Will September See a Crash After All? “Last Day of Trading Before Shemitah Ends”

by | Sep 12, 2015 | Aftermath, Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory | 213 comments

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    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

    Editor’s Comment: The next few weeks may – or may not – be a perilous and disastrous period. No one knows what, if anything, will occur in financial markets or world politics with the end of the Shemitah, but its dark history for global events gives plenty of reason for pause, and credence to economic experts and conspiracy theorists alike pointing to September’s penchant for disaster.

    More to the point – will the strained economic system, already on the edge of collapse, see a new flashpoint for crisis? Will the stock market crash, or another “big event” take place? Keep your eyes on this dangerous point in history.

    Today Is the Last Day of Trading on Wall Street Before Shemitah Ends… What Will Happen This Time?

    by Melissa Dykes

    This isn’t meant to be another one of those scary September 2015 stories, but we can’t just completely ignore history either.

    Today isn’t just the 14th anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks. It also happens to be the last day of trading on Wall Street before this Shemitah cycle — a seven-year period on the Jewish calendar — ends on Sunday.

    Why should that matter, you might ask?

    Look at how the end of each Shemitah cycle has played out in the past (via The Times of India):


    See what I mean? Some immense financial disaster has occurred after each Shemitah has ended in recent history.

    Not featured on that graphic are 1980 and 1973. In 1980, the Savings and Loan crisis was going on and the Fed raised interest rates (which they are currently discussing doing right now actually) and we ended up in a really deep recession. Ten days after Shemitah ended in 1973, the Yom Kippur War started which resulted in the 1973 oil crisis.

    Think about it. It’s kind of like a totally manipulated, self-fulfilling prophecy, isn’t it?

    So… What do you think will happen this time?

    This article was written by Melissa Dykes and originally published at The Daily Sheeple.

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      1. ” Monday, Monday.
        Can’t trust that day”.

        By The Momma’s and the Papa’s.

        • Next few months should be interesting…

          • Yes they will, eppe.

            It’s funny how things work out sometimes. I just finished a little piece to put up here, and how appropriate the timing.

            Using the Dow Jones Industrials as a litmus test for the Nation’s financial position, and linking it to the end of this Shemitah Cycle, as is most often done; we see that there is not going to be a sudden crash or drop like was anticipated.
            Since the USA markets are closed until Monday the 14th, we then need to look at where we are today, the 12th, and what signals can be gathered from that.

            The DJI high for the past four months came in the middle of May when it hit 18,351 volume. Yesterday the 11th, it closed at 16,433, which is the same close for the 13th, the last day of the Shemitah Cycle for this past seven year period.
            Showing a 1918 point drop, with approximately, 2 Trillion dollars of wealth vanishing, that is nothing to just sneeze about.
            So, we could say the market, based on those calculations saw the Shemitah Cycle end with the biggest losses on record. Also, with about a 10% decline from the high of the year, we definitely can say we had a market “correction”, that may lead into a bear market, and worse, soon.

            In fact, depending upon how the Asian markets fair, the Dow could open way down on Monday, a mere 30 minutes into the business day.
            What should people take from this information? I believe they should take it as a warning, that things are very unstable, and that we will see more negative changes in the near future.

            Yes, I know it sounds like the same old fear porn, and repetitive ramblings, but just maybe those that have most of their life savings tied to the markets, can be smart and retrieve some, if not all, funds; before it is too late.
            There are way too many indicators and conjunctions of data, that point to something bigger and way more in the form of shaking of America and the world, than just the drop in the DJI, that lies just ahead.
            We may be here in another month, asking the same questions and wondering if we are prepped enough, and when will it start. We may “not” be wondering when the first big dominoes will fall either, because we have just witnessed them. I don’t think the crash/collapse, actually comes from what transpires on Wall Street. I think there will be a natural or Supernatural crash/disaster, that instigates the crash, or constant decline, on Wall Street.
            We are now approaching the 45 day countdown to which many, including myself, have made predictions about.
            We have had the warning signs, now we will see just how much of our prepping has made us less vulnerable to what, the cards say, lies ahead.

            • As James Corbett’s excellent analysis showed, the Shemitah timeline has to be tortured by giving credit to events that happened MONTHS AFTER Shemitah.

              When Snyder stubs his toe in March 2016, he will probably blame it on Shemitah.

              • God is so sovereign, and nothing has to happen precisely on Rosh Hashanah.

                Just like nothing has to happen precisely on the day of a blood moon, nor during any portion of a lunar tetrad, or solar eclipse.

                Neither does it have to happen precisely in September, or even during the Jewish feast days.

                The Shemita is a cycle of years, not precise moments. God can leave signs of his hand before or after, as he wishes.

                The faithful pay attention to the signs, We know they occur. Sometimes we can extrapolate meaning immediately, sometimes only well after.

                The confluence of events this time is just to difficult to ignore for us mere humans, yet most of those casting predictions about are forgetting what the signs and the dates are for. They are there at God’s direction, for his purposes, and we are to be aware of them, not second guessing the creator.

                SOMETHING is about to happen. Probably a whole series of somethings. I do not know what, but I will prepare as best I can. Then I will watch history unfold.

                Anyone with any casual observation skills should note, it’s already begun, and it’s begun on God’s timeline, not ours.

                • I see… If it happens during the Shemitah, it is Shemitah; if it doesn’t happen during Shemitah, it is still Shemitah. [rolling eyes]

                  It is time for the Shemitah hucksters to find another con (rhymes with Cahn) to fleece the suckers born every minute.

                  God warned you in over a hundred verses about the wickedness and dangerous leaven of the Pharisees and their followers, but you still suck up their vomit.

                  Keep in mind, the Old Law is a dead letter AND the Talmud (“Oral Torah”) never was and never will be a live letter.

                • If a biblical cycle is going to be credited with causing certain event, then a bit of biblical scholarship is needed. Otherwise, it’s just fear porn.

                  The most important thing is that the Shemitah was the result of a command that was given to the ancient nation of Israel, and ONLY Israel. IT WAS NEVER GIVEN TO ANY OTHER NATION, AND CERTAINLY NOT TO THE USA. God is not unrighteous to impose a penalty for non-observance of a command He never gave to a nation or a people.

                  Coincidence is not correlation, which is not causation. wise up, people, and stop letting people scam you with this very poor interpretation of the scriptures.

                • SR, I completely agree with what you have articulated regarding the Shemitah, in addition the The Feast of Trumpets, Yom Kippur, etc, are also relevant. My own father taught me do look to Israel, events in Israel are not only relevant for the rest of the world, but especially for Christiandom. No other nation will play as important a role as Israel as we move into the End Times. If you don’t think that the end times prophesies are relevant then none of what we are saying is significant to anyone. The Christian gooeschatological lterature cannot be understood by ignoring Israel. Israel’s destiny is tied to our destiny, especially if you are a Christian. Jesus came to restore the Law and the Prophets!

                  Louisiana Eagl

                  • I thought He came to rewrite the law. Atonement has be made. We are dealing with God’s time, not ours. I don’t like quoting or interpreting scriptures but you all are killing me.

                    • JM, Thanks for your comment. I also do not like to quote scriptures in discussions due to hermeneutical issues and principles but they are useful in understanding many things, and for me, the history of mankind istself unfolds in the scriptures. Both the Old and the New Testament should be seen as a continuum. One cannot be understood without the other. Timing is an issue that even Jesus acknowledged was only in the hands of God the Father. Things happen on specific dates but as we look to the future, we should like at trends, seasonss, and look for the ‘sighs of the times’ in which we live. We live in turbulent, uncertain, unstable and chaotic times. Perhaps, chaos theory would be useful? Who knows what triggering event, at a specific time can start a cascade of events to occur? When does a landslide or avalanche start? Which pebble, crystal, snowflake initiated the slike? It may be had to pinpoint. Are we dealing with a series of events, a cascade that culminates in a final event? When making our way through the swamplands, it may be helful to get a ‘bird’s eye’ view of the lay of the land. People have referred to the Bible as a ‘moral’ equivalent to the compass. I may be partial, but, I feel like the Bible is the spiritual ‘Swiss Army Knife’ or the ‘Leatherman’ for me, it is full of words and wisdom to live by.

                      Louisiana Eagle

                    • I wrote my last posting eithout the benefit of my glasses. Please excuse the typos.

                      I agree that God is not going to make you accountable for not following the “Law” since Jesus paid for our sins but none the less the law is our ‘teacher’ so to speak, and we get an appreciation of man’s sinful nature.

              • OFF topic: (thankfully)

                You should watch this video of a black guy who gets caught in the middle of his SECOND armed robbery, but another black man who pulls out his own gun and stops this nigga in his tracks.

                Then, his momma (or some female relative) say the citizens didn’t have no right to shoot him and should’ve left the store and minded his own bi’ness.

                WARNING: It’s a TJSotomayor video…


            • There is no sense during a frenzy of theft. When destiny slips from your control it twists in your guts. Then the real pain cometh. Is there no will to prevent this obvious course of events? Is there no way? Have we effectively been out maneuvered? A collective willingness brings power unto itself. Today, willpower seems to only be effective at the individual level, hence we prep and rightly so. But we must also nurture a more collective willingness. It was an effective collective willingness that delivered in the first place that what we must regain.

              • Shmita has NOTHING to do with America or its financial cycles. NOTHING. It is a JEWISH law where debts are forgiven and the land is to lie fallow in the 7th year, according to Mosaic law.

                America is not Israel. America is not governed by Mosaic Law.

                Historically, typical American bull markets last about 4.5 to 5 years and the subsequent recession, one to two years. We have had a few longer bull and bear cycles than that, due to the manipulation of markets by the FED, but that is typical.

