Strategic Relocation Briefing: Uruguay: “Everyone Should Always Have A Backup Plan”

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    Editor’s Note: This article has been contributed by Joel Skousen and the Strategic Relocation web site. This week Mr. Skousen discusses a relocation strategy that takes into account worst case scenarios occuring in the United States. While the majority of Americans are prepared to stay the course and take a widespread crisis head on right here in the continental U.S., it’s not that difficult to imagine a scenario where relocating outside of the country, even if temporarily, might be the most appropriate strategy.

    Consider a situation where the economy has literally fallen apart and your ability to generate any income whatsoever because of trade restrictions or currency collapse makes it impossible for you to cover even your most basic expenses. Or, perhaps a disaster on the order of Fukushima happens on U.S. soil as a result of a meltdown of any one of America’s one-hundred nuclear reactors. Or, in a near-Armageddon type scenario, the United States engages in a World War III scenario that could leave tens of millions of people dead within a matter of days. It’s also not that difficult to imagine a situation in America where law and order as we know it today breaks down completely, whether it be because of a disaster or political destabilization. 

    Do you really want to be around for any of those? Standing your ground is one thing, but doing so when facing circumstances that reduce your survivability to near zero is obviously not recommended, especially if you have other options to get yourself and your family to safety.

    In previous strategic relocation briefings Skousen has covered strategies for expat destinations like Costa Rica and Canada. Today we look at South America, specifically Uruguay, which is an extremely popular relocation country for people from all over the world. As with any move, Uruguay has some drawbacks, but Skousen also highlights the many benefits of living in this resource-rich, trade-friendly locale.

    For assistance with relocation questions, whether going international or looking domestically, contact the Survival Retreat Consulting team or Mr. Skousen directly. To see U.S. and international relocation properties, including survivability ratings, check out the Strategic Relocation For Sale By Owner web site.

    uruguay(Pictured: Farmland in the Uruguayan pampas. Carmelo, Rio Negro)

    Strategic Relocation Briefing: Uruguay
    By Joel Skousen
    Author, Strategic Relocation and The Secure Home

    This week I’m going to take a break from covering US destinations and take a look at a another pretty good foreign destination—the small nation of Uruguay, where I have lived and have a lot of friends and personal experience.   South America is being looked at by more and more expats as China and Russia become more aggressive, and where a future nuclear world war is very much on people’s minds.  Not only is it relatively free from targets in a nuclear war, but it’s also been free from the effects of Fukushima.

    Uruguay is a large and flat plain with only a few isolated hills surrounded between its long coast on the southern Atlantic Ocean and the Uruguay River to the west, which separates Uruguay from Argentina. It borders Brazil on the north.  Before president Franklin Roosevelt sent thousands of Eucalyptus trees to Uruguay, this nation was almost treeless—just one big grassy plain populated by Gauchos (the Uruguay cowboy) and farmers.  Nowadays, you see a lot of trees, and some still in large blocks of cultured forests, planted all in rows like crops.  The soil is fertile and Uruguay raises a lot of organic cattle and sheep—giving Uruguayans its well-deserved reputation for their fine grass fed meat, prepared over an open fire on the “Parrilla” (wood fired grill).

    While the terrain in Uruguay isn’t strategic like Switzerland or Chile, studded with forests and mountains, it’s still easy to find rural peace and safety if you get away from the hustle and bustle of the capitol city, Montevideo, and the coastal resorts like Punta del Este, and Maldonado, where many  expats and foreigners hangout.  In fact, there are two entirely different economies in Uruguay—one where nearly everything is priced in dollars (on the coast), and the other in the “interior” where life is still fairly backward, peaceful, rural, and cheap.   I always preferred the Interior, but within an hour or two’s drive of the coast for access to culture and commerce.

    Montevideo is very cosmopolitan and prosperous.  The people are cultured, well educated, and often from Italian, Spanish and German decent.  But you find people from all over the world there.  The climate is humid but fairly mild.  Even though the rain and cold of winter is penetrating, due to humidity, it doesn’t often freeze, and that’s why palm trees survive along the coast.

    Even though Uruguay is a semi-socialist country (like Brazil, Argentina, and Chile), its president doesn’t live the high life as do the despised lady president of Argentina (Cristina Kirchner).  Incredibly, he lives in a common home and eschews all luxuries.  But, as a foreigner, if you have your own independent source of foreign income, you won’t be subject to many of Uruguay’s economic regulations and effects—unlike Argentina, where the bureaucracy is more intrusive and slower to respond—almost disdainful of foreigners.

    All utilities are government owned and they tend to employ way too many people to “provide jobs.”  As a result, government spending is always in deficit and there is constant inflation of the money supply—like every other nation. Prices for utilities are high, at least in the big cities.  It’s not unusual for the electric bill in a small apartment in the capitol to be $100/mo.  However, the rates are somewhat cheaper in rural areas—perhaps they are subsidized more.

    The common folk complain a lot, since most people are on some sort of government salary or pension, which never quite keeps up with inflation, even despite periodic increases.  This is one of the reasons people of all classes regularly trade their pesos for dollars, as a hedge against inflation.

    Uruguay is not just a strategic destination for Americans.  It’s in high demand for the middle class of Argentina and Brazil who are fed up with the corruption, politics and bureaucracy in their own country.  Even though most of these countries are run by socialists, the Argentine government makes a mess of most everything, and in Uruguay the government seems to relish making Argentina look bad by taking the opposite and usually more reasonable position—just to spite it’s larger and more powerful neighbor.

    So, whereas Argentina jumps on every environmentalist and anti-American issue they can, Uruguay welcomes nuclear power, a lot of free trade, and doesn’t tax foreign income.  Argentina has to periodically put up artificial barriers at the border crossings with Uruguay to harass and delay those eager to leave Argentina and to punish Uruguay’s border trade. Whereas Argentina gives you the feeling it is forever in a monetary crisis and hungry for other people’s money, Uruguay tends to say “welcome,” come and spend your money here and live hassle free.  Thousands of foreign nationals do just that.

    It isn’t quite as easy to get residency in Uruguay as it used to be.  Because of high demand the requirements have tightened up a lot and the residency process can take about a year.  You have to have a monthly income of over $500 and you must live in Uruguay the entire time you are applying for residency.  They do check up on that, so if you go, plan on staying and enjoying the country for a least a year during that application process.  Once you are granted residency, you only have to worry about paying your taxes back home.  Uruguay doesn’t tax your foreign income.

