Coming Chaos: No Banks, No Public Facilities, No Food and Rampaging Gangs of Desperate People

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    Bob Chapman, of The International Forecaster, says it’s time to prepare for the worst, comparing our impending economic crisis to that which was experienced at the onset of 1348 and the following century and a half.

    Flashback to 1348:

    The Black Death is estimated to have killed 30% to 60% of Europe’s population, reducing the world’s population from an estimated 450 million to between 350 and 375 million in 1400. This has been seen as creating a series of religious, social and economic upheavals which had profound effects on the course of European history. It took 150 years for Europe’s population to recover. The plague returned at various times, resulting in a larger number of deaths, until it left Europe in the 19th century. [source]

    While Chapman does not suggest we will experience our own black plague pandemic, he predicts that the consequences of our economic collapse may lead to total destabilization and wars, much like post-plague Europe.

    As you are now well aware Fannie and Freddie are going to punish people who have stopped paying their mortgages, who can pay them, and who are paying other bills instead. This leaves lenders with foreclosures and much more inventory than they ever imagined. This additional problem will bring on the double dip that Wall Street and Washington so fear. As a result of this and other failures we are about to experience the worst economic collapse sine 1348. The stock market is topping out readying itself for its most disastrous fall in history. The fall will be followed by years of depression, all of which has been deliberately created to bring the world economically and financially to its knees in an attempt to bring about world government by Illuminists. Some market analysts understand where the market is headed, but most who do understand, write and talk about the mundane observable trappings and not what the situation is really all about. We have several analysts talking about a market collapse. They do not talk about the real forces behind our misfortune.

    There are always these lone voices in the wilderness, which at best  some 15% of the populace listens too. You had better listen this time because it could well cost you not only your assets, but your life, especially when another war is being prepared for you to engage in. Nothing is really as it seems to be and there are no coincidences. You are about to enter a world of chaos from which few will survive unscathed. A world of no banks, no public facilities, no food and rampaging gangs of desperate people. Unemployment of 50% and little law and order. Violence will be rife. This is not a pretty picture, but we have spared you the details. The world had better wake up fast so they’ll be prepared to deal with what is to come. If you were not aware of it the dark side really exists.

    We are now entering the next to last phase of our journey. The wanton creation of wealth, inflation and perhaps hyperinflation, which will rob you of your assets. A stealth attack on what you have left by the people who control your government. Such monetary creation is the only way these people can keep the game going. They know it won’t last, but they proceed anyway. For awhile they’ll keep the multitudes at bay with extended unemployment and food stamps, but that will fade in time for lack of financial control, as the system begins to break down.

    You already see all fiat currencies under fire, as is sovereign debt. Can it get any worse? Of course it can, and it will. Implosion is the word everyone is going to discover and understand.

    The picture Bob Chapman paints is one that may lead to an initial reaction of, “What? No way that can happen.

    Perhaps it can’t happen. Perhaps, it really is different this time and our benevolent leaders and the powers that be are capable of managing this crisis. Perhaps they will restore jobs to pre-crash levels. Perhaps home prices will go back up to record 2006 levels because tens of thousands of buyers will appear in the market. Perhaps the Federal reserve will be able to sell of their toxic assets, not have to print more money to bail anyone out, and the world will demand that the dollar remain the reserve currency of choice. Perhaps all of these people in delinquency on their mortgages will be able to catch up on those late payments. Perhaps governments will stop spending more than they take in and all of their debts will be paid off. Perhaps the globe’s top financiers will figure out a way to deleverage the trillions of bad debt currently working it’s way through the system.

    Or, perhaps they will not be able to reverse course.

    Let’s assume that they can’t reverse course. How bad can it really get?

    This is something that our elected officials and those at the Fed, Treasury and large institutions will not overtly discuss.

    But clues have been dropped throughout the last several years. And, you need to look no further than those very same officials.

    President Obama, during the green shoots recovery of 2009 and 2010, told the American people that a depression was avoided. Thus, we can assume that a depression is a strong possibility if we are in fact about to see another economic collapse.

    In 2008 and 2009, former Secretary of Treasury Henry Paulson said that we were “on the brink,” in fact, after he left his position with Treasury, he wrote a book with this very title. The brink, from what we can surmise, meant a complete collapse of our financial, economic and political systems. The result would have been martial law. Hard to believe? Yes. Impossible? No:

    Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday, that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousands points the first day, another couple thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.

    House Representative Brad Sherman (D-California)
    Debate on the House Floor, October 2, 2008

    [video source]

    If you are a prepper – someone who is planning on worst-case scenarios in order to preserve your life, liberty, and wealth – then you, like us, should assume that the worst case scenario has not been avoided.

    We’ve discussed possible outcomes before, as well as ways to prepare if the worst does happen. The following articles may be of assistance with collapse scenarios, and ways to prepare and survive:

    Hyperinflationary Depression – No Way of Avoiding Financial Armageddon

    What is Money When the System Collapses?

    If You Haven’t Acquired Self Defense Capabilities, the Time to Do So Was Yesterday

    We realize that sometimes we sound like a broken record, but at the very least, make sure you have reserve food, water, self defense weapons, ammunition, and if possible, a way to get out of the city if you happen to live in one.

    The worst of it is still ahead.


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      1. Even the mainstream headlines reflect that things are not going well.  Time to start doubling up efforts to prepare.

      2. Anyone who can’t see this is either blind, a fool or both. It’s not coming, it’s already happening. Look at the price of groceries lately. The rise in unemployment. The rise in crime. All the signs are there.

