Alternate View: Economic Crisis Will Cause Stock Markets To Skyrocket: “We’re the Only Game in Town”

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    stocks-to-riseCould you imagine the Dow Jones Industrial Average rising to over 25,000 points, from its current all-time highs of 16,900?

    Given the economic malaise facing the entire globe many would argue that such a value is simply not possible and as soon as it becomes clear later this summer that the U.S. has officially entered another recession stock markets will inevitably crash full-force into a long-term deflationary environment.

    But what if the opposite happens? What if the panic caused by a collapsing global economy leads to a limited crash and then sends stock markets soaring?

    This is the forecast being proposed by well known cyclical theorist Martin Armstrong, whose past predictions were so accurate that he identified, nearly to the day, the Savings & Loan crisis, the collapse of the Russian Ruble and the crash of Japan’s stock markets.

    Even Armstrong himself suggests that his ideas run counter to what one might expect to happen given the state of the world’s political, financial and economic affairs, but stock markets could nonetheless skyrocket 50% or higher from where they are today.

    Well, I think the best thing to do is clearly stay in the United States right now. Get out of any emerging markets because what you are going to have is: China is rattling its sabers against Japan and South East Asia; you have all kinds of turmoil in Eastern Europe; and I think you’re going to probably see that start to pick up quite sharply after September. So you don’t want to be involved in those types of assets. I would stay home clearly.

    The U.S. stock market, although it sounds a bit crazy, it’s liable to go up very dramatically. I would think we could go up 50% at least. But it’s going to depend upon when the capital flows start coming in very dramatically, and they’ll come when you start to see those types of geopolitical problems [along with]…economic problems from Europe. But, I mean, there will be more dips—one more little crash first—and then it’s going to take off.

    You get a lot of these dollar haters, I call them. But what are you supposed to have as an alternative? The Euro is an absolute basket case… Canada doesn’t have a big enough economy… Australia doesn’t… Britain doesn’t… Japan, forget it… So what are you down to? Are you going to use Rubles or Yuan? The dollar is the world reserve currency for a reason… and effectively we are the largest economy and right now we are the only ones really holding anything up.

    It’s a pretty bad recession in China… in Russia… Europe is a basket case… France is on the verge of bankruptcy… it’s crazy everywhere… We’re the last place that is still booming… it’s not as much as it used to be, but we’re still positive. That will turn down next year and when that does the rest of the world… as they say when the U.S. catches a cold the rest of it gets the flu.

    The capital flows will move into this direction also because Europe is hunting capital dramatically… The IMF is saying they should just confiscate 10% of everybody’s accounts… If I say I’m going to punch you in the face are you just going to stand there and let me punch you? You’re either gonna move or fight back.

    People act in anticipation.

    So, capital has been flowing to the United States. The top end real estate in New York, Florida, California, is booming. Why? It’s mostly foreign money coming in. So that supports the dollar. And if you then have more geopolitical problems with Russia, etc., money is going to pour here again, the same way it did with WWI and WWII. If you’re blowing everything up and banks aren’t safe, you put your money on the first ship and you bring it over here…

    We’re really the only game in town and that capital will come here as the geopolitical movement develops.

    Full audio interview: Financial Sense Newshour with Jim Puplava
    Sourced from Armstrong Economics via Prepper Website

    Capital flows, as Armstrong notes, are the key variable to keep an eye on. Historically, global investors have always sought safe haven in the United States because up until now America has never defaulted on its Treasury issues, making it one of the last perceived bastions of financial security on earth. Yes, it sounds ridiculous considering the insurmountable debt being held by the U.S. government, but according to Armstrong global investors will still turn to the United States when all else fails, just as they have done during every major crisis in recent history.

    But before you commit to the idea that everything will be fine and dandy as a result of potentially hundreds of billions of dollars making their way into the United States, keep in mind that capital flowing into domestic markets will further contribute to a recessionary environment by increasing the value of the dollar and decreasing exports, so this effect won’t necessarily signal boom times or economic health.

    In fact, Martin Armstrong says that we should begin seeing serious cracks forming here in the United States some time next year. Those problems will revolve around America’s debt crisis and the destruction of our domestic economy. The end result, suggests Armstrong, will be one that’s been witnessed throughout history and will lead to dire repercussions:

    People will not fight if they’re fat and happy. Turn the economy down and you get war. World War II follows what? The great depression.

    This is the way it is. People don’t go to war if everything is really great. But if you start losing things then you get aggravated… who caused this, etc…

    Historically what will happen is that the economy turns down aggressively and the people get angry. Now, you have a choice. They’re going to get angry at government and they’re going to come after you. Or, you find somebody else for them to get angry at and you say ‘hey, it’s not me it’s them’…

    Absolutely [we are in danger of going from a cold war to a hot war].

    One way or the other, whether stocks rise or fall, we’ve entered an unprecedented period in world history.

    The end result, regardless of how we get there, will likely culminate in a war unlike anything human civilization has ever witnessed before as politicians the world over angle to convince their citizenry that someone else is to blame for their problems.

    Though we can’t predict with certainty the dates or sequences of events that will lead to the eventual downfall of the system as we know it today, we can, at the very least, prepare in advance and insulate ourselves against the brunt of the hit when it does happen.

    Deep down, though many refuse to admit it, we know that something just isn’t right.


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      1. The problem with the stock market is when to get out and you will not know when. GOD, GROUND, GRUB, GOLD, GUNS.

        • Should have bought me some stock a few years back…but since I was as broke then as I am now…so I guess it doesn’t matter. Maybe I’ll win the lottery! That way I’m know I’m out every Wednesday and Saturday. Thats kind of a hopeful crapshoot too.

          • We aren’t in stock market either. Got tired of paying the shills their ridiculous fees for doing basically nothing. Today’s game can’t even be played by a regular person…who can afford the entry fee to the Wall Street poker game? But who the hell cares? When the world goes up in flames during WWIII, money will be the least of our worries.

            • use eTrade or Ameritrade for small transaction fees you place yourself. Aint hard and theyre happy to take your $.
              But then your playing w/ corruption and Satans spawn w/ WallSt.
              The real hitch is the 15% tax on capital gains. Why risk your $ to pay the govt.
              Give it up and move to Galts Valley.Then again whaddo I know. Been told Im a lib troll here by the lemmings even when busting ass, quitting the job, taking the stand against the govt. Lemmings and sheep know best. Baaa!

            • Don’t pay wall street to “mis”manage your finances! I took some time to learn how to invest and last year I made about 30% (first year in the stock market FYI). I use Scottrade which charges $7.00 a transaction. I’m expecting huge gains this year or next year when gold and silver take off again. I also use a ROTH IRA to avoid taxes. I’m assuming of course our government won’t raid my retirement account forcibly but I feel learning how to make money in the stock market will be a skill that comes in handy my whole life.

              If the government confiscated everyone’s wealth, the current wealthy people would become wealthy again because they know how to make money. It might take some time but they can do it. I don’t know about you but I’d like to be one of those guys. Not one of the guys who starts from scratch and stays on the bottom.

              Keep prepping, but also keep learning!

          • The way the banksters have always profited so much is by blowing up bubbles…and making sure everyone else doesn’t know they’re bubbles…or when they will pop.

            • 67.2 trillion dollars of the total of 81.8 trillion dollars of wealth in this nation is made up of financial assets

              This why this could happen there is no where left to put real wealth in real items everything is already owned.

            • Oh yea U S…

              A casino by any other name is still a casino…

              And the house ALWAYS wins…

              • Yep

        • I can see the dow hitting 50000?!

          I can also see gasoline hitting 12 dollars a gallon.
          Milk going up to $9 a gallon.
          The cost of per pound of meat hitting $15 to $20.
          Utility rates going up 3 times.
          I could see inflation like a viper hitting everyone.

          Of course the EARNING ability of everyone will remain the same.

          I can also see the average worker still working, and then after getting off work, going to wait in line at the local food bank to avoid going hungry because the entire paycheck went for fuel, to stay warm or cool, insurance rates, and other skyrocketing costs.

          Yes, I could see the stockmarket hitting all sorts of new highs and true misery to most of the population as the dollar totally collapses because the stocks HAVE to match true money. True money still says that the U.S. is neck deep in toilet scum. All one has to do is take a look at the exploding debt as proof.

          • Mr. Martin Armstrong has one blue eye
            and one brown eye because he’s a quart
            low on shit.

            Gas is $4.05 in my town. P.T. Barnum
            may be dead, but his words live on.

            • Gas here is $3.25….So glad I walk or ride my bike everywhere….
              Everything will go up and up and up….here they have said our electric will go up yet again…the Domino Effect will indeed affect everything….

              • I know another “game in town”…it’s called “Gold/Silver”.

                • I got 5 silver dollars the other day. $100

                • Grafique I have a better one its LEAD

                  • You will need silver if vampires are an issue.

                • People always seem to refuse to look at history. Every fiat currency in world history, has gone to zero value. Gold and silver have never been worth zero. Enough said.

                  • dollar backed by the full faith of the U.S. government? i think i’ll SHOP AROUND a little!

                • …Actually there’s another* game in town. It’s called the ‘shell game’. The one where the real gold is hiding somewhere, but not in your vault. Like this poor sap just found out:

                  One Ton Gold Shipment Into Hong Kong Revealed To Contain Just Worthless Metal
                  (from ZeroHedge site)

                  Two years ago, stories of fake tungsten-filled gold coins and bars began to spread; it appears, between the shortage of physical gold (after Asian central bank buying) and the increase in smuggling (courtesy of India’s controls among others) that gold fraud is back on the rise. As SCMP reports, a mainland China businessman, Zhao Jingjun, discovered that HK$270 million of 998kg of gold bars he bought in Ghana had been swapped for non-precious metal bars.

                  What is perhaps even more worrisome, given the probe into commodity-financing deals and the rehypothecation evaporation; these gold bars were shipped to a Chinese warehouse before Zhao was able to confirm the fraud.

              • Yep,FOB,

                Everything will go up, up, and up.

                TPTB will cause the dumb and complacent to invest in the stock market and other stupid shit and then…..

                pull the rug and the plug.

                If one has everything in gold and silver, they can hold a security that will be good for a while until….

                martial law.

                Then all those stockpiles will become the property of the state/banks/gov/etc.

                Who will want to barter/trade for pm’s if they are no good for payment, or at the very least; good at a tenth of what they originally cost.

                “One way or the other, whether stocks rise or fall, we’ve entered an unprecedented period in world history.”

                You betcha! It’s here. It’s gonna get a whole lot more competitive, and troublesome; especially for those that haven’t prepared in every facet of their lives.

                We have prepared to live…. “simple”. No $100.00 per week fuel bills. No $100.00 per week grocery bills. No $50.00 per week tax bills. No $100.00 per week insurance
                bills. The list can go on and on.

                If people count on the dollar and the stock market to pull them thru…. they aren’t living in the real world.

                No retirement savings to count on. No gov bailout to count on. No EBT or Social Security to count on. No free medical treatments to count on.

                Only one constant to count on…. salvation and the Heavenly Father. He will never forsake us.

                Read it and weep; or rejoice; for our redemption draweth nigh.


