FBI Reveals 11 Attacks Against Internet Lines in California

by | Jul 2, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 50 comments

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    On Tuesday, someone broke into an underground vault in Sacramento, and cut several high-capacity internet cables. Nobody knows who this person is or why they did it, but since that time the FBI has revealed that it was not an isolated incident. They’ve been investigating 10 other recent attacks on the internet infrastructure of California, and they seem to be deeply troubled by the vulnerability of these cables.

    The FBI is investigating at least 11 physical attacks on high-capacity Internet cables in California’s San Francisco Bay Area dating back a year, including one early Tuesday morning.

    Agents confirm the latest attack disrupted Internet service for businesses and residential customers in and around Sacramento, the state’s capital.

    FBI agents declined to specify how significantly the attack affected customers, citing the ongoing investigation. In Tuesday’s attack, someone broke into an underground vault and cut three fiber-optic cables belonging to Colorado-based service providers Level 3 and Zayo.

    The attacks date back to at least July 6, 2014, said FBI Special Agent Greg Wuthrich.

    “When it affects multiple companies and cities, it does become disturbing,” Wuthrich said. “We definitely need the public’s assistance.”

    A security professional who was interviewed for that article, also suggested something that should perk the ears of any American that hears it.

    “When it’s situations that are scattered all in one geography, that raises the possibility that they are testing out capabilities, response times and impact,” Thompson said. “That is a security person’s nightmare.”

    The article goes on to compare these incidents to similar attacks that happened in Arizona last year, as well as California in 2009. However, they may be missing the bigger picture. This whole situation reminds me of an article I wrote just over a year ago about several attacks that were carried out against the power grid, which again, occurred in California and Arizona (weird right?). This included the very unsettling attack against a power station in San Jose, which wasn’t revealed until 10 months after the fact, and to date, there has been no explanation for the incident.

    Rather than a bomb, the San Jose attack turned out to be a frighteningly coordinated shooting. It’s estimated that 6 individuals approached the facility late at night armed with AK-47’s, and opened fire, but not before sneaking onto the property and disabling the alarm system. The attackers managed to disrupt a total of 10 transformers, and escaped just before police arrived. Investigators would later find more evidence of just how professional the attack was:

    “After walking the site with PG&E officials and FBI agents, Mr. Wellinghoff said, the military experts told him it looked like a professional job. In addition to fingerprint-free shell casings, they pointed out small piles of rocks, which they said could have been left by an advance scout to tell the attackers where to get the best shots.”

    It should be abundantly clear now that some organization out there is quietly coordinating small-scale attacks against America’s power grid and internet lines. In my previous article, I suggested that they’re probing our infrastructure for weaknesses, and gauging reaction times and security. I still think that may be the case.

    It’s possible that these attacks are all unrelated, but it sure doesn’t look like it to me. I won’t suggest who may be doing it since it’s impossible to know for sure, but it definitely looks like there is an organized effort of some kind to disable the electricity and communications of Arizona and California. We probably won’t know who it is until they get around to a full-scale attack, which given the vulnerability of America’s power grid, may be absolutely devastating. If you have a hunch about who these people are, share it with our readers in the comments.


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      1. You would be amazed at how easy it is to cut fiber optic cables…

        • @Eppe,
          Expect a knock on your front door anytime now.

          • If this is a terrorist attack then it worked. I am terrified! 🙂 Not really. Now if they hack into the power grid and f it up. Then I really will get a little concerned. Not really, I am prepped for that as well. Now if there is an emp event, well I may be prepared but the ones who are not will really scare me.


            • Some people do these kind of things
              just because they can and hate the system.

              Doesn’t anyone remember the anti-establishment
              era of the Sixties?

              Baby boomers once had a lot of guts.

              • Are they “talking ” about this stuff to get us used to the idea that if your internet goes out it is probably some nutty person with a hacksaw?? To me the real danger is that for now the internet is our main way of communicating. So if the ptb do some REALLY bad stuff in say Arizona or Texas and the internet is down how are we going to know that it is FULL ON ??? We MAY still have cell service but my guess is that can easily be tagged also. We live in the boonies and on a good day our cell service is pathetic, with a booster it is useable.

