Brandon Smith: The Next World War “Will Be Economic… Not Nuclear”

by | Apr 12, 2017 | Commodities, Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness | 37 comments

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    This article was written by Brandon Smith of and first published at

    Editor’s Comment: The elite appear to have a great deal in store for President Trump’s first four years… quite a few tricks up their sleeves, if you will. The wars are already being manifested; but the larger elements of financial upheaval may take years to play out, even if there are a number of chaotic events, a bit of panic, and more of the great squeeze that is sucking the vitality of the country dry.

    Depending upon how things play out, people could end up better or than four years ago, or much, much worse. Theoretically, no one knows for sure which way that will go, but it appears that the global agenda is stilling rolling slowly forward, inch by inch, and about to take a big bit out of Syria, North Korea and beyond. Get ready for some big potential downturns.

    The Real Dangers Behind The Syrian Crisis Are Economic

    by Brandon Smith

    Back in 2010/2011 when I was still writing under the pen-name Giordano Bruno, I warned extensively about the dangers of any destabilization in the nation of Syria, long before the real troubles began. In an article titled Migration Of The Black Swans, I pointed out that due to Syria’s unique set of alliances and economic relationships the country was a “keystone” for disruption in the Middle East and that a “revolution” (or civil war) was imminent. Syria, I warned, represented the first domino in a chain of dominoes that could lead to widespread regional warfare and draw in major powers like the U.S. and Russia.

    That said, my position has always been that the next “world war” would not be a nuclear war, but primarily an economic war. Meaning, I believed and still believe it is far more useful for establishment elites to use the East as a foil to bring down certain parts of the West with economic weapons, such as the dumping of the U.S. dollar. The chaos this would cause in global markets and the panic that would ensue among the general public would provide perfect cover for the introduction of what the globalists call the “great financial reset.” The term “reset” is essentially code for the total centralization of all fiscal and monetary management of the world’s economies under one institution, most likely the IMF. This would culminate in the destruction of the dollar’s world reserve status, its replacement being the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights basket currency system.

    Eventually, the SDR basket system would act as a stepping stone towards a single global currency system, and its final form and function would probably be entirely digital. This would give the globalists TOTAL push-button control over even the smallest aspects of normal trade. The amount of power they would gain from a single centralized digital currency system would be endless.

    Syria in itself is just one layer upon many in the process of deliberate global instability, but it seems to be vitally important to the elites given that they continually make new attempts to draw the American public into support for so called “regime change.”

    Mainstream media publications like The New York Times overtly press the narrative that Syrian president Bashar al-Assad has a long history of war crimes including the use of chemical weapons against civilians. Yet, neither The New York Times nor anyone in government has produced a single piece of compelling concrete evidence that Assad is guilty of such acts, including the latest chemical attack which the Trump administration as used as a rational for cruise missile strikes against Syrian military targets and rhetoric calling for the ousting of Assad.

    Not that I necessarily have much faith in the Assad regime, but we saw this same exact model used under the Obama administration in 2013: A chemical attack against civilians which the White House then immediately, without evidence, uses to implicate Assad and call for regime change. This tactic to seduce the American public into war fever failed, even with many acting serving military, and Obama backed away (in part) from a full blown invasion of Syria. Now, it would appear that the establishment hopes they’ll get a better response using the same con-game under Trump.

    There are far more advantages in the Trump scenario, however.

    It has been my longstanding belief since the middle of last year that Trump would undoubtedly be president of the U.S., because the international banking cabal needs a scapegoat for the ongoing economic crisis they have been engineering for many years. The Syrian strategy is a win/win for the elites under Trump because, with Trump, there is no need for moderation. If they can influence him to rampage without concern for the repercussions in the region, then their scapegoat implicates all conservatives in general with little effort on their part.

