Lew Rockwell On Economic Terror, the Police State and the Rise of Ron Paul

by | Dec 16, 2011 | Ron Paul | 135 comments

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    Anti-state, Anti-war and pro-market Libertarian thought leader Lew Rockwell (www.LewRockwell.com) joins Judge Napolitano to discuss the various reasons for why Ron Paul’s Constitutional philosophies are finally garnering recognition from the American public. While he may be running as a Republican, Paul’s positions on spending, war powers, economic policy, and civil liberties are starkly different from those of his political colleagues.

    The ideas themselves transcend party lines. And as Paul himself noted in the Republican debate yesterday (video highlights available below), it is not necessarily he that is electable, but rather, the fundamentally American philosophies, like the rule of law, that voters will be casting their ballots for.

    Lew Rockwell on the Rise of Ron Paul:

    It’s actually two things. First of all, the economic crisis. This is what’s changed from four years ago when Ron said there was going to be a crisis and everybody laughed at him. But, of course he was correct. So after four years of economic terror we’re all afraid for ourselves, for our parents, for our children, we’re worried about the future. We know about the crony capitalism on Wall Street. We know about Goldman Sachs and Citibank and Bank of America, and all the big guys living at the trough at the expense of the average person.

    People are angry about that, as well they should be.

    Also, and it took them long enough, but today they realized we’re living in a police state. Not only is the government running a police state, in fact, around the world for many many countries, but they’re running one at home. And there’s nothing that’s beyond them.

    Lew Rockwell points out what every American knows, but some are afraid to contemplate or admit. Whether you are republican, democrat or currently without party you can more than likely relate to Mr. Rockwell’s assessment for why Ron Paul is gaining recognition and why the American people are rebelling against their masters in Washington. We are in an unprecedented economic crisis, and no, it’s not just Obama’s fault. Our country is being locked down from the inside out – and it has happened under democrat AND republican administrations and Congresses.

    It is the aversion to corruption in business and government that has driven tens of thousands of protesters around the country (and world) to the Occupy movement. It is the excessive taxation and interference by government into the lives of individual citizens that gave rise to the Tea Party movement three years ago. It is the realization that we have been robbed by our government of not only our wealth, but individual liberty, that drives individuals to vehemently argue their ideas in the streets, in internet communities and in their social circles. If there’s one elected representative in this country to whom we can attribute the expansion of awareness and consciousness of the American public to the degrading state of affairs it is Ron Paul. His message is one that few politicians are willing to bring to the forefront of discussion and debate, and even fewer who are willing to actually take the politically unpopular steps required to implement real change in America – a change that, in essence, requires nothing more than a return to our founding principles.

    Ron Paul highlights from the most recent Republican debate:

    Via Lew Rockwell.com:

    The GOP contenders scuffled in Sioux City in the last debate before the caucuses. And FOX News may have felt it was wiser to give Ron more time to speak than to face a blitz of criticism for ignoring him again. And Ron did not disappoint – he looked and sounded presidential. He dealt with the questioners smartly and assertively. Some of the highlights include his take-down of Gingrich for this lobbying activities, and a smack-down of Bachmann over bombing Iran. No Michelle, we can’t solve these problems with mass murder. As Ron has always said, he wants to be a president with less power. Indeed, “I don’t want to run the world, police the world, or run the economy.” Another brilliant performance by a true statesman.

    What it boils down to is trust. Who are you going to trust with your future, with the future of your children, with the future of your country? Choose wisely. We may only have one more chance.

    References: Lew Rockwell, Patriot Trading, The Daily Sheeple


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      1. dismiss this as a highdea, but what if the endgame is getting ron paul elected? maybe hes the antichrist disguised.

        • I am pretty much convinced that if Ron Paul were elected he would implement policies so revolutionary in modern times that they would likely collapse the entire system as we know it. This is what needs to happen in order for things to be reset. Now, I do believe that this is coming eventually, so my view is that I would rather take the medicine now, deal with it, and start rebuilding, then to wait even longer and have this country turn into an irreversible third-world 10 – 20 years from now.

          Given that we live in a Bilderberg world I do find it interesting that Paul is moving up in the polls. Whether he’ll win the primary is a different matter. But, hypothetically, if he were to win the Presidency then one of two things has happened 1) The American people’s vote really does count 2) The “puppet masters” made it so.

          If #1, then we’re good. It’ll hurt for a while, be I trust we will recover and be stronger as a nation.

          If #2, not so good. Buckle up, because all bets are off.

          • I’d rather feel the pain then nothing at all.

            • Emo much?

          • ‘He Who Controls the Ballot Controls the Election’

            They have total control of the entire system, They do as they please. Elect those who satisfy their whims, at the time.

            The only thing they don’t have control of is your mind/body coordination, i.e. your skills once you finger is on the trigger. Although, the Raytheon Beam can now create a clusterF for you and I with the delivery of it’s “active denial technology”.

            • That’s why Conspiracy nuts wear tin foil hats!

            • What would be totally mind blowing would be if somehow Ron Paul won and became the Republican nominee. And, Barry O. (Oh Really?!?!) won on the Democratic side.


              They debate.

              What would happen to Barry O. without his telepromter? What would he say without his script? How could he defend the atrocities his committed while becoming, in the process, the worst President in the History of the Country?

              I WOULD WATCH TV AGAIN, just to see Ron Paul slice Barry into little mulatto shreds. It would be the lopsided debate in the history of all presidential bouts.

              Oh, please, please, PLEEEEEEEZE!

              To tell you the truth, I don’t think Barry would debate him. In fact, if Paul somehow won on the GOP side, I wouldn’t be at all surprised to see those in charge creating a false flag event and declaring martial law, whereby, Barry as Commander in Chief, puts the elections on hold (indefinitely).

