NSA Caught Illegally Collecting Americans’ Phone Data…AGAIN

by | Jun 30, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Howard Katz | 12 comments

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    Once again, the National Security Agency has been caught illegally collecting the phone data of Americans. This news comes just months after a similar incident forced them to (supposedly) purge hundreds of millions of records captured without FISA authorization.

    According to RT, the government spy agency unlawfully gathered a “larger than expected” volume of call and text records from one United States telecom provider under the metadata-collection program known as Section 215. According to a document obtained by the American Civil Liberties Union  (ACLU) as part of its ongoing lawsuit against the agency, the heavily redacted file does not reveal which company was affected, or how many of its “call detail records” were illegally collected between October 3 and 12, 2018.

    These documents further confirm that this surveillance program is beyond redemption and a privacy and civil liberties disaster,” ACLU National Security Project staff attorney Patrick Toomey told the Associated Press as reported by RT. “There is no justification for leaving this surveillance power in the NSA’s hands.” The NSA, unsurprisingly, in its own internal documents assessed the blunder’s “impact on national security or international relations” to be “none.” Critics of the program, formerly known as StellarWind, have pointed to its acknowledged failure to stop a single terror event. Terrorism was the agency’s official rationale for eavesdropping on 3 billion phone calls every day.  That’s just one of many reasons the entire agency, not just its programs, should be scrapped.

    The agency “will assess the scope of the civil liberties and privacy impact of this incident upon completion of the investigation,” the report promises, though an “initial assessment is that the impact was limited given the quick identification, purge processes, and lack of reporting.” Journalist Ben Swann is not letting the NSA off the hook. “If there is no accountability for those who continue to break the law – because that’s what they’re doing – then why would they ever stop doing that?” Swann pondered.

    “Why is there no penalty? Why is there no consequence for doing this? This is illegal behavior – if it is illegal, what is the accountability for those who are collecting it?” journalist Ben Swann asked, referring to both the telecoms providing excess information and the government agency that has made at least three such “mistakes” in the last year. “The NSA never outs themselves and admits ‘We made a mistake’ – it only comes to light when the ACLU or some group sues,” Swann told RT.

    The NSA has stated they wouldn’t mind dropping Section 215, however, president Trump has suggested he’d like it to continue indefinitely. Former NSA chief William Binney confirmed that the agency is only letting it go of the controversial program Section 215 because they have something much more sinister going on.

    “There is no oversight of the upstream program,” Binney told RT, referring to an NSA program that collects not only phone records but emails, “chatter,” and “everything on the fiber optic network.” Upstream is “the major program that’s copying the collection of bulk data on everybody, not just in the United States but on the planet.”

     In the book Place to Hide: Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. Surveillance State, author Glen Greenwald reveals fresh information on the NSA’s unprecedented abuse of power with never-before-seen documents entrusted to him by Snowden himself. It’s become absolutely horrifying; the amount of spying the U.S. government does on its own “free” people.


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      1. I hate to tell you this but I’ve got fecking disparaging news for you. This ain’t new fecking news. Learn to keep quiet about your likes and dislikes, whether its political or talking on the cell phone to your neighbor or a family friend. These Coke suckers will build a dossier on you in a heart beat.

        • i was thinking about how a cashless society would be the death of freedom. a cashless financial system would be electronic transactions. right now i can go and buy things with cash i want to keep private. using your credit or debit card there is a record of purchases. the phone is a surveillance tool against you. new cars have smart phone tech built in to link up to your phone. yup keep your opinions to yourself. especially if your asked by anyone what your views are on a political topic or any other topic that has the possibility of being politicized later.

      2. And if you bought any firearms legally then you best consider them as a possible confiscation which I hope you will surely give them hell when they come to take them.

      3. They wiped out my comments. So I will try again.
        Censored. Banned. No Free Speech zone.

        I said, “So What.” I do not care about privacy “invaded”.
        I am very Glad that No Such Agency is on the job. The good guys must get it right every day. So they must be doing a good job. I am very Glad they are on it. Proof is that no American city has been lost to modern destructive weaponry.

        The religion of violence, death, destruction, oppression, more violence, has to slip past ONE time. And millions of Americans dead. Do you people understand that? There are also nation states that want to kill you and your children. Do you understand that? Evil is real. Nutjobs are plentiful. No shortage of violent misguided deranged actors. They MUST be stopped by Any means avilable.

