You Have No Idea How Really Wild This Is Going To Get

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    Economist Bob Chapman, of The International Forecaster, has long advocated precious metals as one of the few wealth preservation assets against a wave of destruction that will wipe out everything from stocks, to bonds, to the US dollar itself. In his latest interview with the Corbett Report, Chapman shares his views on what to expect over the next several months:

    The Federal Reserve knows that they can’t solve the problem. They have instructions to carry this thing out as far as they can, or until the powers behind government decide to pull the plug, so to speak.

    One of the things you have to notice here, and this is pure psychological warfare, and if you’re not trained in it you don’t know what these people are up to…I was trained in it…Whenever you see an attack on silver and then gold the way it was you know that there’s going to be some dreadful things going up. Those were two vicious in-your-face attacks that a high school student could have identified as manipulation…

    September and October are going to be dreadful. And that’s true, they are going to be dreadful. That’s the way I stack it up. And, of course, if there’s no QE3 equivalent the whole thing’s going down the chute.

    There’ll be tremendous pressure on the stock market. They’ll try to hold it up. But it’s going to go down. How deeply it’s hard to say, but somewhere on the DOW between 8500 and 10,500.

    In addition to stocks, Chapman warns about massive manipulations in the US bond markets through organizations like the New York Federal Reserve and Merrill Lynch, as well as a continued decline in real estate:

    …by the looks of it it’s [the housing market] not going to bottom out in June of 2012…It will probably take another five years. So, if you’re thinking about buying anything, don’t. Because the pressure will be to the downside on prices. The inventory is going to be somewhere – now hold on to your seat – somewhere around 8 million homes. The inventory now is about 3.5 million. That’s where we’re headed now.

    As we’ve opined in End of the Real Estate Crash?, this means real estate will collapse at least another 20% to 30% from here – perhaps even more.

    We warn our readers, however, that any real estate purchases should be considered a long-term hold. Don’t plan on flipping, or even selling, for years.

    Japan’s real estate boom, like ours, was predicated on cheap money and finite land. Inflation adjusted, the decline over the last 20 years has been roughly 75%. That’s a big number. Humanity’s cognitive dissonance response, especially in the Realtor community, will ensure that most analysts and experts avoid telling us how bad it can really get.

    While we don’t have a crystal ball, we do have history books and if the real estate markets of today are anything like that of the Great Depression, then we have much farther to go.

    According to analysis performed Martin Armstrong of Princeton Economics, during the Great Depression real estate prices in the farming sector fell from $2 per acre to 30 cents per acre. That’s a whopping 85% drop.

    Most Americans have no idea this is coming, but it is simply impossible to ignore the (real) data, especially the forward looking data.

    Even mainstream economists and financial sector insiders are now saying that we have serious problems ahead.

    “I think we are heading for a market shock in September or October that will match anything we have ever seen before.”
    -Senior Credit Banker at a major European Bank
    source: Market crash ‘could hit within weeks’, warn bankers

    “Here we go again…solving a debt problem with more debt has not solved the underlying problem. …Can the US continue to depreciate the world’s base currency?… European banks need $1 trillion of capital (bailout)… China’s growth is probably not sustainable… Solving a debt problem (ours) with more debt doesn’t work”
    -Goldman Sachs Report Prepared for Hedge Fund Clients
    source: The Daily Crux

    We are in a worse situation than we were in 2008. This time around we have fiscal austerity and banks that are being cautious. The hard economic data (which has come out recently) is all relevant to July while the soft data which has come out is for the future and that’s all moving in the wrong direction… The market may rally but unless the real economic data moves with asset prices, then eventually asset prices are going to go”
    -Economist Nouriel Roubini
    source: We Are in ‘Worse Situation’ Than in 2008: Roubini

    The next phase of this collapse may very well be upon us. As Bob Chapman points out in his article Fearing An Even Worse Inflationary Depression Ahead, there’s just not enough money out there to stop this out of control freight train.

    Print-and-Pray hasn’t worked, but governments and central banks will continue the same policies until the entire system seizes up:

    The inflationary depression is still with us and has been for 31 months and it is going to get worse in the month’s ahead. We are again looking at a $1.7 trillion deficit.

    We figure if no stimulus comes from Congress the Fed will have to create and monetize some $2.3 trillion more dollars, which can only mean worse inflation. We called QE 2 and stimulus 2, as well as QE 3 a year ago May. The Fed has not said anything about the $16.1 trillion they lent out, nor why none of it has been paid back. What about the $1.2 trillion that we ladled out to Wall Street and banking? It could be that QE 3 if announced in September could counter a falling stock market, at least temporarily. The timing could be perfect if even by accident. Then again, all markets and currencies are under pressure versus silver and gold. We could see gold shortly at $2,000 to $2,200 with silver at $60 to $70. By March gold could be $3,000 to $3,200 and silver $100.00. This may seem implausible to you, but we have been correct 98% of the time for 22-1/2 years.

    September and the final quarter of 2011 is going to be a wild and wooly affair. If you are not yet into gold and silver related assets you had best start getting involved. If you own them buy more. You have no idea how really wild this is going to get.

    The central planners have managed to keep the ship from sinking and the band playing for almost three years. They may finally be running out of stop gaps.


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      1. I know how to swim real good but don’t plan on getting wet.

        • Watch out: millions of financial authorities and other mainstream thinkers and scholars responsible for the decades-long debt binge now turned credit collapse, have a very grave condition. They swim regularly in the Sea of Knowledge, emerging completely dry.

      2. Mac, Where do you see Wells Fargo in all this? Are they in good shape to keep lending? Or will they too stop the flow of easy credit.

        • Well fargo, the bank that laundered billions in drug money? Well i can tell you this, my son has four kids, church members in the community got together and built an addittion on to his home. At a church function, youth night he broke his ankle severly playing volleyball requiring a plate and screws in his foot. He was unable to work for three months. The county has just gave him his certificate of occupancy for the addition, Wells Fargo formly Wachovia, the samr day has sent him a foreclosure notice because he is behind on his mortage payment. Funny it seems like they waited until the building was finished to now want to take replacement of the property!

          • Repossession!

          • Tough shit.No excuses. You don’t pay your mortgage then get the fuck out of your house. Why don’t you help your kid? Get off your fat ass and go help him instead of posting your doom and gloom shit.

            • Dear Steve:
              Your reply speaks volumes for your seemingly ANAL mindset toward your fellow man.When the SHTF comes,with a attitude like that,what’s the odds your life will get impacted in a most karmic fashion.(I.E. who’s gonna give YOU any spare time or food?).
              Food for thought you may want to consider.

            • Steve, if you cant hadle reality, quit sitting on your fat mouth and run back to the mainstream media. they’ll hide all the doom and gloom from you just as you prefer, you coward. If you want to be swindled and defrauded? Pay that robo tax and robo fee but quit posting your inane stupid $hit on sites where the truth could puncture your denial.

            • Steve: Allow me to respond to your comment in a rational way, my comment was not about doom and gloom as you stated. I posted my comment based on fact. Secondly, I am a Police Officer who was layed off from my job in 2008, due to the county commissioners misapproiating 40,000 dollars, our entire dept. was disbanded, i have not aquired work in Law Enforcement since. As far as my ass being FAT, the truth of the matter is my Ass can back up the rest, you sir, and I use the term LIGHTLY, dont know anything whatsoever about me,, my life or situation. So i suggest when your using foul language and showing your ignorance for the world to see, realize that there are far more mature people on this planet, and those that are, would greatly appreciate you keeping your comments of foulness and contempt to yourself, I refuse to match wits with an unarmed little man! Have a nice day!

          • Copout,
            I feel for you Sir, but I too am L.E.,just retired. So I don’t understand why your son let the good folks build an addition on property that had not made payment on and had received many months of late notices? Who overlooked the Summons in Unlawful Detainer that was served? Who overlooked the Writ of Possession? Who failed to either appear in court or at least give the church a heads up that their time and effort could well be wasted on property that was being forclosed on? How long did your son not pay the mortgage before it crossed his mind that the bank might ultimately forclose? I’m sorry Sir but the addition lies in the lap of your son and you know it as well as I do. Raw deal? yea he got one but the facts bare me out here, your son screwed this up. Bears and banks eat people. So whats up with your Son? I know whats up with the bank, they suck.
            Respectfully, but to the point.
            The Deacon

            • Deacon: Perhaps I didn’t explain in language to be understood with little effort. The addition took about a year from volunteers, payments were made on time up until his accident. There was no writ of replevin served, no court summons. I made my point concerning banks breaking laws, and no punishments applied. The people however find themselves at their mercy. It is his debt and knows it, his wife in her twenties had a full breast reduction due to cancer. It’s hard brother but not impossible. Thanks for your understanding, I think!

            • Unemployed pigs? Hmm, well I guess we’ll be having ham for dinner.

              I am sincerely saddened that your fat government paycheck went away. I know you miss wearing the badge and brutalizing your fellow Americans. You miss the feeling of being above the law as you got free meals and sped and drove recklessly with impunity.

              You surely enjoyed being able to access secret government databases to look up information on your friends, neighbors, and relatives. You surely miss being able to abuse your family and get away with it.

              I’m so sincerely saddened that all of this “fun” at the tax payers expense has dried up.

          • I tyoo lost income because of malevolent politicians. i share your anger, frustration and I personllay know( as I’m sure you do) theat the maggots don’t work for you. I had my housr cut 20% for the sole purpose of them keeping a politicians son from getting laid off. They laid off about 50 2 yrs ago. Now one man, with 8 yrs seniority has people with 30+ having to take a pay cut. Many left and went to other jurisdictions.
            Sadly many of the experts on everything will feel funny when they look around soon and see NO POLICE et al because the unbridled stealing/spening/nepostism and placing relatives, dead grandmas, neighbors, old frat brothers et al on the payroll for about 70 Gs a year as “CONSULTANTS”. Anytime the public hears that word they should put both hands over theuir little fdoody hole cause it’s about to be assualted again. Kaching! As far as all the armchair experts, reqading barrons, and listening to Rush and Beck and actually thinking they therefore know something…it’s not like you think and it won’t be up until the day you live in the North Amerikan Union either.

            • No police? Oh Jesus Christ I can only hope. I look around and see way too fucking many pigs.

              You don’t seem to understand that you ARE the problem. You ARE the police state. You are the enforcement arm of the elite. You are paid to brutalize and oppress your fellow Americans. In a nation with the highest imprisonment rate in the WORLD. Higher than communist China. Higher than the fucking Soviet Union at the height of their power and police state.

        • Wells Fargo is owned by Warren Buffet who is a big time suck buddy of Barack Obama. You can bet these two bung hole buddies will take care of each other through the coming economic fiasco. In fact you can expect WF to thrive and take over other failing banks. Barry is in love with Warren.

          • So many people think this was a gutsy or philanthropic-type move by Warren Buffet, but he is probably quite confident of some type of bailout.

