Major Development in Precious Metals: “The Time to Buy Cheap Will Soon Be Gone”

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    With the Congressional Budget Office reporting that the United States will soon fall off the fiscal cliff unless the government takes immediate action, the Federal Reserve weighing another round of heavy-hitting monetary expansion, and the Republican Party now apparently jumping on board the gold standard train, the stars for precious metals seem to be in alignment. So says Peter Schiff, CEO of Europacific Precious Metals.

    Having been ahead of gold’s massive upward move years before the bursting of the real estate bubble and crash of 2008, Schiff says there has been a “major development in precious metals,” and if you don’t have any gold or silver yet, this may be your last chance before they head to new record highs.

    All summer long I have been forecasting that the prices of both gold and silver would break out. I have been urging clients not to wait until the breakout occurred, but to buy in anticipation of that breakout while prices were lower.

    I think that opportunity has now passed. But we still have an opportunity to buy now, while the breakout is still early in its process.

    I think the lows are clearly in for both, gold and silver. I think now that we have broken out the time to buy cheap will soon be gone.

    I don’t want people who have already hesitated to hesitate any longer…

    I think the catalyst for that move, I believe, was the Federal Open Market Committee minutes that came out earlier this week, that put QE 3 – that’s quantitative easing or basically money printing and debt monetization – it put that right back on the table in the minds of a lot of people.

    In my mind, QE 3 was never off the table. I always knew it was a sure thing. It was just a matter of time. But now the Fed came out and surprised a lot of people with its language. It basically said, ‘if we don’t get evidence soon of a sustainable increase in the economy, we’re going to have to take action.’ And of course, the only tool in it’s arsenal is to print money and buy bonds and try to goose the economy with the same monetary stimulus that create the problem.

    Those of you who didn’t buy before the breakout, it’s not to late to buy. The prices are not quite as cheap as they were a week ago or a month ago, but I believe they’re a lot cheaper than they will be a month from now, six months from now, a year from now as more and more investors realize that the recovery was an illusion. It was simply an artificial high created from stimulus and that more stimulus is coming. More investors are going to flock to gold.

    As we’ve previously noted, the debt-based monetary system of the entire world is now at risk. Two years ago no one would have believed that a break up of the Euro Zone and a destruction of the Euro currency was possible. It’s happening now and there is a real threat that the entire currency system of that continent will collapse over the next year as countries like Spain, Greece, Portugal, and Italy are unable to meet their obligations and are forced to take on more loans and print even more money just to maintain a perception of stability.

    In the United States, we have taken on more debt in the last 8 years than all of the previous 200 hundred years combined. With the economy shrinking rapidly, inflation rearing its ugly head in the retail sector, and tens of thousands of jobs being lost monthly, there is simply no way our nearly $20 trillion in national debt or the over $100 trillion in long-term liabilities we’ve committed to will ever be repaid.

    The solution – and it only extends the game a bit longer, but does not prevent eventual collapse – is more money printing in the hopes that this will somehow change the trend.

    According to Peter Schiff and a host of other analysts, the long-term trend for gold is still intact and will lead to record highs. Price targets range from $2000 to $5000 depending on who you ask.

    One thing is for sure – if gold ever does get to $5000 than something very, very bad has happened and you’ll want to be holding this asset in your reserves, along with other key commodities and goods that become money when the system collapses. To get to those levels we would have to experience a serious shock to the system such as a currency crisis, hyperinflation, or widespread global conflict.

    If such an event were to occur, and you’re only holding paper currency and trading assets you’ll be in for the shock of a lifetime.

    It’s time to get physical. Gold, guns, food, essential skills and a well laid preparedness plan is what you’re going to need to survive and thrive in coming years.


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      1. FIRST I must say “Buy now or never”.

        • Go y sneaking the FIRST in.

          • The price of food will also explode along with gold, silver, and oil. The value of paper will, except for toilet paper, will drop like a rock.

            Off topic but important…


            I have completed the documents I have been working on to recover the wrongful IRS levy of a friend through a Praecipe to the Clerk of Court, bypassing the corporate courts.

            I have not mailed them yet, so I don’t know as of yet the effectiveness of the documents. They should get mailed sometime next week, and the results should be known within a couple of weeks after that. I will keep those interested posted on developments.

            If you would like to see them, you can go to the link below and download them. They are pdf’s in a zipped folder.


            **SHTF PLAN ADMIN NOTE: This link is a file download. The file has been scanned by Kaspersky Pure Virus scanner. No threats detected. **

            • Thanks for the update GC

            • Thanks GC, definitly interested.

            • @ GodsCreation. When I first read this the immediate item that popped into my mind was exactly what you said FOOD. Survival items that have no expiration dates on them like toilet paper, ammunition, candles, honey, etc., etc. etc. are just as valuable as any precious metal when this happens because they will be used and needed. You just cannot go wrong with having TRUE MONEY in the form of supplies in your home. I can see ammo really skyrocketing, in an ugly way. I just wonder what will be the tipping point that sends everything snowballing down the hill.

            • Food yes, gold maybe, silver maybe, oil not unless there is a war with Iran or we some how get dragged into protecting Israel from a soon to be dead Syrian dictator.

              Seriously as food rises and there is little doubt with this drought that it will there will be pressure on other expenses and one of them will be oil. We have a propensity in this nation to drive the cost down when we feel like just by slowing down how much we use/buy. People start choosing between extra trips and food – food will win out.

            • Excellent! I’ll take a look.

            • Ranger, try to get it to some of your associates and get a little feedback over the weekend if you can. It would be appreciated. If you have any questions about the contents, shoot me an email.

            • stockpiling real metal you can make or fix stuff with will get ya farther…. but alot of irreplacible stuff has been collected up and cashed with poor mans greed..

            • Thank you for an informative post. This is such a great site. I continue to be very bullish on precious metals. For the best price go to Check it out for yourself.

          • @ Facebook;

            Good job.., I missed that one. “FIRST’ 🙂

        • You can’t eat Gold… Instead grow a survival garden or stock up on survival supplies and water purification. Try to blend in so others won’t know you have these life saving commodities. Visit http://bereadytosurvive for details.

          • anonymous: gotto agree, also lots of precious metals of copper and lead, see: for online ammo in bulk

        • Can someone enlighten me. Money will go to zero. Burn the Benjamins. What happens next. The New World Order comes in with some cash. What do they do, give us 1%? Trade one hundred FRN for 1 NWO dollar. Will it be more than that?. (I know they will still be Trillionairs) Then what, how much is a loaf of bread? Or a suit, a car, a house? We need to think globally because everyone will have the same currency. Will different parts of the world be more expansive for regular items? What comes after the dust settles.

          • It is a good time to buy gold or silver even though both have moved up a bit of late; if you have your other preps.

            American fiat will not go to zero. The dollar will get stronger as Europe transitions.

            Don’t burn your Franklin’s; send them to me I will send you a roll of Charmin.

            Thanks! 🙂

          • Fox, they will come in with a gold backed currency, which is logical because they have stolen almost all the gold.

            If the people are to escape their control it will have to be with a silver based currency/coin because they don’t own any of that and enough is produced to mint money for the people to use.

            • GC: Your first statement is correct.

              There is a low key movement now to re-establish gold as a backing for US Currency. Its propaganda to get the SHEEPLE to support the idea.

              Even the Retards have started a “committee” to evaluate the possibility of re-introducing gold as backing for fiat.

              This is a grave mistake.

              While gold is not now money it is real wealth. Under the current, rigged economic program of phony crony capitalism that benefits the GB and Uber Rich OUR fiat is flying offshore under “Free Trade”.

              With a gold backed currency, OUR gold would follow, TRULY impoverishing the America. I would rather that the Chinese held OUR fiat and OUR promise to pay; rather than OUR gold in the hands.

              The NWO World Government Crowd wants Gold and Platinum to back a world currency eventually, but right now, the GB’s are making too much profit in the currency markets to allow it.

              Its their global banking system, why give up control?

            • Just bought six more ounces yesterday! (I know its not a lot, but its what I could spare for now)

          • ” We need to think globally because everyone will have the same currency.”

            It’s more likely that a global currency will exist along with country currencies, same as now. The dollar is used around the world as payment for oil and other commodities. It’s THAT function that’s going to be replaced. It makes no sense to have a “global reserve currency” printed by a country that is basically bankrupt. The rest of the world only accepts this situation for the moment due to the fact that the US has 11 aircraft carriers and a history of dropping nukes on people it doesn’t like. The Dollar is not gold-backed, it’s not backed by “full faith and credit” either…it’s backed by guns. That won’t work forever.

