The Forecaster: Can This Computer Predict The Future? (The Government Certainly Thinks So)

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    For nearly ten years economic forecaster Martin Armstrong sat in a federal prison.

    He had not be charged with any crime. He was never given a trial. They simply arrested him, seized his life’s work, and threw away the key.


    Because according to many in the global trading community he had devised a computer model that was capable of coalescing and analyzing thousands of years of economic, political and financial data. The system he had built was so “intelligent” that it allowed his firm Princeton Economics to literally predict the rise and fall of entire nations.

    Some call it hype. Some call him a crackpot.

    Whatever you may believe, the facts are clear. He documented his predictions publicly, once even taking out a full page advertisement in USA Today just weeks ahead of the Savings and Loan crash of 1987 warning of what was to come. Next he pegged the collapse of the Japanese economy. Then the Russian Ruble, the dot-com bubble and the 2008 global economic crash.

    Martin Armstrong, it seems, never misses.

    Watch The Forecaster trailer:

    (Watch at Youtube)

    He’s out of prison now, but while incarcerated Armstrong continued to analyze, write, sketch charts, and share his findings via surrogates who posted his work on the internet. We carried some of his key essays here and the rest are available at his new web site Armstrong Economics. We urge our readers to give them a look because when you do you will peer into the mind of a genius – truly.

    His analysis of not just stock markets and precious metals, but capital flows and geo-politics provides a view into global events unlike anything you have ever read.

    The U.S. government wanted his source code so badly that they, under the direction of executives at some of the country’s largest financial institutions, left him to rot in a cell until he gave it up.

    He never did.

    Among other things, Armstrong has been predicting a massive global paradigm shift that will be taking place very soon. He first made the prediction thirty years ago in 1985. The target date?

    October 1, 2015. (2015.75)

    ecm-2015(Image Courtesy Armstrong Economics)

    He provides a basic overview of this particular date in his most recent post, Big Bang 2015.75. Last month Armstrong warned that, while unlikely, whatever is coming will be so significant that a Mad Max Event Is Possible, so the Fall of 2015 won’t just be your average stock market crash.

    Whatever you think about Martin Armstrong, is it possible that his model works?

    The government certainly thinks so.

    Recommended Reading From Martin Armstrong:

    How All  Systems Can Collapse Overnight

    Yes, A Mad Max Event Is Possible

    Is it time to turn out the lights? [PDF, 17 pages]

    Looking Behind the Curtain: The Real Conspiracy [PDF, 17 pages)

    The Collapse of the Rule of Law: A Prelude to Disaster [PDF, 20 pages]


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

    Gold has been the right asset with which to save your funds in this millennium that began 23 years ago.

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      1. They sent this guy to the pen for a reason and never charged him with anything. I don’t know about predicting the future, but his past performance speaks for itself. Armstrong is the real deal as far as I can tell. Maybe he’ll get this next one wrong, but i am not betting on it. 2015 sounds about right.

        • Most of us here know that it is around late 2015 or mid 2016 that this house of cards will begin to really crumble world wide. last year in many posts I said 18 to 24 months. That would put it the end of next year. His forecasts are correct thus far and many other arenas have focused on this time frame. Political, spiritual, Space weather and Sun weather, and many other systems all seem to focus on the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2016….. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS.

          • Mac,
            Just sent you an important email…..I know you get a lot, so I thought I would give you a heads up.

          • I think the money deal they are working on now will expire in September 2015…..real close to the fourth blood moon of the Tetrad. Yes I look for next fall and thereafter to be the point where it all changes drastically and possibly with in a few days if we aren’t in a war on our soil before then.

              • Just in case no one seen Genius’s and my post on this on the other thread……..The term “property” is a commercial one. The sign is great, but could be better with “Land” substituted for “property.”

              • Read the deed/mortgage… You are a tenant (you don’t “OWN” any “LAND” or “REALTY” (you’re given the illusion that you own it so you can take care of it how “THEY” tell you to take care of it)).

