhead. we’ve been getting a lot of bike lanes in Memphis over the past 2 years and still more being planned.

                  • Anyone who rides a bike inside the city of Memphis is asking to have their skull crushed in with a tire iron by a group of wild animals. It’s a horrible place to live. That’s why I moved.

                    • Commodester, welcome, and what part of the city were you in? I have a BOL in GA to go to when the time comes and that can’t seem to happen soon enough.

                • Re: Nature. Here at the BOL I habe the luxury and enjoyment watching nature unfettered. The 3 adult Turkey hens watch over their 11 big babies. They adults take a triangle point observation and keep the babies in their triangle. One adult head off to check the next course of direction, then comes back to hurd the birds in that direction. Three deer do the same thing, 2 bucks and a doe pale around together, take point and let the others graze. These are the real game shows I enjoy watching and learn from. No hopey wishy “Wheel of Fortune” here…Get out if the Cities people and start living..

              • And before i STFU …….
                I would like to point out one important fact –
                It is your 1st amendment right to speak your mind.
                If you choose to be (what the left says)is racist , then OPEN YOUR MOUTH and be heard , its your right.

                So please , always speak your mind .
                I ,for one ,dont like queers , they act funny and i dont trust them , is that racist too?

          • good one eppe

          • I’m like you eppe…an equal oppotunity hater.
            My dad used to say: “son…the whole world is screwed up but me and you, now, I’m not so sure about you”.

            It usually settled my self rightous attitude down a bit.

            I have no problem thinking most everyone else is wrong. I especially think the Obamanation is wrong, he just happens to be black. He is not any more hated than Hitler in my book.
            That’s fair isn’t it?

            • YEP, Fair by my thinkin!

          • Eppe,
            I agree i hate ALL those who need hating equally!!! don’t matter what skin color you are inside your head is what counts there are good people and bad people in ALL races!! and the bad ones are who i don’t like!!

            • Well said Apache 54. The liberal communists just say “racist” when they are clearly about to lose the argument. It’s laughable. They have rendered the word, racist, irrelevent.

              • yup! racist is code for “i just lost this one”!

              • They have rendered the word, racist, irrelevent.

                and when it does become irrelevant it will be a great day in this country,, i cant wait until they burn all this shit out

          • Ditto!
            Am trying to figure out how to never have to leave my property! Its a scary prospect to go out in public!

            • Inevitably when I go to Hilo, I start to get sick from blood pressure shooting through the ceiling. I usually have to let the wife drive home. You can’t kill the idiots, you can’t run away from them, you have to tolerate their abuse with a smile. After doing that for most my life, my body can’t take it anymore. The INTERNET,
              Amazon, Ebay, USPS, UPS, and Fed-Ex are your friend.

              • I buy very little to begin with, building materials, fertilizer and chemicals, Costco and maybe a stop at a small market.
                But damn, cant drive 1 mile without some idiot texting while driving or tailgating you,,,
                And there is NO such thing as “customer service”

            • I read the original WA Compost article. I frankly want to see the author burned to death, it would be fun to watch a true racist get an idea of where he is going. It is his arrogance that sets me off. The problem isn’t a black president it is the Government controlled by Democrats with the acquiescence of the GOPe that people fear. Why not practice in NYC? If you are going to have Mad Max conditions it will be there. No, they want to practice where the largest Resistance to government rule will be. That is what people are afraid of, not some Mulatto Moslem that will be politically dead soon. My guess is the only reason he is still alive, it that they didn’t want to make a Black JFK and have to live with all the martyr BS for the next 50 years. That being said I’m prepping and I hate Democrats regardless of their race.
              Prep On!

              • Oops wrong spot!

            • Go to “Project Gutenberd” they used to send out a CD with 25,000 books on it free, don’t know if they still do, but you can download free. Get enough reading material for the rest of your life. It’s a start.

              • Project Gutenberg has a lot of books, but archive (dot) org has even more. They have multiple formats, including scans of the original book in PDF, which is better than the other formats because OCR is still not accurate on old books.

                I am currently downloading the “War of the Rebellion” set of books printed by the government in the late 1800s. It would take a whole bookcase to hold the actual books. They contain all the correspondence between officers on both sides of the War of Northern Aggression along with maps, etc. The PDFs are large files (100+MB each), so it will take a while.

          • I’m a white southerner and am already used to being called racist all the time.

          • Sorry, eppe, that’s MY line! I’m a proud curmudgeon.

          • I ain’t racist, I hate/love equally.
            When you prove to me that you are worth being a friend, skin color means nothing…

            Bless all here…

            • Howdy, Eppe. I’m the same way. Just prove to me that you’re worth being a friend and in turn you will have a friend for life. It really is what’s in your mind and your heart that really counts with me. I do hate all scum equally, no more and no less.

              • BH, pick a Saturday to meet. Blairsville, GA. Waffle House north end to Hawisse. Am is best. Let me know…

                • Eppe, we’ll just have to play it by ear. My trip is scheduled for the 23rd to 27th, but it’s always possible someone could upset the applecart. If I can arrange it, it’ll be a pleasure to meet you. I’ll keep you advised.

            • I AM Racist and proud of it

              hey dont shy away from it,, it aint illegal to be racist .. embrace it

              a racist is just a person who holds high views of his own type
              nothing wrong with that so says my 1st amendment right

        • If everything and everybody is racist, isn’t that the same as nobody being racist?

          We are so tired of hearing this shit that nobody cares anyway. I haven’t turned on a TV in over a month. Shows you how much I care about what the MSM has to say.

        • MommaD, the MSM is always lying about white people and they’re controlled by a certain tribe.

        • US Military couldn’t take and hold a Village in Afghanistan or a town in Iraq after 12 years. What makes you think they can stop Armed Americans in their hometowns? Plus, 60 to 75% of US forces will throw down and protect their family’s and property. Foreign troops will be mowed down in the first week. You can bank on that. I’m in the military.