            • Agreed. They killed Kennedy, they wont allow a Ron Paul to be elected. You people blame Obama, but he is not in charge. He follows orders too.Case in point , he said he intended to veto that war powers bill, but abruptly decided that he would sign it , because his ‘senor advisors’ told him to. They have given total control of our military over to the _____________________.
              This is what the Occupy movement is about. The Tea Party was created by_________________________ to spread propaganda. Turn the people against ourselves, end social safety nets, and rob the moneys further enslave the people of the world. Our country became a fascist state a long time ago.When Reagon deregulated the corporate beast,eliminated their tax burden and unleashed that monster upon the world. Clinton was elected as a democrat but ruled from the right and finally eliminated the Glass Stiegal act so that banks and wall street could become Las Vegas on steroids and the laws have never been amended. The ______________
              Have now gained full control. Ron Paul is 40 years too late.

          • I don’t know of it’s cool to say this out loud, but I have grave concerns for Ron Paul’s physical safety if he is elected.

            He is determined, principled and so committed to doing what really needs to be done (at the xpense of the P’sTB), I think there are some powerful folks out there who will not be happy and may go to extreme measures if he is elected.

            It has happened before, no?

            • @easychair exactly … HOW DO WE PROTECT RON PAUL from the VERY PEOPLE who’s job it is too PROTECT HIM!

              IT WAS THE CIA / SECRET SERVICE who ABANDONED an BETRAYED JFK! WHEN HE WAS SHOT! AND THE FBI WHO are now attacking and terrorizing us all here with FED FALSE FLAGS! waco branch davidian firebomb masacre of women and children, Oklahoma city child daycare bombing, 9/11 etc etc.

              a message MUST be sent to ALL feds politicians and bankers… IF ONE HAIR IS TOUCHED ON RON PAUL’S HEAD!

              they the listed above will know what it means to be preyed upon , HUNTED as they have all done to us THE PEOPLE! There will be no safe place for any of them ON THIS EARTH to run too!

              From American Veterans Patriots an OATH KEEPER’s , VENGEANCE!

              THEY will all BE Brought to Corporal American Patriot JUSTICE!

            • Weld the doors shut on the elite bunkers.

            • I’ve said this exact thing. My vote is for Paul but history shows the last time someone tried to abolish the Fed Reserve (Kennedy) we all know what happened. Within days of his successor being sworn in, that Fed Reserve act (to abolish) was nullified as his first action.

              The other thing is, that although I agree with Paul, he still needs Congress to accomplish most of what he wants to do. I think you’ll see 4 years of absolute gridlock just out of spite and that’s the way the Global Elite control President Paul by road blocking everything he does.

          • The quicker the forest burns down, the better the regrowth will be. Meaning, the sooner we get through the pain of resetting this once great nation, the better we can hope to be in the future. Hope, one of the greatest things people can have, and will help drive things to greatness.

            • Hey, Ky Momma T..nice to meet ya…JayJay of Ky. here too; no mom, just wife.

              I’ve been praying EVERY day and night for someone to push that ‘reset’ button..it’s the only way to go.

              With the 3%ers, maybe TPTB are realizing, there’s nowhere to hide..and as one Marine sniper told one 3%er–I’ll take 100 heads for every one…and just maybe Paul will get their support and give TPTB something to think about…after all; they all fly!!

              Ephesians 6:11…Put on the full armor of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

            • Hey JJ, where are you at in KY. Maybe we could get together sometime. I’m in central ky. don’t mean to be too forward, but where i’m at I have a hard time finding like minded people with out giving away my security. Let me know…;)


          • I agree Mac…

            “We are apt to shut our eyes against a painful truth… For my part, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst; and to provide for it.” – Patrick Henry

          • It’s better we suffer and sacrifice for a short period now than lose everything for many yrs if the wrong people keep running the country

          • There is the thought of the possibility that if Ron Paul gets in to office it will only be the same situation under a new face again. He is of course a freemason. Many know of Albert Pike and what they really are……damned if you do and damned if don’t.

          • There is NO WAY he will become POTUS unless TPTB can adjust thier agenda accordingly.

          • I’ve been wondering for a while now if TPTB are actually orchestrating the Republican primary to steer the public toward Ron Paul for the nomination. TPTB would then retain several options, one of which would be to keep steering the public toward Ron Paul in the general election.

            Perhaps, since the entire world economy is about to crash, they want him to win the Presidency so they can blame the ensuing riots and utter misery on his policies, the better to steer the fickle and clueless public toward the final phase of the planned global tyranny.

            There is also a slight chance that TPTB are actually beginning to realize that they have f####d up the world economy so badly that they don’t know how to turn things around, and actually need a President Ron Paul to begin the process of turning things around. Very slight chance. If so, they will accident him or assassinate him the moment he pursues a course not to their liking.

          • I agree, Mac Slavo. Paul would, for example:

            -Replace the Fed boss with someone who will audit the Fed and stop/expose the immense corruption they are hiding, such as countless billions of dollars going to Goldman & Sachs

            -Expose the network of CIA prisons around the world and the illegal acts, such as torture, going on there, then shut them down

            -Expose things we don’t even know about, most of it involving cooperating with Mossad in funding and training armies in the Middle East, and various other operations there

            -Stop the wars. Bring home the soldiers. (Not “troops” just to hide the more warlike word “soldiers”.)

            -Shut down the U.S. bases that exist in half the countries across the globe.

            -Veto Congressial unconstitutional plans for four years.

            -Oppose things like Affirmative Action and other privileges for non-Whites

            -Actually enforce defense of the southern border, and put an end to the establishment’s strategy to fill the country with illegal aliens

            -Stop the plans for a future police state

            -Stop the support for the EU, stop the push (started by Bush) to make the EU accept Turkey as a member so that 60 million Turks can swarm into Western Europe

            -Stop support for all the globalist institutions

            -Prevent a nuclear attack on Iran, and prevent attacks on other countries the Israeli lobby demands be threatened, sanctioned, bombed and invaded

            -STOP USING THE U.S. VETO in the UN Security Council to stop resolutions backed by sanctions against Israel for its blatant, well-known crimes against Israelis, such as shooting civilians openly in the streets to provoke a response

            Ron Paul would be hated by the establishment, because he would expose their plans and cause irreparable damage to them. That is what everyone should support them, even leftists – they won’t get any new welfare plans under Ron Paul, but I think they can survive for another four years. Meanwhile they’ll get the only man who will actually do the things they always claim to support. So now’s their chance. As well as ours. And the world’s chance. Its only chance to seriously hurt the globalists.

