Pentagon, Military Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’

by | Nov 22, 2010 | Emergency Preparedness, Marc Faber | 81 comments

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    The majority of Americans believe that recent government intervention into financial markets, the economy and corporate insolvency has reversed the economic downturn which was described by former Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson as being “on the brink” in 2008. The stimulus, bailouts and unrelenting quantitative easing by the Federal Reserve have thus far been perceived as having averted the further erosion of the U.S. real estate and equities markets. And though the Federal Reserve and economic analysts have recently readjusted their economic growth forecasts downward for the next six months, Americans no longer have to worry about, as Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) said on the house floor in October of 2008, the sky falling, multi-thousand point drops in stock markets and martial law in America.

    The recovery – if our government, the Federal Reserve and mainstream media are to be believed – is on the road to recovery – albeit slowly and with some more pain ahead.

    If we’ve “prevented economic collapse” and “avoided the depression many feared,” according to President Obama, inquiring minds are asking why the Pentagon and US Military are actively and aggressively engaged in planning responsive action to large scale economic breakdown and civil unrest scenarios:

    Ever since the crash of 2008 the defense intelligence establishment has really been paying a lot of attention to global markets and how they can serve as a threat to U.S. national security interests. At one upcoming seminar next month they’re taking a look at a lot of the issues.

    source: see CNBC video report below

    According to the report, the Army has spent time on financial market trading floors with JP Morgan and others, in the hopes that they can learn more about how a financial and economic attack may occur, and what the ramifications of such attacks on US stocks and bonds may be.

    The Army, in a year-long war games series called Unified Quest 2011, is looking at a variety of possibilities and how to deal with them, including:

    • the implications of “large scale economic breakdown” inside of the United States
    • how to maintain “domestic order amid civil unrest”
    • and ways to deal with fragmented global power and drastically lower budgets

    Clearly, the U.S. government is making contingency plans to deal with a worst-case, all-out-collapse scenario of not only the economy, but our social and political systems.

    The war gaming, according to reports, began in 2008 at the onset of the economic crisis, but planners from not just the United States, but around the globe, may have been aware of the dire possibility of economic collapse even earlier. It’s well known that the U.S. government as well as foreign counterparts have been preparing bunkers and continuity of government for decades, but recent preparedness activities suggest that the planning in some aspects has been expedited. Anecdotal evidence indicates that the US government has been the leading buyer of freeze died foods for the last couple of years, and private emergency shelter contractors have reported a shortage in equipment and supplies for building personal-sized bunkers.

    In a previous report titled Homeland Security To ‘Regionalize’ Emergency Supplies Over Next 90 Days, we pointed out that FEMA, headed by Department of Homeland Security, is decentralizing emergency supplies from one main distribution facility in Washington D.C. to fifteen regional facilities around the country. Even the Russians and the EU are in high gear. Russia has reportedly begun planning and development of 5,000 new underground bunkers for the city of Moscow scheduled for completion no later than 2012. The EU, in 2006, commissioned the building of a “Doomsday Seed Vault” in a mountainside several hundred feet above sea level. The facility was built and fully stocked with millions of seeds from around the world within 18 months.

    Though the activities of global governments in recent years could potentially be chalked up to standard national security preparedness and contingency planning, the most alarming indicator that the U.S. government is not just looking at one-in-a-million possibilities in terms of economic collapse is the training of several thousand U.S. Army soldiers to respond to domestic policing and enforcement issues that may include evacuation, detainment and riot response. The real possibility of the need to deploy U.S. military under martial law exists, and the U.S. government is spending millions of dollars training and equipping soldiers to do so if necessary.

    For those who may have their doubts about some of the scenarios these soldiers are training for, we point out the sign being held by one of the riot role players below.

    (Photo taken by U.S. Airforce Tech. Sgt. Brian E. Christiansen, North Carolina National Guard at Vigilant Guard training exercise Ft. Richardson, Alaska – April 2010)

    foodnow1More military training exercise pictures and descriptions

    It is hard to imagine an America under an economic attack so serious that the U.S. economy could suffer a collapse that would essentially put an end to the world as we have come to know it. But for those who think rationally, especially given the current malaise in financial markets and the U.S. dollar, the possibility cannot be ruled out.

    As such, any government acting in the interests of national security would take steps to deal with and respond to such an event(s).

    For the average populace prole, however, there may not be any real assistance should something like this occur. First and foremost, any government response to an attack on our financial and economic systems will have the primary goal of maintaining order and the rule of law, as well as continuity of government. This is a given.

