“Bound, Gagged and Bloody”: Racist Thugs Force Kidnapped White Man To Say ‘F–– Donald Trump’

by | Jan 5, 2017 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 130 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com

    Editor’s Comment: There’s a complete lack of understanding in the people about who the real enemy is. Instead, groups divided by race attack each other based on race, and on general assumptions about the election. There is little doubt that this nation can be torn down by dividing among itself.

    After months of touting the victimhood of Black Lives Matter protesters, and the sanctity of their cause, the media can no longer look away from disturbing cases of black-on-white crimes of abuse, harassment, torture, humiliation and the like. Despite all this, the portrayal of the opposite of this event is likely to drag on with the fresh face and divisive politics of the next president.

    Shock Video: White Man Kidnapped, Gagged, Beaten By Racist Black Anti-Trump Gang

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    A shocking video shows a white man bound, gagged and bloody as a gang of racist black thugs force him to say “f**k Donald Trump” and “f**k white people”.

    The video was uploaded to Facebook live yesterday by a user named Brittany Herring, the African-American woman who appears in the clip.

    The 30 minute video shows a young man tied up in a corner with blood coming from his head. The man’s mouth is gagged as thugs humiliate and abuse him.

    The victim is repeatedly kicked and hit while forced to denounce white people and Donald Trump.

    Chicago police tell Fox 32 that four people are in custody and authorities are conducting further investigation.

    The young man seen in the clip, who has special needs, is now in hospital and is being treated for his injuries.

    “The incident took place Tuesday in an apartment on the 3400 block of West Lexington on Chicago’s West Side,” according to police.

    The footage is a chilling illustration of how anti-Trump hatred, which accelerated after the election, is now completely out of control.

    Will the media even cover this footage or will news networks like CNN bury the story as they continue to hype hoax hate crimes faked by anti-Trump leftists?

    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at Infowars.com


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      1. It will be a great day when we can go after these scum and just kill them. It’s almost upon us. Pieces of shits from the hoods ain’t ever seen real gunfire.

        • i just watched this on fox news, and saw stewart varney say “this sort of thing OUGHT to be illegal”……well, stewart, i got a NEWS-FLASH for you….it IS illegal. assault is just ONE of the crimes they committed, punishable by hard time in prison for a few YEARS…go get ’em, prosecutor!…oh, and don’t forget KIDnapping…..it’s time to make EXAMPLES of these crybullies.

          • If this had been done to an African-American by four whites, this would be front page news. There would be outrage in the media and this would remain a news focus.

            I wonder if/how the mainstream media will cover this?

            • KY Mom, I’m thinking they won’t cover it at all.
              I’ll force myself to watch ABC News tonight and check.

              • I watched the entire video on mediaite. It’s about 30 minutes. Just fuckin disgusting. I know a lot of folks are angry about all the racial aspects, and rightly so given the hypocrisy concerning who is racist and who can’t be racist because of the current power structure, which is a flying crock of shit. Anyone that would do something like this is beyond redemption. To take a retarded kid and do this shit is plain fuckin bad. They’re slimy piece of shit cowards. Yea these hard ass thugs took society’s weakest and tortured him. Yea they’re tough alright. And it takes a special kind of stupid to broadcast it on social media. I guess the video only lasted 30 minutes because they had to go to work…..can’t be late you know. Peices of shit.

                • work ? – sell drugs or pimp or collect welfare
                  or ??? they are a burden on society

                • Jackknife said,

                  “Anyone that would do something like this is beyond redemption.”

                  Anyone that would do something like this is a terrorist. And like all terrorist, they should be subject to summary execution. Period!

                  This is the only way we are going to begin to reassert any kind of civility in our society. This may be an extreme opinion on my part, but the time for half measures is long past.

                  • i say we give anyone that wants it a knife…let’s limit it to a 2″ blade…chain these chimps to a tree and let anyone have a piece of them that wants it. if we let these animals LIVE, you got nobody to blame but U.S….that’s what’s wrong with U.S., by the way….we no longer remove the bad seeds from the genepool. the genepool clearly needs more chlorine.

                    • These animals should be eliminated quickly. My only issue with your statement bcod. Like rabid dogs, just put them down – immediately. Afterwards, if an object lesson is needed, spike their heads on poles at the major 4 entry points to their ‘hood’. Let the crows feast.