    George Soros‘ prediction that Trump “will fail” because he is “unpredictable and unprepared” and that he will “end up bad for the markets” will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    I warned the liberty movement over and over again after Trump’s cabinet selection that he was surrounding himself with establishment ghouls that would either run the White House in spite of him, or, that he was gladly cooperating with them. His recent high tension rhetoric against the Syrian government and against North Korea only seems to confirm my suspicions.

    So, where is this all headed? Nowhere good…

    First, consider the fact that every time it appears that the Syrian government seems to be making headway in destroying ISIS, there is suddenly another chemical attack which places Assad under suspicion. Anyone who read my article ISIS Is Being Aimed At The West By Globalists — Here’s What We Can Do About It, published in 2015, has seen the extensive evidence I outlined which shows U.S. government complicity and even direct aid in the creation of ISIS. I compared the rise of ISIS to Operation Gladio, a massive false flag project undertaken by U.S. and European governments in Europe from the 1950s to the 1990s.

    ISIS is useful as a perpetual boogeyman, and sadly, the Muslim religion has one foot stuck in the dark ages and will remain fertile ground for generating extremist groups for decades to come. The elites have every intention of protecting certain factions of ISIS in Syria, which means that ISIS will continue to spread from the area into the EU and the U.S. and terrorist attacks will continue to multiply.

    Second, we have learned that the Trump administration is perfectly willing to fast-track certain longstanding establishment projects that involve kinetic action (i.e. destruction and death). If they were happy to move so quickly to strike Syria without supplying any evidence to support the measure, then it should come as no surprise if they are willing to strike North Korea, a country with ACTUAL means to threaten American targets or our interests in the Pacific. A precedent is being set today for an ongoing program of fast moving preemptive strikes. I believe this will go even beyond Barack Obama’s notorious penchant for trigger pulling to destabilize regions.

    Third, I think many people also forget that Syria continues to maintain a mutual defense pact with Iran. Why does this matter? Syria is NOT Libya; Assad is not going to go down like Gaddafi at the hands of insurgent groups like ISIS. Regime change in Syria is going to require numerous U.S. boots on the ground. This, in turn, will invite hundreds of thousands from the Iranian Guard to intercede. If you study military preparedness around the world you know that a country like Iran or North Korea will offer far greater resistance than what we saw in Afghanistan or Iraq.

    While they are still very poor nations militarily (in terms of defense spending), they are still relatively well-trained, and the technology gap is less expansive. Many American men will die in such a fight. If ground invasion becomes an option in Syria, expect Iran to be next, and expect the option of a new “draft” to return to the U.S.  Also keep in mind that Americans will never accept military conscription today unless we suffer a massive attack on U.S. soil, or on U.S. forces abroad.  So, expect some shock and awe to occur in short order…

    Third, there is, of course, the ongoing question as to when U.S. and Russian forces will “stumble” over each other and someone on either side gets killed? The majority of analysts in the liberty movement expect that this is inevitable. I suppose I agree, but I do not believe the elites have been entrenching billions of dollars in control grid technology in every major city in the world just to vaporize them in a chain of mushroom clouds (this control grid includes Russian cities — just look up Putin’s Yaroslavl laws, which might make the NSA envious).

    It seems to me that the natural progression of these tensions will end in economic retaliation from the East against the West, not nuclear retaliation. The thing is, this is actually the worst case scenario.

    With nuclear conflagration comes immediate loss of full spectrum awareness for the elites. They lose their surveillance grid, they lose the means to maintain a healthy standing military, they lose the means to dictate the narrative because the mainstream media will not be functioning at that point, etc. During an economic crisis, they can shift wealth easily to safe havens, they can weaken certain militaries while strengthening others. They retain their control grid apparatus and use it effectively against the citizenry as long as there is not substantial civilian resistance, and the list goes on.

    With nuclear war there would be total chaos. With economic crisis there is controlled chaos. The establishment prefers the latter option.