          • Before Michelle, Barry used to follow the Hershey highway boys!

            • he still does , ever hear of reggie love.

            • LOL

      3. By the way,
        Anybody who has been correct 98% of the time for over 20 years should be a multi TRILLIONair by now.

        Only Jesus Christ, who has been right 100% of the time has a better record than that.

        • yeah jesus is always right, he told me to long on april wheat

        • Very good point. 🙂

        • So Jesus was a TRILLIONair ?….

          • 3 nails and a little blood and now he owns it all. You all are just renting it from him.

            No, really.

      4. So is this guy just another person trying to promote gold and silver?
        I will continue to stockpile food and ammo, you can keep the silver and gold. I have a little, but not gonna go crazy with it. When the SHTF, enjoy your gold and silver sandwich

        • @ Jim –

          The prices of gold and silver today, although they are high as far as most of us ‘regular’ folks are concerned, are nowhere near as high as they will be in the future.

          That being said, you are 100% correct in that items for personal consumption, protection or barter will be of much more value in the immediate aftermath of a true SHTF situation.

          I recently had the choice between buying Silver Eagles for $45 each or Coleman single-burner camping stoves for the same price. The stoves won.

          God Bless & good luck to you and yours.

          • A friend of my father-in-law’s smelled something in the wind 5-6 years ago and bought gold. Now selling it at over 200% of original cost. Smart – VERY smart.

            • Now selling it?

              perhaps not so smart.

            • WestVaFolks,
              Yeah, but the price he’s selling at today will still be 1/4th of what it will be selling for in the future. Smart to buy, but NOT smart to sell. He should wait to sell it when he can buy 1 unit of the Dow Jones Industrial Average (currently around 11,200+/-) with one ounce of gold. The Dow will go down and gold will go up; they’ll eventually meet at a ratio of 1 to 1. Then sell your gold.

          • Of course, choose food, etc as first priority. But if finances permit, gold or silver can always buy things.

            I cannot envision a scenario where my home is looted and several KG of gold is left behind.

          • +1

          • Markie, gold and silver have no price, they have a value. It is not their “price” that is changing, it is the value of the FRN’s dropping like a rock when they are used to obtain them.

            The numbers only represent the value of a fictional currency vs. real money of it’s own value.

            Either way, the stove was good choice. I just found a portable propane grill in a dumpster that looks and works like new. You gotta be able to cook no matter what. What is wrong with the sheep that threw it away?

            In the future, having money will be far less important than having the things money buys.

          • Don’t forget duct tape…the real gold WTSHTF!

            • JJ, I agree totally. I buy a roll or two every time I visit wally world, that and another box of 550 rounds of .22 shells

            • Remember to always get the “Gorilla” brand duct tape. It costs a little bit more per roll …… but it’s tougher than woodpecker lips! You will have a tough time getting it off once you put it on something.

              Zippo lighters, as opposed to the disposable plastic lighters, for right around $20 are also an excellent personal use/barter item. Remember the belt holsters, around $6 each, as well as spare flints and wicks. You can refill them with almost any combustible fluid.

              God Bless & good luck to all.

        • Dear other Jim,

          I’m glad you have some for when SHTF. Its ok not to go crazy in it. No one is going to be eating a silver/gold sandwich….the folks with silver and gold will be the one’s eating steak sandwiches and living in the best possible conditions. Those without will be condemned to repeat history – with out it.

          • Gold and silver had no trade-able value in other countries for the common person. Crime will increase in a SHTF scenario and as such you may not want to let on that you are collecting it or have any. I think we all are going to have to put on an extra layer of toughness when this happens. I tried to buy a safe recently and the wife said “all they have to do is put a gun in your daughters mouth and you’ll open it” then they will kill all of us so save your money.

            • If “they” put a gun to your daughter’s mouth, what else will they do to your daughter, or your wife for that matter? You will have to make a stand before it gets to that point.

        • Gold and silver will only be of value during two periods tgat being right before the total collapse when ultra-high or hyperinflation is taking place and then after the barter economy rebuilds from the rubble.

          I’m prepared for all three periods: prior to, during and afterwards by stocking up on food, trade goods, gold, silver, copper, lead, nickle, scrap metal for blacksmithing and, of course, guns, ammo, and other deadly weapons for when I run out of regular ammo. We have assault rifles, pistols as well as blackpowder muzzleloaders just in case. We have a few field surgical kits, burried caches hidden in various escape routes not on our property and just about anything you can think of for a long-term emergency. My wife and I can make lye soap, black powder, we can smoke meat, can meats and vegetables,have a root cellar, pickle, garden, raise hogs, chickens and rabbits. Our lake is stocked with bass and brim, the 300 acres surrounding the lake will be fitted with particularly interesing security features that are sure to be a big surprise for any and all intruders!

          • You sound like the type we have in our teams. GOOD JOB!

          • Just a footnote: the word ‘assault’ in not recognized as an official nomenclature title or subtitle designation to any factory produced firearm – it does however, represent an ‘attitude’.

          • You are the man Republicae !!!!!!!!!!!!! I just started preping these last few months, and I have a long way to go. I have the rifles and ammo, food, camping gear but I have many other things to get. People around me are treating me like they treated Noah, but unlike them , I will at least float for a while.

          • If things fall apart that badly, I don’t think this prep method will keep you going that long. I have listened to a lot of this from people on alternative shows, but those of us who are getting old like me think that everyone hiding in their personal bunker will only make it for a while before they are taken out.I understand why people feel they are doing something like a pioneer. I just think it has no long term chance of working.

            • A couple of old fogies hiding in their shitty wooden home on a couple of acres in bum fuck nowhere have nothing to fear from the big brother police state. Not now, not 30 years ago, and not as part of the New World Order.

              You’re no threat to anyone. That’s the point. But keep putting your energy into collecting junk in your shitty wooden crap shack on 2 acres and looking over your shoulder for “the man.”

        • Food is perishable and you don’t when the S will HTF. Remember to rotate your stock.

      5. Not really good news to wake up to, but then again, getting word like this can hardly be good anytime of the day. I’m gonna keep on, keeping on, putting one foot down in front of the other while having my eye on preventing my loved ones from being hurt by all this. Its gonna be one tall order. Take care.

        • That’s all anyone can really do any more.

      6. You can talk up gold till you are blue in the face but if the SHTF I’ll take weapons, ammo and food over gold.

        • A well fed and armed healthy man after the turmoil is over will make a good laborer and soldier. Sadly you’ll be working for silver and gold since that will be the likely currency (or toilet paper j/k).

          Seriously once its all done and peace is some how restored and we want to move on as a nation you think the printed paper is suddenly going to be worth something? Your labor will be worth something, your weapons, extra food if you are producing it, but you wont’ be hiring people, starting an enterprise, or buying one of the nice remaining homes and property anywhere with those things – its going to take gold.

          • The difference is in the words. Jim sees ‘turmoil’. If that’s the case, I’d be buying silver and gold as well. If you see ‘absolute economic and social collapse’, food, water, and lead will be much more important.

            Your preps reflect your vision of the future.

            • Diversify to prepare for multiple outcomes.

        • you can barter better with guns and ammo. 🙂

          • Yeah, but you might trade a gun to someone who will come back later and shoot you with it. Otherwise, you are talking about armed robbery, in which case I hope those like that die in the initial chaos.

            Guns should not be kept as barter items. All you need to barter is food and water, if it gets that bad.

            • True words..

              never barter a gun, or ammo

            • I truly understand what ‘Gods Creation’ is saying… but there are various ways to interpret what ‘crash and burn’ said. If it’s a case of bartering with an ‘unknown’ or a group of ‘unknowns’, a show of force (merely the appearance) can help to insure the trade will go well and uneventful.
              It’s called (Teddy Roosevelt) ‘gunboat diplomacy’. But even then, you don’t ever show more than a fraction of your true hand… it always depends on how the scenario unfolds…
              As Sun Tzu points out in ‘The Art of War’, never underestimate the ability or intent of your opponent. ‘Opponent’ can be translated to also mean: enemy, known or unknown force / ‘friend’, acquaintance, etc. In the right situation, underestimating will get you killed.
              As the Bible points out: “The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9
              That verse will become a true reality if and when everything turns to crap…

          • after hurricane katrina one of the top Barter items was alcohol, there was plenty of guns and ammo available for barter but few takers.

            • The difference there was that 1) Katrina was a localized event. The rest of the country was unaffected, it just took forever for supplies to get inside the zone and 2) why would I want to trade you food/water for a gun that the gov’t has instructed it will be taking from people. (that’s a whole different injustice!)

        • Were does this mindset of all or nothing come from? Most people in our prep community have all these required preps AND still have silver and gold. It is just another prep for barter, trade or when things “might” improve. It is a store of current and past wealth. Afterall, once you have purchased all the supplies you think you will need, what do you do with the remaining retirement funds, savings, etc. Several in our team are nearing retirement with savings from 40+ years of work and investments, so silver and gold are purchased AFTER we have all our retreat preps, land, etc.

        • And when you run out of one of those three, without gold, you will need to trade one of your remaining two to get the other.

          Wouldn’t you rather maintain food, ammo, and weapons, and trade gold to get more of those?

        • Food , water and Ammo will be the new gold for the new age.

      7. Poo poo is happening. We are getting such a huge education. A true battle is happening. What I am saying,is that prostitutes develop a schizophrinic personality. this too can happen to CEOs. Watch, they will start eating each other.

        • Here here!!!!!!!!!!!!

      8. Saved our money and paid off our small house early. Felt good then. Feels even better now. Some friends living in beautiful $200K+ homes but have trouble sleeping at night. Wouln’t trade places for all the rice in…Wait a minute, that’s prep food!:)

      9. Statistics can be manipulated in any number of ways to say anything that you want the numbers to say. The US Federal Government, the Federal Reserve and the commercial banks have been using fraudulent statistics and telling lies to the Citizens of the United States regarding the exact shape of the economy for so long that they are now incapable of telling the truth. If they told the truth today ….. the SHTF would begin today.

        The numbers don’t lie. They can’t ‘gimmick’ the numbers very much longer. A “wild ride” doesn’t begin to describe the situation that is headed our way in the very near future.

        Please gather your loved ones close around you, keep prepping, God Bless and good luck to all.

        • Surely you are not implying that the unemployment figures are “massaged”? When job growth almost never keeps up with population growth, why should the unemployment rate go up?

          Learn to trust the pure-as-the-driven-snow people in D.C. I have complete faith in them (excuse me, I lost my mind for a moment).

          • Happens to the best of us…;)

        • TSHTF many moons ago—noone wants to admit it—not the experts, not the administration, and certainly not the sheeple… It would create a mad rush to the grocery stores….(and banks??).

          • Speaking of banks, what about safety deposit boxes? Are they really safe if TSHTF? Something to think about…

            • A bankster would NEVER loot your safe deposit box. Nothing to see here…..

