“Completely Unsustainable”: Obamacare Destroys Middle Class, Rising As Much as 67%. Just in 2017.

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    Minnesota is in good company.

    Like dozens of other states across the country, its government-mandated health care exchange is facing steeply-rising premiums for individual plans at levels that are both outrageous and completely impossible for the average Middle Class family to pay or keep up with.

    And as future rates continue to rise – and it’s going to hurt a lot of people.

    Because the system was designed to fail; or, because the government and health care lobbies have so little regard for the people that will actually have to live and die by their rules, the prices are skyrocketing by more than 50% in Minnesota – and by similarly absurd numbers in other states – and the exchange narrowly avoiding collapsing altogether in 2017.

    via the Daily Caller:

    Minnesota will let health insurers increase their rates by at least 50 percent next year to protect the state’s Obamacare health insurance individual market from “collapse,” the state announced Friday.


    The increase in premiums for next year will range between 50 percent and a staggering 67 percent. This comes on the heels of an increase of between 14 percent and 49 percent for 2016. After those increases, Rothman warns, the annual growth rate will be completely unsustainable, showing a desperate need for reform.

    Of course, this massive failure – which, like everything else in the Obama Administration, is taking the heaviest toll on the middle class – is by design. Sen. Harry Reid admitted that the plan would collapse, only to usher in a truly-socialized single payer health care system from the ashes.

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) was asked whether his goal was to move Obamacare to a single-payer system. His answer? “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.” (source)

    Regardless of the future of the system, it is hurting middle class Americans now, who are finding health care anything but affordable. Unlike those in the lower ranks of the working poor and the dependent, there are no government subsidies for those who work independently, and make too much for hand outs, but who are still a long way from being able to shell out for the cost of coverage.

    All that is definitely no good… the backbone of a vibrant American populace is being undermine and destroyed.

    As the Daily Caller notes:

    “Middle-class Minnesotans in particular are being crushed by the heavy burden of these costs. There is a clear and urgent need for reform to protect Minnesota consumers who purchase their own health insurance,” Rothman said at the time.

    About five percent of Minnesota residents, roughly 250,000 people, are dependent on the individual market for their health insurance. Obamacare requires all American adults who do not receive health insurance from their employer to either buy individual health insurance or pay a fine. The persistent increases in the price of individual insurance are a sign of a potential “death spiral” in the individual market, as the massive cost increases will likely encourage more people to go without insurance and pay the fine instead, thereby reducing the customer base for insurers and forcing additional rate hikes.

    The resulting cluster is driving insurance competitors out of the model, which is becoming increasingly monopolized by one or two providers… and even that won’t last.

    Under the problem-reaction-solution disaster model, this crisis will “require” yet another government intervention and takeover.

    Here are the expected premium increases for many other states, before Minnesota was added to the list (and don’t forget Texas, also added after this list, which faces a 60% increase):


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      1. I understand and respect that people will make their own decisions for themselves. If I was any of those people, I would drop Obamacare right now. I never signed up for it and never will. I’ll take my chances with the penalties, which are just a joke per the original legislation. And the largest insurance companies in the nation wrote part of the original legislation. They thought they would make windfall profits. It would be interesting to know what they’re thinking of ACA now.

        • True Brave, but they dip into any tax return money you might have coming back to you to pay that penalty. It’s still theft. The government has no business being in the insurance business. Hell, it can’t even run the postal system, medicare, social security and education without either bankrupting them or bringing them close to it.

          • Brave, POP,

            The Democrats along with the Chief Justice have committed a great injustice upon the people when they turned the IRS into a forced insurance collection agency. They use to say there was no avoiding taxes and death, now, thanks to Obama and his cronies they have hoisted a third inevitable upon “We the People of these United States”. Another reason to stick around and stay active in this election season.

            Old Goat

            • IF for no other reason than this Obutthead should have been impeached for lying about this as it has turned out exactly opposite of what he said! the people should be in full reaction sending there politicians notice of intent!!

              • Use the hardship loopholes. Pay no obamanation care or fine.

                • Insurance, its all a rip off. You be the underwriter.. Self insured here, loving life.


                • What is Russia is “preparing” for?