                Don’t believe me? Try not taking care of it as to how you’re supposed to and see how long you’ll “OWN” it.

                Landowner, HA! Genius, HA-HA!!

                Sincerely yours,
                Not So Genius, HA-HA-HA!!!

                • Not So Bright, Ever heard of an alloidial title? True most are just renting from the queen BUT, you DO still have some rights with that rent. And yes BJ you are right, Land would be better than property.

            • BJ,
              I was just reading about the four blood moons and the Jewish Holidays.

              • Now read about the 7 year thing. 2001, 2008, and then you have Sept/Oct 2015. I think the book is ‘Isaiah 9:10 Judgement’

                The time line is wild and then the end of the tetrad falls right on this upcoming 7 year mark next fall.

                • Two books written by Messianic Jew: Jonathan Kahn

                  1) The Harbinger
                  2) The Mystery of the Shemitah

                  These two books are the two MOST IMPORTANT books you’ll read (outside the Bible).

                  Go pick them up today! Your eyes will be opened.

                  • I can’t believe my eyes…..I think I just seen a ghost.

                    1. Man is it nice to see you post again.
                    2. It is real nice to know I am on the same page as you as far as reading material.

                    Hope all ils well down there with you and your’s.

                    My boss, who you emailed with back in 2011 in regards to celestial things, and I have read these.

        • My vote is for 2016 too, if it doesn’t come, then I look for them to really start striping rights away. Sucks cause I have no job, can’t find one either so no food storing can happen. I’m hoping for at least one more year so I’ll be able to can food. I’ve had/helped with a garden all my life, but never canned so this year was just a test run, all I made was some tomato sauce and learned how to dehydrate vegetables. This year I plan to can as much as I can. May-Sept is our growing season so 6 1/2 months of food is what I need. Have animals, but they need to eat too so no clue how long they would feed us, maybe 3 months.

          • Sorry to hear about your troubles. Sincerely hope you can climb out from under it.

          • You can do it,I know it aint easy but youre where I was years ago…the learning curve is tough but you can do it…just take it slow and easy and read what you can find as well as getting together with some who know how and learn how its done… REB

          • It’s a big world, but roughly where are you? If you are close enough I’ve got a job for you. If not, keep hanging in there, everything runs in cycles. Just hope your luck changes soon.
            molon labe

          • Look up John Jeavons for help on getting more from your garden. Also check out Eliot Coleman for season extension. Think creatively so you think free or cheap or repurposed. As for the animals: what are they eating? Read the bag to see what is in it. I grow much of what my animals eat and that really cuts cost and makes it very easy to avoid GMOs. ( You don’t need to grind it. Just serve it whole or crushed a bit like nature would serve it to them). You eat what your animals eat so you might as well go GMO free for them also. Unclear why no GMO? Try It is a good explanation. Dehydrating is a good way to store more in less space and for less money but you need to know how to cook with it so practice. Also ask your county co-operative extension agent about gleaning programs in your area. Many farmers allow gleaning to clean their fields which prevents disease and decreases rodents but also feeds neighbors and the food banks because you donate part of your gleanings. If you look at old documents you will find that bag feed was not the norm but turnips, rutabagas, beets, carrots, dried beans, peas or lentils, seeds, wild greensand culled fruit and veggies as well as yard waste and house scraps. Try to create a closed system for health and lower cost.

            • Fabulous advice! I am so glad to see there are still those on this site that are willing to help others to prepare. I also feel the late 2015 / early 2016 timeline is correct, hoping to make it through winter of 2016 before bugging out.

            • I actually started a biz last month, but off to a slow start, took 2 years to get the equipment then half a year of bureaucratic crap, these days they want you to be a rocket scientist just to do a job a 10 year old could master in a day. My dream 2 years ago was, 1. become self employed 2. earn at least a living wage. 3. have at least 20 arces. Sunk my entire life savings into becoming self employed and Now the country is falling apart. Anyway Thanks for the advice, it could be worst, least I have a home and 5 acres to work with, lots of poor souls don’t even have a fraction of that so I can’t complain to much.

