Eyewitness Confessional: There Was An Active Shooter Targeting The Bellagio Hotel During The Las Vegas Massacre

by | Oct 14, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 66 comments

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    In yet another astonishing eyewitness report that contradicts the official story surrounding the worst mass shooting in American history, a married couple who were celebrating their 10th anniversary in Las Vegas at the time of the shooting have come forward to reveal that there was an active shooter inside the Bellagio Hotel around the same time that supposed lone gunman Stephen Paddock was found dead.

    During the confessional, a Canadian man by the name of Jeff detailed the fact that he and his wife were in the Bellagio Resort and Casino around 11:20pm on the night of the shooting when panic broke out in the hotels lobby.

    Jeff begins the interview by making clear his belief that there were multiple active shooters targeting different places in Las Vegas on the night of the attack.

    “First of all, I think what needs to be said is that, from my perspective, there were multiple events that occurred around Las Vegas, up and down the Strip that night. It wasn’t just centralized around the Mandalay Hotel,” the witness claimed.

    The eyewitness then goes on to directly say that he and his wife were involved in an active shooter situation at a different hotel that authorities have so far done everything in their power to cover-up.

    “My wife and I were in Las Vegas celebrating our 10th anniversary and on October 1st we were involved in an incident with an active shooter at the Bellagio. There is no mistake in my mind about it,” he continued.

    Jeff then describes a scene in which he and his wife were walking through the main lobby when screams and gunfire erupted. Keep in mind, this is all information that the police and the FBI has hidden from the American people.

    “All of a sudden there was just a crescendo of screams that started behind us in the lobby,” he claimed. “Then I heard somebody yell ‘there’s a shooter! There’s a shooter!’ And then I heard like five or six pops, like unmistakable gunfire, unmistakably.”

    “That was about 11:20 when we heard the shots and the screams… at that point you could hear and see the screams and see hundreds of people coming towards us.”

    Amazingly, as Shepard Ambellas noted, “The man’s claims match up to actual events captured in police audio recordings from the night of the shooting which confirms that between 11:15 and 11:18 p.m. on the night of Oct. 1 there was, in fact, something going on at the Bellagio.”

    This testimony also backs up claims by another eyewitness, Rene Downs, who has spent the past few days doing interviews about a shooter inside the Bellagio Hotel.

    Slowly but surely we are starting to see the official narrative regarding the Las Vegas Massacre be completely destroyed. At this point it is strikingly obvious that authorities have lied to the American people about the worst mass shooting in our countries history.

    One can only speculate as to what the reasons for these lies actually are?


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      1. Why does this revelation not surprise me.

        • There’s a million gun owners in NY State. Remember that the NWO can be eliminated over night and at 500 yards. NY, Virginia, and Pennsylvania will be at the fore front of the next American Revolution too.

          Keep stacking. 🙂

        • Why only one testimony to the bellagio incidence? There should be 50 or 60 or more?

          • Because this article is pure BS.

            • The part about the police radio dispatch seems legit. I was listening to the scanners at that time and there were reports coming from the Bellagio.

            • 100% I believe this Article. There are more witnesses involved that can corroborate. The Police and Alphabet agencies are lying to everyone. Wonder where the other shooters are now and what theyre planning next

            • whether the article is bs, I don’t know. However there’s video footage out there of the Bellagio on the night of the shooting where you can see hallways upon hallways of people ducked under tables taking cover. The woman recording the video talks the whole time about the shooter inside the Bellagio and others in the hotel agree with her including the security at the hotel. Get with the program

            • How do you know? There’s video of SWAT responding to possible gunmen at the Tropicana around the same time. Nothing is adding up.

              • tropicana could have been hit by stray bullets from the mandy?

          • the bellagio had an incident earlier this year. downs’ vid could be from that one.

          • i have heard that there was an incident at the bellagio earlier this year so this may be from it.

          • There are actual videos from inside the Bellagio after gun shots, showing the building in lock down and staff confirming the shooting.
            So do more research, dude. Just because this is the only one YOU heard, it actually confirms what I’ve heard. Specifically the time of 11:20pm. Another lady filmed what was going on in the Bellagio after the shooting and she says it was 11:15 to 11:20pm off the top of her head.