                    • Well one thing’s for sure, it’s not a hate crime. The colors are all wrong.

                  • LMFAO at blackmoe!

                • You are absolutely right.
                  They don’t work those PIECE of Crap they are at the bottom and always will be…Now they are going to jail for the system to continue to support them….I hope they get Max 20 plus

                • Jacknife, that poor kid will be scarred for life due to what he’s been through. I’m just glad to hear he’s alive. It’s a shame he has mental issues. That’s one big thing that can prevent him from buying any type of gun and ever learning how to use it. If that had been someone in my family, I would’ve hunted down those niggers and killed them.

                • This is why I carry a gun

              • Well, what do you know…pos propaganda operative
                David Muir is actually covering the story.
                But the lead story is Russia hacking the election.
                How do you hack voting terminals that are not connected to the internet?

            • If the mainstream media covers this horrible racist attack, then there will be terrible riots and looting in Ferguson, Baltimore, Detroit, and other places that get outraged by shameless Black-on-White crime.

              Blacks do NOT want Martin Luther King’s legacy to be denigrated and dismissed. He said that he dreamt of a day where men are judged by the content of their character, and not by the color of their skin.

              When these thugs commit Black-on-White crime, it repudiates MLK. Hence, the riots in Ferguson and elsewhere to honor MLK.

            • KY Mom,

              Chicago needs to be fumigated. Never have I seen a greater festering cesspool of scum and villainy than Chicago. Is there any wonder why the city had 765 homicides last year; and this is where Obama was raised? The place is a warzone. Happy New Year KY Mom.

              • YH,

                I agree! It is horrible that anyone would do this to another person – apparently just for fun. One of them uploaded the video to Facebook, so they apparently thought was ok.

                Even more sad is the fact that they chose one of the weakest to be their victim. The young man who was tortured was mentally disabled. He knew one of the attackers and was willingly lured away by her.

                Happy New Year YH. Be safe.

                • Happy New Year KY Mom!

                  I hope you have a good year.

                  • Thank you! You too ouch!

                    I hope you have a good year!

                • KY Mom,

                  It’s sickening, just sickening. Just when I think nothing new will shock me, something even more disreputable, depraved, and malignant, emerges from Chicago. Too bad we can’t erect a fence around Chicago to keep the cretins from escaping. Cheers.

            • Thank you! You are absolutely right yes where is Al Sharpton and the others condemning the act. Where is the outrage!!! If he was black be RIOTS today. This are sick uneducated useless humans…

          • the example that needs to be made, is their skull on a pike.. after a 45 whistles through their head

            • EOTS

              Drill holes in their teeth and make them drink ice water.

      2. assault. that’s what those thugs BETTER GO TO PRISON for!

        • If obamma had a son it would look juuuust like

          • if obomber had a city, it would look like……wait……that WAS his city, wasn’t it?

      3. FSA (Free Shit Army) gearing up to take on The Deplorables.
        And they say we’re the racists.
        Stay frosty

        • Same shit different day. Mac isn’t even posting most of the comments people make here. This site is a sensational Tabloid.

          • what did you THINK you would find here?

        • Keep prepping folks. Layoffs often see a ripple effect, especially visible in smaller communities.

          Macy’s, Kohl’s Crash After Reporting Abysmal Holiday Sales; Cut Guidance; Announce Mass Layoffs, Store Closures
          Macy’s to close 68 stores and lay off over than 10,000 jobs.
          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-04/macys-kohls-crash-after-reporting-abysmal-holiday-sales-cut-guidance-announce-mass-l

          ADP Employment Disappoints As Small Business, Manufacturing Payrolls Shrink
          “Despite the exuberance of US equity markets and sentiment indicators, ADP reports small businesses cut jobs (-3k) in December (as large businesses added) leaving ADP at 153k (considerably below the 175k expectation). Once again goods producing jobs declined as services improved.”
          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-05/adp-employment-disappoints-small-business-payrolls-shrink

        • Majestic, let the FSA bring it. Bullets will do wonders on them.

      4. Stupid flap lipped naggers brought this HELTER Skelter themselves

        Good luck fellow whites.

        • The naggers are gonna lose helter skelter badly Captain!

          • don’t y’all forget there’s a few/LOT? of decent black people out there….a couple of them got MY back….make sure you only shoot the BAD ones….and i’m guessin’ there will be a few whites need shootin’ too, if the excrement ever contacts the mass of rotating twisted metal…..never forget that….this aint blacks against whites, it’s the haves against the have-nots.