                There is NO correlation between the Shimita seven year cycle. Most important, Shimita DOES NOT signal a crash. In fact, it signals ABUNDANCE as the crops which grow in the seventh year represent God’s Bounty.

                Traditionally in America debts not paid for and not collected in six years, are null and void in the seventh year, and MAY be connected to the historical Shmita cycle.

                The Second Leg Down of a K Wave Cycle as reported by Martin Armstrong IS a financial cycle that impacts American markets and economy and we can expect that cycle to manifest in due time, like the Great Depression.

                Put the Shmita Fear Porn in the same category as “insight” from Lindsay Williams and his “elite friend” and you will have allocated the effects of Shmita in America into its proper location.

                The next Internet Meme that the Alt Media Fear Porn Specialists will attempt is a link between Ramadan and the “dollar collapse” and then try to sell you a CD to explain it for only $75.

                Why $75 ??? Hyperinflation of course !!! 🙂

                • Martin Armstrong
                  New York Times
                  Adviser Jailed Since 2000 Pleads Guilty in Securities Fraud Case
                  By GRETCHEN MORGENSON
                  Published: August 18, 2006

                  Martin A. Armstrong, a financial adviser who has been in jail
                  since January 2000 on a civil contempt charge, pleaded guilty
                  yesterday to a charge of securities fraud in a criminal case stemming
                  from trading losses incurred by his firm in 1999.

                  At a hearing yesterday afternoon in United States District Court
                  in Manhattan, Mr. Armstrong, founder of Princeton Economics International,
                  admitted to deceiving corporate investors and improperly commingling client
                  funds in a case that prosecutors said resulted in commodities losses of more than $700 million.

                  Martin Armstrong
                  Ex-Money Manager Stays in Jail for Contempt
                  By BLOOMBERG NEWS Published: November 28, 2006
                  Martin A. Armstrong, the former money manager imprisoned for almost seven years for contempt of court, will remain behind bars for defying a judge’s order that he turn over $14.9 million in rare coins and gold bars in connection with a federal lawsuit.

                  Yesterday, the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, in New York, upheld a decision in 2000 by Federal District Judge Richard Owen jailing Mr. Armstrong for failing to surrender the assets.

                  The Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission sued Mr. Armstrong in October 1999 and ordered him to surrender the gold bars and rare coins to the government; Mr. Armstrong has maintained he does not have the assets.

                  The ruling has no direct impact on a related criminal case against Mr. Armstrong, 57, who pleaded guilty in August to a federal conspiracy charge stemming from what prosecutors said was a $3 billion Ponzi scheme. He faces up to five more years in prison when he is sentenced in that case in January.

                  “Fifteen million dollars is a life-altering amount of money,” the three-judge panel wrote in its 58-page decision issued yesterday. Mr. Armstrong may conclude “that the risk of continued incarceration is worth the potential benefit of securing both his freedom and the concealed property.


                  • Frank: The K Wave cycle was discovered by a Russian economist many, many decades ago as he analyzed the American economy and the actions of its markets, since its inception.

                    I pass no judgment upon Mr Armstrong’s character; nor is it relevant to the manifestation of the K Wave Theory, itself. 🙁

                • DK, You forgot to mention the prozbul, the man-made loophole in the now-dead letter Shemitah. DEBTS WERE NOT REALLY FORGIVEN AT ALL!

                  The rabbis make a phony claim that Rabbi Hillel’s prozbul loophole was intended to protect the poor (a line of manure that Wikipedia parrots), but the prozbul transfer of private debts to the public ledger and then, after the Shemitah year, transferring the debt back to the original creditors was just a ruse to collect debts after the Shemitah year. Hillel’s prozbul protected not poor people, but the banksters of his day. As I said, NO DEBTS WERE FORGIVEN.

                  As Jesus charged, this is just one of many examples that the rabbis “voided the commandments of God for the traditions of men” (Mark 7:8-9)

                  • JQP: I am not a jewish scholar but while I saw that element, and it didn’t surprise me, I wanted to concentrate upon the Shmita itself; which does not apply to America and is not a “harbinger” of doom for America.

                    Yes God IS sovereign, and He needs no special day to exercise His dominion, however He does appoint times and seasons, so Judgment will come upon America. Look for it to fall upon his church first; especially the Roman Catholic Church. 🙂

                    • Correction, DK… Look for Judgment to fall upon Roman Catholic ChurchMEN!

                      “The road to hell is paved with the skulls of erring priests, with bishops as their signposts.”
                      St. John Chrysostom attributed.

                      “The floor of hell is paved with the skulls of bishops.”
                      St. Athanasius, Council of Nicaea, AD 325 attributed.

                      The authentic, perennial, and Magisterial Catholic faith is the solution. The phony, Judeo-Masonic simulacrum of Catholicism promulgated by perverted and heretical bishops and Popes (?anti-Popes?) is the problem. Nous Ordo “Catholics” with “itching ears” have been gulled, but don;t be smug about it. The Pharisees fell first, THEN the Protestants, THEN the Novus Ordo.

                      2 Timothy 4:3
                      For there shall be a time, when they will not endure sound doctrine; but, according to their own desires, they will heap to themselves teachers, having itching ears:

                      2 Peter 2:1
                      But there were also false prophets among the people, even as there shall be among you lying teachers, who shall bring in sects of perdition, and deny the Lord who bought them: bringing upon themselves swift destruction.

                      P.S. I am sure this post critical of Catholic ChurchMEN will be released LONG before my post about the Shemitah Cahn-men.

                • DK: You said….”America is not Israel. America is not governed by Mosaic Law”.

                  Where have you been? While America differs by name but it is the slave to its masters.

                • Durango durango durango.

                  Didn’t your teachers ever mention to you that when you make a statement it’s helpful to back it up with fact, instead of opinion?

                  Yes, I know everyone has one…

                  If you HAD read Messianic Rabbi Jonathan Cahn’s book and looked at the Math, you would not be posting what you wrote.

                  Yes, the Shemitah DID bring God’s blessing or abundance, as you put it, BUT ONLY IF the Commandments were OBEYED, otherwise, God’s JUDGMENT was brought on His people.

                  Cahn’s Math is spot on over 98% of the time for all of the seven year intervals he documented.

                  Yes, there is fear porn, and yes, some charge ridiculous prices for it, but do as I do: do not buy a thing, just read about it for free, Durango.

                  Denial is a defense mechanism we all engage in from time to time, even myself, I regret to say.

                  But with God having been removed from our schools, despite being on our coinage (“In God we trust”, really?), with over 58,000,000 abortions of God’s little children since 1973, cataloged on film and desecrated by the the interrupted Parenthood agency, and with gobs and GOBS of warnings sent in various ways by the Almighty, you can bet everyone’s butt, prepper or not, that Divine Judgment is indeed coming.

                  All any of us can do– individually and collectively– is repent, ask for Mercy, and turn away from sin.

                  I have nothing against you, Durango, I wish you well.

                  God bless you all.

                  – the Lone Ranger

                  • I am in your camp also, Lone Ranger.
                    DK has his rightful opinions, that differ from many of mine, but i wish him well when the SHTF, as it, without a doubt in my mind, definitely will.

                    I hope i am wrong about mayhem and death from an event, or events predicted between now and the end of October. I guess we will see come October 31st.

                    If nothing out of the ordinary happens, i will gladly make a quick post acknowledging i was wrong, and missed it; just before closing the backdoor with my trout fishing rod and reels in hand, for the week ahead.

                    • Wind,

                      YOU’RE personal predictions are for September 30th, NOT October 31st.

                  • Lone Ranger: America is NOT Israel. America is NOT subject to Mosia Law. If anything, America is under the GRACE of Jesus Christ, the banishment of God from our civil society not withstanding.

                    It is now 7:48 pm September 12th, 2015 Arizona time. For all intents and purposes the Shmita is OVER. Unless the markets crash 30% or more in unison on Monday, I am not buying any books or CD’s filled with fear porn meme’s from authors and charlatans trying to make a buck off me.

                    The Shmita is OVER. That FACT should be obvious to everyone. 🙂

                    • I can’t bleive I’m saying this but DK is spot on!

                      Walid Shoebat has a good read on the con, Cahn is spreading.

                      Jewish old testament law has nothing to do with The US, unless you are a replacement theologian.

                      Read Walids article at Shoebat.com. He even takes the step of calling him a false prophet.

                  • (1) “98%” ??? More like a Procrustean 30%, if that. See Corbett’s video.

                    (2) God is not 98%. He is 100%. That should have been your first clue about the dangerous leaven of the Pharisees.

                  • YOUR,not “you are”.

                • Jonathan Cahn sees a very strong connection b/w America and the Shemitah cycle

                  • Oy veh, Rabbi Cahn’s connection: US dollars

                    If it happens during the Shemitah, it is Shemitah; if it doesn’t happen during Shemitah, it is still Shemitah. [rolling eyes]

                    He is just another Cahn-man lotting the Gentiles.

            • I knew this would happen. The same thing will happen to Martin Armstrong’s October 15, 2015 prediction as well. I’m sure Jeff Berwick will offer up his apology. 😉

              • Retard alert, incoming.

                • Well, you’re right about that, YOU just showed up.

                  • @Anonymous

                    Another failure. So far your’re 0 for 2.

          • The only good crash would be plane loads of islamic savages going into the open ocean. I’d pay a dollar to see that.

        • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Laaq44SDgg




          Where is the fucking proof that Bin Laden is dead (if he even did it)?

          How the fuck could the CIA not find him for a decade yet the NSA can do all this other shit?