    This means that if, for whatever reason, be it a collapse of the US dollar that leads to disruptions in the flow of U.S. food supplies or an economic war that goes “hot” leading to worst-case scenarios like cyber attacks on U.S. infrastructure elements like electric and water utility plants or an EMP attack, the government’s mandate will not be to provide food and security for your family, but rather, for those who are deemed essential to accomplishing the primary goals.

    This means that when and/or if it hits the fan, you’re going to be on your own.

    If you haven’t yet, we recommend taking the advice of FEMA (pdf), who suggest that every family have emergency preparedness supplies on hand, including food and water, for at least a couple of weeks.

    For the hard core “preppers” amongst us, you may have already considered this possibility and the chance that the fallout from an economic collapse may lead to an inability to perform daily transactions with the U.S. dollar,  food supply disruptions, violence and looting, and even a completely ‘down-grid’ where utilities are completely out of service. If you haven’t, what would you do if you awoke to news of a total meltdown in the US dollar – one that led to rejection of the US dollar as a currency for international settlement?

    Will you be the one facing off against highly trained U.S. military personnel holding a “Food Now” sign at an inner city riot?

    The U.S. government and many of their counterparts around the world are getting ready – just in case – maybe you should be too.


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      1. While the Pentagon planners are doing their due diligence in “thinking out every conceivable scenario” and committing PFC John Q. Robot to put down civil unrest (which you know means going through neighborhoods kicking in doors) in East Bumfuck City USA, how long do you think it will be before PFC Robot realizes that no one is guarding his wife/mother/sister/children on the farm out in rural West Bumfuck USA? 

      2. Hopefully it will not take long, Rusty.

        Right now the majority of the police state foot soldiers, from the US Military to the local police, continue to protect the corporation from the people.

        While I hate the idea of a collapse and the struggles, we are far better off if those who currently support and enforce the police state would be forced to protect their own life and property.  Perhaps then they would realize what they were all along.  The biggest part of the problem, and no part of the solution.

      3. This  could end up like Katrina scenario in that police, nat’l guard will refuse to leave their families if it’s bad enough and vacate their duties like the police did in Katrina, as many left the area.  If stores and gas stations, banks, etc. fail to  stay open, it will be total chaos.  Keep your cars gassed up and other essentials. An emp situation would be a nightmare.

        • As a law enforcement officer, my first responsibility is to my family. I will not leave my family vulnerable while saving others. As an Oathkeeper, I WILL NOT be kicking in doors but upholding the oath that I took. And there are many more like me!

          • i.e.o says:
            May 22, 2012 at 12:47 pm
            As a law enforcement officer, my first responsibility is to my family. I will not leave my family vulnerable while saving others. As an Oathkeeper, I WILL NOT be kicking in doors but upholding the oath that I took. And there are many more like me!

            Your sentiments are well taken, your family should come first. I am glad to hear that (many)? of you fellow officers feel the same way as you. The Oathkeepers are our first line of defense for our Constitution. I have recently taken to printing little labels with the email address of the Oathkeepers website printed on them. When ever I am involved in a discussion on this subject with some other person, Vet’s, police officers, active duty military personal, I quietly remove from my handy little note binder a label with that information on it and slip it to them. I would suggest that you and your fellow patriots do the same. Once the word gets out that there is a patriotic organization available with a Code of Conduct that will lead our fellow service members to prevent a potential dictatorship, a resistance movement will be assured.
            Have you noticed that every damn one of our politicians love to exclaim at the end of their speeches, God Bless America???? And you never hear any of them ever say, “God Save our Constitution” If your so inclined, go to and take a look at the party platform…….. You might be surprised at what you see………..
            De Oppresso Liber.

          • Not enough like you good fellow, esp in regards to the door kicking in. There will be shoot outs on both sides b/c many will be armed & may win more battles than police us eto no resistance imagine. Sad…

      4.  No matter what happens never blink…and never say die.

      5. I hope it never comes to that: kicking in doors.  I’ve thought about what hardware would be required to secure a door with two boards. 

      6. Never stand in large crowds waiting to protest.

      7. Along with your food and fuel and guns, etc – get some colloidal silver stored up so you have something to fight pandemic, infections, etc.

        Not much can stand up to MesoSilver (no I don’t sell it, just use it) – keep at least a gallon on hand!!!