            • Yea no doubt but these were plain ass n iggers. There are also scum illegals and islamic savages to deal with.

              • Hate Speech and Hate Crimes are just Government Hate Propaganda. Murder is Murder and Kidnapping is Kidnapping and should be Proscuted as such, regardless of color. Justice should be Color Blind! I’ve used the term nigger thousands of times in my life, but don’t think for a minute that I wouldn’t pull the switch on that asshole that murdered those 9 people in church. That was Murder plain and simple and it don’t need no other name. Trekker Out.

      5. Well folks take a good look at this because, if the BLM, panthers, KKK, get their way this will be common place and tolerated. No body White or Black should have this happened to them.

        For these thugs this is a badge of honor when they get into prison. Just like shooting a killing their own in Shitcago/Chiraq. You can bet if this was a black man and white people doing this by tonight Chiraq/Shitcago would be burning, because the info is out. This also just goes to show you that Chiraq/Shitcago where the sheeple won’t carry or can’t carry this type of crap will and can happen. Just think if they guy was carrying and he was attacked and shot and killed some of these turds. What a great day it would have been. But then again he is white and they were black he would be the bad guy in Chiraq/Shitcago. There would be marches and Riots because of that.

        Because most people believe in the rule of law they will let the law run its course. When TSHTF these turds would be swinging from the nearest tree the way it should be.

        This is going to get worse look what is happening in Europe. We have turds here already wait till more of them get here. If we don’t stand up we can say good by to what we want the USA to look like and to be!

        This just goes to show that you are really on your own so arm up. Don’t be a victim!


        • Ready here Sgt

          • I’m just wondering at what point do we turn from a defensive posture to an offensive one. Can’t be far away, and if so, how far to take it. Evil bastards have fucked up our home. I want them all dead.

            • Hell yeah Menzo , not far off indeed

              Maybe 10 days or so. We will see indeed

        • Sarge, I’m locked-n-loaded. I saw this article at thegatewaypundit.com earlier. The video was so hard for me to watch I had to get away from the computer for awhile. The 4 apes who did this need to be shot. This is what happens when black males are allowed to have their way in society. They are KING when it comes to crime and the FBI and DOJ statistics back me up on that.

        • Thanks GOD for the second Amendment.. we are going to need it sooner than later to stop Animals like that

        • Note that even with 4:1 odds, they still chose a mentally deficient victim.

        • Yep. Hope someone knows where they will be after they are released from jail and drills them all.

          • Menzo, all the apes in that video need one bullet to the head apiece.

            • Yes

      6. All the more reason for every good American to carry a gun (whether its legal or not)….better to be tried by 12 than carried by six.!!!!

      7. Add this man’s name to the list with Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom.

      8. Well at what point is a good question. At present you have to take a hard line and forget the legal avenues and by yourself do what isnecessary. Or continue to look the other way and do nothing. Myself I will only take care of and defend me and mine. If you are someplace being mugged assaulted ect. It will continue. I will not intervene. Its your fault for being a sheeple & not having a weapon. Sheeple need culling.

      9. When I retired 6 years ago from a metro cesspool Police Department I told many Police Officers and others in Law Enforcement that the collapsing American cities would turn into crime plagued cesspools of deranged, dumbed down, depressed, disease ridden, obese, homeless, chemical induced insanity. I also explained to the dumbed down cowards how it was all planned by GENOCIDAL PSYCHOPATHS controlling the criminal treasonous US Government. Of course the programmed cowards laughed, and laughed, and laughed some more, they called me the usual coping mechanisms of the dumbed down drunken Big Pharma pill popping cowards…”tin foil hat, conspiracy theorist, anti-social, crazy, pessimist, gloom and doomer.. etc, etc”….. Of course the Oathbreaking cowards forgot their Oaths and duties to the American people they were SWORN to “PROTECT AND SERVE”, and even worse, they whored out their children long ago to the psychopaths controlling the criminal treasonous US Government, so I understand the programming and indoctrination in “USA WERE #1” complete INSANITY and MASS DELUSION would never allow them the see the absolute complete TRUTH staring them right in their dumbed down faces every single day in collapsing Police State hell on earth America!!!

        • Ron, you’re vocabulary range is off the chart.