              @WIprepped Southern VA

              @Cara Thanks for the info! I’ve done a lot of research and have experimented with different things in homesteading, over all I’m a long ways off, wish I knew before 2012 what I know now. I have Chickens, ducks, quail, doves, pigeons, rabbits, sheep and turkeys. Most everything I free range, The rabbits and Turkeys are sustainable, taught the turkeys how to eat acorns and other food wild turkeys eat…trained them to eat whatever I point at lol. The other stuff I’m still figuring out how to feed in the winter, atm I buy 100lb bags of corn from a local farmer for $10 and a little commercial food. Projects for next year is worm beds and meal worms for substitute chicken food in the winter, if you have any other ideas let me know. I only have 3/4 to 1 acre of garden only 1/4th is unused which isn’t enough space to grow animal feed for the whole winter. I already use scraps to build things, all building/cages I’ve built cost less then $10 each (not including the wire though) used pallets and scarp materials.

        • My guns and ammo, gold, silver. platinum, and copper. My food stores and water supply/purification, meds, along with my faith in the Lord will see me and mine through to whatever purpose God has for us. I’m sure not going anywhere.

        • This seems to all be true. They held Martin for contempt of court. By doing so he was not entitled to an attorney and no bond could be set. He stayed in prison for many years. And, even while in prison – Armstrong helped the US government when they would come to him with problems. HOWEVER – once they let him out, I think he changed. I do not believe he now gives credible information. Could it be that he knows he is continually watched? Could it be that he has changed sides? We will never know. Regardless, I take everything he says now with a grain of salt.

        • Martin Armstrong tapped into the very structure of creation. The Cycles of Pi.

          As I tried to explain on my site, EVERYTHING, is One, and subject to The Cycles of the Aether.

      2. BS! Man programs the computer and Man is almost always wrong! The computer can come up with might be but not with what is going to be.

        • I can agree with that Sgt. and I think Martin Armstrong might agree with you on some level as well. He has stated on numerous occasions that we are operating within this system with limited information – we can’t possibly know everything.

          Unless you had direct knowledge of the plot to which only a handful of men were privvy it would have been quite difficult to predict that Gavrilo Princip was going to pull that trigger in late June of 1914… However, this begs the question: though the specific event could not have been predicted, wouldn’t World War I probably have happened anyway and perhaps within months regardless of Ferdinand’s assassination? Europe was already on the brink and just waiting for a catalyst … Personally, I think Armstrong’s models are fairly accurate as far as the cyclical nature of events is concerned, and I don’t think his computer can ‘predict’ the intricacies, but the general trends and likelihood of what might happen, yes.

          • I agree also. The world economy is a huge, chaotic system, in the mathematical sense, like weather and climate.

            Because there are so many vague and unmeasurable parameters, computer models are invariably dependent on the biases of the programmer. As we know in re: Glowbull Worming.

            And ignorant people laughed at the statement at the time, but there really are “unknown unknowns”. Lots and lots of them.

            This isn’t new wisdom. I entered college thinking I wanted to become an economist. Then I read Asimov’s “Second Foundation”. That gelled it for me, and I quit that to become an engineer. The math made sense, at least.

            • The FEDERAL RESERVE computer can predict with uncanny exactitude the effects of any number of variables, given a change in a particular variable, like interest rates, upon other variables in their sensitivity analysis, because they have several hundred years of information in their data base and excellent financial models.

              They know exactly what they are doing, and what they are doing to US. Kill the FED. Death to the New World Order. It’s totally Constitutional!!! 🙂

              • BTW Folks: Armstrong’s economic models and the FED’s financial models do not account for “Black Swan’s”, War, and Acts of God.

                Just saying. Its the known, unknowns, that we don’t know, that will transform the future in ways we cannot now know.