    Eastern nations and their allies still hold considerable U.S. Treasury bonds in their coffers, and they still use the dollar for the most part as the world reserve currency (though they have been preparing the ground for a dollar dump since at least 2008). On top of this, many of these nations also have the option of dumping the dollar as the petro-currency and crushing our monopoly on how oil is traded globally. If any of these measures are taken by countries like Russia, China and Saudi Arabia, the U.S. economic structure will lose the last pillar holding it above water. We will effectively move into third-world status in the course of a few years.

    These are not hypothetical dangers, these are very real dangers which have already been mentioned publicly by Eastern interests in their own media. They are also dangers which SERVE the globalist agenda in the long run. As I have noted time and time again in the past with ample evidence, Eastern governments including Russia and China openly and avidly support the International Monetary Fund and continue to call for the IMF to take over global management of all monetary policy to form a single world currency system. They may be “anti-U.S.” in rhetoric, but they are NOT anti-globalist.

    Syria remains a highly useful catalyst for the globalists to achieve the crisis they need to push their great reset forward. Being that they have tried to thrust Americans into that quagmire so many times over the past few years, I think it is safe to say they plan to use Syria as trigger point whether we cooperate or not.

    This article was written by Brandon Smith of and first published at


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      1. All wars are Economic wars

        Banker wars .. nothing has changed

        • ” …it is far more useful for establishment elites to use the East as a foil to bring down certain parts of the West with economic weapons, such as the dumping of the U.S. dollar. The chaos this would cause in global markets and the panic that would ensue among the general public would provide perfect cover for the introduction of what the globalists call the “great financial reset.”

          This premise is totally irrational. So much so, that it is ridiculous. LMFAO!!!

          The “establishment elite” are the status quo. They ALREADY control the world financial environment and ALREADY have their global currency … its the US DOLLAR.

          Brandon has an irrational fixation with the IMF. It has NO POWER that is not given to it my its member states and voting control for ANY CHANGES is held by the United States. I suggest that all members of this community go to the IMF website and read its by-laws.

          The IMF is an AGENT for the ‘establishment elite”. It is not a principal directing ANYTHING on its own. The “establishment elite” who control the world financial environment are not going to demolish a portion of it to grasp further control of themselves.

          At the moment they are desperately trying to CONSOLIDATE Europe into a single government. Not gonna happen. Additional countries will BREXIT.

          The DOLLAR IS the NWO WORLD CURRENCY. In the NWO Financial System, US DEBT is a financial asset for those NWO Countries that hold it. The FED could pull the rug out from under the Chinese anytime they wanted; because China is in GROSS violation of its IMF agreement, which is one more reason why China capitulated to TRUMP over N Korea.

          The Chinese Yuan is neither free floating against other currencies and capital repatriation by investors is not easily available because the PBC is terrified of “flight capital”.

          The “Great Financial Reset” of which Brandon speaks will be another depression where cash is king, but you won’t have it, and the “establishment elite” who do have it will buy up real assets for pennies on the dollar ….. like they ALWAYS do.

          Brandon is a Patriot, but sadly, when it comes to economics, especially global economics, he hasn’t a clue. 🙁

          • I’m really weary listening to this kid. He predicted Trump would become president (so did I) and now he thinks he knows everything.

            Brandon, just do some research about the subject you so carelessly dismiss. Here’s a good primer: “How The End Begins”, by Ron Rosenbaum, 2011. In it you will read interviews from US generals and insights into globalist thinking on the subject of WW3.

            I’ll summarise it here: The US is poised to absorb a nuclear first strike and intends to milk it for massive propaganda gain, including a push for a one world super state, like the EU only far worse. All in the name of… “Global Zero”. But they can’t pull it off without a nuclear war, albeit one they expect many people to survive.

            • Smith predicted Brexit, Trump, the rate hikes and a lot of other events way in advance. You can’t argue with success lol! That “kid” is smarter than you’ll ever be.

              • LOL? You are using “LOL”? This is 2017 and I thought only kids used “LOL” nowadays.

                And we’ll leave it to God to declare who is “smart”.