    Car prices are high in Uruguay because this nation concentrates on import duties.  They aren’t as bad as they used to be, but that is why many Uruguayans and expats like to live in or near one of its many border towns with Argentina (Salta, Paysandu) or with Brazil (Rivera).  You can’t evade the car duties, but you can have access to the cornucopia of agricultural and commercial products that are manufactured in either of these two manufacturing powerhouses, simply by walking across the border or bridge.

    Property prices, particularly, are high in the coastal area because so much money has come in from the wealthy of Brazil and Argentina, driving prices beyond the reach of most Uruguayans.  So, don’t expect to find any bargains in the first world sector of Uruguay.  But, as a general rule, the farther away on the coast you get from Montevideo and the resort town of Punta del Este, the better your chances of finding less expensive land and housing (Colonia Swiza to the south, and Rocha to the north).

    To find peace and reasonable prices you have to move into the interior.  But the price you pay for living rural is that you have to become fluent in Spanish.  They speak the “Rio Plata” dialect of Spanish in Uruguay and Argentina, which is noted around the world as rather “cool” especially among Spanish speaking intellectuals.

    Interior towns that have reasonable access to Montevideo are Santa Lucia and Canelones.  The deep interior towns are all agricultural centers that cater to the cattle and sheep industry.

    Liberty wise, Uruguay is opposed to the surveillance mentality of the US and Europe.  It only requires tracking when entering and leaving the country.  You do not have to present the equivalent of your SS number as in the states, although you do have to have a “carnet,” once you get residency—a small internal identification document in case you get in trouble with the police.

    As in all foreign moves, I don’t recommend giving up US citizenship, and everyone should always have a backup plan to return home if things don’t stay the same in these foreign havens—which is quite probable.  When the next world war comes, forget about getting electronic access to your money, and you may not be to get access to money even if in a local bank—that is why people all over the world store dollars at home.

    Latin America will go with either Russia or China in the next war (at least at the beginning) and no nation will be free from the dictates of the global tyrannical government that will be the result of this next war—which is the long-term threat to liberty. So, as you search for retreat property in the states, both as you main or backup strategy, be sure and check out the survival properties for sale at Strategic Relocation.

    Survival Retreat Consulting: When considering a strategic relocation to a foreign country, it’s almost a requirement to learn the language to be successful, and there is no excuse for not doing so. Not only will this help you integrate faster, it shows respect and allows you to understand business transactions, and daily security, as many folks will think you have no idea what they are saying, a key when you first arrive and are struggling to find your way.

    A short note about firearms, as all of us se them as a key to the ultimate survival strategy no matter where we live. Unlike Costa Rica, where it’s a bit easier to import and obtain permits for your semi-automatic weapons; Uruguay is bit stricter about this, especially for those migrating to the country. This is something to seriously consider.

    According to a Dialogo News report;  “To legally own a gun in Uruguay, one must receive a permit from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and register the weapon with the Ministry of Defense. An Authorization to Purchase and Own Weapons (THATA) is also required. In order to obtain a THATA, the applicant must be 18 or older, possess a certificate of good conduct, pass a medical exam with a psychologist in good standing, submit income records and attend a firearms safety class.”

    This process can take up to a year. The penalty for owning/possessing an illegally smuggled firearm can be up to 12 years in prison, so if you think buying one on the street until your approved is a way around this, especially as a foreigner, the answer is nada. It would be very risky and not worth the prison time. Overall, the total number of homicides in 2011 was 199 (5.9 per 100k), with only 93 of those involving firearms (3.43 per 100k). The homicide rate in the US for 2011 was 4.7 on average.

    What about keeping a bug out retreat in the US? Mr. Skousen is correct. Do not take this decision lightly. Some of our consulting clients will keep a small homestead someplace in the US when they Expat. Normally this consists of a safe room/shelter for secure storage built under a small cabin with a discreet entrance to the ‘basement’. The can will be a normal 500sqft to 800 sqft structure with a wood cook stove and supplied with all the off grid accessories needed if one were to arrive on a shoe string. The alternative energy systems and all valuables are placed in the basement safe room area for long-term storage, and the property in some cases is watched over by a caretaker in another unit, depending upon the clients’ financial situation. Some folks Expat with a few dollars to spare and others leave in a private jet, either way, cutting all ties with the US is not recommended. It’s amazing how fast your mind may change and you’ll yearn for that sunset over the Rocky Mountains at your retreat in the American Redoubt, or your chosen locale!

    Moving off shore is a much bigger proposition than you think, so be sure to contact Mr. Skousen for an in-depth analysis on your situation. He is the subject matter expert.

    This briefing and analysis has been contributed by Joel Skousen and the Strategic Relocation web site.


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      1. I’m not going anywhere.

          • It must be Friday

            • As my dad used to say, “this guy is out of his gorde.”

                • Thanks John…

                  …its bookmarked now!

                  • Skousen had a message for all of you dollar haters (but dollar users), did you see it?

                    “This is one of the reasons people of all classes regularly trade their pesos for dollars, as a hedge against inflation.”

                    Another Spanish speaking nation that uses the dollar. Save ten dollar bills in plastic coffee cans. You will wish you had. LMAO!!! USA! USA! USA! 🙂

                  • durango kidd repeats:

                    “This is one of the reasons people of all classes regularly trade their pesos for dollars, as a hedge against inflation.”

                    Prior to 1971 I could “regularly trade” my dollars for gold!!!

                    “pesos for dollars?” LMAO! Who cares at this point? It’s all an illusion!

                    The dollar will end up as worthless as the peso thanks to the Keynesians and their enablers in the Washington District of Criminals!

                    Are you proud of the current state-of-the-dollar DK? Are you??

                  • Hey Hunter! Good to hear from you!

                  • YMWW: You can still trade your dollars for gold, but I doubt that Alt Market has any. You still trade your dollars for gold but you will probably need a gold dealer (read banker).

                    The money changers haven’t changed, they just don’t use sea shells any more. They use dollars or another major currency!!!

                    Am I proud of the current state of the dollar? Its not about pride. Are you proud of a hammer, or saw? Are you proud of your rifle and scope? Money is a tool to be used by a capitalist.

                    Take pride in how you use it and what you do with it, That is how I look at money. 🙂

                  • The durango kidd says:

                    “You can still trade your dollars for gold.”

                    Not with the US Government/FED! That came to an end in 1971.

