Homeland Funded Jade Helm Drill: Black Helicopters “Transport Dissidents to Black Sites”

by | Mar 30, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 134 comments

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      1. Why are my tax dollars funding this? Where is the Congressional Oversight committee on this? Why am I depending on SHTFPlan, and Dave Hodges, and others to find out about this? What about the mainstream media?


        • I don’t understand why folks have such a hard
          time understanding or believing the answers to
          these questions when they are so obvious?
          Is Acid Etch right, are these people just stupid?

          • I’m beginning to think so and Acid isn’t as nuts as we think. I’ve mentioned the JH scenario to a few folks and all I get is blank stares. They have no idea what I’m talking about. stupid and uninformed is what I’m thinking… Cheers

            • I thought I was kinda hostile with my replies sometimes but acid has me beat. I think he’s a pretty smart guy mostly but needs a chill pill. And he is correct that the vast majority of people are stupid and ignorant and have NO critical thinking skills whatsoever. Thank the universe for this forum where people of all backgrounds can share and compare and learn. Just because someone has a hostile or rude manner doesn’t mean they don’t have a good message behind it. The key is discernment and knowing what is correct and what isn’t.

              • Joint Assistant for Deployment and Execution
                Homeland Eradication of Local Militants
                This exercise is for the collection of data that will allow a course of action plan to be developed by ‘the machine'(classified). The biggest unknown is the force module capability requirements. Infrastructure damage, not so consequential in the past, is now going to be of the highest concern. So, is this post fact or fiction?

            • I pretty much dont say anything to anyone, tired of the your nuts looks, will just reserve comment for when they are trying to get my attention from up by the gate, my answer will be pretty straightforward, BUH BYE!

              • Don’t the Governors of these states have anything to say about this? What if the Sheriffs didn’t go along and just outright arrested these guys doing the non-state sanctioned SWAT raids?

                A crime is a crime, and battering people’s doors down should be a crime if not performed under a valid warrant, based on probable cause.

                • Of course he is right. The “American People” that are so revered here are not exceptional, thoughtful, independent, or really all that bright. Most people are idiots watching the wrestling, dancing with the Stars, the NFL, and Maury. They elect these fools and continue to do so year in and year out. We’ll get what’s coming to us.

                • Like vampires, the feds had to be invited in. The state and local authorities sold out their own.

                • sixpack

                  “What if the Sheriffs didn’t go along and just outright arrested these guys doing the non-state sanctioned SWAT raids?”

                  What happens if the Sheriffs are the first to be arrested?

                  • In my county, the sheriff can only be arrested by the county coroner. I’m not sure if this is nationwide or just in my county only, but I know its fact here.

                • Sixpack, anyone who forces their way into my home will get “hot lead” and I don’t care who they are.

            • Acid Etch isn’t always stupid; He just has the behavioral pattern of an 8 year old , just before he needs to be taken into the bathroom and introduced to a leather belt. I don’t bother to read him, potty mouth just isn’t interesting to me.

            • Just because Acid Wretch might have found an acorn doesn’t mean he isn’t nuts.

          • “I don’t understand why folks have such a hard
            time understanding or believing the answers to
            these questions when they are so obvious?”

            OutWest, what’s the obvious answer to the questions:

            (1) Where is the Congressional Oversight committee on this?

            (2) Why isn’t the mainstream media reporting on this?

            Basically, citizens rely on self-regulation, checks-and-balances, by the government. And they rely on a free press to disseminate news and information.

            These are safeguards relied upon by citizens to provide checks against tyranny. The question basically is why are these built-in safeguards not working, and who (please give names) has rendered our safeguards to be so derelict.

            • FS you are your own oversight dumb butt

              • Here’s another perspective provided by a Spec Ops soldier:

                “Last week, the internet was aflame with conspiracy theories regarding Exercise Jade Helm 15, a multi-week Unconventional Warfare exercise involving about 1200 SOF personnel, set to take place across the southern half of the United States starting this July. Apparently, someone released a slide deck with an overview of the exercise, to the blogosphere. The next thing you know, the conspiracy industry had some new material to twist into a Martial Law narrative that got the moonbat crowd all worked up.

                Declare martial law with 1200 troops (including support guys)? Really?

                Off course, it’s another case of 1 + 1 = C. First off, we’ve got an official statememt. Here’s the gist:

                When asked by the press about Exercise Jade Helm 15, USASOC spokesman LTC Mark Lastoria answered, “It’s a training exercise. Just a regular training exercise.”

                Next, we can look at the slides themselves. The cover slide is straight forward and it was obviously presented to a local government to explain what is going on in an effort get permission to train in their area.”

                “The truth of the matter is that these exercises are nothing new and have been occuring for well over 50 years. Over the course of my 21 year long career, I participated in numerous large-scale, multi-week, joint SOF exercises with training areas that spanned multiple states. They were (and remain) excellent opportunities to practice the conduct of successful operations and such frequent exercises are what honed SOF capabilities, so ably demonstrated in the opening weeks of Operation Enduring Freedom, some 14 years ago.”