          • Thank you, I was educated before the Common Core Corporatist Fascist Horror.

            • Ron, I know I only rarely respond to you, but you really have a way with words and make valid points. I salute you, sir.

              • I salute you freedom and liberty loving Patriot for accepting the truth

                • admit it, ron, you looked up “democrat” in the dictionary, and copy/pasted…..

      10. Off topic here, so what. For Zeus.
        Jan. 3 “Behind the Scenes..” article.
        Zeus, did you get picked up by the feds or has Mac smacked you again?

        I did like your silver analysis the other day, even sent some of it to a friend who’s in the market for pm’s.

        Then, in the article I noted, you attacked Archivist and buttcrackofdoom when you were, in fact, quite wrong.
        Man enough to own up to it?
        Or are you suspended until you come back under yet another screen name?

        “He who makes a show of himself cannot shine.”

        • Ketchup,also took a shot at Brave,called him on it as was not the general ribbing shit we have here but his old tired attacks,why even hear is beyond me,let him go raise his alligators and leave us be.

          • Warchild, Zeus has ‘swampwater on the brain’ or something like that.

        • Hey dufass katsup. They were both wrong go read my comments again. Also Looks like Mac refuses to post the truth when I call out author shills for their hypocracy. So fuckit. Looks like Silver is back in favor. Gold heading north also. If it takes a day and a half to get a comment posted, then fuckit. Readers loose out.

          • Had a little hiccup yesterday with comment approvals.

            sorry for the inconvenience folks.



          • You can always post on other sites. As far as Ag, was it last July that it was gonna hit 26.50 or is it this coming July? I’m so confused.

          • So Zeus cannot grasp what “Paid Advertorial” means.
            Still no comments there, huh, brainiac?
            I was right, you aren’t man enough to admit to a mistake.

            • Hey katsup. Adds are highlighted in blue. That silver article was not. That same article was also posted at Freedoms Phoenix as any other article. So I am correct. Is that all you got to try and disparage me? Grasping for straws are ya? Lol..

      11. In case you folks haven’t noticed, the race war is already going full steam. The white cowards failed to show up in order to protect their own families. This isn’t the only attack on whites since Trump got elected. Remember the car jacking and ass kicking of the white guy in Chicago a few weeks ago? Or have you already forgotten? All over the country the MSM is encouraging this kind of activity against anyone white, because they must be racist Trump supporters. Put your fucking beans down and do something!

      12. This is clearly wrong but what do you expect when I am still seeing the majority of white men of either two types: spindly-wristed fruit boys a la Big Bang Theory, OR, obese, lazy, tech-obsessed losers who couldn’t tie their shoes, let alone defend themselves against angry ‘grows.

        These days, pretty well the only guys I see who are a) physically fit, and b) strong are either blacks, mooslimes and elements of the military. Nobody else could fight their way out of a paper bag.

        My advice? If you are white, you better start training as of yesterday. That means running three times a week, doing push-ups, pull-ups, weight training and take some self-defense classes. Better still, join the reserve and get the government to pay for your training.

        • I completely see the same thing you are referring to , a huge portion of our population fat dumb and happy .. Im not advocating them to get fit .. because I’m going to need them to be behind me , or in front of me as cover as I get the job done

          I also do see a lot of fat blacks, fat whites, and fat in general
          I’m about 180 5′-10 fit for my age , if i stand sideways to you in a shoot out , my belly dont stick out over my pants or further then my chest, i wont be that easy to hit as i hit back , plus i move fast

          there always a silver lining if you look hard enough for it

          • EOTS and FT, I also see the same things all the time. EOTS, I’m 6’1″ and 180 LBS, but don’t move as fast as I used to. Any of those land whales could be my shield, LOL!

      13. The time for training and losing weight is long passed. The time for action is overdue. Do something now or admit that the person in the mirror staring back at you is a coward.

        • Him

          Want Action?

          Put a sign in your front yards that SAYS,

          Or something like that.

          Get all the action you want. The Cops, the neighbors, the news, the gangs and a few others.

          • Go blow a dog.

            • LOL

            • HIM

              Kiss my ass. How much fucking backbone do you have asshole. Just jump up and have at it.

              • popcorn with butter spritzed all over it is soooo good! i just LOVE that stuff.

        • Him:

          “Go do something.”

          No. Don’t do anything for the next six weeks. That is time to arm yourself and practice punching and kicking, as you lose that holiday spread.