                  40 Million Russians To Take Part In “Nuclear Disaster” Drill, Days After US General Warns Of War With Moscow

                  “As relations between Russia and the US disintegrate as a result of the escalating proxy war in Syria, which today culminated with Putin halting a Plutonium cleanup effort with the US, shortly before the US State Department announced it would end negotiations with Russia over Syria…”

                  “An unprecedented 40 million Russian citizens, as well as 200,000 specialists from “emergency rescue divisions” and 50,000 units of equipment are set to take part in a four day-long civil defense, emergency evacuation and disaster preparedness drill starting tomorrow, one which will test Russian preparedness in response to “disasters and fires” as well as the rehearsal of “radiation, chemical and biological protection.”

                  ht tp://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-03/40-million-russians-take-part-radiation-disaster-drill-days-after-us-general-warns-w

                • vetchens administration is taking care of ME now…PFFFFFFTTT! ….just so y’all know, those stories of letting vets die by the thousands MUST be true, if what I’M seeing is any indication.

              • Anyone complaining about anything to do with Obutthead was labeled a racist. The left had that ready to go.

                Does anyone need to perpetuate this racist BS with a female? Everything else being equal (it isn’t but) I am past tired of being labeled a racist for disagreeing with policy.

              • Obama made health insurance more expensive, not more affordable. Hopefully the Kenyan’s occupancy of The People’s WH will soon be ending. When historians write about his squatting on private property, his main legacy will be the obama’care’ failure.

                Or will it be his planned-to-fail ‘stimulus’? Then again, it just might be the economic demolition of America that was caused by the policies he purposely put into place to destroy this country. Whatever the case, let’s hope Americans never again allow an illegal alien into office.

            • OLDGOAT
              ” forced insurance collection agency. ”

              I see it as mob protection money , if you dont buy it , you still pay a fee.
              And now the IRS has vowed to audit all that refused to sign up.
              So im sure another “fee” will be collected on the backs of people who just want to be left alone by this illegitimate , unconstitutional , corrupt and facsist government .

              • “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.”

                • Says a reader of 131Gold

                • it is forbidden to “murder”, not “kill” there is an important distinction.

                  • You know vocalpatriot that’s a Hell of a statement . Thanks lve never thought of that before!

          • So, make sure you have no refund coming. Adjust your W-4 withholding form. They keep your money all year and pay nothing for the privilege….granted, banks don’t pay either, but you can take it out when you want.

            • You’ll be left writing them a check instead of getting a return. $695 per adult $347 per kid.

              • Unless they changed that law, that is not true. They can only collect if you have a refund.

            • “you can take it out when you want.”
              don’t be too sure about that.

          • Make sure you have no refunds on your tax return. You shouldn’t loan your money to the government anyway. You can also join a Christian health ministry if you are Christian. It exempts you from paying penalties.

        • Depends, really.

          I’ll take the insurance, if only because my employer provides it. The downside is that as things get pricier, the employers keep dropping some carriers and start using cheaper ones.

          Either way your best bet is to pay the minimum that you can get away with, save a bit of dosh for anything catastrophic, and keep yourself healthy as much as possible.

          Mind, the insurance does come in handy at times (recent example? I enjoyed a rather not-very-wonderful MI, and got a new stent shoved into my chest as a result. I made damned good and certain there were no other trouble spots, but I’m still stuck with eating medications for the next 10 months… fortunately I stocked up enough to last me for six of them, and intend to pick up another 3-month supply in November. Docs are pretty cool about that since there was no narcotics involved.)

          • OQ, I’ve got coverage through a private carrier. My employer also looks for another carrier when the damn price goes up. I’m healthy for age 59. Not on any meds whatsoever. No smoking, drugs, or alcohol issues. I stay active and eat right. I already follow the same advice you just gave and it has really paid dividends for me.

            • BH- No smoking, drugs, or alcohol issues. No BOL, No Credit, No sense, No home, Squatter living in a van. Tell us more great one.


              • LOL at you, troll. mac, you really need to get rid of wwti, he’s running off your GOOD readers.

                • BCOD, WWTI is a real joy! [SARCASM DEFINITELY INTENDED]

              • WWTI, what’s your problem? Seems like you have nothing better to do than attack good people for no legitimate reason. I don’t really give a f#$% what you believe. You’re one of the best PRICKS I’ve ever encountered; I’ll give you that. Other than that, you’re a useless POS.