      8. I’ve been watching for the past 2 years, Military spec. Vehicles being shipped into My state, Truck loads.
        Not only Humvee type..Bigger and more along the lines of what you would see out on the “frontlines”…. personel carriers..

        I really wonder how a “smart” cop would think if a total SHTF senario played out?..
        and anyone “busting” down my door will be met with like force, I dont care if i go out..Im not going alone and if they come with force , they will be met with force.
        I wonder if they are really ready to deal with that?
        These “enforcers”, are they really ready to give their lives for this tyranical government? Wonder how fast they would change their mind when stepping over a number of thier “buddies” who came before them?..
        It gets ugly, really really fast.
        and if they are the ones to push the buttons..they will get what they came for, and then some.
        no bravado..just an American that wont let them tread on me

        • Good point! Not too mention, while they’re kicking-in neighbor #1’s door, neighbor #4 across/down the street may very well be shooting them in the ass. We NEED to stick together!

      9. forgot one thing

        Oath takers….remember your Oath…and who is the rightful owner of this government.

        Clue…It aint them

      10. Some of you worry way to much about the police. It’s all most a joke. Don’t break the law. Take a deep breath and enjoy life.  If the shtf, someone has to try to gain control back.  I sure don’t want a street full of nuts with guns.

        VRF, what state are you in that has all those military trucks and stuff being shipped in, if I may ask??  I live in Arkansas..

      12. U r a joke old man.

      13. Don’t worry about it old man.  Stay home and watch dancing with the stars .  You’ll just get in the way.

      14. heading north out of Ohio into Michigan.,
        But we do have military bases up here too..Just seems like i see more equipment than usual.
         they were Stryker type vehicles, personnel carriers

      15. old man – don’t forget to keep 911 on your speed dial.  maybe they will show up after your dead…….

      16. You have to admit. Dancing with the stars has some fine looking women. 

        • Musr be rough to not see well. I heard they had an “it” or two this season,.

      17. We are at WAR , people. You will see all kinds of Army, stuff on the road. When the Army comes for you. You will know it. Most of you want know what hit you. Like I said before. Enjoy life.  When it’s time you will know it. Most of you will shit in your pants, cry for you mommy or just freeze and be shot holding your weapon to damn scared to fire back. War is not fun guys. Pray every night you don’t see it.

      18. Hey, old man, here’s an example of someone not breaking the law, yet they still get the shaft:

        Tonya Craft case in North Georgia

        Or how about this couple who had their home taken, I don’t think they’re able to enjoy life without a care, and these are just two examples out of thousands:

        A Tale of Brutality, Theft, and Judicial Misconduct

        Support Your Local Army of Occupation

        I don’t know why, but I guess some people are A-ok with the new, Fallujah, U.S.A.

        • From that “Falluja” blog;
          ~Anchorage resident David Zellmer was treated to a display of that mindset on the front porch of his home after an encounter with an animal control officer. Zellmer wasn’t inclined to answer questions about his dog, so the dog catcher returned with three police officers in tow. In an transparent effort to bully their way into Zellmer’s home without a warrant or probable cause, the officers demanded his ID. Zellmer — who recorded the exchange — offered to retrieve it, but the officers insisted that they be allowed into his home.

          “You guys can stay out here and I’ll go and get it,” Zellmer told them.

          “Actually, we’re going to go inside with you,” one of the tax-fattened functionaries asserted.

          “No, you’re not, unless you have a warrant,” Zellmer replied.

          “I don’t need a warrant,” lied the armed tax-grazer.

          Eventually one of the heroes in blue held up his portable torture toy.

          “You see that red dot?” he sneered. “That’s a Taser. You don’t want that.”

      19. Let’s get on with it. Our government is worthless – gonna take lots of blood from patriots to solve.

        Lock n Load

        Several hundred miles above sea level? I didn’t know mountains could go that high. Are you sure?

        • It read several hundred feet not miles.

      21. “…the government’s mandate will not be to provide food and security for your family, but rather, for those who are deemed essential to accomplishing the primary goals.”

        I found this statement to be insightful, and particularly important to those who believe that they are (and will be) protected within a cocoon of government security.

        If something like this occurred, it will unfold like a military operation. All non-essential persons will be on their own until and when things are restored (if at all), and those non-essentials that disrupt, will be a target.

        The best action in my opinion will be to lay low, and blend in, while keeping your preps secretive except to those whom you specifically wish to reveal or help.