          Does that O’Neill clown on Faux News LOOK like a fucking combat vet? Cause I know some and he don’t have the eyes, the slack face.

          This whole thing stinks to fucking high heaven.

          • Everybody has an opinion Acid…doesn’t mean they’re right.

          • You talking about the douchey looking ginger who claims he “shot” bin laden??? Yah right, gimme a friggin break. Stinks to high heaven is an understatement. I’m sorry but anyone who buys the “official” story of that night of events, and the bs “patriotic” bullhorning on fox “news” needs to have their head examined. We are being outright and unconscionably lied to at an accelerated rate by our “representatives” (rulers) and our “news” (propaganda) anchors on the tv. It is downright evil what they are and have been doing to us.

        • More superstitious nonsense that “May or May Not” happen. Well that just about covers everything now doesn’t it. Made up words and phrases that aren’t even found in your precious Bible. How desperate do you rubes have to be to go around hanging your ‘Hat of Desperation’ on every idiotic prophecy that comes around by the latest clown that passes through town. I’ll be back o the 24th and have a big laugh at all the pitiful losers here that will be scratching their pointed little heads wondering why yet another ‘End Times’ prediction failed.

          • Professor, another home run on your part. The usual ” gimme dat’s DOOM PORN” crowd need a new daily death and destruction rant or life isn’t worth living. Yes, they’ll be back with all their predictions, biblical and otherwise making up brand new excuses as to why they failed yet again, but always fired up with the continuing prospect of ” someday”.

          • I’d be interested in stomping your ass, professor.

            • Yeah, I’m sure he’s fucking petrified of you zero, why not shoot him with all your internet guns. What a fucking loser.

              • f UCK YOU TOO, Joe. Rather beat some you pussies to death.

                • Yeah, but you’ve got to ” wait” until there’s no law enforcement around any longer before you go on your mythical vengeance trip, because you’re way too old to get butt fucked by big Leroy every day, loser.

            • Zero; Even though I’m in my early 60’s that could still prove to be a monumental task for someone who fancies himself as member of some warrior class when in fact you’re nothing more than some over weight mall ninja who’s played a few too many video war games. But if you’re serious, I’ll gladly pay your bus fare to my town. I’ll even pick you up and take you to my gym. But make sure it’s with your mommy’s permission first, I wouldn’t want you to get grounded. Tah tah tubby.

      2. It seems as if a total crash could occur. TPTB always seem to have another card up their sleeve. I hope they lose control. It’s our only chance to make things right again.

        • Think TPTB have power now? Let it all crash and fear the phenix that rises from the ashes.

          People are historically very willing to hand over freedom for the promise of food and security.

          “An empty stomach is not a good political barometer”
          Albert Einstein

      3. Sunday is the Feast of Trumpets, so maybe there will be a black Monday. We are now in God’s Judgement. No more God Bless America. Sorry to say, we’re on our own now.

        • Feast of Trumpets is either Monday or Tuesday. It all starts at the EXACT moment of the New Moon. That’s why Jesus said; “No one knows the day or the hour…” The new Moon can occur at 7:00 PM on Monday or 1:00AM on Tuesday or 8:00 PM on Tuesday night. No one knows the day or the hour, not even the angels in heaven.

          • Thanks for bringing up the scripture “no one knows the day or the hour”.

            Without getting into specifics about the subject and text of where this comes into play, I’ll just say most Christians know it is a reference to the “exact” timing of Christ’s return, the Second Coming. (BTW, for all the pre-tribbers, if a return of Christ to “rapture/snatch away”, the church seven years prior to the return event spoken of, has already happened; would this event not need to be called, the “third coming”?)…Just sayin’.

            Anyways, much new information has been thoroughly sought out about that time of Christ’s return, to bring about the end of the Age. As Isaiah 24 is a picture of that day/timing, it says the earth shall “reel to and fro like a drunkard”. If the earth reels and rotates off it’s axis, that means the sun and moon and celestial bodies will look out of place to all inhabitants, therefore no one can tell exactly what time it is. I know what causes this event right near the end which makes the earth to reel. Later.
            Also, with all the many different time zones, which time zone will matter with Christ’s return?

            The bottom line is this. God is telling us…to be aware of the signs and the season of the events that consummate the end of this age, but don’t get all wrapped up in a specific date and time, because;…no one will really know anyway.

            We are to know the exact timing of the Return, no more than we are to know the exact timing of drawing our last breath.

            • The shemitah thing is very interesting, I’ve read the books and they chilled me to the bone. That being said I don’t particularly put focus on dates and times. But I will say this, it seems to me there has been a lot of signs in the sky as of late, and a lot of people seem to be getting a strong conviction and feelings in their hearts. This world is and will change in biblical proportions. When and how it will be, only God knows, so I suggest everyone get to know him

              • Finally! Someone has made the correct pronouncement, that is, GET TO KNOW the Father God thru Jesus Christ by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Absolutely nothing else matters. You will only fare as well as your knowledge & understanding of Jesus Christ, the very image of God, & revealed to us by the Holy Spirit.Then, walk in obedience to whatever has been revealed to you thru the Word of God, for He will not contradict His own Word.

        • Or maybe just a feast,
          With lots of trumpets!

          • What about the feast of cow bell? Is there one? I would like more cow bell please!

        • Yeah, I’ll think I’ll wait for the Feast of Trombones instead, they have a better sound and NOBODY knows the exact music they’ll play or WHEN.

      4. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Any market changes have been in the works for a LONG time now. If it happens in Sept/Oct I call mere coincidence.

        That being said….. food, guns, ammo and pm’s are your friends!

        • Really???

          Oh but would it not be wonderful? Maybe shut down the elections and nobody has to vote for Hillary. Trump will be Trumped. What a great way to start it all and blame it on the Shemitah. Nobody to blame but some old Jewish Scripture. Our buddy Obama can whip out executive order after order and be President for life. Ahhhh. How is that Hope and Change going for ya.

          Are you ready!!!!!!!!!!!

      5. Mecca and the Muslims just got God smacked
        So did the Binladin Group

      6. Well I see it is true for using a certain word. Just went into moderation.

      7. Test without a certain word.

        Oh but would it not be wonderful? Maybe shut down the elections and nobody has to vote for Hillary. Trump will be Trumped. What a great way to start it all and blame it on the Shemitah. Nobody to blame but some old Scripture. Our buddy Obama can whip out executive order after order and be President for life. Ahhhh. How is that Hope and Change going for ya.

        Are you ready!!!!!!!!!!!

      8. Anybody ever notice all these wars have been taking place in hot arid places what happens when these shit skins do come here to pi k a fight and all of a sudden there’s 3 feet of snow on the ground. Have they ever fought in the snow and ice. I was born in -40 I’m well accustomed to the cold. As i said in previous articles north north north. The snow ice and howling winds will make short work of there little game. Retreat to the forests and let them follow the wolves mountain lions black flies mosquitoes and the crushing humidity that comes from the pines.they can’t possably know our lands like we do. I predict come spring the ravens will be too fat to fly.

        • Your pathetic glory suit and white pointy hat is showing.

        • I have and was wondering the same thing as I finished up the sixteenth cord of firewood, just in case. There will only be flip flops and Nikes left. Nature doesn’t condone useless. A Grizz ran past our place the other day and Grandma brought it to my attention by stating while she nodded in the bears direction “I wonder what them migrants would think of that”.

          • LOL! Luv it!

          • Oh how I love it too. Living where grizz lives is truly living in a wild environment. My kind of place, where I visited a couple times in back country Montana.

            You, Grandpa Speaks, and Grandma are truly blessed. I know the hard work you endure for the firewood, but how wonderful it is to have it stacked nearby for keeping the home fires stoked during the cold.

            In Mid Atlantic Appalachia, we had our first, real tease of fall this morning. Temps in the forties with a brisk rustle in the leaves. Clear, clean, blue sky this AM, after a few days of rain. The dampness, and coolness, is more like a morning in late October. Love it.

            • A good stretch of minus forty will smarten them migrants and the pine beetles up a little. We would go back to pre digital times if we could, but we would miss you fine folks. It was a half grown boar, healthy and moving fast. Unlike most people, he knew the status of his welcome. Just never make eye contact with a Grizz. Sets em off bad. Sow with cubs? Make your peace fast if you are between them. A friend of mine was. Armed with a side arm while bow hunting he was in camo behind a tree. A sow passed him in front but the cub passed behind him. Turning from noticing the cub back to the sow her nose was now a foot in front of his face. Unintentional and unavoidable eye contact. Shooting point blank while being rag dolled he emptied the first clip somewhere into her. While she was licking her wounds he tried to reload suffering with his own wounds. Noticing this she attacked again and he emptied another clip point blank. He lived but weighed in six pounds lighter after he healed up. The cub was orphaned but old enough to make it. Bow hunting while armed is illegal here. They confiscated his legally owned but illegally used firearm. No other charges laid other than the bear’s. What may save you with one bear may kill you with another. You have to think and act nimble like and use that lump on your shoulders for what it was intended for. Unlike me, when Grandma asked what I would have done if we had been in his way I quipped “Throw you down and run like hell” Got to have been married over 45 years to get away with that one.

              • LOL.
                That is what i told the wife when she said she was afraid of a panther gettin us the other day while we were out walking. We were not too far from the house so I didn’t have a side arm.

                I said well, “I know I can’t out run the panther, but all i have to do is out run you”.

        • John – I like your post and agree that historically the wars have taken place in hot, arid places in spite of the fact that heat slows us down, it just does…. maybe that is why they’ve more recently had record highs over there of 120+(F)… could be God’s way of slowing them down.

