“Zero Confidence”: 8 In 10 Americans Think Obama Is Losing To ISIS

by | Dec 29, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 86 comments

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    Who says the terrorists aren’t winning against our freedoms?

    With Obama in office, it may be a certainty.

    Nearly 15 years after the 9/11 attacks, the United States is weaker than ever, and it has perhaps dug its own grave engaging in protracted conflicts and wars in the name of hunting down terrorists.

    According to a new poll, Americans today see their country as losing the battle against terror despite having the most powerful military in the world.

    Apparently only 2 in 10 Americans think the U.S. is winning the war on terror, and see the ISIS Islamic State as holding the upper hand. In terms of public opinion, it may as well be zero.

    The hearts and minds have been lost – right here at home.

    According to the Daily Mail:

    Americans believe more than ever that the terrorists are winning the war on terror.

    In a new CNN/ORC poll, just 18 percent of Americans surveyed said the U.S. and its allies were ahead in the terror fight, with 40 percent now saying the terrorists have the upper hand.

    The numbers are almost completely flopped from when the question was first asked, just one month after the 9/11 terror attacks.

    Then, 42 percent said the U.S. was winning the war on terror, while 11 percent said the terrorists were dominating the fight.

    Those numbers have bobbed up and down through the years, but this latest poll showed the most dramatic spike in public opinion, as Americans have grown increasingly concerned about ISIS in light of the attacks in San Bernardino, California and Paris, France.

    If the poll numbers truly reflect the pulse of the nation, it indicates that a full three-fourths of the country believe Obama is failing, and that the American fight against terrorism – now well into its second decade – is all but doomed.

    ‘Zero Confidence’

    Of course, the strategy (or lack thereof) to combat ISIS and deal with the Syrian crisis has many Americans expressing “zero confidence” in President Obama – enough that the ORC polling people found a major spike and shift in public opinion:

    Now the largest chunk of Americans says they’re not at all satisfied with the way things are going as the country deals with this threat.

    … 64 percent said they disapproved of Obama’s handling of ISIS, a number which has remained constant for the past six months.

    The spike comes from those who say they have zero confidence in the current White House, with 30 percent now giving that response, up from the 16 percent who said it in 2010.

    President Obama has long been a polarizing figure, but a significant “zero confidence” number is a pretty harsh rebuke, and a sure sign that policy is headed for a major shift under the next president, regardless of party.

    As a result of the failures to stop the spread of ISIS in the contentious areas of Iraq and Syria, many Americans have in turn supported the knee jerk reaction to send in U.S. ground troops and engage in yet another war in the Middle East.

    There is more war in the air, and the weakness of the current president has done much to contribute to that climate.


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      1. Real shocker. What would Reagan do?

        • Its an old one back from late 2008, early 2009:

          OBAMA = One Big Ass Mistake, America

          Sometimes first impressions are correct.

          • Obola’s “war” on ISIS is more phony than a WWE wrestling event.

          • When ya hire a quota ya get a quota’s work

            • “Americans believe more than ever that the terrorists are winning the war on terror.”

              Because they’re too drugged up and dumbed down to realize that our govt IS the terrorists

            • What part of the UP are you from.According to Sheeple our own military helped ISIS leaders escape from Ramadi.At least thats what the Iraqi military is alleging!

        • Regan would have taken care of ISIS within a year….we need more military leaders…..and spend the funds on America’s defense system less going to all those foreign countries…. AMERICA MUST BE PREPARED…

          • Southener

            Its not a lack of capability as the US spends as much on the military as the next ten nations do combined but rather its a lack of desire. ISIS was created out of AQ (those 911 people) to topple stable governments out of favor with the financial establishments geo-political quest for global control. They’re the bad kids in the neighborhood that the screwball neighbor pays to break the windows of the guy down the street. In conversations with him he goes along and tells everyone how bad those kids are while actually supporting them.

            Read through the postings, do some research, its all here and elsewhere.

          • Reagan would have done the same thing he did on every issue… turn to his handler Donald Regan(former CEO of Merrill Lynch was made Treasury Secretary, then moved to Chief of Staff as the old guy needed more baby sitting) to ask what he wanted to do next.

