Storage Wars: Man Finds $500,000 In Gold and Silver After Purchasing Abandoned Storage Unit at Auction

by | Nov 16, 2011 | Precious Metals | 111 comments

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    For those who haven’t caught Storage Wars on A&E, the premise of the reality show involves people bidding on abandoned storage units at auction in the hopes of discovering high dollar items after the renters of the units have defaulted on their monthly payments.

    American Auctioneers is the company featured in the show. At a recent AA auction, a man identified only as John, purchased an abandoned unit for $1000 in the hopes of recouping his investment and finding some treasure and turning a profit. It turns out that John hit it big, as the original owner of the contents of the storage unit apparently didn’t trust traditional security storage methods like bank safe deposit boxes, opting instead to hide his (or her) precious metals at a storage facility typical of any American city.

    Unfortunately, no cameras were present for the auction or to capture John when he found what amounted to a gold mine in a blue Rubbermaid container. According to reports, the container held about 16 gold Spanish coins, silver Spanish dollars, and several gold and silver bars.

    The estimated value of the find is around $500,000.

    Note to readers: If you’re going to hide your gold or other personal items in a storage unit, don’t forget to pay your rent!

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      1. Cha Ching! Lucky fellow!

        If he sits on it, it will soon be worth a million if our economy keeps tanking. Once the economy does tank, it’s value will be priceless.

        • Mr. Blutarsky,

          Wow! I agree…lucky guy! He should keep the gold and silver coins. Down the road…he will be glad he did.

          KY Mom

        • The guy is a total idiot! Were I to find something like that the only people to know about it would, MAYBE, be you guys. HA! The IRS will be after him like gnats after poop. …and they will extract their booty as most of the syndicates of organized crime eventually do.

          • I agree they will try to find some way to TAX the windfall, or maybe they will say it belonged to a terrorist, and confiscate it until they can ” sort it out”

            • Try? They count it as income the nanosecond they find out about it, and fully expect you to report it.

              If you ever stumble across something like that, you quietly keep most of it as SHTF preps, and sell the rest in small increments of under $5k.

          • This is the first thing I thought. Unless it is required to disclose what is in the container upon purchase, what kind of an idiot would announce that?
            Yes, the IRS WILL be after a share and some function of government will probably declare it is of historic value and confiscate the whole works!

          • First in line to collect will be the IRS. Second in line to collect will be Spain. Third in line to collect will be the Progressives because there’s a new Obama policy called “precious metal justice” and there’s no such thing as keeping newfound wealth, no matter what form the wealth is in.

        • It’s not that the gold will increase in value, it’s more that the dollar will decrease in value.

        • If the economy tanks why will the gold and silver be priceless? If all the money you had was worthless would gold and silver be the one thing you wish you had? Or would you rather have real necessities such as food, water, and shelter? Something to think about…. Gold and silver are not a great investment.

        • Based on your comment, you are not that informed about the function of the economy. In order to grow the value from $500k to $1,000k interest rates would have to be higher. If the economy tanks, interest rates drop to spur growth. You generally make more money investing in an expanding economy then a contracting one. If you mean to suggest that deflation of prices would make $500k go further in terms of purchases, again your dreaming about some catastrophic colapse of the economy.

      2. Talk about winning the friggin lottery…We have thought about doing these auction…we might think harder after reading this!

      3. Sounds like the guy has plenty of money if he can buy storage units unseen. He will probably take the metals down to his local ‘we buy gold’ shop as well. He should have kept his mouth closed about the find, as I’m sure some government department will have its paw stretched out.

        • So trumpet: You’re right, he should have kept quiet. Anyone finding large amounts of cash or gold, etc. anywhere that is unidentified on who owns it, is theirs. Ditto for bragging on preps, guns and other survival stuff. Blabbing only get’s you in trouble sooner or later, (I was told that in grade school and it stuck with me ever since)or friends and family will beg for a loan, etc.