          But regarding your comment about the harsh elements and especially the snow (and I too grew up with frigid, snowy winters) I have, however, noticed that psychopaths (those who start and perpetuate wars or who unleash evil upon humanity in other various ways) are a VERY hardy sub-species of the human race. They are not a race on their own, they are a sub-species of the human race and can withstand what the average human being cannot bear… hence, “The good die young.”

          Examples of some well-known famous members of this sub-species are; Obama, the Clinton’s, the Bush Evil Empire, the Monsanto Evil Empire…you get the picture.

          They have unusually high tolerances for temperature extremes, and can survive illnesses, as well as harsh medical treatments that would kill most, or that most would succumb to sooner than later, and they are usually the only one standing after a couple rounds of gunfire.

          One bullet, even between the eyes, wouldn’t kill the typical psychopath – they’d still be stumbling around. They are like cockroaches; they destroy, contaminate and infect, and are nearly impossible to get rid of.

          Please, don’t get me wrong here… I am certainly not suggesting psychopaths are more resilient, tougher, stronger and better than us, as in a SHTF scenario these entitlement power-monger egotists will surely kill each other fighting for power and control because psychopaths (regardless of their IQ) have the emotional intelligence of an out-of-control, high-school bully adolescent.

          I am saying that we DO NOT want to underestimate them, as these ‘determined to destroy civilization psychopaths’ are an unusually hardy sub-species that can tolerate what would kill off the majority of humanity. The Devil takes care of his own.

      9. “will September see a crash after all?” just realising that not a damn thing is going to happen? i am prepped, more than likely a waste of time and money.

        “you just wait and see, september will bring the end times!” what a bunch of crap, and now those spewing all that crap are back peddling and will start making excuses as to why they were wrong. dont worry, another date will be set for utter catastrophe because SOMEONE is making mad money off of us “preppers”

        • 7re.62. I often feel the same big waste of time and money however. Things are getting worse that’s a fact I hope nothing does come of it i really enjoy my couches bed hot wings etc.
          I’ve mentioned this a few times were no going to wake up to tanks rolling down our streets this will be death of a thousand cuts slowly little by littte the system will chip away at us till we’ve given up. A little pressure at a time and the bone will break. Don’t wait or hope for it just carry on if we make it to old age and find ourselves quietly passing away surrounded by loved ones then you made it.
          You must see that things are oppressive now people like us see what’s going on and were surviving now this is the collapse its all around you. So keep doing what your doing. I got out and to a safe isolated place where I can watch the show. Its up to you when you decide to bug out. But this idea that were going to wake up one morning to find troops on the streets a fools fantasy at best. This shit is a creeping cancer. You think. The powers that be don’t know this course they do if all of a sudden troops were to appear they know wed fight back. Our problem. NO ORGANIZATION NO CENTRAL LEADERSHIP AND NO COMMON GOAL FOR WHAT COMES AFTER. I understand people want fighting in the streets some just can’t wait to test themselves to take out 25 years of frustration

          • John


            Been trying to get people for a LONG to get together on what you stated.

            Many would be hard pressed to organize payment of their bills.

            I don’t see it coming together until people are frightened beyond their wits to do something. Until then, beer and pretzels. And a football game. ;0)

          • I don’t want to hurt anybody, John, but I will in a split second if I have to. I also don’t want to see this country, or ANY country collapse, but I’m prepared to survive a while, if it does happen.

            What I WANT is to live long enough for this govt to be purged of liars, thieves and traitors.

            I wanna see our rights restored, especially for the future generations, before I check out.

            I want to live long enough to see the military industrial complexes around the world stand down, including the dismantling of NATO.

            I want to see banksters hanging from a tree, and with my last breath I want to say—right on! It’s about time!

            • Once you back away from fear porn sites like this one, life is still pretty normal out there. Hyws were packed this weekend in FL. RVs rollin, trucks hauling, boats running, stores open, bars were packed and the bands played on. Even if the stock market crashes it does not affect most of Ametica cause they are not betting in that casino. It seems the same ol fear porn sheep show up here spewing their babble bs fire n brimstone, and the same ol shitmya is nothing but superstition for dumb sheep. The sky is not falling, the sun is shining, and in fact my solar battery bank is almost fully charged again. Only few places where SHTF is on this fear porn site and the Countries where the US is bombing the hell out of. We need to rid the planet of war mongers and hang the psychipathic politicians and criminal bankers who cause thus crap and life would be pretty good for most of the planet. Nobody gives a crap about any jewishh calendars fiction bs. Burn the calendars and eraticate the tribe and most of the worlds pain would disappear. Thats the solution to it all. Stop complaining and take action. Misery loves company. Stop feeding on the fear porn popcorn.


              • When the New Madrid blows, and the Mississippi storms with flows,

                The only gloat, will come from those in a boat. ( in FL at least)

                • Yes, of course, ” when and if”, the two most reliable indicators of God unleashing his wrath on those who don’t subscribe to everything doom porn.

                • When the new madrid blows, the shock will send a tidal wave 100 feet high around the world…I wouldn’t want to be on a boat, anywhere near a coast if that happened. Then again, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a hurricane, especially trapped out on a little boat in the middle of the ocean.

                  There’s a problem for every solution.

              • very true, my worst moods are when im deep into the fear websites. time to pull back and live life again. thanks!

          • just frustrated, helpless feeling. we are already at our bug out, we moved here 3 years ago from in the city and it has taken this long to get my neighbor (just a couple of us in the woods) on board, we are both ready, however his wife informed me she wants to “help” those coming from the city, the ones in “need”. one huge giant step fucking backwards.

            • She’ll stop wanting to be so helpful once she hands over her last can of beans, and realizes SHE has nothing for dinner. By then, it’s way too late.

              That is unless those “needy” people alleviate her of everything before that…

        • @ 7.62×39

          Could happen just as easy as not. Better to be prepared and not have to use it than have something happen and not be prepared. For a lot of us it is a hobby that makes us feel secure. I don’t think anybody has taken advantage of my prepping. Most of it is common sense and knowledge through others thoughts and comments.


          • big B’
            I agree it is better to be prepared than NOT! i was raised in a country setting where our garden,hunting fishing gave us most of our food and so we had to be prepped for the next year until garden came off etc etc. so prepping is nothing new to me but IF anyone has ever been outside UN-prepared and got caught in a freak summer cold rain and was soaked to the bone and shaky from the cold then you would NOT ever be out again without your proper attire, so with that said BETTER TO BE PREPPED than NOT!!!

          • your right, I’m just…..tired. i retired early a year ago because i felt things were not right, what wasn’t right was me!

      10. I have articles stating that an economic crash is not a major concern at this time. It does not rule out other calamities. We could be blindsided by something we are not expecting.

        • Iran with a nuke would be much worse , for instance.

          Which they probably already have , Obamma and kery are just payin em off to wait until O is outta office.

        • Kinda hard to blind-side a wide-awake prepper who prepares for every contingent…

      11. In case you missed it the market did “crash” over 2,000 points since our manchurian candidate Obama signed the nuclear arms agreement with Persia (Iran). This 2K drop equals approximately 1.2 trillion in wealth vaporized from peoples 401K plans. I do expect more shaking from God, and increasing in intensity, but this Shemitah period did result in a huge stock market and financial loss. We are so used to bad news on a daily basis this was almost overlooked.

        • Yep, you are right Sgt.Bill,

          I think the 1.2 trillion was just the DJI, losses.

          I think the overall losses from all markets, were estimated closer to two Trill.

      12. I am not sure of it as mentioned yet because I have info that is going to cancel out Agency ass clownry on this article.. not sure if anyone found out yet and I will need to hear the tech geeks here on shtf comment. But first I meet with the scientist tomorrow. And my ex govt…source told me something that happen just a few today’s ago that manifested over the last two weeks.. I have really good news and also bad news, very bad news…because if the good news, we are in the most dangerous than we have ever been in. I will even five you all a hint. The cabal is having a very bad week. Things are going well for them and believe me I won’t be sympathetic about their demise..they just got the crap scared out of them in a severe level that resulted in them doing what they were told or else. The results were not the less devastating. Mac, please leave this article up for at least a week. It’s will have probably over 1,000 comments after next tuesday.

        SHTF JUST COMMENSED. BRACE yourselves.



        All sh….to about to bust loose..the shemitah. Yes my friends shtf will not only commense, it just commensed.

        • Ok…. can you be more specific?

          • Yeah, enough with the cryptic crap…tomorrow. Tired of hints, just step up and say what you’re gonna say, or shut up about it.

            Nobody likes a tease.

            • yea ,i call horse shit ,you got somthing to say ,say it ,all that my secret friend ,and my guy on the inside ,or the little genie that lives in my asshole ,why the hell do all these guys ie lindsey williams etc have to talk in riddles ,did they not ever master the english language, it sure wouldnt work well in real life ,ive got a garage ,ill have to try that “yes maam you have a problem with your engine that my secret worker found but we cant let you know what it is till next week ,but you can believe me you wont like it”

              • It has now become OFFICIAL! Woe to all who doubt the validity of hcks prophetic Trumpets of Doom! Hcks needs not to prove anything or provide times or specifics, he is BEYOND all of the earthly restraints which confine mere mortals. You all DARE to become annoyed with hcks because of your loss of patience, displaying your own MERE mortal sense of events to unfold! The great Shemitah in the sky will shortly unfold reigning down upon you ALL of hcks predictions and you will WEEP that you did not heed them! REPENT while you still have time, perhaps hcks, in his ultimate wisdom, will turn from his mighty wrath away from you and save you the coveted place on Niburu next to Dave Hodges and the almighty scientist friend!