                    “Am I proud of the current state of the dollar? Its not about pride.”

                    LOL… You know what I meant by “pride” DK… And yet your response wanders off into the weeds thinking/hoping the “boobs” on this site will follow you. Pathetic!

                    You are not a “Patriot,” you’re a Tory.

                • The Powers 2 Be are now testing our pain thresholds. To See how far they can push us to the brink of despair and bankruptcy. Somewhere during the GW Bush Administration the American spirit was lost, and then it was every asshole in charge for themselves. Company Presidents used to be proud that they would employ entire cities and bring prosperity to the areas. Now these A-holes hide behind their gated communities or out on their Yachts sipping on cognac and champagne. Could careless about anything but their stock holdings and golf handicap. Karma will be a Bitch when SHTF. Lock n load!!

            • A day without sunshine is like,………. Night time.
              ~ Steve Martin ~

              • One thing that I think is important to note about Costa Rica and Uruguay:

                Some of the wealthiest and wickedest people in the world have chosen those nations for retreat.

                Do you really want to “bug out” to tiny nations where such powerful and evil people can once again take control?… especially when firearms are difficult to legally acquire!

              • Watched 30 seconds – that guy can go fuck himself.

                • @Expat

                  Boy, the TRUTH really hurts huh Expat!

                  Extract your head from your ass Expat, and WAKE UP!!

                  • Your……..whatever,
                    Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.
                    The TRUTH though, that you’ll never find. you might find some truths, if you look hard enough.
                    Got luck to you son.

                • Expat is a Paid Shill.

                  • WWTsays,
                    You got me numb nuts. I get paid to a web-sight with 30 viewers. How clever of you to find me out. Now please go back to your homework and let the grown ups talk.

              • Iowa – A Million Thumbs Up on that one. Thanks forposting that link. I passed this link on to all my contacts. Finally someone tells the truth. Our government is morally bankrupt.

              • @ Iowa

                Ken O’Keefe nailed that!

            • The Editor says:

              “Moving off shore is a much bigger proposition than you think, so be sure to contact Mr. Skousen for an in-depth analysis on your situation. He is the subject matter expert.”

              Well there you have it: A slick sales pitch via SHTFplan.

              Note: Mac, I hope this doesn’t lead to my excommunication.

              • I think I’ll stay right where I am.
                When I walk down the sidewalk here,
                people step aside.

              • Mac’s been censuring my comments for a while now.

                More to the point. I will NOT move to Uruguay. Taking my chances in the U.S. This is MY country. I won’t be driven out!

                • Why wud I wanna muv to sum place I caint even spell?

                  Yucca yucca.

              • You just shit in your own nest mister…..LOL. I take all this with a grain of salt….and I’m movin’ on… G’night.

              • Moving to a foreign country especially a poor third world one is insane. Who is this moron? For starters you will be an outsider, considered wealthy and not fluent in the language. People better realize that very few countries are as accepting of outsiders as the US.

              • YMWW,
                YES, I was expecting the slick sales pitch down here in the comments section from Todd Stevens who is a business partner, and a spinoff from Rawles. That’s what he pulled off before. My own contact with Stevens was unimpressive and short. Seems to me Skousen and Stevens should pay Mac for advertising like other sponsors do.

          • There’s also a new chapter of Victoria:

            ht tps://

            (Take out the spaces between ht and tp)

            • Navy Vet, thanks for this link to the novel, Victoria. The author was a writer a seer ahead of his time! Thanks again!

          • Npgh-

            “…not going anywhere?”

            ..then shoot once..twice..then scoot/redeploy…repeat often!

            GOD Bless & Good luck, sir!

            • ADDENDUM to above—-

              “HEADS-UP EVERYONE”….understand this:…Washington/regime central/the U.N. etc.

              …cannot win a sniper’s war!!!!

              If they move against us, bleed them dry!!!!!!!

            • @Hunter…I’m plannin’ shootin’ once! Good advice Sir!

        • My relocation plan is to relocate all those need relocating.

          • You mean relocate the mofo’s from life to death?;-)

            • Yep Relocate the dead corpse blue helmets from the road to the ditch.

        • I’m an American by birth and by the grace of god. If it comes to a fight, I choose to fight on the ground of my fathers and fathers before. I will go to ground of my family but not without a fight. And for those wanting to brawl, be warned I’m a biter.

          • Amen, Faith of the fallen.

            My country, America the Land, and Home of the Brave has served me well. In fact compared to 90% of the rest of the world, it has been a blessing from God to be born into a family that brought roots here, from England, in 1640.

            Not that I have anything against Great Britain, I have just never been back to my Greater Grandpappy’s homeland; so therefore I can’t make a comparison.

            This land and peoples are so blessed, in fact, maybe too blessed. When they should have been paying attention to their leaders and what was transpiring behind the scenes and closed doors, they were too busy trying to get more stuff. Sometimes just for show and to try and out-do
            the neighbors and relatives and co-workers.

            None of that “stuff”, will matter in the long run.

            What is mattering now, for some, is that the chickens have come home to roost. In other words, people have gotten themselves head over heels in “DEBT”, and now they expect the gov, to bail there stupid selves out.
            Sorry, Charlie; you should have lived by the good book and stayed away from the joo banksters/credit cards/high mortgages,etc.

            We aren’t talking about the folks that have used their $$ wisely and just had a few bad runs of bad luck. Those deserve a helping hand.

            If you have enough cash, to load up and fly to Central or South America to BO, then you are probably not in the class of folks as most of the rest of us are here.

            The last thing on our mind is abandoning the ship. She has sailed the troubled waters of this land before and served us pretty well. When she is old and creaky like myself, I’ll make a few repairs/changes and float on towards the final sunset with my dignity and with the pride and bravery that went along with those that defended her.

            I’m not about to hand over my seat on this ship called “freedom”, to the “pieces of shit for humans”, that are trying to steal and sink her.


            • Amen! Just got 2000 more hollow points to load into my press to spit out some more .40s.

              I’m staying put, to make a stand right here (in the good old USA).

              Anyone needing a hand, ask NOW. When SHTF, its game on, and everyone for him/herself. I’m prepared for my family. I can’t worry about anyone else. Now, bartering is a possibility, but that will be in short supply, too.

            • The population replacement is well underway and we are close to where the native born and loyal are a minority. Those who have no care for the nation and are here only for what the can get/scam will be calling the shots. Our so called leaders think this is a good plan.