      3. Mac, thank you for your work with this site as it is one of the few places that is addressing these issues.  What are your personal thoughts on how things will go down in the next year. I have a cousin in Baghdad on his second tour who believes that he might be safer there than back in the states. The way things are going barring Israel attacking Iran in the next few months he might be right.  We have families in our church who live in $500,000 homes who have lost their jobs and are struggling to buy groceries.  I live in a mid-western city that is blanketed with “For lease” signs as far as the eye can see for commercial real-estate.  I can’t see how things will be allowed to progress that much longer without some sort of False Flag event domestically/Manufactured War. My hope is that I would be able to get my family out of suburbia before things really went south. Sadly, very few people that I know are willing to talk about these things.

      4. The MORE that the MSM and the politicians attempt to reassure you ….. the WORSE our situation has become. The really sad part is that this has all been preplanned. The elites know that it will be impossible to usher into existance their global NWO & one world government as long as the United States still exists. So their intention is to destroy the US and reduce us down to the level of a third world cesspool/sewer of a country.

        Google DUMB (deep underground military bunkers) and see what pops up. This is where the elites plan to survive while the rest of us die slowly up topside. When the bottom finally does fall out and the S really does HTF ……. then this will in fact be the day that the living do envy the dead.

        God Bless and the best of luck to all. Perhaps we’ll meet again in “Barter Town” if were really unlucky.

      5. Apparently Melinda, there is a preponderance of blind fools or both living on this planet. I would estimate that it would project to approximately 99.999999% of the populace. If you’ve prepared that’s the best you can do (you can always buy another bag of beans or rice, or a few more .22LR though). Two is one and one is none. There will be so many unemployed, hungry, homeless and desperate people that either you know how to protect yourself by now, or you better be a quick student. The MSM has been fully aware of what has been going on for many years, they are not part of any solution…but simply a huge part of the problem. The time grows very, very near. Hopefully you have your beans, bullets, band aids stored away, but most importantly God, cuz yer gonna need Him real soon.

      6. Don’t forget to store information along with beans, bullets, and band-aids.  You have hundreds of how-to and resource documents stored in PDF format on several flash drives or external hard drives, right?

        Look at Netbooks to store and review the info.  They are 70% the size of a laptop and sip power while still having plenty of muscle to work.  They can recharge on a small solar panel and run for 8+ hours on the battery.  Easy to wrap in heavy duty foil.  Put the info, Netbook, and recharging panel together as a kit and stash it in a small bucket with the rest of your stuff.  That would be a hell of a lot easier to transport than 500 pounds of printed documents!  You could also share your entire library with neighbors and friends who are just waking up.

      7. Excellent point NOYB!! Then take it just another step farther and add an ICOM 703 amateur radio transceiver and general purpose receiver that you can easily interface with your netbook (I use and ASUS e900pc) and link it to a portable antenna or dipole and then you can gain even more ‘information’ in real time about what is happening near and far. Take time to learn some communication fundamentals, because before we can meet in barter town to swap BB&B’s, we’ll need to be able to communicate with one another.

      8. The two preceding posts are REAL STRONG.  Having that info could be lifesaving.

      9. Fo Sho – Great posts guys.

        We’ve got a bunch of stuff printed out, the data is stored on a drive for each bug-out bag.

        GiveMeAForkingBreak: Am I looking at the right ICOM 703 here? It is listed at $750 … the page at the Icom homepage looks to be dead.. i wonder if this model has been discontinued. I don’t know a whole lot about comms and such and definitely don’t want to get ripped off. The reviews for the Icom 703 are very solid, so thanks for a great reco. I’m thinking that a key component to owning a system like this is knowing what you’re doing, so joining the Amateur Radio club here locally is probably a good idea prior to blowing $500 – $1000.

        MadMarkie — Frickin’ elites.. they’re crazy… building underground bunkers to survive the end of the world? Everyone knows that this will never happen. Sounds a little “out there” to me! Freaks. Same goes for those quacks who built that Seed Storage vault in the middle of the mountains in Norway… They need to have their heads examined.

      10. Mac: I’ve been an amateur radio operator since 14, when I used to wear a younger man’s clothes. I can vouch for the ICOM 703. Solid transceiver, regardless if they ever discontinue it. While it is considered a QRP transceiver (10 watt or less), I’ve contacted using PSK-31 (a radio version of instant messaging, but on a more mundane level…if ya catch my drift. The 703 is also a 12 volt DC radio, so you can mount it in your vehicle, or have one ready to go in a backpack configuration. I have a flexible solar panel that I use to charge a 12 amp hour 12 battery, along with a mobile antenna (I have a dipole too). The use of the computer enables you to make good high speed communications with other operators all over the world. Ten watts (10) doesn’t sound like a lot, but from the midwest, I’ve made contacts as far away as Japan, Russia and Austrailia – a pretty good distance. I’ve also used the same setup to communicate locally with other operators in my area. If you have an interest in learning more about amateur radio, visit (Amateur Radio Relay League). You have hit the definitive source for all things ham radio there. I’m always open for questions if there is something I can do to help you prepare. Just lemme know…

      11. Great comments and info.  NOYB, good info, but I threw out 98% of my books last year.   They are heavy and just clutter.   I read survival web sites..This is a great thing to do now:  get rid, sell, donate all unneeded items..cancel magazines, cable, landlines and other unnecessary stuff that will be useless in the near future.  Disconnect from useless friends be selective who you associate with.  Get your preps and don’t tell anyone what your doing for safety reasons.  If martial law is declared, read (google) surviving martial law,  lots of good info and ideas.  Voting and political activities are totally useless; stay out of group gatherings, tea party orgs, etc.  Form small groups of like minded friends/family for bartering.  Younger people have no future. I’m a retiree.