            The problem for regular Americans is that the Dollar is also the currency we tend to save our wealth in (very little gold ownership in the US). There are previous examples that show what happens to people who have saved their wealth in a Empire’s currency at the end of that Empire’s reign…look at the currencies and loss of wealth that occurred after the decline of the Empires of Britain, Spain, France, Netherlands, USSR…it’s NEVER good for the regular people. The wealthy “elites” move their wealth to stable assets like gold, paintings, etc. or to gold sitting in bank vaults in foreign lands. Regular people have never really had that option and so usually lose everything. The main difference now is better access to information, although it’s difficult to determine how much difference that will ultimately make.

        • I have looked at the Charts over the past couple of days and yes, both gold and silver are “poised” for a “breakout”. Prices for these metals may fluctuate at a higher level as they have been doing until “breakout”.

          Breakout requires an “event”, a change in the status quo. War between Israel and Iran qualifies.

          AS far as QE3 goes, it does not stimulate anything. It never has. Has it? It has only protected the GB’s from losses in the mortgage and derivatives markets.

          QE only puts more cash into the banks. The only customers who qualify for more lending are the major public companies.

          They don’t need more cash for growth or working capital if there is no demand from the masses to support expansion or even a draw down of inventories.

          There is no demand.

          QE 3&4 will support the major players in the system when war breaks out. If the GB’s really wanted to stimulate the economy before the election of their boy Mitt, they could have released the excess cash in the banks long ago.

          They didn’t. They don’t.

          • Yo DK –

            As a side note. Last weekend, Saturday, I had a few extra $ in my pocket and stopped by my local coin dealer. 1$ worth of ‘trash’ silver was selling for $21.50, so I picked up 3$ worth of dimes; cost $64.00.

            Yesterday, Friday, I called my coin dealer for a price quote. He is currently asking $25.50 per 1$ worth of ‘trash’ silver. He also indicated his belief that gold and silver is only going up from here on out.

            I strongly recommend that all put the “finishing-touches” on any preps that you have that still require attention. My family and I are in pretty much of a ‘hunkered-down’ position from here on out. The ‘fun-n-games’ will soon be upon us.

            God Bless and good luck to all.

            • Actually, the total cost was $64.50. Sorry.

            • Markie, your coin dealer is pretty stupid. He would make far more profit if he shut down the shop and kept what he had instead of selling it.

          • You’re correct about U.S. debt. The Chinese “own” USA. As far as I know, the Treasuries they have are basically unsecured. even if they were given “title” to California or Arizona, I think the current residents may object to the idea of handing it over. They have very official looking pieces of paper.

        • Its just a ploy to get the Ron Paul people in-line with the GOP. Gold as backing means nothing with a currency that is still debt based. Go to gold or silver when the FED is ended. Its a smoke screen.

          • You are right. Create a pseudo gold commission right before the GOP convention to suck in the Ron Paul supporters and get an extra couple of percent in the general election. “Gee, maybe I will vote for the GOP rather than sit this one out, they seem to be paying more attention to the liberty platform.” This commission will do nothing.

            • Look, this is a CRAZY time to be seriously considering going gold-backed. This is just an election tease. You DON’T gold-back your currency when you owe trillions of it to foreign powers! LOL. It’s just silly talk.

        • WOW, never say “FIRST”….

      2. I know Peter Schiff has a lot to gain here, but I do trust him. I buy groceries though when he says buy gold. Its the only gold I can afford.

        • Me too.

        • A there is nothing wrong with that asset at all.

          • Must get bigger keyboard.

            • Or smaller fingers….

        • Same here and i try to buy ammo

          • I purchase silver, ammo and food. A little of each on a regular basis goes a long way, though I have really jumped on the silver today.

          • I’ve stopped buying ammo. Only components.

        • i might suggest silver. most people cant afford to buy physical gold, but silver will work just as well if the “SHTF”. what you really need metals for to be able to afford neccessities, no one’s lugging a gold brick to pay their mortgage if it comes to that; they’ll just not pay it like everyone else in the country.

          its what i’m doing and if by some miracle things in the US do return to normal; selling silver back is going to be easier on you as the price has less to fall if thinks become okay.

          • There will come a time when you’ll be able to pay off your mortgage with the money from one ounce of gold. There will come a time when gold and silver skyrocket. And a time when mortgages and other debts will be indexed to inflation. The key will be to sell your metals and pay off your debts before that occurs.

            • Checked with my County Tax Collector; they are considering taking PM’s for property tax payments. Guess it’s a big pain for them, but it shows the desperation a small county is displaying to collect revenue. It’s a travesty that most of the county revenue is spent on the Entitlement Crowd.

            • Bert: By “entitlement crowd” I hope you mean the uber rich who are paying 13% on their income and Big Business who are paying no taxes at all.

            • Oh and Bert; don’t forget that as a TAXPAYER you are picking up part of the costs of both parties political conventions.

              Just saying.

            • Bert Gummer, I had the opportunity to educate my dentist last week about the need to hold some silver or gold. He is really worried about what is going on like the rest of us and when I asked him if he would mind taking silver dollars in the near future, it oopened the door to a great discussion. Needless to say, he will accept silver rounds or dollars if he needs to.

              I hope is is still reading this site since our chat.

          • Gold and silver have two completely different functions in a SHTF scenario. Gold is used for storing wealth. Silver is used for trade.

        • TP (it might not get you gold) but after SHTF it probably will get you some silver.

          Oh and it doesn’t expire either.

          • plus with all the shit hitting the fan, you’ll need to cleanup SOMEHOW 🙂

        • Like in gold fish?? A little toddler joke–no, not true; dh just bought him a bag.

      3. Again, may I would encourage everyone to make certain their precious metel aquisitions are made only through cash or barter!

        • Ooops! Sorry for that metal typo!

      4. Buy ammo, food, water, non-perishables if you can. Silver is good, gold is great, but ammo is worth its weight in gold.

      5. Buy it cheap and stack it deep.

        • Thanks Jim.

          We could have taken the pain a few years ago (heck, 10 years ago). It would have hurt, but maybe we’d a had a chance. Now, I am not so sure. when we do finally take the hit it is going to be extremely painful.

          From that article:

          “For approximately three years, our governments, the banking cabal, and the Corporate Media have assured us that they knew the appropriate approach for fixing the economies that they had previously crippled with their own mismanagement. We were told that the key was to stomp on the Little People with “austerity” in order to continue making full interest payments to the Bond Parasites — at any/all costs.

          Following three years of this continuous, uninterrupted failure, Greece has already defaulted on 75% of its debts, and its economy is totally destroyed. The UK, Spain and Italy are all plummeting downward in suicide-spirals, where the more austerity these sadistic governments inflict upon their own people theworse their debt/deficit problems get. Ireland and Portugal are nearly in the same position.

          Now in what may be the greatest economic “mea culpa” in history, we have the media admitting that this government/banking/propaganda-machine troika has been wrong all along. They have been forced to acknowledge that Iceland’s approach to economic triage was the correct approach right from the beginning.

          What was Iceland’s approach? To do the exact opposite of everything the bankers running our own economies told us to do.”

          • Mac,
            The Icelandic people saw what caused their economy to fall & took positive steps to rid themselves of the Criminals that were the root of the problem. The EU & U.S. , in a masochistic way, won’t even contemplate that. So this continual nose dive of the economy won’t stop until it noses into the ground. Just like a aircraft, there will be few survivors, economically speaking. So much for my corral fence soapbox.

            • EXACTLY!

              Prosecute every last one of the dynastic banksters, genocidal/warmonger Zionists, and their enablers, politicians, middle men, talking heads, mouthpieces, etc. for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY; prosecute for both GENOCIDE and ECONOMIC CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

              Run every last one to ground just like they did the octogenarian and nonagenarian Nazis. Try every last one at Nuremberg. If found guilty, punish them at Nuremberg just like they did the octogenarian and nonagenarian Nazis.

              Punish the guilty; leave the innocent alone.

            • Iceland is simply not comparable to the US…not even in the slightest way. It’s all about structures of power. And those structures of power in the US are owned by the banks and other elite interests. The reason why this “prosecute the bankers!” solution will never happen (the solution that seems so obvious and brilliant to the average American) is because American power is held by the American elite…not the people. The US is an oligarchy. If people truly understood this, then things that seem so mysterious right now would no longer be mysterious.

        • Jim (another Jim): I don’t know why you got a thmbs down because the the article hits the nail on the head. Iceland said screw the bankers that are screwing the pople and the country, let them (the banks die). The repudiated their debts by delaring national bankrupcy. And now Iceland is the only country on the road to recovery in Europe. First Bush/Paulson and now Obama/Geitner are such whores for the FED that they’ll never do the right thing and tell them to eat their losses. No, they’ll let the FED try yet again to stimulate the economy by printing more money. But this is a moot point because the collapse will force the pararsitic banking cartel (FED) to ‘eat it’ because there will be no money, except inflated money, to pay bsck their usurious loans. It’s all falling apart and the bankers and politicians know it, they’re just buying a little more time to get prepped themsevles. They already have their hide-aways ready, they’re just looking for the signal to get out of Dodge. That’s why they’re are monotoring all communications too because they don’t want an angry mob showing up before they get a chance to depart for their little hidey-holes. Keep prepping folks, time is near. But hey, I could be wrong and things will turn out just fine, YEAH.

