Doom Economist’s Asset Protection Strategy: Buy A Machine Gun… and a Tank

by | Nov 9, 2012 | Marc Faber | 453 comments

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    When most economists talk about asset diversification they’ll often recommend a portfolio of stocks, bonds and cash.

    Marc Faber, however, isn’t your everyday mainstream economist.

    Appropriately named Dr. Doom for his past predictions of coming market chaos and global economic destruction, Faber has long recommended a different strategy. From high voltage fences and barbed wire  to heavily weighted allocations of precious metals and raw farmland, he’s seen the writing on the wall since before the crash of 2008. He not only warned subscribers of his Gloom Boom & Doom Report to exit financial markets in early 2008, but called for a market rebound on the exact day of its 2009 lows.

    Faber is a student of history, economics, and monetary policy, and he has an almost prophetic ability to see what’s coming next.

    This week he offered investors and concerned Americans another “buy” recommendation – one that you’ll never hear from your favorite financial adviser or media pundit.

    I would have thought that the market on his re-election should have been down at least 50%.

    I think Mr. Obama is a disaster for business, is a disaster for the United States. Not that Mr. Romney would be much better, but I think the Republicans understand the problems of excessive debt better than Mr. Obama. who basically doesn’t care about piling up debts. And you also have in the background Mr. Bernanke, who with artificially low interest rates enables the debt to essentially escalate endlessly.

    They should buy themselves a machine gun…I need to buy a tank. 

    …look, we have manipulated markets. Whenever you manipulate markets, you will get unintended consequences.

    I think the reelection of Mr. Obama is an unintended consequence of money printing, that favors the so- called, I wouldn’t even call them the 1%, the so-called quarter of a percent. It was easy for the Democrats to attack the wealthy fat cats of Wall Street, the elite, and the privileged people to portray them as a profiteer of the system, which to some extent, they are. Not because they wanted to, but Mr. Bernanke enabled them to be profiteers.

    We have a situation where you have today Mr. Obama, I doubt he will stay at the presidency for another four years. I think there will be so many scandals, but that’s another story.

    …there is so much smoke, I suppose there is some fire.

    Video via Zero Hedge, Financial Survival Network

    The train has derailed. It’s flying through the air at 100-plus miles per hour, and there is no way to get it back on the track. When it finally hits the ground it’s going to cause a level of destruction never before seen in our lifetimes.

    Faber may be joking about the machine gun, but only a little. He, like many others, understands what happens when financial and economic systems meltdown on a massive scale.

    You think Americans digging through the trash scrounging for food after a hurricane is bad? Wait until the devastation spans from coast to coast. Paradigm shifts of this  magnitude come with riots, starvation and bloodshed, and you can be guaranteed that if events culminate in this way you’ll wish you had a machine gun.


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      1. He’s always interesting and rarely right.

          • I found odd that list corporation that were lay off were in medical business. Who in long run with more people insured would need their products.

            • from what I understand there is a penalty within the obamacare bill for medical innovation.

            • Medical businesses rely on high prices per item sold. Obamacare would restrict that tightly due to pressure on doctors/hospitals from insurance companies. The medical businesses also have to provide insurance to all full-time employees now, no matter what. This increases their costs.

              I foresee companies letting go of full-time workers, and replacing them with contractors* and part-time workers instead. Those who cannot will simply slow down and stop hiring altogether until profits catch up with costs.

              * contractors now have to provide their own individual insurance, or else face fines of $3,000/year… and they don’t really get to pick what kind of insurance they get.

            • Obama’s crap plan includes the requirement that all medical facilities go to EMR (electronic medical records). The docs HATE EMR, but will get financial penalties if they don’t change to it.

              I have worked as a medical transcriptionist for 20 years — used to be a decent way to provide for a family. Now, I work for less than minimum wage as a “sweatshop” medical transcriptionist after their transition to voice recognition programs, which pays us less than 1/4 of what we used to make — they time you on a clock and you are not allowed to move from your desk for hours because you have to produce 250-300 lines an hour…and if you think that’s easy, you are wrong. Do you know the difference between alveolar and alveolate? or dysphagia or dysphasia? And if you think they can’t come up with ways to “show” that they are paying you more than minimum wage, then you are delusional.

              And if you believe voice recognition works well with your medical records — think again. I have seen so many machine-generated errors where medications are concerned, it is truly frightening. The program cannot recognize the difference between two sound-alike meds that could mean YOUR life.

              I have actually seen voice rec programs translate what the doc said into this: The patient friend mark 38-year-old work. (WHAT IS THAT?)…did you know hospitals have to hire us through a transcription company to FIX the crap their stinkin’ stupid program spews out, but at 1/4 of what we used to make.

              I have one more year of this and then I’m outta here.

              • You are spot on about EMR (Electronic Medical Records). I finally shut down my practice, and still am paying 1,338.24 a month for Nextgen EMR software for 4 more years. The software is a POS which I never would have purchased 2 years ago if the government hadn’t been forcing me to. The problem is the government is screwing me over in so many other ways that I finally had to close, and this EMR legacy was the insult to injury.

                Nextgen distances itself from the useless crap it sells, (knowing that the government forces doctors to buy it it doesn’t really have to clean up its software), by selling the contract to Key Equipment Corporation, a subsidiary of Key Bank. (Does this sound like securitization of toxic mortgages and selling them off to get them off the originating bank’s (Goldman Sachs et al) books?)

                So next time you see an outrageous doctor bill, you may reconsider what many doctors are quietly facing.

                • Just stop participating in all areas of life for 4 years.

                  Spend nothing until Obama is out.

            • Unfortunately, there is now a more extensive list of layoffs.

              Share This Massive List Of Post-Election Firings And Layoffs With Everyone You Can


              Also, announced yesterday…

              Obama Administration Shuts Down Oil Drilling Out West…

              “The Interior Department on Friday issued a final plan to close 1.6 million acres of federal land in the West originally slated for oil shale development.”


          • I know the ass in chief is a disaster for business. His life goal is to bring small business down and make us all beg for scraps. The guy in office is a sociopath and if you don’t believe it then look up his childhood. He was not born here, he was raised by extremist communists (his Grandparents) his Mother was a psycho communist sympathizer who abandoned him and his Father was a socialist who believed in taxing the rich 100% and did not want any one person to own their own land, and he also abandoned him. He spent seven years learning the muslim religion and his mentors were all progressive NWO psychopaths. His wife is at the very least an American hater, a socialist, a femi nazi and an angry black woman.

            Ask the American people who they would relate to more while sharing a beer, and guess what, the dumb asses pick the dictator. That is why we are in so much trouble and in my opinion, these people who voted him in and who idolize him are nothing but greedy, lazy, mindless morons. It is us against all of them, just like in the zombie movies. Stock up, enforce your perimeters and get ready for all hell to break loose.

            • The “dumbasses” all polled that Romney was better on the debt and economy, foreign relations. They then polled that they “felt” Zero understood them better, they “liked” him.

              Feelings….oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, feelings….

              So much for having the capacity to think critically and live a life that shows it. Those who let their feelings run their life will out vote you.

              Your assessment of who voted for him is right on!

            • I don’t really see examples of “pysco” and sociopathic behavior or background in your post.  Just a lot of hate.  We really need to stay on track and keep prepping.  Don’t get sidelined by politicians who are all alike.  This sort of hateful rant marginalizes our cause.  It makes us look stupid, crazy and racist.  A lot of legit people who want info read these post.  They may go away thinking that if they have to live with us, who wants to survive.

              • I do hate the psychopathic scum because he just robbed my kids of a future, whether you want to say it makes me look crazy or stupid is your problem.  He is a nut ball and he is a minion of the devil. I don’t give a shit how it makes me look, just think about your life four more years from now.  I think about my kid’s lives, I am mad as hell and I have a right to be.  Maybe if enough read this, they will get as mad as I am right now because if they have kids or grandkids then they should be as outraged as I am. I will write whatever I want to, after all is this not free speech?

                The children will be saddled with insurmountable debt, they will not have the freedom to own a gun, they will not have the freedom to own land, they will not have the freedom to spit on the street unless the anointed says so. Just remember, he wants to be permanent leader of the world, if that is not a sociopath then  you tell me what is.

        • I believe old Mr. Faber is pretty well set up in the arms area, just a hunch I have!

          • There’s an old saying that for alot of weapons a machine gun is just a little filing away!

            • Good advice. Because the machine gun “freeze” of 1986 artificially limited the supply of machine guns available to civilians, prices have increased 5 to 10-fold, even higher for particularly worthwhile models. Good investment.

              Then again, in the coming times, the liberation of such weapons from non-civilians may just increase the supply to us, the good guys. Prices just might crash.

              • For personal defense, don’t get too enamored of machine guns: they chew up ammunition at a frightening rate and if you don’t manage to kill your enemy with the first burst, you’re out 30 bullets (or more) and have to reload while he’s firing back at you. Movies always make machine guns look like a device for massacring crowds, but in reality having one means you’re only likely to slaughter one guy at most before you have to reload.

                For taking out multiple enemies, a handgun with a long clip or a shotgun that can hold a lot of shells is likely to serve you a lot better; and the best defense against multiple enemies is to have multiple friends with guns of their own on your side.

                About the only use I could see for having a machine gun in real life would be having one mounted on the roof of your house to defend against a huge riot or a full-fledged military assault; and if you were likely to be in that kind of situation, the more prudent course of action would be to move out and find yourself better lodgings before things get to that point.

                Military-grade weapons don’t always convert so well to being used for personal defense as you might think. That’s one reason why practically nobody has a flame-thrower even though it’s perfectly legal to own one: even organized crime has no use for flame-throwers, because who wants to burn down his own building accidentally while fighting off invaders? If you want heavy weaponry, stick to what works, and get yourself one of those AK-47s; they’re the ultimate grunt rifle, and as such nobody has to be very skilled or clever to use one.

                • The primary reason “military” weapons don’t convert to civilian use has little to do with the weapon and has far more to do with the operator/user being unfamiliar with proper use and/or deployment. Two capable gunners with basic skills and training can literaly pin down an advancing force of hundreds. (see WWI-trench warfare) How many civilians are familiar with some of the simplest deployment concepts such as inter-locking fields of fire?

                • yep just set up your tripods with t&e set and swing away after setting 2 or 3 up to the far ends of the swings to ea other…voila not much will make it thru that!

                  hope ya all got your ammo prior to tues elections!
                  ALL WHOLESALERS EMPTIED IN MINUTES!!!!!!!!!!!!

                • The trouble with applying military methods to home defense is that the two situations are decidedly different. For one thing, military philosophies have a whole concept of “acceptable losses” that isn’t very acceptable to civilians trying to defend their homes and families. (All right, wise guys, which of your friends and family members could you bear to sacrifice in a firefight?)

                  For another, bunkers and trenches and all the structures specifically designed for war are indeed easier to defend than civilian housing; which is why the weapons and tactics used there won’t work so well for your home unless you and your family happen to live in a trench or a bunker. (How likely is *that*?) That’s why practical home defense requires a somewhat different kind of training from the military’s.

                  Rather than learning about “inter-locking fields of fire” the home defender needs a simple and obvious strategy everyone in his family holding a gun can understand, to the effect of “Ya points this end at them and keeps shootin’ ’til they falls down.” Hence my recommendation of the AK-47, which has a nice big clip, spends its ammo frugally, and was designed to be most effective using this basic strategy.

                • Couple o’ caveats:

                  1) real “machine guns” (e.g. the M-16, AK-47) have a semi-auto mode. That lets you shoot one round at a time.

                  2) Seconded on the AK=47 (or the way cheaper SKS). It’s not only cheaper and easier to use, but it’s easier to *maintain*, and can fire reliably in spite of getting a lot of abuse. Mr. Kalishnikov was one very bright fellow, and knew that the ultimate ‘peasant’s gun’ was the best way to equip an army.

                • Oh, don’t be such a party pooper about machine guns.

                  As a Brat, one of my all-time-fondest memory is of the parades we went to, followed by kiddos getting jeep rides and shooting those machine guns. I still remember my dad’s grin when I said that I was going to grow up and have a lawn like the parade ground, a tank on all four corners, a couple cannons and real machines to play with.

                  I had to re-think my dreams because I never had the money. But if I did, I’d make it happen, even to this day, even having grown up in the 60’s wearing dresses, being a girly-girl and a stay at home mom now.

                  At any rate, I should have the RIGHT to do so.

                  It must be genetic, as when we took our youngest to the Air and Space museum, the first thing he dad at age 4 was run up to the glass covered display case where the WWII vets were hanging out and point at a very large machine gun and exclaim, “I want that”! They all laughed and agreed, they wanted one too.

                  I do concede your point that they do use a lot of ammo. Just saying if money was no object, I’d burn up a lot of ammo in my machine gun and I’d have my granddaughters help me do so, keeping in mind hubby’s saying, “Prior practice prevents poor performance”.

                • The AK has a magazine, not a “clip.” Clips are used to fill magazines.

                • Well, as I say, don’t get too enamored of them for *home defense*. I don’t disagree that a machine gun would be awesome to own. So, for that matter, would a minigun, which you can own for… well, whatever could convince the billionares who own the 11 civilian-grade miniguns available out there to part with their own. A minigun can spew 60 rounds of its special belt-fed ammunition per second and at about $1 per round, that comes to $3,600 for a minute’s worth of continuous fire. Owning one is perfectly legal, probably because hardly anyone can afford to use it.

                  If you don’t happen to have Bill-Gates-level wealth, a flamethrower is much cheaper and still an awesome piece of merchandise to own, as seen here: (The kids love it!) You can buy a cheap one for a few hundred dollars, or a more powerful one for several thousand, or if you can’t afford that, there are books you can get that will teach you how to build one yourself, as at least a few people have done: Again, this is all perfectly legal, since even criminals mostly have no use for them.

                  You probably won’t have much practical use for a flamethrower either, except on those rare occasions when you find a huge wasp nest in your tree for which regular store-bought poisonous sprays just aren’t going to do the job. Also, you’ll never have trouble getting that fireplace started ever again, even if the wood is wet.

                • Hollywood portrays automatic weapons as being like a water hose. Trigger control will cut down on ammo requirements, but ammo would still be a huge problem.  Full auto is useful, but alone does not guarantee you will prevail.

                  Remember the 3 round burst M-16? A technological fix to a personnel problem. Not sure if the M4 has this “feature”.

                • I once heard it said that a Kalashnikov is the perfect weapon for a child because they can’t break it.

                • Happiness is a belt fed weapon.

              • There are proper missions for machine guns, belt-fed and magazine-fed. They are not a panacea. Like any firearm, proper use requires proper training and experience. They are expensive to buy and expensive to feed.

                They have been an excellent investment for the last 30 years—but that may soon change.

            • don’t count on it. it may work once, but you can’t control it if it’s a “filed away” modification. you need to make it fire from the “open-bolt” position, not as easy as it sounds……

              • A botch-job can certainly turn a fine semi-auto into a useless paper weight. I advise against any such efforts.

                There are both open-bolt (e.g., .50 BMG M3) and closed-bolt (e.g., .50 BMG M2) machine guns. Not all machine guns have a semi-auto selector (e.g., B.A.R., M-60, M-240, etc.)

              • Somebody’s seen too many movies.

            • There are a lot of jokes about fully automatic weapons (and some not so joking) but I disagree. There is a reason the AR-15 platform is so popular, even though it’s more expensive and a lot more finicky than the AK. The AR was designed as a rifle that could, in an emergency, fire full-auto (although new models are a three-round burst only) while the AK was designed as a machine gun that could fire single-shot. The main result of this design difference is accuracy. And I will place my money on accurate long-range rifle fire, even though it requires significantly more training. The idea of running at a position until I get close enough where my less-accurate full-auto can make its superior firepower make a difference…that doesn’t sound all that good to me. Now if I had a selective fire version of the AR, yes I’d be happy with that flexibility. But in an otherwise equal firefight, I’d like to keep them as far away as possible. If hunting, never shoot from 100 meters if you can fire from 20; but in a battle never fire from 100 meters when you can fire from 300, you’ll live longer.

              • M1A all the way for me.

                • My favorite battle rifle. I’ve got one and a SOCOM 16 as well.


                • With a good 6x scope and a small red dot sight on the side perfect!

                • Relax; none of these people even know the differance between an automatic rifle, sub-machine gun, and a real machine gun

              • Barrett 82 CQ, Leupold M4 8×25 with BORS is the ticket.
                From purps to trucks….bailing wire and ducttape all in one!

              • You cannot miss fast enough to win a gun fight.

            • A down side to a machine gun is the “spray and pray” mentality that often goes along with it. Couple that with immediately giving up your position and you’re subject to being on the losing end of a confrontation if you are going it alone against multiple assailants.

              There is a lot to be said for sending single rounds down range from various positions of concealment or cover with each resulting in a fine red mist. Especially if circumstances force you to be the Lone Ranger.

              • Gunfire in general attracts attention. In a SHTF situation, automatic fire will attract “special” attention. Can you say “drone strike”?

              • It always cracks me up in movies and on TV when some moron is firing full auto from the hip and not hitting anything when one aimed single shot would take down the target quickly and without emptying a whole magazine….

            • Louisiana citizens petition White House to ‘peacefully’ withdraw from US…

              Hmmm… It says, A account is required to sign Petitions and the White House must verify your email address.

              link on Drudge Report

            • Si’. Why waltz, when you can “Rock and Roll”!

          • He lives overseas.

          • ….Is this the Diesel Dan that works with Mike?

            • Funny I work with a couple mikes, more specific?

          • It’s hard to know. I looked through it but it doesn’t sound that bad the way it’s written. What it actually means could be another matter.

            The bigger concern is that Obama just ignores the law when he doesn’t like it. There’s no doubt that we’re going to have martial law. We just don’t know when.

            • Soon Barn Cat, soon.

              • Anytime after the january inaguration.

                • With king o’barfbag and queen an’toynette, January will be more of a coronation…

            • Laws, EOs and other legal niceties are to assuage the conciounse of the low-level thugs actually commiting the atrocities. We all know .gov (at every level) will stop at nothing to stay in control.

          • They have so many EOs stacked up, they have covered any and everything they might otherwise possibly miss with just a few. This is a sad time for America. I would wager less than a year before martial law.

            As for the money issue, they are pushing from the background to go cashless, and there is only one way that can be done, with everyone chipped.

            Soon, people will have to choose.

          • It appears that there will now be local federal offices to simplify turning in your neighbor for interest they deem to be contrary to the best interest of the US.

            Add that to other recent laws, and that results in squads storming your neighborhood and taking lil Johnny’s daddy away to an undisclosed location for as long as the government sees fit… simply for writing the same things you can find on this site, any time, every day.

            Daddy don’t like free thinking patriots. If you don’t believe me go back and look at videos of his representatives during the campaign. They each acted and spoke as programmed computer drones – the perfect citizens.

          • most of the 10x more EO’s than all the past presidents combined are very vague for a reason….interpetation!!!AND THAT IS THE SCARY PART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • that EO looks like more big bloated socialist government that establishes a direct line of authority from yhe white house all the way the local “NGO’s and “foundations”.
            more control freak unconstitutional legislation from the executive branch .

        • “He’s always interesting and rarely right.

          Something tells me though, odds are, he has a few more ounces of Gold and Silver than you.

          • Probably, but he’s been very close to the vest about his net worth. Which could mean (a) it’s not that impressive or (b) he doesn’t trust anyone. Yes, I would guess (b).

            However, considering he’s decades older than I am I would hope he has a higher net worth. But he’s made a significant portion of it peddling doom. Which is not something I can replicate. Nor is it something that 99% of those who listen to him can do successfully.

            What people do instead is use his prognostications for investment decisions. Which more often than not are not the right choice. Or maybe you have a large poppy plantation in Thailand too?

            • “he’s made a significant portion of it peddling doom.”

              Let’s see now, he advocates “Gold, Guns and Gardens”. I’ll buy that kind of doom, lot’s of it!

          • Not too long ago he spouted buying farmland, saying farmers will be driving lamborghinis. To this day I refer to John Deere tractors as green Lamborghinis. Have you seen what those things cost? Yeh, about as much as a foreign sports car. But the green one makes money. He will be right of course, its all in the timing that makes you a prophet of doom.

            • air conditioning in cab, PB, PS, AT and bucket seats—yes, I’ve seen one or two up close.

              • You forgot about GPS controls. Push some buttons and sit back and read SHIF. Now my phone will work 3G in the cab terminal. Even more time to read.

                • better yet , i have seen combines with wifi hotspots and laptops . just an incredible amount of technology invovled in “modern” agri business .
                  hell , i dont even have a cab on my tractor , much less all the other stuff .old fashioned i guess .

        • Well he was right about the scandals, wasn’t he? Petraeus confirmed an “affair” after 37 years of marriage. So at least he is more “honorable” than O’bummer who is gay, Muslim and lies about it to US.