                • @Passin…..I personally believe that we have long passed the “point of no return”…..I cannot believe that this Republic can “turn on a dime” in order to regain Gods’ Grace….but, miracles do occur.
                  That said, it is Never too late for individuals to claim their place in Gods’ Light…
                  Do What You Can, For Who You Can, For As Long As You Can…
                  And Have Faith, Share Faith, And Have Sisu

                  • People just don’t understand that it’s over for us. We are just running on borrowed time, as the people who have the power to print money can drag things out for a long time. This will end in time.
                    people need to forget about electing so and so, as that will make things better. it won’t. We are past that. Now we just wait. keep prepping, and keep stacking.

                  • Sisu generally means determination, bravery, and resilience, endurance, tenacity, must be done will be done.

              • Guess I am heading to Stibnite to fill up….

              • Feisty – we in Aussie can only wish!! We pay $1.60A for a liter – with exchange rates and at 3.88 liters to your gallon we are paying the equivalent of $US5.72 for one of your gallons. That’s regular – premium is another 50 cents approx US a gallon. Diesel is between the two.


                • @Ready…I have read your posts with great interest, as We are ALL in this together….and I have wanted to know how others fare. I am but one, but what if many gave up driving just one or two days a week…and walked or rode a bike? Supply and demand…if demand goes down, so do the (artificially inflated) prices….I think it is far past time for people to take command of their own situations….refuse to pay the price they demand for fuel and they will panic….STAND for what is right and just plain honest.
                  Sorry for my leap upon the soapbox…I tend to jump up there lately… 🙂
                  I wish you and yours (and Your Country) well in the trying times to come and look forward to hearing your perspective in the future….

                  • @ FOB,

                    I agree, we are all in this together, however; most don’t think that way. As far as cutting down on fuel consumption, it won’t make a hill of beans difference. Why, you might ask?

                    Here’s why. After coming down on durango kidd the other day, I did finally agree with him on a couple points. Can you believe that?

                    Here is why i did. He was talking about the baby boomers retiring at a rate of 10,000 per day. The stats confirm, that is close to accurate.

                    Most of those have worked hard all their lives and put back a dollar or two. The majority of them are like my Dad, they don’t travel cross country a lot and don’t spend foolishly until it comes to having a nice ride with time to kill. Just like him, they buy new cars and motorcycles, ATVS, golf carts, etc. To them, spending a hundred dollars a week on gas is nothing. He even quit paying his electric bill by mail so he has another excuse each month to fire up his shiney new ride and cruise to town (about 16 miles round trip).

                    Dad says his new car makes him feel good about himself, like, “I’ve made it, I’m succesful.” Cruising to Wally World, the market, and the Dr’s office, is fun in his shiney new ride. Screw the gas cost, cause i worked hard for 50 years and i deserve it. That is their pleasure in retirement. Not all think that way, but most do.

                    i don’t agree with that mindset, but hey, it’s their world.

                    They won’t give up their little pleasures until gas hits $10.00 a gallon. Some won’t stop even then.

                    It’s a vicious cycle and it will get worse before it gets better.
                    TPTB count on them spending until there is no dollar left to spend. New rides and tanks full of gas. The retirees say, “the world may be going to shit with me in it, but I’m gonna look good while I’m going down with the ship.”

                    When you have that mentality in about 150,000 of the folks retiring every month, ain’t no amount of conservation gonna change things.

                    Just sayin’

                • Ready down under,
                  It seems this is affecting all of us and it’s not just a US problem , I have heard similar stories from others in Canada , UK, Australia it seems there is a common denominator , in my humble opinion the world is looking a lot like August 1914 or 1939 , we all know what came next even the locations are the same Europe and Asia , instead of the Empire of Japan and the Axis we have a new Axis. an expansionist PRC , Islamic Caliphate – ( notice it contains hate) and a resurgent Nationalist Greater Russia.

                  I and others feel an impending feeling of dread with each passing day.
                  My Family had many in the last big conflagration ( WWII) in ETO and ATO I grew up hearing the stories that were rarely told , some very disturbing ( I had an uncle in the 101 AB E company , 2 Bat , 506 PIR they liberated Kaufering IV a sub camp of Dachau. They knew the Evil they were facing and what it ment , and the importance of keeping this from your home doorstep , my uncle is in that famous picture of Eisenhower addressing the troops , he’s just in front behind Eisenhowers hand center of the photo standing there with face darking paint )
                  In the end it will always be the common people who endure and sacrifice for victory,

                  Yesterday we had a memorial at work for the veterans of D-Day , I really stand in awe of what those men did and had the fortitude to press on when hitting those beaches and eventually bringing an Evil Empire to its knees in time. I cannot EVEN Imagine what it was like ( And I am a Combat Veteran ) when those landing craft doors dropped, thinking about it even gives me “shivers” they were staring certain death in the face.

                  Let it stand In the final calculation it was the common GI , Canuck, Tommy, Digger , Anzak , Free French , Free Poles that lead to that ultimate Victory over the Axis at a time when victory seemed far from certain they prevailed . They truly earned the title of the Greatist Generation.

                  We are the Children of these Men soon it will be our time in the sun…….

                  NEVER FORGET

                  I have an original copy of this given the troops on June 5, 1944 via my uncle (1925-2001 ) framed over my desk as I type this it sums it all up as Why We Fight ;

                  “You are about to embark upon the great crusade , toward which we have striven these many months . The eyes of the world are upon you. The hopes and prayers of Liberty loving people everywhere march with you . In the company of our brave allies and brothers-in -arms on other fronts , you will bring about the destruction of the German war machine , the elimination of Nazi Tyranny over the Opressed of Europe and security for ourselves in a free world .
                  YOUR TASK WILL NOT BE AN EASY ONE . Your enemy is well trained , well equipped and battle hardened. He will fight savagely . But in this year 1944 much has happened since the Nazi Triumphs of 1940-41. The Allies have inflicted upon the Germans great defeats , in open battle , man to man. Our air offensive has seriously reduced their strength in the air and their capacity to wage war on the ground. Our home fronts have given us an overwhelming superiority in weapons and munitions of war, and placed at our disposal great reserves of trained fighting men . THE TIDE HAS TURNED! THE FREE MEN OF THE WORLD ARE MARCHING TOGETHER TO VICTORY! I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in battle .
                  WE WILL ACCEPT NOTHING LESS THAN FULL VICTORY. GOOD LUCK . Let us beseech the blessing of ALMIGHTY GOD upon this great and noble undertaking”

                  General Dwight D. Eisenhower
                  Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force
                  Order of D-DAY ( 2 June 1944) before the Normandy landings



                  Semper Fi 8541

                  • Note the original has the United Nations as the group , I edited my typed version to reflect allies instead , the change sourly mine . The UN had a different meaning prior to 1947.

                    Semper Fi 8541

                  • So true my grandfather died in a nazi CC camp. Not for what he did but because of what group he belonged to. (Not Jewish)
                    That same hate is alive & well in Europe and getting hotter everyday.
                    I do think amerika will escape the horror of it this time around either.


                  • My last sentence should have read amerika will not escape the horrors of it this time.


                  • All this sacrifice, just so our own government could someday turn around and nuke the WTC towers. Dirty rotten scum sucking bottom feeders. Even our own military gets a cruise missile up their ass and NOTHING.. THEY DO NOTHING.

                    At least the muslims will fill the streets with hundreds of thousands of people just because someone draws a cartoon of their allah… Here, our own government nukes us, and NOTHING. This country is f’n brain dead. I say let russia or china nuke us to oblivian. Who gives a fuck. I’ll be glad to be in God’s kingdom, instead of this shit hole we call the u.s.

          • They pacify labor with a 20% raise to compensate for a 100% increase in prices; and you weren’t doing too well before all of this started. Guaranteed the blame game will start where labor cry’s “Companies profits are too high”. Management replies, “Labor costs are too high”. In the meantime the government sponsored printing presses are working overtime making more currency. All the while the MSM feeds both the labor and management debate completely ignoring the real cause. Its a replay of the late 1970s, only this time so much worse.

        • I really don’t know – since “money” is no longer backed by ANYthing there is absolutely nothing to stop TPTB from increasing the money supply at will. Your dollar, ours, the Euro – are all just a valueless bit of paper (plastic in our case) with a number on it – it only has “value” while you accept it has and someone else is willing to give you what you want for an agreed amount of it.

          It is a convenient medium of exchange, nothing more or less and it is based entirely on belief and trust. Give that trust a shake and the cracks appear and can rapidly turn into Grand Canyon proportions.

          The only way I can see the Dow hitting 25K is if there is hyperinflation – shares in a company will increase in value as the value of the dollar decreases – just like it will cost more to buy food, so will it cost more to “buy” anything.

          I think WW3 is quite possible – too many trouble spots scattered around that could light the fuse. An economic meltdown will probably come first though.

          Yep, interesting times!


          • If you believe that the Yuan will save us all, you don’t want to listen to Martin Armstrong. 🙂

          • There is no way there can be hyperinflation with the job situation being what it is. the market is being driven up to keep the only people who can give Obama grief, the fat cats, happy. That is all this is. They are sticking the rest of us with the bill as the market gains are being done on money put up by the Fed. So we get a double hosing, no gains and stuck with the bill. Like paying for the car you ex wife just bought her new boyfriend.

            • Sorry you’re wrong,you need to go research the petrodollar.

        • As a previous day trader / investor, An Good Rule of Thumb is, as the stock market rises, keep adjusting your safety sell stops upwards a few points behind the current stock price. If for some reason the market crashes when you are not looking, your stock will sell out at your sell stop position. all to preserve your profit. I made the mistake and did not do this back when Global Crossing was flying. Went on vacation for a week, came back and lost $6,000 on that stock. There was no TV or news where I was at. That was an expensive vacation and lesson learned. SO Always Always set your safety sell stop at the price according to your pain threshold. I know a guy who was trading commodities, left his chair to take a piss, came back and lost $60K. He said he then after left a can by his desk to piss in. Just saying set your safety sell stops a few points below the current sell price.

          • good to know, what is the best way to trade for and what company? I never did it before and understand the basics and people say get penny stocks since you cant make any money if your poor and buy one stock of quakeroats for 70 dollars a share and it goes up a buck. thats what I think a lot of us our wonndering. Im an expert on weapons and can say that but not the markets.

            • only the BIG people make money in the markets…they are rigged by the ones in-the-know. DON’T DO IT!!!!!!!!

            • clint hopso, I read a book called “The Single Best Investment” by Lowell Miller. He explains how dividend growth investing really works over time. However if you can only afford to buy one share of a $70 company you need to first figure out how to A) make more money or B) save more money. It really is that simple. JNJ has paid a dividend and raised it for 50 years straight, they should keep that trend up for your benefit if you are able to use it.

        • Right now it isn’t the market, the real play is “Income Inequality”. What I mean by this is, the govt is pushing for the raising of minimum wage to 15 per hour. What this will do is bring down the middle class back to the poor class. Once you let EVERYONE make close to what the middle class makes, the price of EVERYTHING goes up. Once that does the middle class will be just as financially strapped as the lower classes. Of course this will have a miniscule effect on the upper class, hence why they are all for it.