      12. If you don’t have any backpacking equipment, you need to consider it. A quality backpack, tent, bedding, water filtering device, firestarting equipment, and some simple tools for woodworking will allow you to disappear deep into the wilderness.Spend some weekends in state parks( or in the backyard ) and get familar with your gear.
        A DVD copy of  ALONE IN THE WILDERNESS  from Bob Swerer Productions ( 1-800-737-0239 ) is an excellent source of information for those who choose to leave the main roads of society.
        If your hunker down plan still requires that you continue:
        paying taxes,
        using the internet or cell phones,
        going to the grocery store,
        going to the doctors office/pharmacy,
        using electricity, etc, etc, etc,,,,
        then you will still be part of the system and eventually have to face the challenges of a collapsed society.You may be able to survive the intial chaos from a societal collapse, but the gangs of people looking for food, shelter,,,,,could become overwhelming.That’s when you may have to walk away from your planning and head for the woods.

        A lot of people are gonna die in a genuine SHTF scenario.Being able to hide in a remote area for an extended period of time could save your life.Gear up folks.

      13. FOREIGN ENEMIES AND TRAITORS is the third book of a trilogy set written by Matthew Bracken. After a series of SHTF events, society in many areas has collapsed,and groups of looters/refugees break into homes taking whatever they can find.Many of the homeowners are murdered.Some areas experience cannibalism, while some areas become sites for genecide as foreign troops are allowed to ‘ remove ‘ locals who refuse to leave.A lot of common sense strategies and info compiled in an action packed work of fiction that is not that far-fetched.

        Whether you Bug In or Bug Out keep your options open, and have a contingency plan that’s tuned in to your area and needs.Some of us may be forced to travel hundreds of miles to get out of harms way.While others have no choice but to dig in.

        EMP, Biological/Chemical Hazard, Martial Law, Nuclear Explosion,,,,,,,,,don’t let planning for one event cause you to overlook the others.Also, LOWES sells respirators that filter out oil fumes for $28.Wasn’t until the Gulf oil spill that this became a must have item for me.Have also stocked up on more bottled water. Good Luck to all.

      14. Bob Chapman writes good horror stories,but he’s been saying the same scenario will happen “maybe next month” since 2007.
        He’s basically full of crap.

      15. GiveMeAForkingBreak:  Comms are my weakest point.  The BOBs have small multiband AM/FM/SW receivers.   I’m drooling over a Yaesu transciever but lack the knowledge to make it work.  I was thinking SSB CB for the local area because it’s not used much anymore but there are a lot of used CB’s for sale out there.  Stock up and hand them out to neighbors when the time comes.

        Laura, I agree with you on the Occam’s razor routine for stuff and people.  The time has come to sift the wheat from the chaff in our personal lives before we see it happen to everyone else via imposed conditions.

        It will be up to older and wiser people to step up to the plate post-SHTF and guide our local communities.  I’d bet a shiny quarter that whatever polities form in self-supportive local areas will listen to sound and sage advice if it’s presented sans tin foil hat.  Another shiny quarter says that in rural agrarian areas, you won’t see local polities having a militant approach towards it’s own populace and they’ll be focused more on keeping out strangers or the uninvited.

        The best thing to do now, though – like you said, keep your head down and STFU.

      16. Plant edible, native landscaping.  Most people won’t know what it is and it is more likely to survive the climate in your area.  Get “walkie talkies” with a 20 mile range and several channels.  Easily shielded from EMP.  Great for hunting or recon work.  Also, we rigged our old 50 gal. water heater with a faucet on top and on bottom.  We keep it full by hose and replace about 10 gal. of water per week to keep it fresh. Bugging out is not a good option for us.  We are planning to hunker down.

      17. Dave: What do you think will be the result of our current economic crisis? Naturally, I am thinking worst-case here, but there are a variety of other scenarios.

        GiveMeAForkingBreak: Thank you for a fantastic comment. I am going to spend some time on that web site and will look into the 703 further. The MSRP is listed at $400 and some of the HAM operator reviews I read suggest that I could buy one used at a fairly decent price.

        To be honest, one of the things I have really wanted to put on this web site is a Novice Guide to Radio Operation and Equipment. I am sure that the problem with this is that there is a ton of info to learn. If you have any thoughts on this, or insights you’re willing to share at some point in the future, please shoot me an email. I won’t publish the email addy here because of mega-spam bots, but you can hit me directly from the Contact Us page. The info you’ve already provided will, I’m sure, get me going on the basics. As mentioned, I have a goal of learning basic radio operation this year and will be joining the club locally within the next couple months. THANK YOU again for the great info.

        Wheedle: As usual, you’ve got a solid view of what may (or may not) be coming our way. Our primary plan is to bug out of the city, but in the event of a complete collapse, all bets are off. Bug Out bags for adults and kids are packed with all of the gear you mentioned above and then some. Some additional considerations for BOB’s, as well as expanding on Wheedle’s comment:

        • Food – MRE’s (12 @ $70) will get you an additional 6 days of food on the road. Daltrex Bars (3600 Cal each) can be a last resort providing essential protein, carbs, calories and can be broken into 400 call bars.
        • Flint – something as simple as this can save your life and you can get one for less than $10 and hang it on your BOB.
        • Water Filter: Check out the Katadyn Combi — this thing is a powerhouse. Filter 13,000 gallons on one cartridge, plus, you can add activated carbon to filter pool water and the worst of the worst (up to 200 gallons). In addition, if you lose your filter pick up some Katadyn Micro Pur tabs.. drop it in the nasty, wait four hours and you’ll have drinkable water.
        • You’ll need a good knife. I picked up a SOG Spec Elite for the wife’s birthday. Being a die hard prepper, she loved it.
        • If you don’t have the cash for a SOG, at least have a multi-tool (if possible, in addition to the knife). Since I carry my mini-BOB on any trip more than 20 miles from the house, I have ended up using this thing regularly, from fixing windshield wipers to cutting rope. It comes in handy.
        • Flashlight — I’m sure everyone has this, but consider a solar/hand crank LED. This will reduce your bag weight because you won’t need batteries.
        • Socks – Don’t forget socks. If there is one piece of clothing you need to pack, it’s one or two or three pairs of quality socks. This is IMPORTANT. If you have a large enough bag (3500+ Cubic Inches) consider additional clothing like an undershirt, underwear, a pair of jeans, and a light sweater. Best to vacuum seal these to save space.
        • Webbing – it’s like rope, but less bulky, yet very strong and useful for multi-applications. If you can’t carry a rope with you then try this military spec webbing. Also, consider a few caribiners. You never know when you’re going to need ’em.
        • Ammo – it’s heavy, so pack only the stuff with a punch. Though I hope that in any bugout situation I’ll be able to take a few boxes (500 ct.) of ammo with me, my bugout bags contain at least 100 rds of handgun ammo, 25 shotgun shells and some rifle ammo. As you consume your food, this should offset your ammo weight. In a worst case, you’re going to need it to shoot your own food (and of course, to defend yourself), so make sure you pack some.
        • Junk Silver – you never know when you’ll need to use pre-1964 quarters. Invest $150 or so and buy yourself a roll of 40 quarters and keep this in your bag.