                • Arby, There are many types of tools used for cutting cables. Lineman use either cable cutters that look like old style bolt cutters used to cut locks and chains but much larger in size to reach around the entire cable, or a small hydraulic one that cranks down on the cable and cuts it. Another item is, manholes have “dead air” in them. If a person were to go into a manhole without an air blower they could die of lack of oxygen. Unless they had been in or checked the hole with a device to validate the air, they could die. And from what I’ve read, each site was chosen because there were no security cameras anywhere that could record the. Well the power plant caught one of them. I think these guys have been in all the locations on a work operation before. Not i don’t think it’s a phone employee. But a contract service. So, this was well thought out. But as a retired phone guy, I believe they can be caught easily. The FBI is not interested in catching them at this time or they would have done it. Or its not a priority. JMHO

                • The one in Arizona is one I know about and found to be particularly “interesting”. What this story does NOT reveal is that in the Arizona “attack”, there was NO marking or sign of ANY kind to indicate where the cable was located. Whoever did that had to have VERY SPECIFIC information and EXACTR CO-ORDINATES to find that Cable. Furthermore, that cable was buried SEVERAL FEET below the surface. If you do some digging, there are photos showing the cut cable casings (Unless the ptb have pulled them from the internet). I’m a bit of an engineer, and from the way that casing was damaged and so CLEANLY cut, it almost HAD to be done with a high powered laser. Now WHO do we know of that possesses THAT level of technology, hmmmmm?! This story and these incident have FALSE FLAG WRITEN ALL OVER IT! Yes, the attacks DID happen, of that I have no doubt-and shall we name the usual suspects? And I’m NOT talking about foreign terrorists!

              • 100% correct …. not foreign terrorists or anything sinister along those lines – just plain nut cases

                CA draws these anti-technology types like ant traps …. if it was terrorism you’d see the East Coast and Midwest getting hit also ….

        • Long distance bolt cutters.
          If you can find the ‘backbone’ fiber routes, you can really do some damage…

      2. Americans pissed that only Asians get hired in Silicon Valley, probably did it.

        • As someone who played a major role hiring highly specialized technical talent for over 20 yrs in Silicon Valley “only Asians get hired” isn’t the whole story. Most of the people in charge of the hiring are actually White.

          If an Asian was hired over a White, and they often are, it’s because the Asian is actually (quantifying on a scale of 1-10) much more qualified. That was why Clinton & Gore lifted the H1B quota back in the mid-90’s because there was a severe talent shortage and the Asians & Middle-Easterners were able to fill those technical positions and solve that problem very quickly.

          I was there and can honestly say we wouldn’t have had the Internet as early as we did in the mid-90’s if it weren’t for them. Just telling it like it is.

          One of the main reasons I moved away was because being White, between the Asians and Middle-Easterners, I was a minority. Hey, I guess in a way I was part of the problem.

          I hired mostly Asians, as they really were, at the time, the most talented and qualified, and then when I was mostly surrounded by them I complained that I was a minority – they were my co-workers and neighbors and I felt like I lived in Little China. They’re very cliqueish.

          On another note, the Chinese have been and are still buying up a lot of the property there in Silicon Valley…. a real lot. So as far as the 11 attacks, I guess we could rule out the Chinese. They wouldn’t do that to their own people, would they?

      3. So uhmmmm Mr. Eppe, please tell me just how easy is it to cut these fiberoptic cables? Where did you learn this? Ever been to Afghanistan?
        EPPE breaks a sweat as the interrogation lights start to tan him in places he’s never had a tan…

        • When you have been in the business for 3+ decades now, you see and learn alot…

      4. they sure don’t hire blacks in Silicon Valley. Not sure if you’ve ever seen the statistics, but it be blatant. Someone stole the $3k plus worth of Time-Warner networking equipment from our neighborhood entry point — did it like three times over several years!

        • We tried to hire Blacks in Silicon Valley and actually made a very serious effort. Sorry, but the truth is that they didn’t apply for the jobs. We even advertised on websites targeted just for them, and still, they didn’t apply. Very strange. They were only interested in the non-technical positions and even then not many applied.

          We were fined because we couldn’t meet our minority quotas. We would have hired a Black over an Asian or White any day. But no matter what we did they just didn’t apply.

          I lost out on a few bonuse$ because we couldn’t pique their interest. Blacks are not discriminated against in Silicon Valley. I don’t really know if that’s their perception, but I do know it’s not the reality. If they aren’t hired it’s because they weren’t/aren’t qualified or they didn’t bother to apply. It doesn’t matter what color you are, one still has to meet the stated qualifications and go through the standard procedure to get hired.