          Trump takes charge of the cops and courts. There will be three weeks of protests (riots) and other forms of bad behavior, maybe. We’ll get to see just how tough Trump is.

          I hope things are very safe, and that the hoodlums in the hood either behave or get arrested. Maybe FEMA CAMPS aren’t such a bad idea after all. (Only half kidding)


          • B from CA, Jan. 20th in DC may very well become very dark and bloody. 2 million bikers will supposedly be there to support Trump and take on the libturds. The libturds are screwing up royally if they tangle with those bikers. The bikers don’t play and won’t take prisoners, either.

      14. Must one blame the fiddle for the screech of the incompetent player. I blame the unseen social engineer, the regulators, the billionaire’s global influence that suppress respect and pride as their method, the global elite. You can notice the little nudges such as historical statues and flags suddenly becoming offensive. The land grab in the west where their planned rebirth will be. Only a slave suffers a fool.

        • DNC Refused FBI Access to Its Servers … Instead Gave Access to a DNC Consultant Tied to Organization Promoting Russia Conflict

          “The Democratic National Committee “rebuffed” a request from the FBI to examine its computer services after it was allegedly hacked by Russia during the 2016 election, a senior law enforcement official told CNN Thursday.

          “The FBI repeatedly stressed to DNC officials the necessity of obtaining direct access to servers and data, only to be rebuffed until well after the initial compromise had been mitigated,” a senior law enforcement official told CNN. “This left the FBI no choice but to rely upon a third party for information.”

          ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-01-06/dnc-refused-fbi-access-its-servers-%E2%80%A6-instead-gave-access-dnc-consultant-tied-organiz

      15. Tracer rounds first…. I want to see them try to run in those saggy ass pants.

        • Nomadic

          FUCKING “A” RIGHT.

          I have a few mags set aside just for that. I want to see them run. I know for a Fact there is nothing they can hide behind to shield them.

      16. Phase one if I get attacked. I will use SI Lat.


        There are many ways to deal with people that like to attack and beat up whites. I dare any black thugs to come up to me in front of people, come on try it. Black nigger thugs, and this is what my career black friends call them, need to be forcibly removed from society. I for one, will not be on my knees, curling up in a corner getting my ass kicked. If its a mass of thugs in all out collapse, then Phase two is the best martial arts.

        Phase 2: A lot worse than phase one.


        Come up to me and I will show you what torture is about. First, I break the arm, one leg, a kick to the rips, crack the ribs, break the noses. Then if I have fail, and multiply thugs are all over. I will reach into my trunk and get my 590A1 sidewinder, followed by a surgical strike. Trump needs to move in a military battalion in those areas and liquidate that population, they are no longer needed. They serve no purpose, all they do is commit crimes.


        The one and only. Yes mother phuckers, I voted for Trump, and I am a white boy. Come get me.

      17. Im just waiting for something like this to happen to a person of resources..and by that Im talking about a person who could make sure these punks never see the inside of a court house

        • “E”
          I could agree with you more!!!! Our system doesn’t work anymore time to change things back to the way they were in the 1880 and 90’s.

        • I do too: just do it to the daughter of a deep stater and see what happens, punks. It would unleash the gates of hell on the ghetto junk. Black vans pulling up and whipping ghetto junk off the streets; said vans then bomb it to the nearest airport for a dark flight to where? Who knows, who cares… the only certainty is that they will be following a path taken by many thousands before, never to be heard from or seen again. Sharky-pooh food or organ harvested or sold into sex slavery (though very unlikely with ghetto junk, since they are the lowest of the low on that totem pole).

          • “daughter of a deep stater”

            They don’t come into contact with the trash of society.

            • The best defense against them is distance. If you shoot one, regardless of the validity of the circumstances, the one you shot was going to go to Harvard, and cure cancer.

          • Demons do not have daughters, they produce gremlin offspring with hooves, notice you will never see them barefoot

      18. Hate crimes are acts of bigotry, and are committed because of the intended victim’s actual or perceived ancestry, color, creed, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disability (including HIV status), or national origin. … Hate Crime is a Class 4 felony.

        Sounds like they will have no charges. Because its not a hate crime. F shitcago!

      19. Don’t let anger get in the way. It’ll cloud the judgement, thus interfere with keeping the aim steady.

        Most of these clowns don’t think these situations through entirely. They’ll hunt down the softest target and then look for positive reciprocation to feed their egos and justify their actions.