      2. Hi guys,

        Might I courteously ask, for any of you caught in the health care vortex of ObunglerUnCare, to check into Health Sharing Plans?

        When I left my full time employer and went to consulting, COBRA was $1,000/month for my wife and me. With the plan we are now using (we use Liberty Health Share out of Ohio, but there are other – Samaritans, Christian Health Share, Medishare, etc.), it has virtually IDENTICAL coverage, for $300/month.

        Even ****I**** can do THAT math!

        Caveats are: can’t be a drug user, no smoking, you can drink alcohol, but only minimally, and most require church attendance. I realize not all of you fit this bill, but if so, 700 bucks a month is a pretty penny. We have been VERY pleased with Liberty, but some of these other outfits do a good job, too. They technically are not insurance, in the “de jure” sense, but are functionally the same.

        I remain utterly staggered how few know about this…. and also how many race to sign up as soon as they learn about it.

        Bonus: Your dollars don’t go to fund abortion or other amoral stuff.

        • That’s actually a great idea.

          On my end, I take ordinary insurance, but only because my job provides it, and I pay a grand total of $120/mo. for my bit of it.

          Once I ‘retire’? I dunno – I figure that either civilization will be dead and gone, or I’ll avail myself of the VA system (since as a veteran, it’s ultra-cheap/free as long as your income is beneath a certain amount each year).

          • Other caveat… health-sharing plans do not cover meds for serious conditions… Read the terms carefully.

            • Thanks, 2. Saving 700/month, or 8400 year over COBRA, I can buy a lot of meds for that delta.

              Appreciate your comment though. This site is GREAT for information exchange and dissemination

              • No problem. I hate when people just say sign up for cobra. It is not the same as insurance when you have to pay full price! I have done it and it was hard but my only option.

        • Wrong – liberals are not capable of counting.

          • Liberals are capable of counting…

            For those that have never seen graft and corruption up front it is quite a sight. My brother a steam fitting manufacturers rep was invited to a Detroit Democrat “fund raising” diner to pay his share of “contracts that were let” by the politicians. The contractors told him “…I will hand you a slip of paper with your share of the ‘contract fee’ that you are on the hook for. If you fail to pay it you will never do business in this city again…”

            The political elite in Washington are now masters of getting their “share of the take” in healthcare and crony-capitalism. For every dollar increase they allow in healthcare costs that you and I pay for they skim 25% off the top to pay for their re-election campaigns….

        • The same here Test, I’ve been with Liberty for three years this January.

      3. Obama’s sign should have read:


        Funny thing how Nancy Pelosi and other Learjet leftists exempted themselves from their OWN legislation, isn’t it….

        • Yes they did leave themselves out and all of those who make over $200,000 they are not subject to this ACA and the very poor are subsidized to help them pay for their ACA insurance I don’t know at what $$$ you don’t qualify for subsidies but I am pretty sure it is the entire middle class

      4. All part of the plan.

        • Indeed it is Old Geezer

          It appears, whatever the Government involves itself in & touches – turns to complete shit!

          No accident or an “honest” miscalculation coming from them.
          This is just another deliberate act and purposely designed to fail.

          The Government has a long list of Failures, and highly outnumber anything that is remotely positive.

          • FTW, I have to agree. There’s some people in my company who are the same way. LOL! If I had a choice between putting food on the table and the premium for Obummercare, guess which one I choose? The former will keep you alive. The latter WON’T. Besides, I’m the only one who decides what to buy for myself.

            • What do you expect when you make $8 a hour shaking door knobs and Walmart greeter, but have to quit that job to start his land squatting job he has lined up in N GA this month. Living in his 2000 Odyssey Van in his Cuz’s back yard. F-n Brilliant Man!!! Tell us more how you put food on the table..


              • WWTI, you don’t know what you’re talking about so STFU.

              • You are a real prick! You drive away a lot of people with the crap that comes out of your mouth. Why don’t you just dry up and go away please.

        • Part of the plan, exactly. obama”care” has NEVER been about health or care, was NEVER intended to be affordable, rather is all about COMPLETE CONTROL of the American people. The Kenyan couldn’t care less about America or health care for American citizens.