          On another note, Dr. Doom is a member of the board for Sprott, so I would expect him to be “bullish” on metals.

          I am more bullish on metals now that O’Bummer has been re-elected by the “Grazer”s. back up the truck and hold.

          • Yes, he has been right about some things, including some very important ones. I like Faber. It’s just he really sells fear with a flair for the dramatic while it’s clear he’s not made all his wealth on barbed wire and tanks and gold. And tracking to his investment advice completely (he understands what the media is looking for) is not that profitable.

        • What people dont realize is Obama is two faced when it only benefits him. This is a sign of a childish amateur, not a serious politician. If he goverens like a benevolent President then I’m sure more people would like him. But sad to say he’s total amateur, except for the downfall of this once great nation.

          • one word….SOCIAPATH…!

          • “I’m willing to compromise. But first, you must do it my way.”

        • These things are not complicated.

          Just take a machine gun to all the monsters out there.

          That’s it. This is exactly what Faber means.

          People like pussy-ass scumbag bastard motherfuckers Schumacher and Giordano of the 26th precinct, taking bribes, extorting money for foreign criminal syndicates.

          They are the monsters. It’s a disaster. Monsters everywhere.

          With a badge, they are looting and killing innocent civilians after the storm. Son of a bitch Captain Hart does nothing, because they are all in bed with each other, like the fudge-packing faggots they are!

        • Totally unrelated question Mac…Im sure you covered it somewhere but I cant find it…whats the # Im seeing beside my handle….something new…whats the purpose…thanks!

        • Why would some government agencys want 2 billion rounds of ammo by december 31st 2012? Unless they were up to something. Thats why I’m buying 5000 rnds, why because its for their safety, I dont want them to hurt themselves.

        • Recently I read an article of a private poll taken in July 2012 in which Mitt Romney got 94 % verses Obama 6% wow that is not what fraud media tv and fraud pullers such as gallop and Rassumssen was spouting. Makes me sick how much fraud Obama is involved in , his Chicago politicals are going to destroy this country and have an effect on the world. Though we had a good chance of getting Obama and Hillary on treason for he being involved with funding Al Qaeda with our tax dollars and our weapons and watching our Ambassador Stevens suffer a torturous death of being sodomized with a knife that Obama watched in real time while telling our military to stand down.. But the hearing on Benghazi decides not to charge anyone, how can that be when Obama and Hillary didn’t testify. Treason carries the death penalty. This is two treason charges for Obama .the last one for going into Libya without congress’ approval. If the law is not upheld , is it a law, or are the ones not upholding the law compliciet in the crime, I think so. Congress is digging their own graves and this is on record, we need to make them accountable.

      2. What kind of tank.

        • Fuel Tank? Or just your standard M1A1/A2 machine gun proof.

          • Two of each.

        • A WW2 era German Tiger Tank would be awesome but they were unreliable. A WW2 era Sherman tank wasn’t as heavily armored and the big gun wasn’t as good but they were fast. I’ll take a couple of those. Park them out in front of my farm house to warn away trespassers.

          • I hear a pair of A-10s heading your way…

          • The Russian T-34s were superior to the Tigers and were in fact the best tank of the war. They were the first to have sloping armor and they proved their worth at the battle of Kursk. They are a big part of the reason the “evil empire” spoke Russian not German

            btw here is a website link if y’all really wanted to buy one

          • I once heard a German WWII tank vet say something to the effect of “We had no trouble killing the american tanks, but when you killed one, five took it’s place”.

        • Um…the big green military kind, that has a cannon mounted…Kind of hard to feed and maintain, but would sure help you survive a riot.

        • M-55 Sheridan or British Fox. Available. Capable.

      3. I think too many people are forgetting that TPTB have a “plan” in action and they will not quit until it’s implementation is complete (unless God Himself stops it).

        I came across this from a friend and it worthy or a thought or two. Remember, the Constitution means nothing to Obama unless it benefits him! And reversing the Presidential term limits is truly what he’s after! Watch at least the first few minutes of this video and decide for yourself:

        http:// pro.stansberryresearch. com/1210THIRDLIA/LPSINB58/

        • Stansberry videos are almost as annoying as Obama.

          • John Q: The Stansberry videos: as you hear one of them, he never gets to the point, so I turn it off instead of waiting forever for him to say something but babbles on…apparently all of his videos are useless as he talks in circles not getting to the point..he is selling books or newsletter subscriptions.

            • Agreed. Just to see how long it took him to get to the expected “buy our crap,” I let one Stansberry video run while multitasking at the ‘puter. It took him 45 minutes of baloney to get to the “buy our crap.” Anyone who would suffer such abuse and then buy his crap probably also reads every word of their SPAM email too. [laughing]


      4. The man who calls himself Barack Obama did not win one state that requires a photo I.D. to vote. Hmmmmmm?

        • he won florida and we require ID

          • O.K., that’s one.

            • He won Delaware and we require one too. 🙁

          • photo id?

            • photo?

          • North or South of Daytona?

        • Delusion reigns!

          • No ID required in NC and he lost here!!!!!!!!! HoooRah!!!

          • It’s reigning delusions again…Darn…

            • Photo I.D. only? Not some other form of I.D. like a fake electric bill? They can be printed out on various web sites.  Sorry to bust your delusions.

              Obama lost all the states which  accept only a photo I.D. to vote.

        • He was not born in Hawaii nor Africa. His real father was Frank Marshall Davis, devout Communist.

          If you’ve got Netflix, watch Dreams of my Real Father (it’s free right now), directed by Joel Gilbert. Boy, was I duped to thinking he was an “illegal”. No, a Bolshevik, Communist, Socialist, born in the USofA.

          I new he was a criminal, fraud, I just never knew the facts. This film gave me a whole new perspective on the Lying Bastard Son, and he’s about to begin a second term. What a Master Plan They have had in place for some time. Soon, the socialists, pretending the be Democrats will far out number Republicans (not that I care for either side) that it will be impossible for a Republican to win office.

          And brothers and sisters, if you think some 2nd American Revolution is going to take place, think again. The majority of the youth are on Their side. The numbers are totally in Their favor, now.

          • He can have the sheep.

            I’ll keep the wolves we are sowing.

            • The sheep only know how to “bleat”; I mean, piss, moan, and complain.

              Wolves know how to hunt. Engage.

              • @DK:

                Spot On Bro—-woof woof—lol.

                …nuff said…..BA.

          • But none of that stuf has been proven as Fact. Frank Davis=Daddy?..Perhaps. Perhaps not. None is documented due to hobammys entire past and official docs has been sealed from ALL view.

            I agree he looks alot more like davis’s son than that african bunny guy. But “Looks” like, aint actual Proof.

            Just want to set record straight so none gets wrong impression is all.

            he is definatly a full blown alinsky trained bloshevik kommie to the Max.

            His helpers who choose to assist and Fund his rise from obscurity are several Chicago Billionaires from the jewish sectors.

            While MSM in usa keep crying how he is so bad to isreal etc…Isralie nespapers etc Praised how much xtra cash they got from him. Most recent was aprox $250 Million more for missle shield systems.

            Added to the already Promiced $3 billion per year for next 10 yrs in advance!

            And its most all of reps-senators-and hobammy voted or agreed to pass out such massive cash awards to them.

            While daily msm here cry we must cut soc sec checks in 1/2 and end medicare for seniors etc…Just ask Hannity or ann coulter or micheelle Malkin “How much should be cut Foriegn nation cash?”….Every one will say they agree fully!….

            Then ask same war hawks neocons “Does That include the massive cash to isreal too”?….All will scram “You’re a nazi! hatmonger! racist! antisemite!

            There are probobly Less then One dozen real pro american patriots in all aprox 600 Top DC honchos.

            Buy lots of Rope!

          • not the enlisted nor former military..




            • Uh digger, before they succeed, they have to secede first.

          • Good point., European American ; but will the youth kill us with Ipods or guns ? I would guess they are well trained with all the new gadgets and Obama phones. 😉

          • European American,

            You touched on the absolute truth about the youth vote. The schools are indoctrinating the children at an alarming rate. If you can homeschool then do it, get them the hell out of the brain washing institutions. The colleges are even worse, forget college, go to trade school, you will have a better chance at getting a job when you finish.

            • Hillsdale college is a great place and doesn’t take federal money.

              they even have a Online class for the constitution

        • Sorry, Virginia required a photo ID… Just the facts…

        • Many of the states mentioned  require photo I.D., but will allow you to vote with a electric bill with your name and address on it instead. These can be had on various web sites and printed out.

          Obama won no states where photo I.D. only was required to vote.

      5. Quantitative Easing is a direct reaction to rising energy costs. All of the political blame throwing is just a distraction from the primary cause of all of this which is energy depletion.

        We are doing everything we can to keep the hungry machinery of our civilization going, but in the end it will have all been for nothing and will have proven to have been the reason why it will be so bad. We could have created a soft landing and come out of this with minimal casualties. But instead, we are using every last remaining bit of energy and policy to keep the wheels rolling, even as the ground drops out from beneath us.

        Short sighted, wishful thinking will be our ultimate demise, not politics or the wealthy elite.

        • Timothy you said: “Quantitative Easing is a direct reaction to rising energy costs.”

          Please explain what that statement means, because I do not understand the relationship that you are trying to make between QE and energy.

          • I agree w/ DK. I know a few things about oil and related energy; the energy issue was festering long before QE. I don’t see the connection.

          • dk, who knows what some of these twits are trying to say. timothy, quantitative easing will/does make the cost of these things higher. why would the fed do it as a reaction to rising costs. they do it as a reaction to falling asset prices, can you people please get up to speed on some of these basic financial and economic realities before you opine or complain about anything including your lot in life. good grief.

            • Watch/Listen to this. Maybe then you’ll understand…

              http:// pro.stansberryresearch. com/1210THIRDLIA/LPSINB58/

          • Rising fuel costs put a strain on all economic activity as energy is the life blood of our economy. As more money is spent on energy rather than investment, job creation, production, etc. credit dries up and economies falter. QE is an attempt to compensate for the rising energy costs by flooding the system with more money hence more credit and buying power.

            • i agree completely, fuck the dude above that said you didnt know what you were talking about

              • Sometimes I wonder if people are simply motivated by their own political mindset or if they actually step back and look at what is going on.

                We were at 2 billion people at the beginning of this century. We learned to refine and utilize a limited natural resource (Fossil Fuels) introducing vast amounts of energy into our economies, more than tripling our population in less than a century.

                It is amazing that people can still deny overpopulation or our negative impacts on this planet. It is this insatiable need for people to blame anyone but their own short sighted, me now behaviors that is leading us to oblivion.

                • timothy,one minute its about how we dont understand quantatative easing and now its that we dont understand overpopulation and its negative effects on the planet. what the hell are you even talking about?! buddy, qe is fine, but until there is more of it, and than a catalyst to spark the velocity of the movement of that money, or some other extreme shock, than hyperinflation will not occur. you are making an idiot of yourself. what do you do well?

              • Josh: He doesn’t and if you believe him, you do not either. 🙂

            • Timothy: QE does not flood the system with more money. QE only provides the banks with more cash to replace their losses. If it did flood the system WE would have hyperinflation by now.

              Even Lew Rockwell says the money is “stuck in the banks”.

              PS, the price of oil is currently dropping. It was only gasoline that went up as supplies tightened due to the semi-annual maintenance and refitting that ALWAYS occurs at this time of year to make heating oil.

              The relationship between QE and OIL to which you refer does not exist.

              • I am not talking about one time price rises in the cost of energy. I am talking about long term price trends. Yes the money goes to the banks that is why I said ‘credit’ and ‘Buying power’. The banks provide the credit, but only when it can be repaid.

                2005/6 was the beginning of the end for crude oil production. It only goes down from here and the price only goes up (in the long term) as more and more difficult to reach/refine fossil fuels are all that is left.

                • You are just taking statistics and making them fit a story you want to tell.

                  You must be fresh out of collage because that sound like what someone who doesn’t know what really is happening would teach.

                • EROEI

                • timothy, you are drawing parallels that have nothing to do with each other. either you are one dumb animal or you are intentionally trying to create confusion here. i would have to think its the latter. i dont think someone would opine so much rubbish if they werent up to something nefarious.

                • i mean its pretty bad when i have to agree with both dk and facebook page! but timothy, you have managed to make it happen. who knows what hes talking about guys. facebook page, are you guys not checking the trolls intelligence as much as before , before allowing them to post?

                • Timothy: Lots of oil & oil to be discovered and developed. What do you think the squabble is all about in the South China Sea? And Africa is full of oil and gas.

                  Don’t think “oil” or even “hydrocarbons”. Think energy.

                • Apparently you are unaware that we will surpass the Saudis’ in oil production in just a few years.

              • Bang on DK. If the banks ever do let loose…hoo boy. With the bankers now deciding whether to buy gold to protect themselves from the sound money recovery, or pass it through to stimulate as it was intended. Either way it doesn’t look good. They have been credited, the bankers are in charge. Sleep well.

            • I have to disagree: QE has everything to do with vote buying, which is how Obama won. Follow the money trail

              A) Obama becomes President, and showers money on the welfare moochers, labor unions and fat cat bankers

              B) They spend way more money doing this than they can possibly get from taxes

              C) This creates huge deficits

              D) The Treasury department sells lots of T bills to cover those deficits

              E) Big problem: even the Chinese aren’t buying this debt anymore

              F) Enter the easy solution: Big Bennie and his magical money making machine!

              G) The Federal Reserve “creates” money out of thin air, and then uses this to buy up lots and lots of those T bills

              H) How much? Last time I checked, over 60% !

              I) With those pesky deficits “solved” the vote buying party continues. Happy happy, joy joy!

              And that, my friend, is my take on it. Your results may vary

        • @timothy … WHAT THE OIL FRACK ???

          BULLSHEEIT !!! ;0P


          It is “Falsely being Created” by the very SOB’S we depend upon for the very same Energy !!!

          They just don’t want to “Sell it on the Cheap!”

          There’s thousands of Already capped Oil Wells ready to pump fresh sweet crude across AmeriKa and the World !!!

          There’s plenty of Alternative means of Energy Production – Even FREE WAYS TO CREATE ENERGY THAT WOULD REVOLUTIONIZE THE WAY WE ALL LIvE – CREATE A BETTER Cleaner WORLD COMPLETELY – NUKE FREE !!!

          And the Energy Industries and their Lobbyist’s wont allow it !!!

          Your Full of Doo Doo @Timothy !!!


          ~N.O. ;0p

          • Yes JRS, EROEI is the reason for our current financial crisis.

            The fact is we are out of energy. We have been for a long time. There have been no major discoveries for decades. We have found all of the major oil fields and exploited them long ago. (Just do a google search for ‘World Oil Discoveries’)

            Africa, oil shale/tar sands, etc. are nothing more than drops in the bucket compaed to global consumption. Without massive amounts of cheap energy we cannot sustain 7 billion people on this planet.

            You all are free to blame liberals, blame the poor beggers, blame whomever you want, it doesn’t change the fact that we are facing serious limits to our ability to sustain our massive populations.

            I have no interest in the UN or NWO eugenics, etc. I am not ‘Fresh out of college’. I am a hard working human being making observations based on the facts and history available. I am 35 years old, me and my girl own our own home (not mortgaged). We grow our own food, raise chickens and have a small orchard.

            I live in the most right wing state in the US (Idaho). I own guns, and shoot frequently. I am no bleeding heart liberal. But I am also no ancient sexist, gay bashing, religion toting right wing psychopath either.

            I think it is time people realize WTF is going on here and stop trying to pretend it is as simple as electing the right person or politics into office. There are deeper fundamental flaws in the way our civilization operates that politics and money cannot fix.

            • I am a Geologist, worked as an Engineer in Oil for 25 years and you are correct ,Oil will never run out;  Cheap oil is already gone.  I’m retired, but if I remember correctly, the world uses over 80,000,000 bls of oil per day.   Anyone who says the US has “Thousands” of produceable wells  shut in is an Ass.  For starters most wells in the US produce less than ten Bls per day,(Actully, it’s less than 3, last time I looked) so even if true, that wouldn’t be much oil,  Lastly at $80 per bbl why would anyone keep them Shut for years?

          • Oil Is NOT A Fossil
            Fuel – It Is Abiotic


            To begin with, oil is not a fossil fuel. This is a theory put forth by 18th century scientists. Within 50 years, Germany and France’s scientists had attacked the theory of petroleum’s biological roots. In fact, oil is abiotic, not the product of long decayed biological matter. And oil, for better or for worse, is not a non-renewable resource. It, like coal, and natural gas, replenishes from sources within the mantle of earth. This is the real and true science of oil. Read all about it. In fact, working in the 1950s, Russian and Ukrainian scientists, cut off from the Western World’s oil supply, applied their keen minds to the problem and, by the 1960s, had thoroughly demolished the idea of oil as a ‘fossil fuel,’ Is it any wonder then that Russia is one of if not the leading producers and exporters of oil. The isolation of the Cold War forced Russia to dig deeper, literally, to find oil deeper in the earth in some places, and to look in other places where no one had thought to look to reveal more. This while America feels incumbent upon itself, since it claims oil production and discovery has peaked and will fade to nothing in several decades, that America’s feels it must make war to take other people’s oil: Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, the Caspian Basin, Sudan, etcetera.

          • Abiotic Oil

            Addressing the theory in circulation that oil is not solely of organic origin, but that there may be another mode of origin as well from deeper in the crust, involving magma.

            Supporting Evidence, Briefly
            • Oil being discovered at 30,000 feet, far below the 18,000 feet where organic matter is no longer found.
            • Wells pumped dry later replenished.
            • Volume of oil pumped thus far not accountable from organic material alone according to present models.
            • In Situ production of methane under the conditions that exist in the Earth’s upper mantle. (PhysicsWeb; Sept. 14, 2004)

            • The question of fossil fuel or abiotic oil is irrelevant.  If wells do replenish it is at such a slow rate as to be meaningless so it won’t solve either the rate of flow issue (total yearly production) or the EROEI problem (exponentially increasing costs).

              If wells replenish fast enough to offset depletion, what are most oil producing countries now in production decline?

      6. The libs & moochers have voted this President to get what they wanted. Obviously they do not have the comprehension of what will precipitate due to their wants.

        Now we all need the stamina to endure the turmoil coming.

      7. Get out of the Market.

        Invest in PMs, the known supplies, junk silver, some cash, and in all-things-yourself. And get your prep-cave all prettied up and set for a very long hunker-down time.

        Find other ways to invest your cash. At this rate, horse races give you better odds. And better money can be made with side-bets on the DC-sideshow, “Scandals R Us”. I just made $100 betting that Petraeus would not testify before Congress. Looks like I made some easy money in about 15 minutes. Dang, that’s fast cash!

      8. Well, NO SHIT!!!

        • What they’re blocking is not drilling by rather oil shale mining, (not drilling). This is already being done in Canada; that’s what the Keystone Pipeline was for – to get the crude to refineries on the Gulf Coast. But it won’t happen here.

          They’re pushing carbon taxes again, pretending that it will alleviate the deficit. Won’t do that, but it will double my electric rates, and put a whole industry (coal) out of business.

          Crybaby Boehner announces that Obamacare is “law of the land”.

          Everything since the election seems dedicated to collapsing our economy faster and faster. Once they get us all sufficiently desperate, the sheeple will beg for a totalitarian dictatorship.

          Heinlein mentions a book title in one of his later novels, “That Last Days of the Sweet Land of Liberty”. I wonder if he made it up. If it doesn’t yet exist, somebody is going to get to write it soon.

          • —- “THE Last Days. . . .” WHY can’t we edit our own posts?

      9. If your going to invest make it in an AR, a shot gun and a handgun, I like 45’s myself. If you can’t protect it, you don’t own it.

        • Right on…
          Colt 1911 .45 ACP, the finest man stopper ever built…

      10. Much like being a Doctor, being an Economist is an art, not a science. Thus, if you put 50 in a room you get 50 opinions.

        The man who calls himself Barack Obama is a Communist. As big a Communist as Castro,Chavez, or Mao. In the coming years he will do to the people of the United States of America what Castro did to Cuba or Mao the Chinese. The economy will continue to get worse as the Middle Class is destroyed thru QE, regulations, and taxes.

        There is only one response to when the Wolf is at the door, and is coming inside your house, kill it!

        • Close. The joke actually is you put 50 economists in a room you get 51 opinions.

          Faber will eventually be right, but he’s been wrong for years (of course he was one of the few who called housing). However, I’m glad I didn’t listen in 2008, I now have another 4 years of savings to invest in [name the item].

          Faber, Rosenberg, Hussman … all broken clocks are right twice a day. Timing is important (and I realize everyone here thinks timing = NOW).