      22. North out of Ohio into Michigan? Probably staging equipment for use in Detroit, Dearborn, and Flint.

        I know! Sure,why wasn’t it my first thought? Obviously intended to keep a mass migration of French Canadians out of the US! Sure, that’s it! Obummer is finally going to Seal The Border!

        How did I miss that one?

        • Durango Kidd,

          Are you east of Mancos ….or north of Farmington?
          You are on the right track—enjoy your posts.

      23. VRF and Durango…take a big deep breath…..they’re not coming to boot your door….yet………..With all the deploying that Reserve and NG units have been doing since ’03, there is always equipment moving around.  VRF, you’re just noticing it more cause your paying attention.
        In the past 5 years, my local unit, and my department haven’t been doing any more “urban” training than we have done for 20+ years.
        As far as the article, if things got bad enough, there would be alot of us not showing up for work and staying with our families……….

      24. “in a mountainside several hundred miles above sea level.”

        WTF, Everest is like 6 miles high. Where exactly are these several hundred miles high mountains, exactly.

        Just asking…

      25. VRF, do you honestly believe that in any of these scenarios, military police are going to give two shits about you? Busting in your door with force to…what? Steal your bullets? They have plenty and none of them are for you.

        Tyrannical government? Anxious much? Old man has presented the most logical viewpoint in my opinion. In such a shit situation I’d prefer a trained soldier restoring order, towards a working government, over a crazed trigger happy citizen.

      26. Old Man, I agree with you.  I do believe we are headed for a collapse, but the government won’t have the money to keep much of a police force up and running.  Oakland for example has already made huge cuts in its police budget.  When the SHTF the police won’t be breaking down doors.  They probably won’t be there at all.


        My husband and I have a rally spot if for any reason he can’t get home …and if phones aren’t working…so many scenarios that we know where to meet if our vehicles run.

        November 22nd, 2010 at 8:14 pm
        heading north out of Ohio into Michigan.,
        But we do have military bases up here too..Just seems like i see more equipment than usual.
         they were Stryker type vehicles, personnel carriers

        seems normal enough…but I’m 40 miles from Ft Campbell, ky..and about twice a week for two months, the cargo plane flies over with two helicopters practicing refueling…maybe just normal for the army there, but makes me really edgy!!!

      29. excellent discussion all. Thanks for the great comments.

        John – I updated the “several hundred miles” to “several hundred feet.” My bad – I  missed it in the proofread.

      30. Mark – when i read “several hundred miles”, first thing I thought of was “Ring World”, by David Niven. The ring was huge, like 1m earths around or something with mountains 1,000 miles high.

      31. It was just an observation people..Jeazus, relax.
        Im not out to defend the State or the country single handedly, or dis arm the cops or the swat teams..and i could really care less what this BS government does..Im taking care of Business here on my own property, Thats my prioraty, and my obligation
        All I was saying is if they come with force they should be met with force. period.
        You dont have your own people shooting and taking its citizens lifes and rights , and lay down for that, unless your a coward and dont stand for what this country is about.
        If you want to sit and watch a stupid show on TV while they strip you of your freedoms and the hard work you have done, than fine..
        I just dont, I couldnt live with myself knowing I didnt stand up for what I believe in.
        I would rather be a dead patriot than an alive coward, sucking on the government tit, and buying all their nonsense
        Si Vis Pacem Parabellum

      32. I think people will try to keep working for a while. None of us want to lose our jobs, and most of us will work for nothing for a while hopeing, and praying things might get a little back to normal. If we quit to early we will be fearfull of not getting our job back.
        The initial riots will be at the food stores. The police will be PLENTY busy keeping order at gas stations and supermarkets.

        After a Hurricane here,, our area lost all power, ONE GAS STATION,, had power and gas. The line was about a mile long, and just one National Guard with an M16 stood out front. Everyone was in perfect order.. just one guy with a gun was all it took to remind people to stay calm and civil

      33. Sittinguy, would be interesting to know how that national guard is doing.  I wonder if he has a big head now or realizes what he got into?  There was only problems in New Orleans during Katrina wasn’t there?  Didn’t Katrina effect the entire Gulf Coast?

      34. I’ll bet he didn’t have any ammo!!!!!!!!!  Or a radio.  He was on his own….

      35. To VRF:  What state do you live in?  I doubt there is any positioning of military equipment with the intent of being used to quell rioting.  It is more likely the military equipment you see is being stored, repaired or deployed.  These baseless claims of potential military force used to oppress Americans is bizarre.