          • A couple of years ago and girl and her granddad presented a school paper that traced the lineage of all US presidents. All but one are related to eachother and to a powerful ruleing family in England. So what are the odds of that? Are 90% of americans related to that family? If not then how did all but 1 US president fall into that group?
            When Barry Soto ran for president the major news networks all ran glowing stories about him. There was NO investigative journalism at all, though there was penty of material they could have/should have delved into. In fact it looked like they were the campaigne managers for Barry Soto rather than news agencies.
            Now look at the “stories” they are doing on the various republican presidental candidates. One by one they praise one and lift him high and then “expose” him and dash him down. They have gone through most of the major candidates. In short they are planting negative info about each prospective nominee. They are working for the Democratic Party and just setting things up for a Soto vs Romney matchup. And Romney is just Soto who uses his
            own name.
            Has anyone done the lineage on Romney?
            There are only 3 candidates who want a smaller federal government: Paul, Bachman and Santorum. My bet is that none of them are related the the “presidential family line”.

        • @skslover , dude put down the WATER BONG , I think you’ve SMOKED enough for one day… ;0P pssszzt

          • We have seen what the current administration has done under the promise of CHANGE. It has changed alright but for the worse. How do you like it? So don’t be so quick to knock someone for their statement. Ron Paul could do the exact same thing, just like his current predecessor. Maybe you should take a puff sometime and chill and stop making prejudiced statements towards others from intolerant ideas. I bet you are a fundamentalist Christian or something like it.

            • The Zen master always says we shall see and we will if R.P gets the election we will see what he does, but you will only hope he does what he says. There are no guarantees. Anyone of us can say one thing and do another anytime and place we choose. No arguement only fact, so plead and wish all you might but hope is all you will have. Elections are like rigged casinos, you win some and you lose a lot. Are you a betting person? This is a gamble at best; after watching 30 years of this crap I’d say that is a fair statement Ninaorket. No weed needed to come to thid conclusion, on the contrary the lack of it is what makes me see clearly; prestidigitation!

          • At least don’t drink your bong water…

            • I will drink a nice glass merlot, have one too….good for health.

        • Ron Paul is the reincarnation of Thomas Jefferson, or one of the other founding fathers, possibly, but not the anti-christ!! There is so much conspiracy over conspiracy that I can see how someone might be worried about that…

        • Form a tight grip with your lips sks lover.

      2. Well, choose wisely? When Ron Paul runs on the 3rd Party ticket and 3% or 5% of the people vote for him…It`s a Vote for Obama…Yes, choose wisely…

        • I made this point in an article a few months back. Basically, i have a suspicion that if Paul doesn’t win the primary, then third-party voters will sit out… Because in the minds of many third-partiers Obama=Gingrich=Romney . Obama may very well win re-election, unless you can somehow convince those 3 – 5% of people that 30 year politician Newt Gingrich, or Romney care candidate Mitt will somehow be different from Obama in the overall grand scheme of things.

          Thus, I guess given this context, I would argue that a Primary election vote for Gingrich or Romney, or Bachmann is likewise “a vote for Obama”

          Just my 2 cents here… I could be way off base.

          • No Mac, you are right on. The MSM don’t and won’t know how to deal with Ron Paul. If the MSM tries to smear him it’ll back fire on them. Obama and your afore mentioned candidates don’t want to debate Mr.Paul one on one. Why?
            Because he is truthful, and the light he sheds will cause the roaches to run.

          • Mac,
            I imagine that a few months ago TPTB were sitting around talking and came to the conclusion that Obama isn’t very well liked and would probably lose the next election. They thought “Who can we run that’s just as good and will not rock the boat? Gingrich or Romney?” It really doesn’t matter to them as long as it’s one of these two jackasses. I am a registered independent that has always voted conservative. I will not be forced to vote for the lesser of two evils again. I know Ron Paul is surging because Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the so-called “conservative” media are trashing him. I have been reading your blog for a few months now and this is the first time that I have commented on anything. Things are getting so crazy out there that I think alot of people who were once silent are starting to speak up.

            God Bless you all and Merry Christmas!


            • I can tell you that the Vampire Squid wing of the TPTB clique has clearly chosen Romney. Only little o himself has collected more from the Goldman Sachs partner/employee lobby.

        • I will vote for Ron Paul even if he is not the Republican candidate. I am registered independent. I live in a state that always goes to the Republican party so I have long felt that it doesn’t really matter who I vote for for president because the state’s votes always go the same way. (One more vote Republican or one more vote Democrat doesn’t change the state trends at all.) However, a vote for Ron Paul will register that I do not support the system and I refuse to have my choices narrowed down to the digusting garbage being fed to us as voters. In any case, I do not see any Republican candidate except Ron Paul who would be much better than Obama. They all reek of corruption.

      3. With the amount of damage already done, would it really matter at this point?

        Hes had my vote since he entered the race.

        • Yes Fatty, it does matter. Till now the MSM has been trying to pick our candidate for us. Get the word out about the differences. When they tell you he can’t beat Obama, tell them Obama can’t beat Ron Paul. Then prove it. They both have records.

          • My post was in response to skslover. I know Ron can get it done.

        • It can still get far, far worse if RP doesn’t take the White House. Do you want a collapse of society as we know it where all dependency for Government handouts is abruptly forced to cease so we can start rebuilding this time a little wiser about who we are as Americans, or do you want another talking head in office who will do what it takes to maintain the status quo and not stop until our country is enslaved for centuries to come?

        • Ron Paul’s got MY vote too. Why the heck should laid-off Americans barely able to pay their rent or mortgage be taxed more to fund foreign aid for anyone? And if these wars were so great, you’d see Wall Streeters own kids volunteer for them because after all these wars are for them.

      4. Anybody could do better than what we have now. RP would have a balenced budget, audit the Fed, bring the troops home and secure the S. border. Would probably shut down a few Departments also.

