Leading Cycle Theorist Predicts “BIG Volatility Come September/October” ; Reality Will Make Its Way Known

by | May 22, 2012 | Forecasting, Martin Armstrong | 184 comments

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    In the 1970’s he predicted gold’s meteoric rise and its 1980 top to the day. He published a full page advertisement in USA Today warning of the impending collapse of stock markets in the 1987 Savings & Loan crash – and nailed that one to the day. He saw the collapse of the Japanese real estate market and warned his clients that a depression was coming. In the late 1990’s he contacted Russian officials to advise them of an impending meltdown of their currency due to forces beyond their control – and he was right again.

    He lives in New York today, but for the better part of the last decade he was held in federal prison. His charge? Officially, nothing. Unofficially, he was held in contempt of court for nearly ten  years for refusing to hand over his cyclical economic models to Goldman Sachs and the US Government. According to the powers that be, Armstrong was manipulating the world economy, and because he refused to share his prescient models, they locked him away without charge or trial – indefinitely.

    He may sound like a fictional character out of a Hollywood blockbuster, except Martin Armstrong is the real deal, and he’s been warning of a paradigm shift unlike any we have witnessed in history.

    With the US government expediently acting to restrict personal liberties, nearly incalculable amounts of national debt, Europe on the brink of a break up, and confusion in global asset markets, Armstrong’s Private/Public cyclical models are indicating that the world better get ready for a rough ride – and soon.

    Via Armstrong Economics:

    I have warned that the United States would be last to fall because it is the core economy being both the largest as well as the reserve currency. I have warned that this will not collapse into dust all at the same time. Each link will break one at a time cascading like dominos. This is not my OPINION – it is history.

    Greece will be forced to leave for staying under the terms of Germany will bring civil war. Social unrest is erupting and what the US and German authorities FAIL to understand is we are dealing with a BELL CURVE and not a linear progression. There has to be balance between austerity and stimulation. It is like heat and cold. Both extremes will kill you. We survive in the middle

    It is true that rising interest rates can attract capital. However, when capital FLEES, interest rates CONTINUE to rise due to the shortage of capital. NOTHING is ever a straight line. BIG Capital is fleeing Europe and that goes to government debt because it is liquid and can absorb vast amounts.

    We have to understand what I call this Public v Private battle in confidence. This can also be called the flight-to-quality that appears during a crisis. The primary trend that is common in all economic declines is what is described as the flight-to-quality. This is at the core of capital flow for it represents the first criteria in how capital moves betweenPublic and Private Assets.

    The flight-to-quality is traditionally observed by just about everyone and it is unleashed whenever confidence in the private assets collapses. Investors panic, sell private assets, and rush to government bonds driving interest rates down sharply. During the 2007-2009 crises, interest rates in the USA virtually went to zero. In other words, people were willing to accept no interest just to park their cash in a safe place they saw as government assets when they feared even banks would not survive.

    The shift in this flight-to-quality attitude is always at the core of capital movement. During a generational Private Wave, investment and speculation become common place. During a Public Wave, private assets are looked upon as risky and the safer bet is to invest and trust government.

    So understanding what we are facing right now is critical to our survival. We must understand that forecasting a single market in isolation is asking for disaster. To comprehend the true global implication of how capital moves, we must embrace a global correlation approach. We are headed for BIG volatility come September/October. Reality should start to make its way known going into year-end. So hold on tight. This will be a rough ride. 

    Source: Manipulating the World Economy Or Just Understanding How It Really Functions?

    In 2012 Predictions of a Mad Tin Foilist we opined that if a collapse of the stock market was to take place in 2012, that it would originate in Europe, with investors fleeing risky assets there to the relative “safety” of none other than the US Dollar – much like they did in 2008. This flight-to-quality will be the driving force behind crashing stocks and commodities (perhaps even gold), as well as potentially devastating losses in the debt markets of Europe and Japan.

    The subsequent result of this fleeing of capital from perceived and actual risk will have the effect of strengthening the US dollar, which means a potentially powerful rebound in US Treasuries as investors rush to preserve their wealth in what they believe to be the safest asset available. Yes, it sounds counter-intuitive to rush to safety in the US dollar given the state of affairs in America, but despite the constant criticism from international financial experts we remain the largest economy in the world and just so happen to control the printing presses of the world’s reserve currency.

    According to Armstrong, we’re not far off from such an event, and we may very well see it take place this Fall, as uncertainty and panic grips international markets and forces the hand of governments, big banks, and individual investors.

    Given his expertise in history, economics, mathematics and cyclical theory, if there is one person who may have a handle on what information to gather, how to analyze it, and what it means, it’s Martin Armstrong. He’s proven it time and again, and it looks as if his alarms are blaring.

    As noted above, while panic and capital flight may significantly and negatively impact some asset classes in the very near future, we don’t have to worry about  a total economic doomsday for America just yet. First, all of the money will flow here for safety. But this flight-to-quality will be short-lived, as the ever expanding national debt and government run amok will ultimately lead to a loss of confidence in the US dollar itself.

    The scale of this event – this loss in confidence of the reserve currency of the richest nation that has ever existed on Earth – will be unprecedented in human history.

    Also Watch: The Oracle – Martin Armstrong (Trailer):


    It’s Just Time – by Martin Armstrong

    The Coming Paradigm Shift Will “Result in Riots, Starvation and Bloodshed”


    It Took 22 Years to Get to This Point

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      1. Yup yup, keep prepping…

        • From the article…”a potentially powerful rebound in US Treasuries as investors rush to preserve their wealth in what they believe to be the safest asset available.”

          US Now Lets China Buy Direct from Treasury

          “China can now bypass Wall Street when buying U.S. government debt and go straight to the U.S. Treasury, in what is the Treasury’s first-ever direct relationship with a foreign government, according to documents viewed by Reuters.”

          “The privilege may help China obtain U.S. debt for a better price by keeping Wall Street’s knowledge of its orders to a minimum.”


          • Yep saw that the Chicoms now get to buy without paying Goldman/JP their commissions. No wonder Romney is getting more banker money.

            However as to the prediction I think its wrong. Sorry but this can will be kicked passed November. No way the powers that be will give up that power to Romney when they have their “boy.” Romney made a deal 4 years ago to bail out and let McCain roll – the man makes deals. Wait for another one to come along here any time….4 more Obummer then you are a sure thing. Powers that be get 6 more years with no fear.

          • My peeps, there is a method to the madness.
            🙂 The reason that China is now allowed to buy Treasuries direct is very simple and very good news for US.

            Did ya catch that? Good news for US. Why?

            Under the normal US debt transaction a country must buy dollars in the currency markets with their own fiat first, because they must pay for Treasuries in dollars.

            This historical practice increases the demand for FRN’s pushing the value of the dollar higher. It also injects any particular country’s fiat into the currency markets, increasing its supply and lowering the value of their fiat.

            This is what China, Brazil, and others have been doing to manipulate their currencies and protect their exports; draining the wealth of Americans and causing US to lose jobs.

            When China buys Treasuries now with their RmB directly, they swap their fiat for OUR debt. OUR debt is priced in dollars. Their currency is valued in RmB.

            Their currency will revalued upwards in stair steps down the road, meaning that their currency is going to get stronger and more valuable while the dollar weakens.

            The RmB WE will be holding will be more valuable and the US debt that China will be holding will be less valuable. And that applies to ALL American debt held by China.

            China will be holding a depreciating asset (FRN’s) and WE will be holding an appreciating asset (RmB).

            This will allow OUR national debt to be monetized when WE repurchase OUR debt at a later date using their Rmb which will have increased in value, perhaps by as much as 30%.

            This process will benefit OUR exports because OUR goods will be cheaper overseas. This means that American products and services will be more competitive price wise in a global marketplace.

            Bottom line it means that the flow of wealth out of America is about to be halted; maybe even reversed. Jobs will increase over time as this process unfolds.

            This is a meaningful step but a few years late and it will take a few years before WE see any trend line evidencing the change, but it is a step in the right direction.

            • ok….but we dont want a higher dollar because then other countries cant buy our stuff and our exports decline.

            • I’m am so very happy that the Chinese are so stupid. 🙂

            • CAB: Read the comment again. WE won’t have a stronger dollar. OUR dollar will have less value internationally.

              The Chinese Rmb that the Treasury will own, at the end of the day, will be valued higher.

              Food grown at home should not rise in price. Food purchased from Chile, Colombia, and Brazil will be higher in price. That means higher prices for chocolate, fruit, and winter vegetables.Double digit inflation is not hyper inflation.

              Grow your own.

            • Cossack55: No the Chinese are not stupid. Before GHWB started transferring American factories to China the deal was struck.

              The CCP and the PTB/GB’s became PARTNERS.

