Surviving ObamaCare’s Crippling Costs: “Become Your Own Primary Healthcare Provider”

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    Are you prepared to survive… the age of socialized medicine? Health care coverage shouldn’t be life threatening, but…

    Unfortunately, the skyrocketing cost of health care coverage under Obamacare is forcing millions of middle class families to do without coverage, while being forced to pay the tax penalty. To do anything else is simply unaffordable.

    This is a nightmare, and incredibly unfair to American families – and yet, it is now the state of the nation. This is the crushing status quo.

    Prepare for the dark times ahead – and empower yourself to keep you and yours healthy and thriving. This is something your doctor, your E.R. and your government can’t and won’t do for you.

    As time goes on, health care will continue to deteriorate, yet become increasingly more expensive, less available, and with more red tape than ever. This is just not a tenable situation.

    If inadequate hospital and doctor visits can cost thousands, and perhaps fail to even address the problem, hard hit and struggling Americans are going to have to turn towards each other in order to maintain good health.

    According to the Patriot Nurse, in this difficult situation:

    “You will have to invest in yourself, and become, de facto, your own frontline healthcare provider.”

    “You are going to have to know how to assess someone who is sick among your friends and family… the burden of healthcare will be put on you, asymmetrially”

    That means paying to take courses and training in first aid, CPR and basic medical – or advance your skills beyond that.

    It may be wise to designate one person in your family or group to take on this role, if there are no doctors, nurses or paramedics among you.

    In addition to 101 medical techniques, it would be very valuable to become learned in herbal remedies, folk medicine and other old fashioned remedies that have worked for thousands of years. If these relatively inexpensive treatments work, then you can avoid costly trips to the doctor. Eating right, exercising and maintaining good health can prevent diseases and delay problems for many years, and is well worth any effort put in.

    via the

    How has healthcare changed and what is it going to look like over the next few years? What can you do to protect yourself and your family from rising costs and declining quality of care?

    Besides the outright theft and fraud inherent in the socialist system, this medical scheme is setting up the nation’s population to be chronically sick, heavily medicated, vaccinated, sedated and pumped full of chemicals and government propaganda.

    As already chronically ill and obese people, many of whom are in the lower economic bracket, sign up for Obamacare – subsidized by taxpayers in many cases – the cost of providing health care soars, and treatment quality declines.

    This is a downward spiral.

    As frightening as it is, it is best to see it from a sober perspective, and prepare your sphere to take care of most of its own problems – medical and healthcare wise, and in many other respects.

    Whatever it might cost will come back to you many fold when you need care that you can’t otherwise afford. With the right training and preparations, you might be able to alleviate minor problems or even save the life of a loved one.

    Of course, it is still important to know where to go if you need a hospital, an ambulance or a specialist doctor.

    As SHTF reported:

    In SHTF Survival: First Response Packs for Medical Emergencies, Tess Pennington of Ready Nutrition outlines some essential tools for your medical preparedness supplies, including books, supply lists and where you can acquire them:

    When there is a  medical emergency, time is of the essence. Typically, medical rescue workers who respond to accidents work swiftly by having their supplies organized and at times, pre-assembled (wound care, trauma packs) to treat patients more efficiently.  Having these items pre-packaged cuts down on response time, and gives the responders more of an advantage in properly caring for the wounded. That efficiency can easily be replicated for your medical supplies or added to your SHTF sick room.

    Medical first response packs can be made ahead of time using most of the medical products that you have on hand. In fact, these first response packs are not limited to medical emergencies, they can also be used for dental emergencies as well. To prepare for a SHTF scenario, it would be beneficial to take into account the most likely medical situations you may come in contact with and plan accordingly.

    Pennington provides detailed supply lists for a number of scenarios including:

    • Response packs for superficial wounds

    • Response packs for hikers

    • Response Kits for wounds that require sutures

    • Suture Removal Kits

    • Response packs for advanced wound care: bleeding wounds, gunshot wounds, stab wounds

    • Response packs for advanced wound treatment: open or bleeding wounds fractures, falls

    • Response packs for 72-Hour Kits: Intended for the treatment of open or bleeding wounds caused by gunshots, knife cuts or punctures

    Self-reliance and a revolutionary spirit of wellness are what is going to separate the survivors from the growing weakness and disease of the collectivized masses. Sad but true.

    Just know where your knowledge limits are, and when it is time to call for professional help (and when doing so would just be a waste of precious money).

    Learn more about medical prepping, emergency supplies and health care training:

    The Prepper’s Blueprint: Medical, Emergency and Life Saving Readiness

    Hard Core Medical Supplies – This Ain’t Your Basic First Aid Kit

    30 Most Popular Herbs for Natural Medicine

    [amazon text=Herbal Survival Kit: Remedies for the Most Common Survival Ailments&asin=B00J5ZQ9QU]

    The Four Prescription Drugs You Must Have in a Crisis… And How to Get Them

    Not Wealthy Enough To Meet Skyrocketing Rates, “Middle Class Is Being Crushed By Obamacare”


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        • SO, ha ha ha, that was good! Did you write that?