      36. (North/South Korea) World War 3 has begun. This was the act the world has been anticipating.

      37. Our Government would never raise a finger to hurt a US citizen.
        They are there to guide us in the right direction.  It is the illegals and other ethnic groups that we need to worry about.  We need to listen to our Government like the word of God.  We have a lot to learn from them.  They know what is best for us and they will be there to feed and cloth us when we need it. 

        Obama/Clinton 2012

        • ya you keep thinking that your goverment will take care of you !! get a life you lib.

          • Ummm… I think he was being ironic.

      38. wow mushroom, i never read a more naive comment on a page like this haha

      39. As usual Mushroom rises out of every pile of shit Obama excretes.  Hey Mushroom, in case you forgot the Clintons and their attorney Janet Reno were responsible for the fiery deaths of men, women, and children at the Mount Carmel compound Waco Texas.    You and old man should shack up in Washington D.C. with the rest of the doomed federal government.    You know, keep all the socialist assholes in one place.

      40. Don’t ever count on government employees (and YES, this certainly includes the military) …doing the ‘right’ thing.   Bottom line is that they need a paycheck and most likely couldn’t ever make it in private industry (hence the reason they flocked to gov employment in the first place). So these people are dangerous by virtue of being quite wiling to sell their services and soul for a meal ticket.

        Gov goons is yet another obstacle in the post SHTF world you’ll have to deal with.  One favor in our favor is that these folks will probably dropout quickly if they’re not getting paid. And that is the governments Achilles heel. Once govie runs out of resouces they get “stuck in the mud”.  And isn’t lack of resources/lack of funding/lack of everything  going to be the dominate theme in the world going forward … a post peak oil, 7 billion consumers, bankrupt world.

        Let’s see  how the TSA goons can last once the amount of folks flying declines considerably. Likewise for all the other Gov agencies went the incoming revenue drops like a rock.

        Factor in the states going bankrupt and their outright hostility then to federal gov mandates that ramp up their cost …and you set the stage for a Mad Max kinda world of no central control.

        Truth be told …. I’d much rather take my chances in that scenario than have an overbearing, repressive, 1984 style, brave new world  government dictating my every move and taxing me thru every orifice.

        The ‘best’  (read … least worst) future lies with ‘starving the beast’.

        Let’s make it so.

        • This is how I see it as well. However, I don’t see a Mad Max scenario except in pockets or areas with large numbers of former welfare recipients and state dependents with entitlement mentalities. For the most part, I believe in a newly decentralized world, people will form groups to maintain their own “continuity” and protection.
          I, like you, prefer this to a 1984 world any day. I’d rather take my chances than live like a slave.

      41. @GoneWithTheWind
        “These baseless claims of potential military force used to oppress Americans is bizarre.”

        You’re probably right about the military equipment. But to say that claims of force by military against it’s own people is baseless,  is absurd. History is full of that sort of thing. Waco and Ruby Ridge are but 2 shining examples.

      42. JackWebb:  Of course history is replete with examples but that is like saying humans eat and procreate; it is part of our being that some oppress and some fight back.  If we merely based our decision on what has happened in history the we would always be afraid and never accomplish anything.  What I was getting at is there are no legitimate examples of our military or our government planning to subjegate the population or set up concentration camps.  People who make these claims either have read it on some crazy web site or are lying through their teeth.   These claims are outright lies and are indeed bizarre.   To be honest I would love to find a real example of what is claimed.  I researched many of the claims of FEMA camps and not one panned out.   Here is the problem; there are a lot of strange people out there and if enough people parrot these looney lies some of these strange people might be incited into doing something irrational.  I don’t want to be part of making up bizarre lies to incite strange people into irrational acts.  Do you?

        Show me anything that would support these wild ass claims and I will change my mind on this.

        As for Ruby Ridge and Waco these were two thuggish acts by law enforcement and there was no pre-placement of military equipment or FEMA concentration camps set up to make us all afraid.  Similar but less publicized law enforcement failures happen often but there is no big conspiracy to enslave us all.   We don’t need to all be beating the war drums out of boredom.  Our government is indeed trying to increase taxes, spending and their bureaucracy but they are not sitting in smoke filled rooms  planning some massive Stalin style massacre or mass starvation.