            Reagan in neocon myth whose corporate handlers got elected by illegally bribing Iran to keep the hostages until after the election, giving Reagan his most effective campaign issue. Then the fiscal conservative ran up the biggest deficit in history, while giving his handlers all the tax breaks they wanted and starting the war against middle class workers and social support for the poor.

            He’s a hero alright… to the 1% and the dolts that believe the legend the media they control spins every day about the senile old fart who slept much of the day.

            • You’re clueless

      2. my mother told me when i was a young man..”if you pick a bad wife, she will be the WORST thing that ever happens to you…if you pick a GOOD wife, she will be the BEST thing to ever happen to you”…well, i think when we picked barrage obama, we set up the WORST thing to EVER ……EVER, happen to america(ns)…..next time, america(ns), be a little more CAREful….K?

        • There will not be a next time, there will be no more elections in the Corporatist fascist genocidal collapsing shithole of the world.

          • i happen to agree with you ron….but then, i said it would all fall apart when the tax credits weren’t extended TWO years ago…and 2013 when obamadontcare went into effect, i said it was all goin’ DOWN…then in 2014 when obamadontcare started to HURT when prices rose drasticly…then….oh hell,….it aint never gonna happen….LIKE HELL IT AINT!….can’t say when, but it’s all about the math, and like karl says…”math, and gravity, are LAWS….and they can BOTH be a reeeeal BITCH!”

        • perhaps it would be a good time to revisit what i said a couple years ago here on shtfplan…
          stupid people……that’s our nation’s problem. we got too many stupid people. they are everywhere, and i’ve been thinking for a few weeks now on WHY there are so many stupid people infecting our society. i’m 58 now and i can’t remember this many stupid people around when i was a younger man. they are EVERYWHERE. the problem is that we have sooo many laws now to protect the STUPID from themselves, and they breed MORE stupid people. we have laws to make sure stupid people can get a job for example….i REALLY believe that a lot of stupid people get hired into government jobs because the human resources hirers know we would be paying for their welfare payments if they weren’t given these gubmint jobs. they have been instructed by their superiors to hire the handicapped(stupid) to keep the welfare roles lower. think about it, we protect the stupid from being cleansed from the genepool by making laws like:
          wear a lifejacket in a boat
          wear a helmet riding a bike
          don’t put your hand in the tigers cage at the zoo
          label on cigarettes to say they’ll kill you
          can’t take a glass bottle to a sporting event…gotta be plastic so nobody gets cut
          can’t walk down the street in public with a beer
          no jaywalking
          gotta have seat belts to drive a car
          sign saying “no diving” on a 200 foot high bridge
          mcdonalds coffee MIGHT be hot
          ladder sign saying it MIGHT be dangerous to stand on top
          don’t put your fingers in the fan blades
          these lawmakers got it so VERY few stupid people can get killed any more. back in the day people DIED for doing stupid things, now they just keep breeding more stupid. i tell yuh, the genepool needs more chlorine…..get RID of some of these laws. just too many stupid people for our country to not have a serious breakdown SOON! once it DOES all blow up, will it take a few generations to get back into balance? or will mostly stupid people die off? hmmmm…..food for thought…….oops! did i write that out loud? it won’t be long before it will be ILLEGAL to call them stupid….
          The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits. – Albert Einstein

          • BCOD

            If your gonna be Stupid, You Gotta be tough.

            The worst part is paying for THEIR MISTAKES. Our country is ate up with Stupid.

          • Well said, Buttcrackofdoom. In the old days, the “stupid people” would have been weeded out of the gene pool by their actions. In our politically correct world, there are no consequences for making stupid decisions. Vote in stupid politicians that cannot connect the dots between cause and effect – and tada – you have a failing nation.

          • “…that’s our nation’s problem. we got too many stupid people.”

            Lol. I won’t disagree. Too many morally stupid Libs.

          • Hbeachrealist, Obama’s beloved ISIS is getting its ass kicked royally by the Russian military. Go to Russia Today for a more interesting perspective on the fight against ISIS.

          • BCOD, damn good post. Sad but true.

            • “B”1776
              Looked into your PT111. Good choice. I do have a question? Will that gun take a PT92/99 mag. If it does you would get 16 rounds, but the mag will hang out of the bottom.