      5. There is a reason that there are more government workers than factory workers in America today. They are highly successful and growing all the time at taking the money away from you that you earned by the sweat of your brow and giving it to themselves and the grasshoppers. Socialism sucks for America.

      6. Henry Hazlitt on inflation… but which could equally apply to ObunglerCare…. or Hilary.

        “Inflation makes it possible for some people to get rich by speculation and windfall instead of by hard work. It rewards gambling and penalizes thrift. It conceals and encourages waste and inefficiency in production. It finally tends to demoralize the whole community. It promotes speculation, gambling, squandering, luxury, envy, resentment, discontent, corruption, crime, and increasing drift toward more intervention which may end in dictatorship.” — Henry Hazlitt

      7. I find this whole thing very interesting

        my experience with health care the last couple of years?

        monthly premium only went up $5 in the last two years
        co pay office visits went up by $5
        emergency room copay by $100
        but the plan benefits got a whole lot better

        overall my plan is MUCH better now than what it was a few years ago

        and I found some discount cards for various meds that save me app $800 a year
        and one med that costs $600 (epipen) I got for free

        Trump uses the phrase “repeal and replace” when he talks about Obamacare and everyone cheers
        I’m not so sure what they’re happy about
        because there is NO plan unless its some big secret
        but Trump ,in his own words, says it will be “bigger”,”better”,”cover more people” and be “much cheaper”


        good luck with that

        healthcare in the US is a runaway train

        • My insurance has gone up by at least 90-100$ every year for the last 3 years, is now at just under 800/mo

          • Wow!
            I have VA coverage, which is pretty good since they send me to civilians for my care, as there are no VA medical centers here. My wifes insurance with Kaiser has gone up $100 or so for crappier coverage, she had a really good policy till Obamacare kicked in, but we are at about $380 a month. for a low deductible policy, I assume we would be around $800 a month if we were both covered by Kaiser.
            The system is designed to fail. Our best bet is to eliminate Democrats from our country.

            • We are kaiser,
              Bud of mine and his wife pay a little over 1100/mo each for a kaiser/HDS plan, total rip

              • HDS for me and wife a year is $2200, Too much! So I dropped it. I work out a deal and pay cash for dental. Last broken tooth was $350. I’m down to 27 natural teeth now with lots of fillings, caps and a few millimeters on the gums.
                1100 a month each for medical is nuts for Kaiser! I have the 0 deductible silver +20 for the wife, $380 a month.

        • mine before i dropped it went from $150.00 a month to $1350.00 (for same coverage) a month and I had never used it!

        • SATORI,
          The whole point should be that the federal government has NO business being in business .
          Dont care if its healthcare or delivering mail , running prisons or anything else , its unconstitutional.
          Get the government out of the way and let free competition take over , we will all see better health care at a fair cost for services .

        • Satori not sure what state or plan you are in but here in Tennessee our Obamacare rates have gone up tremendously since the start. This year our rates are increasing by 62%, last year by 35% for a plan with $3500.00 deductible and 50% coinsurance, for us that is 762.00 a month per person this year. Sorry but that is not affordable any longer..i suspect you are describing an employer or Medicare supplemental plan and not Obamacare because what you describe does not reflect reality for most of us. As far as self insuring, since we live on a farm where at anytime one of us can be hurt or injured by tractor, wood splitter, you name it and wind up in hospital we are not willing to take that chance. Tried it once and husband wound up in hospital with heart attack and nearly wiped out our savings. So “damned if you do, damned if you don’t”. All i know is we were paying $354.00 a month for great coverage before Obamacare now it is a struggle to pay for lousy coverage.

        • Are you doing brand for the epipen or a generic?

      8. BCBS in Arkansas asked for twice the increase. The AHCA does not stop. More changes in 2017, 2018, 2019 and beyond. All by design.

        • BCBS leaving 3 cities in TN

          Memphis (i think)

      9. Were from the feral government snd were here to help,
        Promise I wont cum in your mouth,
        Wich one do u believe more?

        • Nail, long day?

          • No, sorry, my apologies for being so rude

      10. Nailbanger, neither one. The ferals can go f#$% themselves.

        • Amen

      11. Take heart, people.

        Obamacare will shortly become obsolete and take a distant second place to WWIII.

        Wars solve problems, really big wars solve really big problems.