      43. the scum have plans to kill civilians, and anyone who writes in this blog otherwise is a traitor and a piece of cointelpro shit. aim for the armpits, the neck area, and the groins when you do have to shoot. there is no body armor in those locations. we’ve been under Martial Law since that pile of shit puppet, George ‘couldn’t fly a kite let alone an F-102 fighter jet) was puppet in command of this torture gulag. Look up the two E.O.’s that the bastard signed for his zio turd slave, Addington, on Sept 14, 2001, more or less putting the U.S. into perpetual MARTIAL LAW without the formal declaration. This negro puppet signed the same shit on Sept 14th. of this year, too. We are IN MARTIAL LAW NOW. wake up. and do not fire till you see a clear neck, armpit or crotch shot. those will take them down. When the time comes, shoot straight, and do not confront these scum head on. Kill them from the bushes. Nail their traitorous asses from places they cannot return the fire into. and restore the nation to RULE OF LAW by ending the rule of these nazi son’s of bitches. Do it without fear, and do it knowing that the founding fathers would fight them with you if they were alive today.

        We wil prevail.

      44. I hope that the government does not use this opportunity to try and disarm everyone but I believe they will.  There are numerous foreign troops in the USA being trained for this very operation. They won’t have grandma in Pittsburg to worry about.  They will be shot by those who do not want to be owned by the government.  It is better to die fighting standing up then live on your knees in chains.  Save the republic.

      45. Just remember that it’s the Jews who are engineering all of this tyranny. Everybody and his goldfish knows that they did 911 so that they could create the DHS which is run by Jews and uses minority thug footsoldiers.

      46. Lots of arguments and counter arguments on the potential motives of our government & military…

        Odd to me that the debate centers around one of two positions.
        1)  The military will be busting down doors to disarm/control the peace
        2)  The military will be too concerned with their own families to care

        I’m not military but know many and the common theme among them seems to be that they don’t plow ahead hastily.  If the military is training for collapse scenarios, honestly, they would be wasting their time, as any collapse wouldn’t be localized or regionalized, but would be national.  Not even conceivable for our military to begin to try to formulate a plan to maintain “nation-wide” peace in the streets.  Not enough man power by a factor of 1000’s.  But since they allegedly are training, might that training be for show?  What I’m suggesting is that in a collapse scenario,  a small portion of the military gets diverted to a few “hot spots” and coincidentally the media shows up with a dozen cameras to each location, and documents the “struggle” the military is facing trying to keep the peace…When in reality, TPTB aren’t looking for peace and control, but a complete free-for-all.  The easiest way to subdue America is not Jack-booting door-to-door, but inflate the currency, create food shortages & massive inflation, crash the currency then sit back and let America destroy itself from within.  With no less then 50% of this country on welfare, a massive illegal immigration problem, broken families, and a defunct currency…You’ve got yourself a Kegger that will EXPLODE.  Heck, you don’t even have to stretch your imagination to envision what any urban area would look like in this situation.  Our citizens practically ransack any town that happens to win a World Title in Basketball, baseball or football or when OJ was acquited or because it is a Tuesday etc etc.
        The military is training to be perceived AS THE GOOD GUY.  Standing by, trying their best as they “oversee & try to prevent” the impending chaos (at least that’s how they’ll be presented by the controlled media).  All the while, citizens will turn on each other for a piece of bread, and then the shooting begins…A few months later, TPTB will be facing a depleted, starved and exhausted population of desperate Americans who can no longer stand the thought of killing their neighbor for basic necessities.  They then proffer some solution (probably a worldwide one, and even possibly at the behest of an Anti-Christ) which guarantees a way out of this mess…Anyone not agreeing to this solution will be deemed an extremist, or worse traitor and an enemy of the state and will be forcibly converted or exterminated.  Game over…

        • Exactly right, “dad”. And if they feel the population is too big to handle, there will be a pandemic to thin-out the numbers, via germ laden chem trails.

        • So is there much need for prepping in the scenario you have outlined?