                From: ht tp://soldiersystems.net/2015/03/30/drop-the-crackpipe-and-take-off-the-tinfoil-hat-jade-helm-15-really-is-just-an-exercise/

                This is a possible and/or plausible explanation as to why Congress and/or the mainstream media is indifferent to the matter.

                • While I don’t dismiss the possibilities posed by the “conspiracy theorists” its hard for me to swallow anything from Dave Hodges because I haven’t seen the proof of the pudding to anything he has published.

                  Can anyone point to something or some things that he has sounded the alarm about, well in advance? I have an open mind and I am all ears, but frankly, Hodges hasn’t created any credibility with me.

                  So much of this Alt Media yellow journalism seems to be oriented towards relabeling actual events and twisting their orientation to getting people to click a You Tube Video so the creator/propagandist can collect a bigger check from a bigger audience

                  I’m not buying or believing anything from Dave Hodges …. yet. Someone show me the proof of the pudding. 🙁

                  • DK

                    This jade helm stuff is very unsettling to me.

                    That being said, It has got to have Hodges climbing the freakin wall!!! I’d love to be a fly in his room right now, he’s got to be goin bat shit 🙂 Bet he aint got a single strand of hair left to pull out of his head… of course maybe neither should we 😮

                    • RH: Well the exercises are real enough. But for what?

                      Personally I believe that these movements toward US totalitarianism is the result of Nibiru: still a long way away, maybe ten years or more, but out there.

                      If all the major powers know it’s there and they do, it serves their national interest to ratchet up tensions between competing powers.

                      In the USA, (like elsewhere) Nibiru will have drastic consequences for the population, particularly between rich and poor. The rich PTB think they can survive its passing and are preparing for “continuity of government”.

                      The Bible says a time will come when humans will be rare. You can’t take it with you, so spend it if you have it!!! 🙂

                • Big Yawn, nothing to see here folks. These clowns couldn’t find their collective butts with two hands and a flashlight. Two years ago a couple of nitwits bombed Boston and it took over 1,000 state and federals cops to find these two punks. And they DIDN’T, a civilian did! But hey, when you have just a little training you can elude the same number (1,000+) in the hills of Pennsylvania for seven weeks at a cost of $14 million. The number of veterans(60 and under), hunters and other gun owners, and gangbangers, we outnumber the entire military and police forces of this nation by anything from 10-15:1. They (TPTB) are the ones who are scared shitless of us, and don’t you ever forget it! These guys are like the toy poodle barking at the rottweiler from behind the safety of a big fence.

                  • Gregory

                    Yah but they should did a good job of going door to door clearing houses, pointing guns in kids and wives faces, and blatantly violating the constitutional rights of everyone they came face to face with. And in the end the idiots waved flags, chanted USA!! and applauded them for it.

                    Make no mistake, boston/watertown was an absolute success.

                    • mistype: Yah, but they SURE did a good job…

                    • Richard Head: Your are spot on with the Constitutional violations of our homegrown SS. As for a success, I’m going to disagree with you because most of those folks up that way have been pussified for so long that they are already unarmed slaves to the state. However, in much of the rest of this country we are not slaves. Here in Florida we carry guns, not like those in more liberal state where those who want guns must beg for them.

            • Trying to fix the system using the system. Time to get real.

        • The CEOs of main stream ZOG Media Corps when you put their names on a list reads like the cast from Seinfeld.
          Natall.com (National Alliance and National Vanguard) did a great article years ago called “Who Rules America?”
          They answer the Question.


        • The answer to this for many of those people is “cognitive dissonance”. They can feel that something bad is in the air, but it conflicts with their ideals and beliefs of what “normalcy” is, so the uncomfortable feelings are repressed to keep the sun shining in their little worlds and they can keep on grazing like the little sheep they are..

          “Their disbelief suppresses them..
          But they’re not blind it’s just that they won’t see”- Ozzy Osbourne

        • Wait, wait, wait; is this the same group of morons (1000+) who couldn’t find two idiots in four days in the Boston area, even after doing a house to house search? Or are these the same idiots (1000+) who couldn’t find a lone gunman for seven weeks in the hills of Pennsylvania? If they (TPTB) hope to round up more than a few folks from a retirement home, they better get a better group of guys because from what I’ve seen in these two episodes is that these Jackbooted clowns couldn’t find their asses with two hands and a flashlight.

      2. What in the hell has this country become?? what ever happened to the great Nation we once were?? How in the fuck did here??

        • Thats how in the fuck did we get here???

          • Yessir mr Junkie – I just hope that one day my two little boys will know peace and prosperity like I did growing up. Stay safe out there

            • I miss those days, where we had a reason to work hard, now i will work hard but ill be damned if Ill do it for $
              Starve the beast

              • OK Kula, I want my house painted for free lol 🙂

                • Wiseguy eh

                  • 🙂

            • Cap’n,

              You better teach them to shoot, and teach them that life is not so dear and peace not so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery. And I hope we all will remember that. Very dark days and tough decisions lay ahead I fear.

          • Do you really have to ask jj?

            It is really pretty simple. The foxes(politicians/crooks) are guarding the hen house. The demonic forces are working overtime to warp the minds of people thru media and education via the liberal agenda.