            • The PTB in England recently closed the 5 largest private safe deposit firms and forced them to open all the boxes. Cash? Grandma’s jewelry? Can you prove that these are legally acquired and that tax has been paid on these items? NO??? Tough luck!! These items, and many others, now belong to the government!!!

              Safe deposit boxes aren’t safe places to store anything other than papers.

          • jj…ive been saying this for the past year and a half..the doodoo has already hit the fan. the only difference in the last year or so is the doodoo that is hitting the fan is flying a bit faster. soon that fan is gonna burn up from a unsustainable velocity. now that is when everyone of the sheeple are gonna trample each other getting to the bank and grocer.

      10. The Fed will keep printing money. The dollar will keep losing value. Expect gasoline to get more and more expensive as a result. To keep an eye on the economy you should check two things every week day: the gold price and the Dollar Index.
        The Dollar Index is the dollar’s value against a basket of currencies. When it suddenly goes down significantly it could mean that other countries are dumping the dollar. After they all dump the dollar all that currency will hit our economy and prices will go sky high. When the dollar is no longer the world’s reserve currency and OPEC no longer accepts dollars for oil we could go from a normal country to a third world country in a matter of weeks.

        • Well said, and your points on OPEC are spot on. I’m surprised that move isn’t on.

          • Good point’s, but can they eat their oil ? When we go down, they also go down. With their oil we feed much of the world, and food doesn’t grow well in a Saudi desert. Also good points I think.

        • Bil S: You are right of course, but the world runs to the US Dollar when they smell risk. It makes it hard for the FED to inflate. Thats why they have to print more.

          Especially when China is buying a billion US dollars EVERY DAY. Tough for the dollar to collapse, you know?

          Yeah, nobody wants it! 🙂

      11. beans and bullets

        • Can ya shoot farts for target practice?

        • Most of the world lives on beans and rice. That combo seems to be just the right protein and carbohydrate mix to fuel a body in a basic way. I would also add a lot of vitamins, especially Vitamin C to you storage to head off scurvy.

      12. focus on ammo and bugout situation, silver might help later on if everything settles down

      13. btw, hang sing is down 350 pts, get ready for another big drop on the stock market monday morning!

        • Monday is a holiday. A reprieve.

      14. Silver & Gold vs. Food and Ammo: That’s a false choice. Some folks on have taken care of beans and bullets, but need to diversify other assets or retirement savings into something tangible. You can’t buy $250K worth of ammo and dried rice! Remember there are all types of folks and organizations with real money to find a way to defend. That money is the capital for rebuilding the future after TSHTF. I’m going to be looking for a job, and someone with enough money to hire me.

        • @ Rector says “’m going to be looking for a job, and someone with enough money to hire me”

          …..Keep on looking, Hey if you need work my wifes best friends father owns Grimmway farms down in Bakersfield Ca, they always need field hands/laborers, the pay is bad its California minimum and crap health care, long hours in the sun, but its a job, if you want it I could put a word in for you. If my Nursery could sustain another employee I’d hire you,

          fyi to all.. I am selling more veggie seeds and fruit sapplings then anything else, and this was a hobbie, my suppliers are actually close to running out and if they do, it’ll be 1 year minimum before they could process more orders and those would run out or be already back ordered. Its late in the year, but in Spring if we make it that far buy some fruit trees.

        • Rector; Whats your skill?

          • Thanks, but I have a job. My point was that in the future I may need one (if I lose the one I have) and capital will be required to create an operating business that can hire. This capital may have been preserved as Gold.

            You’re question is a good one; what is my skill? I’m not sure I can define it. Maybe I should work on that while I can. . .

            • DK he’s unemployed,no skills other then playing x-box and beer bongs when surfing the net and afraid to work in labor intensive workforce, looks like working a farm is to good for his taste, no wonder America is being lost to illegals…He does not possess anything that will allow him to survive when TSHTF, anyone could define a skill or describe what they do when asked, he probably is just looking at churching it up…

              Hey Oregon, I know a couple of people who aren’t afraid to work…

      15. Sorry folks, i tend to lean towards Bible Scripture on this one: Accurate 100% of the time, Weep and howl ye rich men for in one hour your riches have come to not, and they cast their gold and silver into the streets. I however think that portion of scripture does not refer to having some for bartering purposes. The hoarding and coveting of these materials are indeed related to this passage of scripture. Put some aside, but trust not in it!

        • Copout,

          I agree!

        • Also from the Good Book: “Where thy treasures lie, thy heart lies also.”

        • Well said copout, the people with guns, ammo and food…..what will you do ” after” a peace is restored? People with only gold how will you protect it, use it, and better your life with it after things settle down.

          I have a good number of silver maple leafs and would expend them as SHTF occurs for their crises value. Things i’ll trade them for….solar panels, bio diesel distiller, land or something of that nature to which you can always do better with more. Long after the crises / turmoil I expect the pre 64 coin to be of value and used as a means of exchange.

          • I had a 100 oz bar of Englemard silver. Thinking that i would not be willing to trade it for a box of shotgun shells, boots, a keg of warm beer or 20 lbs of flour, I sold itand bought durables rthat will be used by me and not traded off wily nilly and in a gropssly disproprtionate ration in that day. These geln Beck/El Rushbos and their touting opf gold makes me a little incrdulous in that 1/4 oz of gold will be woth almost 500.00 now. THTF it will be worth more but do I want to trade it fr a schoolbus? or farm? or what a military deuce and a half. The proportions are all wrong unless you can get 10.00 worth of gold which would be microscpic. I’d rather have the hard goods/storable food/ammo cause at almost 2500. an 1/2 oz gold doesn’t seem really very pragmatic unless you listen to the 2 rich “conservatives” pushing it on the radio who already have gigantic reteates in Wymoing or something.

        • And don’t forget Leviticus 20:18 — “If a man lies with a woman during her menstrual period and uncovers her nakedness, he has made naked her fountain, and she has uncovered the fountain of her blood. Both of them shall be cut off from among their people.”

          • Oh Sheldon, you’re so cute when you’re annoyed..

      16. The scam being perpetrated on the American people is so colassal there is nothing that can be done about it anymore. Transparency in government would only cause mass panic immediately. Just be happy that you are aware of what’s going on – it’s too late for anyone else.

        These days the banks have their finger in nearly every pie by virtue of lending to those pies. I foresee the banks and the powers that be chomping through America like a horde of locusts, leaving only devastation in their wake.

        • Daisy – Well Said!

        • I agree 100%. Banks…banksters have no soul or citizen-pride….in their world it’s all about them and their mega bonuses for selling America’s bredwinners down the river.

          • Post SHTF…..they will be the first ones hanging from the street lights!

            • I am not so sure of that. The American public seems to be closely following the script written for them by the banksters and “international” [read “Judaic”] financiers: victim fight victim, black against white against brown. Who is really looking to punish the perpetrators of economic and genocidal crimes against humanity? Only Iceland has issued warrants for the banksters (who have fled). Only Turkey is looking to prosecute the genocidal “Jews.” Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            • this is for John Q. Public…not all of us Jews are the problem…I do take offense to this…it is sad that you would take such a ancestors have been killed for years only because of their faith…they were not bankers, they were bakers, shop keepers, farmers, craftsmen..just wanting to live their lives…pograms brought them to America, the lucky few, and many from my family were victims of the Holocaust..most likely just as many of your relatives might have escaped persecution from the Brits if you were Irish, or the French if you were Protestnts..seems to me in the last 100 years, the Jews had more genocide shown towards them than just about any “race” out there. As to what is happening and how we all prepare for SHTF…it is beans, bullets and buillion in this house of ours…and yes screw the banksters and other crooks out there..Buffett is a good upstanding hamburger eating protestant…I should know…used to feed him those regularly when I worked in Omaha..and yes there are Jews even in Omaha.

            • Did you miss this? “Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.”

              Not everyone of us is ignorant of history and gullible for the cover story that your people are always blameless victims. Even if you ignore the Jewish revolutionary activity in the 19th century. Consider the early 20th century. Judeo-Bolshevism (explicitly formulated not by Marx, but by Marx’s mentor RABBI Moses Hess to destroy Christianity and Christian civilization) fomented dozens of European revolutions and murdered 60-70 MILLION Christians in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Bavaria, etc. (NOT including the war that they started). Those Jewish-run bloody anti-Christian pogroms were fresh in the minds of Germans when in 1934 (before the Sudetenland, before Danzig, before Kristalnacht, before the first camp!!!) the World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany on behalf of World Jewry. Your people made the first declaration of war in the run up to WW2. Your bankers funded both sides in both world wars. Almost singlehandedly your banksters funded and disproportionately your people led the genocidal revolutions and ran the gulags and Cheka/NKVD/KGB torture chambers. Your Zionist leaders colluded with Nazis to the incarceration and death of some of your own people. Under the leadership of your people 61 MILLION innocent Christians were genocided in the USSR alone—10 times the “6 million.” And now you pose as innocent victims with the bogus claim that you suffered more genocide than you have perpetrated. Baloney!

              Your people have been expelled from hundreds of nations, principalities, and city states, not because they wore funny clothes or had an accent, but because of their collective behavior. Indeed, many of you did not get your hands dirty, but when have your people disciplined or deposed the worst among you? Your silence and failure to depose the wicked among you makes you share in the crimes against humanity of your banksters, “Russian” mafia, “international” swindlers, Young “Turks,” your sex slavers, and your pornographers. Your people are not shy to blame the German people for Nazi excesses—even bilking billions of dollars annually form Germans and Swiss bankers who weren’t even alive in WW1. If your people promulgate such inherited collective guilt, why the hypocritical double-standard that the Jewish people are not to blame for your Commies, bankster dynasties, and criminals?

              Your feelings are hurt? Palestinians are DYING and the world is in AGONY from economic crimes against humanity. Speak out against the crimes of your own people, just as I speak out against the crimes of my people. Then I will care about your feelings.

              I repeat, “Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone” — No exceptions based on ethnicity or religion.

            • typo correction: “…who weren’t even alive in WW 2.”

            • John Q: That’s some seriously racist BS that you are spewing.

              Are you one of those people that say that Native Americans and black people need to forget about what was historically done to their people, but then uses history to bash other ethnicities?

              I just LOVE it when people use out-of-context snippets of history to back up their perverted views of the world.

            • For the life I me, among a group of people who appropriately mistrust corporate reporting of current events, I see some people very gullible for the corporate version of history. Go figure.

              Read carefully. I suggested that we should NOT “follow the script written by the banksters,” should NOT fight black against white against brown, but should prosecute the guilty and leave the innocent alone. What part of that do you find objectionable? Do you want race war? Do you want to let the guilty go free? Do you want to punish the innocent? Use your head.

              I have PLENTY of verifiable references for anyone who wants to challenge me on any factual matter of history herein.

              For starters, do this: Google “Judea declares war on Germany.” Pick your favorite source. Notice the date of the World Jewish Congress declaration of war on Germany—as I said, the FIRST declaration of war in the runup to WW2, long before any German military action or camps. So—who really started the war?