        • the article is very poorly written and is confusing in its content. he pinned together some Martin Armstrong perspectives and called it an article. nope,’s just wasted space.

          first the writer attempts to make a case of how the US stock market will boom,…”But what if the opposite happens? What if the panic caused by a collapsing global economy leads to a limited crash and then sends stock markets soaring?”,…

          then the writer does a reverse,… “But before you commit to the idea that everything will be fine and dandy as a result of potentially hundreds of billions of dollars making their way into the United States”,..and “In fact, Martin Armstrong says that we should begin seeing serious cracks forming here in the United States some time next year. Those problems will revolve around America’s debt crisis and the destruction of our domestic economy. The end result, suggests Armstrong, will be one that’s been witnessed throughout history and will lead to dire repercussions:”,…

          well which way is it fence sitter ?

          if the US moves into its own debt crisis, is the stock market going to move up ? no one has disposable income to invest in the stock market. DUH !

          the writer basically put together various positions that MA has reiterated and placed opposite perspectives oin the same story,…

          not good journalism.

          yo,…writer,…think through what you are stating before you commit it to print. just sayin’,..what you wrote is nothing new and basically states “Who the hell knows whats going to happen.”

          like we haven’t read that perspective before,…


      2. TPTB will always protect themselves. Maybe they can actually inflate the financial markets along with any hyperinflation that may be on the horizon. It has, in the prepper community, been assumed that everything financial will crash.

        What if it doesn’t?

        What if it just inflates, and then stabilizes?

        TPTB will have the wealth that they can squeeze out of the population, put us all back to work as “serfs”, and go on their merry way as the kings of the world.


      3. Stock market up or down won’t really affect me at all.

        I am more worried about what these idiots in power are going to do when people in the USA or elesewhere start rebelling because they can’t feed their families.

        Armstrong’s proposed end result sounds about right and it’s damned scary.

      4. It seems to me that someone here has been saying for a few months that the FED will be able to continue to Taper because off shore CASH will be returning to the US and will prop up the markets.

        Who was that masked man? It’s in the archives folks. In a world of midgets even a dwarf can be King.

        Dollars anyone? 🙂

        • the durango kidd says:

          “off shore CASH will be returning to the US and will prop up the markets.”

          WRONG! “off shore CASH will be returning to the US and will” CAUSE PRICE INFLATION!!!

          You know this to be true, and yet you fain difference.

          The durango kidd is a troll.

          • “Fain”? LMAO! Faggot!!! 🙂

            • faggot…reminds me of a story. way back when, a friend and i decided we would become gay….sooo we agreed to, ummmm, “make each other happy”. so i says “you first”…and then after he was done making ME happy….wellll, i chickened out! he was pretty mad about the whole thing, but i don’t know WHY, afterall, i said i was SORRY!………..not really, just kidding…but i DID laugh hard when I HEARD the joke.

      5. Nothing will surprise me anymore…the little guy gets it in the rear regardless.

        • You know there will be a day soon coming, when all the BIG guys sell all their stock holdings at the same exact time and day, to lock in their profits, as the market crashes, the common folk idiots and 401K contributors will be holding a bunch of worthless paper. Then the losers will then lose your jobs, and then lose their homes to these same people that crashed the market, as they laugh in the balcony’s and rub their greasy palms. Don’t be the fool, cash out now, buy lots of land and pay off all your debts now.

        • Off Topic: Last Nite on RT tv news, former CNN host Larry King now has a weekly show at RT tv. Last nite his guest on the rt show called “Politicking with Larry King” was the Head guy of the Log Cabin Republicans aka the Faggots brnach of repubs.

          As soon as Larry King introduced this log cabin fag guy by stateing his new book co wrote with His “husband”!! was a great book etc….The log cabin head faggot jumped right in and began totally bashing the 2nd amendt!

          It was ALl he spoke of…he began complaining how guns are to blame for the recent Kalif shooter spree killings, then non stop detailed how his log cabin homos need to convince fellow repubs and join as one to Ammend the us const 2nd amendt to make gun owning way more difficult…Stuff he promoted was Mandatory training same as cops get, deeper background checks etc etc prior to the govnt Allowing anybody to own any guns!

          This supposedly Repub faggot guys antigun spew Rivaled anything we ever heard from the likes of Finestien, Schumer and Bloomberg, or any other lunatic antiguners.

          So what the hell is so radically wrong with the entire rest of repubs party that they have been so admiring of these log cabin fags?…They are touted as “good” party repub members. Much needed in the BIG tent attitude of the neocons repubs party officials…

          It seems that in reality that big tent idea includes mestizo Illeagles, African negroes(that are Never going to actually switch to vote repubs) and now Faggots too..

          yet when it comes to what is still the largest main group of potential votes…That 2/3rd of american population known of as White folk….The neocon repubs act as if whiteys do not even exist. They care NOT about any issues that matter or promote whats good for whiteys.

          So now their next big ordeal is to support Log Cabin Faggots and their “Husbands” as so great of a thing they cannot pass it up?

          I for one predict another huge major loss in next prez election cycle and which will finally be the total Undoing and Final End of the party known of as repubs and neocons…as went the WHIG’s Party, so will go the repubs once they screw up the next major elections by these wrong headed choices.

          All america needs to be on track for a True real Fix, is aprox 535+2 White Men thats pro america, Pro whiteys, and of which all MSM TV are unable to stiffle by any methods usually used…That and that prior named group of 2/3rd of americans who are whiteys all voting in lock step like blacks do when voteing for dems and negroes…Blacks consistantly vote 95% for a dem and black…If that white 2/3rd copied that tactic just even one time…

          America will be back on track fast to a true Fix it mode.

          • The Party leadership are happy to take their kickbacks and “work with their friends across the aisle”. They don’t care if they win the next election, they still get power & money. They don’t care if they lose elections. The last prez election I signed up to volunteer, I got no call backs, I donated and didn’t receive anything regarding the races. It was until the antichrist retained his position in office did I get anything in the mail, and it was all for more donations because now that we lost we need more money to fight his evil agenda! Its a sham, a scam. They don’t care if the US is quickly becoming the new S. Africa. What’s a few more dead crackers to TPTB?

      6. The TPTB have figured out every contingency, they’re job now is to pull if off.

        • You said it right….

          They will say… “your papers are not in order”.

      7. If the USA looks like it is getting to prosperous, there are enough countries out there to bring us down. Not even a war, EMP. Prosperity over. Stone Age civil war is the reality.

        Sad thing about it, it will probably be our own leaders to bring us down to enslave the people.

        The government will not even need an army in the beginning. Civil war will make us kill each other. Government will send the their thugs to mop up and put down the remaining American fighters.

        • This is a Re-Posting of what Tucker Posted at a prior SHTF article back on, November,17, 2013 at 5:48 AM…

          Political Correctness is actually just another name for the cancer of Cultural Marxism. And, for those of us who have done our homework – and who’re up to speed on the Frankfurt School of Cultural Marxism – we are aware that Cultural Marxism is a Communist invented ideology.

          May I recommend a book by Professor Kevin MacDonald, originally published back in 1998 – titled: ‘Culture of Critique’. Now available in paperback – this book is a scholarly must-read for every White European American, because it will explain what has happened to the traditional White Western Civilization that once constituted the character of the old America. It will also identify the culprits who were associated with the Frankfurt School-driven subversion and undermining of our nation, and provide the identities and ethnicity’s of the hate-filled aliens who lead the endless attacks on the traditional people, values and culture of our nation.

          In essence, the primary stated objective of these Frankfurt School Cultural Marxist Communists – was the systematic destruction of White Western Civilization. White males, being seen by these Communists as the architects of Western Civilization – were singled out for relentless demonization, constant criticism, endless persecution and marginalization. Essentially, painted as the modern face of ‘evil’ and therefore, these White male ‘devils’ had to be disenfranchised and removed from as many positions of power and influence over the West as possible. Replaced, of course, by non-Whites – as we see now, with Obama being anointed as the supreme ruler over a nation that his own race lacks the talent, ingenuity, intelligence or aptitude to either create or to even maintain. Exhibit A and B for the prosecution: Haiti and Zimbabwe. Or, if one cares to take a sample a little closer to home, one can point to Detroit, East St Louis, Camden, New Orleans, Atlanta, or perhaps Oakland.

          The agenda of the Cultural Marxists required a systematic denial of reality and so, in order to force the implementation of an unnatural set of conditions upon the West and to unseat the White European male – who was the natural and gifted leader of the nation and civilization that his talents were responsible for producing – the ideology of ‘Political Correctness’ would have to be imposed, and with P.C. as a new weapon in the hands of the Cultural Marxist Communists, they could basically criminalize any expression of the truth and thereby create and foster a new system that was based on lies and Communist fantasies regarding the false premise of egalitarianism.

          In order words, expressions of reality would be made a dangerous and potentially career ending exercise – for anyone who dared to challenge the lies of the Cultural Marxist Communists. This was the only way that the Cultural Marxist Communists could overthrow the old order and replace it with their new anti-White system; utterances of the truth and recitations of the facts and applications of logic had to be rendered dangerous and criminalized whenever possible. At a minimum, the Cultural Marxist Communists seek to heap mountains of social condemnation upon truth tellers and then ostracize them from their new, perverted definition of ‘social acceptability’.

          However, the most amazing thing to me – is to look around our society, and see the incredible number of otherwise pretty intelligent White European Americans who have apparently decided to either embrace or cower at the feet of the Political Correctness Thought Police.

          Paul Craig Roberts wrote a very good column a few weeks ago, titled ‘Ignoring Reality is Going to Wipe Out the Human Race’ – and in it, he pretty much hit the nail on the head. Adhering to the evils of Political Correctness means denying the truth and it means denying reality. These are very dangerous mistakes to make, as we see what is left of White Western Civilization rapidly sliding down into the dustbin of history.

          It is time for the White European people – who are the architects of Western Civilization to pull their heads out of their asses, and rise up and crush these Cultural Marxist Communists and take our nation back.

          And That Is the underlying true problem of such a screwed up nation America today is…Them Guys

          PS: Be sure You too do your homework and discover who these “Culprits” of Frankfurt School of cultural marxist teachings were and Still Are, today…One cannot ever fight an enemy untill one can Name that true enemy eh.

          If you reject doing such homework and rely upon various website writers to inform you of or to disclose that enemys name you shall forever remain in the dark.

          All you will hear from them are names such as TPTB-1% ers-nazis-Eliets-Banksters-Evil rulers-evil Nazis-etc. But never will these various well known website writers actually disclose the actual name of said marxist kommie enemy…..Like, Prof. Kevin MacDonald does!

      8. If the stock market climbs to the stratosphere it will not be because said companies are making money but rather its a collective pump where the PE ratios would loudly proclaim “bubble”. One good shock and its bail out time. Da bigger they are the harder they fall.

        A no legs recovery is no recovery. Its pretty sad when the no legs “recovery” is the only possible recovery.

        “You can fool some of the people all of the time and all of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time”.

        • K2: I think Armstrong’s prediction of 25K Dow is too much but it could continue to rise 10-15%. I think it more likely that the FED raises 10 year bond rates in September/October 25bp as they continue to Taper.

          This excess cash flowing into the USA allows the FED to move towards “normalization” without the Dow crashing. The Dow could “self correct” like the Russell 2,000.

          That’s the PLAN, anyway. First Strikes not uncluded in that analysis. 🙁

          • “This excess cash flowing into the USA…”

            Unfortunately the cash described above along with everything else is not supported by legs. These legs are the consumer that through their contribution create value added real wealth.

