Apparently, Dallas Police Spent “Less Than 20 Minutes” Improvising Plan to Bomb Suspect With Robot

by | Jul 14, 2016 | Aftermath, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 118 comments

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    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: Almost thirty years after action movies like Robocop and Terminator predicted a future where we’d be policed by robots, or even hunted down by them, it is actually happening. The Dallas Police opened up a can of controversial worms with their decision to ignore due process and use a robot to deliver a bomb and kill the suspect. The same machine could have used knock out gas or some other substance to disable the suspect.

    Right or wrong, there is no turning back now. We can all expect the rise of robots in law enforcement. Will justice come swiftly in the streets by efficient patrols of robots, or will the country we once knew become a dismal and dark place where humans fear the longer and longer arm of the law?

    Decision to Blow up US Citizen With Robot Was Improvised in Less Than 20 Minutes

    by Claire Bernish

    A hotly-contested decision by law enforcement to use a drone robot to blow up a U.S. citizen, who allegedly carried out the murders of five police officers in Dallas, just got exponentially more controversial—because, according to Dallas Police Chief David Brown, the “whole idea was improvised in about 15 to 20 minutes.”

    Already igniting fury around the country for neglecting any semblance of due process, the use of the “Remotec model F-5” to deliver a pound of C-4 explosive to decimate suspected shooter Micah Xavier Johnson as he targeted police in a sniper-style attack, has been revealed by the police chief as a hastily-plotted … whim.

    Brown’s disturbing offhand comment came during a press conference in which the model of the “mechanical tactical drone”—clarified as the “Remotec Andros Mark V-A1″—was finally made public, in an apparent attempt to quell constitutional rights’ advocates ire over the unprecedented move by police.

    While Johnson’s cold-blooded attack on random police officers in one of the most progressive and reform-minded forces in the country landed an official black mark in the annals of American history, the—as many advocates warn—egregious violation of his human and constitutional rights as the first U.S. citizen blown up in this manner earned police, themselves, a similarly notorious mark.

    Obviously, the controversy doesn’t end with a model name—the drone isn’t the issue for most people outraged over its use; rather, the fact a citizen was bombed without so much as a nod of consideration for his human, civil, or constitutional rights that has people steamed.

    As Daniel McAdams for the Ron Paul Institute keenly noted, following the now-apparent improvised and hasty decision by law enforcement to explode Johnson:

    “The media and opinion leaders are presenting us with a false choice: if we question the use of drones to kill Americans—even if we suspect they have done very bad things—we somehow do not care about the lives of police officers. That is not the case. It is perfectly possible to not want police officers to be killed in the line of duty but to wholeheartedly reject the idea of authorities using drones to remotely kill Americans before they are found guilty.”

    Noting police originally suspected a different person altogether of perpetrating the attacks, McAdams implored the country to consider the ramifications of setting such a precedent—and, considering the disclosure of the nearly impromptu decision to use this drone, that warning should be an imperative.

    Perhaps we all need to familiarize ourselves with this drone’s mechanics now that this dystopic precedent has been set.

    Manufactured by the military-industrial complex’s darling, Northrop Grumman, this tactical robot “is driven by a human via remote control, weighs 790 pounds and has a top speed of 3.5 mph,” as the Washington Post described. “It carries a camera with a 26x optical zoom and 12x digital zoom. When its arm is fully extended, it can lift a 60-pound weight. The ‘hand’ at the end of the arm can apply a grip of about 50 pounds of force.”

    Interestingly enough, the $151,000 tactical robot provided a far more life-affirming service just one year ago.

    According to Metro UK, the same model once assisted the California Highway Patrol when negotiations with a man threatening to kill himself by jumping from a San Jose overpass failed—by delivering a pizza.

    Technological advancement, though overwhelmingly positive, is only as beneficent as those who put it to use—and how they choose to employ it.

    In just one year, a pizza-delivering robot with the potential to save human life during bomb threats or similar situations became a casually-deployed, due process-stripping weapon of war against a U.S. citizen.

    It would be prudent we take more than just a minute to critically consider that.

    This article was written by Claire Bernish and originally published at


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      1. I really did not see them having another way of doing this unless they just out and shoot him but that also can set a bomb off..and kill one of the cops. May be they need to use it for other bomb threats later

        • Only one pound of C4??? I think the police showed remarkable restraint.
          No point in exposing their officers to a person who has already killed 5. The guy was going to die anyway.

          • Of course they had to kill him so he couldn’t talk.

            • Nobama
              No. He couldn’t talk because the police blew his ass up. That he died as a result and was unable to talk…who cares. Anything this man spewed would not be worth listening to.

              • He would have had plenty worthwhile to say.
                Naming the media for pushing him to extremism would have been a start.

                • And naming the media would have been enlightening? Wtf

                • DMC
                  You are correct.

              • You really should care.
                First of all they violate his constitutional right to life.
                They violated the 14th amendment This is his right to due process. To make it short, No One had the right to kill someone. Unless it is in either self defense or by order of a Officer of the US. In otherwords a judge. A Field Grade military officer can also order it outside of the USA. Police of any rank or elected officials of non judicial rank cannot.