          • Yeah, it’s become sort of an annual tradition to repost it the past few years. When I first wrote it I got a couple nasty replies from some who were offended by its ‘racial insensitivity’ whatever that means. Most thought it was ok though. 🙂

            • “some who were offended by its ‘racial insensitivity’

              Those poor souls … maybe by now they have found their own ‘safe space.

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              • Damn FTW, glad I don’t live in your neighborhood lol. Good one 🙂

                • FTW, LMAO! Damn good one. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear you were in my area.

                  • The funny thing about it all – I don’t live near any of that – but … at times I have to travel or work in such areas.

                    My area is 98% White – 30% Conservative 70% … well … far-lefted Liberal idiots.

                    • California huh lol…

                    • ooops 98% white… nevermind lol.

                    • wonder which ones are worse, the white liberals or the black ones……i’m gonna go with the whites….at least i know a FEW”good”, hard-working, decent blacks….white liberals?…PFFFTT!…they AINT any good ones.

                  • Believe me … there was a time in my younger years where I lived & have been Culturally Enriched by the local Natives ツ

                    It didn’t take long for me to find out that ‘Diversity was not my thing.
                    I tried the Unity and the ‘go along to get along routine – but I had to personally Segregate myself from such harsh conditions to better myself.

                    • FTW, I did the same thing lol.

                    • That’s exactly what Dr David Duke talks about.
                      White people keep trying to move away from the problem.
                      Someday there will no more places to move and you will have to face the problem.

              • Yo sure you dint come from where I usta live, homie? Dat w as phat!


          • In sticking to the article subject matter of healthcare, I just went in and applied for Obama Scare. In the Market place the cheapest Mo Insurance premium I could get was $495 a month. Not even being close to being affordable. So I called one of their Associates, and asked them, why do they call it “Affordable Care” when it is not affordable? The lady said, They changed the name and it is NOT Called the Affordable Health Care Act any more. Yeah false advertising.

            Of course I did not sign up. And I even listed my income as Zero predicted for 2017, which I am at when I itemize my Tax Return. So being in my 50’s I cannot get Medicare or Medicade either because, I am not 65, nor have any dependents at home, nor am I an illegal Alien which seems to be OK for Medicade acceptance. And that differs from state to state. So check your State’s requirements for Medicade. If you have a surgery, you can then also go apply for Medicade after the surgery, and they will backdate the policy up to 90 days back to cover you on some unexpected surgery if you qualify.

            Yep that’s the requirements to get Medicade in my State. Be an Law Breaking Trespassing Illegal Alien, or an Irresponsible baby maker with dependents that you can’t afford, or just an old person like 65 yrs old. Well I am neither one of those, just a Normal Law abiding, White Guy Who has paid plenty of Taxes in the past and caught in this Gap of being way too responsible of person. So with an income now of Zero they classify me as someone who can afford to pay $495 a month for insurance in the market place. That’s nearly $6000 a year for what? So yeah, I guess I will have to be self insured. And that is more than what I paid back in 2010 just with normal Health Insurance, which when it went up too $400 in 2010, I dropped the insurance because even then, I felt $400 was way too much a month, even when I did have a healthy income at that time. SO with zero income, they think I can somehow afford $495. Its nuts!!

            Sooo lets all go back to hiding your assets, you and I need to look really poor, or you will be slammed with $30K to $100K with Dr Bills, if you or I need that sudden surgery. So you need to put your land in a Land Trust, drain your bank accounts, and get PM’s and hide that, and show no income. When being self insured you can most of the time, get as much as an 85% discount on medical bills and then apply for a letter of Charity, showing no income of money in the bank, dependents if you have them, and they may consider you a charity case and get the most of the balance of Dr Bills written off as charity. Show you are also unemployed also helps. If you are married with a spouse making income, that will screw you into having to pay the Med Bills in full too. Or they just will destroy your credit with unpaid medical bills. And that then destroys you personally, as it is harder to get a good job with a crappy credit score. Its a hell hole race to the bottom, rigged against Americans, keeping us enslaved in their medical scam fleecing program, and destroying our credit history. Go into a hospital and get quotes before a surgery. Then triple that amount, as other doctors, anesthesiology, radiology, X-ray, and others will send you bills also that you were not aware of after the fact.

            Getting a letter of charity to wipe off the balances,is not far fetched, as the Dr’s love to inflate their Bills, so they can then claim a large charity donation Tax write-off, to erase their incomes as well. That too is a scam.