            Moving the medium of exchange is not moving wealth creation. Inevitably such actions requires force to maintain. Such is the history on the MIC and to a lesser degree the maintenance of the USD as the worlds reserve currency.

            • K2: That cash belongs to the Uber Rich. They do not need the consumer to survive for them to prosper. The last five years proves that. They write off any losses, those losses shelter other income, and they generate more dollars through inflation.

              It’s called Crony Capitalism. 🙁

              • The stock market falsely propped up with the influx of cash not corresponding profit can be seen as plain as day with a very high PE ratio that even for the most naive investor spells speculation driven. No legs means no sustainability.

                Watch many buy in only to have a free fall wiping out any gains made post 08. A rising stock market and a healthy economy are two different things.

                • K2: Yes valuations are high and P/E ratios are way out of wack, so as the FED Tapers and the markets decline, new cash coming in to the USA, will see the declining prices as a buying opportunity.

                  Until it isn’t. 🙂

                  • Its all speculation without substance. FED Taper? They’re not tapering. They’re just feeding the money in through a third party which is Belgium.

                    Its called “pump and dump” and we’re not forewarned when the dump is coming.

          • the durango kidd says:

            “as they continue to Taper.”

            LMFAO… There is NO taper Krugman Kidd!!!

            I’ll ask you again; Why are you commenting on this site?

            Why are you here???

            • To provide you a target for your idle hours while you wait for the gooberment to refill your EBT card!!! 🙂

              • No, it’s the roll of a troll.

                “Death to the New World Order” ~ the durango kidd.

                “A central bank is essential.” ~ the durango kidd.

                Central Banking IS the New World Order!

                The most essential part of trolling is convincing people that what you are saying is true, no matter how outrageous, and to give people malicious instructions under the guise of help. Trolling requires deceiving; any trolling that doesn’t involve deceiving isn’t trolling at all; it’s just stupid. As such, people must not know that you are trolling; if they do, you are an unsuccessful troll.

                • YMWW: Yes, my “malicious instructions” have been to “invest in gold, speculate with silver, horde your lead and put ten dollar bills in number ten cans”. LMAO!

                  The zombies on this site will do anything I say!!! 🙂

              • LOL!

                This theory of dollars flooding American markets is nothing new. It happened during the “Asian Contagion” years ago. Dollars held in SE Asia fled here; the demand drove up stocks first, then to some extent commercial real estate. However bad we look, we are still the safest port in a storm. Nobody’s going to move money to China, for example. Their markets are far more corrupt than ours, and always have been. German colleague of mine from years ago was assigned to run a plant in China for six or seven years. He’s in the USA now, and you ought to hear him talk about the corruption.

            • Taper?

              Hell their just getting the money through another source that traced back originates in the same place. Belgium buying US Treasuries to the tune of 29% of their GDP?


              When you have to do what their doing and very haphazardly deceive as in the above your desperate.

              • No one knows who is behind Belgium. Jim Willie has an interesting theory, but no one knows. 🙁

                • Come on. Who, better said what, has that kind of money? Why hide it if its on the up and up. Who wants US debt? If it was marketable the FED wouldn’t have bought 2 trillion in Treasuries. Lets see a mystery buyer for US debt.


                  Ray Charles can see it.

                  • Check Jim Willie’s thesis. He’s a madman but I love his rants! He thinks its the BRICS saving for the day they can use the fund to purchase gold and crash the dollar. ???

                    Too much tequila in Costa Rico I think! But at least its an original thought. zero hedge would know if anyone does and Durden doesn’t know. Go figure. 🙂

                  • Any money already in existence of that magnitude can be tracked. You don’t hide the movement of $200 billion. That being said its therefore money from no where. The money from no where source? The Federal Reserve.

                    The Fed Tapers and magically a like amount appears in a timely fashion from low and behold, no where. What a coincidence? What are the chances of that?

                  • K2: If the money was “trackable” as you suggest, the folks at zero hedge could track it and discover the source. They can’t. They are awesome but they can’t.

                    Personally, I don’t believe the FED would go to the trouble. They are legally entitled to purchase all the treasury bonds they want and the Sheeple have NO clue.

                    It could be Saudi Arabia, stashing illegal cash in case of war or coup. Anything conjecture is just speculation at this point.

                    “What difference does it make?” 🙂

                  • DK

                    “If the money was “trackable” as you suggest, the folks at zero hedge could track it and discover the source.”

                    Thats my point exactly. It can’t be tracked because IT APPEARED OUT OF NOWHERE. Only the Federal Reserve can make that happen.

                    You don’t hide $200 Billion. You also don’t loose an airliner in modern times but that is another issue for another debate at another time.

                  • “Personally, I don’t believe the FED would go to the trouble. ”

                    Sure they would. They committed themselves to Tapering for political reasons and the market started tanking. Oops, must reverse policy W/O appearing that we reversed policy. If it appears that if we reversed we appear “out of control” and the fallout would be tremendous. The sheeple you referred to will buy this nonsense. The people in the know see that Tapering will continue by other means; they’re satisfied. The MSM prints whatever its pretty much told and the public at large continues being a mushroom, “kept in the dark and fed only bullshit”.

                    Regarding their legality your correct but when done above board it is tracked. This however just so coincidently occurred when the Fed cut a like amount in a like time frame. Very convenient. Coincidence? I don’t believe in coincidence.

                    If someone really wanted those Treasuries they would have bought those Treasuries. They’re unwanted. Thats why the Federal Reserve was buying them to begin with.

      9. I think a bigger priority that trying to be the gambler (I love me a bit of Kenny Rogers)& outsmart the insider dealers is simply to be debt free and out of the inner megacity line of fire for most of us.

        A roof over your head free and clear out of the major population centres may mean you’ll never be rich, but you won’t get a molotov thrown through your living room window either, or get caught in a mob stampede. A modest home with a garden in the ‘burbs of a smaller metro area is always gonna be a better survival option than a fancy apartment in the inner city. A rural self-sufficient, defendable location is best of all.

        Money is just another tool, that can either be used against you (debtors have a world of hurt on the way) or for you in that you can exist in a modest fashion while retaining your sanity in a world gone crazy.

        Here in the UK – foreign money has driven the cost of London & home counties property sky high as we experience yet another boom, while prices in the provinces remain static at best. Prime, even semi-fertile farmland is also going at a premium on this overcrowded island. There is definitely a flight to perceived safety by global investors happening.

        Many of these global investors are not part of the elite “club” but they don’t realise that yet. Their attempts at self-preservation will in many instances be futile when the elite decide another haircut is due.

        I looked at the security ring of steel being built around London supposedly for the Olympics, and it scared the bejesus outta me. It was obvious that in an adverse event the population would be restrained inside the limits of the m25. That escape to a bug out location isn’t even on the table as an option for Londoners – yet many fairly comfortably off smug middle-class types remain blissfully unaware of this.

        A very cursory glance at google earth shows the same “lock down facilities” in place across many cities in the US too. Food riots are becoming all too common a global phenomenon.

        Eastern Europe is strange as many have not forgotten the survival skills learnt under the Soviet boot yet.

        I don’t think this time war will go nuclear, simply because the elite want a pristine natural environment. (after all fishes and critters are more precious than people in their eyes). I do however see an emp or artifical pandemic being used as a method to cull the population while leaving critical infrastructure, water supplies and farmland intact for the descendants of today’s elite to rule over. I also see them manipulating whole cities into self-destruction by turning neighbour against neighbour via ethnic conflict while they sit back and laugh at us.

        Technology means they no longer need as many serfs as in years gone by, so a culling of the excess is planned. Agenda 21.

        • lonelonemum – I sure wouldn’t want to be in the UK if there is a total breakdown. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide. Just too small a place and even the villages where life is much better are just a stones throw from major cities full of sheeple who will descend on the countryside when it goes belly up.

          You need space and distance between where you live and the big cities for a buffer and you just don’t have that.

          Europe is the same.


        • If they cull everyone then who is going to build them and grow them all the things they need/ Personally I would not mind a severe culling of certain factions.

          • as long as you’re not the “one being culled”, presumably, john w?

            • One does not need a degree in rocket fuel design in order to understand the true reality of it all. In a nut shell, what is going on is…Esaus Edom, now today Posing as Israel of Jacob, has thrown off the Yoke of Jacob.

              And now free of that former Yoke, Edom posing as israel has gained near total power control globally and especially within every western white nation.

              These edmomites posing as israel are doing so in order to Rob and Steal the blessings of God bestowed upon True isreal….And edomite posers are in a major hurry up to finalize the demise of true israel, before true israel awakens to just who they truly are.

              Because once the scale tips in favor of a true awakening of the real israel folks of today, these false poser edomites of esau know that they not only shall fail miserably in their massive theft attempts of said blessings, blessings which were the Birthrights that their forefather Esau lost by trading it away in exchange for a lousy bowl of red bean soup!

              But these edomite false israel posers of today also know that an awakened true israel of today is going to totally wipe out edom untill none remain alive ever again.

              And even should this fail to occure, or true israel fails to awaken quickly enough…As Per the book of REV bible verses, we know that the Lord speaks of a time when He is asked of “Where have You come from Lord? and why are your robes and attire so red stained?” to which the Lord Christ answers…”I have just come from Treading the winepress, which was filled by those evil Edomites, and since none of mine were there to help me…I Alone have treaded out the blood of edom untill not one of edom were left, and the blood of all of edom is what you have seen that so stained my robes Red for it Is the Blood of edom that so stains it”

              So todays edmoites posers of true israel, that do Not believe in the Lord Christ, think all they need fear is an awakening by true israel which will spell abject End of their thefts and murders of its peoples. When in reality todays edomites need also fear that even should true israel fail to awaken fast enough, edom is still going to be ended completely by the Lord Himself upon His return. For as the Lord God said prior…Jacob I have Loved, but Esau I have hated”

              now for todays homework all You have to do is learn or discover just who are these evil edomite posers of israel today!…HINT: they are also called the Children of Satan by Christ, amoung several other names. Clue#1= Khazars.

              • 144000 Jews sealed by the Holy Spirit –
                “These are they which follow the Lamb whithersoever he goest.”

                • Ignorant Shabozz Goyim Grafique that word of “jew” is NOT named nor even mentioned in that bible chapter of the 144,000…YOU are useing the word jew in place of every bible place You see the word of “israel” as if the Two words are interchangable which they are NOT.

                  Pull your head from its deep imbeded location of up jewish ass and perhaps you too will see the light and truth.

                  The Fact that folks like You must even 100% ignore every statement, quote, agenda etc that has been posted to confirm what the rabbis and talmudic judaics themselves admit or brag of constantly. And then bash the messengers who have posted the very own words Of and From these jewish sources, shows that You have an agenda which is NOT biblical, NOT true christianity, and just plain proves you are an ignorant jew firster fool.

                  Christ demands we Learn real truth and also Speak it. You rather Hide it or Distort it to suit your phony false agenda of being a judaizering Shebozz Goyim.

                  Enjoy it for the brief time left before, like the word racist, your words of “hater” and “antisemite” will very Soon Lose what little is left of its Mojo effects…And then same as racist has been almost totally Rejected by awakened whiteys today…So too shall they also awaken to the false Mojo efefcts sought by use of those other Pro-PC fear inducing words that You type idiots use.

