The Most Frustrating Thing In America… *Video*

by | Aug 17, 2011 | Ron Paul | 303 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    What is it that frustrates you the most?

    There are plenty of things you can think of, we’re sure.

    For us, it’s the fact that all around us there is turmoil – social, political, economic, financial – and when a true statesman stands up against the beast he or she is ignored, discredited, and lambasted by not only the mainstream media, but Main Street itself.

    Every American has gripes. Every American knows things are not as they should be. Most Americans will tell you that they distrust politicians in general, yet every election cycle they cast the same vote (if not for the same candidate, then for the same skewed ideology) hoping for change. Einstein had a word for this behavior

    Looking at our 2012 Presidential contenders, we can’t help but feel contempt and disgust. It’s the same story all over again. The election is being positioned so that we as an electorate are left to choose from the lesser of two evils, rather than the greater of two greats.

    Does anyone really think Mitt Romney would be any better than Obama considering his initiatives, namely a failed socialized health care plan in Massachusetts when he was governor?

    What about tentative front runner Rick Perry, the governor who forced HPV vaccines on 12 year olds via executive decree, the one who is oblivious to property rights and forcing Texans to leave land they’ve owned for generations so that he can build the Transnational corridor to further expand the North American Union, the one who claims Fed money printing is treasonous, yet fully supported the multi-trillion dollar bailouts for too-big-to-fails? Do you really want his version of liberty?

    Then there’s President Obama, who in all honesty has been nothing short of a disaster. Mr. Obama has failed to deliver on almost every single promise he made. We say “almost” because he did deliver on the promise to fundamentally change America forever.

    It’s frustrating. We’re frustrated, and we know you are too.

    When you see a Presidential candidate with the integrity, wherewithal and voting history to back his rhetoric, it’s frustrating to see nothing but marginalization from the media and the public. How can we as a people be so foolish as to ignore the only honest representative in Washington, choosing instead to once again fall into the mob mentality of having someone, usually a self professed expert, tell us who is or is not electable, who is or is not fringe, who is or is not mainstream?

    There is only one who has any chance of restoring America.

    Either the majority of Americans will back this candidate, or you can expect another four years calling Barack Obama President. Millions of Americans are frustrated and fed up, and they have been bamboozled not just for a few years, but decades. Those who have realized that candidates from both sides are nothing but a different head of the same snake are going to sit this election out unless a candidate who understands their frustrations and is prepared to act emerges from the Republican Primary. Americans are sick of more of the same, which is what we get from 99.9% of political candidates in local, state and federal elections, regardless of party affiliation.

    We will not compromise. We will not support another soulless, vapid sycophant. If Americans don’t realize how serious we are, they better get used to this for the next half decade:

    It is our view that there is only one man who can beat Barack Obama, and only one man who can truly begin the process of making America great again.



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      1. Well here’s my lead baloon. Ron Paul is the only candidate in the race who’d make me vote for BH Obama. I like his economic theories but his foriegn policy was already tried in history by Mr. Chamberlin. Sorry but I don’t want to sit back and wait for Iran and North Korea to create a “One Second After” while we think they are our friends. I can’t support a man for president that isn’t willing to stand up to those who hate our nation, our way of life and will work to destroy it. Such a man is a coward, ignorant of history, and not worthy of my vote. I’d tell that to Paul’s face. Honestly I wish he’d educate himself on that because otherwise he’d be a fine candidate.

        • That’s because you are a Zio-clown.

          • What the F is a Zio-clown?

            • It’s the opposite of an Arab-Jester.

        • Dittos to Jim

        • What, you don’t think America is capable of defending itself withou having military bases all over the world.

          If I was president I would bring our troops home and I would tell the world that anyone who attacks us would be nuked into pre stone age conditions.

          We would probably have to do this twice (nuke em) before people would actually believe us.

          • I think it would be better if the leaders of these countries were threatened like this..the general populace of these countries are not in control of these power hungry big heads any more than you or I are of our own

            its not the people of these countries we have the problems with (mostly) its the poilicies and greed of its leaders

            I know i personally dont want to be painted with the government brush of this country

            • I too like the idea of killing the leaders of countries who threaten us but I disagree on the level of responsibility of the citizens of those countries. Because we tolerate ass-clowns like the current incumbent in chief and obey the unlawful and unconstitutional laws and regulations which we accept through obedience to them, we have a certain amount of culpability too. People get the government they deserve. Those who want to control other people’s behavior by passing laws against smoking, or using pot, or requiring seat belts to be worn deserve it when their property taxes are raised by the county government, or the homeowners association vetos the addition to their house because it violates an asthetic code. Point being, the citizens of other countries are just as guilty as the citizens of ours are for the leaders they choose or tolerate to be in charge. The tree of liberty must regularly be watered by the blood of patriots and tyrants and if we are unwilling to do so then we deserve what we receive.

            • “The Moons mistress”

              thats fine for you..go ahead and take the bullet for one of these dip shits..but dont paint ME with that brush..I dont agree with any of their bullshit policies or any of what you listed as thier policies..and I cant change it that makes me deserve to die for their fuck ups?

    , uhno fuckin way pal

              take the bastards out..not the average joe just trying to provide for his family and trying to live the best way he can…

              when you paint the average hard working man..with the political brush of assholes you have made the salt of the earth liable for things out of his singular control

          • I would like nothing more than to see all our troops come home and be reunited with their loved ones. However, as long as they’re no jobs to be had, Ostumbles is not going to bring them home to sit around stewing and growing angrier. I fear its going to be multiple rotations in and out for a long time.

          • JustMe,
            I agree with you on this. Ron Paul does not advocate sticking our head in the sand and ignoring problems. Instead he advocates closing down the military spending machine that is bankrupting our country and use those monies to build a military that is focused on defence of the homeland, not defence of Japan, Germany, and the other 200 countries in the world where we station troops. Being against a huge global military footprint is not the same as being Neville Chamberlain.

            Ron Paul is the only candidate who “gets it”.

          • Amen! If we’re going to fight, then let’s FIGHT and get the job DONE and then GET OUT! Our nation has been reaping the harvest of so-called “peace-keeping” actions for the past 60 years. I’m an aging baby boomer and I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK!

        • Guess what Jim…..of the 122 countries we have troops in, Iran and N.Korea AREN’T on that list ?

          We’re in Iraq and Afganistan, and a whole lot of other places, for corporate profits……..nothing else.

          Bring home all our troops, spend the money we’re spending on that crap to rebuild America, and tell the rest of the world that an attack ( a TRUE attack, not a Reichstag fire ala 9/11 ) will be met by turning the attacking country into a glassed over parking lot.

          Ron Paul isn’t a coward, or ignorant of history…..he merely points out the folly of 50 years of our history.

          • Good on you TnA!

          • Please, please, please quit with the whole 122 countries crap. We’ve got a handful of bases in Europe, primarily England, Germany and Italy. We’ve got troops in Japan and Korea. Outside of the Horn of Africa, not too much in Africa. Advisors for the wasteful war-on-drugs in South America. Most of those ‘122 countries’ have nothing more than Marines on embassy duty.

            Yeah, we’ve got too many guys in too many places. But we don’t have 122 major military installations all over the world. Again, most of that is embassy detail duty.

            • Sorry… forgot the “BIG” ones in Iraq and Afghanistan. Again, agree we’ve got too much crap overseas. “122 countries” is an exaggeration.

            • At Least Seven Hundred Foreign Bases

              It’s not easy to assess the size or exact value of our empire of bases. Official records on these subjects are misleading, although instructive. According to the Defense Department’s annual “Base Structure Report” for fiscal year 2003, which itemizes foreign and domestic U.S. military real estate, the Pentagon currently owns or rents 702 overseas bases in about 130 countries and HAS another 6,000 bases in the United States and its territories. Pentagon bureaucrats calculate that it would require at least $113.2 billion to replace just the foreign bases — surely far too low a figure but still larger than the gross domestic product of most countries — and an estimated $591,519.8 million to replace all of them. The military high command deploys to our overseas bases some 253,288 uniformed personnel, plus an equal number of dependents and Department of Defense civilian officials, and employs an additional 44,446 locally hired foreigners. The Pentagon claims that these bases contain 44,870 barracks, hangars, hospitals, and other buildings, which it owns, and that it leases 4,844 more

        • Okay Jim, you realize they hate us because we are wasters (true) and because of of power grabbing war machine (true) right?

          If you don’t get that then you do not belong here, you are a zombie.

          America is full of fine individuals, and we are judged based on our government, and the way we accept the nonsense because the media tells us so.

          Wake up fella, you are just wrong, and if you did your homework, you too would vote for Ron Paul, and end these mindless wars that our government starts for fallicious reasons.

          Our brothers and sisters are dying over there, for nothing we actually stand for.

          • And maybe spend the trillions–not billions–on securing our own oil production; jobs for our troops when home.

            • Yes, but, we don’t have have enough oil to run our economy. That is just the fact of the matter? We import because we have to in order to meet the rediculious 20 million a barrel day habit we have. So take ANWAR, wow, a whole year and half of oil… if we could pump it that fast. Or, the ‘New’ Alabama feild which hold maybe 700 million barrels, yep, 35 days of oil.

              Change is comming, because as of yet, we have nothing to replace the energy source called petroleum.

              So though I agree, I would change your good statement by saying “securing ourselves in a sustainable manner until the worst is over.” That will enable us to 1, live, 2 have resources to live on, and 3, fix the problems of the last three thousand years, or so.

        • Jim, Here is a link to help cure your ignorance,

          Why does the MSM and the Fed and ALL the Establishment hate Ron Paul?

          Ron Paul 2012 !

        • I think you are mistakenly interpreting Ron Paul’s desire to get our military out of unnecessary foreign entanglements to be weakness or cowardice. My impression of Ron Paul is that he views the military as the force for national *defense*, not attack (only in Amerika is the Department of ‘Defense’ responsible for making war on the world and conquering them). Ron Paul, I’m sure, is well aware of the threat posed by the likes of North Korea & Iran, but also knows we are not morally justified in attacking them unless they attack us first.

          Trying ‘preemptive’ strikes such as you seem to be enamored with is what got us into the quagmires in Iraq & Afghanistan with no hope of success and no end in sight. Such foreign entanglements have done nothing to improve our security — quite the contrary, they have only succeeded in angering even more people and creating more terrorist minded individuals.

          Remember the Dept of Defense is for *defense*. That is, the military should be responsible for ensuring our borders and citizens are protected in the event that another country actually attacks us. Any time the military makes an unprovoked invasion (see Iraq), we have lowered ourselves to the level of the terrorists. We should have more honor than that, and I believe Ron Paul wants this country to be honorable once more.

          • well said, man! thanks for the lively (and decent) debate!

        • Jim, Ron Paul’s foreign policy does give me pause but… I do know that he is mostly concerned of the ongoing wars ( Iraq/Afcrapistan)and the undeclared war with Libya, AND the soon to be war with Syria….Shoooo! had to catch my breath all the warrring going on. Few of our federal elected officials know the US Constitution as well as Dr. Paul. He’ll get my vote when the moment arrives. Scootin’ Newton and the Texas two-steppin’ Rickster are the same old, same old. JMTCW, YMMV.

        • Jim, face it. You’re crapping on the fan blades.

        • Here’s a question for you Jim, why do people in other countries hate the USA and our way of life? Answer, because we occupy their countries and try to force our democracy down their collective throats. THEY DON’T WANT US THERE JUST LIKE WE WOULDN’T WANT A FOREIGN MILITARY BASE OR BASES IN OUR COUNTRY. Pretty simple isn’t it? When and if I ever see armed Chinese or other foreign soldiers walking my streets it will become open season.

        • Jim,

          Sorry, but I don’t know where your brain is. You say things about RP that just aren’t true. Do you think all the worldwide meddling we do equals security? What RP would do would enhance our national security. What we do now is stir it up so we can do false flag events and raise taxes in support of TSA and Fast&Furious gun running programs. Then when those all blow up they do patriot act crap.

          I really only have one thing to say to you:


          • Don’t waste your time, NetRanger, he’s long gone.

        • Are you stupid or just dumb?

        • I agree with most of what Jim says. I have a lot of respect for Ron Paul, but I cannot stomach the foreign policy. I am truly saddened by that because I cannot seem to find a candidate I can vote for in 2012. At least not yet. Still shopping. And praying. It seems like all of them have things I don’t like enough for me to not want to vote for them.

          • Same here GA Girl!!

          • Seriously, upset with his foreign policy? You mean bringing our boys and girls home. Not letting them be slaughtered for no real reason? We invaded Iraq that was pointless, Iran was and still is a more serious threat. But we cannot afford another war. We missed the shot and now we suffer for it. North Korea is more of a joke. They don’t have fuel for a war. Don’t believe all the hype.

            We don’t need 500+ bases world wide. We don’t need a huge standing military. We could do a lot with an almost all national guard, keep the marines as they are. Stand the army down, this way we can afford more and better equipment for them while reducing overall costs.

            Having a bomber wing on call 24/7 and a few fighters on each coast for intercepts would go a long ways too.

            Though, granted doing all this now would worsen the job situation at home, but we’re broke as we’re all about to find out.

            Now is Ron Paul the best person in the US for the job? Likely not. Is he one of the best options out of the retards we have running? Sadly, yes, I believe is the right answer.


        • This guy is an obvious troll sent to attack the good doctor. Go back under the rock you came from, you dirty turd-sucker!

          • Wow, I’ve never been to this site before and then I scrolled down here to see what the posts are like. I just like to know what company I am in. The post above clearly demonstrates why I will not come back to this site.


        • You will never, EVER convince a Paulista that there is anyone other than him that supports freedom and the constitution. They are already brainwashed zombies. Are there Ron Paul supporters that are NOT Paulistas? a few, but very few. Once they have grabbed hold a website, it goes downhill pretty fast. I hope that doesn’t happen here, cause there is certainly some useful information. The next few days will show whether or not there is a full-fledge infection. At that point, conversation is useless – you can only sng undying praise for Ron Paul….no different than the Obamabots.

