YouTube Silences Another: Press For Truth REMOVED From The Platform

by | Jul 15, 2020 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    As people continue to push back and question the mainstream media’s official narrative, YouTube continues to take down those people’s channels. Freedom of speech has been dead for a while, and if you haven’t noticed yet, it’s time to open your eyes.

    There are things and truths in this world that we are not supposed to know about, and those who speak it are bein silenced swiftly and in droves. Dan Dicks who created Press for Truth was removed and banned from YouTube. When YouTube removes someone, you can bet they have something to say that you should probably pay attention to.

    Dicks spent 14 years “pressing for truth” and exposing the governments, elitists, and central banks plotting to take over and enslave humanity.  Dicks has a channel on Bitchute, which seems to be one of the only platforms where censorship isn’t possible since it’s decentralized. It won’t be long before YouTube is nothing more than makeup tutorials and mainstream media.  Nothing outside of the government’s official narrative will be allowed.

    There are nefarious things happening behind the scenes, hence the blatant censorship.

    I’m Worried About David Icke Today…(Updated – and Deleted)

    Banned Video: Get Ready For The Great Reset

    Max Igan, SILENCED For Speaking Against Slavery of Government

    Anyone who speaks out against the enslavement of mankind is being silenced right now.  There’s no excuse for this. YouTube has chosen the side of slavery for all of humanity and has made that very clear. It doesn’t matter whether you believe what anyone has to say or not, the fact that people with largely the same message are being banned should tell you something. If you can’t see it, or choose to look away, enjoy your chains.

    Dicks offers a solution too, and it’s the same one I’ve been suggesting: get out of the Matrix. “Perhaps this is a blessing in disguise,” he says. It’s time to get out of the control system and remove ourselves from their clutches.  We do not need the government, or the central banks, or YouTube. They need us to continue to participate in the Matrix. Any system of control needs to go at this point. Power corrupts, and ultimate power corrupts ultimately.

    Dicks says he’s not going to slow down or stop exposing the powers that shouldn’t be.  He’s stoked and fired up and says this will backfire on all those who are centralizing power to control the rest of us. Let’s hope he’s correct.


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      1. Alphabet, facebook and all the extreme-left “social media” needs to be nationalized and shut down. Followed by the mainstream propaganda media, the secret societies, the 3-letter-agencies, Wall Street, the central banks, the demonrats and various other anti-freedom monsters.

        Failing that, I’m almost sure of economic collapse, civil unrest or war …. or perhaps WW3. TPTB have asset-stripped this country to the bare metal. No other outcomes are possible.

      2. Does anyone doubt much of Big Tech are leftists. Does anyone still not believe they are not part of the deep State regime. Is everyone aware they cooperate with officialdom in gathering information on American citizens. Does any one still think Big Tech believes in the inviobility of Freedom of Speech and the 1st Amendment. Is everyone aware their actions reveal overt ideology is an integral facet of their business model. Does anyone believe Big Tech. is impartial and non-political as they say they are. Who isn’t aware Big Tech will throw in every resource and means they have to help elect socialists and Marxists, otherwise known as Democrats. Is everyone aware that some Big Tech entities have assisted the Chinese gov’t in regulating and censuring internet use, and squelching free speech.
        I have never had a FB account (what a colossal waste of time it is), they make money because of you. You are the product, and every time you log onto them you offer yourself for free – suckers.
        I stopped using google, I use duckduckgo or ecosia only. I don’t log onto youtube, I log onto I will never use Twitter or Instagram. I hate Microsoft, so I must use my iMac. Now, I’m going to start using VPN.
        Does anyone else have any good ideas for protecting oneself?

      3. Let’s get even!

        Demand to rename the football teams! The Washington Tryrants,The San Francisco Censors, and the Seatle Spies!

        But first, someone has to buy those three teams for me!

        Andrea Iravani

        • These can’t possibly be your most colorful epithets.

      4. Note: in Australia was pulled earlier this weekit has bee run by Dee McLachlan for many years from Melbourne, Vctoria, Australia.

      5. Some audiences will pay.

        Data storage, etc, is still available in the free market.

        I guess, the gimmick was to try to earn a living wage, from this organ of globalism, yet without directly owning any of the infrastructure. When has that literally happened, in recent decades, in any industry.

        “They need us to continue to participate in the Matrix.”

        Chatbots can generate inane radio prattle, and Deep Fakes can generate tacky, plastic faces, like the ones we are used to.

        “Dicks says he’s not going to slow down or stop exposing the powers that shouldn’t be.”

        What if politics is a tar baby.

        What if you focused on the artsy, cultural portions of social media, used those as a means to organize and launder money.

        At this point, the talking heads may as well use mascots from ‘The Warriors,’ as I don’t see any material benefit from their cult membership.

        If you just like the format and the infotainment, to keep you company in your boredom, all of the cults and corps have their own version of an msm product, where they can pretend to be informed by celebritards, catering to their own niche interests.

      6. I tried to join Parler site, new. I have never belonged to social networks, thought I’d try this one.
        Uh, I don’t have a smart phone, any mobile phone, and it used that to connect you–oops.
        I do have a burner phone, Tracfone, for emergencies if in my car.
        Not giving that number–sort of defeats purpose of having burner phone, ya think??

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