          We held West-Tech events every quarter to the tune of $5,000 per company. And still, Blacks didn’t apply for the technical positions. They only applied for non-tech positions and even then not very many, only a very small percentage. Strange but true. It’s the truth, I was there.

          Yet, they walked around complaining, with a chip on their shoulder. The small percentage of Blacks that did apply, at least that I interviewed who were qualified often had an attitude, a chip on their shoulder. The truth is, we can’t hire someone with a chip on their shoulder. People like that disrupt work-groups and work-teams. That’s what they do. Everyone has to kiss their ass and coddle them and try to convince them they aren’t racist. It’s screwed up. People with an attitude are exhausting to be around.

          We can’t hire people with an attitude. It’s not the employers job to fix the candidate/employee’s attitude. Some of them would rather be angry and complain and yell “Discrimination” than do something to carve out a better life for themselves. That’s the reality folks.

          • It is my experience that qualified black applicants are actually paid more, when hired, because of the problems filling quotas. Some companies actually go to colleges and hire black students before they graduate. They stay in school, but are on the payroll until they come to work after graduation.

            • Yes, Prophet, that’s mostly true. But they were only paid slightly more than their non-Black counterparts and spread out over 52 weeks didn’t amount to a hill of beans, but at least they couldn’t claim pay discrimination. Companies did that to protect themselves/liability, knowing Blacks are the most racist people on Earth–not being mean,imho.

              We also went to a lot of trouble and expense to recruit from Black colleges & universities and also held Minority Recruiting Day campaigns every few months after extensive and expensive advertising…. still few takers, just complainers. I don’t know why Blacks didn’t want to work in Silicon Valley. Maybe they didn’t want to compete with or work alongside highly skilled, highly educated Asians & Middle-Easterners with strong work ethics or maybe the tech field simply didn’t appeal to them.

              The ones who really expressed interest and who were qualified (without a chip on their shoulder) were hired. But not many applied. If you look at the stats, Blacks in Silicon Valley is not representative of the Black population within a 50-mile radius of the majority of the tech companies.

              But, the truth is, if a qualified White candidate was competing against a qualified Black candidate, the Black candidate would surely be hired….without a doubt. Common procedure. Any race discrimination in Silicon Valley is limited to rare occasions and isolated pockets. The real discrimination there is ageism– workers over age 55.

              Now, as far as the attacks, I’ve been reading up on it and am beginning to believe it was more of an inside job…. and that this is just the beginning. More to come.

      5. The FBI should know. They are the ones who did it.

        • You’re on the right tracks with that, I would think.

      6. Georgia Teens Ransack a Walmart Caught on Video

        notice they call them “Teens” now

        from what i could see they all were B L A C K

      7. “After walking the site with PG&E officials and FBI agents, Mr. Wellinghoff said, the military experts told him it looked like a professional job.”

        I completely disagree with “professional job”!

        Why go through all that labor and only have it affect only a small number of people?

        If a professional wanted to make their point and disrupt a whole lot of people, they would attack the CO (central office) Every Village, Town, City, and Metropolitan Areas have a CO or multiples of them – pending on population.

        An attack on a Co would shut down a town or city, attacking 1 CO in a Metropolitan Area and it would shut down at least a 1/4 of service to people.

        I agree that it is a coordinated attack from a group of people, but it is a sloppy, unprofessional job.

        No fingerprints is because they were not necessarily concerned about leaving their evidence behind. Anybody who has handled/worked on phone cables, they are glazed like a doughnut. – “the icky sticky” and it is not the nicest nor the easiest junk to clean off of your hands.

        My best analysis is that it is a group of assholes who have nothing better to do with their time and thoroughly enjoy people going through misery with a utility out of service.

        Hope they catch these pricks, their future is looking like Club Fed is around the corner for them.

        • @TM

          Google the attack on the grid a few year back. I don’t think their pricks, AT&T and PG&E both offered $100,000 each for info, nothing. Pricks are prepping for bigger event.
          Side bar: I watch the first 15 mins of the national news when I can. Was really getting tired of the NY escape story all the time. Then it made since, with all their LEO’s they couldn’t find those two guys. Two different citizens called the tip hotline that led to one shot and one captured. For all their tech and manpower they rely a lot on tips.

          “We definitely need the public’s assistance.”

          STAY FIT
          STAY CALM
          STAY QUIET
          STAY LIQUID

          signing off

          • I agree Sodbuster, but the PG&E attacks last yr and also the Internet attacks are in fairly secluded areas, not out in the middle of a public area where the criminals can easily be seen.