            TPTP are evil and that is why they want God,Jesus Christ, and Christianity taken out of everything in America.

            When one takes the Heavenly Father out of any equation, it just doesn’t add up to fullness and completeness. In other words there is always a void present.

            I hate to bring up Ass’ed Itch again, but he seems to be the class representative for faggots. The reason they/gays are always bitching and complaining about being discriminated against is because they have a void in their lives and always will. You can’t serve Satan and sodomy, while claiming to be a God fearing and believing person. It just doesn’t add up to anything with completeness.

            America, as a whole (which includes Canada), turned their backs on God when they allowed abortion to be legal. They then turned around and threw a dagger in God’s back with the passing of Queer marriage acceptance/legality, in almost all states.

            What you have left is societies that are in a state of ruination. The America’s will never be blessed nations again.
            It is over. Hide it from your kids or tell them the truth, it won’t change what is on the horizon.

            Either plan, prep, and pray, or stick your head in the sand, between your legs and prepare to kiss your ass goodbye, real soon.
            The days of wrath are coming, and full-out WW3 is fast approaching.

            Don’t waste precious time sitting around worrying about it. Do something positive and productive.


        • Hmmm dropped of to black sites? Like watts or compton or harlem?

          • Or Detroit or Oakland, CA.

            • Dodge City section of New Bern, NC perhaps.

              • Bottoms up at “Birdland”. 🙂

          • Maybe North Dakota

        • How we got here would be too much detail for anyone to cover in a blogspot comment. The reason for Jade Helm ’15 is simple, if you are paying attention to to economic issues at hand, you would realize a document was leaked addressed to the G20. This LEAKED letter spills the beans. They know the United States economy IS going to collapse, and it won’t be pretty.


          Financial Reforms – Finishing the Post-Crisis Agenda and Moving Forward


          DOCUMENT MIRRORED @ http://filebeam.com/366213433a019aaea922ef21c5129f81

        • I’ll tell you but you won’t like it.
          That “great nation” never was.
          I was always a lie.

          George Washington didn’t wait for the blood to cool from the revolution before they called the troops back up and marched on We The People.
          The Whiskey Rebellion is a nice peak into the reality of America.
          It has always existed for the sole reason to benefit the people in power.
          The fact it has taken over 200 years for people to start refognizing the scam is a testiment to how boind we can be.

      3. Vernal UT 5:05 pm MT yesterday (3/29/15)

        Two huge c-130 planes flew right overhead not more than 1000′ up. They were so close I could see the machine guns and canons on them. They were the loudest damn planes I’ve ever heard. We have no Air Force base close here. The closest one is Hill AFB but that’s out in SLC. Jade Helm 15 is happening right now. I was out playing Sunday football with some friends and we ALL saw the two planes. They were loud and came out of the north right over the Uintah Mountains and headed due south. Absolutely bat guano crazy. I feel as though it is officially “game on”. Me and the fam are headed up to bol#1 at the first sign of dropped airborne troops or ground troops. Best of luck to you all when this little party kicks off

        • Captain Crunch,
          BIG YUP, whatever is coming seems to be picking up momentum really fast! keep vigilante!

        • Damn straight its game on, has been for awhile. People just don’t want to believe their eyes.

          Everyone says “then do something, don’t expect to have a leader”.

          Well, every time someone does something, no one steps in to help out. We watch it time and time again, video after video. What comes of it? Shock and awe, but no action.
          The only thing I can remember recently anyone lent a hand was Bundy ranch.

          Everyone said we would lock down the border, when the influx of illegals started pouring in. Who’s supporting the very few out there on the border now, honoring their word? Are any of you? We will watch each other fall, one by one, with an excuse or bold words about “when its time”.

          God Bless y’all.

          Sure hope I don’t see you any of you featured here in the next shocking video.

            • boyo, where in the hell did you get these pictures of Ass’ed Itch?

              • Those pictures are just frikken nasty. That’s one fucked up individual.

                • PO’d Patriot: This fool must have taken alot of Risperdal. Looks like someone who would vote for Hillary in 2016.

                • “If Obama had a son……”

                  • now that’s a good one.

                    • Or if acid had a son. Oh, such an obscene thought!

          • Outlaw, don’t lose hope. It just hasn’t gotten to their front door yet. I wager when that happens, it will be GAME ON!!!
            100 Heads

            • 100 heads?

              Oh! Those 100 heads…


        • Smart thinking. Best of luck to you.

      4. So uhmmmm….when they gonna pick up the #1 dissident Obama? That one definitely needs some re-education. hope they can pick his #^$ up before his term ends.

        • That one neads to be inoculated, and not against the flu!

      5. Um… how would anyone know that these so-called “drills” are simply drills and not the real thing?

        Would it not be appropriate to get out one’s semi-automatic rifle and shoot a few “simulated” 7.62 x 51 rounds at the “simulated” kidnappers?

        • Ive been wondering about that, especially in shoot first ask questions later Texas,,,
          I can picture these dummies poking around someones ranch and the rancher starts taking em out with a 300WM long range banger,,,

          • Some people have questioned if these drills are intended to provoke armed citizens to open fire on them first.