            Healthcare in America today, is an all out assault and fleecing and transfer of wealth from the poor to the richer. Remember, look as poor as you can, and never leave any assets in a bank and put your assets in a trust to take everything out of your name as much as possible, especially if you see health problems on the horizon, as Health Insurance is a Fleecing scam of wealth transfer.

            I know of a couple who got a divorce and the guy gave everything to his wife in the divorce, because he just discovered he had cancer. And they had no insurance. So he is now considered divorced, broke, and their families wealth will not be stolen with this strategic asset transfer. This is reality folks.

            Even with paying premiums, then get 85% more inflated bills, you will probably still pay as much out of pocket with the deductibles, as you would for being self insured, and looking really poor and asking for a letter of charity. You will probably pay way less being poor and broke than with insurance.

            You need work the system, not letting the system work you over.

            And sure, pay cash for small Dr Visits, and self medicate. I also have done surgery on myself and removed a bullet from my leg in a gun fight. Got balls and a bottle of whisky, sharp sterilized knife and antibiotics, some tongs to pull the bullet out? Watch some videos before you do this, so you know how to stitch yourself back up. Hey I am still here, so I’m living proof we can do our own surgery. The bullet was more topical and did not sever any arteries, so I got lucky. If I went to a hospital I would have been soaked for $50K probably for that wound. btw/ the other guy did not do so well. lol

            • Zues, What all does a land trust protect you from? Liability lawsuits? Medical lawsuits? IRS? please explain more, thanks.

            • Zeus, have you looked into the medical sharing groups, like medishare and others?

              • If you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and live a Christian lifestyle there are 3 or 4 options. I ditched BCBS. $350 a month for me which would cover nearly nothing. Now I pay $100/month and actually have usable insurance. Last year I had to pay cash for a hernia repair because it cost more to use the insurance. Over the top…

        • Ho. Ho Ho

          Heeeee. Hee ha ha ha



        • WHITE GENOCIDE!!!!












          • Eisenkreutz WoW, how long did you have to lay low under that handle before Mac let you back in? Have you been banned under Ass’ed Itch? Trekker Out.

          • Eisenkreutz/acid:

            So glad to have you here. Sewing up a turkey or chicken is a good place to begin practicing. I’ll be visiting your house to give you open heart surgery. It’s one of my hobbies.

            The reason Italians have lost their way is because of the Second Ecumenical Council of the Catholic Church, wherein many of the Churches rules and regulations, or dogmas, were thrown out. Latin was replaced by the language of the land. Disaster. Many of the Churches teachings discarded leaving a carcass of the former religion and now it is practically a new and unholy religion. 1958 was the year a Pope died under suspicious circumstances. Many Catholics still adheree to the old traditions, but there is definitely a problem.

            Merry Christmas


        • SmokinOkie, LMAO! One of the best I’ve ever read! And sad to say it’s true.

        • Yeah… As usual… Jokes…

          I guess when yer scared as hell about how your going to take care of a family member with stage 4 cancer and no health coverage, all you can do is put yer head in the sand and laugh….


      2. Becoming your own health care provider through PREVENTION with REAL FOOD, and staying away from murderous Big Pharma poisonous horror, is the only way to survive the “softkill genocide” of the American HOLOCAUST!!!!

        • 10-4 Ronson, got it covered 😉

      3. Psoriasis aides? Anybody know what might help? Mine is wanting to flare lately and I can’t do the $1000/month meds/injections.
        Thanks to any legitimate response.

        • About every disease process can be attributed to inflammation. The homeopathic doctors I work with helped many people with psoriasis to get rid of it completely just by changing their diet.
          a more natural, less processed diet will help reduce inflammation. An eating plan high in fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fish, and oils like cold pressed coconut and olive will help maintain a more alkaline balance which helps reduce inflammation.

          Foods that help stop inflammation
          olive oil
          green leafy vegetables like spinach, kale, and collards
          nuts like almonds and walnuts
          fatty fish like salmon, mackerel, tuna, and sardines
          fruits like strawberries, blueberries, cherries, oranges

          Avoid foods that we all love ( lol)
          Foods that cause inflammation:
          refined carbohydrates like white bread and pastries
          french fries and other fried foods
          soda and sugar-sweetened beverages
          processed meats like hot dogs and sausage
          margarine, shortening, lard

          • ^^^ that there is gold advice.

            • Go to herbreference . com and look up your ailment. It is part of naturalnews and I use it all the time. And yes keeping your body alkalized is a great start (I use baking soda in capsules). Tumeric helps too.

        • Gonetoolong:

          A skin condition can be accompanied by other more insidious, but less obvious destruction to the body or specific organs, besides skin, such as kidneys or liver, or the heart. When the symptoms are in bone, we get arthritis; hence, coriatic arthritis.

          People fail to understand the importance of what is eaten and what is absorbed through the skin and lungs.