              • I carry a pt99 afs and I love it the only down side is the CHEEP mags.if its a factory mag or another mfg called Pro Something, the follower tends to tip forward on the last round and jam the weapon, also cheep mags rattle and will not hold back underlying rounds causing it to jam. quality mags from Mec-gar have ended the problem, so far. I know I sound like a advertisement but I learned the hard way and want to pass it along.

                • Max, I just got a PT111 for Christmas and Sarge was asking me if the mags from the 92/99 would work in a 111. I looked at some pictures of mags for both models on cheaperthandirt.com. They look similar but I have some doubts about them working in my 111.

              • Sarge, interesting question. I’ll have to look into that.

          • “BCOD”
            Great points. Great job!!!

          • BCOD, We’ve always had stupid people but all it takes is one stupid leader to mess up the nest. trouble is that we have a lot of stupid politicians that fight among themselves and we are getting no where. time to throw the lot out and start with less stupid people till someone gets it right. It might take awhile but at this point it can only get better.

        • 8 out of 10 Americans are dumber than a rock for not knowing Obamanation is the ISIS facilitator.

        • BCOD, it’s too late. We will never recover from the damage caused by the current administration. Also you can’t educate stupid liberals.

          • if voting made a DIFFERENCE, they wouldn’t let U.S. DO it! mark twain.

        • I wish I would have listened to my mom!

      3. LOSING TO ISIS….you mean we are losing to the New World Order criminal globalist fascist psychopathic shit stains controlling our collapsing hell on earth, these are the same NWO filth who created, arm, and fund ISIS, or what the coward PUSSY zombie scum of collapsing America call the US GOVERNMENT.

      4. He Loves ISIS. What do you expect!

        How about TURKEY taking all that oil from ISIS and then training the fighters. Air attacks from US planes are wasting Tax Payer Money.

        • Slingshot, ISIS is Obama’s AND the CIA’s creation, just like they created Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. Turkey had a hand in their creation also and trained them and equipped them. The Turks are getting their cut from the oil revenue that ISIS generates. Putin has ordered all the tankers from ISIS-controlled oilfields to be bombed. The Russians’ military campaign against ISIS is hurting those ragheads more than anyone realizes. Both the US and Turkish governments have been supporting terrorism and Russia is the only one effectively fighting them. Go to RT.com for some interesting coverage of the campaign.

      5. Who in the previous line up for President in the past was potentially good? Romney? McCain? GW Bush? Al Gore? GH Bush? Clinton?

        Job eviscerating Free Trade, Financial Sector deregulation and virtually zero enforcement of what laws do remain, wars for ostensible reasons, its all bad and it came from every administration regardless of political party.

        • Kevin2

          Agree. It is all about money and power and screw the country.

      6. who cares what the “public” thinks ?

        a substantial # don’t know who the VP is
        most can’t name even one member of the Supreme Court
        and fewer still know how a bill becomes law

        these are the same losers lined up for days to buy the latest iPhone
        or get a few bucks off a tv they don’t need at a black Friday sale

        how many of these people know the difference between Sunni and Shia?
        a dozen or so ???

        • I love it when I see these teens kicking each other I the balls. Then the one with the camera comes over for the close up and asks, Are you alright, Dude?.

          Another one is the skate boarders riding the rails and ringing their chimes and doing face plants.

          That was really Knarly Dude.

        • “how many of these people know the difference between Sunni and Shia?

          Satori – those dumb ass’s probably think you’re talking about some kind Japanese gourmet Sushi Platters.

      7. This putz president and his Sec. of State, Hilarity, have funded and supported ISIL.
        The illegal and mooslem invasions of the USSA are Feral gov. Pogroms OBVIOUSLY!
        A ISIL inspired false flag domestic attack accomplishes sooo much for the ruling elites.That this article still perpetuates the illusion of an “incompetent”president when his marxist-moosie goals of transformation are mostly completed is beyond my comprehension.That there is a functioning two party system, or a balance of power in DC are other illusions.

      8. ZERO Confidence!
        At this point in time my best defense against any weird terrorist act is ME! Count on yourself first.
        Know your world events, know humanity and how they act, know your street neighborhood city state and country outside your home at all times, think ahead. Not really to much to it, a small fraction of time to do these things. If a person can not do these simple things it will really suck to be them soon.
        Best Wishes to all for a Happy New Year!