          • A surgeon, a civil engineer, and an economist are discussing the “oldest profession”. The surgeon says, “Well, God took a rib from Adam to create the woman, so I say that Surgery must really be the oldest profession”. The engineer says, “Yes, but before that God created the world from chaos in six days, so without doubt Engineering must be the oldest profession.” The economist says simply, “Ah, but who created the chaos?”

            The only useful bit of learning I came away with after three years as an Economics major in college.

        • Glock, Winchester, Smith and Wesson THATS ART

      11. we are outnumbered by the “free-shit-army” zombies. attrition, anyone?

        • Survive its death is all we have to do. Its that simple.

        • Look at the areas hit by Sandy. People are demanding the military be brought in to repait the electrical grid. Talk of opening a closed prison as a relief center.   .gov will need guards to keep that crowd OUT of camp FEMA.

      12. If the shit doesn’t hit the fan come 2014 with Obamacare i’ll be shocked. Government on both sides have created such an electorate of losers that they don’t care if we become Greece. They just want free stuff and the sad part is they think they are entitled to it.

        At this point is I think this country is headed for a well deserved economic implosion which will take the economies around the world with it.

        • If something like we believe is coming does not happen or truly appear on the horizon. I am going on an around the world cruise. Twice.

      13. At least Pres. Obama is now a Lame Duck president.

        What does TPTB mean????/

        • “The Powers That Be.”

          • We are now going to see an ever increasing evaporation of the United States., with more people on unemployment and needing for hand outs. (prayers). With this being said., there will be an ever increasing shortage of workers to sustain the lifestyles of the unemployed.

            Hence; a collapse. 🙁

            • Hello Burt!!! I haven’t forgot you.., I have been really busy.

              • Burt., we got thumbed down, we must be popular with some one. 🙂

                This for you Burt. 1000 thumbs up !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

            • I have a friend who works with the board of a local charity medical clinic. It focuses on the working poor- people who make too much money to be on welfare but not enough to afford health insurance.

              The latest word is 40% of the local population now qualifies for charity health care, mostly based on declining income.

              The interesting thing is Obamacare is not going to cover most of these. It turns out that people below a certain income are exempt from fines for not having health care, so most of these will probably opt out. So there will probably be little change in the number of uninsured.

              Since many of the clinic donors think that the problem of health has been solved, donations are severely down. (Part of it may be declining incomes too.) It is not looking good for these folks, many of them being hard working people who need help affording medications.

              • I believe that most people who voted for Obama Care does not understand how it could really hurt them.

                Also., we will see donations to continue to go down and in return., crime will go up, because.., for the need off necessities.

        • “At least Pres’ Obama is now a lame duck President.
          Yeah, well Ms. Emily we’re still stuck with him for four more years. He’s been as bout as lame, if not lamer, than ol’ Jims Carter.

          • But I take solace in the fact that Moochelle loathes her job as First “Lady” (?). So forcing her to endure four more years of it is sweet justice of a sort.

        • I would’nt count on the concept of “Lame Duck”, this time around. The parasites have been working towards this moment for decades, and now have in power, the closet marxist who will do thier bidding, and turn America into a 3rd world police state. Rather than “Lame Duck”, it is now, “Unrestrained”.

          • Unrestrained….exactly. There is nothing in his way now. He WILL do everything in his power to become Dictator for life. All hail our dear leader! I see a gulag in my near future. If not just dead at my doorstep. But, fuck it, I will take as many with me as possible… hell, I forgot….. I sold all my guns!


        • JEWS!

          • Again with the jews

            it’s not always the jews,

            Okay maybe sometimes it is,

            But not all the time blame us christains once in awhile
            just to change it up a bit.

            • I was answering EMILY she asked what is TPTB?…I wrote “JEWS” in answer to Her not You asswipe.

              • You are being the Asswipe today.

          • gesundheit

      14. dam here i am just now getting my free shit,,got an free phone,,free food,free medical,,now i can buy more ammo,,,oh i almost forgot free housing,,now where is the free gas,,,i m always a day late and 3 rounds short

      15. tptb= the powers that be , sandy has opened up more peoples eye’s to being more prepared .

        • You really think so

          what if this hit new orleans they would be ready this time

          no most just assume the government learned it’s lesson. So they don’t need to.

      16. Ya gotta love Marc Faber! The day after the interveiw,General Patraeus resigns as CIA chief due to an “extramarital affair” Of course this has nothing to do with the Bengazhi hearings coming up.

        • That would be an interesting connection, if it could be proven… Makes one wonder what he knows, probably enough that he could take a lot of people with him; not like a General, as high-ranking as himself to do something so stupid, that would require him to “fall on his sword”, unless there’s something else going on.

        • They blackmailed Petraeus to keep him from testifying. I just hope he has the balls to write a book – just in time for the 2014 elections. Not that it won’t be too late by then, but I still hope the truth comes out.

        • Now they’re saying he won’t testify this week.

          who’lda thunk it

        • General Patraeus’ explanation doesn’t pass the smell test. The timing is just a little too convenient in view of the Bengazhi hearings. Bengazhi was a total abomination followed by a Watergate-level coverup of government misdeeds. Aside from being mad at the people responsible, I’m also mad at Mitt Romney for failing to bring worldwide attention to the problem. The BS meter in my head is pinned to the far side when I hear Obama, Biden, and Leon Panetta talk about Bengazhi.

      17. We’re Properly Pucked …

        ;0P We’re All Sooooooooooo Pucked … it’s a True Global Citizen “Class System Global EUGENICS World War” the Global 1% and their gestapo soldier slave minions vs. “Every One Else” the 99% (hint- if your reading this , even if your wearing a FEDGOV military uniform or carry a $0.25 cent ball gum machine FEDGOV DHS tin star or gay DHS TSA patch serving the NWO UN ZOG , your part of the 99%).

        sigh … i got nuthin … “We Are All So Pucked !!!”


        The Reality of the Situation is “Once Free AmeriCa has been literally Stolen out from under All of our feet !”

        And just for “Good Measure” the Bankers and Corrupt Thievin’ Politicians Corporations have Ass Raped Robbed Us All of every penny , our kids and grand kids etc etc etc … All future generations of AMERIKANS all of Humanity is Doomed to a Life of Carbon Credit Vat Tax Debt Slavery and Eugenics Poisoned Early Death – this is all being done just cause they the 1% and their Politician ZOG Dogs can – WHO’S GONNA STOP EM’ ???


        AmeriKa’s Corrupt Criminal run Supreme Federal State Justice Court Systems are All in on it !!!

        They Will in time take Away our Fire Arms so we can’t Defend Ourselves or Seek Real Justice against them for their Crimes Against us All – their Poison Eugenic Death Murder Kill Crimes Against all of Humanity itself !!!

        sigh … Ask yourselves All of you this one question ???


        … then do it !

        ~N.O. ;0p

        • @fbp-L … Piss off DimTard ya’ pillow biter ;0P

          “what the puck” are you even typing about … ???

          @fbp-L … it amazes me out of all your fathers sperm … millions of them … that it was your retarded spermy that fertilized your mothers , fathers sister egg … say “howdy” to all your family back in West virgina for me … d d d d dumbass ;0P .

          ~N.O. ;0p

        • @NinaO:

          You are free Sir, I am free…..

          ……..spread the infection…..BA.


          Here is the plan……….

          ……..aim small,miss small……..BA.

          • BA Are you willing to start that plan. I do believe it is going to take extreme measures to set this country on a better path. Even more now that I have digested the number on how/who vote for what. That is the part that amazes me.. First the money will run out. Then the rebellion of the SNAPers. Than the uprising of the one who prepared and are willing to create a better life for their grandchildren.

            And Nina is free he is a prisoner to his insure phobia. He can survive in a normal world if we ever get back to one. He needs followers to feed his feeling of fear.

            • I meant to say Nina is NOT free. New keyboard but still not big enough for my bony fingers.

              • @fbp-L you truly are a blind DIM-TARD idiot . YOU TRULY CANNOT BE THIS PUCKIN STUPID …

                “You could see the “Forest” but for the Tree’s blocking your view !”

                I can’t help but wonder how many idiots will needlessly suffer possibly die because of your being a fool , feeding others misinformation .

                “Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish.”

                ~N.O. ;0p

        • @fbp-L … Piss Off DimTard ya’ Cross Dressin’ Pillow Biter .

          I was going to “Start a AmeriKan Veteran Lone-Wolf FREEMAN PATRIOT Terrorist Revolution” … but … “I Got High!” ;0p

          • Go back on your meds, Nina. You made sense for a short while there.

            • No kidding I was starting to refer to his Copy and pastes as good info.

          • You know I believe that. In the end you will sit around and get high with all the SNAPers. You will most likely loot a state supported medical pot pharmacy and be mad when there is not resupply because the taxpayer won’t pay for it anymore.

            Everything you post you just reinforce what a fraud you are the preppers here. And with the way you speak why would you want to defend anything. You seem to hate everything and everyone. So keep pasting and filling your forest supplies.

            • Once again how about something that you come up with yourself. What is the current pay for every click you get for someone being referred to one of your YouTube buddies.

          • RUN FROM THE CURE – Full Version

            MARIJUANA HEALS – presentation of RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story was made possible by Rick Simpson and video producer Christian Laurette… made for free to teach YOU how to heal yourself of disease and illness using cannabinoids.


        • Nino,

          With all due respect you crazy MF. I am still waiting for the blood to flowin the streets, And gold to hit 2500 per oz. I spent a shit pot of money waiting for the shthtf and I’m still waiting… When I shot my elk mon morning I was thinking this is about as good as it gets, My question is what if it never hits the fan? Is all the time I have invested wasted? Should I have been living my live to better my future or banking on it all to go to shyt?? I ask you simply put you don’t tell me bullshit and I do the same..


          • @DPS … wasted ??? Do I need to come to Texas to change your Diaper ? ;0P

            Really … that’s your thoughts ???

            If you were stuck in Hurricane Sandy NY City or New Jersey path of destruction right now , I doubt you’d be using the word “wasted” right now .

            It’s all “Relevant” @dps to this …

            “It’s better to have it and not need it , then TO NOT HAVE IT when your LIFE TRULY DEPENDS IT !”

            Are you “Tracking ME” on this line of thought ? If a Category 5 Tornado ripped through your Tx neighborhood / town tomorrow morning I bet you’d be glad you prepped .

            As for your Investments … look at a what is happening globally financially … the only thing right now and in the immediate future for the next “10 years” that is guaranteed is REAL PHYSICAL PM’S / COMMODITIES IN YOUR DIRECT PHYSICAL CONTROL ! IF IT’S NOT IN YOUR HANDS YOU DON’T CONTROL IT … YOU DON’T OWN IT !

            Look @DPS … do the research on your own … SELF EDUCATE YOURSELF … don’t just TAKE MY WORD FOR IT !

            I guarantee on my life in just a few short years you’ll be glad your a Prepper .

            Debasing of the AmeriKan Fiat Dollar by the federal reserves 85 BILLION A MONTH OF FAKE FIAT CURRENCY CREATION Unlimited QE quantitative easing Inflation will ensure this … be patient it’s coming .

            AmeriKa WALLSTREET FEDGOV and her Military is nothing but a Tool for the NWO U.N. ZOG GLOBALIST BANKERS !


            PREDATOR or PREY of the NWO U.N. ZOG @DPS … the choice is yours .

            Choose Wisely .

            ~N.O. ;0p

            • You yelled and screamed and you did not answer him. You just quote other people.

              There is a huge difference being prepared for a Class 5 storm and being ready for a collapse. I could fit all I need for the worst storm possible in one garage or connex. Hell a Class A and a huge trailer.

              I ash my self the same question is all of what I/We have stored up and put away. Will I ever need it. Many of us have huge amounts of money tied up in Food, Weapons, Special Vehicles, Custom equipment, Fortified homes, Land, Underground bunkers and old missile silos. At what point do we say we have enough.

              • @fbp-L fool

                Definition of @fbp-L FOOL

                a person lacking in judgment or prudence

                a retainer formerly kept in great households to provide casual entertainment and commonly dressed in motley with cap, bells, and bauble

                a deranged person or one lacking in common powers of understanding

                • You still have not answered a single question. Are you able to or does your play book that you are issued not allow it.

        • STOLEN?

      18. Unless you’ve been thru a major prep event, of came here from a Marxist country, most Preppers try and model their plans on Rawles, Zero Hedge, maybe the book “One Second After”.

        In almost all cases preppers seem to believe that if they just hunker down, or flee to “Rawles’ Ranch” they will get thru.

        A common idea is that Goverment will spin out of control after an economic crash and after fighting off the “Zombies”, all good preppers will win in the end.

        Others believe that they’ll get raptured and escape that way.

        I say that people are looking past the events/reality right in front of them. Red Dawn-Red Dawn-Red Dawn!

        Communism is taking over our Republic and we’re all worried about how much spam we have put away.

        Once established, a Communist Government NEVER loses control, EVER. They’ll kill millions of their own citizens before they let that happen.


        • Communist governments have lost control, fascist governments also. They often kill a hell of a lot of people before hand but they fold. Sometimes they collapse from their own weight without much bloodshed.

          A real problem develop’s when one of the above forms of government dissolves only to be replaced with the other. One tyranny just replaces another.

        • Fat old loser:…Yes you are right. I’d bet barely ONE percent of folks at This site have even ever read of or know about the True stuf that happened in Kommie Soviet Russia etc.

          If they knew what occured there, and knew that most of Them kommies are Now in america. They would realize there probobly wont be no safty in hunker down.

          These kommies got plans alright!,,,To do exact same method of murdering a Hundred million of More of us americans. Especially the whites middle class types.

          When they starved 1/3 of entire population of Ukraine in less than 18 months time, there was no such thing as hunker down or run for hills etc.

          If them ukrainians even stashed a single carrot or potato?

          Bolshevik kommies shot entire family in back of heads on the spot. Then burned down entire farm.

          Then loaded trucks Daily with as many as truck can hold…And did that for a full SIX years straight! 365/6-years non stop!

          Drove trucks one after another to remote forest ravine areas..Empty folks out, stand folks at edge while hands tied behind backs and blinfolded, and shot each in long lines to fall into ravine.

          Where a few men with shovels awaited the hundreds of bodies to throw dirt over and make ready for next truckfull!

          SEVEN to maybe as many as TEN-Million in ukraine starved in less than 18 months. The survivors were Eating the dead or near dead laying throuught the city streets.

          Reduced to Canabalisim, and fighting off Other canibals!

          Meanwhile back in Poland and Hungery and Russia, Honcho russian bolsheviks kommies enlisted the help of most every jew as a form of “Local” police state assistance.

          The Russians murdered entire local or city/village govnt people…Then Replaced former elected govnt with New govnt made up of entirely jewish residents. Who were eager to comply!

          America now today has OVER 1/2 of their “Tribe” resideing here. When push comes to shove?…Probobly a full 99% WILL side with their tribes kommie brethren.

          They Always do/did so why would it somehow be different this time?

          While america is filled to the brim, spilling over the top with dumbed down total supporters of said “Tribe”!

          As for the stupidest of all, them “jewdeo” christians?…Them fools will Still Refuse facts and Truth even when they themselves are being rounded up by those they Now Worship as somehow Special chozens etc!

          The ones who aint rounded up?…They will come for Us!

          Yelling “Bless the jews”! Oblivious of the fact that the Kommie zios(rightwing neocon) and Bolsheviks(leftist lib dems) are in Fact the very kommie killers of americans!

          Untill they get close to their Own deaths and finally realize the “Rapture” wont happen till the LORD returns…As it is written.

          I hope our type prepers or survivalist types can somehow find a way to amass in large groups to at least have a fighting chance.

          Not every enemy will look like a detroit monky animal. Many are wearing $3000 suits today. And they All got very dark Black pure Evil eyes!

          Ever come face to face with an unexpected Rat?..Like in a shed or garage or barn setting?…Recall how that Rats black beedy eyes appeared as he stared at You from a corner?

          Bingo! thats the evil eyes look I mean. You will know it when its staring You down prior to murdering your family first then You!

          Unless america gets a real patroit leader type soon, and convinces patriots to boot kommies Out for good.

          So far on odds of that?…Nill I think.

          If You read here You Owe it to self to Read up and learn what bolsheviks did back begining in 1918 russia. Then you will be better equiped to deal with them.

          Because if you are a basic normal american, especially a white one, Your mind cannot percieve the pure evil dastardly terrible things they are capable of.

          Americans tendincy is to think “Nobody can be so damn evil! because I know I could Never ever do such methods of terrorisim to Anybody else!”

          Yes eaxct;y correct We americans can never concieve let alone Do such atrocities…BUT THEY CAN-DID- and WILL DO Again to Us here!

          There wont be no total end of govnt collapse as so many here believe. I know it sounds swell or logical and the math seems to add up…But they use Different “math” aka Fuzzy math!

          Their plans wont allow such collapse no matter how many books based on it sells good….READ THEIR BOOKS!

          Commie manifesto–Protocals of elders of Zion!—Various Rabbi’s who admit their evil plans!

          There wont be total collapse except for Us citizens, and zero hiddy holes to hide away and wait it out etc…

          Its Kill or be KIlled…We need a true leader asap, on our own we will end like ukraine or russians did.

          • Communism in Russia was brutal, but once you came to the cesspool meme that Jews were put into control, you proved that you are so full if s**t that your eyes are brown.

            Jews were in fact exterminated in the Soviet Union as fast or faster than any other group except the Kulaks, (small landowners). This I know from personal contact with some of those few who managed to escape and got to the USA.

            On top of all the troubles this nation has, we have to put up with the likes of you. Disgusting.

            • No it is assholes such as You old coach idiot..Of course you believe every fuckin bs story any jew ever told you.

              Why do you thunk Christ called them LIARS?….You are the typical stupid american idiot that has so much msm bs ingrained into your small head you are pathetic.

              One day probobly sooner than later fools such as You will wish you learned real facts and truth. be too late by then. You should try for a job at glen becks jew worsip tv shows!….You are exactly what Jews love so much and reason they call folks like You “GOYIM” Idiot.

          • Well we just signed up for four more years or this leader.

            So Buckle up we’re in for a bumpy ride

          • Thats exactually why Hitler hated the jews. Dont get me wrong, Hitler was a nutjob, but he knew about the
            Bolshevic Revolution and who was behind it, and thus did’nt trust them. Have you ever wondered why the bloshevic Revolution is not taught in American classrooms? Im reading a book now about the concentration camps for the Germans after the war, where hundreds of thousands of men women and children died due to starvation and sanitary conditions. The camps on the Russian side were headed by jews and were far worse than the allied camps. But both saw horrible death and misery. The book is called Gruesome Harvest, first published in 1947.

          • everyone keeps bitching about the Jews, but let me tell you a bit of history. The Vatican has been the one scaring people about the Jews, for 2000 years, and before that, the Roman Empire which the Vatican immitates. The Jews have never been in charge of the Western world, they are merely the accountants, and the Rothschilds are the Red Roman Schield which takes the heat to distract you from the real enemy, the Pagan upper eschelon of the Vatican. Rome knew their physical empire was coming to an end, so Constantine had the forethought to transform it to a spiritual one. Know what additional titles the Pope possesses? The Vicar(ious) of Christ, and the Pontifex Maximus, the title of the Pagan High Priest of Rome. The answer is so obvious as to who, it blinds those without discernment. Decrying the Jew is a Red Herring, and the Vatican is pleased. “And the woman was arrayed in purple and scarlet colour, and decked with gold and precious stones and pearls, having a golden cup in her hand full of abominations and filthiness of her fornication: And upon her head was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH. And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus: and when I saw her, I wondered with great admiration.” Rev. 17;4-6. It is painully obvious the Jews are scapegoats, and always have been.

            • Thank you wolfie.

              See what it says… the ‘mother of harlots’.
              She is not the ONLY Harlot…

              And she(The Holy Roman Empire) killed the saints, who were called; Heretic. and created harlots, plural…

              All those who use her book of confusion, and love death and war, and money above God, are the problem. Those who love money, thus the root of all evil is ‘the LOVE of money’. While her divided book of the god of war and the god of love, and Paul vs Jesus, tells them to “sin boldly and trust in Christ more”

              And the harlots are the protestants of the Ten Tribes, the Ten horns, virgins and divided toes of iron and clay.
              (the word means; protesting Catholics.) Who blame The JOOOS for all the worlds problems, thus trying to hide themselves in the noise. They are the Ten horns, the ten Shofars, the Leaders of the Lost ten tribes who control the Earth. The White man and his Rule of Gold(I am white), that are shown as the Head of Gold of the statue of rebellion in the book of Daniel, that controls them by the two legs of politics, the left and right, and the MYSTERY religions of iron and clay.

              They can deny it, scream about it, but they are old dry bones of mystery, and it is time for the lady of 12 stars in her crown to be Revealed, that the Knowledge of God may conquer the Mystery of God, for the time of Jacobs Trouble begins in December, the Dark day of the Lord, that may last 24 years. Very few of them will survive because, like the Jews of old, they cling to fear. Their individuality, compassion and intellect being their Achilles heel.