            • Don’t know. Gov leaves me alone; I pay my taxes and leave them alone. Life is good, they can play what ever games they want, eventually at this rate they will bankrupt themselves and I intend to not participate.
              But I got a rule: “Don’t get on the “chopper”” Have seen to many pictures of Jews, Russians etc getting on the trucks, trains, buses. They can hall my dead carcass any way they want to, but I’ll do my best to make sure some of them come with me. So let me alone and we can both be happy.

              • I remember hearing stories of the two questions team. They go up in a truck-chopper, a question is asked of the first one , no answer, he’s tossed out at 5ooft. The second fella blabs his brains out. Don’t get on the chopper. Just stories I heard in country?

            • I think that Jones and Hodges are agents provocateur… and then there are just “useful idiots,” parrots.

              We certainly don’t need them to know which way the wind blows.

        • Brent,

          I was thinking the same thing. If our gov’t decided to start rounding up dissidents, what do you think they would tell everybody the reason for all the activity was?? Move along people nothing to see hear, this is just a training exercise, this area is currently off limits for your safety…?? Not saying that’s what we’re seeing yet. But this is most likely conditioning for something. Maybe not for war, but may be conditioning for roundups and disappearings.

      6. If they were to go live with a false flag and activate the units, I would expect at the end of September or later.
        This would utilize winter patterns to help lock down and immobilize civilians as snow plowing could be halted in the deeper winter etc.
        This would also force local township residents to start to be activated against one another for lack of resources. Use the zombies….

        Sun Tzu would be so proud

      7. I’m kinda proud to be on that list. Always did stand up to the biggest kids around. Still do. I been reading your guys posts and comments for months. Great stuff.

      8. This is a test.This is only a test…

      9. I don’t beLIEVE it…..the drill may be going on but the rest ….nahhh

      10. Houston we have a problem..


      11. I feel so left out up here in Alaska . No Jade Helmyness for the frozen north ?

        • I don’t – leave ’em in the lower 48 as far as I’m concerned.


          Son of Liberty

        • Hows the work sitch up where you are at? Construction? Cabinet shops?

      12. Friend in southern Indiana had 5 Blackhawks dust offs fly over headed southwest Sunday afternoon first time that Blackhawks with red cross’ flew over ever. they said they were in formation and about 350 AGL.

        • Strange, as I saw 4 Blackhawks w/red crosses here in Alaska last week. Local media was a quick read: “practice exercise”. Found it weird…..

      13. “Reports so far detailing the nature of Jade Helm 15 indicate that this is the largest yet in training scenarios putting the United States population in the role of the enemy.”

        You got that half assed backwards: This is the largest training scenario putting the United States in the role of the enemy.

        IF we’re not being pumped full of BS from the fear writing, make some money bullshit artists. I don’t believe any of it until I see it.

        • Yep,

        • Perhaps “This is the largest training scenario putting the United States GOVERNMENT in the role of the enemy.”

      14. My biggest fear……I’ll be at work whe this happens, WAAAAYYYYYY to far to get home.

        I hope it happens when I’m off.

        (Correction, I hope it doesn’t happen, but if if does……I hope I’m at home)

      15. God bless America
        Land that I love
        Stand beside her and guide her
        Thru the night with a light from above.
        From the mountains to the prairies to the oceans white with foam
        God bless America
        My home, sweet home.

        Take comfort with these words…Acts 17 vs 26…From one man He made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live.

        God decided you and I are strong enough to face whatever may be in our future. God bless and keep you safe under his wings.

        • Thank you,

        • While the storm clouds gather far across the sea,
          Let us swear allegiance to a land that’s free,
          Let us all be grateful for a land so fair,
          As we raise our voices in a solemn prayer.

      16. It doesn’t surprise me that the action is going on across the bay in Tampa. This state is big on a police state presence. A big warmonger base at Macdill AFB in Tampa controls much of the American strategy in the middle east. As far as snatching dissidents for reeducation, I expect the majority of American citizens to continue their routines, justify the disappearances as fighting crime and really not give a damn.

      17. I’m new first of all but anyone think about this op. I think if anything happens Texas is the wrong state to start training in. Control is not an option too many things could go wrong, our military would make to much noise trying to take a state that big down. Just a preper like you..

        • You’ve got a point. They sure could’ve picked an easier state than Texas, and the Mormons in Utah aren’t known for being govt conformists. They have a history of being pretty scrappy if need be.

          They’d have a much better chance taking down kommiefornia…all they’d have to do is say it’s “saving the world, whales, whatever”.

        • practice with the most difficult first?

          as a pianist, I always practiced the most difficult passages first. then as I came to them while playing the rest of the piece I just breezed right through.

          practice makes perfect 🙂

      18. Jade Helm, jade makes you think of china. And helm is stearing the rudder of the boat. China is very likely going to be overseeing this mess, And will very likely be riding point. Its going to get pretty tense.

        • They do tend to name their ops like that.

          • Six

            I always thought the same about SNOWDEN… kinda like operation SNOWED IN…. Like maybe in Russia? Every damn time I’ve seen a picture of that place it’s snowing. I dono, just a thought.

