Morgan: The Dollar Will Be Destroyed

by | Feb 22, 2009 | Precious Metals

Well known silver investor David Morgan, founder of, suggests that we are entering an environment where neither inflation or deflation will be the factors driving the rise of the price of silver (or gold).

I believe we’re outside of the boundries of inflation or deflation.

We are, in my view, in a long-term super cycle event that takes place every 200 or 300 years, and that’s a currency crisis. And in a currency crisis, it’s not really a function of whether we are in an inflation or deflation. It’s a function of whether the currency will be destroyed or not.

I believe we are close enough to the currency of the dollar being destroyed, that people will seek anything of value.

Many analysts, like Peter Schiff, also believe that the dollar will essentially be destroyed through the forces of hyperinflation. We’ve got Trillions being printed by central banks across the world, so considering hyperinflation, or at the very least, and inflationary currency environment, is not out of the question. Owning tangible assets like gold and silver may prove to be one of the few investments that would survive a complete currency collapse of, say, the Dollar or British Pound.

David Morgan Interview on Mining Interactice

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