        • For many, when SHTF, their New Bug Out Location will be “Anyplace but here”, when it gets real bad.

          *This Tip, sponsored by “BugOut Real Estate Inc.”

          • Most of us here are looking for THE TRUTH and Open Honest Debate, Not State Sponsored scripted lies and propaganda.
            So…..Watch out for this: Also why Grafique disappeared after he was busted by me many times posting that Zog Crap.

            Story Titled:
            I Was a Paid Internet Shill: How Shadowy Groups Manipulate Internet Opinion and Debate

            My task? “To support Israel and counter anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic posters.” Fine with me. I had no opinions one way or another about Israel, and who likes anti-Semites and Nazis? Not me, anyway. But I didn’t know too much about the topic. “That’s OK,” she said. “You’ll pick it up as you go along. For the most part, at first, you will be doing what we call “meme-patrol.” This is pretty easy. Later if you show promise, we’ll train you for more complex arguments, where more in-depth knowledge is necessary.”

            She handed me two binders with sheets enclosed in limp plastic. The first was labeled simply “Israel” in magic-marker on the cover, and it had two sections .The first section contained basic background info on the topic. I would have to read and memorize some of this, as time went on. It had internet links for further reading, essays and talking points, and excerpts from some history books. The second, and larger, section was called “Strat” (short for “strategy”) with long lists of “dialogue pairs.” These were specific responses to specific postings.

            If a poster wrote something close to “X,” we were supposed to respond with something close to “Y.” “You have to mix it up a bit, though,” said my trainer. “Otherwise it gets too obvious.

            Internet Shills are out there in full force trying to manipulate the debate and shape the conversations and anything Pro Israel Zog.

            Go here for the rest of the story:

            Be on the lookout for these Internet Shill Trolls.

            • Go read Mr. Smith’s (Grafique’s) last post. You had very little, if anything, to do with it.

              But it’s soooooooooo great you took credit for that………. Yeah.

              • @What? Please can you believe any thing a shill Graphipuke spilled from his mouth. His last post was another typical poor me Joo shill feel sorry for me, I’m a victim. You were duped. I bet you sent him some money. lol…

            • Sounds like you are describing yourself. Shill for the JOO haters. I bet your momma is embarrassed by you.

        • What good is a dollar if it’s worthless? As far as leaving, not in the cards. This is my home, you want it, take it. I’m willing to fight and die for it. How bout you?

        • Been there, done that, more than once.
          You’d be amazed how difficult it is to acclimate to a foreign country. Even after months and months it’s only after committing to living there that you appreciate what the place and the people/government are like. It’s then that you take ownership of that life. All those things that seem quaint are just aggravations once you actually need to get something done. The BS bureaucracy, strange animals and plants and guess who’s the first to get nailed in SHTF? That’s right folks, the foreigner.
          I’ve lived on several continents over the years and firmly believe we’re in for “interesting times”. I chose the Driftless for my retreat. Look it up. It’s got what the Redoubt lacks. Friendly people and land that will actually grow food. There’s a really, really good reason the West is sparsely populated, actually a whole bunch of them- and yeah, I’ve lived there too.

        • An old, perhaps apocryphal bugging out story goes like this:

          A Frenchman, in 1938, could see what Europe was turning into, and decided to bug out. He chose a remote island in the South Pacific…….Guadalcanal

        • Everyone should have a back-up plan? How about multiple back-up plans??? Depending on just what occurs?

      2. Uruguay is awesome. Been there, loved it. I would maybe consider western Argentina (maybe) but if I absolutely had to get the hell out of Dodge – meaning outside of the United States – then Uruguay would probably be where i’d go. (with Costa Rica a close second)

        I hope it never comes to that, though.

        • Sweet land tis thee, not Uruguay.

        • Guess you don’t keep up with what’s going on in Argentina…weird…they are flat broke and you will be a most unwanted gringo…because those folks down there will look at you as a representative of their bankrupt country…sheeesh…

          Live Free or Die Free…right here in the good ‘ol USA…BIOTCH

          • PS..if they even let you in…

      3. Dang computer…
        Having my Shoot-a-palooza tomorrow, will post some videos…

        • Everyone have a good weekend, I plan to…Enjoy…

          A man and his wife walked into a dentist’s office.
          The man said to the dentist, “Doc, I’m in one hell of a hurry.
          I have two buddies sitting out in my car waiting for us to go play golf, so forget about the anesthetic and just pull the tooth and be done with it.

          We have a 10:00 AM tee time at the best golf course in town and it’s 9:30 already. I don’t have time to wait for the anesthetic to work!”

          The dentist thought to himself, “My goodness, this is surely a very brave man asking to have his tooth pulled without using anything to kill the pain.” So the dentist ask him, “Which tooth is it sir?

          The man turned to his wife and said, “Open your mouth Honey, and show him.”

          • Guess she’ll just have to grin and bare it

          • When things go to hell I want someone like you around to lighten the gloom. Another winner from Eppe. Most people cannot relate a joke without messing it up.

        • Awesome eppe! can’t wait to see how it went.


        • Mac, I apologize for the ‘m’ comment, was at work, had 9 softwares up and running, must had a burp in the web when I started to comment. Never had that happen before. It was strange, and will try to not let it happen again…

        • Eppe,good shooting,and as Genius would say,”Don’t forget the Federal”!

      4. Not quite.

        • Mac, if you delete a comment, you should delete the comment to the comment.

          • P.S. Like mine above which was a comment to “Daisy’s” “first” comment.

          • I dont think it is fair that he deleats comments i would like to so peoples comments and the like or dislike them.

      5. Our state motto here in New Hampshire, is “Live Free or Die”

        I was born here, I’ll die here.

        • Our state motto is Our Liberties We Prize And Our Rights We Will Maintain.

          • Good motto, but hard to fit on a license plates

            • The Gadsden decal fit in the back window of my F150.

          • Sure beats “The Sunshine State”.

          • California license plate motto

            We are Borg..resistance is futile

        • Angry OWG- I got a feeling anybody living up in the NE will get it first. Any place within 500 Miles of Washington DC where the Nuke Fall Out will make everything Toast.

        • NH may indeed have a really great motto, but there are too many negatives in NH:

          Political Correctness
          Haters (Flag, USA)

          • Ignore them, they’re just the transplants from Massachusetts, or Massholes as we call them.