      12. the UN-affordable Care Act…

        is “both outrageous and completely impossible for the average Middle Class family to pay or keep up with.”

        yes it is.

        I know many whose lives it has destroyed.

      13. I was working and traveling almost 70 hours a week…and while exhausted beyond comprehension one morning fell running out the door of my hotel room and have been receiving therapy and surgeries ever since!Bottom line my caring for others (patients) almost has killed me and now financially it has really hit home. Thank God I had LTD and then was let go from my position because I could not come back immediately after 3 surgeries! So COBRA was going to be almost 1,200.00 a month for both of us (it is good insurance) and on 60% of my salary that was not happening! Instead I pay 546.00 monthly and hubby is without as we fell in between cracks on sign up times. I am preparing to return to work but when they try to take money from me at tax time it may be the first time in my life I say suck it, it is wrong on every level and being kicked when you are down is BS!If everyone that ends up owing for this crap did the same it possibly could send a little message that we are tired of the taxation without representation that so many are talking about out here, and yes, I cleaned it up from what most people say.

        • Your in good company here, not a day goes by that i dont utter some sort of profanity laced rant about the feds and gov as a whole

        • anonlady, sorry to hear about your situation. The way things are right now, all the feds have to do, in my view, is make one significant move against we the people, and it will be game on. If/when we go into full-blown SHTF, nobody will have to worry about filing another income tax return. I’ve already decided on that course of action for myself. Best wishes.

          • Yeah Brave is making a big move, Moving from TN to N GA to squat in his Cuz’s back yard for Armageddon. And if he has to, he will puff his chest up and move someplace else. Brave barely makes any income anyway, and within a week won’t even have a job, to have to pay taxes. Wow, that’s really a threat to the feral Government. That will show them hogs… lol Tell us more BH. You show em.. Stop paying your measly taxes.. haha good job!!

            Brave says the same threats to the banks as well, Like he’ll never go take a loan out, and will always pay cash for his cars. That will show those banks. When the fact is, he has No credit, zero Fico score, and can’t finance cheeseburger to save his live. But he likes to puff his chest up to threaten them anyway.

            BH toothless tiger.. meow!!

            ~WWTI… Been on here long enough to see the BS get thicker as time goes on. And if you pay any attention to him, he will luv you as a best bud.

            • WWTI, so I’m a ‘toothless tiger’? Come to me and say that face-to-face if you think you have what it takes, moron.

            • wwtf, you are nothing more than the playground bully, like a piss ant…

      14. Don’t pay for health or dental vision hearing insurance. Get United health free through the union and it’s better than any insurance I’ve ever paid for. Just get a job that has it paid for problem solved. It’s cheaper to pay the penalty and go without. $500 out of your tax return is peanuts compared to $500 a month for coverage. It’s a no brainer if your in this situation.

        • Bingo.. I can make up $500 on my Tx return with plenty of other deductions. ha. Trump is a smart Guy. Pay attention!!


      15. Let’s face it, this is the fault of big insurance companies. Obama had little wiggle room to due to the insurance industry lobbying Congress.

        Move to Canada, where health care for all and no one does from a lack of insurance

        • Yeah and they all drive to michigan for med care , pfft .

        • I live about an hour from the Canada border, my mom was in St. Joes in Bellinham; I was stunned to see the amount of BC plates at a Wash hospital. Why were all the the Canadians in the US?

      16. Sweet!


      17. Yes but once we get The Queen it will raise by 1300%.

        And how dare you not pay it? The fine will be equal to the cost of buying it, 100%. PLUS a penalty tacked on top of that.

        • You wanna know where they can stuff their penalty etc…..

          • Nailbanger, the feds can stuff their penalty in their asses. I never signed up for ACA and never will. I take my chances also. Life itself is a chance anyway, so what the hell?

            • Braves soon to be biggest threat will be the mosquitos biting at him, as he squats in his van behind his Cuz’s house in N GA in October. So who needs Insurance? He couldn’t afford insurance even if he wanted it. But he’s sure showing those Obama care insurers with verbal threats. Good Job you, are so BRAVE!!


              • WWTI, I know I’m not afraid of taking on a POS like you, so bring it, if you think you have what it takes. I’ll take anyone else on this site any day over you.