          • You actually think foreign troops will last a week? WOW. Here in Wyo I figure the first time they expose enough to take a P they get it shot off.

            • paranoid, as soon as I see those blue UN helmets I’ll give them some “air-conditioning”.

          • f16

            Well because most americans are weak fluoridated scared little sheep that wouldn’t recognize an invading army unless their smart phone did it for them. Although I do hope you are right, I have thought the same thing. Especially when you look at all the money and munitions spent just to get a couple guys in a cave in Afghanistan. And of course look at all the money and time to catch eric frein and boston “bombers”, imagine just 100 or hell even just 10 of them all at the same time. If they ever do try to go on full lock down it really wouldn’t take all that many to resist in order to throw a big wrench in their plans, and in the sheeps plans as well. Eventually when the sheeple keep getting their doors and faces kicked in (for their own safety) after awhile even they will have to wake up and recognize who their real enemy is.

          • F16hoser, welcome, and I hope you’re right about that 60-75% figure. Hell, I’ll be shooting at foreign troops as soon as I see them, plus I’ll gather up whatever enemy weapons, ammo, and other gear I can in the process.

      3. Obama is not all Black he is half White and that the half I would like to see hung for treason. If his black half can’t come to grips with parting ways with his white half, well that is it’s choice not mine. I think it will be a cold day in HELL before anyone else of color will be elected to the highest office.

      4. I think it’s about time we just call it like it is……just call a spade; a spade.

      5. Wow, it’s amazing they forget about the white mother that gave our black president birth. And the white grandparents that raised him. When was the last time he has even mentioned his white heritage?

      6. ummm…

        Barry the Magic Negroid aka barrack hussein obama the zog cia manchurian puppet is actually a mixed race Mulatto Oreo .

        half WHITE half BLACK!

        So calling him BLACK is actually RACIST!

        • Hostess Snow Cone. White on the outside and all Negro on the inside. Tee, Hee, Hee…

          • Heads up. .50 cal Ammo Can Sale $8 ea. @ Im sure SGT is up to his eyeballs in reloads. Stack and pack.

        • Half white, the other half Arab and black. He is about 7% black. 7% makes him black. Yea right!

      7. They should let sleeping dogs alone. I was born in South Georgia back in 1953. Many of my direct ancestors died in the Civil War. My grandfather’s grandfather, Major General Bryan Grimes was with Lee at Appomattox and a lot of other places too. Yet I never had much use for the Confederacy or any of their flags, but if they start making it a crime to own or display the stars and bars, then maybe I need to rethink exactly why my ancestors were so willing to die for their flag. Per chance, I have been wrong all alone and need a swift kick in the butt. thanks

      8. The MSM can KISS MY WHITE ASS WITH THEIR ANTIWHITE PROPAGANDA. Go ahead and call me racist. I don’t give a s#$%. I’ll call it like I see it and I don’t care what anyone thinks of that. I don’t submit to political correctness. Never have and never will.

        • Better watch out BH,
          They might take you up on that based on their rainbow fever!

          • Kulafarmer, let the POS bastards bring it on if they feel froggy and stupid enough to jump. I’m beyond caring. If they think they can hurt me, they’ll only have death to look forward to.

            • Actually Brave; I do have to admit I did get rid of Black jelley beans, even as a kid, so I suppose that makes me racist.

      9. He’s half white, half black. So why not blame the white half of him?

        • There is a term for what you describe, mulatto.

          • You say mulatto.
            I say mulattoe.


            • Slingshot, I say AFRICAN VIRUS.

      10. Obama Signs Executive Order Permanently Implementing Martial Law

        Obama’s version states specifically that it can apply during peace time as well, and that all actions specified within the order are under Obama’s direction.

        The “integrated policy making forum” for all Order policies consists of Janet Napolitano and the National Security Council.

        The entire economy will come under the president’s direction once the order is implemented and he will issue regulations establishing nationwide procedures and standards of production. This will include the control of “general distribution of any material (including applicable services) to the civilian market.”

        Additionally all manufacturing will cease unless approved by the president and anything that is produced the government will be given first rights to. It will also give the administration the authority to seize private companies and facilities and modify or change they way they operate as it sees fit, which pretty much means that private business will be told what they can make, how they’re supposed to make it, and when they have to make it.

        Civilian transportation of all types will also fall under its control along with food supplies, all forms of energy production, farms and farm equipment, water resources, and all healthcare resources.

        Within it FEMA camps are also mentioned and given the authority to carry out emergency preparedness mandates as specified in the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief Act. The act is what created the ‘temporary housing’ facilities for people who have been displaced which we all know as FEMA camps.

        • They don’t need executive orders or laws or anything else. All they need is the will of the people to allow themselves to be ruled over. They can only do what we allow them to do to us.

      11. Don’t listen to the MSM. Matter of fact, don’t let anything they say upset you.

        The passage of time has revealed the MSM to be empty vessels of lying, whorish propaganda; that’s tweaked to serve the interests of their pimp masters.

        Stay alert and get ready for battle. Physically and spiritually prepare. The time has arrived.

        God loves you all, and may his mercies, strength, and blessings be with you all in the name of Jesus Christ.

      12. I don’t care if he is half pink and half green, he’s still wrong.

      13. The government is going to do what it wants to do.
        “By any means necessary”. Presidential Orders. Treaties with the United Nations. Bringing illegal aliens from Hostile Countries. Whatever happened to transparent government. Wage a propaganda war on the people.
        You got what you voted for.

        All that counts is, “ARE YOU READY”.

        • Sling,am I ready,yep,pretty burned out and have that “Time to take out the trash” feeling.Check out AC/DC’s song “Are You Ready”,might be a good soundtrack for your”moment”,obviously,Tull will be mine!

          • WD.

            “Thunderstruck” Play it loud.

            • No worries,have played that song LOUD many times!I seen em about 8 times,once with Bonn!

          • Warchild and Slingshot, I have that same feeling. I doubt if I have any music for my “moment”, all I care about is having that “moment”. The enemy is going to try to do what they want to do, anyway. I’m going to do whatever I feel is necessary to stop them. I’m playing the game MY way and that’s that.