          Eliminate exposure to toxins in the environment. Replace caustic chemical cleaners in the home with natural cleaning products. Replace cotton sheets with organic cotton (especially pillows).
          Replace bleached coffee filters with unbleached, etc.

          Women should not use regular feminine care products, but, instead use nontoxic disposable from health food stores, or organic cloth reusable.

          But, above all, change the diet. Consider having your doctor check for celiac disease. A negative is no guarantee of anything, but a positive will help to reinforce your certainty about the cause. Most people test negative to celiac, but are still in danger if their body is sensitive to grains and glutin.

          Most people who are sensitive to glutin are also sensitive to dairy.

          These body types generally do better on a Paleo diet, closer to the foods eaten before man began to live in cities and developed agriculture. Basically eliminate glutin and dairy. If skin disorders do not go away, go on a more restrictive diet eliminating all foods that trigger allergic reactions such as tomatoes, nuts, etc. You should be working with a professional to assist in this. The way it works is, you go from a restricted diet wherein your skin problems and other issues have resolved (gone away) and only reintroduce one food at a time. Like a baby going on solid food. The parents feed the child a new food to see how well baby does with it before starting another which may not be tolerated.

          If I had a skin condition, the first thing I would do is go glutin free. That usually fixes everything. Just remember, glutin is hidden in almost all prepackaged processed foods. Even sushi at most restaurants is held together by a little glutinous flour. So check. And prepare home cooked foods from scratch.

          I have had great success with this. I hope you do as well.

          Merry Christmas


          • Psoriatic not coriatic.

            • And bathe in warm water and clear white vinegar. Soaps can irritate and leave a residue on the skin. Many contain glutin as well. When breakouts are gone, use a cloth to rub the skin and remove old skin while simultaneously improving circulation. Do this everywhere, but especially on the legs.


              • I forgot bone broth.

                Bones and cartilage are what animals go for first. They will eat organ meat, too. If you want to improve your skin, consider a broth fast. The gelatin and other nutrients are critical to the health of skin, hair, and nails. Include poultry and beef bones together for best results. Cook for a minimum of 24 hours, up to 48. I usually start mine in the early morning and consume in the evening the following day, making enough for three or four days. Some people have a slow cooker going all the time with broth. I haven’t used a pressure cooker, but I guess you could. Also BioTrust sells dried broth you just add boiling water. I have not used it, yet.


        • Try working hands lotion or diaper rash cream. If you get patches on your neck and you have long hair, try a style that won’t touch your neck so much… pixie cut if you are a girl and you think you might like it. There is also psoriasis shampoo you can try. I think I have heard something about citrus on the hands helping too.

      4. Something is blocking my post. It doesn’t say moderation, it just disappears. I tried it 4 times and still nothing. fookin windows 10 gates commie fookface shit!

        • Genius / window’s users –

          Dump any and all Windows OS’s & replace it with Linux Mint.

          This is probably the best suited setup and ease of use for Windows users compared to other linux OS formats.

      5. God damned windows! Always trying to censor my shit! On the subject at hand: I haven’t been to a doctor in years. One thing I do is if you find a product that works, copy down the ingredients and make it yourself. You can get most everything you need on ebay, mountainrose herbs, purebulk. Buy in bulk and get a capsule filler and capsules and save a sheetload of money! Antibiotics can be purchased online from a variety of places. Learn to do sutures too. Doctors are like the msm media, just here to sell you a bunch of bullshit.

        • Here’s one for you too Smokie:

          Twas the night before christmas and all through the whitehouse
          Evil bills were being passed by every zionist louse
          Knowing that on the day no one would be there
          They screwed over the people without any care
          And when they were finished they brought out the small boys
          And passed them around, their satanic toys
          Then to what did their beady black eyes did appear
          The US Militia all decked out in gear
          With full auto fire they blasted away
          Killed all the scumbags and saved the day
          Then down to wall street to take out the trash
          Burned them alive the worshipers of cash
          Then on to the banks they marched in a line
          Killed all the bastards then all was fine
          The new found freedom it had a great feel
          Who the hell said Santa Clause isn’t real! 🙂

          • Genius-
            “Who the hell said Santa Clause isn’t real!”
            Laughin my okie ass off!!

            • TY likewise for your poem lol. I got another one for ya brb…

              • Twas the night before christmas and all through the house
                the smell of mash cookin drew out a mouse
                it came and it sniffed the smell of good stuff
                it chewed through the lid it was pretty tough
                it dove in and swam in all the good grain
                as he gulped down the goodness it went straight to his brain
                his courage it became more than 10 fold
                he thought cause Im small I still can be bold
                he crawled out of the big plastic pail
                his voice got real deep as he let out a wail
                “come try to get me you stupid old cat”
                “your geetin old and slow and so fat”
                the cat heard the mouse and sneaked his ass near
                then cornered the mouse with eyes full of fear
                the cat said “you did what I never could do”
                “get into the goods my hats off to you”
                the mouse said “thank goodness your welcome my friend”
                “we’ll drink till its dry until the end”
                they both got their paws on a couple of straws
                I guess as friends go they’re aren’t no laws
                the rest of their lives were spent gettin drunk
                the cat and the mouse now who woulda thunk?