                  When a vast majority in america awaken to the jewish agendas, and they also realize that there is going to be NO, thats ZERO Pre-Trib “rapture event” prior to the “bad stuff happening everywheres”…Then fooloish Shabozz Goys, or is it really Sayanams? Like You will have NOwhere left to turn nor hide, and none of that awakened group is ever again going to assist nor trust your falsehoods again.

                  And if indeed you are a Shabozz Goyim Gentile? Thats when you will truly discover the real and true evil agenda plans these Khazar imposters Christ warned of actually have in store, for the foolish goys who defend and support their Own demise at the very hands of those khazar frauds You call jewish.

        • Very good post! I think the UK will be a brutal place to be. The government has already done a dry run or two on what they will do and how they will respond. The bombings in 7/7 had people turned away from London and the population told not to come to the city; the riots in 2011 had the government play a different game: let the monkeys go mad and burn down the cage and then mop it up after four days. The Olympics was the next stage, introducing Iraqi ‘green zone’ ring fencing techniques to manage the population. All with Illuminati symbols hovering over the spectacle.

          Look to see a combination of strategies in a crisis: lock down the civ pop in London and let the scummy areas burn with riots while protecting the critical infrastructure and the rich areas. London is a big city unlike New York: there is a lot of territory between the wealthy areas and the poor areas.

          We are heading for a massive global war, that is clear. When it kicks off, who knows. But the pieces are in place and it looks just like the run up to WWII (rather than WWI). We have out-of-control fanatical ideologies (Islamism), we have rising powers with a near-eugenics outlook (China, Russia, North Korea) and we have a decadent and lazy West with a broken economic and social system, decaying from the inside with out-of-control immigration. Not looking good…

      10. Yea…another SUCKER RALLY ! Sure ! Go ahead and buy into this rigged market! Then “IF” you are permitted by the Government( remember Obma’s MYRA ) to withdraw any funds in the future you can take your new found wealth and buy a $75 loaf of bread or $90 gallon of gasoline.

      11. I personally think we have bigger problems than the stock market…

        Onlookers steal groceries from SUV after driver dies in fatal crash – a shocking glimpse into the coming food riots


        • Buying Groceries will become a challenge, and many people will be robbed of their groceries as they leave the store. People will need to food shop in teams, where you will all go in, then one guy waits at the door with the full food cart, while the other 2 goes and gets the car, then you load you groceries at the store door into your car. Anybody pushing a grocery cart all alone out to no mans land in a big parking lot will become a big time target for food cart hijacking. Mark my words, this grocery cart hijacking is coming soon to a neighborhood grocery store near you!! Get your concealed weapons permit now. To defend you and your food purchases.

          • WWTI, excellent points. I expect something like that will happen in my area eventually. Nothing out there surprises me anymore. I already carry certain self-defense items with me wherever I go and no, I’m not concerned with legality, but I am concerned with staying alive. if somebody doesn’t like my methods, tough shit.

          • I thought of someone stealing my groceries the last time I went shopping. How easy it would be to steal them when I am putting my toddler in his car seat. I also looked around me at all of the others loading ( elderly) and what easy pickings they are. The shopping lot is a target rich environment. Just a matter of time. Have to reasses who I take with me and how I grocery shop.

      12. “Danger of going from a cold war to a hot war.”

        What good are stock certificates when the nukes fly ?


        • I was thinking the same exact thing…

      13. Unlikely. The stock market is rising because the value of the dollar is falling along with every other fiat currency which, is all of them.

      14. Eliminate debt, including house and prepare for your family before 11/2016.

      15. im not the sharpest tool in the crayon box, but I heard that when the DOW hits 18,000 or close to it, to get ready for something bad.
        I watch it daily, 16,900 today I think. it was in the 14’s and 15’s not so long ago, but the country is getting worse.
        I smell false flag this year. a big one. one that pretty much causes mandatory curfews for the world.

        • Can’t wait to watch the remake of the movie ‘A Fist Full of Pennies’….

          • And “A Few Pennies More”

            • by the time this inflation is done, to buy a loaf of bread, you’ll need a pile of dollars you could burn moby dick in the water with.

              • BTW, i was at the store yesterday buying “solid white tuna” for 88cents a can(albertsons, so cal). and the manager is counting up the 3 cases of 48 cans, and i say “that’s GROSS”, THAT’S A GROSS of tuna”….and i looked around and not ONE of the 4 cashiers standing there AND the manager knew what a gross is!(you KNOW, you learned in gradeschool, it’s one hundred and forty four….12 times 12)?…YEESH! what’s the world coming to when 6 different people in the store that WORK there, don’t know what “gross” means?….betcha at least ONE of them had a college degree too!

                • I like how none of these people working as cashiers know how to count back change anymore,

                  • Sounds like the Same type fools that actually believe the major TV MSM’s constant promotions of how Evil bad CO2 is!

                    EPA even recently anounced that now CO2 is a Dangerous deadly “greenhouse effect gas”!

                    When in reality it used to be well taught back in 2nd grade elementary school science class, that co2 which humans emit as they Exhale out, is quickly absorbed BY ALL forms of Green plants, leaves, trees and veggies growing in farmer fields everywheres…And which is Then turned into Pure Oxygen so necessary For all forms Life to sustain itself and remain alive longer than 2 minutes!

                    in the scientific process known of as Photo-Synthesis.

                    Somehow most folks today believe epa and fed gov and msm tv that tell em all how deadly bad co2 is for the “mother earth” and its many endangered cockroaches and house flys them deluded deranged lib kommies so love to protect and save…Yet if the fed epa etc really get their way on the issues and actually stiffle or end all forms co2 emissions planet wide…Then the Sunshine on all green plant life won’t turn co2 into needed oxygen and we humans, as well as every tree, plant and bug or animal will all cease to remain alive.

                    How can so many people be so delusionally stupid to believe these insane claims of CO2=Bad greenhouse gas?

                    What do they not yet get? CO2 is turned into Oxygen we Breath, and water vapor we see as the Morning DEW upon all those green leaves, grasses and plants everywheres.

                    Maybe its all just a part of the original Karl Marx plans he touted of how marx wished for a day he could see the entire planet void of all life forms, covered in a sea of red blood up to his knees, and whatever wasn’t yet covered in death and blood would be what he called a Scortched earth event of totally burned up beyond recognition. Marx claimed “Now Thats really Living!”

                    And just look how many foolish idiots today follow and love to worship at the alter of marxism eh.

      16. When you are the only game in town, then you write the rules and change them as it benefits you: because you are the only game in town.

      17. Mr. Armstrong says: “But what are you supposed to have as an alternative?” (alternatives to the stock market).

        How about land, goods, and a little silver and gold?

        I sure wouldn’t put a single cent in the stock market.

        I was always told that the best way to double your money was to fold it in half and put it back in your pocket.

      18. Guess better sell old TRS80 and Silver Coins and get me some stocks….

      19. He says that the Dollar will go through the roof and our exports will shrink. Umm, I think the fact that their economies are tanking is going to curtail their purchases of American goods moreso.

      20. I will do something unusual here and that is post a brief summary of a video on YouTube regarding a man, a Reverend, whose name is Elvi Zapata. This is astonishing information!

        I cannot guarantee, of course, that anything the Lord has shown him WILL occur in August of 2014 and nor can I guarantee that what he was shown will NOT occur in August of 2014.

        One thing I DO know is this: things ARE coming to a head, both in the U.S. and GLOBALLY. After all, that is the CENTRAL message of this site– day in, and day out.

        Your way of life, of living, and mine, is going to change, VERY soon. I do not care if you thumbs up or down it, I really don’t. Anyone who reads my posts knows that I only seek truth, nothing else. I only care that you at least read it, then pray to the Lord to ask for a Confirmation of His Truth.

        Note how the Narrator corroborates or matches this information with what Dr. David O’Rourke was shown and what Randy Hecker were both also shown!

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        Elvi Zapata: “JESUS Took Me to the Tribulation in 2014”

        [Go to YouTube, type in “Elvi Zapata Jesus took me to the tribulation” and the video will come up. Below
        are excerpts and a summary of sorts.]

        The Lord took Elvi month by month into 2014 and see each month going by, so he could know and tell people that the Tribulation will start in 2014. (No one knows the day and hour of the Rapture, he said.)

        He could not really tell if Summer of 2014 was ending, Elvi said it still looked like it was some time in August of 2014 because people were still enjoying themselves, so he believes it was in August. The Lord took Elvi in his body.

        Elvi saw THE TRIBULATION going on IN FULL FORCE:

        – He saw demons chasing people;

        – He saw kids 8 and up;

        – He saw streets with huge cracks that people had to go around

        – People were so terrified and scared, nation seemed like a total mess, chaos everywhere:

        – He asked people what is going on? Where have you come from? Where have you been? What do you mean what is going on?, they replied. A lady confirmed it was the Tribulation. The majority of people there were business people, Wall St. people because of the way they were dressed, who wanted a way out, an escape from the situation they were in;

        – It was very hard for them to conceive; to the college-educated intelligent human mind, the Tribulation does not fit into their mind because they think life is so great now and they are making plans for the future, so they could not conceive in their minds that now they were seeing demons chasing people to kill them; Mt. 24: Jesus said of the Tribulation it would be like it never was before and never will be again; Jesus chooses certain ones to whom He reveals the specifics;

        – The specifics are earthquakes and tsunamis have taken over the land!

        – Elvi could see from North to South that everything was under earthquakes and tsunami; some states and cities you could not go there any more;

        – Elvi saw New York City under water! Manhattan will be under water. Jesus said to seek Him to prepare.

        – Jesus took Elvi there, this was not a dream or a vision.

        – Elvi was there with girls and boys who were running for their lives, he asked them what are you running from, they replied, “Don’t you see the demon coming chasing us to kill us?”

        – Elvi confronted the demon, having no fear, “The Lord is with me, Alleluia!” The demon said, “Who are you to tell me to stop?” I said “STOP, You are not going to kill these children not as long as I’m here because I know the Lord is with me” so I rebuked him and told him to leave.

        – “I could not believe”, said Elvi. The Lord said, “The Tribulation is closer than people think.”

        – How can the Tribulation be so close, and your people are still asleep”, said Elvi.

        – Jesus said, “I have warned the people, I have warned them through my servants that the Tribulation is close and they have not listened, they have not believed”, and I’m like “Wow” because He showed me how close it is!

        – As to the chances the Lord will postpone the Tribulation and how the Lord showed all this to Elvi, Elvi said: the Lord in the past has delayed the Rapture, He revealed to Elvi; Jeremiah the Prophet was shown stuff years ahead of him; the Lord can say I’m bringing this next month but like Ninevah, if people repent, it can be delayed; The Tribulation was supposed to come in 2012 but the Lord delayed this because of at least two stadiums full of people filled with people repenting, God heard their prayer, and stopped the Judgment in 2012; God told Abraham He would not destroy the city if there were 50 just people there; the Lord has said there is no prayer going to the Throne of God now like there was in 2012 and before! Elvi hopes the Pastors listening will call their Church to repenting; the more just who repent, we might be spared.

        – Commentator: After 2012, many people have fallen back into sin and turning way from the Lord; the situation is getting darker much faster than ever before.