      47. Comments…..old man-get lost coward!i agree with most comments here about taking down foreign scumbags,i will be doing the same,also to the ELITIST,youand your families will also be a target!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      48. The InfraGard is already in place to protect the vital infrastructure  of the U.S.   I don’t believe that protecting people is of any importance to this organization.    You might want to look into who in your area is a part of this organization.  In an emergency/collapse situation they will may have more authority/connections and power than the average elite.
        In early 2008, Matthew Rothschild reported in the journal The Progressive that there were 86 chapters and 23,000 InfraGard members in various businesses involved in critical infrastructure in the United States, and that one InfraGard member had stated that he had been told in private that in the event of martial law being declared in the United States, the InfraGard members would have the right to “shoot to kill” and would not be prosecuted for this.[3] The FBI has denied this, stating that “InfraGard members have no extraordinary powers and have no greater right to ‘shoot to kill’ than other civilians.”[6] <snip>

      49. Having worked with holiday support the troops groups I know that over half of our military service men have no family support, no one at home to run home to to protect.  If you are counting on the troops running home to save Ma and Pa and the kids to keep the door kicking to a minimum realize that at least half don’t have such a home to run to.  now when thinking baout meeting force with force and that the troops will have to come at you over the bodies of their fallen comrads realize those boys you just layed out are the only family those next boys have and you just slayed them.  it won’t be pretty when the turn a couple Ma-Dueces loose on your house and family.  Better to hide the women and kids in the cellar along with the food and look as poor and helpless as possible until they are gone.  now if you are expecting the troops to realize that they shoudl disobey orders to harras civilians think again.  the USMC has sampled the Corps annually in regard to “would you obey an order to disarm and suppress civillians excersizing their second ammendment rights?  10 years ago the answer was 80% “no that would be an unlawful order.”  last year when asked 80% said “yes sir.”

        • Are you serious Helix………….? You must be talking about the local Wayward Boys Orphanage in your homtown. Soldiers, sailors and airman do in fact “HAVE” families.I think your off your meds dude.

      50. well, Helix, methink you iz a disinfo shill for Dept. of HomoLand Suckurity, that’s what me thinks. Or a Mossad shill, or a Pentagon Shill.

        we’ll see how it works out when the first civilians are shot in the streets.  96 hours after that, most american troops on the streets will either be dead or in hospitals, recovering from serious bullet wounds and firebomb burns.

      51. Helix: Of course these young lads will be doing as they’re told and sticking together to uphold the only structure and order many of them have ever known. One would be naive to assume less than this. Good onsight.

      52. When our Congress and Senate refuse to quit spending more than they take in, the result is bankruptcy.   Everyone knows you can not print money to pay the interest on the borrowed money.  This is called monetizing the debt.  It leads to hyperinflation.  For those in Loma Linda that is 100% inflation each day or more.  When the money is worthless, they will print new money with lots of zeros on it.  A thousand yen is worth less than 10 dollars.  Can you remember when it was worth much more?  When a hundred can buy milk, then will you purchase milk or gasoline or give up and stay home because you don’t have enough for anything any more.  The best thing that could happen is a really Great Depression.  In this case, the poor will be dirt poor.  Right now our poor sit in public housing with food stamps watching cable TV .   There are now many homeless people and tent cities.  The highest percentage of people ever is on food stamps.  Many have quit looking for work and no longer receive unemployment so they are not counted as unemployed.  The unemployment rate goes down and they say everything is better.   The US government and the liberal media are lying to the people.  They can not hide the truth from those who have nothing any longer.

      53. @ Yeah Right:  Being called a shill is a new one on me.  If you really think anything I said in my comment above makes me sound like a shill it is clear you did not understand my sentiments.  Maybe you should ask one of the big boys or girls to read it and explain it to you. 

      54. You nuts with your guns are what we have to worry about.
        I’m going to lay low and help my community get through it, You should too.
        They Will take your guns, and your hoards of food, don’t forget you all have been talking about what you’re going to do for years and your neighbors know it.

      55. Furthermore If you go killing all of our troops who will fight the Canadians?

      56. I have planned to go down to our Police Dept and have a talk with these guys. Over the past few years we’ve had nuisance neighbors but that actually turned out to be a blessing bc the cops were involved enough to get to know us really well. They are aware that we are smart citizens and assets to our small town. I became good friends with our old cheif of police.
        My plan is to talk to them briefly- hopefully they won’t think I am nuts- and let them know that we are preparing for the coming crisis and we ain’t goin’ nowhere. That we expect them to uphold their oath, and to stand on our side and protect our Consitutional Rights. To hell with any orders they recieve from above. If the SHTF really violently, then I think it’s even possible the cops will be too worried about their own families to get involved in any mayhem. We may be on our own! Good luck to all! I wish I knew many of you so we could put together a survival group…

      57. Carpenterbee:  I have to say I think that is a very poor plan.  No matter how sane and measured you think that will come accross it will put you on their nut list.  Keep your preps secret and if the SHTF and you can still trust them you’ll know.  if not you won’t have revieled yourself as a potential target.  Just my .02