        In any case: “Always keep one in the chamber and continue to fire until the attacker stops.”

        To understand the above quote, I suggest folks unfamiliar with combat watch the examples of actual aggression presented by Active Self-Protection on youtube. Then train accordingly until it becomes second nature.

      20. Replace “Racist” with “Costumed Clowns” and the story is quite similar but for the fact the clowns beat the mentally impaired man to death.

        Or is that forgotten? The man was crying for his daddy while they beat him to death. Of course, with blue privilege, they got off.

        “Stop resisting”. The shared refrain of rapists and police.

        When they make you empty your pockets and go through a metal detector in front of pension whore Barney Fife just to see your local land records, then imagine how the national police state operates on a much larger scale, but with the same costumed clown pension whores.


      21. sooo someone beats you and forces you to say F donald trump?

        hell you dont even have to beat me to get me to say that

        Fuck Donald Trump… see , not that hard to do

        • Enemy, they kidnapped a mentally challenged teen, tied him up, tortured and abused him. For hours. Turned him loose on the west side, confused, bleeding in sub freezing temps. Shame on you.

          • yep, I know

            you still missed MY point

            • the white guy will probably get charged for being in a black neighborhood

        • Enemy You just as stupid or mare than they are….what if it was your son you wont be saying that….

          • you don’t recognize sarcasm, carlos? there may just be a sar chasm in you.

      22. I really thought(still might be) a fake to get folks to riot in a racial way.I will not fall for a race war,will fucking to best of ability kill ANYONE who fucks with me/family/pets friends,in my non racial way of not caring what your ethnicity/religion/educational status/sex or sexuality ect.,do this and will fucking kill you.

        • Hey War…
          It’s snowing like crazy here….so I’m stuck inside today.
          Just finished watching a movie “The Magnificent Seven”

          If you haven’t seen it allow me if you will to extend my review.
          It’s an epic neo- western about townsfolk that are about to lose their land to a WHITE greedy industrialist.

          That is until a voluptuous WHITE woman hires multicultural mercenaries to defend her and the other non violent townsfolk against the evil WHITE industrialist.

          The White Industrialist was a real dik … I hated him too . With that said however and ..Im no Siskel or Ebert but I can’t help but notice a recurring theme coming out of Hollywood that pits Whitey against multiculturalism.

          It’s almost like they are trying to paint a target on ol Gun totin Whitey.

          The reason I use the term gun totin whitey is because the White industrialist had a Gatling Gun and the mercenaries didn’t thereby making him a right wing “Gun Extremist” by proxy. Nonetheless the multicultural task force won in the end…. go figure
          In the final scene the voluptuous White woman kills the White industrialist in order to save the African American leader of the mercenaries .

          Oh I almost forgot…there was one token Native American fighting on the side of the White Industrialist … but he died at the hands of the Native American fighting on the side of the multicultural mercenaries and the last words he ever heard was….

          Hollywierd couldn’t be any more obvious of their intent… but yeah you’re right in your evaluation…all intruders must die regardless of race, color, creed or religion.

          Oh well I hope I didn’t ruin the movie for you if you’re into neo-westerns and haven’t seen it.
          As for me I’m done with em.

          Ive got to go shovel some WHITE snow now. lol
          G /∃∀……Nomadic…OUT

          • Nomad,saw it a long time ago,you know most of them movies kinda the same stories half the time reworked!Kinda like rock,only about 12 original songs,rest are rewashes!

            Oh,enjoy the snow!

      23. OK,hate crime charges against suspects filed,good,except the hate crime laws are a crook of shit,but,till we get rid of that nonsense finally nice to see used here,took a bit but assume this case is very tight knit so no wassism bullshit can be brought out.

      24. Your government is anti-White. Accept it. The Supt. of the Chicago PD, Eddie Johnson, does not have a college degree. He does not have a high school diploma. The FOP has verified that Eddie Johnson only has a GED. How can the Supt. of the PD only have a GED? Affirmative Action. In Chicago, if you are not politically connected, and you are a white male, you must score 90 or above in order to get your name on the police hire list. If you are a black male, you may flunk the test by 5 points, scoring only 70. So, dark skin and a 70 is the same as white skin and a 90. It doesn’t stop there. In the next few years those that flunked the test are also eligible to take the Sgt.s exam. A certain percentage of “minorities” are promoted regardless of how low their scores were. Then come the Command positions. When the affirmative action applicants get promoted, they are called “exempts”. No test. Just promoted based on skin color. Recently, the Chicago PD sent a black sergeant to an FBI school. They sent him back to Chicago. He couldn’t read! This is the present. In the future it will get worse.