          • And that is a shame. I really believe in the constitution. At the same time I am sober enough to realize that RP doesn’t stand a chance of being elected. Heck, if I could snap my fingers and put a man in the oval office it would be Alan Keyes. He is, unlike RP, not afraid to insist the Obama be legally qualified under article two, section one.

            I would love to take RP’s input and help shape the policy of someone that might actually stand a chance of being elected but I am afraid you may be correct. It seems as though many place him on a pedestal as some kind od messiah that is beyond questioning. Any support for anyone else will automatically get you labled as a brainwashed neo con war monger supporting the corp.

            No, I am afraid that dialogue and learning from one another will have to wait until everyone has had their fill of blood & guts. I wonder, if RP passed away who would be the next messiah?

            Is the corp the fed? The CFR? The Bilderbergers? The UN? The communists? The Trilateral commission? The Democrat party? Some or all of the above?

            I used to think I had it figured out as the bankers but just like Robert Welch changed his mind from commies to a global conspiracy my fifteen year study causes me to think that only Satan has the ability to keep this thing alive for so many generations. I honestly don’t have all of the answers some some here think they do.

            • Alan Keyes wants an activist forgien policy. Why do you guys want that so much? Is it fear? Pride in the empire? Why is it our role to take this on as a nation? Why do they hate us and not Brazil or India. Because they mind their own business. If I messed with my neighbors like the US does with other nations it would be a constant feud.

          • One big differnce: Ron Paul is right and Obama is a socialist, big government idiot. Obama prescribes the exact wrong remedies; Ron Paul prescribes the exact right medicine. How do I know I’m right? We’ve been pursuing socialist, big government, big military policies for 60 years and look what it has brought down on us. Let’s try just 10 years of Ron Paul’s medicine and if we don’t like the result we can go back to Obummer and his policies.

        • your a gullible and naive ignorant fool Jim……America thanks you for the screwing!

        • Jim, it appears as though you believe in the fictional enemies created by the corp.

          We have nothing to fear from any other country, especially Iran and North Korea. All they want from us is to be left alone. They seek (or obtained) their nukes as a deterrent to the corps force, for their defense against the corp. They don’t hate us, they hate the corp that has taken over our country and threatens their country. If only the American people would rise against the threat, the very same corp, the world would live in relative peace.

          As Rothschild said, if his sons wanted no war, there would be no war. So long as the banking establishment wants war, there will be war. And so long as the banking establishment own the United States, it will be waged with that army.

          Our job as people is to remove the banking power that initiates the wars for profit and destruction so they can finance the war effort and rebuilding.

          Like most here, it seems you still do not grasp who the actual enemy is.

        • Let’s see, the most annoying thing is that my government has been hijacked by either dual citizen Jews in congress (like senator Lieberman who only masquerades as a US senator), their nutty Christain sycophants like Palin and Bachmann (Bachmann spent time on an Israeli kibbutz when she was younger) and the huge pressure/campaign/funding/extortion group AIPAC.

        • Jim, you are a jackass and an obvious shill for the establishment. Why don’t you go suck a turd someplace else, turd-sucker.

        • OMG! With Ron Paul as president, Iran and mighty North Korea will sink our fleet, take down our fighters, and bomb our homeland back into the stone age!!
          You know Jim, you should really search assistance for your fear disorder.

        • Jim: You war dog! Have you been there? If so, you’re confussed. If not, you pussy.

        • What about China, Russia, Pakisan, India and Israel? Lets go afer them too while we are at it. They could nuke us just as easily as Iran. What do you plan on doing to Iran (who has no ongoing development of nuclear weapons now)? They have done nothing to us. You want sanctions. That is an act of war. You want to go to war about what someone might do in the future? Are you crazy? Maybe some one else is just as frightened of us, and for good cause, because of the way we behave. Should they go to war with us to prevent what we minght do? Our national security would be better served if we would mind our own business rather than trying to be the policemen of the world. Our military personel are being misused. How is what we are doing different than any other agressor nation in history? Plus in case you havn’t noticed, we are broke.

        • Im betting Ron Paul has forgotten more about history than you Sir will ever know. Ever wonder why Iran would hate our nation and way of life? A lot of people hated the Nazi’s too. But I bet you still think we are fighting wars to free the people of those nations. These nations hate us because we ilegally declared war and invaded their countries based on lies, just like the Gulf of Tonkin. And even if 9/11 wasnt a false flag by our govt, then it was a retaliation because we’ve been over their fucking with these people for decades, telling them how to live their lives, impossing sanctions, etc, thats why they hate us.

        • If you had a choice between keeping $1,000 of your tax money or letting the goverment take it so they can build a military base in libya or any other country, which one would you choose??? I personally dont give a crap what happens over seas and would much rather keep my hard earned money. Protect the homeland and screw every one else. Works for Switzerland and it can work for us

        • Jim,

          I just can’t buy your argument with regards to the reference to Chamberlain and appeasement. Before I set the record straight I would like to remind you that is very easy to armchair quarterback the game when you, yourself, are not within striking range of the Germans. Chamberlain, unfortunately, was within striking range of the Germans.

          Chamberlain went to Munich with the knowledge that war with Hitler would guarantee the destruction of the British Empire. He knew that bombs would be falling on London, not in months but in weeks. He knew this because had been informed so by his military officers.

          Look, Great Britain barely (and I mean barely) won the air war with Germany. Read about it here You’ll see that Great Britain was barely able to keep Hitler from destroying all of Southern England. Had Hitler won that air war, England would have been out of the war long before the attack on Pearl Harbor.

          Chamberlain knew that the only option was to keep Hitler happy and to his credit, Chamberlain kept Hitler away long enough for England to mass produce the aircraft they needed to defend themselves. Churchill didn’t put his foot down until he had assurances from the military that they could defend the islands. Still, it wasn’t a foregone thing.

          Finally, when I think about Chamberlain, I think about the crowds waiting for him – cheering.

      2. Take a look at this very short video of Jon Stewart pointing out the idoiocy of mainstream media ignoring Ron Paul. Just click my name.

        **Admin Edited – Video Embedded**

        • Pretty much sums it up…doesn’t it?

      3. Sorry, Jim. Ron Paul is right. 9/11 was an inside job. I’d advise you to research 9/11 on the internet. You should start by watching “Loose Change: The Final Cut” on youtube.

        • hbeachrealist – Actually, ‘Ol Ronny does not believe 9/11 was an inside job, or at least he does not admit it.

          Likely because he knows there are far to many zombies out there, and a remark like that would end his chance at helping the U.S..

          • I’m pretty sure RP knows 9/11 was an inside job. He came out and said that the 9/11 Commission Report was a joke.

            Also, Ron Paul is on The Alex Jones show at least once a month. Jones is known as the “Grandfather of 9/11 Truth”. RP and AJ are also friends.

            RP can’t speak on 9/11 truth because the MSM would demonize him even more.

            However, traitors like the Bushes will be out of the country if RP somehow won the presidential nomination. Same with Billy Clinton regarding Oklahoma City bombing.

            Sadly, I think there will be another false flag that will further dumb down the sheeple. Thus RP would have no chance.

            And the FEMA camps will open.

            • Yes, Yes and Yes!

            • Sheeple. I like that word.

            • If RP knows that 9-11 was an inside job, but won’t admit it because it would endanger his chance of being elected, then you killed the argument that he’s the only principled candidate running. So which is it?

              That also opens up the issue of an obvious Libertarian running as a GOP candidate, becaquse he knows he wouldn’t get elected running as a Libertarian. Where is the principled leadership in that?

              Don’t get me wrong, I like RP, but he’s got issues just like the other candidates. We tear all the candidates down, then we’ll hand the White House back over to Obama, then we can ALL forget about liberty, and we’ll kick ourselves for betraying ourselves and the future of our kids. I’d suggest we stop with the blood-letting.

          • exactamente

            • Indeed, but let us not hurt Paul by saying things like “Ron Paul is right. 9/11 was an inside job.”

              When he has never said that, only implied it. His intelligence should not be comprimised with this… until he says it himself, knowing it is the right time.

          • the producers personnel issues do not change the obvious fact that the building was brought down demolition style, with explosives……….no (high rise)building in the history of the world before 911 was ever brought down by a fire. get real.

      4. If voting really mattered, do you think TPTB would just let you do it?

        GMAFB – nope

      5. Don’t feed the Elepahonkey! Choosing the lesser of two evils means you have still chosen evil. Think it over, will you?

      6. Is that George W. Bush that just commented?
        Gee, I wonder why the rest of the world hates us? Could it be that
        we have troops in 122 countries around the world? Could it be that
        we try and force our own skewed Philosophies down other countries
        throats while our aircraft carriers sit off their shores? Could it be Abu
        Graib or torturing prisoners? Maybe it could be that we send air strikes
        into sovereign nations and kill innocent people and then say, gee we are
        so sorry.
        I wonder what Texans would do if Mexico sent predator drones with Maverick
        missiles into their state and killed a couple hundred Texans? Do you think
        maybe they would dislike Mexico a little bit? Maybe even retaliate?
        Wake up, GW.

        • It’s always “evil” when the other guys do it. It is “democracy”, “Godly”, and “good” when we do it.

          So many dumb a$$ Americans need to feel that they are on the “winning” team.

          Truth is we are losing. Bad.

          • We are protecting the living shit out of the Libyans.

            The present criteria for supporting a regime or rebel organization is that they must in no way be a friend of the USA.

        • Screw YOU Bob! Texans ALREADY dislike Mexico a little bit…just a little

      7. “What is it that frustrates you the most?”

        what frustrates me the most? there is such a long list. I think the very top of that list is the morons who honestly think the broadcast news is non bias and not propaganda. The idiots still watch it, still eat it up and still believe it. No matter how insane it sounds.

        The next thing that bother’s me the most is the general level of ignorance in america. leading to constant complaints, stupid statements, and lemming effects of the tradional hollywood whorshippers. When people cannot tell the difference from an actor and a doctor it irks me.

        Which goes back to the media which instigated the ignorant idol whorshipping to begin with. Seriously if I hear another update on another crack sniffing hollywood idol I will hit the roof.

      8. Ron Paul 2012 !

      9. Mac,

        There are thousands, probably millions of people out there who could both beat Barack Obama and “restore” the greatness of the nation… if they had adequate resources at their disposal to get there in the first place

        • Key point, ‘ol boy.

        • They would have to mouth a lot of corn dogs or just be aligned with the higher ups, sell their soul, sign the memo, or maybe just hope for change and get lucky to rein over a very dark period where many hard choices would have to be made (unlike currently).

          • That’s not a reference to that pic of Bachmann eating that corn dog at the fair is it??

      10. There will be a false flag before then which will keep our current Prez in office for EVER!

        • TPTB know better.

          Americans are still armed. If that happens the US Military knows what they have to do. They took an oath and they know what it means.

          I heard this hundreds of times when GWB was in there. Won’t happen. You’d have 100 million march on the criminal district and they’d have to murder thousands to make it stop. Won’t happen.

          • Was the oath upheld during hurricane Katrina? Was it honored at Kent university? Throughout history armies have used their weapons on their own people. It has happened here already, and under the right circumstances it could easily happen again. Never underestimate the power of a criminal government!

        • I don’t think so, either…too many know–it is what it is.

      11. What if they held an election and nobody showed up?

        • I’m afraid they would then, pick who they wanted to….

          oh, wait… They already do!

        • The welfare moochers will show up. They’ve got nothing else to do and much to lose. Plus they’ll bus them in by the gross.

        • They would probably hunt john down an put him in the morgue. Think electoral vote.


      12. I don’t know who the other JustMe is but I agree we should bring the troops home now, I don’t think threatening anyone with bombing them back to the stone age would be necessary.

        JIm, apparently you haven’t even been listening to RP as you have no idea of what he said, One of the things that he has made clear plenty of times is that the Iranian people do not hate us.Long as there are people like you in America, we’ll continue our path to being a 3rd world country, we can not keep our military spending and foriegn welfare offices open much longer. You should have been around in the late 40s and early 50s to do the run duck and cover thing because the Russians were coming.

        • You’re right…the Iranian people don’t hate us…just their leadership!! And THEY are the ones in power, not the people!! Islam demands they destroy their enemy…and their enemy is ANYONE that doesn’t follow Allah…I could get behind RP IF I could see that he understands Islam…but based on his comments, I really don’t think he has a clue just how dangerous that “religion” is!

          • “”””I could get behind RP IF I could see that he understands Islam…but based on his comments, I really don’t think he has a clue just how dangerous that “religion” is!””””

            we could debate this forever and never agree, but no one wants to die especially the people in charge of any country, all the nut leaders in the middle east saw Saddam come out of that spider hole and get his neck stretched, they are also watching Kaddafi move his location every 15 minutes to stay alive. they also seen pictures of Bin Ladin. Ron Paul probably knows more about their religion that most people in the world. If all my neighbors were nuts and had AK-47s and I didn’t have one, I’d be looking to get one too and thats the way Iran feels about the Nuke, instead of trying to keep Iran from getting one, why not take the Nukes away from the others over there?

        • Anonymous, didn’t Maloney put out a video on a lecture he gave the Russians on peak oil and how the price of oil will collapse? It was a very good lecture, been about a year ago.

      13. I support Ron Paul.

        There is no way he’s going to back down from war if we are truly threatened – that would be foolish and he is no fool.

        He’s just saying we are spending a fortune policing the world and rebuilding other nation’s infrastructure, political system, etc.

        Its costing us an absolute fortune and we must stop.

        • I agree that we are spending too much in that area. Some is needed. But I can’t see allowing N. Korea and Iran to have nuclear weapons. Like I said before, I have a lot of respect for Ron Paul. I just can’t handle his foreign policies.

          • Actually his foreign policies are,get out of there and leave them alone, talk to them, trade with them, but keep our nose out of their internal affairs.

          • “Allowing?” How about “provoking”? What would *you* do if your country was placed on an “Axis of EEEVIL”, and you watched one of the other Axis members (that didn’t have nuclear weapons) be invaded and destroyed? Especially after you watch the other Axis member (with nukes) be secure from invasion/destruction?