              China was broke and hungry. More than 50 million Chinese had been murdered during the “cultural revolution”.

              AS Celente says: people who have nothing to lose, lose it. This is where China was at, with hundreds if not thousands of nuclear warheads and missiles.

              What to do?

              The Soviet Union considered a massive first strike. Nixon decided to open relations with China. GHWB was Carter’s Ambassador to China.

              The deal was simple: Communism was bankrupt.If individuals are given the economic incentives via capitalism, they are willing to work and achieve great things. (Unless of course they have food stamps and free rent).

              Become a nation of capitalists and America will help you develop your economy and unleash the human potential of the Chinese people.

              As President, GHWB directed certain the GB’s and certain defense contractors to build factories in special economic zones like Shanghai, to build PARTS for American industry with American depositor funds.

              The experiment was successful. The pilot program expanded into more special economic zones. Success bred success. More factories, expanded economic zones. With a virtually unlimited supply of cheap human capital, the industrialization of China exploded.

              During his term in office, GWB facilitated the transfer of 42,400 factories and 60 million American jobs offshore. Who says this NWO traitor was not successful?

              Now there are more than 300 million Chinese with disposable income and the CCP (and their family members) have grown exceedingly rich.

              The GB’s and Uber Rich have also profited handsomely by the transfer of American factories and jobs to China as the top 6,000 families in the USA have EACH increased their family wealth by more than $100 million dollars over the past 30 years.

              That wealth is reflected in the demise of the American middle class, and the fortunes of the American worker, family, and taxpayer: and it is quantitatively expressed by the balance of trade deficit with China, year after year, which represents a subsidy for the Uber Rich investors who receive the returns for their money offshore.

              In 30 years the Chinese have developed a modern industrialized nation equal to any in the West. It is a full financial PARTNER with the GB in the world economy. Being a full financial partner with the West means you just share the responsibility as well as the wealth and you must help to re-balance the income flows unless you want the West to default upon
              $3 trillion of debt.

              WE have given China parity and stability. They can participate justly or feel the pain.

              The Chinese recognize that they will be the economic growth engine for world economic development as their population of more than 300 million consumers with disposal income expands.

              The Rmb will become a dominant currency like the FRN and the euro, and the Chinese will be buying their food from the West with a stronger currency. Commodities prices will rise as Chinese consumers have a stronger currency to purchase food.

              Last year at this time the average Chinese spent 50% of their income on food. That percentage of their personal disposable income has declined over the last year and will continue to decline going forward as the Rmb increases in value.

              Wealth is glorious when it is spread around and everyone gets an opportunity to generate it for themselves. Opportunity is everywhere but capital is required to exploit that opportunity.

              WE provided the capital AND opportunity for them when they needed it most. Co-operation serves the people of both nations. It is in the best interest of the CCP to monetize OUR debt. As long as the Chinese people prosper, the CCP remains in power.

              The Chinese get their wealth from the West. The alternative is to return to the cultural revolution. There is no profit in the cultural revolution.

              Follow the money.

            • durango kidd

              “Cossack55: No the Chinese are not stupid. Before GHWB started transferring American factories to China the deal was struck.”

              That transfer started with Clintons signature on China Free Trade in December of 2000 along with the yea votes of 80% of US Senate Democrats.

              The Democrats are actually more guilty then the Republicans because for the most part they lied to their labor supporters regarding their intent with the Free Trade votes.

              Oh I might as well mention that Clinton did away with Glass-Steagall which in effect allowed the US Financial Industry to be self regulating.

            • If you really believe that someone set up a deal that favors the US you must be high. The Chinese have resisted anything that re values their currency. Look for more of the same, more imports less exports, vastly increased debt. We are real close to the Chinese buying the US right out from under us.

            • K2: GHWB initiated the transfer of American factories and jobs to China for the NWO between 1988 and 1992 while he was President.

              Clinton just rubber stamped his initiative for the NWO, including the inclusion of China into the WTO.

              GWB encouraged the process his father initiated, to explode. This decimated the middle class and benefited the uber rich.

              John W: The deal benefits at its essence the NWO GB’s, with whom, the CCP are now full partners. Any benefit that accrues to the US is incidental to the intended recipients, but real.

              One benefit is a more stable world where a potentially unstable world existed before. Another reason that the US has allowed the transfer of Neutron bomb technology to be dispersed to all members of the N-Club.

              Fallout if N-war broke out in South Asia would be bad for business.

              Of course the CCP have resisted the revaluation of their currency for as long as possible. But push has come to shove. The world economic system is on the verge of a deflationary collapse, and will collapse unless the Chinese go along with the Anglo American GB’s who run that system.

              The CCP are in power because the Chinese people have prospered. If prosperity disappears in China, so do the CCP, their kids, and their wealth.

              Capitalism would succumb to another revolution of the proletariat. Revolutions are messy.

            • durango kidd

              “Clinton just rubber stamped his initiative for the NWO, including the inclusion of China into the WTO.”

              How can you discount 8 years of globalism and de-regulation from Clinton saying it was just a “rubber stamp”? He literally twisted arms of Democrat Congressmen to get NAFTA through after yelling “NO NAFTA” at a UAW rally (I was there). He gave Wall Street it’s sweet prize with the demise of Glass-Stegall and put HIS SIGNATURE on the China Free Trade Agreement.

              Clinton accomplished what Bush 41 & 43 could never do which was to get vital Democrat support (and that consisted of Kennedy, Biden, Kerry and Edwards) for China Free Trade and the Democrats in the House of Reps for NAFTA.

              “Bottom line it means that the flow of wealth out of America is about to be halted; maybe even reversed.”

              Not as long as the delta in labor compensation is over 10X and the developing world has little to none environmental or worker protection laws. That wealth will reverse flow when we’re poor and desperate and therefore employable in the world marketplace of poor and desperate workers.

            • durango kidd

              “GWB encouraged the process his father initiated, to explode. This decimated the middle class and benefited the uber rich.”

              So GWB did “rah rah” for China Free Trade once it was law? What the heck is that? The industrial evisceration needed nothing more then a Presidents signature on the agreement to rapidly facilitate the movement of industrial capacity to slave labor nations. Slick Willy signed that agreement in December of 2000 as a gift to US workers as he was leaving.

              I’ll be first to tell you GW & GH Bush are globalist tools but you ignore that Clinton made that China Free Trade happen (by the way almost 8 years after Bush 41 left office) because Bush 41 & 43 did not have the political horse power to do so.

              In the 8 years that China Free Trade went from a goal pre Clinton to reality Clinton at the end of his second term he was just a rubber stamp and Biden, Kerry, Kennedy and Edwards were misinformed and ignorant in a post NAFTA US? Come on, you can’t be serious.

            • K2: I am not discounting Clinton’s participation at all. He is as guilty as the Bush’s. I am merely giving the credit where credit is due.

              GHWB initiated the transfer of American wealth to China and GWB completed that wealth transfer. Now WE are broke and the economy is in shambles.

              They are all Globalists. All traitors to America and the American people who elected them as their Presidents.

      2. My problem with predictors like this is the articles never say how many of their predictions failed. Unbalanced treatment results in the Jean Dixon effect giving more credibility to one than actual results justify.

        As I said, I do not know this guy, but Gerald Celente comes to mind. He has predicted complete anarchy in America since before Y2K. One day he will be right and someone will write about how he accurately predicted it without mentioning he was wrong twelve years in a row.

        That being said, if we can hold on until September that will give more more time to finish some improvements to infrastructure. I like to spend that time period sitting on the screened porch at my retreat watching the leaves change anyway.

        • That’s exactly what my spouse says. You never hear about their failed predictions.

          • That said, there are so many of them making this prediction right now, it is alarming.

            Its either a safety in numbers thing (i.e. we’re all wrong) or the s will htf soon.

            • it is all speculations of theories and models….but looking at it factually it will fail…..the question is when and how fast…..i believe we have been failing slowly since Reaganomics from the 80’s…..its like cancer…slow and painful death……thats the reason i will keep prepping until i die.

            • Read The Harbinger, and the Bible. Seven year cycles…2015 is a pretty good prediction, regardless of what this guy says. God bless, everyone. We pray for you daily.

          • It’s always just a few months away.

            • Maybe be so but just like death it will arrive. like it or not. Events are set in motion and they will proceed in a predictable way unless some opposing force is enacted.

          • Yeah, but suppose the guy is right this time. Remember about the boy who cried wolf and thought it was funny. Suppose this time it’s the real thing, big time. I think readers need to really read about the depression, not just an article, but a indepth study as I had to do in college from all angles: financial, agricultural, the soup kitchens and so on. Once you do see the real picture, and see what could happen, and its impact on daily lives, there will never be enough preparing. The difference between then and now is that people are different, i.e. more self centered, more dependent on hi tech gadgets, less neighborly.Whether the guy is 100 per cent right or not we should, at least consider the possibility of what he says happening and preparing for it.