                Second. They constructed a “destructive device” without a license. All here know how upset the ATF gets when someone does that. There is no Law Enforcement exception for construction of destructive devices. All breaching explosives are manufactured devices and are controlled as such.
                Police DO have C4 for the sole purpose of detonating other explosives in a controlled way. Police cannot legally make explosive devices. Just like you cant.

                If you think the police using bombs to get some bad guy is OK, you consent to them using them on you too. Possibly from a drone on your house because they think you are dangerous.

                Check out the MOVE bombing in Philly to see what is usually the case of police using bombs.

                • Excellently written. I think he deserved his due process just like every other citizen and then he should have been drawn and quartered. Or hung. Lethal injection is lame.
                  And if they could send a bomb…they could have sent a flash grenade or something to knock him out!!!

                  • If you are like a majority of the commenters here and think that bombing the shooter was an acceptable, even laudable response, then you are no better than the perpetrator. If you can’t see the logic and moral aspects of Ed’s comment, then there is no hope for you. If you’re spouting your anger and pounding your chest, remember that words have power. Even here.
                    This shooter, like all cowards, deserved to die…but by the laws of this country, which so many of you hold dear. So why is it wrong for others to violate the law (all the flappin’about HRC) but not for you or the DPD? Either the law is for everyone or there is no law.
                    Yes, you are correct, we are already there…teetering on the abyss of lawlessness. But someone, Someone must stand for the ideals. Someone must remind us in our anger and grief, what the moral high ground is and we must take the challenge and uphold those ideals. Or all will be lost. ALL.

                • Murderous ghetto primates should be terminated, by any means needed.

                • Um. Wrong.

                  Once there is justification to use deadly force, only a deescalation would make such an action questionable. Be it a river rock, gun or bomb, taking out an active threat is justified.

                  Perhaps it would have been better to fit the robot with a firearm, but that takes hardware and software the robot likely wasn’t built with. A sufficient sized charge would easily kill a person within range without endangering others in the area.

                  Improvised solutions are rarely pretty or wise, but they get the job done.

            • The question we all need an answer to is how many shooters were there. Right after they blew this guy up, the Dallas police chief said they had 3 other shooters in cuffs. Then along comes our very own DHS head, Jeh Johnson, and he tells the press, no, no, no, that there is now only one shooter. So was it 4 shooters like the Dallas police chief said, or are we supposed to go along with our government. Who by the way is now saying it’s to early to call this a hate crime, even tho the shooter told the cops that he wanted to kill white people, most of all white cops. Looks like another Obama government cover up to me.

            • Nobama. I’m sure that sounded clever in your head.

          • Give me a break. He is not a victim & stop claiming that he was mentally ill as the reason he murdered those police officers. He was just evil. Where was this murderer’s concern about the police officers’ human, civil & contsitutional rights that he murdered? He made these police officers suffer before they died. He’s lucky no one returned the favor.

          • Right on the money, Rednek! This guy slated himself for removal from the gene pool. I have no sympathy for him whatever–but I DO for the cops and their families. He got what he deserved…

        • Couple of points. It’s pretty damned convenient that there is no body left to speak of, now isn’t it? Sure as heck ain’t going to make the nightly news…. “… and here’s some graphic video – not for the weak in stomach – of Micah Johnson….” [flash to what resembles a MacDonald’s hamburger patty factory].

          Second, tear gas, a soporific, even just roll in a fragrantly rotting week-old dead armadillo the Texas roads dept. has in a bin somewhere? Or maybe just play Alvin and the Chipmunks greatest Christmas hits or Obama’s hope and change speeches on infinite loop at ear-splitting volume?

          No, all bad jokes aside – there were many other ways. Folks, welcome to being set up to argue over what they want us to.

        • Who gets to make the freaking rules in an ambush?

          Will the grumblers please strap on a gun and a badge and show us all how it is done? Too many arm chair quarterbacks here. Do it or please shut TFU!

        • I live in Dallas about 4 miles from downtown and I would have used napalm if it was up to me. As far as I’m concerned I hope he’s burning in hell with the rest of the black thugs matter.

        • Read if you Dare————————————————–
          Police declared WAR on the American people many years ago. Politicians allowed it.
          Does not matter your skin color. Police murder every race of people almost DAILY. But Police do TARGET lower classes because they are less able to defend themselves with Lawyers, than are richer people. Blacks and other Poor people are easier “marks” for Police abuse. They are perceived as having less socio economic power, by the criminal Politician’s enforcers, those being the Police.

          Politicians view the American people as the enemy. YOU are their enemy.
          The Police are controlled by the Politicians. Politicians fund the Police.
          Police like their Politician masters, view YOU as the enemy. No matter your skin color.

          Politicians should be held responsible for Actions and Brutality of their enforcers.
          Politicians continue funding Police departments where Brutality and Murder on citizens is allowed. Allowing is condoning.

          Stop the funding of rogue Police departments stops Police violence. But The criminal Politicians don’t do this. Politicians want you to be in fear, so as you will comply and give up money in Fines Easily.

          Have You herd one person blame the Politicians?
          The politicians are like any other criminal Mob. Those at top never get dirty. They stay “clean”. Nor do they do time for crimes. Look at Hillary Clinton. Those at the top of criminal organization are above the law.