        • You make some good points. All cultures and races are not the same. In the British Commonwealth countries they do the same with Indians. Indians can be very smart but they have very low ability to understand what is or isn’t corruption (just look at India). In short, basic ethics is not great. So, the civil services have just become more wasteful and more corrupt since the 1960s. Granted (and it is a big plus for Indians), their women can be very hot and leagues above the obese affirmative action cases you find in the US.

      25. I’m patiently awaiting for the leaders in the black community to condemn this attack not make excuses for it.

        • Yes its kind of like free women should be the most concerned about islamification. Where are these voices, they are there.

      26. Where are the disabled advocacy groups? They BETTER have something to say about this one.

      27. give them the death penalty, filth and scum that do that to others have no right to live.

      28. I found her dad is a paid shill on the WL. So, here we go. They should charge the DNC with a hate crime too.

      29. I am not a Robot I still don’t see my comments!!!!

      30. And the White House spokesman says it’s not a hate crime, nor does the Chicago police.

        Bet if 4 white guys kidnapped, tortured and forced a mentally challenged black kid to denounce Obama and then advertised it to the worldinner cities and the Left wing media would explode in an orgy of violence.

      31. The easy thing is to say just execute them. But this is a complicated problem that should be dealt with seriously.

        These are minimally intelligent, impressionable black teens. What they did is sadistic. But Blacks don’t get like this for no reason. They are being manipulated by George Soros, the J*w media, and a whole movement intended to create this type of behavior, and they succeeded.

        Put these blacks into lockdown, and subject them to deprograming by someone who is a champion for white civil rights like David Duke or Kevin McDonald. In a year, under the correct influence, they could be brought to their senses.

        Unfortunately, that is not how the system works. So, they will possibly get a slap on the wrist, and let go. Or, they will be tried as adults, and given more time than murderers. As, bad as this is, they did not kill him. If, they were aware of the seriousness of their crime, they would have hidden it, not placed it on social media.

        I would give each of them seven years without possibility of parole. Plus a white nationalist psychiatrist/psychologist. Kevin McDonald would be ideal for this job. Also, the victim deserves an equal amount of counseling by Kevin. This should be paid for by some job these punks should be given, like ditch digging.


        • Africans in South Africa:

          There are white South Africans. These people now own eighty percent of the land. They are the farmers who have been there for four hundred years. Under white investment, Africa became civilized. Now, under a communist, Nelson Mandella, put into power by J*w communists, toward a goal of global domination, the J*ws succeeded in ending segregation, called apartheid, in Africa; just as the J*ws ended segregation in the U.S.

          The result is genocide. Blacks in Africa have genocided thousands of whites. They tortured and murdered thousands. Nelson Mandella talks peace and love for the camera, then sings along with the other murdering blacks “kill white people”.


      32. Frank Thoughts, I’ve yet to deal with someone from India that was smart. On the phone, or face to face, they don’t understand anything you’re telling them. I think this a bunch of hype. The young man in Chicago who was kidnapped, beaten, tied up, and made to say things against his will should be vindicated with every possible charge that is applicable, and that includes a crime of hate. You know that they wouldn’t have done that to a black person. I’m tired of hearing all people who are white are racist. The way this country is going would make a white person racist. One of my sons, who is now 46, told me when he returned from the Marines that he wasn’t a racist until he went into the Marines. Also my 4 sons never the “N” until they entered elementary school. We are white and I was never racist; and I’m tired of hearing I am just because of my skin color. You don’t know me.

        • But they do have some seriously hot women! Agree they are totally untrustworthy when it comes to call centres and information technology.

          Maybe they should just stick to modelling and porn?

          As for America’s African American calamity, just encourage them to live amongst their own in Kwanzavilles and then let the Russians know the grid coordinates.

      33. I forget which French writer (Moliere? Bastiat? duPan?) wrote this, but it is a fact:

        “It is never very long before oppressed people, once they gain power, to put on the robes of their former oppressors.”