      6. cheap?? $1600+ is cheap??? BS, maybe compared to what it “MIGHT” be someday, but not cheap at all in today’s economy. It doesn’t matter to most what it might be someday….all that matters when trying to buy now is what the price is NOW. And the vast majority of the country cannot afford 1 oz of gold much less enough of it to make a difference in a dollar collapse or even a nest for retirement.

        • Yes, gold is cheap. Even one ounce of gold is insurance against hyperinflation. We’re going to have hyperinflation. When food goes up 10,000% and gold goes up 10,000% you’ll be able to sell it and use the money to buy food.

          • You’re dreaming, with your head in the clouds.

            Nobody will be buying your gold when it is up 10,000%. This is a fools notion. Buy gold at $16,000 an ounce? $160,000 an ounce? Are you nuts?

            And then trade it for a loaf of bread at $300 per loaf? Why would ANYONE want your gold when food is so incredibly valuable?

            Gold is neither insurance or ‘prevention of hyperinflation’. Nothing is. You’re going to wind up paying hyper-inflated prices no matter what.

            Your only real hedge is to buy the FOOD you need now to avoid paying hyper-inflated prices. Period. End of discussion. Buy as much as you can, forget the gold and stop trying to play the numbers like the hucksters are trying to get people to do. What they are selling is a useless commodity that NOBODY NEEDS.

        • BJ, you are correct.

          Gold is irrelevant for the majority of the people and always has been. That’s why Dollars were minted in silver, and defined in Law as a certain weight of it.

          If you have a choice between silver and food, stock up on food. If you have any excess, get silver. The banksters already stole the vast majority of the gold, and silver is far more useful in the world before and after the S finishes HTF.

          Silver has always been the Peoples money, and always will be.

          • DK’s rebuttle in 5 4 3 2………..

            • Silver is the money of the Silver Barron’s who corrupted Congress through lobbyists (much like today) to add silver to the gold backing of the US Dollar to enrich themselves.

              It has never been the “people’s money”.

        • No, $1,600 is not cheap. But I remember buying an ounce for $1,000 in a coin shop and having the guy next to me tell me I was crazy, that gold couldn’t maintain that level. Buying gold and silver is only a bad decision if you believe that the dollar will hold its value over time. If you believe the dollar will drop in value, metals are a reserve of value. Some people say gold doesn’t go up, rather the dollar goes down. It isn’t too painful to pick up a silver eagle each payday, and you can buy a 1/10th ounce eagle for about $180.

          I would be overjoyed if gold was priced at $300 again. That would mean we had a strong dollar.

        • Too bad so many people were not buying gold when it was below 300/oz. Some of us did.

        • I bought at 400…….took my profit. Bought a little more at $800-950 range. The gold I have is worth more than I put into it. Call me lucky.

      7. I think the last line of the article was the most important.

        “It’s time to get physical. Gold, guns, food, essential skills and a well laid preparedness plan is what you’re going to need to survive and thrive in coming years.”

        If it gets bad be ready to survive. Money will be worth nothing and don’t load heavy in just one of these items. Diversification is the key. Don’t buy a bunch of guns and have no food or water. Have a well balanced and thought out approach and you will have a better chance.

        Remember this situation is not a act of god. Its an economic collapse. You have to help insulate your self from the hard times ahead and hope for things to eventually get better.

      8. I’m hoping it stays reasonably “cheap” for a while longer. I’ve been on this bandwagon for the last 18 years.

      9. As a big fan of physical precious metals I would love to see gold regain its rightful place as a world reserve currency. However, reverting back to a gold standard at this time is too little too late and will not happen for one simple reason. A gold standard restrains government money printing and thus uncontrolled federal spending. The fact that the federal government now accounts for 20-25% of the national Gross Domestic Product means any attempt on the part of the government to reduce spending, with a declining economy, will plunge the nation into a destructive recession if not a full blown depression (if we aren’t already there). This is the classic debt death spiral the government has sentenced the American people to. Americans are TOTALLY ignorant of what’s occurring to their monetary system. This is an inescapable paradox if one ever existed. We must cut spending to control the national debt, deficit and interest, but doing so will create widespread socio-economic havoc and carnage. Not even the most conscientious preppers can prepare for that reality unfortunately. This is my basic understanding of the problem we face. Please feel free to comment.


          Sigh … the federal budget is increasing … and scheduled to keep increasing till 2020 . the gold standard will not be re-instated anytime soon . because it limits controls restricts zog fedgov un nwo ameriKan military spending . PLUS THERE IS NOT ENOUGH PHYSICAL GOLD TO COVER ALL THE OUTSTANDING GLOBAL DEBT !!! 600 TRILLION AND COUNTING !!!

          Hyper-Inflation though will kick in as the zog AMERIKAN fedgov continues to print print print more more and more fake fiat currency .

          this is only the beginning the pentagon plans projects to be at war with the world till 2050 … the industrial war machine economic engine of ameriKa will continue as always as it is the corner stone of ameriKa economics and the military force being primarily used to bring the FREEMASON LUCIFERIAN COMMIE FASCIST ZIONIST UN NWO ZOG GLOBAL ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT RELIGION EUGENICS DEATHCARE TO FRUITION !!!




          • http:// wp-content/ uploads/ 2011/ 09/ monopoly-money.jpg

        • TPTB could care less about socio-economic havoc and carnage.Actually they will get off on it.

          • 10mm…TPTB will ignore the carnage up to a point. They don’t want another French Revolution on their hands because they know it will be their heads being chopped off by the mob. I wouldn’t shed a tear if that happened, but if things unravel to the point of total anarchy WROL, safety would become a very relative term.

        • YT;
          You are correct; especially the part about the American public being TOTALLY ignorant of todays economic climate. Hang Tough. THIS crash landing is going to be horrific. Seriously.

        • The debts will be paid. It will be painfull.

      10. I was so on board with buying gold a couple of years ago but then I thought to myself,that i can’t feed gold or silver to my family. I have about 5 years of water and food stored up and fuel for a while. I have skills to continue a continued food source as well. Gold and silver is not for me.What I have is much more valuable than gold and silver. I have peace of mind.

        • I have food and water, guns and ammo AND gold and silver.

        • Just have to comment on all the talk about whether to buy gold/silver or food/ammo. You folks need to look at the issue like a pyramid, with the wide bottom part of the pyramid being food/ammo/preps, then if you have some remaining money you add another layer to the top of the pyramid with silver, then if you have additional monies available then add another layer to the pyramid in terms of gold. Simple enough!

          • I feel for friends of mine that have nice sized bank accounts in dollars, and can’t even contemplate an economic failure. They are trained/brainwashed into believing in the dollar, security of a bank and the FDIC. It’s never hapeened to them. They don’t know anybody it’s happened to. And they don’t choose to study history and damn sure don’t get taught in school.
            I can remember talking to an older co-worker who believed his social security account was an actual bank account the gov held for him. He could NOT be convinced otherwise.
            I had to beg Mom to buy 100 oz silver, she still doesn’t know why, but did it because I begged. ( it wasn’t a strain on her finances).
            These folks who think their set are going to be so f*%&#’d.

          • dammit T you are right on the money!

      11. Most people can not afford to buy gold, silver etc. Not long ago 1-5 people can not put food on the table, if you can afford it by all means go for it. Just remember you got to eat and I feel it with be a long time to cash in what you have in gold and silver. When the SHTF gold and silver will not go as for as one would think, you need a pound of salt and I have it, what you got to trade for it, gold. Ok you have gold, but you need the salt to live, I say okay I’ll take 25 of your $20.00 gold pieces for the pound of salt that will keep you alive so your out 25 coins. If you had 500 lr rounds that cost $12.00 you would get the salt also. Items that keep you a live will be worth more than your gold or silver in the times that are coimg down on us. This is an example of what I feel is what is going to happen. If you can go for both go for it. Just make sure you have what you need to live and plenty of it before you buy gold and silver. After all who says what gold and silver will be worth after it gets back to some kind of normal, could be $100.00 a ton, your guess is as good as mine. Something to EAT SPEAKS VOLUMES.
        Live Free and Choose Wisely

        • I will never understand why so many preppers are broke. Is it because people have to experience a little fear and pain before they see the light or maybe they try to maintain a lifestyle too long after they can afford it? I can understand why those under 25 are struggling, but someone my age (mid forties) who held back just $100 a month would have over $35,000 saved by now. That is more than enough to pay for all my preps: retreat with solar power, livestock pens, armory, years of food storage, and yes precious metals in 2010 @ $16/oz after everything else was in place.