          Mob soldiers do the dirty work of collections, hits, and enforcement.
          Police do the dirty work to instill fear, make public comply with idiotic edicts of their Politician masters. Police are collections, hits. enforcement. How many times do Police go to “wrong” address and kill someone. Many times that “someone” was a business man of means. Politician wanted him gone. I have dozens of files on these hits done by Police across the country. Do your own research.

          The war on drugs is ONLY applied to drug dealers not Approved by Politicians.
          Many Politicians are tied to drug organizations. The politicians don’t allow competition. That is what the war on drugs is about.

          Politicians have become a well organized CRIMINAL cabal.
          Like all mobsters, Politicians have extortioners and “muscle” as enforcers.
          Those enforcers are Police.
          Police do not protect you.
          Police do not protect your property.
          Police collect money for Politicians in form of Fines and made up BS to extort your hard earned money.

          They also get people locked up to be sent to Private Prisons which Politicians have a Financial interest in. Politicians make Money when You get locked up. Reread that statement.

          Police are allowed to murder without consequences so as to teach an object lesson to those that may think of resisting. Same tactic as Mob enforcers. Use fear.
          MOB enforcers collect money because average people comply and don’t fight them.

          This is EXACTLY how Police operate. Average People comply and don’t resist out of fear and intimidation. Police MURDER in order to instill fear and to Intimidate average people. Politicians allow murder of citizens.

          But combat vets and those who grow up or reside in rougher areas are not intimidated as much. They have seen death up close. Maybe daily.
          That is one reason FEDS have listed former soldiers as Enemy.
          We are not afraid. This getting WAY too long winded. But maybe ramble makes sense to you?

          Bottom line is: Blame Politicians. Not their puppets, the Police.
          Police do the will of their crime bosses, Criminal Politicians.
          Police are only doing a job that criminal Politicians hire them and Fund them to do.
          So why blame Police? They are just criminal politicians goons.

          Same for soldiers. Don’t blame soldiers for war. Soldiers only kill where and who they are ordered to. The Politicians send down the tasking orders. Soldiers only do the job politicians send them to do. Soldiers don’t decide a country to invade.

          Just like the Mob. Russian, Italian, or Biker clubs. Their members-soldiers only hit where and who ordered to. Example–If as a Patched bike club member you do a deed on your own that causes a problem with another club without your club “President” authorization. Then YOU are killed. Understand that? That is real world.

          Blame criminal Politicians. Not Police.

        • He was not a ‘suspect’. He was actively shooting at the cops. One can’t expect ‘due process’ while shooting at cops. Your “knockout gas” only exists in the movies. The Russians tried gas in the theater and ended up killing over 100 innocents. I’m sure casualties were expected. Can’t really fault them, though. The muzzies had no intention of surrendering. A total shit sandwich, just like the school. The Russians ended up just taking a deep breath and trying to salvage what they could. Their diversity and multiculturalism training program is underdeveloped.

      2. Highly unconstitutional , and they should be prosecuted for it
        end of story

        but they wont be.. so the division continues and the subjugation also ,, there will also be someone out there willing to pay them back for this .. you’d have to have your head in the sand not to see this possibility

        How many of you today don’t get a knot in the stomach when a cop drops in behind you in traffic?
        “Oh crap, what did I do now.”
        “I have my seat belt on. My plate registration is up to date. My drivers license is current. I don’t have a broken tail light….I hope. I wasn’t speeding. I stopped completely at the sign. I wasn’t texting. Damn blood pressure, I can feel it coming up. I signaled when I turned. I wonder if my child said an audible prayer at school, or mentioned a gun. I just left the ATM with $500….civil forfeiture?, ETC, ETC, ETC.”

        Now the state of Michigan’s Goons will be spit swabbing people they pull over for weed

        it just keeps going and going.. this powder keg will blow one of these days , most all one can do is sit n wait

        • Enemy: Please explain to me the diff in what they did do and IF they had used a sniper to pop him from a distance.

          • first I m not going to say if it was correct or NOT correct, bottom line he is gone! BUT what i will say as food for thought, what IS the next step for the police to use! some people say this going to far and i do believe this would be considered a military type of activity and I am NOT sure police were legal to use this from laws in the past, might be different now as they pass new laws like most people change there underwear! anyway so the next step when the event is bigger and badder, is use a TANK to shell him or them? at what point (or is there one?) that the police have exceeded there authority? or should there be a point and IF so WHO then can take control and do what needs to be done? just some food for thought as it WILL get worse and worse and we will see how it is handled.

        • @Enemyofthestate…..

          “Highly unconstitutional , and they should be prosecuted for it
          end of story”

          Exactly HOW was it unconstitutional?

          Explain please.

          He was an active shooter, evidently barricaded or in a position where he could not be captured without significant risk of the deaths of more good guys (that was the cops by the way). And he was refusing to surrender and stated he wanted to kill more cops.

          Just WHAT would have been a constitutional response to your way of thinking?

          Would it have made you happy if it had been 20 cops instead of 5 gunned down?

          • Well it’s unconstitutional because the police blew his ass up rather than shooting him I guess? Enemy has horrific reasoning skills.