        • Try “Operation Garden Plot”

          ht tp://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/suppression.html

        • Jade Helm….Blue helmet

      19. “Spies in the sky” – about NRO- worth watching, Listen carefully!!
        Dishnetwork-AHC channel 193

      20. Near Montgomery, al more choppers and planes over my land than usual

      21. I see military helicopters and planes everyday my house is maybe 10 miles away from the air national guard I used to deliver to the base as a courier back in 2008 and since then they have done a lot of construction on the base modernizing it and such there is electric boat next door they build the nuclear submarines for the gov. I wouldn’t know if they were running a drill because of all the flying the guard does. The naval undersea warfare center is just across the bay. Oh and Raytheon a gov contractor is here too. There is also other numerous smaller installations too that have brand new military vehicles humvee with a gunner turret. Troop carrier trucks some mraps. This stuff sits around they never use it that was before though. I don’t think it will sit around now they have made huge investments in the military around here. All the military people I’ve delivered to don’t seem like they are here to ruin us IMHO . But the police that’s different I think they are criminals wearing badges they cannot be trusted. They used to tell us as kids the police are your friend they are there to help you. Hell no they are not they are here to snoop and bring your ass to jail over the pettyest crimes shit that is no big deal like burning leaves in the back yard. They are the states Gestapo they want to write citations over not wearing seat belts or other similar nonsense. They let pedophiles and dangerous people out of jail but bust the good guys balls. They try to strong arm folks by intimidation too. I hate the police they have no respect for anyone they treat everyone like a criminal. They deserve what happens to them anyone with any respect for people would not be a cop. Cops used to be the good guys not no more.

        • Is that Groton, CT? My uncle was a welder at EB.

      22. I really don’t worry about this to mu other than I believe that they are violating the constitutions by joining local P.D. with military (federal).

        Always remember one of Murphy’s law of combat, “A battle plan is excellent until the first shot is fired.
        And from a great German General from the Franco Prussian war said,” No battle plan survives after contact with the enemy” Gen. Von Moltke..
        S.T.S.F.P. N.Reb

      23. just a question over at all news pipeline the seven states admitted to being in this is also the states La Raza says belongs to Mexico. Hmmm

        Always just fun and games till the first shot is fired, then SHTF

      24. A military does not train in an environment ….unless it is preparing to use that training in that environment. If we shoot first…we are totally justified in doing so!

        Live Free or Die…WOLVERINE!!!!

      25. On one hand, we would assume US has plans to react to a coordinated multi-state ‘terrorist’ attack, and has trained.

        On the other hand, this is how they do it- ala’ the ‘drills’ @ 9-11, the shooter ‘drills’ @ Sandy Hook, the pre-show @ OKC, etc…

        They train. I better train too.

      26. I don’t think this is anything to fear: just look at today’s population. Read the other post about the black kids pouncing on somebody for no reason. It does not surprise me that these individuals will need to be scooped up and taken to a detention facility. Think about the demographics and the government’s legal responsibilities to the population: they cannot rightly allow vicious youth to roam around attacking an increasingly older population. Those youth will need to be removed from the population and re-educated. The good thing, unlike in the 1970s, we have extensive information on these youths and can easily find them and remove them in the night. Nobody will notice or miss them.

        • More power to them if that is their only objective. Like you say Frank, who would miss these low-life’s?

        • I hope your right on who ends up being the targets,
          I think our country would prosper if the trash were collected and disposed of,
          But sadly, lookat what is coming across the border and how the PTB are taking care of them over our own peeps,,,
          None of this smells right.

        • Unfortunately Frank, those aren’t the ones they are going to be looking to round up…IMHO

        • I guess that I would have to disagree with that. The gov isnt fearful of the punks. They would be extremely easy to scoop up and dump. They are afraid of the armed, prepped, patient and thoughtful others.

      27. Don’t believe this story. Do believe martial law will come( nobody but the PTB know when) and they might not even know. Some loony Arab group could do something over here to precipitate it and screw up their time table. I firmly believe there are a significant number of people in the Federal structure, both Repub and Dem that are itching for an excuse to suspend the Constitution permanently. I am 55 and I Know what America is and was. If they were smart they would wait about 20 years to try and pull this off. By then the only people around to stop them are generations of people indoctrinated by our public schools and university systems, and a massive FSA that are addicted to their scraps. I fear however that a confluence of arrogance , economics and world events will force their hand MUCH sooner. I plan to resist if it comes, I hope effectively and intelligently , but if not well everybody dies of something. I also feel a significant number of my generation will resist , especially ex vets. I once swore an oath about this very thing and I haven’ forgotten it.

        • “Will come”???
          It is already here.
          No rights within 100 miles of the border.
          Internal checkpoints.
          Soldier cops.
          Shelter in place orders.

          Sorry to say it but you sound like a boiled frog.

      28. http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/03/propagandists-use-automated-software-spread-disinformation.html

        That Moron Who Spews Garbage and Doesn’t Listen to Reason May Be a Bot
        Posted on March 22, 2015 by WashingtonsBlog
        Rampant Disinformation

        NATO has announced that it is launching an “information war” against Russia.