      5. My mother thinks that 2nd amendment flip flopper mitt romney will be good for amerika !!!!! Lmfaooooo

        • Wow Rich, we agree on something. Romney or the Newt would be just as bad as what we have now. Paul is the only choice.

          • Yes, but I would like to see Newt debate #1 three times just for grins.

      6. Maybe we need an outlier like RP to cause a threshold to be breached. Since we now have 4 units of gov’t (Pres., Senate, House, Supreme Court) who either in big jumps or incrementally are unquestionably bringing us to a 1984 style Utopia, it may take that vast Unknown Factor to stir the pot a tad. Love, hate or fear him, RP in the White House would certainly make a significant stirring stick.

      7. If he is who he says he is (and boy is that ever a stretch for politicians these days)
        and if he does go after the fed, and all the other things he says he’s for
        He’ll end up shot by his own government.

        Im not sure he can change whats been going on in this country for the past 40+ years ..or even more for that matter.

        Do I like what he SAYS he stands for..yup i do
        is he able ?..really not sure.

        you see it takes way more then the Persident to run this train..If congress and the senate and all the players dont want to play along..its stale mate after stalemate, and that isnt good for this country either

        What we really need is a clean house..and a return to a real republic, and if any politician steps out of that mold he needs not be a crony..he needs to be outed by his own, and that just doesnt happen anymore.
        All these Big boys are all on the same team.. and it isnt our team..its their own, they are all in this for thier own personal gain, period no matter who they are or say they are.

        I like Paul..I like what he says he stands for, but im not convinced its not all smoke and mirrors, or just a set up to have the status quo of what we have now.

        He wont be able to get anything done if he doesnt get rid of all the anchors in the political arena, and im sure he knows this,(those in place will fight tooth and nail for thier political free ticket ride) and he also knows that if he really would stand shoulder to shoulder with the american citizen that his life would be in jeapordy

        Or he will end up the biggest flip flopper of all, because after all is said and done..the President of this country is not the one in control

        • Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner!

        • Well he has been saying exactly the same things for 20 years or more.

        • VFR…I’m not politically savvy…but I’d much rather have 4 years of stalemate and have nothing accomplished, maybe a few unconstitutional laws reversed, than to continue down this briar patch to communism/fascism.

          Because the fraud in the WH now is Brer Rabbit.

          • You wish it was a communism (the real idea, not McCarthy version)
            We are rolling towards totalitarism/faschism.

      8. oh forgot…term limits..on everyone in government…everyone

        and rules for us,, apply to them..or even worse they have to behave even better or off with their heads!

        • Yes VRF, you said the critical phrase…term limits on everyone. With out some leash on these peoples’ agenda, its a 100% certainty nothing will ever change and only sink deeper into the abyss. Its also a 100% certainty that those who would have to make that happen will never do it, sadly. Something will need to happen that would make that a do or die choice…and I don’t see anything or anyone as of now that would fit that criteria.

        • @VRF: Term limits, that is the troublesome thing, he has been there 30 years, he is for open borders, i dont get it, that in itself sounds like part of the corporation. It just seems over and over again we put our trust in the hat and the hat gets emptied out on the floor. Keep getting burnt with people, sucks!

      9. who knows if they would use him for the catalist for the removal of your 2nd amendment rights, the day after the government assasinates him

        so many love him,, they would use that to support their argument

        • RP is the only one that doesn’t use Botox or eat corn dogs in public.

          • ~Rich99~


            RON PAUL is the only one who refuses to deep-throat (israeli)kosher d—…er…um…’corn dogs’, period!

            All the rest fight & jostle against one another for the privilege of demonstrating who’s the best!

        • I think who ever RP picks for VP will have all RPs platform covered

      10. I stopped believing that voting works a long time ago. My hopes get raised with some of the things Paul says and stands for, and I think he would clean house with a vengance. It would hurt, but resets tend to do that. But I think that is just what would get him “taken out” of office quickly. If the build-a-bergers put him in there, be cautious of what VP is chosen.

        • vp sara paulin count on it she will put her suppoprt fopre him you watch

      11. I agree. I don’t see how he can win. If he runs as a third it will be a vote for dumbo unless he can pull a lot of folks in. It would be a very interesting outcome. He has my vote. If dumbo wins again….. I don’t even want to go there. It would be very, very sad.

      12. The RINO’s and social conservatives will never vote for Paul. I’ve spoken to some of them until I’m blue in the face and they just don’t get it. Some get it but say they would be “throwing their vote away”. A few have said that at 76, he’s too old.

        They are asleep and they will regret their decision.

        The two party machine will win another election.

      13. I like Ron Paul and think he would do really good but…i think he will be another Ross Perot. What i mean by that is ….the billionaires that run our govt. wont allow him to win.

        • Ross Perot was a cranky old fusspot. He only saw things from the viewpoint of a businessman. He was easily upset by the opposition.

          Ron Paul has a wide view of what is good for the American people. He seems calm and relaxed. He seems to deal well with opposition without loosing his cool.

          He will draw a larger popular vote and be harder to defeat.

      14. Good stuff, Mac. Very good.

      15. I voted for Ron Paul 30+ years ago and I will again.

        Unfortunately, I believe the fix will be in and we will be stuck with whom ever “they” choose.

      16. I have to agree with DK, if 90 million gun owners actually voted in the election, there would be change, big time!

        • Legal or illegal gun owners?

          • Illeagle gun owners? who might they be?

            • according to the constitution, there are no illegal gun owners

          • If the US Justice Dept. gives them to you are you a legal or illegal gun owner?

        • WE have the numbers. Its a no-brainer.

      17. In a situation where the nation is having a heart attack, a doctor is the best hope to save us.

        I do not foresee this happening, as the PTB have their hand on the plug and are ready to pull it in the name of a One-World Government.

        • Prep49er,
          I concur 100%! The chances we’ll even make to next November without having Martial Law installed are very slim! Good Luck in the coming turmoil!