          • They did not find any treasure in a container. This is an advertising ploy by this auction company. Now since this treasure “has been found” can you just imagine the increase of the bidders showing up at these auctions and the increase of the bids also.

      4. You gotta put this amazing find into perspective. I’ve seen the TV show, Storage Wars, and researched what kind of return you might find. About 90% of the time the junk they get is worthless, about 10% of the time there is something that has slight resale value, but a fraction of 1% of the time time they hit a home run like John in the article.

        I guarantee you the original owner of the gold did not merely neglect to pay the bill. It’s far more likely he died and his family had no idea what he stashed away. It’s possible they were not aware he even had a storage locker.

        The take home message is clear. If you have valuables hidden away, TELL SOMEONE!!!!

        • The take home message is clear. If you have valuables hidden away, TELL SOMEONE!!!!

          Preferably ME !

      5. What gold, what silver. It had junk in it.

      6. I bet the government tries to seize it—just watch and see.

        • Minimum of 43% anyway.. if not more!

      7. ………. 🙂

      8. Storage Wars just like other shows of this nature are staged. You can not believe what is shown but it makes for good entertainment.
        Where’s Snookie?

        • +1

        • Agreed, I smell a marketing bit.

          my reaction ” yeah, right…..” show me the money….

          Total BS just like cheaters, turned out all the events
          were “staged”….

      9. Why tell the world? What an idiot.

        • Were we separated at birth?

          Just sayin’…


          • Get a room…..LMAO

      10. I heard the real owner had died and couldn’t take it with him.


        And if you do, MAKE SURE you only get it for 6 months.

        Storgage units are the dumbest/smartest concept ever.
        Smart for unit owners, dumbest idea of all time for renters.

        I did the storage unit thing when I moved out of my student living in college back in with my parents to find a job. (25 years ago)…. well… long story short I wound up staying with them for 18 months and in that time by paying rental fees, I wound up REbuying my stuff 2 times over. When I went to clear it out I realized it was all college furniture crap basically worthless. I realized I had paid over 2 times the value of my stuff in rental fees… I should have thrown it away, and bought it back, if I wanted to. Time goes by so quickly, and at $100 per mont it adds up quick ESP WITH LATE FEES!!!

        If you do get a unit… pay all the rental fee UP FRONT, juts so you relaize what you are paying/doing.


        It is like putting stuff YOU OWN in lay-away and buying it again. How dumb is that? Sure if you have a good reason like a house remodel, or need band practice space or you run a business and use it as a warehoue, they are fine. BUT…

        BUT… to put your stuff in one because you have too much stuff… STUPID!!!! SELL YOUR STUFF, THROW YOU STUFF AWAY…. and buy it again someday….BUT NEVER EVER PUT YOUR OWN STUFF IN “LAYAWAY AND START MAKING PAYMENTS ON IT.

        And as this story shows….the fuse is short, basically zero, if you get laid up and miss a payment. The law says thay can sell you stuff almost instantly. If you die and no one knows you have the unit, they will sell your stuff long before anyone realizes what happened.

        • Would it be a bad idea to store food/supplies in a storage shed?

          • Yes it would……Unless it was climate controlled and all the food was up off the floor in case of flooding……and nobody else knew it what was in there……so I’m back to my original answer. Yes it would !!!

            KEEP PREPPIN’

            • Rats, roaches, etc.

          • Iowa – Each $100 monthly payment can buy 5 cases of dried long-term storage food at the LDS cannery. Each case can keep a person alive for a month. So each month you’re buying 5 man-months worth of food, or in a year you can buy a year’s worth for the whole family plus some deadbeat friends who don’t deserve it.

            I would say the answer to your question is yes.

            • Each monthly payments at least a case of bid

          • Iowa, if you mean rent one, it becomes another enity holding on to your wealth (i.e.banks). Most storage areas have electric gates, and if you are in a hurry it becomes one more needed stop for you before you bug out keeping you in the mayhem exodus crowd.