            • Not true old guy,know plenty of born in N.H.who smoke pot,so what?I am as you call,a masshole,actually,just a asshole,big difference.That said moved to N.H. due to a less restrictive govt. in most ways,came here to stay not because I wanted to change it but to live here and keep it the way I found it.

        • Angry,even though a transplant agree about N.H.,though will fight like hell before I die.

        • That New Hampshire no longer exists. Look at the loons you elect. You have been taken over by the Massholes.

      6. Guest Post: Here’s Why The Market Could Crash – Not in Two Years, But Now

        “a crushing stock market crash…isn’t just possible or likely–it’s absolutely inevitable.

        The conceptual foundation of this view is: regardless of how much money central banks print and distribute and how much they intervene in the markets, these remain complex systems that necessarily exhibit the semi-random instability that characterizes all complex systems.”

        “The irony of assuming that controlling all the visible inputs gives us ultimate control over all outputs is the more we centralize control of each input, the more vulnerability we introduce to the system.”

        “Markets crash not from “bad news” but from the exhaustion of temporary stability. The longer that temporary stability is maintained by manipulation, the greater the severity of the resulting crash.”

        • Watch the Mass Migration away from California. Now all there water wells are going dry. They keep digging deeper and up popped a china man.

      7. Duh….

      8. I’m standing and fighting right here. If it gets that bad I have a BOL+1. The group that is with me is going there if it gets that bad. If not we are standing our ground right here.
        I’m tired of the B.S. I’m almost 61 years old I have had a great life bless by God! If it is my time its my time! So Be It! But until then you come for a fight be prepared to die!
        Our 1St BOL is with the outer 1/2 of the group. We will need them and they will us. Together we stand divided we fall. BOL #2, Did you see the ROAD? Well #2 will be the ROAD.

        • I’m gonna stay put. And I will fight if it comes to that. If push comes to shove, the Missouri Ozarks aren’t too far away. I just turned 60 and am amazed that I’ve managed to live this long. No complaints; every day is a gift. I saw The Road a couple of years ago. And read the Cormack McCarthy novel the movie was based on. Mass migration looks like a very real scenario and it already seems to be happening with people leaving California.

      9. If you leave the US don’t ever come back. We never wanted those who quit or to weak to fight for what they believe.

        • Sorry Armed Patriot wanted to give you an up vote

          • Eh,have old parents that really couldn’t put up a fight that may leave,do not blame em,tis possible short of nuke ect.some places might be nice but really need to be off the beaten path,will welcome them and any other old timers back when country righted assuming(big assumption)I survive,so,guess after we take back country we can have another civil war.

      10. The sheeple’s new thing is a book called 50 shades of grey, a rape fantasy that suburban housewives are buying at record numbers.

        I always knew you womyns were a bunch of sickos.

        • Is that your library Acid? Why do you assume everyone has read it? You need to quit assuming. Go in a round room and go to your corner.

          • Because it has sold 90 million copies and the publisher gave everyone in his office a $5,000 Xmas bonus.

            My library has much better erotica than this pabulum. I’ve done things you’ve never even thought of old man.

            • Acid Etch,

              This isn’t about the night you spent with Freddie Merc and that silver back gorilla in Savannah, is it?

              I thought the DA made you promise not to mention that again.

              It took years of therapy to get rid of that mental image.




              • I love how everyone bashes Queen while they know every word of Highlander by heart.

        • Since eisenstein brought up the subject of “fifty shades of grey”, I will make a comment about what i have just recently witnessed.

          An older friend of the little woman’s, a woman in her early 60’s, has been single for ten years and is basically a cold snake. She only wants anything to do with a man if she can use him, but not for sex. She admittedly gets no pleasure at all from sex, and wouldn’t even give up a bj for guys she dated and used for long weekends out of town for her self-pleasure of a freebie. No wonder, she wasn’t asked out for third or fourth dates.

          Here is the point, when she got the “fifty shades books” and started reading she called and went on and on with the little woman, about it. i even heard her say more than once that she “almost” got aroused by the sexual bondage events, of the stories. When she lent them to the little woman, she was so enthralled by the stories, that she didn’t stop reading until finished with all three in the series. Didn’t change her sexuality one bit though. She just fantasized that I was a millionaire like Grey and she would gladly do anything for my sexual pleasures, then. Bull caca, was my response.

          At a little cookout, sometime later, they were both going on and on about the billionaire, Mr.Grey, and how he seduced and basically, raped women. They got so excited, it made me sick.

          I finally had heard enough, so i said, “if you gals had spent half as much time and interest in reading God’s Word, you might have gotten something from it, besides a big waste of time and money.”

          They were not impressed and made sexually explicit gestures towards me with their middle fingers. I just laughed as they sulked, because the truth had hit them square in the mouth.

          i put those books into the same category as all those Harry Potter books and movies. More of Satan’s tools to warp the minds of the weak, and therefore just “trash”. Parents will have to answer for allowing that crap into their homes.

          • PISSINTHEWIND,
            The Harry potter books? You must never have actually read them since they are all about loyalty, friendship and fighting evil. Then again you let you wife dis you like she did with her loser friend so most likely you are not much of a man or wit, unless it is the half variety.

        • Gee Acid, you seem to attract the worst specimens of the opposite sex. You might get lucky at the feminist convention in Mass, just wear your Birkenstocks and Obama 2012 T-Shirt.

          • I only wear scandals on the jet ski.

        • Calling women sickos? What you are doing is using the defense of projection. I’d say your entire existence is one big defense mechanism.

      11. Ummm…yeah, I don’t think I am ready to retreat to some foreign land with little infrastructure. I don’t want to go somewhere that I don’t speak the language and will probably be seen as a mark for con men and criminals. Unless it becomes hopeless here, I think I’ll just take my chances in the US.

        • I’m with you Winston, I usually like Joel’s perspective, but once I got to the part when he mentions Uruguay I just skipped to the comments.

          I have no intentions of leaving the US


        • Winston, I would prefer to go somewhere there is Mosty only White People. I don’t see much sustainability down in the shadows of the inter City Ghetto fighting it out with the Crack Monkeys.

      12. We are going to get hit and hit hard and it is going to affect the whole country
        Hi Steve,
        I work in the media and just received some disturbing news from our
        editor-in-chief. He has a longtime friend he has known who works in one of
        the 3 letter agencies (you know what is meant). Our editor just received an
        email from him (using an alias of course) and told him to “start
        immediately buying canned goods and non-perishables. We are going to get
        hit and hit hard and it is going to affect the whole country.” He also
        stated they (terrorists?) are already here and in place. The message ending
        by saying “God bless and you were right”–meaning a post on the internet
        our editor had made about his theory on the missing 11 aircraft. Don’t know
        how much of this info you have gotten from your sources. I’ve tried to tell
        as much as possible without giving any possible idea to the ptb where this
        came from.