        The UK publicly announced a battalion of keyboard warriors to spread disinformation.

        It’s well-documented that the West has long used false propaganda to sway public opinion.

        Western military and intelligence services manipulate social media to counter criticism of Western policies.

        Such manipulation includes flooding social media with comments supporting the government and large corporations, using armies of sock puppets, i.e. fake social media identities. See this, this, this, this and this.

        In 2013, the American Congress repealed the formal ban against the deployment of propaganda against U.S. citizens living on American soil. So there’s even less to constrain propaganda than before.

        Information warfare for propaganda purposes also includes:

        The Pentagon, Federal Reserve and other government entities using software to track discussion of political issues … to try to nip dissent in the bud before it goes viral

        “Controlling, infiltrating, manipulating and warping” online discourse

        Use of artificial intelligence programs to try to predict how people will react to propaganda

        Automated Propaganda

        Some of the propaganda is spread by software programs.

        We pointed out 6 years ago that people were writing scripts to censor hard-hitting information from social media.

        One of America’s top cyber-propagandists – former high-level military information officer Joel Harding – wrote in December:

        I was in a discussion today about information being used in social media as a possible weapon. The people I was talking with have a tool which scrapes social media sites, gauges their sentiment and gives the user the opportunity to automatically generate a persuasive response. Their tool is called a “Social Networking Influence Engine”.


        The implications seem to be profound for the information environment.


        The people who own this tool are in the civilian world and don’t even remotely touch the defense sector, so getting approval from the US Department of State might not even occur to them.

        How Can This Be Real?

        Gizmodo reported in 2010:

        Software developer Nigel Leck got tired rehashing the same 140-character arguments against climate change deniers, so he programmed a bot that does the work for him. With citations!

        Leck’s bot, @AI_AGW, doesn’t just respond to arguments directed at Leck himself, it goes out and picks fights. Every five minutes it trawls Twitter for terms and phrases that commonly crop up in Tweets that refute human-caused climate change. It then searches its database of hundreds to find a counter-argument best suited for that tweet—usually a quick statement and a link to a scientific source.

        As can be the case with these sorts of things, many of the deniers don’t know they’ve been targeted by a robot and engage AI_AGW in debate. The bot will continue to fire back canned responses that best fit the interlocutor’s line of debate—Leck says this goes on for days, in some cases—and the bot’s been outfitted with a number of responses on the topic of religion, where the arguments unsurprisingly often end up.

        Technology has come a long way in the past 5 years. So if a lone programmer could do this 5 years ago, imagine what he could do now.

        And the big players have a lot more resources at their disposal than a lone climate activist/software developer does. For example, a government expert told the Washington Post that the government “quite literally can watch your ideas form as you type” (and see this). So if the lone programmer is doing it, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the big boys are widely doing it.
        How Does It Work?

        How does this work?

        We have no inside knowledge, but we can imagine some possibilities:

        Any article that includes the words “Russia” or “Ukraine” automatically triggers comments accusing Russia of seeking to form a new empire, Putin of being the new Hitler, and the Russians invading and being responsible for all of the violence Ukraine

        Any article including the words “NSA”, “spying” or “mass surveillance” automatically triggers comments saying that the government is just trying keep us safe, and anyone who questions their actions is a tinfoil hat wearing conspiracy theorist who lives in his mom’s basement

        Any article mentioning the phrases”Federal Reserve” or “quantitative easing” automatically launches comments saying that the Fed is doing the best it can under difficult circumstances, and that the economy would be much worse without QE

        So that moron who keeps spewing garbage – and doesn’t seem like he’s even listening to your responses – may actually be a bot.
        How Effective Are Automated Comments?

        Unfortunately, this is more effective than you might assume …

        Specifically, scientists have shown that name-calling and swearing breaks down people’s ability to think rationally … and intentionally sowing discord and posting junk comments to push down insightful comments are common propaganda techniques.

        Indeed, an automated program need not even be that sophisticated … it can copy a couple of words from the main post or a comment, and then spew back one or more radioactive labels such as “terrorist”, “commie”, “Russia-lover”, “wimp”, “fascist”, “loser”, “traitor”, “conspiratard”, etc.

        Given that Harding and his compadres consider anyone who questions any U.S. policies as an enemy of the state – as does the Obama administration (and see this) – many honest, patriotic writers and commenters may be targeted for automated propaganda comments.

        • I don’t think I’ve ever got sucked into arguing with a bot. If I found out I did, I would be reminded of people who argue with their gps voice.

      29. Had a sea knight at the airport. That helicopter can carry 50 men. Not something you see in our side of va often. It definitely feels tense.

      30. My opinion: this is a rehearsal to a ground assault on Iran.

        • Bingo! Its Iran with a swing-pivot into Russia. The UK has been working on this for the past two years furiously. Much of the defence cuts are actually a fake-out. Just a theory!

      31. Whatever, going to not care as there is too much going on that impacts my life.

        Standard headline:

        “Sources say 2 men shot at NSA gate may have been partying, on drugs”

        Hell yeah! I can’t count how many times I and or one of my friends put on dress’s and tried to ram a government installation gate. Good times!

        Just can’t say the word terrorism.