        • I remember a dinner conversation my folks had back in the early to mid 60s. Dad wanted to buy some property and build a building for storing people’s stuff for a fee. Mom started in on him saying that was the dumbest thing she ever heard blah, blah, blah. Needless to say the old man never brought it up again.

          She lived long enough to see some storage places but she died not ever realizing how many Joe Schmoes became fabulously wealthy on the “dumbest idea she ever heard.”

          • Funny story Plain Old American! In the early 70’s my Dad DID have a small non-gated storage rental building, only about 6 units, so as to get in on that new craze. When I went out of state for awhile, I stored all my stuff in one of them, old high school yearbooks, photos, a gorgeous wedding dress, furniture, etc. Lo & behold, someone broke in all the units & trashed not only contents but practically the building itself. Completely trashed & destroyed everyone’s stuff (or what was left that they didn’t steal). Boy was I heartsick about that!

            “Do not store up treasures on earth where rust & moth consume & thieves break in & steal…” — Amen.

        • I remember one case where a large unit was rented and the rent not paid. The contract stated that the contents then belonged to the unit owner. When they cut off the lock, they found a huge pile of worn out car tires.

          • I can attest to the dangers of storage units. I put some stuff in a unit at a friends storage center when I was moving from Pittsburgh PA to Texas in 1997. It is still there. Need to go back & clean it out…..but finding the time is always an issue.
            I have also read about where someone signed up for storage units withfictitiouss information…and then filled the units with some sort of toxic waste in 55 gallon drums. The Storage unit owner had a real mess on his hands, because it was going to cost like $500.00 per drum to get rid of the stuff…..
            Montgomery County Texas

            • Yeah, and storing in an old family shred ain’t much better. I had a large collection of stuff (some junk, some keepsakes) stored in an uncles storage building then he died and his wife sold the land and building to a relative. They told me I had a month to get my stuff. Two or three days later they bulldozed the building. I did find that I don’t really miss the stuff, but some of it was valuable.

        • Dead-on analysis. If the rent accumulates to more than the contents are worth, you don’t ever want to bother doing it.

          The only reason you ever rent a storage shed is to have a place where you can temporarily keep stuff out of the rain while you’re moving. The only time I can recall ever using one? Once, when I moved from one state to another, I spent three months living with the ex wife’s parents until I found a house of our own to purchase, and half of that time was spent in waiting for the closing date. Total spent on the rental unit? $350. The contents were worth a hell of a lot more than that, so it made sense to me.

          Using a storage unit for anything long-term, other than business reasons, is incredibly stupid. Hell, a cheap metal shed to park in your backyard is just as secure, just as insulated, and a whole lot cheaper.

      12. Maybe the owner died and didn’t fail to pay the rent on the unit on purpose. All he had to do was cash a single ounce of the gold to cover the rental for at least 6 months. Tell your very trusted significant other or leave it in your will, now some goof ball has a fortune that could / should have gone to family.

      13. Uncle Sam just found $200K without having to look no further then the nearest TV.

        • Redistribution of wealth; Obama has a few more dollars to pay off his backers (the banks and financial inst.).
          More theft under the muse of it being tax. And I agree, the basket case should have kept quiet, neither the gov’t nor the public new of this PM stash. Now both due

      14. I have a storage building of food. I keep the safe at home full of TP, can of Beanie Weenies and a can of Beano with a note in it.

      15. When I moved to Michigan fifteen years ago it was either buy a house at an already-inflated price, rent a big place with enough room for all my motorcycles and machine tools, or rent a cheap place and use rental storage. I chose the last option. Sum total of my rents was $250 a month cheaper than anything I could have rented that was big enough, and I definitely would have taken it in the shorts if I had bought. Houses where I was had already dropped anywhere up to 50% in value when I cleared out in 2009.