      14. I see military exercises with local cops ect. damn right suspicious,the locals going over seas.Racist,damn right,I love my country but fucking hate govt. at all levels at moment in this country,fuck yea am racist,Dammit!

        • “I love my country but fucking hate govt”

          Get it straight. The US Constitution is our government – defines it and is the supreme LAW of this land.

          The people you hate, I hope, are those that SERVE WITHIN OUR GOVERNMENT, something totally different. They are domestic enemies and TRAITORS to the American people, the USA.

          They are the ones we are REPLACING with those that will follow the US Constitution, and then we are going to prosecute those domestic enemies and TRAITORS and PUSH for the death penalty for each Traitor.

          Look at it this way, there will be a LOT of job openings, and may I recommend for any elected position that we NOT let any attorneys, judges into office. They no longer KNOW the US Constitution nor use it, support it as the SUPREME LAW of this land.

          We will not only be replacing elected, but assigned, hired, contracted, etc. THAT is what I am fighting for.

          God Bless All!

          • Good point, and I consider all federal government employees to be enemies of liberty. Most state government employees are just as evil as the feds.

          • Incorrect, Cal. The US Constitution is NOT our government, it is to protect We the People from the tyrannical .gov

            I agree with the rest of your statements though.

      15. It’s true, we do have a racist “president”. He and his minions hate white people. That’s why the white people put him into office twice. Makes about as much sense as the article.

        • Confederate

          If Whites in this country, intermarriage with all the other races to the point there was not one pure white person left. Who would be the next racists?

          There’s always the Russians. Hahahahahaha!

          • @slingshot Good point because we all know that Russians are not racists.

      16. Who cares about the MSM, theynhave provem themselves time and time again, “Loyalist’s” to Tyranny!!
        They are only usefull to the Sheep and Traitors. Preaching to there choir.

      17. I guess I am guilty as charged. I hate Obama, and I hate losing liberties.

      18. In the never-ending quest to keep you updated on the hate-filled, hypocritical, Orwellian world of liberals, here is the latest update on those selfsame hate-filled libs:

        “I hope his wife feeds him lots of eggs and butter and he dies early like many black men do, of heart disease.”
        Liberal USA Today columnist Julianne Malveaux on Clarence Thomas

        “Blacks and Hispanics were too busy eating watermelons and tacos to read the fine print on the phony insurance policies.”
        Mike Wallace, of 60 Minutes fame

        “[Clarence Thomas] is a clown in black face sitting on the Supreme Court. He gets me that angry.” —Star Trek actor George Takei

        “If there is justice, he’ll get AIDS, or one of his grandchildren will get it.”
        NPR’s Nina Totenberg on Jesse Helms, wishing a disease on someone – or his innocent grandchildren – that I wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have.

        “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.”
        Former CBS News president Richard Salant.

        Quoted from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999

        Alan Pyke, deputy economic policy editor for the far-left Think Progress blog in reaction to the Fox News Channel’s coverage of the unrest in Ferguson: “I hope Roger Ailes dies slow, painful, and soon. The evil that man has done to the American tapestry is unprecedented for an individual.”
        How nice.

        Need a little male sexism? Well, look no further than Gene Lyons, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, who stated “Ann Coulter displays all the feminine warmth of a water moccasin.” Gee, Gene, a little afraid of a strong, confident woman who speaks her mind, are we?????

        And some oh-so-typical racism from libs and their party of KKKByrd:

        – Garry Trudeau, he of dated, boring Dunesbury (wonder if he’s still wearing platform shoes and into disco?), caricatured Condi Rice and put a label under her calling her “Brown Sugar.” Nice touch there, Garry. All you need now is a white robe with one of those pointy little hoods.

        – Lib racist Pat Oliphant incredibly pictured Rice as a big-lipped parrot in one of his “cartoon” (yes, everyone finds racism “real” funny, Pat). .

        – But, as they say in the commercials: Wait, there’s more… Jeff Danziger has shown Rice as the servant in Gone with the Wind (frankly Jeff, to paraphrase Clark Gable – and as shown in the last few elections – no one gives a damn about anything you liberals have to say)

        – Ted Rall referred to Condi as the president’s ‘House N-word’… however, Jesse Jackson has, insofar as I know, not had– for the first time ever that I can remember – any protest to lodge over this.

        – Finally, one upping the former DEMOCRAT Gov. of Alabama, George Wallace, John Sylvester, in P.C. Madison, called Condi an “Aunt Jemima.”

        – Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said that the Supreme Court’s lone black member was “an embarrassment to the court.”

        – Left wing Democrat Ted Kennedy’s brother, former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, ordered the illegal wiretapping of Martin Luther King

        – Former Democratic National Committee chairman Howard Dean suggested a few years back that most blacks hold menial jobs in a speech

      19. No big deal stop going off the deep end everyone.

        If the military is getting ready for something bad.

        YOU get ready for something bad.

        END OF STORY


      20. Yea Im racist,
        Pretty much just hate everybody

      21. As I can see it all makes sense, now I know how the My scientist friend who is friends with a scientist was told on the inside as to how he came up with the 3-5, 000,000 survivors of peepers versus preppers. Let go work out fist and wje I have chance I will post a book on this one. Jade helm is a take over of Texas, why because they are tying to indict the attorney general of Texas. So this is reality check big time. I just noticed that Brave heart has been under attack in the past post. I just started rolling and not even too days of the board and all sh….. t already broke loose. Its almost time to moderate the agency azz clowns again..this is going to be a dog eat dog shtf end mother me when I was a kid that when you stir sh….t it get a stinker mother was right.

        • HCKS, glad to see you back already. It’s not unusual for me to be under fire from these libturd trolls. It shows that I’m doing something right. They can’t stand it when I call them on their BS.

      22. Liberals believe ‘everyone is created equally’; except they’re more equal than anyone else. What can I say about the ‘race card’? Oh, I know, they can shove it sideways.