        • Totally agree. Ron Paul is getting my vote.

      14. Bachmann is an Iowa native. She beat Ron Paul by what, a half of a percentage point? Then called it a victory? LMAO! 🙂

        If I only beat an outsider in my home state by a half a percentage point I would see it as the kiss of death for my campaigne.

        The LSM media is totally ignoring Paul. This may boomerang as it will only make his supporters more vocal and more active. They will start pushing Bachmann.

        Perry shot himself in the foot over the “treason” remark. His funds will dry up from Big Business and the GB’s. Bachmann wants to repeal Frank-Dodd, which is exactly what the gangster banksters want. If the GB’s want Fran-Dodd repealed, you can bet that legislation is in OUR best interest.

        I disagree with his foreign policy, but if elected the gangster banksters will make sure he never serves. Hope he executes an EO on the day he takes office to end the FED.

        • Perry also shot himself in the foot by being a illegal immagration supporter. An issue that has really divided the Republican party.

          I would love to see a Paul-Bachman ticket. They are the best 2 of the bunch.

          • I would love to see a Paul-Bachman ticket. They are the best 2 of the bunch.


            • What’s the freaking Hell wrong with you people she voted to renew the patriot act, the very thing that they are using against the people of this country tsa, etc goddam it want the @#$% up! I can’t believe some of the stupidity. No wait yes I can thats why were are in this freaking mess!

            • He said Paul-Bachman ticket, not Bachman-Paul, besides it don’t hurt to take someone along to do the vacuuming and serve the coffee, that’s more than Biden has done for Obama.

            • Well for me the two most important issues are those that impact OUR sovereignty. Illegal Immigration is a real threat over time. That border must be sealed and Illegals ordered home. Bachman is a strong voice against Illegals.

              Obviously the economy is a problem and also a threat to OUR sovereignty. The GB’s will be supporting Bachman and the money will flow to her when Romney flops after NH and it becomes clear that he does not have support beyond the NE and on Main Street USA.

              WE don’t need a stinking GB in the white house, been to many now.

              As a tax lawyer MB could get a fair flat tax proposal through Congress, enlarging the tax base and lowering the stated rates for everyone.

              Personally I benefit from uncertainty and inflation, but I would like to see the economy strengthened and Americans back to work. I think Bachmann will be the one to do that. Paul is too laisse-faire

          • No way Bachman is kook. Ron Paul is good but better pick another running mate.

        • Barney Frank and Chris Dodd are the primary reason we had a housing blow-up. They basically forced banks to make loans to people that had no chance in hell of paying them back. Dodd-Frank is BAD legislation. Yet another example of government f*ing up the private sector… and then blaming the private sector after the blow-up!!

          • Mal: You are correct about these two criminals, but the Frank-Dodd law is not about the pre-crash bullshit. Once the finger was pointed at them by the people AFTER the crash they sponsored new legislation to corral the banks.

            The new law in force regulates big bank activity regarding the giant derivatives market …. the collapse of which triggered the problems lurking in the background and sparked the crash. This is what the GB’s want repealed, so they can again gamble with depositor funds.

            Good for them. bad, very bad for US if frank-Dodd is repealed. A second crash would be assured.

        • TPTB will eliminate Paul before they allow that; and we all know that.

      15. What frustrates me? I’m sure there is an endless list laying around here somewhere… hmm…other than slippery political suits talking out both sides of their mouths? The fact that regardless of who is “elected” into any government office, they are a bought and paid for puppet -THAT frustrates me. And of course there are all of the mudslinging messages and mailers they try to bombard us all with which is really an absolute waste of resources -that is pretty frustrating too. I could really go on about frustrating things all day, but I have vegetables to dehydrate and some canning to do so I’d best be on my way.

      16. I like most of Paul’s ideas and will probably vote for him but my concern is that he won’t last long. Look at the last president that bucked the status quot and tried to end the Fed. (Kennedy) 6 months and he was taken out. The next president in line reversed the order right away.

        Let’s look on the positive side and say he gets elected and he somehow isn’t taken out. Do you think he’d be able to accomplish anything working with the Congress? They’d block anything he’d try and do just to make a point. Sad, for certain but that’s the reality.

        • Paul will have to put a VP the Party can trust, and givn Paul’s age it won’t be strange to see him drop dead within a few weeks.

          Same thing happened with Harrison, the first Republican President. His sudden death put a Democrat to the Presidency.

        • Then he can follow the idiot’s lead in office now…EO the hell out of every item not voted in???

      17. Paul/Cain vs. Clinton/Lieberman 2012
        Good Vs. Evil 2012
        America Vs. Israel 2012
        Israel rules/runs America – pick the winner.

      18. Has anyone looked into Ron Paul’s position on illegal immigration?

        He has a book out, Liberty Defined: “50 Essential Issues That Affect Our Freedom.”

        Tom Tancredo in a World Net Daily article critiqued Paul’s comments on illegal immigration and it is very disheartening.

        “…According to Paul, deporting such people would be “incompatible with human rights.” That is an off argument for any true libertarian to make, since the protection of true human rights begins with the U.S. Constitution and our ability to enforce the rule of law.

        The truth is that we do not need to deport all illegal aliens to make them go home. If we simply prevent employers from hiring illegal aliens by using E-Verify and step up interior enforcement as Arizona, Oklahoma and other states have done, most illegal aliens will go home on their own.

        Paul comes out against both these policies. He not only opposes the E-Verify program, he even comes out against all laws that prohibit employers from hiring illegal aliens. To make his point even more dramatic, he absurdly calls the idea of fining employers for hiring illegal aliens “involuntary servitude.”

        Read more: Ron Paul’s amnesty with an asterisk

        This frustrates me. Again,our choice seems to hold our nose and choose one from the snake with two heads.

        • Immigration policy is one of the few areas that I have a problem with pure libertatianism as a political ideology. It is my understanding (anyone may correct me if I am mistaken) that rather than serious border or workplace law enforcement the libertarian would simply ensure that there were no benefits available to cause the illegal immigrant to sneak over the border in the first place. While this may work in theory I do not ever see the American people as being capable of having a policy in which hospitals or ambulance personnel question the financial ability of someone that is injured and refuse to provide life saving services because the person lacks insurance and funds.

          If I were CinC and I was absolutely convinced that a rogue nation or terror group was definitely going to detonate a WMD on the American people I would authorize preemptive action to prevent it. Nation building is a completely different animal.

          Even on the site there is a considerable amount of discord regarding the possibility of a Ron Paul presidency. My position is that we elect the most extreme candidate possible that is capable of winning the election. That said, I do not believe Zero has even a miniscule chance of retaining his perch as resident. Between F&F, a forged birth certificate, SSAN fraud, cash for tweakers, er clunkers and his gloriously stupid utterances regarding economic matters only the truly moronic could even think about casting a vote for the racist pig squatting in the White House.

        • LadyHawke: Welcome back. Paul may be more attentive to the wishes of the people regarding Illegal Immigration.

          Bauchmann opposes Illegal Immigration I believe which would be her saving grace.

          Paul Bauchmann works for me.

          • I could see that. His fealty to the constitution coupled with her pragmatism & integrity and you may have a winning combination.

        • Immigration policy is NOT the problem. OPEN THE BORDERS! …but shut down the welfare, food stamps, free education, free lunches and preferential treatment. You could then keep them out with a piece of cotton string run between the telephone poles.

          • NetRanger: My idol! How could you say something soooooo despicable? Open the border to another 30 million illegal latinos to suppress wages even further?

            If they are here, they must eat. If they are here and WE do not feed them, they will feed on US.

            Very bad idea, my friend!

          • Ron Paul 2012, he said he IS for shutting down all the freebie programs that lure the illegal aliens here

          • Exactly

          • Regardless of the lack of constitutional authorization for most government programs the reality is that the American people are not going to embrace a system that allows / demands the sick be turned from hospitals, the hungry forced away without food and the naked denied clothes. I fully well understand charity however the American people desire and are willing to provide a basic level of assistance. It is the reality of mathematics that the taxpayer cannot afford to provide this basic level of service to every single non citizen from every country south of the border.

            I am aware of the fallacy of the “general welfare” clause as an excuse to do everything. I am also willing to see the truth that Americans want that basic level of security and they will not be convinced otherwise.

            We must have some sort of solution.

          • NetRanger,
            I totally agree with you about ending the welfare and medical benefits for the illegals, but even if you did this, they would still be taking jobs from out of work Americans. I now believe that out of work Americans have now been so thoroughly humbled by long term unemployment that they will now take those jobs that only illegals would do a few years ago. 9.5% unemployment has changed that equation.

        • @Lady Hawk, good to see you again 🙂

        • Ron Paul’s position on illegal aliens is on his site. Makes sense to me. Maybe you should check what he says before spouting Tancredo’s BS.

        • Agree that if the government freebie/jobs magnet is removed, many will self-deport.

      19. Ron Paul needs to get a clue on our enemies of the world. Sounds like he needs to get a spine just like Obama. Iam sure he will also cater to the Muslim terrorist who did 911.
        Get over it there are no zionist boogeymen or jews doing an inside job. It was done by animals who still live back in the 10th century. Dahh dont you think Binladen would have exposed that you fucking idiots. How many times has he come out said he did it. What does it take for you flakes to get over that there is no scary movie to get your adrenaline going. Plain and simple muslims hate us we hate them they kill us so we bomb the shit out of them. Now that is so awsome to see a whole muzzy family gone in seconds. HORRAY FOR THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD, THE ONE WHO SPREADS FREEDOM WEALTH AND GIFTS TO ALL OF HUMANITY. IF IT WERE NOT FOR THE USA THERE WOULD BE NO FREEDOM. WE ARE AND ALWAYS WILL BE THE GREATEST COUNTRY. I LOVE THE USA, CHRISTIANS, AND JEWS.

        • Haha…. You poor zombie.

        • Zzzzzzooooommmmmmmmbbbbbbbiiiiiiieeeeeee Zzzzzzoooooooommmmmbbbbbiiiieeeeee- that is the warning siren for a troll!

          Two in the middle one up top.


      21. My family has been in North America since the arrival of the first Europeans. My voice has never counted. The govt. does as it pleases and lets us vote every now and then so that we think we are represented. Every major decision the govt. makes is against my best interests. There is no way that I or any group of voters I join with can realistically change this. You are foolish and naive if you think otherwise. (IMHO) The only hope for my people is the total collapse of the government. If you see posts on this website that seem over the top or too aggressive, now you know why. We demand and will get self-determination. We reject totalitarianism of any type. We will be free again someday soon.

        • Granny: It sounds like your family has been in North America since before the Europeans.

          • Actually, one of them was. It was just a rant. Too much caffeine.

        • Agree with everything you said!!

        • As depressing as it is, you are correct. I read comments that lambast the American public, saying we should have done something about this before now; that we are to blame because we follow the rules and accept the rule of treasonous criminals. To them I say, what the hell were we supposed to do. If you stand against them, you will be ridiculed, possibly arrested, even, possibly killed. THEY don’t like being opposed. An all-out collapse is about the only thing that will level the playing field.

      22. Incredible Mac, This is the root of why I’m so pissed off.

        I love this country and all it has to offer but there is one think standing in the way of moving this country in a direction our founding fathers intended and that is the way our government functions. This alone is the cause of our nightmare we keep falling into over and over again.

        I’ve been a long time Ron Paul supporter. And every time I bring up his name the people around me call him a nut job. Why are these people so ignorant? They know nothing about him, they just somehow thinks he’s a quack.

        I feel like I’m rolling a giant ball up a hill on this subject.

        My frustration is that everybody’s frustrated with our system but they keep falling into the same trap. It’s like they’re walking around a ¼ mile track and not turning right to get out.

        I’m so frustrated with the mind numbing public that I feel I can only do my part, but in the end… I still end up FRUSTRATED!!!

        Great job as always Mac!

        • Thanks for the kinds words Man Up. I figured I couldn’t be the only one frustrated with this whole dang system. Year after year it’s the same thing.

          Let’s hope we can relieve some of this frustration in 2012. The worst of it is that millions of Americans believe getting rid of Obama will be the solution, but it’ll be no different than exchanging Clinton for Bush and Bush for Obama if we don’t put the right person in the job…

          Thanks for the great comments all.


          • MAC

            Agree with putting the right person in the job – but it never seems the right person shows up – or want’s the job

            Illegal immigration and giving amnesty is a deal breaker for me – for it comes with disregard of not only our immigration laws, but throughout all aspects of our culture and lifestyle. Illegals thumb their nose at our laws and rules. They steal our treasury and demand citizen rights. They are 30-35 million strong and our response to this invasion is to be polite.

            Then it turns out Ron Paul’s position is the same on this issue, be polite. Paul’s proposal “…Maybe a ‘green card’ with an asterisk could be issued.” This “asterisk” would deny them welfare and not grant them immediate “automatic citizenship…”

            Never mind they are working our jobs and getting government entitlements plus $10,000 tax returns every friggin year. ($20,000 total because Mom is claiming the same number of dependents the government does not illegals to document.) AND we just be polite.

            Hope those on the Paul band wagon can get the man to rethink his position. I sure would like to vote for someone like him. We could sure use a Superman about now.

            PS MAC

            Like the new format and stuff – and to the Boy’s – I’m Back!

            • Glad to see you back.

              I agree with everything…with one slight exception…

              They work our jobs, except for the fact that so many of the jobs they work, Americans don’t WANT to work. I know because I work one of those jobs Americans don’t want to work. Fortunately, my employers ABSOLUTELY will not hire illegal aliens. On the other hand, they have hired ex-cons, sex offenders, and generally sorry excuses for workers. Some of our employees had to come to work with the “ankle-bracelet” on. That makes it difficult (and sometimes dangerous) for those of us who are semi-upstanding citizens.

            • I could not have said it better myself LadyHawk. I like Ron Paul for the most part – but the amnesty thing is a total deal breaker for me. That being said, I DO believe he would be more inclined to listen to the will of 80% of Americans who want illegals OUT. If it comes down between him and Obama, he will have my vote. Obama is an arrogant SOB.