      6. On topic,

        Cash is king when medical procedures are needed.

        My daughter broke her leg three times in the last 6 years. All three times in the same spot.

        The first time I had insurance and it cost me $1500 because of the deductible.

        2nd time, no insurance, cost $276 for the x-ray and medical boot and doctor visit.

        3rd time , no insurance, cost $125 for the x-ray because we already had the boot.

        Screw insurance, cash is king.

        • john, yep your right, I have gotten HUGE discounts for cash too.

          • my last wife worked for Loma Linda Medical University as a “bill collector”. the funny thing is, she tried to hide the fact that hospitals USUALLY will take 50% of the amount owed to settle in full, but only AFTER you let the bill go over 60 days without a payment. then they call you, and settle for half. i had a customer(i’m a mechanic) also that had the same job at a hospital here in high desert. she confirmed that story…in fact she told me after she was so happy with my work on her car that if i ever had a problem, she would make sure the bill was taken care of.

        • Right you are, john stiner. Many doctors, especially if they already know you, will offer big discounts if you pay cash. And at least one of our locally owned pharmacies will do the same. Not sure about the chains since I don’t patronize them.

      7. Genius, I take my hat off to you, sir. Both of those are damn good. Reminds me of Eppe [SIGH]. Eppe, REST IN PEACE, BROTHER.

        • eppe was a humorous man and a good man, miss him too 🙁

          • I missed it, when did Eppe die?

            • he passed from a heart attack in october, but i HOPE we can get a BUNCH to send cards to his wife and 2 daughters…i will post an address as soon as mrs eppe gets back to me saturday. i will post on latest story once we figger out how to proceed…we obviously don’t want their street address, which is what i have so far…stay tuned, and get those cards ready….hopefully some FUNNY ones!

        • BTW, I never signed up for ACA and never will. Still have coverage from the private market through my employer. I’m just grateful I don’t have to use it.

          • DP, me too. I do use the dental and vision though. If I had a broken bone or something I would use the medical (good to have). If I was diagnosed as terminally ill there are some politicos that had better watch out….

            • i finally went to the VA a few months ago, and they are so far taking care of THIS vet(4 years in usaf, 40 years ago). it takes some time to get sent to a local doctor, but it IS a viable option to obamadontcare. go to VA and sign up. if it’s over 40 miles to a VA hospital, they send you to a local doctor. there’s a lot more to it, but it’s actually working for ME. seriously, look into it if you’re a veteran.

              • bcod, I was NG in Ca., not enough active duty, so I get nothing. And I lost over half vision in one eye while in.
                Before you go off on me, Genius, it was one of two ways to avoid Vietnam. The other was move to Canada at 17 or 18…with nothing.

                • did you try for service connected disability?

                  • yes. Got a letter of denial.
                    Don’t need much in the way of healthcare; healthy as a cockroach. 🙂

              • The VA is not an option for my wife, she served 6 yrs in the army and the bastards at VA damn near killed her with indifference and misdiagnosed ailments. We are better off going to doc outside government control. By the way Obummercare is designed to put insurance companies out of business. We used to have good coverage thru wifes work but when those a-holes in congress shoved Obummercare down our throats we were hosed.

      8. Merry Christmas all,,,
        Hope the good outweighs all the negative weve been getting bombsrded with! Stay warm

        • Had a great year, new conex, new rifle, new scope, new acessories for it, new friends, new preps, new places, new knowledge, great whiskey, new moonshiner students, fun times, plenty of work, outweighs the crap by a long shot 🙂

          • The best thing though (everything else X100) was the friends we made. Like minded fun loving down to earth people. I would defend them with my life, and they would do the same. Got them on radio comms and made plan C place for all of us. Friends are worth all the gold on earth. 🙂

          • Right on G, have a good Christmas, keep the rubber down

        • Thanks, Nailbanger. Overnight low last night was 68*.
          Getting colder every day! 🙂

          • But the humidity and bugs probably made it feel colder. Maybe the neighbors that are pretty close insulated you too lol.

            • Genius, humidity is dropping these days (it’s winter!, and it was more humid in Florida), and we have one neighbor 100 yards away. Beyond that a couple 200 yards or more. Isolation, love it.
              No bugs! The elevation here stops mosquitoes.
              We did cold for over 20 yrs. in the Pacific Northwest.
              I miss catching fresh salmon but not the cold.
              Here I start a garden in October, and go surfing in 80* water all winter. Boo hoo.