        My wife and children are able to wake up with a new day, because vast resources and hard working people are in place to STOP violent dirt bags. I am grateful that people are on the job to stop and DESTROY the prophets of violence that wear dirty night shirts.

        Make me king and I would turn a portion of those resources loose on drug cartels. I would send SEALS, spec ops, Every Resource to kill Every drug cartel members. ARREST every dirty American Politician/Police/Banker on the drug cartels payoff/payroll. Clean house. Invade Mexico. Clean out MS-13 and the LA basin. It would be open warfare. Tell the dirtbags to stop pushing drugs or DIE. Have troopers dedicated to the absolute anihilation of the drug cartels. Kill ALL drug cartel vermin..

        These dirt bags are murdering our children with poison. And there is a political party in this country that REFUSES to seal the borders BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING PAID OFF and benefit from drug cartels dirty money. Dirty politician. Dirty Police. Dirty Bankers. ALL on drug cartel payroll. South Texas is DIRTY with cartel money. Police are dirty. Politicians the most dirty. NO ONE SPEAKS OF THIS.

        So let the no such agency do their good work. I sleep better at night knowing that no such agency is on the job. God Bless them. God bless America. Long Live the Republic.

        I hate and Despise the foreign controlled US Mass Media/Tech monopoly, propaganda pro NWO communist messaging apparatus. So should you. Don’t fall for thier propaganda lies.

        Secure the USA Border.
        Deport all China and Russia intel operatives in US. They are all over North Texas. I see some of them weekly. Why are China Intel service types allowed to roam freely in USA?
        I see drug cartels operating in the open. Making deals in North Texas restaurants, side of the interstate. Police are ALLOWING this.

        Lets see if this is censored too. Most of my comments are Banned.
        You will not shut me up. I will run my mouth. I will ALWAYS be ARMED to the teeth. I would NEVER live in a communist stronghold like California. Neither should you. Be an American. Leave Cali. Leave Illinois. Leave anyplace that does not respect FREEDOM. The world is a big place. There are options.

        Now CommieFornia is having background checks for ammo sales. I’m sure the MS-13, crips, bloods, thugs, will obey that law just like the others. Right? –at rants end.

        Live Free or LEAVE.

      4. people who buy their stuff on ebay and amazon seem to be overly paranoid about delivery people knowing they are buying preps. im gonna go as far as to say they arent for the most part. i delivered packages for 12 years so i know how it works. packages only have the shippers name on them and that is if you buy directly from a company like mountain house we will say. you wont know what the contents are as a driver but you might know about the shippers business of selling dehydrated food. the delivery company has a description of contents but one could put general description like clothing or hand tools. the driver dont know that info and he cant see through the box. you say well he could open it and inspect the package then re seal it. sure but he dont have time cus he has 100 plus stops he dont have the time. inspecting packages is done by the authorities to look for illegal contraband and the use a dog to sniff the packages while they travel down a conveyor. the days they come with the dog are un anounced. the theif employees go after stuff they can sell on the streets. the dead giveaway your preparing for something is gun stickers on your car gadsen flags in your yard aggressive dogs your house being the only one with cameras in your neighborhood. private property signs and abnormally high fences or walls with big gates. extreme off road type vehicles in the driveway. more than a seasons worth of firewood visable. solar systems giant water tanks visable. any outward appearance of self reliant living on your property. many preppers are guilty of this appearance. this is advertising what your up to more than a few packages here and there. those packages will be forgotten they were delivered the next day your property looking like a farm in a suburban area wont and its an advertisement to everyone driving by. i see it all the time and i know these people are preparing. gotta admit ive been curious about what they are up to. seen firewood piles that would heat the home next to them for ten plus years easily. seen army trucks and jeeps set up to go anywhere. if this is you you need to worry about this. your shit shouldnt be visable to everyone driving by at the least.

      5. No law, nor encryption will prevent the NSA or like organization(s) from doing what they desire. If they have the capability they will use the capability.

      6. Lol just goes to show ya; you let a fox in the hen house, hell chicken for supper every night.
        I mean how alphabet soup agencies does one country need.

      7. Go to YouTube. Then Search for the following video:
        “Alan Watt (June 23, 2019) Enormity of Conformity, Aimed at Majority”

        I dare you. Wake up sleepy children. The Beast System is upon us all. The video listed above is good stuff. Learn to think. Good Judgment is one of your most valuable prep tools.
        Good Judgement.
        Good Health. Make good choices.