      16. These “Storage Wars” guys remind me of hyena’s
        So do the “Pawn Shop” guys.
        ….Dog the Bounty Hunter for that matter…
        Jackels, and Weasals I tell ya.
        Oh, and any Bride Zilla.
        Oh, don’t let me forget those” Toe Truck Guys”
        Half of them would let Jerry Sandusky watch their 10 yr old boys.

        Their just disgusting people.
        I’m not happy for these guys, some poor family member who had to wipe his ass for 6 months until he died should have ended up with it.
        Not these Vultures.

        • I went into a local pawn shop yesterday just looking around. I guess they must cater to some truly stupid people. He had a lot of stuff, tools, fishing poles and a bunch of guns. I was wondering why anyone would go in there and buy used, worn, scratched and dented stuff for more than it costs brand effing new?

          Seriously, a small My Buddy propane heater looked to be at least 5 years old and used hard…..$69.95. Go down the street to Bi Mart and buy the same one, brand spanking new in the box for…..$69.95.

          No bargains in that pawn shop. Are they all like that?

        • slick dick…….you’re an idiot…….mostly for having no clue what you are talking about. These people are doing NOTHING wrong, storage unit guys are buying things willingly abandoned, and most of the time, the previous owners get way more $$ than what the junk they left is worth as in most states, after the past due fees are taken from the auction price by the storage company, the owner that abandoned the units gets the rest of the money.

          As far as Pawn shops go, you do NOT have to sell to the pawn shop, you are given a price the shop is willing to pay, take it or leave it!! If you think you can get more then sell it on ebay, take it to an auction,etc and do the work yourself…you must be a liberal

          • Oh, I hit a nerve…
            Liberal, no not even close.
            A dick, an idiot… That’s how you feel about me, that’s fine.
            Right, wrong or indifferent, that’s how you feel.
            Likewise, that’s how I feel about these people.
            Nature and capitalism abhor a void and as the hyena and jackal play a role in the African plains, ( not even the lions are comfortable with them around) these people fill a void here.
            My feelings about these people ( of which your probably one of the mentioned) remains the same.
            I get an uneasy feeling around these guys, as I bet a lot of other people do as well.
            I’m glad we we get to have these talks sometimes.
            Tell em Eric Draven, says hello.

            • The only reason you feel uncomfortable around them is you are too ignorant to know if you are getting taken, too lazy to find another way to sell your stuff, or think like a liberal (that because a guy sets up a shop where he buys stuff from you to resell, you should get every penny of worth from him, thus he works for YOU and gets to make no profit) you may not think you’re a libtard, but your stated philosophy says different.

            • Ha!
              I scroll down a little more after my post, and there you are in all your glory!
              Oh Ya! I new it, you are one!
              Maybe your one of the “good one’s” or maybe your like Gidian (check out the clip above).
              I’ve been in a few pawn shops over the years, and some have seemed ok, but most have seemed predatorial.
              Like were you would see someone’s stolen wedding ring for sale.
              You make it sound like pawn shops are pure as the wind driven snow, and pillars of virtue.
              Maybe you are, (me giving you the benefit of the doubt), but so many in your profession seem like hyena’s to me.
              Oh, and I haven’t been taken by a pawn shop, I’m not really sure I ever bought anything from a pawn shop.

      17. Storage units are regularly burglarized by thieves. In our town here in Waldron AR almost every storage unit that has a regular lock on it has been broken into and the stuff stolen over the past six months. The cops cannot seem to catch anyone doing it. They break into six to ten units a night. The only ones that have escaped the thieves so far is the units with the round type padlock that is not easily accessible by bolt cutters. It is a poor idea to leave any valuables including food in a storage unit which can be lost either by theft or auction if you forget to pay your rent.

      18. Better check it for Tungsten 😉

      19. Hey, good for him. I hope he’s able to keep his find away from the tax man. (Although putting this on national television will make that kind of difficult!)

        • huh

        • “Honest agent Jones, that wasn’t me on TV. That was my evil twin brother, Jamal.”