          If I will get 25 ounces of gold for the same amount of salt I am going to reopen the salt boiling operation my town was founded upon because that same amount of gold will also buy 20 acres of farmland. It isn’t that I bought a lot of silver. Only enough to feed my family for another five years at the current exchange rate. 22LR might work if you’re lucky, but salt is not the mystery it once was.

          Gold and silver has had value throughout history. Even during famine the Bible shows that Joseph traded Egypt’s grain for a little silver or a lot of livestock.

          Gold is the money of kings; silver is the money of gentlemen; barter is the money of peasants; but debt is the money of slaves. – Which will your children be?

          • Prepared Pastor: I can only speak for myself but some of us arrived much later in this game than you probably did. Then there is a sense of urgency to get everything we might need much faster. Had I started 10 years ago yes it would have been much more manageable. And maybe I still have 10 more years, but I don’t want to take that chance.

            But combining monthly obligations with also this sense of urgency does put a strain on our household. Hasn’t caused arguments but it sure has made us change our spending habits.

          • Pastor: I agree, that was an example of what it might be like in the future. I’m not interested in becoming rich on earth, I’m buying into the streets of gold, that is where I’m putting my riches. As you know, what is here on earth is only for a short time, but what lies ahead is for ever. Thats why I’m not to worried about money, you can have 10 tons of gold, and not the LORD or 1 pound of beans to eat, so what do you really have, nothing. Store your wealth in HEAVEN as you well know.

          • land is the money of supermen

            • Land only has value due to contract law. NEVER forget that. If your country is compromised, your land is in very real danger. Look at Chavez in Venezuela as a recent example of what “property rights” means when your government no longer honors contracts. And also never forget that various government taxing entities can FORCE a sale anytime they want to merely by raising their tax demands to a level you cannot afford.

          • yep if the dollar dies there will be people who still will want to take dollars not knowing they could be useless at some time soon. But metals will always be in demand and we know it. Silver and barter items for tools ammo etc will be what the norm is in these times. I think its smart to buy silver if you can afford a bit. i wouldnt worry to much if you want chinese or silver dollar or canadian maple leaf. just get what you can. Personally i still think junk silver would be harder to sell and you guys can disagree with me this is my gut saying this. I just cant see people knowing that I believe a 64 or older has silver in it. they wont want a bunch of change. they want one ounce bar or coin, much easier and convienient. I could be completly wrong too.

        • copperhead; If things go as I think they will, you will not be so cavilier about not owning PMs. You need food. You need protection. But you also need money to take you to the other side.
          Please don’t make excuses for why you don’t have a well rounded “portfolio”.
          Those who don’t have PMs will surely wish they did.
          If I hear one more “you can’t eat gold”. No shit, it’s not food. you can’t eat bullets either. Oh, but You can get food with bullets??? Well you’ll be able to “get” stuff with gold and silver. And the values will be unimaginable.

          • I could be wrong but i agree with rick on this one. silver gold have always been used and I think it will be worth more than paper. Sure we can barter items for other things but someone is going to want some form of money I believe. I could be wrong and you could disagree with me but thats what my gut is telling me.

          • Rick: What you say is fine, but do you have a crystal ball to tell you what it will be worth on the other side. You have to make it to the other side first. I know all through history gold has been number one, but when you take your next breath now thats history. So how will you cash it in and for what, some sort of paper money, issued by who, some goverment. How long will the SHTF lasts, nobody knows. I think we put way to many variables in to play and do not keep it simple. Unless you have a lot of gold and silver put back what good is it. There is going to be a lot of us that are going to die in this thing coming, I for one more than likely will, thats ok for me. Look none of us poor folks have the means to put back the amount of PM’s that will matter on the other side. Just making it there will be enough for most. Everyone has to do what they think is in their best interest is all that I’m saying. For me I’m poor now and will be poor latter, I do not think any of us will come out of this rich. Hey who knows history may not repeat itself.

      12. Beans, Bullets & Brains…..PM’s won’t take the place of those.

      13. FOOD, the “new”Gold. And yes… you can eat it!

        • Several states are passing laws making precious metals legal tender, but none that I know of have done the same for food. It would be a shame to lose a home through tax foreclosure and have to move all that food to the street.

          • GG: I for one do not think there will be any kind of a goverment as we know it now. Because after the SHTF nobody is going to work for a goverment body(they are the ones that caused all of this) for nothing and for taxes who is going to collect them, they will be guarding their families just like we will be or they had better. I for one will not pay anything to the U N if they are in charge and I think alot of people will not either. It’s going to be a long, long time before any goverment body will be talking taxes. Look this not going to be a month or two event, this is going to last for years, I hope and pray I’m wrong about the time, but I feel that I’m right. I don’t worry about money and taxes and things like that, there is more to worry about than those things, LIKE LIVING.

          • Look at the ultimate result of making gold/silver legal tender in several states…it puts more metals in the economy (making it easier to access and accumulate). If you’re buying a carton of milk, why on earth would you want to pay for that with silver when you can buy with a fiat (ultimately worthless) paper currency? The goal is to convince OTHER PEOPLE to spend their gold and silver. YOUR goal should be to favor holding gold and silver and doing your spending with fiat.

      14. China has been buying up tons of gold since it came off its historic highs of 2011.
        There is only talk in the U.S. of a return to the gold standard because China has been planning a worldwide takedown of the U.S. petrodollar, and a gold backed currency of their own…
        Things are going to change… Our QE program has not only devalued our money, but the monetary systems worldwide. And the rest of the world has been preparing, by taking delivery of as much gold and silver as they can… and we ship it over in exchange for paper fiat… not a fair trade.

        get some of your own, and protect your family’s savings, while you can…

      15. I’m going to go ahead and buy a little more silver. I only buy a little at a time, you can even buy silver in grams. I think it costs more like that though.

        • Thumbs up on that, but the PM’s I’ve acquired are not considered as “survival” items. Down the road for barter MAYBE. If they are lost or stolen, they’re really not a loss. Short term, they would keep gas in the tank to bug-out, but they don’t fit the chambers of my weapons, look mighty poor on the dinner plate and don’t have a telepathy that gives me wisdom & knowledge.

          BTW, right now you don’t see all those alphabet government agencies buying up PM’s; they’re stockpiling munitions.

          • Let’s not forget the value of silver as an antibacterial. Farmer’s used to use silver buckets to collect milk for just this reason. All the good water filters use it today.

          • Excellent point on the govt. buying munitions

            • Of course the gubberment is buying bazillions of rounds of ammo; there are in excess of 300 million of us that they would like to disappear.

              There has ALWAYS been approximately 20% of the population that has been classified as poor. The ‘elites’ have always been historically protected from the poor by the 60% of the population that has been considered to be middle class. The ‘elites’ have always used the middle class as a buffer against the anger of the poor.

              Oh shit!!! The ‘elites’ done went and got rid of most of the former middle class!!!!! They shipped most of the former middle class jobs overseas to third world countries where some poor bastard will do the job that you used to do for a reasonable wage. It now pays three fish heads and a small bowl of rice a day.

              But ….. in fucking over the former middle class and shoving them down into the newly poor class, the ‘elites’ have removed a vital layer of their safety and security net.

              Today, at least 50% of the population have lost homes, jobs, dignity and any hope that the future is going to get better for them, let alone for their children and grandchildren. They may still have a job to go to on a daily basis, but every month they are getting farther and farther behind financially. The Citizens of the United States no longer believe the bullshit and pleasant platitudes put forth by their beloved government. The public no longer has the ability to see the Emperor’s fine new suit of clothes.

              Strap-in and get ready for the ‘ride’ boys & girls, it’s going to be a bumpy road ahead for us as a country and a society. God Bless & good luck to all who post here.

          • No but I see China and Russia and Soros buying Hundreds of millions of dollars worth and that says it all to me

      16. Screw gold, buy ammo and dry beans.

      17. The Food Stamp program, Administered by the U.S. Dept of Agriculture, is proud to be distributing the greatest amount of free meals and food stamps ever.

        Meanwhile ..The National Park Services, administered by the U.S. Dept.of the interior asks us “please do not feed the animals”
        Their stated reason for the policy is because the animals become dependent on handouts and will not learn to take care of themselfs

        this ends todays lesson

        • And when white people say they are tired of paying for all the free shit, we are called racists.

        • Yes…. and meanwhile the law made a woman stop providing free food to hungry children…..what is wrong with this place?

        • Been saying this for years. And the Libs counter with “you think people are animals?”. My answer is, ” when the gov gets done with them, yes”

      18. Hyperinflation is coming. That means we’ll see gold at $1 billion an ounce before the dollar dies. Not because gold is that valuable but because the dollar is that worthless. I have the money I need to finish becoming fully prepared. All my savings is in gold and silver.

      19. For anyone interested…Ron Paul on gold on CNBC at 4pm EST. The RNC is trying to capture RP supporters by including a plank about return to sound money. They did this in 80 and 84 also. No follow through. Don’t trust them.

