Apple’s Apps Have Been Categorizing Women’s ‘Brassiere’ Photos For Over A Year

by | Nov 2, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 30 comments

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    If you have an iPhone, it has been secretly looking at your breasts in order to categorize your photos. And not just yours, its saving and archiving all those pictures you’ve gotten from others too.

    It was discovered when a tweet by user ellieeewbu today revealed that searching “brassiere” in the Photos app on iPhones categorizes photos featuring bras automatically into a group. Other women have been responding to the initial tweet posting screenshots with similar results. Most searches have netted a slew of photos of women in lingerie, bikinis, with bare skin, or in some cases, memes.

    It’s difficult to say what’s more alarming about all of this: the fact that “brassiere” is a category at all or that most people didn’t know that image categorization (which could obviously be easily used as a mass spying tool) was a feature on the iPhone.

    As if Apple’s FaceID technology wasn’t horrifying enough…

    Apple isn’t actually saving the photos in a specific folder they are simply being stored locally on your device, according to The Verge. Despite not having a category for “nude” or “underwear” there are plenty of categories that relate to “bra” or the chest area of women. The iPhone does have categories for brassiere, bandeau, bandeaus, bra, bras, and brassieres.

    The little-known feature (image recognition) was introduced with the launch of i0S 10 in mid-2016 when Apple’s iPhone Photos app began using metadata analysis and image-recognition technology to sort users’ photos automatically and tag them for easy extraction. Apple stressed during the keynote, as well as on its website, that all object detection is done completely locally on the device.

    There are literally thousands of objects your iPhone can identify too, making it the perfect mass spying tool. Categories include everything from various animals, food, fashion, and inanimate objects like furniture. It can also categorize all of those sunset pictures you’ve taken.

    Apparently, the media claims that all of your images of you in your bra are “safe,” though. There’s nothing to worry about, time to move on. Most media outlets assert that the panic is because users did not know of this feature earlier.


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      1. Calling Frank….Calling Frank Thoughts…..Dissertation needed in comment section.

        • Ha! We get a boobie article and Frankie goes missing,,,
          He is gonna be disappointed

      2. Calling Frank. Calling Frank Thoughts. Dissertation needed in the comment section.

      3. Wonder if Apple has been spying on Bruce Jenner and his brassiere (or maybe he wears two jockstraps up there? Just asking…) Boy, THAT is an image you can’t un-see!!!

        Fascism is the merger of the socialist state with co-opted, crony big business, Mussolini’s so called “third way.” We are VERY close now to being a fascist nation, complete with Antifa as Hitler’s brownshirt thugs.

      4. Something else to keep”abreast” of.

        • hahahahaha. too funny. still giggling

        • Now that comment had a point!

          • Its a feature with some perks.

          • watch what you say about boobs….they outnumber us 2 to 1!

      5. Hell’s Bells!!! I’d reckon all red-blooded men ‘categorize’ in their minds any photo of a woman in a bra. I remember the days when the Sears catalog and the Macy’s ads where some of my favorite reading material. Truth? Any woman who posts herself in a semi-nude picture should know that such is out there (bad pun, I know) for all the world to see. Anyone can right-click and ‘save image as’ if they so desire.

      6. Anyone who leaves their photo settings wide open
        deserves what they get!
        BUT if Apple takes pictures of Teens or anyone who
        resents their porn liberties…..there will be huuuge
        $$$$$$$$$$$$$ consequences.
        So…..Applestein… your step!
        You will be SIFTING though SAND looking
        for your once loyal customers!

      7. My female intuition told me this has been going on with driver’s licenses for a long time. I’m sure I made more than one psychopathic peeper piss his pants when he checked mine out. Psychopathy and deviance are one and the same.

      8. I don’t know who the bigger boob is here.

      9. I’m getting underwear ads on this page. I wonder why.

        • Me too! OMG! I actually was shopping for underwear at Duluth Trading Company (same return policy as Nordstrom, unlimited) but I sure as heck was not shopping for THAT kind of underwear!


      10. I need more examples

      11. Usually this would not be so alarming, except
        we are not fully aware of what this spyware we
        use is capable of doing.

        A few months ago my DISABLED camera took
        a photo of my phone in my right hand with the
        Image of my home page showing. It looked as if
        it was taken over my shoulder from a blank wall.

        This bothered me. The only way that could have happened
        would be to snap a photo of my eye reflection….with my
        hand holding the phone exactly as my eyes see it!!!

        I have about had it with this spyware crap! I am never going to buy
        another computerized product!!!

        • I am using an iPad right now. The camera is covered with painters tape.

          Same goes for my Galaxy Note. I tape the front cameras. Too creepy NOT to tape them.

          • My tablet is taped too. Recently, a couple tested the audible spy recognition of their devices by talking about buying cat food for three days for a non existent cat… and they started getting cat food ads on their pages. Coincidence? Maybe.

      12. With Apple it’s “if you’ve seen on breast, you want to see them all.”

      13. This article is worthless without pics.

      14. Whats to not like about nice boobies?

      15. I have a dumb phone with no camera, internet or social media it is just for phone calls. It looks like women with their bits on display not only have to worry about sex pests, but pest smart phones as well.

      16. If you go to search in Apples iphoto and just type in “b”, you get dozens of categories. Everything from “breaking dawn” to “bib”. iphoto tries to use AI to figure out what is in your photos and categorise them. There is a category for every noun.

      17. I wonder if there’s a “guns” folder. It could go both ways. Female guns, or lead shooting guns.

      18. You’re putting your tits on the internet, without expecting your tits to be saved, on the internet.

        I’ve been told that those olden models, posing for softcore, Renaissance porn, I mean art, were originally poor street people, being paid for their time, and I honestly, never would have assumed that some modest, pious, religious type was supposed to be exposing themselves, in public. Did you get the idea that you were still conservative, or was it an empowerment thing, or should you be trusted with yourself, if you didn’t know any better. Can someone really be that innocent, or is it like that Shakespeare quote, were Juliet protests too much.

        • I had this argument many years ago with a family member after finding out that my neice was putting such camera shots on My Space. She was very young, 13 as I recall. I questioned and said I didn’t it was appropriate. I was told my my own business. I do.

          I am conservative, and Christian, and they are not. I do not think anything goes. It was poor judgement on the part of the child, I understand that. But it was worse for her mother to defend that poor judgment.

          • In modest times, young women of this same age would have been able to cook for an entire work crew and perform all the functions of a conservative household.

            It’s negative attention, she is glorying in it, and is smart enough.

            At the point when someone is apparently unteachable, I believe it is fair to judge them, as a person.

            • Like Philosopher, I am also a conservative Christian. It seems modesty is not only no longer taught but cheerfully tossed out the window. People want to emulate Hollywood stars and put themselves on display with clothing that hides nearly nothing and act suggestively. Even innocent remarks are looked at from the vantage point of lewdness. People especially youngsters don’t seem to realize the consequences of their actions or what they promote by dressing seductively regardless of the setting.

              Having been raised by conservative parents and continue living in that manner, I’ve found that people are aware of that even to the point of apologizing for swearing in my presence when I’ve not indicated in any way that I don’t condone such speech.

              It seems the founders of this country were correct in noting that the government they had created was for a moral people.

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