                You can refer to that as the DK Uncertainty Principle, or Murphy’s Law. 🙂

        • Man also makes the monetary system, and man also engages in these amazing self-fulfilling prophecies… oh look the technicals show a head and shoulders… QUICK EVERYONE OUT OF THIS STOCK…

          Effing… doesn’t matter what the fundamentals say. If all the cavemen are convinced that the full moon means run for the cave, everyone’s running for the friggin cave whether it makes sense or not.

          So, if we assign psychological values of our own en masse to some pattern in some system we invented, pretty sure you can read the patterns and deduce what the lemmings will do.

      3. Watch this Thursday, why:
        Senator Mitch McConnell and Speaker John Boehner intend to accomplish their betrayal by enacting a $1.014 trillion “Omnibus spending bill” which combines eleven separate appropriation bills to lock in funding levels for all federal agencies through September 15, 2015. The pending “Omnibus spending bill” will provide complete funding for Obamacare implementation and Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty program. If enacted before December 11, it’s a “win-win” for “Democrats” and “Republicans”. It would virtually foreclose any real opportunity to use defunding as a way to defang amnesty and Obamacare. The only losers are the American people.

        Like I said before McConnell and Boehner have to go if any possible change will happen (I question even that happening). As it looks our whole Government wants this country to fall so the NWO can have it all to control. Vote one crook out and vote another crook in. Stick a fork in us because we are done.
        Phil Collins: “I don’t care anymore”.

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • The possibility of Rino betrayal is more depressing to me than a computer predicting it’s all over in 2016.

          • FreeSlave, the way things stand right now, we’re not going to make it to 2016. TSHTF in 2015 BEFORE fall.

          • Yep. They did.

      4. Former Senator Alan Simpson (R-WY): “We have two political parties in this country, the Stupid Party and the Evil Party. I belong to the Stupid Party.”

        MTCFMF!!//RIP America.

        • Copperhead,
          I don’t think either party is stupid, they both know how to STEAL money from the taxpayers very effectively. Both parties are evil, warmongering, pedophiles who don’t blink an eye while they are f**king you literally and figuratively.

          • I agree. Your version is closer to the truth. Most of the masses just don’t get it. they think “if we can just elect my guy, things will get better”. It will never get better. Our system is doomed by the very people we voted in to make it better. There is only one party. And they don’t represent the citizens.
            All this breakdown and chaos has been planned for a long time. The end game is alive and well. it doesn’t take a supercomputer to figure the end result of this game. we are screwed.

      5. I don’t know about his predictions but every sense that I have is telling me that prep time is getting short. What could go wrong, Russia,Economy,Ebola,Race war,ISIS and the man who thinks he is King and has no regard for the constitution. Better be ready by summer of 2015.

      6. Just keep plugging……..

      7. I’m betting on 2016.

      8. If you go to the “Forecaster” movie website, there is a link to a New Yorker article, but the PDF is defective. Here is a link to the full article:

        ht tp://

        If you go to ht tp:// you can check out his 3,141 day cycle. If you put in 2-23-2007, the peak of the housing bubble, and add 3,141 days, the result is 9-30-2015. That is where the 10-1-2015 on the above graph comes from.

        The New Yorker article is very interesting. Mr. Armstrong was a millionaire on paper for a short time when he was just 15.

        • 9/28/2015 is the last of the blood moons. Hmmmm………………….
          Something is coming together and it isn’t good. Stepping up the preps again.

        • They can’t spend it if they are not among the living. As far as corrupt government helping them, they should remember that noose’s are one size fits all.

        • Satori

          Thanks. I like this site because of not only various peoples opinion (yours included) but the terrific links.

        • In essence, in reality that’s the employees money held in trust by the employer until they go on pension. Its vested its therefore theirs.

          I worked in industry my entire adult life (fortunately). The general attitude expressed by many company representatives was things like benefits were a gift rather than compensation for your labor. “See what the company is giving you”? They’re not giving the employee anything, its an exchange for your labor. If you promise X and deliver some sum less it was theft of services, breach of contract, pure and simple.