        • Thank you PP. ‘Bout had enough of the soothsayer crap. The only Armstrong that I know of that was worth anything was ‘ol Satchmo”. If ever the Almighty decides its time to blow the horn, I hope he gets Louie to be the one to wrap his hand around it and press his lips to it. Hmmm, Martin Armstrong huh…don’t know this cat…(I’ve)must have led a sheltered life. I always try to give the benefit of the doubt. But on this one I think I might pass. BTW, I guess me thinks he might have a new book out? In these times if one ain’t careful, they might become “book poor”.

        • I wish I had a lb of rice for every time I heard Mexico was headed into revolution….and they weren’t talking about a drug war but an actual revolution – never happened.

          And I’ll reiterate the demise of McCain wasn’t Palin it was the economy; and Bama won’t let that hap to him….he’ll make sure that can is kicked past the first week of Nov.

        • I went to his site.

          $300 per report, so he has faith in the USD.

          He’s updating his predictions through 2013, so, he must believe we will still be here, with some sort of economy.

          In the trailer, he states 1st Europe, then Japan. That is going to take a lot of time, IMHO.

          In one of his charts on the 51.6 year cycle, it goes out to 2035. I think I won’t panic, especially with a strengthening USD in the present>>near future and deflating commodities.

          Back in the ’80s, I did some non-economic work for some commodity traders who were riding high, pre-1987. They were very flush, had this system they were so proud of. They were technical analysts, so they had charts on vellum tracking everything you could think of. No aspect of human life was too minute to not be tracked. Then they overlayed all these translucent charts and connected points on a final top sheet of vellum. Of course, by the time you overlay more than 4-5 sheets of vellum, you really can’t see anything. It gets cloudy.
          Maybe they had a computer program. Maybe they had derived an algorithm. I don’t know. But I do know that by 1989 they were no longer in their expensive offices and no one seemed to know where they had gone. Their place stayed on the market for years and finally sold in the ’90s.

          I have heard of Martin Armstrong and did not know of his persecution. That part is very interesting. Is some sort of crisis imminent? Sure seems that way. Can we little folk do a thing about it? Probably not. If you are caught on deck in high seas with cannons rolling every which way, to respond to his Hoover quote, isn’t it best to just get below and hope the things don’t come crashing down through the deck? Because if the storm is that bad, you sure don’t want to take the dinghy or even the lifeboat out in it, unless you have one of those enclosed military survival pods. Even then, you better have everything tightly stowed, cause they are made to roll with the waves. And they can be sunk if they are hit hard enough.

          Interesting stuff, Mac. Thanks, I guess.

          • Probably the only thing that kept him alive is he didn’t give up his method of prediction.

          • I think the getting below deck analogy is a good one. And the way i am doing that is preping with food, water, shelter, defense, medical etc.

        • Martin Armstrong is the real deal. Google him. I was a subscriber and he was always right on the mark. Then suddenly the government got spooked by his crystal ball accuracy and then the government railroaded him on no grounds with no evidence. The way that he was treated by the Gov’t is the reason I quit my job as a Stock Broker and started studying conspiracy theory. I still get pissed thinking about how he was treated. I lost my respect for the feds during his trial and I will never trust .gov again.

          His mathematical modeling system is brilliant and accurate to the minute.

        • Prepared Pastor: Jean Dixon and other psychics say they get their insights from ‘somewhere out there’ or other such mystical nonsense. Economists on the other hand use mathematical models of economic systems. Now, it’s not their fault if governments and bankers come in and game the system to prevent (temporarily) the problems predicted by the economists. What many of them have said would have come true without manipulation by TPTB, and they will eventually. Why: We have debased our currency (taking it off of the gold standard), we continue to spend more than we take in (deficit spending), and we continue to print more money out of thin air to cover these expenditures (inflation). Every country since the Roman Empire, as well as many smaller nations, have done this and the results have always been the same-economic destruction of the nation. There has always been a breaking point (where manipulation no longer works and people panic) and we seem to near ours, so get ready. Greece will fall, but if Spain or Italy go, it’ll be the USA that will fall soon after becasue we a all joined at the hip financially. But I could be wrong.

          • No, you are right. Just look at the $700+ trillion derivitives market. It used to be $1.4 quadrillion but they (ISDA & BIS) reworked the math because no one could envisage that large a number (too scary, oh my. Three cheers for Bretton Woods.

        • PP, If you go to Armstrong’s website and read some of his older articles, you might change your opinion. Go through some of his 2009 pieces — his past words (ie predictions) offer that accountability you might seek.

          Even seemingly random “chaos” is proven to be mathematically predictable.

        • He should have been right, but when you can print trillions
          of dollars, with no gold standard, it is easy to miss the
          timetable? thoughts? Kevin

        • I have been following Martin for 4 years. His timing had been excellent, he has yet to be wrong once! Celente is thrown crap on the wall to see I it sticks. Armstrong is the real deal.

      3. Sounds like price of gas and PMs will hit the roof. If the flight-to-quality does happen, there will be a massive shift in ownership of wealth or better put; Enron was only a small sample of what’s about to hit investors.

      4. Prep,
        and prep some more.

      5. Why can’t “IT” happen in the early Spring rather than just before WINTER!

        On the other hand, people are a little less rowdy when the temps go down.

        • “IT” is unfolding right now. The only problem is that “IT” is not what you are or have expected. Slow down and look around all over the world “IT” is unfolding right in front of your eyes. Be thankful “IT” is not bad yet or the that the masses have not caught on yet. Otherwise “IT” would be what you were expecting, food shortages, power outages, mass rioting, and a different way of life. Just wait, you and people at Mac’s site have been in front of everyone else. Thats why you are here. Take the time to finalize preps before the masses wake up. Oh and to all of you here, that had a funny idea in the back of your head. You were right, be thankful you did not think that you were crazy. Because, however much prepping you have gotten done, are that much more ahead than the masses. So ask yourself this. Who is crazy now?

          • Has anyone else noticed the amount of homeless these days, it is just as bad here. May it is worse here because of the warm climate, but I have started to see familys in vans hanging out at the parks fill with what is left of their worldly belongings.
            I don’t think I am crazy, however my husband made me buy straight jackets just in case;)
            Be safe everyone.

            • I saw a similar situation a month ago. I was fixing the beat up old car of a minimum wage co-worker and noted one of the scrappers. Usually the local scrappers have a beat up old pickup or van to try and pick through the garbage, but not this guy. He was driving a nice, late model Mercury Milan that would not have looked out of place in a middle class neighborhood. It had a utility trailer being towed behind it and that was how he was making money. The girl (she’s 25) didn’t get the significance of what we saw when I pointed it out. I figure a lot of people don’t get it yet, even though the signs are all around them for those who only wish to look.

          • I’ll prep to that!

          • We drove out to an isolated community recently and saw a sign holder willing to work for food and a shopping cart bag lady. I know that doesn’t sound like much, but in this area, (One stop light, tiny post office and mom and pop hardware store) it was very very out of place.
            And around my place, it’s everywhere. My young son noticed (I noticed too but waited till he said something) that they put the long term food storage on the end caps at walmart. They put “stock up while you can” signs on bins with smaller deodorant and toothpaste and stuff. At Winco, he noticed a book on display near the bulk foods. The title was “How to eat when the lights go out.” Or something like that. I remember the “when the lights go out” part. It was a dutch oven book. The signs are on both sides of the equation.

            • Even the likes of Hannity are advertising for food storage companies. He wouldn’t want to sound nutty or it would blow his mega buck gig. Even Art Bell & co. don’t seem as “out there” as they used to.

            • IrishRebel, I’ve noticed, over the past 20 years, how the state,local and fed LEOs are getting heavier(fatter). The obese are becoming a faster growing majority. This said, can you imagine all these well over weight people needing to be fed? I have seen some panhandlers over the past 2 years that could miss a few meals. Judging? No, check out the fast food places and the feeding troughs(all you can eat),i.e.Golden Corral.
              Even seen many medical personnel very over weight.
              When, we as a society, over indulge as is the norm and the spigot is turned off, food becomes the ‘med’. My worry is the children. They’ll become the forgotten ones. Historically the children become abandoned. Look at all the orphans in societies that have broken down; Russia, Argentina, Africa, India, Indonesia to name a few.

          • I was being facetious, sal.