        And, as was pointed out, consider a solid tent (REI has their 3-season CAMP DOME 4 on sale right now for $140… For those in the Southern states, this one should be ok for winter time too, especially if you have a solid, lightweight sleeping bag. I spoke with the REI tent pro about this and he convinced me it was a solid tent for pretty much all your needs for the exception of maybe climbing a mountain or camping in dead winter in the Northern states. I bought one last week to compliment our standard family camping tent.
        For a full-out 10 – 14 survival BOB you can easily end up spending north of $1000 (A good trekking pack will run you at least  $150), but you’ll have everything you need in that bag to survive, so if you haven’t done so yet, start on your BOB!

        The cash you invest will be well spent. Most of the gear you pack can be used throughout the year for camping and hiking trips and you’ll get years of use out of it (Tent, Water filter, flashlight, etc etc).

        For those that don’t have the cash, consider cutting costs for things you may not really need. As Laura pointed out above, there are many ways to save money, cable and snazzy phones being some of the top liabilities. Cut out one month of cable and you’ve got a solid 4-man tent. Nuke the internet phones and you just bought yourself a water filter….

        Anyway, great stuff people — sorry for the long comment — the article and follow-up comments got me to thinkin’……

      18. Mac: Thanks for the response. For general info, George Ure of published a short course on general radio. At the time I read it, I thought it was a pretty good general intoduciton. Here is a link to the pdf of the presentation, I hope you find it useful.

      19. Mandatory homework should start with learning all the edible plants and bird, fish, game species in your area.  The edible plants are the first priority.  Most everyone will overlook this and say, “OOO, I don’t wanna eat those weeds!”  Well, those weeds taste pretty good most of the time, you don’t have to grow or pack them, and they’re free.  Knowing game and fish migrations, and effective fishing and hunting techniques, also could save your ass.  All this should be part of that netbook or pad type computer that was discussed earlier.

      20. Very cool! I was going to head over to survival blog figuring Mr. Rawles would have info posted on there. As usual, he’s got it covered.

        That PDF from George Ure is a perfect little primer for the beginner.

        Like NOYB, comms are a definite weak point for me as well. I’ve got a standard AM/FM solar powered/hand crank radio, but that’s about it in terms of gathering info from the outside world. Understanding what is going if the SHTF is definitely going to be an important aspect of post-SHTF SHTF planning, and I suspect the AM/FM will either be totally down or spewing propaganda, so having a way to at least receive information will be critical.

        Thank you kindly for the reference links.

      21. Johnny, you make an excellent point.

        Here are some articles at Ready Nutrition that cover this specific topic:

        Survival Food Series: Essential Trees, Bushes and Berries

        Survival Food Series: Edible Weeds

        Survival Food Series: What To Eat When There Is No Food

        There are no pictures, but it is a great starting point and for those interested you could probably find pics of each plant easily through a google image search.

        If things were to get really bad, all of the animals in the area may very well be gone – and it won’t take too long to wipe out every squirrel, boar, deer, etc. in a given area. When there’s nothing else left one may have to resort to weeds, berries, roots, bark, bugs, etc.

      22. If it gets really bad, hopefully we will be able to defend ourselves. If it all breaks down to the point of gangs then at least there won’t be police to protect us,, or procecute us for defending ourselves

      23. This is one of the best posts I’ve seen here.  I’ve been a long time lurker and get a lot of great info from Mac’s posts and most of the comments.  I have been thinking a lot about reuniting myself with Amateur Radio and these comments have convinced me to do so.  I have had my Technician license since I was 12 and had my Novice license when I was 9 (I’m pulling 40 now).  I did notice that nobody here discussed licensure and I’m just assuming that if the SHTF actually having a license to transmit would be the least of one’s concerns.  I just suggest it (licensure) since without it, there would be no legal way for you to gain the familiarity and experience with all of the technical ins and outs of Ham Radio…Q-signs, SWR, Signal Strength Scale, etc.  I am not trying to discourage anyone from purchasing the equipment but there’s a lot to know about operating Ham radio equipment and the radio theory / Morse code requirements for the various license’s tests are not something learned quickly.
        Thanks to all for the great information on this post.  It will take me a couple of hours later on to follow these links.  I thought the info on the netbook / solar generator with all of your prep docs was a homerun.  Great work guys…thanks.

      24. I can’t top any of this advice…Excellent post and comments!

      25. Jeff: Get your license back asap, it will be good to use it prior to the big event. The good news is there is no more Morse code requirement (even though I cut my teeth on it and still use it). There are some good resources on line to help you get you pass the tests quickly. You will be able to refresh the necessary skills, buy the needed equipment and be ready to use them when the time is come. As far as a license is concerned, you need one now but I don’t think it will be very important as the guberment will not have the boys to enforce it.