              CyberSamurai – I think the whole “doing jobs Americans wont do” is a total crock of crap. I live in California and back when I was in my teens and 20’s I worked fast food, cleaned hotel rooms, even had a paper route. Now I cannot get a job like that because I am not bi-ligual. Hell, I can’t even get a BETTER job than that because Im not bi-lingual.

              Go to a place like South Dakota that is 97% white and 3% hispanic. See all the young WHITE AMERICAN people working the restaurants and hotels. I just got back from there and I didn’t think places like that existed anymore. For two glorious weeks I heard no spanish and it felt like America again.

          • I have to ask: Are you fed up with the seperation of executive, legislative and judicary responsibilities? Are you fed up with representative government? Fed up with the elctoral college? In short, are you fed up with ousystem of government?

            I am not. I believe that it was the best possible design. My frustration stems from the lack of participation and the lack of understanding by the “people” that are supposed to be self governing. It is my belief that folks were too worried about putting food on the table and too trusting when the federal reserve and 16th & 17th amendments were added. Subsequent to that it is my opinion that the CPUSA took Gramsci’s advice and ran thru the institutions so that today we have some truly, gloriously stupid folks voting.

            Can we put the genie of personal gain back in the bottle and self govern a people that comprehend, respect and deserve liberty?

            • our system

              Too many things going on.

        • I don’t believe that you can get through to enough folks to put Ron Paul as the R nominee much less get him in the Oval Office. I say we do everything we can to avoid the anti-liberty rinos like Perry and Romney and support the most extreme candidate that actually has a possibility of being elected. So far, in my mind, that person seems to be Michele Bachmann but that can change.

          I have said if Romney is the R nominee I am voting for the magic negro.

          • Now that funny!

        • They keep falling into the same trap because in their eyes, it’s the only path available to them.

      23. Ron Paul/Wesley Clark 2012.

        • I could vote for that!

          • OH YES….I would walk uphill, in the rain, barefoot, 30deg temps, in November to vite for that ticket.

            • VOTE…I would VOTE….LOL

            • VOTE…I would VOTE….got a little excited over the thought of it. I actually got a “chill up my leg” thinking about it, just like Chris Mathews did with BO.

        • Wesley Clark, the white Obama?

      24. Yes but Bachmann knows how to eat a corn dog. I’m saving myself and not getting too excited yet. This boat is going down, SHARK!

        • Here’s to swimming with bow legged women!

      25. Nobody, I mean nobody puts mayonnaise miracle whip on a corn dog!

      26. The system is corrupt. The electoral process has been defeated. Criminals are voting more than once, dead people are voting, non-citizens are voting, our enemies are importing more people to vote against us. Time is not on our side. Both major parties are nothing more than continuing criminal enterprises. How in the living hell do still think you can change a damn thing at the ballot box? People with IQ’s in the 70’s and 80’s are voting. Millions of them. How do you get past that? People have been corrupted by reliance on entitlements. They vote to take what’s yours. Millions of them. How do you get past that? Go ahead and vote. You have as much chance of changing the government as if you went and took a big healthy dump!

        • Why doesn’t anyone mention the real problem in America??
          It’s not run by Americans—it’s run by dual citizenship holders…and they don’t give a chit about America..
          America first??? I don’t think so.

      27. Follow Up,

        Well I knew my lead balloon would not be popular here, but thanks to many willing to discuss rather than just rant. It makes for a learning opportunity rather then a blame, deny, duck and weave game our current politicians play.

        Ron Paul does not, IMHO, belong on the Republican ticket. He is a libertarian running as a Republican because he can’t win the white house as a libertarian. He is free to do so, but its not honest to me. It is misleading – something he often accuses others of being.

        I’d gladly see our country withdraw from Iraq. Afghanistan not so much so long as al queda persists on training people in the area. Syria would be a huge mistake and Libya was a huge mistake. I’m not for closing all of our bases around the world, but a lot of them fine! And yes I’d rather see our military pound someone before we get pounded ourselves. Sorry I like my house and don’t want to see it blown up because some politician put his head in the sand and said we will only respond to violence not prevent it.

        Puals issue on Illegal Aliens bothers me too, but not nearly as much as his Mr. Chamberlin approach to national security. Yes I know the people of Iran are good people, but they are not in charge and will do what those in charge demand of them. That includes killing Americans, Israelis and others from free nations. Ignoring them is not going to make them go away, and watching them build nuclear weapons when we could stop them is treasonus to me. Again read the Govt report quoted in “One Second Later” and recognize 3 nuclear weapons could lead to 90% of our nation dying. There is no reason to allow that to happen when it can be prevented.

        I don’t expect Ron Paul to modify his views, but if he did on immigration and national security I’d likely support him. Those two are too big for me to ignore, and the reason I’d never vote for him.

        • Who can we liberate next. Maybe Mexico and work our way South. We could build them a super highway. Better yet, we could let them build it. Yea, that’s the plan… Shovel ready.

      28. The corp runs the president, the president does not run the corp.

        • corp corp.

          Question: Do you get all atwitter when you see the fringe on an admiralty flag?

          Do you believe all lawyers take a secret oath not to divulge the existence of………………………………………………………..drum roll………………………………………………………the corp ?!!

          • Of course not. There is much garbage out there like that.

            What makes me nervous is anyone acting without liability for their own actions in the name of a fiction, such as the United States or one of its divisions. That includes any officer of any “government” corporation, UNLESS a Man or Woman first approaches them claiming I injured them somehow.

            I suggest you take the time to better understand the system you are volunteering to be a part of. The corp, of course, expects you to be too stupid or lazy to do that.

            Somehow I suspect it is right.

            • I have never seen a class at an accredited institution on USA vs Corp. America dba as America of whatever. I have read and listened to those that claim there are two constitutions. They claim that they have the same words but one means something totally different than the other.

              I am fully capable or comprehending the need for corporations, LLC’s, general partnerships etc. as distinct legal entities. Without the shelter of a corp or LLC what idiot would assume all responsibility for liability of a new drug knowing that every drug known to man has an extreme adverse effect on a statistically insignificant number of people? Who would manufacture a machine that may cause the mfr. to be personally liable for damages even though every effort was made to make the machine safe?

              The idea of corporations as a seperate entity has been recognized as a legal option for centuries.

              Is the “corp” you refer to the shareholders of the federal reserve? The members of the CFR? The bilderbergers? The UN? The congress? Some of each? Is it Soros, Strong and Sauron?

              Honestly, I am trying to get a better understanding. Who comprises the “corp?”

            • POA

              The corp was originally established to be the municipal government of the District of Columbia in 1871. The current UCC identifies it (the United States) as located in the District of Columbia. It was the exact same as the government of the Republic, ie the sitting officials began serving a dual purpose. I also believe it adopted the lawful constitution as it’s own, but that is not plain in the record.

              Over time, mainly through the use of Social Security numbers and other “benefits fraud”, the people were convinced to sign up for the benefits offered to employees of the corp under private law and register their property to it, even their “biological property” (children). If you have or use a SSN, you are a card carrying member of the corp an subject to all of it’s resolutions as an officer or employee.

              In legislative matters, “laws” passed by the corp were identified as HR (house resolution) instead of HB (house bills). A bill is an effort to pass a Constitutional law, whereas a resolution is corporate policy.

              The corp was officially bankrupted in 1933 and all assets were placed in receivership to the creditors. That is why the gold was confiscated, to discharge the bankruptcy to the extent possible. From that moment forward, the federal gov corp has been under private control in a bankruptcy proceeding under international law, with the banksters as receivers.

              When all lawful methods of funding (silver coinage) were removed from the people and the states, they could no longer “pay” any debts (1968) in lawful money, they were constitutionally bankrupt as well. They became federal corporations and divisions of the corp identified by Social Security divisions layed out in the Buck Act. Federal states, as opposed to sovereign.

              Now, in order to “contract” with the corp or receive it’s protection, SSN’s are required as proof that you are the subject of the bankrupted corp and can legally participate as an officer in the discharge of the bankruptcy and legally domiciled in the District of Columbia, thereby subject to its policy.

              The state courts exist only to discharge the bankruptcy of the participating State of Corps, divisons of the United States. The proof is that nothing settled in a court is paid, merely discharged through commercial paper (FRNs). Try bringing the Constitution into one and getting lawful money awarded if you doubt that fact.

              There is significantly more to the story, and the majority of it is in the Congressional records of the depression era and earlier, but that is the nutshell version.

              The corp is private and supported by it’s own officers and employees, using it’s own private debt currency. It has convinced (forced) the people of the Republic to act in that capacity voluntarily. That is the significance of using an SSN to gain privilege (license) and the registration of private of property.

              ALL “persons” who hold a SSN are required to have their legal domicile in the District of Columbia, where the Constitution does no apply but corporate policy does.

              It is no game, and the until the people wake up and understand what is going on and why, there is little hope of change.

              A lot of good info is available at


              You will NEVER see a class at an accredited institution that teaches the truth of this matter. They are all accredited by the corp hiding the facts from the people, and only exist to train people to apply the policies of the corp.

              I know I preach a lot about the corp, what it is, and what it is doing to the people. But if I can help to wake up a few people to the REAL problem and identify the REAL enemy, perhaps the people will be able to overcome the fraud they have been victimized by their entire lives without even realizing it.

              The facts are what they are. If I told you a dog was a squirrel, and over time got everybody else to refer to the dog as a squirrel, the dog is still not a squirrel.

              That is where we are today. Everybody calls the corp a government, but that still does not make it one. It is a bankrupted corporate entity, without legal standing outside of its private affairs dealing with it’s own officers and employees.

              For the record, before the days of fiat currencies, corporations were given charters to do certain things in the public interest. Those charters expired upon completion of the job.

              Corporations became dangerous when they became perpetual.

              The corp I am referring to is the bankrupted municipal government of the District of Columbia, established in 1871, that is held in receivership by the Federal Reserve Bank to the benefit of its private shareholders.

              The UN, CFR, Bilderbergs, etc, are merely the organizations of the banks that oversee and control the operations of the corp on behalf of the receivers.

              The perpetual private corp, the United States, is only allowed to exist as long as it can discharge its debts to the bankers in a way that profits them. As we approach the time when it can no longer do so, the plug will be pulled.

              That time is rapidly approaching.

            • POA said

              “Without the shelter of a corp or LLC what idiot would assume all responsibility for liability of a new drug knowing that every drug known to man has an extreme adverse effect on a statistically insignificant number of people?”

              How would you feel if that statistically insignificant victim were you or a loved one. My father became one of those statistically insignificant victims to the involved legal fiction. He was no such thing to me, yet you are protecting his killer because it is a corporation.

              What you seem to be implying is that it is fine for a legal fiction to kill people, so long as it does not do it too often or only kills those statistically insignificant and not close to you. Doesn’t it concern you in the least over 100,000 people die EVERY YEAR by “used as prescribed” drugs from these killer corporations?

              You really should understand the corp and it’s purpose. To protect men against liability for their own acts, even if they know them to be wrong and injurious.
              That limited or non existent liability is the very root of the problem. Anybody can do anything and the victim can never recover anything from the actual criminal.

              If you do something to me, at the very least I should be able to beat the crap out of you. But you can never do that with a fiction.

              Understanding the difference between a Man and a corporation is the first step in discovering who you really are.

          • Plain Old American,

            I don’t get a twitter! Its all I can do to keep from getting a match to burn the damned thing! Its not my flag and its not your flag! Its the flag of an occupying force. Only morons think otherwise.

            Besides that, even without the fringe, the stars and stripes is a war flag, not a civil flag. It indicates admiralty law (some call it martial law or the uniform commercial code [UCC]). I just call it Anti-America, Anti-Liberty and criminal.

            The only flag even close to something you should salute, put your hand over your heart or say a pledge to is a true American Flag. …and I’ve never seen one. They’re 1:1.8, almost twice as long as they are wide. Everything else is a war flag and represents the corporate UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the constitutional united States of America.

            We’ve all been brainwashed too much to know the difference. …and if you study international law, if you permit a flag to fly and respect it, you must obey its laws. Its why I only fly a Civil Flag, the flag of The Constitution.

            The corporate fiction you obey as your government is nothing but a corporation that has usurped your constitutional government. They make no laws, but codes and statutes under the color of law. They insult the law and everything the law is about.

            Get a clue. Do some studying. You can’t fix whats broke if you don’t know whats wrong with it. RP would prolong the operation of the corporation but, the death spiral has begun and will not stop regardless. I sometimes wonder if hoping for a Ron Paul win is simply hoping to prolong the misery, the madness and the criminal behaviour. Even a man with a clear understanding can’t fix it. Frankly, if they don’t convert RP, they’ll promptly kill him.

            • Replying to Gods Creation but there was no reply button.

              “What you seem to be implying is that it is fine for a legal fiction to kill people, so long as it does not do it too often or only kills those statistically insignificant and not close to you. Doesn’t it concern you in the least over 100,000 people die EVERY YEAR by “used as prescribed” drugs from these killer corporations?”

              My son is allergic to penecillin. Should every person that has received medical benefit from penecillin have been denied that treatment because he is allegic?

              No. You want to say that i am implying something I am not. I am very simply acknowledging the reason for the existence of corporations.

            • GC & NR,
              I would like honest answers to the following questions. You are, obviously, underno obligation to answer but I would appreciate no answer better than a dishonest answer.

              1. Do you have a SSAN?

              2. If not, did you have one before? How did you get rid of it?

              3. Do you have a (generally accepted as) legal income?

              4. Have you filed tax returns every year?

              5. Do you own property within the US?

              6. Depending on you answers above, have you ever been involved a trial regarding your income tax liability?

              7. Have you ever served in the US Military?

            • POA, here are some answers for you

              1. Do you have a SSAN?

              The only place that has SSN’s in the Social Security Administration. You are allowed only to use them under privilege, when conducting business on behalf of the United States, as a trustee over the account.

              2. If not, did you have one before? How did you get rid of it?

              Again only the SSA has the numbers. If you wish to get rid of it, just quit using it.