            I wonder why the security systems and cameras are ineffective. I mean the technology is available. They have the technology to spy on us and to spot an ant crawling on the basement floor of a house in the middle of nowhere, but they aren’t alerted when a couple of thug-criminals are trespassing in a supposedly secured area?

            Anyone know exactly what’s up with that?

            • The PG&E attack last year south of San Jose was far from a secluded area. That substation is located right against Hwy. 101, at that spot about 10 lanes wide. Not in the middle of the city, but also not remote.


        I always assume ANY domestic terrorist attack is initiated and engineered by our own government until proven otherwise beyond ANY doubt. And in addition, that there was no benefit to the government in the aftermath by way of increased tyrannical empowerment.

      9. Note to evil terrorists:

        No need to go to all that work cutting internet lines. Rather, just force everyone to use Windows Vista… or for that matter, any other Microsoft product. You’ll have the whole country in gridlock in a day.

      10. I put a post on here 2 days ago about the EBT card system going down for two weeks. It would be blamed on a computer glitch.

        I found out about the attack at PG & E on this site. Several months prior to the report officially being put out.

        Someone could sit around most power stations and just fire off rounds. We would not know there was a problem until the oil drained out of the transformers. There are spare transformers stationed in different areas. If enough were damaged then there would not be enough spares to replace them. These transformers are huge. Some are the size of a room in your house. They have to be set in place by a crane. I am not sure how long it would take to replace them.
        If enough were damaged in the correct places then the power would be out for months.

        I have thought for years that something is not right. Either the terrorist are stupid or things are planned. Think about it. Instead of attacking the power grid, schools, water, or food supply they attack a place that is drawing cartoons of Mohammed. ( Side note sure would be nice if Americans took there religion that seriously )

        I believe that those in power are going to attack in an organized way. They will do this to get the desired results they want. They will do this to be able to blame what is coming on terrorism. Never let a crisis go to waste.

        • There are not replacements for a lot of the large transformers. Some of the huge old transformers were brought in by train, and the tracks are no longer there for shipping in replacements. They’re too big for trucks, so workarounds with smaller transformers are necessary. There’s supposed to be about an 18-month delivery time for large transformers, and they are made overseas now.

          • They have some spares. We have one in our switch yard. It is not hooked up. It is there as a replacement. I am not sure how many of those there are nation wide. You are correct if enough are damaged then we are in a world of hurt.
            17 were shot in the PG & E incident. They cut vital alarm systems in a vault and then started shooting. That is 17 at one plant. That is how fragile and unprotected the power grid is today.

            • I have a friend who works for a company that is going around the large (several acre) transformer sites and putting up 20′ high anti ballistic fences. He claims the fence is designed to stop 50 cal rounds. I have seen one of the projects he works on so this is not second hand info. 20′ high fence posts are something to see.

              • It is true. They are installing cameras and key card readers at every vital site. That is called NERC regualation 5. 6 and 7 are installing 20 foot high fences around every vital location. There are 20 regulations and I am not sure what the rest are going to be.

          • No, they aren’t too large for trucks. There aren’t many people who can manage 240 feet of truck at 600,000 pounds and a total or 72 different gear and axle drive combinations. I’ve seen them along I-80in Ohio, Indiana, Penn, and other states. It takes time to build these things, which we still do. It’s mostly the build time, and the last I knew there were 7 –yes, 7 , drivers licensed to operate those rigs in Ohio, which has over 10 million people. He made $125,000 a year then, and that was a good 15 years ago. His employer flew him every where, and I can see now what an opportunity I missed. What the hell, I’m still on my feet, and that’s all that counts. And I still know how to aim fire.

      11. Oh my God!!! My life will be over if i have to go one day without ordering something from Amazon.

      12. un agenda 21 plan calls to move the majority of the u.s. population to various mega city zones.

        what a great way to cause a mass exodus by deliberately destroying water, electricity and media access in the areas you want vacated while promising housing and relocation assistance to the un agenda 21 approved mega cities.

        And blame it all on the Zog designated created evil lone wolf veteran domestic terrorists!

      13. Pink,would lose net,the rest covered including hand pump for well if necc.I will not be relocating to the cities with the masses unless dead and someone said”Warchild,the other white meat!”.I would then travel in their bellies,they that determined to survive they eat me figure tough enuff to avoid the city bullshit.I will kill and die fighting any who tried to force me into the city.