                P.S., He’s really been hitting the books hard lately, his grammar is getting close to the 8th grade level!

                • I’m not doubting the validity of something I don’t know anything about. HCKS has never SAID anything, just beat around the bush about what he WILL know eventually, from some person who knows somebody who has a friend who…

                  The only thing that can be validated, is that HCKS hasn’t said as damned thing yet.

                  • Um, Hello, it’s called sarcasm……

        • HCKS…you are talking very much in unfinished statements. Can you fill in any gaps? Or, provide suggestions as to what preps are an absolute necessity?

          I have no doubt that it has begun, but I do not know how bad this machine of horror is going to be.

          • If what he has to say was so earth-shattering, he would be stupid to tell the world (and the NSA) that he is going to divulge information.

            Has anyone kept count of how many insiders have been suicided BEFORE they could divulge unwanted information?

            I think Michael Hastings, the journalist who had inside govt info and info on the clintons, was killed in a remote-controlled car accident, just days before he was to go public.Hastings did the EXACT SAME THING—he told the world that he had earth-shattering news that he WAS GOING TO BREAK.

            He never got the chance.

            So my advice to HCKS, is decide if you can afford to give the info AND JUST GIVE IT—or decide that it’s not worth shooting yourself with a shotgun three times in the head, and shut up about it.

            If what he has is of any real value, they won’t let him publish it. Otherwise, it’s just a way of getting people tensed up over nothing.

        • HCKS,

          Project Camelot , asset CEDAR?
          1964 ?

          Semper Fi

        • HCKS
          Hey Man please let us know what you find out.
          See if you can get just a little more INFO so that we can try to gear up a little better.

          Keep the INFO coming, My sources have dried up I’m not hearing anything right now. Maybe that is telling us something?


      13. Eppe, the next few months will be interesting. You are 10,0000% on the money brother. The future may have been altered to. And for all you agency ass clown who lie to discredit me. Let kyle yes terminology to let you know that I am not a joker.

        Time line one, time line two Variant 83.



        Hope I got your attention you agency ass clown trolls. Oh, you don’t want me to talk about Ed Dames. Its not a wonder he packed up an hawled ass to Russia..does not want to live in the US for some reason. Head to you under ground hundreds you rat bastards, rats live in holes don’t they.

        • Hcks, amen bro.
          Just turned on a female friend from ’72 to the site.
          I am afraid too few humans are prepared like us preppers…

          Be well all…

        • HCKS ,
          Are you CEDAR?

          Message recieved load and clear .
          Our mysterious HCKS is SOMEONE to pay attention to.
          I would stake my reputation on it , cannot say anymore .

          Semper Fi

          • JUST your reputation? Why not life itself, if you really ARE the big hcks fan you claim to be? I know, I know, OF COURSE you ” cannot’ say more, we MUST continue to be mysterious or everybody will get bored and realize it’s all doom porn and bullshit, and we sure as Hell can’t have THAT now can we?

        • Thanks, for the contact info, for Variant 83.
          This report was all new to me, but the content is proving what I have been saying for years.

          The ET/demonic entities do exist and they are making deals/collaborating with gov. leaders and illuminati. Sometimes, actually most times these two intertwine.

          What got my attention is when I briefly breezed a few pages and saw Hitlery’s name mentioned as becoming potus. That may need to be changed, as explained. Although she has much demonic power through several sources, the Jezebel spirit will be her demise, for it is to froward and has not the charisma that is needed to control the masses. Masses of liberals, yes. Masses of Christians…NO.

          However; I also have enough spiritual sense and understanding to know and fully accept that…God is still on the Throne, and controls the timing of all events for His purpose. Amen.

        • O…..M……G……

          LOL :0

      14. Well, I know all this talk has spooked more than a few preppers. Many items of survival food are out of stock and on 21-day or more back orders. I ordered some items AUG 24 and was lucky to finally receive them today, SEP 12, a process normally taking less than a week. For those just now thinking about mail ordering long term survival food, forget about it. Run down to your local supermarket and stock up there. Remember, buy what you eat and eat what you buy.

        • Your local warehouse store may be a good bet yet if you are looking for items such as rice, flour, honey or peanut butter; mine is still fully stocked on all those items. Restaurant supply stores such as Gordon Food Service (if you happen to have those in your area) have 5 pound bags of beans and pasta. WalMart has 25# bags of white winter wheat. You just need to know where to look to find items that are out of stock online. 😉

        • Availability of several food items were affected by bird flu, the new pig killing virus, drought, etc.

          One reason for stored food is viral attacks on our food supplies. While people worried about other disasters this year, farmers, poultry, and pork suppliers have been ravaged. Food prices have jumped and availability diminished.

          For people to have built supplies of food, is hardly wasted money.

          • Yeah, for the first time in a long time, beef has seemed cheaper than pork. $7 for one scroungy chicken. Luckily I’d already stocked up on pork and chicken products, now I’ll get me some more beef while I can. I take any advantage I can get.

          • I’m not sure sure about that. Pork and poultry prices are still pretty cheap in my neck of the woods. Egg prices have definitely jumped, though. Beef remains OMG expensive.

      15. I reckon a crash this month is as likely as a crash was in Y2K.

        Meaning not likely at all outside of some fear monger doomsayers imagination.

        Shemitah is just an old Jewish observance that was observed on a 7 lunar year cycle, it doesn’t mean anything for America or the rest of the world today. For that matter, it doesn’t really mean much if anything to the Jews today, they don’t really pay serious attention to most of their traditions in our modern world.

        Nothing bad is going to happen this month anymore than tens of thousands of “red lister’s” have been rounded up and interred in FEMA camps under Jade Helm.

      16. Seems like whoever predicts the end precisely is believed to be the messiah. When I looked into the bible it said no man noeth the end. If anyone knew they would know the future and most likely been able to tell the series of events leading up to the end and significant events dates and times. We all agree the world is in a decline but to say that September is the end is vague and leaves open space for predictions to be back peddled. All this shit is told to convince people to run out and spend$ on guns gold food and other shtf gear. This site owner probably owns wise foods and other businesses related to shtf gear. Think of the psychology of fear it drives decisions. If everyone thought we were experiencing good times they’d go out and buy houses cars and other luxuries. Who gains from the fear mongering the elites. Guns and survival gear is a lot cheaper than homes and cars right now. If there was a gold rush tomorrow there would be a site geared toward mining and buying claims with ads all over for heavy machinery and shovels. Tell me I’m wrong. A wise prudent man will have the things he feels he needs to be independent for a while. Banging the pulpit and telling people to buy guns ammo gold water food has been pounded into the psyche of every prepper. Having all this stuff is not a plan to surviving if techniques aren’t taught. Stop buying shit to make you feel comfortable. Learn how to do things the hard way and learn what is a waste of efforts believe me some skills aren’t worth it if they are too difficult to deploy at a moments notice. People are so out of shape and fat gear won’t save them but somehow buying something is gonna give them an advantage. Priorities people I’d rather have a homemade pipe shotgun and the strength and physical stamina than a closet full of goodies. I can understand having a gun and a supply of ammo but having a safe full of guns really isn’t gonna help you if you have poor health due to being fat and unfit. How many fat people have you met with a I can’t attitude. They are already defeated with a poor attitude. Complaining about all their aches and pains and using it to justify why they can’t do manual labor. I’m not picking on fat overweight folks I just want them to realize that they need to get in shape to handle survival tasks. This is way more important than buying gear for others to use after they are killed. No one ever really talks of fitness for the simple fact that they don’t have the guts to put the food down and get off the couch. It’s just too easy to be an armchair survivalist. The profiteers don’t care if you die with a large supply of gear as long as they get their $. This is the way it is forget all the bullshit feel good stuff. Ass out

        • So how much stuff does a prepper need. As much as he or she feels they need. And how much physical strength is needed. As much as is needed to use his stuff effectively.

          Now I have seen a lot of Fat Asses get up and move when they had to. Also put the “Woop Ass” on people and many are real good shots because they don’t want to trail wounded animals.

          My stuff gives me many options. They also intermix and overlap. Yes there is redundancy. But I can move on to others sources when others are depleted, broken, or worn out. This includes weapons.

          • I always say it’s better to have one too many, than to be one short. That’s how I live in everything I do.

            • Is good to know how to improvise or repurpose too.

              • Kulafarmer.

                When people use the words, Improvise and Repurpose. I know for sure they don’t give up. Overcome and adapt are good words too. These are the people you want around you when things get bad.

              • Absolutely Kula! Waste not, want not.

        • Amen brother ! Finally some words of wisdom.

        • Good post,, thanks,

      17. John people have woken up to tanks rolling down the street it does happen. It hasn’t happened here yet so sheeple say things like it won’t happen. Anything is possible is the proper attitude and be ready by being fit and able. I like you agree with you view on the cold north. I’m used to freezing my balls off and it’s something you learn how to dress for and what fabrics work and don’t. These warm region types don’t know what it’s like to deal with balls deep snow or better. My job keeps me outside in the cold at night for 10 to 12 hours. We don’t shave in the winter because it warmer. The cold north is for rugged individuals.

        • A feast for crows lol

        • Yes for once we agree ass hat the the north breeds hard men and women sand pudgy babies lol.I also agree keep stocked up eyes open ear to the ground and keep on living. I was referring to tanks and troops going door to door rounding folks up into trucks that’s a defined Moment shoot or shut up.and get on the truck. As for the jade helm stuff I’m amazed that didn’t touch something off. And true being blindsided by something no one saw coming such as asteroid earthquake volcano. Would indeed be like a starter horn for let the games begin

      18. The “Wolf is coming”, the “Wolf is Coming”. Damn I am getting tire of this SH**. Have facts or don’t talk about it, period. Sky was falling, sky is falling and NOW, the sky is (maybe) just fine. Supporting this CRAP on a web site should be shameful, what is it the AD Dollar that is behind it all.