        – Jesus showed Elvi the months go by, “I saw them by names, He was giving them to me name by name (of month)”; the people confirmed for him the month he was in which he found amazing!

        – The Lord showed Elvi over three times there is a Tsunami headed to the U.S. to the North which will greatly affect the North: New York and New Jersey. Elvi does not know exactly if it is a meteor. “I could see all of NJ under water and all of NYC was under water.” He saw the Coast Guard rescuing people, not much they could do for those under water, but for those who could swim. Millions lost their lives. It’s really coming, He told Elvi, several times. It will affect mightily other States because now the people are not repenting, going back into the world and backsliding. Elvi, said, “This year it seems people don’t care or don’t want to repent like they used to.” He asks why do people want to see our nation destroyed?

        – Narrator: The Bible tells us to pray for people to be saved.

        – Narrator: Dr. David O’Rourke was shown a vision too, he was taken to the place and stood there and physically saw it happening in front of them: Dr. O’Rourke confirmed there is going to be a Mega Earthquake in the West, there is going to be a Tsunami on the East Coast of the U.S.; he sees the sheeps moving back and forth and sees the water coming; today, the prophets we are trying to follow the Lord is telling us the calamities are coming.

        – Narrator: cited two other women who were told to get ready, the calamities are coming.

        – Pray to bring the warning to the people so they will be awakened!

        – Elvi: if a major food store gets destroyed, we all will suffer; the Lord has told us to get supplies and put them away for when hard times come!

        – Three final signs Elvi was shown: CA earthquake, Tsunami in North East [Boston and New York], and around the same time the War in Israel will break out. There will be 2 weeks of suffering after the California earthquake.

        – Randy Hecker: his vision he was shown, was on Stan Deyo’s website 8/13/12: matches so closely what the Lord showed Elvi: published on 8/13/12: sequence “I am watching in my vision begins with a sudden irruption in Mexico, with it an 8+ magnitude earthquake will strike Mexico and virtually level it; thousands will be killed, hundreds of thousands will be injured, and millions will be displaced from their homes; the economy of Mexico, as bad as it is, will collapse” and this will have a ripple effect in the United States.

        – Hecker: “This event will radically increase pressure on the San Andreas Fault (that’s California) to the North, … from Palm Springs to the South of Palmdale…the magnified duration of the quake will be in California somewhere between 9.5 and 10.5 and will lead to the economic collapse of the American dollar. Volcanoes in Nevada will go off, the Yellowstone Volcano, and then there will ultimately come a Nuclear sneak attack …”

        – Hecker: there will be approximately a two-week period of time. The Lord does not want to hurt his bride, He wants us to prepare and that there will be approximately a two-week period of time that we will have to endure the calamities before the Rapture will occur and then the sudden destruction.” Narrator; this matches what you Elvi were shown!

        – Elvi said the Lord is confirming what he was shown by Him.

        – “These things are coming and they are coming very soon.” Elvi was told by the Holy Spirit to wait for the signs”, the 3 signs listed above which He has confirmed for different people: “We’re gonna see them real quick, boom boom boom,” said Elvi. The Lord showed Elvi a Tsunami that would affect Canada right after the Rapture. Elvi said the first week after the Rapture a Tsunami would come out and destroy Canada, there is so much sin in Canada.

        – God the Father reminded Elvi of what the Lord has spoken to Elvi about the things to come. The Father said we’re coming home. Everything is going to go by so fast. “Every day we have is an extra day we have to go home.” “Do not take any day for granted, please warn people what is coming.” If God does not see any repentance, He is going to release this.

        – Over 50 million Christians in America Elvi hopes are awakening to this. “The blessing of freedom we have we’re not gonna enjoy for too more, so this is a calling for everyone!” So if you love God and your freedom and want to serve Him, please go into repenting for your souls, he said. In 2012, it was held back by God. Other nations have been hit by Tsunamis, and not us, until soon, he said.

        – For 50 just people, God will spare the cities, Elvi said, we have to repent before God.

        – The Plan of God is to save people before the Trumpet sounds!

        end of video summation

        • You sure his name was ELVI and not ELVIS? Just sayin’.

          • First he claims he didnt know which month it was but guessed august since folks were out partying etc…Later he calims he Knew for certain the month as the lord told him and so did folks running etc…

            If as the bible states the Lord is the same today as he always was and is…Then since the bible Jesus states that we are NOT to worry for what we shall eat and we should have Faith that if God cares enough for birds and animals so he provides for them how much Greater is Gods concerns for Humans who He created above lowly birds and animals, therefore we too shall God provide for.

            yet all these self claimed “prophets” say otherwise. They claim Jesus tells them to get stuff and stock up etc…

            All in all it sure sounds like some folks are very, very gulible and willing to believe and trust most anybody that comes along with a claim of he or she is some “divine mercy” prophetess or prophet.

            Sounds alot like Jimmy Jones and his cult of 900 fools, recall that cult? They trusted Jim Jones, another self claimed prophet, moved as he ordered them to do to central american jungles to “Survive it all” then that phony false prophet actually convinced all 900 folks to Drink his Koolaide concoction mixed with Cyanide!!…And to even Inject that koolaide mixed Poisen into their small kiddies veins!

            Beware the false prophets and false teachers as MANY shall arrise in the last days, and FOOL the masses.

            That part sure is truth eh! Just ask Lone ranger! Hes got a whole pasel of such prophets hes trusting in.

            Meanwhile none who follow these false prophets are paying atten to the TRUE evil culprits of today! them Khazars!

            • “Them Khazars” own your mind. You’re obsessed with them.

              • I am obsessed only with Real Truth. you it seems Reject all such real truth while never actually providing any factual provable counter to such real truth I provide.

                You display every Mark of a Kommie, a truth hater, a False phony jewdeo-christian zionist, and a piss poor version of what the bible Paul calls “judiazer Pastors” who also promote not much else but falsehoods and false teachings similar to Their main heros, those Talmudic Pharisee zio jews Christ so condemed.

                • I’m happy to take abuse on behalf of my spiritual brothers, the Jews, who are the kinsmen of Christ.
                  Every time you abuse me, a great reward is laid up in heaven for me.
                  Thank you.

                  • …but, yes, they own your mind.

          • I was thinking Elvi was the plural of Elvis.

          • Yes! I thought the same, and his name is really Elvi.

        • i’ve heard of ” speaking in tongues”, but i hadn’t seen WRITING IN TONGUES, until now!

        • This must be the same soothsayer that believes that a piece of an island will break off, crash into the sea and create a 100 foot tall tsunami that will inundate our east coast. How much does he ask everyone to send to gain God’s ear?

          • Plant that SEED $$$!! Make that VOW! Operators, all 40 of them here at TBN-TV(Talmudvision) are standing by to take Your phone call Vows of $$$$!!!

            Even a tiny small seed of Only $50 the Lord will accept folks! However…Those of you who are willing to send us your House payemnt for this upcomming month, and make a Vow seed offering of $1000 or MORE$$$, can also take advantage of TBN’s Weekly Special Offer from God!

            Thats right folks! Just tell whichever operator takes your seed planting vow call, that You wish to Join TBN’s special weekly offered Club of “The One Thousand Vow”

            Heres how it works folks…God has Spoken to Our esteemed Judaizering false prophet preachermen at TBN studios, and has advised us here that each individual willing to plant a seed $$$ of at Least $1000 this week only, the Lord God Promises to increase that seed vow by one Thousand fold!!

            Haleluyah folks! Isn’t That simply wonderfull on behalf of the Lord and We His Temple Priests charged with accepting all of Your Tithes and Seed Vows so we at TBN can put that Cash$$$ to good proper useage!

            Thats correct folks right Now this very moment TBN ceos Paul and Jan Crouch have their evil eyes on another ten thousand high priced acres thats right next door to their current 100,000 acres of Prime million per acre lands!

            And just this Morning the Lord again spoke to our staff and advised us he the Lord God desires for You to plant a huge $$$$$ csh seed to assist our great CEO team of Paul and Jan to Purchace that xtra Land mass!

            okay folks now make that Call! make that VOW! send Us at TBN Talmudvision centers all the Cash money You have!

            So God can Rapidly Multiply it by a Thousand Fold increase! Those who send a seed of $1000 that means You are going to become an instant over nite Millionaire as soon as God keeps His promice to increase that Seed vow $$$$$ from You…

            Stay Tuned folks as after a commercial break, we shall return with our best ever Hoax! Where we place all of Our TBN last quarters financial Bills and utility bills and satalite fee bills into a Huge Pile on stage!

            Then we seat a few judaizering false preacher teacher prophets around that pile of old Bill statements, and we Tell You viewers that huge pile brougt On Stage by a HI-LO lift vehicle for ‘effect” on a 4X4 wood pallet is really….Are You folks sitting down?…Get ready for this one folks! we have those phony preachermen Tell viewers that pile of paper bill statments that all are the Exact same size and shape, all are written on the Same tppe paper and format are Really…PRAYERS!

            Thats correct folks! Our biggest Money grubber gains are acheieved by telling viewers that huge Pile of old bills are Prayer “Requests” and many are a Thank You to TBN for Prayer requests answered by God…AFTER the folks sent a cash Payment seed vow in of course!

            Haba Haba smanballaha folks the false judaizer pastors have gone into a Trance and are now speaking in Lunatic tongues! Haba habalalah shambalalah whamo Hoaxo Talmudictical Miricles galore folks!

            And heres benny Hinn magical mystical “healerman” with This weeks latest End times scenario updates to cover up Last weeks failed pre trib rapture fear mongerings and Hoaxes! make that VOW! Pay that Tithe that was fullfilled and done away with at the cross by Christ(but that dont matter send cash anyways folks).

            CALL NOW!: 1-800-Judaizers, or use our P.O.BOX Mail systems at: PO Box israel-firsters and jewdeokommies,
            ZIP code…666-666-666 PO Box Telaviv

            • Revelation 7:3 – 8
              “Saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads.

              4 And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

              5 Of the tribe of Juda were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Reuben were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Gad were sealed twelve thousand.

              6 Of the tribe of Aser were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Nepthali were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Manasses were sealed twelve thousand.

              7 Of the tribe of Simeon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Levi were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Issachar were sealed twelve thousand.

              8 Of the tribe of Zabulon were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Joseph were sealed twelve thousand. Of the tribe of Benjamin were sealed twelve thousand.”

          • You must have Elvi confused with Pat Robertson from the [$$] 700 [million dollars] Club.

            Or confused with Oral Roberts who said God was going to kill him unless he raised x amount of millions of dollars (and sadly, people foolishly gave him all that money.)

            Or with Billy Graham who not ONCE spoke out AGAINST the Vietnam War!

            Was he fearful of offending his friends Richard Nixon or George H.W. Bush? I don’t know, I never had the chance to ask him.

            Thankfully, our government did not assassinate Mr. Graham!

            But they DID kill Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., a Preacher who correctly identified that minorities were chiefly being killed in Vietnam (Dick Cheney got 6 deferments & George W. Bush served stateside) and that the War was destroying our economy (as all wars do). King’s Message prefigured Springsteen’s song “Born In the USA” where he talked about being sent “to go and fight the yellow man”.

            By CONTRAST, Elvi has not asked for one copper penny.