              The only way through, to become a Remnant, is to form the Temple of God, in your minds, as a web of lights in the darkness, to trim your wicks and fill your lamps and hide, to go into the wilderness by leaving Babylon, The SYSTEM.

              pipermichael dot wordpress dot com
              ; babylon and the wilderness

              • Food for thought.

                Do you know why God Created Whiskey?

                So the Irish couldn’t rule the world.

          • The Russians are the least of our worries at the moment, guys…FOCUS…FOCUS…FOCUS…

          • I don’t know why so many thumbs down.  It’s all true.  History.

            Folks enough of the Kumbya stuff.

            Bad times are coming.

            Just look at that Feinstein bitch trying to disarm us all.

            A traitor to the United States.

            Why disarm the American people?   A socialists/Jew commie plot.

            See it for what it is.

            The real slave masters are the bankers, run by the jews.

            Yes, I did read the protocols for the Elders of Zion.

            Here’s a fact.   HENRY FORD, was so pissed, he printed up 500k copies of it and distributed it.  He knew first hand what was going on.

            Think for yourself and not the TV brainwashing.

            I predict that the Obama economy will fall greatly.

            I’ve never hear so many saying that they will not spend money now until he is out.  That’s the new republican trend.  A silent protest that will be heard.


        • AMEN!
          LET THE HUNT BEGIN!!!!!!!


        • “Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left.
          While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,
          they both march in the same direction.”
          — Paul Proctor

        • In other words, the parasites have thier gold, and are’nt giving it back. Look for them to create a reason to start giving Germany, and anyone else who wants thier gold back, a hard time.

          It’s that ol’ Golden Rule thing…

          “Those with the Gold, make the rules”.

      19. Are they already dropping like flies?
        will we see more of Obamas gang dismember?
        “stand down” “resign” etc..

        Chief Petraeus..resigns over “affair”

        yeah right, none of these types resign over affairs..
        Oh and right before testifying on the Benghazi affair..maybe it wont be long before more and more jump ship?

        • Interesting how his name is so close to ..”Betray-Us” its a laughing point for TPAB

          • Um, yeah, but… don’t be surprised if he patches everything up and is a viable presidential candidate some day. It’s been done before.

            • Yeah, heck, with Clinton, his philandering was a resume enhancement. Made him more attractive to women than Sean Connery.

      20. One thing we have to STOP is the renewing of the FED, at all costs.

        • You do know that most here and the occasional reader has no idea what you are talking about. There is the first problem most do not understand nor want to take the time to understand.

      21. Best way to not get hit..Don’t be a target. Or at least make sure all the other targets look way more inviting than you do..

      22. I beleive we have about 2 more years. UNLESS something unforeseen takes place that the powers that be did not plan for. Obama will milk things along until the next election. Meanwhile the repubs will be portrayed as “out of touch” old white guys. They will be shown to protect the uber rich in the country from tax increases. Belittled and made fun off by the likes of CNN, CNBC, MSNBC, CBS, ABC, Letterman, Leno, Stewart, Colbert, ETC. Then Obama will usher in a majority in the House. The libs are very patient. Next will be the Justices. Ultimately they will dismantle the Constitution and all done “legitimately”. I will continue to get ready, but I feel we have a little more time. This country has been running OK for a couple of centuries, the libs will be patient and take it down carefully.

        • A Supreme Court Justice CAN be impeached. I pray we will have the stones to do so if sanity returns to the House and Senate in 2014.

        • 1time

          This is one of the very best posts I have ever read on this site. Makes perfect sense.

          As I see it there is one flaw to their plan, 1 million NRA members and 300 million(?) guns.

        • Dude,get the fuck out of here with trivial bullshit.Fuck Petraeus,meaningless bullshit.

          • My wife is having an affair with a government executive. His role is to manage a project whose progress is seen worldwide as a demonstration of American leadership. (This might seem hyperbolic, but it is not an exaggeration.) I have met with him on several occasions, and he has been gracious. (I doubt if he is aware of my knowledge.) I have watched the affair intensify over the last year, and I have also benefited from his generosity. He is engaged in work that I am passionate about and is absolutely the right person for the job. I strongly feel that exposing the affair will create a major distraction that would adversely impact the success of an important effort. My issue: Should I acknowledge this affair and finally force closure? Should I suffer in silence for the next year or two for a project I feel must succeed? Should I be “true to my heart” and walk away from the entire miserable situation and put the episode behind me? NAME WITHHELD Seems, Gen. David Patreus took “em-bed” rather literally, have given the term a whole new meaning The chapter in his biography about David Petraeus’ affair with his biographer is going to be awkward for his biographer to write. Paula Broadwell: Top 10 Facts You Need to Know

      23. Thank you Just Me and Po’Patriot, unfortunately you are right. Thank you EagleDove for the explaination.

        • Welcome.., been there myself. 🙂

      24. ‘Nothing is more dangerous than a man with nothing to lose.’

        • Nothing is more Pathetic, than them who refuse to admit who their true enemys are.

          • Northern Michigan Right

            Your TRUE ENEMY is old man winter

            just worry about that for now

            it has a better chance of causing you trouble before “well you know who”

            • Whats your problem?..Why do you keep stalking my posts asshole? You can Learn alot more being quiet. Then afterwards you may be able to offer good advice etc.

              You sound like some punk 18 yrs old kid. Stalk some other posts for a change ok.

              • We still don’t know what you are trying to “Teach”. Most of your post start on a great topic and turn to shit. As they go on. If someone is able to keep focus on the Loong ones.

              • Back the paranoia down a notch I’m not stalking your posts.

                But this a disscusion format

                when I read your long drawn out posts they seem to scream out for a little balance

                alittle give and taken isn’t that what this is an exchange of ideas

              • Oh Ex military survival instructor 47 thanks for asking

      25. Oboma is really concerned about the US economy. The country is headed for disaster in January and he is off to Asia. Possably he is going to consult with his Chineese masters. Prepare patriots!

      26. I’ve got my M1 Carbine ready to go. If any foreign troops appear on our streets, once the bullets start flying there will be weapons galore available. The number of gun owners in the US is equal to the 14 largest standing armies in the world. The system we’re under right now deserves to crash and die; sad to say, but true. I’ll miss the good things about it, but not the bad parts. There has to be a thorough house cleaning and start over fromscratch. That’s the only hope I see for America. A lot of good things can come out of SHTF if we let them happen. Unfortunately, a holocaust and destruction are coming to this land. it’s too late to try to avoid it now. All anybody can do is prep to the best of their ability and batten down the hatches once TSHTF. In post-SHTF, survival will be all that is left. Braveheart

        • actually we are larger as a group than ALL the standing armies of the world combined.

          • Hopefully we can fine a way to stand up together. 15% is even asking alot. Look how the break down of the votes. Many are giving up. Many of these new gun owner are just buying because they think they can defend there selves from the Thugs. We need something to get the preppers to start thinking as a force not a group that will be on its own.

            • FBP
              YES-YES-YES! That’s the goal, so how does it happen?

              • My plan of course starts with the survival of my immediate family and goes out from there.

                I do actuality look to associate with people who want to “survie” any up coming event. That is my number one reason for working so closely with gun shows in my area. For me it is fun and for the most part everyone at least has an idea of what we talk about. Didn’t say understand but at least there is some common start points if you are willing to walk in the door.

                I actively look for other group or one family household that like even social contact. With the though of at least knowing in other neighborhoods there “could” be a friend if needed.

                I plan on surviving the collapse. Then being a re builder of ????. If at some point there is enough people that want to stand up to the evil powers that some believe will take over I will be there. But first we must have a goal not theory’s to how to stop this mess. I will not waste my life on a plan that is a loss from the beginning. We are so far from that.

                We can even get enough people to engage in faceless debate here. At my shows I would say 1 in hundred want to learn, 1 in a thousand actually do something and after many years. Except from my long term “Former Cold War Survivalist” I have met 20 group and only 2 of true size that are willing to truly prepare.

                With all that said. I have no grand plan. This is probably why I keep reaching out and hoping someone will step up and have one.

        • there are about 80 million gun owners in America with a combining total of 258 million guns (and quickly climbing)

          U.S military has 1 million active, china 2 million, russia 800,000, and these are the biggest. WE have more armed patriots than all the worlds active military’s combined BY FAR even if only 15% showed up for the fight against the whole world amassed against us, we would still outnumber them. (save your rants about superior firepower, etc, we were just talking numbers not to mention the nonsense of all the armies of the world ever coming to the U.S. to take us on)

        • Braveheart..

          It astounds me to no end how we have not evolved one iota since the days of Rome..
          Endless wars
          Worship of the corrupt and inept,self serving Senate,Congress and Caesar/President
          Endless Bread and Circus’s for the masses
          Amassing untold fortunes on the backs of willing slaves

          and still..the few ,the proud still stand silent a few..

          and those who stood their ground for sovereignty and liberty are, and have, been relegated to the dust bowls of forgotten and buried histories throughout the ages..
          Those of us who remember, and now, still stand for freedom are now facing the same fate as our ancestors..

          The usurpers still they have for thousands of years..and once again,as always, have the masses at their beckon and call.

          Where do we stand?

          Will we succumb..or will we take our final last breath against the millennium of tyranny?

          Will we stand as a freemen or freewomen?

          Or will we relinquish our fading God given liberties and rights and surrender?

          This is now where we are ..

          I will stand my ground..and join my ancestors

          And die a free man..rather than a slave on my knees..


      27. All you smart people! In my paranoid menue planning: Are liberals considered “white meat”? Do they go with Red Wine?

        • The term for that menu item is “Long Pork Dog Food” which is best served minced to one’s furry companions with a bowl of fresh water on the side.

        • Long Pork.

        • Don’t do it….they’ll make you sick!

      28. The dummies have voted!! Praise be the minority vote.. We will never see a republican president or another election in this country after this one.. They’ve drank from the well and now we the ones who work must go thirsty..

        Ever heard the saying.. Make lemonade out of lemons? There is really nothing we can do.. But wait this out.. Fly low.. And hoard as much as you can..survive on the scraps..

        We are ALL now forced to be liberal democrats.. So take it and like it..

        Just when this country looks like Greece in 6 months.. The dummies will hopefully call on the president elect and realize they made a life altering mistake..

        Best of luck.. This week was a true game changer..

      29. when the shtf, the man with toilet paper will be king…and you’ll need bullets…lots and lots of effing bullets

      30. Do not eat Liberals unless they are extremely well done. Their mental disease can be spread by consuming underdone nerve tissue, like scrapie and mad cow disease.

        • They will serve it at the camps. So the disease can grow.

      31. You have a mega trillion dollar disaster and watch how quickly this country goes into death spasms. Sandy is going to hurt and likely will get near or top Katrina, but is chump change to what is brewing. One or more of 4 scenarioes that are not only possible, they are likely.

        Cascadia fault breaks, 8.8-9.3. Say good bye to Washington and Oregon’s economy. Insurance claims are likely to bankrupt companies that insure for life and property. Insurance for earthquakes is extra, however if a place burns down because of fire, the insurance company I belief has to cover it. Probably a 1-2 trillion dollar loss. About 50 years overdue to break.

        San Andreas fault breaks, 8.1-8.4. This is only central and southern california. Tremendous loss, probably 3-5 trillion. If San Andreas jumps the buffer creep zone and continues to the north, 8.6-8.9, economic loss 10 trillion+.

        New Madrid breaks, 8.2-9.0. The New Madrid structures are not built to withstand earthquakes PLUS the older cold rock will magnify the shock waves, a 8.5 will be close to a 9 out in california. Much larger area will be affected and moderate damage could spread for hundreds of miles. Nuclear power plants could suffer damage. Economic loss 1-10 trillion, depending on the size and the duration of shaking and aftershock activity.

        The Caribbean fault breaks, 8.3-8.9. The Atlantic coast has no early warning tsunami system. The Gulf of Mexico will have some of the waves channelled into it between Cuba and Florida. Aside from the loss of life, it will depend on the time of year WHEN it hits. Storm activity alters the coastline much during the year, all depends on how much buffer there is up. Less attention is given outside hurricane season. Depends a lot on size of tsunami and the angle it comes in. As shown in south Asian countries tsunami energy just comes in and sweeps away a lot and keeps coming in wave after wave. Everything from Florida up to Chesapeake Bay could be hit with tsunami waves as high as 20 feet or higher, maybe even 5 feet or so up the New England area. Wide range of economic cost from 500 billion to 3 trillion, again depending on the angle and size of the undersea earthquake.

        The absolute worst hit to the economy though would be a plague. We are not talking about some swine flu something, we are talking hard core virus that has a fatality rate above 20% and is contagious. Ecomonic loss, tens of trillions. Anyone say bankrupt.

        War, not WW3 because there is no United States anymore, but a war that binds up the foreign oil. I read something somewhere that said for each $10 rise in oil the country loses 100-250 billion dollars. Imagine oil at more than $300. When oil was at $147 dollars a barrel, a couple of months later the collapse of markets in 2008. Coincidence? Probably not, it was not the sole cause but it surely helped everything over the edge.

        A true SHTF event can quickly flattened the economy of any country, and there are some bad ones looming. Not too many people saw a lightweight disaster( in comparison to true horrors that will happen) of Sandy coming, especially in late October.

        • Beinformed

          Although I respect your expertise in seismic anomalies and the sciences related..
          I surely hope you are 100& wrong in your assertions..

          And I also surely believe that with evidences presented and statistics, you might be 100% correct..or close to it..

          That being said..there is way too much overload of events happening geo politically and every other nuance under the sun at this point in our evolution as humans on this sphere..

          Please read my last post here..we are at a turning point in my 60 years of perspective..and nothing has changed in several thousand or so years imo..!

          The only angle that has changed in thousands of years is our technology to see the underpinnings of it all..
          be it geo political or in your case,,geo physical events..

          Thank you for your insight and heads up posts.

          I for one, enjoy them all..even if they scare the hell out of me should they come to fruition..


          • @ possee. Human civilization goes through all sorts of cycles, so does the life span of powerful countries that normally last at around 200 years, as you know the country is 236 years old. Humans might not survive what is coming. Disease kills more life forms that anything. It is those slums in India that are most worrisome for an Andromeda virus to pop out of there. National Geographic did an article on this a few years ago. War is something that is practically for sure, and nuclear weapons will be used.

            As in case the above geo events, they are mostly recoverable, would hit the country’s economy horribly, but a good chance of recover at some point. What really is the problem is that super event, like a mass flare that fries everything electronic. That super volcano down in the southern hempishere that belches up 3000 cubic km of debris. That 99% killer super virus. All of these events have happened before and will happen again. Species die off all the time, including plant life like the American Chestnut tree, for killer germs, and humans are still life forms that can catch such a bug.

            I try not to exaggerate what can happen as this scares me with untrue scenarioes. Everything I said above is more than possible and again has occurred before. That is what is about preparation and those that do have a far better chance of survival than those that don’t, Will these come to frutation? YES they will. Rock can take only so much before it breaks, each fault will snap, the longer the wait the more catastrophic it will be. Sorry for ruining your night, but these events are destined to happen, when exactly, that is what I am trying to find out. You are way ahead of 99% of the masses because you prepare.

        • BI: Every tick of the clock brings us closer to some major event that will put an end to us. All we can hope and pray for is that we are still standing after the dust settles.
          Then it is every man for themselves, until some kink of normalcy comes about and that could take years to happen.
          Until that event happens we must prepare ourselves both physically and mentally for that day.
          I feel that a natural event is more likely to happen before any man made one will.
          Our military will not follow unlawful orders, because they know all to well that the same thing is happening to their families also. It will be troops from somewhere else that we will have to fight and our military will be by our sides. The same goes for the LE.
          Just plan and prepare the way you feel fit for yourself and your love ones. THIS ALL ANY OF US CAN DO.
          Keep an open mind, use common sense, and trust the man up stairs. Thats just me.

          • Survive it death. We created it. So we must destroy it.

        • B.I.

          Any further estimations/predictions on the Cascadia Fault, if, and when?


          • @ JustMe. When that 7.8 hit, they upgraded it, IFD the Cascadia fault had the amount of energy pinned up in it of about 8.7 or less, it would have broken within 2 days. 7.8’s are massive earthquakes and that close to a major thrust fault like this should have broke it. This means that at least 8.8-9.0 energy is bottled up there. The fault is ready to fail as indicated by the 6.3 the other day. In fact I think it is possible that it did break and stopped upon relocking itself like the Japanese 9.0 last year did, there was a 7.3 2 days before it broke. If it does not break by about Thanksgiving, then we are talking 9.1-9.3 energy locked up there and it could be months or another major event to throw it over the edge.

            I was looking over past earthquakes today while calculating what the 5.2 in the South Sandwich Islands is going to do and earthquakes that close to another fault sets it off. The Landers earthquake in california was a 7.3 over 100 miles away from the Northridge fault, yet in January of 1994 after the 7.3 hit in June of 1992, it broke. This 7.8 had about 16 times the energy of that 7.3. Yes the Cascadia fault is in the late stages of failure, this 7.8 probably sped up the process months or years.

            Like I said the other night, look for polar activity within 4 days, had that 5.2 today near Antarctica today. I also said look for a large earthquake south of here to san francisco area as a precursor. And look for another earthquake around the Cascadia fault that is bigger. If you see these other two signs and perhaps even more polar activity, get ready to hear the breaking news that Seattle and Portland have been hit with a mega quake.

            • B.I.,

              Thank you for the input. Local seismologists have been saying for a long time, that we are overdue for a big quake. As far as breaking news goes, I’ll be getting it first hand… I’ve always wondered what it would be like, geuss I got a front row seat.

            • @ BI
              I know that you know about this, but was wondering which fault the 5.9 off coast of Peru today ties into the four you are watching now.

              • @ PrepperGal35. The 5.9 is on the Nazca plate that directly affects the Cocos plate to the north and the South American plate, their collison is the reason for the Andes mountains, and most importantly it once again shows tension directed towards the Caribbean plate that is in the advanced stages of failure. The 5.2 in the South Sandwich Islands indicates a bigger earthquake is coming by Nov. 24, 83% chance, as the below post of previous earthquakes since 1973 indicates. Right now I would watch like a hawk the Caribbean and Cascadia faults, two mega thrust faults that are primed and ready to go. The ONLY thing preventing them from breaking right now is that they are so locked. The pressure at these two faults is enormous.

                • BI, I am curious how you go about getting your percentages? What makes it 83% vs 84, 85 etc?

        • Be informed
          You mention insurance coverage.
          What many people don’t know is that many insurance policies contain a clause that essentially voids the contract if there are multiple causes of damage. For example, the company will pay for earthquake damage or fire damage. But if there is an earthquake and then your house burns down, you’re out of luck. IMO Insurance companies are experts at finding ways to avoid making payouts.

          • @ Merree. I know. “Acts of God” clause, and you can bet that the courts would be jammed to the brim after a truly magnitudes of claims out there. If the courts are still around, it would be a catastrophic mess for the country.

        • I will completely agree with you that we are passed due for a major outbreak of some type. With overpopulation/crowded cities and the mutation rate of viruses and bacteria, I’m shocked we have avoided one thus far.

          Once an air borne, hemorrhagic-type bad boy is out there, it will sweep across the land like a wild fire without a fireman in sight. For the most part, all the preps in the world cannot prevent you from getting this sort of disease. If it is a virus, pray you have great genetics, and avoid exposure at all cost. If it is bacterial, pray it doesn’t spore up and can be killed with things such as heat, then learn how to prevent exposure. If it is a fast acting prion, we are all screwed.

          Super bugs exists and are created both naturally and from scientific engineering. Let us hope that TPTB don’t release something like this on to the population.

        • @be informed – 4.3 in Kentucky!

        • Correction:

          “You’ll REALLY ‘enjoy’ this.”

        • @ JustOneGuy. Should have that synopsis of what that earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands today will mean in the future. Expect an earthquake of 6.5+ by November 24. Will have the locations probably tomorrow. There seems to be pointing to more activity in the Caribbean area. Cascadia fault is in late stages of failure, size of mega quake will likely determine when it will break.

      32. I don’t need the fatso Euro to tell me.

      33. Remember back during interview with Soros.Folks,elites get off on troubles.

      34. Anonymous, thank you for that info; I stand corrected on that one item. Possee, sad to say, you’re right about how the US is in decline very much like Rome. The parallels are absolutely frightening. I’m with you; I’m going to stand and fight. Surrender is not an option for any of us. In March 2013 they will finally have the Verichip ready for everyone. I’m not taking ‘the mark of the beast’. They can go make love to themselves. LIBERTY OR DEATH! Braveheart

      35. Mac,

        Thanks for the medium.





        • Iowa, do we need a support group?? LOL

          • Apparently I do.