              3. Do you have a (generally accepted as) legal income?

              I assume you are referring to wages as defined in the Internal Revenue codes. “Wages” are very clearly defined to be ONLY money earned under a form W-4 with a Social Security Number attached.

              I have no income attached to a SSN or earned under a form W-4. All of my income is lawfully earned, not under franchise or privilege.

              4. Have you filed tax returns every year?

              I have filed a tax return for every year in which I had a tax liability 🙂

              5. Do you own property within the US?

              All property of my family is held in private trust, or other lawful means of protecting my families privacy and property from fraudulent claims against it.

              6. Depending on you answers above, have you ever been involved a trial regarding your income tax liability?

              You assume I must have a tax liability, and that I have somehow committed a crime concerning that liability that would warrant a trial.

              That same assumption about yourself is probably costing you a fortune.

              7. Have you ever served in the US Military?

              No, God did not grant me the authority to murder, or participate in the murder, of innocent people he created equally to me.

              I hope that answers your questions.

            • NetRanger,
              Good point. Probably the only think that will “fix” the USA is a total collapse and a revolution with the USA breaking up into mulitple countries: constitutional minded people congregating in certain parts of the country and socialists/big government statists congregating somewhere else.

              The sheeple are too ignorant and selfish, the media is too corrupt, and our leaders are too corrupt. I don’t think this is fixable without a total systemic failure.

      29. Ron Paul sounds nice..but again people but were going to get played by the 2 party system again with him, we have seen how well thats working.. these jack asses count run a candy store, let alone a will be no different

        He will have no more say than the current shlub..The President of this country isnt running the show..

        The ones with the money are the ones running this country and others.., and the presidents are given ultimatums
        Didnt the Bankster bail outs and the massive bonuses while the rest of the country was on its ass tell you who was the Boss?

        POTUS= Puppet

      30. Meet the new boss…same as the old boss

        • VRF, you’re correct. However, I think what would happen with a Paul win is that we’d REALLY see a contrast and the cat would be out of the bag that something was really wrong. RP would have to do an about face in a very noticeable manner and the people would realize what was up.

          Either that or, uh, whats that? Is that assassination I smell in the air?

          • You Know it!..if he didnt lay down for them..they will put him down
            Ala JFK.

            and as you said ..(even though for us, the cat IS out of the bag) the about face he would spin would blow your mind.

            I am hopeful that the death throws we are seeing will start to chip away at the Corp Government stucture harder than the general man on the street, and sooner the better.

            it would be something to see how a bunch of out of work FBI agents will handle this,,or TSA..or heaven see Banksters suffer at their own greedy hands..I have a feeling its a freight train

      31. The only I agree with Ron Paul is his Federal Reserve policy and government spending. Anything other than that to me is a dangerous position. (a) He’s for illegal immigration, (b) If we were in WWII with him as Pres. he wouldn’t think Hitler was dangerous. (c) He’s a free trader, let all jobs gets outsourced. (d) He’s a Libertarian and I observe most Libertarian are just as dangerous as the Democrats (abortion on demand, gay rights, drugs for everyone who wants, etc.). There are more that I left out but above give you an example why I’m not for him.

        • You are a selfish peice of sh**, period.

          Everything you said against Paul verifies that you have no desire to fix anything, just be a hateful peiece of selfish sh**.

          Folks like you are in my sites when tshtf. You are what the big die off resembles!

        • P.S., FU***** Bible thumper! The acceptance of such fallacy is the root of ALL of our problems!

          Jesus was a good MAN, remove yourself from that %90 lie of a book or face the wrath of a spiritual uprising.

          Isaiah 42 – You will find out what a warrior is boy, and your segrigated, traditional, blind faith, homophobic, ignorant of science ass will cry like a B**** on the feet of the next Jesus.

          • P.S., FU***** Bible thumper! The acceptance of such fallacy is the root of ALL of our problems!

            Jesus was a good MAN,
            ***Wrong. SON OF GOD!***

            remove yourself from that %90 lie of a book
            ***Wrong. Inerrant, perfect WORD OF GOD!!!!***

            or face the wrath of a spiritual uprising.
            ***Spiritual uprising is coming. Christ’s return will
            make you burn if you don’t turn!!!!***

            Isaiah 42 – You will find out what a warrior is boy, and your segrigated, traditional, blind faith, homophobic, ignorant of science ass will cry like a B****

            ***This part just makes you sound psychotic. Quote the Bible, then stand for everything it opposes?***

            on the feet of the next Jesus.
            *** Nope! Only ONE JESUS. ***

            • Have you reasearched the Bible, or do you live by it blindly?

              The book is mostly lies put there by people no different than the banksters ruining our world today.

              Have you done your homework, have you put in the time, have you read the catalogue of books that prove religion itself started over twelve thousand years ago and has simply been manipulated by those seeking to control us?

              It’s wake up time, Jesus was a man, a good man, though his words have been mostly replaced, as well as Kirishna, Buhhda, Mohamad, and many more. All people like you and me, but with philisophical qualities found only in a small number of us.

              The next Jesus is already here, there are many of us, and we will evangalize to those that will listen, and remove what makes this world cry out for justice!

          • Francis bartholomew ooblek- You poor sick puppy. I don’t agree with all of chowthen’s opinions either, but I wouldn’t say crazy stuff like “…you are in my sites when tshtf.” And then to assume someone is a Christian because they don’t support abortion on demand or gay rights, and then to attack the religion is a sure sign of you bein’ in need of some ‘anger management’ therapy. And, your remarks show that you know nothing of the Christian faith. Boy, it’s best to at least know something about one side or the other before jumping into an argument.
            Option #1 for your anger management treatment would be to come on over to the okie compound and we’ll feed you some barbeque and beer. If that don’t mend your attitude, we have other methods too. We’ll give you banjo lessons and make you listen to 4 straight hours of Conway Twitty- it softens the brain into a very malleable state for reprogramming. From your posts, you obviously need it.
            Me, I happen to be a Christian, but I’m still enough of a sinner to offer Option #2 if needed. It’s real quick and simple and involves me putting a size 12 steel-toed boot in your ass. If you need help, call your gay friends at the abortion clinic- I got a boot for them too!

            • Sorry, your right about how attitudes like that anger me. But don’t dare say I know nothing of Christianity, I have spent my entire adult life learning about it.

              Blind faith has no reason to exist, (other than control) and IS why we have the problems we do. You all are hurt by my words because you are in love with your religion, not god. You are in love with the man-made tradition, not god. I hurts me to here folks speak so clearly and intellectualy of collapse but ignore so blatently the other ten blankets on their heads. It hurts so bad I have resorted to using tough love. Meaning, I will seem mean in order to wake others up. It’s my responsibility as a human being to show the “the way” “the light”, and I cannot do so by being all oochy-goochy-cooo, no one can.

              ONLY, traditional Bible thumpers hate gays and abortion, ONLY. For those lies come only FROM the Bible, not the natural laws that we must live by.

              We live in the greatest times ever known, it is our responsibility to wake others up as quickly as possible. I have found no better way yet, than to scare them, scorn them, and then dismiss them to their doom if they choose ignorance!

              The world will shrink, not by my hand, but by what we all agree is a force beyond our control. Shall we allow a repitition of history as is common, or remove the acceptance of fallacy forever and start what what could be heaven on Earth, ‘Humen.

      32. All of you arguing that Ron Paul is just concerned about the ME war and wants our troops home is not listening to what he said. in the debate he said “If Iran wants nuke why not let them have them afterall everyone else have them why not Iran?”. He also said “when I was in the Air Force in the ’60 we were always alert against the Soviets but nothing happened”. With these statement either the man is naive or just don’t care about our nation’s security and doesn’t understand that economic power goes hand in hand with military power.

      33. Just give CA to mexico and we won’t have an immigration problem. LOL. They can have hollywood too.

        • Only if they promise to take NJ.

      34. Politician say mutant good man for voting for him. Then politician take mutant stuff and give to other mutant. Mutant no like. Mutant no vote.

        • Mutant is wise. If I can’t get a RP vote in, I’m not going to vote. There is no reason to give another criminal permission to further plunder America.

      35. This coming election I can only believe in the accuracy of my M-1A

      36. It’s too late for America anyway. Tax revenues for this year about $2 trillion. Official spending is $3.6 trillion. Unfunded liabilities like social security, medicare, and medicaid are about $5.3 trillion. So we have taxes of $2 trillion and spending and additional debts of about $9 trillion. It doesn’t matter how we rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic. Or whether or not be can slow it down by 1 or 2 miles per hour. The result will be the same.

        • RP cold easily just declare the debt a fraud and void. Then surrender up the stockholders of the fed to those who own the fraudulent bonds it sold.

        • This govt. spends 2 million dollars per minute MORE than it takes in.

        • That’s right! It’s just a matter of time …Unless there are radical painful changes-that most folks aren’t even aware of that need to take place-we are sunk. Trying times are ahead. So we keep prepping and praying.

      37. There is only one candidate I trust. Ron Paul. I agree with all his positions that I have heard (I AM A 30 YR LIBERTARIAN). Maybe hind sight would show he was not the best choice, but I do not want another status quo politician. I am hoping Ron doesn’t disappoint me should he get elected.

        His treatment by the press, especially Fox, tells me again, what I have known for about 30 years. Everyone has an agenda. Some good, some not so good.

        Ron Paul is the only candidate I can support.

      38. Another good article Mac! While I would be thrilled to see Ron Paul get in, I don’t believe he will and even if he does, he’ll either compromise to the point of being ineffective or he’ll be helped into a dirt nap really quick.

        Either way, I don’t believe there is a political solution.

        We are headed for reset people. If we get a Ron Paul or a Bachmann in there, it might be a bit more pleasant and lest off a police state before it crashes, but, crash it will.

        Prep up, gun up and hunker down. It probably won’t come as quickly as most of us think, but, it will come.

        Thanks Mac for leading us in right direction to survive this stuff.

      39. SHTF plan team – first off, thanks and agreed. Just wanted to give a heads-up that your Kindle blog version of this article doesn’t post any video or picture – and you never mentioned Paul’s name in the article.

        Unless someone’s already a Paul fan, they won’t know who you’re talking about when reading on their Kindle.

        • Steve thanks for the comment. I will take a look at the kindle issues… Paul was not mentioned in the text as the commentary is followed up by the Ron Paul campaign clip…of course this does you no good if you can’t see it. Thanks for reading and we’ll see if we can get this issue resolved somehow (not sure if kindle can render video)

      40. Mutant no like congress. Mutant no like senate. Mutant like oatmeal. Mutant vote for oatmeal.

        • Well, Mutant, go ahead..hell, some won’t even notice the difference.

          • The candidates brains have the consistency of oatmeal.

            • The homo’s would contract it first.

      41. In March 2007, it was reported by the Associated Press that Diebold was considering divesting itself of its voting machine subsidiary because it was “widely seen as tarnishing the company’s reputation

        and why do you think that is?

        because the dam votes are manipulated to make you think you have a vote or a choice..sorry YOU dont put anyone in this country in the presidential office by YOUR vote

        with the flick of a switch or software..the 49-51 split can go what ever way TPAB want them to go

        and I think they know some of the public are on to this.

        Its just a ruse, to make you think your part of this choice.

        Diebold entered this industry in 2001 by purchasing the assets of Global Election Systems which had been selling election equipment since 1991. This subsidiary has been the subject of controversy amid allegations surrounding the security and reliability of some of its products.


        oh and before i forget Walden O’Dell the chief executive of Diebold, said he had been a top fund-raiser for President George W. Bush and had sent a funds letter to 100 wealthy and politically inclined friends in the Republican Party, to be held at, where? his home! in a suburb of Ohio.

      42. Ron Paul is the only Republican with supporters that have marched hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder with the Code Pinkos, the SDS, ANSWER, and Communist Party USA.

        IF you think that Iran having a nuke is no different than Iceland having a nuke, then Ron Paul is your man.

        Ron Paul is NOT the only person that wants the Fed reigned in. He even said in the last debate that he did NOT want to “End the Fed” like most of the Paulistas think. Look at what he’s done since being in chrage of the Fed oversite committee…not jack squat.
        We need a LEADER, and Ron Paul doesn’t fit the bill.

      43. One more thing – you might not be able to vote the person in, that you want – but you can damn sure vote the one OUT that you want and you had better give that serious consideration. If Obobo wins again, his first move will be mass amnesty, and then it will be over – way the f too late to “send a message” to the R’s. Don’t cut your nose off to spite your face…mine still hurts from voting for Ross Perot-which gave us Bubba Clinton!

        • Yet another demented fool that thinks voting actually accomplishes anything.

          • You sound upset because you didn’t wear a diaper with your light colored shorts today.

      44. Paul isn’t the Best, he’s just THE ONLY ONE (at least when it comes to those presently in the running). There’s no debate, here. Pauls “flaws” are so miniscule in comparison to the massive “monsters” the others are leashed to, that for anyone who comes to this site, claiming to be a prepper, to pledge allegiance in any form to any other candidate, should be seen as a traitor. Clearly, one gets it or they don’t. In fact, I’ll go so far as to say, Paul is the proverbial “LIGHT” to lead us out and away from the darkness, whereas all the others, i.e. Dems and Repubs., have been consumed and are of the Dark. Anyone who comes to this site and doesn’t see and understand this is a programed sheeple, in the truest sense. Sorry to be so blunt, but Denial is no longer an excuse to hide behind. You either have the consciousness and awareness to see what is Real, or you don’t. We’ve reached that level now. And there’s many who post here who do get it.

        Time to make a stand. It’s so simple. Look to those that support the Constitution.

        How did the Bushman put it? “You’re either with us or against us”? The idiot boy got that right in this case.

        • The day you get to label me a traitor is one you’d sadly regret. Such a statement is far worse then anything you imply the “evil empire” you seem to hate in America has ever done to you or any other. Whatever level of freedom you fear is lacking is likely in your head and not in my reality. I get to own precious metals, work in the industry I chose, own land, speak my mind (even when its agaisnt our own), travel freely etc etc etc. Its no where near perfect, your reality though (calling me treasonous) is sickening.