              Then review the pre-WW2 revolutions, who led them, how many were killed, and who did the killing. Start here:
              See Part 1, especially “JEWISH TESTIMONY,” at
              AND here:
              There is no shortage of evidence, but you might actually have to read a book or two.

              While the killing was going on Judaic organizations and their press were boasting about how Communism was theirs. Since the body counts became general knowledge, they have been falling all over themselves to deny any involvement. Just like Jesus said: Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15

              As to Stalin, even the Israeli newspapers admit this:

              Get a grip. Facts are facts. Deal with it. Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            • Arrrggh… typo correction: “For the life of me…”

            • As to Daisy’s question “if [I] am one of those people…”, I say again “Prosecute the guilty; leave the innocent alone—no exceptions for ethnicity or race.” What part of that don’t you understand?

              Most definitely, I do NOT believe in the Judaic concept of INHERITED collective guilt. Today’s Germans who were not even alive in WW2 owe NOTHING for anything in WW2.
              Today’s Americans owe NOTHING for 17th through 19th century evils.

              If we logically apply THEIR principle of INHERITED collective guilt, then EVERY “Jew” that has been and ever will be born will be responsible for what “Jews” did in the first century AD, Inmestar, Trent, medieval Spain, medieval Poland, the slave trade, pre-WW2 Europe, Palestine, etc. Crazy, huh???!!!

              Are you really responsible for what your great-great-grandfather did? NUTS!

        • Daisy: They have already done that Its called NAFTA and The Great Conspiracy that has culminated in the transfer of 42,400 factories under GWB.

          Thats why 45 million Americans, (probably including BJ and his family), are on food stamps and 20% of Americans are out of work.

          • amen, brotha

          • Nafta was just 1 item needed for the globalist elite to commence the process.
            Douchebags in DC, work for them, not you or I.
            It is not coming, it is active and working thru the system. The empire has to change for the global governing. Only problem is, our collective ponzi scheme must end. Don’t give a shit, over half of what you got, is not earned. Too much debt in the system.
            If you made money on something that was derived from debt that will never be paid back, ie gov job, contract work, housing, construction, and on and on, it ain’t REAL~~

      17. I agree and think housing is going to fall a lot lower and have thought for a while that it should!. The real estate bubble has not lost all of it inflated air yet and many homes are still ridiculously priced. Unfortunately, a lot of things are ridiculously going up as well

      18. The corporation has the people busy watching them rearrange the deck chairs while the gaping hole in the side of the allows water rush in.

        The ship’s bow has inclined 10 degrees into the air and people are still watching them rearrange the deck chairs. The Obamas and Bernankes are trying to convince the passengers that the tilting is normal and they have it all under control. While the inclination increases, Obama and the White House propaganda crew try to convince us that its actually getting better.

        This is what happens when a people are government by a corporation. Our entire system is a ruse. The Act of 1871 set it all off and 99% of the uSA is still blind to what happened. 230 years later, the slave traders have most of us completely in chains. Oh, certainly, not physical chains, chains made of ideas and concepts. Break those chains.

        Get the full story:

        Also, do you have security? Water? Food? Shelter? Guns? It doesn’t take as much as you might think.

        • NetRanger: The Biggest lie is that FREE TRADE is a FREEDOM, when it is managed trade of the GB’s, by the GB’s, and for the GB’s. That is the economic chain that is enslaving America.

          That chain must be broken if the American people are ever going to master their destiny again.

          Traitors must be punished. A $200 billion lawsuit isn’t enough.

          • Again, the word magic. “FREE” trade is nothing but robbery, raping and pillaging of the resources of America. You bring up an excellent point.

            Its funny how the “TRADE” is free to the outside but inside, “TRADE” gets the living crap taxed out of it.

          • There is a street named after these “free trade” agreements…One Way.

            Closest thing to a “free trade” agreement is to make like a mirror.

      19. Gold and silver will eventually be bubbles themselves…..far greater in size than even the housing bubble. Why? Because there will be nothing left for the banking/economic mandarins to create a bubble with…..

        Imagine, before the gold/silver bubble eventually bursts…. buying an unoccupied house from the bank for an ounce of silver….or a whole city block for an ounce of gold??? It will be like Weimar Germany all over again except that America is colonized by half-educated, free-money parasites from all over the world instead of united citizens of the same language and herritage.

        I’ll sell my 8 ounces of gold when it hits $5K and ounce and wipe-out my credit card debt x 2.

        I’m going forward with food storage, weapons/ammo, gardening, seed banking and improving my technical skills to work for barter….having gold or silver on you when this whole thing goes down & before the bubble bursts might just get you killed for it.

        • And you think that water, food, and supplies won’t???
          My greatest fear…I’m prepped, no guards.

        • DrP: Forget the credit cards, its unsecured debt. You will need to find a trade for your gold or pay taxes on the profit.

          • I don’t think physical bullion purchases or sales are taxable.. are they ?

            • SNS: Anything over $600 is now reportable and therefore taxable. There are ways to legally skirt that issue as Uncle Ben says that “gold is not money” so it can be “exchanged” in various ways, depending upon the size and “like kind” nature of the transaction.

              And prospectors who sell about a third of an oz at a time, to any particular buyer, on any day of the week, as a separate transaction, need not report the sale.

            • Ok thanks. Figures. What about pawn shops ? I’ve never sold any at them, but I sure have bought it there; for cash and I didn’t sign anything.. if I sell, do you know if there is “paperwork” then ?

            • SNS: Pawn shops usually make 25-30% on their money, like venture capitalists, who like to “average” at least 30% on their portfolio, after sorting through the winners and losers. So, I would suspect that they would not give top dollar for your gold.

              A gold buyer for “pure gold” is only going to give you about 85% at best. Your best bet is to find a prospecting, detecting, or treasure supply shop near you and cultivate a relationship with the owner.

              If he is buying he is keeping and may give you the best price. Some links for this at SHTF Mining / Mining Clubs; which may locate buyers near you in these clubs.

            • Yes they are, unless they are made in small seperate purchases; any bullion purchase over $10k you have to file with the IRS as reportable income; who knew, not me, but obviously the dealer did when he reported the purchase, I sold some of my 401k in 2004 to buy a little gold security and paid the penelties on early withdrawl too, I wish I never made that mistake in 2004. Now that gold has gone up the IRS wants a percent of the income they claim I am making on my gold because of what this dealer did. If I sell all of it on current market value I still wouldn’t owe what the total of income and interest they claim I owe them. As gold has risen so did each tax bracket I jumped based on the value of what I purchased and its increase.

              Also these dealers/buyers are reporting who buys and sells what and the qty even if they say they aren’t. I know this because of the IRS and their audit I am going through. Remember there is only so much gold on the planet and they (T.P.T.B.) want to know where it is at IMOA

              Oh and I’ll give you 3 guesses on which major gold dealer I went to and you’d probaly get it in 1. Watch out if your buying…(Some reputation when they are just a front for the GOV)

            • Obummercare 1099 rule applies. How convnenient.

        • I’ll sell my 5 Gold coins when it hits $10,000 oz. or maybe trade for some good land.
          $5,000 Gold ,I think , still will not be a “Gold bubble”

          and as for Silver, I think we will see $100 Silver or more…

          Bob has been correct so far

          • The only problem I see there is the fact that land(especially good farm land) is valuable and if gold gets to 5000 an oz then land will become (perhaps) unavailable at any price,and certainly not for FRN,the gold itself perhaps but not for paper promises….buy a bit of ground now if you can…later may be too late,something to consider!

          • who is going to want to give up good land for a few ounces of gold?
            Well maybe if the global banker owns it, and then taxes the rest of your gold away.
            Great plan, ain’t. Child’s play, indeed.

      20. Listen, if the U.S. dollar fails completely you will need gold and/or silver to buy the new currency that the criminal elites will peddle to the world. If you keep any U.S. dollar denominated paper assets you will lose your savings, investments, and retirement. So yes, go buy your beans and bullets. But make damn sure you can transition to the new currency scheme when the U.S. dollar dies. Gold and silver should be purchased for just that eventuality.

      21. You want good news? Go to websites promoting stocks. You want bad news? Go to websites promoting gold, and other commodities. Mix the info together and sprinkle on some news from independent websites and, presto, you have a balanced picture of the economic soup. Yummie!

      22. Hmmm lots of good points but I have to ask. If gold is a way to judge the peoples panic mode then why has it dropped from $1826 to $1602? Would somebody like to explain this to a country man please..

        • DPS: Its called profit taking. The price drops on the sale, then the big boys reload.

        • Where did you find a price of $1602 an OZ? As far as I can see right now it is $1888.70 an oz.

      23. When you are truly starving and hungry you will give all your gold and silver away for one loaf of bread. Thats why i wont have gold or silver because i will use the money i would have invested in gold or silver to buy more beans and bullets. Bullets will be worth more than gold when it truly gets bad.

        • That reminds me I need to grind some more wheat……..

        • are not very bright

      24. Well said all.. however, please consider this. Currently, with the exception of individual barter situations, we only have one vehicle for universal trade and that is the Fiat dollar. With few exceptions, none of us can “opt out” in a real way ( gas, electricity, mortgage, food, taxes etc. ). Consequently, again with few exceptions, although most of us may have gold/silver etc, we still maintain most of our fiat wealth in fiat currency. That being said, I personally choose to put the fiat to work making more fiat with which, until the SHTF fiat wise, I can use to buy real tangibles and at least keep even with, if not ahead of inflation and value depreciation. If you have a surplus of fiat, put it to work in whatever way you see fit; paper gold / silver, commodity ETF, dividend stocks, whatever. Until you choose to convert your fiat into tangibles of whatever flavor; you might as well have as much fiat to ultimately convert as possible. I know a lot will poo-poo this claiming to be “out” of the system; come on… you got to live somewhere and everywhere has taxes and costs; none of those taxes or costs can be paid by barter but only with fiat.

        • Wrong Barter has been going on since the beginning of time, still is. Many women barter their wares on a daily basis, dont beleive me, look at prostitutes, they have made a really good tax free living for a long time.

          • Yes, usually for fiat currency, since they have to pay taxes, rent and buy food, gas, cloths and lots of antibiotics…. Bad analogy..

            • I bought a barely used Remington 700 in .308 with a 4-9 x 40 scope and a few box of ammo for 20 Liberty Dollars (1 oz Silvers) from a guy I know who’s arthritis in his knees prevents him from hunting now. I could have gotten a bit more money on E-bay, but it isn’t worth the hassle. We’re both happy. He received silver which he ( & I) believe is going to go much higher. I unloaded the Liberty’s I had bought for around $20 a few years ago and got a nice firearm in return. Per the article Mac posted a couple of days ago I can honestly say I traded them in case the SS ever shows up (I for one doubt they would waste the time on myself). I still have “some” other silvers in Eagles, Maples, Philharmonics and my personal favorite the Australian Lunars in safe locations.