        A brother in Christ

        Sep 5, 2014

        • KM,
          The last story I posted about here at DHS it’s been furious on training , something is going to happen when is agood guess but most likely before the elections. No body seems to be paying attention all the signs are there we have already been issued our winter gear , a person on the last post knows some one who works at the mount Weather facility and they told her the same thing. What ever it is the higher ups crapping their trousers about this.
          We have been basically told to prep up and be prepared to be on your own for an extended time operationally.
          No one really knows what the scenario is but it’s being kept close and it’s evidently highly compartmentilized information. It may happen sooner than later.
          Stay alert , situational awareness at all times . This is not BS its really getting scary.

          Semper Fi 8541

        • OK, there are exactly SIX DAYS to go until 9/11, when this new attack is supposed to happen or begin with these 11 aircraft.

          SO, kindly quit the ‘I heard it from a guy who knows a guy’ stuff. Name the names, who they work for, and what you know. Print out the email and post it. No redactions.

          If it’s true, no one needs to be ‘protected’. That’s just a load of malarkey. What does need to happen is for the information, all of it, get distributed as widely as it can be, in order to get people aware of it and hopefully save some American lives.

          Or, if not, it’s just another example of internet rumormongering and it needs to stop.

        • Most likely those aircraft if used will hit targets in Europe or the Middle East. Too far to get here. Then again we could always have another stand down where all the radars are off for maintenance. There are however unknown numbers of those who wish us evil both in govt. and those who have been allowed to immigrate here both legally and illegally. I have felt for a while that that is in whose hands that the billion plus hollow point bullets will end up.

        • The missing aircraft have been accounted for. Story dead.

      13. I don’t want to move to a third world country and stand out as a rich gringo. It’s different if you’re a billionaire and can hire your own security force.

        If I had the money for a bug out location I’d get a cottage on Lake Superior in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. The average population density is 19 people per square mile. Sure, the winters are long and cold but you can still grow a lot of stuff and it’s far from any city of 50,000 or more.

      14. At @KM REMINDS me of what my mom told me and my hubby about a year ago. (She did 2 terms in the goverment) the cells are already here, they are laying low, until they get the word, they are doctors, teachers., they work everywhere !! When they get word we will be hit at the same time at different places all at once, throughout our country, (malls, events, schools etc, you name it, they got a target on it….I thought about this again, when I heard 12 planes were taken and pics came out , of ISIS seen in Houston texas off hyw 290,,,,, scary times

      15. you know why im not leaving, besides my patriotism and tenacious strive for freedom? and the fact that I would have any patriot survivors back!

        the next country wont like all my guns either

        at least here I can tell them all to go get F-ed.. not giving up one more inch and im definitely not giving up my cannons

        want em,?? your going to have to fight to earn them, feel lucky?

      16. Plan A.
        Sit tight and make the best of what we got.
        Plan B.
        Blow holes in anything that moves or gets in our way and make for the lava fields

        • I hear you.
          Plan A: I’m about to go off grid as it is cheaper than HELCO. have “free water”, horses, cattle and animals all around, and plenty of farms and gardens.
          Plan B: Shoot ATM and control some bridges.

          • There ya go!
            How you fare with the storm, Puna got pounded, we got lucky over here on Maui, only Ulupalakua and Polipoli an this side got damaged, Kipahulu around to Keanae had minor damage, Olinda trees went down but not too bad, we got real lucky.

            • Kula, you are bringing back memories. You live in paradise. Enjoy!! Only one storm in 22 years ain’t bad. Here in FL we had 4 Hurricanes in a Month in 2004. Every weekend the next one would roll in. We were forced to be preppers. Prep or die!! lol

            • I’m Big island Hamakua side. it was Windy, But I have mostly Ironwoods, those take a bulldozer or 20″ Stihl to knock down. Lots of power poles wiped out, but we all prepare. Maui just has to survive Tourists, but we get it all. I even have pix of a Blizzard on Mauna Kea summit. I’m trying to think of a kind of weather I haven’t seen here on the big island. Ice fog might be one.

              • How is the VOG now that the volcano on the Big island is kicking up a fuss.

            • Hurricane Norbert dumping a bunch of rain on Baja. We are all hoping it comes North and drenches Calif. and Az.
              Drives me nuts when the weather reporters act like it is a bad thing to get rain when it goes months between storms and the drought if it continues will destroy the state economy.

        • If I could get back to Hilo..I would go out to the lava fields that ran over the kalapana community..lots of lava tubes

          • Waimanu valley

            • I used to work in waimanu valley…doing a water project flying crews in with tropical that place…long hike in but lots of tree cover. I would certainly give it serious thought.

      17. Camel races this weekend in Virginia City and the Outhouse races I believe are next week. Couldn’t ask for more, we’ll be staying here. Fucking candy asses help create a pile of shit and then try to hide in some turd world country, what a joke. I for one will be sure to get a copy of the list of wossies to remind them of their actions and the reason why they do not want to return after the rest of us finish cleaning the toilet.

      18. From the Steve Quayle site:
        I work in the media and just received some disturbing news from our editor-in-chief. He has a longtime friend he has known who works in one of the 3 letter agencies (you know what is meant).
        Our editor just received an email from him (using an alias of course) and told him to “start immediately buying canned goods and non-perishables. We are going to get hit and hit hard and it is going to affect the whole country.”
        He also stated they (terrorists?) are already here and in place. The message ending by saying “God bless and you were right”–meaning a post on the internet our editor had made about his theory on the missing 11 aircraft. Don’t know how much of this info you have gotten from your sources. I’ve tried to tell as much as possible without giving any possible idea to the ptb where this came from.

        A brother in Christ

      19. All this retreat, relocate, RUN talk is nonsense. The upcoming storm is going to affect the whole WORLD. There is nowhere you can run and hide, period. You may *think* you are immune, safe, invisible…and you may be, for a while. After looking at the hundreds upon hundreds of threats that are known, the math says don’t run…you’ll only die tired.

        Argentina (right next to Uruguay, BTW) is flat BROKE. SO broke they have food riots and no toilet paper in the country. Where do you think all THOSE people are going to relocate to? Right next door. No thanks. I’m standing my ground, and if you try to take it from me I’ll take you with me, period.