        • Liquid courage last night. Sorry. Just a friendly reminder.

          I feel like a douche.

          • lol! i didnt get to the moderation queue until about 5am this morning…. i feel your frustration with it… Iowa, i know you have been on me about this for a year now…. we will be testing the backend of the forum this weekend… we are REALLY close on this. It is coming!

            thanks for your passion!


          • Believe me, Iowa, you are not alone. There are so many who are still in a wacked-out funk over this past week. Tina, KY Mom, and a few others mentioned depression — no doubt many of us feel this. This is grief-felt — we lost something we were counting on. Grief IS depressing. But life goes on and so do we!

            Remember, we’ve got to keep our emotions in check. This is part of our preps! We’ve got to watch ourselves and watch out for others. Let’s all try not to get so discouraged but get more pro-active. Don’t get sad, get mad!!

            Maybe we need to revisit our individual plans and goals and double up. Maybe we need to re-define some of those goals. What we cannot do is give in or give up. THAT is exactly what they want.

            They want a downtrodden group, let them have the SNAPrs. The gimme-group will go down before any of us who stand strong will go down.

            So belly up to the bar, Iowa. Get a few down then get on with it. There’s work to be done.

            Rebellion is where we go next. I’m a fighter. I know I’m not alone. Get ready — our future depends on it.

        • I would be happy to help lead a small group of people on a given chat night, once it is up and running. We could allocate a night where people can come and talk in real time, just to get stuff out or share ideas, etc.

      36. I concur with B.I. The earthquakes are not ceasing,
        but increasing with frequency and intensity.
        I have been watching the earth changes for a long
        time. I am esp. concerned about the Louisiana
        sinkhole. That is close to the Madrid fault.
        They say that whole area could go under and the
        Mississippi river would flow right down the center
        of the country. I think that the ‘Reality’ that
        is discussed on this site, is “too much” for the
        mundane masses. As long as they have their
        microwaves, porn, beer, football, and junk food,
        they can escape the reality of what is building
        around them and hide in their shallow, self-
        absorbed lives.

        • @ Emily. I don’t honestly know if the planet is in a upswing of earthquake activity that is a cycle or not, I just know that there is a sharp increase of earthquakes. I have gone over every single last 5.0+ since 1973 to get a way of predicting earthquakes from polar activity, and after seeing this several times, there is a definite uptick. My very wise college professor said to always look for records to see some sort of major change. Hurricane Sandy for one thing had the lowest pressure of any hurricane making land fall that far north. Hurricane Wilma several years had the lowest pressure ever of any Atlantic hurricane. There are many other records.

          Something is afoot and the masses just go along like happy times and don’t prepare or even think of preparing. Kind of like the chicken scrathcing around the barn yard that is unaware of that he or she is going to be weekend dinner for everybody.

          • Why are you so worried about everyone else? Worry about yourself and stop badmouthing people you don’t know.

            • What a hypocryte…Seems You are woried of someone You don’t know eh. BI has great important info. Where is Yours?

              Selfish self centered idiots such as you sound to be is a huge problem in how america got so messed up. Worry only for self..Screw all others right…..Till You need help that is!

            • @ omegaman. Isn’t being worried and concerned about others is what is meant about humanity? When someone fails to prepare how often is it that they EXPECT the people that did prepare to rescue them when the government can’t? This makes unprepared people the business of the prepared people, because those in need are going to come a knocking on the preppers’ doors. Those that don’t prepare need to be highly criticized and be cautioned against because they will be coming to get what the prepper/survivalist has sacrificed so much to store up and prepare.

          • BI,
            Keep up the wonderful work sir…
            You are validating my hypothesis, and after December, and the next year, even you may become slowly convinced…

            This will end up with the Earth wobbling “like a drunkard”… The Sun darkened, and the Moon like blood.

            I can’t say how many years off, but it will peak in 2033, someway, somehow…

            pipermichael dot wordpress dot com
            ; Something wicked this way comes

          • Hi Bi,


            TOO Right!… 🙂

        • Looking down on everyone else must make you feel better about your sh*t life huh?

          • @ omegaman. You know so many others call the preppers/survivalists selfish and hoarders. Yet whom is selfish? The masses that waste money on Chinese junk, not purchase made in USA products even, not put away any food, water, or other supplies, and then expect their neighbor that has put away to feed them and take care of them and dwinndle their own family’s needs when SHTF? Whom is selfish and not even willing to try to put away for tomorrow? The non-prepper.

      37. and who says that there aren’t already tanks and “machine guns” ready and functional…??? lol

        molon labe

      38. Look at how mindless young people are now. When this system crashes, it will be hell.

      39. Fun with Lang-widge… Part 2

        You ever run into somebody you haven’t seen in several years, and while you’re telling each other about your lives, you wonder just how much stuff they’re exaggerating in order to look good? And at the same time, wondering if they believe the ‘padded resume’ you’re giving them in return?
        I hadn’t seen Ben since high school (that’s over 30 yrs ago) and we met the other day at Moe’s Mosey-On-In Cafe. The whole time he was telling me about his life, I kept having a silent conversation with myself (sort of in parentheses, like this).

        Me: So, Ben, what have you done with your life? You got a carrer going, I suppose…?

        Him: Oh, certainly! I’m an English Language professor at Uppity State University.
        (yeah, I remember when they called it Bugtussle A&M. Then changed the name to fool rich people back east into sending their kids there)

        Me: An English professor, huh?(yawn)

        Him: Well, at the risk of sounding immodest…I was a Rhode’s Scholar. (I’m a bit of a Road Scholar myself. You learn a lot driving up and down the interstates)
        And I now hold the Hyram Q. Peabody Chair in Applied Language Forensics.

        Me: You’re holding a ‘chair’? (I glanced at his seat. Same worn out old chairs that Moe’s always had. Ain’t no different than my chair)

        Him: It’s an ENDOWED Chair. Funded by the Peabody family, in honor of old Hyram.
        (so, a dead rich guy get’s his name stuck on a department of a two-bit college in exchange for giving them a million bucks? Sounds like a bad investment to me)

        Me: That sounds fascinating(not). What exactly is Language Forensics?
        (What do you do, perform autopsies on words? Cut open an adverb and see if there’s a verb in there? Snip off a dangling participle?)

        Him: Oh, it’s an exciting field! We trace word origins back to their earliest beginnings. You’d be amazed at the origin of some of our language!…But, enough about me. What have you done with your life, Okie?
        (I’m gonna get a headache thinking up a high-falutin’ way to say ‘truck driver.’ Oh, what the hell…)

        Me: I’ve spent the past couple of decades primarily focused on Freight Relocation Technologies.

        Him: Well…that sounds, uh…fascinating! Tell me more about it.
        (he don’t have a clue what I’m talking about! Might as well lay it on thick)

        Me: My special area of interest has been in propulsion units. (trucks) Specifically those designed with a stored kinetic energy ignition design rather than the traditional electrical ignition design. (there ain’t no spark plugs in a diesel)

        Him: My! That must be, uh…challenging work.
        (he’s has no idea what I’m saying! This is kinda fun!)

        Me: Oh it is! The greatest challenges, of course, are the topographical and meteorological variations. Those can certainly have a negative impact on energy utilization. (my fuel mileage really sucks pulling a hill or fighting a head wind)

        Him: Well, uh…what, specifically, do you, uh…apply these technologies to?

        Me: My primary focus is on cryogenically stabilized protein units. Mainly those of bovine or avian origin. (I haul frozen beef and chicken, but danged if it don’t sound more important that way)

        As we left the cafe, he stopped me on the sidewalk.
        “Okie, I’m an English professor and damned if I could understand what you just told me. What, exactly, do you do for a living?”

        “Let’s cut the crap, Ben. You’re a small college English prof and I’m a truck diver. That don’t mean we can’t have some fun together. Catch up on old times,”

        He laughed. “I always did appreciate your direct style of communication. Now, what do you say we go fishing?”

        I tilted my nose up a bit, “That’ll be fine. But first I must make an inquiry concerning the individual fiduciary responsibilities as it pertains to the acquisition of fermented beverages…”

        He smiled, “Okay, you old tight-wad. I’m buyin’ the beer!”

        I clapped him on the back, “Now you’re talkin!”

        • Loved that Smokin’….
          10 thumbs up…

        • … too funny… Thanks for the smiles, just when it get entirely too intense. Like a commercial break in the news room. Breath in, breath out…keeps your head intact and brain matter from dripping from your eyes…

          Under Pressure. Hey wasn’t there an 80’s tune.
          Found it~

      40. Update time = Sat Nov 10 6:00:03 CST 2012

        y/m/d h:m:s deg deg km

        2.7 2012/11/09 22:24:12 30.111N 88.073W 5.0 12 km ( 7 mi) ENE of Dauphin Island, AL

      41. Rats leaving the sinking ship

        Come January, the Obama administration will begin again, and a number of people whose names and faces have grown familiar the past four years will leave the public realm for other livelihoods.

        Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and press secretary Jay Carney are preparing for departure. Many also expect Attorney General Eric Holder to be considering an exit.

        And much you wanna make a bet, there will be more

        • its a bet i wont take VRF as i agree with everything you have said. only its nto just the rats in the obama administration that are fleeing. its all the rats in politics and business worldwide.

      42. I think this apply’s here, But thats me.

        “This is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps, the end of the beginning.”.

        -Sir Winston Churchill speaking on 9 November 1942

      43. Just to straigten out all you “They are going to come for all our guns and know where they are” group..

        there aint no way they have any F-ing clue where all the guns are..No F-ing clue, and to prove this to you, I have this report.

        A report released yesterday by the Bureau of Justice Statistics in Washington claims “About 1.4 million firearms were stolen during household burglaries and other property crimes over the six-year period from 2005 through 2010.

        “Of the guns stolen each year during burglaries and other property crimes, at least 80 percent, or an annual average of 186,800 firearms, had not been recovered up to six months after being stolen

        An annual average of 186,800 guns EACH YEAR un accounted for..

        so lets just say to use their figures and a 10 year stretch of time..1,868,000 guns out there with no trace as to ownership..since 2002…would you like to go back to the 90’s
        lets just say 22 years at 186,800= 4,109,600..

        Hahahhahaha yeah like they fuckin know where these guns are and that you have one or not..fuck those gun grabbers and the against the 2nd amendment pricks..

        come for them, I dare you, simpleton brainless fucks

        we will have the right to bare arms weather they like it or not. Forever!

        Lock and load, bitches

        • this also doesnt take into account the numbers of non registered guns, those that dont need to be registered, and those that never were and still are not to this day, and those of tallented people who can and do make thier own.
          and those firearms that are in the hands of criminals that were never registered, and those in the hands of military that have made it into private hands without paperwork,

          and last but not least..those guns that are out on the streets with no records or location thanks to Eric Holder, and this administration and all those administartions before this one

          the biggest joke of the 21st century,,Any group or government trying to unarm the “people”..Hahhhha jokes on them

          Any fool that would admit to owning a firearm if asked by a government figure head needs to have thier head examined

          “No sir, no arms in this house, were deathly afraid of them”..”thanks for your concern”..

          • People might want to do a quicky search for The Liberator, the zip-gun made by the allies in WW2. Easy to make, and use. Not the safest type of weapon, but designed to help you liberate an oppressor’s weapon.

            • It only has to be safe enough once then you getthe dead mans gun.

              i beleive that was the theory anyway

          • VRF

            Have you seen the new ROCK RIVER ARMS RIA 22 TCM Micro-Mag 1911 Pistol?

            223 Caliber shortened..
            Muzzle velocity at 2200 fps

            My next purchase indeed..


            • I have heard about it, it sounds kinda cool
              a 9mm brass necked down to take a .223 projectile..I wonder if I can get the dies for that switch up from the 9mm case to neck a ..223 into it?
              I think they are even going to make a 9mm barrel for it.

              very interesting hand gun they run close to 600$

              • Or is it a necked down .223 case?
                either way brass could be an issue for a while , ammo could be costly for a while too.

                • I just found this on it..

                  According to the Jan-Feb American Handgunner Magazine:
                  SRP is $720.
                  18 rounds in 22 TCM
                  17 rounds in 9mm
                  2 magazines (same magazine used for both calibers)
                  9mm conversion kit included (about 1 minute for the conversion, just change barrel and recoil spring).
                  Averages 2,000fps with 40gr vs 5.7′s 1650fps 40gr.
                  Armscor is offering $20/50 rounds or $350/1,000 rounds
                  “They will be offering reloading dies and components in the future.”
                  Accuracy under 2″ at 25 yards with 22TCM.
                  trigger pull 4.75pounds
                  all steel 38 oz unloaded
                  Available from Rock Island Armory dealers and Armscor Precision in Nevada.
                  Custom guns and custom ammo available from Fred Craig, Atomitronix in Pahrump Nevada.

        • “Well officer, that gun was lost in a canoeing accident…”

          Only have 1 that was bought from a store.
          The rest?
          Molon Labe.

      44. zionists, *sigh* , when they dont have the jesuits giving them orders , they become like rats. they get aggressive, than they start eating each other , than they flee. the unseen hand , such as it is, has vanished.

      45. 20 Lies Every American Should Know!

        “It astonishes me to find… [that so many] of our countrymen… should be contented to live under a system which leaves to their governors the power of taking from them the trial by jury in civil cases, freedom of religion, freedom of the press, freedom of commerce, the habeas corpus laws, and of yoking them with a standing army. This is a degeneracy in the principles of liberty… which I [would not have expected for at least] four centuries.” – Thomas Jefferson to William Stephens Smith, 1788

        • From the time of the Whiskey Rebellion.
          Like I have said for years, we gave up an aristocracy of royalty, for an aristocracy of money. A monied Elite who gave out enough in the way ‘rights’ to mollify the peasants and allowed them a semblance of rights. Rights that have now been taken back, one by one, and now even your very bodies have been delivered to the state through ObamaCare.
          If you check you will see, it is all about The WORKER, the sickly young, the infirm and the old are sacrificed for the health of the worker bees. You are reduced from human beings into economic units.

          Enjoy your new socialist state. You dumb motherfuckers. And you ‘christian’s who ‘submit to Godly authority’. I am Christian Heretic, and I will be the Hands of His Justice in the near future, I feel it.

          As for me, I consider a bullet to be an honest and moral death compared to the hell they have waiting for me on a future sick bed.

          My only regret is that I have but one life to give for my countrymen, not, my country, for it has been taken by the power of the Beast, coveting like parasites, living off the productive labors of a few. Now the inmates have taken the asylum, and we descend into madness after the Darkness comes in December. The slow march of darkness will become a torrent, and the good and the Godly will become the prey. While the Preacher men tell us to submit the head or the soul. This is the preaching of death, choose life, the Third way of the Wilderness;

          pipermichael dot wordpress dot com

      46. Greece’s Uncertain Future This short documentary looks at the current social crisis in Greece, the growth of alternative economies, general strikes, and the rise of the anti-fascist movement in response to violent attacks by the far-right. After six years of recession, the situation in Greece is growing increasingly dark. As the unemployment rate continues to rise and salaries continue to drop, the country has descended into an increasingly unpredictable situation.

      47. The end of the European dream? The ancient Greeks invented the word chaos to describe complete disorder and confusion. They did not think they would be living with it for so long.

        Greece is the economic basket-case of Europe, gone from junk status to even “junkier”. The country’s debt is 145 per cent of GDP and it is the ordinary people who are paying the price.

        One-third of Greeks live below the poverty line. Anger has turned into violence and despair, and suicides have increased by 40 per cent since the crisis began.

      48. @ smokin okie……. thats one of the funniest damn stories I’ve ever read…it’s amazing how using certain words can make things sound more important than they actually are. Your job is INFINATELY more important than his. Something tells me we could do without that persons study of word origins….but you….we desperately need you to keep the goods flowing. My hats off to you and others like you that work so damn hard to keep this country going. If the trucks ever stop rolling…we are done overnight.

      49. @ be informed…amazing information on earthquakes….you seem to be able to predict these things with a decent amount of accuracy. I value your posts and enjoy reading them even though it’s scary to think about. I don’t know near what you do about earthquakes…but i’m learning due to your posts and others as well.

      50. @copperhead…your posts kick ass too… seem to be on the level of beinformed with these earthquakes and solar activity….I love watching you and bi bat it back and forth….keep up the good work

      51. @ mac….I would be out of my mind not to mention you and all the great articles you write. If it weren’t for you and others this site wouldn’t be here. Thanks for all the hard work you do. Looking forward to the next article so maybe I can learn more.

      52. @ cocopuff crackhead….you seem to be a little on the wacky side. That being said….you are right about most of what you say. I actually look forward to reading your posts. Just a suggestion for you….you could use far less words in your posts to get your point across.

        • @bpd ;0P suggests I change …

          ??? wacky side ;0P

          ??? use far less words in posts ;0p

          … THEN I WOULDN’T BE @COCOPUFF CRACKHEAD NinaO anymore … would I ?

          Hmmmmmmmmm ?

          ~N.O. ;0p pssszzt

      53. Let’s see, Gen Petraeus forced to resign (CIA), Gen. Hamm retires on short notice, he was head of the unit that would have sent help to the guys in Bengazi, and the Captain or Admiral in the Persian Gulf who was in charge of naval assets that would have responded to Bengazi is removed from his position, suddenly. Coincidence? MSM says Petraeus won’t be called to testify in front of the Senate now. Retire and keep quiet or have a surprise heart attack. Not much of a choice. The Obama administration new of Petraeus affair and waited until they needed the info to force him out if need be. And need be came to be.

        • or….

          He was not about to lie for Assclown, and resigned, in ….disgrace?
          Now, he is “free” to speak his mind.

          Conspiracy theories will never end on this one. Where there is smoke, there is probably fire. And this whole deal is smoking and stinking to high heaven.


        – blessed

      55. BI!!

        Kentucky, a 4.3 49 minutes ago….

        • Only 1.1 km deep. I wonder if surface movements caused the big derailment in Westpoint, Ky. a few weeks ago?

          • Or was it caused by those bad boys at Knob Creek, shooting and blowing stuff up for fun? Wish I was there.

      56. Thank you B.I.. for your reply.
        Amen to your comment.

      57. Okay here it is, what happens when you have a polar earthquake at around the location of yesterday’s South Sandwich Islands. There is a 82.9% chance of a 6.5+ in one of the 131 locations that it has happened before. There is a near 100% chance that if the earthquake occurs it will happen within a degree or two of the 131 locations. Anyone near to one of these places should be on high alert until November 24.