              Better analogy?

            • Bad Retort, Fiat money that still spends, no taxes at all because they take cash only and dont report, rent yes, food no, they use food stamps and no gas as most walk and do not have cars, or they have people that drive them to see clients, and no Anti Biotics because most use condoms, so you are Wrong on many fronts! And how do I know all this? I live in Las Vegas!!

          • “look at prostitutes, they have made a really good tax free living for a long time.”

            Well except for the ones that tried to turn a trick with the Green River Killer.

        • If you read the original post, there is nothing that is wrong. It is 100% correct and reflects life as it is today. OK.. so one time I traded 7 chickens for 10 fruit trees.. true story. I guess that means that because there was one, or perhaps several barter deals; all the fiat currency should just be ignored or thrown in the street. If you’re planning to throw out yours, just give me a heads up first.. I am not above sweeping the streets…

      25. Well said Sam not sam. That is reality (for now) until we have another (new) reality.

      26. Here is something to think about when the SHTF, I’d wager that precious metals will be outlawed and confiscated. But then again, the law is already on the books giving DHS/FEMA/NORTHCOM broad powers and the authority to confiscate food, transportation and a very long list of anything people can use for survival.

        Keep a low profile!

        • If the gubmint takes an interest in you they will take your guns, gold, food, whatever. It simplifies things for them if you end up dead or in some detention camp and their version of what happened cannot be questioned.

          I can see things getting like Nazi Germany where everyone is just glad it wasn’t them and they just keep their mouths shut (it’sa lot like that now)

      27. Babylon is falling. Don’t take the mark, chip.

        • Iowa: Check it out for yourself, its already in the health care bill. That is why the Bilderbergs stated by 2017 they want all on the planet chipped. More proof they are gonna fleece this country until they collapse it, then New World disorder time!

        • You’re right on Iowa!
          Christians, do not take the mark, or as clearly stated here, your end is eternal suffering in the lake of fire.

          Then a third angel followed them, saying with a loud voice, “If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand, he himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out full strength into the cup of His indignation.

          And he shall be tormented with fire and brimstone in the presence of the holy angels and in the presence of the Lamb. And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.”

          Here is the patience of the saints; here are those who keep the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.” (Revelation 14:9-11)

      28. Skills will be a very important part of the survival ‘game’ in the very near future. If you don’t have any skills that are in demand in a post SHTF world …. then you may not survive.

        You may have all the wheat stored that you and your family will ever need. You also have that really nifty hand cranked grinder for your wheat. But what will you do for yeast to bake bread with? Yeast has only a very limited shelf life. Do you know how to make a sour-dough ‘starter’ to bake with?

        Knowledge, information and skills may well be the difference between life and death in a post SHTF world. I have a binder full of information that I am gathering together. I have both hard copy and have also stored the information on a jump-drive. Spend the $10 or so and get yourself a copy of the Boyscout Handbook; you will be surprised at the amount of useful information it contains.

        God Bless and good luck to you and yours.

        • Excellent idea! Just went to the Boy Scout stuff website (yeah I’m a geek) and bought the handbook (spiral edition) a paracord bracelt, stormproof match container and just for the heck of it a(n) harmonica. I definitely need some practice on knots and the harmonica playing can’t be any worse than my singing.

          • Yo Seth –

            Check out:


            It’s a repository of a lot of the ‘old’ information published by the Boy Scouts over the years. I especially like the little booklet on knots that you can download, print and assemble into a 4.5″ x 5.5″ pocket sized booklet. I print them up and give them to folks that I know that I feel will appreciate them. They make great ‘stocking-stuffers’ at Christmas time.

            You can NEVER have too much paracord!!! The instructions for the bracelets are all over the internet. I know a lady who makes a respectable cash income on the side making custom bracelets for others.

            God Bless & good luck to all. Everyone please enjoy a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend.

        • MadMarkie

          Go to the motherearth news web site and search for homemade yeast, hundreds of different ways to make yeast.

      29. You need enough prepwork to last 7 years and it needs to be able to fit into a backpack LOL

        There will be no “recovery” period after the shtf.

        The probability of you surviving shtf until The King returns…
        Less than 1%

        After the last of the believers are beheaded (for not getting chipped? religious intolerance?) then God will cleanse the Earth for His Sons return.

        Frankly, you need to give all that food away at that particular time or you will never enter The Kingdom.

        Prep your soul now and today. By His Grace only.

        • Beheading—pay attention to the promotion of the “Noahide Laws.”

          “If a Noahite is striving in the learning of Torah… reveals new aspects of Torah, he may be PHYSICALLY RESTRAINED and informed that he is liable for CAPITAL PUNISHMENT… If the court that is established in consonance with the Seven Universal Laws gives the DEATH PENALTY to a Noahite, the EXECUTION is an atonement for the person’s past transgression… Furthermore, the Noahite must experience REINCARNATION to be able to atone for transgressions he has done.” Chaim Clorfene & Yakov Rogalsky, “The Path of the Righteous Gentile: An Introduction to the Seven Laws of the children of Noah,” (Feldheim Publishers, 1987) p. 42 (The book bears an official letter of approval of its contents by Rabbi Mendel Feldman, Shearith Israel Congregation.)

          “The Christians are idolaters, and Sunday is their holiday…” [Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Avodah Zorah, 9;4]

          “The Christians are worshipers of Avodah Zorah [“idolatry”]” [Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Ma’akhalot Assurot, 11:7]

          “It is a mitzvah [religious duty], however, to eradicate Jewish traitors, minim [Christians], and apikorsim, [“heretics,” i.e., sincere Judaic converts to Christianity] and to cause them to descend to the pit of destruction, since they cause difficulty to the Jews and sway the people away from God, as did Jesus of Nazareth and his students, and Tzadok, Baithos, and their students. May the name of the wicked rot.” [Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10]

          “… a gentile who worships false gods is liable, [for the death penalty] provided he worships them in the accepted manner [in other words, insincere worship such as (1) faking worship to obtain business or social advantage, as the Marranos, or (2) denying Jesus’ divinity, does not earn the death penalty]. A gentile is executed for every type of foreign worship which a Jewish court would consider worthy of capital punishment.” [Maimonides, Hilchot Melachim XI, Mishneh Torah]

          The Jewish Encyclopedia affirms that the punishment for Christian “idolatry” is beheading. See:
          “Laws, Noachian,” Jewish Encyclopedia entry,

          Maimonides legislates that it is incumbent upon the Jewish people even to coerce the rest of the world if necessary to accept the Noahide laws [Mishneh Torah , Laws of Kings 8,10] … we certainly must proselytize every human being to keep those seven laws.” (Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation

          The rabbis teach that Jesus Himself was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], even teaching such insanities as claiming that Jesus worshipped a brick. [Babylonian Talmud Sanhedrin 67a, 107b] There are, of course, other numerous scurrilous accusations against Jesus in the Talmud and rabbinical literature. Though the passages have been denied and expurgated Talmud editions have been published, often using code words for Jesus, Princeton Professor and Director of JUDAIC Studies Peter Schafer has examined dozens of Talmud editions in the original and vernacular languages. Schafer not only adduces the explicit references to Jesus of Nazareth, but he also traces the code words used in the Talmud editions expurgated and sanitized for Gentile consumption. Schafer traces from edition to tractate to folio how “Balaam,” “that man,” “the carpenter,” “ben Pandera” (son of Pandera), the blank spaces, and the rest of the code words refer to Jesus of Nazareth. In his book “Jesus in the Talmud” (ISBN 13: 978-0691129266) Schafer has affirmed that the Talmud teaches that that Jesus was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b], was a “mamzer” [bastard] conceived adulterously in “niddah” [menstrual filth] by a Roman soldier named Pandera [Kallah 51a] of a whore [Sanhedrin 106a] and that He is now in Hell boiling in feces and, in some editions because Jesus is accused of sexual perversion, semen [Gittin 57a]. Schafer documents much more, including the Talmud claim that the Sanhedrin justly executed Jesus because he was an idolater [Sanhedrin 43a, 107b] who worshipped a brick [Sanhedrin 67a], even boasting that the Sanhedrin overcame Roman opposition to the execution of Jesus [Sanhedrin 43a].

          In the context of Noachide Laws, why is this important? Because idoloaters are liable for execution by beheading under halacha, Torah Law.

          Practicing Christians worship Jesus as True God and True man, hence, under Torah law, are idolaters liable for execution.

          • No matter what your mommie says, you REALLY should keep taking your meds..

            • Sam not Sam, apparently you have no data to refute the references I have provided. You can do what I did—verify every word by checking the references in the Judaica section of your local university or theological library.

          • Whew….glad you threw in that last line. It places you on level par with Muslim terrorists, white supremisists and most government agencies!

            • sure got a burr up your saddle John Q. Public…
              actually Stalin, was not a Jew…he did have a particular dislike for Jews, Gypsies and other assorted folk…before during and after WW 2. Both he and Lenin did not like any religion…opiates for the masses if I recall..during the Russian Revolution, it was the good Protestants, Orthodox, and Jews that took the full brunt of 1937, Stalin brought electricity to the countryside…if you were not one of the few chosen ones, your village was effectively denied this and your family, your friends and every one there died…it is estimated that up to 70 million assorted Russians were killed in these purges…due to one man’s madness…no religion can quote history to your hearts content, but bottom line, “we” as a collective country, did not stop our government, our lawyers, our bankers by our voices and our votes so we in that sense share the blame…currently and now for what happened.
              now for a little balanced information…you might want to check out this website to enlighten your self on just how Jews have been given a little bit of a bum rap…
              and the term for you and your bit of diatribe is Antisemitism…

              and I have traveled to Russia and seen for myself what such behavior begets…
              thanks GHB for nailing it right on the head…
              old John Q. is not someone I would want to be on the island with, probably would vote him off the island.
              Remember folks…beans, bullets and buillion…mozel tav to all!

            • Breadmomma, I bear you no ill will, but are you seriously suggesting that link is a balanced assessment? The “burr” is TRUTH. I am tired of falsified history and falsified current events. I am especially tired of falsified history being used to justify current atrocities and genocide.

              Notice that most of the references I have provided are from Judaic sources: the Talmud, the “Great Rambam’s” Mishneh Torah, other rabbinical literature, Jewish testimony, and Israeli newspapers and websites. All the references are from books and websites that you may check yourself.

              Or you can simply follow the ADL playbook: toss out the ritual epithets and rend your garments hoping to distract from the verifiable facts.