      20. Inflate or default now Europe. We’re in the 15T club. I have cases of green peas in my storage building.

      21. But, we are all smart enough to realize that something like this doesn’t happen everyday. And not to most Americans like we are.

        We each take our responsipility to provide for our future as a serious project and not a couple of bucks on a gamble.

        I wish this man/family all the luck in the world. I hope he puts his gold to good use for the future.

        I encourage anyone to make an honest living in this country. We all have needs and look for those who will provide those needs for an honest wadge.

        I also, realize that there will be times that we are unable to keep what we have accumulated because of current circumstances. I do no hold any anger towards those who honestly gain from my failure. Hopefully, I will gain something from my failures too.

        Such is life. And if we both have gained from my failure, then it is a “Win Win”.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      22. “Gods Creation says:

        Why tell the world? What an idiot.”

        YOU NAILED IT!!!!! What an idiot – KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT!!!

        That raises him into an entirely new tax bracket – The IRS loves morons like this.

      23. im afraid shtfplan has been taken over by the sheeple.. this was a cool website…. not anymore.this makes me realize we are likekly on the verge of something big… not sure any of you will be ok.

        • Eeder, I think the readers and commenters on SHTFplan are far ahead of the curve and will make it through hard times with nary a scratch. Please explain what makes you think of us as sheeple.

        • ill ask again jackass, what makes you so special?

          • haha.. that im not you!faggot.

            • your gonna be one of the first to go come SHTF, your gonna piss off someone with a gun, and get a few holes in you.

      24. The real owner was a old lady that passed away. However, he screwed up. Shouldn’t have plastered his find all over TV…now the gov’t gonna turn that $500k into $0.05. Good job, sir, for shooting yourself in the foot.

        • exactly, he should have just cashed a little at a time and exchangfed for 20 dollar gold pieces and pre 65 silver.

      25. I think I saw him at a family reunion abou…………………..

      26. a fool and his gold are soon parted..same will happen with this fool..shoulda kept yer pie hole shut..

        how can anyone be ignorannt enough to disclose that find?

        now watch the feds take it away..or a significant part of it..

        what a dink

        • yes im ignorant too, for spelling ignorant wrong… was a doubble tap on the N before you spelling police have too much fun

          • Don’t worry. The only thing important is that you remember how critical the “double tap” is, LOL.


            • lol…dam I double tapped on the doubble tapppppppppp..i need a new key board..this one is messed up from all the coffee spewed on it from funny shit I see on the internet

            • *pats VRF on the shoulder*

              I have those splurto moments all over my keyboard too.

      27. Honestly, if this happened to me, I’d never be able to keep all the money. What I would do is try to find the original owner and/or his family. I would NEVER use the authorities for this. I would do it privately. When I found them, I would take half the booty, deduct the amount I paid for the unit, and quietly put it in an ammo can, hide it in their back yard and write them a letter telling them that this was left for them by their late relative, etc.

        Only the other hand, however, *THIS* *IS* *TELEVISION*. They manufacture this crap all the time. I seriously doubt that its real. Its a ploy to get you to watch the next episode. If you could see the statistics I’ll bet the viewers ramped up to double after that episode. I loath the entertainment world and their fraudulent attempt at reality television. Its makes me want to puke. Manufactured drama, problems and treasure.

        …its all for people who are bored to tears in the real world.


        • good point i was thinking that it could all be BS, right after i hit send

        • I lost a bunch of money. It was in bills or coins or gold or silver. Can’t really remember. I lost it in the vicinity of, um, (where do you live?) yeah. Around there someplace. It was a long short while back.

          Gimme a holler if ya find it 😉

          • Will do!


        • oh it happens, I am in the business, …but you are more likely to win the lottery

      28. Dont keep your pm’s in the futures market either, celente just got f$cked on that mf global deal. 2 weeks ago i heard him say ” they will never get my gold” well THEY did! HE had a december contract.

        • I’m guessing you can’t walk into a coin shop and buy that amount. You would probably wait for a transaction of that size to go through.

