London Bankers Plot Bailout Under New Prime Minister: “Monetary Response to Brexit Shock”

by | Jul 20, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 17 comments

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    It seems that it is payday for the banksters.

    As a new bailout is being prepared by the Bank of England, there are questions about what, if any, actions will actually be taken to leave the European Union under the new prime minister, who actually campaigned for ‘Remain’ but has so far appointed pro-Brexit cabinet members.

    The new Prime Minister in the UK, Theresa May has announced that she will not pursue Article 50 proceedings to leave the EU anytime during 2016, setting the stage for putting off the split that the referendum called for.

    According to the London Guardian:

    Theresa May will not trigger article 50 of the Lisbon treaty initiating the UK’s departure from the European Union before the end of 2016, the high court has been told.

    At the opening of the first legal challenge to the process of Brexit, government lawyers conceded that the politically sensitive case was likely to be appealed up to the supreme court.

    At least seven private actions – arguing that only parliament and not the prime minister has the authority to invoke article 50 – have been identified to the court.


    “Notification [triggering] article 50 will not occur before the end of 2016,” Coppel told the court. Should anything change, he promised, the court would be given advance notice.

    Meanwhile, Prime Minister May, herself a former employee of the Bank of England and is married to a banker, is putting up a very friendly administration towards the big banks, who are once again under threat.

    A major announcement from new finance minister Philip Hammond made clear that a deal was in the works with Britain’s central bank, the Bank of England, as were on course for a major bailout. According to the Business Recorder:

    Britain’s new finance minister Philip Hammond declared Tuesday that it was up to the Bank of England to respond to the economic “shock” arising from Brexit.

    “The initial response to this kind of shock must be a monetary response by the Bank of England,” Chancellor of the Exchequer Hammond told lawmakers at the House of Commons.


    “[Bank of England governor Mark Carney] in announcing that interest rates were not to be lowered last week, made it clear that the bank is developing a monetary package which it would announce in due course,” Hammond added Tuesday.

    What will this mean for global markets and the future of the European Union?

    That remains to be seen, but they are definitely scheming to make sure that the City of London is protected at all costs, and even at the expense of other parts of the economy.

    The Queen herself weighed in on Theresa May, and it is clear that the sovereign streak in this new government is closely aligned with the monetary powers that be. If bailout dollars flow to them first, as they have on Wall Street ever since the Federal Reserve implemented quantitative easing, then the power will accumulate only at the top, and the rest of the heap could be choked out with subtle but deadly maneuvers.

    It appears that the bankers hijacked the Leave campaign that led the referendum, and will now take power in the new era of the UK.

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      1. Isnt today when a cyber attack to crash us think i read it on nefore news

        • Beforeitnews and its an attack on banks

          • Redundant safety and security systems are as important as food, shelter, and community. Someone pointed out yesterday of the importance of 360 degree situational awareness, it probably should also include a dome or sphere covering above and below. Didn’t the terrorist dig tunnels to catch some soldiers awhile back? Drones, CCTV, and other technological advances seen and unseen is making it easier to monitor the surroundings. Hopefully we are never the target of a determined manhunt. We are so vulnerable in so many ways. Be alert, awake, oriented and careful out there. Perhaps one of our biggest vulnerabilities is the mind.

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Which probably explains the price drop in Gold and Silver this week. When you can write yourselves a paycheck and bonuses for failure than pass the costs on the little people of UK armed with less than a dull butterknife…
              Yeah that explains it. Tyranny is Global.


      2. Former banker and married to a banker. That says it all.

        • Didn’t the Enlish bankers come in after the American Revolution and wreak havoc and many of the Patriots who lost their homes and farms to the bankers. There was almost a second war started by the revolutionsries who were headed to take over the Concord Armory. They are ruthless when they come after your debt. Try to owe no man anything.

          Louisiana Eagle

      3. By far the most brokeback men in the European Union are white British men. They should all be issued emergency KY Jelly packs so they can be at the ready for their shafting by the City of London.

        “Ya can’t have your pudding until ya eat ya meat!!”

        On the plus side, it is highly amusing to watch the British elite, yet again, get over a fast one on the mostly ignorant and ill-informed population. They are masters at it and have been doing it for thousands of years.

      4. My grand father advised all of his grand children to never trust anything or anyone coming from the island of zionist infested GB.

      5. Vote Hilary, the Goldmun Suchs/bankster approved candidate!

      6. Watched Theresa May in Parliament arguing to modernize the British nuclear submarine force. I like her. Brexit will be old news in 2017-

      7. The main slime media have brainwashed enough fence and couch sitters to slide Billary in for more of the same tyranny. Even if Trump won the popular vote he will be barred from winning, electronic voting manipulated tampering ensures the result desired from the top. One would think that after 28 years of Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama, have lead to millions of outsourced jobs, declining wages, permanent illegal wars where there are no enemies, mass illegal immigration of real enemies, dwindling American citizen rights, that 8 more years of Clinton would be shouted down Hell No! That’s over a third of a century of continued decline of the people’s standing. The Bush-Clinton Crime Cabal lives on. The Clinton voters are clueless voting to continue the decline, their wake up will come too late if ever. I’ll never doubt that repeated propaganda is a major weapon framing people’s minds. Familiarity in that case breeds contempt of truth.

      8. As I predicted would happen.

        Yes, the bankers run the world.

      9. Translation of the word “Hebrew”. Literally means “bandit”.

        Does that tell you anything. These people are consistent. And they are persistent, as well.

        You have to give them credit. They can lie, steal, and trick better than any other con artist or thief on the planet.

        But sooner or later the game will be over.

        The Zionist NWO will be featured on the tv show “I Almost Got Away With It”.

        TPTB need to get some practice with a hoe, (not that kind). Soon they’ll be working the fields. And the downtrodden will sit like a Master and eat.

        • The origin of the term remains uncertain. The Biblical term Ivri (עברי), meaning to traverse or pass over, is usually rendered as Hebrew in English.

          mmmmm. Can’t find “bandit” anywhere.

          Site it or cite it plz, which ever you feel most comfortable with.

          • Grandee:

            I believe it is the translation from Arabaic which I don’t know. I read this and relayed from memory. If I run across it again, I will let you know. The article was more historical, not Religious. Could be used in several ways. Also, probably archaic and no longer used.

      10. coming soon to a theatre near YOU!

      11. The Brits got along just fine before the EU. The world will adapt and move on.

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