      26. GiveMe:  I’ve mislead you.  My license is still active.  My old man who has his Extra class is still very active and he has been renewing mine for years.  Didnt know about the relief of the CW requirment.  I wasn’t a big fan but like you, I cut my teeth on it.  At the time you couldn’t renew a Novice license so my dad convinced me to step up to the Technician class and that is why I’ve been able to renew it all these  years.  Most of my time was spent on the 2 meter band.  I’m  just way out of practice.  I’d share my call sign with you but wouldn’t want to do it here.  Maybe there’s a way to connect through Mac.
        Thanks again for all the great info.  I”m looking online now for the rig you discussed here.  It’s kinda fun getting back into it despite the reason why. – 73 Jeff

      27. Bob Chapman,in my opinion this guy is even worse than the doom and gloom televangeleist pimps who take money from little old ladies. Anything for a buck. Say anything to sell a newsletter. How pathetic. If things are so bad why don’t you stop writing your crap and overdose on your meds. This bullshit is really going over the line. Shame on you too Mac for promoting this shit. At least you stopped the white supremacists from posting their shit. You need to get over your Y2K shit that never happened. You just go from one doom and gloom scenario to another. None of which never happen. The real core of the problem is you doom and gloomers aren’t facing the real doom and gloom and that is you are all going to get old, or get sick, and eventually die. Thats right. So your mind tries to cope with this certainty of death with these scenarios of the end. Just like the Bible, just like religion. All merely coping strategies for the certainty of DEATH. If you faced your DEATH squarely without the bullshit of religion or your mind, people would stop the greed, stop the need to control others, and be nice to each other.

      28. Jeff: I reread your post and realized you are still licensed, that’s good news! Maybe a quick upgrade on the license to general would be of benefit to you, HF communications will be a real asset. I’m not sure 2 meters will be as robust as it is now if all of the repeaters available now are no longer in service. The ICOM 703 is also available in a PLUS (+) version which provides 6 meter coverage. I bought my 703 on eBay a couple of years ago for $400. With the backpack, computer, flexible solar panel and 12 amp 12 volt battery and antennas I have about $1000 total into it. My IC-703 also works on the CB frequencies and the ability to use USB/LSB and AM on the CB frequencies is a bonus. Like most hams I have other equipment too, I also use a Kenwood TS-480. I’ll send Mac my info and see if he can hook us up on signs. For those less ambitious, it is reasonable to believe that one will do a lot more listening than talking, so having a good quality shortwave radio with SSB capabilities will be essential…I have a couple of Sangean 909’s (one of them a Super 909 from If you can use a computer, you can learn amateur radio…it just takes a little effort and it is a very useful skill to develop. It just might save a life.

      29. @ STEVE
        Many individuals that read and post on this site are concerned about providing safety and comfort for their families.Many have spouses, children, grandchildren, and elderly parents that depend on them to make informed decisions during a crisis.This website brings to light subjects that our own government won’t discuss.Our leaders swore an oath to protect and defend the American People and the Constitution. When our leaders will not give us honest answers in a timely manner regarding a crisis, it is then left to the American Citizen to decide what is best for his familiy. This website is for those who want to plan ahead just in case.

        Those of you who are just passing through I bid you a safe journey.And to all a safe Independence Day !

      30. @STEVE: If you faced your DEATH squarely without the bullshit of religion or your mind, people would stop the greed, stop the need to control others, and be nice to each other. I’ve reconciled my death (more importantly my life) while you obviously live in a dream world, based on your post. If you even begin to believe what you wrote, you are simply another fool who actually thinks the world will live in peace and harmony. It hasn’t happened yet, and probably won’t if idealists continue to attempt to run the world. I prefer to be a realist, in as much control of my destiny as possible and so I will continue to prepare. If people had been prepared with even a case of bottled water, or a water filter during Katrina, there would have been considerably less death. When you don’t have what you need to survive, you’ll ask yourself why didn’t you listen. But by then you’ll be a special guest at one of the FEMA camps…but then again you’re plainly all talk and no ears. Your comments certainly don’t speak well of ‘being nice to each other’…but then again we should probably follow your powerful example, eh? How about just skipping SHTF and spew your horse hockey elsewhere, then you won’t have to have your clear sense of direction confused by any facts.

      31. MAC,I think it will turn into what Argentina had,lots of pissed off people losing their money from hyperinflation or collapsed banks(even if the FDIC bails out everything on earth,it will destroy the currency anyway).
        There will be shortages of food for a time,but It wasn’t the end of Argentina,it didn’t turn into Mad Max,nuclear war didn’t break out and Jesus didn’t arrive.
        We’ll have some issues with the savages amongst us who rely on welfare in the inner cities,but by then the word will get out to avoid those areas.
        The sun will rise and we will slowly get back on our feet after slashing 80% of the government and its workers from our backs.

      32. “Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday, that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousands points the first day, another couple thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.”

        if this is even true i think it was just a scare tactic….and it worked just as they wanted.

      33. Hey Fork,  did you also prepare for the Y2K bullshit?. Oh yeah, some realist you are. You are nothing but an angry  paranoid bible thumping pessimist who loves this doom and gloom fantasy stuff.. Have fun with your end of the world bullshit and don’t forget to subscribe to Chapmans newsletter. The more fools like you the richer he gets laughing all the way to the bank.

      34. Chapman was ranting about martial law during the Clinton and Bush Administrations. Nothing has changed. So keep buying his newsletter and don’t forget to visit your local tattoo parlor and have SUCKER tattooed on your forehead.

      35. Dave, I agree in that things could in some ways undershoot what we have begun to expect, but Argentina wasn’t the seat of an international Corporate-Financial-Military empire. Those in the National Security Counsel and that general sphere who have advocated their so called Full-Spectrum Dominance philosophy and engoal are the one’s who make me wonder what we really have coming our way. The Global First Strike capability being sought after through missile “interceptor” systems along with the currently being assembled Satellite and ICBM based kinetic energy weapons systems are certainly interesting. But I guess thats why we all brainstorm and collaborate on sites like these: to try and divine what lies through the fog. 