            What do you have to say about that?

      2. So was the Bellagio shooter taken down and booked by the police? Where are the police records? Time for a freedom of information request to review the records.

      3. Two interesting Vegas shooting conspiracy stories at veteranstoday.com: The Las Vegas Gambit, and Las Vegas Massacre- Shills Expose The Desired Outcome. Not that the truth will ever see the light of day. Australians had their guns taken away in a false flag incident. This North Korea psyop is just a temporary distraction, not saying it won’t result in war.

      4. Multiple locations, sounds more like ISSIs. Not a false flag.

      5. It was reported that the stage for the concert was partially covered with a plastic covering that showed no holes after the shooting.

        • The last sentence of the article says no one has any idea of the motive for these shootings. We don’t have to speculate, we already know the ultimate goal is banning gun ownership. I for one won’t be giving up anything. When you get into situations like this, you’re on your own. Police won’t be there for you. Hell, they don’t even care about the public.

          • Interesting YouTube review of a photo released by police


            Now bare in mind this is one of the very first photos police provided to the public. So why does it have numerous obvious signs of editing? Nothing to see here!

          • TDBh, a good point. But, it is only one of the symptoms of what is being planned. I remember once a long bit ago watching on television David Copperfield making, if I recall right, the Statue of Liberty disappear. Misdirection at one of its most showy. Banning guns is just one of the sleights of hand. As is inciting division along as many lines as possible in this country, between its people. I keep thinking of all the really really big issues that are swirling about the globe and we focus on these events one at a time. From Orlando, events in Paris, Sandy Hook, Vegas, the entire Weinstein perversion, and let’s not forget the Russians!!! We run around putting out fires here and there like one-legged men in an ass-kicking contest. It’s not the fires we should be worrying about or even that we’ve only one leg each to do something about each one. It’s the guys who own the ring we’re jumping around in that are calling the tune. Until we figure out the real motive, the actual goal and do something about it – well… welcome to the hip-hop dance.

      6. BS,
        Until I can read it from a second source. More than one person was in that lock-down.

        Having said that I believe that Las Vegas PTB will do anything to project the Casinos as being safe and free of terrorists.

        • There are literally videos of people in lockdown at the Bellagio hotel…

          • I’m referring to the actual presence of a shooter, as opposed to a lockdown because they don’t want a shooter to enter.

        • second.

          if there were 100’s of people; how is this the only account after so much time.

          my guess is they heard some shots from mandalay somehow and some people panicked.

          (I’m still down that something is really wrong with mandalay’s one nutty shooter story).

        • I have found 3 separate sources who all match up an active shooter at Bellagio.

          Turn off the TEEVEE and do some research.

        • The (((casino owners))) are the same (((folks))) who want the guns- I surmise that they are in on it.

      7. All the news to date simply proves the old saying, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. It, the truth, ain’t getting out of the city limits folks.

      8. What group owns the media ,owns Hollywood, owns the banks ,owns the Internet , and most of our government? Rev. 2:9 ,3:9 John 8:44.

      9. theyre trying to cover everything up because they know theres lots more of this to come and that its going to get a lot worse before it gets any better and theyre trying to keep the inevitable reprisals and retribution against mosques in america from happening for as long as possible

        because they know that as soon as that starts it becomes samarra iraq circa 2006 in america everywhere theres mosques and churches

        cowboys and muslims…for real…coming to a neighborhood near you

        • Sound Awake, it will be cowboys vs. muslims and all other kinds of turds. Bank on it.

        • We ain’t played coboy and muslim yet !!

          Mooslimes should probably go ahead and leave before it starts.