          • John, regardl;ess of the errorsin the TALMUD, NOT a Holy Book, Jesus is not mad at those whom the Father blinded and i have bigger fish to worry about. Secondly, the JEEEWWWS did NOT kill Yeheshuah, YOU did, ME TOO> Thefact that as per Genesis’s prophesy of Yeshrael or Ja’acov ( if that’s not too Jewish for you) or Jacob if it is. “The scepter ( IE Power of life and death capital p[unishment-see Esther AKA Yehuda Girl Hadassah) shall not deprt from Judah “( Judea -the remnant of the divided kingdon, “Nor a lawgiver ( the staff of Aaron and the priestly oreder or the legislative power as the staff usually rested between the feet when sittin) from between his feet” Til Shiloh has come” ( Shiloh being ‘He who has earned the right to rule” IE If the “ooooos”had been capable of killing Jesus IE he had “allowed them to” he would have, by statute from Mt. Horeb , been a rockpile cause That was the only means of exceution availble since 1 1446 BC exodus chap.20
            Jesus is not boiling in anything and he does not even hold it against the Joos who think they are devout because the did as expected, blinded and rejected their Mashiach so that the branch could be grafted in. PS. You ain’t fooling anybody Ratzinger! PPS Can you get me ein ride to South Amrica please? Danka!

        • John Q, do you just come here to espouse Anti-Semite views? Get a new hobby.

          • The full quote is “religion is the opiate of the people, as it is easily tinged with socialism”. So, Marx and his ilk liked religion as a tool against the Christians. The Marxists were subverting Christianity, and still are. Communism is anti-christian. It WAS initially a Jewish invention, that explains much of the dislike for Jews, not anti-semitism.

          • As you may discern if you read my posts carefully, Daisy, we have much in common—a belief in falsified history and the careless use of ritual epithets to choke off consideration of inconvenient and verifiable truths are not things we have in common.

            Is the Talmud “antisemitic”? Are Israeli newspapers “antisemitic”? Is the Israeli government “antisemitic”? Is history “antisemitic”?

            Think and respond carefully, PLEASE.

            THREE ISRAELI papers (Ma’ariv, Ha’aretz, and the Jerusalem Post) reported on a book published by a RABBI (Yitzhak Shapiro) who is funded by the ISRAELI government elaborating on the teachings of the TALMUD:

            Does what THEY say and do make ME “antisemitic”?

            Think and respond carefully, PLEASE.

            • Hydrogen Peroxide is antisemitic ain’t it? I oput some on my foot and it got well.

          • A corollary question that may help your thinking on the subject, Daisy.

            If the US government advocates and commits horrible atrocities and the US press reports on those atrocities, are you a “domestic terrorist”?

        • You really should read ‘The Road’ by Cormac McCarthy. Types like you love it.

      30. These morons deserve everything that is coming their way! Too bad everyone else has to go down the toilet with them!

        • + 10000000000

      31. It’s funny how the same old story’s get repeated in the comments section when the topic of Gold/Silver ownership comes up.

        There are those that have it as an investment, to make “more” money.

        There are those that have it specifically to protect one’s wealth (as the dollar loses it’s value).

        There are those that have it because they (think) have everything else then need to ride out the storm and gold/silver can be used to barter if the time comes when that’s the method used in exchanging goods or, to purchase the “next” currency after the present one crashes and burns.

        There are those that have gold/silver but very few provisions for riding out the storm. They will “buy their way out”, they think.

        There are those who don’t have it because they don’t see it’s value, e.g. can’t eat it, can’t drink it, can’t smoke it, can’t breath it…

        There are those that don’t have it because they would rather spend their hard earned dollars continuing the accumulation of the basic provisions that sustain life.

        There are those that don’t have it because they can’t afford it.

        Personally, I think it comes down to priorities and timing.
        If you have the money, get it all, everything, i.e. food, water, shelter, security, land, means for living off the grid, gold/silver, etc., etc., etc. the sooner the better.

        If you don’t have the money then get what you can. SImple as that.

        If you don’t have the money, then get with others that do and collect the basics, as a group, from there.

        BUT, IF YOU DON’T HAVE THE MONEY, DON’T RESENT THOSE THAT DO HAVE THE MONEY (TO BUY GOLD). AND, DON’T TURN AROUND AND MAKE FEEBLE EXCUSES WHY PURCHASING GOLD IS A BAD IDEA. Any intelligent person who knows their stuff will tell you to get the basics and if you can afford it, then get some gold and silver. That’s the bottom line, here. It can’t get anymore simpler or clearer than that.

        A year from now, when spot gold is pushing $3000 range and silver is pushing $100 and a bag of rice has tripled in price, the same people will still be making the same comments, however, the only thing that will change aside from the wise ones sleeping more soundly (knowing what relative security affords them with gold and silver buried in their organic vegetable garden in the back yard), will be the amount of money chronic complainers (who resent gold bugs), spend on dental bills for Bruxism.

        • I agree. I have been busy for the last two years (about the time I took the red pill) trying to catch up like crazy just getting the the beans and bullets and tp. I keep thinking one of these days I might have enough for silver but then I think of another prep I need, but if I COULD afford it, you bet I’d have me some pm’s too. Looking around for a group to join too so I’m not sitting in the middle of my 10 little acres on the prairie like a sitting duck. oh well, you do what ya can…….

          • Try buying fractional silver. APMEX sell 1/10, 1/4, 1/2 oz rounds. I am fortunate (Thank You God) and have a job where I can work overime and get extra money for PM’s. I understand that there are less fortunate, but having a few pieces of silver may go a long way soon.

        • It seems to me that the same ole story gets repeated in the comments section comes up no matter what the subject is

        • I agree with you EA. Mac’s articles are being promoted at many other places. “Some” of the people here are so behind and they refuse to listen to common cents. These people drag. Get on the step and learn how to ski… The boat is not going to keep trying to pull these people up. Basic’s first if you don’t have the cash flow now or the smart’s, years ago. Fuck’in deal with it! Go big to keep you comfortable where your at and suc it up! Who is doing the work here? Mac is!!!!!!!

          • If not the funds, get busy selling whatever you can to buy your babies some ramen noodles, rice, and viennas–do you really need $90 a month for cable??…and anyone with a damn 2 liter can store water.
            Get to it!!!

            • Don’t buy ramen noodles, there is absolutely no nutritional value in them. Get the basics and learn to cook from scratch.

        • Thank you european american… that’s exactly what I’ve said many times in the past on this whole debate over pm’s and food/weapons/ammo stock piling. I’ve been covering my ass on all aspects and will continue to do so until it’s no longer possible.

        • These same people say “money can’t buy happiness”.

          True, but it CAN relieve a lot of misery.

        • Excellent analysis!


          Talk to this guy. This needs an article devoted to this subject. I could write an article based on his diatribe above.

          Bravo, EA! BRAVO!

        • Right on. I find 99% of those disparaging can’t eat gold comments are simply people who didn’t buy it at $500 or less when they could have. I’d probably be jealous too if I hadn’t bought several hundred ounces of silver at $5.25 decades ago and held it. I’m even glad I got some new silver last fall. I’d be really bummed right now if I had none.

        • I have been trying to get the guys I work with into silver and gold since they were $10 & $300 respectively (I believed it was the Christian thing to do). Now they are all telling me it is too expensive. I answer with “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. I bought a boat load @ around an average of $11 an oz for AG, sold just enough @ $47 to cover my inital expense, still got a quite a bit. Same with AU. Believe me I am no genius, just able to see the writing on the wall.

          • Oh ! How I wish I had started reading this site at $11/oz….. Didn’t start buying junk and 1oz rounds until it was $19/oz ! All in all, I am still ahead and will keep buying…

            • “boat load” I like that!

          • I prefer the term ” metric crap ton” much bigger than a boat load…will be adding to my silver this week…meebee some gold if I can figure it out budget wise…

          • you were smart to do what you did. Now is the time to not tell anyone anything else. These ‘friends” will remember who has the gold. Many in the prepper community that I know have stopped warning folks of what’s coming. They just mind there own business, and take care of themselves. Hungry people will remember who have supplies, and if they know where you live, they will be at your doorstep, awaiting your charity. clam up for the safety of your family. we all don’t have very much longer to prep. Spend the time wisely.

            • WWII slogan: “Loose lips sink ships.”

        • I couldnt agree with you more

        • thank you

        • you pretty much summed up what many of us are thinking. nicely put. Everyone does the best with what they have available. I hesitate to spend all my funds on metals, as I need some for other purposes. But with prices going up daily sometimes, it makes more sense to buy what you need now, as it’s only going to get more expensive.
          The most important thing is to have a plan and work it. I must confess that i find it amusing to listen to these media hacks attack the ownership of gold and silver as being in a bubble. if it’s in a bubble, I love it. I intend to ride the bubble for a while. I’m aware of the risks, and that’s ok with me. Keep stackin.

      32. Speaking of getting wild.. here is a website that sells heirloom veggie seeds. I can’t recommend them enough; you can find some stuff here that I haven’t been able to find anywhere else. www dot rareseed dot com . Since I was raised on a farm, I don’t need any practice growing food; but I bet many could use some. These are all open pollinated, meaning you can save the seed and they come back true to the parent. again..

        www dot rareseed dot com

      33. September and October are fixing to be real interesting for the world economy and the Middle East conflicts. We had an earthquake in Virginia, hurricane flooding in Vermont, never ending radiation from Japan, flash mobs all over the US, that movie 2012 got nothing on us. And we’re just getting started.

        • And the track of Katia is not looking great at the moment either.. they have it hard curving and staying out to sea; but if it doesn’t turn soon enough… Yeowch..

          • Just getting over Irene here in Upstate NY. If’n Katia hits ….I ain’t gonna be happy.

      34. The 85% collapse in farm prices during the Depression does not apply to farmland today, as a piece of “bottom land” was the real estate market of the day when Americans were primarily farmers.

        As Armstrong points out in the link, the contraction of the 30’s represented a deflationary collapse without sufficient liquidity: meaning too little money chasing too much property.

        Thus the price collapse for farmland, but not for a lack of demand, as people still had to eat. There was just no income and no money. So a little inflation is a good thing. The alternative may be starvation.

        Curiously this dramatic drop in the price of farmland during this time period also coincided with the dust bowl that drove many okies to California in search of land and jobs.

        The parallel today may be in housing prices rather than farmland as the demographics for each is quite different now, and global demand for food is not going to dimminish anytime soon, thus while SFR’s may continue to decline in value, arable land will increase in price.

        So,farmland, under pressure from increased global demand for food and eratic weather patterns from earth changes, will be the ticket to wealth and self preservation today.

        Get some when your gold goes through the roof: they ain’t making anymore of it.

        If you own gold but not land, keep an eye on the land market now, do your research and keep track of what is happening so that the moment the opportunity arrives you are prepared to act.

      35. Will my 5 oz’s of Gold buy some good land? maybe ,when Gold hits $10.000 per oz.
        I will call it a bubble when Gold hits $10,000.

        • I’d figure you will see that in about 3 years. Again I ain’t no genius, just able to see the writing on the wall through my cokebottle glasses.

      36. Yea tho I walk thru the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the baddest Muthah in the valley. Thank goodness it’s a very small valley, and well lit.

        • Too funny! Thanks for the laugh. It’s been a long week.