              • wwti… I don’t say much and I watched you over the last year plus. You are nothing but a blowhard dick in the mouth. Anytime on anyday, just show up. WTF!! Troll!

      18. There is no doubt this site is being monitored so I know this post is being noted by someone and reported to their masters, so let me say this; “Listen to me you quisling little f*ck(s) tell them I don’t want or need their g*d d*mn interference in my medical business or anything else. I despise everything you sniveling beta males are about. You do what you do because you are weak, by your nature you are cowardly and craven, and you know it. You act anonymously, hiding behind layers of concealment. Your type are sycophants to a system that rewards snitches. Your masters look for people like you to do their will, sucking up to them is the only thing you can do to make a living. Perhaps you may finally acknowledged you could never be a real man who is his own person, has a sense of pride and dignity, and carries his own weight; all the things you can never do. When will you hate being the worm you are? Salvage your purposeless life, learn what honor means. Or else on your death bed you can lie there and wonder why you life was so vacuous, and in the end you lived for nothing.

        • Damn Billy! One of the best rants ever!! My hats off to you!!!!

      19. Just another huge tax from your democrat party. HOME OF THE INSANE LIBERALS.

      20. I know a guy who got Obamacare last year, he’s had over $100,000 billed to the provider for hospital stays, and has not paid one red cent for his coverage.

        This is not a sustainable health care policy.

        You can tout Single Payer all you want, but it’s not going to collect any money, either. There’s no such thing as a free lunch.

      21. Yes this is so true I was just above middle class now a,hole in the ground from the taxes and insurance. my premium went up to the extra $150 that I need to visit the doctor and medicines. I can’t now I have to save the money to visit the doctor, I can’t go when I need to because the extra money I had now goes for the premium so they are making lots of money I don’t go to the doctor often they save there and they take my premium yes it has crushed us.

      22. Its a scam on the public and they are sick of it. The Rich don’t care about their cost, the very poor are covered by our medical costs and taxes and we are left to starve! what have you got to lose? Civil unrest is coming….duck and cover.

      23. The reality is that most ACA plans are subsidized – by the government – so the people do not actually see a 50% increase in premiums – the government (errr, taxpayers) do. People on the ACA plans are less healthy, many have pre-existing serious conditions, and many pay little or nothing for each visit. Thus the utilization rate is way higher per patient. All this was KNOWN ahead of time, but the hope was in forcing healthy 20 somethings into those plans to make it more affordable – for insurers.

        I saw somewhere that the government is already paying for half the medical care in the country, between Medicare, Medicaid, subsidized ACA, DoD, Coast Guard, Indian Health, etc. If they ‘really’ want a single payer system then you would think they could consolidate all the plans they have know!!!

      24. When I turned 65 I turned down the Medi Care part B. Part A is free. And Ive never bought a penny of health insurance ever. I would rather buy preps than give some insurance company part of my social security Ponzi check. When I tell people I turned down Medicare they are flabbergasted. Dumb sheeple. The fact is you live until you die. your healthy till you get sick. Having insurance doesn’t change that fact. If SHTF happens YOYO . Why not be on your own now? I might be dumb but I do have the courage of my convictions!

        • well old guy, I’ll give ya that…i’m not far from your thinking either…except they are raping me as we speak. “what? no insurance? well you owe money for as long as you are healthy, then! and when you get too sick to work, then we’ll take ‘care’ of you….mmmuuuuhhhahahahaha!!”

      25. Say what you want about sarah palin,
        good or bad…but she was right.
        And death panels DO exist…
        if you don’t agree, then let the doctors make decisions about your elderly loved ones and see how that goes..

      26. Y’all can bitch about obama, obamacare and government all you want. The fact is we are here today because we chose this. We keep re-electing the same criminals to congress. Every 2,4, or 6 years we can fire them. We don’t. What we allow will continue.

      27. Obama promised “Change” when he was elected; he didn’t promise improvement. Change comes with every new president. Any new promises made by any candidate should be met with “how?”. How are you going to fund it. Any talk about getting the funds by “cutting fat” from other programs should be refuted. Cutting government regulations don’t require funds and can be done. Be extremely skeptical of everything!

      28. Stab obamacare in the heart once and for all and kill it dead!

      29. Obummacare=Communism. Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

        The solution to 1984 is 1776. Fight for your life and your children’s future!

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