      18. I’ll support Ron Paul but the power that he and others are up against is so vast, so powerful and so amoral that I believe they cannot be overcome. Before they loose power (an effort on their part spanning over 100 years) there is nothing they would not do to preserve it. They would institute efforts to destroy the entire world economy and kill millions of not billions to maintain power and acting like a spoiled child that breaks their toys rather then share; they would be self destructive.

        Rommel fell out of the graces of Hitler and low and behold died of a heart attack said the NAZI government. It happens to older men under stress and quite often occurs without warning. We all know it was poison but how many in NAZI Germany dared to question the official report knowing that would be a crime against the state? Assuming such claims we’re made where would the evidence come from? The Romans had a phrase, “Who protects us from our protectors”?

        No more JFK messy stuff for them. Too dangerous. The public might just follow the “Fool me once same on you, fool me twice same on me”. Look at JFK Jr. He starts a political magazine and eventually his fathers very questionable death must surface as a story. I’m of the belief that his goal was to expose those responsible and over a couple of decades he acquired more and more information tying up those so many loose ends and created the forum to do it. What do you know, plane crash, so tragic. Like heart attacks those plane crashes do happen.

        Nothing would stand in the way of globalization and control. To that end they will literally do anything. It’s almost a religious conviction. No it is a religious conviction.

        • Teddy got out easy.

          • ~R-99~

            Yeah, & isn’t amazing that he’s been sober for the longest period in recent memory!?!

        • You pussy motherfucker. Sorry for the bad language, but if anyone listens to you, we are done. I’ll tell you what will happen if you are right. Armed Rebellion! Simple! Got It? See, I’m trying to AVOID THAT. Sorry Kevin but I have lived 57 years without killing anyone and I would appreciate the opportunity to live out the rest of my years without doing so. However, someone comes in my house uninvited, they’re dead. I see this as our last chance to do this peacefully.

          I’m also sorry – because I shouldn’t have started this as a personal attack on you Kevin. You obviously care about our country. I just hate the thought of killing anyone. I guess I just got scared. Sorry again Kevin.

          • jeff

            Defending your life and your families life is one thing. I agree that I hope I’m never in that position but of course any prudent person would defend themselves and their family. How do you go from the globalists wining to “Armed Rebellion”? The absolute worst thing that can happen is to dissolve what we have because out of it would come something far worse. The Weimar Republic dissolves and here comes Hitler and the NAZIs. A bad nobility ends in Russia and in it’s wake comes Stalin killing 20 million of his own. Think we will find a pile of Thomas Jeffersons somewhere? I think not.

            I’m just stating that they have “The System” from finance and capital through banking, military, law enforcement, MSM, and soon medical care locked up. Assuming a revolt occurs do you think the manufacturing plant that closed two decades previous will re-open? If anyone rises to become a political threat they are dealt with one way or another so that their power is negated. The various letter agencies and possibly sub divisions of them that are unknown and unnamed have honed public manipulation to an art of social science in the decades of the cold war. All that skill, all that training tested overseas is coming home and being used here.

            The forces moving the world are omnipotent.

        • Kevin

          Have to agree with you..coming from a state dept/intel family..(now long deceased).

          The fix has always been in play..just a bit more of us who’ve awakened from the slumber over the years.
          The decision has already been made..much like a script for a movie or play.
          The actors are all role playing keeping the placated masses entranced..with the accomplices of social media of course.
          Ron Paul has been the tiny voice in a sea of corruption for decades..always marginalized and ineffective in their eyes..should he continue to gain momentum in the polls..something will surely play out to eliminate him from the lineup..that I could bank on.
          All of us hypothesize the future her..none of us know the eventual outcome..
          Luckily the likes of Mac, and others, open up all the real possibilities..and we can prepare accordingly..

          Kudo’s Mac..

          More weapons videos and articles..please!

      19. “We may only have one more chance.” Regarding to the article above.., I am believing more and more everyday concerning that statement.
        The Progressive fortress is continuing to grow everyday, in which it might be just to big for all us to tear down. So we might have that one more chance before we are all trapped in a world of misery.
        Ron Paul could be the one to build that bridge back to are fore fathers that brought us freedom and prosperity. 🙂

      20. MAC: I really like the thumbs up and down feature on this site. Have you ever give it any consideration on having polls also with this feature? It would be interesting to see what presidential nominee would be most liked by the gang on SHTFPLAN and even the changes from now and until November.

        And the polls could be just for fun also.

        Looking forward to your forum. 🙂

        Thanks in advance.

      21. @JJ: Could you shoot an email sometime? [email protected] Thanks! If not thats cool.

      22. Why is it that every single debate always focuses on Israel… F*CK Israel..Lets debate the problems here at home…Israel is not our Friend. it is a Parasitic nation sucking the life out of the US and the World.
        Want to know who to vote for…Vote for the canidate who doesn’t suck up to Israel..That’s RON PAUL !!!

      23. Kevin2 – you have some good point. Those workers of iniquity use any evil means at their disposal – lies, murder, theft,war,causing misery and suffering through diseases, starving people and nations, and more.

        But Goodness and Righteousness shall prevail! We must remember the American Revolution. Once the true motives and methods of these evildoers is out in the open, good will prevail. This evil (The New World Order, and their master Satan) is so wicked, so anti-God, and anti-man, that once it starts to unleash its wickedness, there will be a massive awakeining of Mankind and there will be a massive war against the Beast and his followers. Even many of those who place themselves in the elitist camp, or the ultra wealthy camp will join the cause of Righteousness, realizing that material wealth means nothing compared to true riches – love and harmony with God and with your loved ones, and with your fellow man.

        Yes the evildoers are a formidable force, but Almighty God is all powerful, and is the God of Justice. It is written: “‘As surely as I live,’ says the Lord, ‘every knee will bow before me; every tongue will confess to God.'”

        • Makes you wonder, Jesus descends down to the Mount of Olives, I guess Israel is still the apple of his eye? Yes it is. Governments are corrupt, that doesn’t necessarily make the people that way.

          • Oh, I do hope that’s how other nations see US..with a corrupt govt, but moral citizens.