          • You can do all of those things.

            You get to own precious metals, but not use them for money as the Law requires.

            You get to work in the industry of your choice, so long as you do so as an officer of the corporation and pay it the franchise taxes for the privilege, (SS, IRS, etc), that are proof positive of your slave status.

            You get to own land so long as you pay the corp its taxes for the privilege of doing so. Otherwise, the true owner will come and remove you by force.

            You get to travel freely, so long as you register your mode of travel as corp property, and also register yourself as a corp property, and purchase insurance so you legally travel under limited liability as an officer of the corp and it is protected (at your expense) while doing so.

            You get to speak your mind, but only if you don’t mind being added to the growing number of corporate watch lists used to track it’s slaves.

            Etc., Etc., Etc.

            It has been said that the saddest of all situations a man can find himself in is living in slavery while thinking he is free.

            Of that, you are the prime example.

            Of course, to other Men, who recognize the Law and what treason really is, your support of the corp and voluntary participation alone makes you a traiter to the Constitution and the People who accept it as Law over the corp.

            The good news, Jim, is that you can not be guilty of treason because slaves can not commit treason. You may not be much of a Citizen for the Republic, but you are certainly a well trained slave for the corp.

            • Your best post yet GC. But the DOT backed down requiring all farm equipment drivers from having to get a commercial license. SAVE ME… You forgot the fee for a CWL/CCP and tags on bicycles.

          • @Jim

            You need to work on containing the Fire within. You’re all over the board on this thread. If you have any desire to make it through the up coming transition you need to learn not to be so overshadowed by your false pride (it will get you in a very bad spot). That initial post of yours was a doozie and you got sliced and diced cause your brain was on vacation and your fingers were working overtime, and you got called on it, big time!

            Think before you type.

            Don’t make assumptions based on taking someone else’s post “literally” otherwise you’ll continue to stick your foot in your mouth, like the above post. Take a break from the internet and cool down. Get a grip, otherwise people might start “assuming” you’re either; on medication or, needing to up the dosage. And you wouldn’t want people assuming that you appear to have a disorder, now would you?

            • Lecture all you want, but your word is only gospel to you. Place a label upon me is a poor decision and one that will get you in hot water when it’s not the time you want. Here is a news flash for you: Im free to enjoy my position and defend it however I may choose. This means I do not have to believe like you or however you think it shall be. When you claim a person in disagreement is a traitor you are NO different then a true tyrant, and we know what happens to the tyrants!

            • Hello, Hellloooooo

              Anybody home in there? Anybody…?

              Hmm, he must be in the medicine cabinet again.

            • Jim EA did not call you a traiter merely because he disagrees with you. You are a traiter because of what you serve, especially after having it identified for you as the fraud it is.

              You are not a traiter to the corp you worship. Don’t worry, it will treat you well in the FEMA camp. Plenty of food there for you, so no need to prep.

              On the other hand, you are a traiter to those who support the Constitution as Law, and God as the source of all rights.

              Who you serve is your business.

              By the way, where is that hot water? I love a warm bath.

          • Jim gets my vote for the 2011 Slave MVP. Even the best slave is still a slave. Your perception of freedom is misguided at best.

      45. I sure hope Lucy will hold the football for Charlie Brown this time. We shall see……

      46. So….whats the plan? If the idea to reform the Presidency, borders, welfare, language, culture, and drugs is to forward an email, I’m afraid that will fall painfully short. If its to vote Republican in our two party system….more of the same. If its to rant and rave on the corner and complain about Obama at the water cooler…thats like foreplay with no exciting conclusion.

        If “we the people”, the common man, little ol’ me, can play an active role wherein I make a difference in abolishing the IRS, crushing the existence of the Fed and the central/private fractional reserve banking cartel, allowing our medical system to operate in a free enterprise environment, stopping the imperialistic military and economic invasions of other sovereign countries, pulling out of the UN, returning our commerce state by state back to a production oriented economy wherein we as a country produce surpluses instead of deficits, and restoring the republic to the Constitution for the united States of America as it was ratified by the colonies circa 1789….then I think we can have a shot at getting our inheritance back from the elite shadow government bent on population reduction, eugenics, and their version of a humanistic utopia (equating to an Orwellian totalitarian oligarchy to us).

        So, if you have a plan to bring the common guy to accomplish these objectives, let me know.

        • TIM

          The only thing you can do is withdraw from participation in the system. Quit asking it for permission to do things. Quit using it’s numbers and sending it your money. When enough have done that, it will hasten the collapse and weaken it to the point that it can be controlled. Only then once control of the money supply has been taken back from the bankers.

          Other than that, there is nothing you can do.

          The corp does not exist, therefore can not be killed. The best you can do is stay out of it’s way as it dies a horrible commercial death.

          Ignore it’s officers if they approach you. Do not approach them. Do not use it’s numbers or associate yourself with it.

          Then you will know freedom and actually have something worth protecting if it ever does come to you.

      47. “…anyone who comes to this site, claiming to be a prepper, to pledge allegiance in any form to any other candidate, should be seen as a traitor…”

        and there you have it – one of the primary reason Ron Paul doesn’t get any more respect than he does – his “followers” are like a cult, ready to jump off the cliff behind the Pied Piper. Unfortunately, they could take the rest of us with them.

        Ron Paul is “the Light”? Wow, fire another one up…

        • Glad someone else recognises an illness when they see it.

        • tmedlin, sorry but I have to disagree with you. I don’t think Ron Paul is “the light”. That’s reserved for someone else. And no, I don’t plan on taking warm showers in the wee morning hours with Dr. Paul, but I will vote for him.

        • So Danny (tmedlin), do you use drugs?

      48. Every four yrs we are “allowed” to step into the ballet box and “choose” our new President….we are such good little sheeple….

        • No they just allow to think so!

      49. What frustrates me the most currently? Other people who CHOOSE to be too ignorant to prepare themselves and their families for who-knows-what to come and then, in all likelihood, expect me to care for them. Arghhhhh!

        • Mutant no like nuts. But Mutant gather nuts. Mutant safe now. If you need help, Mutant share nuts. Mutant good.

      50. Taking care always to keep ourselves, by suitable establishments, on a respectable defensive posture, we may safely trust to temporary alliances for extraordinary emergencies.

        The great rule of conduct for us, in regard to foreign nations, is, in extending our commercial relations, to have with them as little political connexion as possible. So far as we have already formed engagements, let them be fulfilled with perfect good faith. Here let us stop.
        “I am for free commerce with all nations; political connection with none; and little or no diplomatic establishment”
        “Over grown military establishments are under any form of government inauspicious to liberty, and are to be regarded as particularly hostile to republican liberty.”
        “To be prepared for war is one of the most effectual means of preserving the peace.”

        ” Having seen the people of all other nations bowed down to the earth under the wars and prodigalities of their rulers, I have cherished their opposites, peace, economy, and riddance of public debt, believing that these were the high road to public as well as private prosperity and happiness.”
        Commerce with all nations, alliance with none, should be our motto.
        Conquest is not in our principles. It is inconsistent with our government.
        Large and permanent military establishments
        which are forbidden by the principles of free government,
        and against the necessity of which the militia
        were meant to be a constitutional bulwark.”
        James Madison
        “War is in fact the true nurse of executive aggrandizement.”
        James Madison
        The means of defense against foreign danger historically have become the instruments
        of tyranny at home.
        James Madison

        “The most successful war seldom pays for its losses.”

        The above are some of what a few of our founders had to say about war/standing armies and such…it appears to me that Ron Paul is in pretty good company,defending America is good and proper,having to police the world by having a huge global force flies in the face of liberty and makes us servents to “Keeping the peace”…war sucks…being over-run and conquered sucks more…of course we need deterent and we should always be ready to fight to defend our way of life but saying that a person is out of touch in their foreign policy if they want to stop this military complex is dishonest and frankly stupid, you simply make sure we can respond to any attack in such a way that no one would want to risk another.
        No one is suggesting eliminating our ability to make war(except liberals)…simply saying that this whole sytem is out of sync with what it should be and needs fixed.
        And as far a being libertarian in his views my question is why are you not if love liberty?
        A majority of our founders would fit the discription of libitarian in its purest form.
        I like RP personally and have found him to be honest and consistent in his views…is he our nest President?…not likely because too many Americans have a knee jerk reaction to true liberty…to really making America function in the manner which our founders intended…too many even in the freedom movements are one issue voters,one track thinkers…they agree and shout “AMEN” to 9 of your points but its that 10th issue that in the next breath they are damning you to hell for….at this rate “a worse than obama cometh”
        People really need to stop and think about what this nation is supposed to be and defend not only their rights but everybody elses(real rights,not BS ones)
        Just my thoughts! Thanks!

        • Good post Reb. Thanks for that.

        • I wish I had a spare three to four hours to devote to this article… Bottom line, folks:
          1) Ron Paul is not electable. His age and views on foreign policy will scare to many centrist Republicans. Please feel free to vote for him in the primaries. It will help push the Republican party to a more libertarian viewpoint. Hold your nose and vote for whoever the Repubs put up. I know. I know. I just about puked pulling the lever for McCain. But maybe, just maybe, the Repub nominee can beat Obama and get the budget balanced. We can argue legalizing drugs and the finer points of libertarianism later. The DEBT is the 800 lb gorilla in the room. The country is sinking fast because of it.
          2) I love the quotes above. Kudos to REB. You have to put things in perspective, however. Our Founding Fathers were deeply influenced by The French and Indian War. In the simplest of terms, they thought Britain was empire building and wanted the colonists to help pay for it. They hated standing armies because of the expense and they thought there was no reason to quarter full-time troops in the colonies. They were right. We were pretty much the backwater of the world at the time.
          3) Side note: Jefferson wanted a horribly weak central government and a purely agrarian economy. He was kind of the ‘hippy’ of his day. His vision for America would never have survived. And, by the way, JEFFERSON was the first President to get us into a “foreign adventure” by declaring war on the Barbary Pirates and sending the Marines… to the shores of Tripoli. Sorry, had to throw that in there.
          4) Flash forward 200+ years. The 20th century, especially WW II, irrevocably changed the U.S. We became the world’s largest economy and the ‘arsenal for democracy’. After defeating fascism, we became engaged in defeating communism. If we had ignored the communists and gone home after WW II, they would have taken over all of Western Europe, possibly Japan, and the world would be much, much different today. That brings us to today. Do we have to have our noses in everything? Absolutely not. But as the lone superpower, we are expected by other countries to help govern and police the world. We can, and must, lower expectations in this area, but you can’t do it all at once. Like it or not, we have the largest economy in the world and the largest military. We are expected by other nations to be ‘involved’. We can move towards isolationism again, but this country will never be truly ‘isolationist’ again. We’re too big and the world’s become much, much smaller.
          5) When the global economies collapse, all this goes out the window anyway. BTW, Dow is set to plunge today. Gold is over $1800 oz. Isn’t fiat currency and runaway debt grand?
          Have a wonderful day,

          • ok mal… you vote for romney. it will make no difference. there comes a time when after these politicians dont stand and deliver, that the people must stand and deliver… and that time is now.

      51. Year To Date statistics on airport screening from the Department of Homeland Security:

        Terrorist Plots Discovered……0
        Hemorrhoid Cases…………3,172
        Enlarged Prostates……….8,249
        Breat Implants………….59,350
        Natural Blondes……………..3

        • What, no hermaphrodites. That’s funny. Minimum wage that wants to go union with a storm trooper uniform. NEXT! Most naturals fly bald eagle. Let’s send the idiot to China to bring back a new hat. That’s a mistake. Oreo cookie has a new cookie. Maybe we’ll bust 1800 today and hold at the end of day. You know it’s coming. MM & JS are the man. Facebutt & TSA compare. That’s a lot of saline with serial #’s. Let’s put some gold color on the fiat. Yea, that will fool them. It gets better everyday.

        • LMFAO!!! I have coffee in my lungs now. Thanks!!

      52. I am sick of idiots, especially People like tmedlin (among others) they don’t understand the desire for liberty nor do they understand the elements of freedom. They seek scapegoats such as illegal immigrants while ignoring the theft that occurs to fund the benefits to illegal immigrants among other things.

        As if legality means anything anyway? The banksters who rip us all off are plenty legal.
        The job goes to those who can get her done, and everyone is better off for it.

        TruthInMotion says, “So, if you have a plan to bring the common guy to accomplish these objectives, let me know.”

        Ok, vote Ron Paul, and get everyone you know to vote Ron Paul. There’s nothing else other than waiting for the lop-sided monster to collapse on it’s own.

        There are many war mongers among us who love the Culture of Death, they are many, all they can see is phantom threats in every corner as if they saw a spider, ready to smash everything without thinking.

        NetRanger says, “he’ll either compromise to the point of being ineffective”… I say, better to take my chances with someone who has a good track record than with the other yes men.

        chowthen says, “(d) He’s a Libertarian and I observe most Libertarian are just as dangerous as the Democrats (abortion on demand, gay rights, drugs for everyone who wants, etc.) There are more that I left out but above give you an example why I’m not for him.”

        OMG, freedom, we couldn’t have that, how dare People think and decide for themselves. What do you think this is, a free country? Empire, Empire, sic the dogs on them, that’s the New American way, don’tchya know?

        • Well said. I concur wholeheartedly!

        • Like you say, “waiting for the lop-sided monster to collapse on its own” is an alternative. However, it’s still holding its own as well as holding us hostage. As soon as we get free of the ridiculous mind-set of federalism, the better off we’ll be. My guess is that whoever is voted into federal office in 2012 will preside over the break-up of the USA union.

        • Clark: Illegals are not scapegoats. Neither are they citizens. They are nationals of a foreign power who have invaded every nook and cranny in the United States through a blatant campaign by the US Chamber of Commerce at the behest of and paid for by,the gangster banksters who want to suppress wages for American workers, taxpayers, and families; while destroying the Middle Class.

          The NWO Globalists and dual citizens who control Congress want to make them new Americans to vote in a referendum to dissolve the US Constitution and replace it with the North American Union; which is nothing more than a Compact with, by, and for the United Nations.