            So HOW can you discern the Authentic preacher from the False ones?

            The Authentic preachers don’t build billion dollar Cathedrals.

            The Authentic preachers call EVERYONE out on their sinfulness, not just a select few.

            The Authentic preachers do NOT see it as their job to translate the Old or New Testament into “feel-good-ism”. As in, oh look, there goes Father Feel Good.

            The Authentic preachers DISTURB your COMFORT level and AFFLICT the COMFORTABLE!

            Oh, one LAST criteria: the FALSE preachers NEVER get attacked by the likes of someone such as that poster (or is poser?) here who calls himself Them Guys. You know, the kind who obfuscate, deceive, distract, and attack, all without putting up one cent of rational reason or five cents of facts.

            As the Blessed Mother (now known as the Mother of Salvation) said to Maria, “Satan never attacks that which is not true.”

            I LOVE that line!

            In short, Authentic preachers are so filled with the mind and heart and PASSION of God that they cannot HOLD BACK what God or Christ has either told them or SHOWN them.

            “Oh ye of little faith…”, Christ said.

            You see, “Faith” is a mistranslation of the original word that is better defined as TRUST!

            So it is “Oh ye of little TRUST!”

            All the FALSE Preachers have practically DESTROYED many people’s TRUST in GOD’s WORD– both in the Scriptures AND IN HIS MODERN DAY PROPHETS/MESSENGERS!

            Authentic preachers ask for your Faith, your Trust, NOT your damn money.

            Connect the dots, my friend and other friends: false flag coming in Chicago (or some other city); prophesied earthquakes and tsunamis as chastisements; prophesied world-wide famine; GMO food that gives us cancer and other diseases; chem trails that put electromagnetic particles on us; toxic vaccinations; gunmen who are “chipped” to control them so they can succeed with gun confiscation; and people at highest levels of government who actually BELIEVE the lie that a First Strike Nuclear War IS WINNABLE! And I could go on and on because ALL evil is simply INSANE! (As Dr. Peck wrote, evil is that which destroys!)

            According to the late theologian and mystic, Abraham Heschel, a Prophet is essentially one who INTERFERES (with the status quo, with the way things are governmentally and otherwise), the Prophet UNMASKS and DISRUPTS the evildoers; the Prophet CALLS people to CONVERSION; the Prophet Announces DIVINE CONSEQUENCES (chastisements) if people do NOT Repent!

            In short, the Preachers who get attacked the MOST are the ones God has sent. Satan NEVER EVER attacks that which is untrue.

            I hope you took notes because there will be a quiz next week! 🙂

            the biggest sinner I know (me),
            – the Lone Ranger

            “The truly evil do not reside in jail.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D., in “People of the LIe”

            • KNOWN Proven Kommie CPUSA Party member, with actual Handlers located IN Moscow Russia during the soviet jewdeo bolshevik kommie reign era, while in same soviet era they advised and fully controlled their number one Main swindlerman Martin “LOOTER” King!!! King of the usa’s Black Monky Looters, Rioters, Killers of whiteys, and overal most usless and worthless Race to ever grace american soil!…martin cpusa kommieboy aka the usa LOOTER KING of Black america!

              Oh indeed that Is very “Rich” too too funny to be taken serious as Lone Ranger does eh!

              Crytstal Ball readers, sothsayers, false prophetess Miss divine mercy agents of vast wonderments galore…

              jim Jones must be rolling in his grave if he could just see Your prophetess postings eh..He’d Truly envy the massive Power these phonies have since they have so captivated lone rangers mind.

              So far EVERYTHING You posted and told us all was a definite prophetess or prophet’s “Heard God speak to them” this or that, and You posted it all WITH time frames its said to happen for ceretain…like by the End of feb or end or next april etc etc…EVERY single time was 100% Wrong-False-Never occured at all period…

              When several folks here questioned You as to why do You still keep trusting what are folks the bible described as to “if the Prophets are wrong on ANY part or dates etc” then Thats how to tell its a Faker false prophet becuase “IF” God really did show them or tell them or spoke to them on ANYTHING or Any issues at all…Then if its real from God that prophets words and dates will be 100% accurate as told by Them period.

              So Far Your maria divine mercy chick, and her side kick John Leery have Batted an avg at Batts of 100% WRONG!

              Acording to the Bible they meet every description of FRAUDS Fake False prophet or prophetess…

              Yet you continue to trust them totally and add even More of their nonsense and now you include and add in yet another ELVI dude who so far sounds like a wannabe copycat of afore named Fakes..Yet You are so captivated by them all you seem to trust them all as much as humanly possible…And get angry when some of us point out their many Failures for our reasons to Dis believe in such fradulence…Your very First Clue to a fake should have been when maria wrote her full name as maria “Divine mercy”!!!!!

              Only ONE true source exists for any Divine mercy…It aint maria or john lerry or even the new faker elvi…It Is God the only one true source of divine anythings. You outta know that eh.

      21. Martin Armstrong seems to be living in a fantasy world like a lot of other Americans.

        He obviously doesn’t know that the U.S. Dollar is crashing at this moment.

        He obviously doesn’t know that Russia, China and the other BRIC nations are massively dumping their U.S. treasury holdings and are stocking-up on GOLD!
        80 countries are now aligned with the BRIC Nations.
        These countries are all preparing for the U.S. Dollar collapse.

        Gold & Silver were used for “money” long before the creation of the federal reserve and the paper-dollar.
        Gold & Silver have been used as “money” for thousands of years.
        For centuries, armies crossed oceans to do battle for GOLD.

        Gold & Silver will continue to be used for money LONG after the U.S. Dollar and all other fiat paper-currencies are worthless.

        Spiking food prices are a very obvious sign that the U.S. Dollar is crashing.

        The average U.S. family has NO disposable cash due to Dollar devaluation.

        The full-crash hasn’t arrived yet ….but it’s coming fast.

        Best stock-up on long-term FOOD SUPPLIES, GUNS, BULLETS and GOLD!

      22. some potentially useful information

        Fasting for three days can regenerate entire immune system, study finds…udy-finds.html

        • So there is a biological purpose to our Lenten fast? Interesting Satori.

          Right now the stock market is a gamble. Never gamble money you cannot afford to lose. I need to be careful with every penny so no stock market for me.

      23. UP or DOWN matters no more to me. The system is infested to do the core and only a full and hard reset maybe the only solution assuming we all are smart enough and united to replace it with a real thing. Also I don’t care what the economists are saying…as long as the control of mankind is being done by few selected pigs with known names I want the SOB’s to be punished along with their entire families and their known satanic heritage. If we are still questioning and unaware of who the real PIGs are then we can keep reading articles after articles until we die of natural causes or what ever God has planned for us.

      24. That’s some very interesting stuff, Lone Ranger.

        I’ve always thought that North America (including Canada), is the most blessed land and peoples on the earth. Hawaii should be included also.

        However; there comes a time, as with the biblical Israelites, that God takes His protective Hands away.

        When the biblical Israelites looked to a flesh man for leadership and their idols; money/land/possessions/addictions, as their god, God said, now, see how well that works out for you. It never went well for them. Mostly, they stayed in bondage.

        It’s bound to happen again, as it did then.

        The believers and followers of His word, will be supernaturally protected during the coming tribulations.
        I feel sorry for those expecting to be “wisked” away before SHTF. Ain’t happening.

        The super preachers and mega-churches with all their doctrines will be facing many hardships because they didn’t “prepare” the people. Instead they have told them to not worry about preparing cause we ain’t gonna be here. WRONG.

        False sense of security. False teaching. False salvation.

        America will fall, but it may the last to bite the dust because of so many “true” christians still living here.

        Time will tell, and I pray I’m not here to say;…

        I told you so.

        • I SO agree with you, passinwiththe wind! God DOES withdraw his Protection when his Faithful STRAY from His Teachings.

          Jesus has been telling John Leary that because of abortion and other sins including taking God and prayer out of our schools that He can no longer protect our country but He will protect His Faithful.

          To me, one of the central themes in all these Messages is that the Godhead is ANGRY at the deliberate sinning by God’s children despite warnings. Just as a Parent would be angry with disobedient children who are hurting others!

          God the Father did tell Maria that He would go so far as to “tilt the earth” to get everyone’s attention– that’s very powerful! But He also did say that Divine Chastisements would come– both for the one world people and for Christians who are not repenting.

          What Christ has shown Elvi Zapata seems to be confirmed what the Lord has shown several others!

          BUT in the MEANTIME most everyone is NUMBED UP on their 455 CABLE channels, their SPORTS, and their whining and moaning and complaining.

          Hardly ANYONE is LISTENING to Jesus who speaks to various people around the Globe and their Messages are ALL CONSONANT with one another!

          We all need to connect the “dots”: a false flag coming in Chicago; an asteroid that will miss our planet by tens of thousands of miles; a meteorite to hit near Puerto Rico; NYC & Boston under water! An earthquake that will LEVEL California! Our government arming itself to the teeth against it’s own citizens; the ACA that MANDATES we all get CHIPPED; weather-affected crops that will result in VERY high food prices and a world wide famine in weeks to months; GMO food of which Christ told John Leary “has modified My perfect food”, and I could go on and on.

          We need to be prepped, prayerful, and repentant. God will not be mocked.

          Christ will no longer tolerate sins against innocent children– those born and unborn.

          God will NOT allow the one world people to destroy most of His children in order to reduce the population. God WILL strike down the ARROGANT!

          God the Father will infact UNearth those hiding in underground cities who have caused, fomented, or permitted ANY evils which will afflict His children!

          And the answer to the NSA?

          G – O – D ! Watch out all you NSA people, you won’t be able to use on God the “Eichmann” defense of “I was just following orders.”

          God sees ALL!

          There IS a DIVINE Judgment coming!

          For ME.

          For YOU.

          For ALL readers of this site.


          The bottom line is that God DOES have FEELINGS and unless the entire planet– both individually and collectively– repents of its sinful ways, God will send Chastisement after Chastisement because hardly NOBODY is LISTENING when He speaks to His PROPHETS!

          Thank you for your post!

          – the Lone Ranger

      25. Euro is a basketcase?!? $1.36 USD to $1 Euro.

        • 2014 USD to 1913 USD: $ .03

      26. Now’s the time to get gardening for those who want to start. With the cost of food/fuel rising, it ain’t going to get any cheaper. There’s still some time. Get them potatoes planted. An excellent link is on Survival Blog about the Potato and all the goodness it contains.

      27. When We STAND against tyranny, WE STAND UNITED.


      28. Greed Is Good? Where Will America’s Sick Obsession With Wealth And Money End?

        “If greed was going to save the world, it would have done it by now.

        yeah kids
        the wealth was redistributed
        but not anything like people thought
        jokes on us

        how many rich poor people do you know?

        know any middle class that have dropped down to “just barely surviving mode” ???

        I do

        in 20 years or less
        you won’t even recognize this country any more

      29. Get Out of the Markets cleanly now while you still can and take the tax hit.

        Now is the time to do it, before they get all their new Zionist i.r.s. squads in place, the i.r.s. is hiring 20,000 more agents and arming up for a reason.

        Anyone thinking they can ride the wave up and bail get out in time to make a profit is fooling themselves into the poor homeless house.

        Greed is that which poisons us all.