          • Because using an explosive device is not a direct action. Self defense is required to be a direct and immediate action. That was the whole issue at ruby ridge. The police just shot people even thou they were no immediate threat.

            Using a bomb is indiscriminate and does not fall into laws about self defense.

            If you manufactured and put a bomb outside your front door because you knew there was someone looking to murder you and he tripped it and died, You would be jailed for construction and use of a destructive device. Just like they should.

            The second issue is the due process issue. Since there was no immidiate threat that would cover self defense, then you need to have a Federal Judge authorize it. They did not.

            • Ed, he was not an immediate threat? Please explain.

              • Could kill more people but perhaps not giving up and continued shooting wouldn’t reach the standard that Ed ( who graduated from perry mason university) has set for his students.

              • There hadent been any gun fire for hours.

                Im all for them getting him. But the use of explosives is over the top and indiscriminate. Standoffs like this used to go on for days. Sometimes decades. But after only 2 hours deciding to blow someone up is ridiculous if you believe in this co try and like out constitution.

                • SO long as this shucking and jiving primate was terminated…I love stories with happy endings!

            • @Ed…

              You sir, are a certifiable idiot.

              • Too Long Tim
                Good synopsis wasted on those who want to ignore the Constitution.

        • The revolutionary war was not fought over taxation. It was fought over Britains King George, who was controlled by Jewish Bankers, trying to control the money system of the colonies. We were using script, paper money that was controlled by our continental congress. We had no homeless no poverty and everybody had a job. Problem was the British bankers could not get their hands on it. So, they said that the only money that could be used was gold and silver. We had a limited supply of that and so all the taxes that did exist ate up all the presious metal supply. When we broke free from those British assholes by first shooting their redcoat cops then defeating their armies we eventually aquired huge amounts of gold and silver out west. What did the cocksucking bankers do they had Jewsavelt confiscate all the gold and then President Pickson took us off of the gold and silver standard altoghether. We went back to paper money but the fucking Jews controlled the banks just like they did in Germany when Hitler tried to stop them. The cops are just the same as the British Redcoats. They were created at the turn of the century to protect the elitists monopolies like the Rockafellers and the Morgans. The cops shot down strikers and protesters just like the British Redcoats. The cops now are just enforcers of the NWO. Eventually things will get so bad that just as when they trie to confiscat all the powder and shot, the Redcoat cops got wiped out.

      3. He was SHOOTING at them. it was a tactical response. If he was holed up in a cave doing nothing, sure, it would be over the top. He was a mad dog killer who had already killed five and injured many. He deserved far worse.

        • Stormy hit the nail on the head.

        • Yes all of that seemed so. But…what if…just maybe…

          It all went down similar to Matthew Bracken’s “Enemies Foreign And Domestic”?

          You know, like this:
          BULLETS RAIN DOWN UPON A PACKED FOOTBALL STADIUM, killing dozens, and triggering a panic stampede which leads to a thousand more deaths. A police marksman kills the sniper, a mentally unbalanced Desert Storm veteran holding a smoking assault rifle. It’s an open and shut case, or so America is led to believe…


          I said he should be blown into so many pieces they’d never be able to find them all. But…what if…just maybe…this poor guy way a patsy.

          We’ll never know the truth in this life time.

          No Jesus, No Peace.
          Know Jesus. Know Peace.

          It’s the only way to go now.

          John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

        • @Stormy….

          Right on.

          If it were left up to me, instead of C-4, I’d have put a couple of willie-pete grenades on that robot.

      4. This person was actively killing people. When you are in the process of killing others, you should expect others to kill you, especially in Texas.

      5. I’d love to see pictures of the “crime scene” to see how much damage that thing did and if there was any blood anywhere in the aftermath (just in case it was all a FRAUD)

      6. Police work is dangerous, the law enforcement officers know this and accepted it when they joined the ranks!

        They also knew that they MAY one have to pay the ultimate price for upholding and protecting the Constitutional rights of others!

        They have an awesome responsibility and the job clearly is not for everyone. Unfortunately and because of affirmative action standards to become a police officer have been lowered drastically over the last couple of decades just so various agencies could recruit minorities!

        That is one of the problems that society must come to grips with, do we want to have highly qualified people being police officers or do we just want to have people regardless of qualifications in uniform just so long as the agency is racially representative of the community?

        As for the use of force currently plaguing agencies across America, I have to wonder what kind of training (or lack of) is being conducted as it pertains to the use of firearms. Are shooting policies at various agencies outdated? Do we need a “National Use of Force Standard”? I suspect that this country does need a national standard much like the D.C. Police has in place (one of the strictest policies nationwide)and has been very instrumental in drastically lowering officer involved shootings there.

        As for the use of using explosives delivered by drone/robot a means of force, I think that is a huge mistake! There are plenty of other options, such as the LRAD (highly effective too), various tear gases, etc!

        Now ask yourself also, what would a SWAT team from 20 or 30 years ago have done to bring this situation to a close?

        Using drones against U.S. civilians on U.S. soil is a mistake in my opinion. We either abide by the Constitution or we don’t! The left uses the argument that the Constitution (specifically the Second Amendment) is outdated or misunderstood thus pushing for more draconian gun laws. Well whats the difference here?