      32. It all makes me very sad.

        I grew up in a great country where things seemed to work quite nicely. The people ate the top made good money and the middle class made good money. We were not rich but we ate well and lived a better life than most average humans had for 4000 years.

        From 1950 to 1990 the USA was awesome. It seemed Humans finally got it right.

        …and then… and now… I dont understand why anyone would look at that say lets mess it all up. Things seemed to work so well, why ruin it?

        I can look back and see it was planned from media and banking monopolies being allowed to shipping too many middle class manufacturing jobs to China jobs, heck moving whole factories there. I never heard ANYONE back in the 80s 90s saying they needed lower prices…. and facts be known prices are not lower…

        I see that it happened, I just do not understand why they had to ruin the greatest country in history. What motivated them to do this? Why wreck it? It was so good.

        I guess it says the reson it right there in the logo.

        slaves and masters… serfs and kings…

        Man for 3900 years that is how it was, and the Earth was not that good fro most humans and then for 100 miracle years starting around 1880 the USA seemed to get it right… humans created a place where average humans could live pretty good… and then they wrecked it.

        This is over. This jade helm is not going to end well for 99.99% of us. There is no legit honest reason to do it.

        I guess they know it is all going to fall to pieces and then martial law and then back to the dark ages…

        It is very sad.

        • It is sad,
          All we were brought up to believe was just a lie,
          Thank the greedy bastard political elites like the harry reids and john boehners

        • 1990 does seem to be the year: right after the speech about the New World Order. It wasn’t like people weren’t warned, because they were. But, sadly, people just got more trivial and absorbed in narcissistic BS. Then they wanted more credit/debt and welfare – always, more, more. That was when people’s behavior went downhill, men dressed like slobs, women got really fat.

          It is truly an eye-opener when you travel to countries where people did not degenerate so much. Women with fine bodies, elegant, well-dressed. You can for days in the US and forget what a normal woman’s butt looks like, just start assuming black people must have been fat for millennia. It is no wonder so many reach for the anti-depressants.

      33. Breaking News

        Massive Blackout Hits Turkey, Grounding Planes, Stopping Subways; Terror Not Ruled Out

        htt p://www.zerohedge.com/news/2015-03-31/massive-blackout-hits-turkey-grounding-planes-stopping-subways-terror-not-ruled-out

      34. It was the best of times it was the worst of times. Blah blah had to know the utopia was gonna end for me I don’t care really just my kids are getting screwed and not a damn thing I can to stop the train from coming off the tracks. Look at the good side we know something is going down and we have had lot of time to prep. It’s not like we had no Idea it was coming and woke up one morn and shit happened. It seems we spend so much time worrying what the govs next move is gonna be. Focus on your self and your personal power. Run your own drills with your family. Get a book on unconventional warfare.

      35. Saw some black helo’s over the weekend and just yesterday evening in NorCal. Mentioned it to my wife that this is not just a coincidence.

        • Saw a black chopper getting transported down highway 80 in Nor Cal just a few weeks back. Makes me wonder why the bridges and overpasses were all raised here recently.

      36. This,along with extended EMS message on many broadcasts in the US yesterday make it clear why folks feel the need to be ready to live on their own with perhaps the help of family/friends/teams,getting weirder by the day it seems.I hope all well here and plans in order to best of ability,rare visits here as going thru a lot of weirdness on a more personal level(coincidence?!).Take care all and enjoy life as much as possible,will try and visit a bit more often,till then,the smalls add up!

      37. The motto for jh is -mastering the human domain , same as the Usgif, geospatial intelligence foundation, more at geointv.com

      38. How about this…
        In response to the US arming the Ukraine, Russia has threatened to are ‘rebels’ in the US. Easy enough to do with the porous border and the volume that crosses over each day.
        Could this be a black-op to go after the weapons that the Russians moved over the border? This isn’t just ‘maneuvers’ by the army…. this is a Special Forces operation spanning ten southern and mountain states. If they were training for any situation other than running around the cities of the American southwest, I’d say they were training in the wrong place!
        Will this be the commencement of martial law?? I have my doubts. The first time actual citizens started disappearing or getting rounded up, there would be an immediate call to arms. They just don’t have the manpower to execute something as broad as nationwide martial law. Anything less would alert the rest of the country to their actions and cause a backlash.
        Plus, I like to think that our SF guys would know better than to attempt what is being discussed on these boards. Not to say there aren’t yahoos in the SF community but I think at that level of training there is a little more clarity in thinking than at the ‘grunt’ infantry level.
        These guys are pros. Orders to operate like this would be met with some speculation at least, if not outright refusal.
        No, there’s something else going on and we don’t know what it is.
        I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next few months. Already reports of incidents and Jade Helm has not yet begun. Top off and be wary.