          Here’s your link. Please read it.

          No American Patriot can support the invasion of his country and the dissolution of the US Constitution in favor of the UN.

          Ignorance is not a character flaw unless you cling to it when the truth will make you FREE!

      53. chowthen says:(abortion on demand, gay rights, drugs for everyone who wants, etc.)

        Clark says:OMG, freedom, we couldn’t have that, how dare People think and decide for themselves

        I agree with Clark.
        The MAN is to judge, not us.

      54. Ron Paul – 2012 !

      55. Mac, you nailed this one with the title. Lot of frustration here. Lot of good discussion. Its needed, thanks.

      56. @ clark “they don’t understand the desire for liberty nor do they understand the elements of freedom. They seek scapegoats such as illegal immigrants while ignoring the theft that occurs to fund the benefits to illegal immigrants among other things.”

        This is where your problem lies. You think that there is no one except Ron Paul that is a champion for liberty….out of the entire US, there is NO ONE that can stand up for our inalienable rights. When you get to the point that there’s one and ONLY one person that can restore freedom, then you’ve broken thru to psycho world. When you MUST agree with 100% of what any one person says, even if 10-20% of it is total crap, then you, sweetie, are brainwashed. Regarding illegal aliens, if you don’t think that they are being used to secure a European-styled socialist nanny state, then you need to “read up”. If you REALLY want freedom, you’ll do whatever it takes to make sure that doesn’t happen. BUt no, you appear to be yet another lazy SOB that wants to let Ron Paul do ALL his thinking for him…cause it’s the cool and hip thing to do….pfffft. If you are into freedom and lberty, you had better start thinking for yourself, after all, Dr. Paul will only be around so long, and when he’s gone, you’ll end up a Ron Paul zombie if you don’t start exercising a little of your own brain matter.

        • @ tmedlin

          This is where your problem lies. You’re a chronic complainer and blamer. You have no answers (You can’t even come up with a “better” potential candidate than Paul), and, to be quite honest, you’re lacking intellectual aptitude. In fact, your a perfect reflection of everything you despise in others, i.e. those you attack here. You try to appear as if you know something by babbling out bits and pieces of what you think is coherent information, but in reality, and you need to hear this, your posts are only “sound bites” that you’ve probably gleaned from other sites, resulting in a total lack of any originality, what so ever.

          Your frustrated, angry and confused and it shows. Take a break. And spare us your reaction… Stir some potent anger into an a rather large glass of Ego makes for a volatile cocktail.

          • LOL – do you REALLY think that YOU added any substance to the discussion? I haven’t decided who I will vote for in the primary, but it will most certainly be the opponent of BHO, in the general, if we make it that long.
            I don’t lke certain things about Perry, and I don’t like certain things about Romney and those two are the most electable. Bachmann won’t make it, she’s flaming out and will likely shoot for the VP slot, with a more moderate person in the number one slot. I like Gary Johnson, but he’s getting no traction, Santorum will likely be out after New Hampshire, maybe SC, depending on his $$. Gingrich, while super-intelligent and a great debator, and would eat Obama alve in a one-on-one, I think his time in office is over, and that’s OK with me. I hope that Trump doesn’t get back in as either an I or an R, although he would add some entertainment value. Herman Cain, I thought would be a great candidate, and he still could be, but he doesn’t have his sea-legs, yet, and he’s probably not PC enough to get the moderate vote. But he could take the race issue off the table, and he knows something about taking a failing entity and making it prosperous. RP is dead on, regarding the Fed, the printing of money, inflation, etc. But I don’t see him ever being taken seriously on the world stage -standing up to a Putin or Achmadinejad, for example. And I would like to see him actually accomplish something with regard to the Fed, since he’s the head of the oversight committee, and I haven’t seen him do squat, which has been very disappointing…and if that hurts your feelings, I’m sorry, you need to toughen up.

      57. The joke of the day! 🙂

        Little boy at the nude beach.
        A mother and father take their 6-year old son to a nude beach.
        As the boy walks along the sand, he notices that many of the women have boobs bigger than his mother’s, so he goes back to ask her why.
        She tells her son, ‘The bigger they are, the sillier the lady is.’
        The boy, pleased with the answer, goes to play in the ocean but returns to tell his mother that many of the men have larger things than his dad does.
        She replies, ‘The bigger they are, the dumber the man is’
        Again satisfied with her answer, the boy goes back to the ocean to play.
        Shortly thereafter, the boy returns and promptly tells his mother,

        ‘Daddy is talking to the silliest lady on the beach, and the longer he talks, the dumber he gets.’

        • Good one! LMAO

        • Fuckin’ A, I needed that!

      58. I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.
        — Winston Churchill

      59. Looking for 500 down on the Dow. Blue sky on Au. Good thing I can’t eat it. Russia halts market. Leader going on vacation. Riots coming.

      60. Somebody explain T bills to me again.

        • The simplest explanation is fraud.

          They are used to “back” the debt currency of the Federal Reserve. Ponzi would be proud.

          • I’m kidding GC.

          • But I would be interested in some short term Saudi T bills.

        • Not to be sarcastic, but T-Bills are guaranteed confiscatory debt instruments issued by a highly indebted USA government which needs all the money it can get in order to get past the next fiscal crisis. These debt instruments (IOUs) pay nothing in the form of interest and will pay holders of them in depreciated currency which has had less purchasing power for 98 years (with a slight exception of the 1930 depression years).

      61. Wowwwww, Ron Paul is part of the 2 party system. Ron paul doesn’t want to protect America because he doesn’t want to kill Muslims. Ron Paul is a shill.
        When 9/11 happened I was asleep, I was so angry that I wanted us to nuke the middle east into a memory. 10 years later I have read, researched & used a logical thought process to come to the scary conclusions that I now hold as fact. So all you stupid ignorant dim witted idiots, get your heads out of your asses, turn off the TV, and read an eff-ing book on history of the middle east, military industrial complex control of our government, & the u.s. Constitution. Because sooner or later we’re going to bomb the wrong country & Russia or China are going to get involved. Oh, and for you idiots that think that America is the only super power, shut up & start reading. We’re all still Americans so peace out.

      62. Note: Venezuela is nationalizing all gold production AND repatriating ALL physical gold held on deposit in foreign banks. It has 365.8 metric tons on deposit. They are doing this, they say, in order ot protect their reserves against confiscation if several world court cases go against them ( also likely because of fear of any confiscation, for reasons real or trumped up, by Gov. who need the metal for their own reserves.)

        • FDR did too.

          • And we are all living the results – – a 5 cent dollar as compared with the dollar of the 1930s.

            But of course, the New Dealer’s war (aka WWII) cured every thing.

        • Time to freeze those assets until the verdict is reached.

      63. Great!!! now I’m in …”moderation purgatory” :(“““`

        • Mutant say, purgatory not too hot, not too cold. Too dark! Mutant scared.

      64. Looks like another yeee-haaa day for stocks. Sure glad I sold all mine in 1929. Down periscope…Dive! Dive!

      65. Lt. Cmdr Dodge: Men, at ease. I’d like to introduce you to the newest member of our crew, Lt. Emily Lake. Emily is part of a pilot program to test the feasibility of women serving on submarines. She’s going to be our diving officer.
        Stepanek: Can she do a one-and-a-half inward back in the layout position?
        Lt. Cmdr Dodge: All right, look, gentlemen! I know this is an unusual situation. Can’t be easy for Lt. Lake here to be thrown into a jungle such as this, and I know it will make things hard on all of us…
        Lt. Cmdr Dodge: Let me re-phrase that. It’s going to make things *difficult* on all of us as well. But if we just work together as a team, I’m sure we can handle ourselves…
        Lt. Cmdr Dodge: *Comport* ourselves as professionals. That is all.

      66. Well Mac, I think you have most effectively accomplished your objective by eliciting the responses to your question. In reading them, it’s very evident that there are some exceptionally angry people out there, with every right to be. What seems to be missing though is rational thought by some.

        I like Ron Paul, but I don’t believe he is Presidential material. I believe he would make an outstanding Secretary of the Treasury, but from what I’ve observed, he would have too many problems as the President. Don’t get me wrong – if it came down to him or the sewage currently polluting our Executive mansion, it would be Ron Paul, hands down. But Paul is a bit too peevish for my liking, a tad bit too naive on foreign affairs, and somewhat unrealistic when it comes to domestic policy. I loved the way he put Chris Wallace in his place, and I admire the way he stands up to establishment issues in general, but he has some weaknesses that he either needs to work on or drop out.

        I don’t claim to have a corner on wisdom or virtue or any of the other stuff that people look for in order to judge whether they want to agree with me or not. But I do think about things before I open my mouth or bang away at my keyboard here. I act on impulse only when I’m standing in line at the store and see something there that I think I might like to have. Otherwise, I try to use the analytical ability God gave us all to enable us to make wise and prudent decisions. Okay, I got a big screen HDTV last Black Friday. Big deal.

        When I was in high school, I had my group of friends. There were a couple of them that I considered my “best” friends, and the feeling was reciprocated. I am still in contact with one of them, having lost track of the others, or lost them in Viet Nam. But I would do anything for my best friends – anything – including risk my life for them, and this too was reciprocated. In fact, there were some occasions when that element was actuated, and brought us closer as a result. We knew we could rely on each other, no matter what, and that we would never be alone to face things that could do us harm or cause us discomfort. We would die for each other. We would defend each other, regardless of the circumstances or the consequences. If there was some Billy Joe Badass who planned to come after one of us, he would need to know that to attack one would be tantamount to attacking all, or at least one (if the others were not around). We knew we could rely on that simple fact. The message was, essentially, “don’t mess with _______, ’cause if you do, you’re going to get your ass kicked by ________.” It was clear and simple. If even a threat was made, the one making the threat would have to know that making a threat against one was the same as threatening all. Retaliation would be swift and decisive, and it would be severe. Our friendships were not something to be taken lightly, or threatened without experiencing what would be disastrous results.

        Ron Paul has made it very clear that he would not do that. He has blatently stated that the big kid, the bully from the rival high school, could plan, threaten, and carry out if he so desired, an attack on one or more of our friends, even us. He has made it clear that if the bully wants to buy a gun and shoot one our best friends stone cold dead, it is really none of our business because there were others with guns so the bully has a right to have one also. The bully has made it clear that he intends to inflict bodily harm, death, on one of our best friends, and that he will use the most effective means at his disposal to carry out this threat. He’s stated that he has no fear of us, and that if we interfere in his plans, he will use his newly acquired gun on us.

        And anyone else who gets in his way.

        And Ron Paul, bless his heart and God bless his antipathy toward the Federal Reserve, says, “What business is it of ours? They have a right to have nuclear weapons! We have nuclear weapons, other countries have nuclear weapons, what right do we have in trying to prevent them from having nuclear weapons?”

        It’s known as “laissez faire”. Don’t interfere. Leave Iran alone. If we leave them alone, and stop trying to prevent them from developing or acquiring a nuclear weapon, they will . . . what? Leave us alone? Leave Israel alone? England? Europe? Everyone can join arms and sing kum-by-yah?

        I love George Washington and Thomas Jefferson and James Madison to death. I love those guys so much that whenever their names are mentioned, I feel a sense of pride and affection well up inside me, knowing that those guys were the ones who built our Republic, were willing to die to build it, and had such unbelievable courage and integrity. I love ’em, but even they would have to admit that if we had not recruited an ally in France, we’d probably have had our asses handed to us, because the bully was bad ass, and he had guns and determination and a whole lot to lose.

        Allies. Someone who will help you out when the going gets tough. Someone you can rely on to stand behind you and frown at your enemy conveying the clear message that if you mess with my buddy, I’ll fuck you up.

        Paul says, “It’s not our business!” Well, he’s wrong. It is our business. He needs to either change his attitude and recognize that or he needs to retire to his practice in Texas, but he doesn’t need to be the President of the United States.

        From a spiritual as well as a diplomatic standpoint, our relationship with Israel and how we treat that nation can very well be the decisive and final element in whether we survive as a nation and preserve our honor or not. Ron Paul gets my vote when he states his stand on this issue and this issue alone.

        • Yep, we should leave Iran alone. Stop listening to the news. Our CIA has even said that they are not a threat. You don’t think Israel would bring their nuclear program to a screeching halt if they had one. Who gives us the right to deny them nuclear power since they are not able to refine oil into gas. So who do you consider presidential material? Romney? Perry? Bachman? Obama? They’re all the same, whether they’re republicans or democrats, they have the same play book. Here let me prove it.
          Obama, democrat, they opposed the patriot act, wars, torture, Guantanamo. That was before he was president. Now we’re bombing the crap out of Libya & we’re in a secret war with Yemen. So secret that everybody I talk to says that’s b.s. Guantanamo is still open, the patriot act was passed again.
          The only reason we’re in the middle east is for the black gold. That’s why Africa is left alone. No oil, no protection. Iraq had wmd’s, so we killed over a million iraqi’s because Saddam was a danger to the stabilization of the region. The douche in Syria is doing the same thing Qadaffi was doing, but why aren’t we bombing Syria. Like I said before, one day we’re going to bomb the wrong country & God help us.
          Well I’m sorry if I rambled & I didn’t mean any disrespect. I know there’s only so much Ron Paul could do if elected, but I would love to see it. He definitely couldn’t do much worse.
          God bless

      67. I think RP could flip the cover off of the switch in a heart beat. But he would make a better SoT. Which is exactly why nobody wants him.

        • yeah right, nobody wants him, must be why he came in 2nd in Iowa and is 1st,2nd or 3rd in every poll, even of this board there are more for him than against him. You Bill O’Reillys, Hannitys ect. may as well get used to the fact that he’s running for president.

          • You are simple & stupid. I’m talking about a president putting him as SoT.

            • Mutant say be nice. Mutant like all ideas. Even ideas Mutant no like, Mutant like? Huh?

            • I know what you’re talking about idiot, but he dosen’t want any idiots for bosses, that’s why he want the top spot.

            • You do now…don’t you. I would vote for him again if he would start putting some heat on the questions directed the right way, which is up.