      29. It might be like the Antique Roadshow which was busted for “salting” the items with really expensive pieces.

        Putting people in line with very rare antiques to boost ratings.

        Hard to believe this story…sorry…

      30. I always figured if there was something good in those things the storage place would sneak through and make sure they buy it.

        Then a friend of mine bid $800 on one about 2 years ago because of a table saw near the front and some other tools he wanted. I helped him with the table saw, we moved out the tools, lifted a canvas that blocked the back 3/4ths of the shed to find a nice VW bug. Getting title was a pain but for $800 – kudo’s to him

      31. I’m surprised no one thought of the obvious explanation:

        Stolen goods.

        Thinking of a friend who got robbed by contractors several years ago. His gun safe was too flimsy and just told the thieves where to look for goodies.

        • Hey, your statement about a flimsy gunsafe just made me think. (usually it takes real pain to make that happen but that’s another story) Anyway, I have a gunsafe and one of the big selling points for me is that on mine, the hinges are on the inside. You can’t get to them with a torch. Not real sure if it matters tho because it does have 12 one inch diameter stainless rods that secure the door.

          Just a thought about the exposed hinges on some.

          Now I’ll get back to smacking myself in the head with a pan.

          • Unless it’s bolted to the floor they can pretty easily be hauled away using a dolly. Might take 2 or 3 guys to load it on a truck bed and how they get it opened later who knows, point is if we were able to get it in the house someone else would be able to get it out. Bolt it down from the inside, preferably into a concrete floor.

          • Yeah, I made the same mistake with the hinges on mine…and not buying the biggest one I could find.

          • Roger. Bolt it to the floor deep into the concrete. At least they’ll have to work for it.

      32. If it is a true story he should have kept his mouth shut. No OPSEC here, the entire world knows now, as does the tax man.

      33. I buy storage units as part of my business and I assure all of you getting starry eyed about buying units…..99.99999999999999% of them are nothing but garbage and second hand store items. .11111111% of them have good stuff like you see on storage wars and only .00000000000000001% of them will ever have a real treasure like this, you are better off playing the lotto.

      34. It is a “reality” show and I don’t trust a thing on a reality show…probably made up just like the “extreme couponers” and all the weirdness that TV makes up and promotes.

      35. Well, technically, it wouldn’t get taxed till it gets sold.

        • Au contraire! If you read the IRS code (and believe it applies to you) then it says when you get something that is valuable they want payment. They try even to tax barter if you make a profit. They try.

          • In this case, the contents of the storage unit was purchased( I’m guessing as part of his business), not given to him as payment for services or as a gift. As long as he just holds it as inventory, only way I think he could be taxed with out selling it would be if he died and inheritance tax was put on it Least that how it is now, who knows what will happen in the future.
            Now there are cases where the IRS can assess a gift tax if you purchase something extremely expensive for say a dollar, and the irs believes you were doing it to avoid future inheritance taxes or as a gift (like a parent selling their house to their kid for a dollar), but that tax goes against the seller, not the purchaser. In this case, his business is purchasing storage unit contents then selling them. his tax would be on the profit from buying to selling.
            I definitely agree with everyone he should have kept his mouth shut. He may get out paying any taxes for now( with the help of a tax attorney), but they’ll eventually get him, or at least his heirs when he dies. Unless he loses it by putting it in a storage unit and not paying the bill 😉

            • Hmmm, the more I think about this I realized I found a great way to claim (with a paper trail to support it) that you no longer have anymore precious metals in your possession, or firearms for that matter. Just rent the cheapest storage unit you can find, throw a few empty boxes in it then don’t pay the bill.

      36. i would never have let out to anyone what the contents were in the rubbermaid the feds are gonna want their share, the state will want their share and anyone else this guy might to obliged to will want their share. and i sure would not sell it…

        • Yep he is about to get a wake up call to reality. By the time they are through with him he will be lucky to retain 60% ($300K) of the $500K. If the family of the storage space renter catch wind of this they will get an attorney and attempt recovery. At a minimum kiss another $10-20K good by defending yourself from that.