              • Yeah, Ketchup, we are in N Idaho, watched the outside temp via my car tell me it was 7 degrees yesterday, mid-day. And me running around doing my Christmas shopping with a 5 month old and a 3 years old. Lots of blankets!

                • Just bought a home in N Idaho. Can’t wait to get out of commiefornia. We should have left years ago. I can’t even handle Christmas shopping here. Ordered most gifts online.

                  We have family that have been in N Idaho for years and pleaded with us to join them.

          • We were a chilly 54 overnight then off and on wind and rain today, got up to 70 but still chilly with the wind, made a fire, now suns out and am wondering why i made the fire, went from pouring rain to bright sun in 25 minutes

      9. I have been my own primary healthcare provider for 30 years and only overdosed me once
        Thank ya merry Christmas much

      10. Sucked under private insurance.

        Sucks under Obamacare.

        Is there a way it doesn’t suck?

        I’m missing something very basic here. For instance. Take for instance an x-ray machine. I mean the fuckers amortized that shit probably 25 years ago at this point. Which means an x-ray should cost approximately ($10 per hour / 4 for the 15 fucking minutes it takes a guy to hit the button) + (electricity costs) + (film costs if applicable) + (some small fraction of maintenance budget for the equipment). Or in other words like about a buck fucking fifty.

        What the hell is wrong with this picture *cough popcorn in a movie theater effect*…

      11. I work at a place that offers health insurance, not as good as it use to be and the premiums, copays, and deductibles are high too, but still better than most. What’s the best though is unmarried guys pay a lot less than married ones. Of twelve men I work with six have never married, three are divorced, only three are married, and all together only a couple of total children. Most have girlfriends, some have more than one girlfriend, some just date a lot, and one lives with his girlfriend; our average age is mid-forties. Our incomes are far above the national average, have our own homes, drive great vehicles, have great vacations, invest our money, and enjoy the hell out of life. I tell guys all the time to get a vasectomy and never get married, and they’ll never have high medical expenses. Guys, don’t waste your income paying someone else’s medical bills. Your income is for you to enjoy. Sure, some say I’m selfish, I’ve dated more women than I can count, some for quite awhile, most of them looking for husbands. (Hint here guys, if you’ve had a vasectomy don’t tell them until you want to unload them.). I love being a cad! Anyway, to get serious again, you family guys are getting ripped off with outrageous rates, big pharma and medical insurance companies know you will pay because you have to. You can thank your officials for that. They’re not looking out for you, they accept “huge campaign donations” you don’t know about even while they say they are pro family. After all, somebody has to pay much of the money that works its way into their pockets. And don’t purchase dental insurance either, it’s not worth it for what a usual policy will cover, cash is better, negotiate with a dentist, you’ll find one that gives good discounts. Most wives vote for politicians who in reality work against their husbands interests and efforts. They vote for officials who make policies that make their husbands life more difficult, less rewarding, and less satisfying than it should be.

      12. I haven’t a penny of health insurance. And I turned down the Medicare when I turned 65. The hard fact Is I will be healthy until I get Sick. And I will live until I die. And wasting money on health care will not change that fact.

        • are you a veteran?

          • Vets. A virtual drain on the system. None of you should get any benefits unless you put 20 years in. You are like goddamn politicians you put a few years in amd expect lifetime free welfare. Go get a job and be somebody
            Bunch of leaches.

        • Old Guy,

          I’m between position and have refused mandated “health care.”

          I come from a long lived line (generally we pass really old and in our sleep). As I have lost my paternal grandparents ( 93 for grandfather ( took 3 forms if cancer to take him down( could still crush someones hand while handshaking) and 100 1/2 for grandma )) and now my maternal grandparents (91 and 95), I’ve learned I don’t want to live to that age. Period. They have had their faculties up to the end.
          I have learned that I trust no one to take care of me in the healthcare industry when I get old.
          Doctors give half stories, pass everyone off to someone else if possible. Nurses today in “homes” will play blame game and personal effects (glasses , hearing aides) will disappear.
          I don’t blame all doctors or nurses, but nowadays the healthcare field has expanded so much and so fast that they need bodies to fill positions. It shows.

          I’m a living will DNR (do not resuscitate) or machines if my chance is not decent for quick recovery. Most people don’t realize that most people are never fully the same after surviving a heart attack.
          I hope to live well and go fast.

          Only my opinion and my rambling.

          1:41 Christmas classic cut from Scrooged

        • I pay a (forced) hundred and fifty a month more for medicare because I didn’t sign up for SS till I was 67 when I had no choice but to sign up for medicare as well..

          There is no way I know of to refuse Medicare if you sign up for SS (or let all you paid into it go to waste) so it is probably better just to sign up when you’re 65 and avoid the extra costs if you don’t.