        • As I understood it, the GOP is suggesting a Commission to study a return to the gold standard. Lord only knows what they would peg gold at.

          OTOH, one of the Fed governors was out in front of the mics toute suite yesterday quashing any rumors of immediate Q3.

          We are being swarmed with info and disinfo. Very difficult to make a real decision in this environment. Personally, I am seeing people cash 401k’s and taking the teax hit to buy farms. No one is offering gold, yet. Gold can crash just as fiat can crash and if only a few have gold, that looks closer to feudalism than to freedom.

          I have no definitive opinion, right now.

          • gold has been money for 6000 years, fiat money not so much

          • Study “Freegold”. it’s not a gold “standard” (no official peg), but fiat money referenced to gold. The brainiacs see this happening organically. It would be a worldwide function. Punishes those countries that abuse their currency, (your gold gets cheaper and flees to zones with strong currencies).
            Bottom line, if you don’t produce, overconsume and you run a trade deficit, you lose your reserves (gold). If you overproduce and manipulate your currency (China), you end up with a lot of gold, and naturally begin to consume, reversing the flow.
            If you want more on this, go to “FOFOA”

        • Real Ron Paul supporters are not going to go for Romney…those two candidates have nothing in common. NOBODY is going to take a pro-gold Romney seriously. Romney is about big-money politics and outsourcing American jobs (which he has quite a history of doing). Ron Paul voters are wide awake Libertarians, and will likely write in his name on their ballots.

      20. Let’s all understand what this article really said – austerity for the people, bailouts for banksters. What’s NOT being talked about is, What is austerity ?

        We all abhor the bankster bailouts; why are we so against so-called austerity ? What is austerity but living withing your means, that government can only spend what it can collect. Do you WANT to continue paying medicare increases of > 9% a year, or more war, or govt bureaucrats making easy money, or overpaying schools for inferior education, or paying farmers to produce corn for ethanol, or to prop up the price of milk so consumers pay more, or…and on and on and on.

        You all need to make a choice. We don’t want to bail out losers, so why are we allowing government to pay other groups as well ?

        I’m all FOR austerity, FOR EVERYONE. No bailouts FOR ANYONE. I don’t know about you, but I’m damn tired of not only paying for banksters but I’m also damn tired of paying for corporations, farmers, welfare queens, disability mooches, food stamp alcoholics, etc.

        • Yea me too!!!

      21. I have a bunch of money in IRAs and 401k. Is there any way to get that out without paying the penalty and taxes in order to invest in physical gold/silver?

      22. More and more paper investors now know that….

        “If you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”… Ponce

        However, I am sorry to say that the little people that have any PM will be forced to sell it, pretty soon, in order to put food on the table and have a roof over their heads.

        • Why? The roof is paid for and the taxes are less than $100 a year. The land provides it’s own heat, meat, power, and water and there are years of food in the root cellar.

          “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” – Benjamin Franklin

        • Ponce, with all respect to you, we have food, we dont need to sell it unless we need to barter certain items. we got enough food for many many months. we are good. how about you? you good for at least a few months. please prep, you dont have to go crazy but at least you have food and items to keep you busy. I wont be able to know what the value is with power internet down and locals asking you, ” you got silver? I will give you this for that.” who knows what the price will be if we have no power. if we do, things will be interesting what it goes up to. Im saving mine for barter, or sell if we have a stable money system. I got hundreds of thousands of rounds good there. I got at least 5 different water purifiers,im going to be pissed when my pepsi supply runs out. Prepared Pastor has it figured out, he lives on his land and is self sufficent. Good for him.

          • hospo; like the pepsi line. I hoard chapstick. miserable without it. We need to create a list of stupid things we take for granted, but will miss dearly wtshtf.

            • For me, it’s cortisone plus (anti-itch).

            • yes I agree, there are so many things we use each day and dont even realize it. I would just think about everything you use and and or take for a couple of days and make sure you have those things or a supply of them. I need my pepsi. toothpaste make sure, lots of personal cleaning supplies if no water, your going to stink and spreak germs fast if isolated with others. take a bath in a lake if you can with a bar of soap. I better buy a few logs of copenhagen too. id be really pissed at someone for awhile without it.

            • What if we replace Chaptstick with petroleum jelly? I’d miss the Chapstick too, and believe me I’ve stocked up on it.

            • weed……LoL

              but actually, folks living off the grid use it as barter.

          • Found this on a site with question, what is shelf life of pepsi:
            I’m drinking one whose best buy date was almost four years ago and I ain’t dead yet…

            That should make you smile??

            • JayJay: Just so you know, some Pepsi flavorings are produced using dead fetus cells as feed stock.

              Thought you should know.

              I quit drinking coke and pepsi 6 months ago and discovered that both companies have recently changed carmel sryup vendor because the producer had been using a known cancer causing agent for decades.

              And WE think Monsanto is bad … God help US.

            • I recommend everyone get off of the soda pop now. Start buying less and drinking less. The sooner your body is no longer taking in the caffeine and corn syrup, the better it will be for you when the stuff is no longer available.

            • ScottMotto: Actually the caffeine is not so bad and has some good health benefits, but people should get that caffeine in coffee (1 or 2 cups a day) because with coffee there are a number of very important chemicals helpful to the body; much like green tea, but not so much.

              Corn syrup is changed by the body as it is processed and is harmful like refined sugar.

            • My brother works for pepsi. he told me regular pepsi lasts a lot longer than diet. Diet for whatever reason starts breaking down after about 4 months. He wasn’t sure about regular but said probably longer than a year. Just an FYI

            • dk, Can you elaborate, I have been drinking pepsi for 50 years and have never heard of this . Any links you can send will help me. I too have been off the sweet drinks for a few months, but know a lot of people who would like to research this as well.

            • HSL: I wish I could tell you where I read the article about Pepsi and Coke, but I read so much, from so many sources, it’s hard to say. It stuck with me because like you, I was a cola drinker for 50 years.

              Its a wonder that WE aren’t dead from the shit they incorporate into OUR food; yet WE cannot drink raw milk if WE want too.

              I can say I read it in the past month.

              Google the phrase you want and you will probably find the article. Sorry.

      23. Get the 5 Gs before it’s too late.

        God, gold, guns, grub and ground. You choose the order, but as for me it’s Mathew 16:26

        “What good will it be for a man if he gains the whole world, yet forfeits his soul?” Find God and love your neighbor.

      24. Hi Mac,

        Great article. Now here is my two cents.

        I have trusted and listened to Peter Schiff for years now. I think he is on top of things, and I think he has a great record of insight and being correct. Yes he stands to make a lot of money, but that is just business. If you search Yuotube for Peter Schiff gets cut off, he was calling for a financial crisis before the 08 crash and CNN cut him off. It was at that point that I really started listening to him. He gives good financial advice, but I would not listen to him on basic survival.

        I have a lot of friends who listen to Gerald Celente, and I only casually listen to him now. Gerald always said, “If you don’t have it in your hands then you don’t have it!” Then he gets taken for 6 figures by MF Global and goes on all these videos screaming about “Where’s my money?” If he would have listened to his own advice, he would be fine. That to me is a Charleton, and not worth listening to very seriously. I know I will catch some heat for this, but it is what it is.

        I buy silver only. I think that the Govts around the world will in fact go to a gold currency in our life time, BUT, I also think that the same Govt will try and seize everyones gold at rock bottom prices like they did in the 30’s. Go to, and they have a copy of the mandatory turn in order from the 30’s on their site. Silver on the other hand, is too plentiful, an industrial metal and I don’t think the Govt wants that much metal. I forget where I read this but,

        Gold is the currency of Monarchs.
        Silver is the currency of Gentlemen.
        Barter is the currency of Free Men.
        Debt is the currency of Slaves.

        What do you want to be?

        Stay safe everyone,

        • There is less silver, aboveground, than gold.

          • Yes, but who controls & own’s the most AU…

            answer: The kings.

      25. Don’t forget to include a little fertilizer in your preps. Some 10-20-10 will give your garden a nice boost and could also come in handy for barter.

        • Liberty68
          Good point, we also stocked up on pest control sprays. Wait until it’s Fall in your neck of the woods and buy “Miracle Grow” on close out at Homo Depot.

          Save those heirloom seeds!

        • …..and mixed with dies….

      26. Mac good article and I like that you have important and reasonable articles that make sense and also make you think about things. you never see tom cruise flys to moon article on here they are very good articles and a good selection. Well all those idiots will soon see that they thought we were all a buch of nutballs on here and they didn’t listen. Why would you ignore the most important thing of all, to survive and supply yourself with food and warmth. It amazes me how many people think things can never go wrong its a bunch of bs. People we are just tought to live peacefully with each other and get along and try to save. This is about survival and the most important thing you can do for yourself. IF you don’t take this serious how can you break free from the sheep heard. Jesus our planet is filled with TV entertainment etc. We all are at war and need to think about survivng, SO many people think about TV gossip and their neighbor being a moron. My god take the chance and at least have some food and cleaning supplies for yourself. Nobody is going to help you when things get bad. Its people for themselves and I feel worried about all the young single women with no family that wanted that independence that has no boyfriend etc. Please get a pistol or something to protect yourself. If things fall apart, there are no rules nothing!! And people are beasts!!