      24. republican – democrat
        cervesa – beer
        frejoles – beans
        Vote for Ron Paul.
        All the other republicans are just democrats with a more expensive suit.
        We are on the sh!t river headed for sh!t lake. It doesn’t matter it you row from the right side or the left side at this point. The current is to fast, the only way to stop it is to ram this boat into the shore and drag it back to the start, THE CONSTITUTION. Only Ron Paul has the fortitude to do it.

        • Floatin down a river on a sh!t house door
          me my dog & a nasty old hoar!
          Semper Fi!

      25. DR. RON PAUL / DR. RAND PAUL 2012! ;0)

        AMERICA and you DESERVE the BEST leaders available to save our country from Wallstreet Banker Enslavement!


        Ron Paul Quote: Don’t Steal, the Government Doesn’t Like Competition! ;0P

        Love this guy!

        • The CORE problem is once again being lost in “election cycle rhetoric”. OUR entire system is hopelessly Fd-UP. Participating in the “process” as it currently exists is going to change ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Homer Simpson could get the 2012 election for POTUS.

          WE have to destroy the current “bought and paid for” NON-representative government as it not only exist, but is GROWING (Patriot act, NDAA) to a monster that will devour/enslave US all.

          WHY do I feel like one of the very few that understands this? INSANITY: Doing the same thing (elections) over and over expecting a different outcome. Wakeup MY FELLOW AMERICANS, until WE FIX THE SYSTEM/PROCESS, my rat terrier will make a more than a adequate POTUS. :).

          • yental: Where do We start if We do not start by electing Ron Paul as the Republican nominee in their Primaries?

            • We start by removing the current treasonous POTUS, attorney general, and EVERYONE ELSE complicit in the current “administration”. We demand that useless entities such as the TSA, DHS, and ALL of the other incompetent acronyms are dismantled and abolished. WE demand that the association with AIPAC be eliminated. This tiny country has far too much monetary, political, and “dual citizen” activtiy in OUR country.

              Then WE proceed to arrest and publically try all of the criminal “bagmen” (Corzine etc.) and imprison them for life. After siezing ALL of THEIR criminally acquired assets. We eliminate the ability of “crimegrass” to benefit from insider trading while WE would be imprisioned for identical activities.

              DK, the list is long and odiferous, but we have to start somewhere. It is time FOR THEM to fear us. Until that happens, NOTHING will change. Other than the guaranteed prospect of everything getting worse.

              WE uphold STATES RIGHTS spelled out in the founding documents and REFUSE to acknowledge or BOW-DOWN to illegal FEDERAL mandates/actions. STATES, COUNTIES, CITIES must REFUSE to comply with the unconstitutional mandates and “acts” that are currently forced upon us.

              County sheriffs have the POWER, how about WE start there and proceed quickly to the THRONE of TPTB! Any other thoughts and recommendations are certainly welcome.

              WE ELIMINATE CORPORATE AND FORIEGN MONEY FROM OUR ELECTORAL PROCESS. EVERY candidate has the exact same amount of public provided money to “make their run”. The most money no longer rules the election. The BEST candidate might actually get elected!!!!!!!!!!

            • yental: WE have to have political power to do those things. It has to be legitimate action under the current legal system.

              WE have the numbers for political power if gun owners and patriots would organize under a political banner, like America First.

              Americans are not going to initiate armed revolution against any Administration.

              The globalists in government would like nothing more than an armed insurrection that they could put down by declaring martial law, and gun confiscation.

              Collective political action supported by 90 million gun owners would have real teeth.

            • Martial law has already been declared via the recent NDAA. WE have the political power, just not at the Federal level. There is NOTHING legitimate about the current legal system, so that approach is a dead end.

              This process will need to proceed from the STATE level. When enough states refuse to comply, the message will be recieved whether THEY like it or not.

              It doesn’t require “armed revolution” at this point in time. Simple “civil disobedience” on a “multi-state” level will ignite the fuse. The “millions” of gun owners are OUR “ace-in-the-hole” should THEY continue to ignore US.

            • Yental: I have worked for State government in the past. It is as corrupted by Republicans and Democrats as anything at the national level, just smaller dollar amounts.

              Where do you think these assholes get their training?

              All politics is local. That is why there must be a third national political party grown at the local level to take Congressional seats.

              Enough Congressional seats for a third party of Patriots could make a big difference by 2016 at the national and State level.

            • DK, WE are not going to survive till 2016 to even try impementing your suggestion. IMO. If/when Ron paul does not get the GOP candidate slot, WE will be stuck with the remainder of the current “GOP bag of crap”. A everthing else in that “bag” stinks all the way to my house.

              I’m sure you have noticed the “ramping up” of Neocon talking head rhetoric about the “unelectable deficiencies” of Ron Paul. When he wins the Iowa straw poll, can you imagine the frantic smear campaign that will immediately go into OVERDRIVE to further demean him in every conceivable way.

              Whether he actually pulls off the impossible and gets the GOP candidate nomination for the 2012 election, is becoming almost irrelevant. Imagine the additional numbers of current “sheeple” that will begin to question a process/system that “squashes” what is the documented front-runner in favor of the “candidate” that better exemplifies the Neocon agenda.

              Either way, the results could very well be priceless. After all, the “system” as it exists must be destroyed. The more American’s that finally realize that fact the better. The “SPIN CYCLE” that is coming after, and possibly during “the Iowa phase” will no doubt prove to be extremely entertaining. And if WE are all lucky, extremely educational.

            • Yental: If the neocons and LSM are successful in shutting Paul out, he will be able to run as a third party choice at America Elects, which is preparing a 50 state challenge for someone.

              If 90 million gun owners register as Republicans and vote for Paul in their State Primary, WE have a chance to turn things around.

          • you are spot on Yental

      26. Ron may be the best man for the job but it won’t matter. Ask a mechanic to overhaul a car with no tools. now make that car a 1977 Chevy Nova with 320,000 miles on her. It sure was slick when it was new and it could possibly be again but not with one mechanic. Too many wrecks and broken pieces have left this country destined for the scrap pile.

        • Nice Blog Daisy but the white type cannot be read. Please redo. Thxs.