              • I predicted “Brexit” and TRUMP” too and reinforced those predictions at the darkest hour for each. Yeah, its in the archives. So what ???

                Brandon is great at politics and Personal liberty and I applaud him for that. He is a FUCKING IMBECILE when it comes to economic and financial topics,leading this community astray, because he has NO formal education in that area, and NO experience in the field.

                He doesn’t know what he is talking about.

                Anyone with a business degree and a career in the Financial Community knows he is a FOOL on those topics. His success in politics and personal liberty is NOT evidence of any expertise in Economic and Finance.

                His financial drivel only appeals to those who do not know any better themselves. Sad to say, he is the blind, leading the blind. 🙂

        • ” Georges Soros’ prediction that Trump “will fail” because he is “unpredictable and unprepared” and that he will “end up bad for the markets” will become a self-fulfilling prophecy.”

          This TOTALLY FALSE. And it shows how out of touch Brandon is with reality, for him to repeat it citing no less an anti-American Globalist like Soros, as if Soros was an authority figure. Soros will be lucky if he is not indicted in this country by next year at this time.

          That investigation is well underway.

          TRUMP has already demonstrated his amazing competence; if only in assembling a stellar cabinet of superstars. It has only been a few months and he is already transforming America into the vision he promised.

          Any setbacks to his programme, has been from Congress where RINOS and GLOBALISTS work to hinder a resurgent America under TRUMP.

          His first term will be amazing and far, far away from the dismal, gloomy nation that Obola created. But then Obola hated America. TRUMP loves America. It shows.

          TRUMP is a world class businessman, formally educated at the best financial school in America (Warton), with extensive experience in both economic and political experience in New York and DC.

          TRUMP is the best qualified President for these economic times, like JFK was the best qualified President for the historical and political times in which he lived.

          Americans can thank God for both. 🙂

          • Great editorial. Much too early to be swinging off Trump’s dick.

          • Trump isnt running America , any more than Im the Pope

            • Of course TRUMP is running America …. he’s the “DECIDER”. [If he were NOT running America, the borders would not be closing, factories and jobs would continue to flow out of the USA, and the Agenda of the Globalists would be in full force.]

              That’s the way government works: “stakeholders” and their agents develop policies, initiatives, and responses. These ideas are formulated into plans, schemes, and scenarios, and finally into, RECOMMENDATIONS.

              The Buck stops at the President’s Desk. It was true in Harry Truman’s time and it is still true today. 🙂

              • Lol
                Glad someone is buying the shit they are shoveling

          • Durrango has never been right about anything, lol! Smith’s info is almost always right. Trump has proven he’s at least controlled by the neocons if not in league with them after inviting them all into his cabinet and this latest Syrian insanity. Some people have serious hero worship delusions when it comes to Trump.

            • “Durrango has never been right about anything, lol!”

              I have been posting here for more than five years. You are invited to scour the archives and find EXAMPLES of my errors.

              Have at it !!! 🙂

        • This is very well written but I don’t believe it. THERE WILL BE TOTAL CHAOS.

      2. Smedly Butler

      3. We are already in an economic war, and its us against them, and them is the immigrants with their free rides, the politicians with their giant sucking sound they create with their deficit spending and ridiculous taxes, and all the leaches on the system who are doing shit,,,,
        Im not paying one more fucking dime, id rather die in a hail of gunfire than pay to support this crap

      4. This whole North Korean bogeyman is a psyop hoax.

        Kim Jong-un is indeed a European-educated puppet of the bankster-controlled global police state who serves at the pleasure of the Pentagon and who can be removed at any time just like Saddam Hussein, Gaddafi, and Mubarak.

        As a youth, Kim Jong-un was educated in Switzerland at the International School of Berne, which was founded in 1961 by US diplomats. Could this guy possibly be more CIA?

        Actually, North Korea is in reality a model for what the globalists are trying to turn America into.

        Communist China itself was created by U.S. intelligence and would have collapsed decades ago without the complicity of the U.S. government.