        • markinaz

          You are way ahead of many people.

        • our problem is that anything happens, people call 911….it’s the answer for EVERYTHING. here’s an example of how stupid americans ARE. a couple years ago i was eating a handful of leftover french frys…after a day old they are really dry, and i get a mouthful chewed, and i try to swallow them…they won’t go down….and they won’t come up…i can’t breathe anymore…my wife across the room looks at me, and says “are you alright?”…and i shake my head NO. i was just another couple seconds from passing out(DYING!), and i swallowed hard one last time, and most of it went down…and after i coughed and hacked for a few minutes, i said to my wife “what would you have done if i passed out?”….”well i would have called 911” was her answer. i would have been DEAD long before the ambulance got here, is what i told her. she was 57, and didn’t know the heimlich(now where’s my SPELLchick?!) maneuver….there’s a LOT more she didn’t know for being 57, but that’s my point. she’s history now, BTW….surround yourself with SMART people, not DUMB ones…the genepool’s gotten mighty shallow these days!

          • BCOD, smart people are SO HARD to find these days.

          • Did you know you can give yourself the Heimlich? Make the same fist, put it in the correct spot and find something hard to fall on.

            • Rellik;
              I just can’t wait to practice that!

            • yup, that’s right…by the time i was out of breathe and couldn’t think straight anymore, it was too late for me.

              • Skeptic, just read your reply from yesterday.
                Getting people to meet can be tough.
                Blairsville does not have many great places to eat, and the afful waffle does do a good breakfast. I would have to drive 2 hours one way, over a mountain that locals almost killed me driving a few years ago.
                So meeting in the morning would be the best.
                Someone stated WH was antigun, but you got to admit, it is hard to mess up breakfast.

                Planning next years shootapaloosa, March 5th, knowing my luck we will have an ice storm that day.

                Be well all…

              • Keep a sq Ft size piece of plywood with a large 4 inch spike nail driven thru so nail points upwards when wood lays on floor…Then slam your ass down Hard on nail and it will cause you to scream so fast and loud it will force food to get puked out asap quick!

                ps make certain left or right ass cheek slams down on nail not Center of ass! also be careful to not dammage spine tail bone section! Just 100% ass cheek is the plan.

            • Fact

      9. Well, at this stage the best thing the U.S can do is, withdraw from the region (that way it is ensured they don’t support ISIS anymore), and let the Russians mop up. Just yesterday the Iraqis accused them (the US) of aiding ISIS by using chinooks to fly the top commanders of the islamomonkeys out of Ramadi, and furthermore impeding their campaign to recapture the city. I wonder if those commanders were CIA, or Mossad agents. Same difference. The Russians are doing good work, so let them finish it!

      10. I have a question for those 2 out of 10 Americans who think the US is winning the phony ‘war on terror’. Exactly what would have to take place for the US to finally win the war?

      11. It’s important to remember that all of us that frequent blogs like this, and are critical of our government, will be labeled ‘Terrorists’ before too much longer!
        Anyone who criticizes it’s government will be a Terrorist.

        • “Anyone who criticizes it’s government will be a Terrorist.

          Hell ‘ya … where do I sign up? … oh .. never mind, they(government) already signed me up onto their special list.

          • FTW, you’re in the right place.

      12. I say let’s get a company of transgendered special forces “gals” in there and kick some ISIS booty…???…

        BAHAAHAAHAAAHAAAGHUGGG!!!! almost chocked myself on that one!!!

        • Chocked???…???….choked…


          ain’t life a hoot????

      13. Here’s all you need to know:

        Osama Bin Laden worked for the Feds.

        The Bin Laden family were buddies and business partners of the Bushes.

        9/11 was a false flag operation.

        Obama runs ISIS.

        Everything else is just a joke. It’s all just pure comedy.

      14. “Zero Confidence”: 8 In 10 Americans Think Obama Is Losing To ISIS

        Obama & mooch’n twig’n berries are fk’n losers!

        How does a government win against something that itself created? The War on Terror is a fraud, it was never about winning against an opposition in the Middle East. It has everything to do about bringing other nations to submit to US Foreign Policy. [nwo]

        Business as usual per US Government Standards, unfortunately – many innocent people in this transition have lost their lives, homes and livelihood all because they do not want to surrender to US aggression.