          • Thanks DK – fixed ‘er up!

      27. “And Ron did not disappoint – he looked and sounded presidential.”

        No he didn’t. He looked like the lunatic that he is. Anyone with half a brain saw that.

        • I assume you have half a brain! LOL

      28. If anyone has any political cartoons that might be useful, I’m using them to draw readers to my page on Facebook.

        Please email them to me at daisyluter at rocketmail dot com.

        • crud – typo. That’s useful

          daisyluther at rocketmail dot com

      29. Daisy, I sent you a couple of pics

        • Thank you – they’re awesome!

      30. Ron Paul will never EVER win, and will only give us a lameduck President Obama, waiting to take every freaking gun and piece of ammo you have, if Paul runs as an independent. Once O’s re-elected, he’ll have nothing to lose. Here’s quite a bit about why he won’t make it as the candidate. The man has NEVER been fully vetted, but he’s about to be.


      31. If Paul can win the nomination the party faithful will vote for him as the lesser of two evils and hope they can stymie his actions in Congress.

        Rule by PO may come back to haunt them! 🙂

        If he can’t get the nomination, he may become the nominee of America Elects which is preparing a 50 state slate for …. someone.

      32. I don’t think they have elections under martial law.

      33. I’m dating myself writing this and anyone else who remembers when rolling tobacco came in a little cloth (poke) drawstring bag. 40 years ago an old timer told me; republicans/democrats are like the string on the Bill Durham bag, no matter which side you pull it’s the same string. Folks that is where we have been for years.

      34. I trust in my hi-capacity magazines, web gear, American-made rifles, dry storage food and Katadyn water filters. I trust that the government will leave me alone so long as I keep paying my increasing taxes and behave myself.

        I trust that WTSHTF my war will start from my doorstep and end at the edge of my neighborhood until whatever authority that comes out on top can stabilize the chaos. I don’t desire to hurt anyone….I just don’t want my family, my neighbors, myself or my police friends to be hurt.

        I trust that no matter how crooked and corrupt American politics appears….that it is still better and an other country in the world and that we can still rectify it after a prolonged period of crisis.

      35. Hello all,
        This is just the way I see it, as an average evry day joe. I don’t see Ron Paul winning the nomination, not by a long shot, and I think that’s sad. If Paul wins a couple of primaries, the MSM are gonna hammer him. Ya’ll know the sheep far outnumber the rest of us, and the MSM is gonna do everything they can to scare the sheep. They’ll tell ’em “He’s cutting off social security, nedicaid, medicaire, food stamps, un-employment, busting up public unions, laying half of the gov’t workforce, and will allow Iranians to eat your kids!!” Ron paul would be a great candidate, but he has no friends where it counts. And if by some miracle he did get elected, and is serious about restoring the Constittution and restoring fiscal sanity, it’s still gonna hurt a lot of people. The country is sooo fu#*ed up, even the cure is gonna hurt. Of course this is just my un-educated opinion.


      36. Ron Paul will never be President.

        Look at Jean-Marie le Pen. That’s his fate.

        If everything else fails, Paul will ‘drop dead’ suddenly just before the election. He has reached an age when that is entirely possible and believable.

        No one older than 70 has ever won a presidency.

      37. yes, one more chance: one more chance to show the world how truly stupid americans are.

        voting has gotten…(look around you)…

        some change! expect more of the same no matter who gets voted in.

      38. Given all thats happened in the last week, I don’t see how we can survive until an election. All the pieces of the puzzle are now in place for absolute tyranny. Planned long ago, the policy is coming to maturity. Excuse me, there is one piece missing: the false flag op to institute martial law.

        • If WE don’t all start “behaving ourselves”, the “false flag op” will arrive as your “handle” implies.

      39. “The danger to America is NOT Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of entrusting an inexperienced man like him with the Presidency.
        It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a DEPRAVED ELECTORATE willing to have such a man for their president.
        The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America . BLAMING THE PRINCE OF THE FOOLS SHOULD NOT BLIND ANYONE TO THE VAST CONFEDERACY OF FOOLS THAT MADE HIME THEIR PRINCE.
        The Republic can survive a Barack Obama. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president.” an anonymous American

        • ~JJ~

          —Outstanding!…hoot/holler/whistle etc…etc—

          Your analysis is dead-center in the ’10 ring’!!!
          You covered a lot of ground & re-enforced my opinion that one day in the not too distant future, the USA will likely suffer the identical fate as Yugoslavia. Our destination appears, at this point in time, down the Balkan road.

          Proof is everywhere around us…..

          …liberals vs conservatives–the productive vs the parasites–the brave vs the cowards–the intelligent vs the stupid–homosexuals vs straight–Constitutionalists vs Communists–Judaism vs Christianity–republican vs democrat–and ultimately, the federal govt vs us…!

          —We as a people are divided, we’re fractured along social/religious/ethnic/racial/political/class etc ideologies & many are oblivious to the fact!—
          …(such is the harvest of the ‘DIVERSITY CULT’)…

          The PTB understand this & actually invest time/effort & $$$ to propagate & expand said manifold divisions! They worry somewhat about UNITY & seek to disrupt/destroy its structures/organizations, wherever they appear(see Tea Party as recent example).

          The above may explain a portion of the regime’s ‘wet dream desire’ to have the NDAA as an additional bludgeon in their bag of authoritarian tricks, to keep the masses out here in flyover country, quaking in abject FEAR!!!

          FEAR is their time-honored method of ‘CONTROL’, utilized by the unscrupulous for a self-centered/self-serving agenda, at the common folks expense!

          But, if past history is an indicator, they will FAIL in the end.
          Provided…folks awaken to the cabal that constantly attempts to self-select & govern our destiny.

          ‘JJ’ is correct…B-A-W-K Obama is merely a symptom & we’re never going to achieve liberty until we eliminate the disease!

          KUDOS JJ,…keep thinking for yourself!!!!