        • Merlin.

          “Let Me Entertain You”.

          Gypsy Rose Lee.

        • Merlin, I saw too much fear porn myself on these websites and mostly ignore them because they were not true.(For instance that military exercise that had shackles in railroad cars to take innocent people away)

          Yes, some gave me a hatchet job for me saying it is nonsense, But preparing for any disaster for me can be a loss of my job, no work to be found, or a natural disaster. It doesn’t have to be what these web sites claim what will happen. It is not a waste of time for me because I am being laid off again next month, and I won’t have to worry about food or not having enough money for a long time since I paid my debts off and saved $$ as part of preparing. Do what YOU think is important to prepare.

          • Yes, i agree with your idea of ignoring some of the “over the top” fear porn as with the box cars and shackles stories.

            That is not to say, i don’t believe that it is not out of the realm of possibilities in the near future. But, the secret to surviving is accepting personal responsibility to protecting your loved ones, through almost anything imaginable.

            Just remember to visualize it, imagine it as a future possibility, and then put it on a shelf in the back corner of your mind. In other words, “do not continue to dwell on things that you cannot control”.

            Stay vigilant towards the things that are at hand and concentrate on what keeps you free as a human being.
            The ‘what if’ scenarios can come out of nowhere, but consider the odds.

            Example: When Katrina hit, and the images kept being displayed on our TVs, it got people to thinking. I had just started the short term prepping. I kicked it up a notch by stretching my food preps and ammo reserves into months, instead of weeks.
            I even went so far as to keep a good supply of chainsaw oil,gas, and back up chains, bars, and parts.

            When I reached out to others with the idea that they should start preparing for months of possible chaos and isolation, I got the cold shoulder faster than a scalded hog on killing day in December.

            My own brother, that grew up as i with poor grandparents that were the original preppers, was such a skeptic about my endeavors, that i got pissed at his attitude.
            He said all my work and worry (as he called it), was a waste of time. My response caught him off guard.

            I said, “How quickly people like you forget 1989. The experts said that in the Applachains where we live, there would never be any concern over an Atlantic Hurricane either”.

            That early morning in September, 1989. It was early am on the 22nd, about 2:30 am, when the gusts of wind slapped small limbs and loose debris into the south facing windows and walls of my humble abode, high on the mtn. top. As an employee at the local Hospital in the Maintenance Dept. I had a duty to help with any disaster that may come upon us. Although i wasn’t on call that early a.m., I knew things were not conducive to getting any sleep at home, so i got up, dressed, and went to the hospital. Still early, and no third shift maintenance on duty, i walked across the parking lot facing 40 mph gusts, and thinking, it’s 4:00 am, and not many people have a clue what is coming.

            I made a quick walk through, and checked critical equipment, and made a visit to each Floor Supervisor with instructions that i was to be found stretched out in my truck seat, in the Black GMC Dually parked out from the Maintenance shop, if breakers went off or the back up generators failed to activate properly.

            I was about to doze off at 5:00 am when a gust that felt like 70 mph rocked the, stiff as a board, suspension on my Dually Truck. I sat up and noticed the power lines were slapping together and heard one of the main generators running nearby.
            I got out expecting to see my fellow employees vehicles nearby, but nobody was there. Hell, most of them were still at home asleep.

            Anyways, it was good that i was there, because some breakers had to be reset, and calm the frantic nurses. The whole thing was touch and go for several hours, but all hell had broke loose on the mountain.

            After having weeks of rain prior to Hugo slamming us as it slammed the S Carolina coast, wreaked havoc across the low country, and piedmont/foothills; it ripped up timber and laid it down like matchsticks. In a three mile stretch up the mountain to get to the house that evening, i counted over 100 trees that had been cut out of the road just enough for traffic to travel through. That is just the ones 12 inches through and bigger. It was a three mile stretch of debris field and tangled power lines and poles. Luckily most of my big trees that fell were on the north side, away from the house. I did loose most of the front porch, and had to cut a tunnel to get inside. My electricity was off for nearly two weeks because of being so far off the beaten path.

            Anyways, little brother got real quite when I reminded him of all the damage and downed power lines. But, he is still a skeptic, and will suffer when all hell breaks loose, someday.
            It will break loose, but just “when” is not an issue anymore as we are prepped as much as need be, to survive for years, if need be.

            Catastrophic calamity can come from any direction, at any time.
            None are immune to it, or completely free from it. But, being as fully prepped as possible is not living in fear, to the contrary, it is living free.

            • Thanks for sharing your story. I hope people like Merlin will see the need for prepping and not a waste of time. It is not just for a national calamity, it could be for a local or personal one at that.

              Been through the action of 80 mph winds that took the forest, houses and barns down like matchsticks and power/phone outages for weeks 3 years ago too. I counted 300 trees down blocking the hwy near me when a little path was made on the shoulder to town for 12 miles. I lost over 20 trees on my pine plantation and two hit my garage and house causing damage. It speeded up my prepping for sure!

              I am not sure when the economy will crash and how hard it will hit us in the aftermath. I remember it took 2-3 years after 2008 before the full pain was felt. Being hit worse than the ’29 crash will surely speed things up.

          • Woodie,
            You are referring to Jade Helm, most of which was classified and covert. You have no clue what’s going down to say it will or won’t be a threat to Americans.

            You are 100% correct the biggest disaster many will face will be loss of a job. We may not see a full on economic collapse, but I seen recessions that made people homeless and hungry.

            I really hate the term fear porn, it’s the old boy that cried wolf story, and in the end the wolf killed the boy and the sheep. The story takes place in wolf country, and the wolf threat was never eliminated, but cognitive dissonance led to the village letting the boy and sheep be killed. No doubt the villagers tossed around the term “fear porn” because the boy cried wolf!

            • Is my comment being moderated or censored what’s the difference?

            • Is my comment being moderated or censored what’s the difference?

          • The ste moderators as well as the staunch believers will all try to cut you to pieces or delete you if you are a non believer,,, its amuzing at least, insane at worst,
            People are so gullible and sorta scary how they think everything is a conspiracy,

      19. Nothing is going to happen. Everyone here has to back track now and pick a future date for the big event. Braveheart, Dale, the guy on meds from texas, all had a”gut feeling” about May, then Sept for sure, now slipping to Oct. GET A LIFE….. JOG and BI did, now its time to wean yourselves off the fear porn, the conspiracies and the “blame it on the jooooz. Maybe you guys will get lucky and have a weather related disaster in your area, so you can sling on the ar15, eat Mountain House food and chase the people away who didn’t prep..

        • “A”
          I said I feel like something big was about to happen, and I also stated I might be wrong, that is just a felling.

          Now if you remember this was before the Iran deal, the stock market falling almost 2000 points, before I knew anything about Jade Helm 15, China’s market crashing, Russian troops in Syria, major riots in several cities. So I guess I was kinda right!

          I still have that feeling, and I don’t believe I ever put a date on anything other that some time this year. If the above isn’t enough I guess you want more I don’t. I’m not looking forward to TSHTF.

          As far as Braveheart. I will let him speak for himself, but like me I think he just said he had just had a felling.

          I miss B.I., JOG, Them Hogs and others. Unfortunately the TROLLS ran them off. They were good Folk with go insight.


          • Trolls didn’t run them off. Rarely a harsh word was directed toward JOG. He moved off grid to the north, and got tired of the bs, stupid fear porn articles, and lack of prep content.

            • The only thing that’s correct about your statement is that JOG moved off the grid to the north….he and a few others knew it was time to get out of dodge, because they knew that something big and bad was going to happen and it didn’t have to do with “got tired of the bs, stupid fear porn articles, and lack of prep content.” However, you are seriously full of bull!!!

              • @anon…you madam, are the one full of bullshit, just like all the articles and fear porn here.

                • @Anonymous

                  Nope, you are the one who is full of horseshit. Bullshit is an understatement for you I’m afraid.

                  • @ Mr. Anonymous,

                    And don’t forget that you too are so full of horseshit that it actually gallops from your mouth.

                    • @anon

                      Sorry, your futile attempt at a comeback failed miserably. Next time though, don’t give up!

                  • Thank you MR. ANONYMOUS!

                • You know anonymous….I love how you agency people don’t like anyone challenging your narrative! I followed JOG’s post here and though I didn’t know him personally, he was and is a decent person and it was fairly easy to decipher much of what he spoke of, even though he was way more intelligent than I’ll ever be.

                  As Hcks says….you’re just another agency azzclown!

      20. I love date setters, they force me to take stock and take care of lose ends.

        Since I’m pretty much ready at all times, I needed to do little but replenish normal consumables, and there was lots of warning to do that at sale prices.

        Those that talk about survival profiteers are full of crap. If not disaster X next week, then it’ll be disaster Y next year. What do these freaking idiots think people do, throw away long term stored food, sell their guns, discard their bug out bag, uproot the fruit trees planted last spring and plow under their vegetable garden?

        Economically the entire global economy is one bad rumor from collapsing, only a fool is dumber than a squirrel who knows to store up nuts and seeds for the coming winter.

      21. Then if that the case for you Merlin a d Woogie, then why do you keep coming on the shtfplan.com and keep reading the articles and comments. Just ignore it, move on and live your life. Once I out the serious info and it’s implications on this site, there is simply no way counter argument. What I will comment on has not been mentioned on any of these sites yet. In fact I am hoping that it gets out before Monday.