        • Socrates says:

          “There is nowhere you can run and hide, period.”

          “That is a fact! And it should put a nail in the coffin of the “strategic relocation crowd.”

          “There is nowhere you can run and hide, period.”

          • YMWW: On this we agree. There is no where you can run and hide to escape the NWO. America is the epicenter of that fight.

            Lose America and Liberty will be lost. 🙁

        • Amen,
          Run and think your hiding somewhere you dont really know?
          Sit tight where you know your neighbors pet fish’s name and everyone within a mile?
          Pretty easy choice.
          Can you imagine how much fun it would be to BE a refugee in uruguay?
          Screw that

        • Not to mention
          You run away from your country in her time of need and think you will be welcomed back by your old neighbors?
          Good luck traitors

          • Kulafarmer,
            If all goes according to plan our neighbors will have been replaced by new arrivals from all over the world. A more compliant population is what is being brought in. The people who believe that will be surprised at just how mean the new guys are.

        • I thought it was Venezuela that has no toilet paper, and they blame America for that. I agree that I wouldn’t want to live anywhere near Argentina though. With unemployment so high the crime is up big time. And to think at the beginning of the 1900’s they were the 3rd richest country in the world, after Germany and Great Britain. That’s what socialism does!
          We were just in Scotland and I could see myself living there if need be. At least we know the language. The vote on independence is coming up Sept 18; our tour guide said that they have the potential to be one of the richest countries in the world due to oil in the North Sea.
          But there’s no place like the good old USA is there.

        • I was reading about all this Eboli Break outs. Seems where ever the Chinese are setting up Big Infrastructure projects, Eboli seems to spring up in that exact location. I think TPTB are starting this Eboli Crap as a Weapon to destroy the Chinese construction plans. Look for more of this info to come out. The truth usually rises to the surface eventually.

          Nothing today surprises me of these Psychopaths out there stirring the pot, killing people for their entertainment chess game.

      20. @everyone…do you know who sells powered milk? Or a better way to store instant store bought milk? Thanks in advance for any help!

        • Best powdered milk is Augason Farms fresh. I ordered thru EBay but some Walmarts sell it.

        • @NPGH: you can order it online thru many prepper sites. is one of them off the top of my head. Walton is another. if you have some to store, you can store in mason jars, and use a vacuum sealer to take the air out. good luck!

          • @cal girl and jenn…thanks a bunch! Too late in the evenibg for me now but I’ll be checking it out first thing tomorrow.

          • Yeah Jenn, I Vac a lot of items. Grinding up coffee beans then vac with about 15 lbs in Mason jars is amazing. Opening up the jar 6-9Mts later is just like fresh ground.

      21. I’ll relocate alright. Relocate from my porch to my back steps. Of course I’ll be armed. But that’s my relocation plan.

      22. I will not be leaving homelands in the north excepting work/concerts ect.As I have said before,drawing a line in the sand and will hold it to best of ability.I have also said some older relatives may make move outside country,some places may be peaceful longer then others,to them I say hope you have a great life.They are old and tired dammit!I don’t blame em and they don’t blame me for staying here and trying to keep/get back our country,as I have also said before they will live a bit behind so my line in sand can be held perhaps a bit longer.As for Argentina,ya,govt. fucked at moment but tis a country that could do fine internally natural resource wise without giving up too much,we also as a country could do fine internally if we learn to live without soo much junk.

      23. I’m too old to move and too pissed off to take much more crap. I’ll tough it out here with like minded folks in the Shenandoah valley. Time to thin the herd anyway and get back to getting this country on the right track. some good people will go down but a whole lot of useless scum will go too.

        • Amen, Jim in VA!

      24. Check out Judicial Watch, article on border threat from ISIS possibly Ft. Bliss or El Paso.

      25. I am staying put.

        And if I am still alive I am going to help my neighbors.

        Put everything back in order the best I can.

      26. Not feeling the Non-USA locations. My grandfather immigrated here, my father was born here, and i signed the paper pledging my life to the commander in chief some 25 years ago. If I can’t make it work here, the frig it all.

      27. hey if you are dead broke and desperate… sell a kidney to some jews.

        the international jew run human organs harvesting and transplant black market is alive and well in south amerika , costa rica and uruguay has seen a rise in both countries this last year in the illegal human organ transplant trade.


        • Seemingly you sold your diseased brain to them as you must be really stupid to believe that shit.

          • here ya’ go @john w., ya’ ma’roon…

            How Costa Rica became the center of global human-organ trafficking ring

            One couple offered $20,000 to donate a kidney for a transplant in Israel, statement claims

            An Israeli company offered to pay a Costa Rican woman $20,000 to purchase her left kidney and a doctor reportedly paid for flights for the transplant to be carried out in March 2013, she and her husband said in a sworn statement.

            The statement, which was recently obtained by EL PAÍS, was part of an investigation that broke last year with the arrests of a number of people, including four doctors, who were allegedly part of a ring that also involved co-conspirators in several Eastern European nations.

            The case is similar to one recently uncovered in Spain in which authorities arrested a wealthy 61-year-old Lebanese man who had offered to pay a reported €40,000 to a migrant woman for a section of her liver. Police made five other arrests in Valencia and charged them with being part of a group that recruited needy illegal migrants willing to sell their vital organs for transplants. Such practices are illegal in Spain.


            • @john w.

              “What A Maroon!”

              ~bugs bunny

            • Uruguay Crime Rising…

              As Uruguay open society attracts more shadowy dubious criminal international travelers and drug runners to it’s shores to support it’s exploding foreign ex-patriot population taste for cocaine heroin and marijuana, crime in Uruguay grows with it.

              Known as “the Switzerland of Latin America,” Uruguay has some of the lowest crime rates and most stable state institutions in the region.

              At the same time, however, the historically peaceful country is undergoing a steady rise in crime and insecurity, much of which is linked to international drug trafficking and small-scale local gang activity.


              • The population of displaced homeless Desperate people in Uruguay is Growing and they are doing desperate things…

                ripped from the uruguay expat travel web forums

                My comments are based on 12 years of annual 6 week visits to Uruguay ( most of the time spent in MVD ) . I stay in Ciudad Viejo and hang around the Centro for the most part . I keep late hours , drink heavily , and frequently wander around in the wee hours of the morning .