      23. WHEN Jade Helm does not result in all the stupid crap you morons are predicting, are you going to say you were wrong? No. In your deluded minds, you are never wrong. If Texans are so afraid of the military, why don’t they demand all military facilities in Texas be closed? They won’t. Like you these people are idiots and hypocrites.

        • Where to begin on such an eloquent post?

          You make the common shill assumption that we Texans fear.
          Death comes to every man, it’s how you live that matters…

          We Texans are awake, that’s all and see through to the intentions of what some (certainly not Texans) would say is “The Most Transparent Administration” in the history of the world…(ain’t that a laugh???)…

          I say don’t pee down my back and tell me it’s raining…

          Jade Helm ’15 may be a dry run for 2016?,who knows – but no good will ever come from the federal power of the few usurping states rights to enforce their tyranny on the many…

        • Skeptical, your moniker sounds just right. And I’m ‘skeptical’ of YOU.

        • Septical…..Strange how paranoia can link up with reality now and then

      24. seemed appropriate, from diehard:

        John McClane: I’ll tell you what your problem is, you don’t like me ’cause you’re a racist!
        Zeus Carver: What?
        John McClane: You’re a racist! You don’t like me ’cause I’m white!
        Zeus Carver: I don’t like you because you’re gonna get me killed!

        i dont fear obama because he’s black, i fear him because he’s turning the country into a socialist system and may have already finished with obamacare.

      25. Is it TIME to START the 2nd AMERICAN REVOLUTION yet?

      26. Of all the people I’m close to and associate with, the ONLY people I hear talking about our “Black president” are the Lib/Prog/Marxists who seem to be obsessed with the black half of HerrObama. Wonder who the REAL RACISTS are?

      27. I think that come saturday nite , im gonna drag my moblie home with all my confederate flags down to the mud races behind my john deere and see if i can raise hell with the “FOLKS” cookin bbq fried chicken .Maybe shoot my gun and read my bible while i’m at it , hell , maybe a 12 pack of RWB beer would help.
        Or maybe just drink ice tea on the porch, i’m torn….

      28. Ammoseek has good deals on .22 lr bricks,the real bricks,500 rounds.I know some folks won’t buy ammo online but face it,your here reading this already on the list!

      29. And as we all listen and watch the zionist controlled media about the so called hate speech, riots, shootings, racism, flag burning , flag banning and on an on…..very small character of the zog owned minion just assumed his new job….


        Wake up America. beans, bandaid and bullets are a smart way to protect yourself but as long as you don’t see and mainly acknowledge the true enemy they put us against each other easily while looting us as they have done it for God known how long.

        Please read the comment by JQP in the previous article. If you bypass its content without believing in it then we deserve what is ahead for all of us as a nation.

        • So now the Nazi’s are so desperate they have to shill for each other to get people to pay attention to them. Time to give it up, you guys have become a parody of yourselves, go join the circus and send in the rest of the clowns, laughs are the only thing you can get anymore.

          • anon two. name calling and labeling won’t cut it anymore. For years your tribe have used such technics to collect ransom. The so called clowns are awaken worldwide. Sleep well.

            • stolz, if you and jqp are the vanguard of the great movement to wake people up, I’d say the ptb have damned little to be concerned about, and even more to laugh about, the only ” final solution” you could ever be successful in would be suicide.

              • Wait and you’ll see.

      30. So, having a black president automatically invalidates any serious objection to policy?

        Next, oppose any policy of hillary and you’re a bigoted caveman that thinks a woman’s place is pregnant and barefoot in the home?

        Next oppose policy of MRS/MR Caitlyn/Bruce Jenner(or whatever?)and your a homophobe…and on and on…
        (hey, wasn’t Bruce Jenner the Hulk???)

        Anyway, polygamy, bestiality, satan worship, after birth abortions (already being done I believe?), gay marriage (way to legislate!), the IRS, flag burnings, the TSA , the ALA, the AMA, the DOJ, the CIA, the NSA, the DOE, the FBI, the TTP, the ECB, the DHS, the DNC, the GOP, the IMF, NBC, the Boy Scouts of Amerika (under new management?)…

        and you wonder why we don’t just hop on the train to hell in a hand basket? If we would all just climb aboard and quit the belly aching, our big daddy: in this case daddy guberment, knows what’s best.

        Just drink the kool-aid and climb in one of those cozy zip up plastic sleeping bags and leave your worries behind…

        • 1, Bill Bixby, then Lou Frigano, I think…

          • Lol!!!

      31. Anyone who believes that Jade Helm is anything other than a normal military exercise is not racist, just retarded

        • Racism? Rednecks have rights too. This is a targeted imposition on Red States by the Blue State, Monolithic, Dictator Chicagoan. These Southern States need to reject Federal Troop movements in their area. Keep them in their cages called Military bases. Do no harm strategy.

      32. I told all you dumb asses about all this ramping up months before you even knew Jade Helm existed. I told you that we are guarding all kinds of shit loads of food, and ammo and all kinds of shit all over the nation. It’s going up slowly, as just stuff in trains,so that you wont know. It’s not the dam! economy that you should worry about! If you knew you would shit yourselves! I have only seen one person on the net that knows, and he must be working near the same kind of shit that I am. All of you are dead, and don’t know it! Very few of you are going to survive this. Up in the north pole, those people up there they are going to survive this. South America and Central America and most of North America will not be here next year. You won’t have the immigration problem anymore! Australia will be gone along with south Africa. Anything below the belt will be under the sea, and destroyed. Very few countries will exist, Russia will survive this the best. Get away from the coasts and go as far north as you can.

        • USAsecurityguard, if you don’t mind, what company do you work for and do they have any federal contracts?

        • planet X theory security?

        • I think you’re full of duck turds and whale piss. Friggin troll.

      33. When I started out in life I was given a deck of cards, there where not one RACE CARD in the deck. It had only JOKERS so they my be the RACE CARDS everyone talks about.