        Mac,  Speaking of survival gear and goods: Firesteel.
        A few months ago I stocked up on some of this ultra-cheap, but still high quality Ferro-Cerium firesteel. The prices are awesome and the stuff is simple, rugged, effective, and CHEAP. I didn’t buy from these guys, but I’m pretty sure its the same stuff, given that there aren’t many manufacturer (out of Asia of course)
        My 2cents.

      36. Comments….when  I read posts like that of the likes of Steve, I take note of the language these folks use. The verbiage used reveals the IQ and ignorance of the individual. I therefore take their comments with a grain of salt. When I see their name I save time by skipping their comments entirely.

        People, you are not this naive.
        Start storing food and water, ammo w. guns, cash and gas for cars.
        A way to cook the food, an oil lamp and if you can afford it, gas masks.
        And don’t tell the neighbors–they have guns too!!

        If no 50gallon tank available, get those huge trash cans with rollers on them from Lowe’s…keep full of water–they even have lids—10 drops of bleach makes water drinkable in 2 hours.

      39. That’s a good pooint HERMES,I guess since we are the seat of the financial markets and other spheres that we’ll fall harder than the Argentinian’s did.
        Don’t get me wrong,just because I doubt that it will be severe doesn’t mean that I haven’t stored gold,guns and groceries.

      40. @JJ –

        re: bleach, its actually 16 drops per gallon that makes the water drinkable…. not 10 drops per 50 gallons…

      41. Comments…..Take Bob Chapman’s comments with a lot of salt. Test his record–its lacking.  The big scare last summer from him about all the US consulat offices buying local currencies to have in reserve to have backups for several monthes…the event he said was going to happen never materialized.

      42. I don’t know how much a radio will help you.  While it might be nice to fill empty hours and to listen to the occassional news/weather report, I honestly think that in a SHTF situation you have higher priorities.  Probably if you are spending hours on the radio you are ignoring important tasks and preperations.  The news is rarely useful and I have a better accuracy rate then the weatherman.   Honestly!  If it really gets as bad as some of you think can’t you foresee the day when you are listening to your $100+ radio with nothing to eat because you spent your prep money on a radio, battery and PV system instead of food? 

        We have to do more than talk about it. That’s what got us in this mess…
        Wake up people. Talk is cheap - “we need action” – Join the Revolution
         Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )

      44.  Wake up people!  Join the Revolution

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )


      45. There is one thing that’s wicked important to remember.  When Hank Paulson stood up to the microphone and announced how bad the economy is, on that September day in 2008, and threatened martial law and complete collapse if he didn’t get his money, what astonishes is the fact that it happened without warning and imediately.  One day everyone is fat, dumb and happy.  The next day we are facing armegeddon.  Don’t forget it.

      46. As a 14 year veteran and former military sniper, I have seen both the best and worst in people, both here and around the world. The current government is under no obligation to take care of its people. It is a huge, self-serving machine designed to keep the rich, rich, the poor, poor and the middle class bouncing back and forth between the two. When the SHTF, all that will matter is how prepared you are and what are you willing to do to keep and protect what is yours. Ignore those idiots sitting around in Starbucks, holding hands and singing Koom-bay-ya. Those people will be the first casualties of any violent urban combat that breaks out. Those that will survive will be the ones that can ignore criticism and prepare now for the future. I don’t mean  the “Hope and Change” bullshit they have been feeding us, I am talking about taking  positive steps to protect yourself. Read books on survival, learn how to shoot, take classes on living in the outdoors, anything you can do now, that will help you survive in the future.  Make a plan and put it into motion.
        God Bless and good luck to all of you.
        S. Ruisi

      47. Comments…..What I have found the most frightening is the simple lack of an ability in so many to even imagine scenarios such as those indicated here.  I have no difficulty.  I rode out an earthquake once, Loma Prieta, and was unprepared.  No, living in a small town, population under five thousand, in central California, I have prepared over the years.  The wife and I target shoot for recreation, her a .357, me a .45.   I have spent close to ten grand in five years, surrepetitiously cadging materials, a years worth of food, three months of water, guns, ammo, thousands of rounds and shells,  medical supplies, water filters, camping gear, first aid kits, generators, fuel for the same, propane and heaters, a netbook..electrical inverters for twelve volt charging,   Many, many items…….both my wife and daughter have asthma, my wife in remission from leukemia, I am middle aged……I have learned much.  Cash in the gunsafe could prove worthless, to be rapidly spent if TSHTF.  Items with intrinsic value, tobacco, booze, medications, tools, ammo, etc……I can only hope, sequestered away as we are, our friends solid types, that we could weather such difficulties, for we would remain at home, along with many guns and such.   This site is wonderful….I have learned much.  And nobody here knows of the true extent of my preparations.  Besides, you can eat the stuff if nothing comes down, so what do I lose?   Nothing.

      48. regardless, we should always have extra food in the house. Natural disasters occur all the time and freak storms, so for that reason alone we need to have food  and emergency supplies. Right now, you need to be preparing for 1 year, yes, meaning that you can survive 1 year without leaving your house. Better safe than sorry, life is unpredictable and we are in dangerous times in civilization.