      10. My questions are:
        1. Why no police at mandalay? The cabie video shows no police the entire time. We don’t see any police until she is at least a half mile down the road, and then we see three hiding behind their car. Reminds me of columbine.
        2. How did he end up underneatch the rifle in the picture?
        3. Why 3 dinner plates and 2 desert plates on the food cart. Did he eat three meals and then go on a shooting spree? I would assume he was a bit stressed. Most people don’t have much appetite in stressful situations.
        4. There is a video. I saw it once. Of a bunch of consession workers pinned down behind the counter they work. Someone opens the back door, and you hear shooting that sounds like it is right outside the door. They freak out and tell the person to close the door. And then they panic thinking they are next.
        5. How does 1 guy take 10 siutcases to a hotal room without someone asking what?
        6. No matter how messed up you are, what possible reason to take 23 rifles to a hotel room for a shooting?
        7. 78 minutes? This is the perfect example of why we need the second amendment uninfringed! Had someone brave been nearby with a weapon, this might have had a better ending. But the one thing we can see from this is you are on you own until the police feel it is safe to act. And by then the only thing left is to clean up.
        8. How many witnesses are they going to ignore?
        9. Was weinstein sacrificed to pull attention off of Vegas?
        10. How many of the wounded were shot?
        11. How many casinos had active shooter incident reports? I saw 5 during the event (at midnight) on the vegas police incident reports. Another across town before it all started.
        12. Do the sheriffs have handlers? Do they not realize they have the power!
        13. ISIS? Seriously! An over the hill white guy joins ISIS?
        14. Is anyone going to believe anything they hear from the idiots running the show!

        • The big question. Why the as yet unimpeded shooter didn’t continue to shoot? He had plenty of time. Why? Plenty of rifles and ammo. Why did he stop shooting? Could it be that he already had a bullet in the head? If so, who put it there?

          There is simply nothing they could say in their final statement that I would believe!

          I believe this was a gargantuanly huge event! Far bigger than anyone has imagined! And that is why the sherrifs have handlers! And why the story will never make sense!

          • Dave,
            “Why the as yet unimpeded shooter didn’t continue to shoot?”.
            I have posed that question many times here and other forums.
            Also why the choice of bump fire? Semi auto with the scopes he had would have been far deadlier for a much larger kill count.
            Even our military rarely uses full auto, they have 3 rounds full auto, and then you have to pull the trigger again. Even the Russians have their rifles set up that way.
            I agree with all your other observations/questions.

            I don’t really think this is some sort of government thing to
            disarm us, because that simply isn’t going to happen.
            It is obvious that there is some sort of cover-up.

            • Never bump fired so I don’t know, other then the principle of it. But weren’t these rifles on tripods? I would think full auto into a crowded area would take more than semi-auto. The reason I would not want full-auto is the expenditure of ammo. But if I were dealing with a wall of enemies, then I would. In other words if there were one hundred enemy combatants in a tight group heading towards me, I would want full-auto, if there were ten spread out, semi-auto.

        • 1. Casinos hate police, they have amazing security. If unleashed they are likely better than police. Police are only allowed in if there is a death or shooting.
          2. Getting underneath the rifle… The magic of Hollywood.
          3. A plate for everything.
          4. Panic is the reason hundreds were injured. This actually might have been one of the few times running toward the gunfire was smartest. A steeper angle for the shooter, away from the stampeding crowd, and the closest cover.
          5. Getting ten suitcases to your room, give the bellhop a hundred dollar bill and say it’s a sales presentation for a guest I’m entertaining. Stop appear thoughtful, and give the bellhop another fifty and say some of those are fragile. Thank you!
          6. Lots of rifles, some appeared to be pistol caliber rifles, only good for close quarters. I’ve been thinking of getting one. Some rifles look like .223 and some .308. Each has advantages. Shooting people at 450 yards is a real stretch for .223 the bullet drop is like 40 inches, bullets lose 2/3 to 3/4 of their kinetic energy. At 450 yards a .223 velocity drops to the speed of a .22 short. At that range it will kill but it’s a pretty wimpy round, more likely to wound. He appears to have practiced enough to know a semi-auto rifle jams when it gets hot from excessive rapid fire. Two solutions, a water bath to cool them, or lots of guns and rotate them.
          7. Why suicide when police took another hour to break in? This is troubling, especially since he had cameras and knew exactly what they were doing.
          8. Taking a break be back later.