        Previous earthquakes at close by location of Nov.9 earthquake at 56.4s-27.4w

        Date of 5.0+ Quake———–Date of 6.5+ Quake—–Latitude——Longitude—-Size of bigger qauke

        1. 3-20-73““““““““““4-3-73———————–4.7n———–75.6w——–6.7
        2. 5-23-73““““““““““6-4-73———————–17.2s———-167.8e——6.5
        3. 6-10-73““““““““““6-17-73———————43.2n———-145.8e——-7.7
        4. 11-26-73“““““““““12-9-73———————19.9s———-169.8e——-6.9
        5. 5-15-74“““““““““`5-15-74———————50.1n———-156.1e——–6.5
        6. 6-12-74“““““““““`6-19-74———————33.4s———-56.9e———6.6
        7. 7-17-74 *““““““““`7-30-74———————36.4n———-70.8e———7.4
        8. 9-8-74——————–(1) No Earthquake
        9. 10-4-74“““““““““`10-8-74———————17.3n———-62.0w———7.5
        10. 11-9-74“““““““““11-9-74———————12.5s———-77.8w———7.2
        11. 12-23-74—————-(2) No Earthquake
        12. 2-5-75 *““““““““`2-7-75———————–7.3s————149.5e——–6.6
        13. 2-19-75“““““““““2-22-75———————51.4n———-179.4w——–6.5
        14. 3-5-75““““““““““3-13-75———————29.9s———–71.3w———6.9
        15. 4-27-75“““““““““5-10-75———————38.2s———–73.2w———7.8
        16. 10-22-75““““““““10-31-75——————–12.5n———–126.0e——–7.6
        17. 11-26-75““““““““11-29-75——————–19.3n———-155.0w———7.2
        18. 12-29-75“““““““`1-1-76———————–28.6s———-177.6w———-6.9
        19. 3-24-76““““““““3-29-76———————-3.9n———–85.9w————6.5
        20. 5-7-76“““““““““5-11-76———————51.6s———–139.7e———-6.6
        21. 7-28-76 *“““““““8-2-76———————-20.6s———–169.3e———–7.0
        22. 8-31-76—————-(3) No Earthquake
        23. 10-25-76 *“““““““10-29-76—————–4.5s————-139.9e———–7.2
        24. 12-4-76—————-(4) No Earthquake
        25. 6-27-77—————-(5) No Earthquake
        26. 7-18-77““““““““`7-21-77——————-53.9s————158.6e———–6.7
        27. 8-4-77“““““““““8-19-77——————-16.9n————122.4e————6.9
        28. 9-14-77—————-(6) No Earthquake
        29. 11-8-77““““““““11-23-77——————31.0s————67.8w————7.4
        30. 12-16-77“““““““12-21-77——————25.5n————143.1e———–6.9
        31. 1-31-78 *“““““““2-9-78———————30.7s————177.4w———–7.7
        32. 3-7-78““““““““`3-15-78——————–26.4n————140.6e———–6.7
        33. 5-16-78 *““““““`5-23-78——————–31.1n————130.1e———–6.6
        34. 11-23-78 ***“““““11-29-78—————–16.0n————96.6w————7.9
        35. 1-1-79“““““““““1-16-79——————33.9n————59.5e————-6.9
        36. 2-9-79“““““““““2-13-79——————55.5n————157.2w———–6.8
        37. 3-30-79 *“““““““4-10-79——————3.0n————–126.9e————7.2
        38. 6-20-79““““““““7-1-79——————-8.3n—————82.9w————6.7
        39. 7-15-79““““““““7-24-79—————–11.2s————–107.7e———–6.9
        40. 8-8-79““““““““`8-16-79——————41.8n————-130.8e———–6.7
        41. 1-14-80—————(7) No Earthquake
        42. 9-16-80““““““““9-26-80—————–3.2s—————142.2e———–6.6
        43. 9-28-80““““““““10-10-80—————36.2n————–1.4e————–7.7
        44. 11-3-80““““““““11-8-80—————–41.1n————–124.5w———-7.2
        45. 1-23-81““““““““1-23-81—————-30.9n—————101.1e———-6.8
        46. 2-1-81——————(8) No Earthquake
        47. 2-6-81“““““““““2-17-81—————21.7s—————-169.4e———-6.7
        48. 3-14-81—————–(9) No Earthquake
        49. 5-15-81““““““““`5-25-81————–48.8s—————-164.4e———–7.6
        50. 10-16-81“““““““`10-28-81————-31.3s—————-110.7w———-6.6
        51. 1-7-82“““““““““1-11-82—————13.8n—————-124.4e———–7.4
        52. 3-10-82 *“““““““3-11-82—————9.3s——————118.5e———–6.5
        53. 3-22-82 *“““““““3-29-82—————15.5s—————-179.6w———–6.6
        54. 2-11-83““““““““2-14-83—————54.9n—————-159.2e————6.5
        55. 4-17-83““““““““4-30-83—————41.5n—————-143.8e————6.5
        56. 5-21-83““““““““5-26-83—————40.5n—————-139.1e————7.8
        57. 6-15-83““““““““6-21-83—————41.4n—————-139.1e————6.9
        58. 10-17-83“““““““10-17-83————–37.6n—————-17.5w————-6.6
        59. 11-12-83 *““““““11-16-83————–19.4n—————-155.5w———–6.7
        60. 11-30-83“““““““11-30-83————–6.9s—————–72.1e————–7.7
        61. 7-7-84—————–(10) No Earthquake
        62. 7-17-84 ***————(11) No Earthquake
        63. 8-18-84—————-(12) No Earthquake
        64. 9-2-84““““““““`9-10-84—————40.5n—————-126.8w————-6.6
        65. 9-11-84““““““““9-18-84————–34.0n—————–141.5e————-6.9
        66. 12-4-84—————-(13) No Earthquake
        67. 3-14-85““““““““3-17-85————–32.6s—————–71.6w————–6.6
        68. 3-20-85—————-(14) No Earthquake
        69. 4-20-85—————-(15) No Earthquake
        70. 5-20-85““““““““6-3-85—————-15.3s—————–173.5w————7.0
        71. 9-5-85““““““““`9-11-85—————39.4n—————–75.4e————–6.5
        72. 2-28-86“““““““`3-6-86—————–40.4n—————–51.6e————–6.6
        73. 3-20-86“““““““`3-24-86—————-2.5s——————130.7e————6.8
        74. 3-26-86 *““““““`4-8-86—————–8.0s——————-73.9w————-6.5
        75. 4-9-86““““““““`4-14-86—————13.9s—————–166.8e————6.5
        76. 7-9-86““““““““`7-9-86—————-1.9s——————-126.5e————6.5
        77. 9-8-86““““““““`9-11-86—————5.2s——————152.4e————-6.7
        78. 10-15-86“““““““10-20-86————-28.1s—————–176.4w————8.3
        79. 12-27-86“““““““1-3-87—————-15.0s—————–167.9e————-6.7
        80. 2-23-87““““““““2-27-87————–53.5n—————–167.3e————-6.8
        81. 7-9-87“““““““““7-15-87————-17.5n—————–97.2w—————6.5
        82. 9-15-87““““““““9-28-87————–18.6s—————-168.2e————–6.5
        83. 11-05-87“““““““`11-17-87————58.6n—————-143.3w————–7.0
        84. 12-06-87“““““““`12-7-87————-13.6n—————–167.4e————–6.7
        85. 4-17-90““““““““4-18-90————–1.2n——————122.8e————–7.6
        86. 5-9-90“““““““““5-12-90————–49.0n—————-141.9e————–7.2
        87. 6-10-90““““““““6-14-90————–11.8n—————-121.9e—————7.1
        88. 8-6-90““““““““`8-12-90—————19.4s—————-169.1e—————7.1
        89. 10-14-90“““““““10-15-90————-2.2s——————92.3e—————-6.8
        90. 2-7-91“““““““““2-9-91—————-9.9s—————–159.1e————–6.9
        91. 8-24-92““““““““9-2-92—————-11.7n—————-87.3w—————7.7
        92. 11-22-92————–(16) No Earthquake
        93. 1-24-93““““““““2-7-93—————-37.6n—————-137.2e————–6.6
        94. 5-3-93““““““““`5-11-93—————7.2n—————–126.6e—————7.0
        95. 12-21-93“““““““12-29-93————-20.2s—————-169.8e————–7.0
        96. 2-20-94—————-(17) No Earthquake
        97. 3-16-94“““““““`3-31-94—————22.1s—————-179.5w————–6.5
        98. 4-17-94“““““““`4-21-94—————5.7s——————154.1e————–6.7
        99. 12-10-94“““““““12-15-94————-37.3s—————-177.5e—————6.5
        100. 4-7-95““““““““4-7-95—————-15.2s—————-173.5w————–7.4
        101. 5-20-95“““““““5-23-95—————55.9s—————-3.4w—————–6.8
        102. 6-25-95“““““““6-29-95—————19.5s—————-169.3e————–6.6
        103. 12-13-96““““““12-22-96————–43.2n—————-138.9e————–6.5
        104. 2-14-97“““““““2-27-97—————30.0n—————-68.2e—————-7.1
        105. 3-22-97“““““““3-26-97—————51.3n—————-179.5e————–6.7
        106. 8-10-97““““““`8-20-97—————-41.7s—————-80.1e—————-6.5
        107. 1-5-98““““““““1-10-98————–14.4n—————–91.5w—————6.6
        108. 7-17-98“““““““`7-29-98————-2.7s——————-138.9e————–6.7
        109. 8-31-98“““““““`9-2-98—————5.4s——————-126.8e————–6.8
        110. 10-3-98—————(18) No Earthquake
        111. 10-10-99“““““““10-16-99————34.5n—————–116.3w————-7.1
        112. 10-18-99““““““`(19) No Earthquake
        113. 11-25-99“““““““11-26-99————16.4s—————–168.2e————–7.5
        114. 6-12-00““““““““6-16-00————-64.0n—————–20.5w—————6.5
        115. 12-20-01“““““““`12-23-01———–9.6s——————159.5e————–6.8
        116. 3-9-02—————–(20) No Earthquake
        117. 8-27-02““““““““9-8-02—————3.3s——————143.0e————–7.6
        118. 2-7-03—————–(20) No Earthquake
        119. 2-12-03““““““““2-19-03————–53.7n—————-164.9w————–6.6
        120. 4-5-04““““““““`4-5-04—————-36.5n—————-71.0e—————-6.6
        121. 10-26-04“““““““`11-2-04————–49.3n—————128.8w—————6.7
        122. 11-30-04“““““““`12-6-04————–42.9n—————145.2e—————6.8
        123. 3-24-05““““““““3-28-05—————2.1n—————–97.1e—————-8.6
        124. 3-5-06“““““““““3-14-06—————3.6s—————–127.2e————–6.7
        125. 3-18-06““““““““3-31-06—————29.4s—————-176.8w————-6.5
        126. 4-14-06““““““““4-20-06—————61.0n—————-167.1e————-7.6
        127. 4-30-06““““““““4-30-06—————27.1s—————-71.0w————–6.7
        128. 11-7-06““““““““11-13-06————-26.1s—————–63.3w————–6.8
        129. 3-4-07—————–(21) No Earthquake
        130. 7-11-07““““““““7-16-07————–37.5n——————138.5e————-6.6
        131. 7-31-07““““““““`8-1-07————–15.6s——————167.7e————–7.2
        132. 2-5-08“““““““““2-8-08—————10.7n——————41.9w————–6.9
        133. 4-14-08““““““““`4-16-08————-51.9n——————-179.2w————6.6
        134. 5-15-08““““““““`5-23-08————-7.3n——————–34.9w————–6.5
        135. 6-10-08—————-(22) No Earthquake
        136. 10-19-08“““““““`10-19-08———–21.9s——————-173.8w————6.9
        137. 3-3-09“““““““““`3-6-09————–80.3n——————-1.9w—————6.5
        138. 4-4-09“““““““““`4-7-09————-46.1n——————–151.6e————6.9
        139. 5-5-09“““““““““`5-16-09————31.6s——————–178.8w———–6.5
        140. 5-28-09—————–(23) No Earthquake
        141. 10-27-09“““““““`11-08-09———–8.2s———————-118.6e————6.6
        142. 12-05-09—————(24) No Earthquake
        143. 4-26-10““““““““`4-30-10————60.5n———————177.9w———–6.5
        144. 5-30-10““““““““`5-31-10————11.1n———————93.5e————-6.5
        145. 8-27-10““““““““`9-3-10————-43.5s———————171.8e————7.0
        146. 12-8-10““““““““`12-20-10———-28.4n———————59.2e————-6.7
        147. 6-19-11““““““““`6-22-11————40.0n———————142.2e———–6.7
        148. 9-3-11“““““““““9-3-11—————20.7s——————–169.7e———–7.0
        AND ————————–9-5-11—————3.0n———————-97.9e————6.7
        149. 12-19-11“““““““`12-27-11————51.8n——————–95.9e————6.6
        150. 1-16-12—————–(25) No Earthquake
        151. 1-22-12““““““““`2-22-12————-17.8s——————–167.1e———–7.1
        152. 4-11-12““““““““`4-12-12————-28.7n——————–113.1w———–7.0
        153. 4-14-12““““““““`4-17-12————–32.6s——————-71.4w————-6.7
        154. 6-10-12——————(26) No Earthquake
        155. 7-8-12——————–(27) No Earthquake
        156. 7-19-12“““““““““`7-26-12————–17.6s——————66.4e————6.7
        157. 8-31-12“““““““““`9-5-12—————-10.1n—————–85.3w————7.6
        158. 10-22-12““““““““`10-24-12————-10.1n——————85.3w———–6.5
        AND 10-28-12““““““““`10-28-12————-52.7n——————132.1w———–7.8

        All 6.5+ earthquake occurring within 15 days of first polar earthquake
        * means close to November 9 earthquake
        *** means extremely close to November 9 earthquake

        158 earthquakes within 1/2 degree north or south and 2 degrees west or east of the November 9 earthquake.

        131 times out of 158 earthquake sequences there has been a 6.5+ 82.9% of the time since 1973

        Please notice that the locations favor northern Japan to the eastern Russia. The area on the northern Australian plate from Indonesia to the Kermadec Islands and New Zealand. Central America to about Peru. The Caribbean especially. Eastern Alaska. Note that the Cascadia fault had a polar earthquake very close to the one yesterday and they had the 7.8 six days later. Also look at number 121 as the same general area had an 5.0+ and then 7 days later the Cascadia fault region was hit. Other areas above are also possible. Will be able to narrow it down after further examining of this and more movement occurs around the planet.

        This almost will certainly show where the next large earthquake will occur if it happens by November 24, which there is a near 83% chance, about 5 out of 6 chance

        • Be Informed,

          We had a 4.3 earthquake this afeternoon here in eastern Kentucky!

          Should we expect more in this area?

          • @ KY Mom. Whereever you have mountains anywhere on the planet you will have earthquakes. The Appalachians are a very old mountain rangfe that use to be an ancient plate boundary. Very old rock is much more solid, I bet you felt that 4.3 like someone out on the west coast would feel a 5.0 or so. This area south of the earthquake is capable of a 6.4. The 4.3 was at the upper limits of what should occur here, 4.8 should be the largest here at the point of the earthquake. Expect more? Probably a little aftershock of mid 3 to high 3 range, but nothing more as I can see it right now. Will keep an eye of it though.

            • Really appreciate your information and research Be informed!
              Can’t wait until Marc has the forum up and we’ll have a way to find all your posts and even subscribe to when you post!
              Thanks again to both you and Marc!

            • @ All & Hi BI,

              A very large active solar region is just now rotating into view along the North-East Solar limb. The latest HMIB(color) imaging definitively indicates the presence of an extensive positive polarity umbral region. This is apparent in the most recent imaging timestamped 11-10-2012 214500.

            • Be Informed,

              Thank you for all your work and information about earthquakes!

      58. Update time = Sat Nov 10 12:00:00 CST 2012

        y/m/d h:m:s deg deg km

        4.3 2012/11/10 11:08:12 37.135N 82.978W 1.1 14 km ( 8 mi) W of Whitesburg, KY

      59. @BI: KY quake was a 5.3 not the 4.3 that is being reported– from friend in WVA.

      60. @BI:

        The last 24 hrs. ,we have had two earthquakes that has me thinking. It may mean nothing, but you have a quake at the southern end of the Appalachian Mountains Range and now one toward the northern end. If they are connected in some way, then something is pushing on fault line real strong is it not. Again I am just looking at it as a possibility of a precursor to something very large happening.

      61. OK , we have heard this all before for the past 10 years…… whats his point . Look folks , we all know something is going to happen …….we just dont know exactly what or when , so do the best you can with what you have , because things like this are beyond our control , roll with it and adapt , just dont roll over and give up .

      62. Very good article Mac. Readers might be interested in the short but excellent article by Pat Buchanan.

        Is the GOP Headed for the Boneyard?

        After its second defeat at the hands of Barack Obama, under whom unemployment has never been lower than the day George W. Bush left office, the Republican Party has at last awakened to its existential crisis.

        Eighteen states have voted Democratic in six straight elections. Among the six are four of our most populous: New York, Pennsylvania, Illinois and California. And Obama has now won two of the three remaining mega-states, Ohio and Florida, twice.

        Only Texas remains secure—for now.

        At the presidential level, the Republican Party is at death’s door.

        Yet one already sees the same physicians writing prescriptions for the same drugs that have been killing the GOP since W’s dad got the smallest share of the vote by a Republican candidate since William Howard Taft in 1912.

        In ascertaining the cause of the GOP’s critical condition, let us use Occam’s razor—the principle that the simplest explanation is often the right one.

        Would the GOP wipeout in those heavily Catholic, ethnic, socially conservative, blue-collar bastions of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio and Illinois, which Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan swept, have anything to do with the fact that the United States since 2000 has lost 6 million manufacturing jobs and 55,000 factories?

        Where did all those jobs and factories go? We know where.

        They were outsourced. And in the deindustrialization of America, the Republican Party has been a culpable co-conspirator.

        Unlike family patriarch Sen. Prescott Bush, who voted with Barry Goldwater and Strom Thurmond against JFK’s free-trade deal, Bush I and II pumped for NAFTA, GATT, the WTO and opening America’s borders to all goods made by our new friends in the People’s Republic of China.

        Swiftly, U.S. multinationals shut factories here, laid off workers, outsourced production to Asia and China, and brought their finished goods back, tax-free, to sell in the U.S.A.

        Profits soared, as did the salaries of the outsourcing executives.

        And their former workers? They headed for the service sector, along with their wives, to keep up on the mortgage payment, keep the kids in Catholic school and pay for the health insurance the family had lost.

        Tuesday, these ex-Reagan Democrats came out to vote against some guy from Bain Capital they had been told in ads all summer was a big-time outsourcer who wrote in 2008, “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt!”

        Yes, the simplest explanation is often the right one.

        Republicans are also falling all over one another to express a love of Hispanics, after Mitt won only 27 percent of a Hispanic vote that is now 10 percent of the national vote.

        We face demographic disaster, they are wailing. We must win a larger share of the Hispanic vote or we are doomed.

        And what is the proposed solution to the GOP’s Hispanic problem, coming even from those supposedly on the realistic right?

        Amnesty for the illegals! Stop talking about a border fence and self-deportation. Drop the employer sanctions. Make the GOP a welcoming party.

        And what might be problematic about following this advice?

        First, it will enrage populist conservatives who supported the GOP because they believed the party’s pledges to oppose amnesty, secure the border and stop illegals from taking jobs from Americans.

        And in return for double-crossing these folks and losing their votes, what would be gained by amnesty for, say, 10 million illegal aliens?

        Assume in a decade all 10 million became citizens and voted like the Hispanics, black folks and Asians already here. The best the GOP could expect—the Bush share in 2004—would be 40 percent, or 4 million of those votes.

        But if Tuesday’s percentages held, Democrats would get not just 6 million, but 7 million new votes to the GOP’s less than 3 million.

        Thus, if we assume the percentages of the last three elections hold, the Democratic Party would eventually gain from an amnesty a net of between 2 and 4 million new voters.

        Easy to understand why Democrats are for this. But why would a Republican Party that is not suicidally inclined favor it?

        Still, the GOP crisis is not so much illegal as legal immigration. Forty million legal immigrants have arrived in recent decades. Some 85 percent come from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. Most arrived lacking the academic, language and labor skills to compete for high-paying jobs.

        What does government do for them?

        Subsidizes their housing and provides free education for their kids from Head Start through K-12, plus food stamps and school lunches, Pell Grants and student loans for college, Medicaid if they are sick, earned income tax credits if they work and 99 weeks of unemployment checks if they lose their job.

        These are people who depend upon government.

        Why would they vote for a party that is going to cut taxes they do not pay, but take away government benefits they do receive?

        Again it needs be said. When the country looks like California demographically, it will look like California politically. Republicans are not whistling past the graveyard. They are right at the entrance.

        • ” Why would they vote for a party that is going to cut taxes they don’t pay, but take away government benefits they do receive?”

          You nailed it, Cannuck.

          We are screwed.

      63. Be Informed,

        Thanks for all your hard work. I was going to drive down to the Keys next week for some fishin.

        Y’all Beware! Don’t know if I will now!

        • Y’all Beware. I know the fishing is really good at the start of November to March, but as you can see from the above statistics, something is brewing. On that chart that shows 131 out of 158 times a big earthquake followed after this region was hit with a 5.0+, that on 34. in 1978 almost the exact spot got hit and 6 days at 16 degrees north by 96 degrees west go a nice 7.9 shaker. That would be southern Mexico. In the course of a few weeks on 3 different parts of the western Caribbean plate got hit with 7.3-7.6 earthquakes. The eastern portion is so ready.

          If you look at the earthquakes around the Virgin Islands that are never ending it seems, they stop there. Around the sideways U there are no earthquakes from this point all away around to South America. When faults are under massive stress you just don’t see earthquakes, other than microquakes. This should tell seisomogists that the fault is in the later stages of failure. Those 3 earthquakes on the western section really should tell them that the entire Caribbean plate is ready to move violently where there are no earthquakes of any size, the eastern portion.

          This section ready to break if you measure it is just slightly smaller than the Japanese and Cascadia fault that are 9.0+ size. Everyone saw what happened in Japan from a deep mega thrust fault. The Puerto Rico trench is one of the deepest in the world. On AccuWeather they gave 10 potential disasters that could hit the U.S. hard, and a tsuanmi generated from this was number 9. On a previous article I posted a link to this article. Don’t want you to miss a fun fishing trip, but right now I am not sure about that Caribbean plate as that polar earthquake on a few times before has indicated Caribbean earthquake activity. It is not being in deep water that you would have to be worried about, it is the shallows and close to shore. I don’t know why the Atlantic states do not have an early warning tsunami system in place, just so irresponsible.

      64. Copperhead and BI: direct link; us-military-frantically-preparing-for-catastrophic-quake What do they know that we don’t? HMMMMMMMMM. Braveheart

      65. @ cocopuffcrackhead……no,no,no…..I want you to stay the exact same….I just ment instead of typing joos, cia, fbi, debt slave, assheads just type GLOBALISTS might save you a few minutes….and I ment a good ” wacky ” since I love reading your posts :>)

        • ;0P pssszzzt

          ;0) i know i just had to “bust” your “b’s” a bit @bpd .