        I don’t know about you Gents but, I smell one hell of a big Barter Society well on its way. Barter is one of the biggest threats to “any” Government. A barter transaction is undetectable, untaxable, almost impossible to trace and is only beneficial to the parties involved. This is only true if you have assets to barter. If you’re a pencil pusher living in an apartment in a city somewhere, you are pretty much “HOSED.”
         However though, if you smell this coming, get prepared. This might get down in the dirt.  Food and water (actually it should be water and food in “that” order)  is going to be your first and foremost concern. MREs for emendate consumption, canned goods up to 2 years out and you might want some heirloom seeds for way out there.
          Weapons.   Security, yours your families your neighbors. Don’t believe for a second civility will prevail here. If you have something that somebody wants, you “will” have a big target on you. And you dam sure had better have the nadds to defend it or you will just end up as fertilizer.
          Medical supplies (antibiotics) <a really big one. The bigger the Med Kit the better.
        Munitions stores. Small caliber for hunting, large caliber for “hunting”. Buy the common stuff, 22, (lots of it) 9mm, 5.56, 7.62×39, 7.62×51. It will either defend you or feed you.       
         209 shotgun primers, red dot gun powder. You can hand load shotgun shells, but a press is really a lot nicer. You can shoot almost anything out of a 12 gauge shotgun, (within boundaries of course). If you got no primers or powder, you have a fancy club with a trigger on it. You don’t need a $1900.00 Browning Citori, or a $800.00 Auto 5, just go down to your local Big 5 and buy a couple of those $279.00, 12Ga, 8 shot defender style shotguns (With a stock not a pistol grip, unless you want to be Rambo). Wildly effective.
          Generator, power for lights, communication, tools and to power the water well you are going to get your water from. (BING????) We might be off grid which means, no power and no water.
          This ought to get you started, but you get the idea.
        Long range; this is where I am going.
          If manufacturing, distribution and the supply chains are affected, (this is a real good possibility). When the transportation system IE trucks are disturbed in any way, wait and see how hard it’s going to be just to get a potato. If you have it you can dam sure bet a truck had a hold of it at one time or another.  People will be looking to have things repaired if they can’t buy new and replace them.
        Machine Tools. First on top a vertical mill with tools, lathes, surface grinders, precision tools and 3 phase to operate it. Access to scrap steel, aluminum and iron. Gas MIG and stick welders. And some amount of consumable supplies.
          This trade will be bartered heavily.
        My Grandfather owned a small lumber mill during the crash of 1929. He said it fed his family for years. Talk to the old people, I mean the old people and see just how they got thru one on these.
          One final note; you don’t even need a piece of paper to do this.
        Go to your kitchen and evaluate just how long you and your family could last “if the grocery stores closed right NOW tonight.”   Money or not, it’s pretty dam tuff to buy it if it aint there…..

      50. Comments…..  There are some great comments being posted here. Concerning the differences of opinions as to the severity of how bad things are going to get, I go back to a pet theory of mine.
                   I believe the end result of what we are seeing happening now, will be somewhere near the middle of both extremes. I don’t believe we will have a mad max total collapse, but neither do I believe the next couple of years is going to be a cake walk. I am seeing bad things happening that I have never seen happen to the degree they are , during my entire life. Whatever happened to the guarantee of no unemployment numbers higher than 9% if congress passes the stimulus?? What a joke our government is. I’m not laughing because the joke is on the American paople. We are so drunk on lifetime entitlements that the breakoff of these benefits will be like going cold turkey off crystal meth.  Make no mistake, the severe reduction of everybody’s benefits is coming.  The elites will do this as it will be for our own good. Just remember, the elites have alrerady had their bailout. Not only do the middle class lose everything, they get taxed to death on what they have  left.
                Hunker down, keep prepping, and be like a fly speck on the wall.  Things are going to get interesting in a bad way very soon. The handwriting on the wall is so clear, I can’t believe people could even consider that things can continue the way they are . Things are set in motion that must run their course one way or the other.
             One other thing I would like readers to consider.  If you want to educate yourself, study history. What we as a nation are going to go through has already happened many times, in many different places. None of the outcomes and end results we achieved without some violence. It will come, get ready for it. if you think our government has the capacity to stop it all, think again.
            a quote I heard that I liked.”The only thing stopping 1984 is 1776″.

      51. My list:
        Stores from
        Bugout bags
        A medical surgical bag with sutures, clotting agents and such.  The wife’s an RN.
        Gas mask bags
        Guns and ammo.
        gas in small containers
        of course a big pantry
        heritage seeds, seed starting area in the basement.
        roto tillers for gardening
        bow.   need to get more arrows.  Just got a rabbit..he’s in the freezer now.
        Here’s a good one…a couple of cases of bird shot.  Not for self defense but for sandwich filler.  Make sure you feed the birds on a regular basis…they come around.  If things get bad..I’ll have plenty of meat.
        Enigma bags.  There’s a nasty engineered virus that can dehydrate you.  Lavage to save your dehydrated ass.
        When the ammo runs out..better have some swords and many knives.  Watch some video on how to make weapons.  Join the NRA.   Funny how people look at you when you car is plastered with NRA stikcers.  Says…”I can kill your ass if I feel like it.”  Not tough talk…just reality.  Badge of honor of being armed and being a no bullshit person.  Stock some sardines.  Keep your gas rotated.  Have a few alternative bugout bags.  Here’s a test.  Can you be out of your house in tem minutes and have enough camping and food supplies to live out in the winter cold for up to two weeks?  Be ready for house inspections.  Pack dry foods in mylar.  Put them in small pouches.  If they declare martial law and do house to house… cut a hole in your wall and ceilings and hid the food in the walls…then drywall it up.  Have a safety room and make sure it’s armed well.  Have a dog and train him to bark.  Final thought…  Eat the Elite!

      52. Forgot to mention…just ordered a couple of self defense pens.  Nice to have…a common object yet can kill…as the case is hard.  Also, go look up unbreakable umbrella….is like a blunt sword.  Also, keep many knives around and keep them well sharpened and tuned.    The elite are planning a depopulation via viruses.  Stock up on your N95 masks now while you can.  Could save your life.    Shit is coming, not the end of the world, just a swinging of the pendulum.  Things go up and down, left and right.  But keep your powder dry, don’t get sucked into the NWO shit, educate your kids on being an American.  Final thought.  We need to arm, train and ship all our prison population to a Afgs.  If they can take it over..they can have it.  That will save many tax dollars..purge our prisons.  ps.  I personally hope we have a french style revolution.  Put the gulitine out front of congress.  Then anyone who passes anti american laws….off with their heads.  Special note to the patriot groups.   Keep getting organized. 