        • Hey Clint: I have been wondering about this for a while. Not sure how big the swcc community is but I talked to a fellow a while back that works for an ambulance company. I have been wondering if that was you?

          • No its not me. lol I talk to more seals than swcc guys. I think I know one other swcc currently. when I was in was with more seals than swcc. What state was this in?

            • It was out west and I know you said that you are in PA. He was in the market for a compact for a motorcycle trip he was taking.
              Just thought if it was you I would offer you an option B if your Option A ever went to hell.

        • I asked the wife if we could help the young, single women. I told her her they could help with the chores…

      27. Tried to trade American Silver Eagles for a stupid fly rod a couple weeks ago. The guy selling the rod has been dropping the price weekly, but would accept silver in trade for it. He lost when silver started it’s move upwards again. My point, 95% of the people out there do not have a clue how to barter or trade and firmly believe their paper dollars will last forever!.

        • I meant to say “he wouldn’t accept”.

          • If you have both dollars and silver in your pocket, then you should be trading with the dollars as long as they are accepted. I continually find it amusing that the silly Saudis are willing to accept our pretty screen pieces of paper with drawings of dead guys on it as if it were real. Look at the deal we got! We got almost 100 years worth of a real commodity, and we traded them little pieces of paper for it…brilliant! Biggest scam ever.

      28. Gold and silver may never come back down now but I’m more worried about food prices going up and not coming down. Storage and self sufficiency should be on everyone’s mind at this point.

        • yep I feel the same way. try to think of items in life that come down. 99 percent of everything goes up! I think cell phone came down and computer prices and TV’s. other than that gas, food,alcohol,cars,guns,ammo etc are all going up. I don’t see how they think we can afford to buy all these items at that high of a price. Sooner or later its gonna collapse, or gas will have to be lowered and they now know they took us to the threashold of what we can and cant afford and tried to profit. the only option for these oil cartel bastards is lower it or your gonna have mad max senerio a race war and government against local/people forces. 7 years ago none of us were talking like this. Now we know something is happening.

      29. Gods Creation,

        Thanks so much for the link and the info.
        Greatly appreciate your posts too.

        Y’all Beware! Interesting info on some of your rights at

        • Thanks for the link Y’all Beware. I will check it out. just a 2 years ago I just stumbled into SHTF and intel hub, these are the only 2 I look at daily. DO any of you else recommend any other sites to read? I really haven’t looked at any other except these 2 sites. a lot of these sites are great to read different views and what people have to say. some sites just suck and are bs. I really like how eazy and straighfoward this site is. your doing a great job and a free service to us, thank you for that Mac. And off topic but yes i dont think it hurts to get silver or some gold in small amouts but dont think about getting rich over it. it’s more important to stay alive! I think your better off like most of us agree on here to get food and bullets etc. Each day you see more violence etc. As for that shooter in New York today, There were so many liberals on yahoo news saying, “isn’t this enough now to put gun control laws into place.” They don’t get it and makes you wonder if there is any common sense left.

      30. I have invested in ammo.

      31. Anybody that has more than a years living expenses of cash on hand and/or any mutual funds, 401k’s, money market funds, stocks, bonds, etc., has no excuse not to diversify out of some of that paper and into physically held gold/silver, AFTER FIRST largely getting their family preps and barter goods squared away.

        All the reasons gold has done this for the last decade plus…
        …have not gone away, but only increased and intensified.

        Insight into how high gold can eventually go up is better revealed by asking instead; How low could the dollar go down?

        Anybody that has only paper to show for their lifetime of hard earned wealth, when the music stops, would eagerly give their right arm then, it’ll be so bad, to turn back the clock even just one week to have better positioned themselves and protected their families.

        Got God, Grub, Guns & Gold?
        Panic Now, Beat the Rush!!

        – Shane

        PS – I like silver, too, and expect silver to double quicker and more often than gold.

        • Passing on this little tidbit that makes sense to me; “the dollar is ALREADY in a state of hyperinflation. The only thing shielding us from the effects is the fact that the dollar is the reserve currency of the world. When the countries that are bound to the use of the dollar find an alternative, all hell breaks loose.”

        • Interesting, but states would still have their gov’t and would still have NG units or active units under a govenors control.
          20,000 russians would have a tough time policing TX let alone the entire country.
          But as far as DC and politicians they could do that.

          • Very true, I just thought it was interesting..

            those ruskies would have a tuff time taking down all us gun owners, and thats why I’ll never give any of my arms up.

            now taking on DC? that could be interesting

          • I just today responded with the same sentiment when presented with this email.

      32. Must be nice to buy gold. OR silver.

        OT but relevant.


        1. All men are more inclined toward evil than good.
        2. Preach Libertarianism.
        3. Use the idea of freedom to bring about class wars.
        4. Any and all means should be used to reach the illuminati goals as they are justified.
        5. The right to lie in force.
        6. The power of our resources must remain invisible until the very monent it has gained the strength that no cunning or force can undermind it.
        7. Avocation of Mob psychology to control the masses.
        8. Use alcohol , drugs, corruption and all forms of vice to systematically corrupt the youth of the nation.
        9. Sieze property by any means.
        10. Use of slogans such as equity, liberty, fraternity delivered into the mouths of the masses in psychological warfare.
        11. War should be directed so that the nations on both sides are placed further in debt and peace conferences so that niether combatant declares territory rights.
        12. Members must use their wealth to have candidates chosen and placed in office who will be used as pawns in the game by those behind the scenes. Their advisors will have been reared and trained from childhood to rule the affairs of the world.
        13. Control the press.
        14. Agents will come forth after fermenting traumatic situations and appear to be saviors of the masses.
        15. Create industrial depression and financial panic, unemployment, hunger, shortage of food and use this to control the masses or mobs and then use the mob to wipe out those who stand in the way.
        16. Infiltrate into the Freemasons to use them for illuminati purposes.
        17. Expand the value of systemic deception, use high sounding slogans and phrases and advocate lavish promises to the masses even though they cannot be kept.
        18. Detail plans for resolutions, discuss the part of “street fighting” which is necesarry to bring the population into speedy subjection.
        19. Use agents as advisors behind the scenes after wars and use secret diplomacy to gain control.
        20. Establish huge monopolies that lean toward world government control.
        21. Use high taxes and unfair competition to bring about financial ruin by control of raw materials.
        22. Build up armaments with police forces and soldiers sufficient to protect our needs. (HLS)
        23. Members and leaders of the one-world government would be appointed by directors
        24. Infiltrate into all classes and levels of society and government for the purpose of fooling, bemusing and corrupting the youthful members of society by teaching them theories and principals we know to be false.
        25. National and international laws should be used to destroy civilization and enslave and control the people.

        Looks like they followed it to the letter.

        • Forgot to mention. This is the list the illuminati brought to America in 1776, the year of their formation. In 1780, they infiltrated the Freemasons. Just to be clear.

      33. Reply to Liberty 68. A little fertilizer in your preps. Try getting a lot more than a little. Regards Crafty.

        • I mostly use cow manure and chicken/turkey manure. Works quite well and I love the smell in the evening!

          • lol…fresh country air

      34. I been saying that shit for years. … Up until then, people just carried pocket watches. … deliver to his infant son, who he had never seen in the flesh, his gold watch. … I hid this uncomfortable hunk of metal up my ass for two years. …. Now, look, I’ve given a million ladies a million foot massages, and they all meant something.

        Get off of your john dear seat and purchase (one) tenth oz gold coin from the mint. Moon River!

        • Now that was some funny pulp fiction.

      35. I’ve been prepping like a son’a bitch for the past 3 weeks. Picked up 250 rds. 00 buck yesterday. Tried to get AK mags but they were all gone. Think I’ll get another Mossberg 500 for my truck, as I believe that a shotgun is the best close range weapon going.
        Grabbed 18 cases of bottled water this week and another years supply of Mountain House #10 cans last week. Also 4 cases canned Raviloi and 100+ Hormel “Completes” shelf stable dinners.

        Stock market went up today on the Fed’s statement that they might do some more QE. WTF?

        Got some AU and Silver JIC, but like the rest of ya’ll, it’s water, food, guns, and ammo.

        • Don’t forget some fun stuff. Purchased the complete works of Charles Spurgon this week. (I’m a theology wonk)

          Rereading Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War”.

          Also a DVD of “Tomorrow the War will begin”, Australia’s answer to Red Dawn. How do you say Woverines in Australian?…..Kangeroos!