      66. …I think we had all better take into consideration the HAARP gadget. Is this thing for real? If it is they can cause an earthquake when and where they choose. I want to know what you all think about this HAARP thing and the possibility they are using this to cause earthquakes, flooding, droughts, hurricanes , tornadoes etc. I want everyones opinion on this matter! If this thing is for real we are in serious deep sh*t. ( I think it’s real )

        • Well

          Let me say this..HAARP

          Most here will dismiss it as conspiracy/lunacy..
          “It does not exist.!”

          But it does exist..and is real..sorry

          Most folks are in a normalcy bias and, any information or facts that counter that bias sends them into a frenzy of denial..period!

          Just google or search HAARP and watch “Angels don’t play these Harps”

          It is the inconvenient truth that then Defense Sec Cohen discussed this at a DOD summit..creating earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes..look it up.


        • @BadpuppyDog


          Research…”scalar-weaponry”, then connect the dots to HARRP!


      67. Yes, Haarp is real.
        What greater way to reduce the
        mundane masses population, then
        create and set up a series of events.
        If you google Haarp, all sorts of
        information will come up.

        I am still watching the Louisiana sinkhole.

        • Is HAARP capable of doing what is written about it? We don’t know but if we watch where and when strange weather occurs and sit back and think about who benefits and why it may give some credence to it’s validity.

      68. better just to stick a M16 through the bars and shoot prisoners than let them out . at that point nobody will care if you do it . OR you can just let them rot and walk away . either way its better than letting them out . They are in there for a reason and deserve what they get .


        • Prisoner ID number. We all get them now, havn’t heard???

        • CocoPuff, don’t be alarmed…it’s part of the new set-up.

          Just think, now you can play with boldface! And italics! Or strike-throughs! And you can use bullets! (Well, not THOSE kind of bullets….) And quotation formats! And centered paragraphs.

          The world is your OysTeR now, Coco….

          • @Z and R  ;0)

            Sounds alot like W O R K

            ;0P bleh

            K I S S – KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID ;0) is much better .

      70. @ justoneguy…. there has been so much earthquake activity I almost forgot about that huge fireball in the center of our solar system known as the sun. The time may be at hand for another carrington event like back in 1857 which won’t be good at all. Those telegraph wires back then were more durable than todays electronic grid…if another x class hits us similar to the 1857 event….whoa nelly. The grid could be down for months or even years. not to mention the mega earthquakes that could be triggered by such a huge does of radiation from the sun.

        • Cuomo wound really blow a gasket!!

          “When are you @#!$*&^ power companies going to get the lights on??!!”

          • “They failed.  They ran out of poles, believe it or not. They ran out of poles! Can you believe they ran out of poles? And now we have utility companies competing for poles!

            • Just talked to a buddy in Warsaw. He says they’ve got 4 million they can

              send us right away!

              • Zoltanne, Smokin’


                No, No…there’s only TWO left,

                North and South….we’re so screwed!!!!

        • Hi BPD,

          “Carrington Event”, grim indeed in this, our ‘electronic age’. Not too long ago we had an ~X-2 which came out of nowhere. Thankfully, it was a ‘dry run’ – no consequent mass ejection. It just goes to show you that NONE of us can really see ‘it’ coming though…the durn spot it launched from was barely 260 solar millionths in area, then again the 6.9 back last September was only a bit larger than 420 SM. We watch, we guess. 🙂

      71. How are these numbers by our posts supposed to help us?
        I truly want to know.
        There are times I want to find something so how does this work?

        • @ Halfkin,

          Mac is getting ready to ‘re-vamp’ the board big-time. Along the way he’s got to do things a bit here and a bit there to see what’s going to wotk and what isn’t…pre-testing, so to speak. Big changes coming soon, good changes! PM’ing between individuals here and a lot else too. But that’s Mac’s Baby and I won’t say anymore and spoil his suprise, he’s hard at work at the moment so be patient for a bit. I’m sure you’ll soon get a site-wide blurb from him explaining things. 🙂

          PS: I realized I didn’t actually answer your question, here goes. Any method by which you’d be able to go directly back to an individual post would neccessatily require some form of ‘indexing’ system…that’s what you’re seeing now…the indexes are out in the open. The rest will likely folloe as Mac is able to ‘mesh’ the other components into the system. Yippy-Ky-Yay Mac!

      72. There is a total eclispe of the sun on the 14th visable in Australia…look out for earthquake activity that day.
        Also just ran across an interesting article on

        • Dang it, rockymtn, that’s a very good link. Thanks! This puts it down like the rubber meeting the pavement.

      73. Obama administration shuts down oil drilling out west…

        Link on Drudge Report

      74. I think we have entered into the “Great Divide”. People are now divide on almost everything. Even the one thing that should count the most, people are divided/differently opinioned/unsure of, and that is christianity.

        Regardless of your beliefs, the only thing left to be sure of is, the division amongst the majority has gotten us to this point. The masses are blind to what is really going on and going to get worse. There is only a handful of us that really see the end of society as we know it, coming down like a freight train headed for the cliffs.

        When all the “Globalist” get their check list completed, the true SHsTF. Like this article infers, we have actually gone over the fiscal cliff and the masses don’t know it yet. It won’t sink in until their debit/ebt/SSI card doesn’t work. By then it will be too late to start stocking up. Whether it be ammo,food, or fuel.

        For all those like myself and the little woman, and all the smart/common sensed peoples on this site; It won’t be as big a shock as to those that have looked at the election simple mindedly. Yea, I know the system is rigged from the get go, but it(the collapse) would have been much easier to handle with a little more time on our side, and that is what we probably would have gotten with Mittens.

        Regardless, the election deal is history. Now we preppers have to align with like minded folks or just basically stay to ourselves. We(little woman and I) basically have no persons to align with. The ones that say they are on board are just talk. They keep doing the same things as though the day of reckoning is not gonna happen in their lifetime. You know the type. The type that keep biting off more than they can chew, or are just trying to keep their head above water with the status quo and not making those tuff decisions to get everything in order.

        We look for bargains on things that will matter in a few months or (possibly ?) years, that will help us survive and maybe a few “creature comforts” or “luxury” items that we normally wouldn’t try to stock up on.

        If you don’t have to have it and can get by without it, don’t buy it. Use that $$, while it is still good, to buy stuff that will make your life easier when SHTF or a “Sandy” comes barreling thru your neighborhood.
        Imagine if you are stranded like some of the people on Staten or Long Island without electricity or clean water.
        Fifty lbs of dried beans and rice, fifty gallons of clean water in jugs, and fifty lbs. of propane with a little outdoor/camping type cook stove will go a long way. You can’t rely on FEMA. They are too busy trying to protect their own asses, and probably hoarding the food and fuel that is supposed to go to others in need.

      75. Already started getting requests from legislators in various states for imput into bills being put together to ban the “commie kenyens care” in those states….lots of people were waiting to see what happened with barry…now that hes been foisted on us again its time for the nuclear option…states rights…active resistance via the 10 ammendment….voting didnt work so this is the only avenue left…besides secession…dont laugh…there are serious people seriously discussing ALL options….we tried to do it by the so called rules folks,they ignored the rules and made their own,time to get serious and play hardball with this outlaw government…just saying…it aint over yet by a long shot. “Live free or die tryin”

        • Southern men the thunders mutter!
          Northern flags in South winds flutter!
          To arms! To arms! To arms, in Dixie!

          Send them back your fierce defiance!
          Stamp upon the cursed alliance!
          To arms! To arms! To arms, in Dixie!

          Advance the flag of Dixie! Hurrah! Hurrah!
          In Dixie’s land we take our stand, and live or die for Dixie!
          To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Dixie!
          To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Dixie

          Fear no danger! Shun no labor!
          Lift up rifle, pike, and saber!
          To arms! To arms! To arms, in Dixie!

          Shoulder pressing close to shoulder,
          Let the odds make each heart bolder!
          To arms! To arms! To arms, in Dixie!

          Advance the flag of Dixie! Hurrah! Hurrah!
          In Dixie’s land we take our stand, and live or die for Dixie!
          To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Dixie!
          To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Dixie!

          Swear upon your country’s altar
          Never to submit or falter–
          To arms! To arms! To arms, in Dixie!

          Till the spoilers are defeated,
          Till the Lord’s work is completed!
          To arms! To arms! To arms, in Dixie!

          Advance the flag of Dixie! Hurrah! Hurrah!
          In Dixie’s land we take our stand, and live or die for Dixie!
          To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Dixie!
          To arms! To arms! And conquer peace for Dixie!

          • JQP….A buddy sent me that song and others like it on a CD……sing it now…”Ohh, Im a good ole rebel now thats just what I am… for this oboma-nation I  do not give a dang….Ill gladly fight agin it…I know somehow we’ll win…I wont ask any pardon fer anything Ive done….  😉

      76. 7.0 Earthquake in Myanmar

      77. Two days ago on the Fema article I warned about the recent earthquakes on the southern Australian plate were aiming like a bullet at India, comment #826336. Well just had a 6.6 about 100 miles east of India in Mynamar about 45 minutes ago. Just can’t seem to get it exactly right though. This did not have to do with the South Sandwich Island earthquake, by Nov.24 is still on for the other areas I mentioned.

        • BI: You were off by 100 miles. I want my money back!!!

        • @ BI –  again, thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into keeping us posted on the earthquakes.  wish there were better words to express how grateful we are.

      78. @ BI

        HEADS-UP… a 6.6 in Myanmar about 41 minutes ago!

        • I was reading that it was a 7.0.

        • I’ve already backed up my important files on CD, and a thumb drive, put the thumb drive and my tablet PC in a Faraday cage with one of my laptops. I’ve done all I can do to protect what little I can if something big happens, now I wait…

          • Hi Sixpack,

            ALWAYS, good practice Brother,though in truth, I DON’T think that we in any practical danger at this point. I follow this stuff CLOSE and tonight’s announcemnet is primarily a ‘touch-base’ for everyone here.
            Solar has been curiously quiet for about a month and a half and just now it appears that it’s starting into a new cycle of increased activity. If you’re one of us folk who take anyof this seriously – as I see from your post – then you might find the following link interesting
            Oops, the site -here – is running slow tonight if I post the link it;ll be 30 minutes or more before it post. Try this go to solen -DOT-info, then to the ‘solar; sub-, there you’ll see the graph for the measured solar flux (22:00 daily, I think) this curve and the corresponding general solar activity have been eerily regular for several months now and, in fact, are running hand-in-hand, one for one through this time.

            • Thanks!

      79. Hi Gravlore,

        T’anks, may be an update issue @ USGS, soon as I saw your post I shot back over to:

        to double-check. The largest thing in Myanmar – on the map currently – is a 6.8 occuring at around 12:38 UTC today

        • @ Gravlore,

          Umm, CORRECTION to my first post above…when I stopped in at USGS earlier there were multiple concentric ‘bullets’ on the map designating the quake(s)….I inadvertantly took the time from ANOTHER quake by accident…My Bad 🙂

          Hey, I HAVE an excuse tonight 🙂 I’m currently watching an M-Class flare over at NOAA, see my post above for the link to the real-rime 1-minute plotting.

      80. Mac:
        The new number system looks like a good start.
        Is there any way to match our “on-line” names to the comments #’s we posted?I was able to find the second last comment made.But even with current # system(I posted it just before the system was enabled)my latest comment was “unfindable”.Any thoughts?
        Meanwhile,back at the Ranch…..

        • GFG the new system. should eventually be able to track user id’s and the comments they are associted with… so you can “see all comments by GFG”…. hopefully… 🙂

      81. Beinformed and all.

        this might be of interest..and your thoughts on this are appreciated..
        Several months ago a local fm station here( 50k watts) had a host on who delves into other than msm propaganda..
        She is former National Guard and was commenting on the massive Fema purchases of rme’s,etc and the recent dhs requisitions of the 40 cal and other h.p ammo..
        Anyways, she stated on air that her former Commander told her that the reasons for all these acquisitions was due to federal officials readying for an upcoming massive x class solar flare at some point,never exacted, that would potentially wipe out the entire North American hemisphere’s infrastructure.She then moved on to other subjects from callers and never mentioned it again..

        Was it a slip of the tongue on her part or perhaps a forewarning unintentional?

        Could the solar activity affect the ongoing plate movements worldwide as you are always referring to?


        • Hi possee,

          Hmm, truthfully, I’ve long concluded that IF something IS going on we’d be the last to know… That said, if you’ve been catching the dialogue between BI and myself for a bit, you’ve probably thought, “Someone seems to think something squirrelly is on in the physical sphere lately.” You’d be right to think so.

          I’m NOT crying ‘Doom’ here just that – here I’ll speak to that which I know, solar – things aren’t exactly what we’ve been expecting…not by a shot. BI is, as far as I’m concerned, “Master of all that is Seismic” and I defer thereto for all things associated with. On the Solar front let’s list out a few things to get a picture of what’s-up:

          1)) This solar cycle – unlike every preceding one , which occur with near-clocklike regularity, started at least 11 months late. Some would argue that that figure should be closer to 15 months or so.

          2) This solar cycle, or rather the activity of such, is markedly dissimilar to the last – far less activity than the exotic last cycle (cycle 23) during which we saw several, ‘X-teen’ flare’s and the famous ‘Halloween Flare’ of 2004 which produced the largest RECORDED (by precise, modern instrumentation) ever so recorded. Estimations of the magnitude of that flare range from the official NOAA estimate of X-23.0 to almost X-48.0 depoending on whose (academic) estimate you want to consider. THANKFULLY, the Halloween flare occured JUST as the spot from which it originated from was transiting offt the visible dolar face, over the edge of the western limb. HAD that occured while the spot was more centered on the face of the solar disk we wouldn’t be doing this tonight…we’d be living in caves.

          3) Something’s up with the sun in general. This past May a research team (NASA/NOAA, I’m not specifically sure) released a report indicating that ol’ Sol is longer longer electrically a dipole…it has become a ‘Quadrupole”. Both the North and South Polar Regions are now apparently charged identically, whilst they have identified regions along the equator which are now carrying the corresponding opposite charge. What does this mean? WE DON’T KNOW! Nobody has ever witnessed this behaviour, no one currently alive with modern instrumentation that is. Your guess is as good as anyone’s. All we know is that we’ve never seen, or even suspected, that this could happen to our sun.
          As academic SPECULATION – at large – it’s been posited that this might constitute the signal for another the beginning of a another “Maunder Minimum”. That is, a period where solar activity becomes very regular, quiet and the Earth see’s a significant cooling (enviromentally) as a result. The ‘minimum I mention abobe occured between 1645-1715 during which EVERY known glacier on the planet ADVANCED significantly…some hugely. But again, No one KNOWS – presently – for sure.

          A variety of things of which we are now only becoming aware of may have an impact on the ‘All that we see’ such as GRB’s…Gamma Ray Burst, which are so unbelieveably powerful that we can’t get any realistic visualization of the energy’s involved. I’ll wind up here for the evening…there’s more to it all, we’re just scratching out head’s on some of this stuff though. Anywho, I’m heading back over to NOAA to check on the latest…hope this helps clarify’s BI’s and my concern’s a little bit. 🙂

      82. “PERMALNKS!!”

        Oh Mac….I ‘wub U!’ 🙂

      83. I have been reading that people are seeing 2 suns.
        I also have heard the north pole and south pole
        magnitudes have changed, and some military place
        had to chart their coordinates every day so the
        airlines could fly safely.

      84. Back again possee,

        The direct answer to your question relative to the plates is; “Yes, absolutely.”

        The Earth is the equivalent of a huge, open-pole electrical motor. By ‘open-pole’ I mean that an ordinary motor uses a ferro-magnetic casing material to effectively ‘short-circuit’ the flux being generated by the unti BACK into the unit itself…makes the whole thing a lot more efficient. The magnetic field of the Earth stretches out millions of miles beyond the planet into the space around us…so does that of the Sun itself. There is neccessarily a point (variable) at any point around the Earth at which theose two meet and effectively cancel each other out, called the ‘magnetopause’. When a CME occurs – remember, it is a stream of protons (charged particles) moving past, around the Earth. As such it is then a current…a current that interacts directly with our own planetary field. This is the same as when we were kids and placed a compass near a ‘coil’ to watch the needle deflect from true. Well, same thing, vastly larger scale. I’ve never stopped to dig up just HOW much mass gets ejected during a solar mass ejection, but I can assure you it’s REALLY large. Whether that’s ‘mass of the Pacific Ocean large’ I couldn’t say here tonight offhand…but it is BIG. If that weren’t enough, consider the current in the wiring in your house
        When you flip a switch to turn on the light in you bedroom the electrical ‘impulse’ travels at the speed of light to inform the bulb to turn on but the ‘current’ actually only travels at a few feet per second. When a CME passes anywhere NEAR the Earth it is just such a current, but it is moving at anywhere between 300 Km/sec to multiple thousands of Km/sec…a lot faster.
        The mantle of the Earth is only somewhat magnetic in charcter but the core is highly magnetic and it – by it’s field – interacts DIRECTLY with the passing solar plasma. When it does it happens that the ‘core’ is disturbed by this. There’s really no physical way that the core could not be affected by any significant mass moving in it’s field such-like. The upshot of this is that the angular momentum of the core – which is a rapidly spinning ball of “Hyper-Fluid”, superheated iron – is shifted, ie the poles shift ever so slightly. As you might imagine, something several hundred miles wide, spinning rapidly in a blanket of ‘gooey’ mantle material shifting it’s spin abruptly would cause turbulence in the flow of fluids around it.
        Here’s where we get to the meat of the matter: Most fluids are ‘incompressable”, push on a bit of fluid ‘here’ and immediately a bit of fluid ‘there’ moves in response to the push; think ‘hydraulics’, same thing. Sooo, since our ‘crust’ sits on top of the mantle it get’s pushed too. BI used the analogy the other day of the crust being proportionally similar to what we are familiar with in an apple; a paper-thin exterior ‘skin’ covering the underlying ‘meat’ of the fruit.

        By the way, did you see the chnages on the board tonight, Mac’s ‘doin the do’. I feel like it’s Christmass Eve waiting to have the new goodies! Anywho, hope that helps explain what happens sufficiently well, if not feel free to ask….I usually don’t mind answering questions (those I can!) 🙂 Oh Yeah, GO MAC!

      85. Why We Buy Silver & Gold: Integrated Corruption of the Two-Party System – Part 1 An INTENSE moment of truth as this guy DESTROYS the news anchors. Please “Like” this video to help it go viral. Find the cheapest silver prices online for bullion guaranteed at SGB: Send this video to friends and family, post it on Facebook or download and re-upload it to your channel. It’s about time someone tells the truth.

      86. As a veteran myself, I would like to take this opportunity to SALUTE ALL VETERAN’S!


      87. Hey folks, I don’t know if you have realized, or even care; but we are now into the last 40 days before the Myan calendar “reset”.

        I have a little note pad from the 100 day countdown and it’s full of eye opening shit. Mostly political, some major natural events, and some, just general observations of peoples behaviours. It’s definitely ramping up to an event unlike the world has ever witnessed.

        Just wondering who or what, will “snap” next. Sit tight, observe, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

      88. Hmmm… Where would we be if Truman had left the Old Soldier to his own devices????

        BTW, new format is a little intimidating. But spell-check should come in handy. I’m dating myself, but might need a primer. (old guy, hard to keep up!)

      89. This post didn’t go where I intented.  Still learning. Click on permalink to continue a thread? Why can’t things just stay the same????? LOL

      90. Israel just fired warning shots into Syria.

        At the Sunday cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said that Israel was closely following events along the Syrian border, and was prepared for all possibilities on that front.

        More at jpost dot com

      91. I wonder if the pole suppliers (haha) can raise the price???
        Are poles are harder to come by!!!
        Is there more of a demand for bigger poles? Sometimes, a smaller pole might get the job done, if utilized correctly. And they are more common, I hear.
        Cuomo must think poles grow on trees.

        • Those trees are no longer in the union.

      92. Sorry to waste space. Somebody please tell me how to properly reply. When I try to post on “reply”, post drops to a new frame. What am I doing wrong?  Primer ,please.

        • You should already have plenty of primers…..

          j/k….for me, I just use the same procedure w/ the reply button. Maybe your PC went non-conformist on you last night?


          • Hi Zoltanne,


            “YOU should already have plenty of primers…”  Hahaha, GOOD one , didn’t see that coming!