          You don’t have to use it if you don’t want to, I don’t since I want control of my healthcare instead of some bureaucrat somewhere making decisions for me.

          A pay me now or pay me later sort of thing with no option other than giving up your SS, which would be pay me everything, to avoid it.

          If anyone knows any way to just refuse Medicare altogether without giving up the SS you’ve already paid for, let me know.

          • You can opt out of Medicare after you’ve signed up for it at anytime. I remember reading that when I signed up.

            Not sure where you can check on that; maybe your medicare book has it.

      13. Two things:

        a.) If I could encourage ANY of you to simply google “health sharing plans,” you will find this incredibly helpful. When I left my full time employer, COBRA was $1000/mo for my wife and I. Health sharing plan? For IDENTICAL coverage, we are paying $00/month. Restrictions are no smoking, no illegal drugs, minimal alcohol use and, yes, most require church attendance. Upside? Let me repeat: For us, $300/month vs. $1,000/month.

        We use Liberty Health Share, but there are others: Christian Health Share, Samaritans, Medishare, and a few others. I can’t urge you enough to check health sharing plans, which Patriot Nurse also mentions here in the video.

        One other thing. If you are not covered, Oklahoma is unique among the states, allowing increased competition. For example, Oklahoma Surgery Center: doesn’t take Medicate or Medicaid, but charges only 20% of normal costs *if you pay cash.*** . If on Medicare pays 80%, you pay the rest. So, what exactly what are you getting for that other 80%? Nada.

        • Id never sell my soul to some brainwash church to get some commie healthcare plan.

        • I don’t get the church attendance requirement. Just because a person goes to church it does not mean they are a decent, honest person.

          • If you go to church you don’t need healthcare, jeebus will heal you!

      14. Insurance of any kind is nothing more than a scam period. If I ruled the world, there wouldn’t be insurance.

        There was a time when doctors were poor working guys who were considered less than gentleman, and female nurses were given even less respect. But these people worked just like the rest of the community, doing their best to help when someone got sick or injured. They weren’t the know it all self proclaimed religion of high priests and priestess that denounce every other practice and condemn competing practitioners.

        __ these hypocrites, always protecting the public from snake oil salesman, neglect to mention that Rockefeller, who bought up the Universities and medical schools, by means of donations from money swindled by Rothschild’s banking scam debt currency, was the son of a convicted rapist and snake oil salesman.

        They don’t tell you why the AMA was founded (to drive out competition). They don’t tell you what an utter failure psychiatry, chemo-therapy, and countless unnecessary surgical procedures are. They don’t tell you the fact that for almost all poisonous chemicals they encourage you to use, there are simple, safe, alternatives.

        If you need trauma care, a doctor is a life saver. For everything else, there are better qualified authorities.

        An examination and evaluation of those who live past one hundred found two common denominators, they drank clean fresh water, and stayed away from doctors. Go figure.


      15. The overall cost of healthcare could be cut by someone with absolute and total control over how people live. Healthy diet and exercise for all by mandate. No alcohol, tobacco, etc for anyone. People would hate it. When the Government provides healthcare, banning the “unhealthy” diet and lifestyle is tempting to lawmakers. If you want the Government dictating to you about how you live, just get socialized medicine. On the other hand, if I live a healthy lifestyle, why should I be burdened with the medical costs of someone who chooses not to live healthy? Following a healthy diet and lifestyle should translate to lower medical costs. If also means a more enjoyable life, increased randiness, and better sex performance. With so much advertising for unhealthy choices, there is no promoting these realities.

        • The cost of healthcare could drastically be reduced with cost control limits on each procedure and visit. No more Insurance Co that suck 50% of premiums for profit. Thats a lauer of waste. Hospitals inflate their costs 500% which is out of control organized FRAUD. Dr. Get 100K a year max. US healthcare is a train wreck.

      16. “You will have to invest in yourself, and become, de facto, your own frontline healthcare provider.” Patriot Nurse

        Actually, that has been the way to go forever…insurance or not. The entire medical establishment is simply a money making racket for them….if you get care, that is a secondary factor that can’t interfere with the primary mission.

        Nobody cares more about you and yours than you.

      17. Going on 72 years old the best discovery for my health happened 30 years ago – it was raw (with the ‘mother”) apple cider vinegar (Braggs is one brand). Its been used for 1000s of years. Hippocrates the father of medicine called it the cure for the common cold. What it does is clean up your intestinal tract where your primary immune system is located. Drink it every day in kool aid or tea with honey added to balance the taste.

        • It’s all nonsense and superstition.

          • With all of these Muslim Doctors that we now have, you know what they say “A ham sandwich a day keeps the doctor away”

      18. Scurvy can be cured by eating limes and oranges but our system says that only drugs and surgery can cure. So who is right? The profiteer or experience.