        Freedom comes with a high price, we as Americans have always been willing to pay that price.

        We have to abide by the Constitution even when we don’t always agree with it!

      7. I feel really sad that they had to loose a robot in the process but I wish I could have seen the look on his face when he figured out what was about to happen. All you good Officers should know that good people will support your Just efforts.

        • Robot Lives Matter
          Mr. Roboto, Robby, K-9, C3P0, Ed209, and several T1000’s all took to Twitter this week condemning this despicable act against one of their brothers.

      8. the “citizen” was busy killing other citizens and there is nothing unconstitutional about it. If there was then the Constitution would need amending to fit reality and decency and common sense.

        in any sniper situation which this was, the sniper is going to be targeted by a police sniper but he was not in line of sight for this, the robot with bomb was appropriate.

      9. I don’t back either side really, but as a neutral, it was kinda good to know that the pigs got the mad murderous wog and messed him up proper. Well done fellas.

      10. I suppose the author would have preferred another 5 dead police officers.

        Mac…I can’t believe you are giving legitimacy to the author of this crap by posting it.

        This was a case of an active shooter who was refusing to lay down his weapon and surrender. He abrogated his “right” to due process by doing so.

        Contrary to the opinion of some, it is not a police officer’s responsibility to die in the line of duty when it can be avoided. The shooter had ample opportunity to surrender. He refused and expressed his intention to kill more officers.

        What further need of discussion about the proper course of action by the police was there in this situation? They used the most effective means possible to neutralize the threat without incurring more injury to themselves. Good on them.

        I’ll guarantee you the author of the above drivel has either never faced a life and death violent situation, or has no loved ones who have or who are in a position to face such a scenario. Unless she is willing to be sworn in and face the danger herself, she should just STFU and go on living in her world behind rose colored glasses and leave the grown up stuff to those who have the courage stare death in the face.

        • Should the use of robots/drones be used in every barricade situation then?

      11. Would it have been better to use a sniper? dead is dead.

        • @Jim in Va…..

          They probably couldn’t or they would have.

          They were inside a concrete parking structure….which means that all the shooter had to do was fire in their general direction and there is a good chance he could hit them as a result of ricocheted rounds.

          I am simply dumbfounded at the responses of some people to this. I do believe that they actually want MORE dead cops.

          There are some truly sick people on this forum.

          • Anonymous5
            The truly sick on this forum want constitutional rights for themselves and c4 for others. Police kill too many people. They will kill more every year. With impunity.
            All of you will reap what you sow.

      12. There are 2 sides to this topic – I am a DFW resident, a private citizen who once stood in these exact police shoes – gunfire, a scene of chaos and mayhem. Yes, I am empathetic. I will not second guess those on the scene. I note that a period of time passed lowering the risk threshold but not removing it – communication was occurring but was disjointed rambling AND I note that promises were made to take more lives. So, I ask those espousing “hasty action” What would you prosecute anyone for? Then I ask, Will you be the one to take bullet 6? If so, what would you like me to tell your daughter?

      13. All shooting false flag operation has some similarities which also are the sure hallmarks to categorize the incident as a deep state planned operation.
        For the incident to happen there is always a fall guy who will end up NEVER being interviewed by the free press, usually being killed before being aprehended.
        Then there are the deep state professional operatives at the scene (nobody asks the quesrion “why are they there precisely when thekilling happened?”) who are actually doeing “the job”.
        The operatives do the killings, the fal guy gets killed by the “law enforcement” and is blamed for what happened.
        Relating to the Dallas incident on 07-07 2016 (I don’t know how long this article will stay unchanged on the net, but here is the link: )
        – at 07-07-2016 10:28 pm EDT The NY Post reports about “snipers” shooting at police;
        – Dallas Police Chief David Brown told NY Times “the SHOOTERS were strategic”, “THEY triangulated in the downtown area” .
        Triangulation means 3 locations, thus at least 3 shooters.
        Clearly, when the police chief was out of the loop regarding the operatives, he talked about shooters… MORE THAN ONE.
        In the aftermath, the police declared 1 (ONE) shooter committed the whole thing. Here is the clue of this false flag. From “they” to one from “triangulation” to a simple “luck” of one killing five and wounding scores more…
        To make explanations easier, this time there will be no corpse of the suspect for the press to make pictures or video’s , the “lonley shooter” was destroyed by a remote controlled explosion.

        • remember the OTHER shooter who was with the couple in Cali. and that just went away!! lots of things these days are NOT what they seem!

          • Right on the money… and the Orlando Pulse shooting which started AFTER the SWAT arrived. The “lone shooter” was killed (the dead have no say) after he managed to kill “by luck” over 50 with the SWAT at the scene !!!

        • Maybe the “triangulated fire” thing was just hype. One guy could easily get off 50-60 rounds during such an event before the source of fire was pinpointed. Keep in mind that nobody was looking out for sniper fire. If he fired 60 times, he connected with about 1 out of 5 shots.