      93. Its Over! Today November 7th 2012, I have seen the end of America! “Now, is the winter of our discontent.” Welcome now, the entitlement society that is enabled by government to your earnings! Audrey Krieg

        Not many Americans have any experience with socialist governments so let me explain from personal familiarities exactly what you may expect out of the coming four years. Let me make this simple, the same thing happened in England after WWII resulting in the “brain drain” when my wife, among thousands others, fled England, their home, for nations more accommodating to self-starters. Additionally, the government began a long process of nationalizing industries [GM, Chrysler, AEG the start for us], which resulted in the collapse of most nationalized producers. Just one thing before we begin, I personally think that there is something very strange about the outcome of this election. I know over 200 people in Florida; from Tampa to Jacksonville to Miami, five are black and the only ones who voted for Obama. Voting was over double that of 2008, I simply do not believe the results. It behooves us all to understand that the takers are now in charge and the givers are the losers. In socialist society, Greece, France, Spain, Italy for example those who fail are rewarded, by the fool socialists in charge, and all for the sake of envy, they produce a society in which all are losers. Socialist governments go belly up when the producer’s money is consumed.

      94. Don’t know about anyone else, but my comments are in moderation for hours now.


      95. we dont go to jpostdotcom here zoltanne.

        • Eeder, the headline was linked from Drudge — they were first big e-rag to report. Now, AP, NYT, Reuters, huffpo, yahoo et al are reporting (1 or 2 hours later). I doubt you speak for all, but it’s your right to speak up and choose your news sources so no problem.

      96. Mac

        Excellent!!!!..just found the new templates here..

        Open forums next I presume..



      97. Wow! New wavy letters and stuff! I love italic food, especially lasagna! Of course, we’re just like a bunch of spoiled kids here. Give us a new Ferarri and tomorrow we’ll want you to buy the gas…

        • @ Smokin’,


          Yeah, Me Too…I love italic food, especially with lotsa garlic…. 😉  Good one…

          • JustOneGuy….Way too funny…..good laugh!! take care… CC.

      98. Bend your mind around this concept:  Obama is doing exactly what he wants and that is to bringing  the US to its knees.  Manchurian candidate?

        • Yep.  Ole blue gums Obamy is doing just as he wants.  He’s being driven by TPTB and the ole serpent.  God is allowing all these things to see who is paying attention and reading/studying  his letter to us.

          Through out history we have been shown the “types” of antichrist, to prepare the ones that are “awake” and watching the events unfold.  Odrama is the new ” type”.   He has the masses following/whoring after him like a rock star.  He plays the celebrity role with a quick laugh and a big smile.  He is appealing to those who have been brainwashed and snookered.  When he gets them reeled into his system; then comes sudden destruction.

           In other words, Obamy is paving the way for antichrist.  Promising a chicken in every pot and a new GM (taxpayer subsidized) vehicle in the garage.  They will jump on board his train and worship his false doctrines all the way to the pits of hell.

           Be smarter than the serpent and don’t fall for his con.  Be wise my friends.  The true antichrist with his “one world religion and doctrine” is just around the corner.

      99. @ justoneguy…you are truely the solar expert…thanks for the reply and nice work on those 2 lengthy posts about the solar activity.

        • Hi BPD,


          Tank’s Bro, Always happy to ‘lend a hand’ as it were.  We – all of us here, together –  can cover a LOT of bases…”greater than the sum of our parts” as it were…stronger, better than just a group of individuals.

      100. @ JustOneGuy. You bring up some excellent points, as most people don’t see atomic particles reacting with the inside of the planet, they just see it as passing by the upper reaches of the atmosphere. When you start to see the planet as an open field that is affected right down to the core, you start to see just how much influence the sun has the planet, the moon, and other bodies in the solar system.

        • BI…HI!,

          GARGANTUAN post yesterday…I’m awed. How long did it take for your fingers to cool off after all that TYPING? 🙂 I half-figured that we’d be reading about someone, somewhere ending up in an ‘urgent care’ facility somewhere today that had ‘burned-off’ thier digits on a keyboard!! Really, impressive friend…

          Incidentally, great call on the Myanmar/India thing…Yup, I’m a beleiver! Mac is AWFULLY busy behind the scenes – I’d guess – at this point doin’ good work for us all…can’t WAIT till we can have more directed venue’s to converse in!!! I’ll be hanging around today – in and out – nice time to jabber…

      101. @ braveheart. Many people don’t realize just how much the Mid-Atlantic Ridge affect the plates and shows which plates are undergoing stress and strain. They just had a 4.7 here just a little north of the equator. Most people would look at this on a flat map screen and say big deal. On a globe the curve of the planet shows what a big deal this is, again this is directly at the eastern portion of the Caribbean plate. The Caribbean plate affects the New Madrid a lot as shown in 1812 when both broke.

        The government is not as stupid as people think, they just make others think that they are inept fools. They have had scientists for years observing the plate interaction and they know that the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the Caribbean plate affects the New Madrid. Everytime there has been a large earthquake on the western portion of the Caribbean plate, copperhead and others have noted that the USGS is out in force testing the metal rods they have implanted in the most solid rock they can find. Before a fault breaks there are definitely small signs to look for. Just like something doesn’t just move from a complete dead stand still, neither does a fault that has accumulated a lot of pressure.

        Why doesn’t the government let people know? Several reasons, but the main reason is economics. It is one thing to predict a hurricane that is going to slam a coastline, but earthquake prediction is something that they can get away with not alerting people to, other than Italy. Yes, if the government knows that a massive earthquake is coming, they will not let anybody know. Panic cost money, even if they are 100% sure of a disaster coming. This is why people have to piece together the government’s actions before a catastrophe. Also watch the plates extremely closely.

        It took many hours going through records to see where in the past have earthquakes have occured close by to the November 9 earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands. 131 times out of 158 there has been an earthquake of 6.5+ within 15 days. The statistics I did not keep, only the deeper polar earthquakes beyond 58.5 degrees south and 68.5 degrees north of the equator. It however only took a few seconds to see what was happening with those earthquakes on the Australian plate’s southern borders. The word India came up and I commented on this and was slightly off to the east. I was trying to factor in the movement of the Pacific plate into this. The earthquake still came, and shows that plate action AWAY from the actual future earthquake is the way of forecasting earthquakes. The top government people in this government and others most likely already know this. The New Madrid is stressed out, but still not as much as the Cascadia fault and the Caribbean plate that deserved to be watched like a hawk.

      102. @ Gravlore. It was a 6.8 and was very clear that it was going to happen from the action on the southern Australian plate. If you draw a line on a globe from the Cascadia fault to the eastern Caribbean plate you start to see some disturbing issues. First of all it goes right through the New Madrid fault, and that many of the recent earthquakes in the middle section of the country goes right through or real close to that line between to the mega thrust faults. Something is going on and as the Cascadia fault is getting some action from other sites, the Caribbean plate is not as it is even a little more ready to break than the Cascadia as those three 7.3-7.6 earthquakes on the western portion of it indicate all too well.

      103. Mac,  on the visual and HTML part of this new format, I had a little confusion on how to use the different options offered.  Maybe you could at some time you could give everyone a kind of instuctions manual on how each of these option keys work.  Like img, ul, code, more, and others, I don’t know how to work these.  Also what is the difference between Visual and HTML.  I may be able to forecast earthquakes, but I am kind of illiterate when it comes to using the many different options offered and what they do to better improve the comment section.  Thank you.  Keep watching the Cascadia and the Caribbean plate, two ticking time bombs.

        • BI, the Visual tab is WYSIWYG (‘what you see is what you get’) style. You don’t need to insert code or anything….just type. The buttons under the Visual tab will allow you to use boldface with the “B” button, italics with the “I” button, etc. The bullet button is an unordered list.

          The HTML tab is for code — not all HTML will work in this limited format but there are some options. Not going to get into it, let’s leave that for Mac — he may disable some/all of it or direct people how to use it if they know or want to know how to use basic HTML code.

          Briefly, though, on the other stuff you asked: the UL code will create an unordered list; the OL will create an ordered list; the LI code is actually the items in the list. (Same as what that bullet button in the Visual tab will do)

      104. @ JustOneGuy. Of those 131 earthquakes in the past, you can see that some of those were quite big. This region down in the South Sandwich Islands region is not only at this 55-57 degree south ring, it is a junction point for the plates. When the far and away plates are under strain they focus their energy away from the breaking point, and this region picks it up when that region itself is not going tp have a very big earthquake.

        I did not have room to put in the location and the latitude and longitude, as this might be difficult for people that are not fimiliar with reading maps and globes. It is interesting to see all the times that the future earthquakes have occurred at around 135 to 145 degrees east. This is Japan and eastern Russia when the latitude in 35-55 degrees north. Other latitudes are 135-180 degrees east and south latitude, this is the line between Indonesia and the area north of New Zealand. I am again playing close attention to the Caribbean plate and the Cascadia fault in which have been hit before after this region has had a 5.0+ of more than one. Watching very closely as the activity is very intense on the planet.


        Thread hijack:


        This site claims to be the “biggest prepper org in the world”


      106. I love the new toys on the comment section! And I’m sure Mac will soon post a tutorial for the techno-dinosaurs such as myself. (My computer is so old, it runs on coal)  In the meantime, take it real slow and easy. You gotta be careful with new technologies. I found that out the hard way while messing around on youtube.

        Purely by accident, I found a whole bunch of songs by the Hounds (pretty decent rock group from the late 70’s- early 80’s) I used to have a copy of their album ‘Puttin On The Dog.’ I bought it mainly for the half naked girl on the cover, but eventually I listened to the music. That was at a time in my life when I thought Rock, Folk, Blues, Punk, Celtic, and Hungarian Polka could be “fused” into actual music. And if you play it real loud, which I always did, I guess it did fuse. Probably the heat from the speaker wires.

        Anyway, a word of warning: One of the songs on that album (I won’t say which one, and certainly won’t link to it- it’s just too dangerous) could  turn a young mind suicidal! The smokin’ guitar licks draw you in. Then the subtle tempo changes lead you into an eerie sound that can overpower the mind. And the lyrics! The lyrics are nothing short of spooky!  (much like…oh, I don’t know…every song ever done by Nine Inch Nails)

        So, I was at youtube and I stumbled across that song. Even today, older and wiser,  smarter.. more mature, as I am- it was a struggle when I heard it. My mind filled with remembrances of teenage love, and broken hearts. Of fast cars and the idealism of youth. Of a future of unlimited possibilities…and freedom. You know, all the stuff no sane person my age would believe in. The creepy mood of the music almost dragged me back in. I heard the syren song of those idyllic dreams of yesterday. For a minute there, it was close!

        Fortunately, I fought it off and quickly clicked over to some Johnny Tillotson and rinsed the naive optimism from my brain….I think I’ll be okay now…

        Poetry in motionWalkin by my sideHer lovely loco-motionKeeps my eyes open wide

      107. Poetry in motion

        Walkin by my side

        Her lovely loco-motion

        Keeps my eyes open wide


        And maybe someday I’ll learn to use these cool new gadgets that keep Screwin up the format of my comments! Help, Mac! Dinosaur drowning in the tar pits here!! glub…glub…

      108. I do think we are headed for big trouble.

        When we can’t afford everything we want, as individuals we prioritize our needs.   This is obvious, but those who study these things say that we give up arts and entertainment first, then health care, then higher education, then shelter, then food.  This becomes more complex when we look at it from a societal point of view because what government spends and wants comes into the equation and they can force choices on us that fly in the face of what we want.  When other people can vote to force some of us to pay for what they want is sets the stage for both conflict and disaster.

        There are limits to what an economy can produce.  Energy is a significant limiting factor, and oil is the most important of these energy sources.  Oil takes energy to acquire, and the amount of this energy cost has been increasing at about 3% since 1930.   In 1930 we used up the equivalent energy  of 1% of a barrel of oil to acquire that barrel.  Today we give up the equivalent energy of  11.1% of a barrel of oil to acquire that barrel.  The curve that describes this 3% growth can be projected into the future, and we can estimate for a given date how much energy we will use up to get a barrel of oil and importantly, how much is left to run the economy.

        Some researchers have put these two ideas together, prioritizing of human needs and how much energy is used up to acquire oil, to tell us what we can afford as a society at different energy cost levels.  These are their estimates:

        Cost >7.1% arts and entertainment given up.
        Cost >8.3% advanced health care given up.
        Cost > 11.1% higher education given up.
        Cost >14.1% modern housing given up.
        Cost>20% large scale food production given up.

        So what point in time have we or will we reach the energy cost levels.

        7.1% in 1999
        8.3% in 2005
        11.1% in 2012
        14.1% in 2024
        20% in 2035.

        Is it any wonder that advanced health care and higher education are two of the major areas where people are having difficulty paying.  We are at the point where we as a society can’t as a society afford either except for the few, and without interference of government most of us would give them up individually.  So what happens if government takes wealth and insists that it is spent on advanced health care and higher eduction?  The answer is that something that we rank as even more valuable to us like modern housing and large scale food production must suffer; there simply isn’t enough oil energy available to fuel an economy producing everything we want.

        While we are inventive, and might get away with substituting other energy sources for transportation fuel like natural gas or coal to liquids, these would be only very short term fixes and both would have significant problems themselves as we gobble them up.  If we use natural gas and coal liquids to fuel our vehicles, then they aren’t available in sufficient quantities to fuel electricity generation.  And when people say conservation is the answer, I say it is just a description of the problem.  The problem is conservation means we use less, and it quickly becomes deprivation, and deprivation leads to death. Ultimately there are no permanent workable substitutes for oil; all known alternatives consume energy themselves at too high a cost level to produce sufficient excess energy to fuel our modern economy.

        So I repeat my opening line, yes we are headed for big trouble.

        Government action just creates  false solutions to deal with the scarcity we face.  Obamacare is impossible and will cause serious shortages in other things.  It was nothing more than an attempt to buy more votes from the groveling masses who think they are owed the things they want or need.  And government itself is a major drain on the economy.  They involve themselves in wasteful wars, and support an army of bureaucrats who thwart productive efficiency.

        I do think we face massive social unrest and probably civil war or revolution as we progress up the oil cost curve and our economy contracts repeatedly, causing such pain and suffering that people blindly rise up against existing government and against one another.  Civil war is much more neighbor against neighbor than armies against armies.  We likely won’t get past 2024 without an uprising.

      109. I know exactly how all these layoff will effect my job down the road.  I’m in the paint business.  And with all these cuts/tax hikes taking place in Jan 1 and the layoffs that are hitting now and more to come from all that I’ve read so far.  I wonder if I’ll still have a job next year.  The less people have to fix their main assets if it’s worth anything today since the real estate market is still in the Crapper will be the Last thing people will do.  It’s going to be all about survival soon as this President plunges this Nation into bankruptcy and poverty like America has never seen on a scale before.  Romney was right about the 50% wanting free crap I happen to know a couple socialist friends and Obama is their Messiah..he’s my Anti-Christ..

      110. Sid Davis, Thanks for such a well-written comment — completely agree with you. And this is why some news I heard yesterday smacked me hard: US oil production has increased so much that the US will be the largest oil producer by 2020 and ‘energy independent’ by 2030. I believed this to be propaganda, coming right after the election and so all-of-a-sudden like. However, I have checked a number of sources and there are several articles that claim we’ll surpass Saudi oil production, we’ll be ‘energy independent’, and that we’ll be the largest global oil producer. Of course, the majority of oil production is done privately on private lands since Islamo-Marxist Obama has blocked the majority of the oil, coal, and gas production on Federal property. Once again, capitalism rises…

        So from where I sit, this production increase puts the mathematical equation of “Peak Oil” where it belongs: in the trash can. And it changes several factors on the outlook of a long-term future, regardless of the far-left’s “global warming”, regulatory restrictions, and “go green” agenda. Our civilization may be destroyed by the NWO, but by God, we’ll have our own oil, until they seize it or tax it to oblivion.

        From CNN Money:

        “The United States will overtake Saudi Arabia to become the world’s biggest oil producer before 2020, and will be energy independent 10 years later, according to a new forecast by the International Energy Agency.

        The recent resurgence in oil and gas production, and efforts to make the transport sector more efficient, are radically reshaping the nation’s energy market, reported Paris-based IEA in its World Energy Outlook.

        North America would become a net exporter of oil around 2030, the global organization said Monday.

        “The United States, which currently imports around 20% of its total energy needs, becomes all but self sufficient in net terms — a dramatic reversal of the trend seen in most other energy importing countries,” the IEA stated.

        The U.S. is experiencing an oil boom, in large part thanks to high world prices and new technologies, including hydraulic fracking, that have made the extraction of oil and gas from shale rock commercially viable.

        From 2008 to 2011, U.S. crude oil production jumped 14%, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Natural gas production is up by about 10% over the same period.”

        From the Houston Chronicle:

        “The United States’ rapidly declining crude oil supply has made a stunning about-face, shredding federal oil projections and putting energy independence in sight of some analyst forecasts.

        After declining to levels not seen since the 1940s, U.S. crude production began rising again in 2009. Drilling rigs have rushed into the nation’s oil fields, suggesting a surge in domestic crude is on the horizon.

        The number of rigs in U.S. oil fields has more than quad­rupled in the past three years to 1,272, according to the Baker Hughes rig count. Including those in natural gas fields, the United States now has more rigs at work than the entire rest of the world.

        And this from American Thinker:

        “By 2015, production will reach an astonishing 9 million barrels a day. This is after the official government estimate proclaimed oil production in the US would peak at 6 million barrels a day next year.

        As technology has improved and made it possible to access fields that were previously untapped – and as the price of oil makes tapping those hard to reach places profitable – we see once again the folly of those who are constantly predicting that the world is “running out” of oil. No doubt finding alternatives is a good idea on its own and technological breakthroughs that will make those alternatives competitive with fossil fuels will be even more beneficial (as long as we can resist the temptation to subsidize them with tax dollars).”

      111. Sid Davis, Thanks for such a well-written comment — completely agree with you. And this is why some news I heard yesterday smacked me hard: US oil production has increased so much that the US will be the largest oil producer by 2020 and ‘energy independent’ by 2030. I believed this to be propaganda, coming right after the election and so all-of-a-sudden like. However, I have checked a number of sources and there are several articles that claim we’ll surpass Saudi oil production, we’ll be ‘energy independent’, and that we’ll be the largest global oil producer. Of course, the majority of oil production is done privately on private lands since Islamo-Marxist Obama has blocked the majority of the oil, coal, and gas production on Federal property. Once again, capitalism rises…

        So from where I sit, this production increase puts the mathematical equation of “Peak Oil” where it belongs: in the trash can. And it changes several factors on the outlook of a long-term future, regardless of the far-left’s “global warming”, regulatory restrictions, and “go green” agenda. Our civilization may be destroyed by the NWO, but by God, we’ll have our own oil, until they seize it or tax it to oblivion.

        From CNN Money:

        “The United States will overtake Saudi Arabia to become the world’s biggest oil producer before 2020, and will be energy independent 10 years later, according to a new forecast by the International Energy Agency.

        The recent resurgence in oil and gas production, and efforts to make the transport sector more efficient, are radically reshaping the nation’s energy market, reported Paris-based IEA in its World Energy Outlook.

        North America would become a net exporter of oil around 2030, the global organization said Monday.

        “The United States, which currently imports around 20% of its total energy needs, becomes all but self sufficient in net terms — a dramatic reversal of the trend seen in most other energy importing countries,” the IEA stated.

        The U.S. is experiencing an oil boom, in large part thanks to high world prices and new technologies, including hydraulic fracking, that have made the extraction of oil and gas from shale rock commercially viable.

        From 2008 to 2011, U.S. crude oil production jumped 14%, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Natural gas production is up by about 10% over the same period.”

        From the Houston Chronicle:

        “The United States’ rapidly declining crude oil supply has made a stunning about-face, shredding federal oil projections and putting energy independence in sight of some analyst forecasts.

        After declining to levels not seen since the 1940s, U.S. crude production began rising again in 2009. Drilling rigs have rushed into the nation’s oil fields, suggesting a surge in domestic crude is on the horizon.

        The number of rigs in U.S. oil fields has more than quad­rupled in the past three years to 1,272, according to the Baker Hughes rig count. Including those in natural gas fields, the United States now has more rigs at work than the entire rest of the world.

        And this from American Thinker:

        “By 2015, production will reach an astonishing 9 million barrels a day. This is after the official government estimate proclaimed oil production in the US would peak at 6 million barrels a day next year.

        As technology has improved and made it possible to access fields that were previously untapped – and as the price of oil makes tapping those hard to reach places profitable – we see once again the folly of those who are constantly predicting that the world is “running out” of oil. No doubt finding alternatives is a good idea on its own and technological breakthroughs that will make those alternatives competitive with fossil fuels will be even more beneficial (as long as we can resist the temptation to subsidize them with tax dollars).”

      112. Read it closely.  It projects that North America, not the US, will be a net exporter after 2030.  That means we will still be importing oil after 2029 (if we can pay for it).

      113. also, they are counting oil from the shale (this isn’t going to happen, unless you have figured out a way to live without water).

      114. If you don’t have a gun by now…………..Why not ?

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