      36. Buy gold while it’s cheap? Not what I would consider cheap by any means. Silver is too iffy for me. I will stick with food, land, means of protection, seeds and faith. One item that may worth it’s weight in gold one day is clean water.

      37. I buy brass, its just as good as gold and silver

      38. So I guess some have not yet heard about the FBI/DHS getting caught feeding our browsers tracking cookies. They are targeting prepping sites. If you’re a geek interested in the Javascript code they are using, it’s available here (right-click and save…don’t run it):


        • Satori, great link there. thanks!

      39. Mac, another great column! Because of your great site, I have been buying gold and silver for years. I now feel comfortable. I am now fine tuning my ammo and gun stockpiles. When this evil thing comes down, let us all stand up like patriots and do what is necessary. Good luck to all.

        • EH, thanks for the great comment. I am glad this web site, the articles and the many community contributions have been of benefit! I know it’s helped me get better prepared!

          Great weekend all!


      40. I just have to say, I am Law Enforcement and we do in fact qual and target practice with hollow point ammunition. It is stupid to think other wise, I practice and qual with the same exact ammunition that I carry on duty, therefore I have no surprise as to how my duty weapon shoots that ammo. To say hollow point is not for “practice” is just plain wrong we shoot thousands of rounds of it every year for practice. Also as you all are aware it is hollow point,this stuff does not have very good penetration, body armor and good cover will stop it. The only time we do not use it for practice is when shooting at steel or indoor range, in which case we use frangible ammo.

        • We don’t use it for practice because we have to actually spend our hard earned money to buy it. And it costs too much to waste. But the Government, on the other hand,……

          • Ammend; Practice is not waste. But you get my hollow point.

      41. Time to go play outside Camp Delta detainees/lawyers. Mecca is SE today.

      42. Once the currency collapse happens – tptb will do away with cash and set their own standard for the new electronic currency. PMs may be worth something on the black market, but unless tptb actually revert back to a currency that is backed by PMs, their value will be increasing more difficult to liquidate. I do however believe that they will always have infinatelybmore intrinsic value than any fiat currency – but it’s not likely that they will relinquish control of their debt based currency to go back to sound monitory policy unless it benefits them.

        Once all forms of cash have been eliminate and outlawed, they will quickly move to mark everyone who wishes to buy or sell. In order to track them so that no one can freely engage in any commerce – because obviously fresh milk is terrorism.

        I recommend getting a solid long term food supply, self defense measures, and a Contingency plan for as many scenarios as you can think of. With economic collapse beIng near the top of the priority list – then Marshall law and even natural disasters.

        Above all – get faith in God in the true and living God – you WILL need it in the coming days.
        Then if you are able – get all the PMs you can afford. Gold, Silver & Lead

        Keep Praying & Keep Prepping (kpkp)

      43. Small gold denominations would work best for small barter. Consider 1-gram ingots, and 2-peso coins. A small electronic scale would be good to have, to ferret out fakes.

      44. Here’s the weekly chart – Pretty clear exactly where we are imo..
        Solid uptrend intact no matter what MSM is trying to push out there.

      45. I’m already well aware that this post may not be very popular – that’s ok… someone has to say it:

        has anyone considered that it’s altogether possible that gold and/or silver may not be the basis for post-shtf currencies..?? or that perhaps all the precious metal market hype is just that – hype to further manipulate those and related markets..?? and just how would gold be governed as currency if it is used..?? there are varying purities which cause varying values, ie, 10k, 18k, 24k… who will be setting those standards and overseeing consistancy – the wall streeters who might survive the coming dearth..?? think it through: IF there is a total and complete financial breakdown in our country and subsequently around the world, society as we know it will follow suit… it could then take possibly decades to restructure anything akin to a viable economic system which might be founded on gold/silver… learn now how to grow foods, learn now how to produce locally needed goods and services that are and will likely remain valuable barter/trade commodities during and post shtf…

        chasing after this market bullcrap is part of what has us standing on the edge of shtf in the first place… stocks, bonds, notes and the like are printed lies because no one can promise another anything beyond the present moment which makes every bit of it wild and uncertain speculation – or in other words gambling… i for one am done with anything that even hints at ponzie scheme whether madoff or “official” style…

        • Because, always and forever, in the past and in the future, people will want, need and require SOMETHING to store value(excess production) that cannot be manipulated or created out of thin air, or has a counter party risk. Period. And to date, the only thing(s) that meet those requirements are gold and silver.

          Now that is a run-on sentence.

          • And does not decay or corrode. And is easily transportable. And recognised by everybody, everywhere. And exists in quantities that are both rare, but not unobtainable. And is divisable and still maintains it’s value. It’s purrrfect for the job. And no government should be ever allowed to be so arrogant to place a value on it. That’s the peoples pleasure.
            Governments always F*^% things up.

          • You do not know your history. Gold and silver are HIGHLY manipulated “values” and have been for thousands of years.

            In a crash, it will be just as manipulated or even more so. Everyone thinks the “banks are going to go away” which is pure hogwash. Why should they EVER go away? You think computers are “going away”? Or fiat money? Or fractional reserve banking? Or digital money?

            They will NEVER go away. Which makes the ‘investment’ in metal kinda stupid. The banks, computers, digital money, fractional reserve, fiat money and even the hated Fed will never go away — to think otherwise is absolutely ludicrous.

            As for what people “will want, need and require” — do some research. People do not want gold or silver.

            Ever visit a large gun show, where the gold and silver dealers also set up a large display? They can’t get rid of the stuff.

            The only reason people even buy metal is because of all the hype that surrounds it — it is one of the most propagandized products in history.

            But “need”? No. Nobody “needs” gold or silver.

            “Want?” No. Very few people want gold or silver (just try to sell it yourself and see what happens). You must find a dealer. There is also a Youtube video where a guy could not give away a 1 ounce gold coin for a mere $50. He asked a lot of people. Nobody bought it.

            “Require?” No. Nobody requires gold or silver.

            In real life crash scenarios, ALL gold and silver “trade” at junk prices. So what you wind up doing today is paying spot price + whatever markup it is — but then IF there is a currency collapse, it’s worth far, far less then what you thought it would be.

            Junk silver, even junk jewelery is actually worth as much for trade / barter.

            And what are you bartering for? The stuff you REALLY needed — FOOD. Medicine. Fuel. Stuff you should have heavily stockpiled instead of buying useless metal.

            The real smart people are buying tons of storable food for trade / consumption / resale. Other good items are water filters, medicine, alcohol, ammo, spare parts, etc.

            Metal doesn’t even remotely figure into my ‘investments’ because it’s actually near-worthless in a collapse. It is only usable / functional as a investment in a NON-COLLAPSE, and I’d much rather have land, food, water, supplies then a stash of useless metal I can’t get rid of.

            Don’t fall for the constant stream of hype and propaganda that surrounds ‘precious metals’, it’s one of the most manipulated topics of all in the so-called “prepper” movement – and for good reason. They have to do this to get rid of it and try and make a profit. But you’re going to get stuck with this if you buy into their propaganda.

            The world will never return to a gold standard — and if they did — they’d manipulate the price of precious metals just like they do now. Your just as likely to find it instantly devalued by a large percentage. You also risk having it confiscated, making it illegal to own (has happened several times before).

            • Apparently, those posting about gold and silver either have short memories or are too young to remember the ’70s when gold was $250 per ounce and silver was $6 per ounce. In a short time, they each went to more than than $700 and 40 dolars respectively. The prices dropped quickly back to $200/ $6 and remained there for over 30 years. It will just be a matter of time before the FED steps in again and starts selling their stores of gold again to manipulate the PM prices again. Those people selling PMs know this and that is why they are accepting our funny money for what thay claim is a tangible asset. Why would they do this? These people are not stupid. Just evil…

        • I remember reading that the reason for coins having ridges on the edges is because people sometimes filed a little from the edge of gold coins and saved the dust.

        • A few responses:

          Gold has a very long history as a store of value. Apple stock and US dollar funny money does not.

          It doesn’t matter if gold is eventually used as the new currency or not..that’s not the point of holding it. Gold is held as a store of value, not as an alternative currency..there’s a big difference.

          “Chasing gold”…the action we are seeing in gold right now is not indicative of a “bubble”. If you are talking about purchases of the Gold ETF (GLD), well if you are buying THAT then you are not buying gold.

          “Gambling”…much of life is gambling. Buying land, getting married, going off to fight a war, buying gold; those are ALL “uncertain speculations”. Why object to one of them in particular?

          “Precious metals hype”…how about prepper hype IN GENERAL? Look, when “prepping” is popular enough to be A TV SHOW, then something has gone crazy somewhere. I won’t name the ads that I detest the most because they might be advertising HERE, but there are many companies taking advantage of human fear right now, and it’s likely they are making a fortune. I don’t like it much. All I can say is be aware that you are being manipulated by many sources, and use your own judgement in whatever you are doing in life.