      14. Judge Dreed

      15. Newsflash: There were multiple snipers. They wanted this one dead on arrival, so he couldn’t give a statement that there were more snipers that got away. They want the public to think he was a “lone wolf”….and isn’t it interesting that we are not seeing anything of the crime scene.? Complete suppression of the story. Move along…nothing to see here. They are going to bury this as fast as possible….something else will happen very soon to get this completely off the news. And not a word by the media about the shooter being a racist? Can you imagine what they would be saying if the shooter was a white guy, saying he was going to kill blacks.? Sickening.

      16. Black lives splatter!

      17. Just did a little Googling of Claire Bernish.

        As I suspected ( no surprise ) she’s just your typical garden variety leftist who likes to write articles that do nothing but condemn anyone who holds traditional western values.

        Really Mac……again I ask…why did you give any kind of legitimacy to someone with a moral compass that is so clearly broken or non-existent.

        Anyone interested in reading more of her BS can find it easily. But why waste the time. I know the time it took me to read more of her crap is time I can never get back. She is truly a mental and moral midget. Kind of reminds me of Marie Harf.

      18. so , next is a false SWAT team raid on a house and the home owner thinks hes getting set up , so he defends himself and than they bomb him?. yeah sure its ok until its your innocent dead family

        you people are forgetting, once you give them this power they WILL abuse it and the fact that you dont think it could ever be you , is crazy
        Good Judgement and Cops isnt two words that should be in the same sentence

        its just like burning your house down or WACO’ing you … this shit never ends it just grows into a beast you cant stop

        and wala we have the police state we are all living in

        we are supposed to be a nation of laws.. but after the Hilary shit its no wonder everyone feels we have none in this country

        so I guess it will be kill or be killed

        better say good bye to your kids every day , because some bomb wielding cop might just feel that killing your joint smoking kid is just too big a threat to deal with

        Next is Obamas Drones here, killing the guy next to you and you just end up collateral damage

        give em an inch they will take a life

        I know our Justice system is broke , but dam.. why give them more power?

        • @Rebel Son….

          So is your complaint that you don’t like the method they used?

          Is it better to risk the lives of more cops just to gratify your heightened sense of morality?

          What if it were your wife or son who was facing that killer? What would you prefer? Maybe you’d prefer your loved one rush the shooter. Yeah…that’s the ticket. Have your loved one get their head blown off because that killer’s “Constitutional Rights” were being violated by dispatching him in the most effective and efficient way possible without endangering the lives of innocents (and YES…those cops were innocent).

      19. Best end to this situation. I hope more chiefs learn from this. You have a nut barracaded after shooting 12 officers, kill him and don’t risk any more lives. End of case.

        • @JAS…..


        • JAS, one day you and idiots like you will have C4 up to their ass as well for some imaginary decision based on your neighbors fake swat call. End of case.

          • So a neighbor can call in swat? The police are going to show up and blow you up based on a neighbor and nothing else? You are really stupid.

            • @Tunkcuf…

              No…you are stupid one, since you can’t seem to tell the difference between an active shooter situation and someone inside their home with an issue.

              Now…if someone is inside their home shooting at people outside…then yes….give them an order to come out and if people are still in danger and they don’t…then send in the robot and do whatever is necessary.

              But I guess you’d prefer to have more innocents killed.

              I swear…the lack of reasoning and basic critical thinking on the part of some people who frequent this site is simply amazing.

              Either that or some of you need to consider having the dosage on your meds increased. You are seriously paranoid and delusional.

              • @Tunkuf…..

                Please forgive me…I misread your response. At first glance, it appeared you were making an argument supporting the bleeding hearts. No way I can edit or retract my comment.

                Again…my apologies…I think we see this the same way.

      20. I’m just wondering how it is that a police department actually has a supply of bombs on hand? What do they usually use bombs for?

        • Archivist, All of the IDF trained PD’s have more than C4, bombs etc.. Remember they are just doing their jobs when it comes to kill the peasants for their masters.

        • @Archivist…

          They used C4… a pound of it evidently.

          C4 can be used for breaching doors, or walls for that matter.

          It has a legitimate law enforcement use……or would you prefer that officers breach doors with sheer bodily physical force and subject themselves to incoming fire from barricaded suspects?

      21. Tear Gas would Have Done the Trick There was No Real need to put The Shooter to Death. But Hind Sight is 20/20

        • @sam…

          How could they know whether or not the killer had a gas mask with him?

          So you gas the guy…assume that he’s incapacitated and then go in and get more officers killed.

          Yeah…real smart move there.

        • No but nerve gas would have helped, and it would be even more helpful when used on protesting howler monkeys for their day of rage.

      22. I’ll bet the idea had been contemplated long before. With a human operation the “robot” and controlling the explosion, what makes that different than a sniper at 300 yards? The machine did not make an autonomous decision. And it appears to have a camera on it so the operator can see and evaluate target.

        • @Timothy K Toroian…

          “With a human operation the “robot” and controlling the explosion, what makes that different than a sniper at 300 yards?”

          It doesn’t…but don’t bother trying to explain that to the short-bus-window-lickers we got here. That line of reasoning is too far above their pay-grade.