        Feminazis, gay fascists sturm troopers, now BLM types. Truly, as Solzhenitsyn noted, the line between good and evil runs through EACH of our own individual hearts. Too bad the reductionists – e.g., those noted above – can’t see that they, too, are just as evil as the worst.

        Now, back to the destruction of grandmother Baronnelle Stutzman’s florist life and biz by the radical gays and their judicial Kristallnachts (this time just using black robed judicial thugs rather than brown shirted street thugs – same diff.) Stories on this at http://www.adflegal.org/detailspages/client-stories-details/barronelle-stutzman or http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/feb/18/barronelle-stutzman-christian-florist-who-refused-/ or https://youtu.be/MDETkcCw63c?t=94 Note that Stutzman HIRED gays, served gays, including the people who are trying to destroy her life, but declined to provide flowers due to her conscience… and they turned on her to destroy her life.

      34. How much longer can we go on saying that there are some good ones, so we can’t do anything?They are 15 % of the population now . What happens when they are 30 ,50,75 % ? What do you think will happen? Whites will be running for their lives or moving were? This is our last stand ? Name one country run by any of these minorities that isn’t a hell hole or police state? We have to stop blaming this on anyone except the domestic enemy? Weather they have citizenship or not. Many have sworn an oath to destroy the enemy foreign or domestic. If these people aren’t the domestic enemy then who is ? Or what is a domestic enemy? We have to break the illusion that any American citizen can’t be Americas enemy. Citizenship or not. They are the enemy. Domestic enemy.

      35. This man who was tortured made a bad decision but being mentally challenged that ability is suspect. He decided to socialize with these people.

        DISTANCE is your best defense.

      36. Anyone care to wager that not a ONE of these kids grew up with a father?

        Nice work, leftists, feminazis and other assorted PC types. YOU are the ones who created this. And the dissolution of the nuclear family is coming next to a white home near you.

        And don’t forget to thank the gay Nazi sturm troopers, who mostly don’t care a whit about marriage, but rather have made no bones about their intent to re-make society in their perverted world view (say polygamy/polyandry/pederasty and bestiality enough times, and I guess you’ll “get used to it.’

        It is, as lesbian advocate Paula Ettelbrick proclaimed that, “transforming the very fabric of society… [and] radically reordering society’s view of reality” is the goal of the homosexual movement. The fascist founders of today’s gay mafia, Madsen and Kirk explicitly stated the same thing back in the 1980s.

        And if financial and/or political repression by the gay Nazis doesn’t work, there’s always well-known gay activist Dan Savage – tapped by Disney to assist with a 2015 production as he is a recognized spokesman for the gay community, and his H8TEful comments, including his daydreams about “f—king the s—t out of” former Sen. Rick Santorum and suggesting that another politician he opposed should be “dragged behind a pickup truck until there’s nothing left but the rope,” or the one from the book-burning, Nazi Brownshirt gay sturm trooper types on the recent Indiana kerfuffle, one gay who wrote: “Who’s going to Walkerton, IN to burn down #memoriespizza w me?”

        It is, as ultraliberal Bill Maher said on Real Time, “I think there is a gay mafia. I think if you cross them, you do get whacked.”

      37. Torture is bad…. Unless communists do it, then you deserve it!

        Thank God Hillary didn’t win!

      38. Obamas LEGACY, a RACIST LAWLESS broken United States. Failing to actually have outlaw lynching gangs AT ALL, Obama has succeeded in riling up a THE BLACK RACE with false narratives and fake outrage to make AFRICAN STYLE VIGILANTY JUSTICE a new normal coming to OUR society. pity the poor dumb bastards, they CREATED THIS MESS and now they will reap the rewards for creating a race war from nothing and will perish in it due to the backlash. talk about a whole lot of good people who will be killed off for what OBAMA has created through his lawless SJW cronies.

      39. these kind of people need to get the death penalty, decent people dont need this kind of filth and scum.

      40. Two Weeks! See what happens.

      41. Zyklon B works well on such subhuman scum!

      42. Obama – SHAMEFUL

        “Whether it’s tensions between police and communities, hate crimes of the despicable sort that has just now recently surfaced on Facebook — I take these things very seriously.”

        continues to make offhand, disingenuous excuses for these attacks, blaming the police for the behavior of the poor, oppressed attackers

        clearly on a mission to lead into chaos

        what a fcking fairytale psyop

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