            IMO, collapse is a State of Mind. If one has the clarity, purpose and fortitude and is infinitely flexible; having the ability to fearlessly adapt to, and embrace, any and all personal, local, regional or global change, (and not be overshadowed at any point in the process) where’s the “IT”, i.e. the collapse? (One man’s collapse is another mans triumph)

            Crazy is on both sides of the fence. Better believe there are plenty of Obsessive Disorder Preppers who have lost touch with the “real” in reality. The vast majority of them just don’t happen to be spending time posting at this site.

            • EA, I wasn’t trying to jump on you, just the “IT” part is what hit me. Everyone is waiting for some conformation that SHTF. When in reality the fan has been turned on and all we need is someone to throw the S**T. Point being we all started prepping because something is wrong and we realize that. “IT” has not been declared official “YET”. Keep prepping.

          • Drove to Newport Beach Monday from Sandy Eggo to take an overnighter on Catalina. Drove back Tuesday afternoon , both times during what is normally rush hour. To say that there was little or no traffic is an understatement. I-5 was clear all the way I would guess because no one is working. In the past it would have been a nightmare bumper to bumper traffic trip.

        • You hit the nail on the head there. In ancient times, the ancients warred in the spring and summer months. It is too cold to riot in the winter….

        • I think (if this is it) that its perfect timing, worst case would be that europe/japan falls at that time, we’ll have a smile on our faces for a few months, then when spring hits, we’ll get hit, sounds good to me. Get your healthy seed stash set!

        • “IT” is happening right now, there is just a massive cover up by our government and the government compliant media.

          They are both failing us.

        • Because EA a collapse before winter brings the largest die off of the sheeple.

      6. Another half a year out how convenient…… Talk about kicking the can down the road.

        • Hang on Rich 99, one day that can is gonna pop open and inside is alot of whoop-ass.

        • I would be more concerned when they stop kicking it. Then we all better be ready if that is truly possible.

      7. Good! I call “dibs” ((+)) … on the zionist cia puppet dress wearing monkey boy.

        Tired of PATIENTLY counting bullets , WAITING to get this AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY CIVIL WAR STARTED against the LUCIFERIAN JESUIT FREEMASON GLOBALIST satanist ILLUMINATI SOB’s who literally STOLE my once Free Country from me – From All of Us!!!

        Puck the NWO!!! Puck the Bilderbergers!!! Puck the Traitor Monkey!!!

        Arm up Stock up Prepare for Revolution!!!

        2012 + 1984 = 1776

        pass it on.


      8. What is happening in Greece will happen to America and worse.
        The whole world is going to hell in a hand basket and our politicians are pushing us over the cliff. What happened to Citizens rights? Derivatives? money printing? the money we owe (15 trillion dollars)? the money we have promised (about 200 trillion dollars)? the run on Greek banks? the run on Spanish banks? the run on Italian banks? the collapse of the European Union? the recession/depression in Europe? What about QE3? What about the 16 trillion we secretly gave/lent to world countries, business and banks from 2007 to 2010? Now that money is gone they are now facing collapse again.
        You can’t eat Gold and Silver can not keep you warm and diamonds will not protect your family.
        See a Serious and REAL FREE survival plan for you and your family at:

        • I don’t think Greece is as heavily armed. So when it happens here it will be worse, it will be violent, and most ugly. My God look at how these people react over sporting events and media hypes….imagine them hungry.

            • Without their meds? They’ll be in ”shut-down” mode and prob be the first ones to die. On the other hand, a secret stash of meds could be a great bartering item.

            • That “shut-down” mode as you call it is the proverbial “State of Zombieism”, i.e. when the last of the pain killer wears off and the burned out, fried central nervous system, deprived of 24/7 numbness, wakes up to the harsh, excruciating feel of reality, thats the period when all Hell will break loose. 20% of the US is population is heavily on Psychotropic Drugs (I say heavily because it’s a heavy drug) and another 30% is on some other form of medication. They are walking among us right now. They live in an altered state 24/7. When that “fix” is no longer there, and their system “shut’s down” to try to avoid the pain, then one better watch out, These are the ones that concern me most. At least initially. Yes, people in general will be freaking out just because their “buffer zone” zones will have been shattered for all the reasons we’ve discussed ad nauseum, but it will be those abruptly coming down from medication that will present the most unpredictable encounters. I do wonder what that scene will be like.

              Then there’s those presently on Meth.

            • The shut down mode I speak of comes from my experience watching my wife kick a bad vicotin addiction. Shut down mode was just that – curled in fetal position sweating profusly and not able to do anything. In SHTF times, that’d be super vulnerable. Can’t speak to all the different drugs, but alot of these folks will be toast because they won’t be able to act or react to the situation.

        • Yea Tony, add another 20 mil to the deficit that the O-Drama cronies are going to use to try and see this “farce” of obamacare thru. A campaign to sell us something we don’t want or need. I say, just more of the Bullshit Scams we have witnessed since the Kenyan was granted access to the Whitehouse.

      9. Sell gold and silver.

        Collect beautiful new uncirculated united states federal reserve notes.

        As many as you can.

        It’s the coin of the realm.

        P.S. mushroom is gone, RIP

        • Mushroom will live on:

          …………his words of wisdom are in our hearts….

          ………..I see his face on every $10 dollar bill…

          ……everytime I say the word “crisp”, I shed a tear..

          …enjoy your happy hunting grounds Mush, you were always a fun gi….lol

          ….prep…be safe….prep…

        • If you do that, Apache, you’ll be crying all the way to the bank come September. The closed bank.

          But if you’re buying silver or gold and you haven’t bought food, an alternative way to heat your house, a small solar array enough to run a light or two and a fan, and a water barrel or some other way to store water (water barrels need to be drained in winter), and harden your house (dog, better locks, steel door frame, window bars, pre-cut plywood in case of broken glass, alarm), and perhaps get arms and ammo, you’ve got it backwards.

          Of course there is the hope you were being sarcastic…

      10. The world rarely does without a prediction that puts the Apocalypse at about 3-4 months into the future.

      11. Lindey Williams has a completely different take than Armstrong. He says don’t pay any attention to the stock market. What we need to be watching is the derivatives market. According to Lindsey’s sources, the dollar will be completely dead by the end of this year.

        • The problem with Lindsey Williams is he’s got “preacher’s teeth”. Them critters keep going even after he drops them in the glass on the nightstand when he turns in.

        • I certainly enjoy Lindsey, in a number of ways, but when his main man (source) died, so did Lindsey’s ‘forecasting’ abilities. I just believe the dollar has a lot more miles left in it before it retires.

      12. “Some people won’t believe the Titantic is sinking until they are under water.”
        Michael Ruppert, from the history channel program “Prophets of Doom”.
        Google search ,,,prophets of doom history channel,,,and watch a real eye opening dose of reality.
        Gear Up & Good Luck

        • Geeeeeeeezzzzz !!!

        • Michael Ruppert is a drama queen. Knows his stuff but has a personal issue with “how to generate money”, so in his financially floundering state, he turns on that which he can’t get a hold of: MONEY. “Money is the root of all evil, therefore, it will crash”. How many times did he predict its demise, so far? “Collapse of the economy no later than July…2011” he predicted.

          • I subscribed to Ruppert’s information at one point last year. After he had a “major alert” last July and told his followers to head to their shelters, I canceled the subsription and discontinued following him. Now, I just listen to Alex J. from a distance and this site.

      13. It has never been a question of “if” such an event will happen, but rather of “when”. And the political winds are blowing “when” ever closer. We all must continue to not only prepare but to prepare under the radar. That radar is getting tighter with each Congressional Act and with each Executive Order. IMHO, perhaps we should all be concerened a little less about the exact date that mainline chaos begins and a little more conscious of how to reduce our exposure to those who, given half a chance, would further take our resources and liberties from from us.Op Sec was never more important than now.

        • As long as oil is traded in dollars we will be fine, limping but fine. If the dollar loses it’s reserve status and petro dollar status then we are toast. Not likely that that will happen simply because most of the rest of the world wants us to keep that role for stability which is in their own interest to maintain.

      14. Looking back through your archives on Mr. Armstrong,I see your traffic has certainly grown since you posted the first vid by him in 10/08. “44 reads” and no comments.lol. Thanks for waking us all up. That being said, I agree that the DC corp FRN will be the ” best looking horse in the glue factory”. However, even the best looking ones eventually become glue or dog food.

      15. We are hearing the same thing…

        Either by the end of summer or by October, we will see the entire system collapse.

        This is starting to get scary…


        • @Mac

          could we get totalcollapse.com under “Web Destinations”?

        • I guarantee that by September nothing happens….. Don’t you fools get it….. They h as be to keep it together until at LEAST election time…. Just common sense.

          • On the contrary.
            Elections will never happen, and a total economic collapse – and the following riots followed by martial law (hence, forget about elections…) – is a way to kill two birds with one shot.
            It’s now or never.