      53. For those who are still old fashion enough to believe what is written in the Hebrew Scriptures.
        There really is hope of a better world.
        As this evil beastly system falls apart a new way of life is coming to this dying world.
        Come see Who, what, why and when this great change will come.

        See you on the other side.


      54. First off…Steve, u better HOPE that there isn’t a GOD named Jesus Christ…that’s all I have to say to U.
        I KNOW THERE IS.
        My real reason for posting…after reading numerous posts here…I was thinking about those of us, with former Criminal Records, who are law abiding citizens.
        We cannot legally CARRY…but, I just thot of a way around it…
        the thot came to me…a good bow and arrows and learn how to use it…
        when the crap hits the fan, as it WILL!…you could go and purchase some kind of poison or slowdown deterrent to add to the tips of the arrows, like the Indians did in the old American West…it’s for sure ‘they’ won’t have time to come looking for u.
        Anyone with any other suggestions regarding legal weapons?
        I have a small site with membership and over the last few years, have been preparing and getting others prepared.
        May God be with us, as we enter the Great Tribulation…
        Vancouver, Canada.

      55. Comments…..I live in an apartment( in a not-so-lovely area) and starting to buy extra food and water when I can. My worry and concern is when TSHTF and there is civil unrest (which I know there will be) what will happen to my food and water supply? I live around a lot of “undesirables” who will probably stop at nothing to break into my dwelling and steal what I have. Also I worry about my apartment burning and everything I will have worked so hard for, will be gone. Don’t advise me to move because I can’t, I am stuck here because I can’t afford to move and rent is even higher everywhere else, so that is not an option. It’s me and my kids and I’m not willing to take on a roommate either to help with costs (I do not want strangers in my home). I am 50 years old and have been there and done that. I have no relatives nearby, so where would be an alternate storage place for all my goods so they will be safe and easy to access on a moment’s notice

      56. Hello All…
        I have been preparing, as best one can, a middleaged woman alone, on a small fixed pension, in a rented cottage.
        I do not drive, and could not afford a car, even if I could.
        However, these limitations, if one is a ‘believer’ and truly following the Lord’s commandments, need not be chains.
        We have been told in Scripture, that the Lord will provide…that is one of His names ‘ Jehovah Jireh’ our Provider, His Grace is sufficient for us.
        He fed the children of Israel, in the desert, when they cried out to him, He gave them manna and quails.
        Can He not do the same for His people, who call out, day and night, unto Him?
        I could buy hundreds of dollars worth of pallets of food, etc., but, if one doesn’t have a car or drive, how are you going to move it, if you have to leave where you are, to get to a more secure location?
        And, if you have no money, and the pensions are gone, how are you going to buy land or housing upcountry, now or later?
        If the Lord wishes you to move upcountry, to a safe refuge, He will supply your need to get there.
        But, if you are not looking to Him, not obeying His Word, then, you will have to fend for yourselves.
        Getting the skills that you need, is important, but, looking to the Lord to help you get prepared and obeying Him, is more so.
        Thankfully, in the 80s and 90s, for short periods of time, the Lord gave me several different rental log cabins, and in that time period, I learned how to chop wood, live without electricity, with a woodstove, use a hand pump for water, which develops patience…and raised a few chickens for eggs.
        He knew what was ahead…
        Yes, we must prepare as Noah did, as Jesus, these days would be as it was then…but, Noah listened and obeyed the Lord…so, God was able to help him, to speak to him, and meet his needs, above and beyond, what he, as a mortal man, could do.

        Layna Jan Wilson,
        Vancouver, Canada.

      57. Correction to my submission…
        Yes, we must prepare as Noah did, as Jesus SAID, these days would as it was then…

        Layna Jan Wilson,
        Vancouver, Canada.

      58. Hello All…
        I have been preparing, as best one can, a middleaged woman alone, on a small fixed pension, in a rented cottage.
        I do not drive, and could not afford a car, even if I could.
        However, these limitations, if one is a ‘believer’ and truly following the Lord’s commandments, need not be chains.
        We have been told in Scripture, that the Lord will provide…that is one of His names ‘ Jehovah Jireh’ our Provider, His Grace is sufficient for us.
        He fed the children of Israel, in the desert, when they cried out to him, He gave them manna and quails.
        Can He not do the same for His people, who call out, day and night, unto Him?
        I could buy hundreds of dollars worth of pallets of food, etc., but, if one doesn’t have a car or drive, how are you going to move it, if you have to leave where you are, to get to a more secure location?
        And, if you have no money, and the pensions are gone, how are you going to buy land or housing upcountry, now or later?
        If the Lord wishes you to move upcountry, to a safe refuge, He will supply your need to get there.
        But, if you are not looking to Him, not obeying His Word, then, you will have to fend for yourselves.
        Getting the skills that you need, is important, but, looking to the Lord to help you get prepared and obeying Him, is more so.
        Thankfully, in the 80s and 90s, for short periods of time, the Lord gave me several different rental log cabins, and in that time period, I learned how to chop wood, live without electricity, with a woodstove, use a hand pump for water, which develops patience…and raised a few chickens for eggs.
        He knew what was ahead…
        Yes, we must prepare as Noah did, as Jesus Said, these days would be as it was then…but, Noah listened and obeyed the Lord…so, God was able to help him, to speak to him, and meet his needs, above and beyond, what he, as a mortal man, could do.

        Layna Jan Wilson,
        Vancouver, Canada.


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