        They will leave you with half 1/2 in the end no matter what you do unless your are holding physical pm’s silver and gold.

        Anyone who looks into 2008 crash can see I’m speaking the truth.

        A Goyim fool is soon parted from his money.

        Don’t be a Goyim Fool.


        • Mr.Wolf, Thank You. Truth is what the satanic cult in control of the money supply is afraid of. Keep spreading it and salute to your vision.

          • no, thank you, for seeing your way to the truth.


      30. When the industrial economy winds down to dirt farming to survive, what will be used as money?

        Those of us who value PMs as money are really only a few per cent of the population in America. Who will take it for goods? Will you be taking your life in your hands trying to buy food with a silver dime you value at $2.00 from someone who thinks it is worth 10 cents?

        Through thousands of years of use, the Asians know the value of PMs. Their government encourages the use and accumulation of them by the people. The corporate US government discourages their use as money and suppresses it’s value through manipulation.

        Unfortunately, I think they will be of little use here in America after the changes. To someone (MOST of the people) who is not educated in the value of gold and silver, a clad dime will be worth the same as a silver dime.

        I suppose it all comes down to where you think the world is headed and how far down the collapse goes. It goes pretty far down in my thinking.

        • Most of the sheeple that think a clad dime is worth the same as a silver dime won’t be alive very long.

        • They do it in China, every piece of growable land has a crop of some sort on it. Last time I eas there was 2006.

      31. Everyone will know when the music stops, and the dance ends. People will head for the door, I just want to know the last song so I can leave early….

        • That last song will probobly be the all time favorite Synagogue of Satan song by the rolling stones….”Sympathy for the Devil”!….What Else would they sing to besides their true father satan.

          • Revelation 14:3 –
            This is speaking of the 144000 JEWS who are sealed –
            “And they sung as it were a new song before the throne…”

            • Grafique…..Change your name to: “Useful Idiot”. You really are at the lowest level of human IQ…..still way behind to even understand what the Truth Tellers are saying. If you are so much in love with your satanic brothers and sisters who have committed crimes throughout centuries due to their sick need for greed and gold just move to their apartheid land.

            • Graffieboy PROVE that or STFU!

              • Anonymous: Well said! and remember Beware as todays amerika is fully Saturated with more Shabozz Goy’s then we can ever count…Whats even Worse yet is the total saturations in not just amerika, but within EVERY or close to every nation globally of…Tens of Thousands of Sayanams who stand ready to do whatever is requested of them by Their handlers and Bosses…IE: Handlers & Bosses of all Sayanams is “Israeli MOSSAD” whos state sanctioned moto slogan written in hebrew in the cement or stone header above the entrance of Mossad HQ in israel is…

                “by Deception you Shall Cause Wars”! Wars thru jewish LIES! Nothing can be More purely EVIL than anybody or group whos main promotion and teachings are to use LIES/deception to cause WARS! Every known war ever has causes masses of innocent folks Harm, major life changeing injuries and Deaths galore….And these children of Satan “Shall Cause WARS by LIES”!

                NOTHINGS a worse Evil bar none hands down period.

                And None are more Evil than these satanic war mongering LIARS! of which Grafique and several others here at shtf seem to be totally Enamored with!

                Look for such foolish clowns to be standing in that Goats lineup at the Left hand side of the Lord Christ at that day of judgement spoken of in book of Revelation..

                “When the Lord shall tell them Goat-line persons…Depart from Me as I never knew You!…And Then those goat line “christians and their phony pastors” shall cry out..But Lord Lord!! We have cast out demons in Your name! We fed the Poor in Your name! we healed the sick in Your name!……And Again they shall hear the Lord tell them…You Wicked workers of Inequity(sin/wrongs/support of evils by edmonites posed as israel jews etc) Depart from me as I never knew You!”

                And they ALL shall have Their place within the Lake of Fire as their final destiny!

                Them Guys prediction/prophecy: and them really Fat ass frauds like Hagee shall really add fuel to that fire in that lake eh! Oh the stench filled smoke from 400LBS of excess FAT ASS! heh heh heh…

                PS Anonymous why not consider use of a real screen name so we can distinguish which of the Many anaons we have here posting? You obviously aint the same anaon as the other couple that promote constant dem lib type crap here.

                Maybe “anonymous the jewized Up one”?


        This bashee is trying to shovel ITS hatred for self defense for anyone down everyone’s throats. It is called “The pause for safety act”. It would allow a judge to order a firearms restraining order on anyone. It of course will not pass, but it COULD IF there was a mass terrorist attack, false flag or real, in the future after the public was “scared” into forcing it through.

        These ghouls that sit on tombstones try anything and everything to LOOPHOLE the 2nd Amendment. This is what is happening that the 9th Amendment is suppose to prevent, the misinterpretation of each of the Amendments, from the First to the Second, and beyond. Yet, these sewer dwellers continue to try to chip away and undermine the Constitution with their own agendas. The 2nd Amendment and the 1st. are under constant attack like this and why not for one nanosecond can those that value freedom let their guard down against these parasitic vermin that have one goal, to take away all of our liberty.

        • BI,if they come to my place for anything they will only receive “lead nutrients”.

        • BI: She looks like an OGRESS because shes one of many like her that the Lord christ said “Look on the Outside like fresh white painted Seplechures aka above ground Tombs…But on their Insides they are Filled with Nothing but Darkness(evils of satan their true father) and the Bones of Dead persons!

          in modern day wordings Christ was calling them “The Walking DEAD”!…And Boy oh Boy do folks like her and her tribal Ilk sure look like walking dead eh…A full Inch thick pnacake facial makeup cannot begin to hide nor cover up that already long ago DEAD appearence or look eh.

          They seem to increase that evilness death appearence as they get older too…And it is NO meere “coincidence” they are All of the same group or tribe..Anyones whos ever viewed these evil bastards of satanic origin cannot dispute these facts…Most just Fear saying it publicly is all.

      33. @ JRS
        “When the industrial economy winds down to dirt farming to survive, what will be used as money?” We’ll do like the people in the USSR did. Barter.
        Value of anything is purely subjective and based on need at the exact time of the transaction. PMs will have little value for most. Those who hoard PMs are in my view speculators. After SHTF a new gov/nation will form. Probably use PMs to back their currency. Once again however, the value of PMs will be subjective…

      34. Mac good explanation on why the stock market continues to rise when everything else is falling apart.

        Does anyone even believe the inflation rate or unemployment rate that the USG tells us?

        • @Ohio
          “Does anyone even believe the inflation rate or unemployment rate that the USG tells us?” In one word, no. Any news or statistics in the public domain are highly biased or flat out lies. +
          I have access to real, untainted raw economic data. Ever so often I’ll punch in a few numbers to see how things are going. Current period sales to previous year same period sales. What I see lately scares the hell out of me. The other day I was bored and looked through economic articles on Yahoo Finance and partially read through one where the author stated that the economy is back to pre 2008 numbers. Everything’s peachy. I find his conclusions to be utterly delusional. Pretty much reinforced my belief that most information that’s pushed to the public is BS.

      35. The value of the stocks isn’t going up, the value of the amerikan fiat dollar is getting weaker so it costs takes more amerikan fed reserve fake fiat dollars to by things, including stocks.


      36. lies,lies and more LIES

        More Phantom Jobs Created – All In The Wrong Places

        “My opinion, schooled in part by John Williams’ very precise reports on, is that on average about half of the new jobs each month are phantom jobs created by the birth-death model and inappropriate seasonal adjustments. So, I figured that the 217,000 jobs claimed for May are more like 108,000. Then I read John Williams’ report on the May jobs number: “Monthly payroll gains overstated by 200,000 plus jobs”

        In other words, there were zero new jobs in May.”

      37. here in CT, small towns vote on their budget. There is an epidemic of towns voting NO to budget increases repeatedly. Some folks are getting their heads out of the sand, finally.

      38. The other day I read that Putin consults with Henry Kissinger on a regular basis…here’s my take on the next few years:

        The Ukraine thing is all theater – just like all the other wars have been. What we are witnessing now is the set up for the Ten Kings to give their power to the Anti-Christ. These wars are all manufactured. These wars make lots and lots of money for a very elite few. We are setting up for WWIII. Out of that forms the NWO; complete with one world religion, one world economy and one world government. They are all working in tandem. The Pope is declaring the reformation is done. I believe he is the False Prophet. I don’t know who the Anti-Christ is. Their plan is to cull the herd first and then the 7 year peace plan is signed out of the ashes from WWIII. The most important thing to realize is they are leading us into world war. The preparations for the Third Temple, where the Anti-Christ proclaims himself to be God is on the doorstep. I’ve been watching developments since I was a teenager and all of these things are happening right now. A pastor I used to listen to for a several years thinks its okay to get chipped. What dumbass thinks it’s okay in any situation to allow yourself to be tracked at the very least…I think things will change rapidly now starting this year – most likely the early fall. Something drastic has to happen for the North American Union to be born…Since my husband isn’t a prepper, all I can do is trust my Savior…and pray to be counted worthy to escape the time of trial that is to come upon the earth…

        • I wonder if i could defect to Russia to get away from Socialist/Communist oppression?

      39. Morning All, thank you to Mr. Satori for posting very good links (especially the link to “Failure of Civility”, can be very useful in an effed up world) and Lone Ranger, good stuff!

        Just noticed …as expected and right on Que, 3 of our “high and mighty” beautiful people expected to introduce a fed snitch gunz control bill. Have not researched it yet to verify (hope its false) but just the idea makes me want to puke. Has a nice cozy feeling name to it to, and the timing is perfect to “protect us” of course. Dang, crazy times 🙁

        Peace out all

      40. Can some of you guys start reading the articles on SilverDoctors and begin posting comments there. I am going crazy listening to the bs there.

        • Uh, Brad…. if that site makes you “crazy” then do not go there.


      41. the article is very poorly written and is confusing in its content. he pinned together some Martin Armstrong perspectives and called it an article. nope,’s just wasted space.

        first the writer attempts to make a case of how the US stock market will boom,…”But what if the opposite happens? What if the panic caused by a collapsing global economy leads to a limited crash and then sends stock markets soaring?”,…

        then the writer does a reverse,… “But before you commit to the idea that everything will be fine and dandy as a result of potentially hundreds of billions of dollars making their way into the United States”,..and “In fact, Martin Armstrong says that we should begin seeing serious cracks forming here in the United States some time next year. Those problems will revolve around America’s debt crisis and the destruction of our domestic economy. The end result, suggests Armstrong, will be one that’s been witnessed throughout history and will lead to dire repercussions:”,…

        well which way is it fence sitter ?

        if the US moves into its own debt crisis, is the stock market going to move up ? no one has disposable income to invest in the stock market. DUH !

        the writer basically put together various positions that MA has reiterated and placed opposite perspectives oin the same story,…

        not good journalism.

        yo,…writer,…think through what you are stating before you commit it to print. just sayin’,..what you wrote is nothing new and basically states “Who the hell knows whats going to happen.”

        like we haven’t read that perspective before,…


      42. Yeah, I guess we’re the best looking horse in the glue factory.

      43. Hi,

        How about the same crises that will melt up the stocks hit the companies?
        This moment the companies will fail.
        Do those stocks holders will be glad to be the owners of nothing?


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