          • 1. Yes, but I would expect police to be pouring into mandalay bay, and that isn’t what we see.
            4. Yes, And I would like numbers. How many shot vs injured in some other way. Not telling us preserves the anti 2nd amendment mind set that 1 guy shot 600. The sheriff did say most have gone home. Not serious injuries. I’m guessing a lot of the 600 were scrapes and bruises, but I bet they will keep tight lipped on that for anti 2nd amendment purposes.
            5. 10 suitcases. Not buying it. But, then I suppose he could say the wife is here as well.
            6. I could handle the 10 when they were saying 10, but 23 I have trouble with. Have they provided a list of the guns, and calibers? They said the rifles ranged from .223 to .308. Actually the sheriff said it in reverse.

          • 3. I find it strange that someone eats a large meal before going on a shooting spree. I would be puking my brains, even on an empty belly. Maybe that is one of the many differences between sane and insane.

            • And anti psychotic drugs,,,

      11. ANTIFA says Nov. 4 it begins? Another Russian revolution? The Bolshavik communist Jews will kill the Czar and his ministers as Anistatia screams in vain? I say the polish and French armies let the Germans in to get rid of the communists. And we helped the communists rape and enslave half of Europe. Isn’t it obvious? And now they rule. Isn’t it obvious?

        • Bring it on AntiFreeAmerica. Real Americans will quickly end whatever they start, permanently.

      12. Hope you can guess my name? But what’s troubling you is the nature of my game?

      13. I’m not buying this story.
        I looked up intellihub….and several sites claim it is bogus news?
        But in a crowd of 2200 people secrets will never be secret. Seems a really
        big stretch to murder one of their patsies. Maybe this was because the ‘white’ guy
        knew too much?
        We are being played, I think. Watch Obuttho…..he likes to play games.

      14. And people wonder why the public doesn’t believe the government or anybody for that matter. We no longer trust the press,politicians,law enforcement,etc. We might be setting ourselves up for a ripe takeover. This country has gone nuts!

        • Its because They lie constantly.

        • I second that, its gone bat crap crazy

      15. No video or pictures of Paddock entering or leaving the hotel casino. Yet 4 different pics or video angles of Paddock slipping and falling before he sued and lost after that incident.

        • definition of paddock

          . . .a small field or enclosure. . .

      16. That’s right rellik they will do and say anything to protect the casino industry in vegas including looking through your bags and car plus having the hotel staff looking for suspicious behavior. This will spread to other vacation destinations. If people would tell these resort operators they won’t stay there because of the lack of privacy due to security being implemented and that they just aren’t that scared to give up their privacy. The police protect the tourist industry. This is what they do in Florida I can’t see it being any different in vegas. They hide crimes from the patrons so they won’t be too afraid to return again. The veneer of the bright lights and fountains fine food and booze lulls people into fantasy land and they want it that way. they won’t tell you that someone got stabbed to death nearby yesterday. They won’t tell you about the guy that got shot to death point blank in the parking garage last night. They won’t tell you about the strange stalker creeping out young girls or the guy stealing peoples door card to their room from the lounge chair by the pool to go and steal their cameras $ and other valuables. They won’t tell you any of this and they want you to be too drunk to notice anything but pissing a bunch of$ away then going home and telling everyone you know what a blast you had.

      17. Why has Trump not called out the fake news media after eyewitness accounts counter the official narrative of events. Selective fakery tells the truth.

      18. Still no bullet weight

      19. If there was a spot on the planet where it would be very involved and require a massive effort to cover something up its at a casino. I suspect that were getting bombarded with implausible story upon implausible story to dilute the truth.

        As I see it.

        1. The recruited this guy to be a gun runner quite possibly selling to other CIA types so that he couldn’t actually get caught.

        2. He laundered his illegal income by claiming casino winnings

        3. He was in that room expecting an “illegal” arms transaction

        4. They killed him and committed the mass shooting

        5. They fled

        Everything else is just like JFK, MOB, Russia, Castro, everyone but TPTB

        • K2,
          Question is why the mass killing?
          Arms dealers usually want to be discreet.

          Any good criminal never wants to draw attention
          to themselves.

          Diversion? a few flash bangs
          would have done the trick.

          • rellik

            “Question is why the mass killing?”