      9. Heres some numerology for ya “l you can check out his 3,141 day cycle”
        3+1+4+1=9 9 is the number of completion. Also an important illuminati number. Just sayin 😉

      10. YAWN.

        Keep predicting anything in a binary system and eventually you will get it right, then scream from the rooftops your long vision abilities.

        The people who truly know the future and what will come to pass NEVER tell anyone about it. To do so would break the first rule of fight club.

        Not to mention the second rule of fight club.

        2000… 2012… now 3rd Q 2015.

        The best thing is I am doing food rotations and reaping the savings from yesteryear purchases.

        Now that is vision folks. Let me pat myself on the back, again.


      11. I don’t know when the house of cards will collapse, but I do know every Ponzi scam always comes to a tragic end eventually.

        The Fed=Ponzi Scam. Somebody will be left holding the bag of worthless paper.

      12. The question I have is Why couldn’t all of lifes great problems have came along when I was a teenager and knew everything?

        • Old Guy-

          They could have, if you were simply aware of them!

          With age comes perception. What is that saying?

          Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance.

          Perception is reality, even if other people have a different perception than yours.

          Some more sage wisdom:

          We grow old too soon and smart too late.

          Perhaps it is nature’s speedometer, or speed limit even. Imagine what a young buck could do with such wisdom.

      13. If it happens by 2015 I will last a total of 35 seconds.

        That’s being generous.

      14. look it will crash when they are ready and want it too crash , not before.

        just look at japan.

        20 years of the jap lost generations and still going strong surviving on a completely rigged fraudulent cooked books economy.

        as long as all the other central banks play ball things will continue to just chug along as they continue to virtually print money to cover the trillions going out the door to pay for the fake economic growth, 1984 gestapo police state and false-flag terror wars.

        it’ll hurt only when they all decide to stop the fed reserve printing press merry go round.

        that is what we all prep for…

        for when they stop the presses and have a controlled crash reset around the world.

        then hyperinflation will kick in and your preps will be better than gold.

        till then it’s just a slow economic death roll for all.

        prepare for the deliberate controlled crash , potential WWIII as cover , civil unrest and hyperinflation.

        i’m betting it will happen 2017.

        wink wink

      15. i dunt no abouit theus hapeneng, may bee soo , mye mane cuncern is abouit howe i wood liev whitowt foode sthamps, i sthill caunt werk doo too a sowr fooht . i khindh of liev ofh thuh greud soo too spheek, anhee idehus wood hep, thenksxx

        • Joking or not :Dictionary and spell check.

      16. Ah…..another date. 2015, 2016 then they’ll pass and we’ll be guessing 2017 and maybe 2018. I’ll give you a date to prepare for…lets see…. I know! How ’bout 12/10/2014. You don’t need a date. There’s enough shit going on in this world to keep your heart stuck in your throat 24-7. It’ll get here soon enough without the soothsayers vying for attention and applause.

        • I agree, you can’t get fixated on dates or predictions.

          People should just do what they can, while they are able to do it.


      17. While this article was “well-craftid”, it gives a myopic, and likely wrong, reason why Martin Armstrong was arrested.
        Oh you economics boys LOVE doing the persecuted economics guy genius stories,a vicarious thing I’m sure, but.. those who do a little research.. will see that Martin Armstrong was jailed for running a Ponzi scheme and contempt of court.
        The contempt charge was that he defied a federal judge’s order in January 2000 to turn over to the government about $15 million worth of gold bars, rare coins and antiquities.
        I dunno, would Mac like to cry us a song about really smart derivatives bankers next?

        • Those are awful things that Armstrong did (if true).

          But was his computer model predictions wrong in their past predictions?

      18. Black swan

      19. Let’s see.

        The banks are ready to take our savings and retirements. Terrorist still doing their thing. Inflation on the rise. Price increases on food. Unemployment up. More people on government subsistence. Riots in the major cities. Major climate problems. Fukishima still pumping shit into the Pacific. Congress on a War stance with Russia. Oil Price down, (Good for us but slowdown in the economy). Major Store closures. Southern boarder wide open. U.N. and gun control.
        On and on it goes.

        Now for the good news.