        The Game of US/CIA creation of Al-Qaeda, ISIS & whatever fancy name they make up for these groups – is over. The gig is up, and Russia most notably have exposed this creation worldwide. Most of European countries are involved in it as well, and Russia & China are done putting up with their bogus fraud(s).

        The US & buddies have lost their foothold in the Middle East, most notably Syria. They will continue to lie and deceive the public to try and wiggle their way back into the “game” that they created … but … I just can’t see it going their way.

        Foreign entanglements will continue to get worse from here on out – that should be obvious to anyone who is paying attention to world events.

        • Yup. Everything else is just a stage show.

          I just keep my heat handy while I eat my popcorn.

        • FTW, spot on. The chimp-in-chief has been crying because Putin called him on his BS about ISIS. Russia is the ONLY nation fighting effectively against ISIS. Putin has ordered as many ISIS oil tankers as possible to be bombed by his air force in order to cut off financing for ISIS. And of course, the Turks are crying that they’re not getting the amount of money “under the table” they expect for allowing that oil onto their territory. The Turks are POS. And at the same time they’re engaged in a new wave of oppression and terror against their Kurdish minority. I hope the Kurds’ kick the Turks’ asses royally.

          • Braveheart-

            The interesting thing now is – sounds like Chinese troops have entered Syria to do some ground work. It was a problem for US Gov to deal with Russia, now it is a “oh shit” moment for the US and buddies.

            That’s why I mentioned above – the Middle East intrusion is “game over” for Western Foreign Policies. I’ve mentioned before – if America keeps screwing around with Russia, China will get involved and have Russia’s back.

            How does America deal with that?
            They don’t, nor should they – D.C. has done enough damage, locally and globally.

            • Wouldnt that be a hoot if this is all planned to make US lose a war to Russia/China, one big happy communist family, exactly what obummer would want

              • Russia is probably more capitalist than the US as what we have is some kind of hybrid crony capitalism mated to socialism and controlled by fascism. China is crony capitalism controlled by communists.

              • Kula:

                Your comment is closer to the truth than most people are willing to admit. And it is not just what the “chimp in charge” wants; it is what his handlers are planning for.

                ‘Their’ dream is “one big happy communist family”(or any other name you choose to put on it) under the One World Banner of the United Nations. However, it is planned that those at the top will be those with the ‘gold’.

                The rest of the world, communists, muzzies, Americans, etc., will all be peons; and if not needed as their slaves….off with your head,

          • Braveheart and FTW; Check out last weeks articles on ISIS Oil etc at incogmans website, it is at, incogman dot net

            Article has Proof documented beyond refutation that the Main guy who makes final oil deals and Cash handler etc is a Greek jewish guy in Israel, current per barrel rate He agrees to pay is aprox $18 per barrel when reg barrel market prices was double that…His deal makings occures inside greece terrority or maybe its Off shore greece ocean waters I forget now?

            And the Main end consumers for the BULK amount once oil is refined into dieasel and gasloine etc is…ISRAEL!

            Israel is Main nation and peoples that are benifiting Via ISIS Oil Thefts etc…They get fuels at 1/2 market price, and also Sell it at Double they paid To various EU nations.

            His article on it has fully documented Links, Proofs, Greek Israeli jews name, name of others conected, and if I recall correct several good photos relevant to it all.

            And yes of course usa fed govnt, state dept and hobammy and every fuckin usa official politition and apointee officials ALL are well aware of this as well as every single scam swindle ongoing and every possible Israel connection to every such swindle…

            And with such huge stolen oil profits you can bet many usa polititions are recieving Big cash bribes galore to remain silent and keep the taboo a taboo forever.

            ps ISIS avg daily oil profits from this set up is $1.5-Million us dollars per day…Israel and that Greek jewish honcho guy probably earns ten times that much!

            RT TV other day showed satalite russian military video and actual official Russian Govnt news releases that says Russia Has on video so far located over 18,000 Oil Tanker Trucks ISIS uses to haul the stolen Oil daily!

            And Putin vows to destroy each truck by air bombings etc.

