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    Category: Martin Armstrong

    Mac Slavo

    The U.S. government wanted his source code so badly that they, under the direction of executives at some of the country’s largest financial institutions, left him to rot in a cell until he gave it up. He never did.


    Mac Slavo

    What happens when government collapses and people are totally unprepared because they never thought government collapses?

    Mac Slavo

    There will be more dips – one more little crash first – and then it’s going to take off…

    Mac Slavo

    There are terrifying events on the horizon. Most people haven’t a clue and won’t until it’s too late to act.

    Mac Slavo

    Given his expertise in history, economics, mathematics and cyclical theory, if there is one person who may have a handle on what information to gather, how to analyze it, and what it means, it’s Martin Armstrong. He’s proven it time and again, and it looks as if his alarms are blaring.

    Mac Slavo

    The good news is that socialism is a failed experiment. Marx was wrong. The entire system is unsustainable and must collapse. The bad news is, that there is no easy way out. The period of transformation as socialism collapses and a new paradigm emerges will be difficult and mired in poverty, destitution, violence and war.

    Mac Slavo

    Throughout history there has been one asset that, regardless of the type of crisis, has always been turned to in times of confusion and panic. Whether the crisis was financial, energy related, or involved global confrontation, individuals and governments alike have always turned to gold as a last resort. When currencies collapse, when governments lose credibility, and when people panic, precious metals have always been the sought after wealth preservation mechanism.

    Mac Slavo

    As global stock markets are seemingly slipping back into crash mode, imprisoned global forecaster Martin Armstrong suggests that not everything is as clear cut as we may think.

    Mac Slavo

    If you’ve never heard of Martin Armstrong, it’s probably because he has been sitting in a federal prison for nearly ten years. This article includes some excerpts from his past works and a look at what may occur going forward.

    Mac Slavo

    If we approach this idea of what constitutes a Depression by simply the one-dimensional view that the stock market is everything, you will end up in a gutter drinking rain water.

    Mac Slavo

    Former Chairman of Princeton Economics Internationl and Foundation for the Study of Cycles, Martin Armstrong, discusses his 78 Year Real Estate Cycle Wave. Armstrong provides readers with a brief look at real estate by superimposing his model throughout history dating back to Athens and Julius Caesar, through 2009 and beyond.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Martin Armstrong: A Three Year Old With a Pocket Calculator Can Figure Out We Are Screwed!

    So what the hell is going on? Every possible manner to cheat the people out of their money is underway. They will steal from the rich. they will steal from the poor.

    Mac Slavo

    The assumption that any group would and has joined together to deliberately force the economy into a meltdown for person profit is absurd. This is anointing them with power and mental capacity that they do not possess.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Martin Armstrong: Looks Like a High After Labor Day

    This is one guy to listen to and consider seriously, because as some of you may know, he was essentially imprisoned for trying to control the economy of the world.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Will Gold Reach 5000+? – Martin Armstrong

    Will Gold Reach 5000+? 8/09

    Mac Slavo

    Martin Armstrong, former chairman of Princeton Economics International, Ltd. and the Foundation of the Study of Cycles, discusses historical, current and future economic trends.

    Mac Slavo

    There is a raging war of words where there is a clash based upon the assumption that a belief in “Free Markets” means the private sector should be left alone and that the markets will make their own corrections, while the opponents do not want to hear this for it implies that there should be less government power.

    Mac Slavo

    The object of this treatise is to demonstrate that there is substance behind the old adage that “history repeats.” Everything in nature has in recent times been discovered to function mathematically conforming to what fractal geometry, created by Bernoit Mandelbrot, can reveal.


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