        • Yup that pretty much sums everything up


        • what about the crickets,is something going to happen to them????? always liked to use them for bait when fishing with the kids… will have to check this out for sure though , thanks for the heads up.

      20. We can more than assume that many inputs into the global economy are manipulated. There are too many variables. No way a computer model can accurately predict an outcome because as they say, “Trash in / Trash out”.

        If he could do this he would be on NSA payroll or Goldman Sax or both and $15 million would be pocket change to him.

      21. In September 1999, Armstrong faced prosecution by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission for fraud. During the trial, Armstrong was imprisoned for over seven years for civil contempt of court, one of the longest-running cases of civil contempt in American legal history. In August 2006, Armstrong pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit fraud, and began a five-year sentence.

        So he wasn’t imprisoned for “no reason.”

        • Well… there was a reason… but I am 99% sure that it wasn’t because he conspired to commit fraud. The problem with Martin Armstrong was that he DID NOT conspire to commit fraud by giving his algos and source code to the institutions (government and private) who would have used it for that very reason. IMHO.

      22. 10/2015 is the beginning of the next schmeeta cycle and end of the 4 blood moons.

        • I was wondering when someone would bring that up. There’s a book about that very subject. It’s very interesting and it just might make some of you think.

      23. I work for a government agency. Everything we do has been focused on 2015: everything. As in, we have no real plans of significance past that year. Operation Drop-back is already underway, with many getting frozen out of the high-level preps and/or fired, downsized, or re-assigned (just ask the military). Clearly a decision has been taken as to who gets to board Noah’s Ark when the big flood comes. 2015 is the year when the hammer gets dropped. We plan and prepare for it every day.

        It is now December, so you have less than a month until the year that is just going to freak people out. Here is some recommended holiday film viewing to get you prepared:

        World War Z
        Children of Men

        Those three films sum it pretty well. They cover all the bases and you would be heavily prepared if you watched all three. I especially like the accuracy of World War Z: they got continuity of government procedures very well, while also showing how quickly major cities can fall apart. 1984 is 1984 and shows very well how a totalitarian state exerts its will through propaganda, mass communications and fear. Children of Men shows you how bumbling governments can be in the face of major calamity. Despite the last person being born, the UK government still can’t get its sh#t together to control its borders, or police the streets. Sound familiar?

        Merry f#cking Xmas!

      24. Armstrong’s model graph shows a little lower crash in Oct 2015 than 3 months ago and recovers. I didn’t feel last Septembers crash, did any of you?

        The big one he predicts is shown from 2017 to 2020, not Oct 2015.

        If you had inside information how the banks, government, and people were behaving, especially with socialism, loans, spending too much and borrowing, it can be predictable without a computer, but without a lot of time to prepare. That is why I prep just in case.

        I am beginning to believe we need more than 3 years of supplies when the shtf.

      25. What ever is going to happen is going to happen.
        Just put down your computers and i pods and take a look around.

        Prepare Prepare Prepare


        Watch the video from this link and see what the author of the Blood Moons says regarding this next 10 months.

        Many in the Christian community believe that if there was EVER a year for a RAPTURE event to take place it would be on Rosh Hashana, or the Feast of Trumpets of 2015.

        Have any of you read the Mystery of the Shemitah?
        Best book on explaining why September of 2015 may well be the big collapse.

      27. Maybe it’s the day he dies? Thus it becomes the end of the world for him. Bull shit lies, we’ll be around thousands of years and will move on to other places eventually. We at this time are not special, shit happens all the time, and it will keep happening all we can do is try to minimize the shit and grow in both technology/science and as people.

      28. I’m fully behind Martin. I just don’t agree that gold and the stock markets are not manipulated. I will bet my bottom Dollar they both are!
        It will be difficult to predict time in an environment where the Americans can buy and buy with newly printed dollars.
        We are awaiting the collapse of the stock market. I think we should watch the collapse of money, which will leave only gold.
        But time will tell. I am just sure the whole market is one big fraud with the banking system.

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