      34. It is easier to control the masses if they are pre-conditioned not to complain or to take action. While I have concern for the masses, I am more worried about how well the pre-conditioning (aka brainwashing) is working on cops and military. The seeds of this are being sown – the ‘enemy’ is not radical Islamists but ‘Domestic Terrorists’. Shooting a protester might give pause. Shooting a ‘terrorist’ would not. And ‘Domestic Terrorists’ are only the tip of the iceberg.

      35. guys…this happened to me last night, just wondering what you all would have done. I won’t make you wait for the punch line. I continued to drive slowly and deliberately and got my ass to the house.

        I was driving in to my aunts house in V-burg. Her entire neighborhood has gone dark over the last 15 years. Neighbors were good until about 3 years ago, now about 40% of homes are occupied by ‘hoodlums’. There is a short gradual hill coming up to the intersection where I turn onto her street. Last night there was a gang of 15-20 youths age 10-?18, spread out into 3 groups.They were all walking spread across the right lane. As I slowly went into the left lane (going up a hill mind you) to go around, a ~10 year old darted in front of me, then back into other lane. As I eased around the first group, in the second group what appeared to be a 14-15 yo turned back toward me as he made a motion that looked like someone drawing and pointing a weapon (and he did point what I thought could have been a weapon but later realized was his finger–it was dark) as he threw a lit fire cracker at my car. For a very brief moment I Just knew I had been shot at. but the firecracker exploded very close to him. My hand was on my .45 before I knew it. I never drew it from the holster, as the firecracker exploded and I realized what was happening in that split second before I had gotten the firearm unholstered.

        Several thoughts went through my head. A colleague (former spec ops) suggested that I should have brandished my weapon to let them know not to fuck with me. Well I do not wish to lose my ccw due to stupidity, but yes I had that thought too. These kids see me drive through during the week and know where I stay weekdays. IF I HAD DRAWN, I fear they would have surrounded the car and beat the fuck out of me, because I didn’t have enough ammo. I WILL BE CARRYING 2 extra mags from now on. I NEVER EVER want to be in a situation where I truly feel I need to use force to defend my life, but this was a real eye opener as to the threat potential in this situation. What if I had hit that stupid kid who intentionally ran in front of me? despite being a ccw, and openly carrying in an open carry state, I could have been dead very quickly. This weekend, despite all the other shit I need to do, I will be in the back 40 working on quick draw on multiple targets and rapid mag reload. I don’t care if I go through 500 rounds to get er dun. I know I should have already been doing this already, but there was nowhere to do so in CT. Its now a priority here.

        • NP, you are in a different world now, learn quickly where to be or not.
          Glad you are okay.
          Learn from these lessons, not harping, just saying, you ain’t in CT anymore…

          Bless all here…

          • NPPH, if I had been in that situation I would’ve flashed the gun at them to make sure they saw that I’m armed. that action is usually enough to get them to back off. You’ll be doing right to go ahead and practice quickdraw and quick mag reloads. I would also be carrying more than 2 extra mags. I carry a .380 with me everywhere I go now with 6 loaded mags. Your aunt would be well-advised to get out of that ghetto if at all possible. It’s always best to avoid such areas if possible. Also, spend all the extra money you can on ammo. You can never have too much. Get your ammo locally and use cash. I never buy ammo online.

        • NPPH.

          My neighborhood is gone dark too over the years. I heard that the Police arrested eight people for drugs which does not surprise me at all. Also when the lights go out they come out and walk the streets. I know cause I can see them with my night vision.

          NPPH. You are a better person than I am. I have driven down the main road and they would block the street in the DAYTIME. They would intentionally slow down walking across the street. They know my truck. Never did nothing to them. I have a two ton vehicle and they do not have the smarts to get the FUCK OUT OF THE WAY! There are side walks on both sides of the road.

          You did the right thing and held your cool.

      36. Ridiculous. Most people don’t think this way. Extremifying views must also often be the work of disinformation specialists, because as humans we can’t possibly be that stupid.

      37. Maybe Bruce Banner ?????

      38. Off topic my company tried telling me and some other guys that we needed to get direct deposit because they were not gonna be cutting checks for much longer. I crumbled the paper and threw it away haven’t heard anymore about it from the company. No one else either. See they are not pushing the issue yet. They will try again later. Another issue with this is my company is owned by a bank the douche bank in Germany. See most corporations are owned by banks. Now they want to be able to control the bulk of our $ they say it’s better I won’t need to go to the bank anymore blah blah. They know most responsible folks don’t live paycheck to paycheck meaning cash the paycheck and keep all the $ to do whatever. So you get the card and will go to ATM and get cash a little at a time paying $3.00 a whack in fees. But the bulk of your $ left as savings is used as capital for the bank to take risks or whatever else they do with our $. Bank of America in my area has an armed security guard open carrying at all the bank branches see they are taking risks with our $ but they will defend it to keep there crooked cabal going. I’d guarantee that the military will be defending all the banks come collapse time. They know we will be an angry armed populace. They will push to out law guns outright before the real ugly shit happens even if they don’t get them all they will have a far easier time killing any dissidents. Bofa is the only bank I know of that has armed guards wearing bulletproof vests these guys look like swat cops. The tactical boots and vest is part of the intimidation tactic they employ. Not just that but seeing armed guards everywhere will eventually desensitize people to the fact. It will be no thing for all security guards to just as powerful as the cops. These are paramilitary private security forces like black water. They are not some fat cop wannabes they look like professionals. Available to those with $ to protect their interests.

        • Asshat, I’m in the private security business. There is one blackwater-type company like that in my area. From a legal standpoint, they do NOT have the same power or authority as any law enforcement agency. Anything they do or attempt to do carries a price tag of legal liability. They can and often do face either civil or criminal action for any and all actions they take. On gun confiscation, that will start civil war faster than anything I know of. I know I will definitely protect what is mine and I don’t even care how I do it. I don’t even care who it is that comes for me. Anyone who forces their way into my home I’ll blow their stupid asses away, plain and simple. Those vests don’t faze me one bit. I’ll be going for head shots and those work in any caliber.