                Pasta Base is a serious epidemic . In 10 years it has gone from unknown to everywhere . That and the rents and food becoming unaffordable has resulted in many homeless , hungry , desperate people .

                The cops have their hands full trying to keep them off the Peatonals so the tourists won’t see them . The cops brazenly beat them , pull guns on them ( I see it every day ). There are now so many ragged starving addicts at night that everything between the Casino and the river looks like the worst of NYC in the 80’s. Florida Street is a definate no-go after 23:00 .

                The area around the racetrack while never the most prosperous is now a zoo , almost every bus ride home at night features some scary incident ( rocks through the window , fights , drunks attacking driver etc . ). The area around Tres Cruces mall is also crawling with low-lifes at night and you won;t have to wait long to see action there either .

                ” Inseguridad ” is the most common topic of conversation in these areas , mostly “did you hear what happened last night to so and so ? ” . Every-one seems to agree things are spiraling out of control .

                Despite all that , if I stayed in Punta Carretas , was home by 21:00 , quit drinking , and hung out at that book-store coffee-shop on the Rambla I would see none of the mayhem nor would it threaten me in any way .

                Who “thought” it was safe haven, and when?

                In 2005 when I moved there, I was warned not to buy/rent a house but rather an apartment for security reasons.

                “Increase of crime?”

                A friend of mine in Atlantida had her car stolen last week while she slept. Sure surprises me. I think it was 20 years old. With all the much nicer cars around. The police think it is probably in a chop shop and little hope of recovering it.

                She is looking for a truck now and I suggested she put it inside the gate (in the yard) and she said from now on she would. There has seemed little reason to be very cautious in the past.

                Wonder if this is an opportunity for a new security system company.

                CRIME and CANCER:

                Here are the current epidemics in Uruguay: why do i bring these forward? Because i’ve relied on the frankness of this forum and the experience of others on here who i have a measure of confidence in their judgement – i used their entire mishegas experience in making some of my decision to live in UY. So i am paying it forward- in a way..

                I found out Two things: 1. a massive and I mean massive uptick in the use of Cocaine by kids, teens, young adults, students, the poor, the middle class, everyone in UY- This person is a lawyer and visits the Libertad prison in MVD weekly.

                The rise in Crime statistics in UY is being purposefully witheld by the police and the home office. they report the obvious el Pais stuff.. the rise in violent deaths related to drugs is out of sight- El Pais isnt reporting all of it- the rise of theft is climbing like mad and not just in the slums- from atlantida to pocitos. robberies are skyrocketing and not getting reported… there isn’t one decent lock down rehab with a treatment component in all of URUGUAY- not one- notice i said decent- there a couple of lockdown sanatorium/, slum like ones-with NO TREATMENT component. all of the rehabs in UY, you can walk out of when ever you want to- the UY coke epidemic may not have yet sent small gangs out to the outskirts to rob and ransack but its coming- read the website newspaper ” In Florida” . based in Florida, UY. great news source.

                The Uruguay Cancer Epidemic:

                Ya, the water we all thought was plentiful and safe-. Its not.especially along the UY river .. there is a huge cancer epidemic pancreatic, liver and intestinal- and its from the water.. the Government- predictably- is denying the epidemiological study just finished by a UY panel that proves it -and that study was just released. two elements are behind the rise in cancer- 1.) phosphorous- yep, the element in fertilizers ; fertilizers are unregulated in UY- as Patrick knows. there exists a huge aquifer of water under most of UY. and its not that far down and lots of small rivers; thats not just all they tested. its the rivers and streams, too. fertilizer use is positioning UY. the runoff and the saturation in the aquifer- have made hot spots of toxic cancer zones.

                * physically go there and live in a monthly rental for 3 months in the Uruguay town neighborhood you plan to move to, before you decide to move there permanently.

                as more international goyim gentile and jew outsiders move to Uruguay bringing their refined bad vices , scams and criminal behavior with them to Uruguay, crime against ex-pats community will rise and the Uruguay locals will become displaced by higher rents utilities and eventually turn violent targeting expats and their property.

                it’s a known cycle of crime that repeats itself constantly where expats hot spots form around the world.


      28. I’ll be staying put and praying I can live off my land

      29. Wow, been a lo g time since I have been here due to personal probe, but great to see how many new people r here. Less sheeple out here I a great thing. God bless all and take care I will be o against soon.

      30. Well, the power went out after a bad storm here outside of detroit . Trees knocked down the power lines. The neighbors came out all dumb founded. Know one had a chain saw, no generators, candles. The next day in the morning I went to cut up sum of the bigger limbs that we’re blocking the road and side walks, no one came out to help, thought that it might bring people together , one neighbor did come over and noticed my garden, their comment was , ” I know where I’m coming latter” . So, I have a place in the country, that’s where I planned on heading to when the shtf, a while back I started thinking ,that maybe I’ll bug in. I have everything I need right here. I am so wrong, the people around me have not prepared for the day let alone weeks or months. I would have to fight everyone of my neighbors. They have nothing or the skills to gather anything. My for sure plan is to get out and get out fast. I can really see from this weekend of no power that these people will fight you for what you have , then starve. This is no going to be pretty.. I do have to say that from following this forum that I am very prepared, it was a test for me . I will make sure to leave the city without a doubt.

      31. In Latin America you are only one leader away from a complete change in political climate.

        And if the SHTF in the USA, you would be a huge target in a foreign country – with no USA “power” to help you or back you up. They’d probably kill you for your stuff and as a minority, you’d be powerless to stop them.

        I’ve lived in several 3rd world Latin American countries as a child, and I’ve seen how rogue governments work. No thanks.

        I’ll take my chances here in the land of the moderately free.

      32. Hello Dear,

        I am in need of your assistance, Am Sergeant Jason Ray Am with the Engineering unit here in Kandahar, Afghanistan for the United States. we have about 11.5 million Euro that we want to move out of the country. My partner and I need a good partner, someone we can trust to actualize this venture. The money is from oil proceeds and legal.

        But we are moving it by diplomatic means to your house directly or a safe and secured location of your choice using diplomatic courier services. But can we trust you? Once the funds get to you, you take 30% out and keep 70% for us. Your part of this deal is to find a safe place where the funds can be sent to. Our part is sending it to you.

        If you are interested,reply with my private email and I will furnish you with more details.([email protected])
        Urgently awaiting your response.

        Your Buddy.
        SGT. Jason Ray
        God Bless America!!!

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