        Faith keeps you going when in the valley of the shadow of death. Faith kept us alive.
        Jesus Christ is Lord and King.

      8. They have been doing it for a looooong time.

        A short history of bulk data collection:

        1920s: The first telephone exchanges were also listening stations. Data was collected by hand and categorised and then reports sent upwards to government and spy agencies.

        1940s: The first computers are developed and it becomes possible to mass snoop and collect in real time.

        1950s: The US imports thousands of Nazis to run mass surveillance, space and science and tech programs. “It’s Hitler’s world: we just live in it” becomes the refrain as Nazi technology and techniques run the US control system.

        1960s: Micro transistors start to give way to silicon chips. It becomes exponentially easier to bulk collect by each year. Communications industry is fully controlled by the military industrial complex. First large-scale society shaping experiments go live.

        1970s: Surveillance industry goes wide-scale with invention of personal computing. Begin to let it rip with entrepreneurship to amp up innovation.

        1980s: Reagan invests in all sorts of freaky tech and computing power continues to expand.

        1990s: Beginning of mass biometric databases starts.

        2001: All legal hurdles swept away in the passage of the PATRIOT Act. Back door routers installed in all telephone exchanges and Internet service providers.

        2005: Total Information Awareness launched. Linking all electronic comms to surveillance systems, ie CCTV, fridges, TVs etc. Whole new generation of IOT companies launched.

        2010: Program to ID everyone on the planet in real time launched. U.N. begins new computing project with CERN to push the physics on computing so there are no limits to data storage.

      9. To Anonymous

        WHAT??? You & your wife and children wake up to a new day because of the resources used to stop the dirt bags?? Please look into how 9/11 was allowed to happen. It was not done by 19 Muslims…it is called a “false flag” operation.

        You are correct, dirty politicians (both sides), dirty bankers, and lots of corruption. NO easy answers here. These problems did not happen overnight, so the answers will not happen overnight either. A good beginning would be for people to start reading and studying the Constitution, and reviewing what freedom and liberty are suppose to look like. The founders wrote that document to protect us from over bearing government. Every short coming we have came from straying from the Constitution.

        I live in California and I am not running away. Someone has to stand up for liberty.

        • Spirit of 1776
          You are vastly outnumbered, out gunned.
          Your position is SURROUNDED.
          You are Over Run. Leftie Cali commie government out to get you and STEAL ALL of your money. They hate freedom. They hate liberty. They hate the constitution. The Cali. Police are trigger happy thugs. Cali is a commie serfdom. Only illegal criminals and trigger happy thug cops allowed guns in Cali.

          – – Break Contact. – – Flee while you can.
          – – Regroup- – Flee to a state that respects your rgihts, respects your money. Don’t live under communist.
          Come to Texas. (Except Austin Tx -. Austin has also been over run by imported Cali commies. But there are more people here like yourself than the Cali Commie leftie thems.)

          Even grandmas are armed here. Women are armed here. Carjackers get shot in Texas. Robbers get shot in Texas.
          Notice you seldom hear about Texas carjacking.

          Terrorist that the FBI allowed to operate freely, came to Texas.
          One Police officer with outstanding Situational Awareness, Marksmanship, and Courage, dropped the two idiot moron evil doers with AKs. The muslims didn’t like an art contest. So they came to Texas looking for trouble and to cause mayhem. They found trouble. The Police officer put rounds on target and stopped the foolishness. He said, “Welcome to Texas.”

          Act Stupid, Act violent, Get DEAD. So you violent fools might want to think twice. Texans FIGHT back. Texans are rifleman/marksman. 12 year old girls in Texas shoot as well as Marine SharpShooters. This is FACT.

          The Police officer used a side arm to drop two well armed fools with AKs. He saved the day. Art contest went on without a problem.

          Why put up with aggravation and Cali communism?
          I have never heard of a Texas Police officer shooting innocent hostages like what happens REGULARLY in Cali. Most Police here know how to zero a weapon and put shots on target.

          Why do people in Cali put up with incompetent commies running things? Just Leave.

          -likely censored-

      10. Today, as I type this, it is July 2, Tuesday. What’s going on here @ shtfplan? Nothing new, no new articles.

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