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    Category: Bob Chapman

    Mac Slavo

    The central planners have managed to keep the ship from sinking and the band playing for almost three years. They may finally be running out of stop gaps.

    Mac Slavo

    Many financial advisers suggest a balanced portfolio of stocks and bonds. This strategy has worked since the 1960’s, and many advisers believe it will work going forward. Just listen to any Sunday afternoon AM talk show host promoting mutual funds. They’ll set you up with a diversified portfolio of blue chip stocks, US Treasuries and corporate bonds. In the past, when one went up, the other went down – providing security for savings.

    Mac Slavo

    We’re not talking about people not being able to buy iPads, new home decor, or Christmas presents for the kids. No, we’re talking about being able to put food on the table, paying the rent for shelter and putting gas in the car.

    Mac Slavo

    Let’s assume that our elected officials and the powers that be can’t reverse course. How bad can it really get?

    Mac Slavo

    For now, it seems deflation is taking hold (though it never really let go), but there remains a very powerful variable within the debate, and that is the government and how they will act going forward.

    Mac Slavo

    Our entire system has been corrupted by scoundrels and sociopaths, so don’t be surprised what we find on the other side.

    Mac Slavo

    At this point, we are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The financial and economic systems are going down. Regardless of what we do now, the system will be purged, one way or another.

    Mac Slavo

    Any number of events could be a catalyst for a global economic avalanche. Once it starts, no bailout can stop it.

    Mac Slavo

    The Fed and other central banks have done a good job covering up the mess they deliberately created by deceiving the public, as they prepare for stage 2 of the credit crisis.

    Mac Slavo

    If you watch mainstream news and listen to the propaganda coming out of Washington, you’d think Bob Chapman has completely lost his mind. But, dear reader, if you are here at SHTF Plan, then this likely reinforces everything your gut is telling you.

    Mac Slavo

    The International Forecaster explains why gold will rise, what will happen with the economy, and what to expect from unemployment.

    Mac Slavo

    If the SHTFers are right, then this recession is simply a cyclical wave within a larger, much broader, Greater Depression wave. As such, a new downward move is not far away.

    Mac Slavo

    Alex Jones (infowars.com) and Bob Chapman discuss the economic crisis including the causes, manipulators, precious metals, and time frames for collapse of the financial and economic systems as we know them.

    Mac Slavo

    If you believe that the economic crisis will continue to worsen, then sitting around and waiting for it to hit you like a Tsunami is probably the last thing you should do.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Bob Chapman: This Crisis is Not Over, It’s Still in The Beginning

    You should be participating in the bull markets in gold, silver and commodities. That is where safety, preservation of capital and possible large gains are to be found, both short and long term.

    Mac Slavo

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what most economists can’t. The system is broken.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Bob Chapman: Commodities Reflect a Flight to Quality

    In his recent article, The Flight to Quality Lands on Gold, Internatonial Forecaster Bob Chapman discusses ways to protect wealth and avoid personal financial disaster

    Mac Slavo

    International Forecaster Bob Chapman discusses the Chinese derivative time bomb set to explode very soon. Upon detonation it may result in a complete collapse of the COMEX gold, silver and commodities markets and pretty much a total SHTF scenario.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Bob Chapman on Why Inflation is Unavoidable

    We wanted to remind our friends in the deflationary camp that they seem to be forgetting about the crony capitalist bailout mentality that is setting us up for hyperinflation.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Exit Strategy for the Coming Bond Collapse

    Bonds are collapsing and it is only a matter of time before a complete meltdown occurs. Be on the right side or be destroyed.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Bob Chapman: No Decoupling, Worldwide Depression, Inflation Will Rage Globally

    The International Forecaster breaks down the reasons for why we should be alarmed about the next phase of the global crisis.

    Mac Slavo

    Bob Chapman says The Fed is the Ultimate Zombie and that we have been on a road of inflation, headed towards hyperinflation, for quite some time.

    Mac Slavo

    Bob Chapman, in his article Spending, Debt and Collapse Predicts Hyperinflation discusses the microeconomic and macroeconomic conditions that lead to deflation and inflation, and how this may play out in the future.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on International Forecaster: The rally is over. Dow 6600 will be retested.

    The International Forecaster, Bob Chapman, says The Credit Crisis is Not Over After 23 Months.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Bob Chapman: Hyperinflation Cannot Be Stopped

    The Chairman of the Fed, Ben Bernanke, would have us believe along with other, so-called experts, that monetary easing will come in time to head off hyperinflation.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Bob Chapman: Obtain Reserves of Food, Water, Arms within the next 4 Months

    The International Forecaster, Bob Chapman, warns his subscribers about the coming collapse and that Gold is to Stand Against Big Devaluations that are, at this point, seemingly unavoidable.

    Mac Slavo

    Bob Chapman, of The International Forecaster, has been predicting economic chaos since the early 2000’s (actually, since well before that, but who’s counting?). Mr. Chapman suggests that the US economy is much worse off than most Americans realize and that a totaly system collapse is in our future.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Capital Concentration is Moving Out of America, Into Gold

    Bob Chapman, The International Forecaster, says Depressed America is No Longer The Safe Harbor It Was For Investment.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Bob Chapman says World Stock Market Collapse Imminent

    International Forcaster Bob Chapman continues to warn investors that it is time to get out of the stock market.

    Mac Slavo
    Comments Off on Bob Chapman: If you are not an insider, you need to get out of the stock markets and bond markets – NOW!!!

    International Forecaster Bob Chapman on the suckers rally and the safest investment to make in this downward spiral.

    Mac Slavo

    Bob Chapman, published of The International Forecaster, writes The Clock Ticks Towards Financial Judgement Day

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