            It is about time somebody truely acts as a real statesman and does the proper right legit stuff even if usa fed govnt actors gets harmed or Outted eh.

            Much and many issues or things has occured since mayflower ship with first pilgrims first landed on usa shores…But if truth history will ever be finally written about it all…Then in order for 100% true usa history to in fact Be 100% truth they Must write that of all issues Bad or wrong usa govnt has engaged in or done.

            The absolute worst ever and most damaging single issue ever to happen to america in all that time frame since Mayflower ship landed on us shores, was for our officials to ever allow Americas fed govnt, MSM in EVERY form, and Banks to get fully 100% Hijacked by jewish/israel persons and intrests as number one worst damaging thing ever happened bar none.

            History proves beyond All doubt that every Host nation to these Vampiristic Parasites, prior to usa as Host nation has Always ended with Ruined and Bankrupted Nations and Peoples of said ruined nations period.

            So far america is on track to be next fully wrecked ruined broke nation as are its main citizenery peoples.

            Other than vampires and parasites the best description one can envision would be TERMITES! Human-Termites!

      15. He ain’t loosing to them he is building them.
        Can’t loose to your own team.

        • Kinda hard to “build” when Russia continues to “destroy” them.

          Putin is killing them off quicker than the US can recruit.

          • FTW
            GO Putin Go!!!!!

      16. obama = muslim Brotherhood = ISIS

        Just look at how many muzzies are on his staff/inner circle.

        • 21Bravo:

          For the real truth check out Jewishvirtuallibrary dot com. You will find there Obamas’ staff/inner circle. Be sure to check the current members and the past members while you are there.

          It is posted under politics/Obama administration. Then please post your list. Thanks.

      17. As for Confidence. You make your own.

        The news is reporting about tornado’s and floods. Mother Nature can destroy people and their lives.

        The people know the water is coming but there is more property damage than ever. Did anyone think of a floating pavilion with solid anchors that rise with the water level. At least drive your car to a higher location.

        Today I checked my tornado packs while thing of those who just got hit. Two chem lights. One regular small flashlight. one Small air horn and one whistle. Packed into a pouch that can go over your head and under your arm by a strap. Goggles and helmet. Make sure you wear boots or shoes when the warning is issued. Not FLIP FLOPS. Be aware even if your are at the inner most part of your home you can still be sucked up in the winds and you head is going to take the brunt of the beating. So even a bicycle helmet can give protection. Work Gloves might be nice to put on.

        I say this because what will spring have in store for us all. Florida does get them also.

        • Thor 1: Be sure to also research how DHS homeland security Dept has, ever since created aprox 6-8 years ago, created a special Fund of free cash grants that goes ONLY to NON profits to Beef up Security against Potential terrorists threats etc….this DHS Funds has been Ongoing now for at least 5-6 years straight.

          And So far for Every years funds which amounts to aprox $150-200-MILLION each year, at least 97% per year has gone to Jewish Rabbis and Synagogues, various “other” jewish owned entities or intrests etc.

          And the remaining 3% gets sent to whatever other non profits and religious orgs apply for it if accepted.

          Keep in Mind how totally Disproportinate this is, for while jewish syangogues etc recieve 97% of that total cash grant moneys Each Year since its inception, the total Population numbers of the jewish demographic is at aprox 1.5% total usa POP only.

          When looked at from This perspective of 1.5% usa population group receives 97% grant cash every year, it is beyond unfair, beyond necessary, beyond all logic or common sense, and can Only be One truth and that is…

          American tax payers again get swindled and royally scammed by The smallest population minority demographic group in america period.

          And being that said rabbis report or admit they have used the free cash grants that do NOT ever get repaid by fed law…To replace synagogue windows with Bullet proof glass and steel bullet proof doors to replace wood doors etc mainly….so How can they continue to need such massive cash amounts to beef security as stated above for Every passing Year?…Do not New glass and steel doors etc Last many decades long?

          While independant investigative journalists type folks and writers has also discovered proof and evidence that some of that cash has also gone to Private and Personal security expenditures for jewish owned buisness’s and private homes of the owners.

          I do not know how to do actual Mathmatical stats to convert that 97% cash going to small 1.5 % population number but it Has to be somehweres like those jewish entities recieve Thousands of times More per capita compared to Goyim gentiles non profits or entities eh.