        • If Trump thinks his 7 ship “armada” is going to get regime change in NK, he better think
          again. He’s going to need ALOT more than that. This is not the time for rookie mistakes.

        • I second everything you wrote.
          Absolutely 100% true.

      5. The US, Russia, & China are trying to be the dominant economic and military power in the world. China and Russia would love to replace the US Dollar as the global reserve curreny. They have been working to do this for some time. If World War III is to an economic war, it has already strated some time ago. The US is more vulnerable economically than militarily.

      6. Here’s the news bulletin for the Globalist elite…..IT AIN’T GONNA WORK!!!!!!!! We, the American people, are tired of this BS and we’re gonna do something about it. We are not getting involved in any more of this middle east sh#t, this is our red line in the sand. Watch and see; or better yet hide and see, because we will be coming after you with full force. Our electors are going to do what we elected them to do or they’re going to all be impeached at the same time by the constitutionally backed Minutemen of these United States of America. Believe it! There will not only be civilian soldiers, but also the regular military, who are also tired of this BS. This has come down to them or us, and we have nothing further to lose. The elitists are fooling themselves if they think the American people are going to keep playing these games. Get out of the middle east and let them solve their own problems. We need to improve ourselves first. AMERICA FIRST! We will not lay down any longer and take it.

      7. Many parts of the US are practically 3rd World nations now – look around this once great land.

        • Especially the “native” American Indian reservations. We give them tax-exempt status and free handouts and they turn their place into slums. Pathetic disgrace to their ancestors. Total waste.

      8. It will be nuclear. A lot of joker type people who have been doing interviews and lectures don’t have any idea that people like me are on to their bullshit. David Wilcox, he is one of them, Drake Bailey, and one of the biggest liars and disinfo agent, Benjamin Fulford with his so called mass arrest bullshit interview surfaced in 2011, its now 7 years later and still not one arrest. Then we are hearing crap about how Hillary, Obama and others will be arrested, and a mass arrest will go down.

        I got news for all of you idiotic people who are telling us crap about that the cabal is on their last legs, that they have already been defeated, that Obama will be kissing ass and coming clean telling the public and hague that he was used, yea I call bullshit, that’s why his mansion is in visual distance from the white house, 2.1 miles down the street and valarie jaret just moved into it. I know bullshit when I hear it. No one will be getting arrested. Trump is hiding something, and he is doing everything against what he was elected on. WW3 will happen.

        The UN tanks and personal carriers, did they get returned, no they did not.

        Did Trump come clean and tell the public about guillotines,. 30,000 of them in the country, no he did not.

        Did he force the military to remove the 350,000 chi-com soldiers and 25,000 Russians, and burkas from the US, and did he take back the military base from them in California, no he did not, and wont be doing it.

        Did he shut down the jihadist traning camps all over the US, NOT HE DID NOT, NO HE NOT, NO HE DID NOT AND IT WON’T BE HAPPENING.

        Instead, he lied to the American people, said that he would answer to the American people and lied about Assad using chemical weapons on his people that he is trying to protect. No he is sending the military to North Korea. Its only been 2 1/2 months, and now we are all dead before years end. Oh, did economic V tell us that he plan to take about the entire US, including Texas will go into full swing by October 2017..The economic war is not about countries and economies, its the excuse to bring down the average citizen and reduce them toe poverty to get them pissed off to trigger and uprising, to have and excuse to declare martial law. What is true, it that the attack on the citizens with heavy weapons in this country got delayed, why. Because they have shit loads of guns and ammo. Had the people been stupid enough to turn in all guns, most of us, would have been massacred already, you cities destroyed, you families raped and murdered by foreign and domestic soldiers and our country destroyed. Never forget about the Constitution, and he second amendment. This president called for Edward Snowden to be executed, and talked about him being a traitor. Look at what is happening now and ask you self, being true to yourself? Do we honestly believe that America is coming back to normal. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, NEVER AGAIN. ITS OVER. I will not lie to myself, to others on this site, to my friends or the people in know. The next war will be nuclear, biological and 99% of us will not survive it and the environment and natures natural services will teach us the final lesson. The facts I bring and the things I say is why trolls have been after me from the day I started posting on this site, really look at what’s happening every time I post.