      14. Relax people…Insider threat predicated on a personal grudge.Some idiot got fired. For you conspiracy theorist, sorry, if you want to attack the grid, your attack is not mechanical, but virtual. Get real.

      15. I think these are training runs for bigger hits later/or sooner. This may be a nationwide thing that will get everyone fired up. ISIS will hit us anytime. Why do you think they are just across the border in Mexico?

      16. Why is isis across the border Jim?Tis simple,they do not have the proper visas to enter the US,sheesh!

        • Warchild

          I needed that this morning. lol

          Jim I can’t believe you did not no that.

      17. Why is isis across the border Jim?Tis simple,they do not have the proper visas to enter the US,sheesh!On a side note,seems to really suck adding comments to forum,seems something up with the servor here,other sites working just fine so don’t believe my OS.

      18. Someone was doing doing the same thing to the fiber optic cables in little rock a few months back. Nothing stolen. Just the fiber optic cables on a few locations hit several times. We all knew it was highly suspicious but couldn’t figure out why they would knock it. We know about the hits on transmission stations but that would cripple everything. Seems like fiber optics would be a waste of time.

      19. ALERT! ALERT! ALERT!


        PLEASE GO TO http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com and READ:


        His PRIOR two articles dealt with strip malls being turned into FEMA Death Camps the evidence of which are guard towers being constructed at various strip malls around the country to be USED to detain and kill patriots, Christians, and others.

        (For any reader here who wants to joke the Russians are coming or who would be so utterly dismissive of Hodges, once you look at the photographic and other evidence cited, most of which by readers around the country, you will have no doubt.)



        No phones.

        No websites.

        Utter, sheer terror.

        Our country is being betrayed.

        Prep, Prepare, Inform your family and friends, and most of all, PRAY: get right with God and pray for wisdom, discernment, as well as God’s Protection and God’s Will for you and yours.

        – the Lone Ranger


          • Radio License??? Just another target for the government to track you… get a ham radio (black market purchase) or build one…

        • Dial up. When Egypt had its Arab Spring (Islamic revolt) the government closed the internet. But dial up still work, albeit slow. So those old Dell laptops you have have in the closet that have the old modems? Yeah, you’ll be digging them out during an event like this. Just Sayin’

      20. Maybe affirmative action candidates are ignoring Silicon Valley jobs in favor of securing FEMA camp guard jobs? An affirmative reaction to the New Black Panther proposition that white lives don’t matter!

      21. It’s a stupid ass hat attack.

        If you cut a fiber cable, they just go to the two opposite sides where it continues to work from. They attach a gizmo that injects a signal, that signal is reflected by the cut point, the gizmo reads the time to the reflected signal and tells them where the cable was cut, within inches of the cut point. Repair team dispatched, cable is fixed within the hour!

        • It’s called an OTDR–Optical Time Domain Reflectometer. The refractive index of optical fiber is about 1.46, so the flight time of the laser light down the fiber and reflected back from the end-face of the break is used to calculate the location.

          OptIcal cables are easy to cut.

      22. It’s the Russians. Their sleepers are testing our response times, and they’re also gauging how big the blackout goes when they cut certain lines. This will aid an attack when they cut our communication lines just before invasion. Same with the power companies and the Blackenergy malware sitting on power company servers waiting for the command. The more they step up their attacks, the closer they are to getting the intelligence they need to broaden the blackout. When they stop doing this, the attack is near and they’re waiting for the order.

      23. “It can’t happen here!”. This just an extremist right wing plot to paralyze the people. Um-hum. Pro’s have to get training somewhere, unless they are unusually committed. To me that spells MUSLIMS. The more you know about your enemies response times and tactics, the more able you are to do more damage. Maybe it’s time to think about welding manhole covers shut. Yeah, they’ll have to gouge out the weld, but it’ll keep all but the most determined out of these very important parts of our infrastructure. This is just the beginning of a long-term infrastructural war against our country by these pig eating dogs who call themselves, and are, Muslims. You can expect to see bridges coming down, rail lines disrupted, power lines, gas pipelines, and other things destroyed in a long slow ramp-up to what is happening in Syria now. And many, if not most, of these pigs will be home-grown mutts from places like Dearborn, Michigan, which is damned near a “no-go” zone for non-Muslims and law enforcement. And let’s not forget suicide bombers in malls and other crowded places. When a so-called religion promises heaven for those who knowingly murder others as a means to advance their cause, then it’s time to sort things out. Lock and load.

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