      37. Also heard something pretty bad the other day. It might be a false flag type of operation. My police contact tells me that the Fusion Teams (local cops associated with homeland security) are being told to expect an attack on school kids somewhere in the US, by a group of 4 or 5 “terrorists”. Like the attack in Beslan, Russia some years ago. I hope it’s BS. When I worked for an Airline, we received a generalized warning about a possible terror attack, about a month before 9/11.

        • That could be a HUGE tipping point for some people against a certain not to be named religious group.

      38. I have noticed all over the place…buy your gold, silver coins. etc…any guess as to who is behind all this frenzied gold buying? Front folks? just curious is anyone else has spied this …saw this all up and down the Oregon coast of late…

        • the Government is buying most of it, I’d imagine the Chinese and Russians are buying the rest, but who really knows..

      39. “VRF says:
        September 3, 2011 at 12:28 pm True words..

        never barter a gun, or ammo

        Depends on what you need to barter for. For whatever reason maybe you need extra food, a certain critical medicine for a loved one, something essential that takes things to there.

        Two things about never bartering for the foregoing. First, never say never. Second, if you’re going to barter make sure that whenever possible you do it well away from where you reside, where you’re not known per se, and that you have ‘backup’ in case things get frisky. Preferrably visible to all concerned that such backup does indeed exist if called upon. Obviously if you’re going to go thru the hassle and risk of bartering within this ‘commodity’ field with strangers most likely you hope it to be well worth your while.

        Most imporantly make it clear to the other party that the meeting place will be on your terms and that you won’t tolerate any shenanigans such as being followed after the exchange has been done, etc. You better have a bad ass no-nonsense attitude here or stay out.

        Bottomline, trust no one until you’ve established a comfortable relationship, and always deal with each situation outside of that comfort zone on your terms else walk away from it. G&A will be serious business in a collapse and most assuredly plenty of unsavory characters will be around to play in that field but again depending on the situation at hand you may have no choice but to play in it too.

        So if you have to play there at least be prepared logistically now in your mind on how you will handle most situations if the time comes.


        • I still think I would be smart enough to find another means of barter, then to hand a stranger of unknown purpose, a gun in times of S Hitting the fan.

          food? no way..i can get food with that gun because i know how.

          medicine? i dont think many doctors are going to want to trade that skill for a or silver maybe..or food if they are hungry..but i wouldnt suggest a gun, especially if it were the only one i had left.

          maybe thats just me..good luck with that

      40. This was painful to read. I can’t agree with buying gold, silver, etc. Another pointless asset. Why invest in anything that has no physical worth? Who dictates these prices? Emergency Food Storage recently wrote an article about where to invest money and I believe it’s true – Invest in the things you NEED. The things that will keep you alive. These are the things that will never depreciate in value.

        • Alexandra,

          Hmmm. Do you think “emergency food storage” has an agenda?

          Maybe they rather have you spend money on their product instead of a form of wealth?

          I would suggest reading what “European American” says on September 3 2011 at 3:05 above – I couldn’t have said it better.

          Unless you have unlimited source of food and essentials and have no need for any type of currency, than I might agree with you in your circumstance.

          – But – To each his/her own!

        • This was painful to read.

          • You can’t eat your gold and silver. The recommended course of action is to give it to me.

            • yes ben….. give it to you in exchange for food or something else needed…..

        • So, Alexandra is what you’re saying TPTB can dictate the gold value and many will give a chit…but TPTB can dictate the value of our food, ammo, water, and supplies and we DON”T give a chit????
          We are sisters.

      41. gold and silver are good for inflation hedges under current trends. in an actuall collapse you will need food, shelter, ect. gold and silver will be good for barter and paying taxes on land. basic logic we all can see.

        gold and silver are also great insurance policies for job loss, medical bills, unexpected death, retirment suplliments, ect. There are many reasons to buy PM that do not have anything to do with a emergencies or collapse.

        • Nicely put Rachel.

      42. As mentioned for some time, S&P500 monthly chart has been tracking sideways this year.

        This extensive distribution signified a bearish big picture and that a new downtrend would develop.

        My long term indicators still warn of significant US Dollar strength and EURUSD weakness.

      43. What many of you forget is that you can only store so much food, guns, and ammo. What’s more, these things are easily taken from you – by theft, fire, the US Government swat team thugs, etc and etc.

        So what we do is stock up on beans, bullets, and band-aids. Then, when these are in place, we put the remainder of wealth into gold and silver.

        Why? Because gold and silver cannot be destroyed by fire, etc. And it is a condensed form of wealth that can hidden away from thugs of all sorts.

        So get your food and other necessities in order. THEN, put the rest of your wealth into metals.

        • some well placed holes in the ground can make many things dissapear. if it can’t be found, it can’t be taken.

      44. Repeat after me!

        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills
        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills

        If you fail to can
        you can only fail.

        Stay on the plan
        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills

        Lemmeeseenow, where was I?

        Oh, yea

        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills
        #10 cans, crisp $10 bills


        • for once, I actually agree with you.

      45. from what I’ve been watching lately are the food shortage issue coming front and center.
        we have had droughts, floods, tornadoes and hurricanes and fires all do major damage to food crops, not just this year and not just here int he USofA..all over. , its getting probably wont take much to push a possible food crisis on us..prices are going up, quantities going down for the same price etc..

        stored food will be the new gold and ability to produce food will be priceless..How much gold would you give to eat?

        • I am a chef and am seeing food prices rice 25 to 30 percent in one month on commodities such as flour, sugar, etc…meat and dairy are getting scary and it isn’t even the holiday seasons as yet…we are in for a really bitter time if we don’t set aside enought…beans, bullets and bullion…ok bandaids too…

          • I think preppers see what you are saying, but the average sheeple doesn’t even understand why. I have been prepping for over 2 years, and just the act of buying extras of everything over that period of time, has saved me hundreds of dollars. Even if a person doesn’t think anything bad is going to happen, the money savings alone is a good reason to buy now, rather than later.

      46. True to the title of this article: Richard Heinberg’s recently released book “The End of Growth” covers all of the events leading up to this crossroads that humanity faces…including events as recent as June 2011…and it projects into the future when government atempts to pull us out of the hole fail….

        get a copy and read the future of our nation before it happens….

        • Dr. Prepper sez says:
          September 4, 2011 at 3:23 pm

          True to the title of this article: Richard Heinberg’s recently released book “The End of Growth”

          get a copy and read the future of our nation before it happens….
          The Future of America is Revelation 18.
          And visions of America’s future here;

          America will be sneak nuclear attacked and destroyed by Russia and China.

          Read Bio
          Around Asia
          Gordon G. Chang
          Is China Planning a Surprise Missile Attack?

          A retired Chinese general recently revealed that his country might be planning a surprise missile attack on the United States. The public comment of Xu Guangyu came in response to WikiLeaks revelations that last year Washington had warned its allies beforehand of China’s test of a missile interceptor.

          Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, in a classified cable sent last January 9th, instructed American embassies in Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand to notify those countries of upcoming Chinese launches two days later. The cable included details of the launch sites for the interceptor and the target, the models of the missiles, the purpose of the test, and the test date.

          Yesterday, Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post carried comments from Xu, now at the China Arms Control and Disarmament Association, to the effect that American satellites would have detected activity at the launch sites but that some of the information in the cables—specifically the types of missiles and the day of the test—must have come from a source on the ground. WikiLeaks’s release of this cable, revealing one or more American spies in China’s strategic missile corps, is perhaps the website’s most significant compromise of US security to date.

          The Hong Kong paper noted that Xu said that “if China could no longer keep secret its missile launches, it would not be able to launch a surprise attack on the US.”

          Is China really in the process of planning to destroy the American homeland with a preemptive barrage of nuclear-tipped missiles? Xu’s comment, of course, is not proof, but it does reveal that Chinese flag officers are thinking about doing so.

          Unfortunately, Xu’s hostile sentiment fits within a worrisome trend. Especially since the beginning of last year, there has been a series of belligerent comments from China’s generals, admirals, and colonels, some talking about war with the US in the near future. Last February, for instance, Colonel Meng Xianging said the People’s Liberation Army would “qualitatively upgrade” its capabilities to force a showdown on US policy toward Taiwan within the decade “when we’re strong enough for a hand-to-hand fight with the US.”

          Given the belicose statements coming from some of China’s military brass—along with China’s well-documented aggressive behavior in the South China Sea and other peripheral waters—it is difficult to imagine how Western observers can deny China’s intentions and the clashes that lie ahead. Thank you, General Xu.

          • jrsmac: You are a fucking idiot! Still trying to mix YOUR delusions with biblical prophecy? Get a life, you fucking imbecile!!!

            As far as China planning an attack on US goes, do you not think WE haven’t planned OUR attack on them?

            That is what the professionals of war do: they plan for every eventuality and include every possible scenario. As the real world changes, they adapt their plans.

            You are spreading PROPAGANDA because it has no basis in reality. There is nothing for the Chinese to gain by attacking US and everything to lose.

            Mongolia and Siberia are their NATURAL targets for the reasons I have given previously.

            You are a fucking delusional idiot!

            • amen!

          • 10 dollar oil? mike maloney…. or maybe mike balogna

            • Doom!!! on you cock breath!

            • Doom on you cockbreath!!!

      47. crisp gold coins and bars, crisp silver bars and coins
        repeat after me, gold and silver

        • * Check! 🙂

        • amen brother–keep stackin….

      48. Bitchezzz — Only Bullets!

      49. Most of their training is just morons leading morons. I’ve had a chance to watch them train in the midwest. I was greatly underwelmed. Still, they should be considered dangerous. Shoot on sight.

      50. In all truth.. I don’t think that the Black Panther Party mounts up to dried shit! because there are to many good black people in the country for their numbers to become much a threat. However having said this, I believe there will be pockets where they will be a very real threat in a (SHTF) situation. Scared and hungry people will follow whoever keeps them feed or promise to! “The stomach is GOD!” The same goes with poor white populations they are just as much a threat as the blacks or hispanics. When I’m saying poor, I’m really referring those who are (Living on government programs). Growing up on a farm as I did we never had a lot of money on hand but, we were never what I would call poor. We raised a very large garden every year we raised cattle, pigs, chickens, rabbits. I think a (SHTF) situation I think we would have faired well way back then. My family has come a very long way sense then.

        Back when I was a kid my brothers and I would dig roots for money. We used Ginseng and bloodroot and others to buy our guns and bows for hunting as well as the shot gun shells or 22 LR bullets. Our money??? we got from the land. I think one year my older brother and I made $300 bucks for selling squirrel tails to high end fly fishing retail shops. Did you say “prepper” we were bore prepping!

        • You are a prepper long before there was such a thing. The ability to scratch a living from the earth is an extremely valuable skill that not many have. You deserve an ata-boy. Just this ability alone makes it much easier to face what’s coming. This whole fiasco isn’t going to turn out well at all. Good luck.