      46. Here goes another “un-popular” comment. It’s called: Tread’s Rule for Gold & Silver

        Gold and Silver investments will “only” be worth what someone is willing to pay/trade you for it.

        What if TPTB get their way and totally collapse the dollar? What will the value of PMs be worth if there is no dollar to base it on? Will it be based on the yuan(yen)? Also called the “renminbi” (CNY) which traded for US$ 0.158987 as of January 2012.

        The Euro or a NWO currency? How much food could one get for an ounce of gold when their isn’t enough food to go around? Will the gov. in control allow Gold and Silver to be exchanged as currency or will they take dominion over all PMs under martial law? I don’t know the answers and don’t want to have to live everyday in limbo, wondering. So, I just keep putting my PMs into dried beans and rice,etc. Just bought a wheelbarrow full of nice chicken breasts on sale for .99 cents per lb.; and have some pretty “gold” colored jars full,canned up, and sitting in the “retreat” ready for a SHTF scenario. We will be eating good in the neighborhood, while some will be counting their gold and silver.

        • don’t tread: I’m with you. Like I said FOOD WILL BE WORTH MORE THAN GOLD AND SILVER FOR A LONG TIME.

          • If your forced by present conditions to choose, by all means, choose food and protection.

            But I ask you to consider; If fully stocked, locked and loaded, and you still had cash, what would YOU do with the cash?
            Food for thought. Not meant to be personal in any way. The giants in the world, who do not struggle to eat or find a roof, will look to store their extreme reserves in something. Whatever that is will have to reflect the current value of 164 trillion dollars. That value is now parked in debt of nation states. (t-bills,mortgages,etc.)This debt is about to blow up, and they know it. And WE know it. Thats why we’re here.
            The trick is to fiqure out what that new reserve will be, and get a little. Because a little will be worth a whole lot.
            Gold. (revalued to $164 trillion+ , $55,000+ oz, in today’s value)

            • paper cash in a total socio-economic crash will be worthless except for firestarter – and that includes the once mighty U.S. Dollar… common commodities will take over for a very long time… as has been said, food and other life-supporting essentials, then those items and activities which go into life-supporting essentials… IF PM’s return to being the “new standard”, who will really get to decide the value..?? who will mint coins(if they’re used) and who will value them monetarily..?? ultimetley, it will be the parties involved in any particular transaction who decide how much PM will be sufficient for product or service “X”…

            • @ Rick,

              I agree to a point. “IF” one is “fully” stocked and still has plenty of cash and, don’t need more land for growing crops/wood/wild game etc.; then by all means invest in physical gold/silver.

              If I were in that position and had cash to play with; I’d probably invest in more guns and ammo for bartering with. They do take up more space and require a secure location without moisture, but I can see a possible future where guns and ammo will be worth a lot more than PMs.

              Another thing about planning on using PMs to stay into the gov. controlled monetary system is that we will see, in this generation(I truly believe), a One World currency. To be an active member of that system would require one to exchange their PMs for that currency and therefore signing on to a system controlled by the “beast”. I am a bible believing man and I know God is against the NWO system of the Beast because at it’s very core is evil and greed. It doesn’t matter how much it gets sugar coated and dipped in “political correctness”, it is still against everything God stands for. If a person knows this and believes it, as every man should, he can’t serve two masters. By playing along with the NWO/Beastmaster monetary system, it’s like playing with fire. That fire is one that burns for eternity.

        • Gold has been a remarkably stable store of value for thousands of years. In order to measure that stability, you obviously can’t use the Dollar because it hasn’t been around that long. But you CAN look at historical data to see how much gold person X who lived in Istanbul in 1530 paid for a camel. Or how much gold Darius The Great of Iran paid to purchase a boy slave in the year 525 BCE. That’s basically how it’s done..historical records. But please continue to be one of those “ya can’t eat gold! people”. Won’t bother me in the slightest. We can’t all be kings.

        • Same here. I’ll continue investing into food and other essentials. I have the money to buy silver/gold just don’t see much benefit IMO. I truly believe I will not be here on Earth when the NWO gains a foothold, I’ll be with my Heavenly Father. Until then, my family will eat good and be able to trade what we need to for anything we run out of or discover we need that we don’t already have.

      47. Wasn’t there some fake gold coins out there awhile back, just thinking out loud, be carefull.

        • The rumor was tungsten-filled gold bars..and was never verified by any reliable source. The rumor only continues because people who don’t know anything keep posting about it on message boards.

      48. I was thinking about buying canning supplies. When I looked into it though, it was kind of cost prohibited. For instance the 200.00 canning pot is okay, but the mason jars and lids are so expensive that it seems like buying say, canned condensed milk would be cheaper then canning my own. As for meat, #10 cans aren’t that expensive considering they last 25 years where canning your own only lasts a couple of years (recommended). Can anyone give me some tips on this and where I can find canning supplies cheaper?

        • best buys on jars and lids are usually at Walmart, I’m sorry to say. But you need to remember – they can be re-used, as long as you are careful with the lids when you take them off the jars.

        • Saq , You should try craigslist and want ads. I have bought many for cheap. I have over 400 jars canned with meats, veggies, soups, jellies and jams. I buy a couple of packs of lids every week and have over 2000 set aside for the future. Yard sales are a great way to find some as well. After canning, when the jars are cool, remove the ring and use again. Walmart has a good canner for 65.00. Good luck.

        • Just to add something to consider for canning long term. We have been doing it for years. Not out of necessity, but satisfaction of knowing what is in there; especially, since we grow our own.

          This year we tried some of the Tattler reusable(plastic) lids and so far they have done pretty good. I have used them primarily for tomatoes, since the metal lids sometimes blister over a long period of storage from the acids. Had a few jars of salsa that didn’t seal with the Tattler’s, but I think it was more with my procedures. No problem though, I just refrigerated until we had more stuff to can and ran them through again. So far, everthing that sealed from the first day or two has stayed sealed but we will check them periodically.

          They are kinda pricey, but, we think with time, the reusables will come in handy if things get really bad.

      49. Saq–Big Lots, if you have one, had quart jars for $8.00.
        I have for two years bought lids at DG for $1.25, but not this year–didn’t need any.
        Stocked up plenty.

      50. Sounds like the writer of this article has a vested interest in others buying precious metals. This appears to be nothing more than another marketing ploy using irrational fear to separate sheeple from their money while the writer laughs all the way to the bank, not unlike what the ammo manufacturers have done. The sheeple stumbled over themselves to panic buy ammo thereby driving up prices. Now, do not be surprised if the same thing happens with precious metals. You are people are pathetic. You have an addiction just the meth head on the street corner but are too ignorant to realize it.

      51. @ don’t tread

        i couldn’t agree more… there WILL BE a one-world currency and those left to participate WILL BE REQUIRED to surrender their PM holdings or face nwo punishment… from my personal perspective and belief, there will be a major spiritual event before that comes into being but we will hear rumblings and see the preliminaries laid out for it’s implimentation before we go… the question is how we handle things in the mean time… so, i’ll prep, pray and preach till then

        • You REALLY think the whole world is going to get together and jointly decide to have a currency, when 5 average people can’t even decide where to eat lunch? Why would China agree to any currency arrangement with the US? What’s in it for them? They couldn’t even make the Euro currency work. any by the way, that’s why I’m happy it’s failing. The EU was the first test for a global currency and world government..and it’s failing BADLY. That’s a good thing.

      52. Only idiots buy gold or silver. Nobody needs it; nobody can eat it; nobody can spend it (just try); as a ‘investment’ it only profits the speculators. Hard to exchange for cash; must be timed correctly; you wind up paying the higher, inflated prices on what you need anyway after ‘holding’ the metal for a higher price then what you paid, etc.

        Metal is for fools, pure and simple. Buy what you NEED first and foremost; metal is not even on that list.

        Food, land, water, clothing, essentials — all are far better investments then metal.

      53. My question is when the SHTF wont the government confiscate whatever they want and would we still have ownweship of our homes? Can someone help me out with that. I mean wouldnt they just own the land after all if we cant pay our real estate taxes dont they just seize the property and take ownwership auction it or do as they please with it anyway. So is it fair assume we dont really own our property? Help please?
        I am really concerned will they take my home?

        • You are correct. The only reason you can even claim to own your home is because you have a “deed”…a piece of paper than everyone agrees means something. That deed only has value due to contract law. If the government fails, those contracts MIGHT be honored..and they might not be. Real estate only has a recognized value due to contract law.

          You NEVER really own your land or house, and property taxes are how the government proves that to you. You only “control” the property that you “own” as long as the government lets you. And no, that’s not how I would define a “free country”. Much of the freedom in America is really just propaganda for the masses, to make them loyal, and to make them willing to send their children to die in foreign wars created by profiteers and power-hungry sociopaths. A big part of breaking out of The Matrix is understanding how things are really designed, regardless of how unpopular that truth happens to be. I hope that answers the question:-)

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