            Of course, they could instead try to hang on to the current economy for a while longer, and instead steal the elections as they always do, but why bother?..
            The system will collapse anyway, sooner rather than later, and while not everyone has awakened and grabbed his pitchfork, the elite will let the shit hit the fan.

            That’s to be expected, and I am actually afraid of the worst-case scenario: if they decide to throw EVERYTHING at us: economic collapse, world war, and global pandemic.
            In this case, we are royally fucked.

        • Yeah, well that maybe so. Better you quit trying to focus on the when and pay more attention to the what…. (what you still need). You’ll be better for it.

          • My response was @ TC.com.

      16. since the end of 2008 we have been in a slow motion crash
        the .gov has done a fairly good job of holding things together
        but it simply cant last
        the only thing propping us up now is low interest rates on an ever increasing amount of government debt
        deficit spending is the only thing keeping us out of a depression
        I think things will hold until at least the Nov election
        after that
        all bets are off
        I think we all still have a few more months to get our houses in order


      17. Totally agree with this article, Mac. I also believe TPTB are proping up the economies of most of the world to have the collapse take place when it fits into their time frame. The time frame of the NWO. I hope I’m wrong for the sake of the “late-preppers”, but I see something happening before late fall that will rock the world to it’s core. Hang on steadily, folks.

      18. The mental anguish that most of America will go through is unimaginable.

        Depression will be rampant as they lose everything or move from upper class to lower middle class, middle class to lower class or lower class to depression-era dirt poor.

        People will lash out in anger at anyone & everyone, suicides will increase and so will crime.

        My spouse & I have already resigned ourselves to the fact that we will shift classes – in fact – we are essentially living a lifestyle way less than we can afford & have been for years now. We thought we needed a new luxury SUV every 3 years but we were wrong. Now all our cars are 5+ years old or older and paid in full. We thought name brand clothes, eating out at fine restaurants, going to cocktail parties, belonging to the golf club, etc was important but now we know better.

        It’s all been traded for a better, more humble lifestyle.

        Mental preparation is almost as important as physical preparation.

        • The Elites get off on people losing it and killing each other off.

        • Same here, Mr. B. You are absolutely right about mental preparation.

          We’ve now been at this so long, we sleep well at night and occasionally buy something or go somewhere just to enjoy life. Each summer since 2008, we wonder if this is the last year we open the pool. Each winter, we wonder if this is the year we will be using the emergency heat sources. This year we had to get rid of some home dehydrated food from 2009. It didn’t go bad, it just lost flavor.

          If there is someone orchestrating all this, their mistake is that we have gotten used to it. We simply don’t think in terms of panic anymore. It’s just a lifestyle.

          I think it has gotten out of control of anyone. There is no one at the wheel. Everyone of the elites/PTB is simply running around attempting contingency operations in the hope they can simply forestall the inevitable. They can probably keep that up until we ram into some huge Black Swan.

      19. So the best trade would be short USD and long 7.62×39? (and gardening, land, food storage, tools, etc.)

        • Your post sounds like the rantings of a schizophrenic.

          • with around five handles you have there, NINA /O, IMF.CFR ANTI-CHRIST, et al, just where do you get off saying someone ELSE is a schizophrenic? HUH? Every one of those five have a distinct personality. Talk about the three faces of Eve…. just a bit hypocritical?

          • SOOOO,….. take one to know one, eh, IMF NWO.CFR ANTICHRIST? or should I call you… NINA/O, AMERIKAN COMMUNISTor any other handles you have? I think there’s close to five personalities you portray at times. And all have a distinct personality change. Schizophrenic.. indeed! Just living up to my handle.. CURIOUS.

          • … you just can’t fix ameriKan idiot stupid .

        • 7.62 yes 39 no. reach out farther to your neighbors, go NATO.

          • I’ll go with whatever I deem practical, reliable and inexpensive. That being said, some people just don’t get the sort of gallows humor I use over the internet. I could have used ANY ammo type and the meaning would have been the same. I just picked that one as it is fairly popular amongst the proletariat in the prepper community and most would get the meaning. Plus, .223 is just too bourgeoisie! (J/K!!!)

            • didn’t say .223, 308 reach out

            • @Paranoid: Sorry, but I am not really a gun person, so I am not that familiar with all of the different calibers out there. I am not saying that I don’t own guns but rather that I just don’t enjoy them as much as some in the prepper community seem to. Plus, reaching out and touching someone isn’t really a problem when you live in a subdivision that is packed so tightly that you can pretty much spit out your window and hit your neighbor’s house. As much as I would like to live in a more remote location, the sad reality is that doing so is not feasible for me for a wide variety of reasons. So, for me, just about ANY gun will work so long as it has a large enough magazine capacity. I just pray to God I never need to use it as I much prefer non-violent means of handling conflict.

      20. OK, so what is the prediction? should I buy in to the stock market or sell?
        Should I cash in my 401K or leave it?

        • Jimb. You have to decide what is best for you. I don’t know what all you have in your 401K and it’s none of my business. You have to decide if: I want someone other than me to decide what to do with my money that I’m injecting for my retirement, or withdraw it and flee to the shelter of PMs (precious metals, i.e. gold, silver, etc.) the decision is up to you. There will be lots of things to consider if you pull out…state and federal taxes.

      21. None of it matters. Almost everyone on this board knew this was coming; that’s why you are here. The only thing we don’t know , for a certainty, is the time frame. Look around you at the number of homes for sale, businesses that are boarded up, and don’t forget infrastructure, pot holes, decayed bridges and farm land going to brush. Keep prepping. We are on the right track. We may be one minute to midnight, or a few months, but it is coming.

      22. I think it’s going to happen in October, look at history, May and October are “busy” months. Do any of you really care WHEN IT happens? You know to prepare, so do the best you can!

        And you have your EYES wide open and will see IT when it really gets going!

        • I agree, plus as a political move, it would be an unparalleled way for Obama to declare martial law and declare himself King of America.

          • Do y’all realize that is what the libs were saying about George W. Bush? They said he was going to declare an emergency and stay in power. This was repeated for years all the way up to the time Barack Obama became president.

      23. I pretty much never pay attention to any predictions from anyone. Its hype.

        Now, if there were a legitimate event or coming event, sure, I’m reading every word.

        But “so-and-so” says something will happen in September…meh.

      24. i heard the same thing on sites like this for years,im moving on!

        • Hope you are right, but what is you are not. I think you are not sure or you wouldn’t be on this site.

          • Ok whats up with ya using my name. 🙂 Some people get their panties in a knot about it.. I have been a long time site user and do not mind if you will just keep using the spaces so people can tell our posts apart. Plus you may wanna know you stole a chicks user name LOL Welcom to the site and hope ya enjoy it!

            • Sorry didn’t know it was taken. I guess great minded chicks think alike. That’s just what popped in my head when it ask for a name.

        • Bullshit.
          You’ll be back.
          You won’t be able to help yourself (as evidenced by your post).
          It courses thru your veins… You can’t help yourself.
          Be proud of who and what you are.
          It’s ok.
          It runs thru all are blood.
          We like to be preppared.

      25. Let it crash and burn. The *reset* button should have been pushed a long time ago.

      26. I truly believe the end game is near. The National Defense Authorization Act is a nail in the coffin for Civil Liberties.

        I have made an animated cartoon (link below) to illustrate the superficial mindset of so many people. They have been dumbed down by the mainstream media and have lost the ability to become critical thinkers.


        • That was good!

        • Thanks for sharing, I hadn’t seen this!

      27. I predict a solar flare will tempararily interupt a live broadcast of American Idol, therefore causing a mass hysteria amongst the millions of texting, twitters, whom are simultantiously trying to update the Facebook status to “???” They will then ingest mass quanities of genically modifed foods and beer until it is gone. Then, they will take to the streets, and in protest, loot and pillage all the Mcdonalds, Burger Kings, Circle Ks. Hostile takeovers of the Wal-Marts and Best Buys. Martial law will be declared. Once order is restored, we will be forced to watch TV everywhere we go, even while driving. The cops will pull you over if your kids aren’t watching cartoons in their car seats, or you aren’t using your GPS.


        A giant asteroid, hits us, while a mega-earthquake tsumami, supervolcano erupts, causing the polar ice caps to melt, which in turn leads to pole reversals, disrupting the planets magnetic field, making it burn from all those solar flares, and sunspots.

        • THAT would be the only thing to get them off their dead asses be it but briefly.

        • You forgot; Bigfoot, the Abominable Snowman, and the Loch Ness Monster are forming a conspiracy to get us.

          • (I need about $3.50.)lmbo.