      58. *chuckling*… I know, Helix. I guess you’re right. Thanks for the feedback. That would probably only go well in a perfect world. It just pisses me to think our own police would have their heads in the sand!  We are pretty much on our own out here.
        We live in a town of about 29,000, one 1/2 hour north of  L.A.  This is a town with lots of latin farmworkers (working poor), probably 25%; bluecollar middle class about 70%. I hope we will be safe when the SHTF.  Comments welcome.
        We all have the same big question: When?!
        Every time I hear or read Bullseye Bernanke or Geithner, an abrupt collapse seems more imminent, rather than a slow drawn out depression.  The more “placating” or outlandish their comments become, that’s when you know its coming closer. Scariest thing I’ve Geithner say: “We will not devalue the U.S. dollar”…
        Bernanke says a little bit of inflation is good. He “fears” DEflation. Well, I’m watching him closely! You can count on an outcome totally opposite to what he says!

      59. @ carpenterbee: I’d consider moving farther out if you can Idaho sounds pretty good.  If we really do have a SHTF moment it won’t take more than about a day for LA to devolve into a Katrina/superdome type situation.  (I’m in a symilar situation out side of Seattle.)  When that happens a flood of hungry desparate people will hit the small surrounding towns and plunder whatever they can.  A 25 miles is only is about a 7 hour walk.  It will probably take longer than that for their ammo to run out and for your real tactical advantage to kick in.  And while hungry and scared they won’t be innefective in a combat situation yet.  that first 3 or 4 days will be really hairy in socal more than most places.  The masses will be bad enough but add to that the high concentration of gangs that will flood into the small surrounding towns and you have a recipee for a living hell for a long time. 

        Remember a SHTF moment doesn’t have to be the big nationwide collapse.  At this point another northridge magnatude quake could be enough to get your area spiraling out of control especially if it were to happen during the hieght of sumer and damage crital water and power utilities.  All of the centralizaiton of DHS’ disaster management that has happened since 911 won’t speed up the process of getting aid to an urban center in crisis as we saw with the other L.A.  I hope you have considered some significan’t security measures for your property including physical access denial as well as a good quantity of ammo.  I know high cap mags are a no-no in your state so I hope you have a lot of 10 rounders handy.     

      60. to the cops and soldiers. dont take these insane orders defend your families, or your base.  imagine mogadishu x1000 should the cops/mil attack us civilians. 

      61. i have a home and property with the very busy tucson / texas railroad tracks out back. i see trains all day and hear them all night. they carry wind turbines to texas and overseas containers bound for the LA ports. nothing mil spec..

      62. The dollar is going to collapse, but the economy doesn’t necessarily have to go down with it. If the legal tender laws are repealed, then market participants will no longer be *forced* to use -political- money. Instead, they’ll be able to immediately switch to =market= money – things that actually meet the definition of money. That’s why it’s so important to get the Free Competition in Currency Act of 2011 (H.R. 1098) passed. For preppers who also engage in civic action, actively supporting H.R. 1098 is a strategic activity.

      63. @Nathan Hale and Patriot: your last name wouldn’t be Lanza, would it ?

      64. The final nail in the coffin was the 2012 election. Farm animals want food, and that’s what they were promised. The constitution has been used as toilet paper by the slugs in Washington for years. They can’t even vote on a single law without adding 300 amendments to it. If you want a view of things to come, just rewind your DVR and watch the military lock-down of Boston after the bombing. Who is going to have a chance against that? I hope there are a whole bunch more Patriots around than it appears. Can we all just join hands (rifles strapped on shoulders) and walk the UN into the Atlantic? The Obama’s won’t even notice, they’re on vacation again!

      65. The final nail in the coffin was the 2012 election. Farm animals want food, and that’s what they were promised. The constitution has been used as toilet paper by the slugs in Washington for years. They can’t even vote on a single law without adding 300 amendments to it. If you want a view of things to come, just rewind your DVR and watch the military lock-down of Boston after the bombing. Who is going to have a chance against that? I hope there are a whole bunch more Patriots around than it appears. Can we all just join hands (rifles strapped on shoulders) and walk the UN into the Atlantic? The Obama’s won’t even notice, they’re on vacation again!

      66. How did this prediction work out for you?

      67. Pentagon, Military Actively War Gaming ‘Large Scale Economic Breakdown’ and ‘Civil Unrest’


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