        • You need to quit using a bank and start using a credit union. They are farther from having bank problems, they usually pay a little more interest, and the one I go to doesn’t have armed guards.

      39. I’m white I have to hate niggers Jews and fags. That’s just how it is according to the leftist. A White guy with a beard and a dirty ball cap on in a old pickup truck. Definetly a racist. This is the response to a failed agenda.

      40. White = Racist.
        Gun Owner = ”
        Christian = ”
        Straight = ”
        Working = ”
        Not politically correct = Racist
        Just to name a few. So Be It. I am what I am.
        And If You Don’t Like It. Kiss My Ass!!!!

        If Jade Helm starts the 2Nd. Civil /Revolution so be it. We all know it is going to come. Better now, because we have over 3% ready and willing to fight!!!!


        • Howdy, Sarge. Braveheart is also all of the above you mentioned. Always knew I was in the right place.

        • Sarge and Braveheart,
          I’m right there with y’all.

      41. I read the original WA Compost article. I frankly want to see the author burned to death, it would be fun to watch a true racist get an idea of where he is going. It is his arrogance that sets me off. The problem isn’t a black president it is the Government controlled by Democrats with the acquiescence of the GOPe that people fear. Why not practice in NYC? If you are going to have Mad Max conditions it will be there. No, they want to practice where the largest Resistance to government rule will be. That is what people are afraid of, not some Mulatto Moslem that will be politically dead soon. My guess is the only reason he is still alive, it that they didn’t want to make a Black JFK and have to live with all the martyr BS for the next 50 years. That being said I’m prepping and I hate Democrats regardless of their race.
        Prep On!

      42. “the media is spinning its wheels to portray opponents of the military occupation as racists”

        The MSM are bought and paid for, owned by the government and their NWO elite controllers. Nothing they say can be believed. Nothing.

      43. Yes Mr usasecurityguard..i have been told that if I ever heard what’s really coming down I would literally sh….t my pants. You must be a new Agency azz clown that just just got hired to start your shift.. you see I heard the real thing, that’s what I posted it on this site and because of the ideot, idiot, that you are.

        Your co workers having been attacking my post everytime I talk about are 100% Agency azz least your admitting the truth.

        I want to personally thank you for validating my claims. Jade helm is the capture and kill the Patriots operation and also the capture of the remainder of slaves to continue to work as slaves after the Nibiru passing, they will need slaves..the destruction of planet X’s passing will be be either minor or severe. Civil war and revolution is going to take place before it’s passing, thanks to Holly wood showing us what they have planned. The fighting will begin and in the middle of it, everyone noticed that something is wrong in the sky, then they turn and run like hell, it now become s war if survival..3-5,000,000 will survive, yes we are aleady dead. Some of us are not little panty pussies…like some of the other people in the populous..

        Brave, Sarge, etc, I told your guys that something serious is up.

        We are under attack because we have threaded on serious territory. They are scared sh..less than we are finding out what coming. First economic calapse, then civil and revolutionary wars Nibiru passes, then environmental distruction, they are guarding the food to make sure that we don’t get it unless you turn in your kids, your wife you daughter and your guns..nice try cabal, your trick won’t be working on the 3%.

        Once again. Thanks for posting, you are one big Agency azz clown of and ideot. You have validated every thing that I have talked about. And by the way, if you and the others who are now posing with patriotic type handles think that you can reset this site keep trying, you are wasting time..well there you have it my fellow shtf-effers, Usasecuritycrap is telling us exact what the scientist told me..its real, the coastline in Houston will be under 100-600 ft of water and we will have to advance North. The fractures pike shift and the oceans floors will bust open and it’s going to happen. We are facing environment calapse..they are moving ships, submarines a.d other
        equipment underground etc. The Russians and Chinese are also doing the same thing..can you imagine what is going to happen to the people who have not done a damp thing, this is what is really scary, they are completely screwed.

        Stock up load up, prep, prep..



        Agency azz clown Super moderator.

        • “H”
          I hope you are wrong, but I’ve seen a lot of S#$T in the last 15 years. Anything is possible!
          If you get anymore info let us know. It will be up to us to look and see what is written, and believe it or not.

        • Ah Jeez, here we go again, collision with another planet and being eaten by the teenage mutant ninja turtles. Just when I think you’re making a little sense you start zoning again. Your front toof is gonna turn brown if you keep firing up that glass pipe.

        • HCKS-share what you can and keep us posted…

        • What H is saying about various events and the ET’s is real.

          We may see about an 80% crop/plant failure in the future primarily due to increased intensity in solar activity of sun. It will not be all at once, but gradual. Nibiru could exacerbate issue depending on how severe the pass gets, it won’t hit us, but the magnetic pull will certainly have a geological influence. Nibiru can already be seen in southern hemisphere and should be more visible to us in northern hemisphere towards end of year to next year. This is why growing indoors or in walipini design will be optimal for crop survival.

      44. This is their psychological warfare they’re revealing, to be used on the people to vilify any warnings about what they’re doing. We see the dovetail between bashing the Confederate Flag (which stands for resistance to Federalist imperialism) to this cheap trick to propagandize the gullible public into bleating against “the conspiracy theorists”.

      45. Brave just sayin about the guards looking like military forces these guys aren’t sloppy security guards they are in better shape than most city or town cops. I agree on the head shots they are tough to pull off under pressure though and most are trained to aim center mass. I believe that they are conditioning us to see private forces with tactical military look. It is a big deal I feel. Most people just wanna go do their banking and have no desire to rob the bank. Why does Bank of America feel they need security forces. No other banks have them yet but I think it’s coming .

      46. Wasn’t this US . . . . ??

        A little house with three bedrooms,

        one bathroom and one car on the street.

        A mower that you had to push

        to make the grass look neat.