        Grammar, mental illness, drugs, paranoia, misinformation, logics problems with chi-coms in mexico, water problems, location problems, you have no proof, that I must give them the name of the scientist, his job location, who he works for etc.

        With commenters working in NSA fusion centers attacking me when I post at 3:00 am in the morning as test, as they data mine our comments and put us on the Red List, telling me shit about, your posting in the middle of the night. I have ran test and have posted on threads months back and get attacked on that thread from over 1 1/2 months ago. Go figure, someone is trying to shut me up on this site.


        • Do we honestly believe that America is coming back to normal. THAT WILL NEVER HAPPEN, NEVER AGAIN. ITS OVER. I will not lie to myself, to others on this site, to my friends or the people in know.

          Absolutely on point, and no, USA is never going to return to its once full glory, and there aint a dam thing Trmp will do to get us back there ,, its not even really on his agenda sheet

          Im done hoping for that , what i wait for is the day of reckoning , and I dam sure hope I can still shoot and scoot .. because I got a dam list too

        • HCKS- Really? The NSA is laughing so hard at the posts on this site they are probably
          having cardiac attacks. I mean the entertainment value alone is priceless. No one is
          trying to shut you down. The ChiCom/ Mexico thing would make a great novel if you
          could really expand on it and give it some wings. You need a few hooks in there to get
          people fascinated. Don’t mess with Texas. I know. We get it.

        • Sounds alot like what Dave Hodges always talks about.

      9. B randon S mith
        B ravo S erra

        Bull Shit

        • EoTS

          100% in agreement!!!!

        • Brandon Smith = years of correct predictions.

          What have you ever done?

          • A hell of a lot more than this schmuck
            But than again I don’t sit and write a bunch of words that wouldn’t full a dinner plate
            What I have done requires skill , hands on , and ability to know when the shit is getting deep

            Everyone with half a brain knows all the wars have always been about money power and resources
            His words are nothing new
            At least not to me

            What have you done

            • I’ve done plenty, but I’m not here talking out of my ass like you are. You haven’t done jack. Just admit Smith is smarter than you are and try to learn something.

      10. All wars start with economics and end in mass destructive violence.

      11. Brandon is making the same mistake all of us guys do. Me included. When a carpenter faces a problem, he reaches for his hammer. A pipe-fitter, his Stilson; a mechanic, his socket wrench; a baker sets his oven; a gardener his pruning shears….. or whatever tool the man is most familiar with. Brandon’s background is economic. Thus, he sees the root of problems and the scenarios primarily as such. And there is truth in any of his articles. But, I beg to differ here. What we are seeing is racial, religious, ethnic, political and military issues along with the money side of things. Power is more than money, it ultimately is control over life and resources. Personally I feel that the game is to drastically lower the population of the planet. Be it by nuclear, chemical, biological or other more conventional means. But the end result assuredly will be a fight to control the remaining population and what’s left of the resources on this planet. Who dies, who lives… that will be question. The currency will be the basics needed to sustain life. Water, food, shelter. And those same will be acquired and controlled by the use of weapons.

      12. It is here Apr 12, 2017 China Russia Move For Gold Against Dollar Makes Them A Target By Trump

        In this video we talk about all the latest breaking news regarding the financial quite feud between Russia, China and U.S. Its important to note that this move against Donald Trump and the U.S petro dollar being the world reserve currency was made before Trumps aggressive actions against a mutual ally to Russia and China.

      13. Kevin2, that’s the real outcome, in that order You need to do more research on China.


      14. you better believe if USA starts a will come to us soil, Putin promised that…then war may leave a bad taste with the elites when they feel the pain of their own evilness

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