        What better website than the shtfplan.com to unleash devastating positive information on. By, by cabal, your f….k…..d..

        • Cease with your cryptic mambo jumbo, and if you know something then say it ! Otherwise stop with the ” prophet ” charade.

        • Oh please tell us the future omnipotent great and all mighty leader so that we all may be saved by your loving grace. I’m sorry I generally try to avoid personal attacks, but your ramblings about scientists and all this crap that will change the world and only you know, but you’re just waiting for the perfect time to tell us, well it has succeeded in irritating me today and many others too it seems. But I’m afraid you have lost your marbles. Please do us a favor and spill your drivel and jibbersh so we may be at least entertained

      22. Ah well if not this September or October then maybe the next ones coming around in 2016. I’m thinking that maybe the guy holding on to drop the last shoe is a one legged man.

      23. Will it see a crash in Sept. NO
        Just a guess, but I don’t think so!!!

      24. Hello….did anyone watch that video anon posted?…Because it scared the shit out of me!!!….was that Africa or The Walking Dead???…I think i will now order more ammo, because that shit is real no matter where that footage was filmed.

        • climber.

          Yes that shit is real and coming to America. Buy More Ammo.

        • Climber-that was Europe and specifically Germany. Those people are supposedly from Syria….don’t think so! Did you also notice that most are young men-no children!

      25. HCKS….keep us updated

        • On what, more mystical mumbo jumbo? More delusions from the mind of some looney toon who make Nostradamus sound precise in his predictions? Maybe we csn get hcks to whisper his predictions in a trance like Edgar Cayce?

      26. Market crashes mean nothing. That is because the definition of a market crash only means that someone paid a lower price for what they believed was an overpriced share in some company.

        Riddle me this jokers…what is worse?

        a. Dow decline of 20%?

        b. Dow stuck at 20000 for 3 months with next to no volume?

        Answer. B. Markets frozen. i.e. no Liquidity.

      27. Nearly all on this thread deserve to eat their Shemitah sandwiches. Those that profited on it deserve a fate worse than hell. Those that fell for it, I got a bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you for half price. In advance, I told you so.

        • Umm…Bert…the Shemitah is today and I’m SMH at all of you who seem to think you can put God in a box and make him do what you want. The events that have happened in Shemitah years did not always happen on the day itself so all of you who are high fiving each other thinking you’re out of the woods may be a little premature in your celebrations. Then again, maybe now. Time will tell. As always, hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

          • It is an older bridge but I’ll let you have it for … how much do you got right now?

            • Don’t look now, but the China stock market just took it’s biggest dump since August.

          • You want pickles on your Shemitah sandwich?

            • Keep your sandwich, Bert, I have a feeling you’re going to need it in the near future.

          • You EXCEPTION people, like on 12-21-2012 the world didn’t end, you gave the shysters another full year just in case the “Mayans” were A LITTLE off. Same S… the Nosterdamus people are. And the Da Vinci code, and the rest of the Coast to Coast AM FICTION as fact book peddling freaks.

          • This P(((((s me off to no end, you gullible idiots.

            • @Bert

              Yet you continue to post comments and read articles from this website.

              Yeah that makes sense…

              • @ Mr. Anonymous,

                Don’t look now but he makes a Hell of a lot more sense than you ever will……..

                • @Anonymous

                  Sounds like somebody is upset because I called them out over a website.

                  Quite being a mangina and grow a pair.

      28. Prepping should not be done because of what others tell you may or may not happen, it should be done as personal insurance for your well being. You don’t buy car insurance hoping you’ll have a wreck, so you shouldn’t prep hoping for the end of the world. My own experiences led me to prepping, and it happened way back in the early 1980’s when hurricane Alicia made a direct hit on my area. I experienced massive flooding and loss of power for a couple weeks. Fuel and groceries were hard to get in my area. Having food rot in my fridge and freezer, not being able to move about much due to flooding and lack of fuel, and sweating my balls of in the Texas heat for 2 weeks with no power made me wake up. Many years later, hurricane Ike made a direct hit on my area. This time I didn’t suffer from the flooding like before, but power distribution was extremely hard hit in our area. This time I was ready though. I now own a few generators, store enough gas to run them for 12 hours a day for a month, have large water stores, enough food for a very long time. Within 2 hours of the storm passing we had cleared a large tree that came down, moved the RV into the driveway and fired up the generator to get the RV A/C going and the fridge and 2 freezers in the house going. I was so over prepped that I was loaning out generators and giving gas to others. By the second day after that storm, we were volunteering in the community passing out food, water, and ice that was being brought into the local relief center. It sure was a lot better feeling being prepared the second time around. To this day I still have neighbors thanking me for the help I provided as well as asking me to check their preps and give them advice. VERY FEW know the full extent of my preps so that I can maintain my OPSEC, but rest assured after doing this for more than 30 years I feel ready for just about anything short of a direct nuclear attack. Being prepped makes me sleep much better at night, but like that car insurance, I really hope I never need it again, but I’m pretty sure sooner or later I will.

        • Good person, you are. And already have a community network in place. The way it has been discussed and preferred.

        • T.P>
          Very good advise. And Bless you for helping others out. That is what we are here for.

          I can see that when the real SHTF comes you are going to have a hard time people no I can’t help and they are going to be looking at you for help. It is up to you. I would start talking to the folks right now and put a group together of like minded folk Talk to the ones you help first. then let it spread out. I basically did the same thing, and now I have a small group of like minded folks, and we will depend on each other when TSHTF.


      29. Texas prepper:
        I agree. Don’t prepare for disaster. Prepare as a practical lifestyle. Why wouldn’t a sane person anticipate the possibility of a bad crop year. Lousy weather. Getting laid off. Having a cold or the flu. Shit happens. Get used to it and be ready for it or don’t. But don’t disparage people who are just trying to look after themselves and their families. I’ve lived a few years and seen a few emergencies come and go. Sometimes I was better prepared than at other times. I’ve stocked up on food that fed other people in need. I was glad to be able to help. No one knows what lies ahead. A wise man sets his affairs in order. Pays his debts and owes no man. But keeps his ten per cent in cash. Or tithes if he is so inclined.

        • great response

        • In the old days they called it common sense,
          Growing up on a ranch in the sticks most folks had gardens, hunted, raised chickens, had lots of canned goods etc, and this was in the 60s-70s, in the early wild west days and before that stuff was so common you could count on it, was just good sense to have a means of producing or aquiring and or supplies enough to last for a long time, today people think good sense is to have a small 27″ tv as well as the 72″ tv so you have a backup……
          I actually enjoy growing food, hunting, and soon my own chickens if all goes well,
          Have been cutting wayyyy back on everything else, both out of necesity and also in practice for even leaner times.
          I miss simpler times, life has gotten way too complicated, even when you are trying to live low theres people and stuff that interferes.

      30. In 1969 Zager and Evans called it: In the Year 2525!

        In the year 2525, if man is still alive
        If woman can survive, they may find
        In the year 3535

        Ain’t gonna need to tell the truth, tell no lie
        Everything you think, do and say
        Is in the pill you took today

        In the year 4545
        You ain’t gonna need your teeth, won’t need your eyes
        You won’t find a thing to chew
        Nobody’s gonna look at you

        In the year 5555
        Your arms hangin’ limp at your sides
        Your legs got nothin’ to do
        Some machine’s doin’ that for you

        In the year 6565
        Ain’t gonna need no husband, won’t need no wife
        You’ll pick your son, pick your daughter too
        From the bottom of a long glass tube

        In the year 7510
        If God’s a-coming, He oughta make it by then
        Maybe He’ll look around Himself and say
        “Guess it’s time for the Judgement Day”

        In the year 8510
        God is gonna shake His mighty head
        He’ll either say, “I’m pleased where man has been”
        Or tear it down, and start again

        In the year 9595
        I’m kinda wonderin’ if man is gonna be alive
        He’s taken everything this old earth can give
        And he ain’t put back nothing

        Now it’s been ten thousand years, man has cried a billion tears
        For what, he never knew, now man’s reign is through
        But through eternal night, the twinkling of starlight
        So very far away, maybe it’s only yesterday


        • Wow, am I the only one who wonders why these guys were never more than a one hit wonder?

      31. The regular “run of the mill prepper”, sometimes puts too much on his plate to handle. He becomes overwhelmed. A major factor is what type of life he was raised up in and what hardships he has faced growing up.
        If a person has had everything handed to him on a silver platter he may have a rough go of it, should things go south.
        With all the inflictions man can place upon himself. I believe we will have an extinction level event. Nuclear war, Biological war, Disease outbreaks Environmental catastrophe. Maybe the Mad Men who want to follow the Georgia Guide stones will miscalculate the means to reach that lower level of earths population and mistakenly doom the human race. Would serve them right.

      32. I remember the people of Katrina sitting on their roof with water all around them they couldn’t drink and the gov response to it all. This was a true life and death situation for these folks. This really shaped my views of what can and can’t happen. Anything can happen people preparedness is a mindset mostly. It’s not really about gear. I carry a folding knife a Cree led flashlight a cigarette lighter and a little cash on my person everywhere I go. I have a gym bag I take with me to work with a jacket my gps for work a roll of electrical tape and a few zip ties In case I need to rig my rig to get to safety. There is a stack of napkins I’ve collected from coffee shops I go to. Small pack of wipes hand sanitizer. Some other things I’ve forgot we’re in there. I have a soft cooler with an ice pack I put my lunch in. I take 4 bottles of water and a can of soda then whatever I’m gonna eat. As a truck driver I don’t have an assigned truck and I travel alone so I need to be as prepared as I can. I’ve gone over bridges that were closed off due to heavy winds and snow with no way back till the bridge reopens. Been broke down on the coldest day of the year with no running engine to produce heat. In the cold months I bring my insulated coveralls which I like better than bibs because it traps heat in better. My point of all of this is have the minimum stuff you need with you at all times and you are more prepared than the guy with the suit and tie on.