        In the kitchen on the wall

        we only had one phone,

        And no need for recording things,

        someone was always home.

        We only had a living room

        where we would congregate,

        unless it was at mealtime

        in the kitchen where we ate.

        We had no need for family rooms

        or extra rooms to dine.

        When meeting as a family

        those two rooms would work out fine.

        We only had one TV set

        and channels maybe two,

        But always there was one of them

        with something worth the view.

        For snacks we had potato chips

        that tasted like a chip.

        And if you wanted flavor

        there was Lipton’s onion dip.

        Store-bought snacks were rare because

        my mother liked to cook

        and nothing can compare to snacks

        in Betty Crocker’s book.

        Weekends were for family trips

        or staying home to play.

        We all did things together —

        even go to church to pray.

        When we did our weekend trips

        depending on the weather,

        no one stayed at home because

        we liked to be together.

        Sometimes we would separate

        to do things on our own,

        but we knew where the others were

        without our own cell phone.

        Then there were the movies

        with your favorite movie star,

        and nothing can compare

        to watching movies in your car.

        Then there were the picnics

        at the peak of summer season,

        pack a lunch and find some trees

        and never need a reason.

        Get a baseball game together

        with all the friends you know,

        have real action playing ball —

        and no game video.

        Remember when the doctor

        used to be the family friend,

        and didn’t need insurance

        or a lawyer to defend?

        The way that he took care of you

        or what he had to do,

        because he took an oath and strived

        to do the best for you.

        Remember going to the store

        and shopping casually,

        and when you went to pay for it

        you used your own money?

        Nothing that you had to swipe

        or punch in some amount,

        and remember when the cashier person

        had to really count?

        The milkman used to go

        from door to door,

        And it was just a few cents more

        than going to the store.

        There was a time when mailed letters

        came right to your door,

        without a lot of junk mail ads

        sent out by every store.

        The mailman knew each house by name

        and knew where it was sent;

        there were not loads of mail addressed

        to “present occupant.”

        There was a time when just one glance

        was all that it would take,

        and you would know the kind of car,

        the model and the make.

        They didn’t look like turtles

        trying to squeeze out every mile;

        they were streamlined, white walls, fins

        and really had some style.

        One time the music that you played

        whenever you would jive,

        was from a vinyl, big-holed record

        called a forty-five.

        The record player had a post

        to keep them all in line

        and then the records would drop down

        and play one at a time.

        Oh sure, we had our problems then,

        just like we do today

        and always we were striving,

        trying for a better way.

        Oh, the simple life we lived

        still seems like so much fun,

        how can you explain a game,

        just kick the can and run?

        And why would boys put baseball cards

        between bicycle spokes

        and for a nickel, red machines

        had little bottled Cokes?

        This life seemed so much easier

        and slower in some ways.

        I love the new technology

        but I sure do miss those days.

        So time moves on and so do we

        and nothing stays the same,

        but I sure love to reminisce

        and walk down memory lane.

        With all today’s technology

        we grant that it’s a plus!

        But it’s fun to look way back and say,

        Hey look guys, THAT WAS US . . . . !!

        • Great piece of work Copperhead. Thanks!

      47. Just a reminder, the word “racist” is nothing more than a Marxist pejorative, invented in Europe by a communist (1930). The sole purpose of the word is for intimidating Westerners (white people) out of the political process. The Inventor of the word was Magnus Herschfeld. He was a Jewish, homosexual activist, communist. I guess he just didn’t fit in with Christian Europeans. A lot of people incorrectly attribute the word to Leon Trotsky. He was merely the first to use it publicly in a speech.

        • Communist, Marxist, Socialist, gay, Progressive,Anarchist, pretty much now are all the same thing, at least it appears from their collective “speech”.

      48. Jade Helm criticism is racist because we have a semi=black man for prez.

        Cops in Cincinnati have just stated the white guy that got the crap kicked out of him by a group of “YOUTHS” on Fountain Square during the July 4th weekend was NOT the victim of racial violence.

        I’m getting fed up with this. Big time.

      49. Racist.

        On Drudge there is a video of Black on white crime. Has to be ten of them to jump one white person.

        They will pick o the wrong person one day and we will be off to the races. Ah hmmm.

        • “S”
          The colors that run will be Black, White, and RED. (blood)

      50. Deception runs wild in Osama Obama’s Black House! He and his govt, hate White America and are willing to destroy the country to prove it. JadeHelm will be the catalyst that will cause urban upheaval, and fear, and just like Chicago, violence that will be unprecedented. Then, the threat of martial law and/or the signing of martial law. This psychological warfare they are playing effects all of us, and we all better be prepared to defend our neighborhoods, family and friends. And this is the USA? WOW!!!

      51. The coward pussy Zombies will just keep flying that vile fascist filthy disgusting shit stain Murican flag as their Corporatist Fascist criminal psychopathic controlled government declares war on them with Jade Helm 15….such a cowardly country of brain dead boot licking chemically altered fascist trash. The children who live through this de-population agenda of these psychopathic criminal filth controlling the shithole of collapsing Murica will spit, shit, and piss on the graves of their cowardly pussy Zombie parents for allowing these psychopathic monsters to destroy their health and future. They will curse the names of their coward pussy Zombie parents for laying down like beaten dogs at the feet of these Corporatist Fascist Glaobalist NWO genocidal monsters.

      52. The Obama’s the ULTIMATE WELFARE RECIPIENTS! Yes we continue to let them get away with downright thievery; we are to blame for it. Our no action to put a stop to what is going on rest squarely on our shoulders and on one else’s. It’s time to start anew, but it just maybe to fore gone to matter.

      53. It’s amazing how this is racist now. Well guess what, the goverment and the media did there job. They race baited and it worked.

      54. God helps those that help themselves. Do it!

      55. Friends keep your eyes open and looking NORTH, that where it is coming from. Gut tells me so. North my friends!

      56. Black minister in a pink hat caterwauls, that the NDAA will be used to send black people back to Africa (in 2012):
        Turn down your volume.