      23. What a moron. 151000 dollars? Why bring that up? I don’t care how much the stupid robot cost. It’s worth a human life. Wow, no due process? I’m sure they would have had a trial of the shooter would have given up. The death penalty would have been a sure thing in Texas. The author forgot the shooter made decisions. Don’t remove his choices from the outcome. A robot used for pizza and negotiations and now used to blow an asshole up? I’m impressed with the the multi purpose machine. 20 minutes? What the author want? More shots being fired and more people dying? Who gives a crap how long the decision took. If I recall, the chief asked for a plan and was presented with options when he returned from the press conference. There certainly were more than a 20 minute consideration. He is paid to make decisions and some need to be fairly quick. The reasoning of this author is sick.

      24. Deadly force us deadly be it a bomb or a bullet….

      25. Looks like a lot more schills and sheeple visit this site more and more, hard to tell them apart.

        If someone is holed up in a building, how is he an active shooter?

        Of course the actions of the dallas p.d. are deplorable and they need to be held accountable for their war crimes.

        • @lolzngiggles…..

          He was still an active shooter because….

          1. he was still armed

          2. he was still threatening to kill police officers

          3. he would not surrender

          He was in a parking garage. Ever been in one of those? Concrete everywhere. Bullets tend to bounce around in that kind of environment. So all you have to do is fire in the general direction of someone and you still have a good chance of hitting them. It was a highly dangerous situation to the officers on site.

          I continue to be amazed at the shallow thinking being displayed on this topic.

          I’m also amazed at the open hostility toward law enforcement. Some of you should be ashamed.

          • I am mystified by your lack of insight on how a false flag operation works and by how deep your tongue can reach inside your masters anal cavities. Same to Tunkcuf as well.

            Bottom line is, the police have set precedent on how they can combat civilians and you boot licking appeasers will bounce on their pogo sticks so hard I thought you were trying to throw off the earths rotation.

        • Guess there are more pussified people here than I thought. Just let him sit there for how long? Holed up but still shooting. Hell, let’s just starve him out and don’t worry about the bullets flying.

      26. SWAT needs to be equipped properly for situations like this – no more improvising …

        instead of waiting for a $150,000 robot from the bomb squad they just need a remote vehicle from the hobby shop … screw using a glob of C4 explosives – do the job right – claymores were designed specifically for anti-personnel use ….

        if the blacks want a white cop killing hero – make sure there’s plenty of pieces of him for everyone ….

      27. It was a decision that saved lives. Hard for me to find fault in that.

      28. In the News

        Nice France.

        Trucker runs over people killing 30 so far attending a Bastille Day celebrations.

        terrorist act?

        Day of Rage tomorrow. Muslims did not want to be out done, heh?

      29. IMHO
        When you shoot a bunch of people like what happened you lose your right to shit period.
        The DPD rocks

        • Kulafarmer

          You are right. It’s called War.

      30. What did you expect from the Dallas police they were running to save peoples’ lives?

      31. At first I was a bit sympathetic to the police on this one. This guy was a psycho, and “liked” Louis Farrakhan on Facebook. But then I read an article stating that the job of police is to protect the public, not execute justice (or vengeance). This guy was cornered and probably had a hundred sharpshooters trained on him. The lives of the public, as well as the police, were **not** endangered, and thus the police had no right to take the guy out – at least as our (former?) republic’s laws are concerned. Their job was ONLY to bring him to justice. Yeah, he’d get fried in a New York minute at a trial, but nevertheless that is what the rule of law is about (oh wait! Now that Hilary is running, we no longer have rule of law… how silly of me to forget). And that is the issue: the usurpation of the rule of law.

        I am concerned about the lives of police, and equally concerned about us becoming a police state. Maybe that tension is a good place to be. There are a LOT of good police out there, but it is also true absolute power corrupts absolutely. You disagree that there are good police? Check out the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Assoc. at In fact, these guys may be the last bulwark for our freedoms out there. Or think of sheriff Clark in Milwaukee, who is very pro-gun, the sheriff in NY’s largest county (forget his name) who refused to enforce the fascist left NY gun laws, or our Sheriff Mack of the CSPOA.

        I guess it is, as one of the Founders said, the price of freedom is eternal vigilance – in this case, against either extreme.

      32. Y’know, they coulda saved a few bucks, and just temporarily deputized a few of these nuts who live on my block who were shooting off all KINDS of heavy duty fireworks on July 4th. I coulda sworn one guy lit off a suitcase nuke, judging by the sound….

        • lol.

      33. Can I get one of these robots?? Maybe I can take some robotics classes and build one in my spare time between doing brain surgery and working at NASA.

      34. Screw that SOB. Got what he deserved.

        • John, what you say is true. BUT, it is not the job of the police to execute justice unless lives of the public, or their own, are in danger. As much as that nutcase disturbs me, the truth is he WAS cornered, and posed no further threat to the public or the police – if he had stepped out, he would have been wasted immediately.

          So, while I agree he was filth, I can’t justify the execution of someone without a trial. To do otherwise is to put all of us on a slippery slope.

      35. I suppose you all have not seen the robotics being created at MIT and are in the field being tested by the Army. Also they can mount 40mm grenade launchers or a 30 cal. machine gun on tracked models and rove the countryside like a drone.