      33. All just a load of crap. Fear mongering, fear porn, whatever you want to call it. I believe in free speach, free press etc but its getting to where some of these clowns like Alex Jones, Lindsay Williams, Steve Quayle, could almost be getting dangerous to listen to.

        • Isn’t calling someone dangerous to listen to a type of fear mongering as well??? However, you believe in free speech-right?

          • @anon

            Great response, you know that old saying…if the shoe fits.

            • @ Mr. Anonymous,

              You should know, you wear it yourself.

              • @Anonymous

                0 for 3. Your starting to look like a loser now.

      34. On a more pleasant note, let’s talk first-aid for a minute.
        This morning my wife got a wasp sting/bite (I read they bite, not sting) and being she has a history of allergies to bees, etc., we watch the results/symptoms.
        I forgot the immediate treatment…hot water, vinegar, honey, baking soda?
        It’s stuff we’ve gone over before, but it’s been awhile since one of us got stung, so we forgot.
        Anyway, she’s fine, fingers swelled up a lot, but no reaction/allergy.
        But it got me thinking about, of all things, gunshot wounds, something we may all have to deal with.
        I thought of the sucking chest wound and what I was trained way back as a combat medic…but first, think, if you know how to treat one, would you be able to tell your spouse/friend how to? Probably not.
        So, if anyone has more current knowledge, let’s hear it.

        What the military taught us was, (victim is down, place them on their back, look & listen for air being pulled through the chest bullet wound into the lung.)
        You need to stop this air flow. What we had were compression bandages, about 2″x4″ and they came in a strong plastic wrapper. Cut the wrapper and open it up; you’re going to use that directly on the wound and place the bandage over it. And ideally, the bandage has “tails” on it so it can be tied around the back of the patient. Stopping the air gives the victim a much better chance.
        I’m waiting until SHTF to tell my wife this…she’s heard it before but will remind her if the shooting starts!

      35. Take a look at the clock in the picture.
        The clock is broken into pieces. Look at the hour hand. Does that not look like a upside down cross to you?
        The sign of the Devil!

        Mac are you trying to tell us something?


      36. Predictions are like the old Yogi Berra saying.

        Being prepared for life’s downturns (which ALWAYS happen) is a lifestyle…and not one of storing sodium laced preserved junk in buckets. You learn the old ways of growing, preserving, heating and making things work with your own bare hands and a few odds and ends from behind the shed.

        Growing up with a mother who went through the bombing of Germany as a kid and all the hardship that entails, we always had homegrown food and meat in canning jars that lined the cellar walls. Hunting was not a sport, but a source of food.

        Of course, as a snot nosed teen that left home at 17, I took to life’s pleasures and hunting became nothing more than a day with my pals just for fun.

        We would clean the ringnecks and give them away. Then we would split a 4-way hit of windowpane and crack open the beers and listen to BOC or Zeppelin.

        Sometimes we’d get a little silly and pull out the K-Tel records and play some “Billy, don’t be a hero” or “Delta Dawn” and laugh until the tears ran. I pissed my pants when they played “Watching Scotty grow” by Bobby Goldsboro. Them guys are all dead now.

        Good Times…HaHaHa…

      37. Why is it always related to some religious Satanic babble. Whenever anything happens they quote some doomsday script and try to connect it and it is all man made. Can people just stick to the facts and talk about the facts. Not some made up script.

        • Of course they could, but then they don’t derive the scary pleasure of being a small child by the campfire getting scared by ghost stories eating their s’mores.

        • Even absolute atheists and would-be Satanists are still allowed to use popular passages from the Bible as figures of speech, you know.

          • @Beaumont

            Good point. It only matters when you’re allowed to use it for your own purpose.

      38. Here’s what I think will happen this month or next.


      39. There was reportedly a thousand point drop on Black Monday, and new legislation to effect a 10 day bank holiday, if needed.

        No one person or retailer typically goes 10 days, without buying anything.

      40. Shame on all those with Shemitah all over their face

      41. The sh..t just hit the fricking fan. I have to report tomorrow or Tuesday. What I am about to tell you guys is a game changer. I just got out of the meeting. First the political implications then Nibiru. We have two big ass problems. The first one is going cause quite a stir. I can feel the pressure ripping off of my skull.



        • Yeah, it’s that crash helmet they put on psycho’s like you that’s causing the pressure you feel. Save us a seat on Niburu next to good old Dave Hodges, will ya?

        • you know I’m pretty patient but with you it’s always “what I have to report tomorrow’ or ‘I have to talk to my scientist friend’. I’m calling it, you are full of Bull SHIT. Time for you to go bye, bye.

          • just me,

            Better late than never, it’s amazing how many here are still mesmerized by his mythical bullshit, sgt dale, please take a bow, and others who hang on this moron’s every word. He’s obviously laughing at all the idiots who still buy into his nonsense. It proves that real dyed in the wool doom porners don’t care if it’s true or not because they WANT to believe it in spite of their own God given common sense.

        • Don’t let shills and trolls bother you . Your a prophet here only reason I read here.

      42. I don’t remember what prompted me to decide to do something more that just have my home ready weekly. Most probably a series of events……hurricanes, politics, expenses of sending our children to college and watching them still struggle. But seems it was just in my heart and gut.
        Something was wrong, is wrong with what’s going on in this world and there is no more denying it.
        If not the Shemitah than soon enough.

        I believe every comment deserves some respect from those of us involved on this site. One does not have to agree with every comment but a little respect for all goes a long way. If you don’t agree with another can’t you just move on to your own comments and leave those you don’t care for by the wayside? This is not intended for any poster in particular, just in general.

        Be watchful, prepare as your able, and be nice to one another. Tribulations are always with us in some manner or other. Take heed and be safe.

      43. The collapse happens tomorrow….I guarantee It. IT WILL CRASH. Send me 100$ for my book on how I survived Haiti. and you will be able to live through it too.

      44. FFS nothing is going to happen.

        I am going to laugh my ass off at this ooga-booga superstitious total fucking nonsense when nothing, in fact, happens.

        Something will EVENTUALLY happen but to tie it to the Easter Bunny’s bloody stool is kind of… just… dumb.

        • @The Guy

          I’m curious. How do you know nothing is going to happen?

          Do you have a crystal ball?

          • @ Mr. Anonymous,

            How do you know something will? Maybe he’s using the same crystal ball you like to use?

            • @Anonymous

              I never stated that nothing would or wouldn’t happen. I asked a question. So your statement falls flat on its face and makes no sense.

              Your’re really starting to embarrass yourself.

              You should quite while you’re ahead…not that you ever were.

              • @ Mr. Anonymous

                I know you want me to quit, but it’s not going to happen. I enjoy dishing out the same chicken shit to a pussy like you who shows up after the conversation with his little girl jabs, So no, whenever you’re going to act like the douchebag you are, I’m going to follow you around and call you out on it, get used to it.

                • @Anonymous

                  There you go again. Still trying to think of something cunning to say?

                  Your an embarrassment to yourself. But I’m not done torturing you yet so I think I’ll continue.

                  • @ Mr Anonymous,

                    No problem, anytime you think you’re man enough, oh, sorry, my mistake, anytime you’re brave enough, dammit, I’ll get it right this time, anytime you’ve overcome your cowardly streak to post another comment, I’ll be happy to reply. Don’t think of it as torture, in fact, I’ll be looking forward to it, see ya soon.

                    • @Anonymous

                      Still looking for something smart and intelligent to say? Keep trying, I’m sure you’ll think of something if you try hard enough.

                      I’ll wait for an answer while you sleep on it.

                      Sweet dreams kiddo.

                    • @ Mr. Anonymous,

                      Hell boy, braveheart is capable of being smarter than you, that is how much it takes to outsmart you.

                    • @ Mr. Anonymous,

                      I’m sorry but I forgot to add one more thing, what kind of freakin sorry ass LOSER is awake at 2.30 in the God damned morning posting on internet chat boards? No need to answer, the facts speak for themselves.

                    • @Anonymous

                      Whew, took you long enough to respond. Must of taken all morning to think of something to say. Still falls short though.

                    • @Anonymous

                      Internet chat board, lol. I believe the correct definition you’re looking for is “discussion board”, or “internet forum”.

                      This is a comment section of an article, not a “internet chat board”.

                      How stupid are you? Wait, I just let you answer that yourself with your next enlightened response. Don’t spend too much time thinking about it.

                    • @ Mr, Anonymous,

                      Anyway you try to spin it, anybody who’s awake at 2.30 in the morning posting comments on any type of forum is a total loser with no life whatsoever, you needn’t feel sorry for me, just look in your mirror, see the face of failure.

                    • @Anonymous

                      There’s this natural phenomenon called time zones. You should look into it sometime.

                      I guess they didn’t teach you that in school.

                      Another failed attempt at a response. Pathetic.

      45. The Shemitah ends at the end of Elul which began on the New Moon which was 16 August 2015. The following month, Tishri begins on the next New Moon. This new moon was not visible this evening in Jerusalem, so we are now sure that this evening begins the Last Day of Elul and Last Day of the Shemitah. The Jewish calendar is 2 days out as they have not followed the months correctly beginning with the New Moons, but assumed their calculations years ago.

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