        Tariq Nasheed talks about King Alfred. (These ads should be parodies.)

        Blacks, black stereotypes, black enablers, Black Moors, flying Egyptians… etc,etc, are apprehensive of Obama and martial law.

      57. If you hadn’t figured out by now everything is racist. If you walk, run, crawl, blink, drive, have a job, have no job you are racist. I’m still smh with the fact that police brutality is somehow caused/connected to the confederate flag. It’s amazing how politicians get people to eat the trash they set out like a banquet and low information voters (idiots) eat their fill and here we go.. oh, I was walking down the street and was assaulted by the Confederate flag.. ok, should Rodney King say hey, cops beat me.. get rid of the California State Flag!!. when did logic become a relic of society? I’m too tired to continue.. obviously I must be racist…. SMFH!!

      58. UsasecurityGuard. I have to respect the fact that you were able to leak the info out to back up my claim. You are right, its really going to happen. I want you to continue posting. If your agency azz clown material that is warning us, then we will listen. If you lie and make up crap, i will be able to tell because i know other other crap that i have not posted yet. I will give you a hint.



        Extra Terrestrials are on the planet and and we are literally in and alien verus alien war that has been going on for over 2000 yrs. The rogue faction took control of our government starting with Rome over 2000 yrs ago. The arcons ” reptilians” have a base underneath the vatican. They look Human and are reptilian. Remember the “V series”, thats what we are realy dealing with.

        The Rothchilds are decendants of roman ceasars. This to just let you know that i know whats up. George Washington was in contact with the Plejaren Race, the good faction called the Plejarens. They helped the patriots win the revolionary war. Then they lost in the civil war. The plejarens are back and this time they are occuping the Texas region. There is also a black race of Extra terrestrials in the Houston area, yes this is real.

        Dont freak out my shtf-effers, this is not crap. This is real in fact i had planned to disclose this war on this site. I had not talked about it much because the agency azz clowns are going to attack me severly to cover up the facts. I have real info on this topic. There is a lot more info i have on this topic, its just that i cant talk about it much, not yet at least. I have to wait until the time is right. So i think that we should let Usasecurity post for now. And Usasecurity force post again and you lie, i am going to let the shtf-effers know that you making up stuff.

        There are faction splits taking place in the cabal. We have a White Hat faction that owns 25% of the fortune 500 companies who control manufactoring, resources, etc. The Extra Terrestrials, the Plajaren race, White in appearance” this is what they look like are in contact with the 25% of the the white hats. The white hats, most of them have already moved to Texas. This is why the manufacturing is getting strong in our state. They have moved their gold here and and need to get the remainging bars from the federal reserve. This is going to back up the new currency as in the Texas note backed my gold, basically cancelling out the calapse that is planned by the enemy race, and the minions that contol, the Black hats. The black hats control the current admisistration, the vatican, the IMP, and all rogue faction EU governments. Its all real folks, all of this i posted is real. If Usasecurity didnt do that post, i would not have written what i am writing here. His post in my opinion was a leak, because its obvious that he posted it, because he has been reading my post. Usasecurity, you did the right thing, its obvious that you are with the White Hat corporations that are fighting the cabal. My fellow shtf-effers, it looks that the powere balance just got tipped in our favor. Because of what i know, i will now post a link with George Green to let you listen to the Project Camelot interview, because he is contract with the Plejarens. Its time for us to learn the real truth of this war. Listen to a man who worked for the elites and listen to the reason why he had quit. You are going to see and attack against me on this site like you have never seen befor. This will certainly get you alls attention. And i am telling you 100% truth. Pandoras box in is now open. Sorry black hats and your agency azz clowns, the time has come to my peers to learn the truth.

        See link and listen to part 1 & 2..


        Pete Petersen, this is backs up George Green BIGTIME.

        Usasecurity, you might be WHITE HAT but i cant prove it just yet.

        For the untimate power and excellence, i rely on the shtf plan.



        azz clown super moderator.

      59. Does anyone out there remember when the Bat Eared Lawn Jockey who lives in the “peoples house”, commonly referred to the White House (is that racist?) said: “We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.” ~ Barack Obama 2008
        Sounds like a Martial Law plan to me. Just sayin’.

      60. Why would we fight to keep Texass? if anything, we’d fight Mexico to take it back.

      61. Funny how everyone says Obama is Black. He is a mixed breed white and black. Always when a white mother gives birth from a black father they get to be identified as Black. This is where racist ideology is wrong. eventually we are all mixed races so this racial divide is a fraud.

      62. I agree we’ve got serious issues coming, and I don’t trust uncle Sam as far as I can throw him….but, this is all misdirection, especially the whole race thing…..Stupidity had no color, or gender.

      63. I am a good ol country white boy and even if the president was the grand dragon of the KKK I still would have the same level of concern over JH15. This is just another example of the liberals and big government using the divide and conquer tactic to divide the citizens of this country so they can implement their leftist agenda on us. If they really think they can control Texas and our independent spirit, why don’t they just invade us? Oh, I know. They don’t want the world to see when we kick their asses all the way back to D.C.

      64. Racist is heading the way of anti-Semite.
        Who cares? It’s a bunch of baloney.

        Edward Bernays should have his face on one side of the dollar bill with P.T. Barnum’s on the other.

      65. Translation: Jade Helm is about government anti-white action (case of projection).

        In other words, we thought that it might be an attack on all freedom lovers but since they are injecting race into it, is shows that they are projecting and it is a move or at least practice to act against whites. Criminals always signal their intent.

        • Johnny,

          It is definityly aimed at white patriots and has been a long time in the planning. This is a direct result of the Bundy ranch patriot victory. The Nevada Senator said the Bundy ranch patriots were “domestic terrorsts.” Our whole national situation is similar to the Jewish Bolshevik conqest of Russia and the consequent slaughter of 75 million white Christians. Thank God the Russians finally threw them out: it an actual modern day miracle that occured in Russia.


        Did someone mention Jade Helm !!!

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