        • You know, the Foxfire boks, I have some but they are packed away while I am renting ; illustrate many good unconvenstional ways to preserve food from piclingm sufuring and others, I especially like the strung on a needle dried green beans and peas too. As far as silver and gold i wish i could afford some but I worry that the exchange rate for some of the larger $ worth amounts would make it almost impossible to get anywhere near fair value from it. I got sone old pre 1965 coins that will have to do. Check opuit Foxfire. I have no idea what # book they are up to now. I came home from school in first grade to see my mama, Daddy and my mama;s Daddy, my granddaddy sawing up a cooked hogs head to make souse meat. I stil remember how good that was all these years later. Alternate skills……they were basic skills to my granddaddy though. Too bad we;’ve lost so many of those skills.

      51. It won’t be a black verses white issue but rather a have verses have not issue. Granted many whites will be presumed to be a have in the eyes of the black have nots. Running for safety to some white have nots will offer no security. Here is an interesting question: What happens when the white and black have nots meet?

      52. Happy Feet, Bare Foot Bandit, Kelly’s Hero’s in Lybya, We buy Gold, piss into the wind. Figure it out… Some of you are morons.

      53. This came from Jim SInclair’s web site.

        Putting into perspective for the layman…

        Here is why S&P downgraded the US credit rating.

        • U.S. Tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000
        • Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000
        • New debt: $ 1,650,000,000,000
        • National debt: $14,271,000,000,000
        • Recent budget cut: $ 38,500,000,000

        Now let’s remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget.

        • Annual family income: $21,700
        • Money the family spent: $38,200
        • New debt on the credit card: $16,500
        • Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
        • Total budget cuts: $385

        • numbers do tell the story best!are you sheeple reading this?

        • that is insanely correct!

      54. The news from Lake Okie-be-gon…
        We’ve completed the latest renovations on the okie compound. Patched up that hole in the pig pen, got the well re-primed, and we expanded the outhouse to a 3-holer, just in time for the family reunion. Both stills were workin’ and most of the really entertaining relatives were out on bail, so it was a huge success!
        Uncle Zeke brought a chainsaw and demontrated his famous woodcarving skills on a few of the highline poles along the county road. The raccoon in a tutu is a true work of art, sure hope the co-op appreciates it and leaves it up longer than the ones last year.
        Bubba stopped by too. He’s not really kin, but he’s the kind of close friend you’d hate to dis-own because then you’d never get all your tools back from him. He brought some of his wife’s potato salad. Not sure about the recipe, but it never spoils, even in 100 degree heat, and the flies won’t go near it! It’s pretty tasty too.
        Cousin Itchy (don’t ask how he got the name) played some incredible music for us. You’ve never really appreciated ‘Inagaddadavida’ till you’ve heard the full 19 minute version on an out-of-tune electric mandolin. Truly awe-inspiring. More than a few people were moved to tears (although it could have been the fumes from the potato salad)
        And, speaking of music, has anybody else noticed that country music mostly sucks nowadays? The songs are all about men who are cryin’ and having some sort of emotional pants-wetting, and the women are all tough as nails and kicking ass. Oh, Nashville! Where did you go wrong?
        The airport called and told us to turn the noise down, they couldn’t hear the planes landing.(like somebody would actually be landing at our little airport at 3am- ha!)
        I love reunions. It’s a chance to catch up on the news, and, hopefully, get back some of the money I’ve been loaning these deadbeats for the past year. Now, if I can find 2 more pairs of shoes and 3 car keys, the last of these folks will GO HOME! (anybody seen a pair of flip-flops and a Ford key on a little fuzzy dice key ring? how about a Gremlin key with a confederate flag bandana?…)

        • I only hope for green cubicles with pictures and phone #’s or at least ocean sea life curtains and triple solar fans mounted on the roof. It does have a roof, right? Maybe a little music for environmental ambient noise. I don’t have to concentrate if it’s a Stihl chainsaw. They’re awake at the airport? Welcome to Earth…

      55. Greetings Everyone!!
        No telling how far up the price of PM’s will go…
        Sheeples are beginning to sense things are getting “sloppy” in both the Federal and local level.Posted a reply to “steve”.(see above)Making friends with “unrighteous riches”(I.E. God and Co.)might be the best bet you can make given the likes of the “Steves” out there.I am getting my own “collection of like minded odds and sods”(COLMOS). By that I mean people who recognize that the good times are over at present and will get worse instead of better for some time to come.We’re experiencing the truly painful times that ALWAYS precedes massive CHANGE.That change will be the paradigm shift needed for humankind to continue to survive.It might be “Judgment Day”,or some other kind of “day of reckoning”.Not here to talk about what one should believe.Just making suggestions and putting out ideas(hopefully some worthwhile).
        Best to All
        Hug your Loved ones for me

      56. Now, let’s remove 8 zeros and pretend it’s a household budget.

        • Annual family income: $21,700
        • Money the family spent: $38,200
        • New debt on the credit card: $16,500
        • Outstanding balance on the credit card: $142,710
        • Total budget cuts: $385

        Even better, let’s remove 9 zeros and pretend it’s a monthly household budget:

        • Monthly family income: $2,170
        • Money the family spent: $3,820
        • New debt on the credit card: $1,650
        • Outstanding balance on the credit card: $14,271
        • Total budget cuts: $38

        Which makes it even more realistic to how ridiculous the entire project was/is!!!

        Prep even harder for the collapse–it’s coming soon.

      57. In Chicago they have some of the most radicalized black people ever. Nation of Islam HQ, Louis Farrakhan, The New Black Panther Party, The Original Black Panther Party, Jesse Jackson, thousands of black gangbangers, etc. You may wish it’s not a black and white thing, but in some places you’de be very wrong. Forget about the nationwide black on white flashmob violence already? For those of us that live in integrated cities, this type of anti-white violence is a daily reality. Just another reminder, when those nice black voters go to vote, they vote black. The nice black folks vote to take what you’ve got and redistribute it to them.

        • redistribute What!?

          do i owe nice black folk/black folk anything?

          maybe a coke and a smile and a stfu !

          get a job, take care of yourselves, like everyone else and quite bitching and moaning about your lives. this sense of entitlement crap has to stop. the only thing you are entitled to is the freedom to improve your lives (legally).

          • Carefull or you will have ladyhawk after you… She is collard blind.

        • Where does he get the money for all those toys? He’s my new friend.

      58. Hang Seng is down almost 600 pts – get ready for a big fall tomorrow!

      59. Just in time for the Community Organizer to give a jobs speach.

        • I live in a small town in oregon and i have many times thought that it has to be some ones place to go before city council, (of which i personally know a few members) and simply produce a plan. Not go over the top with paranoid possibilities, or ridiculous radical marshal law type of policy, but just a simple plan of action to take advantage of the natural ability of our area to sustain itself in the case of the seemingly incoming econo-collapse. Roughly 15,00 0 people to feed with abundant farm land, cattle, and a river no more than 2 miles from the center of town. I know it can be done, but how would the city council react to such a plan?

      60. The mood in America is somber. Many think our best days are behind us. Current parents are faced with the grim fact that their children will not do as well financially as they did (for the first time in U.S. history).

        The damned politicians, the Fed and crony capitalists are to blame. So are the terrorists who attacked us on 9-11 and caused us to spend TRILLIONS on wars and security issues (Homeland Security, airport security, counter-terrorism activity). Trillions that we do not have and never did have.

        Is an intact America salvagable? I sadly say that I don’t think so.

        My current strategy is to hold on to what we have and be fluid and prepared to rapidly move to the right side when there is a split. (don’t want to get stuck on the “east german” obama side)

        • Mr. B Again you bring up a few interesting thoughts. Are you able to discuss more regarding your last sentence??

          A subject I do not see mentioned here are passports. My family all have current U.S. pasports.

          Anyone here able to get a second one from a friendly country?? What was necessary to obtain it??

          Monday’s activities in Europe should bring an interesting week for PM’s TKS MM

          • Montana Mike, By fluid I mean that I am willing to leave the state I am in and leave it quickly get to another one if necessary. I hope I can stay in the continental 48.

            Remember, when the Berlin Wall went up? Families were split in half. I intend to be on the freedom side if a wall goes up here.

            Watch. Listen. Be aware. And be prepared to move…quickly.

            We do have passports and hope that we would be able to exit the country if we need to but I suspect that we would all be stuck here. Canada & Mexico would slam the borders shut and flights would be mysteriously cancelled due to chaos.

            I have family in Europe & have spoken to them about us coming there if necessary but honestly, they are worse off than us over there. And too darned close to the Middle East!!

      61. Guns, Food, Water, Ammo…and training. Gold and precious metals? For barter? If the Sh*t TRULY hits the fan, mass chaos / limited or no law and order / no sight of any recovery…only the strong will survive. Barter? ha! How about TAKE.

        Someone mentioned “breaking the law” during a time like that, what law? Most of us on here do stockpile, prep, are ready (or getting there). We are already ahead. For those who think they have it beat by stockpiling gold and silver…you’d better have some weapon skills, a good team, and some training. Why? If it truly gets bad, people will be coming for you, without a second thought. People have to sleep sometime, and if you are caught slipping there will be people with little regard for human life willing to kill to take what you have.

        That’s the bottom line.

      62. That said…I think when the dust settles some form of organization (be it local factions or “warlords”) will arise. In which case, some form of economy will stand up…but like others have said you can’t eat gold or silver.

        So you have 100 gold bars in your basement, and I have a 5 year supply of food and water. Who is richer?

        • Those of us who have both will be richer! Diversify youself. Have as much as you can afford of all the essential groups. If money is tight, just buy pre-1965 quarters as you can.

          And don’t forget. Skills will be a great barter item. If the shtf you will have millions of folks who know NOTHING about gardening. You can barter your help – let them pa YOU in silver or gold. You can also barter seeds – which will be as valuable as gold. Buy packs on sale right now at the store. Even if they are out of date folks will be willing to take a chance on them.

      63. BoA is taking our house on sept 12 2011, we have been living here since 2005 and now mortgage is too high, they wont refinance it. 3000 a month for a house thats only 2500 square feet. We bailed the banks but they cant lower down our mortgage rate to atleast 1500 or 2000 dollars? We aint asking for free money, just lower down our bills because no good paying jobs out there and everything is going up except my paychecks. How can i live this way?

        • And multiply that by hundreds in each state–that’s the plan; TPTB can gain control when we are homeless and starving…this is where the food shortages will kick in–give us your guns and we will feed your children.
          And then you go to the fema camp, work for food, and are separated from your children.

        • What made you think $3K a month was a realistic mortgage payment?

          All work is temporary. Unless you have government paychecks. But if that were the case you’d be more worried about upgrading to a $4,500 a month mortgage and whether to buy your 16 year old daughter a BMW or an Audi.

      64. wow…there are a lots of seriously fucked up religious freaks on here….I hope that when the SHTF you all are the first ones killed…. may god have mercy on your souls!

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