      28. I know we usually cant trust predictions, but if Armstrong is not the real deal why was he jailed for ten years. Something about this time frame rings more true than any other I have read. Stragely I dont feel panic but a sense of ease and determination like the beast from the murky depths has finally surfaced but I have him in my sights.

      29. Everybody I talk to feels something in their gut that “the big one” is just around the corner. Folks, i am banking on a crash soon. It’s like we have a terminal illness and they gave us 6 months to a year.

      30. well ok than

        hows this grab your socks

        the cops have been, and can at will.. get anything they want from your cell phone provider..without your knowledge or consent.
        and they are not fighting it

        and neither are we, and thats bullshit 2ways

        that my friends is illegal search and seizure. if that doesnt tell you they are round housing our bill of rights, than I dont know what to show you.

        Yeah maybe the earth ends tomorrow in a puff of smoke, or criminal deeds of the weathy or corrupt, race war or what have you..its all on the table boys and girls.

        But when you have an inter twined mess as a government as we so clearly do..if its even 1/2 of what we get to find out about or speculate on.

        It is because we are intelligent beings we have the ability to see an end to a means, or a path chosen by others..etc. and even have the ability to do our own forensic thought process.

        Now I hear there is a group that are going after the “Stand your Ground Law” why? because it gives a person that can defend them selfs against attack, the ability to do so, and it ties the cops and prosecuters hands..and they dont like that…they lost some control there. But it is really no different than saying I have the right to self defense..period, by any means necessary.
        So if every gun owner and prepper and forward thinking persons alow this “movement” to grow, or this sentiment to fester..we will lose another benifit we have for our futher survival in the collapse they have orchastrated.

        this is serious shit people..you have to be able to stand your ground, maybe the name can change but it fits the necessity..you need to be able to defend yourself in public..period. and every state should honor it..as in fact they should promote it!
        Hell they are the ones putting them back out on the streets for us to deal with.

        K2 nut jobs..crack feinding meth , desperate ,suicidal, 1 brain cell humanoids..etc,, the lot of them.

        maybe its past the bug out point already.

        all we want is to live in peace, stop with the re-offenders, and feeling sorry for the stupid, and criminal elements that have been allowed to breed.

        its hard enough to survive S hitting the F..with out this added bullcrap and rights grab..

        reading about this shit and getting so mad, that i tipped over our canoe this after noon and lost all my pistols i had accumulated over the past 16 or so years!
        dogs pissed as hell at me, he went in with the decoys water is still a bit cold up here. Dads wishing he had given me that ruger after this canoe venture..how was i supposed to know, right? yeah pops im pissed too.
        we had just set up our shooting range and just had it done for the up coming holiday..it was a blast until the dunking..guess i should hit the store and see if they have any new .45’s

      31. Its a election year.. nothing is gonna happen till 2013

      32. It’s going to be racial and it’s going to be ugly. Rhodesia/Zimbabwe is probably the closest comparison to how it will turn out for whites here. Not because of their skin color, but because of their wealth. Poor whites will join the impoverished minorities to attack whites with wealth and property. Your farm will be seized. Your guns too. It will take a civil war to defend your rights, and you will lose because the police are unionized and the military is loyal to the federal government. Those two will NOT be on your side. I’d say prepare for the worse, but the worst is so bad, there really is no point. Fight now. It’s the only way. And by fight, I mean vote for small government.

      33. ammo……check




        three sources for each…..check

        Pat Boone sings heavy metal……check

        ……..Bring It……

        —-I get my kicks above the waistline,sunshine—
        One Night In Bangkok–Murray Head

        • The idea of Pat Boone singing Heavy Metal songs sets me into a state of manic depression…

          • @justme:

            you want depression, listen to Dolly Parton singing Stairway To Heaven….lol…just sayin’

            • Boxcar Willy sings the greatest hits of Donna Summer and the Bee Gee’s, Volume 1 and 2.

        • What no precious metals?

          • @jim:

            ammo is a PM….nothing is more precious…’sides, I have a ton of TP to barter for silver n gold.

            Also got a bottle of Wild Turkey from 1982, never been cracked…….yummmmmmm…..hic !!

        • Normally I’d say Single Malt Scotch. But in your case: Spiced Rum and OJ. LET the SUN shine in, and let them come. Eat Steel!

          • Paranoid,
            Are you a fencer?

            • A Bit, got a nice Patton Sword model 1912. If you want to touch someone nice and close and quiet

      34. Leading Cycle Theorist Predicts “BIG Volatility Come September/October” ; What year 2012, 2013, 2014???

      35. great interview with Chris Hedges


        Brace Yourself,The American Empire is Over

        what can we expect in the coming years??

        a small # of very wealthy elite,with a thin layer of a managerial class and 2/3 rds or better of the rest of the country living literally hand to mouth,thankful they can put food on the table

        the MAJORITY of new jobs being created pay $12.50 or less
        after one generation or so,the middle class as we have known it
        will be gone

      36. If the collapse happens in Sept/Oct, that is what Obama is looking for to call off the election. There will be mobs and panic in the street.


      37. “in fact – we are essentially living a lifestyle way less than we can afford”

        Actually very good advice in almost every situation. Worst case, you are prepared. Best case, you have a ton of cash saved up to retire on. If you live one rung down instead of one run above your income like most do, you are ahead of the game.

      38. Empires rise and fall. Serfs just try to survive the resultant starvation and disease, not to mention the anarchy. Some warlord or politician will show up to levy taxes on whatever is left, and it will start all over.

      39. If it were just the economic structure being unsound, it would be survivable. But it always a confluence of events that brings civilizations down. And those events are almost always orchestrated and managed, and America’s fall will be be no different.

        The NWO crowd is working overtime to strip us of industrial capability, poison everything we eat and drink, over-run our borders with people who want this country to fall, etc, etc, etc, ad nauseum. There are way too many things that in and of themselves would be survivable to list, but taken as a sum total, will make the coming times rather challenging.

      40. Every 6 months a new financial “insider” says we will go into the worst depression ever. Then in 6 months he is gone, he sold his book made his money and the next guy moves in. Holy crap. Were going to be fine.

      41. Im getting tired of hearing these predictions. i know our time is coming but every year its suppose to collapse around the same time. Lets get on with it already.

      42. Let’s see, first it will be that people cannot sell their stocks or dip into anything that has to do with wall st. Then it will be that the banks LIMIT you to how much you can take out of YOUR savings account that is YOUR money to a set amount each day, then each week, then the banks will just close. Next merchants will begin to stop accepting cash money as it become toilet paper. Hard currency will rule for a little while, then people will figure out that the ONLY things of value are something that you can use to feed yourself, hydrate yourself, and the many other necessities that are needed to maintain yourself. This is all IF the world doesn’t blow itself up by then.

        September and October are usually horrible months, and with the election in November makes it even more volatile. You have a 13% population of blacks that will almost certainly call foul should B.O. not get re-elected. They just will not accept anything that doesn’t give B.O. another term. There is a lot of business and freedom loving people that don’t want B.O. for another term, but just cannot trust Mitt because you don’t know where he actually stands on almost anything. This adds a huge uncertainty to the markets about the future of the country. Speculation and fears drive any market quite badly. October looks to stink for markets.

        Right now there are so many wild cards out there that could change everything. From the weather to the geophysical activity that has increased 5-10 fold over the years. You have Europe which is very unstable, just like it was before WW1. The Middle-East is at a boiling point not seen since at least 1973. There are many more people now than there was just 10 years ago, not to say 30 or 40 years ago. One aspect is something most disturbing is that in the past decades people actually took a world crisis seriously and cared for their families, communities, and their country. This is gone and one of the most alarming out of anything.

        Just look at how in the past 7 years there have been the worst disasters on record. Fukushima is worse than Chernobyl in that it is ongoing and affecting a major populated area and some of the Pacific Ocean. Deepwater Horizon was the worst oil spill on record as the 2011 World Almanac I am looking at right now states. Haiti was awful and this much time later remains an almost dead country. The toranado outbreaks. Hurricane Katrina. Hurricane Wilma was the strongest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic/Gulf Of Mexico basin, the lowest pressure ever. You had a 9.1 with that tsunami and a few months later a 8.7 that was not an aftershock, 8.8 in Chile, 8.6 and 8.2 (some seismic stations say it was a 8.7 and 8.3) that was THE strongest horizontal strike slip quake ever recorded in history.

        This is a small snippet of everything that is going on and most people are just too self absorped in their own stupid little meaningless daily routines to even see that something AINT right. Breaking news now dies down quickly and becomes backpage in a matter of days even though the threat is still realistically and gravely there. This is probably the most troubling sign I see right now going on, the total lack of concern for anything that could totally collapse everything.