            Steven Paddock didn’t do the killing. He was a patsy set up as long ago as one can see his unusual income. Hillary was meant to be President for this. While he did do arms trafficking many previous deals (selling to the very people that set this charade all up) and naturally everything went like clockwork. They needed a person, lots of guns they want banned, a huge presentation (concert). They (TPTB agents) just supplied the shooters. A clean in and out. One vital part of the coverup is their arrival and departure from the room on video. I suspect one switching of a tape / CD and you get Paddock entering and no one else entering nor leaving.

            • Computerized surveillance, no need for tapes or cds, evidence can be erased as easily as its recorded if someone knows what they are doing, and all those systems are remotely accessible.

              • BINGO

                Zapruder film? What Zapruder film?

            • There were no security cameras on the floor to protect the privacy of the clients according to what I heard a few days ago.

        • Smells like a MOSSAD operation from start to finish, and with the Sayonim ‘helpers’ basically ‘owning’ and running the entire city of Las Vegas – the perpetrators had plenty of help when making their escape.

          I am convinced that this story has very long and very wide spread tentacles, but one of those tentacles most definitely reaches the jewish obsession to ban the most effective makes and models of semi-auto weapons that would be needed by patriotic White men when the day finally arrives where White men decide to take their nation back from these Semitic aliens who have hijacked it.

        • The stories don’t add up. The lies and contradictions come so fast that the average person can’t keep up with it all. This op has deep state written all over it. NO one makes that kind of money gambling because the house always wins. If you get too lucky casinos won’t let you in, they will assume your’re cheating more than they are. Padock worked at Lockheed Martin as an accountant at some secretive projects they can;t even talk about. He had an escape plan, he may not even be dead.
          Vegas Shooting: Paddock Death Photo Missing “13” Neck Tattoo


        . . .a small field or enclosure. . .

      21. So. Now a second Las Vegas hotel and a second Las Vegas shooter is being offered up by the biggest gun crazy out there — the U.S. government (the real perps here).

        What? The first hotel and the first shooter were just not good enough?

        Pathetic. Just pathetic.

        Dear mass-shooters, where ever you are. Please concentrate your fire, and confine you activities to your real tormentors in Washington, DC. Thank you.

      22. It’s easy to see when reading some of the comments that many believe the narrative the media is puking out for consumption. Turn off the TV news, yes that means your Fox News, CNN and MSNBC and research these things better before you comment because it doesn’t serve you well to repeat what the TV tells you think and believe.

      23. The bleating truth seeking sheep majority have been effectively herded into the official story paddock. Stupid conspiracy theorists, USA USA.. and the rockets red glare, the bullets whizzing in air, gave proof through the night that the liars don’t care, oh say does that bullet riddled banner still wave, over the land of the jailed and the hovel of the depraved.

      24. Kevin,
        I read a Mandalay report on security cameras. They only have them at entrance doorways to the
        building and in the casino. The reason….customer privacy. Guess the guests don’t like the hotels that track everyone. Money talks.

        I also read that those hotels have huge lawsuits for worker abuse. Keep that in mind.
        There are many forces in play there and the corruption in Vegas could destroy the whole
        gambling business. Did Paddock know something? Who knows?
        There are ‘dark’ shadows everywhere in Vegas. Sssshhhhh…..

        Teamster Union retirement funds were stolen about 1957-58 which helped finance the first 5 casino’s of the “Vegas Strip”. JFK knew it was “mafia owned.” That is why JFK was killed.
        He was going to investigate the union mafia, and find out WHO was behind the money……WHERE the money was going (International?)..and WHAT criminal activties it was funding.
        Is history repeating itself?…..time will tell. Meantime, watch who dies or disappears.

      25. The biggest anomaly and the reason why this is all PHONY is the immediate release of a the supposedly dead gunmen with a head wound.

        I found that to be very odd as it is NEVER done nowadays. Too much public outcry, yet fine for a FF operation.

        Like Bldg #7 of 9/11, the tipoff it was all a FF operation. Another Sandy Hoax gun grab.

      26. Part of Vegas Metro’s response to an incident like this is to send ‘strike teams’ to ALL the major hotels as part of a planned response to a Mumbai type terrorist attack. Reports of gunfire were coming in from EVERYWHERE to dispatch that night because people were doing what people do….PANICKING.

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