      36. The long hot summer just begun.

      37. I could care less if they nuked his azz.

        When bad guys start using robots and drones don’t come crying boohoo boohoo we have to disarm the citizenry….just remember you started this shit and now we are left with no recourse but defend ourselves from the Pandora’s box that you opened.
        Prior to the declaration of war on drugs (1971) and the militarization of PD’s … I didn’t kno two people that had an AK… 45 years later I don’t know two people that don’t.

      38. Really due process, what the hail does that mean in an active shooter scene. All those I’m favor of criminalizing the police for taking decisive action against an immediate threat, considering what your life is worth, how about you put on a badge and go out there and fight crime. Job well done by the police!!!

      39. You kill five cops and you’re going to die. End of story. What difference does it make if it’s a bomb that’s carried in by a robot at two miles per hour or a bullet from a snipers rifle at 3500 feet per second? The end result is the same. All the people that are pissed off about this need to get a grip on reality. Due process my ass.

      40. 20 minutes more than the POS deserved to live.

        • One day Robots will coma after YOU.
          You are enemy of the state, because you are viewing this web site.
          You are Enemy of power structure if you are armed with Firearm.
          You are Enemy of power structure if you are “prepped”.
          You are Enemy of power structure if you Love America.
          You are Enemy of power structure if you believe in American Constitution.
          YOU are viewed as ENEMY if you support Christianity world view.

          That is viewpoint of Treasonous USSA Criminal Politicians.
          Your poser president O-bum-er wants to destroy you because he hates America.
          Those in control of USSA are corrupt criminals and TREASONOUS fifth column for NWO.
          ======================Yes they will send the Robots for you one day.

      41. It was pre-meditated murder. He deserved to go to death row after a quick trial. Summary executions on the street need to stop. This is only going to escalate. How long before somebody sends a robot into police hq there to give them a taste of their own medicine.

        This is not Fallujah.

      42. This isn’t about the shooter! This is about the barbarian cops. If they can blow this guy up with an illegal bomb, they can blow you up, too–maybe a no-knock warrant served up Wile E. Coyote style meant for your dope peddling neighbor.

      43. So for the ney sayers, that terrorist was not executed. It was thru force multiplier and economy of force that the active shooter/terrorist was dispatched. Once again, you get strapped and badged and walk in there and get the terrorist otherwise your weak sauce and don’t know shait. Great job DPD.

      44. Just so we’re good, I’m not on here to stir up. I commented with reason and tact, more or less. We can all agree that the terrorist was just that a terrorist. The effort to minimalize any futher injury to anyone including the DPD was at the front of thinking. History has taught this to us all and will repeat itself from time to time.

      45. Wow I had no idea this thread would go so deep. It’s beer:30 for me in a couple hours when I get off work your all invited

      46. This varmit had a opportunity to surrender. It was his choice to do what he did. And his chouce to not surrender. Twenty minutes was plenty. And we all know who is behind it. We don’t need hin to tell it. the time is approaching when we will have to take a hard line. I have poultry and varmits are countinually trying to make a meal of them. I simply kill the varmit. Mamby Pambys live trap and relocate and that varmit just returns or becomes a problem for someone else. Yes indeed blow them up. That sets a good example. This varmit isn’t basking in fame. He isn’t getting attention. He is nothing.

      47. About time they start using this type of weapons on them.

      48. Not many understand due process and when it is being abridged, of course they start with an unpopular criminal. They manipulate your emotions so that you don’t use the brain in your head. The police are not protecting you, folks, that is 1950s sitcom. The police are the strong arm of the elite. Due process protects citizens from police brutality.
        Slippery slope… be sure to wave your flags for the police on your way down the tube. Execution at the bottom. Has no one noticed that people are being shot dead over broken tailights?

        • @Rebecca….

          “Not many understand due process…..”

          You’re right. Put your name at the top of the list of those who don’t understand what it is.

          Just curious….what color is the sky in your world?

        • You’re mixing apples with oranges,here. The cops this guy shot did not provoke him in any way, and I’ve seen no evidence that they were in any way implicated in any questionable shootings. The cops responsible for the high-profile shootings over the past year or so seem never to be punished–with perhaps a FEW exceptions. If someone shot THOSE cops, I wouldn’t be at all shocked. The reality is, this man ambushed and killed cops for no reason, and the cops, fearing the loss of additional lives, cops OR civilians, killed him with a weapon that one may not think suitable for civilian law enforcement. In this unique case,perhaps it was. The shooter apparently had been in the military and was well-trained. The bomb may have been the only way to avoid more innocent bloodshed.

      49. I see that there are still a lot of computer desk
        Warriors here , fighting from behind their safety of their desktop ect…..

      50. Waclaw
        These policemen need more training. What took them so long?

      51. The powers-that-be will do, and their groveling dependents will cheer, anything to end any successful elimination of their police state.

      52. Moral conviction, don’t understand the rule of law. MY AZZ!
        Ride that bs wagon and keep voting for hillary.
        That azzhat had the means motive and clear intention to continue killing. It’s the same crying that some of you are doing that has us in this spot. Crying for that dirtbag only gives support to him and the terrorism of blm.
        Like I said before; you get strapped and go fight crime then tell us about it

      53. They only did what they had to do. Doesn’t matter anyway.

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