          “i sure would not sell it…”

          He will have top sell some to pay for the above.

      37. Sorry… but stuff like this is true. I used to bid on storage units back in the 80’s. While I never hit it big time, I have seen people that did. From stock piles of guns to gold.

      38. Nobody here owns gold/silver. They just get to use it. Governments… now that’s a whole different set of blood problems. Your blood, your problem. Governments are starting to fear. My windows aren’t bullet proof. Are yours?

      39. i agree with about 20 posts on here about the irs. he should of never said a damn thing! its all a scam it really is I hate the laws and they know exactly what they are doing. I bet they do not have the storie of this guy getting taxed for all the gold silver, they dont want to let the general public know a lot of times of how much they think they deserve or actually get. What a scam the irs is going to pull on him which is wrong!! I would of made that story up and said it only had a couple of silver coins and hide it, and say prove it fuccckers! god i hate our government. its the only country the harder you work the more they take and the more you can get into trouble simply for working. that is wrong.

      40. you all really should read this… it’s your future, your childrens and grandkids! agenda 21… while the 1% live in mansions with plush gardens, you all get coffin like apartments built by the cheapest bidder… worth a look. your future…

        Agenda 21 Part II: Globalist Totalitarian Dictatorship Invading a Town near You–With Your Permission

        • yes nina… which is why im puzzeled at how you like to pick and choose worthwhile government agencies.they dont exist.

          • because @eeder deep down inside i believe we all desire to do good… that all people desire to do right by others and have the same done to them! EVEN the FEDS!

            imf nwo corporate media and entertainment society driven “greed” an “lust” warps those desires… and is truly the root of most evil in our world.

            i can still hope though @eeder deep inside that “good” will win in the end can’t i @eeder… other wise whats the point of gettin’ out of bed! ;0)

      41. Buying up people’s storage units when they can no longer pay? That has to be the sickist thing I’ve heard of in a while. A friend has just explained the process to me. I’m appalled!!! It’s almost as bad as looting the dead, taking from the poor and sick or just stealing from homeless people!!
        I am absolutely disgusted.
        Whats wrong with you people in the US?? Where the hell are your morals and compassion?? Have you no humanity?? All the comments I’ve read focus on the “win” aspect over someone else’s misery.
        What have you become America?

        • riiiigghhtt, so the storage unit company should just give everyone storage for free? If the people who lose their units cared about losing it, they would, at the very least, get their stuff out before they default. Its about offering a service to clean out units so the storage company can reclaim THEIR property space from lazy fucks, not about preying on misery.

          Do you people ever think before posting?

          • and what many don’t know is a lot of people who buy units do spend a little time contacting previous owners trying to give them back things like family photos, etc. 90% of them DON’T return their calls or don’t want them. You have to remember, the majority who default on their units are not societies finest, out of the millions of storage units in this country, very few are defaulted on and its usually because of laziness , lack of caring, or because they are in jail, etc…… not misery.

      42. The man passed away. If I were one of his heirs I would be calling a lawyer.

        • If the relatives knew about the locker but just let it go then too bad, so sad. The responsible thing to do would have been to settle all his bills. If they didn’t know about it and seem like good people then I would at least give part of it back to them. Maybe the owner didn’t tell his family about it because they are loser libtards and he didn’t want them to have it!!!! Not many families wouldn’t have at least an inkling a relative had a stash like this hiding somewhere. Its not like he died and the next day the unit went up for auction, it usually has to be delinquent for 90 days, plenty of time for the family to take action. He either didn’t have family or didn’t want them to have it.

      43. Maybe the value was well over 500k and he just reported the 500k figure to make the tax man go away.

      44. This is fake, its just to boost the show’s ratings. NOBODY would be dumb enough to forget to pay rent on a storage locker filled with gold. If you have that much gold, you have enough money to pay for a storage locker.

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