          • Gunsmith,
            I believe you’re right, America is divided down many lines, but I believe (hope?) that when SHTF, we’ll find more common ground. I always remember how I felt on Sept. 12th 2011. On Sept 12th we could have taken on the world, because we were united that day, we all hurt, and we all wanted revenge. Of course it didn’t last long, but that was our leader’s fault, not ours. I always tell people that when the shit gets serious, and it’s time to fight, I’m not asking you what religion you are, what your sexuality is, or what your race is. All I want to know is if you’re with me. I really believe there are a lot of good people out there, who are confused and scared, they’re just real busy, but when they’re backs are against the wall or their families are threatened, they’ll act accordingly.
            The spirit of our fathers is still there, it’s just dormant right now, but if you look around you can see it coming through where it didn’t used to. One day all the lies will be revealed, and Americans will be pissed. I truly believe we’re gonna right this, and I also believe it’s gonna hurt like hell.

            • ~Westloper~

              I’m 50+, married for 33years(never divorced), 2 children & 4 grandchildren. Small business/property owner, completely out of debt & prepping since 2006!

              Thanks to uncle Sam, I spent a decent portion of my youth stationed throughout Europe! My mother is English & I have many blood relatives over there. My religion is Christian SSPX, not V2!

              Education = 6years total(post secondary) EE w/ minor in metallurgy***
              —***(I loved physics & chemistry too)—

              I understand & accept that some of my opinions are not too popular on these threads and when coupled w/ the fact that I’m a relative ‘Jonny-come-lately’ newcomer….thus suspect material.
              Such is life in post-modern Amerika!

              In the end, (rare)web-sites such as this one (kudos to MAC), offer intelligent/free thinking individuals the opportunity to banter & even argue the merits pertaining to any given subject matter…call it an exercise in “free speech”…writ large!
              But the ONE unifying subject, where I’ve yet to see any disassociation, is the order of priorities that count here…

              1.) GOD…

              2.) Family & progeny…

              3.) The Constitution & Bill of Rights…

              Most sentient people possess opinions & those opinions are usually an admixture of schooling(indoctrination) & life experiences & they’ll expend vast amounts of energy-capital in defense of said opinions/beliefs.
              Sadly, many abhor thinking outside the safety of…the box!

              You see, the box is comfort…it is familiar territory and its boundaries are usually within the confines of the ‘social norm’…or at least, overlap somewhat w/ what’s considered acceptable in polite company.

              —It is the ‘keepers of the box boundaries’ with whom we will ultimately be forced to engage in combat with, if America is to survive.—

              Therefore, I ask everyone reading/posting at this site to reflect on the concept/question that…would those old long-dead white guys(ancestors), we know as the founding fathers, approve of our apathy regarding the non-defense of their ‘creation’…the Constitution/BoR & by extension, the USA itself?

              I see many of my fellow countrymen armed & ready.
              I see still more awakened/alarmed, who prefer to operate within the confines of….the box! I also see a 1st Amendment guaranteeing each the right to defend their respective position.

              What I have yet to see is…an acknowledgment from almost everyone(there’s been a precious few), that OUR CONSTITUTION is a document aimed at the individual American & the sovereignty he/she possesses, as a gift from GOD!

              Individuality is a good thing, it confers uniqueness in a stratified world…yet there are some things above the plane of ‘the me/mine syndrome’ & FREEDOM / LIBERTY is one of those things.
              Its an ideal that transcends selfishness & if we as a people fail to recognize such & institute a defense…we are consigning our progeny to a future of abject misery as mere slaves without a Constitution/BoR, serving the enemy…..of mankind!

              ———Now is the time to choose wisely——–

      40. The problem is the President does not control the Office of the Presidency and hasn’t for decades. Many agree with globalist plans and others go along for a lack of choice.

        “Presidents aren’t elected their selected”. FDR

      41. Ron Paul 2012

        • The Des Moines Register officially endorsed Mitt Romney’s bid for the Republican presidential nomination Saturday, handing the former Massachusetts governor an influential show of support ahead of January’s Iowa caucuses. Also less that “kind” in their assesment of Ron Paul?!

      42. I voted for Ron in ’88 and in ’08 and will again, given the chance. The least i can do!….if he actually wins, things could get interesting for a bit…. The elite have many options in response and I think they will try to surprise us. It would be good if they are forced to show themselves, but that may hoping for too much.

        In the more likely case that he doesn’t win, we are left with trying to bring down their system peacefully by not supporting it at any level.

      43. I think it’s time we stopped giving the “powerful and elite” so much of our influence. They cause all kinds of trouble, but (as hard as it is to believe) they are just people. Granted people with horrible goals and crappy integrity, but they aren’t clear-headed and they screw up a lot. My guess is they are already terrified of the progress made on educating so many in the country about what they have been up to. The focus needs to be on charging forward. These (very rich) meatheads don’t have total control over everyone in the US, not by a long shot. I think disgust is a better way to talk about them than fear. Fear is what they have been selling all along.

      44. If we get to the election… I can’t see the progressives letting that happen. They moved too fast with oboma and woke too many people up. If they had mclame it would have been slower and the people would have not noticed anything.
        Now there are too many of us awake and feeling that something major is coming… The election, martial law, or whatever.
        I think that their attempt at a nwo is being upset and they are shoving thing forward faster than they can hide it.

        I don’t know what is coming but whatever it is it isn’t going to be pretty.

        I honestly believe that if RP runs as a third party onummer will win again. Happened before with Clinton twice with Perot, same thing if paul or trump run.

      45. They are already preparing for the wool to be pulled over the voter’s eyes

        http://hosted.ap.org/dynamic/stories/U/ … 9-18-28-32

        The rig is already in place and it is not in favor of Paul. TPTB have already selected the GOP runner and I “think” it will be Romney, but I “know” for sure it won’t be Paul. Your vote is absolutely worthless…….sorry, I truly am, but it is the truth.

      46. To Dan re nuts wearing tin foil hats. Where is yours? You voted for more wars, right? Bush and now Obama (Yemen, Pakistan, staying in Afghanistan until 2024, bombing the hell out of Libya, and now Syria/Iran is next.

        Poor Dan. He thinks World War III is a good idea! What a moron.

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