          This Smacks of religious discrimination to Favor One certain religous group in america above ALL others. And here again when demographic population percentages are compared to the Other 98.5% of Goyim groups non profits etc….it REEKS of predjudiced and Discriminatory practices to the Inth Degree period.

          If I recall correct best place to find this factual info was from israels Two daily newspapers articles aprox 6 months or so ago…Harrattzz paper and Jeruselam Post paper or magazine…Several articles over past few years has admitted to and bragged of this issue.

          if I can locate a link I saved probably?…I will Post it up when able to.

      18. I’ve had a very bad feeling about this guy since day 1, why, I don’t know. Just a gut feeling. And my rich brother-in-law has been in love with this clown since day 1. One thing that I still haven’t come to terms with is ” why was this guy given the Nobel piece prize for just walking in the door when he hadn’t done nothing to earn or deserve it.

        • I agree, and why did Hillary Clinton get the Presidential metal of freedom after 4 Americans died one year later? What a slap in the face for the brave men who sacrificed their lives that day in Benghazi. Makes my blood boil!!!

          • my question is don’t they have a nobel prize for EVIL?…now that the question has been asked, i betcha’ he gets the lifetime acheivement award for evil….wait, NO,…then they would call them all kinds of names like bigot, raciss,…no it can’t happen….guess THAT’S why.

        • Al:

          I couldn’t resist. His N. PIECE prize is sleeping with his wonkie Moos-hell nightly.

          And maybe it is the same reason he got the N PEACE prize. Who knows?

          • mooshell, the appocalypse COW.

      19. Hmmm

        In my neck of the woods 8-10 people have figured out that ISIS is just another US/Israeli mercenary force masquerading as terrorists in order to neutralize another country standing in the way of Israeli empire in the Middle East.

        Therefore the suggesting/implication that “ISIS” is a threat to America is right on the market….considering that it is our own US government that has spent the last 15 years creating terrorism and destroying the Bill of Rights.

      20. Hmmm

        In my neck of the woods 8-10 people have figured out that ISIS is just another US/Israeli mercenary force masquerading as terrorists in order to neutralize another country standing in the way of Israeli empire in the Middle East.

        Therefore the suggesting/implication that “ISIS” is a threat to America is right on the money….considering that it is our own US government that has spent the last 15 years creating terrorism and using it to try and justify multiple wars as well as the destruction of the Bill of Rights.

      21. If 8 in 10 Americans think obama is losing against da’esh … I won’t defile the name of the Goddess Isis as this web site and others do … but if 8 in 10 Americans think obama is losing against da’esh, then 8 in 10 are completely stupid. Anyone that has been keeping up with the real news know da’esh is a creation of the us/nato/israel … aka the cabal. So if 8 in 10 haven’t figured out who is behind da’esh then they are pretty stupid.

      22. sling gloves are the best thing to have if you gotta sift through debris. Tornados never happen up north but hurricanes and flooding and three foot snow and ice storms. It’s no thing to see barns caved in from the weight of snow. I have this 5.5 foot tall iron bar with a point on it that is good for prying and using as a lever a come along and large bolt cutters these are good rescue tools. You can do a lot with them if someone is trapped in a caved in building. the firemen have this thing called a halligan tool made by council tool it is excellent but not cheap do a search on its story. Gloves and boots are a must.

        • Asshat

          I took the advise of one poster and put together a recovery/salvage gear pack. Long bar, Bolt cutters, come along, sledge hammer and metal/concrete chisels, Hacksaw/recip saw with metal and wood blades, Crow bars various lengths, hammer, bottle and scissor jacks .

      23. Yes Obama is lossing when it comes to ISIS because Russia is taking them out and members of congress wanted to use them to steel land from Syria to give to Israel and its bankers.

        Save the Obama is a muslim, remove him to fix it because the senate and congress need to agree with anything he does and they are on-board with the bankers who brought you 9/11 just six weeks after the towers were sold to a jewish man that just so happend doubled the insurance.

        Don’t worry about money, i mean the day before 9/11 the government admited it had lost $2.3 trillion and no one knew where it was so it cannot be that important.

        As you can see doing nothing is not working out too well for americans but i guess you will carry on and pray someone comes to save you all.

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