      39. Yeah, Putin and Patriotic Americans are devils by whose mandate? The bullies Uncle Sam and Nanny State push and shove us to rebel and thus justify their moves. The same promulgation as they use in the Ukraine. Promulgated revolution makes fact follow the law and not the other way around. It can also bring Armageddon from nothing. I keep posting this, maybe it will sink in one day. Thank the Swiss.
        “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful! This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will pledge with world leaders to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
        – Henry Kissinger in an address to the Bilderberger meeting at Evian, France, May 21, 1992.
        (As transcribed from a tape recording made by one of the Swiss delegates.)”
        They, the unelected secret societies with no citizen mandate that guide our foreign policies based upon corporate greed and personal gain. They, them, the elite, banksters, the 1% or however we refer to them.
        It is like they are something and somebody different from us, the American citizen. To us they very well may be but the world does not see it that way and will not make this distinction. Ignore this at your peril. You are they and rightfully so. We pay for their play, it has been promulgated, and they are not all knowing as this gem elucidates.
        “The Vietnam War required us to emphasize the national interest rather than abstract principles. What President Nixon and I tried to do was unnatural. And that is why we didn’t make it.” Henry Kissinger
        Hank calls the Constitution an abstract principle and admits rights are natural. It is the way that he says it. This may clear things up for you. “The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.” Henry Kissinger.
        And now we have the jaded one at the helm. Pushing, shoving, planning, promulgating. We are at a fork and must realize it is too late for constraint. Kind of makes you feel like an Eastern Ukrainian just trying to live with the truth. Same root cause.

      40. Extraction wont work here is Texazz. Kidnaping and taking patiots wife and daughters, and thier kids to survice chinese, nato and other killer soldiers in “Fun consentration camps” This error will gurantee a severe militaristic response from the local citizenry. The red necks i have met here in town all the patriots and everyday folks with teeth. I have ran into some of them publically since some of them dont have any teeth. These guys have half the teeth missing from there mouth, they dont brush or floss, and they are buying crap loads of bullets and guns. If bullets and guns are more important than tooth paste, then invading armies need to be concerned. Tooth paste is readly avaible on CVS, Wallgreens and Walmart, yet they buy more bullets. I think that the cabal and foreign troops generals need to re-educate thier invading soldiers about the environment of Texas. I am sure that they have been told to kill us and that the girls and women are their to take. The response will be a nasty one, these ideototic soldiers will have to turn and leave this city, its not going to a nice time for them. You all need to leave while you can, abandon the mission, leave America while you. Stop listening to lies of your governments. I feel bad about the attrocites you will expericence. People have bought thousands of knives, spears, daggers. Its going to be alot of shootings, stabbings, spearing, cutting axing, mauling, scalping of foreign soldiers and local triators in our own agencies. This is what i believe will be case based on my own indepedent research in the field. All you chi-coms, latvians, russains, ukraninians, jihadist, you guys are in for Hell of a time in Houston and its surrounding cities. Good luck to you all when you attack our city, you need all the prayers to help you. Get on your knees and start praying, you are going to experience hell on earth, good luck to you. You all will become and extinct species in 30 days or less. There is and old saying that goes like this. Dont mess with Texas. Its meant literal. I hightly recomend that posters get the Selco shtf school course, and buy ” Failure Of Civility” This book alone is enought to make your loose bladder control and crap your pants in the process. I am not posting here to entice violence, its just the way i see things. I hope this post will help get the jist of things.

        • I found your comment to be a fair warming and most entertaining.

        • HCKS

          There are as many knives and sharp edge weapons as there are guns in Florida.

      41. They have been at this here for about the last year, and have really picked up here in southern CO the last few months. Mostly Blackhawks, with some AH-64’s. They are now flying at all times of night, and big sorties throughout the day. Ft. Carson just got a new airwing last year, and the ‘news’ reports an uptick in ‘training’.

        This is what they are training for…

      42. Hodges and others are fear merchants. There is always the possibility of the drill going live (9/11, Sandy Hoax, etc) but, so far, all this yelling about people being kidnapped and detained appears to be nothing but fear mongering.

        Now, understand that I’m the LSM guy. No, I won’t give you the full meal deal, but, the LSM theory says that government only does three things: Lie, Steal and Murder. So, with that said, don’t be knocking around the idea that I’m some kind of sympathizer, statist or disinfo agent.

        My theory is that Jade Helm has multiple purposes:

        1. Get soldiers used to violating the constitutional rights of citizens without violating the constitutional rights of citizens, get my drift? If its a drill, its all just practice so nobody goes to jail.

        2. Get the populace used to soldiers violating their constitutional rights. This is, essentially the ying for #1s yang.

        3. They may also be doing this to probe so see how far they can go. Many things are this way. Bundy Ranch (Class A False Flag), Sandy Hoax (Class D False Flag), Boston Bombing (Class C+ False Flag) – They’re all false flags of various types be they a crisis used, a crisis pushed or a crisis faked. Think how easy it would be to say, in effect, “Oh, its nothing. Just a drill, just a drill.” …while them move tons and tons of assets into place that, under “non-drill” circumstances, they could not. Call it pretext. Call it pre-planning. Whatever.

        One thing I do know: if the government says it, its a lie. I can type that statement with confidence. Just remember that just because they lie about it, doesn’t mean the truth is polar opposite, just know that whatever they tell you, THAT AIN’T IT!

        If you’re seeing something fishy going on in your town I would think its time to drop an AR/AK/Mini14 on the back seat, loaded, and covered with a blanket.

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