        People in finances understand and plot these uncertainties to make money on those dips, and when someone is saying look out for October I believe it just on the basis of what is brewing around that time. Yes, everyone has much to be concerned with in the fall, that is IF the chaos has not already begun.

        So many people take preparation as a joke, and what I can’t understand is why those that take freedom to heart have not prepared like there is no tomorrow. ARE there ONLY 3 million people or so (the number of preppers in the country) that actually enjoy their freedom? The government would take those freedoms away to those that have to go the government for help to feed their families. Look at all those that have firearms, tens of millions, why are there not more in that number of preppers? “Could it be that more than 3 million people are preppers”? That would be wonderful! If that 3 million number is correct, then why are there not more freedom loving people preparing? Are there ONLY 3 million people that really want freedom? That would be beyond awful. This is a question that is preplexing me.

        • Come on BI, you know where Mitt Romney stands on all issues. Right where the “Money Changers” tell him to!!

          • @ SD Mule. I do know where Mitt stands and what he bows down to each night, but it seems like everyone else doesn’t or they would have choosen someone that was at least a good alternative to B.O. IF there is an election it will be just like all the other elections, we all lose when we get the winner.

            What I really don’t understand is why there are not more preppers. I was looking at all those that have at least 2 firearms, and wonder why they are not preparing. I was hoping that this number of 3 million preppers was off and many more people were preparing than reported. Firearms are essential, or some sort of reliable self defense if someone lives somewhere that you can’t own a firearm. You still cannot eat or drink ammo and your firearms, a person needs food, water, and much more. Why are there not more preppers than 3 million, if this number is accurate. This question really started to bother me recently. I wish I knew the answer.

            • BI, There are a whole lot of knuckleheads out there that think as long as they have a gun, they can just take what they need in a shtf scenario.
              They might have a few ” victories”, but litte by little they’ll get picked off by the truly prepared.
              Happy Hunting!

            • First: Number is bogus, I’m preping, so I count as one, I’m trying to prep for 17 people 3 dogs and 4 cats, They don’t all know that, and I cannot help them all forever, but they would be surprised what I have done. Second; fully half the people are dumber than average (Argue that one) I don’t want ANY of them preping. So three million is plenty.

            • Be informed, I think there are more than 3 million People who support Ron Paul, so I think there are more than 3 million People that really want freedom.

              It could be some of them are relying on a local/family/friends network of some type in place of prepping?
              Nothing wrong with that, right?

              It could be a lot of People prep without realizing it? I.e. they have a generator for Winter storms and canned goods from the garden, it’s something a lot of People do – and think nothing of it – but they don’t call it prepping.
              Heck, they might even make fun of those who prep to ease any discomfort at the thoughts it brings?

              Never-the-less, the numbers are not very high, and things don’t look good.

              You say, “Next merchants will begin to stop accepting cash money as it become toilet paper.”

              More and more I notice stores have little signs up saying they will no longer accept checks, is that the same thing?

              While waiting with ten other People to get a haircut today the receptionist told one Person the credit card machine was down and they could only take cash.
              It had been that way all day, tech support failed.
              She even said, “At this point I would even take a check.”

              As she said that, two People got up and left.
              Another said, “I’m out of here”
              An entire family went across the street to get money to pay for the haircuts they already got. Surprisingly, the receptionist trusted the People to come back.
              And one Person did write a check.

              Cash wasn’t trash at that moment.

              At any rate, something tells me this whole “cashless society” attempt isn’t going to go over well.
              It’s also a clue as to how unprepared People are.

      43. @be informed.

        good outlook man.

      44. @Be Informed……. I say more people are prepping then ‘they’ are saying. After all why would ‘they’ be coming out with all these prepper TV shows? We are just on the down low.

        • @ Saq. I sure do hope everyone will be preparing a lot more. To everyone above Saq’s comment: The more people that do prepare the stronger the preparation community is and the less control the government will have, this is in all countries. I would love to see the whole country in the prepper mode and have all the neighbors ready to go and not have to see hoardes of unprepared people wandering around like a bunch of half starved coyotes. Every single person that any of us can help them to start preparing, we are helping to secure our own future as a people and as a species.

          I look at a country like Switzerland that encourages their citizens to be extremely well armed. I have heard also that all new homes built there have to have some sort of safe room and or some type of bomb shelter. I don’t know anyone over there so I do not know if this is completely true, but it would fantastic if it was. A country’s best resources are their people, something that this government in the U.S. and most other countries have forgotten.

      45. This reminds me of all the peachers that know the end time date. My theory is it has been happening over time very slowly. To me a collapse is like child birth (s0rry to yo men who do not feel contractions LOL) it is a clow build up just getting more intense and painful over time. That is how we are. pre 2008 we were all livin it up. post 1008 a slow steady decline financially.It gets harder and harder to [ay bills and prep each month due to cost of livin rising and pay check getting smaller. I say we are at about 5cm dilated so we still have some time left to prep.
        I do not think we will have elections we will be under martial law by that point. Hubby just heard on the radio (yea regular radio) they are talking about martial law taking place pre elections.
        By the way any body else noticing how many NORE people are on here lately, the sheeple are wakin up…maybe! And what up with somebody with my name, NOT COOL Just in case

        • I’m curious to know what show hubby was listening to. I don’t doubt your word, but I am interested in perusing their content.

          • 90.1 between the hours of 3:30 and 4:00 PM eastern time. He was listening on his way home from work. Christian station I think AFR( American Family radio) We are located in southeastern North Carolina hope ya can find it It is my mission to locate it too! Good luck~!

      46. Big sign at the entrance to a major sporting goods store in my town reads:

        “Being unprepared is unsmart. …”

      47. Predicting the future is not impossible but difficult. I suppose it depends on how precise you must be before one can say you can really predicted.

        Some people have such indepth knowledge about a narrow topic that they can make very good judgements about the future on that topic. A good example is Marion King Hubbert who understood so much about the production of oil that he could use production data and his vary basic models to reasonably estimate that oil production would peak in the 1970’s; he did that in the 1950’s. I am impressed with him.

        Another approach is a mathematical model using cycles. Martin Armstrong was a member of the Foundation for the Study of Cycles at one time. I don’t know if he uses the same mathematical approach as they. They essentially used trigonometric curve fitting to identify oscillations in a data time series. They determined which standard sine wave will fit the data best using a least squares fit, and a brute force trial and error method of incrementing at a certain rate every possible length sine wave. Modern computers certainly advanced this process as it is time consuming. This is digital spectral analysis. After finding the most evident oscillation in the data they would measure and statistically test these cycles, ultimately selecting the most probable. These could then be individually projected into the future and added together to see where the most probable path the data series would follow based on the effect of these many cycles.

        There are many variations and refinements that can be part of the process of identifying and then projecting the cyclical past into the future. I don’t know to what extent Armstrong has refined his work, but based on the sort of things he says, I doubt that his mathematical model is pushed to the level of sophistication that is necessary to pinpoint a very close approximation of the future, if that in fact can even be done by anyone.

        I know this approach can be used to have predicted the bottom of the gold and silver markets back in 2000-2001 and their tops in mid 2011. I seriously doubt that gold and silver have any more upside potential for several years, and silver particularly could go under $5 within the next 15 to 18 months. The bias for the NASDAQ composite and the rest of the stock market is up until this coming October, and I would not be surprised if it added 75% to its value in that short time period, quite an unusual move. I also think the interest rate on the 10 year treasury has no where to go but up, meaning that first money will flow out of gold, silver, and government bonds into the stock market.

        The forces of economic contraction (high prices, debt repayment, and fear) seem to be overwhelming the forces of economic expansion (borrowing newly created money).

        • If there is a digital spectural trigonometrical sine wave curve thing, and silver goes to $5.00, I’m buying.

        • @ Sid Davis. The Foundation for the Study of Cycles also showed that earthquakes to follow cycles of the moon. It was found that many west coast earthquakes increased when the moon was at the apogee, furthest points between 390,000-406,000 km away from the Earth. Also when the moon was farthest away from the ecliptic, the equator of the sky, earthquakes increased. It seems to have a shear effect on the plates I guess when the moon is at the sharpest angles. So The Foundation for The Study of Cycles has all sorts of interesting patterns from finances to the planet and the Sun and space and much more.

          Hubbert correctly predicted peak oil in the U.S. I believe within 6 or 7 months of when it did in 1970. Hubbert also predicted that peak world oil would peak at around 1999-2002. Some say that it was 2004-2008. We really don’t know because OPEC doesn’t give out accurate information on how much oil reserves they actually have. Someone recently used past solar activity to try to match the weather and climate patterns and accurately predicted the harsh winter in Europe. I saw this article on Satn Deyo some months ago.