      68. Do we deserve the politicians we get, or do we get the politicians we deserve?

        Agree or disagree with Ron Paul, there is one serious consideration that people are ignoring. He is just too old for that job; it beats the hell out of men 30 years younger than him. But he could be a wicked good pot-stirrer.

        • you make me feel good, I’m 3 yrs younger than Paul and I plan on being here an easy fifteen yrs, Now if I’m here 15 more yrs, RP should be here a lot longer than that I as I’m sure he didn’t abuse his body the way I did mine the first 40 yrs.I’m med free, work in the woods everyday, have no problem walking twelve miles daily.I agree people our age have got a lot more time behind us than left in front but some people get smarter and stronger when they get older.Also he gets to pick his running mate and I’m sure it will not be a Biden or Kerry,Ryan,Romney or anyone who wants to just keep the statis quo going like the other candidates running will,America needs someone to stop this runaway train or the people are in for a very rough time for the next fifty yrs, not that they will not be anyway, but at least RP will be working for America and not who puts the most cash in his pockets
          I think many of the politicians spend most of their time worring about the lobbyists and which donner they pissed off,they also worry about the media and their public imgage. RP worries about neither as he stands by what he says and don’t back peddle to please anyone. Maybe they wouldn’t be so worn down if they were more like RP, get out of other countries, leave them alone,spend their time worrying about people here and working for this country

      69. Ron Paul 2012 ! !

      70. Anger, clouds the mind and difuses logic. Think, don’t feel. That sole ability is what separates us from the rest of the animal kingdom.
        Unfortunate for this country that the majority of our population has been turned into fat lazy reactionary animals.

        • You can see me through this thing?

      71. Let’s see, the most annoying thing is that my government has been hijacked by either dual citizen Jews in congress (like senator Lieberman who only masquerades as a US senator), their nutty Christian sycophants like Palin and Bachmann (Bachmann spent time on an Israeli kibbutz when she was younger) and the huge pressure/campaign/funding/extortion group AIPAC.

        • Dave; Most of the “dual citizens” are bureaucrats in the State Dept, War Dept, and the intelligence community.

          Lieberman, if he is a dual citizen, is the exception not the norm.

          • Sure, Lieberman and his dual citizenship isn’t that common, but the norm is that all congressmen must pass the Kosher stamp of approval prior to being elected.
            If you doubt that, try finding one that speaks out against our twisted relationship with Israel that has kept his job.
            Just last week over 80 congressmen went on a little field trip to Israel (something that is normally illegal) but no network mentioned this influence corrupting trip.
            Americans need lawmakers that will put America first above all others, no man can serve two masters.

      72. First Things First:
        1. Create a Disaster Response Plan.
        2. Provide Evacuation & First-Aid supplies | Need Timeframe: IMMEDIATE)
        2. Provide Water, Food & Shelter supplies | Need Timeframe: FIRST 0-72 HOURS)
        3. Provide Shelter-in-Place supplies | Need Timeframe: 72 HOURS & BEYOND)

        Questions you may ask,”Should I…”:
        • …provide essential evacuation supplies in bulk or individually?
        • …provide a 72 hour kit for each employee?
        • …buy bulk shelter-in-place supplies?
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        I get these questions from different organizations all the time:
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        • How long should I plan for?
        • Where should we store the emergency supplies?

        Ways we can help you business get prepared:
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        • Build custom kits that fit your needs and budget.
        • Ship directly to locations across the country.
        • Provide a wide range of emergency food, water and other supplies.
        • Provide professional expertise on how you can help your organization get prepared.

        One of the best ways to show those whom you are responsible that they are important is to ensure their safety. Let us help you do that. and we will do all I can to help your organization be safe… no matter what the situation.
        Best Regards,

      73. The most frustratiing thing for me is the current tw@t squatting in the WH who flat out refuses to listen to the will of over 80% of the American people who do NOT want amnesty for illegals. Just today they announced they will halt ALL deportations for non criminals and then reward those who can stay with WORK PERMITS. They are taking it on a “case by case” basis.

        Thanks a lot to you assholes that voted for this POS!

        • @NunJoBizness

          I too am frustrated for the same reasons. Especially on the folks who give illegals a pass. They say it is not the illegals fault they are using our rules and laws passed for citizens of this country to manipulate the same to their advantage enabling them to invade our country and rob our treasury. Really? Laws and rules are used to shackle the American citizen while the illegals values and culture allows them to steal and rob with impunity. They steal into the country, demand medical, education, welfare, housing, and our jobs. They ignore our culture, values and language. Illegals violate our rule of law which has made this the great nation it is with a law abiding civilized populace and country. Instead they bring with them a violent, criminal, thievery, bribery, third world values and lifestyle.

          It’s not the American citizen lying, stealing and falsifying documents to get the safety net meant for citizens and their dependents of this country. It’s not the American citizen disregarding our rule of law regarding registering and paying taxes for contracting and operating small businesses. It’s not the American citizen ignoring our motor and traffic regulations when it comes to licensing, insurance and operations. It’s not the American citizen abusing and overwhelming our health care facilities. It’s not the American citizen who fraudulently claim non citizen and non existent dependents to garner $10 – $20 thousand in tax dollars annually. It’s not the American citizen voting in a country where they are not entitled to vote.

          I’m beginning to think the American citizen is the fool here as we are allowing an invasion of a foreign populace without a whimper. There is no country without borders or a common language for commerce. It frustrates me that people do not see the danger to our children and grand children with unmitigated illegal immigration. How much unemployment of American citizens, whose jobs are being worked by illegals and thievery that drains billions from the treasury, will it take for some people to realize this is a major factor that impacts all aspects of the American citizen lifestyle – the economy, finances, business, housing, education and jobs.

          Before the haters jump on this post – this has been a compassionate country as we have granted three amnesty’s and not to mention citizenship to all the jack pot babies (illegal mom runs for the border and pops out the baby on American soil entitling the kid to all America has to offer). Everyone is quoting Ronald Reagan now, in his memoirs he says his biggest mistake was granting illegals amnesty. When is enough – enough?

          So I don’t understand why Ron Paul and his supporters don’t value the constitutional importance of this issue. There is meaning in being an American Citizen. (not resident or undocumented worker or voter.)

          • Ladyhawk… Ive said I like Paul,I do however agree with you on the issue of “illegals”( this is one of those things that though I may disagree with RP about it I wont toss him under the John Deere over it,hard to find anyone to agree with all the time and if I did I would need to examine my thinking)the short of it being we do have to have and protect a border of some kind or we cease to be who/what we are and we allow those coming in here to redefine who/what we are.
            I am hopeful that RP or anyone having the same basic views who became President would in short order reconsider his/her position on this issue.
            I have little problem with proper immigration except I do wonder if there comes a point where we need to crimp it down to almost nothing….we arnt exactly needing more people here these days…but especially people who do not have the same love of liberty and the rule of law that most native born sons/daughters have for this piece of ground we call America.
            The point I guess is this…RP isnt perfect….but I see no one who has his track record and his fight…and he certainly beats the crap outta barry…I think he’d at least try to work on real solutions to the nations troubles in a freedom minded manner…we know what we have now…I personally think we can afford to let him(or someone similar) try,either that or keep barry. Thanks!

            • @REB

              NunJoBizness, you and some others bring up good points over the matter. Ron Paul’s proposed solution to the illegal problem is “…Maybe a ‘green card’ with an asterisk could be issued.” This “asterisk” would deny them welfare and not grant them immediate “automatic citizenship…” Notice no mention about not being able to vote. (Checking a box on your drivers license application or presenting a utility bill lets you vote in my state – damn Progressives.)

              Allowing the 30 – 35 million illegals to stay is amnesty and the latest a-hole policy will only encourage more. So I propose when talking about supporting Ron Paul, add an asterisk behind his name. Why wait till he is President and “hope” he will change his position. I’m so done with this hope and change shit.

              Hey Ron Paul* – get the message! It’s not just the Federal Reserve and economy – the country is being invaded and divided.

      74. Copied from a reply By G Edward Griffin on the front page of Freedom Force International:

        have listened to the conference call as you suggested and learned nothing new over and above what I have read from many others who follow the Strawman/Bankruptcy/Admiralty Law hypothesis. Everything said about the Federal Reserve is basically true, but it is a giant leap to accept the validity of all the rest. I previously have examined the documents Sharon mentioned and, as I recall, found nothing in any of them that confirmed the hypotheses – except by the most creative interpretation. I am afraid all of this is just a dead end that leads people into an endless loop of fighting a phantom that doesn’t exist when we have very real enemies in the form of the Federal Reserve and a corrupted government.

        You said: “the freedom community needs to accept the truth and facts and create a plan of action based on reality.” I agree totally, but what would that plan be? How would it be any different than abolishing the Federal Reserve and the IRS, returning to a sound money, and replacing corrupted government officials? If that is the solution, then why spend time in a legal wonderland that not one in ten-thousand has any chance of comprehending? Is there any better plan to turn people off of the topic and, thus, turn them away from a solution? It seems to me that crusading under the Strawman banner is well calculated to insure our defeat. Why not just stick with the easily understood and easily proven facts? That’s what Ron Paul is trying to do and, judging by the groundswell of support he is getting, it is a very wise strategy

        • “have listened to the conference call as you suggested and learned nothing new over and above what I have read from many others who follow the Strawman/Bankruptcy/Admiralty Law hypothesis. Everything said about the Federal Reserve is basically true, but it is a giant leap to accept the validity of all the rest. I previously have examined the documents Sharon mentioned and, as I recall, found nothing in any of them that confirmed the hypotheses – except by the most creative interpretation. I am afraid all of this is just a dead end that leads people into an endless loop of fighting a phantom that doesn’t exist”

          Exactly right.

          Most of those looking to defend themselves in the corp courts using the strawman/bankruptcy stuff is crazy. No matter how true it may be, and how many questions that answers, a corrupted system will never recognize it’s own corruption.

          The only way to beat the corp is to ignore it. By showing up in a corp court, you are giving it consent to have it’s way with you. Don’t be surprised when it does.

          Do not speak even your name to it, or initiate or participate in any conflicts. Do not ask it for assistance or protection.

          And if ever forced into the court because of an unlawful arrest over a corporate policy, demand the contract be placed in the record that the charge is being made against. ALL statutory crimes are identified as commercial crimes, which require a valid contract.

          Don’t fight the corp. Just go about your business and ignore it. If it comes to you, do not speak. These are your rights, but only if you exercise them.

        • Who would have ever thought 30 years ago the only place to get truthful news about candidates in an American election would be from Russia?

      75. OK now……..some of you are starting to sound like right wing extremist nut-jobs, clinging to your God and Guns. Janet is warning the world of people like you. You are soooooo dangerous and can not be trusted….LOL

        • Tounge in cheek? Expected, but, your absolutely right whether you will believe it or not.

          It’s not funny, God+guns=fanatical idiocy and the death of good people.

          Just take Jesus, what was he killed for? He tried to change the world given the best tools and knowledge he had at his disposal. Then the folks that killed him, rewrote his story to control you. Yep, it worked!

      76. Ron Paul is not going to get elected on is best day. That being said, I can’t stand country club republicans, like Romeny and Perry. Good God already !!!

        • Bullshit!
          Ron Paul 2012 !
          if We the People overwhelmingly vote for Ron Paul, He will win…
          and so will the American People!

          don’t waste a vote on another neo-con Democrap or Republicrap traitor!

      77. You have two choices

        (A) Vote Ron Paul in and go back to a constitutional government.


        (B) Continue the way things are going until there is gun fire in the streets.

        The Globalist choose (B)

        What say YOU

        • I like “B”. The demographic integrity of this country has been destroyed. You ain’t voting your way out of this crap. If you haven’t figured that out yet, you’re just in our way. If the government has a monopoly on the use of force, then the bad guys won. Most of you would willingly sit on a jury to convict George Washington, Patrick Henry etc. as terrorists!

          • I am with you Omega Man, but I will cast my vote… period.

            The fact remains peak oil is behind all of this and that won’t change, but, my vote equals what is left of my voice and I will not hand that over to religious nutjobs out to protect themselves based on a selfish peice of literature known as the Bible, which, has lead to the problems of peak oil by giving “dominion” over everything.

        • You are a complete idiot and you have been kept in your mother’s basement for so long.

        • Voting …A

        • Voting …(A)~Ron Paul

          However, I have to agree we are not going to be able to vote our way out from under this Tyrannically government (system)it seems to me. We are going to have to throw them out, with whatever means it takes, however long it takes and however much blood it takes! Drag them out bloody kicking and screaming in the street and do what needs done! The National Socialist Party/Marxist whatever, whatever they wish to call themselves behind closed doors have got to be hunted down just like the Nazi Party! That meas every last one of them as well as the (money changers) aka the world bankers who have corrupted our currency system!

          Step one#…WE

          #1 Stop paying Federal income taxes!
          #2 Audit the Fed!
          #3 Abolish the IRS!
          #4 Restructure the Welfare system!
          ……and on and on…etc

      78. There is only one of those the individual Man can do, and that is #1. It conveniently has the effect of doing #3 as well, on an individual level.

        • “WE THE PEOPLE” is that better?

      79. keep your power dry, people

      80. Greetings Everyone!
        After reading all the Above,the most I can say is that I pray that whomever is next elected does a better job than the ones who came before.I hope ALL the $$$ and troops can come home from those sand hills called nations.If even 10% were deployed to repel the illegals from S.A. the problem would diminish by quite a bit.Raise import tariffs to 20%(like China) and revenues would increase and imports would decrease and the deficit might decrease.
        Just sayin’

        • Greyfoxgreen for President!

      81. Ron Paul was SUPPOSED TO GRILL ben bernanke again, and again, and again, in Congressional hearings. Ron Paul hasn’t come close to doing it.

        • RP can only grill Bernanke when he can schedule a meeting, it’s not a court hearing so I don’t think he can subpoena him.

      82. People say that Ron Paul doesn’t understand history but since WWII we have nuclear weapons which make it more reasonable to butt out of other countries business. We can mind our own business and carry a big stick.

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