        • That’s a no brainer. There is a reason that British sailors got the nickname of “limey’s”. They were required to suck the juice from a fresh lime every so often, in the presence of an officer, to fight scurvy. On of my preps is bottles of lemon juice with the idea of preventing scurvy when TSHTF.

      19. You really can’t become your own healthcare provider. First aid is really cheap compared to chronic illnesses like diabetes.

        I’ve been a diabetic for 12 years. Without modern medicine I would have died years ago. The downside is that modern medicine allows people to keep on living with a poor quality of life.

        • Barn Cat:

          When I hear that someone has type two/adult onset diabetes, which is no longer called adult onset, because so many children now have it, I get really upset. I have seen what a toll it takes. Modern medicine can help amputate your legs when it gets to that point. Someone close to me opted to forgo the surgery and chose instead to die, which is what happened.

          The part that infuriates me is that the condition is preventable. Some medical doctors claim it is curable, while others claim it is not, and must be managed for the rest of ones life.

          Since diabetes is effected by one’s diet and life style, it is particularly beneficial to seek out a Naturopathic Doctor familiar it. I am not suggesting you abandon your regular medical doctor, as that would be illegal and possibly unethical, but I am suggesting that there may be additional information out there which could possibly help you.

          Good luck and Merry Christmas


      20. Can someone put the Democrat party on Do Not Resuscitate?

        Oh wait. Never mind. It the put Islaomfascist Keith Ellison in charge, along with Pocahontas Waren (or keep Pelosi) they are already dead

        • Solid article, HCKS. Reason we prep.
          Good luck to you and I hope we’re talking at this time next year.

      21. Silver more precious than Gold! Silver containers where used by the Greeks to preserve there water, Silver spoons where put in babies mouth to protect them during plagues. old timers crossing the plains used tossed silver dollar in their water Barrels. Silver is used in all hospitals today. I sell Trusilvr which will kill, virus, bacteria, yeast and some parasite. It can be used as a 99 ways. Do not get sick! I also have negative Ion tech to kill pain and EMF. plus i filter H20 and have beat Super Food Drink. Stay Healthy my friend!

      22. I have struggled to understand about several medical conditions that I have: high blood pressure, hyperuricemia(gout). I spent about six hour in the emergency room of a hospital getting xrays of my chest, cat scan, blood tests, high pressure medication, etc. The total costs must have at least in the thousands of dollars. I don’t smoke, drink only rarely and mostly red wine, exercise regularly and keep my weight down. I have read the results of laboratory tests on supplements and herbals. While some supplements seem better than others (vitamin D, coenzyme q10, omega 3), there is too much being claimed on too little evidence. Following a good diet at the earliest time of your life helps to avoid bad medical conditions. Arugula, kale, spinach, broccoli, etc are the foods that people need the most and tend to avoid. They pay benefits over the course of your life as do weight control and reasonable exercise. I’ve spend a lot on supplements that don’t seem to help. I have also spent a lot on medications with side-effects. The best thing that I have purchased outside of medicines is a good juicing machine. Eating or drinking foods high in nitrates and antioxidants has helped me better than herbals, home remedies, and supplements. It may or not hold true for others so you should talk to your physician. Good luck whether the shtf or not and Merry Christmas!

      23. Let me know how doing your own heart surgery works for you. Dumb asses.

      24. It is not only about the cost of health insurance but the cost of health care too. Hospitals, drugs, procedures are priced ridiculously high in the United States. You can go to 3 different hospitals and the same procedure will be 3 different prices. If you do not have health insurance you can expect to be gouged considerably – as opposed to negotiated rates that are considered fair and customary that insurance companies get billed for same procedure.

        All Obamacare did was give license to the medical industry to raise costs for health care even more. There are no checks and balances for this. A lot of hospitals are now asking for your deductible (or if uninsured full payment) upfront before performing non-life threatening surgery. Which is an oxy moron in itself because technically if you are sick enough to need surgery isn’t your life threatened to some degree?

        We have many problems in this country. With the young and uninsured denied medical procedures by hospitals and Americans 80, 90 plus with dementia, terminal cancer, etc that are given every procedure under the sun because the hospitals milk the government teat until it is dry.

        Such a sad reality to really understand the truth about this world and how things really work.

        If only I had known when I was younger. But my youth was wasted on public education, college and believing the lies spoon fed to me by parents and adults who should have known better.

        If we don’t prepare our children for the truth of this world how can we expect any generation to begin the necessary steps to change it for the better?

        Going along with the status quo is great until you are no longer part of the status quo.

      25. The only thing is, with government “health care”, it won’t be an option. It’ll be a mandate! Government governs, they don’t provide. Taking care of yourself will be a crime, since taking care of yourself puts government out of business–if they were to allow it to happen.

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