          Cycles do repeat themselves and when someone can catch that cycle before it happens once again, yes they can predict the future of an event with some accuracy.

      48. I agree nothing till next year. But if it comes before the election then there will be no elections in the fall.Look I do not care who gets elected Dem, Rep, all the same. We are screwed anyway it falls, if big O wins you know what then, if Rom wins it will be race that beat big O so here you go the games will begin. The only one you can count on is yourself and family, onbody else.If #4 building goes game over anyway, no need for lights, we will glow in the dark. So prepare as best you can now for the worst time you can think of.

      49. The self-reliance expo in Colorado Springs was not bad. I came away with a few goodies.

        Greece is the word.

        Keep on a preppin..

      50. My prediction given the current state of affairs:

        Obama will win the next election.
        His opponent will be found to harbor irreparable dirt.
        Sometime following the election, perhaps in the second year but maybe sooner, TPTB will pull the plug on the economy.
        However that appears remains to be seen.
        None-the-less, a democrate will get full credit for the collapse of the petro-dollar.
        Then, there will be no other socialist for at least a generation.

        My concern is that TPTB are not at the very least capitalists, nor Libertarians, nor Constitutionalists. I fear some other greater evil.

      51. If you look at the public “view” in 2008 and you look at what people “think” now … it is clear that “it” is happening all around us. The simple question I ask all is “do you think it will be better or worse in 12 months”… and that anwers any question of “is this really happening”. The warning sign for me will be when we have a big “financial restructure” of debt, or housing credits or gold spike, or debt relief from student loans or ? At that point they start pulling out the stops and trying the first of many hail mary’s…. and we will be in completely uncharted territory. Take care of yourself and your family… As jim Rogers says… buy farmland and commodities.

      52. Interesting article. Flight-to-quality; I interpret that to be a race to divestiture – hurry up, trade your cash for something better. At first, drowning nations convert to USDs, and then the USD ultimately looses value because why? Because of lack of confidence? because why? Because we sold all our assets and have no GDP? What; we have no material or labor? Damn, lost the monopoly game – lets start over. Commit your money to value while it still has buying power.

      53. we’ve been saying and hearing next year for the past 22 yrs,lol

        • yeah, and this year, they’ll finally be right.

      54. Yesterday I was pondering the fact that all governments borrow and NEVER pay back. Today I watched the movie clip and Martin Armstrong said governments borrow and never pay back except Romania in 1980. Not making anything of this other than the reality it is true. Before today I had never heard of Martin Armstrong.

      55. About Mr. Slavo’s, “We are headed for BIG volatility come September/October,” Volatility Research has come up with a pretty good way to predict VIX “fear index” volatility using NYSE VXX if anyone is interested in knowing how VIX volatility will change:


        It’s free, no gimmicks, strings or ads!

        Our sole purpose has been to crack the VIX volatility code using NYSE VXX stock price history and one weird secret everybody reading this knows, but nobody we’re aware of has done anything with it. Nobody, that is, but us. We have no paid links and really don’t know how to generate site traffic except by “real” content. Less then 5 hours after we posted a new page, searching Google:

        How to Predict VXX Stock Price Trends

        we were ranked #1 of 133,000.

        One day after posting another new page, searching Google:

        Correlation of Non-Existent Data

        we were ranked #1 out of 4,220,000. We just might be onto to something. These rankings are a bit surprising since our site has been up less than 5 months.

      56. just went to a big equiptment auction yesterday.
        they have one every 3 mos.
        this one had 1/2 as many people as the last one but more equiptment.
        prices were moderate to lower than last one.
        auctions are one of best signs of the times.
        and times look to be getting worse.
        now gunshows are growing crowds with ea passing day!
        good luck as we continue to prep.

      57. All we can do is connect the dots, even the powers-to-be that create the chaos don’t know the exact days their plans will (a) fail or (b) come to fruition. Giving China direct asset to government securities is conected to the fact that on June 28th, they will purchase all of their oil they get from Iran in gold. The fed doesn’t want these unused reserve notes returning home, so they give a back door to China. Continue to pay attention to even the smallest detail that is revealed to us, and connect the dots. The MSM never will, we are on our own.

      58. Well , I’m from Mexico, here things are speeding up for the worst , I thank USA to bring jobs to Mexico, sadly I believe this is going to change soon , I wish deep in my soul that this article is inaccurate but even if it’s partially real means bad news going to wrost

      59. Max, you hit it outta the park this time! Most people can’t wrap their heads around currencies flocking to the US/USD but they will. And as the USD gets new-found value, PMs will probably lessen. Make no mistake, these are just corrective actions and will not hold.

        Any naysayers here who don’t believe in the flight-to-quality theory, ask yourself if you’re hoarding/saving cash. Ask yourself if you’re hoarding/buying food. Ask yourself if you’re buying equipment and other items to better your chances when the SHTF. Or if you believe as I do that TEOTWAYKI is here. If you answer yes to these practices, you just proved the theory is in play.

      60. Leading Cycle Theorist Predicts “BIG Volatility Come September/October” ;

        Please, can someone verify what year 2012, 2013, 2014 this article is referring too for September/October ????

        • 2012

          • That means I won’t even get my first S.S.check!! I’m an August baby.
            Wasn’t much, but still looked forward to it.

          • When does the German PM face elections that actually do something. I don’t understand their system she has lost about 3 in a row but nothing seems to change?

        • 2012 – like, 3-4 months from NOW.

      61. Sept/Oct 2012,,,,Oh $H!T, Crap,

        Please keep the information coming.

        Need more warning with time line and process.

        Need an article about the current deflation and what that will force the FED Reserve to inflate then Hyper Inflate, with a possible time line.


      62. Hey, Mac hope you have a great day and thanks for being part of the solution.


      63. Martin Armstrong is such an innocent individual and in fact is rolling in millions right now with his books, movie and back to organizational speaking events which are not cheap .If the Government wanted his charts it would be real easy to do and they just wanted to teach him a lesson .While i admit he does knows things many do not know .Were headed for problems down the road, you don’t need an economist or guru to tell you that! Everything is about TIME . We need the time to prepare and they need the time to suck the money off and make sure their timeing is right for the crash and to have measures in place to deal with civil unrest issues .Talk about fema camps , drones, more prisons and jails being built, more freedom laws being regulated and more executive orders being signed , its all about trying to control you ! Everything they are doing is for control of your lives.Get ready for the events to happen with government finger pointing that hey didn’t know .A scam of epic proportions is about to occur ! Bernie M didn’t have anything on what is coming ! They are hopeing to limp this damaged ship to bay by the Presidental election time .Meanwhile Bendover Ben of the Fed is waiting with a flood load of cash to awash the markets and sectors to float them for yet another round of time .Have you noticed each time they flood the markets that the debt goes higher and the money last shorter than before ? This tells you the time is getting shorter !

      64. Marc + SHTF Plan folks: You’re always and interesting read, and I wish I weren’t unemployed because I’d love to spend more time and money following some very good advice that’s often found here. That said, RE: Mr. Armstrong….Loading the 9 min. trailer is a pain. Please look into this so I can look AT it. Thank you very much. (Donald)

        • If I can recommend something Donald: SKILLS!!! That’s your number one prep! If you don’t have a whole lot of money to spend you can still acquire skills that will be useful to you and also barterable.

          Welcome and best of luck in your job search!

          • Donald ….. You know, like nunchuk skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills…

      65. Is it just me who sees the irony of Germany giving Greece essentially the same terms it received from the rest of the world at the Treaty of Versailles?

      66. Saw this and thought of those here who said this kind of thing would Never happen:

        Things are starting to roll very fast towards the US Dollar losing its place as the world reserve currency. Incredibly, this just in from Zerohedge: China And Japan Dropping Dollar Cross Rate System, Will Transact Directly:

        As Yomiuri Shimbun reported last night, China and Japan are set to launch direct currency trading, bypassing the dollar, and the associated benefits and risks, entirely. “But how can that be?” dollar purists will scream. After all, when one bypasses the dollar, one commits blasphemy to a reserve currency. Somehow we think China gets that. From the AP: “Japan and China are expected to start direct trading of their currencies as early as June as part of efforts to boost bilateral trade and investment, according to reports. With the planned step, exchange rates between the yen and the yuan will be determined by their transactions, departing from the current “cross rate” system that involves the dollar in setting yen-yuan rates, Kyodo News said on Saturday.”

      67. Martin Armstrong was sent to prison in 2000 for what was initially a case of fraud against a group of Japanses investors, but his imprisonment did not come due to conviction of charges, but instead, he spent the next seven years in jail because of a contempt of court decision.

      68. The case against Martin Armstrong was at most, a simple fraud case by which he eventually pled guilty to and received punishment for.

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